VP Debate and GOP Dolts.

No need to watch the debate!

Apparently, the GOP consulted with Carnack and declared Pence the Winner earlier today. They deleted it but not before half the world got the screenshot.

Dolts, I tell you.



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  1. GMTA Uppity! I was just gonna post this!

  2. Too funny!

  3. Oh boy a new thread and bingo card to boot!

    Thank you!!!!

    Gotta get our Hillary here too…

  4. So Trump will be LIVE tweeting the debate! But not with out his babysitters!! LOL.

  5. Trump’s tweets need to be set on Parental Control, his babysitters aren’t fast enough to grab his device.

  6. LOL Shadow! Maybe they could put his tweets on a 3 second delay!

  7. Notice how they plan for Pence to go after Hillary’s “scandals”? They really are deplorables.

  8. i wish they would talk about issues.

  9. It’s all they have birdgal. They just attack HRC 24/7.

  10. The Grifter is going to tweet again?

    Vladdykins is going to be hitting the vodka again… 😉

    Trump and Roger Stone and Steve Bannon and even Vlad Putin are just so many cakes in the urinal of Evolution, as are their fans. I will enjoy their bellows of rage as they sink into the tar pits. 😈

  11. Is Trump nearby? He might walk on the stage if Pence underperforms?

  12. Is Trump nearby? He might walk on the stage if Pence underperforms?

    Ascended Madoka make it so! Let him dig his campaign’s grave with his tongue AGAIN! 😆

  13. Pennsylvania is looking sold for HRC now, latest 2 polls +11 and +10 for her…..

  14. I’m excited to see how well Kaine does on his own.

  15. Bill and Hillary are probably watching with some friends, bet Hillary is going to take notes…

  16. This debate is 2/12 hours????
    Trump would never last that long!

  17. Trump, the small, very small man does not want to share his space with Pence:

  18. My fave part of this latest GOP screw-up is that they said they FACT-CHECKED during the debate.

    Gotta love those GOP “fact-checkers.”

  19. Pence looks like a reject from Deep Space Nine……

  20. Good start, Kaine.

  21. Hillary HQ has the youtube video of the VP’s


  22. VP debates are boring as hell, its like Tea with Mother, all they needs is a teapot and some lace doylies with small cut sandwiches.

  23. Pence starts getting rude first, cheeky fecker. Answer the question, he just avoided the entire fucking question.

  24. There goes the humbleness of 2Pence…lasted 30 seconds.

  25. lol, Trump a brilliant businessman, Pence leaving himself wideee open here.

    Open goal Kaine, hit him hard.

  26. too aggressive on both sides…

  27. I hate Pence already, horrible creature………..

  28. Pence has that same tight-lipped smirk that GW Bush has. Bugs the beejeebeez out of me.

  29. Sorry, it’s a 90 minute debate.
    Tim Kaine seems a lot more passionate than I thought he’d be.
    Pence is cooler, like an EVIL cucumber.
    Tim is protective of Hillz.

  30. Pence lies so easily.

  31. Pence is the sort of guy who sits back, eats your dinner with you, then gets up, and shoots you in the head and then sits back down and continues on eating…..he’s that sort of evil.

  32. Yes moon. Good description, you should tweet that.

  33. Pence is putting me to sleep, the guy has the charisma of a 2 week old loaf of bread thats gone stale, i’ve seen livlier corpses.

  34. Pence brags on what a great governor he is, trying to hobble women and gays,forcing his crackpot Evangelical bullshit onto everybody. Here’s what Indiana thinks of Mike Pence.

  35. 2Pence needs to go back for more Botox. He is so right wing creepy.

  36. Its clear Pence really does not want to talk taxes…..

  37. Pence is really trying to efend Trumps taxes with that defence, good holy fuck.

  38. Get him Kaine

  39. It looks like they are just interrupting each other, but she is offering “discussion” format.

  40. Well that was a whole load of horse mess for Pence on Trumps taxes, the american people aint gonna buy any of that shit……

  41. I tell you Pence is straight out of Star Trek….

  42. or this……

  43. Pence is answering sweet FA and is good at deflecting things and changing the subject.

  44. Why does 2Pence get to go on and on……………….

  45. Yeah, Pence is filibustering

  46. Botox alert. Too much hair spay 2Pence.

  47. Hillary was right dipshit, you brought every piece of shit out of the woodwork and celebrated it.

  48. Kaine could have went on for half an hour listing people Trump had insulted.

  49. and no ICE did not endorse you, thats a lie, they asked you to retract that.

  50. Pence not really denying they would round up anybody they didn’t like……

  51. “Trump can’t start a Twitter war w/ Ms. Universe w/o shooting himself in the foot.” -Kaine

    That was a good one!

  52. My reaction to Pence…..

  53. I’m not that happy with Kaine’s performance. He’s not calling Pence on his laughing and dismissing of serious issues.
    Pence is a very scary liar. The trouble is, a lot of people don’t listen to the words, they listen to the tone. Pence is fake nice. Kaine is real nice cuz he shows the passion. Some might view the passion as more rattled. I don’t, but pundits might.

  54. Pence is the sort of guy you run away from in a Scream movie and then rips his mask of.

  55. Kaine is not shy at all.

  56. Pence is not any better than the surrogates who show up TV lying through their teeth. This man is unqualified from the get go.

  57. Pence is saying Putin is a nasty guy after Trump has been praising him, this campaign is schizophrenic.

  58. Be careful of those quiet one.

  59. imusthaveHillary, on October 4, 2016 at 9:56 PM said:

    I’m not that happy with Kaine’s performance

    I think he is doing a great job.

  60. Pence shaking his head again trying to deny putin links, what a sack of shit, this guy is Goebbels…..

  61. imust, agree. Pence is evil and I never thought he would be this way. He must think lying is a Christian virtue.

  62. I think Tim is doing the best he can. Tim has to tell the truth, Pence lies like a rug on top of Trump’s head.
    Pence is smooth at lying and saying nothing. That’s all I’m saying. Obviously, I like what Tim is saying better! I just mean, Pence is the typical liar that we see every day on cable news lying for Trump.

    Tim is like one of HRC’s nice surrogates, too nice for the slimy liar.
    Be clear. I like the nice one better.

  63. Has Pence actually answered one single question.

  64. Pence has lied his ass off tonight saying Trump has not said any of this stuff………its down the fucking rabbit hole time.

  65. Imusthavehillary

    Got ya! Smooth talkers are always liars.

  66. Strength from Rump, he is a psycho.

  67. Who is Pence running with because its sure as fuck not Donald Trump.

  68. Kaine is fulfilling his role as an attack dog. Pence comes off rationale compared to Trump , so it’s kind of a draw.

  69. It is not just lying about Hillary (and Trump), Pence is simply making stuff up about everything.

  70. There he goes, fucker. Get him Kaine.

  71. You want to talk about foundations……lets talk about foundations, Trumps, cease and desist, paying for play and funneling money through to Trump and pay for his shit.

  72. Bullshit Pence, Trump foundation is a shell company for Trump…….to launder shit.

  73. moon, I was so waiting for Kaine to say cease and desist… he didn’t get to it.

  74. It’s really difficult to listen to Pence spouting all these lies. Happy that Tim finally called him on laughing.

  75. Kaine would need a month nonstop to refute all those lies……….

  76. Is lying allowed in your Christian faith?

  77. Kaine is so sincere in his faith. Pence is FAKE.

  78. Pence is a big LIAR

  79. In my experience, “christians” like Pence are the worst, they basically will say and do anything to justify their warped version of extremist faith. They are as bad as any extremist in any religion.

  80. Considering that 2Pence was allowed to drone on, lie after lie about Rump, and Kaine kept getting called out for any overstep…I think Kaine did well under the circumstances.

    He couldn’t just call him out on EVERY lie, and still talk about the positive things Hillary has done and will do.

  81. Wipped out that Mexican thing again……..WTF!

  82. Pence is one fucker you would never turn your back on, he is the worst kind of cold politician, he reminds me of the President in house of cards……….

  83. moononpluto, on October 4, 2016 at 10:28 PM said:

    In my experience, “christians” like Pence are the worst, they basically will say and do anything to justify their warped version of extremist faith. They are as bad as any extremist in any religion


  84. Pence is what we call a HYPOCRITE.

    I am so mad I hope I spelled it right.

  85. Cant wait for the split screen ad of Trump saying one thing and then Pence denying he said it on live TV……..bet its out by the morning…………

  86. Pence was as douchie as I expected. Kaine seems like a smart, good guy.

  87. This is going to be one thing tonight that will run and run

  88. So what for fuckin style, he lied through his ass…..

  89. Chris Mathews thinks Pence was more effective as opposed to Kaines attack style.

  90. CNN undecided voters went for Kaine by a mile.

  91. Kaine spoke over Pence because Pence was lying and making stuff up on everything.

  92. Kaine isn’t known, tonight was his chance to be known.

    He was rude. Very rude. IMO he lost.

    The silver lining is I foresee a TV add with Pence swearing Trump didn’t say this or say that with the audio of Trump saying it.

    So a few days down the road, he will look like a liar, which is what he was on each and every quote.

  93. I thought Pence was interrupting as much… but not sure why it is on Kaine’s head and also nobody is talking about Pence’s lying and just making stuff up.

  94. Hope this sticks!

  95. Analysts on CNN and MSNBC both saying Pence is running in 2020 and did more good for himself tonight than he did for Trump. Chucked Trump under the bus then backed the bus up on him.

  96. Yeah, this was a great line:

  97. Comic relief

  98. Kaine didn’t help his own image much. But he fired off AK15 style attacks against Trump. So in the long run, Kaine gave Team Clinton a lot of sound bites and ammo for ads.

  99. Pence could not even get the fucking name of the university he was in, right!

  100. Agree with Uppity. I think Kaine came off way to aggressive . Probably won’t matter, but he seemed a little wild at the beginning.

  101. Wolf on CNN spinning for Pence, no shock there…..

  102. ugly animal killing dolt on CNN, is this the dumbass one.

  103. This chump is thicker than his father……..

  104. I thought Kaine did a great job and I am sorry but he was not rude. Mike Pence is Donald Trump without the bull horn. He starts talking about the Clinton foundation because he couldn’t say one thing about North Korea. I think Kaine across as a great advocate for Clinton! Someone needs to hold Trump and Kaines feet to the fire and he did that tonight.

  105. The asshole son going on about daddy being in audit….this is not washing……

  106. This is the dynamics all along this season. Trump lies, his surrogates lie, they are articulate, they are very smooth in their telling of lies and stories. The other side is the good guys, they are looking for serious arguments based on facts, owning up and can’t lie or distort. Kaine does not deserve what he is getting. It is hard to sit tight and listen to their bullshit. Pence was full of shit with a smirk on his face.

  107. Sorry someone needs to hold Trump and Pence’s feet to the fire!

  108. all this amazing and tremendous shite they speak, seen it millions of times, its sleazy timeshare salesman speak when you are selling shit from the back of a van.

  109. I don’t think Trump is a gracious guy (LOL!! at my own line, bear with me). He is seething inside that Pence did better than he did and all the good press he is getting and especially the ones that say Pence is aiming for 2020.

  110. Kaine did what he needed to do and that was to help Hillary. Pence did not help Trump one bit. Pence did not even answer the questions and had to be called down on that by the moderator. However the moderator did not do a good job. Now the next thing that probably is going to happen is whatever the idiot pundits are saying tonight is going to go down the drain because of all the lies Pence said tonight. All of his lies about Putin etc tonight are going to be played side by side showing him to be a big time liar.

  111. Grab the popcorn…

  112. Fine, let us play the game. Give the debate to Pence. But what do you want to bet that Trump is going to get jealous and seethe inside and who knows what he will do? Pence’s bio is not even on Trump’s website and he treats Pence like a dog. Let us play up Pence who didn’t lift a finger to defend Trump tonight and who bad mouthed Putin, (OMG).

  113. There are 2 republican campaigns going on, we never see them together, never see them contact each other, I dont think they like each other.

    Trump will not react well to Pence not defending him.

  114. This is true:

  115. Yep! just go look at her TL.

  116. JB

    Chris Mathews thinks Pence was more effective as opposed to Kaines attack style.

    Jebus, when did trickle down his leg ever get anything right?

  117. If Kaine was rude, I would have Trumped his rudeness and raised him in volume.

  118. SophieCT, that is a winner!!

  119. Tim kaine did his job well. He kept the pressure on Trump. Pence ran away from Trump. I agree with what Paul Begala said on CNN. That pence made up his running mate. Essentially pence lied through his teeth about Donald Trump. Therefore trump lost. Pence was in it for himself and his potential 2020 run. In the end this makes Hillary Clinton president.

  120. I can’t remember the last time I agreed with wolfFace. He is all about anyone but Hillary…especially if they are male.

  121. Actually, Tweety’s loud approbation for Pence might be a good psyop to rattle Trump.

  122. McDonnell doesn’t think Pence won and thinks he said a lot of things that were caught on video, that the Clinton campaign can use. He will talk about it on his show tomorrow.

  123. I call bs on anyone that says 2Pence won tonight. Boom!

  124. Okay, who told the most lies…2Pence won.

  125. Well I said that. Are you calling me a bullshitter? Inquiring minds with the block button want to know.

  126. a lot of things that were caught on video, that the Clinton campaign can use. He will talk about it on his show tomorrow.

    Like I said, this would be the only silver lining. Lots of material. But on its face, Kaine was horrible, perhaps that was the intent. But the immediate optics are not good. He was also verrrrrrrrrrry rude to the moderator. I reminded me of when I used to see all the white males in the meeting talking over the woman. Yes Pence did it too, once he caught on that he could. It’s what men do.

    In any event I can only judge by what was in front of face as it applies to the event, without regard for any psychological plans or plots. After all, the average viewers judge a debate in that way.

  127. “Whipping out that Mexican thing again” is going to BE a thing and already is among Latinos.

  128. Upps, I agree with you regarding Kaine coming on way too strong, especially at the beginning, but HRC plays the long game.

    The shelf-life of this debate will be until Sunday when the next POTUS debate is. Kaine got commercials full of content with Pence lying for ads to air in between. That may have been the long-game. Plus, Trump now knows his VP debated for his own benefit for 2020 which will cause a Trump meltdown.

  129. Well I said that. Are you calling me a bullshitter? Inquiring minds with the block button want to know.

    Uppity, is this directed at me? because I said this: “It is hard to sit tight and listen to their bullshit. ” in one of my comments? I said that about Pence and Trump people and talking about Kaine not being able to sit tight and listen to Pence’s bullshit. My whole comment was about Trump/Pence and Kaine. Why did you think it was about you?

  130. Uppity Woman, on October 5, 2016 at 12:17 AM said:
    Well I said that. Are you calling me a bullshitter? Inquiring minds with the block button want to know.

    I called bs on the media that claim Pence won.

    If you disagree with me, you can block me Upps.

  131. Nope, Pm. It wasn’t.

  132. If you disagree with me, you can block me Upps.

    Shit. I just can’t have any fun anymore.

  133. Uppity, I have gone to so many blogs since 2008…it doesn’t rile me up any more. 😉

  134. Hey, all. Interesting theory on social media. Pence didn’t defend Trump because Republicans are planning on IMPEACHING Trump’s ass thus handing over the POTUS position to Pence.

    That sounds like something Ryan and McConnell would do.

  135. Yeah Voting, except that maggot is never going to be VP to begin with.

  136. LOL, Uppity. Don’t scare Shadowfax like that again. She is a fragile soul.

    On the other hand, I do agree with your assessment of Kaine. Part of the problem is that (IMHO) Kaine does not have that clean WASPy look and he is not photogenic and his verbal (adversarial) behavior adds to it on camera. At one point I thought he was angry at the ‘gaslighting’ (yes, The New Republic has a nice writeup) coming from Pence and tried very hard not to show it.

  137. pm

    Haha, I’m not fragile after 2008. I am loyal but I have an opinion or two that isn’t always that humble.

    I think Hillary supporters have to be tough after all the crap we have gone though and all that our girl has gone though.

    Maybe I am the odd one out here, but Kaine was stronger than I expected. I thought he might be too polite, and I like someone that stands up when liars pretend they are holier than thou. Stomping on liars is fair by me.

  138. There is one large pissed off Cheeto sitting in Trump Tower begging for his phone. He wants the world to know that Dence ain’t all that. He wants the world to know that he won his debate better than Dence. Dence is about to be relegated to a small kennel in the baggage hold of Trump Force One. He will be lucky to have water and the undigested remnants of uneaten taco bowls.

  139. Shadow, I agree with you Tim Kaine did his job. He did exactly what hope was supposed to do. He won for Hillary not for himself. Pence lost it for Trump by running away from Trump. All he did was appear more “normal for a conservative.” But the reality is that you don’t vote for a president because of the veep. All he did was make trump appear more radical while trying to rise his own 2020 stock. Pence is playing the long game for himself. It’s like he’s already conceded 2016.

  140. And here also


    I could find more. Reality is Kaine did his job Pence didn’t. I’m off today prepping for the hurricane that may or may not hit south Florida

  141. Correction just checked the forecast. Looks like Broward County and above under a Hurricane warning

    To all of you in Florida. Stay safe

  142. What is it with Bill Clinton? Does he want Hillary to be president or not? Honestly, his speech about Obamacare was simply a terrific way to alienate the two people who can help Hillary the most. I cringe every time I know they are sending Bill out there to talk. What he did was simply AWFUL. And to worst part of it is it’s actually true. ACA DID put millions of people on health insurance rolls. The problem is the rest of us got fucked in every available orifice to pay for it, so that the ACA is no longer affordable for them. I have seen my premiums double and more since they started even TALKING about it. And now another 11% coming for the first of the year. It’s getting horrible and I know I am not alone either.

    There is only one problem with ACA. And that problem is the health insurance companies CONTINUE to have a waiver from antitrust laws that prevent companies from becoming monopolies. The Insurers ALL tie up regions and competition is squelched. Basically, they get away with price fixing. And nobody does a thing about it. But did Bill mention that? Nope!

    These are the laws health insurers don’t have to follow (Congressional waiver). You need only look to see that this is the real problem as to why health care premiums are out of control. Anybody who actually PAYs for health insurance is totally and completely being gouged. It essentially doesn’t matter WHERE you go for your insurance, if you are an individual or a small business, the ACA is NOT affordable. I know millions were ADDED to the insurance rolls, but I truly wonder how many OTHER people fell OFF the rolls because they could no longer afford health insurance.

    I know Hillary KNOWs this. In my mind I would BET she’s going to address it, but jesus, Bill is about as much help at THIS point as a screen door in a submarine. You can’t send him anywhere, he fucks up and I don’t know if it’s a subconscious thing, all I know it it’s not a good thing. I get skittish every time I hear he’s going to speak.


  143. All the things Mike Pence said Donald Trump didn’t say, he did by @RiegerReport

  144. FLVoter, the crazy weather that can turn on a dime in FLA is a major reason i sold my parents’ home in Florida. I saw some pretty wild shit over the decades and opted to stay in NY, at least the seasons are predictable. Winter is sometimes hobbling, but at least snow isn’t trying to kill me.

  145. Uppity what I find funny is everybody complains about Hillary being scripted but then the minute either she or Bill go “off message” the press is like a bunch if piranhas circling. Even Obama said it needs a fix and if you read the whole thing it’s not like the press is playing it out to be. After Donald’s terrible horrible bad week the press is looking for something to bring Hillary “down a notch”. The whole in the basement thing didn’t work and neither will this.

  146. But GA, Bill wasn’t just “Off Message”. It was sabotage!

    Nobody, I will repeat, NOBODY is helping Hillary more than the Obamas! She needs them and they need her. They don’t seem to go off message at all.

    I tell you, I think Bill is worries she might be a better president than he was. Either that or he is losing it. I am not sure which it is. All I know is I freak when I hear he’s going to speak. I am that untrusting of what is going to come out of his mouth. When he’s not saying something stupid, he’s focusing on his OWN presidency. He should have been pulled off with a hook early on when he got scrappy over his crime bill. I knew it then. I knew it would get worse and it just did. He’s not a good advocate. Needs to go play golf or something.

    I’m sorry but I am a person who sees what’s before her eyes and I can’t sugar coat what just happened. It was bad. VERY bad. He is sowing seeds of problems between Michelle and Barack and Hillary. Great work, Bill!

  147. Polifact has come out with their fact checking. They are tagging Pence with lying 70% of the time while Kaine only 20%. Good news there.

  148. http://www.nytimes.com/2016/10/05/opinion/mike-pences-galling-amnesia.html?_r=0

    One of Pence’s assignments was to counter Trump’s childish excitability with adult calm, which he did almost flawlessly. Another of his assignments was to make Trump palatable to wavering Americans by communicating that Trump was positively yummy to him. He aced that, too, meaning that he’s either a phenomenally talented actor or a master of self-deception.

  149. UW, I have been up since 5AM prepping my office, my home and looking for water. For unknown reasons every grocery store, Walmart etc… did not receive water this morning. You would think that they would have things better coordinated by now. I lucked out and found 6 cases of water at my neighborhood convenience store. So now I have enough to distribute to my in-laws and aunt later this morning. My husband and I are back at home working from home so that we can take off later today to put up storm shutters on everyone’s houses.

    The joys of living in Florida! I am still hoping that the storm will stay way off to the east and all we get are tropical storm winds at the most. We are told we will know more later today. Right now its diminished to a 3 but the consensus is that it will increase to a 4 again before it affects Florida.

  150. You FLVoter, this is an excellent argument for shoring up for the next one. Because there always seems to be a Next One. If you have the room, you might want to stock and not use cases of water and other items you can use or consume that are shelf stable. Scary stuff, I know. I do hope you have no problems with it. A lot of people are buying generators to shore up too. Great idea is people can afford it. Now they have generators that self-test and stay connected to your power, so that if you lose power, the generator kicks in almost immediately.

    I’ve been there in some horrific weather so I know how scary it is. I once saw what seemed to be twister take the roof off a car, shoot over the waterway and crash into the house across the water. We were on our way to dinner. I was totally shocked at how casually people down there take these things. I remember my father saying, Ok, let’s get to dinner. I was like, I can’t do that Dad, because I think I broke my jaw when it dropped lol.

  151. flvoter, Stay safe.

  152. Heard this morning the Donald is not happy with Pence debate performance. Reports he threw him under the bus with the Putin comment.
    They say he might seem happy in public, not in private.

  153. It’s true that we all watched Pence lie like a rug. He denied denied denied what really was said by Trump. We all knew that, but then we are a small segment of the population that pays attention for inordinate periods of time in our lives. What really counted was the Event. The debate. That’s where the audience is comprised of, not only die-hards like us, but the people who are just tuning in to the election, of which there are many. Very few of them will be checking out fact-checks. They watched, they saw, they walked away with face value. Kaine was cranky and aggressive, Pence was calm and rational. Truth won’t be checked. Pence nearly demonically made Kaine look like a liar even though he was telling the truth.

    More importantly, calm and rational wins every time. Just ask Hillary after her debate last week. But hey, what the hell do I know? I’m just a meatball like everybody else, with the possible exception that I pay more attention to elections than most people do.

    IMO it’s a good thing VP debates have little sway value. And it’s also a good thing that Trump is under extreme pressure to win the next debate or die on the vine. I am sure Hillary will do all she can to make sure his chain is pulled, considering how easy that is when you are arguing with a mental 7 year old.

  154. Shadowfax, on October 5, 2016 at 2:13 AM said:


    Maybe I am the odd one out here, but Kaine was stronger than I expected.

    I agree.

  155. Bill needs to only be assigned to senior citizens homes.

  156. UW, I am usually prepared. My problem is time is that I was short 6 cases of water (36 gallons) but was able to find it this morning after my staff and I prepped my office. I usually carry 5 gallons of water a day per person for three days. That’s a sh!it load of water! We have tons of canned foods, paper plates, other disposables, etc… I feel bad for newbies that haven’t a clue what’s going on. I even have some tranquilizers for one of my dogs that is affected by storms. I consider myself lucky that all I was missing was some water. My prep kit always has charged spare battery back ups for electronics, batteries, flashlights, lanterns, tap lights for bathrooms, trash bags, bleach, disinfectant, first aide kit, bandages, shelf stable foods, chainsaw, etc… Every year in the spring I reload perishable supplies for summer and just before thanksgiving I donate it all to the local food banks, etc… so it all stays fresh.

    I really love living in Florida but these storms suck. Last time one affected us was Wilma about 10 years ago.

  157. Ugh, why are they bringing back Al Gore? is it to show these millennials if they don’t vote or vote third party, that another 2000 may ensue?

    Shadow, you’re doing fine!

  158. They are tagging Pence with lying 70% of the time while Kaine only 20%

    Lying 70% of the time in a debate is not a winner in my book.

  159. FLVoter sounds like you’ve been in this movie enough times. You need a whole room for all that prep stuff!

    What county are you in?

  160. LOL PM, when I heard Gore my hair stood on end too.

    Nobody even thinks about him anymore. He disappeared with his $200million right after Copenhagen. Been AWOL ever since.

  161. Sophie

    Mike Pence tried really, really hard to deny pretty much everything Donald Trump has said and done. Let’s replay the tape: (Hillary’s ad)


    Loser Pence is going to be the main star of many political ads…showing his bold faced lies and showing the disgusting behavior of Rump that he was trying to deny.

    Soft spoken lies are not more acceptable than any other lie.

  162. Yeah Broward. my home was there. We had these steel shutters on all the windows and any other opening attached to the home, eg patio, deck. Reminded me of a prison when they had to be used. You’d slam shut like Fort Knox and just pray.

  163. Al Gack, the man that invented the internets, boring and a creep.

    Who’s next, Michael Moore?

  164. Hahaha Michael Moore. Might as well give up then and there. lol

  165. As I watched the debate I saw nothing wrong with Tim’s performance if people remember what the format was “a discussion”. Pence pretty much denied his running mate was Trump. I thought ok, I get it. If Trump got elected he’ll be impeached or disqualified and Pence will become President.
    I’m in Fort Lauderdale. Might not be back for some time as I remember 3 weeks without power when Hurricane Wilma came through 10+ years ago. Alot of trees have grown back since.

  166. I watched on CSPAN. The callers who called in after debate reminded me of the callers (and praised Trump/Pence) who call into the Home Shopping Club after buying jewelry because they love the host so much.

  167. UW I am in east Fort Lauderdale. My first hurricane was Wilma. After that no real events until Wilma. Just a bunch of close calls. I am hoping for this one to be just a tropical storm only. But you gotta be prepared just in case.

  168. Sorry meant to write my first hurricane was Andrew not Wilma

  169. Haha.. Trump is not the genius he says he is, who would have thunk it?

  170. I am no fan of Al Gore, never was. But he can possibly help with two things, both involving millennials. He can talk about how some voters who just had to show that they thought there was no difference in the two parties by voting for Nader, literally got George Bush elected, leading to the Iraq War, the economic collapse, and Roberts and Alito on the Court. Also, for the 50% of millennials who by polling numbers seem to believe that there is no difference whatsoever between Hillary and Trump on climate change issues, Gore has credibility there. There is no way that he could carry a rally on his own, but maybe he could speak as sort of a warmup act for other surrogates. I don’t see how he would hurt in such a rule.

  171. As Uppity would say, because of Penis!

  172. lildoggy, stay safe!

  173. As to Bill Clinton, I am also made uncomfortable by the fact that he gives the media fodder to cause problems. I’ve heard some of his speeches on the trail this year, and he still has all his faculties his points are intelligent, even though it seems to take him a while to get there. But he certainly does seem to manage to say things which, taken out of context, provide headlines to be used against the campaign. That is partly because, since it is not his election campaign, there is not enough footage of them to show the points he is trying to make.

    I know he very much wants Hillary to win. In 2008, he said more than once that he thought Hillary would be a better president than he was. I just think that in his nature to put forth complex policy arguments, he goes off script, and then the media take a line or two and run it as a headline. This obviously is not helpful; there is no political advantage to it.

  174. Does Bill want Hillary to be president? I think he has mixed emotions, and it’s easy to see why. Every time he gets mentioned in this campaign it’s to slam his legacy or remind everyone about his sexual history. And the Clinton Foundation has to be greatly scaled back because “optics”. With good reason, he is genuinely proud of the Foundation and its work. Yet, it’s made out to be something shady. All because his wife is going to be president. Some of the things he says and does are not helpful to Hillary. Still, I’m not totally unsympathetic. He was a good president and doesn’t deserve to have his whole legacy trashed and his presidential history revised. In his shoes, I might pop off a little too much too.

  175. Bill want’s Hillary to win, and the AF is anything but affordable and poorly structured. Obama didn’t do a thing to keep it from lining the pockets of Big Pharma and Ins. Co.s.

    I don’t think it will lose many Obama supporters, if any, but Bill’s speech may win over a lot more independents and angry Dems. I don’t think it will push any of them to Trump, since Trump has NO PLAN on how to get people health care if they lose OCare.

  176. Remember, these folks are voting also:

  177. Hope this comes up in the debate. In 2002, Hillary fixed (voted for) the tax loophole that perhaps aided Trump withe $916mil NOL. Meanwhile Trump’s accountant at the time says, Trump knew nothing of the tax code or the details in his returns.


  178. To all our Uppity ladies in this hurricane’s path, please stay safe, heed any and all warnings. We want your beautiful Uppity selves back as soon as possible safe and as sound as one can be this election cycle.

    You are in the prayers of those of us that do pray and the thoughts and hearts of us all.

  179. Well, as far as the ACA it’s not popular so what Bill said might actually help with independents. I really don’t know. I do know that everybody was screaming about him being on the tarmac with Loretta Lynch but that sure worked out if it was planned or not by getting Lynch off the seat of the stupid FBI email thing and putting Comey on the hot seat and now the entire GOP is trashing Comey all over creation. So either they are doing this because they are politically smart or just stupid lucky I have no idea.

    Getting to the issue of Kaine and the VP debate. The strategy has come clear today. It seems like the strategy was for Kaine to “take one for the team” and get Pence on record with all the crapola he and Trump have been spewing for months. The goal apparently never was to “win” since VP debates don’t move the needle anyway. Kaine seems to have delivered gold judging by what Hillary’s team has been able to throw together in short order. Now we can all sit back and laugh at all the bizarre things that Pence said. As Jonathan Chait said you’re an idiot to lie when it can be refuted with a tape of what you said.

  180. Didnt see that coming either….

  181. Those 3 times…..

    1: the Civil War
    2: the Civil Rights movement
    3: the Trump campaign.

  182. THIS.

    To all our Uppity ladies in this hurricane’s path, please stay safe, heed any and all warnings. We want your beautiful Uppity selves back as soon as possible safe and as sound as one can be this election cycle.

    You are in the prayers of those of us that do pray and the thoughts and hearts of us all.

  183. Teamsters sent out an email to all their members that they are supporting Hillary today too.

  184. The race is tipping to her now as it did near the end of the primaries, its at tipping point. The dam is going to break.

  185. As we thought….

  186. The dam is going to break.

    tRump had better start setting up some quick foreign loans so he can claim another billion dollar loss on his brand, when he gets sent back to NY from a major ass-kicking by the WOMAN.

  187. Evangelicals believe God is using Trump to deliver Pence to the WH


    Somehow I doubt that God approves of someone that is a profound liar.

  188. Hunker down and stay safe, Florida folks.

  189. Evangelicals believe God is using Trump to deliver Pence to the WH


    This is what I have thought all along. It is a back way to get Pence in the WH and this is why Trump is being supported by Ryan.

  190. N.S.A. Collection of Bulk Call Data Is Ruled Illegal

    WASHINGTON — A federal appeals court in New York ruled on Thursday that the once-secret National Security Agency program that is systematically collecting Americans’ phone records in bulk is illegal. The decision comes as a fight in Congress is intensifying over whether to end and replace the program, or to extend it without changes.

    In a 97-page ruling, a three-judge panel for the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit held that a provision of the U.S.A. Patriot Act, known as Section 215, cannot be legitimately interpreted to allow the bulk collection of domestic calling records.

    The provision of the act used to justify the bulk data program is to expire June 1, and the ruling is certain to increase tension that has been building in Congress.

    It also comes as controversy over electronic surveillance is building in Europe, including a push in France to increase domestic spying and a decision by Germany to reduce cooperation on surveillance with the United States.

    The ruling puts new pressure on Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, the majority leader, to make serious changes to the Patriot Act, which he has so far aggressively defended against any alteration, even as recently as Thursday on the Senate floor. Mr. McConnell has pressed to maintain the N.S.A.’s existing program against bipartisan efforts to scale it back, and has proposed simply extending the statute by the June 1 deadline.

    But the court’s ruling calls into question whether that statute can still be used to issue new orders to phone companies requiring them to turn over their customers’ records.

    Thursday’s ruling is the first time a higher-level court in the regular judicial system has reviewed the N.S.A. phone records program. It did not come with any injunction ordering the program to cease, and it is not clear that anything else will happen in the judicial system before Congress has to make a decision about the expiring law.

    The data collection had repeatedly been approved in secret by judges serving on the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, known as the FISA court, which oversees national security surveillance. Those judges, who hear arguments only from the government, were willing to accept an interpretation of Section 215 that the appeals court rejected on Thursday.

    The court, in a unanimous ruling written by Judge Gerard E. Lynch, held that Section 215 “cannot bear the weight the government asks us to assign to it, and that it does not authorize the telephone metadata program.” It declared the program illegal, saying, “We do so comfortably in the full understanding that if Congress chooses to authorize such a far-reaching and unprecedented program, it has every opportunity to do so, and to do so unambiguously.”

    The House appears ready to pass a bill next week that would end the government’s bulk collection of phone records. That bill, known as the U.S.A. Freedom Act, would replace it with a new program that would preserve the N.S.A.’s ability to analyze links between callers to hunt for terrorists, but keep the bulk records in the hands of phone companies, which would be free to dispose of them after 18 months. The N.S.A. keeps them for five years.

    But the appeals court ruling raises the question of whether Section 215, extended or not, has ever legitimately authorized the program. The statute on its face permits only the collection of records deemed “relevant” to a national security case. The government secretly decided, with the FISA court’s secret approval, that this could be interpreted to mean collection of all records, so long as only those that later turn out to be relevant are scrutinized by analysts.

    However, Judge Lynch wrote: “Such expansive development of government repositories of formerly private records would be an unprecedented contraction of the privacy expectations of all Americans. Perhaps such a contraction is required by national security needs in the face of the dangers of contemporary domestic and international terrorism. But we would expect such a momentous decision to be preceded by substantial debate, and expressed in unmistakable language.”

    The White House argued that the ruling in effect validated President Obama’s support for legislation taking the government out of bulk data collection and leaving the information with the telecommunications companies.

    “Our team is still reviewing the details of the ruling,” Eric Schultz, a White House spokesman, told reporters. “But we believe that regardless of the fine print of that ruling, that legislation is the way to go.”


  191. The above article about the NSA came out in May…but some of us missed it.

  192. For your general amusement:

  193. If GOP congressional leadership won’t stand up to Trump now for fear of alienating the base, how would they stand up to him if he was actually elected by impeaching him? This conspiracy theory makes no sense at all. I think it’s more wishful thinking from Republicans who haven’t figured out how to get rid of Trump. They’re probably whispering this to their big donors.

  194. I like this guy Josh Barro, have been looking at his twitter TL for a while. Watch the MSNBC video till the end for the surprise. 🙂

  195. At the debate if Trump is fool enough to say he knows the tax code like no other and he only can fix it, Hillary should simply say:
    1) your accountant at the time said you didn’t know anything about tax code;
    2) I voted for closing that loophole in 2002.

  196. I think Bill Clinton bringing up Obamacare however he did, will open up opportunities for Hillary in the debate to say what she will do to fix it. Maybe that was his intention to get media attention and force the issue so she can attract people in the middle.

  197. Pence is the kind of person who scares me more than any other type. W/the Trump kind,you can at least hear them coming. w/Pence;if you look @ his eyes…they’re not connected to a soul. He’s the type who justifies all his actions because..” God told him so.” He’ll tell you he’s doing whatever for your own good while he beats the stuffings out of you. And that smug,self-righteous smirk..makes me ill.

    Now we apparently have another e-mail dump from the State Department to be mined for all manner of potential innuendo ;plus a Wikileaks dump. Does anyone believe anything Wikileaks puts out anymore?

    Putin et al must be getting nervous that all their investments aren’t paying off. Hillary should invite Putin to the Inaugural Party so he can see what a real Democracy looks like. We only allow US citizens to buy elections!!

  198. i think if anybody even mentions email the voters are going to hit them upside the head. I’m sure this latest batch is more what’s going on with the TV show The Good Wife and whatever. Wikileaks is a joke. Everyone should ignore them after their bizarre press conference the other day.

  199. I like all the conspiracy talk about the rethugs supporting Trump so they can impeach him and put Dence in his place. Hopefully, it will rattle Trump and make him look dumber than he already looks.

  200. Julian tweeted a bunch of things about how Hillary was trying to assassinate him or some such shit. Next thing you know, he has his press conference where he spends the time praising himself, much to that psycho Roger Stone’s pain, since he tweeted that “Wednesday, Hillary is Toast,” having already bragged he is in communication with Julian, which would be good since the penalty for Treason is death and it couldn’t happen to a better guy than Stone, except maybe Alex Jones or Bannon. In any event, Julian laughed in his face on twitter.

    Anyways he did a release yesterday clarifying that he was “misquoted” and the documents he will be releasing through the rest of the year are not meant to get Hillary. In other words, he has no October Surprise to give anyone whose tongue is hanging out. I’m afraid that TrumptyDumpty won’t be winning any elections based on some “email” leak as so many have craved.

    “The material that WikiLeaks is going to publish before the end of the year is of … a very significant moment in different directions, affecting three powerful organizations in three different states as well as … the U.S election process,” he said via a video link at an event marking the group’s 10th anniversary.

    He said the material would focus on war, weapons, oil, mass surveillance, the technology giant Google and the U.S. election, but declined to give any details.

    “There has been a misquoting of me and Wikileaks publications … (suggesting) we intend to harm Hillary Clinton or I intend to harm Hillary Clinton or that I don’t like Hillary Clinton. All those are false,” he said.


  201. When I said “hopefully it will rattle Trump…” I really meant: hopefully it will enrage Trump and make him look more dangerous than he already looks.

  202. I think if anybody even mentions email the voters are going to hit them upside the head.


  203. Uppity tweeted this and I was looking for it. Here we go! I read this aloud to my husband and I cried. I didn’t know The Atlantic was that old and had such storied past.

    He is spectacularly unfit for office

  204. NEW POST UP, ON THE ATLANTIC ARTICLE. I was writing it while you were posting the link lolol

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