“The Most Ostentatiously Unqualified” Presidential Candidate In History


It’s just another publication endorsing Hillary, right?


trumpsteaks…..There are two things that make The Atlantic’s endorsement noteworthy. First, The Atlantic doesn’t endorse candidates. More specifically, they have only endorsed 3 candidates in history, by necessity: Abraham Lincoln, LBJ (due to fear of the crazed Barry Goldwater, and……Hillary Clinton.

The second thing that makes this endorsement noteworthy, besides the fact that NO publication has endorsed Donald Trump, the …. esteemed… National Enquirer notwithstanding, is the thorough and complete dissection of Donald J. Trump in their endorsement release. In fact, since they are not in the habit of endorsing Presidential candidates, except in dire emergency, if Donald J. Trump were not on the ballot, they would be endorsing no one. In summary, The Atlantic is endorsing Hillary to save the world from Trump, declaring that he “might be the most ostentatiously unqualified major-party candidate in the 227-year history of the American presidency“. They have declared him “Spectacularly unfit for office“.

Hillary Rodham Clinton has more than earned, through her service to the country as first lady, as a senator from New York, and as secretary of state, the right to be taken seriously as a White House contender. She has flaws (some legitimately troubling, some exaggerated by her opponents), but she is among the most prepared candidates ever to seek the presidency. We are confident that she understands the role of the United States in the world; we have no doubt that she will apply herself assiduously to the problems confronting this country; and she has demonstrated an aptitude for analysis and hard work.

trumpwater2Now, onto their assessment of Donald:

Donald Trump, on the other hand, has no record of public service and no qualifications for public office. His affect is that of an infomercial huckster; he traffics in conspiracy theories and racist invective; he is appallingly sexist; he is erratic, secretive, and xenophobic; he expresses admiration for authoritarian rulers, and evinces authoritarian tendencies himself. He is easily goaded, a poor quality for someone seeking control of America’s nuclear arsenal. He is an enemy of fact-based discourse; he is ignorant of, and indifferent to, the Constitution; he appears not to read.


Trump disqualified himself from public service long before he declared his presidential candidacy. In one of the more sordid episodes in modern American politics, Trump made himself the face of the so-called birther movement, which had as its immediate goal the demonization of the country’s first African American president. Trump’s larger goal, it seemed, was to stoke fear among white Americans of dark-skinned foreigners. He succeeded wildly in this; the fear he has aroused has brought him one step away from the presidency.

Our endorsement of Clinton, and rejection of Trump, is not a blanket dismissal of the many Trump supporters who are motivated by legitimate anxieties about their future and their place in the American economy. But Trump has seized on these anxieties and inflamed and racialized them, without proposing realistic policies to address them.

They further explain why they are side-stepping their usual habit of not getting involved with endorsements. And they do it while fully describing the absolute piece of shit Donald Trump truly is.

In its founding statement, The Atlantic promised that it would be “the organ of no party or clique,” and our interest here is not to advance the prospects of the Democratic Party, nor to damage those of the Republican Party. If Hillary Clinton were facing Mitt Romney, or John McCain, or George W. Bush, or, for that matter, any of the leading candidates Trump vanquished in the Republican primaries, we would not have contemplated making this endorsement. We believe in American democracy, in which individuals from various parties of different ideological stripes can advance their ideas and compete for the affection of voters. But Trump is not a man of ideas. He is a demagogue, a xenophobe, a sexist, a know-nothing, and a liar. He is spectacularly unfit for office, and voters—the statesmen and thinkers of the ballot box—should act in defense of American democracy and elect his opponent.



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  1. Moved from downstairs

    New Hillary star-studded ad directed by Lee Daniels, including Detective Carter from Person of Interest.

  2. BIG SIGH! I just wish all these endorsements didn’t contain the odious qualifier: “She has flaws.” No candidate is perfect because no one is perfect … but it seems to me that I don’t recall this qualifier in myriad endorsements for male candidates through the years. It’s like they always have to stick a knife in. Anyway, after doing my heavy prep for Hurricane Matthew, I just finished filling out my ballot which I received in the mail today. For the third time’s the charm, I of course first filled in the oval for Hillary Rodham Clinton. Felt so good. If not for Matthew, I would go out tomorrow and sign my ballot in at the Broward County (FL) Supervisor of Elections. I don’t like dropping in mail box, can’t get the I Voted sticker that way. But first day we get the all clear I’m there. Telling everyone I want to get my ballot in just in case I get hit by a bus!

  3. This Atlantic endorsement is all over the web, every Hillary site etc. Is there even one newspaper that has endorsed Trump? None as far as I’ve seen or read about. I wonder what the NY Post is going to do? Are they actually going to be one of the few that endorses Trump?

  4. The Atlantic: tellin’ it like it is.

  5. Bingo Paulette. My feelings exactly.

    “She has flaws.” No candidate is perfect because no one is perfect … but it seems to me that I don’t recall this qualifier in myriad endorsements for male candidates through the years. It’s like they always have to stick a knife in.

  6. Upps, thanks for posting about the Atlantic endorsement. Its excellent, except for the point Paulette and Sophie bring up about their qualifier.

  7. I think the fact they feel obliged to write that she has flaws in every endorsement is an implicit concession to the mudslinging instigated by her opponents. The issue is that a newspaper ought to independently evaluate each candidate without considering overtly biased critique, i.e. attacks from opponents. As someone who is frankly, quite critical of many elements of American domestic and foreign policy, I think it’s disingenuous to say that HRC is any more flawed than any of her opponents. It’s a transparent attempt to show that they’re ‘hearing both sides,’ whatever that means.

    Every criticism applied to her applies equally well to any mainstream politician, including Barack Obama. Sanders and Trump I would not count as mainstream – they are outliers on opposite ends – but of course, they, too, have many, many flaws. Between Trump and HRC, there is an obvious choice, and she deserves an unreserved endorsement.

  8. I agree with everyone here about the qualifier. We see this kind of qualifier in so many of the endorsements, though certainly there have been a few very positive ones. I’m sure that we all agree that Hillary is far more than an acceptable candidate, she is a very good candidate who would make an even better president. She’s the best I’ve seen in a long time, so I don’t understand why we need to see all these “she has flaws” dilutions.

    However, the fact that the Atlantic has never endorsed anyone for president except these three times, is very noteworthy. Just like USA,Today, which had never before taken a position on a presidential race; or the Arizona Republic and the San Diego Union, which had never endorsed a Democrat in their entire history. Rightly or not, this kind of dramatic departure from a long-time history, make a more powerful statement than the more expected endorsements. There is not one legitimate newspaper or journal in the country, which has endorsed Trump, nor will there be. That should tell the undecided voters,as well as the millennials who are determined to vote for a third or fourth party candidate, something important, if they are open to listening..

  9. Meh. Everybody has flaws.

    Except me, of course.

  10. Well did you expect them to call her perfect before shoving a rapier into Donald repeatedly?

    We have to get over the fact that her biggest flaw is No Penis. Once we get past that, we all feel better. We will feel MUCH better on November 9.

  11. After all, if she had a penis, she could have deleted an entire server containing four million emails and nobody would have said boo. No hearings, no nothing.

    If she had a penis, she could have choked and passed out in the White House and nobody would have thought twice about it.

    If there were a malignancy removed, she would be declared cured and nobody would flinch.

    Why if she had a penis, she could projectile vomit all over the Prime Minister of Japan and hardly anybody would have been impolite about it, much less indicate that was something wrong with her.

    Why, if she only had a penis, she could fall off a Segway and never be accused of having an equilibrium problem.

    If she only had a penis, she could shoot somebody in the face and the injured would declare that it’s his fault for getting his face in the way of her gun barrel.

    And finally, if she only had a penis, she could suffer from Alzheimer’s for an entire second term and nobody would notice.

  12. I agree with Uppity. Hillary’s biggest flaw is No Penis. I’m looking forward to the glass ceiling being broken on November 8 and feeling less anxious on November 9. I do worry about the Republican Congress and what they will try to do to Clinton. Chaffetz isn’t giving up and Judicial Watch keeps filing requests for more information.

  13. To put a finer point on it, Socal. …Fuck Chaffetz. All that needs to be done is to play this video on an endless loop everywhere and every time he opens his mouth.

  14. I can’t stand that creep (chaffetz).

  15. Socalannie, Neither can I. He is truly scum.

  16. Trump tells people if they’re terminally ill….they have to stay alive until they vote for him….then….well…thanks!

    Speaking at a rally in Nevada, Donald Trump has urged the terminally ill to vote for him.
    “I don’t care how sick you are,” the Republican nominee said.
    “I don’t care if you just came back from the doctor and he gave you the worst possible prognosis, meaning it’s over. Doesn’t matter. Hang out till November 8. Get out and vote.”

    You really can’t make this sh@t up!

  17. Chaffetz is also the guy who blew the CIA cover story in Benghazi. But then everyone just acted as if he never did and pretending that the site of the attack was the sole responsibility of the State Department anyway. Because penis! Up till then, Hillary who supposedly can’t be trusted with classified info claimed all four of the attack victims as State employees. That was heroic, but, of course, no one ever mentions this.

  18. FYI, Chelsea Clinton is on Seth Meyers show tonight…or in 4 minutes for those on the East Coast.

  19. Lots of the tawking heads are discussing that Atlantic endorsement.

    I wonder how long it will take Trump to dismiss it and the publication as he did USA Today.

  20. Thanks for the new thread Upps, and the delightful article endorsing Hillary. They sound like all of us.

    New Hillary star-studded ad directed by Lee Daniels, including Detective Carter from Person of Interest.

    Nice Sophie, that should turn some heads.

    One woman says she wants OCare to stay and then says, she will vote for Hillary Clinton.

  21. Paulette Everett,

    BIG SIGH! I just wish all these endorsements didn’t contain the odious qualifier: “She has flaws.” No candidate is perfect because no one is perfect … but it seems to me that I don’t recall this qualifier in myriad endorsements for male candidates through the years.

    Agree Paulette.

    Stay safe.

  22. Imust

    You really can’t make this sh@t up!

    I didn’t think that Rump could shock me with anything he says, but this takes the phucking cake.

    This man has a one way ticket to Hell.

  23. Tells dying people they have to stay alive long enough to vote for him? What a pig.

  24. If Chaffetz had a penis, people still wouldn’t take him seriously.

  25. Wait…what? I thought it was Hillary who was dying and wouldn’t make it to election day. Now it turns out it’s Trump’s own supporters?!

  26. Here’s the article with the video of Trump saying, terminally ill people need to hang on until they can vote for him. After that….well, I guess they’re no use to him anymore! Watch the video! Unbelievable!

  27. To me this is probably the most significant endorsement ever. Yeah, they say she is flawed (who isn’t? they threw a bone for some people and they do acknowledge some of it exaggerated by her opponents) and they also say they would not have endorsed her if it had been any other “normal” Republican. It is not about her (that is, it is a given that she is qualified, normal, mainstream…) and it is all about saving the country from him. I can live with that.

    But who is going to help us save from wolf in sheep’s clothing like Pence (and his cohorts) who is a polished politician version (by his own words) of the same racist, sexist, xenophobe that is Trump?

  28. And you can bet they are NOT voting for Trump.

  29. Paulette Everett, on October 5, 2016 at 10:38 PM said:
    I want to get my ballot in just in case I get hit by a bus


    I will be voting Oct 12th. I am taking my niece, my two neighbors down to the board of elections to vote in person.

  30. And how offensive is it for a man to be talking about this without realizing what it means for a woman to carry an unwanted pregnancy to term and then give up the child to someone else? Are we some kind of creatures without hearts and minds? And where is the man who impregnated her in all this? But notice that Pence like fuckers say it with a smile and soft voice full of ‘compassion’, ‘why won’t you give your child away to strangers and forget about the mistake you made?’ right? They are all fucking men who want to control women’s bodies.

    When I got married in the mid 80s, one of the first things my husband said about having children was that it is my body and my decision. This was in India and we were not even exposed to the pro-choice/life debate that went on here. He was way ahead of his times.

  31. “Are we some kind of creatures without hearts and minds?”

    We are livestock.

  32. Majority of this country is assiduously avoiding the thought that it is a historical election, with the possibility of electing a first woman president (screaming in my head, first woman president!!!!!). They all want to pretend that it is no big deal, that they are evolved beings for whom gender does not mean much. They don’t want to show joy or excitement for fear that they will be branded as, as, hmmm.. not being evolved. They are kidding themselves. Here is a nugget of truth: this country has provided the facility for a woman to be independent and carry on with her life for most parts (without social stigma and other burdens you see in other cultures/societies/countries). But it still an obstacle course for her to get to the top where most men go easily.

  33. Hillary has no penis but she has no vagina either. She is a mutant.

  34. Click here to see giraffes LIVE on Africam at Tembe cam!

  35. I tell you I am very worried about our Florida Uppityites. The weather there in South Fla is very scary. I can barely watch.

    Please be safe, our friends!

  36. Uppity, I check your twitter TL and like that you tweet those live Africam animal pics. Beautiful!

  37. That giraffe is really hanging around! Still there! Usually I see elephants at Tembe. Giraffe is a treat.

  38. Hey PM, an elephant just joined the giraffe!

  39. Pence is straight out of “The Handmaid’s Tale”.

  40. Good article, thanks for sharing, Upps.

  41. I have found it so frustrating over the years, to see that so many voters are apt to elect Republicans to senate seats, even in Democratic leaning states. They do not seem to comprehend that in this era, any Republican senator votes like all the rest on every important issue. They don’t cross over. They run pretending they are moderates, but 98% of their votes, or maybe even higher, are with the far Right Republicans. That party has voted in lockstep for two decades or more.

    Looking at various polls, even with realizing that polls vary, it does not look to me that we are going to win the Senate, we may fall one seat short. Why do Floridians want to return Rubio? But they do. McCain will win again, and he’ll vote far Right all the way. It’s pretty certain that we’ll take over IN, WI and IL, but that’s only three. We’re consistently behind in NV, though reasonably close . That leaves PA, NH, and NC. One poll today had Ayotte up 6; the others had been slightly favoring Hassan. PA is up for grabs, maybe McGinty has a tiny lead. Why do Pennsylvanians want to add another anti-Hillary vote to the Senate? Then in NC, I have hopes, but most polls seem to show Burr ahead. To me, it does not feel like we are going to win the close ones here, though maybe massive turnout will help.

    If I guessed now, I’d say we win the three earlier above, lose NV, win one of the closer three, so we pick up three, and have 49. It is so crucial to at least win the Senate, even though we will almost certainlly lose it back in ’18. I wish that more peoople actually understood what a Republican Congress would mean in terms of trying to styme every single bill that Hillary proposes, blocking judicial appointments, etc. People just do not seem to comprehend issues, as most polls show that our side wins on them, but voters keep voting for Congresspeople who are on the other side. BTW, if there were really a progressive tide, such as Sanders supporters and media claimed, we would be winning a lot of Senate seats.

  42. pm

    Record number of Californians register to vote: 18.2M, more than the total population of 46 other states


    I loved the little voting Bear so much, I printed a color copy and posted it by my office.

  43. pm317, on October 6, 2016 at 9:25 AM

    Don’t even get me started on men like Pence that think of women as breeding containers for their swimmers, or for other couples.

    Why don’t these jackasses adopt American children that have no parents? Oh, of course not, they want to find the one that looks just like them and clone them into thinking just like they do.

    Our poor children that have been abandoned by their parents are the ones that really suffer, and these PenceTypes don’t give a rats ass about their lives.

  44. William – the NC senate race will be won either way by a razor-thin margin. Ross is slightly ahead, but the Koch brothers are pouring money into attack ads for all the repubs. However, a recent poll has shown that 70% of North Carolinians are angry about HB2 and all the money and reputation we’ve lost from it. Hopefully that will translate into votes in Nov.

  45. A new poll shows Hillary is pulling ahead of Rump in Ohio by 2%.

  46. I hope she edges out a win in Ohio!

  47. I see there is a pot legalization initiative on CA ballot…so many reasons for youngsters to vote. 😉

    Seems like it has been on the ballot at least a couple of times before, it will probably pass this time???

  48. FLVoter and LilDoggy are both in Lauderdale, Broward County. I worry.

  49. Julie, thank you for the update. My hope is that there is a massive turnout in NC, which could propel Ross to a close victory. That may well be the decisive Senate race, at least for 50 Democratic seats.

  50. Shadowfax, you are probablly right about the marijuana proposition driving turnout, rather a shame. I always vote against them, but this will indeed likely pass. I do not favor the use of any mind-altering drugs for recreation, even though marijuana is less harmful than others. I do think that there are too many people who seem a lot more interested in getting high, than in much else. There is this commercial for MSNBC, which is ostensibly designed to show how hard their reporters work. One is interviewing a 20-something young woman who, when asked about the marijuana initiative on her ballot, says that she is absolutely voting for it. When asked about the Presidential election, she looks vapid, and says that, “Oh, now you’re asking me about politics. I’m not really sure about that.”

  51. Uppity, I hope they are choosing to evacuate. Scary times.

  52. Bird, FLVoter seems to have some experience with these himmacanes. She’s got a survival plan, so I’m sure she has evacuation alternatives in place if necessary.

    Not sure what Lildoggy has planned.

    I’ve seen what happens down there. It’s beyond frightening when things get out of hand. I see on TV people refusing to leave, people who have never experienced one of these beasts. There are even people parked and watching. These particular morons are suicides waiting to happen. Some of them live very close to the water. Some have the ocean in their ‘back yards’. There are people who weathered the last one who think they can do it all the time. In areas there are no longer rescuers available. The idea here is, we warned you, and we are not going to risk other people’s lives for your stubbornness. So The Stubborn will be on their own. I wish them well but do not think they are wise.

    From what I’m seeing, the areas most in danger are more worried about flooding than wind.

    I think the areas who allow pets in shelter are wonderful. Many people refuse to leave during times like this because of their beloved pets.

  53. I’m in Fort Lauderdale (Broward County) and latest news is that crazy Matthew has shifted a bit north and Broward and Palm Beach counties should escape the worst of the storm. Good news for us. We’ll certainly get tropical storm wind gusts and lots of rain but this will be small impact unlike a category 3 or 4 hurricane. I sure hope other areas are spared as well. Just saw that Hillz campaign guru Robby Mook is requesting Florida extend voter registration period a few days because of the storm. Of course this would be up to our horrible governor Rick Scott. But with the impact lessening in Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties (where demographics are heavily democratic) but increasing in central and north Florida where republicans rule, it would hurt Scott’s party most if he decides to be the clueless asshole he usually is — another plus for our side.

  54. To all our coastal uppities, my thoughts and prayers are with you.
    May you get all the strength and courage to overcome…

  55. For you general amusement:

  56. Oh good, Paulette! That means all three of you are safer. Whew!

    As for Scott, Barack declared an emergency for his state within an HOUR. Let’s see if he’s as big of a man. I’ll bet not, though. The GOP loves finding ways to stop voting. Since it will harm him this time, he might snap to, because that’s how they are. Hooray for Me The Hell With You. If he says No, well……the irony is delicious.

  57. Scott said he will not extend the registration deadline. What a jack a **. He is a real jerk.

  58. Paulette, I didn’t know you were in Fla or I would have mentioned you. Hell, this place is riddled with you gators.

  59. Anything that Republicans think will give them an edge in the only thing they care about, winning elections, they will take advantage of .Fairness, decency, are not even on the radar for them.

  60. I’ll go with William on the Mary Jane. As a former hippie who smoked dope for a week one day, I can honestly say that pot is the most ambition-sapping chemical EVAH. You think you’re being profound in your thoughts, when in fact, you are thinking gibberish. It makes you lazy, illogical, silly and STUPID. Mellows the shit out of you, thoug. so Prepare Ye for more slugs in America. I smoked a lot of it. Then I grew up. Very bad idea for a lifetime.

    I DO think it is a wonderfully useful tool for people who are ill, nauseous due to treatments, migraines, and probably a few other things I don’t even know about. Medicinally it does seem to have value. I used it for migraines, which I gratefully no longer suffer from. But as a recreational drug, it’s just too much fun to be in recreation-mode every single day.

  61. Dang! 231 people were killed in Haiti from hurricane Matthew. That poor country.

  62. Yeah Upps. You must have been missing in the room all the times I’ve mentioned I’m in Fort Lauderdale. I’m even a native — born and bred in Lauderdale plus a member of the Gator Nation as I’m a University of Florida graduate.

  63. A true gator! One of the few Florida residents who are actually not from escapees from the North East lol.

  64. The Tembe cam at African is most noted for elephants hanging out just about all day (and zebras!). But this guy even hangs out by himself at night. I have seen him over and over again at night. By himself. He always stands in the same little water hole day OR night. During the day, other elephants come to him. Females, babies, etc. He is definitely the herd patriarch. Here is is, in darkness.

  65. Voting. That Samantha B clip was hysterical! Thanks for posting.

  66. Ups, thanks for the Africam. I have yet to see an animal, but I have saved the link. Every year I watch the eagle cam at Berry College in Georgia. The same eagle couple has returned to the same nest for several years.

  67. Reposting my post from previous thread because it still holds true:

    To all our Uppity ladies in this hurricane’s path, please stay safe, heed any and all warnings. We want your beautiful Uppity selves back as soon as possible safe and as sound as one can be this election cycle.
    You are in the prayers of those of us that do pray and the thoughts and hearts of us all.

  68. WLM, I watch the eagle cam from Hays, PA every year. We had two hatches this go round and they where so dang funny.

  69. Where=were…..sorry.

  70. I have just recently started to watch Samantha Bee’s show. I really like her. She is very smart, and she manages to be sarcastic and funny without being obnoxious or contemptuous about it, the way that some of the political comedy shows are. I was never a big Stewart fan, though I know many liked him; I didn’t watch him enough to make a good assessment. I never liked Colbert, either. I think Bee’s smarter, at least in her writing; and she does care, and she likes Hillary, and doesn’t mock her the way some do just to show balance.

  71. Been thinking about our Floridians all day. Hope they’re safe, warm and well-fed. Poor uppity gators! Hope the others can check in soon like Paulette.

    I haven’t decided yet about the pot thing. I only smoked it a few times when I was young, never got into smoking of any kind, but I agree its stupid for people who want to lay around and smoke all day. On the other hand, some people who use it medicinally say that smoking the weed is more potent for them than the cannabinoid oils, and also cheaper. We got that stuff called “Charlotte’s Web” for laker (the cbd oil that was on 60 Minutes becuz it helps kids with epilepsy), but that is legal now in all 50 states becuz they spin out all of the THC. (they spin the oil in a centrifuge) Apparently families with kids with epilepsy had to move to Colorado to get cbd oil for their kids the past couple of years, but now you can order it online without an Rx. The stuff is expensive though, $250 for a small bottle. We are hoping that laker can reduce his seizure meds by taking this stuff. I am taking a few drops of it myself at bedtime and it is definitely helping me sleep. My bro-in-law that has cancer is taking a cbd oil that he gets in L.A., and he gave us one of the vials of it to try and it was much stronger than the CW. Really knocked you out at bedtime. He gets it with a Drs Rx. There are so many different kinds of cbd oil now, its very confusing, but this industry is in its infancy. Who knows what direction the industry will take? I think CO is making a lot extra tax revenue from legalizing it, which is another interesting point, but there is a lot of crime still, as drug dealers go after new growers. A lot to think about.

  72. Voting at 9:12pm. Well said!

  73. Paulette Everett, on October 6, 2016 at 7:16 PM

    Paulette, I think it must have been that signed, sealed and not yet delivered ballot for Hillary you mentioned upthread that protected Broward county 🙂

    Okay, I know it’s too soon to canonize Hills, but the champaign I bought when she won the nomination was called St. Hilaire’s.

  74. Just to add: I was -very- glad to hear that you and the other Florida appear to be spared the worst of what was predicted.

  75. I, too, am thinking and praying for the safety of our coastal friends.

  76. We are all doing good over here. I spoke to some friends in Jupiter earlier today that evacuated. But here just getting some wind gusts and rain. My dog that freaks out in storms is doing fine. I didn’t need to give him anything and he’s sleeping soundly.

    My husband and I went out for a walk around the neighborhood this morning and the water was already over some docks and flooding some backyards. Yes climate change is resl and not something created by the Chinese.

    My thoughts and prayers go out to those in middle and northern Florida that will experience the fury of this storm.

  77. Does Charlie Rose ever, ever have a guest on who likes and admires Hillary?
    I want to punch his stupid, smug face.

    Sorry, now back to our regularly scheduled program.

  78. JB, I know you are also in Florida…I hope you and your family are safe too.

    Stay safe, all of our friends in the hurricane’s path.

  79. Not saying Trump is full of hot air BS, but………

  80. flvoter, thanks for posting! Am glad to hear it wasn’t as bad as expected.

  81. Sooooooo here’s that same patriarch elephant from last night, back again standing in the same little side water puddle. Soon the rest of the herd will gather.

  82. Click here to see screenshot of large herd of elephants at Nikorho cam.

  83. FLVoter, thanks for checking in! Glad you and doggie are okay! I am assuming that LilDoggy and Paulette are also okay as they are in Broward too.

    So JB is in FLa too. Do we know what part?

  84. Rick Scott is an idiot. The Republican parts of the state are going to be the worst hit the way it looks now.

  85. It’s heading up to Georgia and S Carolina now. Cripes.

  86. Rick Scott is an idiot. The Republican parts of the state are going to be the worst hit the way it looks now.

    Shows you how dumb he really is.

  87. Upps, we’re enjoying the elephants. Am leaving it on the computer full-screen so hubs will see it when he comes downstairs.

  88. I don’t know where jb is but I hope it’s not around the middle to northern portion of Florida. Haiti was just devestated. The only good news is that it is a 3 now. But still dangerous. The news is saying that next week Matthew is supposed to swing around and hit us again as a tropical storm most likely. Matthew needs to just go away.

  89. Socal if you are at Nikorho, switch to Tembe Elephant Park. They have almost CONSTANT elephants and zebras.

    Pay attn to the big guy in the puddle pond at lower left. He’s the patriarch. Others come to see him and he stands in that hole by himself nearly day and night.

    Nikorho is the best place to spot giraffes. And big cats at night.

    These cams are 6 hrs forward from EDT. So I get to see everybody come out early morning to drink if I look at midnight. There are other cams too, just not as active. But the Olifants River cam is the place to find baboons and other assorted simians.

  90. I love elephant babies. I had this habit of drawing elephants (they are easy to draw) on the whiteboard in my hubs office while visiting. One day, I drew mom, dad, and a baby elephant and his colleague who walked in later saw it and told him, ‘what a nice family’ 🙂 Amazing pictures, Uppity! So many of them. I think one of them was pregnant looking at the belly and how she was walking.

  91. Wow, thanks for the Africam link, uppity, it’s great.
    Btw, there are no “elephant patriarchs.” Elephant herds are matriarchal.

  92. I think JB somewhere in the lower half of FL, some kinda fancy place…not sure tho’.

    Stay safe JB!

  93. Re Matthew: And the cliche is that a woman can’t make up her mind. I just had to lift a few of my shutters because it’s like a cave in my little house when they are all down. Since Matthew might swing around and impact South Florida again, however, most of my shutters remain down. At least if we do get hit it’s just supposed to be tropical storm strength. Re Early Nerd comments on Saint Hillz guarding my undelivered ballot: I have often thought that this women deserves sainthood for the resolute and dignified way she has endured all the vitriol thrown her way for 25 plus years.

  94. Well, I still haven’t seen an elephant. What’s really going on?

  95. About marijuana legalization. (tl;dr Conflicted. Sort of.)

    I wrote one of the early academic papers on the medicinal uses of cannabis, and have long been a strong advocate for legalization. Used *recreationally* it’s the most benevolent drug we have. With “recreationally” defined as using it like the glass-of-wine-with-dinner-occasionally kind of thing.

    I’m in SoCal where it’s been used “medicinally” for years now. Long enough to see the effects of super-strong strains and constant usage. (And I do mean constant.)

    Potheads have become a real problem. Not criminally, as you get with alcohol and hard drugs, but having a significant minority of people turn into goofballs does carry costs, both socially and to the individuals who can’t do much with their lives.

    The changed brain wiring which leads to that “loss of executive function” as the scientists call it (=inability to make decisions) is reversible. More reversible the less longstanding it is.

    But, BUT, cannabis does affect brain wiring. Brain wiring changes in children and teenagers are huge. The effects of cannabis on developmental brain wiring are probably irreversible. Obviously, there’s been no research on that, and mouse brains are a bit different from human ones so animal research can’t help much.

    Instead it looks like we’ll find out how this works in a great big field experiment.

    Meanwhile, legalization means that we have candymakers gearing up for big business. But not to worry, because they’re putting their THC-chocolates in “sophisticated packaging” that won’t appeal to children.

    On the other hand, making drugs illegal doesn’t do anything except give organized crime lots to do. That’s not the answer either.

    So what to do? I have no idea anymore. Some kind of sensible, controlled availability through pharmacies? (Did you start laughing as soon as I said “sensible”? Me too.)

    (Just general info: the various cannabidiols, cbd, affect pain more. THC is the cannabinoid that produces the high. Cannabinoids are any of the active compounds, not to be confused with the subset of cannabidiols.)

  96. Just for you, Uppity

  97. FTR, I am for legalization. Full recreational legalization. Agree with the commentary that it induces laziness, etc., BUT it is indeed the most benign of mood altering options. From a purely capitalistic view, I am tired of paying for people to sit in jail for using pot. (> $40K a year).

    UPDATE: Forgot to mention that even though I support legalization, no way would this be my single-issue vote.

  98. Wow, thanks for the Africam link, uppity, it’s great.
    Btw, there are no “elephant patriarchs.” Elephant herds are matriarchal.

    Well then SHE’s definitely the boss! I mean if you watch the routine, you’ll see what I mean.They pay homage to the elephant in the sub-puddle to the bottom left. The babies visit. SHE breaks up squabbles. Watch. You’ll see. Fascinating.

  99. Quixote, back when a whole ounce of the good stuff, with popping live seeds, cost $20 an ounce, we used to dump it into a hookah with Southern Comfort. I assure you we got NOTHING done, ever. lolol. Except maybe eat. Anything. A head of lettuce, whatever.

  100. Those getting hooked on Africam. Here’s the link to all the active cams. As it is, I just saw a bunch of jeeps pull up at Idube and, amazingly, rescue a cat who was literally hanging by a front leg from a tree. In the dark with flood lights.

    Here’s all the links. This will take up too much of your life if you let it.

    These are all wildlife reserve areas and parts of National Parks such as Kruger, etc. These animals are protected from people like the Trump dolts.

  101. Quixote, I see Big Pharma getting ahold of the mary jane story, producing it and selling it so high that nobody will be able to afford it. Those clowns aren’t going to let a good thing like this go by, especially if it displaces all the drugs they are selling for the conditions pot helps. And by the time they are done tampering with it and fiddling with the FDA, they will kill everybody who uses it, or at least “Improve” it with horrid side effects….

  102. Just want to say a quick thank you for everybody’s concern during our near miss from Mathew. Its been also great knowing I have neighbors who are uppityites – flvoter and Paulette come to mind.
    Now we wait until next Tuesday as they report to expect Mathew to re-visit us and meander off the coast. Its not the first time this has happened. In the meantime, we’ve still got people to register to vote – deadline next Tuesday (Gov. Scott refusing to extend the deadline of course). Btw, I’m just one of the guys honored to be in the company of some strong willed and informed women on this site. A refuge among the lousy other blogs out there on the intertubes.

  103. lildoggy, we’re so happy all is well. You’re one of ours and we take care of our family. xo

  104. LOL Sophie, I just saw your comment with the tweet about Johnson getting high on election day and not getting around to vote. I’d bet on that one.

  105. Yes Sam is a regret to the Daily Show people. They didn’t pick her because Penis. Boo Hoo for them and Fuck Them too. Bee is awesome. And I’ll tell you this: She does the job? You know how I know? Because of the comments on youtube. The Trump Deplorables hate her and tell her she’s not funny. That’s code for SCORE!

  106. What a pig Trump is. Can’t even apologize (IF anyone was offended) without blaming Bill Clinton.


  107. Paulette Everett, on October 7, 2016 at 11:17 AM said:

    Nothing worse than a dithering hurricane, is there? Here’s hoping Matthew wanders out over the deep ocean, gets lost and fades away, and all the Coastal Uppityites can come out and play again.

    Agree there should be a St. Hillz – patron saint of Woman Putting Up With S**t And Still Getting Stuff Done. -And- she should get to be a saint while she’s still here – no fun otherwise.

  108. Oh Boy, CNN is raking Trump over the coals over the “grab them by the pussy” turd that squeezed out of his anus look a like mouth.
    Keep in mind: Trump was a sixty year old married man when this repulsive conversation occurred (Dirty Grandpa!) and it speaks directly to a charge of rape culture.
    Women enjoy getting grabbed by their pussies as much as men like getting yanked by the balls.

  109. Upps @ 6:40, that is the site I was watching, and I did see the big one by himself with the others coming over to him. Very cool website. We have enjoyed watching it several times. Thanks for bringing it to our attention!

    I read the Sam Bee article that Sophie linked (very good!) and noticed their was an article on CO and how the pot legalization was working out, so I read that one also, and it was interesting. The general consensus seems to be that it is working out ok, but there are a couple of issues: one, the cops seem very pissy about it, and two, apparently people are concerned about the “edibles” like brownies and gummie bears! A few kids have ingested them and been taken to the hospital. It does seem stupid to allow pot to be put into candy and brownies. It also shows a couple of women working for the largest pot company there and these women are in a giant warehouse full of pot plants. Ugh! I hate the smell of pot. I would be puking my guts out in a place like that. Taking a tiny bit of cbd oil is gross enough.

    After reading this, I was thinking that maybe just the non-thc be legal, and the stuff with the thc legal with a doctors note, but I’m still not sure. Am going to read about the pros and cons in the voting guide. Btw, the brothers that make the Charlottes Web oil are evangelical Christians and say that “marijuana is God’s plant” !

  110. Uppity delete my post at 6;01pm Sophie beat me to it.

  111. Regarding the late night shows, I used to like Stewart & Colbert, years ago. Now I’m down to Sam Bee, Jimmy Kimmel and occasionally catch the beginning of Seth Myers. Fallon & Colbert have become huge disappointments to me.

  112. neetabug, why? They look like different posts.

  113. I don’t know why anyone is so surprised by the leaked video. We always knew he was and is a pig. I wonder who leaked it .

  114. neeta, it’s cool.

  115. We have the Dodgers/Washington baseball playoffs on, and there was just an NRA commercial on with a young woman claiming that Hillary will take away her gun and Trump will let her keep it!?! Utterly contemptible.

  116. Apparently, unnamed GOP operatives are telling reporters that Trump is done, and they’re replacing him with Pence. How they plan to do this with ballots already printed and people already voting is not explained.

    And yeah, it’s just like Bill, doncha know? He is often caught on tape bragging about sexually assaulting women to interviewers he barely knows. Happens all the time!

    Trump literally considers his opponent’s husband his “get out of jail free” card. Better than any woman card!

  117. One thing wrong with NYDN headline. Trump didn’t say he’d like to do that. He said he does it and gets away with it because he’s who he is. He’s talking about routinely sexually assaulting women.

  118. Brassy, I wouldn’t be surprised-at all-to learn that Republican poohbahs are the source of the leaked video.
    Desperate times call for desperate measures!
    But, guess what? You broke it, you bought it, GOP.

  119. Was this NBC footage that was leaked? Did Billy Bush have a part in the release of the tape?

  120. Someone on Twitter said it best. Hillary should just play the Trump tape as her first response at Sunday’s debate..then sit down and wait for the election to be over.

    BTW, Billy Bush deleted his Twitter account today…karma, baby.

  121. well, if the GOP poobahs leaked the tape they are beyond stupid. They could have done that a year ago and gotten rid of Trump or used it as an excuse to give the nomination to someone else at the convention. It’s too late to replace him. All the ballots are printed.

  122. Most people think it’s Hillary’s oppo research team. If so, no wonder Bernie decided not to mess with them. What makes it so devastating is it’s Trump saying it on tape, not someone saying he said it or did it. No clean up on aisle 4 possible.

  123. They cannot replace him with anyone. It doesn’t work that way.

    That would be like a losing team at the super bowl saying in the 4th quarter, Let’s start the game over. lol.

  124. Vlad has hacked the notes to Hillary’s Wall Street speeches. They are notes, nobody said whose notes. Notes. Frankly, I’m not worried.

  125. I can’t believe that I could hate Trump more today than I did yesterday, but I do.

    We all knew he was really this ugly, but to have it in his own words, on tape…he is toast.

    I hope his family and 3rd wife are proud of him now.

  126. I love that pantsuit dance for Hillary, thank you Sophie!

  127. Poor Omarosa!

  128. No fucking chance for Sarah Huckabee or Conway or Hicks (they dream). Maybe that bullet wearing chick or that Kayleigh chick who lies through her teeth with emotion.

  129. I am so shocked by what Chris Hayes said. I never would have thought MSNBC had producer meetings about segments.

  130. I wish Hillary could have waited before tweeting her tweet. But whatever BC did was consensual whereas this buffoon is talking about assaulting women, every woman that comes his way. It is like Ailes hiring all those beautiful women and assaulting them. WH would turn into Fox News and he would be appraising every woman that works there like a brothel owner.

  131. SophieCT, what about it? asking seriously.

  132. Team Hillary wastes no time!

  133. This thread…

  134. There was another article or video of him talking about beauty pageant contestants and I had said he sounds like a brothel owner. He is that and worse.

  135. Ryan just put put a release. Trump will not be attending the event in WI with him. Ryan is “sickened” by what he heard today.

    I hope this puts an end to Trump in this campaign.

    I LOVE the pantsuits video!

  136. So Reince condemns this is strong language. Ryan cancels joint event tomorrow. So this was what finally did it.
    Not Miss Piggy/Miss Housekeeping.
    Not keeping out all Muslims.
    Not Mexicans are rapists.
    Not John McCain is not a hero but a loser.
    Not going after a Gold Star family with a vengeance.
    Not suggesting Hillary should be assassinated.
    Not telling his thugs to oppress voters at the polls.
    Not saying he would do his own daughter.
    Not saying a judge of Mexican descent was unqualified to judge him.
    Not lying every time he opens his mouth.
    Not 4 bankruptcies.
    Not failing to disclose his taxes.
    Not stiffing his small business vendors.
    Not being ignorant about Russia already invading Ukraine.
    Not asking the Russians to hack us.
    Not treating everyone like shit.
    And more…I am tired of this orange piece of shit who has the audacity to think he belongs on the same stage as Hillary.

  137. Here’s how tomorrow is going:
    Pence and Ryan will appear together in WI.
    Reince and Trump will be in NY (doing I don’t know what).

  138. The buffoon thinks “when you are a star you can do anything to women.” If you vote for him and make him president, what do you think he will think? He thinks he can do anything to anybody and everybody?

  139. Somebody leaked the tape to David Farenthold. The kid deserves every bit of credit for this scoop. He will be the hero of this election.

  140. Bill Clinton’s thing was consensual. People have affairs like that fucker Giuliani said. With Trump we are talking about sexual assault. CNN Hillary surrogates have failed to make that point to that Trump surrogate Kayleigh who is emoting with all her might, what about Lewinsky.

  141. Perfect, Sophie!

  142. Flood gates open… names and stories, wow!

  143. I predict there won’t be any debate.

  144. Think about the irony and the absurdity of this whole election for the histories. The first woman running for president and her opponent is this!

  145. Oh, boy…gonna need more popcorn for this one.

  146. PM, I think about that everyday. The first woman nominee for president and she has Trump for an opponent. Absurd and sad at the same time.

    Btw, I stay away from CNN. MSNBC has its issues, but I like Chris Hayes, Lawerence O’Donnel, and Rachel Maddow. I some people don’t like Maddow, but for the most part, she is pretty good. My favorite is Joy Reid.

  147. He should have been stopped on day 1 but he got this far because of media malpractice.

  148. Birdgal, I am switching between MSNBC and CNN depending on what/how they are saying.

  149. PM, Me too! Lol! O’Donnel is good tonight .

  150. Birdgal, I have started watching O’Donnel lately because he has good guests and he lets them talk at length. Maddow is too avant garde for me with her style and content. Just give me the news without all the theatrics and high brow attitude. She tries too hard and it is hard to watch.

  151. Birdgal, on October 7, 2016 at 10:28 PM said:
    PM, I think about that everyday. The first woman nominee for president and she has Trump for an opponent. Absurd and sad at the same time.

    I agree with you both, it is really a sad state of history that the first woman President ended up winning against the worst candidate the US has ever had. Almost takes away the difficult fight she had to get to this point, 2008 election stolen from her…Sec of State, then being made fun of, even on the days she was sick from phnumonia on 9-11.

    It would have been nice if she could have run against a normal Rethug and not this piece of $hit.

  152. Trump taped an apology on camera at Trump tower.
    Might be released tonight. He’s trying to control the message.
    He’s in deep do-do.

  153. This:

  154. Sophie, as you know, the Republican Party has one goal, which is to win elections, and then of course they get to do what they want after that. They would nominate anyone, say anything, if they thought it would help them win. So they let Trump go on saying all these dangerous things. The problem with this last one, is it might cost them downballot, so they have to finally stand up and condemn it. If they thought he coukd win, they’d let this go, too. However, they do prefer a candidate like Pence, who will smoothly lie, spout things about moral decency, while he wants abortion banned, and to remove most civiil rights. While they were impeaching Bill Clinton, evidence was unearthed about a number of prominent Republican officeholders who had cheated on their wives, and worse. And they ignored virtually all of it, because their morality is whatever can help their side win.

  155. David Farenthold is the hero of this election. He has done the true journalistic work; He has reported his discovery without inserting himself into it. Well done, really well done.


  156. OMG! They are seriously talking about asking Trump to step down! They’ve actually argued that they could beat HRC with someone else with a write in style campaign, “because of her unfavorables”. UN frickin believable.

  157. People on CNN keep saying that women that were on The Apprentice experienced degrading, sexist comments by Trump, and there are many more tapes out there………

  158. Shadow, the producers of the Apprentice probably have it all on tape or film. His comments were ON CAMERA, just never put in the show. So if they didn’t throw them away when they ended up on the cutting room floor……
    Lawrence is staying on air waiting for the Trump apology video.

  159. Good question!

  160. I just had a thought. Remember how Pence got knocked on his debate this week because he didn’t “defend Trump” & that he was laying down the groundwork for 2020.

    Anyone else now think he passed and the Trump tape was leaked by the RNC in order to force Trump to step down and Pence to take the slot?

    And, Cruz started campaigning for Trump because he is the RNC choice for Supreme Court. Hence the Garland hold-up.

    This is all such a friggin mess.

  161. You know who is really done in all of this? Cruz. That makes me very happy. Pence like people are wolf in sheep clothing but are not very smart and are also cowards. But Cruz like fuckers are dangerous.

  162. This is karma visiting all those horrible republicans who spread conspiracies about Bill Clinton and his women and without proof. Here they are with solid proof about the nominee they support of sexual assault and predatory behavior. Even Althouse like people in their self-righteous attitude looked Bill Clinton down their noses and now the candidate they support is a sexual predator with proof in his own words.

  163. What an a**hole. Semi-apology and then attacks Bill and Hillary. He is truly scum. He is going to go full blown on the Clintons. This is a terrible election. Whatever happened to the issues.

  164. Did you all see the video of the buffoon? He dug his heels and went after Bill Clinton. The media better not treat this with some sort of equivalence.

  165. Wow,here it finally is, The October..no big surprise.

    Trump serially engages in predatory sexual assault.Are we the least bit shocked? In addition,it bothers me that Paul Ryan also doesn’t get that protecting women and putting them on a pedestal is ALSO objectifying women. Maybe that’s unfair of me since it’s clear that the Repubs are only up to the early sixties in their evolution around the “lady issues.”

    I sure hope Hillary set aside some of her debate prep and went out dancing tonight. I’m having trouble controlling my own Happy Feet. Just how delicious is this? Think of all the women out there who are finally able to raise up their heads and smile BIG. That’s some mondo Karma coming down. I just thank the powers that be that I’ve been around long enough to be a witness. Do I have an amen?

  166. Wikileaks/Russia did another dump today claiming they have Podesta’s emails and HRC’s speeches.

    Claim being the operative word:

  167. Yes pm! It was a threat. He was seething with anger. He’s a deranged, spoiled, arrested development, adolescent, man-child. He wants revenge. He’s threatening Bill Clinton for revenge. Crazy stuff.

  168. Msdsal

    Yes, the October surprise just keeps coming.

    Not ready for an amen yet, I am super pist about this ahole.

    At least the folks on CNN mainly are tearing Trump to shreds.

  169. imust, I don’t think there is any patience left on the majority if he takes that route of maligning BC, not after this video; and if that happens, more and more women will come forward and you bet there will be more damaging videos. This is war, and war against Trump. He will be hauled off whatever stage he is on mumbling, Bill Clinton, Bill Clinton, with his sick buddy Sean Hannity in tow.

  170. I don’t think they can ditch him. Early votes have already been cast. The Republican Party is sinking…and I am laughing!

    But seriously, this is not surprising at all. A man who talks about women, heck, who talks about his DAUGHTER, in the manner that he does surely could not have had any compunctions against assaulting and harassing other women. Trump is a dangerous predator who has finally been exposed.

    Frankly, I don’t think it’s great on any level that Bill had any sort of relations with an intern. The power balance is icky. And I refuse to deny that he may have engaged in inappropriate behaviour, and that JFK certainly was a gross womanizer. Both the left and the right have screwed women over, and it does no one any favours to pretend that any party is immune.

    However, I am optimistic that Bill has repented, and despite any personal flaws, he has done many good things with his foundation. Trump is a total scoundrel, through and through. I really question whether he has done anything good in his life. I guess you can concede the recent charitable donations that he was pressured into giving, but otherwise…

    Pence, I find truly frightening. He is a disgusting homophobe and misogynist, who manages to hide his spots. I actually called, much earlier in the year, that Trump would be an ideal opponent for Hillary because he would inevitably implode in ways that are not ignorable, even by the ignoramus ‘establishment/decent’ Republicans. These people would have gladly supported a Pence, a Rubio, or any other severe homophobe and misogynist. Trump emphasizes the far out craziness, but it is unfathomable that fundamental human rights; reproductive and gay rights especially, are so easily discarded by ‘mainstream’ thinkers of the party.

    Anyway, I think Hillary should sit back with a nice glass of wine and think about what kind of china she wants Bill to buy….

  171. Bob Beckle, on CNN just said Trump is over, there is no way he can win, the money will start to dry up tomorrow and Rethugs will start hiding.

  172. Watch this if you have not: Trump, Ivanka on Wendy Williams

  173. Trump is going to look heavier in the next debate because now it is HIM who needs the bullet-proof vest to protect from his own party.

  174. neurotransmitter17, I don’t want to accept the power imbalance thing, an oft repeated talking point on the right. She was an adult and she pursued him. It was consensual. They both paid a price for it and I am impressed that she accepted her responsibility in the deed. It was not like a President Clinton said she was a 10 and seduced her and grabbed her whatever, and forced her to do whatever. When you look at lecherous men like Ailes and Trump, Clinton is not even close. And he had tons of other redeeming qualities. So, I say to Trump, bring it on, mfer.

  175. Best tweet ever!

  176. BTW, Trump’s “see you at the debate Sunday” closing line after dragging Bill and Hillary in to his so-called apology seems like a thinly veiled threat that Bill’s affairs are ALL he is going to discuss at the debate.

    If he thinks that is a winning strategy, he is in for a very rude awakening.

  177. He’s toast. They are bailing out left and right on him.

  178. Republicans are absolutely incredible. They think that if their candidate’s campaign is sinking, they just have to remove him from the ticket, and then they can put in a replacement, and maybe win. Maybe they can do it two days before the election. Maybe they can do it two or three times, until they find the candidate who might win. It’s all war games to them; morality has zero to do with it. If they can’t get rid of Trump, they’ll just try to save their own hides with sanctimonious pronouncements, along with slanderng Hillary, who apparently is not a woman who is entitled to the respect that they tell everyone is so important to show to the abstract female gender. I wish that the whole heap of them would go down in flames, but it probably won’t happen. Maybe we can defeat a few more of them than previously anticipated. And I also hope that at least some people see through this wholly self-serving and protective nonsense that the Republicans send out, trying to convince everyone that they are such an ethical and moral group of people. Their moralities are winning; and trying to get more of the country’s money into the hands of the very wealthy.

  179. Well, for the first time in American history a national election was not decided in the first week of November. Let it be known…

    On the night of October 7th, 2016, Hillary Clinton won the presidency.

    It’s over.

    For all of us here, it’s not so October surprising. We’ve known all along who (and what) Trump really is. We’ve known all along that Hillary would win. I myself predicted back in July that I sensed a landslide victory for our side.

    Trump was never going to win, and now the only question is: how much will he lose by? And, whether he drops out now (or is forced out) matters not. The ballots have been printed. Some people have voted. Any last minute write-in campaign would be nearly impossible to organize, and, could never be successful.

    Hillary Clinton will be our next President.

    Of course, it feels good to know this. It feels good to know that FINALLY this remarkable woman will get what she has rightly earned. But, what makes this extra satisfying, is watching the GOP get what THEY so richly deserve.

    It’s delicious to watch the Republican leaders scrambling like rats off the sinking ship. They are running from the monster (and that is too kind a word for Trump) they created – and I feel no remorse for them at all. I hope that they too see their political careers consigned to the same flames that are now engulfing Trump.

    It’s over.

    Of course, we still have a month to go, and an actual election to win, so it’s not appropriate to pop any champagne just yet. But, I do think there is one gesture that Hillary should make to show the world that the side of good and decency and competence has defeated the side of vileness and racism and misogyny…

    Hillary Clinton should NOT shake Donald Trump’s hand at the debate on Sunday.

    (If I were her I would spit in his face. Or, being a man, knock his teeth out.)

    Now I can’t take credit for this – for I heard a commentator on TV earlier tonight make the suggestion. But I think it’s a great idea, and would be the perfect first gesture for our first…

    Madam President. 🙂

  180. I’m sure the Clinton surrogates are under orders not to take Trump’s bait by defending Bill. Since he is neither on the tape nor on the ballot, this is just another attempt by Trump to distract. WJC is irrelevant to Trump’s current disaster.

  181. Rev War Vet, I saw the same program as you, I think. I think you and the unnamed commentator are absolutely right….do not shake his hand. He really does NOT deserve any respect. He is the lowest form of slime and should be shunned by all.

  182. This election is making for strange bedfellows…Ana Navarro just went ballistic on a Trump surrogate on CNN tonight.

  183. What if this is been the Republican plan since their convention? To force Trump off the ticket once early voting has begun, so that they can file all kinds of lawsuits and hang Hillary up in limbo even after she’s been elected?

  184. Sorry, I’m at work. I got interrupted. What if the plan was to have a lopsided Supreme Court get involved with this the way they did in 2000. Perhaps the Republicans are hoping to get their candidate elected via Supreme Court again?

  185. Chill–the party is not talking about removing Trump. They cannot do that. However, they were “concerned” that Trump would quit and so they were planning what they would/could do in that case. As it happened, Trump did not quit. He “apologized.” For those counting along at home, that’s one. However, it was the apology of a 7 year old, not a 70 year old: Billy did it too.

    Hillary Clinton should NOT shake Donald Trump’s hand at the debate on Sunday.

    She should. Then very conspicuously, remove the latex glove.

  186. You know Republicans screaming about Bill and clinging to Trump are basically admitting that the whole impeachment thing was a farce but then we all knew that.

  187. I try to go high when they go low, too, yet this does capture a sentiment. My niece found this, and shared it on Facebook:
    (Not sure how to copy, but graphic has Nov. 8 at top, “Pussy Grabs Back” with photo of cat with teeth showing, ready to attack.)

  188. @pm317, I guess I do agree with you. She seems to be more critical of the media, more than anything. http://www.nytimes.com/2014/05/07/us/politics/monica-lewinsky-breaks-silence-about-affair-with-bill-clinton.html Clearly, it was inappropriate, but at this point, I think you can say that it’s bridge under the water.

    Still, I will maintain that leftist men are, and can be gross as hell. Maybe this is because I’m from the younger generation or something, but I think it’s incredible how many ‘feminist men’ are a bunch of creeps who just want to get some and think it’s their ticket to doing it. 2008 was a different, but valid example. This doesn’t pertain directly to the situation at hand, but I think I’ve learned to be wary of any side that says they are for women. Actions speak louder than words!

    Of course, in this election, there is an abundantly clear choice for women in this country.

    Admittedly, I’m curious about how much these comments will actually affect ‘Christian’ right or other voters. Any other candidate would’ve been wrecked by 1/20th of the stuff that Trump has done, but he has brought the bar astonishingly low and people still want to vote for him. I hope it sways the undecideds, but the fact that Trump was polling this high up to this moment is disappointing and scary. Sunday will be telling.

  189. Still, I will maintain that leftist men are, and can be gross as hell.

    Agree with that, younger or older. Remember Obama’s young speechwriter cupping Hillary’s breasts though that was a cardboard Hillary. Lewinsky has every right to be mad at the media and the Republicans (and Linda Tripp) who made a mountain of a mole hill — impeach the president on a consensual sexual escapade and throw her life into chaos. Arrogance blinds many of these people in power, both right and left. Bill Clinton thought he was JFK and could get away with it. I don’t know how he made that calculation after a media that hounded him from the get go. Notice that there were rumblings of affairs with Bush the elder or with Obama. But media never acted on it. Especially with Obama there has not been any negative anything from the get go. I guess he is the luckiest president ever in that regard.

  190. I haven’t heard anything about Obama, and I hope it’s not true. Regardless of politics, I think they have a nice family.

    Re: Emails

    These don’t seem that…bad? I don’t get what people are mad about or what Clinton ‘lied to the American People’ about – saw that line on a few sites….these just seem like ordinary concerns from a campaign. Politics is always dirty to some extent.

  191. I think if they (people) have more tapes and evidence, they should just release it making it easier for the Republicans to make clear that they have no choice but to withdraw their support. Trump can’t be and won’t be replaced at this point. Everybody down ticket will withdraw their support to save their own skin and lot of people will stay home. Only the basket of deplorables will stand with him.

    {why is Katy Kur going on and on repeating Trump’s talking points?}

  192. I think they have a nice family.

    That is true of every family including Bill Clinton’s when media is on overload protecting them (just my opinion). We would never know anything (especially negative) unless the media tells us, right? NBC sat on this latest video of Trump’s and if it were not for someone leaking it to the investigative reporter (David Farenthold) who is doing his job, we would never know the last straw that potentially broke the camel’s back. From the the time he got the tip and to publication, it was just 5 hours!! NBC would have sat on it or watered it down and not make it a big deal if they were the ones reporting it. We would never have got the raw story.

  193. ohhh Pence is not going to Ryan’s WI event. Haha. Trump put his foot down and said ‘if you are going to disinvite me, you are not going to let Pence upstage me there.’

  194. Mitt Romney on the TeeVee right now talking like a guy running for office. hmmmm…..

  195. Yeah, I thought this was getting lost in the chatter:

  196. imust, yeah, oh, the guy can dream, no? Maybe he has his eyes on 2020. Unless Trump withdraws on his own and resigns, they can’t do anything now.

  197. I am feeling cautiously giddy.

  198. Well, kids, are we having fun yet?
    Oh, yes, we are!

  199. LOL!

    “Kalli Joy Gray on Twitter: Obviously, at this late stage, the GOP should be required to carry its nominee to term.”

  200. SophieCT, on October 8, 2016 at 6:46 AM said:

    >> Hillary Clinton should NOT shake Donald Trump’s hand at the debate on Sunday.

    > She should. Then very conspicuously, remove the latex glove.

    Not conspicuously!

    Let it be hard to catch, deny it, let them speculate, then when it’s proven, say, “I didn’t want him to catch pneumonia.”

  201. Gov. of Ohio, Kasich just dumped Rump.

  202. Russia is conspicuously hacking every possible Democratic entity, then very likely doctoring what they get, and then working with Assange to have them released. And the media keeps repeating these as if they are verified authentic.

    The story is not what Hillary may have said to a Wall Street company who paid her for a speech, because of course she or anyone would tailor the speech to the interests of the audience. The idea that this is what she really stands for, that we can extrapolate from what likely are very selectively chosen, and even doctored texts to see her real intentions, is absurd. What she tells the American people, is what she is going to be judged on. She is hardly foolish enough to promise things and not have every intention of following through on them. Further, the big story, the one that everyone in the country should be focused on, is a foreign power not just meddling in our election, but acctively working to determine its outcome, and not being a bit concerned that our investigative agencies are aware of what they are donig. As far as I am concerned, anyone who is upset by any of these “leaks,” is an actual Russian dupe, a term the Right used to love to employ.

  203. I don’t think Kasich ever endorsed Trump so he can’t dump him. Remember he didn’t attend the convention which was held in his state.

    And NBC is sitting on raw, unedited video from The Apprentice which allegedly shows Trump behaving in a sexually aggressive manner towards women, including contestants. Also it allegedly depicts him saying suggestive and demeaning things to them. There is pressure on the network to release these outtakes.

  204. Brassy, Last night I heard someone say that Mark Burnett has those tapes locked up in a safe, so he would have to release them.

  205. Melissa McEwan is reminding us that in 2011 the supposedly outraged, pro-women congress critters Paul Ryan, Mike Pence, and Jason Chaffetz co-sponsored a bill in Congress to redefine RAPE, for God’s sake. Let’s not be fooled by these hypocrites.

    Also, Trump grabs women “by the p___y”; Pence wants to install monitors in them.

  206. Got a Melissa Tweet for that? WOuld love to retweet it

  207. It’s a whole series of tweets on her Twitter feed at Shakesville, Up. She also includes someone’s tweet about Pence wanting to monitor vaginas. Her Twitter feed is a great resource.

  208. Some say how unfortunately that Hillary is winning against such unqualified (horrible) opponent and wish that it was truly a contest of wits, ideas and leadership for her to raise above recognition “on the merits” instead of the better (only) choice…etc.

    Yet, I see other things in all this what is making historical proportions; the awareness and exposure of the perennial rift we women have when it comes to human rights, equality, respect and validation of our gender as part of the human kind…

    A Woman: educated, intelligent, experienced, committed that wants to lead her country…
    A Man: ….
    Your thoughts…

  209. This tweet made me smile today.

  210. better say: “our gender as part of the species kind?”

  211. The Deplorable Campaign has trotted out a statement supposedly by Melania Trump. She forgives him.

    They don’t seem to see the hypocrisy in this…..

  212. That statement wasn’t written by or said by Melania.

    It’s worthless.

  213. I LOVE Cory Booker!!

  214. Ivanka doesn’t seem to be offended by what her father said…she just lost my respect. She says he is blunt, but the media and people that he doesn’t like, are to blame.

  215. This. Nobody will invest in his brand:

  216. I think that tomorrow night’s debate is going to show a scorched earth policy on the part of Trump. Both out of Ailes-type strategy, and his own personality, Trump is going to attack Hillary for ninety minutes, in the most insulting and even vicious terms possible. If he is going to lose, he is going to try to burn everyone else down with him. And the campaign thinks that if they can paint her as a worse person or bigger threat than he is, he can still win. So every single time he speaks, it is going to be focused on Hillary.

    He is going to go after the “leaked” speeches, which she understandably hasn’t wanted to give credence to, because they are hacked and probably doctored. So she can’t really explain them or negate them. He is going to go after Bill and her on the personal things; again something that she doesn’t want to be discussing. His approach here will resemble that of the Nazi high command when they realized they woudl lose the war. They tried to greatly accelerate the murdering of Jewish people in the concentration camps. They tried to burn down as much of Paris as possible This of course was the evil mark of insane psychopaths. Trump is not so far from them.

  217. He fondles his own daughter, why would she object?

    And speaking of being an Enabler….

  218. FYI, CNN is re-airing their Unfinished Business: The Essential Hillary Clinton program tonight. 8-10 PM NY time.

  219. William, tomorrow’s debate is town hall style. Let’s hope Trump is himself–that is, angry, crazy, and incoherent. In that format, he would look even more appalling than usual.

  220. Ha!

  221. Official Pantsuit Power Flash Mob for Hillary

  222. Condoleezza Rice on Trump: enough!


    check it out…

  223. The makers of Skittles already took a stand against Trump. Now the makers of Tic-Tacs just did the same thing.

    This is how screwed up this election is when two CANDY MAKERS have to make a stand in order to save their brands thanks to Donald Trump.

  224. Wo!

  225. I’m beginning to feel like one of those people who compulsively washes her hands. I want a shower every time I watch the news these days.

    One good thing these conversations are having is the “outing” of the evangelical community. Clearly their morality and “Jesus loves everyone”meme is suspended when it comes to the treatment of women and races other than Caucasian. It’s like when creepy Uncle Gary used to hug a bit too long and “accidentally” brush certain body parts. He was a good Christian,that man;revered by his church;respected for the way he raised his kids ( Who,as far as I could tell were beaten into submission)

    Anyone who attempts to imply that not voting for Hillary is taking the high moral ground is either delusional or lying.There is not a woman in the world who hasn’t had to fight off the unwanted advances of a man at some point in her life. Doesn’t matter how old you are or how fat you are or where you fall on the looks rating scale.Hey ,you don’t even have to be conscious.There’s always some guy whose opinion of himself seems to be that he’s who you’ve always been waiting for..he’s special…his sexual prowess is unmatched..he’s willing to help you with your lesbian conversion therapy.

    Sorry for the vent but I get so tired of the “entitlement” aspect of all this. And,yes, the left has been as guilty as the right. Guess I’ll go finish my laundry. At least that’ll be clean.

  226. Msdsal, the Evangelical community has always been an hypocritical Pray-One-Way-And-Live-Another bunch. I could do hours on it. Mostly they spend their time pointing to the slivers in other people’s eyes while hiding the logs in their own eyes. When they get caught, all they have to do is say they are sorry and they’re good to go again.

    So they imagine.

  227. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!

  228. I Go on holiday and all hell breaks loose … What the actual fuck.


  229. I keep saying I hope Hillary has that oppo research handy on Pence because his record is a doozy and every Republican that says they are going to vote for Pence should be hit over the head with it. He’s even worse than Trump.

  230. Must read in view of the leaked tape. This was published in June. It is a different woman than Harth (written about in NYT Kristof’s article today and I had read about her weeks ago). She is alleging that Trump raped her when she was 13 in 1994. Wow.


  231. Shit. CNN pulled the re-airing and has Wolf Blitzer with a special report on Donald the Dirtbag because playing this all fucking day wasn’t enough.

  232. Judge Abrams (who also happens to be the sister of LawNewz.com founder Dan Abrams) has called for a status conference hearing on December 16, 2016 at 11:30 am at the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York.

    Judge for the rape case. A president elect (big IF) Trump would be appearing for that hearing. This is all really nuts. Where was the vetting of this guy from either the GoP or the media?

  233. PM if he got elected, that case would never go to court.

  234. Isn’t that what they do, figuratively, so far?

  235. Conway cancelled her appearances on TV tomorrow. She should quit.

  236. Right, Uppity. Theoretically, he would, no? 😉

  237. Yeah, I heard about that too. Terrible. Honestly though it sounds like Pence is going to resign the VP as he doesn’t want to go down with Donald.

  238. OMG, it is Giuliani on all shows tomorrow — he is replacing Conway and Priebus. He is going to pull a full Ginsberg (remember that?)

  239. Ga6thDem, Pence’s schedule is wiped out from Trump’s website, I hear.

  240. Didn’t think I’d ever say this, but go look at Drudge Report’s page right now. I’m not linking and I’m not screen-capping. You just have to Google it and go!

  241. You know who is missing from the list of people Trump is conferring with in his tower? Pence.

  242. So now Trump is re-Tweeting Juanita Broaddrick. Paula Jones and Kathleen Willey are also weighing in. He alluded to them last night in his so-called apology video. I wonder how Trump will raise their claims up in the debate, and HIllary will respond in real time.

  243. Why didn’t any of this information about Trump come up during the primaries?

    Now, Trump is tweeting about Broderick, etc.

  244. Bill was heckled during a rally today in WI and was called a rapist .

  245. Liberty, they are like wounded animals now, Trump most of all. He will bring the worst out there tomorrow. This thing will come up tomorrow if it is left to the buffoon. He will lie and distort as the right wingers have done for ages. But as usual, it is misinformation and lies.


    {no, she didn’t}.

  246. Uh, does the Orange Grifter realize he’s running against Hillary Clinton, rather than Bill Clinton?

    Even if some of Putin’s little Boris Badenovs managed to synthesize some “proof” that Bill committed rape, how would that harm Hillary?

  247. There is a court case awaiting a hearing in Dec in Trump’s rape case. That is the reality now.

  248. pm317, on October 8, 2016 at 7:57 PM said:
    Must read in view of the leaked tap

    I wonder if these tapes will be released before Nov 8th.?

    That young 13 girl, at the time, has a witness.

    If true, Trump could go to jail as a pedophile. Statue of limitations wouldn’t apply since she was threatened by Trump if she ever told, and her life and families like would be at risk.

  249. Drudge…lover of Trump the sexual assaulter.

    Childish women haters.

    Milania and Ivanka should be thoroughly embarrassed.

  250. Shadow, I was referring to the leaked tape from yesterday and Trump’s reference to sexual assault which make that rape case charges going on now credible and there is a witness in that case(!). The Huffingtonpost article is written by Lisa Bloom (Attorney for Harth) and she was on TV with Harth.

  251. OMG…
    Is all this really happening?

  252. check this…
    Dead candidate walking…

  253. I guarantee you will hear ONE thing about Hillary’s marriage at the debate, and that is that on Tuesday she and her husband will celebrate their 41st wedding anniversary. And she’s not at all ashamed of that, even if Trump thinks she should be.

  254. Think of it! A man married three times, and who has had God only knows how many affairs, attacking a couple married ONCE for 41 years. Good luck with that, Donald. Chill, everybody.

  255. To back up my earlier post, yes, Tic Tac went on Twitter to separate itself from Donald Trump.

  256. Kurt deserves a Pulitzer Prize and Medal of Freedom award for his reporting this election. But this tweet is just too damn funny…and true.

  257. Donald Trump to Howard Stern: It’s okay to call my daughter a ‘piece of ass’

    And more taped gems from Big Rump the pig. They talked for 17 years about women in the most misogynist ways.


  258. This gives an idea on how the Trump’s campaign will go about ‘it’ today:

  259. There will be at least two more hits, per Hugh Hewitt. he has done a 180 from being a surrogate to now calling Trump to withdraw.

  260. Uppity, there is another horrible Indiana case. A Chinese immigrant tried to commit suicide and survived but her fetus died. She was also charged and convicted. After spending over a year in jail, she was ‘allowed’ to plead guilty to a lesser charge and was released on time serves. It is incredible that these cases happen in America.https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bei_Bei_Shuai

  261. Giuliani: … her [Hillary] role as an attacker

    Good luck with that. The only ‘proof’ they are depending on is that Broaddrick saying Hillary threatened her. And how did she come to that conclusion? Hillary shook her hands when they met and said she was thankful for everything Broaddrick did for her husband or something to that effect, (remember it is Broaddrick’s words). It is clear from circumstantial evidence that Hillary is talking about Broaddrick’s volunteering in BC’s campaign for which she got an award/appreciation of some sorts but only recently that Broaddrick has turned what Hillary said into a threat. Even the encounter she had with BC is inconclusive (even that vile man Starr said so). She had the motive to characterize it as ‘rape’ because she was a married woman at the time and having an affair with a second man (!) whom she later married and somehow ended up meeting BC in her hotel room. What is in that water over there making these women so horny? All the Hillary haters are now her staunch followers, people who would otherwise blame the rape victims 100% and Trump is encouraging her.

    I wish BC was faithful and monogamous and didn’t get into these situations. But x#$%^ happens in life and it is a two-way street.

  262. Rudy Giuliani for head of EEOC prosecuting cases of workplace sexual assaults in a Trump administration, (right?). It is the policy implications of Trump’s mindset/behavior that is at issue not whether he actually assaulted a woman or not. The women voting for Trump, may be they don’t work, they don’t understand our issues, the career-minded women who want to be successful in a workplace. If there are white men who have their own issues, working women like us have our own too. I think we should connect a direct line between Trump’s attitude and behavior with policies and law enforcement (a panelist on Joy Reid made a similar point).

  263. It is the policy implications of Trump’s mindset/behavior that is at issue not whether he actually assaulted a woman or not.

    Expanding on this: Trump’s surrogates are saying ‘oh he was just bragging/exaggerating and there is no evidence he actually assaulted a woman’ (which is not true if his rape case goes forward to a trial) — maybe but it gives us a window into how he operates which is what we are trying to discern and which is why all this matters.

  264. I’m sorry, but I have to say this. If Juanita Broaddrick was actually raped by anyone, how can she support Trump? I have heard sexual assault victims say that hearing Trump’s attacks on women literally triggers a PTSD response in them. And her story about Hillary is premised on Bill going home and telling Hillary all about raping Broaddrick. That is absurd. Unfortunately, some women do lie about rape–and that is a tragedy for actual victims.

  265. Honora, that’s Horrible!

  266. My main concern for tonight is Hillary’s physical safety. Seriously. After the chaos of the last couple of days, Trump will be less prepared for this debate than he was for the last one. And his fragile mental state will be even more precarious. At this point, he truly hates Hillary and blames her for him losing everything, not just this election. His once great “brand” is in tatters now.

    So I do hope that the Secret Service has a couple of agents stationed near the stage. Trump is not incapable of physically attacking Hillary–especially now. And we know he has no self control.

  267. Pence’s Indiana must have been the setting for Margaret Atwood’s “A Handmaid’s Tale”.

  268. And her story about Hillary is premised on Bill going home and telling Hillary all about raping Broaddrick. That is absurd.

    Brassy Rebel, exactly, she is all over the place. She actually says that Hillary may not know about what happened and it is clear that she is making up that story about a threat. Reading about her story and her motive, I think she cooked up this ‘rape’ story to protect herself from her affair with the second man whom she later married. She also got divorced from him in 2005 and blames it on her encounter with BC that her second husband could not get over that. Maybe the problem was he never believed it was ‘rape.’ There are so many holes in her story and it is all ‘what she said’ but of course, now the progressives dialog is that every story is credible. She is 75 or so and she is reveling in her 15 minutes now from all the attention she is getting from her twitter followers and the candidate himself.

  269. BTW, I watched Hillary’s biopic of sorts on CNN (which SophieCT mentioned). It aired on midnight. Saw the video of her Iraq vote where she explains why she is voting which sounds logical and responsible — don’t know how the whole discussion about it got so distorted. Well, I do know why and if the endeavor was a success and well executed, it would have been a good vote.

    I could not watch the parts of 2008 and skipped through it and surprisingly Peter King in what he said came across as supportive of her in the videos. For example, talking about Benghazi, he was quick to say that she was following Obama administration directives.

  270. To the people who are saying “it was talk and no proof he actually did what he said…” then why isn’t Nancy ODell denying it? All she would have to do is say, “it didn’t happen”, story over.

  271. OMG!! This is excellent and WITH Carly’s blessing!

  272. Watch this!

  273. haha, SophieCT, Letterman video I linked has the full context for that ties made in China frame in the video you linked.

  274. “No proof,” the height of hypocrisy. They have been slandering and libeling Hillary) for 25 years for things for which there is no proof, and often proof to the contrary. They are still doing it right now, and will keep doing it. It is all they have; conspiracy theories and false innuendo. For their side, they want on the scene eyewitness photographs, or there is no proof. For their opponents, any made up story is repeated as absolute truth.

  275. We’re on a wavelength, pm317

  276. I am hearing right now Katy Tur saying Conway is a serious Christian. I thought lying was a no no for a serious Christian.

  277. You HAVE to watch that Carly Simon video–Carly overdubbed “scarf” just for this.

  278. I thought lying was a no no for a serious Christian.

    I like to share stories from my life with you here. Here is another: I was visiting my folks in India and this was in my early years of coming to this country, may be the early 90s. I was telling my mom, how honest and fair people are here, people who come to work on your house or in general, the interactions in public, work or social. She made a comment that has stayed with me. She said, yeah, that religion makes them that way. She was not learned or well traveled (but very smart) and I was surprised that she had an opinion and then was right about it. Though we had a Christian (convert) woman who helped her there with housework who was very honest and trustworthy, which may have been the basis for her comment. The point of surprise to me this election season is how easily Trump and his surrogates lie. Though we saw that with Obama’s campaign in 2008, I don’t particularly remember other elections where it was such a tour de force as it is now with the Trump’s campaign.

  279. I guess our troll didn’t like the Carly Simon video.

  280. I have been thinking about how magnanimous Bill Clinton is to let Hillary do this campaign run in 2008 and again now. Yeah, I said ‘to let her’ because I would imagine this would be a joint decision and at some level he would have to resent some and despise all the lies and distortions about his ‘sexcapades’ being brought to the fore again for yet another generation by the liars and haters. The fact that he is willing to go through all that to give her her moment speaks volumes and also about his belief that she will do better for the country than any other. Both Clintons are the ultimate examples of high achiever syndrome and it is not a bad thing to have.

  281. If true, Trump could go to jail as a pedophile.

    Or Edward Snowden will get a new roommate, if Trump can make it to Mother(f^&%3r) Russia in time.

  282. Chuckie is doing alright on MTP.

  283. VotingHillary, she did that during the Paula Jones case I think and reversed it during the impeachment proceedings but Starr did not include her story because it was inconclusive and she is p.o’ed ever since. I think she made up a big lie calling it the r word because of her own life circumstances.

  284. Mark Burnett does not want to release any tapes. His wife is a devout Christian.

  285. Today at the WaPo:


    In one of my comments above, I expressed the perennial rift we women have of our gender with the opposite sex. It’s good to see the issues been brought up…by a man…

    Good read…

  286. Maybe Eddie and the Donald will play rock-paper-scissors for who gets to sleep on Putin’s couch and who has to take the floor. 😆

  287. I wish George Takei would remake his “You Are A Douchebag” video from 2010, making Trump the target this time.

  288. From the Howard Stern tapes being exposed on CNN. These are Trump’s own words and m offensive than the ones heard with Billy Bush as far as I’m concerned:
    “Later in the episode, Stern asks Trump to assure his audience that “the chicks will be almost naked” at his pageant, saying to Trump that before he bought the contest, “they were starting to take women who were educated over women who were hot.”
    “They had a person who was extremely proud that a number of the women had become doctors,” Trump explained. “And I wasn’t interested.”
    He continued, “I actually went on the ‘Today Show’ with Katie Couric a while ago, six years ago, and we had a woman running the pageant who was really into the whole thing of education and everything and I said, ‘Look, if you’re looking for a rocket scientist, don’t turn in tonight. But if you’re looking for a really beautiful woman, you should watch.'”
    Stern approved of Trump’s approach, saying, “I’d rather have a retarded hot woman than a slob who’s a doctor.”

  289. Uppity, are you ok? don’t let the twiitter cockroaches get you down.

  290. Pence’s Indiana must have been the setting for Margaret Atwood’s “A Handmaid’s Tale”.

    Brassy – I thought the same thing after reading some of the articles that were swirling around after the debate.

    And holy moly, Christie Todd Whitman finally endorsed HIllary! For those of you not familiar with the above mentioned Mrs. Whitman, she is a former Republican governor of New Jersey (unfortunately while I lived there, and I LOATHED her) who got herself elected to change the state tax codes to benefit herself and her neighbors in their tony exurbs to the detriment of us less affluent city dwellers. Up until now she has simply been #NeverTrump, but I guess this latest misogynistic mess was the straw that broke the camelhair back.

  291. ….
    What would happen if one woman told the truth about her life? The world would split open.

    Muriel Rukeyser, 1968.


  292. Brilliant piece.

    “How Trump’s mere existence delegitimizes Clinton’s candidacy and presidency — and what we must do…” by @jeffjarvis https://medium.com/whither-news/how-trumps-mere-existence-delegitimizes-clinton-s-candidacy-and-presidency-and-what-we-must-do-a3f56f956de7#.vdn2cbv85

  293. @ pm317:
    What happened to our Upps?

    Can you share some info?

  294. SophieCT @ 4:44pm

    Thank you for the link…

    A must read for uppitiville…

  295. bellecat, her twitter account went private for a while but looks like it is public again.

  296. Ivory Bill

    Or Edward Snowden will get a new roommate, if Trump can make it to Mother(f^&%3r) Russia in time.

    Edward Snowden would never want to be near someone like Trump.

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