The Debate: In Summary…..



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  1. A year ago, Trump said beating Clinton in a debate “would be one of the easiest challenges of my life.”

    You aint laughing now, asshole.

  2. CNN Poll……

    Clinton 62%
    Trump 27%

  3. Massive win for Clinton in CNN poll by 35%

  4. Total slaughter, Clinton is going to pull in independent votes massively tonight after this…….

  5. Suck it bitches, Go and cry in you cheap shitty hotels Sniffles.

  6. My fave of several mic-drop moments by HRC tonight:

  7. I missed the screech while I was posting.

    Take 2: I guess I can’t criticize Sniffles. I tried snorting coke once.

    I almost drowned. 😛

    Though, to be fair, maybe he has allergies–nah, why be fair? His trolls weren’t fair about Hillary’s illness.

    My favorite line from last thread:

    “I see Hillary has come dressed in the blood of men who have underestimated her.” 😈

  8. G’night, y’all. I’ve already stayed up too late, since I have work tomorrow. Ciao for nao.

  9. Oh wait, one more thing…

    Pay attention, Putin. YOU ARE NEXT, @$$HOLE. 😈

  10. Upps, I just clicked on this new thread and screamed with laughter when I saw the picture! So funny!

  11. Donald shooting off his mouth and ending up shooting himself in the foot. Hillary’s reaction is just priceless when he finishes.

  12. Julie, I like that npr link. Thanks!

  13. Socalannie – you’re welcome!

  14. I wish along with the Hillary shimmy, they included the rest where she let out a whooo, “Let’s go!”

  15. And what did I say in last thread about whether Trump will show for other debates? His ghoul Giuliani just said that if he were Trump he wouldn’t do more debates because of the moderator. AS IF! Mostly Holt and Hillary just gave him rope and he didn’t have the smarts not to hang himself.

  16. Unfortunately this video does not show Hillary below the upper chest, but the warm up comment from Rump and Hillary’s shimmy starts at 1:44:46

  17. I couldn’t watch, my blood pressure would have skyrocketed.
    I knew I’d made the right decision when I heard my husband screaming at the TV in our bedroom.
    It’s so nice to come here and see that our girl nailed it.
    Love you all.

  18. This tweet was too funny not to share with you all:

  19. They’re just laughing and laughing at him on @msnbc.

  20. I know imust! Even I’m watching. They are guffawing!

  21. BTW, while Trump slinked off into the sunset, Hillary went to a rally after the debate. She of such little stamina…ROFL!

  22. This tweet was just…sorry, I can’t stop laughing.

  23. I am sure that the media will figure out a way to put their thumb on the scale again. Because that’s what they do to Hillary. But damn! When you remove the media filter, and it’s just Hillary, a tv camera, and America, she is one GREAT candidate. Any one who can’t get excited and enthused about voting for Hillary is the one with the problem, not her.

  24. If you are still an undecided voter after last night, then you have no business voting at all.

  25. Ahhh, nothing can wipe the smile off my face today! What a night it was!

    What was nice was when I was Facebook chatting with a few friends after the debate and one who’d been on the fence about who to vote for was just straight up “I’m voting for Hillary! She was amazing!”

    I’m like … yep! I know.

  26. Kellyanne conway on this morning at CNN. Major spin by her. Yes kellyanne just keep polishing that turd….

  27. Don’t accept the bullshit that trump didn’t prepare. You can see him trying to cram in his memorized lines and specific talking points. What he did was fail.

    And then he was Trump.

  28. I was so hyped last night could’t even sleep. All I can say is Hillary backer Bey calls it: who “Run The World (Girls)!” Hillz “persuasion can build a nation … Endless power, the love we can devour.”

  29. I felt so proud of Hillary last night!

    Trump was very nervous. The way he was sniffing and drinking water. His mouth must of been parched.

  30. I am banning Dilbert for life. His creator Scott Adams has some deep seated problems against women.

  31. I am sure that the media will figure out a way to put their thumb on the scale again.

    Yeah, I am watching for this. But in this age of twitter and actual participation by the people in watching the debate, media cannot easily manipulate voters like they did in 2000. They appear to be saying Trump did well in the beginning (except for the sniffs which they don’t bring up, eh) and I thought he did also but then he totally disintegrated as she got under his skin. She totally dominated him by the end. He was reduced to complaining about her ads (which repeat his own words) and what terrible things he is not doing to her. Total childish responses towards the end as he lost control.

  32. VotingHillary, on September 27, 2016 at 12:01 AM said:

    Yup Voting, that is my very favorite moment too!

    Wooo, (wiggle, wiggle) ok!” (wiggle)

    Cutest wiggle and smile.

  33. Click on this thread, please. Atlantic City resident lays it all out about how Trump destroyed small businesses:

  34. Add this to the list of stiffed contractors. After this campaign, I don’t think he and his children can recover from the damage they themselves did to their brand.

  35. This is what the buffoon did this morning, talking about ‘fat’ Ms. Universe on F&F. The hosts didn’t know or remember about her and he had to tell them about it again. Watch their expressions.

  36. I am just going to click on every story that tells the truth about his businesses.

  37. The CON man gets all the tax subsidies for his project that he can muster, he stiffs all the contractors by lying about their work and not honoring his commitment and threatens with long-drawn court battle if they don’t agree, and does not pay any tax on the moneys he makes. In essence he is the one running these small businesses out of business and causing lost jobs and pain and now he knows how to run this country. If the country was in the business of extortion and evasion it would work. What a story and 40% of the people buying it.

  38. Yeah, I was advocating for it days before and it happened at least two times as I recall and they also applauded, the only time for Hillary when she said she was preparing to be president.

  39. I don’t think Trump did well at all, for the first 20 minutes the sedatives were holding his temper somewhat in check, then when faced with how shallow his answers were, compared to Hillary’s dumbing down some of her wonkiness in answers, (for voters)…he still couldn’t keep up.

    He was just a slogan machine on an endless loop, with his insecurities and temper, slipping out as time went on.

    He has to know that somewhere in that ‘special’ brain, that he is going to lose and his ‘brand’ is fading.

    His defeat is already written in the sands of time.

    Hillary WILL BE our next President of the United States!

    It is finally her time!!!!

  40. Sometime after the election in 2008, when I was outwardly depressed at all things political…I had a dream. The only dream I have ever had about Hillary.

    In the dream, she and I were both alone, standing in a long hallway. Things around us were silent, we were both leaning against the opposing walls, and quietly I turned and said to her. “Will you run for President again, Hillary?’

    She looked me straight in the eyes, and said, “Yes.”

    I smiled at her and then I woke up.

    I never worried she was going to run again.

    Holding her hand, the day I met her was my way of making that connection with her, real.

    Our birthdays are days apart, maybe it was a Scorpio connection I needed from her???

    She is my hero, I am so proud of her. ❤

  41. A good read…

    Hillary Clinton, at Ease Onstage, Seems Utterly Herself

  42. I’ve got some stuff in the dumper, Fixit Fairy, THX.

  43. Donald, you are screwed…..

    Over 80 MILLION people tuned in last night. And this total does not include PBS, CSPAN or streaming. Huge #’s

    Monday night was the most-watched debate in American history:

    double dose of bad news for Trump

    1. 80 million people tuned into the debate

    2. no major dropoff between 9pm & 10:40pm

    Everybody watched you have an epic meltdown Donnie and your ass kicked up and down NY by Hillary Clinton.

  44. Hillary is up on C-Span, at Wake Tech Community College, and on a local Raleigh, NC station:

    All she said was, “Last night I got a chance…, ” and was interrupted with cheers and applause already :-).

    Sounds good!

  45. Many more millions of American’s watched the debate, Moon.

    The 80+ million also does not include all of us watching on the internet, or more than one person watching a tv screen.

    More than 80 million people tuned in to see Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump face off, setting a new record in the sixty year history of televised presidential debates.
    The final numbers are still being tallied by Nielsen. But the debate averaged a total of 80.9 million viewers across 12 of the channels that carried it live.
    Nielsen traditionally measures viewers who watch via traditional TV at home. That means people who watched the debate at parties, bars, restaurants, and offices were not counted.
    Nor does the 80.9 million viewer total include PBS and C-SPAN. Ratings for PBS will be available later Tuesday.
    Many millions also watched the debate via the Internet.
    Various live streams on YouTube together registered more than 2.5 million simultaneous viewers. Live streams on other sites also reached millions of people.
    This means the actual total audience is significantly higher than 80 million.

  46. What was those Sniffles, its almost someone gave him something beforehand. It was atrocious, seriously WTF was it, cokehead?

  47. Imagine, that many people watched Donnie crash and burn, you really cant hide that asswhooping. I mean all those male supporters were probably pissed at his sorry ass for getting creamed by Hillary.

    We were literally wetting ourselves laughing at him, he really went off to cloud cuckooland and then ended up arguing with Holt, Donnie hates anybody contradicting him, his fuse is so short. This is what happens when you have nothing but sycophantic yes men around you who do not tell you the truth because they are scared too.

    Donnie does not take well to being told he is wrong, in his head he is never wrong.

  48. I tell you something though, Hillary has that spring back in her step today, this has totally rejuvenated her to fight.

  49. This is amazing…

    Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush and his mother, former First Lady Barbara Bush, spoke with “CBS This Morning” anchor Norah O’Donnell about the current GOP race.

  50. It really is something when people think your debate performance was worse than Sarah Palin’s.

  51. This guy is a total lazy ass wimp who cannot handle being whalloped.

    He’s complaining about Holt, about his mic, about everything except his lazy ass self.

  52. I’m still shaking my head this morning. Trump was WAY worse than I thought he’d be. Hillary was brilliant. I just love her so!

  53. This…….

  54. and this…

    Jerry Springer ✔@jerryspringer
    Hillary Clinton belongs in the White House. Donald Trump belongs on my show.
    10:55 PM – 26 Sep 2016
    37,511 37,511 Retweets 54,793 54,793 likes

  55. Every person supporting Trump needs to apologize, cuz DAMN!!! Enough said.

  56. I think one thing will stand out more than anything last night was that one comment…

    Apparently when Trump said “not paying taxes makes me smart” voters up and down the country gasped…….

    I think thats your killer moment.

  57. moononpluto, on September 27, 2016 at 2:12 PM said:

    He does, after all, have a very ‘special’ brain.

    After the debate, his children patted him on the back as if to say, “Good job, Dad. You really tried to say focused, but maybe the meds weren’t strong enough.”

  58. And then on the dark side of the moon, we see this:

    Online votes declare Trump debate winner, despite media consensus for Clinton

    f polls only included media pundits, Hillary Clinton would have won Monday’s debate by a landslide, but online surveys had Donald Trump as the yuge winner.

    The Drudge Report online vote had 80 percent of respondents giving the victory to Trump, and a survey had the Republican nominee leading Clinton by 4 percentage points – 52 percent to 48 percent – after more than 1,300,000 votes were cast. CNBC and Breitbart votes also had Trump winning the event, at New York’s Hofstra University.

    A Fox News online vote had Trump winning with 50 percent of respondents, Clinton at 35 percent and the other 15 percent declaring no one won.

    The online surveys are not scientific and, in many cases, supporters of either candidate can cast multiple ballots.

  59. online polls are utter crap, you can vote, delete the cookie and vote over and over, from any country in the world….Trumpy had his goons out doing that….they mean jack shit, none of them scientific, they were designed to push a narrative …….

    No one could dispute last night, Trump needed it close to pull that shit off.

  60. Drudge readers and Fox Groupies chose Trump as the winner. Well Bless their hearts.

  61. Trump has been lying about some non existent CBS poll that he won (Major Garrett tweeted they had not done any poll).

  62. Like everything else Trump:

  63. OLE!!!!

  64. Sniffles wont like this

    Georgia has agreed to temporarily suspend a requirement that has prevented tens of thousands of Georgia residents from registering to vote, as it works toward a possible settlement in a federal lawsuit that accused Secretary of State Brian Kemp of disenfranchising minorities ahead of the presidential election.

    The agreement, finalized late Monday, may allow thousands of voters whose applications have been rejected since as far back Oct. 1, 2014, to vote on Nov. 8 as long as they show proper identification. The state has also agreed to stop the automatic rejection of applications that don’t exactly match information in state and federal databases.

    In a letter to U.S. District Court Judge William O’Kelley, the state attorney general’s office said Kemp was taking these actions to avoid any emergency measures that advocacy groups had requested. O’Kelley canceled a preliminary injunction hearing early Monday as a result of that effort.

    Georgia agrees to add thousands to voter rolls ahead of Nov. election photo

    The groups filed the suit two weeks ago, alleging that black, Latino and Asian-American applicants were far more likely than whites to be rejected due to mismatches with state and federal databases, disproportionately affecting minority voters across the state and violating the federal Voting Rights Act.

  65. Hillary’s NC rally today:

  66. Good news about Georgia voting! I read Ezra K.’s piece that moon links to upthread and it was really good. He has some of trumpzilla’s answers laid out verbatim. If you have time, especially check out the first one–total word salad. Klein says that none of it makes sense.

  67. Something tells me some of those “undecided” are not really undecideds

  68. I noticed trumpzilla’s “sniffing” meme is viral. Even the gossip sites are talking about it, and lots of people coming right out and wondering if it was coke. Having tried it in my otherwise blameless youth (heh), I can tell you that some of the side effects are: sniffing, being thirsty, and rambling away about any nonsensical thing. Also, it does give you a short burst of energy and makes your brain feel good, so I can see someone who is dumb thinking it would help them. I vote…coke sniff!

  69. I think Trump just got the latina’s mad……..

  70. Ugh, it bugged me when he put his hand on her back like that. (and he did it more than once) So patronizing.

  71. Trumscum……

    During Monday night’s presidential debate, Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton brought up the many, many unpaid workers, contractors and employees that Republican candidate Donald Trump has left behind over the course of his multiple bankruptcies and failed business ventures.

    On Tuesday, Andrew Tesoro — one of the architects who Trump refused to pay — spoke to MSNBC Live about his experience designing a clubhouse at one of Trump’s golf courses.

    Tesoro answered Trump’s Monday night assertion that “maybe he didn’t do a good job” by providing a letter of recommendation that Trump wrote for him in 2006 when the job was completed. In the letter, Trump praised Tesoro as a man of vision and energy and said that he would recommend him to anyone who needs a “top-notch architect” for their project.

    “Did he pay you on time?” asked anchor Craig Melvin.

    “No, he didn’t. He paid partially along the way and the project snowballed over a four year period and our role in the project snowballed as well,” Tesoro explained. “We became very much involved in interior design and construction stage work. We made many supplemental agreements as we went along and in the end those agreements were not honored.”

    When pressed by Melvin to say how much money Donald Trump still owes him a decade later, Tesoro answered, “I wound not expect to be paid at this late date. Mr. Trump had his chance to pay his bill ten years ago.”

    Finally, he said, “It was a considerable sum of money, probably in excess of $100,000 that we were left short at the end of the project.”

    Trump, he said, “has an amazing knack for telling people what they want to hear.” The real estate mogul convinced him that if Tesoro let his amount slide, Trump would reward him with lots of work in the future and recommend him to other companies.

    “Has that happened?” asked Melvin.
    “No, none of that has happened,” Tesoro replied. “Nothing whatsoever. Not even a referral.”

  72. socalannie, I have no personal experience with any drugs (good little Brahmin girl who didn’t even drink before her 30s). Vaguely remember reading somewhere that it tickles the nose which is why the sniffles/sniffs. Curious if it is true.

  73. He lied again last night….

    Per the Hatch Act, federal agencies are prohibited from engaging in partisan political activity including the endorsement of any candidate for office,” said ICE spokeswoman Sarah Rodriguez. “U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement has not and will not endorse any candidate for office.”
    So Trump’s statement at the debate wasn’t just false; it was patently ludicrous. ICE is the federal agency responsible for enforcing America’s immigration laws (as its name would suggest). ICE is part of the Department of Homeland Security, and its agents oversee deportations and border enforcement.


    Maybe he really did mean Isis….

  74. Anyone surprised….anyone?

  75. Liberty Belle Still Ringing, thanks for posting Clinton’s Raleigh speech. It was wonderful!

  76. The “TrumpWon” hashtag started in St. Petersburg, and not the one in Florida.

    The New York Times is finally showing signs of usefulness, in this op-ed piece by Timothy Snyder.

    How A Russian Fascist Is Meddling In America’s Election

    Apparently, Putin and the other members of the Russian elite consider real democracy, anywhere, to be a threat to Russian interests. 👿

  77. Krugzilla asks: “How Did the Race Get Close?”

    Spoiler: Epic Media Failure. 😡

    But we all knew that already, did we not? 😉

  78. Moon & Ivory Bill, thanks for the Russia links. Good to know. I hope this will be the #1 on the news outlets, but who knows with them.

    pm, yes, that is true. Also people sniff a lot because they want to get it all up there. (Vile stuff, really) There were no bathroom breaks in the debate, and a lot of cokeheads deal with their nasal issues in the restrooms.

  79. Have the Corporate Media owners and operators forgotten that The Orange Grifter has talked about changing the libel laws to make it easier to sue for libel?

    Do they not know how the Grifter’s hero, Tsar Putin, deals with reporters?

    What flavor of polonium do you media morons like? WAKE THE #^&% UP! 😡

  80. I thought Lester Holt did a good job — maybe my bar was low. He asked about the tax returns, birther/race, and ‘Hillary does not have a presidential look’ all of which gave Hillary perfect opening to get under the buffoon’s skin. Holt even fact checked him on his Iraq thing. He was unable to stop/interrupt Trump’s incoherent ramblings but that was also to Hillary’s advantage.

  81. Anybody follow Nate Silver and the 2016 Election Forecast at the Five Thirty Eight site? It has Hillary at 55.7% odds to win and Trump at 44.2%. A few weeks ago Hillary was over 70%. Seems ot think she will get a bump , perhaps temporary, from debate.
    All these polls are very close and it seems we are going to be in for a real nail biter. Hard to believe.
    I left the democratic party in 2008 after what they did to Hillary, and I concede, I was initially intrigued by Trump for calling out the media, before he became so unhinged. In the end, my loyalty to the Clintons’ “trumped” all. I just don’t think I can take another loss .

  82. i actually thought Lester Holt did a decent job too. Of course, the only basis of comparison we have to go on at this point is Matt Lauer the disaster.

  83. I don’t know what to think of Nate Silver these days. Maybe he’s right and maybe he’s wrong. Different aggregators give different odds. The Princeton election consortium gives her a 76% chance of winning the election. Nate was an Obama person in 2008, heavy Obama, with trashing Hillary, spinning that Obama was going to win the PA primary in 2008 when Hillary won that state handily. I’m not sure if he has gotten over his Clinton bias or not and remember he completely missed Trump and kept saying that Trump was not going to be the GOP nominee DESPITE what the polling was saying. So Silver like about everything else this year probably should be taken with a grain of salt. The public polls are also crap this year as a lot of them are projecting the same demographics that the country had in 2000.

  84. Another “surprise” endorsement:

  85. Hokey smoke! What bastion of right-wing journalism will endorse her next? National Review? 😀

  86. jbstonesfan, on September 27, 2016 at 8:23 PM said:

    Freak and frack JB, I posted something a few days ago that talks about the polls and how they are meaningless, from the day to day ups and downs. The article points out that the ground game is Hillary’s secret weapon. It was in the NYTimes, actually a good article…let me see if I can find it on the last thread or the one before.

    Be right back…

  87. JB

    Sorry, I talk too much and it is somewhere in the past five threads or so. It really explained how Trump has no ground game to speak of, and how the Clinton campaign has collected lots of data on which supporters they need to help get to the polls, which she still has to win over and what areas they need to put boots on the ground to help out. Wish I could find it, it might help your daily MSM noise not make you so jittery.

    Hope things are a little better for you this week.

  88. JB, I am so glad you finally kicked the hype of tRump and came back to supporting Hillary. She will win. I have no doubt.

    I can’t prove it, wish I could.

  89. WLM at 5:07 p.m. – Thank you! You are most welcome! The local Raleigh station seemed to be a be a steady streaming feed over the computer. I also thought it was a wonderful speech, and I sensed she gave an enhanced, impassioned delivery of familiar themes, no doubt because of the debate last night.

    Uppity and everyone, I feel very grateful to post here last night, because I could vent without shouting at the screen, and, I didn’t have to look at Trump so much. Also, my husband had to hit the hay early, so I didn’t wake him.

    I didn’t catch all of Hillary’s shimmy as she said “Whoa! OK!” (in response to Trump saying he was better prepared and had a better temperment than Hillary). Guess between the TV camera focus, and writing about her response here, I missed the full effect. Thanks for all the videos that helped me get the full shoulder shimmy. I loved it! I believe it was her way of shaking him off, too.

    I predict Hillary’s shimmy will be imitated by many the future, and I’m ready to do the dance.

  90. Shadow, I couldn’t find the NYT piece on HRC’s ground dominance, but Politico ran a similar article last week. Hope this calms your nerves, JB.

  91. Liberty Bell
    I predict Hillary’s shimmy will be imitated by many the future, and I’m ready to do the dance.

    I loved that shimmy too, Hillary letting her hair down a little, showing us that she knows she is doing well and damn happy about it.

    She isn’t afraid of Rump, she enjoys showing off her smarts and now she is finally in the driver’s seat. She knows her campaign has the upper-hand, it is what she has worked all these years for. Her little shimmy was a peek inside Hillary’s gleeful heart. That’s the way I see it.

    I found myself practicing a modest little shimmy, off and on at work, when no one was watching. 😉

    And looking at Rump’s face, he broke into a crooked smile while she was doing it, sort of disarmed him. Just like her going up to him at the end of the debate and holding out her hand to him.

    She also knows that she has the right formula to debate against him in the future. She knows how to get under his skin, how to make her policies simple so she can answer complicated questions in 2 minutes and not let him bully her…and smile at his bs…yes, she has his number.

    She has definitely pulled the woman card on him!

  92. ((Voting))

    Thank you for finding something on Hillary’s ground game. You are a good detective.

  93. Chelsea Clinton Discusses the First Debate, Her Mom’s Pneumonia, and More

  94. We”ll have to see how the upcoming polls look, but I expect the numbers to be encouraging. Usually one can tell what the internals look like, by where Hillary campaigns. In this case, she has great surrogates in President Obama, who will be out campaigning as much as he can; VP Biden: Bill Clinton: Michelle Obama; and of course Tim Kaine. So she can cover a lot of ground in this way.

    The Arizona Republic endorsement is very significant. They are the most respected newspaper in Arizona, a bastion of conservativsm. For them to endorse Hillary as the only Democratic Presidential candidate they have ever endorsed, could make the difference. She is only down 3 points or so in AZ now. Flake is not supporting Trump; and while it is really unfortunate that we don’t have a better candidate to run against McCain, he will probably win by not supporting Trump, either. The extra Georgia voters will help her there.The state is a longshot, but she’s down only about five points, and there is some possibility we could win. We could really use one or both of these states as buffers, in case one of the Midwestern states we need becomes very close.

  95. I love her answer to the last question and laughed at the press corps’ reaction!

  96. pm317, on September 27, 2016 at 11:18 PM said:

    Wow PM, that is a doozy and I am so glad you posted every word. A great perception of what happened.

    Shimmy, shimmy…


  97. I had to do it. I couldn’t hold it back any longer….

  98. I want to know what you all think of this. Why can’t Trump let go of Iraq? In the debate he came up with a new ludicrous reason that everyone should call Hannity (of all people) to verify his claim. Why does it bother him so much that we think he was not opposed to the war?

  99. I watched the debate again last night with them side by side and the moment Hillary starts to talk about ‘fat piggy’ you can see he is like ‘oh shit’ on his face and as Hillary starts to say she has a name, Donald, his facial expression completely changes and he is angrily asking where did you find that. Precious.

  100. Uppity @ 7:23 am: Clearly his best side.

  101. Watching the debate again, I noticed that he was wiping his upper lip with one finger a few times, wiping the sweat or the remnants, eh?

  102. William, I think you are confused about the senate. Arizona is the state with the good senate candidate while Georgia has a candidate that nobody has ever heard of and is trying to make his hat famous.

  103. pm
    Why does it bother him so much that we think he was not opposed to the war?

    Because Rump wants to claim Hillary’s voting for the war, when Bush was telling Congress that Saddam had WMD, was her error of judgement, making her unfit to be Prez. This is the same line the Sandcrab used against her.

    Turns out that Trump agreed at first, then changed his mind and in the rearview mirror claims he KNEW it would be a long, expensive war and the US was stupid not to take their oil.

    Bush did tell the American people he was going to pay for the rebuilding with Iraq’s oil, but I guess it was either a lie, or he found out that it is illegal and we can not pilfer an enemies natural resources.

  104. WordPress, you SUCK!!!!!

    You are a piece of $hit!!!!!

  105. All day yesterday I kept hearing from these MSM talking heads that Trump was doing great on the economy and trade deals for the first 25 to 45 minutes of the debate. Really? I watched the debate. He talked and interrupted a lot but said nothing. A man that pays no taxes, makes goods overseas, and has filed for bankruptcy numerous times is not good on the economy or in trade. He can’t even manage his own businesses correctly, how could anyone think he can manage the USA’s economy?

    While the media grudgingly admitted that Clinton won the debate, they still felt compelled to spin the fairy tale of Trump doing well in the first 25 to 45 minutes of the debate.

    This morning the Trump deplorables were out in force pushing the meme that Trump took it easy on Clinton. That he didn’t bring up the Clinton Foundation, her emails or even Bill Clinton’s infidelities. If he dares to bring up the Clinton Foundation, then the Trump Foundation is fair game and there is not only smoke but fire there. BTW, he did in fact bring up her emails during the debate, but really after more than a year on this topic, investigations, hearings, etc…, there is nothing. It’s been played out. Does he really want to bring up Bill Clinton’s infidelities? Since my memory recalls infidelities lurking in Trump’s closet.

    What is really devastating about this whole Trumpalooza is that I once believed that racists, bigots, and sexists were on the decline. Due to Trump they have come out of the woodwork and are emboldened to express their opinions openly. Horrible that the MSM legitimatizes their venom by providing air time.

  106. One of HuffNPuff’s Obama/Bernie male, Hillary haters…changed his mind after the debate.
    What, because she is a woman, he never noticed all her accomplishments before?


    I Wrote That I Despised Hillary Clinton. Today, I Want To Publicly Take It Back.

  107. Knew it was only a matter of time! Shaq/HRC/Kitty Shimmy! Gonna shimmy this Friday at my second HRC FL Rally this year. Still not in ‘da hood like when I shook her hand in ’04 at Kerry rally. But in Broward County where I live so I’ll take it…

  108. William didn’t McCain endorse Trump?

  109. Neetabug, yes; but he just said, “I endorse the nominee of the Republican Party,” never mentioned Trump by name. That way, he doesn’t anger the Trump supporters in his state, but still manages to keep his distance. He’ll never appear with Trump if Trump decides he needs to hold a rally there. I do not like McCain; his “independent” mantle was basically a generous charade by the media. He votes hard Right virtually every time, but has this image of a maverick. Anyway, my thought was that Trump does not have any major figure in Arizona, including its biggest newspaper, who will actually support him, except for the insane Jan Brewer. But Brewer does keep getting elected there, so maybe Arizonans are unsalvageable. But I think that Hillary has a very good chance to win Arizona, with this newspaper endorsement.

  110. flvoter, Media Matters pointed out yesterday that in the first segment when he was supposedly doing well, he was once again lying and disgorging his usual misinformation about the economy. Plus, prediction markets were moving Hillary’s way in the first 15 minutes which means they thought she was winning from the start.

  111. Nate Silver is essentially a statistician whose team aggregates polls. They do have algorithms which assign more weight to some polls, and which “adjust” poll results based on samples. Then they take all these national and state polls, and come up with a computer assessment of probabilities. Right now, they are saying that, with the latest polls,the probabilities are about 56% that Hillary would win the election. That means that while their map actually looks dire right now, having Florida, OH, NC, IA, NV all pnk (leaning Republican to some extent), there are still enough potentially blue states that Hillary could squeak out a victory. Right now, they give her about 279 electoral votes, which is obviously very close.

    The fact that a few weeks ago, Silver had Hillary with about a 75% chance to win, is unsettling. But it is all based on polls, not predictions. As the polls change, the probabilities change. Now, one can argue about which polls mean what. The state polls have been favoring Trump for a while, but the national polls mostly have Hillary in front. Of course, the election is by state. But there are some decent NC polls for us, and FL seems very tight. OH seems to be heading Trump’s way, but the debate could change that. What we do not want, is for Trump to sweep those three states. That would make it very problematical that we win. We need at least one of those to go with PA, then we are in solid shape. Go, Julie! Go, Flvoter and Paulette! Go, Neetabug and Sweet Sue! Those four states are the ones to concentrate on. Silver is not predicting, exactly; he is using a computer algorithm to assess the probabilities of each side winning the electoral votes, based on the current polls and maybe a little extrapolation. If the election were today, based just on these polls, I would be very worried. Hopefully, we will see a trend in Hillary’s favor, which will change those polls and then the probabilities. And a better ground game might be worth at least a point in key states. I thought we were going to win NC, but that shooting in Charlotte and the semi-riots could have hurt. The early voting seemed to favor Hillary up to that point. Anyway, I hope this summary helps a bit.

  112. Shadowfax. About the article on Huffington Post, I don’t get a statement in the article where he states “You have made mistakes, some of them grave, and some of them unforgivable.” He had me until then.

  113. Some folks I have talked to still bring up Benghazi and the anti-islam tape. Anyone, please share some talking points with me, so I can help put it rest.

  114. WLM, Benghazi wasn’t an embassy. Our Libya embassy is in Tripoli. Benghazi was a CIA station/compound. Hillary and anyone else who spoke that day were repeating the intelligence given to them by the CIA. It didn’t matter what they believed, their job is to go with the intelligence. And they did. The claim is apparently one of the cockroaches said it was the tape so CIA ran with it. Later, this was proven wrong. DId anybody expect Hillary or anyone else to say CIA was full of shit the first time?

    Incidentally, with the millions of dollars spent on ‘investigating’ this, that pointy-headed piece of SHIT found NO indication, much less proof, that ANYONE issued a “Stand Down Order” or whatever the hell they called it when they made that lie up.

    And by the way, regarding the bullshit about her refusing to increase funding for security, Shove this up their nose and force them to listen to this cockroach admitting they actually tried to CUT embassy security funding because of “Priorities”. And listen to him talk about it being two expensive to give extra security to just a couple of guys.

    In the end they didn’t get enough votes to cut it but they didn’t increase it.

  115. On more thing, WLM. 60 people died in embassies under George bush in ELEVEN incidents. Nobody said BOO. Not one word. And……..while we are at it, he and Cheney wiped an ENTIRE private server GWB43 with MILLIONS of emails lost. Nobody said Boo. Nada. Nothing. No hearings with a pointy-headed dolt’s committee. No Nothing.

  116. Bernie Bro: “I Wrote that I Despised Hillary Clinton. Today I Want To publicly Take It Back”

  117. Brassy, Trump lives in a world of lies. His kids, wife, campaign advisers all reinforce his fantasy Trumpland. I wonder if he even knows what the truth is. Sometimes with pathological liars they start believing their lies.

  118. Up, I wish we could send you to all the swing states to straighten people out. The level of misinformation and credulous acceptance of lies is really breathtaking. Folks can’t even be bothered to do a damn Google search. That now converted Bernie bro is a great example. “You have made grave mistakes, some unforgivable.” WTF? Well, gosh, thanks for the wonderful endorsement.

    One more thing that might be pointed out to anyone still fixated on Benghazi and the anti-Islam tape is that Hillary spent the whole day putting out fires at diplo facilities all over the world because of that stupid video. That is fact. She never jumped to the conclusion that it caused the Benghazi attack. But it would not have been a crazy assumption. GOP tries to ignore the massive problems the video caused, even suggestong Hillary wasn’t on the job when clearly she had a very trying day because of video.

  119. Sackings are a-coming…..

  120. This is interesting……the word is Latino’s are registering in droves following the debate…..

  121. Turning on each other apparently…

  122. Rump’s kids are mad because their nasty mouthed father is hated by more than have of the country, and the ‘Trump’ brand is headed for the dumper.

    Couldn’t happen to a more deserving family.

  123. Polls shifting quickly to Clinton

  124. I didn’t read all the way down to “some unforgivable.” So, I went back and unliked his tweet and unretweeted it.

  125. I find this tweet funny because I am certain there is another former candidate feeling exactly the same way!

  126. Friendly reminder…Full Frontal w/ Samantha Bee is airing its “debate” episode tonight at 10:30 pm on TBS.

    Should be great fun!

  127. Yesterday was voter registration day. We registered many voters here in Cleveland.
    Bill Clinton was here. I had a front row seat.
    I shook his hand, we took group photos with the students at the academy and selfies.
    Bill looks thin, yet he is still himself. I noticed people were giving him
    notes. I should have thought of that. I did tell him Hillary wiped the flow with Trump he smiled. I also let him know I was at his swearing in ceremony and I intend to be at his wife.
    He is very charming.

    I did notice we did not have to go through metal detectors. That was strange. He had the SS around him while he was speaking.

  128. Yeah, Ailes, Bannon, Conway, and Bossie are an absolute shit storm, but have they taken a look at dear old Dad lately? These Trump spawn are either just as horrific as the Old Man, or they are single mindedly focused on their inheritance and don’t dare piss him off. Either way, they are culpable for the ongoing “disaster”.

  129. Ups thank you so much for the Benghazi rebuttal. It helps tremendously, Thanks to you, too, Brassy, for the additional info.

  130. Whoever thought hiring Bannon, Conway and Bossie was a good idea? The only people who would think they were a good hire would be people who hang out on the Drudge Report.

  131. I’d rather be in charge of eliminating Rupert Murdoch’s legendary impactions than start an unfounded rumor, but…

    Does anyone find it consequential that Trump doesn’t allow anyone — other than sycophantic hirelings, and especially not the press to fly along with him where they might, just might, get a clue about the ingestion of substances that cause Rubioesque thirst and sniffling for about 45 minutes after its nasal ingestion? Just saying…

    Wonder why the press isn’t asking about flying along with the Trumpanzee “Blow”hard like they did with Hillary?

  132. Gary Johnson was on Hardball tonight. Couldn’t name one foreign leader he admired and had to crib off his running mate to name a SCOTUS Justice. Goddess help us!

  133. BREAKING: Gloria Steinem and Robin Morgan on All In with Chris Hayes (MSNBC) right after this commercial break!

  134. After seeing Gary Johnson on Hardball, I must say, I was not impressed at all. Blames government student loans for the high cost of college and couldn’t name one world leader that he admired. Plus, his idea of balancing the budget is nuts . He wants to cut all services by 20%. But, he does want to legalize marijuana. Besides the marijuana, what do millenials see in him??? He is the anti-Bernie Sanders.

  135. Incredible NY Times book review – Striking resemblances to a certain someone.

    In ‘Hitler,’ an Ascent From ‘Dunderhead’ to Demagogue

  136. Trump has bragged about needing very little sleep. Maybe he is a coke addict. His paranoia and flying back home every night and only doing rallies and townhalls with Hannity, he has problems.

  137. This was a while back. Background on Donald’s hard-on over Rosie.

  138. Okay, we haven’t won yet, but I feel much better than I did a week ago. 😀

    I mean no disrespect to the two humans, but the cat steals that “Shimmy” video. 😆

  139. SamBee is kicking ass tonight!

  140. Boy, Rosie really had Trump’s number, didn’t she?

  141. “And Ensler is obviously not a misogynist…”

    These days, William, no one us “obviously” not a misogynist. You find “misogynist” sentiments in the most unlikely places when it comes to Hillary. She’s like a human misogyny detector. Seems like everyone thinks they have the right to be condescending to her.

  142. Hillary is a flawed candidate. Because No Penis. Period.

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