Trump Camp falling apart: Isn’t it Delicious???

The Trump campaign people are spilling camp-gossip secretly to the press like an old leaky toilet.

Among the things revealed, General Flynn is a worthless POS who dominated what passed as debate “prep” But actually, there was no Real prep at all, because Donald doesn’t have an attention span. And therefore, Rudy Giuliani dominated what was left of the word “Prep” with his incessant useless babble, while Roger Ailes, who tried in vain to get Donald to pay attention for longer than five minutes, finally gave up and spent his time during “Practice” sessions telling old Fox Political War Stories. He probably threw in some snippets about all the women he forced to ball his gross self too. I’ll bet Bannon loved that in between throwing in a few of his wife-beating stories. So went “Debate Prep”.

Why, lack of preparation hardly showed at all on debate night, right? Trump was just being Trump. *Snort*. I’ll bet he won’t accuse Hillary of “resting” off the campaign trail before the next debate. Heh. Meanwhile, Rudy said he doesn’t think Trump should go to anymore debates. No shit. He said that.

I won’t even bother discussing the post-debate polls, such a discussion could be regarded as “Rubbing It In A Dumbshit’s Face”. Truth be told, they can’t fix the campaign unless somebody figures out how to fix the candidate. Good luck with that.

The Trump Spawns, Eric The Dolt,  Donald “Froggie” Junior and Ivanka The Smooth Operator are in a tizzy and blaming his staff and advisors for the “Disaster” that was the debate. Nowhere in their indoctrinated minds do they find space to blame their moronic sociopathic scam of a father. But nevermind, because……….

……..because, meanwhile, back at the Clinton Camp……….Let’s Rock!



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  1. Great shimmy clip! Love it!

  2. I smiled through that whole video! Thanks! Great post Uppity.

    The Trump Spawns, Eric The Dolt, Donald “Froggie” Junior and Ivanka The Smooth Operator

    BTW, for anyone who didn’t watch “The Office”, this is a “get my Jim Halpert on”

  3. Most excellent post Ms. Uppity!

    Given that WaPo is going to run a story in the morning about Trump’s Cuba connections, we may learn the Bay of Pigs is where he sent unsuccessful Miss Universe contestants.

  4. Yup Prolix, the Cuba Connection is being published by Newsweek and it’s going to be a stinger. He actually found a way to get $$ down there via a middleman company (Arrow), then laundered profits somehow via ‘charity’. This is going to be a great read.

  5. Love, love, love that shimmy ditty of HRC. Makes me smile and lifts my spirits. ❤

  6. Imust

    BTW, for anyone who didn’t watch “The Office”, this is a “get my Jim Halpert on”

    Thanks, I had no clue. Watched The Office a long time ago.

  7. For your general amusement: (BTW, Upps, I posted the shimmy video on Twitter)

  8. I just tweeted the Hillary Shimmy song to our girl. Along with massive support.

  9. Yep, Trump supporters are enthused…dumb as shit…but enthused.

  10. Thanks for the shimmy song! I had put a link to a Politico article over at TW where some guy said folks might not get behind Hillary because she didn’t have a song. In the article they quoted some guy as saying “Obama had but Hillary doesn’t have a song.

    She now has a song. (I’m borrowing it to share over at TW)

  11. It is delicious! Rump’s horrible campaign deserves every bit of scorn we can throw at it.

    Can’t wait for the Cuba story!

  12. Clinton’s real opponent may not be the Grifter.


    Hacking of State Election Databases Worse than Originally Thought 😮

    Three guesses which foreign country’s “footprint” was found on the hackwork, but you’ll only need one. 👿

  13. Couple that with negligence by state govts. in making the voting-related computers secure, and we could have a serious problem. 😮

    In the cases of GOP-dominated state govts., the negligence might well be deliberate. 😡

  14. Please note, however, that I have few, if any, worries about the Grifter winning it honestly. :mrgreen:

  15. So the children have started to think about their inheritance going down the drain. Time to start worrying about your brand, kids, because that is all you have left. Nobody will loan you money as all your dad’s fraud moves are coming to the surface (well, they stopped loaning him money after his many bankruptcies).

  16. Maybe the Trump Spawn can get Daddy to tell them some of his national security briefing secrets, and sell them to Uncle Vladimir.

  17. Trump doesn’t like fat or unattractive females working for him.

  18. Earth to Trump’s Deplorable Spawn: We have no more fucks to give. That is all.

  19. Why is Gary Johnson still in the race? He should be hounded out. His VP candidate should leave him in the interest of public service.

  20. Hillary is brilliant as usual. She unleashed “ms. piggy” on the buffoon at the right time and he has fallen for it with all his 300 pounds. In the debate, his stammering at her bringing it up was laughable (where, where did you find it? LOL). Checkmate, fatso.

  21. Trailer trash is what this is: old 1990 article from the archives.

  22. “Trump doesn’t like fat or unattractive females working for him.”

    I reckon the Creepy Grifter sees them as a pool of potential replacements for Melania, eventually.

    At his age, you’d think he’d settle for the one he has already. Should we blame Viagra and its cousins? 😉

  23. At his age, I would have thought he would stop being who he was.

  24. 538 just flipped Florida light blue and that doesn’t include the Trump dealing with Castro story. Keep fighting the good fight. xxooxo

  25. Nothing he has done in his life over 50+ years has prepared him for the job he is campaigning for. Maybe a dictator in a small, very small third world country. If he brings up that 30 years line with Hillary, she should toss it right back at him, listing all his corrupt dealings, illegal activities, frauds and scams.

  26. So … the 2nd debate. Do you think he’ll skip it? That first debate shone a spotlight on them, and 80 million + people saw the pair of them clearly as they are. I just can’t see how he’s going to improve. If anything he’ll be even more of a trainwreck.

  27. God I love this new thread. Not only kickass reporting but also starting out my morning with a little shimmy by our girl.

    Thanks Upps!!

  28. I don’t know if he’ll make up an excuse for the next debate, but I do know this. She got into his head and he’s afraid. And he damn well should be.

    And if they are going to force a man with no attention span to prepare, that in itself is nearly impossible, but if they do attempt it, they had best not attempt it with the clown squad they have assembled.

  29. Voting
    Idiot fans spell out “RUMP” instead of “TRUMP”

    Don’tchaknow that ‘Rump’ is his given name.

    Given by us, so his fans think it’s appropriate too.

    RUMP get’s kicked in the cocoNuts by HRC…shimmy, shimmy, “Woo, okay”.

  30. Bill, Generally, voting machines are owned and maintained by the counties. In the case of the minority of machines which are computerized, they are not in any way on some kind of network. So in order to hack them, one would need to get into the SOURCE code of each and every machine individually and personally. I would think this would be noticed. Generally, software developers do not include source code, the code is compiled into machine language, so this is all pretty close to impossible. Normally, these machines are maintained by die-hard political people and monitored by representatives from both parties. Usually they consist of election commissioners and longtime maintenance people who are mechanically but not technically inclined.

    Note: I actually did see Diebold’s source code a number of years ago, it was accidentally unprotected and was super easy to access the directories online. I thought that was a bit scary. But still, in order to change how a machine calculates votes (say, let me change it to one for you, two for me) a programmer would have had to tamper with the source code and then go to each machine and recompile it using the “new” source code. Or, in the case of burned firmware, they would have to change the software memory firmware.

    Tampering with source code, if you have access is quite easy for a coder. You just change a procedure or two and poof! you can control how it counts things. But as we can see, it’s not so easy to get that code into all those machines. Certainly not without being noticed by the maintainers, who often lock the machines up.

    What IS scary is the concept of Online Voting. That is SERIOUSLY hackable.

  31. Unbelievably, Trump was attacking her stamina again last night. And kept referring to her prep time as “days off””. All this after the whole world saw that he couldn’t make it through a 90 minute debate without melting into a giant orange puddle. He barely avoided looking like Trey Gowdy at the end of the Benghazi hearing. But she was fresh as a daisy and looked like she could do another 90 minutes, no problem. Yeah, by all means, double down on her supposed lack of stamina.

  32. Stop pretending you don’t know why people hate Hillary Clinton @huffpostblog

  33. I honestly don’t think Rump has the intellect nor the interest to be more prepared at the next two debates.

    He must realize he is about 30 IQ points below her, and he thinks being more rude and obnoxious towards her will knock her off her game.

    Hillary now knows how to take control of the debate and push him over the edge.

  34. OMG, Sophie! That Huff Po link is the best article I have read about how Hillary is treated. PLEASE! Everyone read it. AWESOME!

  35. Last night, Rachel Maddow showed a PPP polll taken after the debate. Hillary up 4, which was disappointing because I thought it would be higher. Maybe the poll oversampled Republicans, because “Does she have the temperament to be President” only came out 53-46. Now, here are the truly weird things about the results. About 62% said that Trump did not have the temperament to be President, but some of those are voting for him, anyway! Then, whent they asked the Trump supporters whether they would attribute a Hillary election win to her simply getting more votes, only 21% said yes; the rest appparently would say it was due to rigging of the elecction., which is incredible.Further, when asked whether they believed that Trump was purposely given a defective microphone, 40% said yes; 37% said no. Now, this shows us more clearly than ever, that the Trump supporters mostly consist of insane people and cultists, who beleive everything he says. And there are obviously a lot of these.

    I will just add that I am glad that Uppity at least somewhat assuaged concerns about Trump and the Russians managing to hack the voting machines. Because, following the consistent line of Trump projecting everything he does or has done, onto Hillary, we can imagine that his warning about Hillary’s side fixing the election, means that he is actively trying to do so.

  36. ROFLMAO!!!

  37. Because, following the consistent line of Trump projecting everything he does or has done, onto Hillary, we can imagine that his warning about Hillary’s side fixing the election, means that he is actively trying to do so.

    Yes, in the vein of Goebbels. We must watch when he accuses Hillary of something. Whatever it is, it’s what he is doing. I think they will create deliberate chaos on election day. For sure.

  38. Sophie, thanks for sharing.
    That was brilliant-TALENT!!!

  39. Sweet Sue, I haven’t laughed so hard in a long time!

  40. h/t Sophie.
    But OMG DO read the comments on this one.
    “Trump Kids Can’t Seem To Figure Out Why Their Shitty Father’s Campaign is So Shitty.”

  41. I second it. The Huff Post article is excellent. Please, please take the time to read it.

  42. Watch Whoopi kick the shit out of Conway on the View…..she got tore to shreds today.

  43. Here is something you need to listen to. Kellyanne Conway talking about the debate with Megan Kelly. The entire video is interesting. If you just want to listen to Kellanne scroll to 2.32 to listen to her.
    I don’t know how to edit this video.

  44. I voted for Hillary for President earlier this week! Thank you, Uppityites, for all your hard work for Hillary over the past 8+ years. She is going to win!

    Especially for Sophie, who loves Elton as much as I do:

    “In the distance, a candle burns.”

  45. Its stunning to see how for they have descended….

  46. Beata I cannot wait until Oct 12th to vote for our girl.
    I was watching the Hillary rally in Iowa. The media said after the rally they had buses taking voters to vote..

  47. Neetabug, 1) She was joking 2) She was just being sarcastic 3) She didn’t say that 4) It was Hillary who broke the embargo 5) Bill Clinton had affairs 6) Cuba wouldn’t have been a Communist country if it weren’t for Hillary’s and Obama’s policies 7) Trump was trying to make it a capitalist country again 8) Newt Gingrich said that he is hearing rumors that Hillary was given all the debate questions in advance; 9) Hillary 10) We’re done talking about it

  48. Interesting when they throw dirt on Hillary to go with Bernie and then get all warm and fuzzy again, init? I run cold.

  49. USA Today headline Don’t Vote For Trump

  50. Really enjoyed all of the links and videos. Upps, you’re so right, the comments on the “Trump’s Shitty Kids” post were screamingly funny!

    Yay Beata!

  51. USA Today has never endorsed a candidate before:

  52. Cuba wouldn’t have been a Communist country if it weren’t for Hillary’s and Obama’s policies

    William, you left out the part where Wicked Witch Hillary used her evil vajayjay-generated hoodoo powers to travel back in time and hypnotize John Wilkes Booth into shooting President Lincoln. 😉

    I hope that I was making a parody, but somehow I would not be excessively surprised if some poor reactionary conspirakooks actually believe that. 😛

  53. Moon

    September 29, 2016 at 4:51 PM said:
    Its stunning to see how for they have descended….

    Absolutely, and the same goes for some of the music that is popular today, where calling a woman a bitch is no big deal. Women are degraded by men in videos, and women that pose as soft porno stars, have little self respect. How will they feel when their babies grow to be teens and then start with this shit, as their ‘normal’? Kids always want to be more free than their parents (with a large dose of hormones), so what the eff is next?

    A song calling Hillary a bitch makes me angry. If I had a daughter and she was called a bitch, I would go batshit on that person. I only have a son and I have raised him never, ever talk to a girl or woman like that.

  54. How the hell did this guy get this far?! This is hilarious, OTH.


  55. How the hell did this guy get this far?!

    Perhaps Putin is not his first foreign patron, or even his first Russian patron.

  56. I forgot to mention those persistent rumors of the Grifter’s Mob connections; maybe Daddy’s money wasn’t all the money he started with.

  57. Is early voting already going on?

  58. It’s frustrating watching these millennials who have never fought for anything talking so negatively about Hillary. They want everything Bernie promised but knew he never could deliver. To watch them say they are going to vote for Johnson or Stein and it doesn’t matter if Trump wins really shows what a lost generation we have produced. Kinda depressing .

  59. Belle, early voting in Iowa today

  60. JB the guys that vote for Johnson over Hillary are not a bad generation, they are just an assorted group of Hillary hating idiots.

    They will never get anything free from a guy running as a third party candidate, and that Johnson is so burned out on pot he almost makes Rump look like Einstein. Johnson has blown so many interviews with such memory loss, that he couldn’t remember the name of any world leader, a couple of hours AFTER the interview. He must not know how to use a computer either or even how to google. Maybe reading isn’t his thing.

    No excuse for an adult with means to be that lazy and stupid.

  61. JB

    Here is the article on Johnson’s poor memory.

    I didn’t make this $hit up:

    Gary Johnson, who couldn’t remember Aleppo, can’t name a foreign leader he admires

  62. A picture says a thousand words. Two pictures says it all.

  63. Johnson is a living example of why weed should NEVER be legal except for medicinal purposes.

  64. All this supposedly great progressive wave spearheaded by millennials, is nowhere to be seen, certainly not among young White voters. If they are so obtuse as to think that Johnson is a progressive, it is a sad thing. Do they not know the Libertarian platform? Did they not see what Johnson just said about global warming?

    If these millennials wanted to do something progressive, they would try to elect Hillary by a large margin, and get in as many Democratic Senate and House candidates as possible. Then maybe some of the agenda that they said they cared about so much, might get enacted. I don’t even know if they actually care about most of it. Elizabeth Warren was saying today that this is just about the most progressive platform ever. But some of them are sitting like finicky children who just don’t want to eat anything, and would just as soon starve. They want to be begged to vote for Hillary, and they’ll think about it.

  65. From a story dated Sept. 25, 2012:

    Today, most polls show Obama leading Romney by three or four percentage points, including in almost all of the critical “swing” states where neither candidate’s lead is decisive. For Republicans, the difficulty stems from two subsections of the U.S. voting public, both of which have been turning against the party in recent years: minority voters and white college-educated voters, particularly women.

    History may not repeat itself, but it sure does rhyme.

  66. The Johnson voters are the same bros that hated Hillary in 2008, not all of them are first time voters.

    They can toss their vote in the toilet for all I care. None of them are worth begging for and Trump is already in self destruct mode.

  67. OMG! Trump was up in the wee hours of the night tweeting insults and slams to the Miss Universe he shamed for gaining weight! He’s doubling, tripling down on this! Another Trump twitter meltdown. The story must have legs and must be hurting him. He’s lashing out.

    New hashtag on twitter #trumptrasheswomen

  68. Johnson is a living example of why weed should NEVER be legal except for medicinal purposes.

    Disagree. He was stupid before he smoked. He hasn’t smoked for 7 weeks.

  69. The above tweet was in reply to someone asking him if Trump was a coke user.

    He is exhibiting bizarre behavior from the beginning but hope that the media reports it with the seriousness it deserves now before it is too late.

  70. This is amazing

    USA Today has never taken sides in a Pres election…until now

    Read on….

    In the 34-year history of USA TODAY, the Editorial Board has never taken sides in the presidential race. Instead, we’ve expressed opinions about the major issues and haven’t presumed to tell our readers, who have a variety of priorities and values, which choice is best for them. Because every presidential race is different, we revisit our no-endorsement policy every four years. We’ve never seen reason to alter our approach. Until now.

    This year, the choice isn’t between two capable major party nominees who happen to have significant ideological differences. This year, one of the candidates — Republican nominee Donald Trump — is, by unanimous consensus of the Editorial Board, unfit for the presidency.

    From the day he declared his candidacy 15 months ago through this week’s first presidential debate, Trump has demonstrated repeatedly that he lacks the temperament, knowledge, steadiness and honesty that America needs from its presidents.

    Whether through indifference or ignorance, Trump has betrayed fundamental commitments made by all presidents since the end of World War II. These commitments include unwavering support for NATO allies, steadfast opposition to Russian aggression, and the absolute certainty that the United States will make good on its debts. He has expressed troubling admiration for authoritarian leaders and scant regard for constitutional protections.

  71. Trump is now slutshaming at 5am with tweets, this guy is a total moronic asshole, he is now pushing every single woman and millennial voter to Clinton with a massive nudge…He is an imbecile, he cannot help himself,

  72. I don’t know if this has been discussed but here is an interesting analysis of Trump tweets. Comparing which ones originate from Trump himself and which ones are likely from campaign staff.

  73. How the fuck is Trump above even 10% in the polls is beyond me…..he is everything republicans hate in wolfs clothing and frankly now one of the biggest assholes on the planet…..

  74. If Trump had stayed out of this race and stayed where he was, none of this shit would be happening to him, now he is going to federally investigated up the ass….could not happen to a nicer family….I bet his family are all up to their necks in this shitfest……

    Jail them all.

  75. Pluto, because he’s not Hillary, because Penis.

  76. I’d just love his backers to pull his loans and watch him swandive into poverty.

  77. He was up at 3AM tweeting, because he’s a delusional psycho. He festers. He’s not Thin Skinned. He has NO skin. He’s a psychological mess and I do not believe that ANYBODY doesn’t know it. Actually Coke isn’t a stretch, either. Anybody who has known a Coke freak will concur. Imagine a Narcissist on Coke and you see a photo of Donald Trump.

  78. Somebody tweeted that Hillary didn’t just crush him in the debate. She discombobulated him for days. As far as we know, a presidential candidate has never before advised voters to view a sex tape–which, by the way, apparently doesn’t exist. Maybe he meant Melania’s sex tape. He’s a mess.

  79. A neuroscientist explains: Trump has a mental disorder that makes him a dangerous world leader.

    According to a number of top U.S. psychologists, like Harvard professor and researcher Howard Gardner, Donald Trump is a “textbook” narcissist. In fact, he fits the profile so well that clinical psychologist George Simon told Vanity Fair, “He’s so classic that I’m archiving video clips of him to use in workshops.”

    This puts Trump in the same category as a number of infamous dictators like Muammar Gaddafi, Napoleon Bonaparte, and Saddam Hussein. And although there are narcissists out there who entertain us, innovate, or create great art, when a narcissist is given immense power over people’s lives, they can behave much differently.

    As the 2016 presidential election grows nearer we must ask ourselves, if elected president would Donald Trump act on the behalf of the will of the people, or would he behave more like a dictator—silencing any dissenting voices, perpetually refusing to compromise, and being oppressive to certain groups? To answer that, we should ask a little bit more about what makes a narcissist tick, and how they tend to behave when given free rein.

    What is it exactly that makes someone a certifiable narcissist and not simply a person who has a healthy amount of confidence and a burning desire to achieve great goals? According to the Mayo Clinic, narcissistic personality disorder is “a mental disorder in which people have an inflated sense of their own importance, a deep need for admiration and a lack of empathy for others.”


  80. julies9164

    Love it, thanks.

  81. julies9164

    Love it, thanks.

  82. An unintentional double love post on the graphic shimmy…BOOM!

  83. Big Nevada swing to Clinton

    She was down 2 last week….now up 6

  84. Great polling coming out….the 11 polls al post debate have big swings to Clinton in battleground states today…

  85. I think it was called getting your ass kicked in front of 80 million+ people.

  86. The Nevada one is good because its the biggest lead she has had there all cycle, something definitely shifted.

  87. How does this not creep out any person voting for that asshole.

  88. This is so sweet…, Ruline was alive when women didn’t have the right to vote.

    A vote 103 years in the making

    Des Moines, Iowa (CNN)At age 103, Ruline Steininger feels that she has little time to waste.

    That’s why on Thursday, Steininger became one of the first people in her state to vote in person for Hillary Clinton for president, taking one step closer to fulfilling her wish of being alive if Clinton makes history in November.

    In a brief backstage meeting with Clinton, to which CNN was given exclusive access, Steininger told the Democratic nominee: “We’re going to put you in the White House.”

  89. A crapload more repug papers went Clinton today….

    Orlando Sentinel
    Chicago Sun-times
    San Diego Union Tribune

  90. It just makes me crazy, all the Hillary haters that are wanting recognition by claiming they are having a come to Jebus moment over how experienced and intelligent she is now.

    If their was a semi-normal male opponent running as a GOP candidate, I but most of them would still keep beating the HillaryHating drum.

    Talk is cheap.

  91. Oops, *there

  92. Gack, typos are out of control…sorry, need more coffee.

  93. Hilarious…..Big Dog’s all like, whats the hurry….

  94. The Big Dawg was probably in the middle of a good story with folks and he probably doesn’t jump when referred to as Billy. 😉

  95. To invoke Roy Scheider in “Jaws”: Hillz, ”you’re gonna need a bigger boat in Broward (FL)!” I was an hour and a half early before doors open at her event today for which I rsvp’d, and lines were already a mile long and fire marshal was turning back people. She favors smaller venues. I don’t feel too bad I didn’t get in because I saw her in Miami on Super Tuesday. But I really think these next few weeks, given the historic nature of her campaign and increasingly enthusiasm they could break down and at least double her venue size. There’s a bad thunderstorm here as well so I hope they had ability to open doors early… seems like lots of folks had little kids with them. Oh well, maybe I’ll get another chance. Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties are Clinton country but it doesn’t hurt to rally the troops. She or one of the super surrogates (Michelle or Barack) really should visit a predominately black neighborhood. We’ve been supportive and deserve a shout out. Event today WASP city though a Clinton-Kaine office just opened in the ‘hood.

  96. interesting…..not normally this way….

  97. Love that airplane moment❤️❤️

  98. It is amazing and astounding how Trump is self-destructing.

    Paulette, When Hillary was in SF during the primary, I was about 3-3.5 hours early, and there was still a line. 😂

  99. I was at Walmart again today. There was a young man pushing the carts in. I ask him if he was registered to vote. He said he wasn’t interested in voting. After i explained to him why he should vote, i registered him. I told him i would be back to make sure he voted. He thanked me. He told me to take down his phone number. I also asked him to remind his friends to vote and to remember what i said to him.

  100. I’ve had business cards printed up with the 3 most important websites for local voters and the updated voter ID rules on the back and I’ve been handing them out at work (to my co-workers). Today I was in the break room and asked one woman if she was registered to vote and she said no. I went to give her a card and explain her options and she said “No, I never vote. I just don’t.” I was flabbergasted.

  101. That would scare the shit out of you, its like Nosferatu creeping into your bedroom.

  102. Way to go, Neetabug!

  103. Something’s brewing…

  104. Bless her heart!

  105. I cannot stand this woman.

  106. Oh this is priceless……

    What will Trumpsters say…

  107. Do you think Trump is talking about Ms Universe to keep attention off his other problems?

  108. correction( talking) delete doing. Typing too fast

    ***Fixit Fairy visited your comment***

  109. neetabug, that is a very good point!

  110. socalannie, on September 30, 2016 at 6:50 PM said:

    I cannot stand this woman

    Join the club.

    You forgot Kaleigh, whatever her name is.

  111. socalanne

    I hope Hillary starts talking about it. I hope she brings this up in the debate if Trump starts talking about the CF.

  112. Will the blind religious racists approve…..of Trump whoremongering a porn video.

  113. of course they will, moon. They are the ones who BUY Playboy!

  114. I love the post, and thank everyone for their insights links, videos, photos -whew! So many developments to keep up with! Will try to thank specific folks in a bit.

    I noticed the story on Donaldmiddle of the night tweets was first on newscasts and

    I’m trying to watch an all woman panel on Washington Week In Review summarize the week. Q. Does anyone know what Lisa Lerer of the Associated Press is about? If I hear the meme “we know Hillary isn’t a very good campaigner” again, I may write to her, and some of the others.

    Otherwise, for once, they all had at least one positive thing to say about Hillary tonight. Funny; I thought HRC had a very good debate, and a very good week.

    Is it an AP bias thing? The condescending, catty, air of some women so-called journalists towards HRC amazes me. Clue me in on who you think I should be wary of watching; thank you in advance.

  115. Hillary’s rally today:

  116. Paulette – a friend of mine posted pix on Facebook from one of the rallies. It tagged him in Coral Springs. What is so monumental about this is that he was a hard-core Bernie Bro. But he was inspired by all the energy in the room and really impressed by Hillary after hearing her speak. He was going to vote for her anyway since Trump scares the bejeebers out of him, but now he’s actually enthusiastic in his support.

  117. Jules, Having attended two Hillary events in SF during the primary, I can attest to the positive energy in the room, when she was speaking. People love her, as we do here in Uppityville.

  118. I am SO impressed with Senator Amy Klobuchar.

  119. Upps:
    tell us more about Klobuchar…si vous plait?

  120. I am SO impressed with Senator Amy Klobuchar.

    If you’ll recall, I was her biggest fan when we were discussing VPs.

  121. You’re right Sophie. She’s definitely on my radar for the future. She needs to be more Known. Hope she works on that.

  122. Hey, wait a sec! I thought I was her biggest fan when we were discussing VP’s. She’s my Semator and no one’s going to claim her without a fight.

  123. Why do even the news shows favorable to Hillary, keep having guests on who tell us that even though there are many problems and flaws with Hillary, Trump is far worse? We’ll take any vote we can get, but why are so many people, on the Left and Right, who realize how awful Trump is, so quick to assure their audience that Hillary is not very good, but has to be voted for, only because Trump is frighteningly awful?

    Some people may well be fans of Eve Ensler, but I got to watch her telling us that there are “swaths of things” where she very much disagrees with Hillary; and that she will do everything she can to move Hillary in the direction she should go. No one said that about Obama; that they would try to push him in the right direction. No one says that about anyone, except Hillary. And Ensler is obviously not a misogynist; with her, it is that philosophical presumptuousness which we see among so many of what I imagine is the Left, that they know better than HIllary; that Hillary needs to be guided along to the right path. I find it infuriating. Hillary knows ten thousand times more about governing and policies than these other people do. Her view of the world is more nuanced and experience- based than the ideologues. I am always gratified when one of the guests, usually a standing political figure, actually expresses real admiration and support for Hillary.

  124. I think the two best Senators in the country are Klobuchar and Franken from here in Minnesota. But it’s really hard to become more “known” when you represent Minnesota.

  125. Funny you should mention so-called feminists being condescending toward Hillary, William. It infuriates me, and I was just thinking the same thing this morning after reading the piece by Angela Rye of CNN that someone posted earlier. Hillary will be considered the greatest woman in American history. Yet, there are all these nobodies who think they are so much smarter, purer, and better than she. I want to slap them they’re so smugly self righteous about a very great woman. And, no, great men, or even mediocre famous men, don’t get treated so disrespectfully.

  126. Yup Upps, Amy Klobuchar needs to get off the sidelines and lean in.

  127. Yes Brassy, you are right–you were earliest and oftenest on Amy. But hey, we recognized a good thing too!

  128. Rebel, I said that today to someone. Minnesota has the best darned Senators!

  129. Brassy Rebel, to me it just feels like so many people seem to think that the relentless demonizing of Hillary from the Far Right, over the last 25 years, somehow also gives them the license to look at Hillary askance; to miicrocriticize her for not living up to their unrealistic ideological standards.

    And it is amazing to me that she never gets plaudits for being brilliant, at least in terms of understanding complex policy issues. Of course, great intelligence is not one of the more praised attributes in our culture. People say that Hillary has experience, okay. That she is a fighter. That she cares. All important, but who says that she is brilliant? There are Trump people actually suggesting that she used a teleprompter in the debate; besides the absurdity of that, is the fact that those of us who have watched her do 25 or so debates over the years, know that she knows just about everything. Some stupid Trump surrogate, I think Conway, said that Hillary can cram for a short test. If people realized how much she knows; if they read her interview with the NYDN, they would be amazed at her intellectual grasp of issues.

    I have watched so many debates in other elections, where I would want to yell at the screen, trying to get my candidate to actually score some points, not just plod along from question to question without putting any of it together. Hillary is as good at this as anyone I have ever seen, including her husband. Not much credit is given for it, though. Maybe she makes it look so effortless. I see all the various senators and governors with their talking points, and she knows more about governance than any of them. Certainly a lot more than the various journalists or social philosophers who have never actually had to deal with the pragmatics of real world issues, but who think they have the license to tell her where they think she falls short of their demands and fantasies.

  130. Hillary has an invisible teleprompter. Takes it with her where ever she goes. Yeah, that really is the latest conspiracy theory.

  131. Brassy, your two senators are great, but I do have to put in a good word for one of mine-Sherrod Brown!

  132. Laker thinks Trump hates Machado (sp?) because she wouldn’t sleep with him.

  133. Just knew this was coming…LOLOLOLOL!

  134. Sherrod Brown!


  135. Did you all see Dorothy Rabinowitz (WSJ) endorsing Hillary on Last Word last night?

  136. The small little billionaire is collecting people’s last dollar to run his campaign. What is wrong with this picture?

  137. Among the Republicans, anti-Hillary people who are otherwise ‘sane (?)’ and see Trump as dangerous will stay home according to Dorothy Rabinowtz and NeverTrump people will probably stay home also because they are worried about damaging their brand with a Trump win. So who is Trump left with?

  138. Jeffrey Zakarian and Jose Andreas are the two restaurateurs who pulled out of Trump’s Old Post Office Building hotel. Good for them. Of course, he is suing them.

  139. The small little billionaire is collecting people’s last dollar to run his campaign. What is wrong with this picture?

    Not only that, but he’s paying himself for use of Trump Tower and his hotels. He’s racking up millions.

  140. I’m sure that most remembrr when the Republican Party used anti-communism as its stock in trade. They constantly warned of the “International Coummnist Conspiracy.” They searched for them in the State Department, in Hollywood, in the PTA. It was their winning ticket to elections.

    Now, the current incarnation of the Republican Party, when confronted with clear and confirmed evidence that the Russian government is actively trying to influence our election; down to hacking voter registration lists, Democratic Party apparatus; Newsweek Magazine after it published the Trump breaking the Cuba embargo story; is willfullly ignoring it, refusing to investigate. That of course is because the Russians are trying to help their party win. Yes, they are traitors who would sell out American democracy for their own ends. Now, I wish that the status of the campaign were such that we could make a major issue of this, but it doesn’t seem to be the case. The Republican Party and the Congress it controls, have no soul. They were always bad, at least in the modern era, but now they are malevolently bad. They cannot be compromised with or accomodated; They are evil people to the core, who have to somehow be marginalized, if not destroyed; otherwise we will have no democracy any longer.

  141. Uppity, the small donors should file a class action suit in November.

  142. Interesting article about the civil war going on in the RW media. Many know Trump is a danger to the country and even acknowledge that Hillary will be better for presidency, yet can’t bring themselves to vote for her. Dorothy Rabinowitz redux.

    Will’s lips pursed slightly. “Well,” he said, “it’s clear from everything I’ve written that I think she’d be a better president. That said, I’m not going to vote for her. First of all, I’m a Maryland voter. She couldn’t lose Maryland if she tried.”

  143. Anyone here about a tape with Clinton at a fund raiser talking about young people living in their parents basement etc.
    I can guarantee this is what you will be hearing on the Sunday talk shows.
    You will hear very little about the WP article or the Newsweek article on

  144. Well they have to do something to save Trump from his meltdown…….

  145. Here is what Hillary said. There is nothing offensive or insulting but as usual analytical and sympathetic. :

  146. Moononpluto is right. They can’t all be talking about how Hillary decimated Trump in the debate but pull her down a notch with this supposedly bad leaked audio.

  147. Random topic: This is so cool.

  148. Trump’s tiny penis…

  149. Hilarious…

  150. Ms. Australia corroborates Ms. Machado and also notes that the year before Trump took over, Ms Universe was different for the better. Why does Trump come out of all his endeavors as a sleazy third rate character in a trashy third-rate movie?

  151. Dems have a 10% edge for new registrations in Florida.

    In FL, newly registered from Aug 1-Sept 1 2016:
    White: 50.8%
    Black: 13.4%
    Hispanic: 20.8%

    Rep: 24.8%
    Dem: 34.2%
    NPA: 38.7%

  152. North Carolina New Regs

    New voters in NC since 8/13:
    White 57
    Black 20
    Hispanic 5 (tho 40% left H/L ? blank)
    Other 6
    Unknown 12

    By age:
    18-25 39%
    26-40 27%
    41-65 26%
    >66 7%

    By party registration: Dem 31, Rep 23, Unaffiliated 45
    % edge on new Dems.
    Again bodes well for Clinton.

  153. Wow…

  154. How anyone could interpret what Hillary said about Bernie supporters as insulting or mocking I cannot fathom. Somebody is just trying to drive a wedge between us and Sanders people. Duh!

    This was February, mind you. She was not guaranteed a victory. Yet, here she is in typical Hillary fashion urging understanding to her own supporters who found the whole “movement” notion bizarre. “Don’t be a wet blanket on idealism.” That’s far more kind than I was in February. If people want mocking of the Bros, they should read some of our commentary during the primaries. I wasn’t nearly as nice and generous as Hillary, I sheepishly admit. As usual, she makes very valid points.

  155. This one is for Uppity:
    Once I read in a Connie Schultz column, that she was attending a rally for the reelection bid of her new husband, Sherrod Brown.
    Connie was standing in the crowd and when Brown began speaking, a rather large man poked Connie in the arm and said, “Ugh, I hate his speaking voice. Don’t you?”
    Connie answered, “No, I really like it. Especially when he turns around in bed and says, “I love you, honey.”

  156. People on twitter are using terms like self-sabotage to describe the buffoon’s behavior as if it is up to him to not do it if he likes. No, no, no! It is really who he is. It is natural, organic, voluntarily involuntary, the real deal. That is why it is so disturbing, dangerous…

  157. Birdgal- I know firsthand that Hillary’s rallies are really energetic and inspiring. But the way they’ve been portrayed in the media, my friend was really surprised to find it that way.

    As for Hillary talking about college graduates living in their parents basement, she’s said that and several other speeches before this. Always in the same context of there not being enough well-paying jobs for them once they graduate. Why all of a sudden is this an issue?

  158. No one knew he had been diagnosed with Lewy Body dementia before his suicide. Probably makes it all the more understandable why he did it,he was out of his mind, having seen this in action, it is a horrible condition to live with.

  159. “There not being”. Sometimes I hate voice to text.

    ***Fixit Fairy visited that comment***

  160. I wonder if even Julian (Assange) the Grifter can save Donald the Grifter now.

  161. Look at this nincompoop Ruth Marcus (NYT, duh) arguing that Trump cooperated to make Hillary successful in her setting the Machado trap. No, no, no. Preys don’t cooperate; they fall into the trap and the trap setting people correctly anticipated that the prey would fall into the trap and therefore, they deserve credit.

  162. Check your email today. Really lovely “thank you” note from HRC to her donors.

  163. You will have to click on that tweet to see Ruth Marcus make a fool of herself.

    But here is another analogy to Dan Pfeiffer’s tweet that I find works.

  164. Sue, I love sherrod’s voice. I just hate his wife.


  165. For your general amusement:

  166. How is this ever acceptable, what is wrong with voters.

  167. The fat shamer…

  168. On significant lead changes in the battleground states? I know it is very tight here in Florida…could go either way as S. Florida is heavy democrat but Northern part is conservative. The I-4 corridor is going to be the key and the demographics are very mixed.

  169. VotingHillary, on October 1, 2016 at 4:47 PM said:

    Check your email today. Really lovely “thank you” note from HRC to her donors

    I received mine.

  170. Knowing what we know about sleep deprivation and it’s effects on cognitive function and temperament;I’m voting for the presidential candidate who gets a good night’s sleep.

    I’m also wondering if the Russian’s are messing w/registrations in swing states? I’m hoping James C. and the FBI are looking for patterns in these hacks to see if an unusual number if Dems have been dropped from the roles..aside from the ones the Repubs have already disenfranchised.Oh,wait,Comey’s a republican operative,isn’t he? Somebody call David Farenthold!!

    My cheeks hurt from smiling all week. Is it possible to have your heart beam?

    Kind of sad watching a man have a mental breakdown in front of the whole country. He really isn’t able to stop hurting himself. His whole world view has been destroyed and thrown in his face and he hasn’t even managed enough personal growth to apologize or admit he’s done anything wrong. Hiring those psychologists was a brilliant move on Hillary and her campaign’s part.

  171. Go watch this so you can see the idiots on the other side. Their shirts should say Strength Through Stupidity.

  172. JBstonesfan, the latest polling showed Hillary moving up in Florida. Trump’s problem in Florida apparently is that he is doing 10 points worse in N. FL. than Romney did and Hillary is doing quite well in the I-4 corridor. Of course, it’s all guesswork when it comes to Trump. Are those people actually going to even show up to vote for him? I’m sure the hardcore will but I have to wonder how demoralized some of the marginal ones are these days.

  173. SophieCT, this reminds me of some of the videos we saw when Obama first ran for President. Some viewed him as the saviour. Same with these women. It’s the mentality that one person can make their lives better.

  174. I don’t think Trump and his wife sleep together. If he is up all night tweeting. No way do they share the same bedroom.

  175. Imagine the horror when he shows up in her bedroom.

    There just isn’t enough money……*Hurls*

  176. Yes WLM, remember that one woman who said Obama is going to pay my mortgage for me.

  177. I bet she gets nothing out of it either when he eventually dumps and mark my words he will dump her. I guess she signed a pre-nup and a disclosure agreement.

    I bet she is hoping he dies before she does dump him.

    She has to know she is basically cattle and window dressing to him.

    The minute she gains a pound, she’ll be on the first plane one way to Slovenia.

    If you ever saw “behind the candleabra ” about Liberace, you’ll know exactly what happens, out of favour out the door with nothing but the clothes on your back. Trump is the same.

  178. she probably wont sleep with him because he says he can’t be sexually attracted to women who have given birth…he’s a douchebag.

  179. Breaking :

    Wanna guess who?

  180. Yes, Ups, I do remember the lady who was convinced that her mortgage would be paid.

  181. NYT has finally made itself useful. It was mailed (by whom it does not say) Trump’s 1995 tax returns (not all) but part which shows he deducted some 900+ million loss and because of it, he need not pay taxes for 3 years before and 15 years later. So yeah, he didn’t pay taxes on all his incomes 3 years prior and 15 years later.

  182. But he wrecked havoc along the way with his bankruptcies and rest of the people had to pick up the pieces. He alone seems to have benefited from all his failures including to the extent that he paid no taxes for decades but not the little people who were part of building it.

  183. At his rally tonight (for which he was 1:45 late), Donald Trump says of Hillary:
    I don’t even think she’s loyal to Bill…and really folks, really why should she be right? [laughs] Why should she be?

    At this point, I’m ready to drive down to Manhattan and wait outside his door for that scumbag.

  184. were they paper losses? how legit were those losses? 915+ million in 1995.

  185. Brilliant tweet storm on trump’s very bad week starts here:

  186. I am glad NYT put this paragraph in the article. It is not illegal that he didn’t pay the taxes but how legit were those losses. It should raise questions about him being a successful businessman. It seems more like the very capable accountant (named in the article) who saved this failure’s butt.

    The 1995 tax records, never before disclosed, reveal the extraordinary tax benefits that Mr. Trump, the Republican presidential nominee, derived from the financial wreckage he left behind in the early 1990s through mismanagement of three Atlantic City casinos, his ill-fated foray into the airline business and his ill-timed purchase of the Plaza Hotel in Manhattan.

  187. who mailed it to the reporter?

  188. What an asshole, he can’t help himself.

  189. BTW, the accountant who seems enormously capable was not a Trump find/hire either. He was inherited from his dad. Like Uppity tweets, if Trump had not inherited all the moneys, he would be pumping gas in NJ.

  190. Sophie, I think Teump is just getting started on Hillary. It has been building for a couple of weeks and they beginning to let loose on it. I just read a poster’s comment on FB, who listens to conservative talk radio to keep abreast of what they are up to ( even though it gives him a headache) and he said Hannity and others have been talking about letting loose on Hillary re: Bill’s infidelities and how Hillary treated the women. I don’t care how Hillary treated them. Play with fire and you might get burnt. This may just end up helping her. I hope she can stick to the issues and stay on the high road.

  191. Twitter is going apeshit over Trumpty not paying taxes for 2 decades…this is taxapalooza……

  192. Well it is Oct 1st, that Oct surprise did not take long, i wonder if they have one everyday for a month.

  193. Personally, I have no sympathy for any of Rump’s ex/wives…they know what a jerk he is and if putting up with him and having sex with such a horrible man is okay for living the rich life…then they have made their beds.

  194. Moon, What a first class jacka**. He acts like an obnoxious 8 year old. Unbelievable.

  195. He is 70 years old!

  196. Trump is in a bind here, if its a fake, he has to provide the real one as proof, if its real, he’s fucked.

  197. Either way I’m grinning from ear to ear, i wonder if his ex-wife, provided it…….

    He really thought he could hide his shit, someone hates him enough to try and sink him……….maybe this is his greasy way of getting himself out of the race before he gets jailed.

  198. The returns are not fake and the intriguing part is that it was mailed from Trump tower (by a whistle blower or a Trump approved minion?) and the article says the accountant who prepared it verified it. The damage is that it clearly shows Trump as a failure and he may be asset rich but broke.

  199. If Trump does not react badly to this 1995 tax release, it is a tell that he approved it; maybe to seem like he gave the tax info and to show there was nothing illegal. But there will be other repercussions and damage from it.

  200. This probably is going to make the sunday talk shows explode tomorrow, its going to be epic folks…….the knives are out.

  201. Farage may be Trump’s next debate coach. This is going to be a wild month.

  202. PM317, this blows his campaign apart, Dem operatives are apparently grinning from ear to ear and the words campaign killer is being bandied about.

  203. I personally label this legalized tax evasion and the optics to everyday hardworking americans is horrendous. I am personally disgusted.

    Mark Cuban is right, he is a billionaire on paper only, he actually is broke and owns nothing, its all debt.

  204. The scariest news of the week, by far, is this about Russia trying to break into the voting system of Florida. Russia is literally trying to steal the election for Trump, which for them amounts to a virtual takeover of the United States. It is good that the FBI noticed this, but what are they not noticing? And what can our President do to punish Russia for this at this stage? Trump is to be Russia’s man i in the White House. Flynn has connections with Russia and he might head the CIA. We know about Manafort and the others. I have never been a fan of computer technology, but most institutions now depend on it, so something had better be done, and fast. The Russians are hacking fast and furiously, and nothing happens to them as a result of it. And again, if Trump keeps saying the election will be rigged, he means that he is counting on the Russians to rig it for him. How much does anybody want to bet that the Rrussians and/or Assange have more leaks timed for maximum damage to Hillary? The whole thing is as unsettling as any political espionage novel.

  205. My money is on Ivanka…….she probably thought, “Christ, this shit needs to end, if we are to have any business or inheritance left”

  206. ROFL

  207. No wonder Trump was late for his rally by 90 minutes tonight, they probably had to pick him off the floor with his “smelling salts up the nose” now his dirty little secret is out.

  208. The campaign ads for the next month are going to be glorious…….

  209. Trump’s imitation of Clinton’s pneumonia as despicable as it is, is to divert attention from the tax return story.

  210. Humpty Trumpy sat on a wall
    Humpty Trumpty paid no taxes at all
    All of his whores and all of his men
    Could’nt put Trumpty back on Twitter again.

  211. In a statement, the Trump campaign said “the more than 20 year-old alleged tax document was illegally obtained” but didn’t deny the substance of the report.

    It added that “Mr. Trump is a highly-skilled businessman who has a fiduciary responsibility to his business, his family and his employees to pay no more tax than legally required.”


    Totally sanctimonious shitty response that spits in the eye of every hardworking taxpayer.

  212. Coke dealers from all over Manhattan are lining up outside the service entrance of Trump Tower. The line is not quite as long as the lines the Trumpanzee usually does.

  213. The #LastTimeTrumpPaidTaxes hashtag is going through the roof right now…….its hilarious…..

    My favorite

    LastTimeTrumpPaidTaxes I got kicked off the Internet when the phone rang.


    LastTimeTrumpPaidTaxes Melania was two years old.

  214. We have a winner

  215. Does this technically mean Trump is a Welfare Queen relying on handouts……

  216. Alec baldwin just slaughtered Trump on SNL… uncanny was that….

  217. make that menopausal welfare queen a/c to Dowd…

  218. well, palace intrigue. It may be Tiffany Trump because she was used and was the subject of an article in the NYT today done without her consent. Notice that it is 1995 and a joint return with Marla Maples. Of course, Marla had a copy of the returns.

  219. moononpluto, on October 1, 2016 at 11:18 PM said:
    In a statement, the Trump campaign said “the more than 20 year-old alleged tax document was illegally obtained” but didn’t deny the substance of the report.


    Words matter, “alleged” tax document, but “illegally obtained”? This shit just isn’t right. How does one ILLEGALLY obtain a fake tax document unless that fake document was ILLEGALLY submitted as real?

    “House of Cards” is going to seem so boring next year compared to this POTUS election.

  220. FYI, the return email address for the Trump tax leak was from….you guessed it….TRUMP TOWERS! LOLOLOL….yea, it was Ivanka fearing her inheritance would be the Cindy Crawford K-mart collection.

  221. Baldwin and McKinnon were great.
    The rest of the show-blech.
    Those Weekend Update bros have got to go, so deadly.

  222. Asshole Trump at his…well, Trumpiest.

  223. At this point, I think God is toying with Trump just to piss off the Devil.

  224. Sweet Sue, I still like Amy Poehler’s “Hillary” better than I do McKinnon.

  225. Me too VotingH. Poehler was far better. And I don’t know if it’s me or not, but SNL wasn’t funny for a minute tonight. In fact, it was boring to me.

  226. Looks like I’m not the only one who wasn’t impressed with SNL.

  227. I also worry about Emperor Putin and Darth Assange, but OTOH, will any people believe more “e-mails” (forged, the Russians can do that) who haven’t already decided they would never vote for Clinton?

    Maybe Clinton’s surrogates should start reminding people that the Russian spy agencies are capable of creating realistic-looking forgeries, even in electronic media. This might “vaccinate” at least some of the swing voters against more bull$#!+ from VladiLeaks.

    Also, while it’s probably too late for this election, this country needs to make a priority of overhauling our election system. I suspect there is no way to make an unhackable computer or computer program, so I would suggest going back to paper ballots, hand-counted before observers from all parties and independent observers.

  228. I didn’t see SNL, but if they can’t do killer satire with all the material Trump has given them, it’s time for them to go. Adios.

  229. He is literally flipping the bird at taxpayers, calling them stupid and laughing in everyones face… is wrong with you America…..

  230. And Alec Baldwin called his own daughter a pig–when she was a child! This might make him the perfect Trump, but it doesn’t make him funny.

  231. What more do you need, do your fucking job……but of course Hillary sent a few fucking emails, i guess thats more important to you lot, god fuckin help us…

  232. Apparently he was full on psychotic breakdown last night, he is near full on fruit loop collapse.

  233. To quote our own Soph……..honestly, you could not make this shit up, its full on twilight zone. Imagine this asshole as attorney general or heading national security…

  234. I never watched SNL. I stayed up to watch the show. For all the hype the hype I did not find the skit that funny,

  235. We are now officially in looneyland, ding ding everybody off…how do these people live with themselves…I think Trump has something on them, makes sense, Guiliani as mayor of NY, Christie with casinos in NJ. I bet he is blackmailing the shit out of them.

  236. Trump making fun of Hillary. Trump better remember pay backs a BITCH.

  237. At the next debate, when they ask Hillary about her “mistreatment” of Bill’s dalliances, I wish would say, “I supposed I could have baked them cookies.”

  238. This is the beef here…..

  239. Everyone is piling on.

  240. Media hit backfires…….

  241. Wonder how many sackings go on today at Trump towers, the hunt for the mole will be in full swing…..

  242. Wouldn’t it be funny, if the mole turned out to be Melania? Most likely not, but it is wild to think about .

  243. I don’t know what to say….oh yes I do, no we fucking don’t Rudy.

  244. With Video….Rudy circles the levels of hell….

  245. With video…

  246. The Trump surrogates are pissing off every single hardworking taxpaying american this morning with assinine assholery.

  247. I haven’t watched SNL for years, and made the mistake of watching it last night. Very unfunny, and mean-spirited toward Hillary. Satire is one thing, but this was rather classless. No wit, no charm, just gratuitous and smirky. There was not one favorable aspect of Hillary’s intelligence or personality which was allowed to show through, as would have been the case in the past SNL days. The brief part of the weekend update part which I saw, was awful. I’m glad to see that others here felt much the same way.

  248. At this point, Donald (as he LOATHES being called) and his whole campaign have run so far off the rails that they would need GPS just to find the tracks.

  249. Ain’t that the truth………

  250. As with this years primary polls which were way off on Clinton…….

  251. My cut and paste is acting up…

    As with this years primary polls which were way off on Clinton…….

  252. Hillary has lot of material to work with here for the next debate. If they argue that he is a great businessman for not paying his taxes, all she has to say is that he lost a billion dollars through mismanagement. If not paying taxes makes him smart, then that we should run his accountant for president because he did it not the buffoon. And she has to point out all the people whose lives got ruined because of this man and how he still came out financially unhurt with an advantage. And to say when she says tax the rich, this is what she means by forcing Trump like people to pay their fair share. The unfairness of this whole thing from the buffoon will be stark and easy to understand for people(than for example, Kurt Eichenwald’s first article).

  253. What were those losses? are they legit? that should be the question.

  254. After the 1995 debacle who saved his butt and why? Who does he owe? Who controls him?

  255. I wonder if the Trump camp didn’t release the tax form themselves. It gives the media a bit to chew on while the surrogates go out and claim “see the SYSTEM is rigged” “just like Trump said!” “Trump’s a genius!” “ONLY HE can fix the rigged system that he obviously knows so well!”

    Sounds crazy I know….but this is a crazy campaign. I’m already hearing talking heads say that the CLINTON camp didn’t do a good job of making the case why the tax returns were important, WTF?

  256. Well if that is their thinking, then they are the biggest dicks on the planet, that is just a complete shambles of a campaign.

  257. Clinton surrogates are weak. There is a Trump one on Tapper that is a Latina and he would have just called her chunky to her face but she is there defending him vociferously.

  258. I think someone should say to Trump and his surrogates that they have established he is a genius, they should release all other tax returns to show how much more of a genius he is. And to say that they are hiding something worse than a tax avoidance if they don’t.

  259. pm317, on October 2, 2016 at 12:53 PM said:

    Clinton surrogates are weak

    I have said this many times.

    Why isn’t anyone talking about the fact yes Bill had affairs. But all these women are just as guilty. They knew he was a married man.
    They can’t say they didn’t know .

  260. There are a bunch of 2012 tweets from the buffoon which jeers at people not paying taxes. Those should be thrown at his and his surrogates’ faces.

  261. Mike Pence must be shitting himself for the Tuesday debate……..He must be thinking why the hell he did this….he now has to defend this shitstorm for 90 minutes with nowhere to run and Tim Kaine is going to kick his ass all the way back to Indiana.

  262. Yep. I think he feels like he can defend not paying taxes as “he’s smart”. But he did this little “leak” to get them off his back for the full tax returns. The more recent will probably show something worse than not paying taxes, like his Russian oligarch connection. His foreign conflicts of interest.

  263. Send it to everybody……

  264. This is so funny, read the small print.

  265. imusthavehillary, yeah I thought that last night and they are being smooth about their defense which may reveal that it is one of their own who leaked it. But I think it is Marla Maples or her kid and these people are making lemonade out of lemons. Using their own argument, there should be a more rigorous drumbeat now about why he won’t release the rest of it if he is such a genius. What is he hiding is still a valid question.

    They should make it mandatory for any politician seeking office to release their tax returns. Because taxation and tax collection is a fundamental principle of a well functioning government and they don’t have a right to that office if they don’t believe in it or abide by it. Using the tax moneys efficiently is a different argument than avoiding to pay the whole thing, legal or otherwise. If everybody was a Donald Trump avoiding taxes, the office he is running for won’t exist. See how absurd this whole thing and his campaign sounds.

  266. this question is going around the twitter — Why 1995? Because that the losses shown in that return set of in motion for tax avoidance for the whole 18 years. Also, the accountant had a story about verifying its authenticity — that he could not write all digits of it that he had to type in 91 thereby positively authenticating the document. Come to think of it, I vote for the accountant being the leaker. He probably has all the essential documents of Trump’s so if he ever got stiffed by Trump he could blackmail him (ok, that is a stretch).

  267. Maybe they have more and it’ll be drip drip drip………

  268. woohoo.. more to come from the reporter who got the scoop:

  269. pm317 i knew it, they threw that out to see what response they got from the dipstick, now for the hangmans drop.

  270. Moononpluto, I think 1995 was selected by NYT from among others because it shows the tax avoidance for a decade! (which is a big deal for the office he is running for) and also for the strong authentication story from the accountant that he had to type in the leading two digits which proves these are not fake.

  271. I agree with many of you on SNL last night. It was so unfunny and still so nasty toward Hillary that I turned the TV off in the middle of the Weekend Update skit. The comedian portraying the undecided voter in that skit has never failed this election cycle to remind viewers how much she dislikes Hillary. Generally speaking, the current batch of SNL comedians aren’t as funny as those in the past.

  272. yay! the linked article supports what I said about why 1995.

  273. But the breakthrough came when David Barstow traveled to Florida and tracked down Jack Mitnick, the semiretired accountant who had prepared and signed Mr. Trump’s tax returns.

    Mr. Mitnick was initially reluctant to talk, but he eventually agreed to meet David in a bagel shop.

    In a conversation there, Mr. Mitnick not only said that the records appeared to be authentic, he also solved the mystery of the digits that did not line up. It turned out that the tax preparation software he had used did not allow him to enter a loss of nine figures. So, he recalled, he had to manually enter the first two digits, using an IBM Selectric typewriter.

  274. I don’t see how Trump spins this in his favor since he pretty much has said that the wealthy pay too much in taxes and his plan is to make them pay zero. If Trump is paying zero taxes there’s no telling how many other people like him are paying zero taxes too.

  275. Hillary and co should focus on how he lost a billion and what an awful businessman he must be. If they say how he came back up, we should say we don’t really know he has come back up because we don’t know what he is worth and we have not seen his tax returns to know what he is worth. He has not built anything, banks are not giving him loans and so on in the recent past. Of course there is the absurdity of not paying taxes for decades and running for this office but saying he was an incompetent businessman who lost close to a billion would make her get under his skin.

  276. So rudy finally said it, they are not even hiding the sexism.

    Donald is better “than a woman”

  277. I would agree with Imust. If the Grifter still has something to hide in his tax returns, it is most likely something which would show just how deeply indebted he is to Mother Russia.

  278. What were those losses? are they legit? that should be the question.

    The losses are legal although I wouldn’t call anything about Trump legit.

    Mr. S9164 works in finance and I asked him to explain to me what Mark Cuban had said about Trump’s S-Corporations and pass-through income. I pretty much understood what he told me, and in the simplest terms possible, it goes like this:

    S-corporations are essentially a tax-advantaged way for new, small businesses to grow. Once they reach a large enough size (more than 100 shareholders) they can no longer be classified as such and lose the tax advantages. With this kind of corporation, business income, losses, deductions and credits can be passed along to shareholders, who report all this on their individual tax returns.

    So, if you’re Drumpf, you look around for a failing business. You purchase it and create an S-corporation. You are either the sole shareholder, or you name your spouse and adult kids as shareholders. You declare all the shareholders as employees and “pay” your shareholders a salary, but since the business you’ve bought is failing and you have no intention of rescuing it, all the losses can be declared on your personal tax returns to offset any “income”. When the business finally goes under, you declare chapter 11 and the bank is on the hook for the money they loaned you. If you do this with several businesses at the same time, it is easy to “lose” almost a billion dollars in one year.

    Meanwhile, your real money is stashed away in tax shelters in foreign countries so you can still live quite nicely.

  279. Rump is a flim flam, snake oil sales man, anyone that votes for him is no better than he is.

    40% of our voters are no smarter than those that bought into Rump University.

    He is the Jim Jones of American politics.

  280. Julie, thanks for explaining that. I am mindblown at everything I’ve read today, and thanks to all of you for your comments and links. Our hideous rethug congresses have really rigged the tax code to benefit their rich benefactors. I am so disgusted with people who continually vote for and enable these crooks.

  281. pm317, on October 2, 2016 at 3:08 PM said:

    Thanks for this link PM, I now see why you think Maples may have leaked it and also why it took about a week to publish this info. Great to know the reporter/s took the time to try and prove it was authentic.

    You and Moon are doing a bang up job on reporting this. Thank you.

  282. pm317 Mr. Milnick is right. We have had that problem with some tax returns at a company I worked for.

  283. , on October 1, 2016 at 9:50 PM said:

    At this point, I’m ready to drive down to Manhattan and wait outside his door for that scumbag


    I am with you on that.
    We should make some signs up. Calling him out on all the stupid things he have said.

  284. Socalannie – you’re most welcome.

    My head is about to explode though. Some of my Trump supporting friends actually don’t give one single sh*t that he hasn’t paid taxes in 18 years. They are saying “Hey, that’s business and it was legal.”

    And before I forget, Shana Tova to everyone celebrating. I’m going to go eat too much and drink a lot of wine.

  285. Yep, this is why I think Trump himself sent those 1995 forms.

    Think about how dangerous that was for the paper. Trump could have released his tax returns and proven them wrong. Trump could have shown their speculation to be mere speculation, and used it as a cudgel to discredit their reporting on his campaign. The Times was far, far out on a limb.

    But the Times bet correctly. Trump still isn’t releasing his returns. And here’s what that means: whatever is in his returns is worse than what the New York Times is telling the world is in his returns. The Trump campaign has decided it prefers the picture the Times is painting — a picture where Trump didn’t pay taxes for 18 years — to the picture Trump’s real records would paint.

    What is in those returns?

  286. Profile of an “Enthusiastic” Trump supporter. This kind of Loony is what Trump wants normalized because he is loony himself.

    “Finally, someone who thinks like Me”.

  287. I want you to read this thread. This guy can’t use enough “!!!!”s, he’s so excited about 23035 emails that assange will release, all of them “Individual Felonies”. No shit. Only he forgot to check the date on the article he is peeing over….dated July 21. The DNC emails. Watch his ‘reasoning’ power.

    So he retweets my retweet and looks even more desperate to make this be true today with an immediate release, more conspiracies. Shutting him down was duck soup, but twitter is riddled with these over-excitable crackpots.

  288. Thanks, Shadow. His supporters won’t be swayed by this tax avoidance story but it may enrage enough people in the middle to vote for Hillary.

  289. “Finally, someone who thinks like Me”. Ups, this woman has been so indoctrinated that it has made her a mental case. The conclusions she draws from these conspiracy theories has totally distorted her reasoning process. And, of course, see the Bible in the picture. I certainly am not criticizing the Bible, since I am a Christian. But, in this case, she says such vile things and thinks it is ok.

  290. uppity, when that person listens to Dilbert cartoonists and others who are seemingly rational and justify what the lunatic Trump does…That person for all we know is an idiot and that is his excuse but what of the social responsibility of these other better known creatures? I am afraid to peek into Althouse’s (who promoted the Dilbert cartoonist) site for fear of what I might find there.

  291. julies9164, on October 2, 2016 at 4:50 PM said:

    julie, I hear you but his losses didn’t come from buying up ailing companies and letting them die. They came from his failed management of Atlantic City casinos, his failed airlines, his purchase of Plaza Hotel as NYT article said.

    Who does he owe? There was an article about some Hong Kong people saving his behind but the article was dense and I didn’t get all that was going on there.

  292. David Cay Johnston on crooked and fraudulent Trump:

  293. Earlier on this thread, I said that they should make it mandatory for people running for office to release their tax returns. In fact in the 1920s there was such a practice as noted in this article:

    New Evidence Donald Trump Didn’t Pay Taxes

    The tradition of presidential candidates disclosing their tax returns has an august purpose: making sure that another criminal is not a heartbeat from the presidency or in the Oval Office. […]
    Congressional Republicans who are distressed about Trump’s fitness to run for president could make his tax returns public. Indeed, in the 1920s tax returns were public record and newspapers routinely reported the precise income and tax paid by prominent Americans.

    Congress could simply add a one-line amendment to Section 6103 of the tax code, which makes returns confidential, providing that the nominee of any party whose name appears on the ballot in say 10 or more states will have his or her complete tax returns, for as many years as the IRS has copies, posted on the IRS website.

  294. About my previous comment, no law/amendment was needed until now for a presidential candidate to release their taxes. They did it voluntarily. The very fact that Trump does not want to do it must disqualify him. This is media malpractice that they are not dogging this man about the time honored traditions of this country and the traditions are simple rituals but there for a reason, to make sure the presidential candidate is not a crook. If you are not a crook, you should have no problem showing us you are not a crook which is what all other candidates have done.

  295. traditions are *NOT* simple rituals

  296. Uppity at 6:11pm. That woman is loony tunes! Scary to think that there are millions of her in this country. OMG!

  297. pm I don’t think you can make that a law. It’s private information. A candidate who won’t voluntarily do it is telling us something and it’s not good. Sensible people would see that.

  298. The fact that he’s a billionaire is not at issue here. A billionaire could still be president and do the job. (Forbes says when they evaluate Trump they always divide the figures he uses by three; that just makes him a lessor billionaire). The real problem is how he is using a charity for a tax shelter and a slush fund (while accusing hillary of doing what he does, see “Goebbels”). The problem is, he finds a way not to pay taxes, taxes that pay for veterans and soldiers and a whole host of things he claims to care about and declares “underfunded”. The problem is, what are his ties to russia, china and a host of other potential money conflicts. It appears that he sees this as an opportunity to just become richer. And that is disturbing, particularly since he has a history of taking from others and stiffing them. These are the real issues. To even imply that turning over his interests to his children is a Blind Trust is just plain ludicrous by very definition of Blind Trust. He knows all the parties and he knows what’s there and he knows how it can grow by sitting in the oval office. He is into Russian debt, a clear indicator that being nice to a guy who kills people who disagree with him is a good idea for Trump, not for America. Look what that guy is doing in Aleppo. Look what he’s done to the Ukraine. There is no end to the problem that is Donald J. Trump.

    And we won’t even get into the obvious: That he is developmentally a child who has tantrums.

  299. julie, I hear you but his losses didn’t come from buying up ailing companies and letting them die. They came from his failed management of Atlantic City casinos, his failed airlines, his purchase of Plaza Hotel as NYT article said.

    Oh, I was just putting it in the simplest terms. There were a whole mixture of business deals, not just the ailing companies. The point was his taking advantage of the s-corporation loophole for his taxes. There are a couple of other similar, more complicated strategies but they all stem from the same concept: you never want your business to succeed.

    That’s why everything with him is always the biggest, grandest display. Finance the building of extravagant casinos with other people’s money. Pay yourself a salary with that money and hide that offshore. Always make sure your expenses far outweigh your income. Don’t pay your vendors so you have huge outstanding debts against the business. File bankruptcy so the banks and any investors are on the hook. Lather. Rinse. Repeat. Make the losses so enormous that you’ll never have any income for someone to garnish in a lawsuit.

  300. pm, Richard Nixon assured us he was “not a crook”, but he lied. That’s how it became a tradition. And while “sensible” people should see that Trump’s refusal to follow this tradition means he is one, as Uppity says, it ‘s chilling to see how many people are not sensible. Even more chilling that the media isn’t demanding his returns 24/7 and saying he’s disqualifying himself by not releasing them.

    Meantime more Russian hacks coming. This is related since his son says “a good portion” of his investors are in Russia–as in oligarchs. Kremlin owns him. We need to know!

  301. julie, that is some sick mfer.

  302. And don’t forget the saudi prince who tweeted him that he bailed him out twice.

  303. Just FYI the 1995 return was mailed from Trump Tower.

  304. Let’s see if I get this Rump business logic…

    First I find a big business that is about to go belly up –

    Since I don’t have the money to buy this company outright, I go to some foreign nation that is willing to give me a big ass loan.

    I putz around with the business for awhile and build up my brand by putting up gold and glass flash everywhere, using what little profit comes out of it to buy a nice place to live, flashy clothes and get as much ‘successful press’ as possible.

    Then when tax time comes around, I show that the business is forshitten and get a huge tax free shelter to do the same thing with other businesses.

    Anyone could do it and Trump is showing middle America if you do any less, you are a dumbass that should be used and abused.

  305. I don’t think you can make that a law.

    Uppity, David Cay Johnston in his article (in the cited excerpt above) says Congress could amend tax code to make it mandatory for a presidential candidate to release tax returns, (“Congress could simply add a one-line amendment to Section 6103 of the tax code,…”). But they are all thieves and won’t go for it.

  306. In Ohio, only one endorsement really matters, and LeBron just endorsed Hillary!

  307. Speaking of Ohio, Uppity’s BF Brown was on Poppy Harlow CNN and without hesitation said Hillary will win OH. And his voice is kind of weird, 😉

  308. What a wonderful endorsement from LeBron James. What an awesome way that he is giving back to the community.

  309. It is really obscene, the way that the tax code has been written for rich people, by rich people. We all knew that, of course. The average middle class person has very few possible deductions, while the wealthy person has a variety of tax dodges, and ways to hide assets, at his disposal. We saw a little of that with Romney; and now Trump is like the textbook on how an unscrupulous person can play the system so as to be able to buy up billions of dollars in assets, by gaming the bankruptcy laws, stiffing creditors, and using loopholes to stay one step ahead of the IRS and the banks.

    Trump is worse than the typical rich person who games the system, because he is completely amoral, and will break any promise to pay, daring people to sue him to get their money. What he seems to have is sort of “like” the mafia, with an army of strongarmers, litigators, blackmailers, who protect and advance his interests. Our country has a mixed relationship with this kind of thing; alternately despising and admiring it. Gotti was a hero to some; so were the robber barons. Americans, without an aristocracy of birth, admire the symbols of massive wealth. no matter how it was obtained. This is al; being put to the test now, with many voters foolishly thinking that Trump is to be admired for cheating his way through life, and ruining people on the way. They think he will somehow turn that into the service of the country, and make them wealthy, too; the way that frauds like Dave Del Dotto and Tom Vu used to promise on the latenight “Get wealthy with no money down” huckster shows. Trump has now parlayed this with a demagogic white supremacist message, to try to pulll off the biggest con of all, with the help of Russia, which has been his funder for many years, and now wants its ultimate payoff.

  310. LeBron James just became my favorite pro athlete, even though I do not follow the NBA at all. It took caring and courage to come out for Hillary. Most professional athletes seem to vote Republican, simply because they want lower taxes. James risks disaffecting some fans, but is willing to do it, anyway, for the imperative greater good. I wonder if he might be willing to show up at one late campaign rally? This is one “celebrity endorsement” which might actually matter.

  311. I like how LeBron James talks about “my kids” — the kids he helps with his Foundation.

  312. I hope the PA Dems are prepared to deal with this problem:

    Could poll-watchers give PA to Trump?

  313. Again and again, the same stories.

  314. You don’t just “volunteer” on the spot to be a poll watcher. You have to register via your party and the number allowed is not up in the air. They’re all going to get their asses thrown out if they try to bully their way in on the fly. You don’t just show up at an election station and tell everybody what to do. It doesn’t work that way. People get arrestedg for disrupting the voting process.

    I’m sure there will be police presence at every polling place this year because Trump continues to shoot his mouth off about ‘showing up’ and ‘watching’ like a bunch of yahoos.

    If they intimidate any voters by their savage presence, there’s always the US Code.

    Whoever intimidates, threatens, coerces, or attempts to intimidate, threaten, or coerce, any other person for the purpose of interfering with the right of such other person to vote or to vote as he may choose, or of causing such other person to vote for, or not to vote for, any candidate for the office of President, Vice President, Presidential elector, Member of the Senate, Member of the House of Representatives, Delegate from the District of Columbia, or Resident Commissioner, at any election held solely or in part for the purpose of electing such candidate, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than one year, or both.
    (June 25, 1948, ch. 645, 62 Stat. 720; Pub. L. 91–405, title II, § 204(d)(5), Sept. 22, 1970, 84 Stat. 853; Pub. L. 103–322, title XXXIII, § 330016(1)(H), Sept. 13, 1994, 108 Stat. 2147.


  315. Cattle! I could not get through the audio without throwing up in my mouth. He sounds like a sleazy brothel owner and should never have been on this campaign for the WH.

  316. They’re all going to get their asses thrown out if they try to bully their way in on the fly.

    Yeah, I was thinking about the same thing. The people who run these places from both parties are seasoned professionals and they won’t tolerate some people simply walking in and creating ruckus. Hope Hillary’s ground game has a proactive training of ‘what to do if’ for people to deal with this nonsense.

  317. Uppity, I remember in the 2008 election when a couple of Black Panthers with night sticks showed up at an election station.

  318. Single biggest loser in 1995: check the tweet replies (click on it).

  319. I am not one to whine about media but this needs to be said. Romney was orders of magnitude a better human being, decent and more capable than this buffoon. But the media with their faces stuck in Obama’s butt, painted him a murderer and this and that. If they gave Hillary half the narrative they did Obama simply based on facts about emails/CGI and showed Trump for who he really is, this would have been a landslide for Hillary from the get go. Now they wonder why she is not ahead by more. Foxes guarding the hen house.

  320. I truly don’t think there are any undecided voters. I think there are people that are saying they are undecided but either already know who they are going to vote for or are undecided as to whether they are going to bother to show up.

  321. Jesus fuck does he ever think before opening that big mouth of his…

    Unfuckingbelievable, he just lost every vet vote.

  322. WLM,
    Uppity, I remember in the 2008 election when a couple of Black Panthers with night sticks showed up at an election station.

    I was thinking the same thing.

    I have worked at the polls and anyone can call up the country election board to report public obstructions at the poll site and tell the polling people what is going on too.

  323. county election board…not country 😉

  324. Looks like Trump is the kind of sleazeball we suspect, all these sexual charges are starting to mount up……..He’s another Cosby waiting to happen.

  325. Thanks, gang. I feel better after reading those comments. :mrgreen:

  326. RNSC is pulling their money out of WI, they have given up against Feingold, should help Hillary there too.

  327. Rump thinking military ptsd is something to be ashamed of or degraded about, just shows what a terrible human being he really is.

    Rump has never fought in war,
    never been shot,
    never had his legs blown off,
    never had to kill the enemy,
    never saw his friends killed in war,
    never saw children shot,
    women shot,
    never had to risk his life for anyone,
    never defend his country,
    never wanted or went into the service,
    and doesn’t pay his taxes to support the military.

    This is a despicable human.

  328. and coming from an asshole who got deferrements from Daddy so he didn’t have to go.

  329. Trump collapses in Colorado HRC +11

  330. Well, the Four-Deferments Grifter got away with mocking John McCain’s suffering for our country, so why wouldn’t he double down and make fun of PTSD vets also?

    What A…

  331. Polling is firming up, its very rare for the person ahead now to lose.

    Opinions are firming right up wavers become less, day by day.

  332. Breaking Trump Foundation Shut, ordered to Cease and Desist.

  333. The buffoon has a real aversion to paying taxes, yet, he wants to be the big tax collector and run the government apparatus. The absurdity that he and his campaign are should be hard to not notice for anybody with a shred of decency.

  334. Its only Monday…..

  335. True.

  336. Hillary on CNN live now. She looks great.

  337. and … they moved on.

  338. JB and everyone,

    538 has Hillary back up on top, big time as a forecast winner!

    68.1% Hillary

    31.9% Rump

    .1% Johnson

  339. Yes, excellent speech by Hillary, unfortunately cut off in middle by networks. The economic argument is detailed and effective The NYT disclosures perfectly fit into an economic fairness argument, which will help in the Midwest, particularly.

    She will be on live in Akron on CSPAN at appromixately 2:45 pm PST. CNN had inset of Bill speaking in Michigan; I would like to have heard that speech, too, as he makes the economic arguments so elegantly and effectively. I did hear Hillary’s voice sound a bit scratchy, with all the campaigning, so I hope she can get it in fine shape for the debate coming up.

  340. Wanna bet the tax leak came from the Marla and Tiffany camp….

  341. Hillary’s Ad team, the best:

  342. Hi Shadow..the odds definitely went up after the debate. Off course that means that no matter how well Hillary does next debate, the media will spin it anti-Hillary so the third debate, with Clinton hater Chris Wallace, will be the “last chance ” for both candidates to change voters mind. It’s all a big game to the MSM whose profits/ratings are the only thing that matters-not the truth.,

  343. 5% is still too high….

  344. JB

    I totally agree. Stop this woman at any cost!

    Rudy even came out today and said Rump would make a better Prez than a woman would.

    I hope she kicks Tump’s ass all the way to the Oval and he squeals like a little piggy, :..unfair, it is a man’s job!”

  345. moononpluto, on October 3, 2016 at 5:14 PM said:
    5% is still too high….

    Wooo, okay. Shimmy, shimmy…

    I hope the day comes when any Rump supporter is too embarrassed to admit they support the Rumpster.

  346. Hillary on C-span. Looks and sounds GREAT!!!

  347. Moon the five percent is his surrogates. Plus the ones in the Republican party.

  348. Amazing, Hillary has at least 6 SS glued to her. The Ohio crowd is very welcoming and excited to see her.

  349. Birdgal, on October 3, 2016 at 6:38 PM said:

    Amazing, Hillary has at least 6 SS glued to her. The Ohio crowd is very welcoming and excited to see her.

    Yes we are always excited to see OUR GIRL. We are going to win Ohio.

  350. Howard Dean will be stopping at our office tomorrow at 5 o’clock. He will then go over to another office to watch the VP debate.
    Any questions I need to give him for Hillary?

  351. Trump’s fiduciary responsibility (to himself) = greed

  352. Hillary was great in Akron this afternoon. This sounds like such an effecive message, tying in Trump’s comments and nonpayment of taxes, with his tax plan which would simply help the super-rich. Hillary contrasts her commitment to enforcing regulations on corporations, and helping consumers and the middle class. If people on the Left would stop basking in their own preconceived biases, and actually listen to her and read her policies on her website, they might figure out that she is a champion of the working class. Actually, she pretty much has always been, but they didn’t want to hear it, as it went against their compartmentalized version.

  353. That billion Trump lost was what was reported for his personal income;can’t imagine what the business losses were.

    I hope it was Marla who sent out those income tax forms. Paybacks really are a BITCH,Donald. Karma AND justice for every single woman he ever disrespected or used.

    Neetabug,please ask Howard to refrain from bringing up drug use speculation in the future. I got his point about the media and innuendo but think his point was too finely nuanced for the average bear.

    Trump is going to be a puddle when this is all over with. Our Hillary is such a fine person I’m sure she’ll give him pointers on how to become an actual human being and how to overcome loss. 🙂

  354. Nayyera Haq (smart looking Muslim woman if people can’t tell that from her name and bringing it up only for the Deplorables if they are lurkers here) put David Gergen in his place on CNN’s OutFront. Gergen presented Bernie as rescuing Hillary again on the leaked audio about her statement on millennials. Haq took him on directly and said there was no rescue needed because Hillary didn’t say anything untoward and correctly put Hillary’s comments in context. When she was done, Gergen was not looking at her.

  355. Uppity: Sherrod Brown to appear on “All In With Chris Hayes” soon! He will be ask d if he thinks Hillary can win Ohio. Enjoy!

  356. Good for Nayyera Haq, pm317.
    Hillary’s comments were full of empathy for young people who are in debt and underemployed.

  357. ‘Genius’ talking point is backfiring. LOL. Who would have thunk it?

  358. Sweet Sue, that is what she said. It was empathetic and used her own example of 30 year olds not being able to find good jobs.

  359. Nettabug, Hillary needs to stay high, and let Trump stay low. Michelle was right about that.

  360. Gergen redeemed himself a bit in the next round when he pointed out that Trump helped himself with his losses and the shareholders and contractors, and everyone else suffered losses.

  361. Gergen

    The ‘anchors’ at CNN need to stop genuflecting every time it’s Gerggles turn to talk.

    The minute they tag him with his work in the WhiteHouse for Bush…everyone should bust out laughing and start to shimmy.

  362. Shadow, this is the first evening I am watching some of these shows and it is very unsatisfactory when they don’t make a point I think is stronger and when they don’t make it in the way I like. That is one big reason I don’t watch these shows.

  363. I think like 2000 Florida is going to be key. Ohio would be nice, but looks like it is still 5% Trump.

  364. Great read. Give it a click, will ya?

    Most of the $916 million loss that Trump claimed for 1995 is probably derived from about $900 million in bank loans taken out in the mid- to late 1980s that he had personally guaranteed and that he used to wildly overpay for hotels, airlines, yachts, barren land and other trinkets. Trump couldn’t afford to buy any of this with his own money, he lacked the good judgment and foresight to pay the right price for almost everything he bought, and once he bought all of it, the interest payments on the loans quickly became unmanageable. Corporate bankruptcy ensued. […]

    The $900 million in loan guarantees reflected in the 1995 return expose decision-making so poor, it almost forced Trump into personal bankruptcy. His bankers’ forgiveness and loans from his father’s estate helped him escape that fate, but his fumbling ultimately led to years of corporate bankruptcies, job losses and investors getting pummeled. […]

    But Trump isn’t that financially sophisticated. In my interviews with him, he had trouble explaining such basic real estate concepts as “cash flow.” And in the present campaign, he has dropped alarming howlers about how he might manage federal finances as president. His eyes tend to glaze over when complex numbers come into play. Trump’s own former accountant, Jack Mitnick, told the Times that it was always Trump’s ex-wife Ivana who asked probing questions about the couple’s taxes. Trump himself, Mitnick said, was disengaged, and less detail-oriented than his father, Fred. […]

  365. David Farenthold is a gem — a nerdy guy who won’t take credit (toot his own horns) for what he accomplished with his Trump Fnd work and shutting the fraud down.

  366. ugh.. Jennifer Granholm, why is she so ineffective? She is a fucking native English speaker, why does she stutter/pause and search for words so much, what is her problem? This is where many of Trump surrogates excel — they just spit words out like they have stood in front of that fucking mirror all day rehearsing their lines. Granholm had to just say how CGI is better than Trump Foundation!! Why the hell was that so fucking difficult?

  367. pm

    Yeah, I end up listening/watching CNN for less than 15 minutes at a time because they either –

    – play every word or tweet from Rump, over and over 24/7

    – or the Rump surrogates twist every $hitty thing Rump says into some genius or he-man word of wisdom. It makes me start screaming so I have to turn the channel. Gergen is a tiny bit better than the Rump nitwits, but not much better.

  368. “Trump himself, Mitnick said, was disengaged, and less detail-oriented than his father…”

    Translation: Rump is not a smart man in any sense of the word. His IQ is average and his memory and reading skills suck.

  369. For your general amusement:

  370. Let the ass kicking begin !!!

    Clinton takes command of swing-state map
    Post-debate polls show the Democratic nominee ahead in 7 of 11 battlegrounds.

    Hillary Clinton has done more than just stifle Donald Trump’s momentum in the presidential race. She’s also established a far clearer path to winning an Electoral College majority than Trump, according to the latest battleground-state polls.

    In the aftermath of the first debate, Clinton has opened up a lead in vote-rich Florida, according to two polls conducted there. The Democratic former secretary of state is also ahead in post-debate polls in Colorado, Michigan, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina and Virginia. And while her lead in some of those states is more precarious than in others, current polls indicate Clinton would win upwards of 300 electoral votes if the election were held today.

    Three national polls conducted since the Sept. 26 debate — a Fox News poll showing Clinton ahead by 3 points, a CNN/ORC International poll that gave Clinton a 5-point lead and a CBS News poll with Clinton up 6 points in a head-to-head matchup — confirm her improved standing.

    Add it all up and the national and state-level polling suggests Clinton, at least temporarily, has halted the tightening of the polls over the past six weeks — and likely ticked up slightly after outperforming Trump at last week’s debate.


  371. Please, please, please…let there be a new, clean thread soon.

    Shimmy, shimmy.

  372. It says that Senator (Ayotte) is about to lose her re-election:

  373. OOOOOOH, this one is gonna hurt the current Republican leadership..if you can call them that.

  374. So it looks like the Wiki Oct Surprise was a bust. Deplorables are falling apart on twitter. That Alex Jones/Info War guy is cray cray.

  375. How sweet it will be if the twitter people started a trend of #TrumpNotaBillionaire or #whatisHehiding

  376. Apparently Mika is misbehaving this morning calling for Hillary to get off her high horse and that Trump was brilliant… the blackmail is working well on her. She should quit her job if she has any integrity. The show is called MorningJoe and her name is not even there.

  377. From the NYT article:

    …If Mr. Trump wanted to defend his tax practices, he could simply release his returns. But it seems that even for Mr. Trump, paying no taxes would be a political embarrassment. It would show that the government bailed him out of his catastrophically bad business decisions. Legal or not, this is the kind of handout no ordinary citizen could hope to get no matter how dire the circumstance. …

    Incredibly, the Trump campaign argues that because he knows how to game the tax system he should be trusted to reform it. There is no evidence that he would improve tax policy, and plenty of evidence that he would confer even more tax advantages on himself. …

    Every new revelation about Mr. Trump’s business career shows that he’s built his millionaire’s lifestyle on debt, tax avoidance and other people’s money. From bankrupt casinos to a so-called university, he milked them for all he could and left workers, students and taxpayers holding the bag.

  378. Don’t know what is going on. I received another call from a pollster. After I got done with her, she was laughing. I let all my frustration out on her. Although she couldn’t say anything, every time she asked a question about Trump I would answer the question and let her have it about Trump.

  379. Great read from a guy who knows the buffoon from the early 80s and is not afraid to tell it like it is:

    He has touched—embraced!—every third rail in American politics. He has offended (and I apologize if I’ve left some group out): African-Americans, Native Americans, Mexicans, Jews, Muslims, war heroes—war heroes!—families of war heroes, the disabled, women, and babies. Babies! Through word or action, Trump has promoted gun violence, bigotry, ignorance, intolerance, lying, and just about everything else that can be wrong with a society. And yet he marches on, playing to a constituency that just doesn’t seem to care. The thing is, this ramshackle campaign, following a ramshackle business career, has exposed his flaws and failures to the world and, more importantly, to the people he will brush up against for the rest of his life. To them he is now officially a joke. I suspect he knows this. And if his thin skin on minor matters is any indication, he will be lashing out with even more vitriol. He is a mad jumble of a man, with a slapdash of a campaign and talking points dredged from the dark corners at the bottom of the Internet. I don’t think he will get to the White House, but just the fact that his carny act has gotten so far along the road will leave the path with a permanent orange stain. Trump, more than even the most craven politicians or entertainers, is a bottomless reservoir of need and desire for attention. He lives off crowd approval. And at a certain point that will dim, as it always does to people like him, and the cameras will turn to some other American novelty. When that attention wanes, he will be left with his press clippings, his dyed hair, his fake tan, and those tiny, tiny fingers.

  380. OMG… I ma going to use “lickspittles” from now on.

  381. This whole thing about his tax returns is mostly a gigantic tax fraud story and what constituted the 916mil losses and how kosher were they. A question I have been asking from the time it was reported.

  382. I believe that all the living Reagan children now essentially support Hillary. Patty does, so does Ronald, Jr. And I guess Michael, who is certainly the most conservative, does. And yes, Nancy would vote for Hillary. Ronald Reagan might as well, given the Russian aspects. And I am pretty sure that most of the Bushes, excluding Jeb (voting for some unnamed third party) will, too.

    But it is indeed frightening to see how many Americans intend to vote for Trump, despite all the evidence of his psychotic aspects, all his nonsense comments, all the fraud and corruption. This tels us how ignorant, how gullible, and even how hate-filled. many Americans have become. The only protection for our democracy is an informed and reasonably intelligent electorate. The only positive political takeaway from the ’30’s and ’40’s were the fact that rabid fascism, while certainly flirted with by some people, never took hold here. Some of that had to do with FDR, who showed the country that he cared about the average person. Now, however, it looks like 40% or so of the populace would be willing to vote for a fascist demagogue and his neo-Nazi campaign staff. “Cnange” as a word means very little, without the differentiation between worthwhile and reasonable change, and a rush to tyranny.

  383. Morning Mika is sleeping with her boss. Now she’s adopting his right wing philosophy. This proves that when you lie down with dogs, you wake up with fleas. The only thing that made this program worth watching about 5 years ago were the debates with the two hosts taking opposite sides. Now she parrots him. She’s an embarassment to the female gender.

  384. Shadowfax, on October 4, 2016 at 11:20 AM said:
    The Big Dawg talks about the problems with ObamaCare

    He is absolutely correct. I see and hear this everyday as a RN. People cannot afford the premiums, nor the high co-pays for medications, appointments, labs, and other forms of treatment. This is why the system needs to be revamped.

  385. Absolutely birdgal, and there is no one more experienced to revamp ObamaCare than the woman that worked on HillaryCare!

  386. Brassy Rebel, not only that, Trump threatened to out their secret (whatever it is) a while ago and recently both met him in Trump Tower and the tune has changed since then. Both are afraid what Trump will do to them. Sarah Kendzior documented this on her twitter.

  387. They need to lock Bill up until after the election. I understand where he is coming from on Obamacare. Right now we don’t need any distractions.

  388. Hillary Clinton, Seizing on Tax Returns, Says Donald Trump Embodies ‘Rigged System’

  389. Neetabug, gotta disagree on if the Big Dawg should stay on the porch or not.

    Millions of voters don’t like ObamaCare, it was formed so Big Pharma and the Insur. Companies made huge profits off of American’s.

    Hillary will fight to make costs competitive and that is what Bill is talking about.

    Go Bill, go!!!

  390. Hillary Clinton Responds, With Fervor, to Girl’s Question on Body Image

    HAVERFORD, Pa. — The teenager leaned into the microphone, pausing for a beat. She had a question for Hillary Clinton, about her high school and Donald J. Trump.

    “At my school, body image is a really big issue for girls my age,” began Brennan Leach, 15, who had a red bow in her hair. “I see with my own eyes the damage Donald Trump does when he talks about women and how they look.”

    How, she asked, could Mrs. Clinton help girls understand “that they are so much more than just what they look like?”

    Briefly, Mrs. Clinton appeared ready to rocket out of her seat.

    “Thank you!” the candidate shouted, as the crowd cheered Brennan. “Thank you!”

    Mrs. Clinton had been holding forth on Tuesday in a Haverford community center gymnasium, beside her daughter, Chelsea, and the actress Elizabeth Banks, for a town hall — a “FAMILY TOWN HALL,” according to the blue block letters behind her onstage — speaking to a largely female crowd in the kind of Philadelphia suburb that could decide this critical state.

    Brennan’s question was the first of the day and, for Mrs. Clinton, the most potent.

    Since last week’s debate, Mrs. Clinton has brought attention to Mr. Trump’s history of making disparaging remarks about the appearance of women, particularly his comments about the weight of the 1996 Miss Universe, Alicia Machado. Even before the debate, Mrs. Clinton’s team had released an evocative ad that featured girls looking anxiously in their mirrors, scored to a selection of Trump insults.

    On Tuesday, Mrs. Clinton said she was “so proud” of Brennan for asking the question. Mr. Trump, she agreed, “has taken this concern to a new level of difficulty and meanness.”

    She reminded the room that “young women begin to get influenced at earlier and earlier ages” by social expectations of body image.

    Brennan Leach (in red bow) at a campaign event for Hillary Clinton in Haverford, Pa., on Tuesday. Credit Todd Heisler/The New York Times
    “My opponent insulted Miss Universe!” she said, to laughs. “How do you get more acclaimed than that? But it wasn’t good enough.”

    She went on.

    “We can’t take any of this seriously anymore,” she said, her voice building. “We need to laugh at it. We need to refute it. We need to ignore it. And we need to stand up to it.”

    She spoke of the “many young women online who are being bullied.” Some were hurting themselves, she said. It had to stop.

    “We’re not all going to end up being Miss Universe, I hate to tell you,” she continued, wrapping up. “So let’s be the best we can be. Let’s be proud of who we are.”

    The audience, which included many parents and their children, roared.

    We finally have a champion that will stand up for our girls, teens and all women!!

    Thank you Hillary.

  391. With all the really damaging info already out on Trump and the pettiness he continues exhibit, I do not see anyway for him to recover. The VP debate tonight will not help Trump. Pence will most likely be playing clean up, not to mention is own shortcomings and boneheaded statements. I don’t think Kaine needs to say much, since its really about Clinton and Trump. Clinton has already proven she’s an overqualified woman to Trump’s gross inadequacies. (That’s the nicest way I can say it.)

  392. Oh, Fairy Godmother Mods, may we please have a clean thread for tonight’s debate? Thank you for all you do!

  393. For your general amusement:

  394. Voters coming home to Clinton

  395. Pantsuit Power!

  396. Shadowfax, on October 4, 2016 at 2:59 PM said:

    Neetabug, gotta disagree on if the Big Dawg

    Shadow, I get it. All I am say is it is a distraction with the news media.

  397. Glad to hear that about Gary Johnson is falling in the polls. He is nutty and sounds nuttier the longer he talks.

  398. ROFL! Stupid dolts in GOP deleted this but were dumb enough to post it. All about how Pence won the debate. With details! LMAOOOOOOOOOO.

  399. new thread anyone?

  400. CNN : Al Gore going on the trail for Hillary for the last month to try to attract more millennials.

  401. New post up!!!!

    Your wish is my command.

  402. Now, Ups, that is funny!

  403. Shadow, I get it. All I am say is it is a distraction with the news media.


    I know what you mean, but a lot of Dems and Independents hate ObamaCare and the major flaws it has. Going after indies and those that think the supermajority just passed something that was worse than what they had, and profits Pharma and Ins. Comps is the right and smart thing to do. Hillary has been saying the same thing.

    Obama fluffers in the media don’t want anything less than perfect said against Obama, and the Big Dawg said the final outcome sucked for millions, which it does. The costs would be much better if there was competition, like it is in medicare.

    Big media has not been truthful against ObamaCare, made excuses for Trump and loves to try and slap Bill around.

    They all suck, IMHO. (wink)

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