My favorite TV women

Taking a break to play a bit.

It turns out most of the women I admired were fictional TV characters. These are my top influencers.

Patty Duke



Cagney and Lacey


There were many more but I figured I’d leave some for the rest of you. Who did you like?

Still an open thread.


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  1. Here we go…….

    Breaking: New York attorney general opens ‘inquiry’ into Trump Foundation

    New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman has opened an investigation into the Donald J. Trump Foundation “to make sure it’s complying with the laws governing charities in New York,” he said Tuesday.
    A source familiar with the matter confirmed Schneiderman’s remark and said the New York Attorney General’s office “has opened an inquiry into the Trump Foundation based on troubling transactions that have recently come to light.”
    Story Continued Below

    Schneiderman — who for months has tangled with Trump over a fraud lawsuit his office filed against Trump University, the Manhattan billionaire’s real estate seminar program — told CNN’s “The Lead” that the GOP nominee’s charitable foundation is also under scrutiny.
    “My interest in this issue really is in my capacity as regulator of non-profits in New York state. And we have been concerned that the Trump Foundation may have engaged in some impropriety from that point of view,” Schneiderman told host Jake Tapper. “And we’ve inquired into it and we’ve had correspondence with them. I didn’t make a big deal out of it or hold a press conference. We have been looking into the Trump Foundation to make sure it’s complying with the laws governing charities in New York.”


    About god damn time……

  2. Moon, Now, people will be calling for investigations into the Clinton Foundation.

  3. looks like the axe is starting to fall on Trump…

    Donald Trump and his ex-wife Ivana are fighting an effort to unseal records of their 1990 divorce, arguing that the real estate mogul’s presidential bid is no basis for prying into court filings related to the couple’s split.
    The Trumps filed separate legal briefs Tuesday in state court in Manhattan, urging a judge to reject the unsealing motion brought last month by The New York Times and newspaper chain Gannett.
    Story Continued Below

    “In seeking to invade the Trumps’ 26-year old confidential matrimonial files, the Times and Gannett, as shown in Mr. Trump’s filing in opposition to their motion, rely on entirely unprecedented and erroneous arguments that are contrary to the protections afforded by the Legislature over 150 years ago,” attorney Marc Kasowitz wrote in Donald Trump’s response to the media motion.
    Under New York law, divorce records are normally sealed, but can be released if a judge decides that “special circumstances” justify disclosure.
    The Times and Gannett argued that Donald Trump’s treatment of women, finances and personal credibility are at issue in the presidential campaign, creating an “intense” public interest in the divorce files. The news outlets also noted that the divorce was granted in 1990 on grounds of “cruel and inhuman treatment” by the real estate mogul.


    Grab your popcorn, chickens coming home to roost.

  4. Thank you for the new thread Sophia!! MUAH 🙂

  5. Honestly I don’t care about Trump’s 25 year old divorce. The NYT sounds like the National Enquirer when it’s doing that kind of thing. Any financial information that came out of that would be too old to be worthwhile and I’m not into people’s personal business.

  6. Sophie, thanks for the new thread. I like all of those characters you listed. I can still catch Maude some nights on the high channels. I love lots of female tv characters from my youth. One is Endora from Bewitched. Lately, I wish I could be Endora!

  7. I’m glad to see anyone go after Trump. I’m sick and tired of the rethugs attacking the dems in every possible way, and of course especially Hillary. They keep doing it cuz the Dems have let them get away with it. That fool Chaffetz is starting another freaking committee on Hillary’s emails. I wish some wealthy liberal would hire P.I.’s to dig up dirt on the worst of these creeps and publicize it. Would love to see the shoe on the other foot for a change.

  8. Here’s Chaffetz admitting he not only refused to increase funding for embassies, Benghazi, but he tried to cut it. Because “we have to prioritize” and a couple of guys are just not that important. This will INFURIATE you. Piece of shit.

  9. Fredster put up this link next door about Chaffetz’ latest witch hunt:

    Three of the guys subpoenaed refused to testify and took the 5th. Chaffetz says they will pay for “thumbing their nose at Congress”.

    What an asshole he is.

  10. Ga, what’s good for the goose. He had no problem dredging up Monica.

  11. Upps, absolutely, he is a lying, hypocritical Piece of Shit. I can’t wait til his day comes.

  12. imust, I thought about That Girl! I remember I loved her clothes.

  13. LOL, imust. That Girl used to say, “Oh Donald!”

  14. I can’t link any pictures, but I really liked Marlo Thomas as “That Girl.” Elizabeth Montgomery as Samantha in “Bewitched.” Shari Lewis, who did a sweet puppet show for children on Saturdays.

  15. William, you can insert a YouTube.

  16. Same here.
    Thank you Sophie…

  17. Kurt Eichenwald (Newsweek) said to Glenn Thrush he deleted because it was causing confusion with his other cover story coming out tomorrow. I have seen this guy on TV and he is good.

  18. Murphy Brown (this clip could be done today):

    Meredith Grey & Christina Yang:

    Karen McCluskey of Desperate Housewives:

  19. As long as we’re sharing links, here’s on the assaults at the tRump rally in Asheville:

  20. Hallelujah, a new thread!

    Thanks Sophie!!!!!

    Clean air and lots of blank paper to write on.

  21. As far as digging up the dirt from t.Rump’s divorce…especially investigating his “cruel and inhuman treatment”…I say, where there’s freakin’ smoke, there’s fire.

    He is a woman hater, unless he thinks he can get into a woman’s bed…so if he was abusive to his ex-wife, I would like to know about it.

    He drags the Clinton’s into the mud for Bill’s cheating, calling Hillary an enabler…I say, he has opened the door and his ass needs to be investigated. He is a sexist, a hater and a a-hole.

    Karma is a bitch.

  22. Upps

    Here’s Chaffetz admitting he not only refused to increase funding for embassies, Benghazi, but he tried to cut it.

    That a-hole was one of the members that tried to rip Hillary to shreds on this Benghazi attack. I remember before this happened, Hillary in front of Congress begging to get more $ to protect our embassies.

  23. I cannot stand Chaffetz. He is pure evil.

  24. I am glad that women in tv and films have evolved. I like some of these more current tv characters:

    Homeland, Carrie

  25. Daenerys Targaryen

  26. I’m moving to Canada 🙂 :

  27. “I’ll live to fight another day”. Bless her heart & may she be an inspiration to us all.

  28. Fantastic article in the Newsweek. Trump collects corrupt and the deplorable everywhere. Politicians in some countries (India for example) have tried to put a stop to his partnership with certain corrupt developers at certain times but they won’t be able to do that if he becomes the president. This is a conflict of interest nightmare and the media wants to turn a blind eye to this!? Spread this article far and wide.

  29. NYT, tell Trump to SHUT his business DOWN now!

  30. So the “Deplorables” thing is working. Go back to the cave, be hidden if you can’t redeem yourself.

  31. “Designing Women” is among my all-time favorites. It is the perfect blend of funny and serious topics, excellent writing and superlative performances. Of course my favorite character was Julia Sugarbaker and the character also benefited from having the stronger actress on the show — Dixie Carter, who ironically played this pretty liberal character but was a republican. Few characters of either sex could deliver an arch take down like Julia. The show also has a very strong Clinton connection — Linda Bloodworth-Thomason, who created, wrote and produced the series, and her husband, Harry, are friends of Bill and Hillz dating back to circa Arkansas. The Thomasons produced the Clinton videos for the ’92 DNC.

  32. My Favorite TV Women Part II: You have to have “The Golden Girls” in the house! I see reruns of this show today and they can still make me laugh even though I’ve seen some of the episodes multiple times. The risque things these characters got away with because they were supposedly just sweet old ladies. All characters and actresses were great. But being an acerbic humor type myself, Bea Arthur’s Dorothy is my favorite. Her deadpan, throaty insults get me every time…

  33. Uh oh… This header has really got me going. “China Beach” was packed with great women characters. A plus for me that black women and men were integral to the series about the Viet Nam War. The writing and the performances made me cry a lot. Shout outs to Colleen McMurphy (Dana Delany), K.C. (Marg Helgenberger) and Frankie (Nancy Giles).

  34. OK. Lots of it was silly. But what fun the actors seemed to be having, the locales were breathtaking and the writing was usually quite clever. One of most kick ass women of TV — Xena Warrior Princess performed by Lucy Lawless. Kind of a “Games of Thrones” precursor.

  35. OK. It was silly a lot of the time. But the actors always looked like they were having fun, the action and locales were breathtaking and the writing was often quite clever. Another series that I liked because POC were often used. One of the most kick ass women on TV: “Xena Warrior Princess.”

  36. All the female characters on Shonda Rhimes shows, especially the Kerry Washington character on “Scandal”.

    Earlier in the week Trump campaign said he would appear on Dr. Oz show, bringing results of his physical and medical records. Obviously, it was always just a stunt, especially since Oz said he wouldn’t reveal anything that Trump didn”t want him to. Now, even this won’t occur–campaign says the two con artists will just talk about “health and family”, among other controversial topics.

    I saw a tweet the other day: Paddy Chayefsky is alive and well and writing this campaign.

    I do wonder what is in Trump’s medical history that he will not reveal. It’s another case of Trump projecting his own issues on to Hillary.

  37. We see that this Trump Foundation corruption story was attempted to be pre-empted by the planted AP story about the Clinton Foundation. The Trump people knew what was coming. So they gave the media this other scent to chase, and the media spent weeks on it, damaging Hillary’s poll numbers and keeping her policy messages from getting out. Now, when the real scandal comes out, the media will either ignore it, or do their false equivalence thing, ‘Well, both candidates have many questions to deal with about their Foundations.”

    Sarah Kendzior wrote a story in the Glove and Mail the other day, suggesting that Trump may have bought the media. She referred to the kind of bllackmailing of media figures which we have suggested here. She notes that Roger Ailes, now actively helping Trump, has a dossier of blackmailing type material on various newspeople. And she mentions the billionaire Trump donor who just sued Gawker out of existence. So the combination of these threats may mean that the media is truly owned by Trump. And while we hope that this is not the case, let’s see if the meida covers this major story about the Trump Foundation, or whether they try to somehow equate that with CF. And also what they do with the tape recently unearthed of Trump saying that half of Americans are supporting the shiftless other half.

  38. Hahaha Paulette. My humor is more Sophia.

  39. It seems clear that Trump and his people knew that the Trump Foundation story would come out, so they pre-empted the story with that planted nonsense by the AP about the Clinton Foundation. The media chased after that scent, talking about it for weeks, damaging Hillary’s poll numbers, and keeping her policy proposals from being discussed. Now with this truly significant story about Trump’s corrupt Foundation, they will very possibly either ignore it, or do their false equivalence contortion, where they say, “Well, both candidates have problems with their Foundations.”

    Actually, one of the most unsettling things about this campaign is the way that Trump’s side keeps projecting its sins onto Cllinton, and getting the media to fall for it. He is the one with real health problems; he is the one with corrupt finances and a truly dangerous set of relationships with criminal and foreign elements. There is an article by Sarah Kentzior in the Globe and Mail, in which she suggests that Trump may actually have bought the media. She mentions the blackmailing potential which we have discussed here, as well as the fact that Roger Ailes has a large dossier of scahdal-type facts on many newspeople. Also the billionaire Trump donor who just sued Gawker out of existence. She posits that a combination of these factors may mean that Trump actually owns the media. As we hope that this is not the case, let’s see what kind of coverage there is of this truly disturbing information on the Trump Foundation. And whether the media even covers the recently unearthed video of Trump saying that half the population of this country supports the other shiftless half.

  40. Truly a weird year. Here is Keith Olbermann!

  41. Uppity, I was going to mention Sophia for a very special reason. Estelle Getty was my cousin. My mother’s father and Estelle’s mother were brother and sister. She and my mom looked very much alike. To us, she was always “Ettie.” Of course, our family was thrilled with her late-in-life success, which came to her in her 60’s.

    Roz in NJ/NYC

  42. Sophie, you know, he’s the one person I simply can’t forgive. I hate olbermann and it’s just not going away. I despise him and refuse to even read him. He’s…well…….deplorable. And Karma did take care of him, with his failures post MSNBC (because of his horrid personality). Flopped with Gore. But still, it doesn’t seem to be enough for me.

  43. No problem, Upps. Gone.

  44. Golden Girls writers should have named her Sofia.

  45. Obviously, Trump and his people knew that this Trump Foundations stuff would come out, so they pre-empted it by getting the AP to run their hit piece on the Clinton Foundation. The media of course ran after the scent, and covered it for weeks, damaging Hillary’s poll numbers, and not allowing her policy proposals to get coverage. Now when the truly scary story comes out about the connections to foreign entities and even criminals via the Trump Foundation, the media may well ignore it, or more likely do their false equivalence contortion, saying, “Both candidates face serious scrutiny of theif foundations.”

    One of the most unsettling things of this nightmarish campaign is the way that every single thing that Trump is, or has done, is projected onto Hillary, with the compliance of the media. Trump is the one who has serious health problems. His foundation is the one which is corrupt. There is also a video of him, just unearthed, where he says that half of the population supports the shiftless other half. There is an article by Sarah Kentzior in the Globe and Mail, where she states that Trump may well have bought the media. She mentions the threats of blackmail which may exist, plus the fact that Roger Ailes has a large dossier of such items in his files. Also that Trump has a billionaire backer who just sued Gawker out of existence, an existential threat to media. As we hope this is not truly the case, let’s see if the media covers this Newsweek story, or just tosses it in the “both candidats do it” trash bin. And whether they will show the video of Trump denigtating half the American population, after they have spent two weeks reacting in horror to Hillary’s “deplorables” comment.

  46. Fox is alleging that ambassadorships were granted to donors of the Clinton foundation. Anyone know anything about this?

  47. @ Paulette
    Looking back at all those shows, I feel we had better, strong women TV comedies than the present. some may call it nostalgia, but I just don’t care for watching TV that much anymore.

  48. Any news on Hillary’s health? How is she doing?

  49. She is doing fine. Hillary will be back on the campaign trail Thursday.

  50. Fox is alleging that ambassadorships were granted to donors of the Clinton foundation. Anyone know anything about this?

    1. Fox.
    2. SOS does not choose ambassadors.

  51. My bad. It was donors to the DNC, not the Clinton Foundation. I misread the post.

  52. Uppity Woman, on September 14, 2016 at 11:33 AM said:
    Hahaha Paulette. My humor is more Sophia.

    Upps, that is why I always liked Ms. McCluskey on Desperate Housewives. She was a real pistol! Sandra Oh’s character on Grey’s Anatomy was the same way. I miss her character more than “McDreamy”.

  53. Hillary Clinton to release her medical records within the hour

  54. I was kind of a strange kid when it came to TV. I always liked Rose Marie. I had a feeling she’d be a blast to hang out with.

  55. I always thought that Gladys Kravitz was deeply misunderstood.
    She was just trying to anticipate the needs of that lovely, young couple across the street!

  56. Hillary’s medical information released:

  57. Now that is a medical statement, not that shit, Trump put out.

  58. I love this woman, he starts slamming Hillary and the pastor tells him, he aint doing that here.

  59. ugh, How can people not be creeped out when Trump talks about Ivanka like that, its totally inappropriate.

  60. Pastor to Trump in Flint: “We didn’t invite you here to make a political speech.”

  61. Moon, you took the words right out of my mouth!

    Now … can you believe the bitchy emails Colin Powell was sending out? Not a nice word to say for anyone.

    I don’t believe I like his “tone.”

  62. Whats that BMI again Trumpty Dumpty, so appropriate a name now……….

  63. Yes, that medical record goes over a lot for sure. All the testing she has had over the last year.

  64. I would love to see Hillary go all Julia Sugarbaker on Trump’s ass…..

  65. SophieCT,
    Hillary’s medical information released:

    Transparent as possible. Sorry that Hillary always has to expose herself more than any man ever has to do…what next, inspection of her trash cans and underwear drawer on live tv?

    Media had better pound tRump on his taxes, businesses, health and all the other things he is hiding, like lawsuits.

  66. OMG! Hillary had a sinus infection and an ear infection last winter and didn’t notify the media?! I think we need a special prosecutor.

    Her BP is 100/70. Think Trump can match that? Bet his cholesterol is off the charts too.

  67. An Italian artist used a tractor to create artwork to send his wishes to Hillary Clinton

    Molto bene.

  68. 11th Commandment: Know Thy Audience
    12th Commandment: Thou Shalt Not Piss Off the Church Pastor

  69. So Hillary is doing the work of the media. The lazy TV media could just take her 20 questions about Trump’s business and conflict of interest and throw them at his surrogates. Will they? Kurt Eichenwald is the man of the hour. More please.

  70. Apparently Ivanka Trump does not know what a blind trust is.

  71. Moon @ 5:11, hilarious! He needs to lose weight. Who believes he is healthy? And all he does are rallies nothing like Hillary’s schedule.

  72. Kurt Eichenwald on MSNBC right now. I am aghast that the media is not asking these questions of Trump and his surrogates.

  73. I am aghast that these questions about his business were not asked before.

  74. Oh God, Sam Bee is ON the media malpractice

  75. Shut the business down now (like they were calling for Hillary and CGF). His children running the business won’t work either. It is not ethical.

  76. Here’s part 1

  77. CNN, fire Corey Lewondaski..

  78. With the Russians now hacking every Democratic organization for political gain, the question arises as to whether we are better off in a technological world or not. If the servers cannot be protected, what use are they?

  79. I have had three posts made at different times, all apparently end up in spam, possibly including this one.

  80. I am feeling very pessimistic tonight. Today should have been about Kurt Eichenwald’s article and asking important questions about Trump’s businesses just like they dogged Hillary about CGF. But that didn’t happen. I hope there is a silent majority watching this joke of an election season and that incompetent and corrupt buffoon and will vote in November.

  81. Why are they doing all of a sudden Likely voters and not Registered voters?

  82. Lawerence O’Donnell: “Can we call Dr.Oz, Mr. Oz?”

  83. pm, Likely voters are generally the standard. A Likely Voter poll has a better chance of reflecting what’s “going to happen”. I put that in quotes because it’s s snapshot in time.

  84. Oh, I despise Ivanka Trump. At one point I was thinking she was better than Paris Hilton like. But now I wish she was one of those because the way she lies, what is the word? Deplorable.

  85. THIS RIGHT HERE~~thank you, Christine!

  86. Can we call him “The Wizard of Oz?”

  87. Pm, I agree totally about Ivanka. She is as deplorable as her father, but presents herself better.

  88. Cosmopolitan magazine did a better job than the MSM. Ivanka could not run away faster. The problem with Hillary like people is that they are considerate and they try to answer the questions out of respect for the interviewer. Look how Ivanka confronted the interviewer picking a fight and even calling the interviewer a liar when asked a tough question. These people are deplorable. And Ivanka also lied that Hillary didn’t have a plan on this topic on GMA and I doubt they corrected her.

  89. I am so tense and anxious to listening to this Trump buffoon on CNN and Kurt Eichenwald trying to put some sense into his head while he is obfuscating.

  90. Last comment before I go to bed. Kurt Eichenwald’s article is a seminal work in this campaign. Tweet it everyday if you have to so people don’t forget it.

  91. Just signed up for a 3 month subscription to Newsweek ($14.99) because, #1, if they’re the only publication willing to really investigate Trump then I want to support them. #2, I share my mags with friends in the neighborhood (mostly Republicans), so this is a good way to discreetly get the word out.

  92. pm317, on September 15, 2016 at 9:03 AM said:

    We have got vote and vote hard.
    Not only vote and vote hard. You have to get out there and work hard. Knock on doors, register voters, educate them on this election.
    Today I will be at a popular pizza place. Voters go in and out of this place everyday. I will be there registering voters. Tomorrow I will be at a popular corned beef place registering and educating voters.
    Sitting at home watching the news and complaining is not going to help.
    Educate your friends and neighbors. Give a house party. Invite one of the Hillary representatives to come to your house parties.
    There is so much we can do. You will be surprise how little the voter knows about what is actually going on with this election.
    A lot of them only knows what is going on by bias media.


    Don’t fret, our girl will be back up again. She is like the energizing bunny. She keeps on ticking.

  93. Thanks, neetabug. I can’t do any of the things you suggest because of circumstances which I won’t go into. But I am in awe of all that you do for Hillary since 2008.

    Britgirls, I will do the same.

  94. Sitting at home watching the news and complaining is not going to help.

    Sorry if I gave you this impression. I am not sitting at home and watching TV but am keeping an eye on what is going. I am not complaining or whining either. I am just appalled and alarmed. I will stop here. May be time to get that twitter account.

  95. pm317 sorry if you took it that way. I was speaking in general.

  96. britgirls, that Newsweek article is great. How many young people do you think will be reading the article? Most hardly pickup a newspaper.
    You should carry the magazine around with you twenty four hours of the day.
    Twitter, facebook. Is the best way to get your message across. The most effective way is talking one on one to see what they think about this election and how we can get through to them..
    We have to let them know this is a very IMPORTANT election.

    Show them the lies and explain to them about Trump.

    I have a niece who is twenty. She is very lazy. I registered her. I told her I will be taking her to the polls on Oct 12th for early voting. I said I did not want her to wait until election day. I will be doing this a lot with some of my friends and relatives.

  97. pm317
    Sitting at home watching the news and complaining is not going to help.

    Don’t even think of leaving pm…we need to know what’s going on, and I personally don’t want to just read that all is unicorns and cotton-candy if her campaign is in trouble.

    Anyone that thinks this election is going to be easy is kidding themselves. (Thanks to the media)

  98. Neetabug, thank you for all of your efforts on behalf of Hillary. It is a tragedy that so many people, particularly those in the so-called Millennials, do not care much about any of this. They don’t understand what is at stake, which I think is everything. Trump’s supporters will vote, even if it is out of anger and hatred. We don’t get a do-over of this election, not in four years or eight. Even if the only issue were the Supreme Court, one wishes that the Millennials who seem happy to vote for Johnson or Stein, would realize that if Trump wins, the Court is lost for 40 years; voting rights disappear; Citizens United is never overturned; and any positive legislation will be struck down. I do think that HIllary’s campaign should make the Court an issue, maybe that might help some of these apathetic Milllennials to figure it out. The other day, I ran into two different people at two different locations, who wanted me to sign some petition about Canadian marijuana dispensaries. I wanted to yell at them, “With everything at stake in this election, this is what you want to spend your time on?.” But of course it would have done no good. Land of the lotus eaters.

  99. neetabug, I hear you! I do fight back where I can (I’ll always link to Snopes for the outright lies on Facebook). BTW, its ironic that the ones who want to burn Hillary at the stake for being a liar are the ones who send around the worst outright lies. But, at least where I am located, young people don’t seem to be the problem. They see Trump for who he is and they are disgusted. It’s older folks who have been taken in by the barrage of negativity against Hillary. I definitely take the time to gently and politely set them straight on misinformation. I remember an older couple who I adore (I hang out with a lot of older people as I volunteer a lot with Meals on Wheels and the Red Cross), and I know they enthusiastically voted for Obama in 2008, telling me about an email being circulated quoting garbage being spewed by Dick Morris. And they believed it! I’m like “Okay, can you think why this guy might have an axe to grind? Let me show you the Wiki page on him.”

  100. No, it wouldn’t have done any good, William, but I would have liked to see the expressions on their faces if you said it. Just this morning, I saw something about BS supporters now supporting Johnson, all because of the weed. Mostly males under 30. It appears to be their biggest concern in life. Now that’s privilege, right there.

  101. I also proves that smoking lots of pot makes you dumb as a box of rocks.

  102. Wayyyyy off topic, but something amazing I noticed on CNN…

  103. Shadow, She ended winning this year’s AGT.

  104. Birdgal

    I noticed on CNN that she won, and I went to youtube to find the above video that was a complete song. She is very talented and I hope she is able to keep her sweet personality.

  105. I’m just shocked at the behaviour of the media, it really is Turkeys voting for christmas, they will be getting the Vladimir Putin/Erdogan treatment if Trump wins, its that simple, its beyond ludicrous.

    I do not believe these polls, its either that or the country is dumber than a box of rocks. I tend to believe this is all manufactured to keep it a close race to keep people interested, it only serves for media numbers. Anything else is basically in reality that the country is lost to racists bigots and lunatics.

    Seriously have they never seen this before in the way dictators and scammers work.

  106. Brassy Rebel, there are now articles suggesting that the Millennial vote for the minor parties could cost Hillary the election, Virtually every key state poll has Hillary running bettter in the two-way race than the four-way. The only bitterly perverse comfort in this, is that if these Millennials are that hopelessly brain addled and selfish, the country is pretty much doomed anyway. I guess they will be happy enough sitting outside somewhere and smoking weed and playing video games, while the country burns around them.

    And to add one more bitter thought, and keep it relegated to the same post, I was thinking that the clearest proof that we no longer live in a democracy, is the fact that the Republicans, who have controlled the Supreme Court for the last 45 years or so, will not let President Obama fill the vacancy which he is mandated to do by law. They intend to control the Supreme Court for another 200 years, and will do anything necessary to achieve that. There should be a national outcry about this, but of course there is nothing. If Trump wins, he’ll stick in another judge from the Federalist Society; then maybe get three more picks, because Kennedy and Thomas will retire, and RBG may have to. Maybe Breyer will have to leave as well. That will give them seven far right justices, and they’ll dismantle everything we hold dear in this society. A high price to pay for Millennials acting out their spite at Hillary, a spite at least encouraged by Sanders.

  107. and yet o one, not one of them is challenging this or connecting the dots….

  108. If Trump wins this, I have only one thing to say, is that the United States deserves everything is coming to it, if it is that stupid because that asshole will cause World War 3.

    The GOP plan I can see happening is getting Trump elected and then impeach him leaving Pence there. I would not be surprised.

  109. Moononpluto, at this moment, it seems that the electorate, obviously with the insidious help of the media, doesn’t actually care or know about how the country is governed. They don’t realize what they have to lose. They think that it might be interesting or novel to see what Trump would do. They don’t comprehend that there will be no coming back from that. This is not a reality show that you can turn off if it becomes unsettling, it is real life reality, the sort that most people try to escape from with opiates, literal or metaphorical. The media provides one of the opiates with its funhouse mirror coverage.

    There is a recent poll that says that 62% of the electorate thinks that Trump is unqualified to be President. That’s scary enough, because it should be 92%. But even so, all his poll numbers must include some of those people who think he is unqualified. They either are duped into thinking Hillary is less qualified; or they don’t care who is qualified, they want to be entertained. They will not be enertained, however. It will cease being entertaining for them within six months, when the economy starts to suffer from the corporate and high-end tax cuts. Trump will start printing money, getting loans, his typical m.o. The dollar will vastly inflate; the consumers will not be able to keep up with it, and some will starve. Others will die because the ACA will be repealed, and they will not have insurance. These are obvious truths which someone has to repeat every day, until maybe it sinks into enough voters’ heads. And that’s just the economic side of the nightmare. But of course the Millennials must figure that it won’t affect them now, and that they can just commit suicide when tney get older, or go to Mars.

  110. If Trump wins, it will probably effect the biggest realignment of migration of money and people out of the US, you’ll ever see.

    Its the Twilight Zone x1000 and i bet if you asked, a lot of them have no idea what they are voting for.

  111. Yup and when hundreds die from food poisoning or other food infections will he pay the bill,


  112. oops…This MAN IS DANGEROUS…People will die and you’ll be eating the worst crap unregulated.

  113. Hillary needs to mention the food safety issue at every appearance and each debate. People can relate to something ike that. I think that she would benefit from emphatically ttellng the voters what a chamber of horrors a Trump regime would mean to each individual. That is the connection which does not seem to be made enough. Food safety, climate change, no more ACA, dollar buying less; these are things which people can viscerally understand. Right now, too many of them think that it would be an interesting experiment, or not directly affect them.

  114. Hillary’s return to the campaign trail, scheduled to be shown on CSPAN at 12:45 PDT.! Her appearance in DC with President Obama scheduled for CSPAN at 4PDT!

  115. I guess this is the achillee’s Heel…

  116. I just caught the tail end of Hillary’s speech… and love that the song that came on just as she finished…’I Feel Good’, by James Brown.


  117. I’m trying to protect myself from getting all worked up over the ups and downs in the daily polls. I am starting to hyperventilate over it, and it’s all because of the effin’ jackass, reality show media.

    Phuck them!!!

    Deep breath and remember that the polls were wrong about her before.

  118. Shadow, I feel the same way. I take deep breaths everyday .

  119. This is what Trump has wrought us……What a disgrace, I’m so disgusted and sad and they should all hang their heads in shame.

    This should be shown on every TV screen in America.

  120. Its astounding that nobody is pointing this out…

  121. Looking at Hillary today, you would swear she was never ill a few days ago.

    She looked amazing……Shove it up your ass, haters…..Our girl is a fighter.

  122. Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree…….it isn’t Maxine Waters but to Trumps, i guess they all look alike and it would be nice if he could spell and use grammar properly.

  123. Shadowfax, on September 15, 2016 at 4:12 PM said:
    I just caught the tail end of Hillary’s speech… and love that the song that came on just as she finished…’I Feel Good’, by James Brown.

    I laughed my ass off when I heard that song start to play. What a subtle way to say FU to both the media and Trump.

  124. and Donnie Racist Jr, you might want to have a look at your stepmommy first before you start firing credibility lines about a woman’s appearance……dipshit.

  125. Did you see that dipshit Trump earlier at his rally saying..”do you think Hillary can stand up here and do this for a hour, do ya”

    4 words, you asshole…..

    12 hours Benghazi hearing….

    Didn’t fucking faze her. I fucking hate him.

  126. How are people still voting for this effing clown car campaign…..I will tell you, its not about the economy or anything else but pure racism.

  127. He had to go there, asshat, he really is a real piece of work.

    Donald Trump is lashing out against an African-American pastor who interrupted him Wednesday to chide him for campaigning in her Flint, Mich., church.

    “Something was up,” Trump told Fox and Friends on Thursday morning, calling the Rev. Faith Green Timmons a “nervous mess.”

    “I noticed she was so nervous when she introduced me,” he said. “When she got up to introduce me she was so nervous, she was shaking. I said, wow, this is kind of strange. Then she came up. So she had that in mind, there’s no question.”

  128. CNN is dog excrement. Seriously. I don’t watch it, but I just read an online account on their crappy web site. No link from me. The asshat who wrote it actually said that Hillary can’t afford “any more mishaps”. I wish I was on Twitter so I could reply on their feed, “And how many more mishaps does the bigoted fascist get? Because he has had about a thousand and counting. Pneumonia is an illness that human beings get, not a mishap that is a person’s fault as is the case with Trump. You people make me want to hurl, and that’s no mishap either. Do not have a nice day.”

  129. I know that’s too many characters for Twitter. Why I’m not on Twitter.

  130. Yeah, moon. Trump misstates, but Hillary LIES. They’re all dog excrement at this point.

  131. How are people still voting for this effing clown car campaign…..I will tell you, its not about the economy or anything else but pure racism.

    Racism, sexism, and several other flavors of bigotry.

    In my town in my scarlet Arkanshire, I see very few signs for any of the Presidential candidates. Perhaps the Orange Grifter’s support is a mile wide but an inch deep?

    I suspect the Internet paints a deceptive picture of a Trump surge; I suspect Clinton’s supporters are less likely to spend a great deal of time on Da Intertoobz.

    Still, as William (IIRC) suggested, her campaign needs to use its greater funds to buy some time to go on the air and by-pass the Corporate Media weasels.

  132. Also, let us remember that quite a few of Trump’s Trolls may not actually belong to Trump. They may be “Peggys”–and we know where the “Peggys” come from, don’t we? 😉

  133. As much fast food as Trump eats, one would think he would want the highest safety standards for it.

  134. and the media still props up this asshole….

  135. Trumps campaign is effectively cockroaches everywhere, its just a disgusting mess full of rotten roaches until someone shines a light on it, then they all scatter……Thats what needs to be done, Hillary must do this at the debate, she must basically eviscerate him until he is a quivering mess.

    Believe me on that first debate night, she must take no shit, if the moderator wont do the job, she must snap his neck and shine a light on the whole rotten stinking corpse because believe you me, Trump will be pissing his pants going up against her, he’s scared.

  136. Ivory Bill @ 6:42 pm: As much fast food as the bigoted fascist eats, you’d think he’d go to a real doctor!

  137. moon, the media have been hanging her in effigy figuratively for years now. It gives others permission.

  138. Moon, you were right.. Read this guy’s tweets about Trump Foundation. Every indication is that it was set up for a true pay to play. A music major produces more info in one hour than a reporter (though WAPO’s Fahrenthold has done a really good job about Trump’s Foundation).

  139. Did “Dr. Nick”, the quack who gave Elvis all the legal pills he wanted, and so probably contributed to his premature death, have any grandsons–and could one of them be Trump’s “doctor”?

  140. Here is a better sequence on Tannebaum’s discovery of what is going on with Trump’s Foundation:

  141. Shadow, thanks. I was hyperventilating last night. This will be roller-coaster ride.

  142. uppity, sophie, please, please, tweet that Tannenbaum’s thread about Trump Foundation. Thanks. I saw it on Bloehlert’s TL first this afternoon. BTW, he is no simple music major. He was a contributing editor at Rolling Stone. That explains it.

  143. Also, let us remember:

    Despite the 25 years of smears, despite the Corporate Media doing everything they can to serve Tsar Putin The Orange Grifter, despite Putin’s Trump’s Internet trolls, despite this unfortunate but passing illness–


    The margin is less than we would like, but she still leads. 😀

  144. Bernie did his damage in this race, no question. Maybe some of it is reversible.

  145. Joy Reid now.

  146. I don’t think Bernie’s damage is reversible. He poisoned a generation.

  147. Agree SophieCT. Just saw a bit of his interview with Hayes and I could barely listen to him. In what universe could he win and then govern?

  148. Hillary will be speaking soon at the Hispanic Caucus in Washington, D.C.

  149. Hillary is on MSNBC now

  150. Hillary is very resolute, yet passionate, on fire in her at the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institue dinner, I believe, repudiating Trump. The rest may have been just what the doctor ordered, and was needed. I also saw the last part of her speech in NC, and loved the “I Feel Good” song, too.

    I cannot believe Trump is still getting away with his B.S. Saw Joy Reid guest host on MSNBC before the speech. She had the fellow who ghost wrote Trump’s “The Art of The Deal,” and had a lot of insight Re: Trumps character, projecting onto others his own behaviors, self-loathing, his art of the lie, and spelling out why Trump is so dangerous.

    Can’t believe I’m saying MSNBC is providing some of the better news coverage. This is a strange election season.

  151. Hillary looked very good at the Hispanic Caucus. I liked the vibrant colors she wore, too.

    Trump says he doesn’t like Anderson Cooper moderating a debate. HIllary’s side agreed to Wallace, who is actually pro-Trump, no question about that. He also said that Janet Yellen is playing politics with the interest rates, which is a terrible thing to say in terms of economic stability.. He said the election is rigged. He said the Intelligence briefers were clearly showing or saying that they did not agree with Obama’s policies. The effects of such charges are to destroy the populace’s confidence in any of our institutions or leaders. It is very dangerous. But most of the media doesn’t seem to comprehend this. This is lasting damage being created. But of course Trump has no interest in anything but his own gratification and ego.

  152. Paradoxically, the Grifter’s rise in the polls might prove to be a good thing for Hillary.

    How? If there are a large number of independent voters out there who believe enough of The 25 Years Of Smears–feel free to use this phrase; it is not copyrighted–[ 😉 ]that they don’t really like Hillary, but the Grifter scares, or else disgusts them, then the better things look for the Grifter, the more those people will decide to move their butts to the polls and vote for Hillary.

    Also, a surge for the Grifter in the polls could energize the Democratic base to turn out for Hillary.

  153. @Lawrence right now talking about the media’s double standard between Hillary and Donald.

    What a weird fucking year!

  154. Just saw a bit of his interview with Hayes and I could barely listen to him.

    ROFL! I listened to like 5 words and put him on mute. He makes me ill.

  155. How Hillary Clinton will be viewed 50 years from now
    Garrison Keillor

  156. CNN pundits were shaking their heads and explaining to us ninnies that Hillary just doesn’t appeal to young people.
    So, I ask where’s Bernie?
    Remember ( I know you all do) how Hillary and Bill worked their asses off to help elect Obama in 2008?
    Why isn’t Bernie touring colleges all over the country, firing up Millennials to get out the vote for Clinton?
    Yea, I know the answer, too.

  157. Sweet Sue, Bernie is due to start campaigning in Ohio ( I believe ). He talked about it tonight on one of the news shows . Elizabeth Warren and others are also going to be out in force in the coming weeks.

  158. Personally, I don’t think Bernie is all that useful. He’s lost his mojo. And he’s a walking extreme socialist. He’s Castro in drag. How he pulls off the regular guy thing with three houses is beyond me, but there you go. I don’t think he has sway because the holdouts are mostly white frat boys with Aryan names who long to be the next generation of White Nationalists

  159. the holdouts are mostly white frat boys with Aryan names who long to be the next generation of White Nationalists

    And who think they’d be the next Goerings or Himmlers, being elevated to positions for which their merits totally fail to qualify them, when they’d actually be the next legions of gullible cannon fodder, getting shot to pieces in one of the Dear Leader’s wars.

  160. Bernie is still not over the fact that he lost. Somehow he got it into his head that he could actually win and be president and now he thinks it’s owed to him because he believed it.

  161. Don’t hate millennials. Save it for Bernie Sanders.

  162. The “White Nationalists” (disclosure: I fit the first half of that phrase) are mostly a bunch of white WATBs, wailing that it isn’t as easy for medicore white dudes to achieve material success as it was back in the days when non-white men, and women of all skin tones, were excluded from the competition. 😛

  163. I don’t really care what Bernie is or isn’t living with. He was another con and nothing more. And he knew it. And right after he ditched, with double digit millions in illegal donations owed back per the FEC, he scurried off and bought his summer home with the money Jane pilfered from people’s pizza money in the form of an outrageous ‘salary’. Both of them are pond scum and although I want to call his followers incredibly stupid, I won’t do that, because most of them are too young to recognize that they were being used. Those who are holdouts are mostly white privileged male little shits who despise the thought of a woman in charge and are in training to be the next batch of white supremacists. They have no interest in what the SCOTUS will look like, because ongoing publicity on rape crimes, where these little fucks get away with it even when there are witnesses to the crime, proves to them that SCOTUS is not a problem for them no matter who is appointed; it is a problem for those receptacles known as girls. Bernie is never going to move them. I would prefer he just stay home before he does any more damage.

  164. “Medicore”–sounds like punk rock performed by medical students. 😛

    Of course, I meant “mediocre”.

  165. His birther gig is coming to head. He does not want to say sorry on camera for fear he will lose his fans. He is getting his people to say he has moved on but that won’t work, will it?

    Test, test, this is an emergency test for the media on how it will handle it.

  166. You know what? Trump is not a problem. It’s Johnson that’s a problem. His numbers are being mostly pulled from her. This is a fall down drunk who swore off of booze when he discovered weed is just as cool, it doesn’t make you fall down and throw up all over everybody, and you can’t smell it on his breath. I think he SHOULD be in the debate because, as a college student who smoked dope ever single day of her life for three years, I can honestly say, he is a Cloud Head who can’t get far in a discussion without being diverted by the little birdie in the tree. He’s a dope head. Don’t take my word for it. Just listen to him when he talks. He’s in slo mo all the way. Weld would have been a better first pick.

    Johnson’s number one issue is legal weed. After that, he doesn’t really give a shit about much. Because if you smoke enough dope often enough and long enough, you really DON’T give a shit about much. That is why it is so helpful for people who are very ill, works great for headaches, helps people with cancer. It mellows you. It’s a great aid for many ill people. It’s not a good aid for a president or a presidential candidate forced to talk about any useful subject.

  167. I’m surprised to hear that Johnson’s pulling votes from Clinton. Given the similarity of the GOP and the Libertarians on economic issues, I would think Johnson would mostly be gaining support from people who would usually vote for the Republican candidate, but are too embarrassed by the Grifter to support the Grifter.

  168. Re: Birther. He’s going to make a ‘statement’ about it. And you can bet he will give it all to Hillary. The man is the reincarnation of Goebbels.

  169. On the debate, I’m pretty sure Hillary doesn’t give a crap who moderates, she can handle it. Debates are her baby. Donald makes a ruckus every time to shore him up in case he bombs. He says he’s not rehearsing and, in keeping with my belief that if Trump says Go Left, you had better Go Right. He’s a psych candidate, the showman, he doesn’t have an honest bone in his body and he’s lying. He’s rehearsing. Don’t even doubt it.

    About that family. Eric is Fredo. Useless. I’ll bet they wake up every morning thinking about what to do with Eric that day, wishing they could send him to Moe Green and have him pretend to run a casino. But Junior tries so very hard to be just like his Daddy using Goebbels tricks, because he knows Ivanka is the Favorite hands down. He hates that. Sorry, Junior, but Daddy just won’t “Kiss you every chance he gets” like with Ivanka. No tits and ass Junior. Nice cleanup everybody had to do over his gas chamber rant.

    And Ivanka, faced with hard questions, scurried off of her Cosmo interview like a scared field mouse.

  170. uppity, yes, it is in his campaign statement released yesterday and his surrogates have been saying it too. They will try. But I also see that there is a lot of pushback from the media.

  171. Yeah this should be the question. You were not running for any office and why was it important for you to question his citizenship?

  172. The birther stories didn’t even start until after she had conceded the 2008 nomination, and had begun to campaign for Obama. HRC didn’t rise to where she is by being stupid enough to sabotage her ticket to the Secretary of State nomination.

  173. Johnson is pulling from Hillary because of weed. Some of the bros would rather have their pot than live in a free country. Doubtful Sanders can change their minds.

    Yeah, Trump is still trying to blame the birther thing on Hillary. For once, looks like media isn’t buying it.

  174. This was last year 2015. He should be brought to his knees over this and release his tax returns.

  175. Oh, let us be honest. His followers love him because of his birtherism. The more important thing is why he and his campaign think it is a liability. He is not afraid of saying outrageous and outlandish things but why the hesitation from him now on this?

  176. Actually, the birther stories started before the 2008 election. A young Chris Hayes writes.

  177. Oh, let us be honest. His followers love him because of his birtherism. The more important thing is why he and his campaign think it is a liability. He is not afraid of saying outrageous and outlandish things but why the hesitation from him now on this?

    Maybe he thinks there are limits on what even his cultists will believe, and there is too much proof that Obama was born in the USA–so he fears that, for once, he could get caught in a lie which even many members of the Paleface Booboisie would recognize as a lie?

  178. Thanx, Sophie. I did not know that the “Obama is a Muslim” myths had started before 2008.

    Holy Ascended Madoka, what will the Paleface Booboisie not believe? I suppose that’s how “newspapers” like the National Enquirer stay in business, not to mention the GOP.

  179. Johnson is pulling from Hillary because of weed. Some of the bros would rather have their pot than live in a free country.

    Well, then, maybe they won’t damage Hillary’s percentages because they won’t show up to vote.

    If I knew how to manipulate images, I’d substitute “Johnson” for “Bernie” in the pic. :mrgreen:

  180. I thought he would hold out until the debates. Waiting for the moderator to ask him the birther question. This way all the people would hear him say he believe Obama was born in the US to make himself look good.

    I have never seen in my lifetime so many low information voters. As I said before, most get their information form the media. There is no way in hell Trump is more transparent than Hillary.

    The media are sitting back wondering what is going on with the polls. News flash, It has been Hillary, Hillary, negativity news twenty four hours a day.

    Hillary has my area ninety nine per cent. We are now concentrating on other areas in Cuyahoga County.

    I know the polls are showing Trump leading in Ohio. Ohio is a red state. Hillary is counting on Cuyahoga County and a few more heavily dem counties to put her over.


    Uppity, Johnson looks like he is high when he is on TV. Especially when he was asked what is Aleppo.

    Even if Trump comes out and says Obama was born in the US. It too late. The AA’s will never believe or accept it.

    I hear Al Gore is going to campaign for Hillary.

  181. Neetabug, I thought the same thing about Johnson, when I saw him being interviewed. I think he has “pot brain.” The Aleppo lapse was astounding for a presidential candidate.

  182. Last year, Johnson had no idea who Harriet Tubman was. And the media goes on pretending that Hillary is just like all these other ignoramuses–but less “transparent”. And more “evil”.

  183. Just applied for my ballot online. Early voting starts one week from today here in Minnesota. Trying to get as many as I can to vote early so Hillary has lots of votes “in the bank”.

  184. Brassy

    Good Job!!!!!!!!

    I tell voters to vote early just in case something happens. Like here in Ohio we have very bad snow storms. If the weather is bad a lot of people want go out and vote.

  185. Hey, neeta! I’ll put our Minnesota snowstorms up against your Ohio snowstorms any day. And early November is prime time. In 1990, we had a blizzard on Halloween. Lasted two days! Yes. That’s another good reason. 😉

  186. Every day I go to bed having seen Hillary live, or having heard one of the few favorable MSNBC shows, and feel better about the race. Then I get up and immediately see that Trump is absolutely owning the media, who are behaving like compliant prisioners. Don Lemon apparently says that “you have to give Trump credit for retracting his birherism claims”??? Polls that show voters think Trump is more honest than Hillary??? That is the media’s doing. Virtually everything that comes out of Trump’s mouth is a lie. The people in Flint cheered for him and wanted him to keep speaing. He is talking in 122 degree heat, when the AC was on, and people there said it was chilly. Hillary has no family leave plan, when it has been online for 18 momths/ We could easily fill up a page with this. Trump is the first true example I have ever seen of a pathological liar. Reality is of no meaning to him; all that has meaning is what he can say to help himself.

    The Nazis perfected big lies, sold them to a German nation which was already primed to hate Jewish people, and the result was the Holocaust. Trump and his family and his campaign people are feeding a steady diet of lies to the American people. And the media either ignores it, or laughs about it, or considers it an entertaining show. If the voters are incapable of understanding that Trump is lying about everything: his policies, plans, what Hillary has done or said, then of course he could win. He spent eight years vociferously saying that Obama was an illegal president; and now, 50 days before the election he retracts that, for votes, and the media applauds him. Yes, and Chamberlain applauded Hitler for saying that he wanted peace.Trump says that Hillary started the birtherism, which is an utter lie. But in the perverse world which the media has now created, everything is open to debate. Maybe Kerry really was a coward who shot himself in the foot on purpose. Maybe Hillary actuallly caused the fFlint water crisis as a private citizen living in New York. Maybe she started the Iraq War, and founded ISIS> Maybe Eric Trump was actually talking about gas chambers used for executions, though they haven’t been used for at least 20 years; meanwhile every Jewish journalist, or even those who have names that might sound of Jewish ancestry, are being bombarded with vile anti-semitic tweets and letters on an hourly basis, using gas chamber imagery. If you learn that you can lie and lie, and that the media will not only not call you out for it, but will actually help you spread it, you have no reason not to keep lying, and to make the lies bigger. Hitler and Goebbels perfected it, and destroyed 50 million lives, and the world’s soul. What will Trump be allowed to do?

  187. Well if anything was proved today is would Trump be able to sever his business ties?

    Clearly a big fat NO.

    Perhaps the media will finally realise the big con job being pulled here and DO THEIR FUCKING JOBS.

  188. Trump is clearly betting on the fact that nothing he does will cost him any votes among his 40% supporters. So any lie he tells is worth it, because he might shake a few votes loose. It is a no-lose proposition, he thinks. Maybe some undecideds will be foolish enough to admire Trump for retracting the birtherism. Maybe some will be bewildered enough to think that maybe Hillary did start it, and so he’ll get some more votes there. Like Hitler, like any psychopathic demagogue, Trum p will say absolutely anything, if he thinks it will help him gain power.

  189. Today the media got completely played with this supposed “press conference”. He got them all there and then blamed Hillary for birtherism and then proceeded to take them on a tour of his hotel. He wanted a free advertisement for his new hotel in DC apparently. The news is not buying his retracting birtherism because there’s a trail a mile long of him keeping it up despite the fact that Obama had released his birth certificate.

  190. Are you watching the Congressional Black Caucus Pac TROUNCING Trump? First bunch with BALLS I have seen. NO holding back.

  191. I want to post the tweets I did to the cable channel people during the outrageous TRUMP ‘speech”. But nobody clicks on them so meh, go see.

    One tweet: “SUCKERS!”
    Another: Go fetch Donald a beer and sandwich

    They were his bitches today and they deserve the embarrassment.

  192. The CBC is really going to town on Trump racist and his hillbilly family.

  193. At least the Washington Post called Trump out on his false claim that the birther narrative was started by Clinton. See:

    Is this yet another case of Trump projecting onto Hillary that which he did himself?

    To be sure I’m up on the definition of “projection” as a psychological defense mechanism, here’s what my Webster’s Dictionary App says:

    “6b: The attribution of one’s owns ideas, feelings, or attitudes to other people or to objects; especially: the externalization of blame, guilt, or responsibility as a defense against anxiety….”

    Given the rate at which he uses projection as a defense mechanism, I’d say Mr. Trump has a lot of anxiety, or shall we surmise he is “one nervous mess” these days? At least that’s what he said about his host, Rev. Faith Green Timmons, after visiting her church in Flint, Michigan the other day.

    I remember the birther questions going back to 2008 with various authors, and at least one Hannity show. Some people questioned the .pdf construction when the COB was released in 2011. But I never heard Hillary question it. I always thought the logistics involved with Obama being born to Stanley Ann in Kenya were not very plausible back in 1961, even if the jacket flap on early printings of his autobiography, “Dreams From My Father,” said so.

    A relative who worked as a nurse back in the day speculated Obama was listed as Caucasian on the COB, because “someone had to make a call” on race of the baby when born, and that was why they were not sharing, or trying to cover. (Yes, she believes he was born in HI.) In other words, it would be a bit embarrassing, since he’s supposed to be born the first black president. Unless we have newborn photos, that’s a hard one to assess after the fact.

    I need to read over what he said in his autobiography about discovering his birth certificate in his search for self.

    Obama has been U.S. President for almost eight years. Trump has had a long time to try to discredit his country of origin. Agreed; he was trying to placate Birther supports by saying he’d wait to say Obama was born.

  194. Correct my last sentence to: Trump waiting to say where he thinks Obama was born. I always liked Obama’s funny line at a White House Correspondents dinner, saying he was really born a space alien named “Steve: :-).

  195. Received another anti Hillary email from my cousin in law. This one is spreading that Hillary has Parkinson’s Disease. I emailed my cousin in law and told him that it is not good to send non factual information to others. Previously, I told him I was voting for Hillary and to not send me any more anti Hillary email. He is an eighty year old clueless man.

  196. And Jimmy Fallon completely disgraced himself last night, fawning all over a FASCIST. What is even happening to us?

  197. Trump is getting ass kicked from channel to channel today, FLOTUS getting stuck in now….

  198. RE: Link posted by Sophie at 10:36 pm –

    The woman who does not conceal her own intelligence is a fine American tradition,

    (* And why the Hell should any woman EVER conceal her intelligence!)

    going back to Anne Bradstreet and Harriet Beecher Stowe and my ancestor Prudence Crandall, but none has been subjected to the steady hectoring and jibber-jabber that Mrs. Clinton has. She is the first major-party nominee to be pictured in prison stripes by the opposition. She is the first Cabinet officer ever to be held personally responsible for her own email server, something ordinarily delegated to anonymous nerds in I.T. The fact that terrorists attacked an American compound in Libya under cover of darkness when Secretary Clinton presumably got some sleep has been held against her, as if she personally was in command of the defense of the compound, a walkie-talkie in her hand, calling in reinforcements.

    Extremism has poked its head into the mainstream (*MEDIA), aided by the Internet. Back in the day, you occasionally saw cranks on a street corner handing out mimeographed handbills arguing that FDR was responsible for Pearl Harbor, but you saw their bad haircuts, the bitterness in their eyes, and you turned away. Now they’re in your computer, whispering that the economy is on the verge of collapse and for a few bucks they’ll tell you how to protect your savings. But lacking clear evidence, we proceed forward. We don’t operate on the basis of lurid conjecture.

  199. WLM, you can’t pick your relatives. lol

  200. Ugh. I talked to my dad the other day and it was like the Twillight Zone. He has always been a Libertarian at heart and he recently got his local Libertarian party chapter back up and running. But he told me he really doesn’t know how he is going to vote. He’s not keen on Trump but he thinks Johnson is a moron and he loathes Hilary. I started debating him and he was just intransigent. He believes all the lies about Hillary and he will not be swayed from his position. No matter what I said it was “Hillary is worse.” Thank goodness he lives in NY where it probably won’t matter, but good lord I wanted to reach through the phone and shake him.

    I told my husband that if Trump wins we will seriously have to consider making aliyah to Israel. We’ve never really talked about it with any real seriousness before but if Trump pulls this off it means there is no hope for this country.

  201. Michele just dropped the mic again, gang.

    Brought down the house.

  202. On the evening of November 8, 2016 Hillary Clinton will be elected the first woman to become President of the USA. The winners will be the entire world. The losers will be the MSM, Trump, Alt-Right, Fox News, White Nationalists, the KKK, the John Birch Society and all of those other racist, sexist and bigots organizations along with the GOP for not looking out for the best interest of the USA.

    Every person backing Trump should be ashamed of themselves. Yes, his supporters are all deplorable. Just because they feel that this country has left them behind due to joblessness or illness or education etc… is not an excuse to ignore Trump’s racism, bigotry, sexism and fascism. There are more important issues than their own pocket book. We all go through tough times and that is never an excuse to treat other people as subhuman.

    And the MSM, how dare you push the extremist views of white nationalists, the KKK, etc… and cloak these haters with legitimacy.

  203. Ga6thDem, on September 16, 2016 at 1:37 PM said:
    Today the media got completely played with this supposed “press conference”. He got them all there and then blamed Hillary for birtherism and then proceeded to take them on a tour of his hotel.

    If I didn’t actually hate Trump to his core, I would think it is pretty funny…especially the buildup by CNN to some nugget of info. they could play 24/7 for the next week.

    They got played, and will try to make a BFD out of it, like he almost said something…excuses, “maybe he meant, this or that”, have endless panels discuss it until people turn the channel.

    They have all become the supermarket tabloids of cable tv.

  204. Don’t waste your time watching Jake Tapper, he has Maureen Dowd on and she’s still that mean girl she has always been. She just comes off as being jealous of Clinton. Very “catty” sh!t coming out of her mouth.

  205. I never saw Obama mike drop before…

  206. I can not stand Jake Crapper!

  207. Johnson and Stein did not make the debate

  208. Sheila Jackson Lee lays it out….

  209. Johnson could have the Ralph Nader effect which brought us Bush which brought us Obama…
    I think most of us are in panic mode because after a seemingly monumental post convention bump, things are more or less tied and Trump is ahead in Ohio and in some polls Florida. It’s as unprecedented election we have ever seen and I would be foolish to suggest I have any idea how it plays out. I think our hopes of a Hllary landslide, however, are not going to play out. Lets hope reason prevails and in what appears to be a tight race, Hillary prevails.

  210. Here is Michele’s speech

  211. We had thought that the Libertarian Party might help the Democrats win, by siphoning votes from the Republicans. However, in tis particular campaign, there are two key factors making them unhelpful to our side. At least a portion of Sanders’ supporters who were not Libertarians to begin with, are supporting Johnson; maybe because of the marijuana, also because they aren’t knowledgeable enough to realize what the platform of that party is: virtually no taxes, and no social programs as a result. And then there are the “Never Trump” Republicans who would otherwise have been almost forced to vote for Hillary, but who find Johnson a good receptacle for their vote.

    Obviously, the Libertarian Party usually gets 5% or so, and is polling twice that, mostly at the expense of Hillary. Usually, third party candidates’ numbers go down as election nears. That could be good for us. But this year, they may not go down. I wish I knew how many Sanders supporters are risking a Trump presidency by indulging themselves. Sanders is trying to urge them not to do it, but his character attacks on Hillary cannot be taken back so easily. Also, Stein is getting 3% or so, which is Nader-like. People never learn; or don’t feel like learning about history, if they are too young to remember it. Anyway, Hillary cannot go after Johnson directly; more of his voters might go to Trump. But speeches like Michelle Obama’s today might help in showing some young people that there is much at risk if they waste a vote like that.

  212. What’s Really Ailing Hillary


    It is an interesting article about Hillary until the ending. I am sure a different conclusion would be reached if it were written by a woman.

    A man that tries to understand what being torn apart by the GOP and media for 25 years will do to a woman’s optimistic openness when younger.

    It talks about times he observed Hillary cry…

    It makes me want to put my arms around Hillary and tell her that she is our hero, that she is more courageous than anyone I have ever known, and remind her of how proud I am of her.

    What a heavy load she is carrying for all American women.

  213. That was an excellent speech from Michelle!

    She even got me teared up. Passionate and positive for Hillary.

    Thanks for posting neetabug.

  214. The prospect of Johnson’s playing spoiler is disturbing, but take hope; this is not the same country it was in 2000, in terms of demographics. The Paleface Booboisie (the Orange Grifter’s base) do not form as high a percentage of adult citizens as they did in 2000.

  215. I decided to cheer myself up by volunteering with the local HFA office to register voters tomorrow.

  216. Trump just issued another thinly veiled invite to his lunatics to take a shot at Hillary! It’s all over Twitter.

    This is the most horrific presidential campaign I have ever seen. And the media acts like it’s all perfectly normal, like Trump is normal, and the great bulk of his supporters are not deplorable. Only we can stop this evil. On November 8th, we must march like an Army and reject this hatred and violence. Clearly, the media will not do it. In fact, intentionally or not, they enable this monster at every turn. It’s up to us. Let’s do our duty. And let’s pray Hillary stays safe. It’s so wrong that she must put up with this. So wrong.

  217. Krugzilla weighs in:

    Why Are The Media Objectively Pro-Trump?

  218. Uppity, I read your twitter TL and especially like how you call them cockroaches and barn animals, etc 🙂 In another forum on discus unrelated to politics, I would refer to the haters as cockroaches and imagine my surprise when I read the same on your TL the first time.

  219. So how was today?! I was at work all day, long day. Has Trump dropped out yet?

  220. *disqus

  221. Stage collapsed in his new hotel today. What a metaphor! It is a sign. Let it be a sign.

  222. Why doesn’t the Secret Service do something about Trump and his veiled threats??? He is such a vile animal. He went after Hillary twice today.

  223. Today a call from Trump to see what happens to Hillary when guns are taken away from her Secret Service people –

    Dangerous As$wipe and pure stupidity.

    Deplorable times 100.


    MIAMI — Donald J. Trump once again raised the specter of violence against Hillary Clinton, suggesting Friday that the Secret Service agents who guard her voluntarily disarm to “see what happens to her” without their protection.

    “I think that her bodyguards should drop all weapons,” Mr. Trump said at a rally in Miami, to loud applause. “I think they should disarm. Immediately.”

    He went on: “Let’s see what happens to her. Take their guns away, O.K. It’ll be very dangerous.”

    In justifying his remarks, Mr. Trump falsely claimed that Mrs. Clinton wants to “destroy your Second Amendment,” apparently a reference to her gun control policies

  224. Anyone else think God is weighing in on Trump’s behavior today? Hope his campaign suffers the same as what his stage did.

  225. I donated another $300 to Hillary today. It always helps me to feel like I am doing something to help.

    Shadowfax, that story you listed above deliberately misquotes Trump. He did not say, “It’ll be very dangerous.” He said, “Let’s see what happens to her.” They played it on TV several times. His actual quote was worse than it appeared above.

    I give credit to Rachel Maddow, whom I criticized the other day, for showing an absolutely horrifying tape of an “Alt-Right” meeting the other day in D.C. That term is a euphermsm, they are Nazis. They use Nazi images, they talk about White Supremacy, they talk about “creating chaos,” and “using dank memes.” They send vicious anti-semitic tweets to any journalist who attacks Trump and has a Jewish-sounding name. Some of these journalists have become depressed and very afraid because of these tweets and threats.They praise Trump effusively. They have come out of the fetid swamps where they dwell, because of Trump. Rachel was horrified, anyone who saw this, should be, if they were not before.

    And Lawrence O’Donnell, who I have really not been a fan of in the past, is lately doing great work in excoriating Trump, and he is also being reasonably complimentary toward Hillary. Those shows, plus Chris Hayes, are the only news shows I can watch. On O’Donnell’s show,Stanley Greenberg, the well known pollster for Bill Clinton, seemed to indicate, though he was not really specific, that he thought that Hillary would start doing better in the polls before too long; that many people were sick of the Trump campaign of darkness and fear. He is hopeful, of course, but he also is a smart person.

  226. William, I have been watching the 3 shows that you mentioned .I would also add Joy Reid. I really like her and she tries to get to the truth and doesn’t put up with any BS from the people that she is interviewing.

  227. Pm, I used to do Cockroach Of The Week posts here. Nothing more disgusting than a cockroach.

  228. Is this the creepiest father/daughter pic ever?

  229. pm317, what’s your twitter handle?

  230. The Urban League will have a Barack the vote on Nov 1st. They will be encouraging young people and everyone to vote that day. This will be a Barack Obama day.
    We will also be taking voters to the Election Board.
    How cool is that.

  231. “Is this the creepiest father/daughter pic ever?”

    In the running, anyway.

    Of course, the Corporate Media would crucify any Democratic male presidential candidate who displayed the appearance of a creepy kind of affection for his daughter–but just as with everything else, IOKIYAR. 😡

    Yet, our country is infested with suckers who believe “The media is a buncha librulz!”.

  232. SophieCT, I have not set up one yet. Lot of resistance for a number of reasons. Besides, I can’t rack up as many followers as you and Uppity have overnight. 🙂

  233. LOL!!! It wasn’t overnight.
    Settle in kids, and I’ll tell you how it was back when I was an egg.

  234. Here is more creepy stuff between Deplorable Donnie and his daughter in his own words, watch after 2:05:

  235. SophieCT, it would have to be close to overnight for me to have similar impact. 🙂 but thank you and others who built it up and making an impact in this election.

  236. Deplorable Donnie making that comment about protection for Hillary yesterday — that is an oft repeated comments on the righty gun loving forums. For a presidential candidate to repeat what is said on ordinary forums as gospel shows the intellectual depravity of his candidacy. His rallies are nothing but a mish-mash of comments from righty groups and his audience is stupid enough to think he speaks for them because he is repeating their stupid comments.

  237. Media must take responsibility for pushing the narrative to hurt Hillary in this campaign and for the last 25 years. There is an effort to place it on her (even in Todd Purdam’s article above) by the media and we should not accept that. It is always like if only she had reacted differently to our hounding, things would be different. No! Media is biased and complicit in shaping this outcome. She is damned if she does and damned if she does not. There are times I have felt she should handle it differently but at the end of the day this is on the media because they have special privileges in this society and with it comes big responsibility. They are not being serious and are definitely not responsible when it comes to Hillary. There is a lot of personal animosity toward her which should make them ineffective but it is not.

  238. Still surprised media is not talking about his business conflicts.

  239. Ha.. this is better:

  240. I hope one of the debate questions is ‘what motivated you (Deplorable Donnie) to even start the birther movement?’

  241. Trump’s latest comments, which he has said before, to “take away the guns from Hillary’s SS” to “see what happens” is the most disgusting deplorable thing I’ve ever heard from a presidential candidate, and that’s saying a lot. He’s said he would blast Iranian “little boats” out of the water for making “gestures” at our ships. I cannot believe ANYONE would be seriously thinking of voting for that creature. To say he’s unfit for office is an understatement.

    I have to wonder if the media’s reaction would be different if he was saying it about a male candidate. I doubt Trump would even make that comment about a male candidate in the first place.

  242. ugh.. saw a Maher video half way and shut it down… when you have friends like him, who needs enemies.

  243. Good read on Deplorable Donnie’s crazy instincts and needs; it is obvious he got caught off guard by the Pastor in Flynt and could not react to her then and there (that surprised me, but he is not really quick on his feet nor that smart) and lashed out later lying in the process and disparaging her:

    But reflecting on it, there may be more to the story. Only a few hours before that tarmac interview, Trump was rebuked to his face with cameras rolling by an African-American woman. It may have been the boldest rebuke Trump has received from a ‘civilian’ (not another candidate in a debate, or a journalist in an interview) in this entire campaign cycle. She even placed her hand on him in calling him to account.

    Pastor Timmons is a hero.

  244. About Hillary’s tendencies… my two cents. I went for a training at work out of curiosity recently and one of the slides said, “never assume others know of your (good) intentions.” That resonated with me and is so true in my life at various stages when I got burned by others and to this day, some have misunderstood me and I don’t know how to correct their perceptions. I have always been idealistic and have the best in my heart and mind for others. There is really no bad bone in my body but I still don’t get that acknowledgement, recognition, and affirmation in my personal life. That may have been because I assume they know who I am, what I am, and how I feel toward them.

    Hillary may be similar in that she is assuming people know her intentions and may be even a bit discouraged that she has to make a case for it. Like one article said, she has been ready for this since her first speech in 1969. She knows that with power comes privilege to do good. But the media role in creating havoc has to be fully recognized in muddying the waters about her intentions from day one.

    I hope in the debates Hillary gives a voice to why she wants to do this and why she fought all these years as a public servant to do good in spite of so many hurdles along the way.

  245. pm317, Melissa McRwan of the Shakesville blog makes the case that Hillary’s relationship with elite Beltway media is abusive. Anyone who has ever been in an emotionally abusive relationship can recognize the dynamic: It’s her fault. We have to treat her like this. She’s so “secretive”. What choice do we have? And interviews are especially bad. She is constantly being asked things like, “Why don’t people like you?” And “Why don’t they trust you?” It really is painful to watch–just like watching an abuser constantly hectoring his spouse. Of course, the irony is that the media has created the “likability” and “trust” issues, not Hillary. It’s very sick.

  246. Sorry. Melissa McEwan.

    I don’t think the media doesn’t know her intentions are good. I think they hold that against her. They view her as self-righteous, a “goody-goody” who thinks she’s better than them –which she is! But this just escalates the abuse.Then there’s the constant demands for apologies and attempts to control her behavior such as harrassing about press conferences.

    Why do they engage in emotionally abusive conduct toward her? The obvious reason is that she is a strong, independent woman seeking the ultimate power job in a society which punishes such women. There may be more complicated reasons as well, but that’s the simplest one.

  247. Brassy Rebel, oh, media knows her intentions alright. Something very sadistic and sexist and continues to be. The one thing I have noticed about Obama and even Trump is that they treat them like dogs, they fight and push back and throw poop in the media’s face and the media cower like the cowards they are. I wonder if at some point, Hillary could say Stop! to their ugly face but I think that time has passed.

    .. time travel to 1994.

  248. oh, media knows her intentions alright. Something very sadistic and sexist and continues to be

    (rewriting) media knows her intentions alright but is still being sadistic and sexist and continues to be…

  249. Debates are the biggest opportunity for Hillary to directly talk to the voters. I wonder if she could simply say the caricature painted by the media is not who she really is and then share in very strong terms why she is still standing there and doing what she does. Do you all remember the closing statement in one of the debates (probably the last one) she gave in 2008 which was so poignant? Come on Hillary, you can do it, make us get goosebumps again. Say something that even the nefarious media cannot supplant and reduce to bits. {on the other hand, look at what I am asking her to do and then who her opponent is…crazy}.

  250. Hillary in 1994, always fighting the Deplorables.

  251. Well, on a happier note, I spent 2 hours registering voters today. Or, more accurately, trying to register voters. We were in a heavily minority area, mostly AA and Hispanic, and every single person I asked was already registered to vote. I did help two people update their registration to their new addresses. Almost to a person they thanked me for asking or gave a smile when they realized what I was doing there. I wasn’t wearing anything to indicate what party or candidate I was representing, but I got quite a few “Go, Hillary!” responses from people.

    The funniest episode was when I was helping a woman update her address. Her kids were getting restless but she told them “Stop! Do you want Trump to be president? Then let me finish filling this out!”

    On the way home a car got in front of me and it had a Hillary 2016 bumper sticker, which made me smile. Later I was making some Avon deliveries and I got behind a different car with the same bumper sticker. And as I turned into a neighborhood where I have a lot of customers I saw 2 separate Hillary signs. Today really lifted my spirits. 🙂

  252. Okay, let me update that: every single person I asked who was a citizen was registered to vote.

  253. imusthavehillary, I saw that video in the thread from Sara Kendzior’s tweet I posted above. Hillary had a pretty good style of speechmaking then. I don’t know why she lost it. But she sounds a lot better on the stump this season compared to 2008.

  254. julies9164, what state are you in?

  255. pm – I’m in NC.

  256. Thank you, Jane Goodall! We’ve been trying so hard to figure him out. You explained everything!

  257. Sorry but this tweet pissed me off. I belong to a specific demographic that isn’t being pandered to by either candidate. The closest I get is that as a Second Wave feminist, I get a woman president in my lifetime. I have less to lose from a Trump presidency than these kids. Why do they need to be begged and bribed?

  258. Do you realize Hillary will be the first presidential candidate in American history who will have to debate an adult male chimpanzee?

  259. julies9164, I am in MD and even our republican governor is anti-Trump. I think he is married to a Korean-born, his first marriage and hers second.

  260. SophieCT, I agree. Bringing back Sanders and getting him to cajole these nincompoops… they probably had to flatter and pump his ego too to get him to do this. fuck them if they don’t get the importance of this election.

  261. Earn their support, really? How about that a Hillary Clinton presidency will give you a good economy, stable foreign relations, more advancement in clean energy…..what no pony or unicorn for everyone?

  262. From SophieCT’s tweet above on James Fallows’ article in the Atlantic, like Goodall, O’Malley was also thinking of a monkey:

    Governor Martin O’Malley, who was onstage with Clinton and Sanders for the first five encounters, whether he’d seen Clinton make any significant mistakes. “No,” he said. “Dammit!” To round things out, when I asked O’Malley how he would be preparing to debate Trump if he’d won the nomination, he said, “I’d start by thinking of him as a monkey with a machine gun.” By that he meant an adversary who is all the more dangerous because you can’t predict which direction he’ll be facing when he pulls the trigger.

  263. Hey, Vlad, are YOU paying attention?

    If your cleverly stupid scheme works, you won’t be facing a monkey with a machine gun–you’ll be facing a monkey with nuclear-tipped ICBMs, MOST OF WHICH ARE STILL AIMED AT YOUR COUNTRY, DUMB@$$.

  264. SophieCT, that James Fallows’ article is phenomenal (and long). Hope everybody gets to read it and certainly Hillary’s people. Some of the people interviewed for that article have such significant insights into how Trump operates. And Fallows’ long presidential election experience shows in the article. If you are wondering how Trump could lie so easily but still not ‘lose’, here is why:

    Trump sounded convinced himself, which made him more convincing to listeners. Jack Brown says this comes naturally from his expressive style. “When you have a more limited vocabulary of words or expressions, it’s easier to lie,” he said. “Everyone lies, but for people with a greater expressive range, it requires more conscious work, and you’re more likely to give yourself away. With a narrower range, the brain doesn’t have to multitask as much and worry about what the face is doing, which makes it easier to deceive.” And so Donald Trump can sound just as convincing saying something that plainly is not true, such as his imagined meeting request from the Kochs, as something that is true.

    Checkout Jack Brown, the body language expert quoted there at I was most interested in his analysis of Trump with Pastor Timmons and he rightly says Trump was caught off-guard but try to recover. I still want to see why Trump remained calm and had his tail between his legs enough to finish.

  265. Earn the millennials support?!? We are already literally supporting the spoiled brats. All of the boomer parents I know with millennial kids (like myself) have done waaay more for their kids than our parents did for us. That little snot in Sophie’s comment (6:33pm) could use a few lessons in gratitude, humility, and basic grammar. (Note: I wasn’t including my own kid who loves the boomer gen and is a really good kid 🙂 )


  267. sorry for the shouting. Please watch.

  268. It is very hard to be elected President when the media is against you. Dukakis couldn’t. Gore almost did, but should have won handily, but for the media mocking virtually everything he said. Kerry couldn’t. Romney couldn’t. When have we every seen the candidate whom the media clearly did not want to win (or simply wanted his opponent to win) overcome that?

    Nate Silver, of all people, today asked why Hillary is so unpopular. If she is, it is because of 25 years of horrible right-wing slanders, lies, and baseless innuendoes. And because the media, for its own spiteful or jealous or ignorant reasons, has given credence to many of them. They then force Hillary to somehow prove the negative, that there is nothing whatsoever wrong in the emails, or in Whitewater, or the Clinton Foundation. No one can absolutely prove the negative, so they never let it go. They never retract the accusations, never say that they are sorry that they brought it up. All Trump and his alt-right people have to do, is make up something; and the media will spend at least a week pursuing it. And now we are only 50 days away from the election. And Hillary had to agree to very unfavorable moderators, just to get Trump to debate. But all that said, she and we are going to somehow have to surmount these obstacles. It should never be this way; but somehow, after the last 50 years of Far RIght insanity, and billionaire money, it really does seem inevitable that this is what we are facing to survive.

  269. More from Fallows:

    “And she’ll be talking with a man who is obviously not good when women are arguing with him. Just the fact that she’s standing there, as a woman, will be disconcerting. She should have fun!”

  270. Annie, I saw a pollster yesterday say that it was primarily the 18-24 cohort of millennials who are so resistant to voting for Hillary, and who are going for the minor candidates in substantial numbers, which is definitely hurting her chances. These seem to be people who only care about their own little world of self-gratification, and nothing about the ]country or planet. They were so upset that Sanders did not win the nomination, that they convinced themselves that Hillary cheated, and that rather than help her be elected, they will just tip the board over so everyone loses. And it is sort of pathetic to see Sanders go around and try to convince them not to vote for the fringe candidates. Some vacuous pundit said that “his movement became bigger than Sanders.” No, there is no movement, not one which could ever get anyone elected president on their own. Just a large enough group to throw the election to the Republican, like they successfully did in 2000. I’m not even sure that most of these people even care much about the issues, since Hillary and Sanders were always very close on policy. It’s more like a personality game to them. What an awful irony if after all us Hillary supporters overcame our anger and frustration to vote for Obama, this time the losing side, much smaller than our side was in ’08, spitefully threw the election to a fascist.

  271. OK then, let us have a tweetstorm suggesting that he is a fake billionaire because there are no tax returns to prove otherwise.


    The one subject he [Trump] nixed, according to Aaron Lee, a writer for the roast, was “any joke that suggests Trump is not actually as wealthy as he claims to be.” So this is a scab Hillary Clinton should deftly pick.

  272. julies1964 Good job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  273. Hillary is beginning to speak. They are showing her video

  274. Ascended Madoka grant that Gary Legum will be right.

  275. William, this is the age breakdown:

  276. Some good news

  277. Explosion in Manhattan, multiple injuries in Chelsea.

  278. Explosion is on 23rd St, Chelsea. Near Assn For The Blind. 25 injuries, none life-threatening. No fatalities. Gas ruled out. Suspected in Dumpster.

  279. Good God. There was an explosion in Seaside Park, NJ earlier today too.

  280. I’m glad no one was killed, or injured seriously.

    Sophie, thanks for the graph and polls.

  281. I didn’t hear about the one in NJ! This is very scary.

  282. Katy Tur is trying to find who briefed Trump to shoot his mouth at CO rally. I think he lied as usual.

  283. That’s not to say that the two are related. Here’s the story on the Seaside Park explosion:

  284. Yes they suspect the NJ explosion connection could exist, although they are by no means certain now.

  285. Potential secondary device being evaluated on 7th.

  286. You can be guaranteed if Hillary loses, those millennials will be the first screaming “this is not what we deserve or wanted, boo hoo hoo”, well then deal with it, you did it, you can pay the consequences, don’t say we didn’t tell your asses this would happen.

    This reminds me off this…

  287. This NY explosion does not smack to me of isis terrorism, it does not look like their style at all, if anything it smacks more of domestic or someone with a grudge..

  288. Chelsea is a strong gay community, isn’t it?

  289. You can be guaranteed if Hillary loses, those millennials will be the first screaming “this is not what we deserve or wanted, boo hoo hoo”, well then deal with it, you did it, you can pay the consequences, don’t say we didn’t tell your asses this would happen.

    We get a speedbump, and that’s all it is, and we give up? If Hillary did that, she would have never gotten anywhere. She doesn’t give up. I don’t plan to give up in her place. She won’t lose.

    –Your Mother.

  290. Putin’s men, perhaps? Figuring any terror helps the Orange Grifter?

    Maybe Putin thinks if he gets “The Donald” “elected”, he’ll have “The Donald” in his pocket, and can get those missiles I mentioned earlier re-targeted. I would remind Putin that his predecessor, Stalin, thought he had “The Adolf” in his pocket. How did that work out for Mother Russia?

    I never liked Putin exactly, but I respected him as an intelligent, if ruthless, fellow. This scheme, if indeed Putin is behind it, is compelling me to re-evaluate the “intelligent” part of my opinion.

    And WTF, media? Do you think if The Donald gets “elected”, he won’t treat you lot the same way Putin treats the media? What flavor of polonium do you morons like?

  291. Ivory Bill, I like the way you think as to the perpetrator. The only edit I might suggest is this, instead of just Putin by his lonesome, I would change it to “Putin/Bannon” because they are working toward the same “orange” end. In fact, Bannon with his Alt-right brigades have more agents on the ground than Putin.

  292. Oh I know Uppity, she won’t lose, I’m just being hypothetical of how to ram down those little shits throats of how idiotic they are.

    Hillary is the ultimate warrior, but those kids need a lesson on history and how being total tantruming dicks fuck it up for the rest of us.

  293. and here’s a message for Dear media……

    If you think being media under a dictator is nice, the only who will be considered journalists by Trump will the ones keeping their jobs……

    Just ask the media in Turkey in Russia and Turkey who enabled their dictators rise and who then turned round, arrested them and are now lying in jails how that worked out for them.

    Think of how Berlusconi ran Italy……..think of how journalists and editors regularly disappeared in Argentina during the Peron reign, how media regularly disappears in China when they question the “party”.

    Maybe if you do some digging on juorno’s around the world , you might actually make the connection and before you go “it won’t happen to us”, thats what they thought to….

  294. Actually, the media seems more worried about Hillary not holding enough pressers (she held another on the plane last night to brief them on explosions) or not telling them the minute she gets a low grade fever than they are about Trump who will trash the First Amendment, shut down press outlets he doesn’t like, and harass and arrest journalists who offend him. What part of “Putin is a great leader” don’t they understand?

  295. Uppity @ 8:17 am: Thanks, Mom! We promise not to quit!

  296. Uppity @ 8:17 am: Thanks, Mom! We promise not to quit!

    Ok then!

    “Puts down the whip”

  297. On an actual realistic note, Jane Goodall says Trump’s behavior is similar to that of the male chimpanzee. And she is an expert on male chimpanzees.

    In many ways the performances of Donald Trump remind me of male chimpanzees and their dominance rituals,” Goodall told The Atlantic. “In order to impress rivals, males seeking to rise in the dominance hierarchy perform spectacular displays: stamping, slapping the ground, dragging branches, throwing rocks.”

    Goodall added, “the more vigorous and imaginative the display, the faster the individual is likely to rise in the hierarchy, and the longer he is likely to maintain that position.”

    To date, we’ve not seen Trump drag branches or throw rocks, although anything is possible. Instead of physical displays, the Republican presidential nominee has stuck to verbal ones ― bragging about his penis, launching personal attacks and resorting to racist and sexist insults.

  298. Oh I know Uppity, she won’t lose, I’m just being hypothetical of how to ram down those little shits throats of how idiotic they are.

    Ok then!

    *Puts down the belt*

  299. In fact, Bannon with his Alt-right brigades have more agents on the ground than Putin.

    But Prolix, they’re not that hard to find. They usually have swastikas branded on their foreheads, enjoy walking around bare-chested to show up their latest confederate flag tattoo and usually have socks stuffed into their unwashed jeans to enhance the visual of their package. In legal places, they sport an AK-47 slung around them with extra ammo belt. They are also fond of dirty sweat bands on their heads. Often they are blond and have Aryan last names. Unless of course they changed their names like the Drumpfs did.

  300. Trumps message to the victims. (My warmest regards )

  301. This bombing at this moment in time seems very strange. Granted thank God there were no deaths. Just seems very strange. Attention taken off what Trump said about the Obama’s birth. Keep the attention from Obama’s speech last night.
    Look where the bomb was placed. Even the one for the charity event.

  302. Yes neetabug, its almost as if it was a distraction event…….makes no sense at all.

  303. I didn’t see it, but apparently on Seth Rogin’s show, Sanders was a guest, and talked about how important it was for Trump not to win. Then there was a young woman millennial on who had supported Sanders. The host asked her what it would take for her to support Hillary, and she said that she must promise that there will never again be any pipelines built. And that is the kind of person we have to deal with. Fifty issues or more where it is imperative that Hillary be elected, and this woman is holding out for a pipeline guarantee; otherwise whe will apparently not vote for her. The sense of entitlement and ignorance here is breathtaking.

  304. I hope they work fast and find the perpetrator and if it turns out to be one of those green frogs, that is it. They are ruling out outside entities suggesting it was domestic, if I understood the presser correctly.

  305. In that horrifying neo-Nazi even in DC shown on Rachel Maddow’s show Friday, the head speaker talked about “creating some chaos.” I have no idea if they had anything to do with these explosions, but does anyone doubt that people like that might do similar things? There are many Far Right types who have come out of the woodwork because of Trump and his rhetoric.

  306. That KellyAnne (despises herself because she lies) is lying about CGF saying it only makes 6% charity grants. These people are crazy. 6%? it does not even make sense, when it actually is like 87%. Trump Foundation is a scam, fraud and a true pay-to-play and to offset that his minions have decided to peddle this whopping lie. Get that WAPO Farenthold on every show.

  307. CGF is not a grant making charity, as I understand it. Another lie from the Trump camp. People donate to real programs being operated in the field. Money is given and goes directly to a program.

    Here is a chart that should dispel Trump’s lies about Clinton Foundation:

  308. I don’t remember which member of this great community recommended “AM Joy”, but thank you! Just saw her talk to Joe Conasen about his new book and both Clintons. What a breath of fresh air! We need more of this kind of coverage.
    Another thing male gorillas are known for is hurling poop. Hillary needs to he prepared for this during debates. Maybe wear a slicker?

  309. You see what is going on right? Trump who would otherwise have no chance of winning, he should be laughed out of the race and he knows it, and lies and lies about everything. When you start to lie, that is the lowest form of living. A robust media would in fact have nipped such behavior in the first place. There should be deterrents in a civil society for such behavior which is why in not so olden days, using the word ‘lie’ in the context of anyone was a no no. But now with Trump and his minions, they lie about everything and so easily that the other side has to constantly keep correcting the record. This is what happens in litigation when you know you can’t win the case but you sue anyway so you can drain the pockets of the other party. Fuck the media! If it had done its job it is meant to do, deplorable people like Donnie would not rise to the top. This country deserves better.

  310. Joe Conason is a Clinton aficionado and he put to rest questions very forcibly when Obama people try to make Clinton Foundation an issue in 2008.

  311. Trump campaign fires out lie after lie, figuring that some people might believe it when they hear it, and not investigate any further. Truth is a completely malleable thing to them. Orwell, for all his flaws as a person, was brilliant in presenting a horrifying world in which the truth is whatever the people in power say it is. A neutral media is supposed to reflect back the true reality. When and if the media gives credence or casual indifference to the lies, there is no more democracy, just a totalitarian state which makes you think as it does, or purges you.

  312. Brassy, I love AM Joy. A few people here have talked about it. I liked Joy Reid, before she had her own show. She really shines and tries to get to the truth. She is one of the few journalists who doesn’t demonize the Clintons.

  313. I think what most concerns me about the Chelsea bombing, is the fact that Chelsea Clinton doesn’t live too far from there. Her apartment is on the east side in the borderline area of the Flatiron District and Gramercy Park which is about three blocks up and maybe five or six blocks over from where this bombing occurred. After the 9/11 incident where Hillary went to rest at Chelsea’s, the media took pix of her outside, and several of them showed the street address of the building. I’m hoping this is just a coincidence and not a case of “right city, wrong neighborhood”.

  314. Clinton speaking at the Congressional Black Caucus dinner. She looked beautiful.

  315. Rebel to be sure Donnie will create his own Rick Lazio moment at the debate. He can’t help himself.

  316. Obama speech

  317. That alone should make all those idiots not voting for Hillary think hard and fast……

  318. Moon, with a clown like Trump at the head, Pence thinks he will have power like Dick Cheney. But that will never happen.

  319. Even though the point is moot, as a black woman who supported Hillary over Barack in 2008 I still lament that they did not go in reverse order. An eight years younger HRC to brilliantly set up the admittedly more charismatic but still youngish Obama. Watching them both at the CBC Awards Dinner last night just brings this home all the more. Of course misogyny is the root of all evil. HRC is having to fight it in the Democratic and Republican parties (plus dim bulb third ones) plus the media. AND with both sexes in all these subsets. It’s makes me cry that the media is barely acknowledging the historic nature of this campaign when we heard it in every other sentence in Obama’s ’08 campaign. It makes me cry that as women we’re often so bitchy and back-biting against our own sex. Even among men it’s easier to take and understand, but against one of our own when we (especially career women) have endured the slights and the slurs and know how difficult it was for us to prevail even when we were so superior to our male counterparts — that so many of US slight HRC is heartbreaking. I am lucky that all of my female friends solidly back HRC. Can’t say that about my male friends. I remember backing HRC in ’08 because I could forcefully make the argument that she was more qualified, only to have my black boyfriend say “No way, Obama all the way” (even though I’m relatively sure that even he would have no problem saying I was HIS intellectual superior). And I had a discussion with a white male friend just the other day, where he was subtly dissing HRC and asked me if as a black woman I could say it will be harder for her to get elected than it was for Obama. I just looked him in the eyes and forcefully said: “Yes. Because she is a woman… he is black (or more accurately biracial) but he is still a man. I still feel strongly that HRC will prevail, but America is still quite obviously a stubborn patriarchy even though the electorate is now 51 percent female. How else to explain that a bombastic buffoon is this close to the presidency when he is not fit to breathe the same air as the brilliant HRC.

  320. Mike Pence Says His Role Model for Vice President is Dick Cheney

    No one should go hunting with him in the future unless they want a face makeover.

  321. Hillary looks beautiful in that long, silk coat.

  322. I hope when Hillary gets nearer to the winning, she is able to wear softer, fabrics. I liked her top when she accepted the nomination.

  323. If there was ever any doubt that Trump rallies are just full of racist assholes.

  324. unfuckingbelievable…..

  325. Ahuh…….I don’t get why the polls are even near close, it does not compute.

  326. Does any of this make sense, so Trump supporters dont think he is qualified or temperament and still vote for him, then there is basically no hope. It is mind boggling, its a mirror of each other, polls are turning again i believe.

  327. Keep digging, its all out there…..

  328. How does this moron put on his shoes in the morning, is there a L and an R on them…..

  329. I think Johnson is high a lot of the time. Either that, or he has “pot brain.”

  330. Bernstein has been very unfair to the Clintons’ and I lost respect for his journalism skills many years ago. He has spent most of his tiem attacking Hillary, but must have got the memo that a Trump presidency would be far worse than anything he claims the Clintons’ have done.

  331. 52 years ago, we had Barry Goldwater from Arizona running for President.

    Now, we have Gary Bongwater from New Mexico. 😛

  332. Paulette Everett, on September 18, 2016 at 1:31 PM said:

    I appreciate your comment very much. I also wanted the reverse order and have the WH for 16 years. I still resent the fact that didn’t happen but at least she is able to run again (which I was doubtful in 2008) and we will do the best we can to make her win.

  333. Paulette, I feel the same way. I wish she could have gone first and then him. I think about that a lot. Thanks for articulating it.

  334. jbstonesfan, saying that Bernstein has been very unfair to the Clintons is putting it mildly. Woodward has been a dick too. For two people whose only good work was 40 years ago, I wonder why we still have to listen to them.

    I’m with Nora Ephron when it comes to Bernstein. Got a Key lime pie?

  335. There is tweet reply in the thread “why didn’t Obama want a female president in 2008?” Exactly. Why did he cheat and stand in her way even though she had more delegates and popular votes at one point?

  336. Personally I only thought Obama should try for Pres. after Hillary, for the first few months of the election. Then, I realized he was going to use her platform and the benefit of having a super majority in Congress to pass a inadequate version of her health care plan…
    and now, it’s up to Hillary to go in and clean up the mess.

  337. Didn’t the Governor of Kentucky recently call for home-grown terrorism?

  338. And doesn’t any terrorist act, whether engineered by ISIS or a right-wing homegrown terrorist, stand to benefit Trump, who took about a day to directly blame Obama and Hillary?

  339. Clever scumballs trying to get us to turn on Obama and rehash 2008, to stress us out even more. Especially now that he’s killing himself to help her win and believe me, she needs his help right now. I call bullshit on the motives of the person who wrote that tweet. Obama makes them nervous because, let’s face it, his favorables are very good. And Michele’s are even better. Gotta watch these Trump people. They are birds of a feather with him. Please don’t let them put thoughts into our heads, they like nothing better than seeing us aggravated, the fuckers.

  340. The polls are close because she is not sneaky and surreptitious and, unfortunately, that helps people win. Just listen to her surrogates vs his. His will lie and divert till their eyeballs pop out. Playing it straight is a losing policy. Hillary needs surrogates that are willing to twist in the wind, lie like a rug and throw conspiracies against the wall until Karma strikes them dead. And from the looks of Conway, Karma is on her heels this week. And let us not forget Boris Badenov. They are all trained in the memes and the intent is ALWAYs to NOT answer the hard questions except to start the answer with “Hillary” in their answer or say, I Don’t Know A Thing About That (See Donnie Jr.). Hillary’s got surrogates who actually think answering the question is the idea, without ever diverting to things like how Trump stole from his “Charity” that he hasn’t donated a penny to since 2007.And where are his fucking taxes! Our surrogates are NOT WORKING! We need fucking PITBULLS not LASSIE!

    I’ve seen Conway LIE that only “Six percent” of the Clinton Foundation money goes to charity……when EVERY rating of that charity is A or A+ and it’s not six percent, it’s 87% and PROVEN. DOes anybody put their foot on her skeevy throat? NOPE! She’s done this OVER AND OVER again.

    So then we wonder why it’s “so close”.

  341. Good point on the “Clever scumballs” Upps.

  342. Ok they are saying NY bombing is terrorism and thinking “Cell”. THey are looking for a naturalized citizen cockroach who came here from Afghanistan. He’s from NJ, so there is a tie in to that bombing as well.

    It was convenient that Donald knew it was a bomb before the FBI knew. Just saying.

    Anyways, they are on the hunt for this guy and you can bet they will find him. He is a citizen and if he is the key to this, he had best consider himself lucky he didn’t kill anyone, because since he’s a citizen we wouldn’t have too big of a problem executing him. It would also mean a long dragged out path to a trial because he has all those rights as a citizen. Unfortunately, we will probably have to feed and house his ass for life.

    And nothing says it all about Donald than the tweet of that one follower who was cheering because this was so good for Donald. I retweeted that one and will try to find it if I can. His staff is do Deplorable………yes DEPLORABLE, they are probably cheering and hoping for more. Because he is not only a rude, crude and lude sicko but he hired people just like him. THis is a candidate whose taxes we haven’t seen but we’ve all seen his wife naked. Nuff said for the lowlife candidate. All the money in the world can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.

  343. Is this the tweet Uppity?

  344. I wondered how the Orange Menace knew it was a bomb right from the get-go myself. If we had a media, they might ask him.

    Trump swaggers around and implies that in a nation of 300 million + people if he were president, there would never be another bomb in a dumpster in this whole country. HOW? A police state?

  345. Uppity, about Clinton’s surrogates, they don’t get invited on TV to go up against the Trump liars. It is the media shenanigans again. They don’t put anti-Trump or pro-Clinton people who can refute those lies with authority. That is the game the media is playing. I think Tom Watson tweeted about the gap in press vs. TV saying that a reporter would not use a source a second time if she finds that source is lying. But these scumbags get on TV and spew lies with impunity and nobody can correct them. The easiest lie to rebut is that 6% about CF. It is so ludicrous, it does not even make sense. How could they still say it without any push back? Put Joe Conason or other similar on against these lying mfers but the media won’t do it (Joy Reid is doing it but she is an exception and she is not full time).

  346. I wondered how the Orange Menace knew it was a bomb right from the get-go myself. If we had a media, they might ask him.

    I think the story is that they both got briefed by their secret service people as it happened. But Trump lacks the decency gene that he went around bragging how he called it before anyone else.

  347. pm, the way I see it, whatever reason they are or aren’t there as Hillary surrogates, the get spit out by Trump surrogates NOT the hosts. It’s not for the hosts to untangle what is weaved. It’s the responsibility of the surrogates to call these people on their bullshit, as they are debating them. We can’t expect a host to do our jobs for us. And even if it were, that doesn’t mean we lie down and wait. The fact is, Trump has Bulldogs and we have Beagles.You don’t send in a Yorkie to fight a Pitbull. Guess who is going to get the last word?

  348. Finally, NYT does an article on others asking for Trump’s business interests and conflicts so they can claim they checkmarked it.

  349. imust @ 8:32

    Katie Hopkins *shudder*

    That monster has made a living out of being the most vile creature imaginable. She belongs in Trump’s basket of deplorables.

  350. I agree with Bulldogs vs. Beagles. Clinton surrogates are decent people where as Trump’s are gutter creatures who have no shame in debasing themselves. Agree about who wins in that scenario. Even with delivery, the Bulldogs come out as articulate and convincing than the Beagles. That part I don’t understand, that is why can’t we have people who deliver at least in articulation. Well I do understand it to the extent that Trump scums are handpicked and coached. Whereas when we have Clinton Surrogates, they are real and intellectually honest and are certainly not coached.

  351. Trump hasn’t held a presser in nearly two months. And most of his interviews have been on Faux News. Crickets from media.

    I don’t watch enough Cable to know about performance of surrogates. I do know from past presidential campaigns that Democrats have crappy surrogates in general. They’re too afraid of giving offense–even to people who would never vote for them. Spineless.

  352. Yes, a police state. Trump said something about, “Don’t worry about how I’ll do it, okay?” If he got elected, he might even declare martial law, arrest thousands of people, “enemies of the state.” It is so obvious. If more people out there used the word “fascist,” it might take hold. Better than “deplorables,” in my view.

    Hillary is fighting against Trump, his evil associates; against Russia, ISIS, and any domestic terrorist with a grudge of some kind. And of course the media. I was always waiting for some terrorist act just before the election. There will almost certainly be more.. All those entitities want Trump to win. Of course Trump could not stop such acts; and police forces are local. But people who don’t understand anything might well think that bellicosity and psychotic certitude might protect them. Isn’t it interesting (and horrifying) that we have had more terrorist acts ever since this election cycle began?

  353. Just in my admittedly anxious opinion, Hillary desperately needs to try to tell the voters what a Trump election would mean to their lives. They know about the racial slurs and the other corruptions, but many of them don’t care all that much. Many of them just want some kind of change. The candidate who offers something novel often wins our elections. So you have to make it very clear to them what the cost of a Trump regime would be.

    For example, climate change would worsen. The high-end tax cuts would cripple the economy, mean massive cuts in various programs. No agencies to protect against contaminated food or water or drugs. No help in natural disasters. No money for infrastructure. (Trump keeps lying that he can massively cut taxes on the wealthy, and yet spend trillions for infrastructure, which is ludicrous). A Supreme Court which would favor corporations for the next forty years, despite Trump’s nonsensical statements that he is on the side of the middle class. These are just a few examples. People think that they have a free roll vote, that they can choose something “exciting and different.” But they do not understand what the price of this will be. The media never talks about policy issues and their consequences; they make it as if it is just one fun spin on the carnival wheel. So Hillary has to talk about the future, and how it will be awful for unwitting people if they elect him. To show you how incredibly dumb or unperceptive the voters are, a poll today showed that 30% of millennials believe that there is no difference between Hillary and Trump on climate change. That is what we are dealing with, we have to vividly hightly the differences in policies and their immediate consequences!

  354. Paulette – I am right there with you. Except the black woman part. 🙂

    I think I have finally figured out why I keep having daily anxiety about Hillary’s campaign being so close. It’s because every day I get several fundraising emails from the Clinton campaign. They always sound so dire. I mean, I understand that they need to raise money, but if they could do it without freaking me out on a daily basis it would help greatly.

  355. Yes imust, that’s the tweet.

  356. If this does not wake them up, nothing will…

  357. They know about the racial slurs and the other corruptions, but many of them don’t care all that much.

    It’s worse than that. Many of them like the racial slurs. 👿

    In their tiny little brains, they believe that America has lost its greatness, despite our still having the most powerful nation on the planet.

    This is largely because it is harder now for mediocre white men to achieve material success and high rank in our society, now that their competition is less artificially suppressed than it was back in the “(not-so-)good old days”.

    They think America became great specifically because of its old racial, other ethnic, and gender hierarchies, and so they want to restore those hierarchies.

    That is what the Orange Grifter and his cultists mean by “Make America Great Again”.

    Note: I said “other ethnic” because I count “race” as a specific kind of ethnicity.

  358. Today is my birthday. Number 65. Hold the applause.

  359. WHOA WLM!!!!! Medicare! *Stands up, dances like a wildwoman*

  360. Yes, Ups. I used Medicare today. Received a second pain injection for my bulging disk. Hope this wasn’t too much information. lol

  361. LOL WLM. Poor baby.

  362. Ups, I will dance like a wild woman when Hillary is President!

  363. julies9164, on September 19, 2016 at 2:38 PM said:

    I think I have finally figured out why I keep having daily anxiety about Hillary’s campaign being so close. It’s because every day I get several fundraising emails from the Clinton campaign. They always sound so dire. I mean, I understand that they need to raise money, but if they could do it without freaking me out on a daily basis it would help greatly.


    julie, I am right there with you on that point. The emails from the campaign are either so depressing or at times, belligerent in the appeal for funds. Sometimes, the subject line alone has been enough for me to just delete the email.

    HRC needs to get her national campaign staff more upbeat and positive in their approach, especially since those emails are going to the very people that are UPBEAT & POSITIVE about her. It does no good to deflate her “troops” moral…the media does enough of that.

  364. well there goes that disk, then, WLM. Good thing you’ve got Medicare….

  365. Happy Birthday WLM!

  366. Today is my birthday. Number 65. Hold the applause.

    Happy birthday! Virgos rule!

    VotingHillary – I’d be happy with neutral as long as it didn’t freak me out.

  367. Thank you imust and julies.

  368. Happiest of b-days, WLM. May you have as many more as your heart desires. Not one more and NOT ONE LESS! 🙂

  369. WLM

    They say it’s your Birthday, well, Happy Birthday to you.

    Welcome to the land of ‘senior’ discounts. Public transportation, art museums, movies, etc.

  370. Pure Murder……They can take n armed bomber alive but yet if you are a big black dude standing next to your car WITH your hands raised, you get shot dead.

  371. A “must-read” for all women…period.

  372. Shadowfax, thanks for the birthday greeting.

  373. Wlm happy belated birthday. You are not getting old, just wiser.
    Don’t forget you have to ask for those discounts. Shopping on Tuesday where I live, you can get discounts in dept stores.

  374. Voting @ 3:55 am: Thank you! The Blue Nation Review article by Melissa McEwan is what I was referring to in my comments a few days ago about the media literally being verbally and emotionally abusive toward Hillary. Deplorable!

    I agree with those who have commented on what a turn- off it is to get a fundraising email from the campaign and other left leaning organizations full of dire poll numbers. They all must have research that this works, but it doesn’t work with me. I usually delete immediately without reading just based on subject line.

  375. No right to counsel for buffoon Trump on his many frauds including Trump University.

  376. Buffoon Trump talks about Rehami getting room service in the hospital and this and that. He is an ignorant, ignorant buffoon. It is as if he does not understand the western judicial system, its history and the logic behind it and on and on. This man does not understand much and is 70+ years old and is an ignorant mfer. He is making 40% of Americans forget what their country is all about.

    Some early memories from when I was very young. My brother was visiting from Canada and we all went to a movie which was about a crime perpetrator injured in the process of escape and being hospitalized and made well and then through a trial found guilty, (I think he had turned himself in) and hung (Movie was called Achanak and I remember some scenes vividly). Barely a teenager I could not understand the logic of it but now I do. So how old is buffoon Trump and where has he lived all this time?

  377. Let that sink in while media make Bill Clinton run out of his brilliant philanthropy.

  378. I can’t read any of Farenthold’s articles because it is behind paywall/registration limit/something . I think WAPO should put it out there for free.

  379. Happy Birthday William!
    And may I know if I’m correct with WLM=William?

  380. Where is the IRS, why are they not in jail…

    Donald Trump spent more than a quarter-million dollars from his charitable foundation to settle lawsuits that involved the billionaire’s for-profit businesses, according to interviews and a review of legal documents.

    Those cases, which together used $258,000 from Trump’s charity, were among four newly documented expenditures in which Trump may have violated laws against “self-dealing” — which prohibit nonprofit leaders from using charity money to benefit themselves or their businesses.

    In one case, from 2007, Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Club faced $120,000 in unpaid fines from the town of Palm Beach, Fla., resulting from a dispute over the size of a flagpole.

  381. Poll: Hillary Clinton extends lead over Donald Trump nationally

    Hillary Clinton has expanded her lead over Donald Trump nationally, according to an NBC News/SurveyMonkey Weekly Election Tracking Poll released Tuesday.

    Among likely voters, the poll found 50 percent support Clinton and 45 percent back Trump. Among registered voters, Clinton leads by 6 percentage points — 49 percent to 43 percent.

    With third-party candidates involved, Clinton leads Trump by 5 percentage points — 45 percent to 40 percent. Ten percent said they back Libertarian Gary Johnson and 4 percent said they support Green Party candidate Jill Stein.

    The poll found 56 percent of likely voters think Clinton will win the presidency and 39 percent said the same about Trump.

    Last week, the tracking poll found Clinton led Trump by only 4 percentage points nationally.

    The latest poll surveyed 13,326 adults between Sept. 12 and 18 with a 1.2 percentage point margin of error.

  382. How God awful does Trump have to be before 1/2 of our country will vote for an intelligent qualified woman for President? Trump’s actions are just outrageous.

    Honestly, this race shouldn’t even be close.

  383. Honestly, this race shouldn’t even be close.


  384. More polls…
    MIAMI — Hillary Clinton leads Donald Trump by 5 points in the newest Florida poll of likely voters, the latest in a series of topsy-turvy surveys that show the race shifting left, right and center by the day.

    Monmouth University’s survey showing Clinton up 46-41 percent over Trump comes a day after a New York Times/Siena College poll that had the race essentially tied at 41-40 percent in Clinton’s favor in a four-way contest that included the Libertarian and Green party candidates.

    The Times/Siena poll had a larger sample, 867 likely voters, compared to Monmouth’s 400 sample that has an error-margin of 4.9 points.


  385. MIAMI — Mike Fernandez, the billionaire heavyweight Republican donor who says he’s voting for Democrat Hillary Clinton because he loathes Donald Trump, says he’s ready to spend as much as $2 million to an unspecified nonprofit to help register new Hispanic voters in Florida and turn them out in the election.

    In giving the money, Fernandez doesn’t have to support the Democrat directly. But he knows that, for every 10 new Latinos registered to vote, at least six will probably vote against Trump. If polling trends hold and black and Latino voters turnout relative to their current registration numbers, strategists say, Clinton is likely to win Florida and therefore the White House.

  386. What kind of country makes it okay to take a piece of shit alive after he tried to blow up as many people as possible, but we blow away a black man whose car broke down and stood there (insulting enough!) with his hands CLEARLY up?

    We are Shameful.

  387. Hi Shadowfax- Hope you are well. This is definitely going to be close either way. I am not posting much anywhere as I have had some health and family issues to deal with, but am surprised that we are were we are after all we went through in 08. Take care.

  388. Bellecat, I am not William. But, thanks for the birthday greeting.
    Nettabug, Thanks for the encouraging birthday greeting. Looks like Trump has not become wiser with age. Hopefully, I have.

  389. If polling trends hold and black and Latino voters turnout relative to their current registration numbers, strategists say, Clinton is likely to win Florida and therefore the White House.

    Ascended Madoka grant it!

    I’m trying, Captain, I’m trying.

    At least the latest NBC News poll puts her 5 points ahead of the Grifter nationwide. :mrgreen:

  390. That 2007 Palm Beach thing, they despise him in Palm Beach. They regard him as a classless, crude, rude Beverly Hillbilly who stumbled onto his old man’s money. He tried to buy his way into society there and they wanted none of him.

  391. Speaking of the snake oil salesman, I saw one of his supporters on the way home from work.

    Imagine this super dirty and ratty blue pick up, with a ‘handmade’ blue, plywood fencing in the bed of the truck. Then imagine a 60-something, gray haired, extra long bearded man…that looked like he ran trash to the dump in his truck. He has his window rolled down and looks like someone out of ‘Deliverance’. As he pulls his ratty truck in front of me, I see a homemade sign, (about 2’x4′ in size), he has made, nailed to the fencing on his truck and it read in HUGE letters: ‘HILLARY for Prison’.

    What a dumb phuck…he knows how to represent.

    I hope he angers someone with a huge shotgun, and they blow that sign right off of his truck.

  392. I’m Cracking up, Shadow.

    The really funny part is that the Trumps wouldn’t give a lowlife like that the time of day, even though they are lowlifes in suits. If they saw him drive by they would laugh at him. I just think it’s hilarious when I see people like that all riled at his rallies. As if getting rid of everybody who isn’t white and blowing up all the Muslims and Mexicans is going to improve their low lives.

  393. Ivory:
    What is “Madoka”?
    Pardon my ignorance…

  394. @Bellecat:

    I haven’t actually watched the anime, but if I understand correctly, Madoka started as a “magical girl”, more or less died, and then experienced apotheosis.

    Hence, if I want to make an unserious reference to divinity, I use the Ascended Madoka. :mrgreen:

  395. Trump has shit all over him with his Trump Foundation and the press is covering it without a bit of shyness. He used $250k from the foundation to pay off legal settlements, bearing in mind this is Other People’s Money. He himself hasn’t contributed a penny to that fund since 2007.

    Everything he has accused Hillary of doing, without a whit or actual evidence, he has done, and there’s PLENTY of evidence . Just like Goebbels said he should:

    “Accuse the other side of that which you are guilty.”—Joseph Goebbels

    Must read: Searching For Evidence of Trump’s Personal Giving.

  396. JB, I’m sorry to hear you are having health problems and I hope they all improve really soon. I think I know the person in your family that may also be having health issues, and I hope the best for her too.

    I’m here for you my friend.

  397. This is the sort of cheating, nasty , lying bastard he is…….he offered a $1m prize in a charity competition, someone won it, he refused to pay it because his golf club deliberately set the markers too short to make the winner valid…….when he got sued he paid out by the charity foundation…..which it is illegal to do.

    It was a million dollar shot until it wasn’t.

    Donald Trump once refused to pay a winner of a hole-in-one contest $1 million during a 2010 golf tournament, prompting the competition’s angry winner to sue the mogul, recently unearthed documents from the lawsuit show.

    And when the GOP nominee finally settled the suit for $158,000, he did so with money from his charitable foundation, which is illegal.

    The claims add to mounting allegations surrounding Trump’s ethics as a businessman as well as the legal and ethical questions surrounding his charity, the Donald J. Trump Foundation.

    The country club calamity arose in August 2010, after Martin Greenberg, the CEO of Sterling Commodities Corp., hit a hole-in-one on the 13th hole while playing in a for-charity tournament at the Trump National Golf Club, Westchester, in Briarcliff Manor, New York.

    The claims add to mounting allegations surrounding Trump’s ethics as a businessman as well as the legal and ethical questions surrounding his charity, the Donald J. Trump Foundation. (EVAN VUCCI/AP)
    Under the rules of the competition, Greenberg was entitled to a $1 million prize.

    But the rules also stipulated that Greenberg’s shot had to travel at least 150 yards, a distance that Trump’s golf club, allegedly, made the hole short of, on purpose.

  398. She makes me howl with laughter sometimes….

  399. Saw this tweet on SophieCT’s TL. Trump is going to build 5 star Trump safe zones (aka refugee camps) using Gulf States money. ISIS will abide by his safe zones? What is a safe zone? Is this guy even literate?

    And he is taunting everybody with that “other people’s money” the same day even NYT prints a story about thr Trump Foundation. Can we not indict him or something for his illegal activities using Trump Foundation slush fund?

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