2016 Presidential Debate #1 at Hofstra


Tonight’s 2016 Presidential debate is being moderated by NBC Nightly News anchor Lester Holt at Hofstra University in Hempstead, New York. It’s scheduled to begin at 9 p.m. ET (6 p.m. PT) and will feature six 15-minute segments over the course of 90 minutes with no commercial breaks. (One of the many reasons to drink Scotch instead of beer.)

Here are all the ways to watch it. I recommend CSPAN not because their commentators are better than anyone else’s (they aren’t) but because their commentators don’t get to commentate during actual events. They play the whole thing raw, start to finish. That being said, the moment it is over, shut them off. Do not listen to any callers. (I warned you.)

No matter how it gets spun or even how it looks, the fact is, Hillary already won this debate. She is the only legitimate candidate. There is only one professional. Only one competent nominee. Only one presidential candidate. She beat the purity trolls of the far left, she’s beating the racists, sexists, and xenophobics of the right, and she’s beating the gawd-awful media (who decided they were in this race back when she was still doing her book tour).

Today there is more advice swirling around the Interwebs about what Hillary needs to do to win. She needs to smile. She needs to show she’s likable. She needs to tell us what she plans to do. (Because, if you’re in the media in 2016, you have NO idea what she plans to do and no way of finding out. It’s just not possible. You are literally forced to speculate.) What Hillary needs to do is tell these people to STFU. I was going to link to some of them, but they’re stupid.

This is not a normal year. Donald is not a normal person, much less candidate. The fact is, he blew away 16 of the GOP’s best and brightest by playing Political Apprentice while they were following The Establishment Book of Rules & Norms. If she follows the book too (likely), Mom and Pop won’t get freaked out but the Pundit Class will say she’s risk-averse, boring, wonky, (you know the rest—sing along with me). If she does something unexpected (perchance bold), the media Kewl Kidz will make fun of her, like they did with Naeing on Ellen, Pokemon Go Vote, and even this Kinney selfie pic. Because Hillary is not allowed to have any fun with this. None. Maybe her best bet is to play it straight, just up to the edge of baiting-with-plausible-deniability, and then let him Lazio himself. That kind of thing polls well.

Frankly, I don’t know what to tell her about debating a buffoon. I did this Tweet storm, but it has no answers. Just one request.


If you do Facebook, you can enjoy some pre-game discussion with Jon Favreau and Friends. (Yes, I have made my peace with Favreau because he wrote this. No, it’s never going to happen with Axelrod; he can rot in hell.) In fact, Favreau and friends have a really decent bi-weekly podcast going. No matter what you do, do not watch any pre-game commentary on cable news channels. Unless you feel like getting pissed–then go for it. I look forward to your Tweets!

After it’s over, we will be treated to clips that favor him, focus groups where people claim to have converted to him, and all other kinds of bullshit. We’ll have to wait until later in the week to see what SamBee does to get a real assessment. But know this: Hillary already won this debate.

Out of solidarity with the people traveling with Hillary’s campaign, spend from now until it begins listening to this on a loop.



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  1. {clapping wildly} BRAVO!!!!! BRAVO!!!! That’s the spirit Sophie!
    Pour the scotch – a round for the whole blog, it’s Uppity’s bottle! 🙂

  2. Yay! Free Scotch! Thanks Aunt Uppity!

  3. Sophie, I hate to disagree with you but Donald wins the “expectations” part of the debate merely by showing up and breathing. Or so says the WaPo and assorted pundits.

    I especially liked this from Dana Bash:

    “I do think that the stakes are much higher in this debate and all the debates for Hillary Clinton,” CNN’s Dana Bash said on the air recently. “Because she is a seasoned politician. She is a seasoned debater. Yes, we saw Donald Trump in the primaries debate for the first time, but he is a first-time politician. So for lots of reasons—maybe it’s not fair, but it’s the way it is—the onus is on her.”


    And more here:


  4. Oh great! Now I need another drink. This time….make it on the rocks. Oh yeah and play it again Sam.

    Sam?…..yeah, that one….

  5. Fredster

    Sophie, I hate to disagree with you but

    You’re not disagreeing with me. I already said the pundits would feed us their bullshit. Fact is, if THEY go too hard on her because “she should know better,” that will be seen by the general public as Lazio-ing her as well. They will get #Lauered

  6. Great post, Sophie.
    Thank you.

  7. Another Hillary anthem:

  8. And what ever you may think of David Plouffe, he has already forgotten more about politics than pretty much anyone will ever know. This morning on Morning Joke he predicted a 100% chance of a Hillary victory. He has seen their internal data and surveys for all battleground states. He says that public polling is hot garbage these days. Some are better than others, but sophisticated campaigns have moved well beyond using public polls to assess the race.

    We’ve asked a lot of Hillary in her public career. Now we’re actually asking her to save humanity from a monster. Let’s help her any way we can! Great post, Sophie–especially about never listening to c-span callers.

  9. just bringing over my debate post from the last post:

    What we really need is an MTV-style “Pop Up Video” debate. Every time Trump lies a little bubble appears that says “LIE” with a URL to the truth. Of course, it would have to be broadcast after the fact because he lies so much the folks adding the bubbles could never keep up.

  10. If y’all want to do something to help go here:

    And tweet your little heart out at the media and their lowering the bar for Trump tonight.

  11. A soul classic from the HRC campaign trail playlist: Hillz is “OUTSTANDING.”

  12. I told you there was more than a passing similarity between The Apprentice and how Donald played the GOP primaries. Even Reince agrees with me. He said,

    14 ‘Season Finales’ Of ‘The Apprentice’ Prepared Trump For Debates


  13. Hey Julies9164: Bloomberg TV will conduct on-screen fact checks of statements made by both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton during Monday night’s debate, POLITICO has confirmed.

  14. Paulette – I was just coming over here to post that! Now I wish I still had cable. 😦

  15. And what ever you may think of David Plouffe

    I have been surprised by his tweets and pro-Hillary attitude in general during this election season, (unlike that other guy Axelrod) — he says helpful things even on TV.

  16. You may write me down in history
    With your bitter, twisted lies,
    You may tread me in the very dirt
    But still, like dust, I’ll rise.

    Does my sassiness upset you?
    Why are you beset with gloom?
    ‘Cause I walk like I’ve got oil wells
    Pumping in my living room.

    Just like moons and like suns,
    With the certainty of tides,
    Just like hopes springing high,
    Still I’ll rise.

    Did you want to see me broken?
    Bowed head and lowered eyes?
    Shoulders falling down like teardrops.
    Weakened by my soulful cries.

    Does my haughtiness offend you?
    Don’t you take it awful hard
    ‘Cause I laugh like I’ve got gold mines
    Diggin’ in my own back yard.

    You may shoot me with your words,
    You may cut me with your eyes,
    You may kill me with your hatefulness,
    But still, like air, I’ll rise. — Maya Angelou

  17. ” Clinton said, quoting Tubman.

    “‘If you see the torches in the woods, keep going. If there’s shouting after you, keep going. Don’t ever stop. Keep going. If you want a taste of freedom, keep going.'”

    She implored all who listened to consider the fate of their children and grandchildren on election day. “That is our duty,” she said, “to build that bright future, to teach our children that, in America, there is no chasm too deep, no barrier too great, no ceiling too high for all who work hard, who keep going, have faith in God, in our country, and each other.”

  18. I hope someone slips Maya Angelou’s poem into her hand before she goes onstage tonight, Paulette. We’re ALL with her.

  19. At the grand opening ceremony for the National Museum of African American History and Culture the great Patti LaBelle sang a stirring rendition of Sam Cooke’s “A Change Is Going to Come.” She also managed to sneak in a shout out to Hillary Clinton at the end of the song.

  20. Paulette, Bill was the first one standing for her standing O!

  21. Imust, Yes! HRC Keep Going definitely deserves a replay. That was a great compilation by Andy the Gypsy.

  22. Already a new post, Hillary is a winner and I am already way behind on the posts. Wish I didn’t have to scurry home to get there by 7 PM PST.

    I will be posting while watching online at CSPAN.

    I can already feel the hype at work and on the blog.

    Hillary, we are all with you.

    Give this a-hole a good trouncing!

    Show him how powerful you are. ❤

  23. I think that Hillary should not listen to the “who do you want to be your American Idol?” commentators, and she should play it straight. The media does not want to cover policy issues, they do everything they can to avoid it. Using the term “wonky” as a pejorative, is one of many examples. But ultimately, this election has to be made about issues, and Hillary is the one to do it. I don’t care what Trump acts like, that is a stupid media creation. Hillary can tell people what she would do for the country, and what Trump would do to the country. If it is not good enough, at least she tried to tell them. The “Hillary boringly lists a lot of fact details” is both wrong, and a canard. She needs to explain to low information voters just what it at stake for them in this election. She not only dominates in knowledge, she dominates on issues. That is why Republicans, with the media’s help, always try to get the campaigns to not be about issues, but instead about personality or optics or illusion. No matter how Trump acts or what he says, I hope that at least some voters will be left with the knowledge of how the candidates stand on key matters. Trump won’t let them know, and the media will not. But Hillary can.

  24. Some of the loudest hype at work are from the kids that voted for Bernie and this may be the first time they see Hillary in action.

    She will not disappoint.

  25. Per ABC reporter, Liz Kreutz, Clinton’s campaign released a partial list of debate attendees: includes a 9/11 survivor, single mom and domestic abuse survivor, and a pen pal of Clinton’s when she was the first lady. Also, Anastasia Somoza who has cerebral palsy and who has been in a campaign ad, and of course Mark Cuban. Trump has invited a Benghazi survivor.

  26. NY Times is fact-checking too.

    The Times will stream the debate live on its home page and will provide real-time analysis from our regular team of reporters on political debates: Maggie Haberman, Nicholas Confessore, Adam Nagourney and Alan Rappeport.

    Fact-checkers will be in Washington & NY.
    I hope the fact checkers will check the NYT analysts!


  27. Hey thanks for the new Screetch Soph!

  28. USA Today reporting that Jill Stein will try to crash the debate.

  29. I was one of the ones chosen to be in the photo line with Bill Clinton tomorrow. Just received the e-mail.


  30. Neetabug. Fantastic!

  31. Neetabug!!! Wow! Congrats!

    LOL on Jill Stein trying to crash debates! She’s pathetic!

  32. Imust. The article said that 4 years ago Stein was arrested for disorderly conduct and handcuffed to a chair at the Hofstra debate.

  33. neetabug,
    I was one of the ones chosen to be in the photo line with Bill Clinton tomorrow.


  34. Here are the instructions.

    From: Lenore Cho
    Date: Mon, Sep 26, 2016 at 4:24 PM
    Subject: Cleveland WJC photo line instructions

    Tuesday, September 27th

    Ginn Academy

    655 E 162nd St

    Cleveland, OH 44110

    Upon arrival to Ginn Academy, please come in the front doors of the gym located at 655 E 162nd St. There will be a table inside of the atrium for you to check in at labeled Table A. The people at the table will be able to give you further instructions. Please note that parking is limited in the lot, but there is parking on surrounding streets.

  35. I’m with Her ->

    I never did like Cheetos anyway.

  36. So here we go, this is the real stretch of the campaign, this is when it all gets down and dirty.

    The real battle begins now.

  37. Important head’s up for tonight:

  38. Awesome post Sophie! As always, will be taking your excellent advice and catching the debate on cspan. Will see you all in a few hours!

  39. Neetabug, you rock! So happy for you!

  40. Neetabug, I just saw this on twitter. Do you know anything about it?

  41. You should see some of the lunatics British news are interviewing prior to the debate…….There are no saving these idiots. These people should never be given the right to vote, they are that stupid.

  42. Stein was escorted off the Hofstra grounds. She of course tweeted the incident. lol

  43. Honestly listening to these people, one thing is clear, they will never utter the words but these people are basically racists but will never say it. Its so clear when you listen between the lines.

  44. Give Farenthold a click. Trump Foundation looks like a major tax evasion scheme. A CON man will do what a con man does. He should be indicted. In the excerpt below, the Buffoon implicates himself.

    The Post asked about the 2011 gift from Comedy Central. Back then, Trump had bragged on video that he was getting a big appearance fee. “They paid me a lot of money, and they were very generous. And all of that money goes to charity,” Trump said.

  45. Yeah they are getting the goods on the Trump Foundation, its a tax evading shell company for laundering cash basically for Trump.

  46. Thank you Sophie for getting us ready for the “debacle” with the DEPLORABLE….

  47. Stein also tweet at 4PM

    The @GreenPartyUS platform webpage has been attacked just hours before #debatenight. This is no coincidence. The establishment is desperate.

    Like anyone gives a shit–like anyone was going to read it. I frankly think she did it herself for the attention.

  48. She’s polling in the single digits and she thinks “they’re all out to get her!” LOL

  49. An actual tweet from the racist, sexist, xenophobic buffoon: “My team of deplorables will be managing my Twitter account for this evenings debate. Tune in!”

    Unbelievable! Hillary, please destroy this poor excuse for a human being tonight.

  50. Have you seen this bullshit from the Politico parasites….honest to fuck, journalism is dead, not that i would call Politico journalism.

  51. Did someone say scotch?

    If you did, please come sit by me.

  52. “Just by filling out a tax return,” Trump has kind of answered the tax questions.” “Just by using human words, Trump has triumphed over the naysayers.” “Just by dressing himself, Trump has already kind of shown the universe that he matters.”

  53. “The Debacle with the Deplorable”

    That sounds like something the late Muhammad Ali would have called one of his title bouts. :mrgreen:

    I hope the spirit of the Champ goes with Hillary tonight, and she rope-a-dopes the Donald (the Great White Dope) and knocks him out (metaphorically, of course). 😈

  54. Stein who? No one cares.

  55. Maybe Putin’s gremlins hacked the Green site, to try to make wavering Green voters mad at Clinton?

    Speaking of Putin, I wonder what kind of protective glove he uses on the hand he keeps up Puppet Donald’s @$$? 😈

  56. where are you all watching?….

  57. Mike McCurry is on the presidential debate commission/ hmmm. He is a good guy. Used to live in my neighborhood and suffered my gushing the day I first saw him.

  58. I’m watching CSPAN. I thought about Bloomy’s channel, but decided to play it safe.

  59. belle, we will check out Bloomberg, cuz they’re supposed to be live fact checking, but it it looks like they’re picking on Hillary, we’re watching cspan.

  60. I am watching C-Span.

  61. I wish I drank…it’s going to be difficult to listen to the ahole.

  62. Shadowfax… same here.

  63. It’s the first time we’ve seen Melania since she stole Michele’s speech and got exposed for lying about her college degree.

  64. I have C-Span. I have berry pie and ice cream. I have wine.

    Bring it on!!

  65. Oh, I am so wound up.

  66. And it’s showtime!

  67. She looks great!

  68. Lady in red.

  69. I’m watching Bloomy’s. If it starts to suck, my Last button takes me to CSPAN.

  70. Trump is scowling already, its not a good look.

  71. She looks great in red. And btw Hillary if you wanna win you gotta solve the mystery of cold fusion in this debate.

  72. Power red suit.

  73. Go on hillary ask him why all his goods are made abroad……

  74. Here Donald goes. Same old, same old. But, he fails to mention his products are made outside the USA.

  75. Whats with the cocaine sniff.

  76. Not to mention the Russian connection.

  77. prozac, zoloft, xanax?

  78. He looks pouty. Oh … wait … that’s his normal face. 😛

  79. Donald needs to smile. lol

  80. Trump seemed to be giving viewers the stink eye while HRC was speaking.

  81. His father gave him a small loan. Ha! One million dollars!

  82. That sniff is really annoying, its so annoying….whats he on?

  83. Donald just can’t speak in specifics.

  84. Hillary is cool as a cucumber.

    Donald is nervous .

  85. He just looks like a scowling fool, she is running rings around him by the mile…..he knows nothing.

  86. He can’t stop himself from butting in.

  87. Why does he breath so heavily? And wtf was he talking about?

  88. The knockout blow for Hillary could come when she looks Trump straight in the eye and says: “Donald, would you like one of my tissues?”

  89. He is waffling…….there is no substance there whatsoever.

  90. moon, there is another who is wondering why he is sniffing so much?

  91. Bluster, bluster.

  92. Trump has already gone off the rails…less than 20 minutes.

  93. So his line is to badger her about her 30 years as public servant.

  94. Ok Donald how do you keep jobs?

    He is just so rude and a bully

  95. I’m turning off when the “Deplorable Orange” opens his what ever garbage disposal device…

  96. OMG … did he just say “I’m going to cut taxes bigly!”


  97. The side by side screens I see on PBS show the contrast in body language very well. Agreed: Hillaary is composed, Donald looks pouty, peeved, nervous.

    Why was Donald calling her Secretary Clinton then Hillary.
    Why is her allowed to cross-talk over her an dominate when she has the floor. It’s attack, attack, attack, alpha dominant chimp tree branch rattling.

    Where the hell is Lester to stop it?

    Trump’s “you had thirty years” b.s. has got to stop.

  98. for chrisakes Lester, GROW A PAIR

  99. Lester is gonna have to handle Trump better.

  100. donald is a train wreck. Omg!

  101. He’s hysterical. Is he bleeding from someplace…whatever?

  102. Correct..he is letting him interrupt her .

  103. He’s not coming off well, this is a trainwreck.

  104. I love bow he is drinking water . He is going to have to pee soon. Hahaha.

  105. Britgirls, Donald’s 4th grade grammar and syntax level would have even 4th graders question: Bigly?

    Glad Hillary told Lester to reset the clock after Trump interrupted her set from the get go.

  106. Gawd I hate that man.

  107. Nothing he made makes sense, its just blah blah blah, nonsense nonsense nonsense.

  108. there he is!! LOL

  109. Y’all I can’t believe how bad this is for Donald. He’s now spouting conspiracy theories.

  110. Oh good, asking for his tax returns.

  111. What crap, release your returns, Trump.

    Come on Hillary, right between the eyes, hit hiim.

  112. Hillary or Lester need to call him on companies sending jobs overseas.

  113. This looks dodgy as hell, he is crumbling.

  114. Trump makes my head spin.

  115. Trump is a mess…lies about his tax return–again! Mentions 30,000 emails…. Also, said earlier Hillary had been fighting ISIS for the past 30 years. What an idiot.

  116. He speaks a lot but says nothing. This is a joke.

  117. Trump is absolutely looking very very dodgy…..Hillary is laying it out here, hanging him out to dry.

  118. Nailed him on his taxes! Yeah!

  119. Did he just say that,

    He paid no taxes

    “that makes me smart”


  120. I can help to notice that “The Deplorable” just got a face lift…
    You are so vain…
    come on Carly, let’s have a sing along…

  121. Fucking emails?!? Really Lester?

  122. Trump in insane. And a moron.

  123. He’s gone from orange to red……

  124. He KNOWS money?!? Yeah, he knows bankruptcy & scams.

  125. bragadocious? WTF

  126. Hot damn! She did it! Re: Audits – he’s not really as wealthy as he says he is; “something he’s hiding.” Emails: says financial disclosure better than tax returns. I think he’s flustered a bit. Do people know what under leveraged means?

  127. yeah socal….what about the fucging e-mails?

  128. What a loser. Yes he’s such a great business man that he’s filed for numerous bankruptcies

  129. “Maybe he didn’t do a good job?” What the fuck!

  130. That was disgraceful…………Donald comes off as a real scumbag here,

    “maybe he didnt do a good job”

    No you bankrupted him, you bastard.

  131. Look at the bright side, socal, it took 40 minutes before we rehash emails again.

  132. She literally took him out to the woodshed……

  133. all i hear, is amazing, tremendous, wonderful….fuck off.

  134. I think the Trump advisers must have their heads in their hands. This is a clusterfuck for him.

  135. He mentions that he might not get to the WhiteHouse. Finally one nugget of truth.

  136. Why does he pitch his businesses at a debate. Is this a trump infomercial

  137. Seriously is this one big fucking infomercial, all i hear is my investments……

  138. I have not heard one substantive thing from his mouth tonight, it just utter sewage spewing out.

  139. Here he goes again with the streets are dangerous….

  140. Trumps agreeing with her on gun control?!?

  141. He has not got a clue….

    did he just tell the moderator he was wrong….honest to fuck.

  142. Hillary get’s big eyes when Rump tells a whopper lie….

  143. Yes Donald me and my Hispanic brethren are to blame for most of the crime in the USA

  144. People are noticing the sniffing…

  145. Law and order, stop and frisk. So he cares about Charlotte and Chicago because he has investments there?

  146. Trump’s eye-roll at “the vibrancy of the black church.”

    That wont go unnoticed

  147. I knew it was you, flvoter.

  148. You tell them Hillary. You don’t need a semi automatic to shoot Bambi

  149. Trump lecturing hillary on african americans…

    go fuck yourself.

  150. Buzzfeed called the first Obama/Romney 2012 debate as a loss for Obama within 20 minute of the opening.

    They just called this debate.

  151. Yes Sophie, I did it, me and my little dog🐶

  152. She decided to stay home?!?

  153. Right between the eyes…Smackeroo

  154. Now he’s gossiping about Blumenthal?

    Lester!!! Wake up and make this douchebag MOVE ON!

  155. He’s totally lost it, he is all over the shop…….

  156. Stop and frisk is still unconstitutional But that’s ok he still lives in Trump land

  157. This is a rehearsed response.

  158. Time for the Trump tinfoil hat

  159. Seriously, this asshole has no clue, he has lost this debate and lost it big, this guy should be nowhere near the Presidency.


  161. Trump blames everything on politicians. He is not one, and will be

    Hot damn again! She said she stayed home to prepare for the debate and prepare for the presidency.

    Now he claims credit for getting the birth certificate in 2011. Lester tries to grill him. Jesus! Trump
    is all over the place!

    Hillary calls him well: “Listen to what you just heard.”

  162. She is totally slaughtering him, he is a trainwreck…..

  163. fucking liar.

  164. Trump is completely falling apart, he just looks like a total racist asshole.

    He has lost the presidency tonight.

    I cannot believe what i am hearing.

  165. Trump on being fined for racial discrimination: “it’s just one of those things.”


  166. The sniffing has been noticed everywhere.

  167. Trump lied through his teeth. Blumenthal/Doyle stuff and that Mcclatchy reporter was all debunked. Why didn’t she say anything?

  168. Good thing we aren’t drinking each time he sniffs that Coke sniff. We’d all be passed out.

    We got this one, gang. Chew. Spit.

  169. Yeah everyone thinks Trump is on coke………its all over Twitter.

  170. Yep, twitter says, coke and vodka are responsible for his sniffing.

  171. According to Trump, he’s not a racist because he opened a club in Florida and his club didn’t discriminate against blacks. Oy!

  172. What is he talking about? Can he speak in a full coherent sentence? Omg. He makes W look like a genius

  173. Lester Holt has been a disappointment .

  174. He lost the larger folk…….

  175. Liberty Belle Still Ringing, on September 26, 2016 at 10:04 PM said:
    Hot damn again! She said she stayed home to prepare for the debate and prepare for the presidency.


    That was HRC lowering the boom & dropping the mic moment of the night. Dumb Donald walked right into it.

  176. Hillary’s been trying to take out Isis for a long time? Has Hillary been running the world or something?

  177. Told ya….

  178. Agree..Holt is a nice guy, but has not controlled the forum at all.

  179. pm317 I always heard Trump doesn’t drink.

  180. I think this debate is going to prove to be a pivotal point, he definitely lost it tonight, total clusterfuck for him.

  181. Lol, if this is a pointer, the foreign policy debate is going to be a massacre.

  182. Some of the nato countries don’t pay their fair share it bothers him?!?

    wtf? He NEVER pays his fair share of anything!

  183. GOP’er pundits even give it up…..

  184. Now he’s for Nato….

  185. Go Lester! Get him on Iraq~!

  186. WLM, there are exceptional circumstances and this is one. LOL.

  187. This is dreadful for him, arguing with the moderator, calling him a liar.

  188. I am so sorry that Hillary Clinton has to stand on the same stage with this clown. He has no clue. He just keeps lying and hasn’t answered one question.

  189. No one want to call fucking sean Hannity, douchebag. No one believes him or you either.

  190. Omg, he has lost it.

  191. Temperament, lol ROFL….WTF, delusional, audience laughed out loud.

  192. He has lost it.

  193. bwahhahahahaha Hillary just laughed in his face….love it.

  194. Trump: “I have a much better temperment”….Audience” HAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!

  195. Trump says his temperament is much better than Clinton’s. lol

  196. ahummmm.

  197. He runs his mouth, and runs his mouth. Is he annoying anyone else? He sounds like the most self-absorbed, narcissistic, tyrant I have heard dominate prime time ever. He is such an a-hole.

    “Whoo! OK!” – great reply Hillary

    How can Trump be seen as winning this debate?

  198. Look at him! What an expression!

  199. Audience laughed at him in another instant too.

  200. No one want to call fucking sean Hannity, douchebag. No one believes him or you either.

    Trump needs a lifeline.

  201. Just end it now. This is a fucking embarrassment. I really feel bad for Hillary she’s a really smart woman stuck debating this joke of a human being.

  202. Talk about wiping the floor with him, she literally took him by the feet, dunked him in the mop bowl and then dragged him round the room.

  203. Trump’s handling of the temperament question was ridiculous! Hillary thought so too. So glad she hit him with his nuclear bomb issue.

  204. What the hell is he babbling about now? Does he ever answer the question. What a psycho.

  205. He’s sniffed more than a crack whore looking for her next $5 dollar fix.

  206. #sniffles is trending on twitter! LOL. Even Howard Dean tweeted he was on coke!

  207. I hearby rename Trump as Sniffles………

  208. You know what! Lester Holt is doing a good job.

  209. Stamina…she just beat the living crap out of you with one arm tied behind her back.

  210. Hillary has surpassed him in smarts, class and truth by leaps and bounds.

    I’m not sure I can stand to watch Trump in future debates if he continues to act like this. He just repeats the same campaign bull. He really did not prepare.

    Hillary: “Standing up to bullies at broad or at home.” Donald is one standing feet away from her.

  211. Hey moon don’t give crack whores a bad name.

  212. Oh get off your fucking cross Sniffles……..boo fucking hoo……

  213. Hillary NOT NICE??? NOT NICE??? Fuck off Donald you freaking crook.

  214. Self pity is such a bad look on a man seeking the presidency, thin skinned…….wtf.

  215. He is such an ASS!

  216. well that was fucking easy to call.

  217. At least we’re sure not to hear the tired old “She should smile more!” Because … DAMN … she looked positively gleeful throughout the whole thing. Love her and I was very proud of her. Great job, Madam President!

  218. Look at that. He does not have anybody to go to and shake hands.. he is standing on the stage by his family. Contrast that with Hillary.

  219. And he is gone!

  220. It really pissed me off when he put his hand on her back after the hand shake. How patronizing.

  221. WOW~ Hillary, Bill and Chelsea shaking hands w/ audience members. Donald & family take a photo op and LEAVE THE STAGE!

  222. She kicked his ass and made him look unprepared and the crowd was all on her side.

  223. Thank.God.It’s.Over

    Lester Holt sucked.

    Trump has mysterious sniffles.

    Fact checkers will be working through the night.

    Oh, and he’s very upset that she ran ads using his exact hateful words.

  224. The Republicans should be ashamed of themselves for allowing Donald trump to be there nominee.

  225. According to Mathews (MSNBC]), the debate score is HRC 5 to DT 0 — total shutout!

  226. How is Matthews scoring? What’s the 5 mean?

  227. imust @ 10:44pm: Word.

  228. I tweeted that, moonpluto. I put it in quotes but only had a characacter left so I couldn’t put your name!

  229. He was totally delusional schizophrenic tonight……..That was just weird as fuck.

  230. Frank Luntz ‏@FrankLuntz 9m9 minutes ago
    Who won tonite’s debate?
    In my focus group, 6 people said Trump and 16 said Clinton.

  231. Not much entusiasm for Trump spin tonight……..seems so deflated.

  232. Imust, Mathews was using a baseball metaphor to describe who won the debate–Hillary hit 5 home runs, Donald 0.

  233. Just checking MSNBC analysis: Chris Matthews (aka Tweety Bird) said she beat him 5 – 0, cleaned his clock, like Tom Cruise against Jack Nicholson in “A Few Good Men.”

    Republican Strategist, Steve Schmidt, agrees. Referred to the expression I learned in planning Re: Trumps lack of planning: “pppppp…”

    It’s a good night for Hillary. Pray it shows up in the polls

  234. If you haven’t done so already, please don’t forget to donate. Our girl really delivered for us.


  235. Hillz just mic dropped him to death. How many think he’s even going to show up for the second debate? What a clueless clown. I’m not watching pundits, but just called my mom; she reports even Hillary-hating media says Trump lost BIGLY!

  236. The analysts are CRUCIFYING him.

  237. He called it a SHUTOUT FOR HILLARY

  238. Imust, KellyAnne Conway said Trump was the Babe Ruth of debaters, thus the baseball metaphor by Mathews.

  239. Trump was low energy

  240. Paying taxes.. Buffoon said you (govt) would have squandered it away.

    Show us your taxes, fucker! I pay my taxes.

  241. Tonight’s classic moment, Rump tosses out some insults and lies and Hillary rubs her hands together, wiggles around a little with a big smile and says, “Let’s go!” Can’t wait to see the gif.

  242. Fuck CNN and MSNBC for interviewing Donald in the spin room! He’s threatening to say something really bad about Hillary and her family perhaps in the next debate. Fuck Donald! It’s insulting that Hillary has to debate this baboon.

  243. pm317, on September 26, 2016 at 10:41 PM said:
    Look at that. He does not have anybody to go to and shake hands.. he is standing on the stage by his family. Contrast that with Hillary.

    I was watching that too, the entire crowd turned toward Hillary and Bill, while Trump was looking for his fans…waved to one person and made a quick exit.

  244. Trixta, He couldn’t say anything that hasn’t been said already.

  245. PPPPPPP = Proper Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance

    Planners know this. (I work as one.)

    Hillary knows this.

    Donald does not.

    Some rumors are out that Donald will blow off the last two debates. How will he get over losing the debate tonight? Claim he won? Or claim it was rigged? We’ll have to await his next tweet to find out, right?

    By the way, John Podesta, Clinton advisor, seemed genuinely happy with the debate, judging by his laugh when asked if Trump met their expectations.

  246. My favorite moment tonight…….

  247. 3 words

    Sore Fucking Loser!

  248. PublicPolicyPolling ‏@ppppolls 55s56 seconds ago Durham, NC
    Our post debate poll finds voters think Hillary Clinton won 51-40. Full results coming in next half hour

    40 fucking points too many……honestly what assholes did they ask…..

  249. I am not much of a fan of his, but Colbert is live tonight like he was during the conventions. Could be fun tonight.

    Samantha Bee is on Weds. night this week for her debate take. That one is GUARANTEED to be fun.

  250. That video/GIF of Hillary Moon linked above.. that was after he rained on her a long tirade much of it was incoherent.

  251. Panel of 20 undecided Florida voters on CNN: 18 of them say Clinton had the upper hand. Big news for her

  252. The buffoon didn’t shake Lester Holt’s hand in the end.

  253. Back from the debate party. Our girl did great. Trump was terrible.

  254. SCREETCH! New Summary post up…

  255. Dana Perino and Brit Hume on FOX News said that Trump lost the debate


  256. Hillary is doing a rally now..

  257. Moon, somebody’s mom heard it too… snifflegate

  258. Yeah, I wonder if Sniffles is using the rich man’s drug of choice–it’s known to compensate for “low energy”.

    I guess I can’t talk, though. I tried snorting coke once.

    I almost drowned. 😛

  259. Trump got whipped by a GIRL

  260. Yep, this is a good response from Hillary if it comes up again which it will…

  261. Smart of Hillary to do a rally right after. MSNBC showed some of it but not all.

  262. Last I heard on purging of voters here in Ohio the Judge ruled against this just two days ago.
    I will look into this tomorrow.

  263. Richard Engle makes so much sense.

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