2016 Presidential Debate #2 at Washington U


washu-2016-debate-circleTonight is the second presidential debate, airing at 9 PM Eastern on nearly every channel (except NBC which has football).  My advice still stands: CSPAN, PBS, or online streaming. No networks or cable stations because their pundits are insufferable.

It’s not really a debate but rather a town hall meeting format According to the Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD), “half of the questions in the second debate will be posed directly by citizen participants and the other half will be based on topics of broad public interest as reflected in social media and other sources.” Our hosts are Martha Raddatz (ABC – @MarthaRaddatz ) and Anderson Cooper (CNN – @andersoncooper).

Since the Magic Bus hot mic “gaffe,” I’m expecting the questions to be mostly of a graphic nature and I am expecting that Donald will not show the “courage” he did during the first debate and will indeed “go there.” There being Bill.

If he does, I hope she calls him out on his sexism, reminding him that SHE is running, not Bill, that she has been married exactly once, to one man, for 41 years and has never cheated on him and all of her children have the same father.  That she’d love to roll in the sewer with him but, the fact is, she’s not of his ilk. If he pulls the “enabler/you were mean to them” crap, I wish she could say, “I suppose I could have stayed home and baked them cookies.”

Oh, before I forget, here is a running tally of Republicans who have unendorsed Trump since Trump threw himself under the bus.


The bright side of this debate is that very few pundits are giving their unsolicited advice about “what Hillary needs to do.” After last time, I hope they got over their delusions that she doesn’t know exactly what she’s doing.

I also hope the commission does a complete mic check.

Again, the Keepin’ It 1600 crew is doing a pre-game “thing” on Facebook, beginning at 8:30 PM EDT. It was pretty good last time.

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And because it’s good luck:

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  1. It’s gonna be interesting, to say the least.

  2. Chuckie did alright here but his panel was bad and I moved on.

  3. Thanks Sophie:

    Let’s see how our girl grabs the groper by his odious balls…

  4. The fact that Hillary is saving most of her comments about El Dirtbag for the debate tonight, shows that the Scorpio is patient, waiting to sting Trump at the right moment. This is is a skilled debater, of the female type.

    Go Hillary, go!!!

    I can’t wait.

    Thanks for the new thread Sophie.

  5. bellecat, I’m thinking the same thing. Give him a friendly, playful grab of the nuts. If he protests, tell him he can’t take a compliment and he’s a shrunken old man.

    Err, wishful thinking on my part. She will take the high road, as always.

  6. I also hope the commission does a complete mic check.

    Apparently his aides should check these things before the debates — where are they?

  7. I recommend Sarah Kendzior’s twitter — she is at Wash U.

  8. The Wikileaks have been discussed more today. Especially, open borders and free trade, as well as saying one thing in public and saying another thing in private. If this had come out diring the primary, the outcome may have been different.

  9. Infowars guy is out of his depth here, which is most of Trump supporters. “Crusades,” dummy.

  10. So Donald Trump’s “debate prep” consisted of a meeting and press conference with Juanita Broaderick, Kathleen Willey, and Paula Jones. Obviously Donald is all in for going THERE.

    Guess I’ll watch the debate from the shower.

  11. well you have to click on the tweet to see the video. But here it is.

  12. SophieCT, yeah he has assembled all the women. I don’t think they can be at the debate where the audience is based on a lottery. I don’t know if he can take them with him as his guests.

  13. Trump has all of Bill Clinton’s accusers at the debate

  14. So Trump summoned the press to see him with the women Bill Clinton was supposed to have violated in some way, and Hillary was supposed to have attacked as a result, just hours before the debate. (Watching MSNBC. They say Donald Trump himself attacked Clinton’s detractors in the ’90’s, like Lewinsky, Starr, etc.).

    Think of all his best advisors coming up with this strategy. So now it’s questioning Hillary’s temperament based on how she allegedly dealt with these women? This is how they go “nuclear” or what?

  15. Apparently there was also the rape victim Kathy Shelton whose defendant got assigned Hillary as his lawyer. Whatever it is, Monica was a rich kid with sophistication and would never keep up such association as these. It shows you the desperation of these other women.

  16. Omg, are you watching?

  17. Wonder why he could not get Gennifer Flowers squeezed in there. These women are trailer trash and ugly to Trump. He would not give them the time of the day in any other circumstance and touch them with a ten foot pole. Do they know that? Dumb as dumb does.

  18. SCUM.

  19. You guys keep beating me to the punch

  20. Birdgal, it will backfire.

  21. Some twitter people are saying this was to freak Hillary out. No, she would have anticipated this. So so predictable.

  22. I think it will backfire, too. He just proves everyday what a total scumbag he is, and how temperamentally unfit he is for POTUS.

  23. It’s gonna take a LOT more than this to freak Hillary out.

  24. Trump is acting like a wounded animal and is totally out of control. I’m sure Bannon and Bosse have been egging him on to do this.

  25. My hubs is always ready to caution me that I was getting too involved. At this point it does not feel like a game I want to play. We will win, don’t mistake me but I don’t want to play this disgusting spectacle with these scumbags. So let them do their scummy things and we will do ours and we will win. He is going the confuse and suppress Hillary voters route at this point by bringing in the sleaze. We just have to make sure that that does not happen. There won’t be a third debate, mark my words.

  26. Thread… click on it to read the sequence:

  27. Wow. David Frum.

  28. Trump brand is now trailer trash.

  29. Good to see Bill, Chelsea and her husband are in the front row to support Hillary when Trump tries to though mud on Bill and Hillary for his affairs.

  30. Melania is there. I woulda lost that bet.

  31. The Clintons look cool as cucumbers and the Trump family looks tense.

  32. She looks beautiful and he looks ragged.

    I missed it–did they shake hands?

  33. She didn’t shake his hands! managed that very well.

  34. She didn’t shake his hand!

  35. Didn’t shake his hand

  36. Did he reach for it? Did they even try?

  37. Yep, she looks happy and confident.

  38. sniffing again?

  39. Whoops pm I accidentally check the lower star. So sorry.

  40. no, Sophie, he didn’t go for it either. But her happy demeanor made it smooth. He looks awful.

  41. No, Sophie, he did not reach for her hand.

  42. no problem WLM.

  43. Nope, not even an effort by either to shake hands.

  44. Trump is off on his slow talking negative spin. He is sniffing again.

  45. Good for Anderson bringing up the RumpTape…right off the bat. (Sniff, snif)

  46. Yep, Shadowfax, the sniffing. Talking off topic. Already starting talking about ISIS

  47. Trump is losing it

  48. He is deflecting from the question about his view of women.

  49. I think the sniffing is nerves, since this is about the third time I’ve seen it.

  50. Hillary now responding about how he talks about women.

  51. Why nerves now. He doesn’t sniff when he is on the campaign trail.

  52. Neetabug, He isn’t nervous on the trail, when he is in his element

  53. His damned sniffing again!

  54. Here it comes

  55. Just locker room talk. Now talking about Bill Clinton abusing women. Hillary attacked them visciously.

  56. Defect, deflect when you cannot answer the questions. Bill is NOT running.

  57. President Clinton was impeached. Says Hillary should be ashamed.

  58. Paula Jones is there and some others.

  59. You go Girl

  60. Trump’s rant came off as desperate…thinks he’s running against Bill.

  61. Her quote from FLOTuS Michelle got more applause than his slam; good sign.

  62. I thought the audience were to ask the questions.

  63. I told you, he would get a special prosecutor, if he wins. Christie or Giuliani

  64. wow!

  65. Says Hillary Clinton should be in jail.

  66. I think Trump is high

  67. Hillary has referred everyone to hillaryclinton.com to fact check because of all the untruths he is telling.

  68. I think the man is crazy, and he’s revealing that now with his rants. Donald wants to turn this into a Jerry Springer show.

  69. If he becomes president he will put Hillary in jail? I thought it was Obama who turned us into a third world country.

  70. Hillary walked past Donald to answer be close to fellow who asked question. Good move. Who is the Alpha Dominant now?

  71. Why is he panting like that?

  72. Uppity’s on Twitter.

  73. Why does he keep walking around when he is not speaking?

  74. Sandy, on October 9, 2016 at 9:43 PM said:
    Why does he keep walking around when he is not speaking?

    Now he is standing behind the chair

  75. wow, what a despicable character he is!

  76. PM, The company he keeps is despicable, so he is despicable by association.

  77. His language and gestures directed at her are so demeaning.

  78. Trump denies knowing or having anything to do with Russia. What a liar.

  79. Birdgal, he is scum himself which is why no sophisticated social circle in any city gives him his due despite his wealth.

  80. She is thinking I have to run against this buffoon. Is this for real?

  81. This is a difficult format…

    It’s allowing the Trump babble with inconsistencies…

  82. “Everything you just heard from Donald is not true. I am sorry I have to keep saying this.”

  83. Donald p.o’d that Hillary had a response to the public vs. pvt., saying she lied, but referenced the e Spielberg movie. Wonder if he just lied about business in Russia.

    Why doesn’t he release his own damned balance sheet instead of going to gov’t.? B.S. about the audit and taxes.

    I’m getting tired of his sniffing, snorting. I wonder about his physical fitness. I don’t believe this is a good format for him; too much exertion.

  84. Liberty, yeah, he is sick not just physically but mentally; we need to see his real health records.

  85. Liberty I think he is on coke

  86. On twitter: “Trump blamed Hillary for him not paying taxes.

  87. Dood!! I am so honored! LakerWade quote-tweeted me!

  88. I have said for a long time, he is truly mentally ill and is a sociopath.

  89. This is a SICK, SICK, SICK MAN

  90. this man is a blooming idiot!

  91. Nettabug, I don’t know about Coke, but this guy is mentally unhinged and is unraveling. Total deflection and blame projecting.

  92. This man is a dangerous lunatic

  93. Absolutely Coke.

    You see him pacing? That’s what he does at 3AM when he starts a tweet storm. This man’s mind is lit up and very disturbed. He’s a temperamental seven year old seeking vengeance and destruction everywhere.

    Now he’s Whining that they stop him from talking but not her.

  94. The moderators are ignoring him.

  95. I agree about the coke. The constant sniffing, the erratic behavior, the endless rambling, the nervous pacing, the irritability as it wears off (coming down).

  96. The moderators should be doing a better job of reining him in imho.

  97. sniff, sniff…

  98. She ask him why he says AA’s are lazy
    Also why he said he didn’t want any AA’s to count his money

  99. Waves to Uppity!

  100. Neetabug and PM317: I think you are both right. We need to see his real health records, and I wonder if Donald did a line be before going on…

  101. Liberty I guarantee you he did

  102. Maybe he can go from the debate directly into rehab. His stalking Hillary is creeping me out.

  103. Sophie, did he do it right? He said he retweeted you.

  104. Well, now that Trump threw Pence under the bus, wonder who his new VP candidate is that’s waiting in the wings?

  105. Example of Psychological Projection: Donald Trump claiming HRC has tremendous hate in her heart.

  106. Liberty, Trump is the one that has tremendous hate in his heart.

  107. All people running for president should be tested for drugs.

  108. Birdgirl, I say “Amen!” My point exactly.

  109. Is it over??????????????????????????

  110. Thank God ! It is over!

  111. BTW, Trump’s roaming the stage was to try and keep him in the camera shot looking so “tough”. Asshole.

  112. Son of a gun did extend his hand at an end…

  113. Keepin’ it 1600 is also on Twitter

  114. Not a quitter but a fighter!

  115. He was a bully.

  116. I really hate pundits on msnbc and cnn. Really hate them.

  117. As I said last week, the MSN saying how well Trump did….

  118. Trump was more focused–giving the Repugs lots of red meat–but still the biggest liar in the history of presidential elections. His stalking her while she spoke looked very menacing.

  119. Hillary has great hate in her heart and is a liar.

    Trump was able to get away with Hillary and Bill hate in front of her family.

    The sniffing and snorting…wonder if it could possibly be from some sort of mental illness drugs to keep his monster self in check?

    I noticed the pacing when he was angry…would coke do this?

  120. I do not know about this debate…

  121. Top tweet during the debate on Twitter:

  122. I think Hillary was dumbstruck on his ‘ideas’ of constitution, government, and how it works, how to prosecute wars, how to run the economy (where would you start?)…Even Raddatz tried to educate him on an answer. First half was all coke talk, I think — he was a bully and obnoxiously rude to her, he said he would put a prosecutor on her and jail her, he was saying she should be ashamed again and again, that she is full of hate in her heart and such nonsense. Hopefully the print media does justice to how he conducted himself in this debate.

  123. And how deplorable is he for having said in the beginning that he would appoint a prosecutor if he wins and put her in jail? He is talking about jailing his opponent!!!! Is this for real in the finest democracy of the world?

  124. I’m watching CNN replay Trump’s response to Anderson Cooper’s question about his lewd video, and it seems even more incredible. No real apology, and shift answer to ISIS!

  125. I hate KellyAnn.

  126. People on CNN are not praising Trump, only his surrogates are spinning how well he did.

  127. At The Confluence:

    This is lovely. #PresidentRodham, anyone?

    riverdaughter, on October 9, 2016 at 7:41 pm said:

    I tweeted to that hashtag.Good idea.
    bellecat, on October 9, 2016 at 11:05 pm said:

    I second that RD…

  128. Someone said on CNN that it could have been Hillary’s strategy to keep Trump in the race. Had she delivered a knock out debate, Trump might have been pressured to drop out, which would not be good for Hillary.

  129. As a tweet reply said, Rudy Giuliani?! Spread this far and wide. This buffoon is CLUELESS!

  130. Damn! David Frum is killing it tonight. Never thought I’d type those words!

  131. Re: David Frum. Christie or Giuliana would prosecute Hillary.

  132. I only managed to hear a few disgusting seemingly laudatory comments about Trump from Chuck Todd and Chris Matthews before I turned the TV off in disgust. And I take it from Imust above that CNN was no better. Does the media seriously think they are going to prop this piece of human excrement back up? He was a stalking, sniffing, out of control and incoherent mess and yet he came off better?!@# in this debate! I watched the whole thing and I just wanted to be able to give Hillary a hug. She was impressive and composed in the face of this man-hating, no-nothing, mean-spirited bully who badgered her from start to finish, unless you count that grudging, but true solicited compliment that she is a fighter. I hope some of pundits at least comment on her poise and grace but I won’t hold my breath. Two of these debates are enough. I don’t think the American people and Hillary should be subjected to Trump in another one!

  133. Trump can’t leave the race. Too late! Hillary’s strategy was to answer voters’ questions, talk policy. Not get baited into Trump’s bs.

  134. This buffoon is CLUELESS! The buffoon of course is Trump not Frum.

    Brassy, why are you surprised about Frum? Pl. share.

  135. Major damage control by Trump surrogates on CNN about instructing the prosecutor and putting her in jail.

  136. This debate shows what a truly disgusting human being he really is. After this debate if you are still supporting Trump, you are a truly deplorable person. I disagree with Hillary about her statement about deplorables, I believe they are all deplorable.

  137. Major mistake he has made about saying he would put her in jail and his surrogates know that. He is toast. Joy Reid gave an impassioned response about that right now. This is very bad for him.

  138. I still do not know what to make of this debate…
    so far what I read -all over, is a bitter face-off..

  139. need to hear some other good points for our Hill…

  140. Hillary on her plane talking to the press. She and her aides look very happy.

  141. bellecat, she did very well. She will be fine. He is toast. He just cemented the idea in an average voter that he is going to turn this country into a banana republic and that he is unfit. Republican panel and others (not Chuckie ot tweety) on MSNBC are talking about his style too, rudeness, breathing down her neck by stalking and saying that does not play well and his sniffing, scowling, and all that.

  142. She won the CNN debate 57% to 34% , but Trump exceeded expectations by 63%.

  143. JB, his expectations bar was underground in the negative space…

  144. The mother of the son who got killed in Bengazi tweeted Donald Trump did vote for the Iraq war.

  145. For your general amusement:

  146. Kellyanne Conway along with the rest of the Trump Team just outright lie. They don’t like their facts so they make up their own. The way they act is very frieghtening. This incites the Trump supporters to dehumanize millions of Americans. Easy to be violent against “things” not people. Just truly scary stuff here from the Trump team.

  147. At this point the Republican Party is now officially just another hate group.

  148. This is going to come as no real surprise, but in case you wanted confirmation:

  149. Hillary won the debate, massively on CNN.

  150. The Republicans, Nicole Wallace, and Schmidt (sp?) are making so many valid points (in favor of Hillary and anti-Trump).

  151. Wow can’t believe Tweety.. he is saying everything but Hillary is giving her the tingle.

  152. Tweety is saying Hillary was poised and presidential during the debate, but the debate was very depressing and indecisive.

  153. oops that was mangled. But Tweety is very positive about Hillary.

  154. A picture is worth a thousand words…especially if you are wondering how Hillary feels about her debate performance:

  155. She is probably relieved that the debate is over. Also, the polls are very good for her.

  156. pm317 @ 11:45pm

    Thanks, just saw her uptight and not her easy go about and on control…

    Yet, the Groper was just walking and breathing all over like the roister menace from the Bram Stoker mesmerism school…

  157. The Grifter threw great bloody hunks of red meat to his base, but I doubt he brought in many swing voters, and his base voters aren’t sufficiently numerous alone.

    Good night, all. Routine annual medical checkup Monday. Time for blood tests and a flu shot, so I’ll feel like a dart board tomorrow. 😛

  158. Ha..knew that was why he threw Pence under the bus:

  159. Hillary is coming back to CA next Thursday for some fundraisers. I am going to one in SF on Thursday. The tickets were priced from very high to reasonably low, so I was able to afford a ticket. Andra Day will be there. I am getting excited!! It is my Birthday present to myself.

  160. pm317, I’m surprised by Frum because he’s a conservative Republican, worked for W. He’s still no Hill fan, but he deserves credit for taking it to Trump.

    Of course, Hillary won. Pundits are pissed because she didn’t get into a mud wrestling match with a pig. Her focus was on POLICY. What a breath of fresh air for everybody–except pundits, of course.

  161. trixta,
    Someone said on CNN that it could have been Hillary’s strategy to keep Trump in the race. Had she delivered a knock out debate, Trump might have been pressured to drop out, which would not be good for Hillary.


    I also think that it would give the Rethugs the opportunity to just vote for 2Pence.

  162. Brassy, there was another tweet from Frum that was anti-Trump and pro-Hillary, I forget but there are so many republicans who realize what a danger Trump is and the two on MSNBC, Nicole and Steve are certainly negative about Trump.

  163. SophieCT, Joy Reid was magnificent on TV tonight esp. about the point about putting in jail political opponents and why we don’t go there.

  164. Agree, Shadow (@12:36 am). Interesting…a Republican strategist on MSNBC just said Trump has lost the election due to the tape, especially if women whom Trump has assaulted come out of the woodwork. On another note, according to DailyMail Billy Bush (the NBC person who was also on tape with Trump) has been indefinitely suspended from his daily show.

  165. Yep, here we go….Rudy is gonna take over the VP slot..why he was the sole “spokesperson” on all the talk shows today.

  166. We now have 4 sources confirming Pence is leaving the ticket.

    Is this really true????

  167. wow, Tiffany’s reaction is interesting. Her boyfriend I read somewhere is a Democrat. I bet she is voting for Hillary.

  168. hahahahaaaa……payback for Daddy Dearest:

  169. sorry we doubled up, pm…Mods, you can delete my tweet.

  170. Shadowfax, on October 10, 2016 at 1:16 AM said:
    We now have 4 sources confirming Pence is leaving the ticket.

    Shadow, just reporting what he is reportings…HOWEVER…Pence canceled his fund-raiser for tomorrow.

  171. Thanks everyone for the great comments, links and tweets. I missed about 1/2 but apparently that was more than enough. He made me so angry, I thought I’d pop a gasket.

  172. I just googled and the big news sources say Dence is not leaving the ticket as rumored.

  173. pm317, on October 10, 2016 at 1:57 AM said:

    And look who was in the middle of that mess….Rudy G. I still think he is in the wings for VP…if not, then promised AG.

  174. pm from your link on Trump camp planning on seating women in VIP box. Guliani said this:

    I knew the minute we got pushback that we had gotten into their heads. [Hillary Clinton] was rattled. They were rattled.”

    What a vile, disgusting man Rudy Guliani is.

  175. Click on the tweet from the Trump surrogate and you see the tweet she’s responding to. It’s a video of a young woman who was crying in the bathroom at the debate after speaking to her about having been abused. I had to respond.

  176. Strange how they would suspend Billy Bush. Trump running for president is ok.
    What a world we live in.

  177. Well, neetabug it’s two different entities. It’s up to the GOP to get rid of Trump and NBC to get rid of Billy Bush.

  178. The video with Tiffany turning her face away from Trump at 1:19am how do I copy it?

  179. That at least 1/3 of the people in the USA don’t see Trump is dangerous just how much the alt right has infested people through Breitbart, Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, etc… This is very frightening. These people willingly follow a fascist dictator wanna be. They blame Hispanics, African Americans, and “Others” for all of their problems. They have no problem imprisoning political opponents. They have no problem with Trump’s repeated questioning our NATO commitments and pushing the fallacy that Russia his fighting ISIS in Syria. He believes there is no problem with more nuclear arms. He attacks Hillary Clinton for doing her job as a lawyer in criminal case. He believes Climate Change is a Chinese hoax. He is sexual predator who has no problem bragging about sexual assault. He makes up his own “facts.” There is so much more about him than just this list.

    If you are undecided or support Trump, then you just have not been paying attention to this lunatic. Every member of the GOP that is supporting Trump should be ashamed of themselves. They are not in-step with American values and obviously do not know what the Constitution or Bill of Rights is all about.

  180. Sophie, SNL will have a field day with the Jaws theme.

  181. This is the video from imusthavehillary @ 9:00AM {oh, poor Omarosa is upset the girl could not remember her name}

  182. The buffoon has systematically eroded the confidence in many of the democratic institutions built around the constitution in this country. It is not enough to not vote for him but everyone has to repudiate him for what he has done. The print media has done that but there is no such alarm being sounded on TV and they need to have that. He has corrupted 30% of the the most ignorant and gullible in the country with his dangerous ideas. I would say this even if it were not Hillary as his opponent.

  183. Say something nice about your opponent.
    Hillary: His hands are actually bigger than mine.

  184. neeta, to grab that Tiffany video, start playing he standalone one that Voter posted (not the tweet). Then click the YouTube link on the bottom right. Then copy the URL at the YouTube site.

  185. Uppity and others please retweet this. The stupid TV pundits are too lazy to dig up the context for the Lincoln comment Hillary made — it is all there in her speech. They are laughing at her without knowing that the joke is on them. I agree with Hillary with what she said that you use different arguments with different audience and different extent of details for different audience within the confines of full transparency. That is what she is saying with public/private positions. Public position includes the details of the resulting deal but the private position is what you start with to get to the deal with people who have different views/agenda. Don’t underestimate Hillary which is what the stupid media pundits and of course, the buffoon are doing. The buffoon does not understand how to make deals where there are a multitude of different and conflicting interests. The stupid media is lauding his crass and ignorant retort to say he won that exchange. They are all Jerry Springers.

  186. Trump was like Rick Lazio on steroids.

  187. Just as I predicted. #Lazio

  188. Having a public strategy and a private strategy I believe is called governing.

  189. UW @ 11:40 am: Yup. You did.

  190. The damage Trump and his people are doing to this country, is so great, that I try not to think about it too much. They of course are the logical outgrowth of the perversion of the Republican Party into a hateful, bigoted, and scorched earth group who would rather see the country burn, than lose an election.

    The goal now seems to be to destroy the ability of Hillary to govern, just as they tried to destroy Bill Clinton’s presidency. They want her to have no honeymooon period, no goodwill. They will start on day one trying to block everything she does, and demonize every sentence she utters. They may not be successful in that, but that will be their approach. Winning the Senate would be very helpful for our side. If these people still hold major Congressional power, they’ll essentially try to make it impossible for her to accomplish anything, just as they did to Bill and Obama. For them, character assassination is a way of life; just another tool to be employed in their relentless pursuit of power and low corporate taxes. And of course they have probably sickened most of the electorate to the pont that many of them will despise all political figures, and not even want to be involved. Lessening the voting pool was always one of their major goals. They are not involved citizens, they are aspirting tyrants.

  191. When I first heard about that comment of Hillary’s in her speech, about a public vs. private countenance, I thought that I had heard it before; and now I know where. Obviously, that comment by LIncoln as shown in the movie, impressed Hillary, as it did many people who saw the movie. I thought ti was one of the more interesting parts, actually. So clearly, she liked the concept, and that is why she used it. Of course, in the world orf Hillary hate, everything she has ever done or said, is distorted far out its original context. It’s like an endless exercise in Orwellian doublethink., quite depressing to witness, particularly when the media isn’t smart or interested enough to correct it.

  192. That video posted by pm317 at 10:38AM is what the GOP Trump party is all about. Dehumanization of women, immigrants, minorities, etc… So easy to dismiss this victim like she isn’t even “real” nor are her concerns. And these assh@les claim Clinton has accepted money from foreign governments that abuse and degrade women? Hell, the entire GOP Trump Party continues to abuse and degrade women on a daily basis. Every single person that continues to support Trump is telling women that we just don’t matter. We are still just chattel to the GOP Trump Party. Shameful, just simply shameful.

    The GOP Leadership needs to stop supporting Trump, all GOP Senators and Congress people need to stop supporting Trump. This Trump Campaign has degraded and cheapened our society and politics.

    MSM, there is no comparison between the lies of Trump and his alt right team and the baseless attacks perpetrated by the alt right in this country for more than 30 years. This is no equivalence. She is not a flawed candidate. She is simply human. Trump is a monster. Hillary Clinton is a freaking saint for having to put of with this bullshit.

  193. Time for down ballot Republicans to re-instill civics and civility and the confidence in democratic institutions. They may not get the pussy vote this time but they would have not have coddled and normalized the ‘pussies’ either. This is not a time to cave to them. But come January, it is imperative they work with a President Clinton to work toward helping these people.

    For a lot of his fans, a vote for Trump is a vote to grab America by the p—y.

  194. Just want to thank you all and especially Uppity for this lively, cheerful, consoling, inspiring, amusing and informative site! I could find more adjectives but those came most easily to mind.

    I’m writing this not just for myself but for my local friends who’ve been following you from way back when we really believed HRC would win in ’08 …until that disastrous Rules n Bylaws committee meeting (May ’08) and carried on campaigning with crossed fingers and daily prayers up to the convention—ah, so long ago. I and my friends are getting on in years and still wanting very much to see HRC leading the US before we die.

    In all our years of following the political scene, did we ever imagine the appearance of a candidate so inferior as The Rump?! — maybe here and there on a local level, but on a presidential run?!!

    Some of you are “old friends” from back then, both here, when I was”islander” and at the now ridiculous [other blog we don’t mention here], when I was “lil ole grape” — even the kittehs, especially Bill.

    Uppity Woman rates honors–an award…but then even awards have become pretty petty these days. Sometimes it seems the whole country has descended into sleaze. HRC raises the bar. She is a national treasure, a gift to to our country and to the world. How sad it is to see her having to contend against a thing like The Rump.

    A bientot…Love to you all and thanks for hanging in here.

  195. pm317, I tweeted that earlier today and CC’d a bunch of media folks.

  196. lil ole grape

    How are you? I remember you. I left that site for the same reason.

  197. Thanks, Sophie!

  198. Thanks Sophie, I looked the first time. Did not see the You Tube link.

  199. Hillary leading in the WP by eleven points in a four way race.

  200. House Speaker Paul Ryan tells House Republicans that he won’t defend trump (or his campaign) and will focus the next 29 days on keeping the House majority.


  201. lil old grape!

    Great to see you. Yes, many of us have moved around and ended up here with Upps and her long time gang.

    We are happy as clams to have a REAL Hillary blog to share info and support our girl.

  202. Grape or not, you are not ol’ or old. 😉

  203. I come from India, a relatively healthy but amazing democracy for its size and diversity which has successfully resisted authoritarian impulses for decades — the closest we came to was when Indira Gandhi imposed emergency rule in the 1970s and started doing all kinds of egregious stuff and when she finally relented and held an election, she lost resoundingly.

    Click on this thread about a Wash U. student from Singapore (authoritarian govt) and his speech broadcast on C-SPAN. I share his anguish over where America is headed in normalizing candidates like Trump. Once I had a long layover in Singapore and decided to take an arranged tour of the city for travelers like me and every other sentence from the guide was to caution us not to do this and that while we were on tour and I was disgusted by the end.

  204. Republicans for Hillary:

  205. One more:

  206. CLUELESS running for the biggest prize.

  207. These new Hillary Ads are powerful:

  208. Sorry I have been away on holiday but I’m back and the dam is breaking….

  209. Look at Trump in this picture!

  210. cant help himself……

  211. Can’t help himself.

  212. I’ve missed ya Moon, especially during the debate. Welcome back from your holiday.

  213. 538 Election Forecast to win election:

    82.2 % for Hillary

    17.8 % for Big Fat Rump – he’s toast.


  214. I hope Hillary takes it easy and steady for the remaining weeks. The media in its infinite wisdom (NOT) is waiting to pounce on her.

  215. pm, like the new Hillary ad you posted. Most of the republicans I know are like this, thank goodness.

    I spent a week in Singapore in the late 80s. Beautiful place with very kind people, but the govt…scary. I was dumb-fearless back then, but fortunately didn’t get into any trouble. I was supposed to go back in ’93 but was pregnant with Laker. When I told my customers there (I worked for a large European Co at that time) that I couldn’t come because of my high risk pregnancy, they sent me beautiful baby gifts. Lovely people.

    I never made it to India, blew my one chance to go for free, but my step-Dad lived there for a few years in the 60s. He was a kind and generous man and built a school and small hospital there (which were named for him) for the area he lived outside of Bangalore. Anyway, several of his employees there kept up a correspondence with him for years, decades actually until he died. I lived with him and my mom briefly in Wash State and he would let me read their letters, which I always found very interesting and charming. I’ve always regretted not going. My son hopes to go there. btw, he recently read (and was tested) about the Indian government in his Poly Sci class, so we have been talking about it the last couple of weeks.

  216. Another person with Rump tapes –

    Geraldo Rivera: ‘I have tapes’ of ‘embarrassing’ statements from Trump


  217. More people where I work are speaking out about last night’s debate. Bernie supporters said last night they clearly saw a reason why to vote for Hillary, not just to keep Rump from winning. It was a lightbulb moment for them to support her.

    A couple of Dems that will vote for Hillary wanted her to give him a knock out punch, I mentioned that the GOP doesn’t want Trump either, and maybe a knockout punch would get them to try and make the GOP candidate Pence instead…

  218. Trump Foundation, anyone?

  219. Trump lashes out at Ryan

    The highest-elected Republican official abandons Trump as he plunges in the polls.

    Donald Trump punched back – hard – against Paul Ryan after the House speaker all but declared his presidential campaign dead.

    “Paul Ryan should spend more time on balancing the budget, jobs and illegal immigration and not waste his time on fighting Republican nominee,” Trump tweeted early Monday afternoon.

    Just hours after Trump’s debate rematch with Hillary Clinton Ryan delivered a seismic blow to the Trump campaign, declaring that he’d no longer actively back the GOP nominee and instead work to preserve Republican Congressional majorities — a decision that prompted a furious backlash from some conservative caucus members. Meanwhile. Trump’s Virginia state chairman helped organize a pro-Trump protest outside Republican National Committee headquarters to oppose the party establishment’s abandonment of Trump.

    The RNC itself is gearing up for a potentially intense 5 p.m. conference call to discuss the remainder of a presidential race in turmoil.

    An indication of why Republicans are panicking came minutes after Ryan’s announcement with the release of an NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll showing Clinton leading Trump by double digits after the release of a video capturing Trump lewdly describing how he can sexually assault women because he’s “a star.”

    The next flashpoint will come when the RNC holds a call to discuss GOP insiders’ increasing alarm about Trump’s drag on the party’s prospects. Among their considerations is whether to redirect party funding to down-ballot races. Before Ryan’s move, most RNC members seemed poised to redouble support for Trump, but Trump’s campaign continued to spiral on Monday, shaking their calculus.


  220. Ryan’s a coward. He deserves the humiliation.

    Donald will deserve his too.

  221. I think she was smart not to knock out punch. She saw plenty of opportunities and didn’t take them. I believe that’s because she had NOTHING to lose. She’s winning. Why take the chance of looking like an idiot as he did? I also think she turned him loose so everybody could see that he was a coked up crazy 7 yr-old loon.

  222. He was a kind and generous man and built a school and small hospital there (which were named for him) for the area he lived outside of Bangalore.

    socalannie, how nice!! Tell me more about the school and the hospital if you have the info handy. I left India when I was 23+, got married and went to Holland with the husband and then came here. But spent all my growing years in Bangalore.

    Yes, Singapore is diverse, it has Indian, Chinese and one other group all mixed in.

  223. I am tempted to tweet Geraldo and tell him to put up or STFU. He’s treating this like that stupid Capone Cave story he trumped up so everybody will watch.

  224. I heard a couple of times on TV that there are two more videos of Donald and that one of them is even worse than the one we’ve seen.

  225. Yes, Uppity. I also like how she diffused the tension (at the same time protecting her husband) about BC and his accusers when he brought that up by simply noting he can run his campaign anyway he wants. Masterful move.

  226. Geraldo was on Celebrity Apprentice I think in 2014. I am sure he has seen some first hand.

  227. Paul Ryan’s current position is absolutely no different than it’s been for alt least a month.


  229. Producers of “The Apprentice” say he uses the “n” word on the video Burnett is hiding.

    I want to title some of these pics where she is listening calmly or answering questions while he glowers and stomps around behind her, “Dignity and the Beast”. If someone on Twitter wants to do it, be my guest!

  230. Capone Cave story

    Haha, I was thinking the same thing.

    I did watch that cave show and Geraldo stood there with eggs all over his face. I thought then, what a bozo.

  231. Re: the polls, 9% still voting for Gary Johnson!?!? Idiots.

    Re: Shadowfax’s quote from Politico: It amazes me that the repubs are in panic mode now. Did they really think he had a chance? And why would they want him to be prez anyway, since he would be likely to destroy their party? You’d think they would let this one go and focus on 2020.

    Agree Geraldo should put up or shut up.

    pm, I’ll ask my Mom if she remembers the town where he lived. I know that after he died, my step sibs took all of his photos and home movies and lots of good stuff he brought back from India like carved lamps, chests and things. My mom still has quite a bit from India though, and my step dad gave me a large sold teak trunk with a beautiful inlaid pic on the lid; also some embroidered tablecloths and misc.

  232. Ryan is the absolute embodiment of the Republican establishment, which used the white nationalism, misogyny, racism, and anti-semitism of the alt-right people for its own advantage. It got him made Speaker of the House. He sits there with his Ayn Rand-based social darwnist agenda, and cloaks it in Midwestern geniality; and the media likes him for it. He wants to run for President in 2020, as a more civil and less hateful Republican, who yet will ruin the economy for many decades, and destroy the middle class.

    So now he is desperately trying to maneuver in some way so that he doesn’t tarnish himself with Trump, but yet doesn’t anger Trump’s supporters so much that they take it out on downballot Republicans. His goal is a Trump loss, but a saving of both houses of Congress, at which point he will be in position to stop every bit of legislation which Hillary proposes, and also send up draconian bills which she would have to spend most of her time vetoing. No one should make the mistake of thinking that Ryan is doing anything noble or moral as its own goal; he just wants to protect his and his party’s status, no matter how tortuously he has to contort himself.

  233. She’s about to blitz his ass…..

  234. William, yes, that seems logical. I lost a friendship with a woman over Ayn Rand. She was libertarian, and we didn’t discuss politics, but then read Rand’s horrible dreck, and started badgering me about it, but I just couldn’t deal with it. I read up on counter points and tried to argue her out of it, but we just drifted apart after that. It was a shame really, our sons were friends and our two families did a lot together.

  235. Jeff Zeleny, the stupid reporter played the Lincoln part of the debate and totally mischaracterized what she was doing there with it.

  236. I read these over on the anime site I frequent, of all places:

    “I’m sorry GOP, but you cannot abort this campaign. You must carry it to term.”

    “When the Republican party selects their candidate, they’re not sending America their best. They’re sending us their rapists, their criminals…”

    Speaking of anime, Miss Kasuga reacts.

  237. Trump campaign manager’s defense: We’ve been alone and he didn’t grope me

    Meh, you are not hot enough for him — you are a 0 and too old in his rating scheme. How does that feel?

  238. I’m official y’all. Just got back from list of errands, and first stop was signing in and putting three absentee ballots (me, my mom and my brother) in the box at a Broward County (SoFla) elections office. So that’s three more for Hillz (and every other down ballot democrat in my district). It’s not that I want to get hit by a bus … but I can breathe easier now! Then I stopped by Hillz campaign headquarters in my ‘hood. Could only talk them into two yard signs (apparently they are considered pretty old school anyway and national campaigns don’t spend much money on them anymore. But given historical nature, it’s neat to have one — along with my HRC cap, breaking glass ceiling champagne flutes, buttons and fridge magnet. I can actually still put my hands on a Clinton-Gore button from ’92 and that campaign’s official VHS tape (talk about old school)!

  239. I am so disappointed with the media (now Tapper) that they are saying the Lincoln thing was just an excuse to explain away the private/public position. Why do they do that? They are not the least bit intellectually curious to read three paragraphs and to understand what she was getting at.

  240. Moon

    She’s about to blitz his ass…..

    I love the way they blitz with so many different ads, not playing the same one into the ground.

    I will be happy when she wins and instead of eating homemade, cheap sandwiches, I won’t have to donate my lunch money to Hillary…I can eat out every now and then. 😉

  241. Paulette,

    I am collecting Hillary stuff too. Designer Hillary shirt, Hillary bag, rinestone pin, campaign pins, bumper stickers, 2008 Hillary shirt to help pay off her debt, (worn a lot), 2008 Hillary shirt, 2016 poster from the day I met her.

    The first woman President of the United States, there needs to be lots of keepsakes for the generations to come.

  242. rhinestone*

  243. Ha Ha Ha Hahahahahaha

    RNC goes dark as party members demand answers
    With Trump campaign in freefall, RNC members greeted with ‘radio silence’ from party.


    DBag Karma

  244. Upps, your Kitty Boy is so darn cute.

  245. I just googled Hillary t-shirts and Etsy has this one that I would love to wear to work…but I would get some flack…


  246. pm, the media has to try to regain control of this thing. She’s pulling away and threatening to run away with it. Their worst nightmare. I wouldn’t worry.

  247. Up yours Rick Scott…we win.

  248. So, Katy Couric interviews RBG…

    When asked by Couric how she feels about San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, and others athletes, refusing to stand for the anthem, Ginsburg replied, “I think it’s really dumb of them.”

    “Would I arrest them for doing it? No,” Ginsburg elaborated. “I think it’s dumb and disrespectful. I would have the same answer if you asked me about flag burning. I think it’s a terrible thing to do, but I wouldn’t lock a person up for doing it. I would point out how ridiculous it seems to me to do such an act.”

    And the Twitter outrage machine is calling her a racist and asking for her to resign.

    Couric maybe could have asked a couple of follow-up questions like what would she recommend as an alternative to the protests.

  249. They are estimating this rally at 18,500….from the secret service.

  250. Go Hillary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  251. whoa… that picture is awesome.

  252. You know if Romney had said that blue collar statement he would have been laughed at all across America and yet Trump gets away with saying it.

  253. In years to come both Sociology and Psychology departments @ universities will be showing this debate as an example of how the alleged Alpha Male attempts to claim his territory and his woman.The psych department will show it to demonstrate how a narcissist behaves. The lies, aggrandizement;the constant turning of the subject and environment to focus on himself.
    Then they’ll focus on Hillary’s behavior on how to deal w/the maneuvers of the alleged alpha male,how to approach a person w/a personality disorder and what a US President should and does look like. Poli Sci departments will analyze and dissect how the Clinton team and Hillary led Trump around by various body parts until he finally imploded.
    Women all over the world will celebrate the humiliation of a sexual predator. And Donald’s no good,very bad horrible time will not be over when he loses this election. There are many,many lawsuits to come and the Trump name will become synonymous infamy,racism and failure.

    It appears there really is a God!! May our prayers for the survival of good be answered. ( And don’t forget to get out the vote!!)

  254. I wonder if the buffoon hit on Palin and she didn’t like it which is why she disappeared.

  255. They are estimating this rally at 18,500….from the secret service.

    It’s about frickin’ time that Hillary gets the crowds that she deserves!!!

    Go Hillary, go. ❤ ❤ ❤

  256. Ga6th–Because Trump is low class white trash no matter how much money he has.

  257. What enthusiasm gap?

  258. I believe Rudy G has a mental problem.

  259. Hillary at OSU, another angle:

  260. For your general amusement in case you missed the SNL cold opening on SaturdayL

  261. Also, Samantha Bee is back on her regular scheduled time slot so she will be on at 10:30 pm on TBS.

  262. Those OH pics are like a breath of fresh air after this past weekend. Thanks to those who posted them.

  263. Team Hillary’s response to Trump’s “blue-collar” comment today:

  264. Neetabug, I wouldn’t be surprised, if Guiliani has early stage dementia. He is very unhinged and volatile . He isn’t all there.

  265. with wife and three kids!

  266. Hillary’s OH speech today:

  267. Another “for your amusement”:

  268. Thread {Republican woman who knows who she is and what she is talking about}

  269. View women discussing the pussy tape. Instructive to see the Republican woman, sitting at the opposite end from Whoopi is anti-Trump.

  270. Sophie:
    What’s that song…You are my hero…?

    Just to tell our Hill, that she’s my (our)hero…

  271. pm317, on October 10, 2016 at 10:03 PM said:

    Sheesh, that was an amazing read and right to the point/heart of the matter.

  272. belle, are you thinking of “Wing Beneath My Wings”?

  273. That’s one…which I love and I used to sing it to my dear Mom…but I think there’s is another one…I don’t remember if it is from Flashdance or Fame…???

  274. I listened to his clips today — he is telling lies and more egregious lies that will mean danger to Hillary and everyone else from his mob. He is insane and there ought to be something to reign him in, no? because this is dangerous. Maybe people can start a ‘ban his businesses’ movement to make him behave? This guy is crazy.

  275. bellecat, this?

  276. This is a huge indication of what’s happening in FLA.

  277. imust:
    You are just swell…

    that’s it…
    if we can say heroine….
    but that’s what I’d love to sing to


  278. I’m just a tide too emotional for all the out coming events Hillary is facing…
    and so am I in my personal life….she is an inspiration….
    to keep on fighting…

  279. OMG Samantha Bee! ROFL!

  280. Last rally count, 18,000. Obviously no Enthusiasm….

  281. 18,000 at a rally is FANTASTIC!!

  282. I want this on a t-shirt!

  283. LIVE right now. Big Cats at Naledi, Africam site.

    Screen shot. There’s around ten Lions.

  284. Holy crap. Don’t give Trump one more security briefing until we find out his ties with Putin.

  285. Samantha Bee was FULL ON tonight:

  286. Last one from Samantha Bee tonight:

  287. This election has more whiners than any election I’ve ever seen. Libertarians and Greens waiting for the magical unicorn to show up. Trump voters who believe everything is rigged.

  288. Boycott his businesses. I hope on inauguration week, his hotel at Old Post Office Bldg is the only one with vacancy.

  289. If you have lost Glenn Beck and his contingent!

  290. Don’t know the polls in Utah but given their rebellion against Trump and this Hillary video, the Mormons may vote for her in big numbers. And who says there is no inspiration there?

  291. The reason the initial reactions to Trump were positive Sunday night was because the pundits praising him were male–Todd and Matthews. Women were nearly unanimous in being horrified by his display of raw misogyny.Yet another reason we need more women in positions of power and influence. This split was reflected in the initial polls as well. It matters that women’s voices be heard.

  292. Today, Trump was having a tweet war against Ryan. The GOP is literally falling apart.

    Too bad, so sad….NOT!

  293. Excellent recap from a very good writer. Never heard of him before (a novelist) but he certainly has a way with words. Found myself chuckling more than a few times as I read it.

    Beyond Debate: The Squalid Meltdown of Donald Trump
    by Richard North Patterson

    How badly did Donald Trump lose on Sunday night?

    As The Donald would say, bigly — the climax of a week capturing all that is odious about Trump, and the party which tried to make him president of the United States.

    Though this was lost in the disasters which followed, he started losing the night Mike Pence debated Tim Kaine. For throughout the week, the sanctimonious Pence served as a human weathervane, whose maneuvers unerringly pointed to the stages of Trump’s calamity and, ultimately, to the disgrace of the Republican party.

    The post-debate commentary praising Pence elevated manner over mind. No doubt Kaine was so eager to deliver his lines that he tripped over his opponent, the moderator and himself. As a former talk show host and self-professed man of faith, Pence excels at dispensing extreme unction coated in molasses. Advantage Pence.

    But to what end? Or, more precisely, in whose interests?



  294. Wow, trixta, thanks for sharing.
    That was a doozy!

  295. Donald Trump is launching a kamikaze mission — fracturing his own party four weeks before Election Day.

    The GOP nominee is lashing out in a stream of tweets boiling with rage and resentment, slamming House Speaker Paul Ryan for effectively cutting him loose and accusing the party leadership of dooming his campaign. It’s a meltdown unprecedented by a presidential nominee this late in the year.
    “It is so nice that the shackles have been taken off me and I can now fight for America the way I want to,” Trump said in a tweet that raised the prospect of a full on civil war in the Republican Party. Such a battle would pit his loyal supporters against the rest of the GOP, including vulnerable lawmakers running for re-election that could threaten the party’s hold on Congress.


    Oh dear, how can the MSM make this a horserace after all the surrogate Rump fluffing they have done for the past year????

  296. NEW POST UP!

  297. You’re very welcome, Sweet Sue! Glad you enjoyed it too!

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