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I thought this video from The Briefing deserved it’s own post. It’s narrated by Clinton Press Secretary, Brian Fallon and connects all the dots of Trump’s Russian ties.


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  1. I just watched that and have added it over at TW. This is s-c-a-r-y!

  2. Yes, this is excellent. Thanks for posting imust!

    ps: had a piece of actual homemade apple pie today. It was so good it made me delirious!

  3. For your general amusement:

  4. Thanks Fredster!
    Socal, homemade apple…….
    did someone mention PIE?

  5. Sophie, this is off-topic, but I wondered if you saw this one Twitter…what the hell?

  6. Hey, Sophie, off-topic, but did you see this one on Twitter..what the hell?

  7. Ouch!

  8. Visiting my daughter at college and this is what we got up to:

  9. Freefall….

  10. Freefallll

  11. I think the sexual assault effects are only starting really appear in polling now, takes about a week and the bottom is starting to fall out for Trump.

  12. Clinton now pulling away in Nevada….

    Nevada CBS News Poll

    Clinton 46 (+6)
    Trump 40

  13. I can’t believe that Gary Johnson is still hovering near 10% in the polls. This must be the “we really want an ignoramus for president ” voting bloc.

    Last night I had dinner with family members and learned for the first time that my sister who had previously been lukewarm about Hillary marched into the Republican booth at the Minnesota State Fair last month to tell them that she was deeply offended by the cardboard cutout that they had standing outside the booth. It was an image of Hillary in prison stripes. She told them it was highly irresponsible and really un-American. Apparently, the staffers in the booth were stunned into silence. Since the cutout eventually came down, it’s reasonable to assume others did the same.

    I told my sister how proud I am of her, and she is all in for Hillary since the debates. She too is concerned for her safety at the next debate, given Trump’s erratic behavior.

  14. Voting @ 2:08am

    Is this shirt available?….I wonder

  15. Brassy:

    given Trump’s erratic behavior….he should be sent to a mental institution ASAP…anything coming out of his sorry mouth is INSANE!

    Now he’s saying that Hillary should be drug tested before the debate…

  16. What are the numbers in Florida? I get robo calls for Trump almost everyday.

  17. Polling in FL RCP average = Clinton +3.5 (10/3-10/13)

    She has been trending up.
    He has been trending down.

  18. Still to close for comfort. New national poll has Hillary plus 4%. Last couple of weeks I hope she spends big in Florida and North Carolina. I think Ohio is probably not worth it.

  19. The new national polls I’ve seen have her up 11points.

  20. Washington Post/ ABC news plus 4%. Wapo usually more favorable.

  21. Another very derange no so alpha male is Rudy Giuliani…

    “The Clintons employed a -Bimbo Aquad-“…


  22. jbstonesfan, on October 16, 2016 at 2:40 PM said:

    Still to close for comfort. New national poll has Hillary plus 4%. Last couple of weeks I hope she spends big in Florida and North Carolina. I think Ohio is probably not worth it

    You are wrong about Ohio. Look where they had Bernie against her.
    I still believe she is going to take Ohio.
    Also the night of the election, watch the media hold back Ohio if she is winning. As you know if Trump lose Ohio the election is over for Trump.

  23. Rudy Giuliani gained my respect during 9/11 but has lost it very easily the last decade. He really has one unhinged with his assault on Hillary. On the end, however, all these guys have made millions and we se left with a ruling political class that with a few exceptions could care less about any of us. Bill and Hillary, while becoming very wealthy, do care imo as they really don’t need the vicious circle around them and could easily have recreated to private life. I also think Bill wants to make tings up to Hillary for all that she has gone through for him.

  24. A True Trump Shi(r)t Storm. Bill Maurer’s revenge rant for all the disgusting T-shirts Trumpsters wear knocking HRC:

  25. I put my Clinton / Kaine yard sign up today and was feeling pretty good about it. All of a sudden my mind started working overtime and I thought to myself What if I wake up on election day and find that my car has been shut down? It’s awful living in a world where that sort of thing even occurs to anybody. There are two other yard signs in my immediate neighborhood and they’re both for Trump.

  26. LOL Paulette!!! I would have loved to have one of those.

  27. LOL Rudy calling anyone else a Bimbo. His legacy will be shot, which is good, because, this really IS who he is.

  28. NBC/WSJ poll has Hillary +11.

  29. Great video up top imust, thanks for the new thread!

    I bet more of the Russian connection with Trump was the intended October Surprise, but Rump’s predatory sexual behavior is what has bubbled to the top and will take him down.

    I hope the Clinton campaign uses everything they’ve got to push Rump over the cliff.

    Let the Trump name end up as popular as Jim Jones, OJ and all the other horrible men that thought they were too big to fail.

  30. I never bother with Rasmussen, it must pain Scott Rasmussen to even admit she’s winning, much less by more. The guy has GOP tatooed on his ass.

  31. Sorry about my cell is so small and no spell check.

  32. I do wonder, there are quite a few states that have not been polled yet this year, i’d love to see where places like Tennesee and Arkansas and other places like that are polling…I’d wager its a bit scary for the GOP.

    I’d include Alaska in that… that one could be a surprise.

  33. I think I am psychic….I just was thinking of this and look, Alaska is a tie….

  34. I can’t believe that Gary Johnson is still hovering near 10% in the polls. This must be the “we really want an ignoramus for president ” voting bloc.

    I expect most of them come from the “We really, really, wanna smoke weed legally” bloc. 😛

  35. This is interesting:

  36. They did, they replied and thanked Trump…..

  37. Well, how was the Sunday media and politics?

    I do not watch TV…always rely on you, dedicated media followers…

    Actually, this site is about the only one I enjoy…
    There you have it Upps….

  38. As we suspected, Trump has left the building, he’s given up as all manchildren do, go home and take the ball with them

    “Donald Trump isn’t really running a campaign for president anymore. Instead, he’s involved in an extended revenge plot or is simply following the politics of grievance to its natural, unseemly end,” Chris Cillizza writes.

    “It appears as though Trump’s minders have effectively given up, allowing the candidate to pursue his own score-settling and airing of grievances in these final weeks of the campaign. Taking that road may bring some satisfaction to Trump. But it has the potential to do catastrophic damage to the party he ostensibly leads as the GOP tries to hold its Senate and House majorities amid declining enthusiasm within its own ranks for its presidential nominee.”

    “To care about that effect would mean that Trump was running a real campaign that grasped the idea that it’s about more than just the whims of a single candidate. He simply isn’t doing that.”


    I was thinking of this, he is running a plague on both of you. There is no campaign, no race, he’s doing nothing but tweet, no ground game, no planning.

    This could go very south in the space of the next 3 weeks, with nobody having a clue as to what is going on…The Ohio thing today was telling, there is effectively nothing going on.

  39. OK, I like some others sites…
    but they don’t have that much Hillary “pizzazz”….

  40. Kinda cool that NCGOP thanks HRC but has “no comment” on Donald Trump’s tweet.

  41. I love all those Trump T-shirts that Maher shot out to the audience. There are a few I would like.

  42. Fear not, Trump Chumps! Steiner Assange will save the day! 😆

  43. Anybody want to wager a guess as to what THIS is about?????

  44. Frank Luntz has thrown in the towel. 4 years ago this time Obama had a 65% chance of winning. Now Hillary has a 86% chance of winning. Still the campaign wants us to make phone calls and help people get to the polls. The more she wins by the more we’ll be able to shut down the GOP and their nonsense.

  45. So, what is the deal with Roger Stone? Trouble in Trump Hell?

  46. I’m wondering too Birdgal!

  47. who is Robert Stone?

  48. Ga6th, what do you mean, “Frank Luntz has thrown in the towel?” Did he retire, hopefully?

  49. Voting, thanks for posting Hillary’s tweet & the response. I love Hillary, she is so classy.

  50. imust @ 9:06 pm: Sounds like there’s a tell-all book coming! These two creeps really deserve each other.

  51. I have to share something with all of you. Yesterday, I was at my hairdresser’s and she was talking about some issues with her 34 y/o daughter. Among them, the daughter hates Hillary, because she is tied to corporate interests and she is a murderer!! Her daughter buys into all the conspiracy nonsense about the Clinton’s. I didn’t know whether to cry or laugh , so I started laughing. Isn’t that shocking? How many millenials out there believe all that conspiracy nonsense? This woman is not for Trump, but she loathes Hillary. She may not vote. She lives in Southern CA, so it won’t hurt too much, but OMG!! She has even convinced her Welsh husband to believe this garbage. His parents were visiting from Wales and he was telling his parents this nonsense. My friend said, his father was looking at him in a quizzical way. My friend had to leave the room, because she has bigger fish to fry with her daughter, who just had her second baby and my friend is trying to maintain a relationship with the daughter, because of the babies. OMG!! These are educated people and have good paying jobs.

  52. Birdgal, that is so sad. I can relate, I have a hippy-ish in-law who has also swallowed all that bs about the Clintons. Makes me insane. I just ignored him this summer.

  53. imust @ 9:06pm: wth?!?!?!?!

  54. I second socal, wtf????

  55. This country is sorely lacking in critical thinking skills and making decisions based upon evidence, not hyperbole.

    How many of the people that hate the Clinton’s enjoy medical privacy laws and the Family Medical Leave Act? These laws were passed under Bill Clinton’s administration. I believe the ADA was also passed in the 90’s.

  56. Birdgal, I appreciate a lot from Bill Clinton’s admin; namely, that they created hubs job, and later he moved up the ladder from there. It was life-changing for us.

    Is Roger Stone going to provide the October surprise?!? I’m really curious.

  57. imusthaveHillary, on October 16, 2016 at 9:06 PM said:

    Stone admitted to having back-door meetings w/ Russia. I’m betting he’s received a government subpoena and has decided he isn’t going to get thrown under the Trump bus.

  58. Fro your general amusement:

  59. or “For” in most English-speaking countries. 🙂

  60. I seriously doubt that it was any Hillary supporters who firebombed the NC office. They don’t do things like that, they are about the most decent and law-abiding people we have ever seen in any election campaign. Someone on the fringes might possibly scrawl some graffiti somewhere, but never firebombing. It’s either some anarchist type, or a Trump supporter trying to make his side look like victims. Trump immediately claimed that it was Hillary people who did this, making the whole thing even more suspicious.

  61. William @ 1:40am, agree.

  62. William, I agree, too.

  63. socal, Frank Luntz is throwing in the towel on this election.

    There’s no hope for those conspiracy theorists and unfortunately they are not just Trump supporters. Plenty of Bernie Bros believe that nonsense. This election is about the nuts and the rest of us.

  64. Watching the news in DC this morning. In VA Hillary 44%, Trump 28% and for the first time HRC leads with men. 😀

  65. I found this chart at the Washington Post that explains all the conspiracies that Trump cites for why he is not doing well:

    I love the graphics, or Smiling faces of Hillary on the outside, and the one with Trump in the middle, as if he’s getting ready to scream the “F” word.

  66. In addition to the article I linked above, here’s a larger version of the Washington Post chart, explaining Trump’s conspiracy theories, suitable for posting, I believe:

  67. Clinton launching ads in Arizona, Texas and Georgia…..

    They aint throwing money away for nothing, must be game on.

  68. Chelsea, Kaine , and Michelle will be in Arizona this week. Hillary may also visit. Sounds like “game on.” Trying to get Trump to spend time in a state that he shouldn’t have to.

  69. The fresh Monmouth University poll released Monday afternoon puts Clinton ahead of Trump, 50 percent to 38 percent, in a four-way race that also includes Libertarian Gary Johnson and the Green Party’s Jill Stein. The former secretary of state’s lead is up significantly from the four-point advantage she held in a Monmouth poll last month.

    Read more:

  70. Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton Town Hall Debate Cold Open – SNL

    Rump doesn’t like this and didn’t think they were fair to him.

    Boo effin’ hoo.

  71. The hypocrisy of it all.

  72. RT & Drudge announce latest WikiLeaks batch of Podesta emails (before WikiLeaks announces it themselves). Appears to be 3,000 new ones.

    Drudge seems to be commiting acts of espionage…time for an espionage visit from the FBI.

  73. Trump TV, another failure in the making.

  74. Among the many abandonments of journalistic responsibility on the part of the media, the Wikileaks coverage may be about the worst. I try not to watch any of it, but apparently the media act as if the source of the emails, and their legitimacy, is completely irrelevant, as if they just found them on their doorstep.

    Here is what the media either realizes and refuses to say, because they are mostly morally bankrupt; or alternatively, too dumb to understand: 1) The emails were hacked, and the United States government has stated that they are almost positive the hackers were not only from Russia, but directed by the highest authorities there. 2)Podesta and the other Democratic sites were hacked by Russian operatives, because they want Trump to win. That is why they never hacked any Republican sites. 3) The emails are being very selectively chosen, and very possibly doctored, by Russian operatives, 4) Assange is a willing pawn of Russia, because he hates the United States, and he hates Obama and Hillary. 5) If any entity or even any person, had his/her emails hacked, and thousands of them pored over and then selectively released for maximum negative spin and damage, of course they would look unfavorable. 6) There are tens of thousands of emails which make Hillary and aides look very capable and intelligent, but most of those are not being released, beause Russia and Assange are trying to win the election for Trump (see #2). They are thus political propaganda disseminated by Russia and Assange. 8) Trump and his people are privy to these releases before they are done. Trump and his people are in league with Russian intelligence.There likely is treason involved here. 9) The media is supposed to cover the real story here, not gleefully rifle through the private emails in search of controversy.

  75. Unheard off…..

    In a FL afternoon update, reg Dems took a returned ballot lead over Reps of 27 ballots – out of 513,089 returned ballots

  76. Apparently in Florida on early vote

    41% D
    41% R
    15% NPA

    80% White
    8% Hispanic
    7% black

    If Clinton is getting half the white vote already and hardly any hispanic or black vote in…this is going to look very good for her.

  77. Did you see that John McCain promised that Republicans would be united against any Supreme Court Justice that Hillary picked? He was pushing Pat Toomey as someone who is really good at floor fights.

    This is simply appalling, even for Republicans. A senior Republican senator is saying in advance that they will not approve her Supreme Court appointments. Remember when McConnell was saying, “let the people decide,” when he was arguing that Garland should not be approved? Do these people have an iota of concern for the country outside of their own agenda? They’re just planning to block everything until they can finally get one of their own elected? This is not a strategy board game, this is governance of the country. This is why I always say that every Republican is essentially like every other one; and that voting for any downballot Republican is very foolish, unless one wants one of the only two alternatives they offer, endless gridlock, or a dictatorship.

  78. Oh my god, this person needs an FBI visit……

  79. We always knew he was a lying bastard, he needs arresting.

  80. Worst Campaign ever……

    The voter guide, which hit mailboxes this weekend, includes candidate statements from Democrats Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine, Green Party nominee Jill Stein and her running mate, Ajamu Baraka, the Constitution Party nominee and an independent candidate. But state elections officials say the Trump campaign and Libertarian nominee Gary Johnson did not submit materials ahead of an Aug. 30 deadline.
    Josie Bahnke, Alaska’s director of elections, sent letters to the Republican National Committee, Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) and Tuckerman Babcock, the chairman of the Alaska Republican Party, seeking information from the Trump campaign. But none of those groups responded in time to be included in the pamphlet.

    Trump left out of Alaska voter guide after failing to submit info:


  81. After McCain’s statement, “VOTE HIM OUT!!!”

    This obstructism has to end for the survial of our country. Obviously, they care only about partisan politics .

  82. Louisiana : Trump only +7

    Won’t take much to tip a few more red states……

  83. I just voted!!!!

  84. McCain is afraid for his re-election. The fossil.

  85. Moon @ 4:19. What did it say on that Twitter page? Looks like it’s been taken down, and I’m just plain nosy!

  86. It was a photo of journalist Hadas Gold with a jewish star and a target on her and a bullet through her head, with words to the effect off, we are coming to get you bitch.

    Pure nasty material, I hope the FBI pays them a visit along with some handcuffs.

  87. Why are we using the term “WikiLeaks”?

    C’mon people, we need to start calling it “VladiLeaks”! 😉

  88. Only tweety could find someone to look at polls and find supposed bad news for HRC. God I can’t stand Chris Matthews.

  89. Ecuador severed Julian’s access. His twitter acct claims contingency plans. At least as for as tweeting is concerned.

  90. There’s a good chance we can take the Senate back. Then we wouldn’t have to worry about SCOTUS.

  91. Remember what we did to Rush when we boycotted his sponsors. When taken seriously, it works.

    For Trump I guarantee it will be worse. For a company to sponsor him, they are admittedly telling POC, Latinos, Woman, LGBT, to go fuck a duck.

  92. Stone is the person of interest with wikileaks. Drudge is and always was just a big dirty dumpster for whatever republicans want to peddle, and for the pimping of today’s memes.

  93. #BillyBushMadeMeDoIt is now trending on Twitter and it’s hysterically funny. Thank you, Melania Trump!

  94. Republicans sowed intolerance and in its shadow, Trump sprang up like toxic fungi.

  95. Upps at 8:06pm:

    I read that article like many others about “the groper” been just the greatest scum of America.

    Yet, with all the polls making it like a very tight race, one wonders what kind of Americans are supporting this walking trash man.
    I’m aware of the alt-right and closeted supremacist…etc.
    But it can not be that many millions of similar trash bigots…

  96. For your general amusement:

  97. Hey, moon…was this is tweet you were talking about?

  98. The tweeter of that horrid (and illegal) threat, and others like him/her, are so many “floaters” in the toilet of Evolution. 👿

    When they say “they want their country back”, they mean the one they lost in 1865, and by no means do they all live in the former slave states and/or have Confederate ancestors. Likewise, not all of us who fit those descriptions (I fit both) support the Orange Grifter.

    I bet this Internet Tough Guy soils his (her?) underpants if the authorities come calling. 😈

  99. Very sick and disturbing times Woodpecker…

  100. This is from Moon’s post at 4:20 pm.

    This is too damn important to not post some of the text. Thx. Moon!!


    Gowdy and the republican Benghazi committee have been attacking by using a variety of government documents which have been heavily redacted to the point that it’s never been entirely clear just what context they would be in if not for all of the redactions and blackouts. After democrats asked the CIA to declassify the documents so that the public could see what was really being presented, the CIA responded by stating that it had never asked for anything to be redacted. When questioned under pressure, Gowdy admitted that he himself decided to redact large portions of the documents based on his own personal judgment of what information he did or didn’t want the public to know.

    This comes after months of allowing the public to believe that the redacted portions were the work of the CIA. Legally, no one in congress has the authority to deem any information to be classified. This latest revelation, that the republicans altered the documents without telling anyone to essentially try to frame Hillary Clinton with misleading evidence – comes just days before Clinton is set to testify before Trey Gowdy’s committee – and gives her additional ammunition for discrediting the proceedings.

  101. Ecuador severed Julian’s internet access.


    I guess he will have to start tossing notes out the window to try and take Hillary down.

    This punk is a Putin puppet.

    They should brick off his windows and doors, and just have a slot for his meal slop to pass though.

  102. Something positive…

    Hollywood and Broadway for Hillary team out for Hillary…Live stream fundraising…

    Can our techies provide the link?

  103. I watched part of Melania’s talk with Cooper. I kept looking at the right side of her face where it looked like she had 1/4″ of makeup on that upper cheek area. The rest of her face looked flawless as far as makeup goes.

    I kept thinking, that sure looks like a black & blue cover up. I hope it wasn’t, maybe just some weird camera angle or something.

    I also wonder if some time in her future life if her hubby’s womanHating will turn towards her and she has to think back to how she was warned and in denial in October, 2016.

    As a woman that has experienced violence, I hope she is smart enough to get away from this man before this happens to her. I hope her little boy also does not turn out like his father.

  104. Here ya go Bellcat

  105. And the utter absurdity of this election continues:

  106. For a company to sponsor him, they are admittedly telling POC, Latinos, Woman, LGBT, to go fuck a duck.

    They are telling POC, Latinos, women and LGB to go fuck a duck. As to T, Trump has said he thinks they ought to be allowed to use any facilities they want.

  107. Wow!
    Thanks a bunch Shadow…

  108. And why I love this site…???
    Because uppityville {{{{{{{{SHINES….}}}}}}

    Watching the livestream fundraising for our Hill…

  109. Trump tried to kiss this little girl….on the mouth…really.

  110. Trump tried to kiss this little girl

    Smart little girl…she was having none of it.

    Think of where that disgusting mouth has been.

  111. More awesome campaign planning by Trump’s team..SMDH:

  112. That little girls parents should be investigated for fitness. What a ridiculous and disgusting scene. For one thing, she is too big to be picked up like that and who the fuck does he think he is trying to plant one on her mouth?!?

  113. “Why I left the Republican Party to Become a Democrat”
    by Josh Barro

    The most important thing we have learned this year is that when the Republican Party was hijacked by a dangerous fascist who threatens to destroy the institutions that make America great and free, most Republicans up and down the organizational chart stood behind him and insisted he ought to be president.

    Some did this because they are fools who do not understand why Trump is dangerous.

    Some did it because they were naïve enough to believe he could be controlled and manipulated into implementing a normal Republican agenda.

    Of course, there were the minority of Republicans who did what was right and withheld their support from Trump: people like Gov. John Kasich of Ohio, Sen. Ben Sasse of Nebraska, and Hewlett-Packard CEO and megadonor Meg Whitman, with her calling Trump “a threat to the survival of the republic.”

    I want to focus on a fourth group: Republican politicians who understand exactly how dangerous Donald Trump is but who have chosen to support him anyway for reasons of strategy, careerism, or cowardice.


  114. I’ve been following Josh ever since he appeared on TV. I like him.

  115. Well Belle we love ya back.

  116. Listening to Mrs Tramp Trump was nauseating last night.

    Well she’s fair game now. She’s showed herself to be as disgusting as he is.

  117. Female veterans speak out against Donald J. Trump, the “Blue Falcon.”

  118. Trump’s stunt for final debate: He has invited Pat Smith, the bitter mother of one of the Benghazi victims to sit in the front row. If Hillary were as childish, she would invite the Khans.

  119. It’s all typical Breitbart and infowars bullshit. Odious lot would shoot her point blank if they thought they could get away with it. They crawl the underbelly of the country. Starting with their dead founder.

  120. Yeah boys will be boys! We have a high school kid running for captain of the Ooo Rahhh team.

  121. Everyday, Trump shows what a small, evil, and dangerous man he really is. He is a clear and present danger to our country and the world. The way he is using Pat Smith is horrendous and doesn’t do her any favors, but stoke her anger and hatred, but that is what Trump does best.

  122. “Boys talk”………….grow up Melania. How many times have you been sexually assaulted and thought it was normal?

    You are married to this asswipe, which only brings down your reputation.

  123. Yes, he’s using Pat Smith just like he used the women for his “humiliate Hillary” stunt at the second debate. He couldn’t care less about any of them. Women exist just to suit his needs of the moment. That includes Melania. He is the most complete misogynist I have ever seen.

    I just hope that after the election all Trump enablers will be held accountable. In the media, Morning Joke should be the first to go along with his girlfriend, Mika. From what I’m seeing on Twitter, this morning he had the nerve to agree with Trump that Hillary has gotten favorable treatment from the media. Of course, this is absurd. If Hillary has been getting “favorable” coverage, I would hate to see what unfavorable coverage looks like.

    During the summer, Morning Joke and Mika turned a bit on Trump. He began threatening to reveal “the truth” about them. There was a summit meeting at Trump Tower in September. Since then, Mr. and Ms. Joke have been back on the Trump Crazy Train. Would love to know what he has on them, but it must be dynamite.

  124. Thank you trixta at 12:45 AM, for the link of Josh Barro letter.

    Good reading…

  125. Sophie:

    Thanks for the Female Vets against Trump video…

  126. You’re welcome, bellecat! Hope we see more defections in the coming weeks.

  127. This next week may be a particularly unsettling time. There is a tiny bit of movement toward Trump in the daily polls, which would not mean much. except for the dreadful coverage of the wiki stuff by the media. It couldn’t be that the media is going to make one last push to damage Hillary? They’re reading things likely doctored or fabricated by the Russians who want to elect Trump, and they read them with utterly unprofessional credulousness. This one about the FBI person maybe suggesting that they trade a classification of one email for some more area space, certainly never actually came to a thing, since the email was never reclassified. But you give the media their little flash cards, “Hillary,” “mails,” “looks bad,” “casts doubts,” and they’re off chasing mechanical rabbits, without a care as to the absolute lack of significance of any of it.

    Then we have Chris Wallace, whom I do not trust one iota. I’ll be very surprised if he doesn’t hammer away at the wiki “mails.” It is difficult for Hillary to respond to any of it, because the FBI is studying all of this in terms of foreign interference with our political system; plus, she doesn’t want to start talking about individual hacked documents. Wallace is the face of Fox, he is a right-wing Republican whose network is all pro-Trump, all the time. I do not trust him a bit. In fact, with all this nonsense about Hillary having been given questions in advance, that might signal that it is actually Trump who will be getting the questions now. Anyway, this is the last push of the media to make the race close, which they want to be their narrative for the last few weeks. So while I would like to think that the race is essentially over, and be able to look forward to Election Day, I just have a bit of an uncomfortable sense right now, which I hope will be assuaged by the debate, and maybe a few more negative Trump stories. Note that all of the “Russian connection,” “no tax returns,” “business scams and frauds,” “plus Trump’s utter lack of policy knowledge, have disappeared, as the self-indulgent and bored media has settled on Trump groping stories, countered by email stories,, which they do not describe as Russian hacks, but as legitimate emails which someone just put outside their door.

  128. Breaking

  129. Going along with Moon’s post, CNN today said that Rump was never able to pull in more than 42% of the voters, he is now at 40% and falling.

  130. Trump you are so screwed…

    Six colleagues and close friends who corroborate former PEOPLE writer Natasha Stoynoff’s account of being attacked by Donald Trump in 2005 are now coming forward.

  131. Hillary Clinton will hold an early voting rally in the Cleveland area on Friday, her campaign says.

  132. The Senate races look somewhat better, so we will hope that the trend continues. Missouri looks possible, and Nevada looks much better. I saw a bit of the PA debate. I had never seen Katie McGinty before. She is an attractive candidate, and I don’t specifically mean physically, though there is that, too. She seems sincere, non-abrasive, and she cares about people issues. She is not as polished a speaker as Toomey, who was prepared with his responses.These senatorial debates often involve state issues, which seems reasonable, except that almost all the senatorial votes are on national or international issues. I hope that the debate does not change the course of the campaign, which is very close, but with McGinty holding the edge. I do wonder why some of our Democratic candidates in more favorable states for Democrats, do not tie their opponent to the right-wing people they always vote with. I would guess that Toomey and Cruz voted the same way over 90%of the time, so what is the use of Toomey acting like he is moderate, when he votes with the far Right? I don’t see that argument used much, though.

  133. The polls are split between Hillary Clinton winning and … Hillary Clinton winning in a landslide

  134. Hillary won by a narrow margin with the popular vote in the Primary of 2008. If her delegates hadn’t of been stolen, she would have easily won against McCain.

    Hillary learns from experience, she has nailed down the delegate vote to push her over 270…many moons ago, like she did with the Sandcrab.

    Thank God this election is not going to be a squeaker, just a small to large effin’ landslide against a pervert.

    Three weeks left and we will finally see our girl get the reward she has deserved for many moons.

  135. If this happens Trump will be massacred and a landslide for Hillary.

    Presidential vote in the South:
    1988: R +18
    1992: R +2
    1996: TIE
    2000: R +13
    2004: R +15
    2008: R +5
    2012: R +7
    2016 (projected): R +1

  136. I hope the debate goes well Wednesday night and it pushes her even further ahead.

  137. Even his Super pac has given up.

    Ed Rollins, the chair of the pro-Donald Trump Great America PAC, said Tuesday it will take a miracle for the Republican nominee to win the election.

    Rollins made the comments on the Laura Ingraham Show during a discussion on the future of the Republican Party.
    “If somehow Trump pulls a miracle comeback here, which would take a miracle at this point, then obviously it’s his party, he can do what he wants with it,” Rollins said. “If not, I think we begin from ground zero and with lots of different factions and lots of different candidates.”

    Rollins said he assumed a 2020 Republican primary would have many of the same candidates, naming Texas Sen. Ted Cruz and Florida Sen. Marco Rubio.
    While he serves as chair the super PAC backing Trump, Rollins has been candid in his assessments of the race. In August, when Trump was under fire for comments he made attacking the Khan family and Republican leaders, he said Trump would likely “lose badly” if the election was held then.

  138. you MUST see this video. I am not kidding.

  139. Just signed up to be a poll observer on Election Day!

  140. Jeepers…

    Upps, this is for you. 😆

    As an old German saying goes,

    “If a donkey hear’s his name, he comes a running.”

    (Or something like that.)

    Michael Moore Working Down To Wire On Surprise ‘TrumpLand’ Movie

  141. Upps

    you MUST see this video. I am not kidding.


    The video isn’t working for me…

  142. Shadow, go to the top of this post and watch it there.

  143. The clusterfuck clown show sinks to a whole new level.

    Trump bringing Obama’s half brother to the debate, per the campaign.

    What does that fuckwit think he is gonna get out surprise guests, what is this candid camera.

  144. So along, with the mother of the slain Bengazhi soldier, Obama’s half-brother who supports Trump is going to be there? What is this? Reality television? He has denigrated the entire election process and is making it a joke. What an evil person. I hope he burns in h***. He is truly one of the deplorable’s.

  145. What a gorgeous picture of young Hillary….

    She could have been a “Movie Star”…

    Did not need the movies…. she is a {{{{{{{{{ STAR }}}}}}}}}

  146. Rump is just testing to see how far he can go, just like the little kids in the supermarket that scream to high Heaven because they want candy or a toy.

    If Hillary were not more classy, she could fill the entire audience with people that have been screwed over by Rump, or have been abused sexually by him.

    He is a full grown 70 year old perve, and he thinks the pretense of being rich makes him above the law.

  147. Hahah

    Trump: “Even though we’re doing pretty good in the polls, I don’t believe the polls anymore.”

  148. Help! I’m stuck in moderation!
    *You have been released!

  149. Uppity, isn’t that the video I made the post about??

  150. Popcorn…

    Trump called Condi Rice a Bitch in 2006

    CNN’s KFile was also tipped off to the 2006 comments Tuesday morning. When asked if she had any response to the reported transcript of Trump’s remarks, Rice simply wrote back, “Exactly. Can’t wait until November 9!”

  151. He got busted…..

  152. He must be reomved

  153. Yes it is your video! You know I never paid attn that there was a new post. Either that or I am losing your mind. Or mine.

    *Looks ashamed*

  154. Trump is so fucking stupid. He could address so many things and all he can talk about is how he’s going to lose.

    Make no mistake, that’s what the “Rigged” argument is all about. He figures he’s tanking so he
    s shoring up.

    He’s blowing opportunities because he’s obsessed. Again. He gets obsessed. And possessed! Which is okay with me, since he’s missing better topics, flying right over his bird’s nest. Works for me!

  155. I am going to buy Joe Conason’s book on BC “Man of the world” (I looked for it at our Barnes and Noble tonight but they were in the process of putting it out and had not) just because I like Conason and we need more like him in our media.

  156. There was a tweet that went something like this”

    Trump Then: I’m going to win so much, you’re gonna be sick of winning!
    Trump Now : I’m going to whine so much, you’re gonna be sick of whining!

  157. Who cares who the buffoon is going to bring to the debate? If those women didn’t knock Hillary off her perch, who else will? No one. Maybe we should put that woman reporter from People’s mag right under his nose. I think about the reporter having to go on with the interview after the assault when he sat there with his third wife doting on her. He was 60 years old! Sixty?

  158. question: do you need religion to be moral? or recognize what is moral? no!

  159. To beautify our safe space before Trump sullies it all up again tomorrow night:

  160. Frankly I know atheists who behave more like Christians than most of the evangelicals I’ve had the misfortune of knowing.

  161. LOL he’s bringing Barack’s Kenyan half brother.

    The guy is on a revenge mission for what Barack did to him at that Press Dinner roast.

    Imagine this guy in charge of our country becoming all obsessed over “Getting” somebody. He’s a fucking lunatic. And a sadist.

    I predict that this decision alone will make Hillary’s numbers rise even higher. In addition to being a lunatic, he’s also a dolt.

  162. wow this is stunning pic of Hillary, but I have my favorite which I will post next.

  163. This is by far my favorite.

    Hillary on Truman Balcony

  164. VotingHillary, sorry! looks like we were posting at the same time.

  165. Sorry Ladies, but I posted it first…
    And i commented in the awesome Pix first…

  166. Sorry bellecat, you did. I didn’t click on your link to see the pic but guessed you were referring to that picture in your comment when I saw the pic.

  167. OK pm…
    I just want take some credit that I look for the positive things that’s going around of our Hillary…and there are plenty…

    who cares about the fat orange neanderthal branded “The Scum Trump”

    I’m sooooo tired of looking at his face….and hearing of his stupidity…

  168. Both of those photos of Hillary are beautiful, my fav. is still Hillary in the rain.

    I also like the one of her in her orange suit.

    I also think Hillary is still a beauty. When I saw her up close, I was surprised how much more beautiful she is in person. Her stunning blue eyes, her smile.

  169. Shadow at10:44 pm, I agree with your description of Hillary in person .

  170. Trixta, Love the billboard! Don’t grope, vote!

    Another good one by Obama, “Don’t boo, vote.”

  171. Love that picture of Hillary. Also love that she’s right-handed. last two Dem presidents were left-handed.

  172. A shame that Ecuador didn’t figure this out sooner, and cut off internet access a couple of weeks ago. It’s something, at least, now.

    I always thought that Hillary was quite attractive, not that it should matter; but people who hated her would often stupidly derogate her looks. One can easily see her depth of intelligence in her eyes. A shame that a remarkable intelligence does not draw nearly as much adulation as it deserves. And it is not a cold intelligence, but a humane and empathic one.

  173. I signed up to make a donation to Hillary every time Trump posts a nasty Tweet.

    At first I thought I couldn’t afford it, but they let you set a daily limit.

  174. Well, THIS is an interesting bit of bi-partisanship! ROFL!

  175. Birdgal, glad you liked the billboard too! At least some Republicans see how dangerous tRump is.

  176. To sturdy ourselves for tomorrow night…a reminder:

  177. Did you guys see the Newsweek article that came out today? Its a brief rundown of his horrendous business dealings since the 80s. He literally ruined thousands and thousands of people, from working class to rich. He destroys everything he touches. I’m amazed none of these people have gone after him. Satan must really look after his own.

  178. Also, here is a good post about Melania and her trash talking interview. She says the women who have come out with stories about Trump “are attention seekers making damaging and unfair accusations.” But then she says that its “fair game for her husband to appear with Bill Clinton’s accusers. Then she whines about her modeling…ahem…porno…ahem…glamour modeling–yeah, that’s what they call it, pictures coming out on the internet. Bitch, when you pose full frontal nekkid and your moronic-demonic husband runs for president, those pix are gonna come out and Hillary had nothing to do with it.

    Up til now, I went along with the general sentiments of not going after the family members, cutting her slack because she “might” be a victim of his also, etc. But no longer. She has crossed the line. She is one of “them”. She deserves whatever disrespect she gets.

  179. Got this from next door:

  180. I never saw Melanoma is not fair game. She is a thief (See Michelle’s speech) and a liar (No college degree as stated).

    Just as important: She chose money over self-respect. And she would have been the first FLOTUS of whom we could say we’ve seen ALL of her. Fuck her.

  181. Great link socal.

  182. I don’t think I’m going to watch the debate tomorrow. I am sick of watching a degenerate whine and yell with the gutter growl that sounds like some wild animal in the woods. I just can’t stand listening to another Donald Trump Show and I know Hillary could rip his guts out but she doesn’t have to. She’s going to pay him back on November 8.

    I just want him to go away. He disgusts me. He is the biggest embarrassment to the USA and the Democratic process as far back as I can remember and probably before I was born. And he’s seriously mentally ill.


  183. Incidentally, I have an inking that Ecuador is going to tell Julian to GTF Out of Here.

  184. Upps @ 5:23am, agree 100%!

    Also–I’ve been thinking all day of skipping the debate tomorrow. Its just as you say, I’m so sick of him and his vile behavior and lies.

    Seriously, agree with all of your comments! You are spot on, as always.

  185. Skipping the debate makes sense. I’ll probably just follow on social media. Hillary is going to have to fight off two misogynists tonight–Trump and Chris Wallace. It’s like if we had made President Obama debate David Duke before he could become the first black president. I know Hillary can handle anything, but she shouldn’t have to.

  186. Melania is fair game. If she’s going to get in the ring and lie, she’s going to get fact-checked. So far, she hasn’t passed one fact-check.
    Frankly, I think it would be disgusting to have her as a first lady. I am praying that America isn’t that sleezy.

  187. I will watch the debate. I need the context to better understand the “journalists'” spin.

  188. I will be watching. I want our girl to kick his butt with a smile.

  189. Heard this morning they are not going to shake hands. GOOD.

  190. A thought experiment
    Wikileaks: What If Someone Hacked Julian Assange’s Emails?

  191. Another way of “watching” the debate without Trump’s bs is to mute the sound. Demeanor is very telling. And he can’t leave his podium tonight to stalk and harass her.

  192. I am so glad that they will have podiums tonight. I thought about skipping it, but I have to watch it, so I’ll see and hear what people will be talking about. I can always mute it.

  193. I WILL watch tonight because I restocked on the beer. 🙂 I do want to remind everyone that tomorrow night is the Alfred Smith dinner and HRC and Trump are scheduled to appear. Traditionally, it is a light-hearted affair so might be fun. It starts at 8:50 pm tomorrow night on C-SPAN.

  194. I heard on the new this AM, that Bannon has said Smith and Obama’s half-brother are just the appetizers. What a slime campaign.

  195. Sophie @ 9:13am
    Brave you dear; I’m with Upps and socal. Just can’t stand the “Orange Predator” anymore…
    I’ll be sending Hillary positive energy to endure one more time such a “pest”…

    I’ll catch up later on Hillary’s performance only.

  196. Eddie Applegate went to be with his girlfriend.

  197. I’ve been thinking about the Al Smith dinner. It usually is a fun event. Usually. Can’t even imagine how Hillary and her campaign will handle this. Trump is so NOT funny. And he is the embodiment of everything the values of the dinner oppose. He has ruined everything this year, and the AS dinner is just one more thing for him to ruin. Sigh.

    Bannon calls Pat Smith and Obama’s half brother just “appetizers”? Nothing like advertising how the campaign uses and abuses people. Have a grievance against Hillary or Obama? We’ll make you “appetizers”. The main course, if you’re lucky!

  198. Appetizers my ass. She’ll make him eat his own main course.

    He’s got all those conspiracy psychos with him, he’s one of them. He’s crazy too. Everything is a side show with these infantile paranoids.

    I’m thrilled he’s bringing Obama’s brother. That will seal it for him, the jerk doesn’t even know when he’s hurting himself. He’s attacking a popular president to the very people he needs to get to vote for him. He’s a moron. He’s on a vengeance mission against Obama for teasing his thin skin at that Al Smith dinner. What a child. He’s on a political suicide mission. The more of this circus shit he does the worse his numbers get. WOrks for me!

    This bunch has NO respect for the USA. They care only about their own anger and satisfaction. They are anything but patriots. Don’t care if they destroy a whole party or a whole country for that matter. They all belong in a cage.

  199. Yet again Trump forgets whom he is running against. Looks like he’s trying to set up a new scandal (via Drudge) for this last debate, which involves a reporter accusing Bill of having groped her on several occasions back in Arkansas. Just be ready for this–or anything else–to pop up in one of Trump’s rants tonight. The good news is that this is the final “debate” and fewer people will be watching. As for me, I’ll tune in with full confidence that Hillary will do just fine. She’s already kicking his ass in the polls, so whatever her strategy is tonight, I’m sure she’ll come out smelling like a rose. tRump will certainly throw stink bombs throughout the “debate,” but it will only taint him more. Most in this country can already see how pathetic and desperate he is.

  200. Historically when a man tries to browbeat Hillary, he loses and she wins. You do not do to a woman what you would never do to a man and not expect to pay the piper. All he’s doing is sending more voters over to Hillary out of not only sympathy, but EMPATHY.

    If I know this, so does Hillary. Make no mistake, these boys are stupid. They will run off to create their TV network, Fox on steroids. And nobody will listen to them but their sycophants. They will make a bundle off their suckers and they can all spend the rest of their lives making up conspiracies. Who cares? And Trump’s “Brand” isn’t worth shit any longer. People will be paying him to remove his name. One thing he has always craved was to be respected by the business community and the Society people. He can flush THAT dream down the toilet. He might as well create a TV station, which he will tank like he tanked so many other things with his wrecklessness and unwillingness to listen to others. Meh. Who cares.

  201. VotingHillary, on October 19, 2016 at 1:35 AM said:

    Who the phuck would downgrade your wonderful post?

    Trolls, go back to your cave!!!!!!!!

  202. Chris Wallace is going to make this debate an email/ Wikileaks circus.

  203. As always, I will watch the debate and blog.

    Moon, Neetabug, Voting and I keep ya posted. (Anyone else???)

    I also want to watch Hillary kick his ass and hopefully do a little shimmy.

    I hope we can get a new thread for the last debate.

  204. Hillary likes her little song, didn’t realize she was even doing it.

  205. What time is the debate on the Best Coast? 😉

  206. Shadow, looks like the debate will be at 6pm on the west coast, but I suggest viewers check out their local and cable stations to make sure.

  207. 6 PM on the west coast.

  208. Thanks trixta and birdgal!

  209. Shadow, I will be watching tonight, after my husband takes me out to dinner for a little celebration…

    I got my Hillary Campaign Organizer Kit in the mail today. Hooray! On my birthday! I also got the H arriow metallic sticker, and the cute “Madam President” journal. My husband had already gifted me with a sturdy yard sign that says “Hillary for President 2016”, a beautiful acrylic flag shawl that I can wear to the Inauguration, I hope, a smaller scarf that says “Every strong country needs an even stronger woman behind it. Hillary 2016”. They weren’t official campaign items, but are very nice.

    Last but not least, my husband has a good sense of humor, and wanted to give some special election items for my birthday. So I received a toilet paper holder with a laughing Hillary very time it spins, and a roll of toilet paper with Donald Trump’s face on every sheet, showing his pursed lips, like he is kissing you. I may wait to “christen” the paper on the evening of Nov. the 8th.☺️

    Do I have a good and generous husband, or what?❤️

  210. BIG FAT LOL

    UTAH Topline
    @Evan_McMullin 31%
    @realDonaldTrump 27%
    @HillaryClinton 24%
    @GovGaryJohnson 5%
    Undecided 12%

    Trumps gonna lose UTAH because the UTAH dems are gonna chuck McMullin over the top.

  211. Who the phuck would downgrade your wonderful post?

    Take a wild guess where that came from. And then store it in your head for later.

  212. Our little troll with the impotent rage has been down-voting a number of comments. I’m enjoying how our comments are getting under the skin of Donald’s imbecilic trolls. Just wait until 11/9.
    And 1/20/2017.

  213. I just read on Twitter that Trump didn’t show up for the pre-debate walk-through. Apparently, he’s still holed up in his hotel. ROFL! 🙂

  214. I agree that we are going to see Wallace go on about the emails, the hacked mails, and everything else which has nothing to do with how someone would govern as president. The very best we get from Wallace is a bit of professionalism, he will never go after Trump. His friend and ex-boss Ailes is advising Trump. I don’t know why we agreed to Wallace, the first Fox person ever to moderate a debate. I just hope that he has enough sense of dignity not to be completely partisan.

    On Utah, it is fun to see Trump lose any state, but McMullin winning Utah doesn’t help us practically. That is because we need 270 electoral votes. If neither candidate gets that, it goes to the House, which would elect Trump, or maybe some other Republican that they tell the electors to vote for. So it is a matter of Hillary getting the 270 and more (to avoid “faithless electors”), and any state we don’t win does not help us, even if it goes to a third party person. Actually, the “never trumpers” who put McMullin in to win Utah, took away Hillary’s legitimate chance to win the state.

  215. I knew this would happen one day

  216. Hmm interesting, has he overdosed on what he takes before the debate and they can’t wake him up.

  217. “America hits new landmark: 200 million registered voters”
    by Shane Goldmacher

  218. I agree with Uppity that inviting Obama’s half-brother is a really stupid thing to do. I hope it gets publicized by the TV media.

  219. This should make you smile, especially if you liked Hamilton. “Tim Kaine in the membrane!” 😂

  220. Sophie @ 9:31am, loved that post on WikiLeaks! Thanks!

  221. Here’s the Twitter link re: Trump no-show:

  222. Liberty Belle, Happy Birthday! Glad you’re enjoying your day!

    We will have the Dodgers-Cubs game on, but possibly click over to the debate once in a while.

  223. Says it all

  224. Screech

    Everyone grab your drinks and come upstairs for the Debate #3 watch party.

  225. I hope Hillary completely destroys Trump and his alt right buddies tonight. I’m really tired of all their BS.

  226. Apparently, the accuser from 1980 is going to be there tonight. Trump is evil incarnate.

  227. Why are the pundits saying what each candidate needs to do? They need to shut up.

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