Tracking Voter Fraud By Counting Red Hats…..

This is being passed around among the Deplorables, and to assorted places of  Far Right worship.

laughinggifPlease tell me it’s meant to be a joke, because I was crying with laughter when I saw it.

You ready?

How do you prove voter fraud? Why, by counting red hats of course! Yeah! That’s the ticket!




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  1. Hilarious.

  2. Off the direct subject of Uppity’s post, but something worth sharing, because I just figured it out, and it is quite scary: Everyone remembers Trump saying at the debate that Hillary “has tremendous hate in her heart.” Even for him, that seemed utterly irrational; why would he say something idiotic like this? Well, today we have another bogus Wikileaks “release” of John Podesta’s emails, and one says that (Hillary) “is beginning to hate everyday Americans.” And of course he meant the phrase “everyday Americans,” which she was using in her speeches, but began to feel was perhaps in some way demeaning to them. The context makes that clear, even if someone were dumb enough to miss the obvious point. So of course Wikileaks chooses to release that, in their ongoing hope of helping the Russians get Trump elected. And THAT is why Trump made that comment about “hate in her heart” at the debate. He is in constant communication with Russians, with Wikileaks, the whole cabal who are attempting to instal a Russian puppet in the White House. And so he already knew about the emails to be released the next day; and tried to set the stage for it, through his comment, because he wanted to be able to say, see, he told everybody that.

    This is as close to treason as I have ever seen in this country. A hacking agency working closely with Russian hackers whom our government has said are being directed by the leaders of Russia. And a presidential candidate who is being informed and directed by these people; whose every utterance favors Russia; who tries to pretend that they are not hacking; and who actually tells Americans things directly counter to the intelligence briefing he was given. How can anyone not think that the contents of these briefings are being given directly to Russia by Trump? Jail, indeed. The penalty for treason is death. That will never happen, but meanwhile our country is being severely compromised. This is not hard to figure out; Kurt Eichenwald has done great work on this. This is my little contribution to the recognition of the horrifying pattern.

  3. I think I will hover around any plain red hat that I see in the voting place, just like Rump hovered over Hillary at the last debate.

    No Hillary supporter will wear a blue hat…

    What idiots!

  4. Personally, I think white hoods would be more appropriate. But maybe the Kremlin won “the uniform of the day” argument.

  5. When you lose Glenn Beck…

  6. Beck. The same POS who called women Psychos and……well…….here
    “You Do Not Know The Psychosis That Is Chickdom”

  7. The guy who, after she choked up in New Hampshire in 2008, did a segment called “It Cries”. The POS who did a serial called The History Of Hillary Clinton on that fucking crackpot Blaze Radio.

    Fuck you Beck, you cockroach. Eat Donald’s dick. You deserve no less, because assholes like you created him.

    Don’t forget to swallow!

  8. A plain red hat? Okay. Mine just has a little text on it. “MAKE DONALD DRUMPF AGAIN”

    I have been feeling so down after that last nightmare of a debate. Not at Hillary’s performance at all. Just at the horror and the injustice of what I was witnessing. It felt like being forced to watch abuse. Okay, so I can tell my daughter “yes, you too can be president some day.” But at what cost? Would she have to run through that gauntlet of hatred like Hillary’s been forced, too? It was just sad and demoralizing.

    Coming here always makes me feel better, and I thank you all.

  9. Today is Bill and Hillary’s 41st Wedding Anniversary. Congratulations, Bill and Hill! They are still here, going strong, despite all the latest threats from Donald Trump. See:

  10. Britgirls, I have been feeling very agitated and upset about the debate debacle. It was so abusive, evil, and nasty. It is difficult to put words on how terribly awful it was. How he can get away this abusive behavior is beyond me. What is worse, are the people who have no ability to recognize how abusive he is, to women and other people. He is pure evil. Hillary is a very strong woman.

  11. I freaking love this, this ought to scare all the little darlings away on Halloween.

  12. britgirls,

    A plain red hat? Okay. Mine just has a little text on it. “MAKE DONALD DRUMPF AGAIN”

    Excellent hat choice!!!

    Hillary is taking the abuse for all of us, to break down those walls so it will be a little easier for the women that come after her. For the little girls to have more opportunities in their lives.

    May future women never forget what the women before them went though to make their lives better.

    Like all the young women today that take Roe vs Wade for granted.

    Like those that take what the suffragettes did to pass the law so that we can vote.

    (((Hillary))) is going to earn her pace in American history though blood, sweat and a boat load of tears.

  13. “Apprentice” winner — Good for him to tell the public about the interviews!

    The Trumpkin face is perfect!!!

  14. I bet Melania is getting an earful each day and she had better be really careful around this maniac.

  15. I hate to say it but Trump is the sort of personality and narcissist that probably raises his hand to an uppity woman. I have no doubt about that.

    You just know he’s a bad ‘un as my mother would say.

  16. This shows who Hillary really is, a compassionate non-judgemental lady.

    Eight years ago, I decided to come out to Hillary Clinton at our office holiday party. In the living room of a stately D.C. home crowded with Hill staffers who had braved the evening’s snowstorm, I marched past the Christmas tree toward her.

    Sen. Clinton knew me as a junior policy staffer and former intern who had carried her bags every morning for a summer. We saw each other frequently, but I rarely dared to say more than a friendly greeting. Although Hillary was always kind and open as a boss, I had not yet steeled myself to be open with her despite my personal devotion to Harvey Milk’s philosophy to always come out.

    In middle of that holiday party, I gathered my courage to show Sen. Clinton who I was and introduced her to my girlfriend. Without missing a beat, a broad smile formed on her face. She put her hands on our shoulders in an excited embrace, and exclaimed, “Wonderful! And how did you girls meet?”

    On National Coming Out Day, I often think of that moment when we both came out to each other: me as a gay woman and Hillary as my ally.

    I had good reasons to stay closeted. As a woman of color who grew up when same-sex relations were still criminalized in the United States and Matthew Shepard’s tragic death was a recent memory, I knew that the consequences of being out could far outweigh the benefits.

    At the forefront of my mind was my own experience. A few years earlier, when I came out to my parents as a teenager, my relationship with them ended in the course of a weekend.

    This loss carried forward over the passing Mother’s Days, graduations, and birthdays. I did not see my little sister for years. My parents believed being openly gay meant a diminished, lonely life doomed to failure and unhappiness. Even today, they fail to understand what Hillary knows: that our differences can be a source of great strength, courage, and purpose, not a liability or something to hide.

    You can ask virtually any gay, trans, or bisexual person, When did you first come out? Who was the first person you told? And every single one can remember the exact place, the time, how they felt, and every word of the conversation. Coming out is one of the most personally exhilarating and terrifying experiences many of us have ever had, and we do it again and again, every single day of our lives.

    Ever since the day I came out to her, I have watched Hillary send a clear and consistent message — as U.S. senator, as secretary of State, and as a presidential candidate — that she cares deeply about me, my chosen family, and my community.

    read on…..

  17. Wonder what the Red Hat Society thinks of this?

    If you want to help, you can register to be a poll observer:

    I need to comment on a post from the last thread. It’s about Ayn Rand and the warping of her legacy and intent by her current generation of follwers.

    I grew up with parents who knew Ayn Rand personally. They studied with her, too. At one point they lost their study space and so they all met at her apartment. It’s where my parents met and believe me, I grew up well influenced by her teachings. The thing is, just like with religious teachings, if you don’t understand the context and history of your belief system, you can wind up practicing some wild form of hypocrisy that bears little resemblance to the lessons in the book.

    Ayn Rand’s philosophies formed out of her family’s experiences during the Russian revolution. Her family had their business stolen for use by The State and being members of the Bourgeoisie they were forced to flee and faced serious deprivation, including near starvation. She was also an atheist who valued reason over all else. When you strip all the romantic dreck away from her works you find that she believed that businesses should compensate their workers fairly and that if they did so, workers would not feel the need to unionize. And she completely rejected the involvement of government in the personal lives of its citizens.

    So when people like Paul Ryan say that he was deeply influenced by Ayn Rand, he is full of shit. As are most conservatives who claim the same. If you believe you have the right to control a woman’s reproductive rights, you are not an objectivist. If you feel that equal pay for equal work is liberal claptrap, you are not an objectivist. If you believe the government should have the right to prevent gay people from getting married, you are not an objectivist.

    I veered away from my parents belief systems, and as my mother got older, she became more moderate. It has been proven to me time and time again that when government tries to deregulate business, business owners will take the money and run. The noble, ethical businessman from Rand’s novels does not exist in the real world, save for a handful. I understand Rand’s core philosophy, but I do not agree it can work in practice in the real world, and politicians who espouse objectivist ideals as the basis for their political views are typically pick and choose adherents.

  18. Trump is running around Texas today…….something we don’t know!

    4 weeks before election day and the GOP’er needs to be in Texas.

  19. I honestly do not know how a jack-o-lantern can ACTUALLY look like a person. But 90% of the world’s population would look at that and say ‘oh Donald Trump’. I want to be drinking champagne and commenting here so much on 11/8. It is going to be a long month. Continue to fight the good fight. xoxo

  20. Trump is probably in Texas for the ‘Daisy Dukes’ and to beg for money from big oil.

  21. Of course, it would be impossible to edit the video to include more red-hatted urtrumps. So yeah, sounds plausible.

  22. Moderation? Hm. Maybe more than one link in my post?

  23. @Julie–Yeah, Spammy tends to dislike multiple links in one post. 😦

  24. These women wanted “to shake hands with” Bill? I thought he sexually abused them? I have never heard of a sexual assault survivor who wanted to shake hands with her attacker. Never.

  25. End Voter Fraud. I wonder who made this as they made at least 17 grammar and spelling mistakes. It’s hard to keep track because it’s such a mess. Sign making rule #1: Find someone who has passed third grade to do it.

  26. Ken Starr said point blank if there had been a rape he would have found it. He didn’t. And he’s voting for Hillary.

    All this republican manufactured SHIT and they keep going because it freaks them out that they just can’t GET her. All those AHA! Moments with manufactured BULLSHIT and Karma kicks them in their shriveled nuts every single time.

    Now they will receive the ultimate ball kick. She will be president. Fuck em. They can just get over their women problem or die on the freaking vine for all I care and that goes for all those people who are insane enough to imagine that Trump isn’t a freaking sociopathic megalomaniac, severely mentally ill and and a serial liar and con man.

  27. I have to crack up over the “Locker Room” excuse. How would he know? From the looks of his flabby body the closest he’s ever been to a locker room or gym is a drive-by.

  28. There is something weird going on with Trump campaign from the start but now the wikileaks and Russia connection may explain it, right? A commenter on the unmentionable site that some of us walked away from used to say that Trump seems to have ‘insider’ info (about our govt) and wondered where he was getting it from. So, when he called out for Russia to hack her emails, it was not a joke but a tell. By now we know that he wants to live dangerously rubbing his opponents faces in the mud. A man who has no decency or shame.

  29. Brassy, the idea was to parade the women (instead of his family) coming out at the same time as Bill and forcing him to shake hands with them. How sick is that? The debate commission chair would not have it.

  30. Upps @ 3:36pm

    Brava…! You just put The Beck in his place….

    “Fuck you Beck, you cockroach. Eat Donald’s dick. You deserve no less, because assholes like you created him.

    Don’t forget to swallow!”

  31. The word on the street now is that Trump is trying to suppress votes for Hillary by making people dislike the election process. I vaguely remembering saying that may be what he is doing on debate night. I don’t think Hillary supporters can get complacent. Hope the turnout is huge for Hillary because we need to stop him.

  32. President Obama just knocked Trump on his ass the way only Barack can..he was just lit in NC today. Here’s an excerpt:

  33. My hubs and I were trying to characterize the Trump supporters, in a serious way trying to analyze what motivates them to support him. Here is an article doing that for a neighborhood somewhere in East Texas.

  34. hmmm.. it would not let me post a comment…may be I am stuck in spam… talking to myself here. Maybe Uppity blocked me! Nah, she is nice, she wouldn’t do that. 🙂

  35. I gave up. if people are interested, google ‘Why My East Texas Neighbors are Voting for Trump’ for the article.

  36. Gore had a sense of humor in Miami today. I thought why they were dredging him up. It makes sense when he said he was exhibit A when he says every vote counts. This election is not one to sit out.

  37. I must say Gore was a sport to show up and campaign. Personally I don’t take disappointments well at all. Just saw him do the concession speech in a clip on Maddow — I don’t know how he went on with life after that? Same thing with Hillary — after 2008 and that huge (unjust) let down, I didn’t think I would see this election season. Shows you how tough and determined she is.

  38. Boycott all Trump businesses. That is perhaps the only way to teach the buffoon how to conduct a campaign in civil society.

  39. Yes, Uppity! saw this on Maddow. Hilarious.

  40. Another thing that the Einstein that made the Red Hat Vote Cheating poster above is, that some of those ‘red hats’ in the photo are head scarfs worn by Muslim women!

  41. How funny Shadow! That’s from some demonstration, I wonder where?

  42. Everything you said about Beck, Upps and then some. That guy needs to take responsibility for the ignoramuses he created.

  43. OMG Samantha Bee!

  44. I looked it up Shadow. It was the Red Shirt rally in Malaysia, Sept 16th.

  45. Good one!!

  46. I looked it up Shadow. It was the Red Shirt rally in Malaysia, Sept 16th.

    Good investigating imust.

  47. Shadow, thanks, I thought I was looking at red scarves in that photo. I couldn’t figure out what the heck was the point of the picture. (Still can’t, really) Trump and his Contrumptibles look crazier every day. And freaking Glenn Beck?!? Ewww! Do we even want that?

  48. Nice catch imust! Where’d you find it? Can I have a link? I searched Tin eye and got nothing

  49. socal it was to show how awesome they will all look in red on election day. The infantile theory is, they video their voting location so they can Count……..yes…count the red people and compare it to the lesser official voting tally.

    Hahahahahahahahahahaha Hahahahahahahah……breathe…..hahahhahahahah ahahahahahahah.

  50. My absentee ballot came in the news yesterday! Yeah, I can vote for HRC.

    I have been having a difficult time the past few days. I have felt so agitated since the debate. Watching Hillary being abused on national television was too much. She is tough as nails!

  51. Uppity here’s the article:

    Here’s a photo different angle:

  52. Here’s a photo different angle…

    Oh no Deplorable, I see some Hillary supporters in the photo with blue headscarfs, and white scarfs, and yellow scarfs…….

  53. Birdgal, I totally hear you and have felt the same way. *hugs* Hillary just keeps on keeping on, though. Even Trump had to admit that!

    If it makes you feel better, look at how much better she’s polling right now compared to Obama in 2008 and 2012.




    Shadow, thanks for the kinds words above. YES! There are so many women who stood strong before us to pave the way. I share the “A Mighty Girl” posts on FB with my daughter, and they always have uplifting reminders along those lines.

  54. Oh rats, a really good article is now in the dumper….

  55. Why would anyone be surprised about these Trump “Red Hat Poll Watchers?” Trump, his campaign and his supporters are all A-Okay with sexual assault, racism, sexism, bigotry and homophobia, why would they have a problem with a little voter intimidation?

  56. I watched Hillary’s rally in Florida with Al Gore. It was rather touching to see them together again. Gore gave a good speech about the importance of voting, and also climate change. He thinks that Hillary’s plans are excellent. He started rather slowly, and then got warmed up to his career passion, and was quite good. At the beginning,, Gore talked about how crucial it was to vote, that he was Exhibit A in this matter; and the crowd chanted, “You won!” Whcih is certainy true, sigh. It was nice to see him involved in this campaign. He told the audience how absolutely important it was.

    Side note, to show how ignorant and stupid some of the media are: Before this event was shown on CNN, a host said that there were some tensions between Hillary and Gore in the past, because some of Gore’s supporters felt that Bill did not help his campaign enough, that he was more concerned about getting Hillary elected to Senate. No, that is not what happened, at all. At least Rachel Maddow had the story rightt; that Gore’s campaign (it may have been Brazile’s idea) did not let him campaign for Gore, or even do radio ads for them. It appears that, as if in some strange movie, we are now all back in the ’90’s again.

  57. Women are rising! Watch out Trump! Watch out GOP! Welcome Madame President!

  58. This is an excellent read!!!!!!!!!!!

    ‘I Think He’s a Very Dangerous Man for the Next Three or Four Weeks’
    At one of the most explosive moments of the campaign — and with a month to go — Politico Magazine reconvened the top Trumpologists to dissect The Donald’s final days as a candidate and what comes next.

  59. Women are rising! Watch out Trump!


    Wonderful to see women joining together to fight for their dignity and rights.

    Thanks for posting, imust.

  60. You’re welcome Shadow, and thanks for that article you posted. It’s a long read….but really good!

  61. imust @ 9:44am

    Wow! Good catch, you sure know how to cruise the cyberspace….

  62. Now, what is all about of some women coming out claiming Bill raped them?
    Can someone bring some light to this?


  63. bellecat do you mean about the recent “protestors” at her rallies? This is a stunt by Alex Jones. He’s paying people $1k if they wear “Bill Clinton is a Rapist” teeshirts into a HRC rally and get on camera or are heard on camera yelling it.

  64. Bill may be a womanizer, but he is not a rapist. Just more bullsh!t from the alt right. Do you really think that after all the investigations of the Clintons over the two terms of his Presidency, if Bill had raped anyone it would have come out and he would have been prosecuted. As it is, he paid a heavy price for lying about an affair in a deposition under oath.

  65. Shadowfax at 12:40 p.m.: I got through about half of the Politico article and felt they provided a lot of clues on who “informs” Trumps world view, besides himself. The Roger Ailes, Roy Cohn, Roger Stone, Ann Coulter, Rudy Guiliani, Conway, Brietbart-Bannon connections are altogether scary. It sounds like all the stunts and stuff they wanted to throw at the Clintons, they get to do through Donald.

    I also find it scary that they think Putin wants to use him as a sock puppet; that would make a good cartoon.

    I thought of the term “scorched earth policy” before I read it was said there. Lord help us get through Nov. 8, and beyond.

  66. Thanks imust:

    Just to think that bastard Alex Jones is in my backyard makes me puke…

    Tweet the hell out of his A$$….

  67. I missed seeing this on newscast, but glad they included interview with Anita Hill:

    Anita deserved so much better than those hearings. Agree with her: they need to talk about the impact on the victims, and what do we do to make sure it doesn’t happen to the next generation.

  68. Paying people to disrupt rallies claiming BC is a rapist?! That is grotesque. But then, Trump’s entire campaign is one grotesque thing after another. Who would have thought that our democracy could be hijacked by such pure evil?

  69. Liberty Belle
    Shadowfax at 12:40 p.m.: I got through about half of the Politico article and felt they provided a lot of clues on who “informs” Trumps world view, besides himself.

    My take away is that the hatred and ugliness Rump is pumping out is on blast, he does not care nor see the damage he is doing.

    The men that influence Rump all feed off of each others hatred of Hillary and it won’t stop after she wins and is in the Whitehouse.

    I hope she has the most badass security protecting her from now on.

  70. imusthaveHillary,

    – thanks for that article you posted. It’s a long read….but really good!

    Glad you read though it, I think it has a lot of good insight.

  71. BC is a rapist…

    Bill is charming as heck, I love the guy. If he had cheated on me, I wouldn’t divorce him, I would make him sleep in the basement for seven years to prove to me that he was sorry.

    Unlike my dog of an ex-husband that cheated on me once and I tossed him out.

  72. Whine Whine Whine

  73. These guys are not going to get laid anytime soon…..

  74. Britgirl @11:25. Thank you for your kind words and support. I am finding out through other posts, the debate triggered many painful and uncomfortable emotions from most women.

    Here is a wonderful article:

  75. He was disgusting, Birdgal. And the link pointing out how his behavior “triggered” a fear response in so many women is exactly why those women accusing Bill of various and sundry forms of abuse are NOT credible. No woman who has actually been subjected to abuse from any man would come out in support of Trump for president, as all of these so-called Clinton accusers have. He models the very behavior they claim to be traumatized by.

    I hope you’re feeling better and have someone you can talk to, if necessary. The good news is that women across America will vote in record numbers and make clear that they reject this monster overwhelmingly. God bless. Be safe.

  76. Birdgal at 3:47 PM:

    Thank you for posting the link.
    I thought It was just me that fell really disturbed by the Groper’s stalking behavior…

  77. Today WP hates me again. I was actually beginning to think we had finally made friends…but no, back in the dumper again.

  78. Brassy, I finally brought it up to a couple of co-workers yesterday, because I finally figured out why I was feeling agitated and off balance. I found out they felt the same way. I don’t have a history of abuse, but every woman has experienced similar situations from domineering men and abusive men in their lives. I work in mental health, so I am more aware of these issues, but it still caught me off guard. Hillary is a very strong woman and didn’t allow him to bait her, even though I could tell she was angry at times. She can handle anything.

  79. Bellecat, I thought I was the only one, until I started talking about it yesterday and read some articles today.

    Brassy is right. No truly abused woman would want to shake the hand of her abuser. Nor, would they want to be in the same room with him. Working in mental health I see and hear what abused women say and do, and they would not have acted like those 4 women did.

  80. Shadowfax, I’m confused.
    Did you say that Bill Clinton was a rapist?
    Even Ken Starr didn’t believe Brodderick.
    Forgive me, if I misunderstood.

  81. Sweet Sue

    I would never call Bill a rapist, I should have added the referring to subject of what was being talked about.

    Re: xxxxxxxxxxxxx

    The rest of what I wrote about Bill showed how much I love the guy. He was absolutely terrible to cheat on Hillary, but she forgave him because he really was sorry and went to get help to be a better man. I never doubted that he loved/loves her.

  82. The creator of “The Apprentice” says he does not have the legal ability to release footage from the show, denying reports that he is intentionally blocking the release of footage that may harm Donald Trump.


    On Saturday, BuzzFeed quoted an anonymous source who said Burnett “is pro-Trump and has made clear to his teams that he will sue anyone who leaks” footage from The Apprentice.

  83. Just watched the Samantha Bee video Upps posted upthread. God, I love her!

  84. Haha. The deplorables are now advocating for taking the right to vote away from women. Surprised anyone?

  85. Birdgal, I am also restless and distracted. Not just with the debate and what the buffoon did but in general about him and his filthy campaign, the filthy mfers surrounding him and how they treat Hillary. It is verbal abuse in the rallies and on TV with his surrogates with total lack of respect for his opponent and inhuman. It is third world thuggery at its worst and pardon me for saying it, but the people supporting him are third worldish, even though they live here.

  86. The delusional deplorables are going to be suicidal on Nov 9th Morning………They are clutching at straws for everything….they are like a cult just about to do a Jonestown……..

    I can’t see any conceivable way this point that Hillary loses, the data just points it all to her, she only really needs one of the swing states and thats it…..Dopey Trump needs every single one of them.

    The EC maths are too strong.

  87. Will he or won’t he do another debate?


    Defeated Donald say’s he’s “done” with the debates”

    Did a defeated Donald Trump just drop out of the third and final scheduled presidential debate against Hillary Clinton? Based on his own words on Wednesday afternoon, it sure sounds that way. His first general election debate performance was widely considered to be the worst of all time, and his second was also seen as a loss by most viewers. Now that he’s feuding with the debate commission over a controversy he invented, he’s simply saying “I’m done.”


  88. and we are off….

  89. trixta, on October 12, 2016 at 6:45 PM said:

    Well, trixta, if he does drop out, that would be one less assault on our naton’s psyche.

    Frankly, I could use the break. I haven’t been able to shake off the depression I’ve felt since the first debate.

    God bless our Hillary for not walking away from this hot mess of an election, but instead bravely soldiering on for the benefit of us all.

  90. Shadowfax, phew.
    I’m sorry that I didn’t catch on.

  91. PM, I totally agree. The verbal abuse, the vile comments, the implied violence from his supporters is truly frightening for the survial of our democracy. I think it will continue after the election. He is a true psychopath.

  92. Debate?
    A Debate of what????


    Yes. Expect us. I’m among the black people who have voted early. And frankly, I don’t see Trump’s basket of deplorables coming in the ‘hood to monitor us either. They’ll get their racist asses kicked if they even try it, which they won’t because they are hot air bullies and cowards.

  94. Is he imploding again

  95. From the Politico article Shadowfax linked above.

    Barrett: I think we’ve got a very good preview of what the next several weeks will be like in the debate last night. I thought when he literally prowled the platform or the stage last night, we got a picture of what it’s like in his bedroom while he’s tweeting at 3 a.m. He was barking in the ugliest fashion, saying the ugliest things. And from the moment he got out there, he played the role of a victim. He now considers himself a victim of the national media, primarily, and a bit of the Republican establishment that abandoned him overnight, and I think he’s a very dangerous man for the next three or four weeks.

    We have seen what kind of polarization he can evoke over the course of 15 or 16 months, but I’m afraid that he’s going to attempt to deepen that in profound ways in the coming weeks. As recently as the convention, he tried to cool down those who said “lock her up,” and now he’s saying he would lock her up and even describing the way in which he would do it.

    So I think that what is really dangerous is, over the course of the next few weeks, he’s going to push every button he can, and the primary button that he can push is racism. That’s been the undercurrent of the campaign throughout. Believe it or not, you can be more explicit about it than he has been so far, and he may well go down that path. And it’s a very dangerous time because he has still a substantial number of Americans who support him, and where he takes them is really quite threatening.

  96. Kurt Eichewald tweeted that Trump may have had a nervous breakdown in the 1990s when he lost everything but deleted that tweet. He has a mental problem. Listen to him in the rallies and especially the things he says about Hillary and goes where no one else with a healthy mind would go.

    Barrett: The parallels between the period of time leading up to his downfall in 1990 and the campaign now are striking. And what he did last night in standing up in this moment of crisis and being a victim—he thought of himself as a victim in the downfall of 1990 and playing the victim card and being as angry at others as he was in the ’90s in the way in which he dealt with the bankers. It was very strikingly similar to that period of time. But when you’ve dealt with the bankers in 1990, you could figure out a way where both of you came out with something and lost something. But in this case, there’s going to be a winner and a loser. And so there’s some similarities, but ultimately, he’s going to be a loser. He managed to survive in almost an unbelievable way when his empire collapsed, but managed to survive with the aid of the bankers. But this time, it’s going to be a straight‑out loss on the biggest stage he’s ever been on, and how he handles that—I don’t think we’ve got any precedent for that.

  97. Trump campaign is in epic meltdown again……..

  98. moon:
    He is just very sick man, telling others what he really is himself…
    He is the one that should be locked up in a loony camp…ASAP.

  99. Trump is the new Cosby……..

  100. Vile…eewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. He really is a paedo.

  101. That underage rape case is starting to look more and more believable isn’t it.?

  102. The Trumpies on the CNN panel are shitting it, you can see it….They know this is dangerous.

  103. Another one…

    In last hour:

    – NYT report on the 2 women
    – CBS report on 10-yr-old girl
    – Palm Beach Post report woman saying Trump groped her.

  104. The Trumpies on CNN NOW want to talk about the issues and that the level of discourse has got bad…..honestly you could not make this shit, that tells me, they know Trump is dead.

  105. moon:
    Oh! yeah…now they wan to talk about the issues…

    They were the ones pampering “The Monster” all along….
    bunch of whores…

  106. One has to imagine the best opposition tapes on Trump have yet to drop, drip drip drip, death by a thousand cuts…..hence why Trumpie is shitting himself.

  107. I’m waiting on the Gloria Allred press conference, you just know its coming……..

  108. Paulette @ 7:12, Love it!

  109. Add this woman to the list.

  110. Voting, I’m with you on that one (@ 7pm). If DT does a debate no show that would suit me just fine. I think, however, he’ll play coy for a while to garner attention. One way or another, he’ll try to pull some disgusting stunt on or off the stage that night, so lets brace ourselves for the worst. Like many here, I’m still trying to shake off that abusive “debate.” Hillary truly has nerves of steel, a true hero who will prevail very soon against this disgusting villain.

  111. What goes around, comes around. This is what he gets for parading those women around at the debate.
    Karma is a BITCH.

    He is looking like an OLD FART

  112. Paulette Everett, on October 12, 2016 at 7:12 PM said:

    Yes. Expect us. I’m among the black people who have voted early. And frankly, I don’t see Trump’s basket of deplorables coming in the ‘hood to monitor us either. They’ll get their racist asses kicked if they even try it, which they won’t because they are hot air bullies and cowards
    I am with you. I voted today at the Cuyahoga County Board of Election.
    Some spent the night waiting for the doors to open. We had a High School Band playing.
    Heavy voting non stop.
    We have got this.

  113. Another person has come forward. She will be interviewed on the Today Show.

  114. I have no respect for those ministers, pastors etc. who support. They are just as guilty as him.

  115. Barrett, the guy I excerpted above from the Politico article Shadowfax linked above, on MSNBC now with O’Donnell.

  116. Why didn’t any of this come out before now???

  117. Okay, so now there’s some story in People magazine that Lawrence is talking about? I just came in at the end. A reporter from People pushed against a wall while Melania was upstairs???

  118. Birdgal, because they were swamped by “emails”

  119. Here comes the fall-out:

  120. All these women would not have come forward and even if they did, it would have been she said and he said. But that is absolutely not the case after he implicated himself in the Access Hollywood video.

  121. imust, it was a People writer who was there to interview him.

  122. PM, Yes, the e-mail discussions that haven’t ended. I don’t think they thought it would get so far with Trump. Better late than never. The flood gates are opening.

  123. Harth was around and talking about it but didn’t get the attention or taken seriously until the Access Hollywood Friday video leak. The buffoon on Howard Stern brags about how he walks in on the node/changing contestants and the contestants are coming out one by one to say how that made them feel. It is real.

  124. On a brighter note, I’m going to see Hillary at a large fundraiser in SF tomorrow. I am getting excited. The tickets were priced for all levels, so I was able to afford to attend. Andra Day will be there. It is a mid-day event.

  125. Thank you pm! Birdgal, so lucky! Tell Hillary we’ve got her back!

  126. Sometimes I think the GOP believes the internet didn’t exist until 2008 so no FACTS that happened prior to then can be easily proven.

  127. Paulette Everett, on October 12, 2016 at 7:12 PM said:

    You and your hurricane-deflecting ballot inspired me to look into absentee voting here in NC.

    Not only can I still do it, I can take a picture of my historic ballot! (something I found out I couldn’t in the voting booth in the primary)

    Voting in this election feels like being a capillary in a state wide root system. There are so many way to make an effect in the things I care about, from simple justice, to preservation of this beautiful land, to keeping the largest energy monopoly in the world from stifling alternative energy, to alleviating the day-to-day panic from minimum wage earners I know, to ridding the state of state imposed injustices from income tax to unemployment cutbacks.

    One vote – it feels very, very good.

  128. The Trump campaign has pulled everything out of Virginia as per conference call with Victory staff…..They are conceding Virginia.

    Dominoes starting to fall.

  129. Utah may be the surprise state of this election:

  130. She is a Republican. Good thing none of this is coming from Hillary’s camp.

  131. WAPO endorses Hillary.

    By Editorial Board October 13 at 6:06 AM

    IN THE gloom and ugliness of this political season, one encouraging truth is often overlooked: There is a well-qualified, well-prepared candidate on the ballot. Hillary Clinton has the potential to be an excellent president of the United States, and we endorse her without hesitation.

  132. wow, this is cool (from WAPO endorsement):

    Ms. Clinton also understands the importance of U.S. leadership in the world, her campaign-year anti-trade epiphany notwithstanding. Inside the Obama administration, Ms. Clinton was a voice for engagement on behalf of democracy, human rights and stability. At times (the surge in Afghanistan), Mr. Obama listened. At times (Syrian intervention), he did not — and the world is far more dangerous because of that. Ms. Clinton can be faulted, perhaps, for excessive loyalty; though the hyper-investigated Benghazi affair proved to be no scandal at all, Ms. Clinton should have argued more persistently to help stabilize Libya after its dictator fell.

    But her foreign-policy inclinations were sounder than her president’s. It is telling that, even as she tacked left to survive the primaries, she did not give ground to Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) on the core value of American engagement in the world. Allies would find her more reliable than the incumbent and far more dependable than her opponent. The world would be more secure as a result.

  133. Hillary’s team made a Way Back When tool. You click to shuffle and it picks a random year and shows the difference between what the two candidates were doing at the time. Very cool.

  134. Birdgal asks

    Why didn’t any of this come out before now???

    Short answer: because Republicans are stupid.

    A little longer: they had all that big money which they spent trying to make Hillary email nothings into something.

    The one thing I will credit Trump with is that he made short work of showing us that the best and the brightest of that party were all empty suits. He certainly knows how to use the media.

  135. Sophie, Thank you . If the Access Hollywood film had not come out, none of this would be happening. Better late than ever.

    Now, I need to get ready to go to see Hillary. YAY! Casual dress and Hillary gear is welcome.

  136. Birdgal, have fun!! I went to her 2008 event in Bowie, MD and it was great. The seats behind her on camera were still empty but we chose to get lost in the crowd.

  137. A NJ judge just issued a criminal summons on Christie for criminal misconduct in office…….popcorn.

  138. We are watching in real time an entire political party implode. The meltdowns on social media are getting really tiresome. Now is the time to start running up the score for Hillary. I called both my senators and my congressional rep. They are all still supporting Trump. The rep won’t pay for it because my area is going like gangbusters for Trump sadly. However both senators can be made to pay since they are elected statewide and Hillary is within 3.5 points of taking GA.

  139. It is a frustrating thing to watch the Republican senate candidates so far get away with their desperate contortions which are all based upon nothing more than their efforts to win election. They virtually all start out supporting Trump, but some will not endorse him. Then some do endorse him. Then some unendorse him because they are afraid that outraged voters might link them with him. Then when they see that they might lose votes because of angry Trump people, they re-endorse him. They are the poster boys and girls for craven political posturing. They stand for nothing outside of their own political goals. And yet most of them seem to still stand a good chance of being elected, which I find infuriating. Is there no political price to pay for this?

    And the perverse irony is that, in terms of pragmatic voting, they are all exactly the same. A vote for Toomey or Ayotte or Burr is the same as a vote for Cruz, or any other far Right senator. Every one of them will vote against every bit of progressive legislation that Hillary might try to pass, and every judge whom she appoints. Some might be nicer or more photogenic than others, but they all vote the same in the Senate. So why do people keep voting for them? Why do many people complain about gridlock, and lack of legislation to help the middle class, and then keep voting the wrong way? Where are the “millions of new voters” whom we kept hearing that Bernie Sanders has brought into the Demoratic Party? Do people look forward to seeing a battle or filibuster over every Cabinet choice? And how does, “I will support Trump but not endorse him; oh, he said some bad things, so I cannot support him; wait, I guess I will endorse him after all; hold on, maybe I won’t; let’s see what happens,” not disqualify all of them, as cowards and phonies?


    And I’m especially loving this comment:

    Jaydee 4 hours ago
    I’m consistently amazed at two things from the predominantly male comments we see online and in the media – the idea that Hillary is not inspiring to anyone (since she isn’t inspiring to them) and the idea that Hillary hasn’t endured any sexist misogyny in this campaign.

    I know it’s a fools errand but here is one piece that really explains the “ritual humiliation of a remarkable woman”:

    She’s inspiring to women, and if men saw women as people, she’d be inspiring to them as well. No one has ever had to run as a woman for president before her. And no one has ever had to run against the kind of foul asymmetric warfare that running against Trump presents. She is courageous in ways that no man has ever had to be. I am beyond impressed by her.

    Imagine that Obama had had to run against a KKK leader in order to become the first black president. That would be a rough approximation of what this woman has had to endure. “

  141. All excellent questions, William.
    I’m praying that Hillary wins and gets a Democratic senate.
    Maybe that’ll put a little of the fear of God (and voters) in Tea Party house members.

  142. pm317, on October 12, 2016 at 11:14 PM said:
    Imust.. this is the story

    Thank you for a heads up on this story, both of you.

    This story ads credence to all the stories that are coming forth, not only because this was from a reporter on People Magazine, but because of the added perspective of a woman that was skilled in written documentation and was able to explain the self conflict she went though being assaulted by Trump, worrying not only that she might have deserved this situation by some unknown vibe she might have given off, but how she felt powerless in reporting this assault and keeping her job. He felt comfortable doing this in his own home, with his new pregnant wife who was just upstairs.

    It shows how Trump feels no sense of ethics nor morality, nor does he take marriage seriously. It also shows that he is the sexual predator that has absolutely no respect for women.

    This man lacks empathy and is at the very least, a nasty, dumb, piece of shit.

    He is dangerous and out of mental and emotional control.

  143. A bit off topic, but its just been announced that Bob Dylan has won the Nobel Prize in Literature. I’m a big fan of his, but this is just wrong, IMHO. (Okay if some of you disagree.) A few days ago I read that many in the literary world complained that this committee has not given the prize to an American writer since Tony Morrison, in fact has ignored American writers for decades, so I can imagine today’s announcement is quite a slap in the face to many brilliant contemporary writers in this country. Again, Dylan is a great cultural icon, etc, but he’s not even the best of song writers. (I think Joni Mitchel is a far better and more original songwriter/poet than Dylan.) But, hey, since Obama got this Prize for Peace, the committee has lost much credibility.

  144. This story *adds credence…

  145. Michelle Obama’s speech today is a must-watch. Starts around the 26 minute mark:

  146. Shadow, not to mention the bit in the People reporters account where she said the butler came into the room to warn Trump that Melania was coming downstairs. I got the feeling that the butler had definitely seen (and covered for) this type of behavior before. I imagine ALL of his staff have seen this type of behavior (if not been victim to it themselves).

  147. FLOTUS hit it out of the park today.

  148. Sophie, love that shuffle tool! Thanks for posting.

  149. Donald’s meltdown, according to TIME:

  150. I see Ivanka out there campaigning for her PIG of a father. Where is Melania. (Stand by your MAN?) NO

  151. VotingHillary at 2:05 p.m.: Amen! A must watch. FLOTUS is eloquent, and gets it. Thank you, First Lady Michelle Obama. Like her, I’ve been shaken to my core, thinking about how Trump has been doing it, getting away with it, and it’s still OK in the minds of some voters.

  152. I’m not going to argue for Bob Dylan, although I really like some of his songs. I don’t think The Nobel Peace Prize is worth the value it once had.

    That being said:

  153. Wait for it. Trump will now attack Michelle Obama.

  154. He’s already gone after the People mag reporter; basically arguing she’s too unattractive for him to assault.

  155. In honor of Bob’s Nobel prize…my fave Dylan song.

  156. neetabug, on October 13, 2016 at 2:57 PM said:
    Where is Melania. (Stand by your MAN?) NO

    neet, she is probably huddled with her attorneys for the divorce after this election since she now knows, if she didn’t before, what’s in store for her.

  157. Dylan was awarded Nobel Prize in Literature, not the peace prize.

  158. Michelle Obama’s speech today

    I almost cried listening to her, she was great.

  159. britgirls, on October 13, 2016 at 2:08 PM said:
    Shadow, not to mention the bit in the People reporters account where she said the butler came into the room to warn Trump that Melania was coming downstairs.

    ———Yes, it must have been part of the butler’s job to be the lookout.

  160. Even the UK is disgusted….

  161. Musical poetry…

    It’s his day.

  162. Brassy Rebel, on October 13, 2016 at 3:36 PM said:

    Wait for it. Trump will now attack Michelle Obama.

    I don’t think he wants to go there.

  163. Sophie, I’m aware Dylan won the Noble for Literature (rather than for Peace), but in my view the Lit prize should go to writers of literature (novelists, poets, essayists, etc., rather than song writers). (I guess Literature is a very broad category for the prize committee.) Perhaps there should be a new category where Dylan might fit more aptly (cultural/pop artist/song writer?). I love Dylan and his work, but a prize for literature… doesn’t seem to fit somehow for me. In any case, congratulations to him.

  164. Shadow, true, it’s his day. Again, congrats to him.

  165. Well folks, my day didn’t turnout quite the way that I imagined. On my way to see Hillary, my car started having some issues, so I had to get off the freeway to have it taken care of. As a result, I missed it. 😂😂 I have been very bummed out, but the money went to a good cause and I hope there will be another opportunity to see Hillary.

    If anyone wants to buy anything from the Hillary store on her website, you can take 20% off your purchase today. I saw the AD on her FB page .

  166. Jessica Leeds is very believable. She could be any one of us and I would never say that about any of Bill Clinton’s accusers.

  167. Birdgal, so sorry to hear that. Hope you will do it another time.

  168. So sorry, Birdgal. I hope you do have another opportunity.

  169. Wow, Leeds is every woman who wants a career and prosper in a man’s world. Trumps supporters who are women don’t experience these kinds of assault and harassment because they don’t work. Maybe that is the problem.

  170. When someone is speaking truth,you can feel it in your heart. Michelle’s speech today was profoundly moving. I was also touched the other night when Laurence O’Donnell had trouble reading the People reporter’s account;had to have the camera move away from him because he was choked up,just reading about this woman’s pain. In addition,one of his panel members was also clearly reliving her own experience w/ assault.Now that’s reality TV.

    It occurs to me that Donald Trump has visited upon us,as a nation,the same aggressive,out of bounds behavior he has forced on women (and others he sees as inferior),for fifty years.
    He began his assault with an avalanche of crude ,outrageous,racist comments and then followed that by daily doses of the same.( Isolate your victim,blindside him/her;if caught first deny ,then blame the victim or distract w/another bizarre statement or behavior) Just like the women he attacked, I think the American public and it’s media were frozen and thrown into a kind of shock..they/we ,didn’t know how to respond..which outrage to address. There was a period of shock and then reflection and finally,now comes the anger and retribution.

    The American people are now waking up. The American people have now learned what it feels like to be a woman/nation under assault. Ah,but we are about to see swift and devastating justice. Maybe you got away with this stuff for fifty years,Donald,but the bill if finally coming due and we won’t let you file for bankruptcy this time.

    Silver Lining: We have all now had a graphic lesson on how a sexual predator operates. Some possible victims are forewarned and some previously victimized may now be able to forgive themselves for something that was never about how they looked,what they wore,or where they decided to be.

    Sorry, I’m royally pissed;really needed to vent.

  171. Blown away bu Anderson’s interview with Jessica Leeds. She is the neighbor who all of us have. She was so mature in all of her responses. It will be difficult to dismiss her and no one will dare besmirch her (except the deplorable Trump surrogates).

  172. Who are these surrogates opposite Trump. Why can’t they make cogent and articulate arguments? This woman wasted so much of the time trying to get sympathy from that fucker Corey. Maybe Ana Navarro will be better.

  173. Birdgirl
    So sorry you had car trouble and missed Hillary. She will be back.

  174. Msdsal

    Vent on, many of us feel the same way and have to watch or Hillary go through it in public, again and again.

  175. Ooops.

  176. Shadow, Next time I will take public transportation. I was bummed, but she will be back as President-elect or President of the United States. When that happens, some people’s heads are going to explode.

  177. Michelle’s speech today was one for the ages. I had seen bits and pieces, but Rachel Maddow played the speech in its entirety, minus the partisan parts. I was very moved by it, and it helped to validate how many of us have been feeling this week.

  178. Sophie, lying and hypocrisy are Trump’s trademark next only to lunacy. I just saw a woman on camera from a Philly suburb; she was dismissive of everything that is going on saying we have bigger issues. Fair enough but has she seen his rallies and does what he say there inspire her confidence that he will take care of the issues? I am beyond flabbergasted by these people.

  179. she will be back as President-elect or President of the United States. When that happens, some people’s heads are going to explode.

    Worth re-posting. 😈

  180. Sophie, That is “rich.” What hypocrisy on the part of Melania. Her husband admitted that he sexually assaulted women and when he denied that he actually did it, women started coming out to discuss their experiences being preyed upon.

  181. Ivory Bill, LOL! That was very funny!!!!!

  182. I want this to happen one by one in the next two weeks and Trump gone. Soundly rejected that he will not be able to show his face ever again.

  183. One more post before I must shower and go to bed.

    From Trump supporters not willing to face reality.

    I look forward to the Hitler Rants video(s) of Der Fuehrer raging over the defeat of the Orange Fascist. 😈

    If Putin, er, Assange, wants to prevent the HRC Administration, he’s got his work cut out for him.

    Never fear, Trump Chumps! Steiner will save the day! 😛

  184. Trumps have managed to make the Kardashians look like a “normal” family. What a screwed up bunch of sexists they have raised with one more being molded in the same fashion.

  185. For your general amusement:

  186. Voting @ 10:45pm: omg! What horrible people! And stupid to boot! Can you imagine these lowlifes being our first family?

  187. FINALLY

  188. Trump gave a speech in Florida which could literally have come from Hitler. Absolutely horrifying. Something about the Clintons having met with rich global bankers who control the world, and who want to destroy everyone’s lives. Hillary is going to steal everyone’s money to give to her donors. America will be destroyed. He is the only person who can save this country. This is pure Goebbels language. Bannon must have written it.

    In the midst of all the other outrages Trump has perpetrated on all sorts of groups, the virulent anti-semitism which he has stoked, ignored, and now actually encouraged, is to some extent being glossed over.. Virtually every print journalist in the country who is Jewish, or has a Jewish-sounding name, has been the recipient of horrific images and threats. Bannon is an unabashed anti-semite; anyone who might doubt this can look at some of the Breitbart headlines, which take pains to point out the Jewish ancestry of people he attacks. This country has mostly been tolerant of Jewish people, but what is happening now under the mantle of the Trump campaign, is becoming extremely threatening. And those members of the broadcast media who ignored this, and the other slanders against women and against other minorities, because they wanted an exciting race, are culpable. The various Republican officials who accepted and even supported Trump, because they thought it would keep their party in ascendancy, and get those so-important tax cuts, are enablers of pure evil. There is no way of excusing or mitigating what they have done. I have never heard a speech by a major candidate which was so full of tanatical anti-semitism, as the one I heard part of today.

  189. Birdgirl, I hope and pray to get another chance to see Hillary soon.

    William, I just heard parts of Trump’s speech, and was reminded by a commentator that he’s alluding to the whole Illuminati-Trilateral Commision-Bildeberg Group Conspiracy Theory popularized by Pat Buchanan in the early’90’s, and still out there. If you add people who wants to say this is biblical end times, and Donald saying,”I’m the only one who can save you,” then I’m left to wonder: Is he insinuating he’s Jesus Christ?

    It’bat guano crazy, and scary, too, to think Trump me his follower really believe it. I know some who do, and tell them they never met a conspiracy theory they never liked.

  190. Re: my last post – Sorry for my typos and auto correct mistakes. “It’bat”~It’s bat guano crazy, and scary to think Trump and his supporters believe all those theories, and then some. Scariest is that Trump is the only one who can save them. Does he now believe he’s the Second Coming?

    I’m typing on cell, and forgot I was still wearing nighttime hand splints, too😌.

  191. One of the most glaring differences between the Alt-Right and the “respectable” Right (in the USA) is that the Alt-Right embraces the traditional anti-Semitism of Western conservative politics, while the “respectable” Right (in the USA) has tried to avoid that for several decades.

  192. Great point, William. And part of that Trump speech was lifted straight from “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion”, the anti-Semitic forgery which was circulated at the end of the 19th century for the purpose of stirring up suspicion and hatred of Jewish people. Horrific that this is happening.

  193. This guy never fails to shock me.

  194. pm317, Liz Mair is a Republican. I believe she is referring to two bad stories against Hillary.

  195. I am having a harder and harder time distinguishing between the respectable right and the alt-deplorable-right, except when they defect.

    Kudos to Josh Barro, who walked away from the Republicans yesterday.

  196. oh, that was the junior talking. I hope he fails spectacularly in life like his dad.

  197. I have not seen any Dem surrogates bring up Kenneth Starr. They only have to say how he looked under every rock to find other accusers and what they did. They don’t say that it was consensual either. They don’t do that and why is that? Corey L. was lying about the basket of deplorables, basement dwellers, wikileaks and the Dem surrogate just sat there shaking her head.

  198. WLM, no, she is referring to Trump stories and she is one of never Trump crowd.

  199. Sophie, I am a Josh Barro fan and check his twitter TL. He is cute on TV and writes good articles. I think he has said he is gay and I bet Pence like people hit home. But you are right. He was trying to play the objective journalist telling inconvenient truth to the Dems and Repubs alike but since the Friday tape, he has totally turned around.

  200. pm317, that’s great!

  201. New ad

  202. Birdgirl, thanks for the heads up about the 20% off on Hillary apparel (code “Facebook”). I ordered the Tory Burch tee “Women’s rights are human rights.” Have had my eyeball on that one for quite some time!

  203. I didn’t see Michelle’s speech in NH, but they’ve made an ad out of it. It brought me to tears.

  204. britgirls,
    I didn’t see Michelle’s speech in NH, but they’ve made an ad out of it. It brought me to tears.

    This is the most powerful ad for women and Hillary in this election. It brought me to tears too.

  205. What a disgusting piece of shit Trump is….

  206. The Women are coming for you, Pig.

  207. Trump will be slaughtered in Florida reading this……

  208. and you knew it, what did i say….

  209. What a douchebag….

  210. So Clinton is within 4 in Indiana, within 5 in Texas, within 5 in Georgia…….

  211. ahem, lookey lookey

  212. “He was really trying to dominate and then literally stalk me around the stage”

    Hillary talking to Ellen…

  213. Big HELLO

    Reuters: Lawyer says Summer Zervos who was a candidate on ‘The Apprentice’ in U.S. has accused Donald Trump of inappropriate sexual conduct

  214. Trump will meet his match now, Gloria Allred would not take this unless she had the goods on Trump……

    This is going to be battle and Gloria aint gonna take any shit whatsoever. He wants to fight a woman, well she is going to rip you a new asshole.

  215. Trump getting murdered on TV…..


    Summer Zervos, a contestant on the fifth season of “The Apprentice,” sat next to her attorney Gloria Allred at a press conference in Los Angeles on Friday, as the pair detailed claims that Trump grabbed her and forcibly kissed her during a business meeting at a Beverly Hills hotel in 2007.

    “Donald, before you can become president of the United State, you must first learn how to treat women with respect. Your words alone are disgraceful,” Allred said.

    “The White House is not a locker room and the American people deserve better than a president who feels entitled to grope, grab and assault women at his pleasure. You should be ashamed of yourself.”

    According to Allred, Trump was aggressively kissing Zervos, grabbing her breasts and trying to lead her into his bedroom.

    More than a half-dozen women have come forward to say they were the subject of aggressive or unwanted sexual advances from Trump.

  217. He really just said this….perhaps Obama is not a dirty disgusting sexpig like you……

  218. There’s the baseball bat to Trumps head

    Allred: “Many more women have contacted me”

  219. Are we going to have a Trump molestation story by the day? Honestly how any woman or man or person vote for him listening to all this is beyond me.

  220. The TV coverage is horrific for Trump right now……

    The Apprentice was basically his place of abuse, ridicule and leering.

  221. Gloria Allred magnifies this x1000

    She brought down Herman Cain, don’t forget that and she will be tearing at Trump fullforce. This is moving into serial attacker territory and the GOP party must be in absolute hysterics tonight trying to figure out how to get rid of this guy and they know they cant.

  222. Spot the consistentcy…

  223. Trump and his crazies…

  224. Hillary on Ellen. Debate Dance Moves

  225. Britgirls, I hope you enjoy your t-shirt. I’ve seen the 20% off on FB all week. It is hard to choose!

  226. PublicPolicyPolling ‏@ppppolls 2m2 minutes ago
    Clinton’s lead over Trump in Florida in a head to head is 49/44:

  227. Upps @ 4:26pm, screamingly funny!

  228. This is what its like in trumps sleazy world:

  229. Another goody:

  230. Florida is key 🔑. Hope we don’t screw it up again.

  231. Ivanka is a cold icy woman, she’s probably been ruined and brainwashed having that disgusting pig for a father but she has a brain, she chooses to accept the situation and endorse his behaviour.

    She deserves the same fate as the rest of his nasty offspring.

  232. Florida is not going to get screwed up, the new registrations the DEms have produce is over 10 to 1, Dems have signed up nearly 600,000 new voters, the GOP, 59K.

    The GOP themselves, Trump has no ground game there, he has not spent a penny and thats the strange thing in this whole election, Trump has not spent a thing, in the next few weeks, Clinton will be able to put the cash out to build an election day war machine ground game.

    This election is already over.

  233. This is where elections are lost, on the ground, right now Clintons campaign is lsaughtering and dwarfing Trump’s massively, he basically has no interest in winning, this is very telling.

  234. Poor Dears: The Grab Our Pussies Party wanted to rehash the scandals of the nineties, and they’ve succeeded beyond their wildest dreams with some minor changes: Old movie; New leading man.

    Enjoy the petard ride, suckers!

  235. One saving grace thought I thought of last night was……..

    There is no way in hell american voters want to live through 4 years of this shit from Trump on a daily basis.

    It forms my opinion of why he loses this election…..

  236. So i guess he hits women too…….

    “Psychologists will tell you that some women want to be treated with respect,” Trump told Nancy Collins in a previously unreleased 1994 transcript from ABC’s Primetime Live. “I tell friends who treat their wives magnificently, get treated like crap in return, ‘Be rougher and you’ll see a different relationship.'”


  237. Took a friend to vote today. The Cuyahoga County Board of Election still had lines. One of the guys in the parking lot said it has been like that all day.

  238. Big win in North Carolina–court extends voter registration deadline until Oct 19 in 36 counties affected by hurricane.

  239. moon @ 5:42 pm: Much as I want this election to be over, I don’t think we should take early calls for Hillary too seriously. Our greatest enemy right now is complacency–thinking she’s got this all sewn up. I tell everyone to work and VOTE like we’re 20 points behind. Whether they’re bearing good news or bad, I’ve been ignoring the pundits all along. As Hillary would say, I’m not stopping now.

  240. So right, Brassy.
    Don’t boo, don’t relax, don’t gloat—Vote!!!!!

  241. Brassy @7:35pm

    I couldn’t agree more….let’s no one rest easy…
    au contraire… we need to go for the jugular…

    complacency would be a huge mistake….

  242. Visit:

    Hillary visits Ellen DeGeneres show.
    Talks about the debate and predatory Groper’s behavior.

    Maybe some of our uppis techies have the video lined up…

  243. I have come to dislike the word ‘pivot’ intensely.

  244. Sorry, britgirls, I didn’t see you’d already posted it! But it won’t hurt us to watch it twice.

  245. It is so important that all of Hillary’s supporters keep doing everything they can, in the last weeks of the campaign. Even in states which she is likely to win, there are crucial Senate races. The larger the turnout from our side, the better chance we have to win a few of those. Right now, it looks like we will get between 49-51 seats, and obviously there is an immense difference between 49 and 51, going forward. I hope that the new tack of blaming the Republican powers for trying to hang on to Trump for so long, resonates with some voters. All this punditry about the decline of the Republican Party is not going to mean a thing, if they are still in control of both Houses, as well as most state governments.

    Sue, you are right, it seems like wonderful irony that the Republicans who made an industry out of sanctimoniously wailing, “What will we tell the children?,” while reveling in every accusation against Bill Clinton, are having to go through this. They are the lowest of hypocrites, they use every possible excuse or deflection that they can, to defend Trump’s actions. There is virtually nothing as contemptible as those people who wallow in a superficial religiosity, twisting themselves into pretzels, trying to somehow pretend that their for-profit defense of immorality is actually a virtue.

  246. I would not want to be a Trump campaign bigwig at this time. 😛

  247. I’ve been too busy this week to keep up with The Rude Pundit, but here is a good blogpost of his, uncommonly free of rudeness:

    “We Are in this Election Because the Right Couldn’t Stop Trying to Destroy Clinton (and the Media Loved It)”

  248. The media is saying voters requesting democratic absentee ballots is down here in Cuyahoga County. It is not down. A lot of voters decided to vote early and in person. I usually vote absentee. This time I wanted to vote early and in person.

  249. Personally, I am not sure I can take another debate with him ranting and acting like a crazy person. He’s reached Desperate. He’d dangerous. I honestly think he wants to hit her. He’s out of his mind. And hanging out with America’s most insane conspiracy theorists and other assorted perverts as advisors is exacerbating his already precarious stability. He’s flailing. He’s losing it. It’s the international bank Jews, it’s the Mexicans. It’s everybody against him. I honestly don’t know if it’s his narcissism or cocaine but he’s in paranoia mode. It’s horrible to watch him implode. A crackup in real-time. The ultimate reality horror show. And the incredibly ridiculous way hie followers eat it all up, Jim Jones would be jealous. I mean, one of the women is leaving the country because she believes her life is in danger. This cannot endure.

    And calling Marlee Matlin a “retard”? Jesus! The man has no respect or empathy for anyone. How could anybody believe he cares about their future, much less their lives.

    Imagine four years of this psycho. Yeesh.

  250. I thought at about half way point or even three fourths of the way, people would stop showing up at his rallies. But they have not. People showing up for him are a very big part of this problem. What led up to this moment is a whole different story and media malpractice is a big part of it. Having seen people on Althouse and other such seemingly sane and rational platforms, what I have noticed is that they don’t want to recognize crazy when they see it because they just can’t believe such a crazy could have got there in the first place. Lot of people who should have sounded the alarm didn’t and still have not.

  251. I highly recommend everyone read Ivory Bill’s link to The Rude Pundit @ 8:54 am. It is an irony, though not a delicious one, that Hillary is now tasked with saving us from the Trump Monster that 25 years of demonizing Hillary created. And that some of the people who created the “evil Hillary” caricature are now endorsing her.

  252. Some of the people who created “evil Hillary” are still trying to bring her down. The die is cast. At this point we need to let it play out but give him a resounding defeat at the end of the election. It has to be a landslide to silence him and his supporters. Media has to play its part. No surrogates of his should be ever be allowed on TV to lie and deceive like the panels on CNN.

  253. Re RudePundit’s piece. He seems to forget that the Left has been demonizing Hillary, too. This wasn’t mainly a Left or Right thing. It’s been a misogyny / sexism thing all the way. Never forget.

  254. I’ve been too busy this week to keep up with The Rude Pundit, but here is a good blogpost of his, uncommonly free of rudeness:

    The Rude Pundit’s Blog post is excellent speaking of the past leading up to this moment. But what about the media’s role? We can’t disregard how even within this election season, media normalized him and his surrogates until perhaps last month and how they demonized Hillary for more than a year on emails and CGF. This is a clusterfuck and the irony is that the country hopefully is poised to elect the first woman president in the most difficult of circumstances and then to manage and clean it up.

  255. @quixote, yes! I was just looking at a tweet from a person I check who I think supported Sanders in the primary and he/she was saying about Hillary’s appearance on Ellen how rehearsed she is and how there was no pathos and this and that nonsense. What the heck? There is no way as a candidate Hillary could give the speech Michelle gave.

    This was her tweet and I bet there are a number of Sanders supporters for whom Hillary is never enough.

  256. That’s true, Quixote, and a good point. But I still think it was crazies on the right who got the ball rolling. Some of the young people today are not aware of the origins of the caricature since it’s repeated by MSM. Fortunately, some have learned the truth during the campaign. Others are misogynists and not interested in the truth.

    I was concerned about Hillary’s safety before the last debate. I’m on defcon 5 for this one. Kos has suggested cancelling it. He said there’s nothing new to learn, and Hillary will just be subjected to more abuse. It’s a good idea but will not happen.

  257. It really has come full circle. They need Hillary to save them from the monster that they created. Obama was speaking to this, I think, in his speech when he said to the GOP, “you built this”.

  258. I agree with everybody here (of course!!!). Rude pundit is a must read. I can’t take another debate with a toddler screaming invective at everybody so I’m going to take a pass on that. I’ll just read what people here are saying. And the media treatment of both Bill and Hillary is one of the reasons why all this has come to pass.

  259. That’s right, pm. Hillary couldn’t give MO’s speech. But I don’t think it just happened organically. Michelle was probably asked by the campaign to give an apolitical speech about Trump. She is perfect for this role since she stays out of controversy. From Hillary it would be denounced as self-serving and self-righteous. However, Hillary has given powerful speeches in this campaign on race and criminal justice reform. Also voting rights.

  260. Some female Sanders supporters and Green party supporters are as misogynistic as the men. Did Sanders ever give an emotional speech on any subject other than denouncing big banks? He yelled and waved his arms a lot. I didn’t detect empathy for women and minorities. He didn’t want to talk about anything except economic inequality. Everything else took a back seat. Men are judged VERY differently.

  261. And if Trump doesn’t win, some are even openly talking about violent rebellion and assassination, as fantastical and unhinged as that may seem.

    “If she’s in office, I hope we can start a coup. She should be in prison or shot. That’s how I feel about it,” Dan Bowman, a 50-year-old contractor, said of Hillary Clinton, the Democratic nominee. “We’re going to have a revolution and take them out of office if that’s what it takes. There’s going to be a lot of bloodshed. But that’s what it’s going to take. . . . I would do whatever I can for my country.”

    He then placed a Trump mask on his face and posed for pictures.

  262. At this point, I never want to see Trump’s face or hear his voice again.

  263. imust @11:48 am:

    Excellent comment…
    and a point to be explored and and exploited, make it viral…

  264. One has to feel very concerned about Hillary’s safety. There is an insane person and his closest cohorts trying to tell supporters that she is evil, and that the entire system is rigged against them, and that if she wins there is no hope for them. It is like something out of the scariest kind of political novel or movie. And while Trump gets some criticism from the media for saying crude and misogynistic things, he gets almost no criticism for this horrific demonization of Hillary. None of us has ever seen anything like it in this country. Most of the Republicans don’t like Trump because they think he will hurt tthe party, or maybe a few don’t like the anti-woman things. But have you heard any of them say that it is frightening and appalling that he is threatening his opponent, and inciting his folowers to possible violence?

    They have enabled and even supported the American Hitler. I wish that they could be run against that way, and destroyed as a political party. Beause as they are constituted now, they offer nothing good to this country.That little pathetic coward Marco Rubio smirks that while he does not like some of what Trump is doing, Hillary is worse for the country. And people don’t seem to have a problem with that, since he is about to be re-elected. That is what the Republicans stand for. A stupid and selfish ideology has now twisted itself into a hateful collection of crooks, hypocrites, and people who deny any aspect of reality which does not suit their purposes.

  265. imusthavehillary, I was just reading about that. I hope the FBI and others are on call and guard for this kind of thing. There are already 3 Kansas men charged with something. Trump has turned this country into a third world banana republic. If people don’t cringe about what he says in his rallies and the foul and threatening language he used in the last debate directed at Hillary’s face in full view of millions, they should be deported to some third world dungeon.

  266. he gets almost no criticism for this horrific demonization of Hillary. None of us has ever seen anything like it in this country.

    This! I am amazed that he is getting no pushback on his foul and threatening language directed at Hillary in his rallies and in the debate.

  267. The projection from this man is astounding……

  268. If you are wondering what or who is driving Trump’s campaign, this article may give you some info. I don’t think their intent is to win the presidency but rather something else long term. Almost like the villains in a Bond movie. The article is a bit old from Sept 1.

    I was also wrong to think Hillary’s was the most digitized campaign ever but this para in the article puts Trump’s campaign in a different light. This Trump’s campaign is about collecting stooges, Trump being the head stooge.

    Mercer became the 2016 election cycle’s biggest single donor with his contributions to Ted Cruz super PACs. Now that Conway is Trump’s campaign manager, and Bannon is Trump’s ‘campaign CEO,’ Mercer is spending freely on Trump’s behalf, and it would not be the first time he threw big money at a terrible candidate to pursue long-term goals. Furthermore, Mercer made his fortune in automated stock trading, using algorithms to buy and sell faster than human thought, so he’s another example of a ‘big data’ pioneer in Trump’s orbit.

    He is at least 93% owner of Cambridge Analytica, a data firm that specializes in electing right wing candidates through Facebook apps that “read the minds of voters” by studying 5,000 data points for behavioral microtargeting, or ‘psychographic analysis.’ These voters can be ‘micro-segmented’ into hundreds of categories according to personality profiles, hobbies, income, spending habits, church attendance, and so on, with the information used to target each potential voter with the most efficient motivations to participate in an election. Cambridge Analytica started working for the Trump campaign in July; as I pointed out at the end of my long analysis of the nuts-and-bolts Trump machine last week, this company can provide a sort of social media-driven ‘get out the vote’ machine, perhaps making up some of the organizational ground that the campaign sorely lacks.

  269. The Miami Herald recommends Hillary Clinton for president of the United States.

  270. Hey the remaining Sanders whiners can just go ahead an pick the SCOTUS they plan to live with for the rest of their lives. Most of them are reasonable, though. I’m not going to worry about the rest. As for Sanders himself. He always looked like he just rolled out of bed, if you can’t manage yourself how do you manage a country. Secondly, his ‘plans’ were no plan at all, since he knew g’damned well he couldn’t do a hundredth of what he was promises. As if a president doesn’t have a congress. In ten years all of his supporters will be saying to themselves What The Hell Was I Thinking.

    The threat of violence from the anarchists and KKK and White Nationalists following the mental infant don’t bother me. You know why? Because that’s why God created the National Guard. They’re all going to get their asses mowed down if they go too far. We vote people in, we don’t pick people by mob rule. They’re worse than the Sanders bunch were. Let em lock and load. It might rid the earth of some scum.

  271. My Upps;

    It’s so good to hear from you and waggle us with your wit…

  272. OMG! See the highlighted part. This is Hillary in one of her speeches. She is anticipating what is in that other article that I linked above. She is one smart individual. You know what? Media and the rest of the clowns can pretend Trump’s is a normal campaign and treat it that but I think people in leadership positions know what is going on here.

  273. Bothsiderism and having people who have no expertise to educate people on anything (right now Poppy has some unknown Trump surrogate mouthing something stupid and a Dem surrogate). Trivialize and dumb it down.

    Hillary is echoing what is going on with the media here:

  274. OK Betsy Woodruff is tweeting a lot of what is Hillary’s speeches — click on her TL. They maker look smart, insightful, prescient, on and on which we know already.

  275. Come on, people… look at this! the art of the deal, Trump or Hillary?

  276. I too have been seriously concerned for Hillary’s safety for awhile, and although I feel most betrayed by past PUMA sites, it is the Rethug crazies that have taken ‘Hillary hatered’ to the critical level that concern me the most, the women haters that see Hillary as the person that will break the chains of women in America.

    When women are given equal rights, weak, stupid men only have their larger size and strength to work with. Thank God, that most of our men are not like this, but the 10-20% that are, are the ones we ALL have to worry about. Most of them have guns.

    Hillary will not back down…and she is aware of his MO.

    There is still a chance that Rump will refuse to attend the debate.

  277. I will watch the last debate, no matter how terrible it is…I think Hillary’s supporters give HER strength.

    I fully understand those that do not want to watch it.

  278. It has gotten so that one doesn’t even know what the most dangerous part of Trump’s campaign is. The threat of violence is probably the worst. But then there is the anti-semtism out of Hitler. And the misogyny and the general racism. Right up there, is the increasing rhetoric that the election is rigged. Apparently Jeff Sessions , a standing Senator, today agreed with that. Giuliani very recently said that the fix was in from the beginning with the FBI. These are current or former elected public officials, and they are so morally bankrupt that they will call into question every aspect of our democracy.

    This doesn’t go away, I am afraid. All the elections which we Democrats lost to Republicans who spent millions more than we had. All the lies and smears and bogus scandals used against our candidates. An election where our candidate clearlly won, but they wouldn’t count the votes, because the Supreme Court was in the hip pocket of the Republicans. And yet we always accepted the result at some level, because to do otherwise would have been even worse. And so Gore walked away with dignity, and the media was thrilled.

    I mentioned the other day that I had read things that indicated that when that election was looking so close a few days before, some Republicans had planned that if Gore lost the popular vote, and won the electoral vote, they were going to try to shut down the government and not accept the result. We never saw that occur, because they didn’t have to do it. But it was a harbinger. Now there is every likelihood that tens of millions of people, goaded on by Trump, and not chastised by Republican officials who have no courage and no principles beside winning, will not accept losing this election, and will not accept the legitimacy of the President or anyone she appoints. I hate to say it, but the Sanders people set the stage for it, with their stupid claims that somehow the DNC fixed primaries (the ones they lost). Trump latched onto it; and now there seems no chance of reconciliation between the angry, ignorant, and disaffected Trump supporters, and the rest of the country, which wants a peaceful transition and legislative progress. If the citizens want to get their information from Alex Jones-type sites; and do not believe in history, or science, or rationality, this is what you end up with. It used to be called The Dark Ages.

  279. Alfre Woodard just left our Hdqtrs. She is here to get out the votes for Hillary. Very nice person.

  280. A couple of people on CNN were just talking about the polls and why the daily poll is often so far off. These were researcher and they agreed that places like 538 Nate are often more correct.

  281. I see Drudge at the old Hillary is a lesbian thing again…..

    So lets get this right, she’s a crooked lesbian drug taking demon who is rigging an election? Is that about right? Have I missed anything?

    Honestly, Drudge should be hang his head in shame, he is nothing more than a gossip mongering blogwhore who got lucky once.

  282. This is what Hillary did in the second debate.

  283. Someone finally said it….

  284. To top it off, Drudge is one of the most well-known closet cases!

  285. It’s getting more bizarre by the minute…

  286. Bet that house is fun to be in tonight….

  287. This is what concerns me–the instability brought on by his mentally unstable followers.

  288. OK, Hillary wins on ads this year!! This is awesome!

  289. Daily News is just not letting up:

  290. That vox article was really good Sophie. This part jumped out at me, and infuriated me at the same time.

    This year in the US we have seen two examples of the more worrisome kind of candidate behavior. Early this year, Bernie Sanders claimed that the series of primary elections — in which he won more than 3.5 million fewer votes than Hillary Clinton — was rigged. The narrow practical implication of such claims was to weaken support for Clinton among Democrats and make it less likely that Sanders’s supporters would rally behind her. The broader consequence was an erosion of the legitimacy of the system.


  292. Just subscribed to the print edition of Newsweek. Take THAT, NYT!

  293. Visiting my daughter at college and this is what we got up to:

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