2016 Presidential Debate #3 at U of Nevada

unlv-logo-and-tagline-legacy Tonight is the third and last presidential debate, airing at 9 PM Eastern on nearly every channel, including NBC.  Evergreen advice: CSPAN, PBS, or online streaming. No networks or cable stations and their rotten pundits.

This debate is an actual debate and will be “moderated” by Chris Wallace of Fox News who is on record as admitting he will be nothing more than a timekeeper or perhaps a potted plant. Fact-checking is sooooo hard, which is why Joy Reid can do it in real time without knowing the content in advance. (His Twitter handle is @FoxNewsSunday.)

Wired said they are fact-checking it live but didn’t say if it would be at their website or Twitter.

I heard that Roger Ailes and Trump broke up, each claiming the other lacked focus. So, now that his “shackles are off” and he doesn’t have a responsible guide like Roger around, how will he maintain his legendary composure?

Once again, the pundits are pushing their advice on Hillary and raising the bar—hers. She’s gotta do this, she needs to do that, and if she can’t do this other thing…

Hillary, ignore their advice. All you need to do is keep doing what you’ve been doing: Winning.

The media really loves Donald’s reality show format, even those who don’t particularly like Donald. Usually, when you have two normal candidates, they compete against each other in a debate. The media has decided they’d rather have a different game, wherein each candidate needs to beat their personal bests. She must exceed Debate 1 & 2 Hillary whereas he can’t do worse than Debate 1 & 2 Donald. Backwards and in high heels.

I heard one of Donald’s guests will be Obama’s half-brother from Kenya. I have no idea what he has to do with anything.

I am grateful that this is the last time she has to be on the same stage as that disgusting animal.

On the other hand, maybe he won’t show up.

Anyway, for good luck:



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  1. Lay your bets – How off his face will Trumpty Dumpty tonight…..

    I’m betting if he’s hiding out in his room and not going to walkthrough, i would suspect, we will have looneyland central tonight.

  2. and will “Sniffles” appear?

  3. Sarah Palin is expected to be a guest.

  4. How about a “Pantsuit Power” flashmob? (I now it’s old school)

  5. I’d laugh if Hillary said “Sarah’s here, another russian connection, well she can see Russia from her house”

  6. I will let you guys do a play by play for me on the debate. I hope she goes for the knock out punch tonight and ends any chance Trump has of winning.

  7. Either now, at a point of your choosing during the debate, or right after it, please consider making a donation, perhaps for one of these reasons:
    1. We want to win!
    2. She earned it.
    3. Today is a major FEC deadline and your contribution will count in a metric.
    4. Just because.
    5. Any other reason.


  8. Apparently, the accuser from 1980 is going to be there tonight. Trump is evil incarnate.

  9. Ridiculous. Did Hillary sexually assault anybody?



  10. Birdgal it’s verbal vomit that we’re all going to have to go through to get the county detoxed and off of right wing media running things.

  11. Weren’t the Republicans just saying that 2005 was a long time ago and didn’t matter but now they’re trying to say 36 years ago does matter? I think Ken Starr would have found this woman if there was any truth to her story.

  12. Trump is showing what a small, petty, and evil person he is. I think he is terribly jealous of Bill Clinton and wants to take both of the Clinton’s down with him. Or at least try. I think most people can see through this. Another attempt to deflect from his own sexual predator behavior.

  13. I agree, if Ken Starr didn’t find this woman, it makes one wonder.

  14. BREAKING: Trump LIVID After Debate Commission Makes BIG Rule Change To Stop Him (DETAILS)

    The Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD) has made a change to the debate night protocol just hours ahead of the final of three presidential debates held before the general election, and the rule change significantly undercuts one of alleged unregistered sex offender and Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s key debate night strategies.

    With Trump flagrantly announcing his plans before the start of the second debate, the CPD had the opportunity to intervene in order to prevent such a “potentially humiliating and excruciating encounter,” as the New York Times put it.

    Now, hours before the final debate, the CPD has acted at the urging of the Hillary Clinton campaign to prevent such a situation from occurring.

    As the New York Times writes:

    ‘he Clinton side is not taking any chances at the final presidential debate, on Wednesday night in Las Vegas, and has apparently gained approval of a different protocol for the entry of the candidates’ spouses and families into the debate hall. The new arrangement calls for the candidates’ spouses to enter the hall closer to their seats, rather than crossing the room, and each other’s paths. That would avoid any potential for confrontations, given Mr. Trump’s penchant for dramatic stunts.’


    We know what shit he pulls.

  15. So how much money is he paying all these people? You know they would not show up unless there was money in it. I hope they collected ahead of time.

  16. Ailes is out. Gingrich is half way out. Come election day he will be like an orphan.

  17. Gingrich is an idiot. He’ll probably be there until the end. Well, unless it becomes obvious Gingrich is not going to get anything.

  18. pm317, on October 19, 2016 at 7:43 PM said:

    . I hope they collected ahead of time

    I hope they did not. Let them see how it feels not to get paid.

  19. Pence has only one speaking tone, its called BORING….

  20. Agree, neetabug. I was being sarcastic.

  21. BREAKING: Trump LIVID After Debate Commission Makes BIG Rule Change To Stop Him

    The Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD) has made a change to the debate night protocol just hours ahead of the final of three presidential debates held before the general election, and the rule change significantly undercuts one of alleged unregistered sex offender and Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s key debate night strategies.

    With Trump flagrantly announcing his plans before the start of the second debate, the CPD had the opportunity to intervene in order to prevent such a “potentially humiliating and excruciating encounter,” as the New York Times put it.

    Now, hours before the final debate, the CPD has acted at the urging of the Hillary Clinton campaign to prevent such a situation from occurring.

  22. OMG… all his supporters are sleazebags.

  23. moononpluto, what situation?

  24. I think they were planning to ambush Bill when he shook hands with Melania Trump, they put a stop to it….Now the spouses will just enter and sit quietly and not cross the room.

  25. I see Trumps new slogan is “drain the swamp”…yes and we’ll start with you and your slimy gropey hands.

  26. Yeah. I read about that. They will be seated and not shown walking across and crossing each other’s path.

  27. CNN – the past few hours the Rump animals have been screaming at CNN while they broadcast. Why the Hell are they broadcasting outside with the deplorables?

  28. I have CNN and CSPAN live stream open, and CSPAN is delayed by about 2 minutes. WTF?

  29. I think CSPAN said this hall holds 19k people in it. Lot’s of people we all recognize.

  30. CSPAN too. I saw CNN this morning and the whole background was just Trump signs. You know Trump arranged that because he’s livid that he’s behind in the polls. He probably wants to show that HE has the support, and the “polls are wrong!”

  31. Hillary looks lovely in her outfit, looks white.

  32. I absolutely cringe when I think about the crap that will spew out of trump today. You can tell just from the crap spewing from the trump surrogates tonight. From accusations that sanders had the nomination stolen from him by the DNC to Bill Clinton having illegitimate children. Just insane shit. I want to apologize to Hillary Clinton for the river of crap that will soon try to drown out her positive message of acceptance and unity. But from this night will emerge Madam President.

  33. Hillary and Bill just arrived, got out of the car and secret service all over the place.

  34. CNN is just broadcasting the debate now…no Rump shouting…

  35. Lets guess what the first loaded question going to be……

  36. wikileakes?

  37. No one trusts Hillary because of her emails?

  38. Aaaaaaand it’s on!

  39. Shadow it is because of the news media. If it is pounded into your head twenty four hours a day. You start to believe it. Ask anyone about the e-mails they can’t tell you anything about them.

  40. Our girl looks good.

  41. Hillary is in da room…….Supreme court up first.

  42. Trump is scowling already………he just looks nasty.

  43. Love her jacket.

  44. Asked about a supreme court and he goes off on Ginsberg straight away attacking, he has no substance. Answering nothing at all, rambling already.

  45. Trump personalizes everything. Supreme Court is all about him, or Ginsberg supposedly offending him, not the Constitution. Except for Second Amendment, he’s pretty vague and shallow. She knows the facts, gives particulars.

  46. He has no clue what the case was about….Mr. Cliff Notes at it again.

  47. He’s trying to paint her emotionally as opposed to her positions re: 2nd amendment

  48. He wont answer about Roe v Wade…..

  49. Chris did a good job pinning him down on Roe v Wade

  50. Wallace is going right in on right wing topics….

  51. He’s drinking water again… Keep drinking.

  52. Hillary is talking to every woman in America right now substantively and Trump is scowling

  53. Rip the baby out of the womb. He is sick

  54. Yes, do you notice tRump isn’t interrupting Chris

  55. That is not what she said..Good Hit him Hillary, she was advocating problem pregnancies dangerous to the mother. What a shit, he is not comfortable with this topic.

  56. Yep, he is one sick puppy

  57. I hate Chris Wallace.

  58. Here he goes,

  59. Sniffles is back and Trump is running around in circles……

  60. He is all about who endorse him. It is me, me, me.

  61. AND he’s still lying that ICE endorsed him.

  62. i get it , bad bad men, build a wall, honestly, not one real policy.

  63. She’s doing great!

  64. LIAR… ICE didn’t endorse you

  65. Sniffing and drinking water again.

  66. notice the word “Hombres”, direct attack on Latinos.

  67. Trump looks tired. Hillary looks refreshed.

  68. Tell me how, you build a wall right across the southern border, its a dumbass thing, would never work

  69. Hillary just baited Rump, saying he ‘choked’ over the meeting with the meeting of the Mexican president. He is about to start going off the rails.

  70. tRump must have gotten warned not to interrupt so much or they gave him tranquilizers

  71. Here we go again…Wallace is going for every right wing topic and clearly Trump has had advance notice.

  72. ohhh… here comes the wikileaks crap…

  73. “Bigly” is back! Lol!

  74. She cornered him, on Russia, go girl….answer the question.

  75. The sniffs are back big time, he’s going off……..

  76. She’s got him, she’s riled him and he’s losing it and he’s getting stressed.

  77. She has nailed him, he’s losing the plot again, she could bait him all night.

  78. There he goes…….

  79. endorsements endorsements endorsements, yay, look at me me me.

  80. She is holding her own even if the questions are all right wing

  81. Hillary comes off as intelligent, Presidential, substantive and knows her shit……..

  82. Trump taking on a woman who really knows her shit is going to lose everytime!

  83. A couple of minutes ago, he ran his finger under his nose (both nostrils) and sniffed. That’s a coke thing, trust.

  84. LOL, yeah Countries are paying up because of you, what a crock of shit……

  85. moononpluto, on October 19, 2016 at 9:38 PM said:

    Hillary comes off as intelligent, Presidential, substantive and knows her shit……..


  86. i,i,i… me,me,me,… pfffft

  87. He looks and sounds like such a petty idiot.

  88. She is laughing at him

  89. Amazing how Hillary took the Wikileaks attack and turned it on its head and beat Trump around the head with it. That takes some skill.

  90. Why is Wallace intervening so much, this is such a set up. Wallace needs to ask a question and let them go.

  91. Wallace showing his conservative bias when he throws it in his questions to Hillary.


  93. She’s on fire…….

  94. US GDP is 2.41%, not 1% …China’s is 6.49, not 7%…Saudi Arabia is at 1.2%….he just makes this stuff up.

  95. Run my company, you went bankrupt, over and over and cheated people out of money.

  96. Here he goes, off the rails time, popcorn.

  97. LOL did he really say, if you run the country like I run my company… ROFL…

  98. Oh my gosh! He continues to flat out lie.

  99. Hillary is calmly laying the rope out to hang him, she is talking to every woman in America.

  100. She should have told him while she was working those thirty years. He said his Viet Nam was trying not to get Aids.

  101. he said the respect thing and the audience laughed.

  102. I like C-SPAN because it is muting the audience response this go-round.

  103. how did we get from you assaulting women to emails….

  104. Donald the Great Deflector!

  105. He is saying wrong when there are tapes showing what he said.

  106. She has gone full lawyer prosecutor on him, she is laying the prosecution out and he is hanging himself.

  107. is he going to ask him about the Trump foundation, what a twat, she is going to turn this on its head.

  108. Wallace doesnt like it, that Clinton is not taking the bait.

  109. Dip-shit..it’s pronounced KATER…yea, foreign policy expert

  110. The Trump foundation is the criminal enterprise.

  111. Trump is so disgusting. He can only deflect and project.

  112. Reminder that its the Trump Foundation that’s being investigated for an actual pay to play scandal.

  113. Wow… Wallace just showed his true stipes

  114. The money goes to you…..what bullshit.

  115. When he calls Hillary a liar the sniffles start.

  116. Hillary hits the taxes situation……..look at his face.

  117. lol, he saying it again…….saying he doesnt pay taxes……

  118. She is hitting him over and over, he has nothing…….

  119. Wow, he just killed himself, he basically just said, i wont accept it.

    Voters will not like it.

  120. He’s prickly and hostile while she’s cool, calm, and knowledgeable.

  121. Oh my goodness…. tRump train has derailed

  122. He’s doing his, I’m picking my ball up and going home……such childish behaviour.

  123. He is already delegimatizing the election.

  124. You go girl!

  125. The Republican nominee has refused to accept outcome of Americans voting.

    Yup he just said that and just lost the election.

  126. She just killed him again tonight, she does it so cool and calm and collected.

  127. Trump just throwing stuff out there that has nothing to do with the topic.

  128. So I guess by that speak, a President Trump would refuse to leave the WH if he lost in 4 years?

  129. Chris Wallace has a horrible tinny voice, and no personality. He’s horrible at his job.

  130. He is writing down everything Hillary is saying

  131. He is like a villain in a Bond movie. What have the GoP and the ‘deplorables’ unleashed on this country!

  132. She left Mosul….did i miss Hillary being President?

  133. This fucker has no clue about Foreign policy.

  134. He is not saying what he is going to do

  135. Hillary should have hit Trump on his “foundation” having to shut down in New York state recently because they never filed the proper paperwork for reporting.

  136. SNL is going to have fun with “hombres” and “wrong” “wrong.” He is totally losing it.

  137. Wallace is awful.

  138. Lol! Donald is spewing “W R O N G” a la SNL! What in the hell is he saying about the Mosul…jibberish.

  139. Trump going off the rails and attacking the moderator……he’s bored like a child, his attention span is gone.

  140. Lol Trixta! Both of us thinking about SNL.

  141. Everything is a disaster.

  142. I loved her litany of examples of Donald saying things are rigged when he didn’t win, including the Emmy award.

    What’s with Donald’s rambling on Mosul? I see a Saturday Night live skit bit on that one.

    Hillary obviously has the facts, and Donald just rewrites history to make everything her fault.

    Hope Chris will point out his ignorance.

  143. I’m amazed Trump has not brought Benghazi up, he probably forgot……..

  144. Hillary must be thinking, I really have to spend my energy debating this schmuck.

  145. This will be the headlines tonight, foget anything else….THIS

    Seems like the headline tonight will be Trump’s refusal to say he’d accept the results of the election. Advantage: HRC

  146. Trixta and Birdgal – Make that three of us thinking SNL👍.😌

  147. When you refuse to accept democratic results you are effectively a dictator.

  148. Well Trumpty’s guests were a big bust…….no media whatsoever.

  149. That was fuckin funny…”assuming he wont try and find a way to get out of it”

  150. She is very good at baiting him.

  151. Hillary closing with inclusiveness of everybody….thats class.

  152. and his closing statement, a load of old shite…….full of hateful division, you see the difference!

  153. Hillary is probably saying I a done with this IDIOT

  154. Hillary had a great closing statement; he, a small minded one. They didn’t shake hands.

  155. CNN pundits very down on Trump, says, it was a big mistake, this did nothing for him.

  156. Voters will have noticed.

  157. Did he just push Melania out of the way to get to Ivanka…..

  158. I thought he said this and someone else on Twitter heard it also:

  159. Chris Matthews: Hillary winner.

  160. The Buffoon has left the building.

  161. Trump has left the room. Hillary is still there

  162. Trump is a clear and present danger to our country. I have been saying this for months about Trump.

  163. Conservative PBS commentator David Brooks thought it was Hillary’s best debate; Liberal Mark Shields did not. Shields has never really given HRC her due. I wish they would retire him.

  164. Hillary is still talking to the audience!

  165. Was Benghazi mentioned once, honestly i thought he was going to be nasty with it, all those guests, nada, total utter media disaster for him.

  166. wow, Trump met w/ Pence in the parking lot and has already left.

  167. agree..Shields has never been kind to the Clintons. I was actually surprised at how fair Wallace was.

  168. Also, none of these debates had any discussion re: climate change.

  169. Bob Scheiffer is going off on Trump’s “we’ll see” re: accepting election results. Other mod interjects this goes back to Trump’s temperament.

  170. Just donated to give HRC a vote of confidence that she rocked this debate.

  171. Yeah this “accepting results” thing is going down like a lead balloon, it is a total killer moment for a candidate.

    The media collectively gasped.

  172. Nicole Wallace said she’s heard even from GOPers that this was Hillary Clinton’s best debate ever.

  173. moononpluto, on October 19, 2016 at 10:56 PM said:

    Everyone watching collectively gasped except for Trump supporters. They collectively muttered “Oh, shit.”

  174. Did you notice? No hand shake tonight, folks! After Trump called Hillary Rodham Clinton a nasty woman? No way in Hell!

  175. Well, now I can fiend out how good Hillary did and looked “Marvelous”…

  176. The presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump wasn’t even over Wednesday before Gloria Allred revealed that there is yet another woman making sexual misconduct claims against Trump.

    Allred, the noted plaintiffs’ lawyer, in an email during the debate said that she and “a woman who accuses Donald Trump of victimizing her with inappropriate sexual conduct” will speak at a press conference Thursday morning in New York City.

    “This news conference will be the first time that this accuser has spoken to the public about her allegations against Mr. Trump,” the email from Allred said.

    “At the press conference Ms. Allred will comment on Mr. Trump’s statements in the final Presidential debate when he said ‘nobody has more respect for women than I do,’ ” the email said.


  177. oops! I can find out

  178. I smell a Clinton landslide 3 weeks from now, I’m finally convinced of it now.

  179. The Trumps have to know, when they lose in 3 weeks, their business is fucked, its damaged, gone…….it will be reduced to junk status.

  180. Don Jr is a douchebag like his father. Slime.

  181. I am so tired of Donald Trump blaming Hispanic immigrants for the crimes being committed in the USA. Bad Hombres was extremely offensive.

  182. The “such a nasty woman” is going viral…
    What an A$$….

  183. The front pages across the country tomorrow will be brutal…

    It will be that sentence, front and center.

  184. It’s a weird election when Ana Navarro is HRC’s best spokesperson:

  185. Brutal

    He’s DONE.

  186. It would be a great SNL skit if they had Trump keep interrupting HRC with “wrong” then Melania come out, smack Trump on his head and say “WAKE UP”!

  187. 5 super bad things from Rump…among others:

    1- He will won’t say if he will accept the results of the election. (Knowing he will be the loser

    2- “Hombre.”

    3- She is a nasty woman. (To Hillary why she is speaking.)

    4- Called Hillary a liar over and over.

    5- Said all the women that have come out since the sexual assault tape, are all liars and they were pushed into by Hillary.

  188. One of the Trump sons just told Fox News that being president will be “a step down” for his father.

    Shows you really what they think of this…..

  189. I must say I like @riverdaughter for not forgetting. We won’t forget. She was ready on 2008 and we don’t need these people to tell us she is ready now.

  190. The Trump kids know this is over and they really do not want to be there……it’ll be great watching them go out and find a paying job once this is over.

  191. YouGov post-debate poll: who won?

    Hillary Clinton: 49%
    Donald Trump: 39%

  192. CNN

    Clinton 52%
    Trump 39%

    Trump attacked more 60%
    only 23% Clinton

    66% said Clinton attacks on Trump were fair, clear he is finished.

  193. United Steelworkers calls for investigation of steel used for Trump project in Vegas


    Trump’s businesses are fucked.

  194. OMG

    United Steelworkers president Leo Gerard is raising questions about whether Donald Trump used compromised Chinese steel for the Trump International Hotel, after the company that provided the steel on the project was found to have falsified quality certificates on another project.


  196. Clinton goes 3 for 3…….

    Independents went for Clinton tonight.

  197. ***New Ohio poll HRC +3***

  198. 52% – Hillary won the debate per CNN debate watchers.

    39% – Rump the loser!

  199. 52/39….thats probably the final election result.

  200. AP lead just tells the entire tale.

  201. Hillary shows that preparation pays off “bigly.”

  202. Sorry Moon, didn’t see your post first.

  203. OMG, they just announced a 4th debate. Trump is going to debate Pence since they contradict so often.

  204. RD is right. We were all right in 08 and we’re all right in 16.

  205. Visit RD…give her five…

  206. This is how bad this election has gotten. The Television Academy had to tweet this:

  207. I wonder if young Donald said the school system was rigged against him every time he got less than an “A”. 😛

  208. BAM!

  209. Did chump Trump call Hillary a “nasty woman”? Oh yes he did. But Hillz be like: “No my first name ain’t ‘nasty’, it’s Hillary, madam president if you’re NASTY!”

  210. Anyone who missed debate live–c-span is replaying it now.

    How about that new rock band–Bad Hombres and Nasty Women?

  211. How about that new rock band–Bad Hombres and Nasty Women?

    Oh, that’s a new band? I thought it was the title for ZZ Top’s next album! 😛

  212. When Hillary wins, “suffragette white” will be a color you can order from clothing catalogs.

  213. Lets see how Trump spin he beat sixteen men. It took a woman to knock him down in the debates. 3 & 0

  214. Hillary Clinton is the winner of all three Presidential debates!!!!

    D.J.tRump was the LOSER.

    Don T Rump got his ass kicked by a WOMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    D.J.tRump was the LOSER.
    D.J.tRump was the LOSER.
    D.J.tRump was the LOSER.
    D.J.tRump was the LOSER.

  215. Meanwhile, the Libertarian Party is running a presidential candidate as well, former Governor Gary Johnson of New Mexico.

    “This is your brain on drugs. Any questions?” 😛

  216. Actually, Trump calling Hillary “a nasty woman” is a high compliment from him. He no doubt considers any woman he can’t dominate and control “nasty”.

    While watching debate replay in the middle of the night, it suddenly occurred to me that Trump has less discipline and self control than my two and a half year old great nephew. That is not an exaggeration.

  217. Hillary Clinton showing a striking resemblance to suffragettes like Alice Paul, pictured celebrating women’s equality day on Aug. 20, 1920.

    And the resemblance goes WAY beyond the color white that she wore.

    ❤ ❤ I am so PROUD of you HILLARY! ❤ ❤

  218. 538

    Chances of winning the election:

    86.2% Our girl, Madam President Hillary Rodham Clinton

    13.7% Rump

    Clinton Probably Finished Off Trump Last Night
    By Nate Silver

    I’m not sure I need to tell you this, but Hillary Clinton is probably going to be the next president. It’s just a question of what “probably” means.

    Clinton went into the final presidential debate on Wednesday with a lead of about 7 percentage points over Donald Trump. And according to the only two scientific polls we’ve seen, voters thought that Clinton won the debate. Occasionally, the initial reaction to a debate can differ from the way it’s perceived days later. But in this case, the morning headlines, which focused overwhelmingly on Trump’s refusal to say whether he’ll accept the election results, are potentially worse for Trump than the debate itself. In YouGov’s poll of debate watchers, 68 percent of voters said they think the candidates should pledge to accept the results of the election.

    There are less than three weeks left in the campaign, and there are no more guaranteed opportunities for Trump or Clinton to command a huge public audience, as they do at the conventions and the debates (although, they’ll get plenty of attention, of course). Millions of people have already voted. Trump has had a significant advertising deficit, and an even more significant deficit in terms of his turnout operation. He’ll probably spend a significant chunk of the remaining news cycles quarreling over his contention that the election is rigged, and with the numerous women who have accused him of sexual assault. He doesn’t have an obvious — or even a not-so-obvious — path to the presidency.


  219. I guess from now on “I’m nasty”…

  220. bellecat

    I don’t ever except calling myself any degrading names…’bitch’, ‘ho’, ‘nasty’, ‘liar’ or any other name that takes away my self respect.

    I wish women wouldn’t do this.

  221. Howdy Shadow:

    And I agree solely and heartily with you…
    I will never accept and take it in consideration any name calling upon myself…

    The self deprecating comment above is in light of mockery not to be taken seriously, as I’m sure Hillary did not give it a second thought to the insulting remark by the “orange predator”…

  222. I woke up with a strong feeling that Trump blew it last night & that the majority of Americans see through him

  223. I”m fine with it Belle, you don’t have to explain to me or anybody. It’s all a matter of opinion. You do what works for you and I see nothing wrong with using his words against him.

    #ImSoNasty I already voted and will be driving voters to the polls. And I don’t feel a whit of loss of self-respect. That would be the day. lol. But if you do, that’s fine too. I was never one to run that ship so tightly that people are walking with two feet in one shoe.

    When Donald called Hillary Nasty, to me it was funny, considering he’s so nasty. He can dish it out but he can’t take it. Tough shit.

    #ImSoNasty I can’t wait to tweet Donald on the 9th and nastily tell him he’s fired and a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOser!

  224. As living proof, this is just how NASTY I am right now.

  225. bellecat
    I’m sure Hillary did not give it a second thought to the insulting remark by the “orange predator”…

    I knew you were mocking Rump, glad to hear it.

    I get really upset when the younger generation pick up and say it defuses the meaning, but then some of them start using it against each other, the way some men do.

  226. Hey my Upps:
    Give me five…
    and visit RD and give her five too…
    Hanging tough for eight (8) years to see our Hillary on to 45…

  227. Watch Trump Angrily Rip Up His Notes at the End of Last Night’s Debate


  228. “Hillary Clinton’s 3 debate performances left the Trump campaign in ruins”

    Donald Trump didn’t just destroy himself. Hillary Clinton destroyed him.

    by Ezra Klein

    The third and final presidential debate has ended, and it can now be said: Hillary Clinton crushed Donald Trump in the most effective series of debate performances in modern political history.

    The polling tells the story. As Nate Silver notes, on the eve of the first presidential debate, Clinton led by 1.5 points. Before the second, she was up by 5.6 points. Before the third, she was winning by 7.1 points. And now, writing after the third debate — a debate in which Trump said he would keep the nation “in suspense” about whether there would be a peaceful transition of power, bragged about not apologizing to his wife, and called Clinton “such a nasty woman” — it’s clear that Trump did himself no favors. Early polls also suggest Clinton won.



  229. Watch Trump Angrily Rip Up His Notes at the End of Last Night’s Debate

    Yipes, I missed that last night. He was frowning and angry though the entire debate. He hates having to pretend he is civil. I guess the ‘shackles are off’ but he still sucks.

    Hillary’s button pushing last night was perfecto. First saying he choked when confronted with Mexico’s President over the ‘fence’…then calling him a puppet of Putin…he was propelled into Crazy land.

  230. What I love most about the debate last night is not only that she put him away and won, but also that she proved she is her own woman and isn’t riding on anyone’s coat-tails.

    Bravo Hillary!

  231. A large number of folks at work know how I feel about Hillary and today many came into my office to talk about the debate.

    Bernie supports, Hillary supporters that voted in the General Election in 2008 for Obama. They are now singing her praises and admitting they didn’t pay enough attention to her before. Sad but true.

  232. I slept like a baby last night after that debate. Totally different feeling than the second debate. She did us proud. And we can all be proud that we have supported her all the way. Damn, it’s been a long road … only 19 more days to go, Madam President!

  233. World wide excerpts of debate opinions…
    check them out at:


  234. Damn, it’s been a long road … only 19 more days to go, Madam President!

    — Absolutely Britgirls!

    She ran against two men that refused to get out of the race even though she had already mortally wounded them.

  235. moon @ 2:52 pm: He made notes?!

    The Ezra Klein piece is great. And he’s not exactly president of her fan club.

  236. Another woman emerged Thursday accusing Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump of having groped her in the past.
    Karena Virginia, a self-described wellness expert and TV personality, alleged that Trump grabbed her arm and touched her breast during an encounter at the U.S. Open in Flushing, Queens, New York, in 1998.

    “Hey, look at this one,” she recalled overhearing Trump telling a group of men. “We haven’t seen her before. Look at those legs.”

    Virginia, speaking alongside attorney Gloria Allred during a news conference in New York, said the interaction occurred while she was waiting for a car to take her home.

    He made those comments “as though I was an object rather than a person,” she said, reading from a document. “He then walked up to me and reached his right arm and grabbed my right arm. Then his hand touched the right inside of my breast. I was in shock. I flinched. ‘Don’t you know who I am? Don’t you know who I am?’ That’s what he said to me.”


  237. Nothing needs to be said.

  238. Another toon from NN’s Twitter page. Click here.

  239. Another woman emerged Thursday accusing Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump of having groped her in the past.

    I thought it was supposed to be Hillary who would be undone by a steady drip-drip-drip of accusations and revelations? 😆

    Seriously, the VladiLeaked e-mails are mildly embarrassing, at worst, and the majority of them are boring, everyday stuff.

    *GASP* Hillary thinks like a shrewd, calculating politician! The horror! (I guess the people horrified by that would prefer a hothead with arrested development across the table from Putin or his Chinese counterpart, whose name I don’t feel like looking up.)

    Some of her people actually made mildly derogatory remarks about other people whom they expected never to see the e-mails! Quick, to the fainting couch! How many humans are such saints that they have never said anything bad about anyone, even when they think that person will never hear or read it?

    I’m starting to think the e-mails are real–or if Vlad’s gremlins did forge them, Vlad needs to hire gremlins with more vivid imaginations. Despite the opinions of the hard Right and hard Left ends of the political “horseshoe” that the e-mails are damning, normal people find them trivial and boring, next to the misadventures of Donny the serial groper. 😛

    Putin thought he saw a unique opportunity to place someone unusually friendly to him and to Mother Russia in the White House, so he rolled the dice and told his spies to hack the e-mails. The dice look more and more like snake eyes, so he’ll shrug, trim his sails like the shrewd fellow he is, and prepare to mend fences with Our Hillary.

    Hillary, for her part, will need to retaliate (unless Obama does it first)–else Putin won’t respect us–but she’s too shrewd to make foreign policy on the basis of a personal grudge, so the retaliation will be strong enough to remind Putin not to do it again, but not so strong as to make him think we’re trying to overthrow him or ruin Russia.

    And the beat goes on…

  240. For your general amusement: (oh, and reminder the Al Smith dinner is on C-SPAN tonight at 8:50 pm EST…wonder if Trump will show up now?)

  241. anybody watching this Al Smith dinner?

  242. pm, I just got home from work and am about to crank up CNN on my ‘puter.

  243. pm, I’m going to watch it.

  244. They just showed Hillary and Donald at the table on Chris Matthews.

  245. It is at 9? Saw Chris Matthews show them arrive and get seated.

  246. You can watch it at this link at 9…


  247. Yes, it’s been a long road. I’ve been on it since this.

  248. CSPAN will begin carrying it at 8:50.
    MSNBC said they would have both candidates’ remarks in full.

  249. I hope Obama gave her one of his comedy writers.

  250. Yes Trump will be there, he is there. They flashed to a shot of them at the dinner.

  251. Uppity, where are you watching it?

    here’s a live steam

  252. MSNBC. I just can’t do CNN lately.Never thought I would ever go to MSNBC again,ever. But they have been decent this past week or so.

  253. I’ve noticed Andrea Mitchell seems to have trouble getting her thoughts out. Not a fan but empathetic enough to notice something’s not right there.

  254. Streams of Janet Jackson’s Nasty have spiked since the debate last night.

    With this:
    It’s Hillary
    Madam President if you’re nasty

  255. We should have a new thread every day with a number on the top as to the number of days until the election!!!

    I can thank Donald for one thing. His rhetoric hurt the peso and so when I was in Mexico my money went farther. When he started going down in the polls the peso got stronger!

  256. Hillary is coming to town. YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY

  257. Uppity, I have also noticed that about Andrea Mitchell. Definitely, having problems getting her thoughts out. I have noticed it for the past few months.

  258. Hillary looks good in pink.

  259. Donald’s a whiner even at this dinner.

  260. What is he trying to do

  261. He’s campaigning at this dinner in a vicious way. He’s getting booed multiple times.

  262. Wow is he bombing….Mr. Nasty just can’t let it go.

  263. This guy is a loser

  264. Just one more thing he didn’t study….how to behave at this dinner.

  265. He sucks at this too, as usual.

  266. Hillary did not shake his hand.

  267. Trump has no CLASS

  268. You can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.

  269. Come on Hillary. Be funny for fuck’s sake.

  270. Hillary is killing it!

  271. “It’s called preparation…” WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAA! ROFLMAO!

  272. Hillary, Good one! Preparation.

  273. This was my fave…such major shade! LOL

  274. HRC said the jokes she thought were over the line and wasn’t going to say will be released by Wikileaks tomorrow! ROFL!

  275. Anyone else think Trump shut it down fast because he was getting booed? Now at 3 AM, Trump will tweet how Hillary got more time than him.

  276. Guests stood up for Hillary before and after she spoke. I think she did just fine and embodied in spirit what the event was all about.

  277. OMG… look at the people wanting to shake hands with Hillary and talk.. the other guy has already left the building.

  278. I don’t know if you all remember 2012, but Mitt Romney actually killed it during this same event. Trump should have watched that one to see how to handle this.

  279. Love Hillary’s pink dress! Classy and oh so Hillary!

  280. Trump is incapable of being but Trump. He has a special brand which is the more you know the less you like.

  281. Yes, I remember Voting. Romney was and is a gentleman. Trump thought he was at a Comedy Central roast…truly, no class. About Melania’s backless dress, I thought it was tacky for that type of event which is hosted by a Cardinal.

  282. Did you all see Chris Matthews being a lickspittle? Why can’t he be nice on TV?

  283. Trump is incapable of being anything but Trump.

  284. Donald is a dark figure or as I told my husband, one big blob of negativity.

  285. Trump could not pivot to decent human being…just couldn’t get there.

    Hillary had some funny lines with a punch, Knocked out Rudy.

    Then there is Melania, she was made fun of for stealing part of Michelle’s speech…by her own husband. He couldn’t make fun of himself, so he made fun of his woman. She was really embarrised by getting caught plagiarizing…so Donald brought it up again in public.

    Disgusting. He asked her if it was alright, she nodded like this is an automatic habit.

    He was nasty towards Hillary and is the first to be booed by the crowd.

    What a miserable loser!

  286. She was mobbed and I loved what she said in the end. This morning or last night, some panel on some channel were whining why she didn’t have a big “have no decency, sir” moment. No, that is not her style. She is gentle but forceful. She was gentle with Obama in the face of unfairness and disappointment. She has been and will be gentle with this man child because it does not matter what he says or does at this point.

  287. Voting, Mitt Romney has breeding. Trump is classless. He was never accepted by society and he never will be. He’s a bum who hit the inheritance lottery. Nothing more. If his old man didn’t leave him the jackpot, he would have been in prison by now for small time cons.

    There is not enough money on earth to make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.

  288. Upps:

    You just hit the core of his behavior; “Trump is classless”.

    Neither white skin, blond (fake) hair nor tons of money (?) can give him acceptance.
    He has never cared to develop social skills and has bullied himself through life embracing crass, wrong values and an angst ploy of validation through destruction to get attention….

    He is a very sad story of a man…of Dickensian proportions.

  289. Re Smith Dinner: We know Hillary can take a punch and turn right around and hand that person their lunch. She’s certainly done it flawlessly in three debates and throughout the entire campaign to Trump. But, damn it, I sincerely hope that tonight is the last time she has to be in the same room with this poor excuse for a human being. She managed to laugh sincerely at a few of his jokes but you could see that when he got vicious she was not unaffected. I echo the sentiment of so many in praying for a landslide — all the better to completely humiliate this piece of shit.

  290. For those that missed it (starts around 23 minute mark):

  291. I rewatched this again and it is typical of his debate performances. He starts out ok, but then the ugly side rears its head and it just all goes to hell (no pun intended).

    Trump simply cannot control his nasty side. It showed up in every debate, it showed up again tonight. I felt sorry for the Bishop when the crowd started calling out to him to end Trump’s portion. I felt sorry for all who attended expecting the usual funny jabs rather than Trump’s oh-so-misguided attacks on Hillary.

    But, I do thank God it is the LAST TIME Hillary has to be on any stage with this man.

    I look forward to her standing alone giving her Inaugural Address.

  292. Gergen summed it up properly:

  293. You know your campaign is finished when the guy who’s in charge of your national ground game walks away 3 weeks before the election.


    Jim Murphy, Donald Trump’s national political director, is no longer playing an active role on the campaign, according to three sources briefed on the move – a troubling development for the Republican nominee coming just 19 days before the election.
    “I have not resigned but for personal reasons have had to take a step back from the campaign,” Murphy said in a statement to POLITICO. He did not elaborate on the reasons for his departure.

  294. Wanna bet Trump didn’t pay him…….I bet Trump has stopped paying most people……..

  295. Voting, thanks for posting the dinner. I wonder why they felt they had to sit HIllary & the creep so close to each other. Seems like it would have added unnecessary stress to everyone there.

    Eww! Trump touched Hillz when he walked passed her. I hate it when he does that. Oh god, he’s so awful. How low can this creep go? Booo!

    Oh good, Hillary gets a way more enthusiastic applause. Hillary killed it. I noticed Rudy looked pissed when she made a joke about him–what a shame, huh?

    Standing O for Hillary. She was magnificent. Greatest statesperson ever! Thanks again Voting!

  296. I’m beyond the whole “punish Trump” thing. This really needs to go further than that and the entire GOP needs to get a shellacking.

  297. socal, it”s tradition to seat the two candidates on either side of the Cardinal. First time I have ever felt sorry for a Cardinal. I commented a couple of days ago that Trump would ruin the dinner which is steeped in tradition. He did, but Hillary saved it. She was great. Excellent comic timing!

  298. Screeeech!

    New post up

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