Pay Attention When Trump Accuses Someone of Doing Something Terrible, Because…

Let me finish the title of this post…

…….Because when Trump accuses Hillary of doing something,  It’s What He’s Doing.

And… he discusses publicly how in love he is with using “Other People’s Money. OPM,” he means it.

Shameless case in point.


Enough Said.

Except…….you might also want to scroll  down through this detailed account of exactly how many actual charitable contributions Donald J. Trump hasn’t made. Promises without follow-through do not count, Donnie. Disgraceful  Blow by Blow, right here.


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  1. Deplorable Donnie taunting everyone on how good he is at using other people’s money on the day even NYT prints his illegal activities with his Foundation on page A18. WaPO’s Farenthold is the man of the hour!

  2. My nomination for The Pulitzer Prize for investigative journalism: David Fahrenthold.

  3. I agree, Prolix. He is embarrassing all the so-called journalists at NYT which is why they’re burying the story. Kurt Eichenwald is another reporter doing a great job. See! They’re so few you can count them on two fingers.

  4. I’m shocked I tell you, just shocked that crooked Donald is actually, you know, a crook! /s

  5. Does running for president confer immunity from prosecution for criminal behavior, you know, like fraud? If not, then why hasn’t tRump been arrested? Or is this simply typical eunuch behavior from a Democratic administration?

  6. Upps,

    Because when Trump accuses Hillary of doing something, It’s What He’s Doing.

    I have been thinking this for a little while.

    When he says, “Everybody loves me, I love my supporters.”
    *Translation: I want everybody to love me, and my supporters get excited when I show I am a proud, rich WHITE man, and never have to disclose anything of substance.
    I am using my supporters, I just have to wind them up and and hold out my hand.

    “Hillary should be in jail”.
    *Translation: She should be in jail because she isn’t as rich or clever as I am. I can hold up courts and not pay off debts…because I am so smart at this game.

    “My peenus is large, even if my hands are small, my medical records show my Testosterone level is high”.
    *Translation: “I pay good money for those little blue pills, and as long as I don’t lose to a damn woman, I can prove I am a special man. I have enough money to buy a young model as my wife, that must show I am a stud”.

    “I will become President”
    *Translation: I must win or my brand is ruined and all these court cases will be investigated. Thank God they will never see my tax returns”.

    “I will not disclose my policies, that are in my smart brain, they are a secret”.
    *Translation: I will find some smart people to figure out the hard stuff. I just need to fill the airwaves with my brand.”

  7. Don’t know about y’all, but I’m sick of hearing the bobbleheads continually say, “Hillary must start talking about why voters should vote for her.” Now we have tangible evidence about what a crock these concern trolls are peddling.

    For 8 of the last 10 weeks, based on 30,000 interviews probing what the voters contemporaneously “recall” about Hillary’s coverage, the voters have just heard about, wait for it, wait for it, emails, freakin’ emails.

  8. I just got this email from CGI:

    Tune in today starting at 4 p.m. ET to watch President Bill Clinton, Chelsea Clinton, Ben Affleck, and more special guests close the 12th and final Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) Annual Meeting in New York City.

    This final meeting has focused on the more than 3,600 CGI Commitments to Action impacting over 435 million people in 180 countries worldwide, including new commitment announcements addressing critical issues such as the refugee crisis and the containment of infectious diseases like Zika.

    You won’t want to miss President Clinton’s remarks on the legacy of CGI and how the work will continue to improve lives long into the future.

  9. From Truthout: Why are the media weasels favoring the Orange Grifter? Thom Hartmann thinks the simplest answer is the correct one: $$$.

    Good news, though–since this article was posted, Hillary has re-taken the lead in Florida. :mrgreen:

  10. I got a free bumpersticker from Hillary yesterday. The same day I saw that ratphucker with the ‘Hillary for Prison’ painted on his damn truck. I am not shocked that there are so few political stickers on cars this year…

    As I mentioned, my car was hit four times between 2008 and 2012…I had three Hillary bumperstickers on my old car…

  11. Democrats’ debate advice to Clinton: Let Trump screw up
    ‘He’s going to say some cockamamie stuff,’ says one lawmaker. ‘Give him the rope.’

  12. It makes me livid that FatRump’s lies are causing CGI to shut down, no matter the outcome of the race.

    Bill Clinton preps his defense
    The candidate’s husband sees Wednesday’s speech as a last chance to defend his foundation’s work.

    Between his appearances on stage this week, Clinton was still writing the speech; it will be a “personal reflection” on his 15 years at the Clinton Foundation, according to a person familiar with his thinking. He aims to explain how “CGI helped redefine philanthropy.”

    He also is expected to make an impassioned argument that the foundation has improved lives around the world — a statement he hopes will serve as a powerful rebuke of the controversy that has turned his post-presidential work into a political obstacle for Hillary Clinton, adding to the damaging perception that the Democratic nominee is untrustworthy.

    Bill Clinton is not expected to mention Donald Trump or even his wife’s campaign, the source said. Instead, he will aim for an optimistic tone and tell the audience that “when you appeal to the best in people, you get the best. And when you appeal to the worst in people, you get the worst.”

    But with 48 days left in this contest — and voters in focus groups still expressing concern about what they view as inside dealing for foundation donors seeking special access — many Democrats said they were baffled by the former president’s decision to carry on with the conference at all.

    Trump has seized on the foundation, accusing the Clintons of selling access. And on Monday, the Republican National Committee said the foundation’s “continued acceptance of foreign contributions while [Hillary Clinton] runs for the White House is an unprecedented and unacceptable conflict of interest that undermines her ability to serve.”

    The foundation in August announced it would no longer accept corporate or foreign contributions if Hillary Clinton wins the White House and that CGI would come to an end regardless of the election outcome.


  13. Clinton leads Trump in New Hampshire

    The poll, which was conducted last Saturday through Tuesday, shows Clinton with a 9-point advantage over Trump, 47 percent to 38 percent. Libertarian Gary Johnson is at 10 percent

  14. In reality Hillary was never behind in Florida. She will win with large margins Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties and with the I-4 corridor she takes Florida.

  15. I don’t think Donnie will be spending too much time on CGI since he got caught with his little hands in his own cookie jar. With Proof. Something that is seriously missing with his Hillary accusations.

  16. It makes me livid that FatRump’s lies are causing CGI to shut down, no matter the outcome of the race.
    Me, too, Shadowfax.
    I’ve started to read Joe Conason’s new book on Bill called ” Man Of The World.”
    It reminded me of something that I’d forgotten: how shitty the Press was to newly retired Clinton about “Pardongate.” and other nothings
    Also, they slimed him, writing and saying that Bill and Hillary had stolen objects from the White House and that Clinton staffers had vandalized their offices before leaving town.
    None of which was true.
    Dowd, Matthews, the New York Times and the Washington Post have always treated Clinton like some sleazy backwoods grifter, not fit to shine the shoes of the Bushes or other bluebloods.
    From the get go, he offended them by beating Poppy at the polls.
    Up til now, Hillary was most collateral damage.
    Now, of course, she the prime target.
    As for “Pardongate”, Clinton pardoned Marc Rich because Israeli Prime Minister,Ehud Barak begged him to do it as a personal favor.

  17. Trump is complaining (wah, wah!) because Hillary is now doing pressers in front of the campaign plane. Only he is allowed to do such things. And he did it first so she’s copying him. Snort!

  18. The only way to counter this level of stupid is to VOTE BLUE:

  19. [snark]

    Meanwhile, former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson, the Libertarian candidate for President of the USA, just picked up two celebrity endorsements.

    [/snark] 😉

  20. Upps, thanks so much for the post and the link. I’ve been meaning to get around to looking at it. God, this is so infuriating. Any media that doesn’t give this wall-to-wall coverage is shilling for Trump. No other pol would ever get away with anything this obscene. Agree with the others that this journo should get a Pulitzer.

  21. Fredster, omg, Trump is like a bratty 9 year old. I cannot believe how stupid half of Americans are. Laker is taking poly sci this semester in an online class, and the students had to comment in their little blog about the 2nd amendment & the Heller decision. Laker asked me to review his comments to make sure he wasn’t too snarky, because he could get tossed if he’s not polite, which isn’t easy because this class, with the exception of laker and a couple of others are brain-dead troglodytes that exist in the Fox News bubble. These kids are so dumb, I don’t know how they graduated high school. They can’t think for themselves or reason, can’t write a coherent paragraph. Can’t s p e l l for chrissakes. You wouldn’t believe how many of them are “greatful to Justice Scalia” because “they have the right to bare arms”…I’m not kidding or exaggerating, over half of the comments had those silly statements and misspellings. They all piled on laker and the other two students who gave thoughtful and educated responses, but especially Laker. I told him not to bother responding to the little trump loving morons, although he did once, to a young woman who screeched that “NOone has the right to change the constition because its there rights!” Laker kindly suggested she read Article Five. None of them seemed to get it, or understand the differences between the amendments and the articles, or what the Bill of Rights has to do with the Constitution. It was unbelievable. I really wonder what the teacher thinks of his class. I think a year of college level English should be a prerequisite. Wouldn’t you think they would have studied US government in high school? My homeschooler did. Anyway, this was a couple of nights ago, and Laker then went on the funniest tear about the whole thing, his classmates snotty, stupid comments, and especially Scalia, and the comments he wished he could have posted about him. It was so funny, such pointed snark, it reminded me of Prolix & Uppity. Hubs & I were screaming with laughter and holding our sides. I had no idea laker knew so much about Scalia or that he remembered all the stuff I’ve read to him off these sites for the last several years, but apparently he does.

    I digress, as usual, but the point I was working up to is that I’m not as confident about election day as I was after reading that blog. It was hilarious at the time, but scary. These kids think Hillary will take away their guns.

  22. Sweet Sue, well said.
    Ivory Bill, LOL!

  23. It sounds like the hope of this country lies in young people like Laker. Annie & her husband do good work.

    Meanwhile, in GQ, Drew Magary takes no prisoners.

    (NSFW due to naughty words) 😈

  24. “they have the right to bare arms

    I prefer to support the right to arm bears. 😛

  25. That link is EPIC Ivory Bill.

  26. Thanx, Brassy. :mrgreen:

    Meanwhile, from 538:

    With few exceptions, the GOP’s Jewish donors are abandoning the Orange Grifter.

    “Do you think it could be because Trump receives endorsements from self-described neo-Nazis such as David Duke?”–Captain James T. Obvious, commander of the starship Well-Duh. 😛

  27. LOL Fredster. He’s such a seven year old.

  28. Socal…….that’s muh man, Laker!

  29. OMG that GQ, Magary piece was sooooooooooo good! I felt like a million bucks after reading it. He said it all!

  30. could somebody post a link to Bill Clinton’s speech today at CGI, please?

  31. @uppity: Eww, ewww! I did it first!! No, Donald, you did not.

  32. I love Ivory Bill’s link. So funny and so true.

    And thanks for the nice compliment, Ivory Bill. When Laker was in the middle of his hilarious rant about Scalia, he threw our a quip that actually reminded me of you. He wanted to respond to a classmate’s comment about mourning Scalia’s death by saying that when he heard about it, he made himself a rum and coke and played “Its a Wonderful World” by Louis Armstrong and then “Thank You” by Led Zeppelin, and then launched into about 20-30 other funny things he did afterwards and one of them was “I played bongos and sang the Nub-Nub song with the Ewoks on Endor!” (Laker is a Star Wars geek).

  33. pm317, I looked but couldn’t find it yet, not even on youtube. There are lots of articles about it, but not the hour long speech yet. I’m sure it’ll get posted soon.

  34. Thanks, socalannie, I looked too in the last few minutes. Can’t find it. CGI site or youtube will have it sometime soon I guess.

  35. Bill’s CGI speech *w/ Chelsea’s remarks:

  36. From the ABC interview tweet I saw on SophieCT TL. Just shameful.

    BG: “And with the Washington Post report out this week about the Trump Foundation. Could you explain to people why you may have used some charitable donations for personal uses?

    Trump: “The foundation is really rare. It gives money to that. It’s really been doing a good job. I think we put that to sleep just by putting out the last report.”

  37. VotingHillary, excellent! thank you.

  38. If you go to Donald’s tweet where he whines about Hillary copying him, the replies are filled with posts of nearly every other candidate and their campaign plane!

  39. Ivory Bill, thanks for sharing that Drew Magary article.
    As my grandfather would have said “that was a corker!”
    Hey Geniuses, I have a problem.
    Sometimes, when I misspell a word, Microsoft underlines it in red, fair enough but then all the ensuing words are redlined and I start making typos (which I hate.)
    Is there an easy fix?

  40. pm317, on September 21, 2016 at 9:45 PM said:

    Of course it’s “put to sleep” because Trump says it is…and this damned media of ours will comply.

  41. Great article from the GQ writer. Ivory Bill, thanks for putting a link to it here, as i would never have seen it otherwise. I don’t imagine he convinced anybody not to vote for Trump, but of course that wasn’t the point. And it is as bad as he portrays it; the very fact that Trump will get tens of millions of votes, and win some states by large margins, is a sad testament to much of America and its voters.

    I think that much of it is simply that they have simply learned and been brainwashed to hate the Democrats, and what they think are liberals who are going to put a lot of minority people in charge of their lives. Whatever it is that they hate about their own existences, all the futility and anger, they blame on the liberals, with an intensity akin to religious fanaticism. And since they disdain science and knowledge, facts are of no avail; one cannot convince them of anything. The rest of us do not deserve to suffer the fate that they ignorantly and stupidly want to consign themselves to.

  42. Nine months, NINE FRIGGING MONTHS before media gives HRC rally coverage:

  43. That CGI video of Bill Clinton’s was just great. I am bawling my eyes out sitting here. His speech starts around 1:05:00.

  44. I hope that BC speech gets played everywhere. He told of how he got started with CGI. The highest hurdle in philanthropy is not the dearth of people wanting to do good but it is not knowing where to start and not wanting to waste money on sham enterprises. BC and his CGI with thoughtful partnerships provided an avenue for people to do good. What a brilliant idea.

  45. “Deal with the headlines, but never forget the trend lines. The trend lines are better than the headlines.” Bill Clinton, CGI 2016

    Thank you, Mr. President, for that optimism, for that reality-check in the face of the onslaught of “bad news” headlines which ignore the reality of the “good news” trend lines.

  46. Weirdest thing … he’s running constant ads on youtube, but on the kind of sites kids would watch. WTH? My kids watch Pokemon episodes on youtube and they are annoyed by all of the Trump ads. They “do NOT” approve of his message.

  47. I can’t believe what is happening in my city. This is so heartbreaking.

  48. Voting, thank you so much for posting the CGI meeting.

  49. Hillary’s policy team and policies. Good read.

    The Most Thankless Job In The 2016 Election

  50. OMG you have GOT to read what Garrison Keillor did to Trump. Gave him his Woebegone for sure.

    “When It’s Over, You Will Have Nothing You Want”

  51. That was awhile ago, Upps. But still awesome.

  52. Yeah it was last month, actually. Just seems longer. lol. Don’t know how I missed it.

    Did you see this one?

  53. Thanks for the new thread,Ups. Here are some things I’d like to see or hear:
    1) An SNL skit featuring Mr. Trump’s Neighborhood;w/Trump in camo and w/an AK-whatever over his shoulder.
    2) Again,if Trump brings up Bill’s infidelities..Hillary should say something like.” I realize you’re quite versed in the Bible,Donald,but just a’s let he who is WITHOUT sin that should cast the first stone.”
    3) If he starts to rant and rave,wait him out ,interrupt and say”Oh,sorry;didn’t mean to interrupt your exercise regime..but just for a change in diet,here are some actual facts…..”

    I think the Birther infomercial finally pissed enough of the media off that they’re starting to actually come out of their Trump Trances for the first time and are at least asking some appropriate questions. I can’t wait for Monday,the Donald is way,way out of his league.Not to worry,Hillary will school him.

  54. North Carolina may be the crucial state in this election, though of course I hope that we can win Ohio and Florida. But if we do not, then NC becomes so important. One wonders how the ongoing events in Charlotte will affect the voting there. I do not want to minimize the individual tragedy, though we do not know all of the facts. But if Trump wins, the whole country will burn down in some fashion. I can only hope that we do not end up with a situation similar to 1968, where very legitimate but angry and sometimes violent protesters, and people ostentatiously burning or defacing flags, infuriated Middle America, and got Nixon elected. I am sure that the angry people in Charlotte do not have that on their minds right now. But of course, whatever the actual facts of the shooting may be, causing enough problems that there is some kind of backlash costing Democrats their state, and very possibly electing Trump and that terrible governor they have,does not advance their cause at all

  55. Between the ferns video is great.

  56. Stay safe Jules

  57. Speaking of how the MSM is now trying to cover their wrinkled a$$es when Hillary pulverizes t.Rump in the debates, they said Rump’s team is lowering the bar for him as such:

    – Hillary has been in politics for decades and has had a lot of practice debating and memorizing policy points.

    – Rump is a business man and if he does okay against her, that means he won.

    Go figure that scrambled logic.

  58. By way of prologue, I’ve been on at least six marches in DC, all for the hopeless cause of women’s rights. Beginning in 1977, with the one for the extension of the (one time only) deadline for the ERA. The last was in the early 1990’s, when it became obvious it was hopeless, that the media would not cover the marches without bias, and that nothing we did would make a difference.

    The last protest march I went on was in Seattle against the Iraq invasion. I had the advantage of living close enough to Canada to pick up their TV, and knew from the moment of inception that there was no legal basis at all for America to invade Iraq. I was not following Hillary Clinton’s vote: given her situation as Senator from New York, I would have given her a lot of leeway anyway. What did me in was the two Washington state senators voting in favor of the AUMF and without HRC’s caveats that I could see.

    That Seattle protest was the first time I saw this uber-friendly city become a police state. There were police in riot gear lining the streets and a line of horse patrol to herd us off the major streets. I’m as middle class, middle aged harmless female as they come, and it still seems I was threatening.

    What that has in common with now is that the media is again selling us an outrage. The media sold us the Irag war: it successfully sold the American public, without a shred of evidence, into approving an illegal war on one of the most ancient civilizations on earth. It has never, ever, taken responsibility for that.

    Now it is selling us a candidate who will pre-approve all such wars It is pre-selling us a myriad of Iraq wars. I can’t imagine why, but an extraordinary hubris seems to be the first point: look what we can do.

  59. Can I add that it mattered, and matters, so very much that this my country did this?

    I watched the bombs falling on Bagdad and could not stop crying, I could not prevent this, nothing I did in this soi-disant media controlled democracy could stop this.

  60. Enjoyed the Garrison K. articles, I also read one about how Hillary will be judged in 50 years, which I think was linked or quoted here before. As Upps brought out upthread, it was amazing to see him deconstruct Trump and his empty, stupid life.

    Julie, stay safe. Am both horrified and sad to see what is happening there. Fortheloveofgod, what do we have to do to get the cops to quit shooting people?

  61. Ooops, above post was me, socal.

  62. Yes! that’s a great one too. Keillor is All In for this election.

  63. This is in paper published by the buffoon’s SiL, Kushner. I think he owns it, NY Observer? I wonder if he will divorce Ivanka.

  64. wow, I think I am stuck in the spam.

  65. nobody likes me…

  66. Deplorable comment is hurting Trump. Surprise, surprise! I think I wrote a comment here about if birther thing gets into the mix with that, it would be damaging. Trump brought it on his own in the WaPO interview and had to quickly and sloppily make it go away. Now he reaping the fruits of his labor. Well done.

  67. Many of the reports are doing their job. It is the TV hosts and their fucking shows that are spreading lies from the surrogates without being challenged effectively. I am reminded of the Granholm and Marsha Blackburn on Don Lemon and at one point both Lemon and Granholm had enough and almost ganged up on Blackburn over her lies and in her sing song voice and smiling (slimey) face, she said if she dug hard enough (about her lies on Clinton) she will find something. Shameful.

  68. *reporters

  69. This was the article I tried to link up earlier. Its publisher NY Observer is owned by the Buffoon’s SiL, Kushner

  70. Interesting, I tried to post that article again via a tweet and it went into the spam.

  71. I have e-mailed Hillary, Marcia Fudge, Ted Strickland, Brooklyn Hdqtrs, on a great advertising idea. The Stronger Together slogan.
    I am hoping someone gets in touch with me. I will be going to my campaign hdqtrs later on today. Hopefully someone will be there to get in touch with Hillary’s campaign.

  72. Hillary is now + 6 among LV’s in three different national polls–NBC-WSJ, Ap-Ipsos, and Marist. Keep ’em coming!

    Scott Hopkins of Hillary HQ (a great site if you haven’t checked it out) lives in Austin. He believes Texas is in play and so does the campaign which is opening more offices. She leads by 10 points among registered voters in Harris County, the largest county in the state. It includes Houston and its sprawling suburbs. The Governor emailed his donors this week that he’s 😟. Add in the heavily Hispanic counties, and it’s just a matter of getting “souls to the polls”!

    Just thought I’d offer chronic worriers here a note of hope this am. 😀

  73. And I almost forgot. Tim Kaine is campaigning in Houston RIGHT NOW.

  74. It’s Friday, hip, hip, hooray!

    Here’s a prep song for Hillary as she prepares for the Monday debate.

    Give him Hell, Hillary.

    Show him what a intellectual badass you are!!!!

  75. Brassy Rebel, winning Texas would be a very big surprise, as recent polls have the opponent up 10-12 points. But if they are sending Kaine down there, then we have to be in better shape than that, so I will give Mr. Hopkins’ opinions serious weight.

    Yes, I have literally been losing sleep; and I am certainly doing what I can to help Hillary win. I was worried about Gore and then Kerry, and very upset when we lost/were cheated out of winning. But this election features the best potential president in many decades, against the worst one in history. For a variety of reasons, I do not think that the country could survive if he wins. So I will worry right up until Hillary is inaugurated; and after that I will of course be worried about her safety, but certainly will hope that she can be effectively protected. In a better and more informed country, she would be ahead by 20 points; the fact that it has been so close, is a big concern in itself, going forward. But I’ll take any kind of win, though it would be very helpful to win the Senate, to help isolate the rabid House Republicans. Thank you for the encouraging information in these tense times. 🙂

  76. Upps:
    Thanks for the link on Garrison’s article.
    Make it viral….

  77. Cincinnati Enquirer endorses Clinton after “supporting Rs for president for almost a century”

    The Enquirer has supported Republicans for president for almost a century – a tradition this editorial board doesn’t take lightly. But this is not a traditional race, and these are not traditional times. Our country needs calm, thoughtful leadership to deal with the challenges we face at home and abroad. We need a leader who will bring out the best in all Americans, not the worst.

    That’s why there is only one choice when we elect a president in November: Hillary Clinton.

    Clinton is a known commodity with a proven track record of governing. As senator of New York, she earned respect in Congress by working across the aisle and crafting bills with conservative lawmakers. She helped 9/11 first responders get the care they needed after suffering health effects from their time at Ground Zero, and helped expand health care and family leave for military families. Clinton has spent more than 40 years fighting for women’s and children’s rights. As first lady, she unsuccessfully fought for universal health care but helped to create the Children’s Health Insurance Program that provides health care to more than 8 million kids today. She has been a proponent of closing the gender wage gap and has stood up for LGBT rights domestically and internationally, including advocating for marriage equality.

    Trump is a clear and present danger to our country. He has no history of governance that should engender any confidence from voters. Trump has no foreign policy experience, and the fact that he doesn’t recognize it – instead insisting that, “I know more about ISIS than the generals do” – is even more troubling. His wild threats to blow Iranian ships out of the water if they make rude gestures at U.S. ships is just the type of reckless, cowboy diplomacy Americans should fear from a Trump presidency. Clinton has been criticized as being hawkish but has shown a measured approach to the world’s problems. Do we really want someone in charge of our military and nuclear codes who has an impulse control problem? The fact that so many top military and national security officials are not supporting Trump speaks volumes.


    This really is something………

  78. Trump must have promised SCOTUS to Cruz for his endorsement.

  79. Cruz is expected to endorse Trump any moment now and Twitchy is all “cuck” about it!

    No, I won’t link to them.

  80. Cruz must be a total idiot to think Trump would give him anything, he will shaft him first chance he gets.

  81. I’m pretty sure the Trump campaign is in panic mode. They’ve confiscated the Android!

    All he has to do is not get a wet spot on his pants on Monday and they’ll claim victory, but all of his “smart guys in the room” are running around “lowering expectations” because they know he’s going to shit on stage.

    Whatever amount Trump is stiffing all his staffers for, it’s not enough.

  82. It’s official, Ted Cruz is now convinced Hillary has won the election. Singular in this self-promotion, Cruz now believes Trump’s shelf-life has expired. The Orange is now officially rotten.

    Every Democrat should spin this as a thank-you for the confidence Cruz has exhibited in Hillary’s imminent election.

  83. Prolix is right. Cruz is positioning himself for 2020 with the basket of deplorables.

  84. Even when Trump loses, America will never be the same. He’s managed to tap into the ugliest, most vile elements of our society and allowed them feel safe coming out of their sewers. We will be stuck with their stink for a long time.

  85. In advance of the debate, the Hillary campaign released 19 pages of fact-checked Trump lies.

  86. NC was going blue until the riot. Now a bunch of fence sitting white voters will jump to tRump. I’m hoping that it’s far enough out from the election to not put the state totally in the bag for the Deplorable Don— as long as we don’t have any more riots (protests will not scare people), the state may swing blue again due to the incredible revulsion the people have built up for HB2, Duke power, and the disastrous education slashing.

  87. Sophie, I totally agree what the Manhattan Meerkat has released is vile, rancid, and the lowest form of human behavior.

    After the election and going forward, I hope such rank behavior becomes known as “Trumping”. When a Republican goes beyond normal “Republicany” behavior, they are Trumping. Tying the worst in human behavior with that iridescent sewer rat is a fitting memorial.

  88. Thanks for the good thoughts, y’all. We are safe in our part of the city. Mostly the protests have been in the city center sometimes spilling out onto the highway. The first night when there was most of the looting that was in the University area, which is where my husband works. His company has been letting the associates leave early just in case.

    To be perfectly honest, the most local outrage was the first night of the shooting. After that it has largely been “outside forces” who have come in and created most of the drama, including the damage to businesses in the city center. I’m not naming names, but they came with pre-printed signs, matching t-shirts and protest equipment like a huge orange net to string across the Interstate to shut down traffic. Community leaders and faith leaders rallied the locals to basically take back the protest and conduct it peacefully.

    What concerns me, aside from the obvious – police shooting a civilian – is that if the outside elements don’t leave soon and keep trying to whip up violence to further their own cause, they will end up mobilizing the fence-sitting Independents and moderate Republicans to vote for Trump and all the other vile creatures running on the Republican state and local tickets. Right now Hillary is +4 in NC (and I think it is secretly higher). There is anger at the state Republicans that will go a long way to unseating some of them, most importantly the governor and senator. My congressman, who barely won his primary this year, which was actually quite shocking, came out with this little doozy today, which gives me hope that we can unseat him:

    With all the gerrymandering my district has been solidly Republican for even longer than I’ve lived here. But I’m keeping my fingers crossed that at least the moderate Republicans will look at that and think “You know… maybe it’s time for you to go.”

  89. Thanks for the excellent analysis, julie. To listen to Trump campaign and a lot of the GOP you get the impression that these police shootings of black men are always justified and black people as well as sympathetic whites should just STFU. It’s shocking. I think that because of the racism of the Trump campaign the African American turn out will be very high–maybe high enough to compensate for the loss of whites who confuse peaceful protesters with RIOTERS. I also hear that Hillary is going to Charlotte on Sunday. I expect her to hit just the right note as she always does in these tragic circumstances. She is a real leader not a racist demagogue always eager to incite hatred and violence for political gain.

  90. Early Nerd, you and I may have been @ the same protest all those years ago. I didn’t actually march. I went to the gathering point @ Seattle Community College and knew I couldn’t. I kept flashing back to the Anti-Vietnam War marches I attended;I couldn’t bear watching a whole new generation learn about war and it’s horrific costs. I went home and cried ;too many painful memories;too many young faces about to lose their innocence.

    So,OK, we get back up and fight the good fight;which,fortunately doesn’t always involve actual physical fights. Do you think maybe David Farenthold would be willing to look into who was financing those fancy signs in Charlotte?

    Let’s stay strong,Uppityites ;we’ve seen and survived much worse. On Monday we get to witness some name taking and butt kicking..the days are ticking away and the “arch of moral justice” is,indeed, bending our way

  91. You know when even the bloggers at places like Redstate are concerned about the police shooting civilians maybe more people agree with us than what you might think.

    I want to ask does anybody have the right to trial anymore or have we become like Stalin’s Russia where we just execute people?

  92. “Fear of a Female President” by Peter Benart is an article from a “sociology” viewpoint. It is a long read, but I found it very enlightening.

    EXCEPT FOR HER GENDER, Hillary Clinton is a highly conventional presidential candidate. She’s been in public life for decades. Her rhetoric is carefully calibrated. She tailors her views to reflect the mainstream within her party.
    The reaction to her candidacy, however, has been unconventional.

  93. Prolix, I’ve taken to telling certain people to go trump themselves

  94. From the folks at Slate:

    Hey, Lester Holt: We made a cheat sheet of Trump’s favorite lies for you:

  95. Cincinnati Enquirer endorses Clinton

    Good, maybe we won’t see any more crap against her and the Big Dawg…at least until after November.

  96. pm
    All he has to do is not get a wet spot on his pants on Monday and they’ll claim victory

    That’s pretty much the story on CNN the past couple of days.

    Oh hark,

    ….this is all t.Rump has had to accomplish since he announced he was running. A nasty tweet and the media spun it into fool’s gold for weeks.

  97. pm

    “basket of deplorables”

    An instant classic. 😆

  98. I love “basket of deplorables”. I expect to use it for the rest of my life.

  99. If the glove don’t fit, just quit!

  100. This may well bring the whole House of Trump right down…

  101. To start your weekend out right:

  102. Hey, all. If you can add a b-day card to your shopping list this weekend, this little girl would be thrilled….and I have a feeling Hillary would approve this message.

  103. The Carter Page story should be huge and devastating to Trump campaign. I doubt Lester Holt will even ask Trump about it.

  104. Hi Shadowfax, what a phrase, right? My husband said why go after the people at the time but now sort of agrees.

    We were at an Indian classical music concert last night organized at a temple in rural Maryland with about 200 all Indian attendees — artists were big names from India. Saw a big Trump sign driving over there. For the first time in 30 years, as I sat there listening to the music, the thought of a Trump loon bursting with a gun on us occurred. As SophieCT says in her comment, this is what Trump has unleashed. Our congregation has no value for an immigrant/citizen Muslim but we can be targets for these domestic loons. That is an uncomfortable feeling. Still we have to believe in common humanity and carry on. And, it is Maryland.

  105. Now that we have a woman who did the nasty deed of shooting a black person for no goddamned useful reason at all, she is going to fry. It’s a good thing, because if she were a man there would be no conviction. This kind of correlates to when Martha Stewart went to prison for doing what scads of POS guys have done for decades. In any event, there will be a conviction of this police officer because there SHOULD be. My only complaint is there are a couple of pretty obvious male cops I was shocked to find sleazing out of a conviction. They are still on the street, smug about it.

  106. I am aquainted with a couple of cops. This is breaking their hearts because it is not only wrong but unnecessary. It is clear that we have too many poorly trained police on the streets. When they encounter a black man, their lizard brains take over. Some of these cops may be overt racists who want to deliberately hurt black men, but the cops I know believe that these incidents are totally avoidable with proper training and psychological screening. Panic in a law enforcement officer is deadly, and we’re seeing this over and over again. Tragically. If you’re so afraid of black people that your strongest instinct is to shoot them when the adrenaline flows, you have no business policing the streets.

  107. A VERY JUICY READ about who exactly is Carter Page, Trump’s ‘advisor’…in Moscow

  108. And don’t miss this one either. If I had the time (finishing prep of a house for sale)

    Seems Mr. Page has also met with the guy who is in charge of collecting Russian intelligence on the USA ELECTION.

  109. Hillary’s new ad for the battleground states

  110. If the Trump-Russian connection is actually covered by the media, it would destroy his campaign. I think of all those years where the Republicans made political hay out of charging Democratts with unwittingly aiding the Communist Conspiracy, being dupes, or unpatriotic. This went on and on; it was the staple of Republicans. Now we have strong evidence that Trump’s advisor is closely associated with the Kremlin, that he is tryting to broker a favorable arrangement with Russia, while Russia tries to get Trump elected. Dianne Fenistein and Adam Schif, Rep from CA, said yesterday that their study of various documents and information, clearly indicate to them that Russia is actively trying to influence our election in Trump’s favor. Trump cointinues to say that he doesn’t think that Russia was doing the hacking of the DNC and other entities. The bogeyman of “Russia trying to take over our country” actually becomes real 70 years after the Republicans started the “Red scare,” and the Republicans are so hypocritical and self-serving that they ignore all of it. It’s right there in front of people, if they will look.

  111. Damn near fell off the sofa after the way they behaved….

  112. Right, Moon?!

    Similarly, Mrs. Clinton’s occasional missteps, combined with attacks on her trustworthiness, have distorted perceptions of her character.

    They Effing NY Times was the leader of most of those attacks!

  113. @ moon:
    Same here. I just could not believe that finally -the misogynist NYT whore, endorses and says good things about our Hill.

  114. I know,Sophie its just unbelievable……….was not expecting this endorsement whatsoever, i was waiting on a pass on both candidates.

    The NY Times owes her a huge apology.

  115. I just had to post some of the information from neetabug’s link above:

    neetabug, on September 24, 2016 at 9:17 AM said:
    Something to keep you happy!


    Republicans haven’t invested in grassroots much at all. 2008 was a wake-up call for them as to how big data and grassroots can be used together. And in 2012, while Romney did better, they were behind. And they are still behind as a party, but Trump is way, way behind: he has neither a grassroots campaign nor a sophisticated big data operation. It’s Hillary’s secret weapon.

    3. Remember how wrong Romney and Rove were on election night 2012? Romney thought he was going to win, and Rove embarrassed himself on Fox News, claiming the election was still in play. Still in play? Obama won by 4 points and 126 electoral votes.

    4. Speaking of electoral votes—it’s the other reason national polls don’t matter: What does matter are a few swing states: Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, Iowa, North Carolina, and Arizona, most notably. Hillary’s Electoral College advantage is so strong that Trump could win five of these seven (FL, OH, NC, AZ, IA) and still lose.

    5. And one more thing—young people will come out big for Hillary: Yes, there’s an enthusiasm gap (as there was in September 2012 for Obama), but there’s good reason: for young people, the campaign hasn’t really started yet. Many have a disdain for politics. So-called low information voters, they passively follow the basics of the election through their Facebook newsfeed. And they are really busy living life: settling in at college, making ends meet, launching a career or family. Usually, with two weeks to go, they’ll focus on voting.
    They share a set of values with Clinton that is anathema to Trump: tolerance, fairness, open-mindedness, optimism, etc. These manifest in real-life issues for them: marriage equality, equal pay for women, gender inclusiveness, economic fairness, equality, etc. They are the new values voters. They are disgusted by what Trump stands for, and naturally align with Clinton. They will vote for her—they just don’t know it yet. Moreover, young people vote as a social bloc; when their friends on campus or at work vote, they will go along. We saw it in 2008, famously, and in 2012, it made the difference in Pennsylvania, Florida, Virginia, and Ohio, putting the President over the top.

    Thanks for this link neetabug.

    This also might be why the polls were so far off in this years Primary for Hillary.

  116. NYTimes must know Hillary is going to win and they just want to appear to be on the winning side.

    I can’t believe that they hated her and Bill all these years and now think she is praise worthy.

    Just like the Enquirer, their new found admiration is is just a thin veneer that will help her win the Presidency by not trashing her for the next two months.

  117. Well get on with it…….This would have sunk any Dem candidate, Republicans don’t seem to give a shit….He could be sucking off Satan and they would still vote for him.

  118. Has a personality swap happened at NYT

  119. I wonder if the media has reached the “oh shit” phase and finally woke up and realised they are staring a shitstorm in the face in helping Trump.

  120. The NYT is the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde of newspapers. The editorial board has long had good things to say about Hillary and expresses admiration for her. Meanwhile, the political reporters play Mr. Hyde with glee–trashing her constantly. If Dr. Jekyll would just walk down the hall and tell Mr. Hyde to stop it already! But that would be considered editorial interference with the work of “real” journalism so the jarring split personality continues unabated. And readers are left dazed and confused. Which is the real NYT? Which personality will prevail? Dr. Jekyll editors or Mr. Hyde political reporters?

  121. Just picked up my hard copy of the new “People” mag issue. It has a very nice write-up on both Hillary and Tim and their relationship. Great photos too! Highly recommend! Will make you 😀

  122. Thanks, Brassy, I’m going to the supermarket, today, and I’ll pick one up.
    “People” has always been good to the Clintons.

  123. “He could be sucking off Satan and they would still vote for him.”

    Satan is SOL. Putin got there first. 😈

  124. I will need to make two comments, because this comment system gets cranky if I try to put two links in one comment.

    This article in The Hill says, among other things, that 22% of Trump supporters think that, if he be elected, he will detonate at least one nuclear weapon during his administration.

    They think he will use a nuke, but they intend to vote for him. 😮

  125. William-if you’re here-TCM is airing “Face In The Crowd” at 4PM.

  126. I have a question for those 22% of Trump Chumps who think he will nuke somebody, but they want him, anyway.

  127. This question is always relevant, whether or not the year is an election year.

    Bonus: contains kitty! :mrgreen:

  128. I saw that People piece online. It was very cool. They had the cutest pic of the two of them, too.

  129. NY Times endorsed Hillary. It’s the end of the world. Love how they talk about they respect her. Must be why they trash her every chance they get. They’re probably just afraid Donald will disappear them all ala Putin.

  130. Sue, thanks for reminding me! I had noted it, and then forgotten about it.. I’m sure it’s unsettling, given the current climate, but undoubtedly worth seeing.

  131. Neeta, surprised by Cenk Uygur playing that Hillary ad. He’s not been kind to her at all this cycle.

  132. Just when you think Trump could not scrape the barrel any further…Talk about making Hillary sympathetic, it would piss off every single woman in the USA……especially those wronged.

  133. Cent is a total, complete piece of shit. I wouldn’t spit on him if he were on fire. He goes where the bucks are for him, nothing more or less. Total Asshole.

  134. it would piss off every single woman in the USA……especially those wronged.

    …….Of which there are many.

    Words are cheap, and that’s all Trump has ever offered the Unfortunate. In fact, he CREATEs Unfortunates by stiffing employees and contractors who go broke because of his scam.

    It’s his Goebbels act again. You want to know what Trump is inside? Watch what he accuses others of being. His projection is pathological.

  135. Lots of suggestions on Twitter for Who Hillary could bring, the khans, Ivana, the woman Trump allegedly raped, She could probably fill a stadium with people wronged by Trump.

  136. If Gennofer Flowers does show up, what a low life. I wonder, how much Trump is paying her?

  137. Trump is turning the debate into a sh*t show. He wants to humiliate her.

  138. No one has gotten more mileage out of a 40 year old one night stand than Gennifer Flowers. It says a lot about Trump’s distorted view of women that he thinks this will unnerve Hillary.

    Why does Flowers have an “assistant”? Is she some kind of VIP? I guess Monica wasn’t available.

  139. Brassy, I think Monica has more class than that. I think I remember reading that Monica didn’t want to be dragged into the campaign. This was several months ago.

  140. Ok I am watching that Global Citizen festival, but not for long. I am listening to a female performer, I have no idea who she is but I know a Scream Singer when I see one. Terrible voice, terrible songs and all these people are swooning. Proclaims to be an advocate for Equal RIghts for Womem and presenting a song that she says “Inspires Women Everywhere”. So what’s the song?

    You Make Me Feel Like A Natural Woman.

    Rocking Central Park with it and nobody sees the irony.

    Yup nothing like a song dedicated to being made whole by a man to inspire Equal Rights for women. My life was shit till you made me feel good. Ohhhhhh Baby, whatchu do to me! No wonder young women are losing their hold on the rights that were handed to them. These are their role models. Marginally better than the Kardashians so I guess it’s all good.

    Honey! Where the hell is the remote?

  141. Meh if he brings up Bill’s bad behaviors all she has to say is, Hey! I’ve been married to one man for xx years. She can just stop right there.

    Trump has cheated his way into three marriages.

  142. YES! Uppity on the song critique. It’s just like brides asking for The Way I’ve Always Heard if Should Be by Carly Simon at their weddings. Yo, have you NEVER listened to the lyrics? Cage me on your shelf?!

  143. Bird, if she comes it’s Trump’s mistake. He would do well to leave it alone considering his own adulterous history. And Boy, will women be pissed off for seeing someone who kept her family and marriage together get punished for not being a serial marriage person like You Know Who.

  144. Devolution. Donald played the Republican debates like they were Apprentice episodes. Check out the video of “the best” firings.
    You have to reassemble the URL yourself. I cut it in half so it wouldn’t display here.

    Anyone who showed any sign of integrity, honesty, or humanity got degraded then fired. The fired people were like deer in headlights–too astonished to reply. I wonder if the Republican debates would have gone differently if any of the 16 had watched Apprentice episodes. I hope Hillary has. And I hope she has a few techniques of flipping it out of Reality TV mode and back into reality.

  145. Hahaha Sophie. Doh, dumb dumbs. Hey, did Pachelbel’s Canon go out of style now? I would be glad if it did since I have seen that beautiful piece ruined at too many weddings to count.

    It’s like what Bo Derek did to Bolero during the sex scene in “10”

  146. Just a friendly reminder…for an honest viewing of the debates, I suggest watching on C-SPAN. They did a great job on the conventions and will do the same for the debates.

  147. Hey Upps, here’s a guy who is NOT a fan of Pachobel’s greatest hit. Pretty funny.

  148. Uppity Woman,

    Here. People Magazine.

    One of their best interviews is the bottom video. They seem to make a great time and I think his calm manner will be greatly appreciated by Hillary in some of the tough times she is headed towards.

  149. Trump has cheated his way into three marriages.

    He would be that creep that frequents clubs, on the hunt for a pretty youngster that looks like his daughter…if he didn’t have the perception of being a rich man.

    Anyone that thinks he is a handsome 70-year-old, is looking though diamond colored glasses.

  150. tRump is no more than a DB.

  151. I remember “Color My World” as the big wedding song; that, and “There Is Love.”
    For the record, I like Carole King and ” Natural Woman.”

  152. There are about a hundred articles about what Hillary should do at the debate. And of course advice is cheap and facile; and Hillary is not going to read all or perhaps any of the articles, and she will do what she thinks best, and what her advisors may suggest. And we will
    fervently hope for the best, in what has become an unnerving race. Even so, here is what I think it is imperative to do, tomorrow and for the rest of the campaign.

    The voters have to be made aware of what will happen if Trump is elected. In my view, all this emphasis on racism, sexism, Trump’s insulting comments, matter, but only takes the voters so far. Some of them, even the non-far Right voters, discount much of it. “It’s just Trump,” they think. “He’s just a showman.” The voters we have to get to, are the ones who simply do not comprehend what Trump’s policies would be. They think it might be exciting to try something different. Hillary does not excite them. The media bias has affected them, and so they think vaguely of emails, and “trust,” and vague, “I am not sure if she is honest” nonsense.

    Point out, over and over, what Trump’s “ideas” and policy proposals would mean. Global warming goes on unchecked; even the modest efforts underway to curb it, would be immediately stopped. The tax plan would vastly enrich the wealthy at the expense of the middle class, and would hurl us into massive debt. Social programs would be drastically cut. There would be little if any protection against contaminated food, water, and drugs. All natural disasters will be like Hurricane Katrina, there will be no effective FEMA to come to aid. We will be a pawn of Russia. Our foriegn policy will be whatever Russia wants, or whatever dictator Trump takes a liking to. The Supreme Court Trump appoints will destroy voting rights for minorities of all types. There is more, of course. People do not seem to viscerally comprehend them. The media has not covered any of them. People have to be legitimately frightened of what Trump will do.. Hillary has to open swing voters’ eyes to what is really at stake here. Forty days to go, and most voters have no idea of what will happen to them and the country if Trump somehow wins. Only Hillary has the voice and the audience to try to get through to them.

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