The Republic in the balance

Two things stand out among all others that threaten our Republic right now: false equivalency and civic ignorance.

Rachel did a segment on Justice Souter’s prescient talk four years ago. Souter warned that the Republic would not be destroyed from a foreign invasion but rather by civic ignorance. That’s how the Donald Trump, wannabe dictators get in. “Democracy cannot survive too much ignorance.” Rachel called his words prophetic. The video is at that link. Give it a watch.

Media Matters did a video on How False Equivalence Ruins Trump-Clinton News Coverage. It’s incredibly well-done and is long overdue.


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  1. If you had trouble connecting to Twitter (or Hillary’s site) this morning, as I did, here’s why:

  2. Sophie…. (Thank you for the new thread!)

    Re: How False Equivalence Ruins Trump-Clinton News Coverage

    I loved the graphics in the video of your top post. Perfect showing Rump as the crazyass bull that runs in the wrong direction and is rolling like a huge bowling ball though this election. We have all been talking about the media trying to make this into a photo finish but this guy just makes it more clear that more American’s have seen this happening.

    Since the second debate and the predator tape, the MSM has finally been more positive towards Hillary. They certainly didn’t help her become the election winner, in fact, they often either ignored her and adored Trump’s mindless tweets, or they pounded her on not being like able and dishonest.

    They still talk about how voters think ‘both’ candidates are horrible.

    Phuck the media, the voters saw though them and Hillary is winning this election on her own!!

    She will probably win by a higher percentage than Obama did, yet they will keep beating the drum that she is a lesser candidate.

  3. West coast twitter seems to be down now.

  4. Yes, Sophie, those are indeed two of the most dangerous threats to our democracy. The “false equivalence” seemed to start a few decades ago, when Republicans were doing all sorts of awful things, but the media pundits would be quick to point out, “the Democrats do it, too, of course,” which in many cases was simply not true. And now we have the all-news cable networks, whose profits depend on them not completely alienating any potential consumers of their ads. And of course we have seen Republicans scream about “liberal media” for 40 years, which intimidated most of the media into bending over backwards to prove they were not. So now we have this awful situation where every major negative Trump revelation has to be followed by something negative about Hillary, no matter how hard they have to stretch it into one. The inevitable result is that the populace thinks that both candidates are bad, politics is awful, everyone is corrupt, and therefore one must either give up on voting, or be furious, and want some kind of insurrection against everything.

    I saw Souter’s comments, and they were very intelligently reflective. One is amazed at how many people, even reasonablly intelligent ones, do not understand how government works, and what the limits of power must be. I think it was O’Donnell yesterday joking about how ridiculous it is that Trump blames Senator Clinton for not solving the budget problems, or something similar. I’ve marveled at that during the entire campaign; he says it, and no one bats an eyelash, at what is such an incredibly ignorant understanding of how Congress and the other two branches work. And of course as people become less and less knowledgeable about such things, they are much more susceptible to believing lies and conspiracy theories. And they yearn for simplicity, and that can come in the form of a fascist strongman who promises to cut through the confusion and get things done. Europe fell prey to that, and barely survived. Many nations have never gotten beyond it. If Americans do not want to read, or actually listen in their government classes in school, or learn to think critically, how does democracy survive? The breed of Republicans we have now, is testament to how damaging ignorance and refusal to differentiate facts from rigid belief, can be. These people really seem unsalvageable, which is even more unsettling.

    A Hillary victory will save us from the worst outcomes, at least for a while. A Demoratic Senate is so important to manage to at least form a Supreme Court which will insure voting rights. Given that we have long had a two-party system, it is unnerving to me to feel that not one single current Republican politician can be allowed to become President, since the party agenda would certainly lead to acceletrated global warming, destruction of the economy, and loss of voting rights and individual freedom. And one figures that one of them is bound to win at some point. Look at the damage caused by the GW Bush administration, and consider that the current Republicans are probably even worse than that, more dedicated to their ideology at all costs. I imagine that it is not helpful to worry about everything, so let’s just manage to win this election; and hope that Hillary, who actually is “old school” in terms of her depth of knowledge, and ability to connect the dots of policy and governance, is able to make major and lasting changes tp how the country functions.

  5. It’s Friday and Hillary has done a fantastic job. Time to party…

  6. Twitter is down here in CT again

    Same with reddit and NY Daily News

  7. Interesting sociological experiment

  8. Twitter is down in PA also, Sophie.

  9. The United States needs to beef up our geek squad. No reason Russia is able to cyber attack the internet like this.

  10. I long for the day when Julian is dragged to our soil and tried for espionage. Wiki started as a whistleblower organizaton, a place for whistleblowers to go to anonymously. Now it’s an arm of Russia with Julian’s vendetta thrown in. He knows what’s going to happen to his ass if Hillary is elected.

  11. I saw Souter’s interview warning that someone will come along one day and declare that if we give him absolute power, only he can ‘fix’ things. He tied it to the fall of Rome and other catastrophes.

  12. Looks like the East Coast sites are the hardest hit. Best Coast is slow and many sites are down.

    Get on the ball US geeks!


    A distributed denial of service attack against Dyn, the dynamic DNS service, affected the availability of dozens of major websites and Internet services this morning, including Twitter and Reddit. The attack, which began this morning at 7:10am Eastern Time (12:10pm UK), is apparently focused on Dyn’s US East Coast name servers.

  13. My twitter just went down too.

  14. SophieCT, on October 21, 2016 at 12:44 PM said:
    Interesting sociological experiment

    What amazes me about this is that the 20somethings only got excited about the speech when they thought this was someone their age, but had to admit that the more experienced woman, they had just tuned out to.

    I know a lot of Bernie supporters that have just started paying attention to Hillary in the past two weeks, they make it sound like she is on their side and agree that they don’t think Bernie would have been able to deal with Trump as well as Hillary has done.

    I have to fight hard not to roll my eyes at them.

  15. Donald Trump and the Art of Bullshit

    Why his supporters don’t care that he’s lying

  16. Twitter comes and goes. Any link with a shortened URL is not resolving.

  17. Shadow, last line of your link tells us that trumpery is the old word for bullshit!

  18. Kim Jun Crazy is worried there is a assignation squad. I hope South Korea is working with the US.

  19. One of the women that I work for just brought in a big History Made, Hillary Clinton 2016 magnet and gave it to me. It was so sweet, and she is wearing the very same designer t-shirt I have, the navy blue one with gold text, Madam President Hillary Clinton.

    Whadda day to finally see Hillary supporters come out of the closet.

  20. Kim Jun Crazy is worried there is a assignation squad.

    Like KDate or something? 😉

  21. Yipes……… *assassination* squad

  22. Woah … tears were running down my face watching this.

  23. britgirls, I just saw that on FB. There are thousands of stories like that one.

  24. Feeling a little verklempt after that!

  25. Thanks, britgirls-I’m sobbing.
    In a good way.

  26. This is the Twitter outage map:

    Russian warships are passing through English Channel

    Not tin foil hat time yet!

  27. Britgirls, yup…your Hillary video made me tear up too. Powerful.

  28. So Vlad is going to start a war with our NATO allies knowing we’ll have to jump in and believing Americas voters will all run out and choose the law and order candidate?

  29. Russian warships are passing through English Channel

    Putin is pushing his luck again…seeing how far he can go.

    I’m glad Hillary will be in control of the US in January.

  30. I think we are in very good shape for Nov 8th

    With all the solid Blue states holding firm, Hillary already has 226 EV’s

    She needs 44 from somewhere, but where….

    Lets start with where she is leading well

    PA will give her 20
    NH would give her 4
    Colorado 9 more
    Virginia 13
    There’s 46 right there….

    Less reliables
    Florida, there’s 29
    Nevada there’s 6 more
    North Carolina, theres another 13

    Provided those come in ok

    We wont have a bad evening

    The first closing times are 6pm EST in the eastern parts of Indiana and Kentucky…..we may get some indications of Trump performance first in first raw data drops….

    The 7pm is interesting, with Florida closing in the east, This is big Hillary country and should her raw vote run up very quickly, we may have a GE winner by 8pm….with added raw data coming in from Georgia at the same time, it should indicate what is happening fast.

    7.30 pm will see both North Carolina and Ohio close and exit polls will drop fast. I suspect caution will be applied unless there is a clear runaway winner but as we saw in Ohio polls, they underestimated Hillary’s vote by 13%….so beware those exit polls.

    8pm will see a flood of calls for Hillary. in the north east as well as a call on Florida if its clear. If they call Florida early and easily for Clinton, the election is over.

  31. I am trying to up vote you, Sophie. The troll has it in for you. One of your Twitter adversaries perhaps?

  32. That troll can’t handle the truth. That troll is an effing moron!

    But I am pleased when that troll down-votes me because I love getting under thin troll skin. In the end, all trolls are as small, squishy, and inadequate as Donald.

  33. Lie aint worth it unless you have a troll stalker……..

  34. Holy shit, look at the number of likes and retweets this one has!!

  35. moononpluto, on October 21, 2016 at 3:31 PM

    Moon, oh Moon…how I adore you when you get all political geeky with us. I am going to print out this post of yours, it’s always what I keep asking…when, when does…

    CA will give the last, takedown punch.

    Go Hillary, Go! Do it for all the women that have been waiting for 240 years! I am so happy to be alive to watch this happen.

    ❤ HRC ❤

  36. twitter is still out where I am.

  37. Twitter is still out for me as well. I am able to reach it on my phone through LTE but not through my PC. Obviously hitting different DNS servers.

  38. Yep, she rolled her eyes and made eye contact with her audience.

  39. OMG y’all. I’m sitting in my car crying like an idiot. I just voted and the minute I pressed the “confirm” button I burst into tears. Part of it is being thrilled at voting for Hillary and sad that my mom didn’t live to do the same. She loved Hillary. I guess I just need to be happy that both my daughters got the chance to throw their ballots at that glass ceiling.

  40. From Joe.MyGod – -little info but some status

    Update: Joe was quoting Politico, so here’s their full article.

  41. Julie I felt the same way when I voted. I thought of my late mother.

  42. Sophie and PM, my twitter is still down also. It’s the North East.

  43. Upps, it’s more than the northeast–check that map link I gave upthread.

  44. ha it is up.

  45. And, for now, I have Twitter back. On the PC!

  46. Hey Shadow and Sophie, did you catch the coverage that Putin has installed anti aircraft missiles in Syria. And that the only one there using aircraft is the USA?

  47. I’m on a laptop Sophie and I still don’t have twitter.

  48. Oh interesting. I’m up in Chrome but not up in Firefox.

  49. I feel kind of sorry and sad for this guy. He should have just enjoyed his ill gotten riches. How stupid is he to have run?

  50. I am using firefox and it is up as all the tweets are loading in this blog.

  51. Hillary rally in Ohio is live streaming here.

  52. Uppity@4:30 I heard about Putin doing this in Syria. Doesn’t bode well.

  53. Ok I’m up.

  54. julies9164, on October 21, 2016 at 4:26 PM said:
    OMG y’all. I’m sitting in my car crying like an idiot.

    You are no idiot julies, your post made me emotional.

    I am going to wait to vote in person on the 8th…I am sure I will be overwhelmed too. Too bad young people don’t understand how much we have all invested in this monumental vote.

  55. ROFL!!!

  56. Take a look at this graphic and you can see yes it was the east coast hit the hardest. Look at all of those site with zero response time and 100% packet loss.

  57. Whoa we got killed.

  58. I wonder if the cyber attack was a practice run for Election Day. Let’s hope that additional precautions will be in place. Could we bo so fortunate to have a nice and peaceful election process? It doesn’t seem too likely, given what has gone on so far. I know virtually nothing about technology, as I am always quick to point out; but if we are so vulnerable to cyber attacks and hacks on so many sites, I do wonder whether we were better off with regular mail, and paper ballots, and hard copies of documents.

  59. William, I’d bet good money that a trial run is exactly what we’re seeing, today.
    Hopefully, the bad actors have tipped their hand.

  60. @uppity: Oh yeah – big time. Advance Media which is the parent of the Newhouse papers got hit. I couldn’t get into,, and is back up and I see that tweets are now restored in comments here and at TW.

  61. Some good news for you…

    NC early voting figures for the first day

    Dems 55%
    GOp 23%

    Iowa early ballot returns

    Dems approx 120,000
    GOP 80’000 approx

  62. Jesus look at that look…..

  63. Someones business is in the toilet.

  64. Julie I felt the same way when I voted. I thought of my late mother.

    You are no idiot julies, your post made me emotional.
    I am going to wait to vote in person on the 8th…I am sure I will be overwhelmed too. Too bad young people don’t understand how much we have all invested in this monumental vote.

    Thanks, ladies. Although I think the folks at the library were a little concerned for me. 🙂

    NC early voting figures for the first day
    Dems 55%
GOp 23%

    I am cautiously optimistic. On thing that does concern me is the storm damage we got from hurricane Matthew. Some parts of the state are just starting to see the flood waters recede, and unfortunately some of the hardest hit areas are Democratic strongholds, like Lumberton.

    Hillary will be in Charlotte again on Sunday, which is perfect timing since the Panthers have a (sorely needed) bye week. I’m going to try to convince my husband to go with me. He’s totally on the Hillary train, but he’s not really into these things.

  65. Oh, we definitely need to go back to paper ballots, hand-counted publicly, before representatives of all concerned organizations.

    Puck Futin. 😡

  66. OMG watch Trump, what he does….

  67. I suspect a lot of this is going on.

  68. Huge

    NV reg numbers now show a 90,000-voter lead for the Dems.

    Dems are now around 47% of Nevada voters.

    Dems 577,679
    GOP 488,861
    Ind 304,528

  69. Computerized voting machines do NOT contain source code. Source code is the code a programmer writes in a computer language of choice. It’s generally proprietary code, even though the code for counting votes and assigning specific buttons to a specific candidate (Candidate A, B, etc) is a rather simple procedure. I could write an algorithm for it right here in minutes).

    In order for that little program to work, it must be compiled. It is the compiled version that a machine understands. Compiled code is placed into those machines, often ‘burned’ in. Compiled code is gibberish to humans, it’s a machine’s language. It cannot be changed by a human. If you want to change what the computer does, if you want to assign One vote for a and Two votes for B, you would have to modify the SOURCE code, which does not exist in the machine. You would instead have to have access to the SOURCE code and then recompile it and reburn it into all the machines in all the precincts in 1300 USA counties. It’s pretty certain that would be noticed.

    Now, if we were talking about online voting, THEN I would REALLY worry. Hack hack hack. Sorry, a little cough…….

    Therefore, it’s not really possible to cheat a machine. I hope I explained this well. I know you get this, Sophie, so please correct me if I left something out.

  70. I agree about the source code text vs. the compiled code exe.

    HOWEVER, I’d need to know more about the file with the tally in it. Is it clear text? Is it encrypted? Can a script be loaded on the machine? Could that script write to the tally file without being detected?
    Sorry, but I do have questions.

  71. I understand, i think, you would have to literally take every single machine and rewrite its basic coding in order to cheat it, You just can’t go and hack in thousands of voting machines st once. You have to basically do it to every single one of them. Individually.

  72. Can’t believe this is all over in 17 days…..its going fast but not fast enough….

  73. And that would not be possible because the source code does not exist in the machines. The source code IS the same for all machines, but not accessible.

    But if it were accessible and changed, you are right….you would have to put the new program into each and every machine.

  74. You see, voting machines are in NO WAY networked. They belong to their own counties. They are stored, tested and maintained by each county. Not all of them are the same, even. Some are lever machines that punch a circle in ink, some of software, etc etc. Many are old machines that operate mechanically.

    I don’t really worry about tampering. I’ve seen how closely these machines are guarded. At the end of election night the commissioners of Democratic and Republican parties tally things TOGETHER. Checks and balances. Ditto for absentee voting forms.

    I would bet that MOST voting machines in our country are predominantly mechanical with tallies checked by humans.

  75. Sophie, IMO those files would be Read Only.

    For the rest of you, that means something similar to a Disk you can add data to but can’t overwrite.It’s a file like any file you have in your computer. Only you can’t edit it.

  76. Of course, Sophie, neither of us has ever examined the system(s). I say plural because each county has its own procedure they are comfortable with. So, we may be missing something here, but it seems to me that a manufacturer of such a device would implement precautions, whether it’s a Key or a code or a password of sorts, or a flag indicating attempts of unauthorized access. And again, commissioners of both parties have a vested interest in ensuring things are monitored evenly.

  77. You know in the olden days, not so olden, paper ballots would disappear. Entire boxes of them.

  78. or indeed boxes of them magically appear……….

  79. Besides, everything that doesn’t suit Trump is “Rigged”. The Trump U court is rigged. The election is rigged. The press is Rigged, even though he got their FULL attention for a whole frigging year, he duped them into press conferences that were adverts for him, they took his calls on the air and generally blew him daily. And daily, he insulted every one of them as if he were a seven year old bully on the playground. Maybe they got as sick of his bullshit, his insults, and his tricks to bring them to him as the rest of us.

    Nothing is rigged. He acts like an mentally ill asshole and more than half this country doesn’t want to vote for a mentally ill asshole. It’s as simple as that. And if he has no credible surrogates it’s because he’s toxic.

  80. Yes, indeed Uppity. There is no internet connectivity. There is no data going out or anything coming in. Any compromise would have to be physical. There would need to be A LOT of people in on it in A LOT of precincts to rig a presidential election.

  81. Wish they’d stop telling how many early ballots have been cast by party so far.

  82. Apologies to Uppity and Sophie. I had forgotten that y’all had explained, in an earlier thread, that vote counting was safe.

    Are the lists of registered voters also disconnected from the Net? If not, some hostile actor (cough*Russia*cough) could throw the election into chaos by making registration records disappear. It might be tipping their hand too much if they made the computers lose mostly Democrats, but just making them lose people at random might disrupt the elections enough.

  83. Ivory Bill, my precinct has wide printouts of voter names and long rulers. I show up, they find me, give me a ticket stub, and use that ruler to draw a line through my row.

  84. Uppity Woman, on October 21, 2016 at 7:57 PM said:
    Computerized voting machines do NOT contain source code.

    Upps, CNN was talking about the probability of messing with voting machines. How there are so many different types in the same state, multiplied by 50 states…etc.

    The thing I didn’t know was that the results are kept in a cloud online…this is where the potential problem may be if cracked. (I’m from the old school where ‘hackers’ were the ones in white hats and the ‘crackers’ were the ones that broke into systems to steal or do something evil.)

  85. Shadow it is true that some counties place election results (including archived) online for posterity and reference, but it is after the election. No sense in tampering with what’s already certified. The thing is, none of this is networked. Like I said, it’s county by county.

    During election nite, numbers are released to the press and online after they are tallied, in segments, as we see the numbers increase and the % of votes counted ie number of precincts in. Each precinct has its own machines as you know.

    None of the online activity is in any way connected to the actual counting system, the votes are not being counted on the interwebs. We are looking at real-time reports. It’s my guess that the press has some kind of system where they can key in numbers As They Go.

  86. Where I vote, they check your registration on printouts first, and direct you to the booth associated with your precinct. The end result is a paper printout/report of the final count at that booth. If you know your precinct, you can go directly to that labeled area and get your registration checked there.

  87. Bill, re your ?? on registration. There are websites out there that collect your census information and your party registration. While somebody could hack that kind of thing, it doesn’t change the registration records of your county, it only makes that website’s records inaccurate. Once again, though, records are the property of the counties so it’s not just one big data base in the sky in an official sense. Paperless makes election commissions a little skittish, thank goodness. While there are data bases, that doesn’t mean they are on the internet. I can put a data base on my computer and tie it to no one else. The thing is, it’s clear that individual county procedures can vary beyond the obvious things they would have in common. I can tell you that if a county does have their rolls online, you can bet they’ve changed their minds since this Russia hacking has become obvious. In any event, if they were silly enough to do that, I would bet a dollar to a donut they have backups.

    If someone were to ‘hack’ such a db, it wouldn’t be worth much. I mean who cares if they know I am registered as a Democrat. It just doesn’t seem to be very valuable on its face.

    ********Addendum: I am certainly not capable of speaking for every county, I would say it would be interesting to check with your county regarding how records are stored and where. I’ll bet the answers would vary.

  88. Upps, good to hear that tallies are not posted in the ‘cloud’ until after they are reported.

    Where I vote, it’s fill out the bubble with a certain pen. Then put it in a plastic folder, walk over to the machine and push the voting card into the machine.

    Sounds pretty safe to me.

  89. Yes, indeed Uppity. There is no internet connectivity. There is no data going out or anything coming in. Any compromise would have to be physical. There would need to be A LOT of people in on it in A LOT of precincts to rig a presidential election.

    Imagine that this wouldn’t leak out. lol.
    Can’t get three people to keep a secret,much less a football field full of them.

  90. I somehow found this newly released audio link featuring Hillary’s commencement speech at Wellesley College (1969). She sounds so young, but just as intelligent and compelling as ever:

  91. moon @ 7:29 pm: In Iowa the men don’t just speak for their wives. They like to vote for them too. I believe this is why the Iowa caucuses are always so tough for Hillary. NO SECRET BALLOT. The women are forced to vote in front of the menfolk who intimidate them. The public nature of the Iowa caucuses is no accident. It totally minimizes the gender gap. Yes, this is a state in the US in 2016. Good to hear that Hillary’s campaign is aware of it and working around it. Thank goddess that in the general election the men of Iowa can’t eliminate the secret ballot.

  92. Trixta, Thank you for posting the recording of young Hillary giving the commencement speech. She sounds so young, but so brilliant, thoughtful, and forward looking. What a treasure!

  93. The reality is that many people will not accept the result of the election because the country is a bitterly divided nation with no civility left. Bush/Gore was not rigged, but many felt Gore got screwed with the hanging chads and people like me in Palm beach county( large elderly Jewish vote) who thought they were voting for Gore but had a weird feeling they may have voted for anti-Israeli Pat Buchanan. Nonetheless, we accepted Bush , for better or worse as our President. I think 9/11 was the last time (or perhaps the killing of Bin Laden) when both parties and most Americans were united. Truthfully, and this will make me unpopular to some here, I thought Hillary was cheated out of the election by the leaders of the party in 08 and I never came around to embrace Obama. It’s nice he and wife our trying to help Hillary, but it is more about his legacy than any love for Hillary and Bill. We’ll take the help as this is still too close for comfort. Hillary will win, and immediately the right ring zealots and Trump supporters will attempt to delegitimize her Presidency. I often ask people when they say the say they “hate” Hillary what exactly has she done to evoke such bitterness. You never get a specific answer but a bunch of “she did this, or lied about that” which has been said so often by the righjt, and reinforced by the MSM, that this BS is accepted as the truth. And don’t be fooled by the left leaning networks who only now support Hillary. At least we knew where she stood with Fox News, but the liberal wing of the media was doing everything possible to get Biden in and support Sanders. Everyday they also perpetrate the myth of how unlikeable she is. Bill and Hillary certainly have their faults, but there whole lives have been dedicated to help others. yes, they finally got very rich along the way, but that is the way it works in Washington and they certainly earned it as John Houseman use to say.

  94. So “rigged” according to Trump. THIS IS WHAT RIGGED LOOKS LIKE:

  95. JB

    You and I pretty much know where each other have stood since 2007. Looking at that place we both came from and seeing it now, I wonder how much of that point of view has been painted in a much more evil light? I agree on what happened in 2008, and what the media and the DNC did.

    The other day while Michelle was giving her great speech to help Hillary, there was something she said that was a huge red flag that most people probably never noticed. She was talking about how Hillary ran against her husband, “lost the election”, and how she answered the call to being SOS, gaining more experience. Somewhere in that train of thought, she said that Hillary knew that she had to wait her turn. That was what most of us thought was said to her when her party stabbed her in the back. She wasn’t about to turn her back on the party she had been apart of, all of her adult life, where she worked as First Lady, Senator of NY, the party that supported Bill as President.

    That other place I mentioned above was not really a home for Hillary supporters, I didn’t realize that until it was mentioned that Hillary should “shut up”, that was the point where I felt I was somewhere I didn’t want to be. People don’t just do a 180 that actually support a politician for years…only those that want someone to fight against something, (like to tear down a political party) will support who ever is left over. Accepting someone like Trump, thinking that he actually has the ability to fix things when he is a real estate con-man, is pretty damn desperate in my book.

    You are not the only one here that doesn’t trust the Dem party after 2008, and the media only has turned towards Hillary in the past couple of weeks because she is going to win. They always want the candidate that gets them the most viewers. Someone that is calm, intelligent, knows her shit and has done her homework is someone THEY are not excited about, Trump is a nutcase, tweeting trash and stirring up crap…that excites them, he is their own form of reality tv to get more ratings.

    We have all come a long damn way and it will take time to heal those wounds, but we have Hillary, she is going to have a glorious WIN and kick Rump’s, big fat ASS! He will lose to a woman, his worst fear.

    That is Hillary’s revenge, that is what this long, hardass road has been all about.

    No one was behind that damn curtain, HILLARY IS GOING TO BE OUR NEXT PRESIDENT, effin’ finally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  96. Glad you liked it, Birdgal! She sounded so young but is still the Hillary we have come to know and admire. Here’s a link to an article about how it all came together for her on that day:

  97. Fredster @5:26, well that explains my problems …. there’s Seattle with 0/0/100.

  98. I think this was a brilliant endorsement for HRC:

  99. The HRC positive parody creators are on fire! For your enjoyment…

  100. There are many stats and articles coming out that describe how Trump brand is hurting. He calls everyone else stupid and is he not stupid for not anticipating his behavior/skeletons would cause this to happen to his brand? Another revealing thing is that nobody seems to have any sway over him, even his daughter Ivanka to say to him ‘that will hurt.’

  101. The real question is will the media honor the election results? Will they concede that they were beaten fair and square?

  102. Paulette loved the video.

  103. We are having a practice run today on getting people to the polls. We will be having this every weekend up until the election.

  104. Neeta, Thank you for everything you do. ❤️❤️

  105. Interesting….collapse in the works…

  106. I am betting the Clinton campaign is sitting on a treasure trove of Trump shoes ready to drop, right now they don’t need to use them, however, Trump and his handlers would be better letting any crap slide they may be thinking of using because I quite sure Hillary is ready to drop a few more shoes when she needs to.

  107. I’m watching Donald Trump give his address at Gettysburg, while doing chores. Watching him is another chore. Sounds like he’s a prosecutor laying out the case against Hillary (Rudy Guiliani’s advice), then said all the polls are wrong except the one that shows him ahead, the media is all against him, “the rigged system,” AND, all of his accusers lied, and he will sue all of them after the election. Incredible! A pastiche of Kellyann Conway’s focus group phrases are in evidence.

    I remember learning Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address, and would tell Mr. Trump: You’re no Lincoln, and this is no Gettysburg Address! He demeans them, and the importance of Gettysburg by doing it there.

    If it’s a contract between Donald Trump and the American people, I have to ask: And what is his track record on honoring contracts, and paying contractors?

    Lord help us get through this “closing argument” and closing days of the campaign.

  108. Trumpty has lost the plot at his Gettysburg rally, full on cocaine roid rage………threatening to sue all the women accusing him……

  109. I am against everything he is suggesting. What a douchebag.

  110. threatening to sue all the women accusing him

    There is a new one coming out today.

  111. Didn’t see it. Don’t regret it.

  112. WHOA

    Longtime Trump Friend Russell Simmons Drops Bombshell On Trump’s DISGUSTING Racism Toward Him (VIDEO)

  113. Good question, SophieCT, about the media (@10:39am). The bottom line for them is all about $$$$$, so dragging out the tRump drama post-election is more than a possibility. Furthermore, the msm is only self-reflective when there is enough push back, but then they always resume their old ways, especially with regard to false equivalencies and their CDS. (Thank you for your lead post on false equivalencies!) So far, however, we all have much to smile about concerning Hillary’s campaign, although we all know that keeping our eye on the prize is of the utmost importance.

  114. Slay, Hillary, Slay!

    Hillary Clinton Stays Undefeated Against the Alpha Males
    She’s taken the hits, stayed on her feet, and hit back harder, again and again and again.
    Michael Tomasky
    10.21.16 9:03 PM ET

    Hillary Clinton, FiveThirtyEight tells us, is the most dominant debate winner in recent presidential history. They did all that ciphering they do over there and decided she won her three debates by +71, the highest score going back to 2000. She did it by being well prepared, yes. But she also did it, and bigly, by just standing there and taking his crap.


  115. Must confess I’m baffled that Russell Simmons remained friends with Trump for 30 years and found him likable even though he heard him say racist things. Shows how having money and fame can immunize you from social stigma.

    The media is still pissed, I think, that Hillary never took Trump’s bait on Bill. But that has proven to be her smartest move. He was desperate to draw an equivalence between himself and Bill and gain some kind of pass for his misogyny. The media would have loved for Hillary to engage on this topic. She never came close. And remember how Trump destroyed Jeb Bush by baiting him on his brother. Jeb rose to furiously defend W every time. He did this even knowing he needed to distinguish himself from his brother. But he lacked self confidence and discipline. Trump destroyed Jeb by weaponizing W. He wanted to do the same with Bill against Hillary. She refused and made Trump the one who took her bait. Sheer genius now that I look back on the debates. Media seethes!

  116. Strange things are happening

    ATLANTA ― For Republicans nervous about an electoral catastrophe next month, Lesley Jones could be a harbinger of doom.

    She’s 41 years old, has a University of Georgia bachelor’s degree, and considers herself a solid Republican. Yet she walked into the Chastain Recreation Center gym in the upscale Buckhead neighborhood this week and cast her presidential ballot for Democrat Hillary Clinton rather than Republican Donald Trump.

    “There’s been nothing. He’s presented me with nothing. And what he has presented me has been so offensive,” Jones said, adding that she actually considered supporting Trump back when he first secured the nomination. But she said the more she heard from him, the more disgusted she became. His recorded boast of being able to sexually assault women because of his celebrity was the last straw. “I’m embarrassed to be a Republican and have this nominee.”

  117. SophieCT,
    The real question is will the media honor the election results? Will they concede that they were beaten fair and square?

    The media in general will accept the results, but they will not like Hillary unless they get her inside scoops. Haha…Hillary will run the show and they don’t like that.

  118. trixta, on October 22, 2016 at 2:47 PM said:
    Slay, Hillary, Slay!
    Hillary Clinton Stays Undefeated Against the Alpha Males
    She’s taken the hits, stayed on her feet, and hit back harder, again and again and again.

    Now that’s the title that will write history for our first MADAM President Hillary Rodham Clinton.

    It took a village, 240 years and a courageous leader to finally put women on the map!

    She is our beautiful hero in a pantsuit.

  119. love it…the irony

  120. (CNN)Apparently the Clinton camp didn’t get all their jokes in on Thursday night.

    Friday afternoon, following a night of comedic — and at times biting — back and forth between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, the Clinton campaign took to Twitter to slip in one last insult.

    It all began when Trump tweeted on Friday morning: “The results are in on the final debate and it is almost unanimous, I WON! Thank you, these are very exciting times.”

    Not long after, Clinton’s campaign, quoting Trump’s tweet, wrote: “Where was this kind of comedy last night?”

  121. Shadow, the next article I’d like to see is how Hillary emerged as the premier alpha female in the face of other wanna-be alpha females who constantly attacked and criticized Hillary over the year or those who simply have shown their dislike/envy for her in some form or another (i.e. Paglia, Dowd, Quinn, Noonan, Sarandon, Pelosi, Oprah, Maria Schwarzenegger).

  122. trixta, Paglia like people (include Althouse in that category) are jealous that she hit a jackpot with Bill Clinton and got to this place in a ‘traditional’ way (marriage, kid, career) without bluster or rebellion.

  123. Gloria Allred

    “Be careful what you wish for Mr. Trump”

    She’s going after him…..

  124. Hillary’s knock out cartoon was based on this iconic moment in boxing history:

  125. trixta, I would just add Morning Mika to your list.

    Tim and Hill on c-span from Pittsburgh right now.

  126. Can you imagine living with and matching BC’s intellect? and not to mention, that that would be the same for him? In my own personal life, I would have been strongly disappointed if my partner had not matched mine. Sometimes marriages can be symbiotic and weather all kinds of upheavals for other reasons. It is not a sin to get to where you want to go with pooling your resources. But Paglia/Althouse crowd look down on such situations and write them off as substandard. Sorry ladies, you didn’t pick the right man/partner for your goals whatever they were and had to do it all by yourself. The other thing that surprises me is that as much as they want individual only victory, they don’t recognize individual merit in a marriage, separate Hillary as an individual from Bill. So what did Hillary have to do to prove to these women, divorce Bill, just to make a point for them? That is absurd. BTW, Pelosi rose to where she is because of her dad.

  127. Oh yes, Brassy, let’s add Mika to that ignoble list. Andrea Mitchel?

  128. PM317, you’re right about Paglia and others who have always been especially harsh on Hillary.

  129. and Ruth Marcus, Gail Collins….

  130. The Girls are gonna whoop his ass……Women are coming out massive numbers.

    For much of his campaign, Donald Trump has done more to repel voting women than he has to win them over. Now mounting evidence suggests they are already punishing him for it at the ballot box.
    In three crucial battlegrounds — North Carolina, Florida and Georgia — women are casting early ballots in disproportionate numbers. And in North Carolina, a must-win state for Trump with detailed early voting data available, it’s clear that Democratic women have been particularly motivated to turn out or turn ballots in.
    Story Continued Below

    In North Carolina, 87,000 Democratic women have already moved to cast early ballots compared with just 60,000 Republican women, according to data shared with POLITICO by J. Michael Bitzer, an expert on North Carolina’s early vote at Catawba College. Men in the state, meanwhile, are closely divided: 50,000 Republicans and 52,000 Democrats have voted.
    “That’s certainly an energy and mobilization indicator this early for the Clinton campaign and Democrats down ballot,” Bitzer said.
    In Florida, Daniel Smith, an early-voting expert at the University of Florida, noted that about 55 percent of the 880,000 people who voted as of the end of the day Wednesday are women, even though women make up less than 53 percent of the state’s registered voters. And in Georgia, a new poll on Friday showed Clinton leading Trump by 5 percentage points among early voters — despite trailing Trump narrowly among likely voters — after a noticeable bump in early voting among women.
    “I could see, the week following the first debate, the percentage of women requesting ballots increased in both North Carolina and Georgia,” said Michael McDonald, another early vote expert who runs the United States Elections Project.

  131. Lol! In blasting rTump’s stunt today at Gettysburg, Lawrence O’Donnell just said (on MSMBC) there would be no doubt which side of the Civil War tRump would be on.

  132. Looking good…

    The first day of in-person early voting in North Carolina:
    Dem 52.7, Rep 24.3
    White 67, Black 27.8
    Female 55.1, Male 43.5

  133. The reports I am hearing from around the country is long lines in early voting and women are coming out in force to vote, this could be the biggest vote by women ever…..

  134. This, exactly, go to some places and you’ll regret not having that protection.

  135. Birdgal, on October 22, 2016 at 12:38 PM said:
    I am against everything he is suggesting. What a douchebag.

    Hahaha Birdgal, that pretty much sums it up for me too.

  136. Moon, we want to beat him like a rug.

  137. Women are coming out in force to support Hillary and play their women’s card.

    This is the most proud I have ever felt towards my gender.

    [puffed up chest and a BIG smile on my face]

    The girls are going to win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  138. Record 1st day voting in Clark co. nevada…as of 6pm over 37000 votes.

    Up over 6000 on 2012.

  139. While trying to watch the hopeless Dodgers game, I am assaulted by two virulent anti-Hillary ads. I really thought that being in California would allow me to not have to see any. I can only imagine how many they’re showing in swing states. Just awful stuff, and all lies. The Republicans, not just Trump, really need to be crushed. They are a danger to democracy, and serve no worthwhile purpose at all.

  140. Hillary’s supporters have a great sense of humor:

  141. I want Trump beaten so badly so that the next time those Neanderthals even think of saying something stupid like, “We didn’t go to the right far enough,” they feel a shock throughout their central nervous system.

  142. Yes, William, but think of all the negative ads Bernie threw at her. What did that get him? A starring role as one of her surrogates and an empty bank account.

  143. Is this the letter of a future president?

  144. Brassy Rebel, good point! However, these are far worse, and they look like they were written by Stone or Bossie. There used to be attack ads which would mischaracterize a candidate’s record or positions, but these are straight from 25 years of CDS land. Hillary eloquently speaks of wanting to be President for all Americans, but I wish she would add, ‘except for members of the vast right-wing conspiracy.”

  145. another one… read the replies.

  146. William @ 9:36pm, we just had the same experience! Went to a favorite restaurant and got a booth in the bar so we could watch the game and there was the first anti-Hillary ad I’ve seen. It said that Hillary and Bill had “let down millions of women”!?!? Blech.

    What was far worse though, was the trailer trash fam sitting in the next booth. Two obnoxious loud mouth kids jumping on the seat and running all over the place, and they were the best behaved of the bunch. The adults shouted everything they said, (laker was begging me for a Xanax–his back was to them and he was blasted in both ears), but the worst was the obese old man in the group who was wearing what would generously be called a tank top. It exposed the entire side of his body, including hairy back, shoulders, underarms, and blubbery belly. I kept trying to not look at him, but he was right in front of my vision. I couldn’t look up from my plate or look at my son without seeing him. I chided the manager when we left for breaking the long time cardinal dress code for nice restaurants–men can’t wear tank tops. I told the mgr I had to look at old-man-side-boob jiggling away while trying to eat a meat sandwich! He thought that was hilarious! He also said he didn’t know men shouldn’t wear tank tops in a restaurant. He’s a GenXer. I told him I’m a Boomer, and that was the code back then for nice restaurants. For diners, fast food, or beach shacks, knock yourself out.

  147. Philadelphia tonight..and Pittsburgh had a big-turnout earlier today as well…PA IS CLINTON COUNTRY!

  148. Re: the tweet posted by PM317

    Check her out! Everyone else is uncomfortable as all heck over Trump’s shitty performance and Hillz is sipping her tea.

  149. Annie, you are lucky you did not see the Benghazi ad. These would not bother me much, except that I am sitll on edge about the election, with the Republicans blarantly doing everything they can to suppress the vote. I’d like to think that we are ahead by more than five points, but I’m not certain of that as yet.

    I totally agree with you on dress codes, most particularly at nice restaurants. I don’t need to see coats and ties, and fancy dresses, but certainly a man should not be allowed to wear a tank top. Some things have been lost in our rush to accept everything.

    As to the Dodgers, which I know no one else here cares about, I will just say what I have been saying for a couple of years: The Dodgers ownership, even with all its billions, is not dedicated to putting together a championship club. They are satisfied with just making the playoffs. They will not spend on any major free agents now, and they put together a pitching staff which has only one really good pitcher. That’s really disgraceful, but they don’t seem to care. The Cubs have two very good free agent pitchers, the Dodgers have third-rate free agents like Kazmir and Anderson. The Cubs were built by Theo Epstein to win titles. And the Dodgers probably could have had Joe Maddon as manager, but the Dodger hedge fund owner wanted to keep Mattingly another year, because he liked him. Anyway, I’m glad that you and your husband, and Laker, are loyal Dodgers fans!

  150. William, agree with you about the Dodgers. They do have an excellent closer in Jansen, but yes, Kershaw the only great starter. We were annoyed that they let Greinke go, and did not go for Maddon. Mattingly drove us nuts, and the new guy has made some strange choices. All in all, most frustrating for lifelong Dodger fans. My kid is dying to see the Dodgers go all the way, but has to wait another year now. Congrats to the Cubs.

  151. A thing of beauty:

  152. socal and William, Hillary is sorry you had to see toxic ads and hairy guy in tank top, but she couldn’t be more thrilled with the outcome of the playoffs. An omen perhaps? 😃

  153. From Pittsburgh today…check out the SCOREBOARD!

  154. I feel that Hillary has it in the bag, but, of course, everyone must go out and vote. However, I am also excited by the prospects of a legislative turnover. I think the senate is increasingly likely, and who knows about the house. The 2012 campaign ended up being very good for the Democrat’s Senate prospects, with many iffy seats staying in Dem hands, and I hope for a similar outcome this time. The gerrymandering has made the House tough, but I am optimistic that Trump will say something even more self-incriminating and tip over the whole ship.

    Obviously, the presidency win is historic, but I think it’s important that HRC has some legislative power. The Republican party is so polarized, that I fear they will just sit around like petty children, not let HRC do anything, and then have the nerve to complain about it. Right now, it’s dysfunctional beyond belief.

  155. Brassy, I saw a tweet that Hillary signed some guys Cubs jersey last Dec. and told the guy that both the Cubs and her would win next Fall! We know that she is going to win, it’ll be an interesting World Series.

  156. Here it is:

  157. Samantha Bee. Hilarious.

  158. Now I understand why the Clinton Campaign are determined to have this won before election day, they are getting the message out of getting people to the polls before Nov 8th, she did this in the primary, run up huge pre voting day margins so people did not have to contend with shit on Election day….its so clever and then her election day ground game can focus in getting those last voters out in droves.

    This election is probably going to be sealed before the 8th with the sheer amount of early voting they are getting done.

    Dems have learned that leaving it late means shenanigans on the day by the GOP. Gop can intimidate if most people have already voted.

    It also means any oppo shit needs to be flung out early as mass votes are being counted, as of last night over 7 million have voted.

    I’m pretty sure Wikileaks has nothing or they would have dropped the bomb by now, they have to know how Trump is getting slaughtered, the Oct surprise came early and changed the whole trajectory of the race.

    If depressed GOP voters dont bother voting and I am sure an awful lot of them wont or will vote for Hillary to stop Trump, he is going to get his ass handed to him.

  159. Things are looking good for sure. Just one last reminder–Don’t gloat…Vote!

    Neat tweet, socal!

  160. Bottom falling out…


  161. Perfect storm building

  162. Spot the odd one out….

  163. Currently Trump is polling at 39% nationally.

    Carter (1980) and Mondale both managed to get 41%.

    Goldwater and McGovern both got 38%.

  164. Rove just said on Fox, he sees no possible way for Trump to win and the Fox panel were apoplectic.

    Popcorn so early on a Sunday Morning……

  165. Rove just said on Fox, he sees no possible way for Trump to win

    Damn, I was so looking forward to his meltdown!

  166. His threat at Gettysberg worked. I knew it was a preemptive strike at other women coming forward even if he has no intention of suing them.

  167. I don’t know why everybody is flattering and humoring the buffoon about Trump TV. He is a failure at most businesses he has started and his brand is in the dump. Maybe it will give him a chance to save face when he loses the election.

  168. They sound confident….

  169. This is tweet in the link in my previous comment.

  170. Democrats massacre Republicans on first day of early voting in Clark County. 11,000 raw vote lead. 55 percent to 27 percent.

  171. That’s how he shuts everyone up, threatening law suits and following through if necessary. He has deep pockets and the women he preys on, as well as others he rips off, don’t. The Republican party has disgraced itself forever nominating this evil creep for president.

  172. PM317….there is this…

  173. He has screwed the pooch, there are so many firms and lawyers prepared to throw themselves in to protesting and serving any woman who comes forward…..

    Trump finally bit off more than he can chew.

  174. Ivanka’s business is falling apart because of her Dad……The Trump family really did not think this all through, did they…..Unbelievable………

    According to Yahoo Fashion, women are not only boycotting Ivanka’s brand, they’re also avoiding the stores that sell it.

    Mr. Trump’s campaign has brought a heightened scrutiny on his business dealings as well as the businesses of his children. But, even as Ivanka has pushed paid family leave, her own employees have called out her hypocrisy — saying that they had to fight Ivanka Trump to gain it for themselves. While Mr. Trump’s campaign attacks the US government and politicians on both sides of the aisle for trade laws, both Trump and Ivanka take advantage of cheap labor in China. Ivanka’s fashion line, like Trump’s menswear, is manufactured by Chinese workers instead of workers in the United States — where her father claims “we don’t make anything anymore.”

    Now, some women are turning away from Ivanka, thanks to her father’s attacks on women and women’s rights. Yahoo talked to brand and digital strategy Shannon Coulter, who recently called on Americans to boycott Ivanka Trump’s clothing and accessories. The company is estimated to be worth $100 million — but not for long if these women have something to say about it.


    These people thought they were untouchable and could steal an election to protect themselves…They underestimated Hillary Clinton, the American people and thought their shit smelled of Roses.

    I hope they are all finished, they are a blight on the world….and I dare say The Apprentice is finished for Trump, no one will touch it with him on it. Give it to Mark Cuban as the ultimate humiliation.

  175. Right, Moon. There is another lawyer tweeting he will do pro bono work on behalf of these women. But it will take a lot of conviction on the part of the woman to come forward now. BTW, that tweeter is a republican. Looks like there are a bunch of nevertrumpers on the R side who are still sitting on some dynamite stuff.

  176. Cedar Rapids Gazette (Iowa) endorses Hillary Clinton. First time the paper endorsed a Dem since 1964.

  177. Sarah Kindzior tweeted a bunch of Trump’s threatening tweets and how people affected complied — Cruz, Mika and that guy she works with, Ricketts family who own the Cubs

  178. Does seem that all the pro-Trump sunday talking heads have given up the ghost today, they seem resigned to losing.

  179. I am glad the Democratic Party has super delegates and I hope they don’t get rid of all of them. If the Republicans had had SD’s, Trump may not have received the nomination. Based upon their system, Trump won fair and square. Their field may have been too large.

  180. Incredible.

  181. Brassy Rebel, I will absolutely accept a Cubs pennant if it goes with a big Hillary victory. You’re supposed to be rooting for the Twins, though! The Cubs are likely to dominate baseball for the next decade, and we very much hope that Hillary has a full eight years to lead our country.

    I like the ABC Poll today, it was always my favorite poll, probably because it skews a point or two to the Democratic side. But it is a highly respected poll, gets A+ rating on Nate Silver’s site. That’s why I was a bit discomifted at the four-point lead it showed last week. This result is much more encouraging, and I hope it mirrors other national polls upcoming.

  182. I agree with the last sentence in spirit. But given the media climate and their witch hunt about everything Clinton, a Romney like opponent would have been glorified and pushed to win at the expense of Hillary. So no. This works. In fact, dealing with this opponent in particular shows her extra ordinary emotional IQ in silencing him without shouting.

  183. PM, I agree that if Kaisch or Bush had been her opponent, things may have been different and the media would have been after her more than usual. This opponent sucked all the oxygen out of the race and drew the attention to himself for his outlandish and immature behavior, but it did allow Hillary’s emotional IQ to shine, as you so aptly described.

  184. moon @10:47 am
    Do you have the link of the Iowa paper endorsement?

  185. I am really proud of my state for getting out early to vote. Until just a few months ago the Republicans had sharply curtailed early voting hours and locations, but a judge has overturned those laws and the courts will not revisit the issue until after the election. So the state had to scramble to return early voting, although they still managed to make it harder than it used to be. Previously there were tons of voting sites open throughout the early voting period. Now they have the fewer sites and they are alternating the dates they are open. The two closest to me do not open until 10/27 so I had to drive to one farther away to vote if I didn’t want to wait a week. It was busy and had a line out the door, but it moved quickly. And yes, many more women than men.

    Something that has been in the back of my mind for a long time now: in 2008 Obama eked out a victory in NC by roughly 14,000 votes. The interesting thing is that in 2008 there were nearly 13,000 write in votes for a candidate who did not put him/herself in the running for a write-in candidacy, plus write-ins for Independent and Green party candidates. The BOE would not release the name of that candidate since those votes were technically invalid. But there was a lot of silent anger here at what the party had pulled, and while I have no proof, I’m guessing those votes were for HRC. Had those folks decided not to protest and vote Republican instead, it would have been a statistical tie and Obama would have won by perhaps a few hundred votes. I personally was not surprised when Romney won here in 2012.

    BUT, I think that this year people are too afraid of what would happen if Trump won. My guess is that any protest voters are going to come from the Republican party and they will either vote Johnson or write in someone else. There is also too much anger here at what the Repubs did at the state level. HB2 has cost NC hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue and has really tarnished our image and our brand. I am very hopeful for the down-ticket Dems, even though I know my gerrymandered district will still go red.

  186. Oh yeah

  187. Ah, William. Sadly, the Twins are beyond all hope. The Vikings have started the season well though! I know nothing about the Cubs except that Hillary has loved them since Ernie Banks. Good enough for me.

    Hearing RCP has moved Texas to toss-up! Not to say I told everyone so, but I predicted Texas would be in play based on Scott Hopkins of Hillary HQ.

  188. Whoa, he’ll lose the anti-choice crowd now…

    Trump tried to get his mistress to have an abortion, caught on tape.

  189. Wikileaks thread from a sociologist

  190. Wikileaks are now Russian Agents….

  191. wow, FANTASTIC ad from Hillary. She has the best team. If Kasich were her opponent there would not be a need for this ad.

  192. moon@ 1:59pm

    That sure is a Bombshell….
    thanks for the link….

  193. moononpluto, I wonder if this was one of the bombshells that was rumored to be out there. By this time, we know that he has no core and no conviction and we also know Pence like religious people are not religious at all. Not sure how much impact this will have.

  194. Wow, look at this graphic and in particular, Bill Clinton’s

  195. Here is another article about Ivanka Trump’s clothing. It lists many of the outlets that carry it. I’m going to email all of them. I was wondering what the label in her clothes actually says, but I guess its just Ivanka Trump. If anyone knows differently please let me know.

  196. ROFL!!

    CNN pundit nails it: If you drain the swamp what you’d find at the bottom is Donald Trump

  197. pm317, right track really was: It’s the economy, stupid.

  198. The GOP Elite just choked on their Cheeto’s

  199. To go with Moon’s RCP tweet. This graphic is amazing.

  200. As a Floridian, I was surprised to lean as of now more Republicans have voted early than Dems…I think it is going to be very close here.

  201. Florida is not going to be that close. Most polls show Hillary leading around 4% or so. She’s a much better candidate there than Obama ever was. I just hope it’s enough to take Rubio down. Ohio is the one that worries me not Florida.

  202. Hahahaha…this one’s going to get a 3AM tweet from Trump:

  203. I really, really want to see Rubio go down.

  204. votinghillary, to go with your tweet, article with pics on how badly Trump Tower is managed.

  205. Ga6th:
    How is Ohio looking?

  206. oh, this is hilarious. Early on Althouse, when she was all flattering Scott Adams, he was the hero. Now he is a laughingstock. Click and read the replies. Too funny. Can’t he just say he made a mistake?

  207. The denizens of the wingnut site where I lurk sometimes treat Adams almost as a prophet.

    Holy Ascended Madoka, how long has Adams been this weird? 😮

  208. In case you missed it:

  209. Everyone, check out pm’s link to the Esquire piece about Trump Tower. Its short and funny. If the imbecile trump can’t take care of his own bldg., how is he going to transform America. Also, there are some pretty funny details like giant empty trophy cases. Fake and empty, like their owner. Thanks pm!

  210. Birdgirl I think Ohio is virtually tied.

  211. A brilliant case from a millennial. (The one we’ve been making.)

    View story at

  212. Beckman’s essay is well worth a read by everyone, even those who have been Clinton supporters for years. It reminds us why we liked her in the first place, among other things.


    LIVE in less than two hours, Hillary and Elizabeth Warren at rally in Manchester NY. Live Stream link here:

  214. Ga6thDem, on October 23, 2016 at 9:14 PM said:

    Ohio is the one that worries me not Florida.

    Don’t worry. Ohio is in the bag.
    As I mentioned before If the media takes a long time to call Ohio. Hillary is winning. If Trump is losing Ohio the suspense is over. Clinton has won.
    They don’t want to call Ohio to soon.
    Remember our polls close earlier than some states.
    I bet you they will be saying we are waiting for Cuyahoga County to come in.

    During election night you can log on to the Cuyahoga County website and watch the results come in.

  215. Click on the LIVE STREAM Link…..Six minutes to go!

  216. Uppity, your guy here in Cleveland Sherrod Brown was in a car accident. Don’t worry he is fine. A driver ran a stop sign. He is ok. You don’t have to fly here to be by his side.

  217. It is difficult to try to merge the national popular vote polls with the state polls. A Monmouth poll, highly respected, has Hillary leading NC by one point. Ohio seems very close. Maybe Hillary leads Florida by four or so. Based on those, the race is stil uncomfortably close, as we absolutely do not want to somehow lose all of those. But then we see much larger leads in the national polls. Now, because of immense Hillary leads in populous CA and NY, it would be possible to win the popular vote nationallly and lose the electoral vote. I certainly don’t think that will happen; but a twelve point lead nationally should have her fairly comfortably up in these swing states, but the polls there don’t show that, at least so far.

  218. NC early vote

    2012: 57-42 Obama (Oct. 25: 30% had voted early)

    2016: 63-37 Clinton (Oct 22: 19% have voted early)

  219. Don’t forget Florida has usually around 8.5 million votes….

    A 1% lead is around 85K votes, not like 2 or 3 k you get in other states.

  220. SHERROD!!!………SPUTTER!

    Warren on live stream NOW.

  221. Gosh, I am starting to like Elizabeth Warren quite a bit. She would actually be a good Senate Majority Leader.

  222. Moon

    Wikileaks are now Russian Agents….

    —- I read the article then went off to watch the movie that came out…it was good.

  223. I was just invited to a potluck Hillary watch party on the 8th. I am really excited and want to see if I can find a suffragette dress to wear. Make a sash and find a hat.

    Sorry I won’t be blogging during the event, but I will when I get home.

  224. Warren has the perfect big mouth against Rump. Hillary has to be more Presidential, but Warren can let the shit fly.

  225. Hillary’s voice is scratchy again. She has a mic. and should be more gentle with her voice…she has 16 more days to go.

    Go Hillary, go girl.

  226. Early Voting is getting incredible…

    In Arizona, , Democrats lead Republicans by ~1,000 ballots cast, compared to ~20,000 DEFICIT at this point in ’12.

    Nevada early voting is incredible….and I’m hearing amazing things in Florida and Texas in the first day of early voting

  227. I’m just going to say it….I HATE that PA doesn’t have early voting. Absolutely HATE IT.

  228. Mailed my ballot for Hillary today!! I’m in CA, but it still felt good.

  229. Wow….

    Clark County voting still going at a brisk clip Monday. 8,200 had voted by 11 AM.

  230. This is amazing..

    African Americans cast 39% of early votes in GA this past weekend

  231. One caveat I would offer when it comes to early voting in North Carolina: it seems that they are only counting Republicans and Democrats not unaffiliated voters. Last time I checked the voter registration breakdown, there were more registered independents than there were registered Republicans. This is because we have semi closed primaries, so if you are an unaffiliated voter you can vote in either party’s primary simply by asking for the ballot. These unaffiliateds tend to be more Republican leaning than Democrat.

    I’m feeling good about my state, I just don’t want to get ahead of things.

  232. Texas flipping to a swing state is the most amazing thing of this entire election. Can you imagine how excited the long suffering Texas Democrats must feel at this point? They’ve been suffering longer there than we have here in GA.

  233. Etsy is all into the Nasty women vote t-shirts. Some folks at work already have one:

  234. Very heavy voting in Harris County in Texas. The most populous county in the state where polls a couple of weeks ago showed Hillary with a 10 point lead. Harris and Travis counties where Austin is should be strong for her as well as border counties. Saw a great pic on Twitter yesterday of Wendy Davis wearing a “nasty woman” t-shirt.

  235. Timing on this is awful because Bill Clinton campaigned for her. The ads are going to start tying HRC to Kane.

  236. Currently,

    – the Senate has 54 Rethugs, 44 Dems –> need to win back 11+

    – the House has 248 Rethugs, 192 Dems –> need to win back 57+

  237. The deplorables are going to be so pist, come Nov. 9th.

    They have set themselves up for failure, backing an assholistic fraud.

    Donald, YOU are fired!

  238. Ruh Roh….Insurance Fraud now….$17-million-in-insurance-for-damage-few-remember

    PALM BEACH, Fla. (AP) — Donald Trump said he received a $17 million insurance payment in 2005 for hurricane damage to Mar-a-Lago, his private club in Palm Beach, but The Associated Press found little evidence of such large-scale damage.

    Two years after a series of storms, the real estate tycoon said he didn’t know how much had been spent on repairs but acknowledged he pocketed some of the money. Trump transferred funds into his personal accounts, saying that under the terms of his policy, “you didn’t have to reinvest it.”

    In a deposition in an unrelated civil lawsuit, Trump said he got the cash from a “very good insurance policy” and cited ongoing work to the historic home.

    “Landscaping, roofing, walls, painting, leaks, artwork in the — you know, the great tapestries, tiles, Spanish tiles, the beach, the erosion,” he said of the storm damage. “It’s still not what it was.”

    Trump’s description of extensive damage does not match those of Mar-a-Lago members and even Trump loyalists. In an interview about the estate’s history, Trump’s longtime former butler, Anthony Senecal, recalled no catastrophic damage. He said Hurricane Wilma, the last of a string of storms that barreled through in 2004 and 2005, flattened trees behind Mar-a-Lago, but the house itself only lost some roof tiles.

    “That house has never been seriously damaged,” said Senecal, discussing Mar-a-Lago’s luck with hurricanes. “I was there for all of them.”

    Just over two weeks after Wilma, Trump hosted 370 guests at Mar-a-Lago for the wedding of his son Donald Jr.

    While part of that celebration did have to be moved away from the front lawn due to hurricane damage, wedding photographs by Getty Images showed the house, pools, cabanas and landscaping in good repair.

    Valuations for Mar-a-Lago are subjective, but Forbes estimated the 110,000-square-foot property’s value at $150 million in its most recent appraisal of Trump’s net worth. The estate’s historic nature would add to any repair costs, but Tim Frank, Palm Beach’s planning administrator at the time of the hurricanes, said $17 million in work would have required “dozens, maybe scores of workers.” In 2004, Trump built a 20,000-square-foot ballroom from scratch for less than $6 million, according to building permits.

    Palm Beach building department records show no permits for construction on that scale after the storms. Permits reflected smaller projects, including installation of new grease traps in the kitchen and tree trimming along the road. The only permits that appeared hurricane-related were for $3,000 in repairs to storm-damaged outdoor lighting and the vacuuming of sand from the property’s beachfront pool. Likewise, records of the city’s Landmarks and Preservation Commission reflected no repair work conducted following the 2004 and 2005 hurricane seasons.


    This man is a walking scam artist.

  239. For you general amusement:

  240. Madaline Albright: “Trump fits the mold of Russia’s ‘useful idiot'”.

  241. Facebook co-founder drops unprecedented cash to stop Trump

    If the first $20 million yielded cheers, the second $15 million generated stunned silence.

    Facebook co-founder Dustin Moskovitz vaulted suddenly and without any advance warning to the top rung of Democratic party megadonors with two unheralded tears through his checkbook in the past six weeks. His money significantly altered the short-term financial position of the pro-Hillary Clinton forces and revealed a previously unknown source of cash for Democrats.

    In the days after Moskovitz’s money landed, the party’s leading finance operatives struggled to control their excitement at the prospect of finally having an answer to Republicans’ Sheldon Adelson in the shape of a Silicon Valley titan like the ones Democrats have been chasing after for well over a decade.

    “This is a unicorn-type campaign gift — you just don’t see someone basically walk into a campaign without a significant track record of activity and contribute at this level,” said veteran Democratic strategist Chris Lehane, a Clinton White House alum who works closely with top party donors in Silicon Valley.

    The deeply private 32-year-old — who is worth $12.7 billion, according to Bloomberg — is a longtime philanthropist but political newcomer. He hasn’t started to build contacts with local operatives. And he hasn’t said a word publicly about his political involvement beyond a pair of Medium posts announcing it in the first place.

    So now, grateful but puzzled Democrats in Washington and Silicon Valley are wondering, does Moskovitz’s move herald the dawning of the new age of tech money that they’ve been pursuing? Or is his unparalleled cash infusion a non-replicable, one-off response to Donald Trump?


  242. Just voted for Hillary here on Palm Beach County. Very excited voting for first woman President!!!! Exciting and proud.

  243. JB

    I am so proud of you!!!! I want to wait until the 8th and stand in line, but I am a little jealous of everyone voting now.

    It is very exciting. I am even going to take that day off of work. I am too excited to deal with my job. 😉

  244. Shadow, I took the 8th off too.

  245. I took the 9th off because I think i’ll be drunk as a skunk come Wednesday morning…….

  246. Moononpluto, I was thinking about doing the same.

  247. Instead of sending money to Hillary this month, I’m going to send a hundred bucks to the DSCC.
    I know she’ll understand.

  248. I may as well go to work on the 9th…I will be giddy anyway.

  249. I believe that there is a live showing of a senatorial debate in Pennsylvania between McGinty and Toomey tonight on CSPAN at 4pm PST. I will trly to watch or at least tape it, because this is the key senate race. I think Hassan will manage to win in NH, but Ross will lose in NC, as recent polls show him ahead by 2-6 points. That means that if Cortez-Mastro wins in NV, as it looks like she will, we have 50 seats. We want 51, in order to run all the senate commiittes, and to allow for the iffy vores of D’s Heitkamp, Manchin, and I think Tester might still be there, too. Missouri is a possibility, but it is hard for Hillary to spend time there, because it is a longshots state for her to win, and she doesn’t ahve the luxury of a large margin to allow her to campaign just for downticket candidates in Red states.. PA is our best chance. They have two debates there. I saw some of the first one; and while I rooted for McGinty of course, Toomey is a more polished debater, and probably came off better. So McGinty needs to do very well in this debate.

  250. Moon, the GOP elders tried to tell their voters about that but after being lied to so many times by the same elders I can understand why they didnt’ listen to them.

  251. Full Warren and Clinton speeches here. Warren starts at 51:50. She told Trump where the bear shits in the buckwheat.

  252. Thanks Shadowfax..I was driving to lunch and saw a line at my local polling station and didn’t even realize it started today!!! I parked, and it actually took longer today than on election days in my past as there was some confusion finding people after we handed in a form to get our ballot . I had a guy behind me who was wearing Trump hat, shirt, etc and we talked with civility. I would say it was a pro-Hillary crowd, but this is southern Palm Beach county and heavily democratic . Nonetheless, as a male, it really took a few minutes to sink in that I had just voted for Hillary, the first woman nominee for President of a major party. I can only imagine how proud the many woman who have waited so long for this will be!!!! Be well!!!

  253. Congratulations, Jbstone! So glad that other site’s pretzel logic didn’t win you over against Hillary. Hope Florida comes through in a big way for her. Shadow, your plan to vote on the day sounds exciting and admirable! I just couldn’t wait though… had to mail my ballot as soon as I could!

  254. You think some reporter would be knowledgeable enough to correct Trump on TV… read the whole thread up and down.

  255. Can’t wait for this buffoon to disappear from our TVs and our lives. Go the fuck away! After Nov. 8 I don’t want to hear one little anything from him or his supporters and the fucking media.

  256. People getting out early…1,072,000 already voted in California, nearly 1 million in Florida.

  257. Nevada will have been settled before Nov 8th by the looks of it…..

    Third straight day of 30,000-plus voters turning out for early voting in Clark County. 32,500 had voted by 6 PM. 30K voted on Day 3 in ’12.

    3 days into voting and over 15% of Nevada has already voted……

  258. El Paso county has received about 3,600 mail ballots so far. That’s more than the entire 2012 early voting period, and getting close to the 4,633 cast in the entire 2008 early voting period. So as of 3 p.m. El Paso County has had more than 13,000 early votes cast. this is well beyond good for El Paso.)

    Voting is up more than 50% of the last 2 elections…….This is Texas.

  259. Harris County , Texas has reported amazing early turnout with more than 10,000 votes per hour today recorded………..This is Hillary country.

  260. Harris county…

    As polls closed at 6 p.m., more than 63,000 people had turned out for the first day of early voting, shattering the previous record of 47,093 set on day one of early voting in 2012.

    In the first 2.5 hours of early voting, the Harris County Clerk’s office said 15,205 ballots were cast–one third of the total cast all day on the first day of early voting in 2012, about 47,000.

    By the afternoon, the county was averaging 6,000 voters per hour, and the clerk’s office projected a record-breaking 60,000 votes by the time polls close.

  261. Et Tu Utah – There is definitely a pattern emerging all over the US, people are voting hard and early with their feet.

    Salt Lake Tribune: ~33% more Democrats have cast early ballots in Utah than expected

    About a third more Utah Democrats have voted so far than normally would be expected in early turnout for by-mail voting — while fewer-than-predicted Republicans are casting ballots.

    “That shows us there is an excitement amongst Democrats,” Utah Republican Party Chairman James Evans concedes, while “there is a frustration level amongst Republicans” with Donald Trump atop their ticket.

    He says the situation is giving the Utah GOP some heartburn over how that will affect other state and local races.

    So Evans is glad that several months ago, his party decided to skip its normal Plan A or even Plan B about how to get out the vote, and went straight to a “Plan T” developed just for this unusual presidential election year.

  262. Incredible, look at Dallas……

    EarlyVoting in Dallas County:
    Today: 58,329 and counting
    First day in 2012: 32,512
    First day in 2008: 34,415

  263. JB

    Nonetheless, as a male, it really took a few minutes to sink in that I had just voted for Hillary, the first woman nominee for President of a major party. I can only imagine how proud the many woman who have waited so long for this will be!!!! Be well!!!

    I am so happy that you followed your heart and didn’t end up punishing Hillary for what the DNC, Nasty, Reid, and the party did to her in 2008. Trump is no better than a con-man or he would have been proud to release his current taxes, to prove what a great businessman he is.

    Honest to God, I don’t see how any Hillary supporter would ever, ever cast a vote for the fraud.

    I hope you and your family are doing better, let the glee of Hillary’s win bring some happiness into your heart.

    Yes, most us women that have waiting so long for Hillary are going to be crying tears of joy on the 8th and when she is sworn in.

    Stay well my friend.

  264. I see everyone is taking off the day after. I will be packing, getting ready to leave for California for the winter. My son wanted me to come sooner. I told him I will not be there until after the election. I wanted to celebrate here in Cleveland.

    JB thank you. You made the right choice.

  265. Moon, thank you for these voting updates!

  266. GOP is declaring McGinty “Unlikeable”. You know the routine. No penis, Unlikeable.

    I don’t know her full background, but it does seem to me she may be running for a bit higher office than she’s ready for. Not a great impromptu speaker.That just takes experience. So debates have to be stressful for her.

  267. In her defense, she did take out two guys in her primary. But Sestak….Nuff said, and the other guy looked like a gorilla.

  268. pm317 @7:50pm:

    Above the link regarding the smash phones, there is an excerpt about the following:

    “22 million emails went missing during George W Bush’s term bc private email server use @madimoskowitz @elijcampbell”…

    Any light can be brought up on this issue?

  269. Moon, thank you for these voting updates!

    I second that, 5 stars is not enough.

  270. Upps, “gorilla man” is John Fetterman, the mayor of Braddock, PA. It is a very hard-hit suburb of Pittsburgh that never recovered once the steel mills closed.

  271. The article below is a fascinating account about how Clinton and her team strategized and prepared for the debates. Of course, she executed the plan brilliantly!


    “Clinton Casts Trump Aside”
    by Annie Karni

    For the two days leading up to the final debate showdown in Las Vegas, Donald Trump was driving a message that was unnerving some on Hillary Clinton’s campaign team.

    Instead of threatening to bring forward new Bill Clinton allegations or mimicking Hillary Clinton falling down, Trump seemed to be honing a plausible message for a candidate running as a populist outsider: draining the swamp of Washington, D.C., and advocating for a constitutional amendment to impose term limits on Congress.

    Here was the Trump that Clinton feared much more than one who went “scorched-earth” — the toned-down, issues-oriented version of the candidate who managed to tighten the race to a dead heat between mid-August and mid-September. Then Trump stepped onto the debate stage at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, Wednesday evening — and didn’t mention those political reform plans once.


  272. And thank you God for this!

  273. I watched most of the PA senate debate. I thought McGinty did a bit better than last time, but still fumbles with words sometimes. She seems likeable and caring about issues. It seemed to me that if she would just say that Hillary has great plans to help the economy, and that Toomey would block all of them, along with blocking Supreme Court nominees, she would win in her state. I was surprised at how conservative Toomey is; he has the undeserved reputation as a moderate. He’ll vote party line Republican all the way. That would seem to be enough for McGinty to win, if she would have kept tying him to the far Right in the Senate. I honestly do not think that enough voters in Democratic states actually realize that the Republicans they are willing to vote for in Senate races, are simply going to do everything they can to wreck the politic process, so nothing good gets passed. I read something today where using “they’re for gridlock” against Republicans was effective with focus groups. This is something that Democrats should have realized years ago, instead of trying to run away from their party affiliation because they are afraid that some voters don’t like Democrats.

    I think the Florida senate debate is Wednesday at 4pm PST.

  274. Hey Neetabug, what part of CA are you moving to for the winter. Bay Area by any chance?

  275. trixta, on October 24, 2016 at 11:49 PM

    Great article, thanks for posting. Good to take a peek at what happens, off the record. Almost wish they would have posted it after the election, so the nitwit doesn’t get any good ideas.

  276. Ok, this is what “major shade” is…check out Obama’s last read tweet from Jimmy Kimmel tonight…ROFL

  277. It’s Monday which means…SAMANTHA BEE!

  278. This election in a nut-shell (please watch):

  279. You’re welcome, Shadow! Can you believe tRump’s team wants a fourth debate! In any case, I’d love to have been in the room watching Hillary’s team react to the debate.

  280. Preach it, Poli Tics Girl!

  281. Re: 4th debate.

    No Extra Credit.
    This isn’t Grammar School.

    She doesn’t owe him SHIT!

    He figures she will be off the trail Prepping while he trounces around the countryside bullshitting and whining. Same result at a losing debate for him while he gets more face time and she does the responsible thing and prepares. If we lowered the bar anymore for this dolt, it would be buried underground with the cables.

  282. Would love to be a fly on the wall at RNC headquarters as they digest all these early voting results. Creepy Priebus must be in a panic. 😂

  283. bellecat, print articles talked about Bush’s private server and deleting of emails. I don’t know if the TV people talked about it.

    Apparently, media is now talking about Trump’s rape case going on now with a December hearing set. This article below gives credence to that.

  284. Sarah Kendzior has been very good. Too bad she’s Canadian.

  285. Sarah Kindzior is not Canadian (but writes for Canadian pub). She is American from IN/MO. Her twitter TL is sometimes depressing for me because she draws a lot of parallels between her research expertise in ‘authoritarian states’ and Trump and his supporters.

  286. Shadowfax, on October 25, 2016 at 12:15 AM said:

    Hey Neetabug, what part of CA are you moving to for the winter. Bay Area by any chance?

    Woodland Hills

  287. Neetabug, in the valley. I grew up in WHs.

  288. Trixta

    Shadow, your plan to vote on the day sounds exciting and admirable!

    Haha, Trixta…not so much admirable…I am a visual and tactile person, (long time artist, with a regular job that basically has noting to do with that passion).

    Sending my vote off in the mail just is too unreal to me.

    The what if’s start…

    What if it gets lost in the mail?
    What if it is sitting in a dark corner, somewhere, forgotten about and uncounted?

    I like to be in the line, look at the people, guess who they vote for, pull closed the little curtain and put the vote in the machine, myself. Then proudly walk to the table and ask for my voting sticker. Place my sticker on my car next to my Hillary sticker.

    Then I feel complete. 😉

  289. On that Sarah Kendzior tweet linking to Daily Beast article: the more you learn about Trump, the more he sounds like Cosby. You want a career? Hey, I can help you with that!

  290. VotingHillary, on October 25, 2016 at 2:33 AM said:

    Debate 3, this video is beyond excellent by Bee.

    The part about Hillary getting pist by Rump talking about ripping a baby out of a woman’s womb; and in conclusion how Hillary has had to stand in a pile of shit her whole career by the crap men have thrown at her. Hillary being a long time feminist, HELL YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    As a whole, Samantha has covered the entire debate more honestly than the MSM and SNL!!

  291. Shadow, I’m always anxious that something will prevent me from getting to the polls, so I mail my ballot instead…that and making sure I read and vote on all state initiatives — currently, 17! plus 3 local measures! In any case, your voting plan and party sound exciting. 🙂

  292. VotingHillary, on October 25, 2016 at 2:57 AM said:
    This election in a nut-shell (please watch):

    Politics Girl smack down rant is spot on. Boom!

  293. Neetabug: Woodland Hills! I’m, like, 10 miles north of there!

  294. If the third debate was like a boxing match, then this is Uppity cat watching said debate 🙂

  295. Colin Powell just endorsed Hillary on live TV, will vote for her, went straight for Trump’s throat.

  296. Trixta
    Can you believe tRump’s team wants a fourth debate!

    Of course they do.

    How about another grope?
    How about another platform to try and degrade Hillary on?
    How about Blightbark assholes as the moderators?

    How about a big, fat punch in Dumpty’s face to knock him off his golden Fence?

  297. Just like a campaign ad…..

  298. trixta

    I don’t know where you live, but if I didn’t live in CA I might worry about getting to the polls too.

    We have a huge ballot of stuff to vote on too. I take my sample or mail in ballot…mark it as I read though the material and then take it with me as a cheat sheet to mark my ballot.

    JB was saying how some guy with a Trump hat was in line to hand in his mail in ballots. I guess if it’s sealed it’s one thing, but in CA people can’t wear anything to describe who they support.

  299. 4 in 10 voters in Arizona say they already voted per Monmouth. Among them:

    Clinton: 52%
    Trump: 42%

  300. I’m not going to lie; a twenty five percent increase in ACA premiums has me worried.
    Hillary needs to get out in front of this: get herself booked on all the Sunday shows and outline what she’ll do to offset them.
    Of course, the trick is that she’ll have to do that without throwing Obama under the Greyhound.

  301. Remember when everybody was criticizing Bill for what he said? There’s a reason why Hillary has proposed a fix for it but let’s be honest. Obamacare has never been popular with voters.

  302. Interesting article. And totally on point. Could bode well for Hillary-

  303. Hillary has already said she wants to keep the good parts of Obama care and fix what isn’t working. To REDUCE the cost to the public she will go after the insurance companies and Big Phama.

    The way ObamaCare was first set up was a disaster, lots to fix, mainly the costs.

    She isn’t going to throw the Dems/Obama under the bus like Trump has done before the election. That isn’t her MO.

  304. Another intelligent rant from Politics Girl

    My Take: This Election Is Rigged

  305. Of course Hillary won’t throw Obama and the Dems under the bus, but she needs to be loud and clear-right now-that she has plans to fix the ACA.
    Get out ahead of this, now.
    I think that Uppites know that I’m no alarmist, but this is worrying me because, for once, Despicable Donald is staying on message and running with it.

  306. Sue, I totally agree; and was trying to write something similar earlier, but had trouble posting it. When I heard about this last night, I was concerned. It is going to be pounded at by the Republicans for the next two weeks. I do not know if it will cost us states, but it certainly may cost us Senate seats.

    I am no expert at all on ACA. I was so disappointed in Hillary “losing” in 2008, that I did not pay much attention to the ACA disussions.. My sense was that in an effort to get credit for some plan actually passing, President Obama left too much of insurance company control over prices in there. Of course, it will be very difficult for Hillary to fix things, because the Republicans will do their usual blocking of anything regarding government influence over medical care; they want to go back to the days of lawless insurance ompanies choosing whom they want to insure, and raising rates a lot more than ACA. But this very untimely announcement of premium increases hands them a gift issue now, one which most people do not understand, and so it is quite worrisome. I did read someone commenting that these increases only affect .half a percent of the population, but it won’t be spun that way. And it is so hard for Hillary to deal with this on the campaign trail, because it is a very complex issue which only she understands well enough. She is going to have to try to find her best surrogate on this issue, and let him or her go on the TV shows to explain it.

  307. quixote, on October 25, 2016 at 2:28 PM said:

    Neetabug: Woodland Hills! I’m, like, 10 miles north of there

    We will have to figure out how to meet

  308. I’ve never ever seen this before in a Pres. Campaign. Strangest campaign ever…………..

    Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has effectively shut down his high-dollar fundraising operation for the rest of the campaign, a highly unusual move that deals another serious blow to the GOP’s effort to finance its get-out-the-vote operation before Election Day.

    Steven Mnuchin, Trump’s national finance chairman, said in an interview with The Washington Post on Tuesday that Trump Victory, a joint fundraising committee between the party and the campaign, held its last formal fundraiser on Oct. 19. The luncheon was in Las Vegas on the day of the final presidential debate.

    “We’ve kind of wound down,” Mnuchin said. “But the online fundraising continues to be strong.”

    While Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton is headlining her last fundraiser Tuesday night in Miami, her campaign has scheduled 41 other events between now and Nov. 3 featuring high-profile surrogates such as her daughter, Chelsea, running mate Tim Kaine and the entertainer Cher, according to a schedule sent to donors this weekend.

    Mnuchin said the Trump campaign decided to keep the candidate’s final weeks focused on taking his message to the voters in person rather than on raising money. There may be a handful of events in coming days featuring Trump surrogates, including his son Donald Jr., according to people familiar with the internal discussions. But Mnuchin said “there is virtually nothing planned.”

    “We have minimized his fundraising schedule over the last month to emphasize his focus on political ,” Mnuchin said. “Unlike Hillary, who has been fundraising and not out and about, he has constantly been out and about.”

    But Trump’s decision effectively turns off one of the main spigots to the Republican National Committee, which collected $40 million through Trump Victory as of Sept. 30. The party has devoted a large share of the funds to pay for its national voter mobilization program to benefit the entire Republican ticket.

    House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) told Republican lawmakers on Oct. 10 that he would no longer support presidential nominee Donald Trump—the start of a messy breakup that will go on through Election Day.
    RNC officials said that party leaders, including chairman Reince Priebus, are continuing to bring in resources for the party. “The RNC continue to fundraise for the entire GOP ticket,” said spokeswoman Lindsay Walters.

  309. Another example of the “lack of enthusiasm” for Hillary…crowd sang her “Happy Birthday” at FL rally today.

    God, I want this election to be over.

  310. Trump abandons the GOP two weeks before the election, this has to be the biggest scam artist job in political history….

  311. Wow

    Trump All But Quits Presidential Race By Closing Down Part Of Fundraising Operation
    By Jason Easley on Tue, Oct 25th, 2016 at 5:50 pm
    Donald Trump cut off a major source of cash for the GOP, took another step in bailing on his campaign and Republicans, by ending his big donor fundraising agreement with the RNC.

    Whether he realizes it or not, by shutting down the big dollar fundraising operation, Donald Trump is basically quitting on his campaign.

    It isn’t a coincidence that Trump is ending the part of the fundraising operation that he gets the least amount of money from. Trump is keeping his online fundraising going because he gets 80% of the take. The Republican Party got most of the money from the large donor agreement, which is why Trump shut it down.

    Who knows how many House and Senate seats Republicans may lose because Trump would give the party any more money? Republicans look likely to lose the Senate, but if they lose the House as well, people should remember that when the Republican Party needed him most, Donald Trump did nothing to help.

    Trump is showing more and more signs of losing interest in running for president. There is still two weeks to go, and Donald Trump is taking steps that look like he is giving up on his own presidential campaign.


    Its so over…Trump basically wants to keep all the money now…..he’s basically ended his campaign, there will be no get out the vote, no ground game, he’s walking away folks.

  312. Check “The Confluence”…
    CB posted an amazing 2008 video with Trump saying wonders of Hillary and Bill.

    Snatch the video on bring it here…
    A MUST watch video….

  313. I voted early today, for Our Hillary and every other Democrat available to me. :mrgreen:

    Yeah, she probably won’t win the 6 EVs of the Arkanshire, but she won’t lose them because I slacked off on my civic duty. 😉

  314. Shadow, I used to live in our neck of the woods but now live about an hour and a half from you. Each year the number of initiatives increases with no letting up any time soon. It’s getting a bit ridiculous!

    Politics Girl is fantastic!

  315. Just saw a tremendous ad for Hillary voiced by Morgan Freeman.
    That voice is unmistakable and it should do some good.

  316. bellecat, not just another Repub, but Colin Wavin’ The Vial Powell!

  317. belle, is this what you wanted posted?

  318. Brava! Voting…

    Yes, that’s the one…

  319. @neetabug, the contact page on my web site usually works ( Get in touch when convenient. We’ll go and do a second celebration of Nov 8th! /*firecrackers*/

  320. trixta, do you live 1.5 hr north, south or, east of the Bay Area. Someone else, I think Birdgal lives nearby too. We should have a N. Cal lunch meetup some day.

  321. Trump has made a major push here in Florida this week..I guess Hillary’s internals are good for Florida as I have not seen as many ads or robo calls. Then again, I am in a heavily democratic district. Anyone on the I-4 corridor seeing more Hillary ads? Kaine was down here yesterday.

  322. Shadow, I am in Solano County, just over the Benicia Bridge.

  323. Birdgal, that’s close. I am on the south side of the bridge, in Contra Costa County.

  324. Newsbreak: The Kurds have a huge force in Iraq and are freeing small towns around Mosul and closing in on Mosul, which has been held by ISIS for 2 years. Among the areas that were freed were a couple of Christian villages. Unfortunately, ISIS caught around 40 people celebrating their imminent rescue in Mosul and murdered them all. Go Kurds!

  325. Hey, folks, please help spread this around. Roger Stone’s attempt at voter intimidation:

  326. Shadow, I live north of the Bay Area (in the Central Valley). Yes, a meet up sometime with you and Birdgal would be great!

  327. Happy Birthday Hillary!
    I hope all of your wishes come true.

  328. Great new ad.

  329. Go to Hillary’s Twitter page. There be balloons!

  330. How about that Newt Gingrich blowing up on Megan Kelly! Jealous of Billy back in the WH for a second time?! you little weasel…

  331. And collected cash from the campaign for those events. Little guys paying for business PR. Serves them right for being stupid and falling for a con man.

  332. quixote, on October 25, 2016 at 8:44 PM said:

    Got it. Will contact you when I get to Cali.

  333. Dana Bash is breathlessly talking about some nonsense from Trump’s business event. How is that a campaign event and why do they think they are obligated to covering it? Fuck the media.

  334. Made it to my second HRC rally this year (Broward College’s Coconut Creek campus in South Florida. Talked my sister, who is a nurse, into calling in sick to attend with me. We stood in line outside 3 hours then 2 more plus inside (rallies are not for the faint of body; quite a few older folks fainted) before the birthday girl spoke. Crowd was so amped they hardly let her speak for the cheering. And, I was among the group serenading her; bet she gets the b’day song again today in Palm Beach County. Good diverse, interesting crowd of people; chatted with quite a few. TV and PC screens put 20 pounds on HRC (guess kevlar contributes as well). She’s really small, seems even skinnier than when I saw her live in March. Thank goodness this will be over soon so she can get a sane schedule. She’ll of course still work twice as hard as president, but at least all of this insane traveling will be over.

  335. We’re just a bunch of bullies, us Hillary supporters. Yep. It’s what we do.

    Wow … if you want a laugh, do go read this for some classic “pot calling the kettle black” derangement.

    No wonder he disabled the comments.

  336. Guess who is coming to town here in Cleveland to get out the votes?

    Jay Z

    He will be giving a free concert across the street from the Board of Elections to get out the vote for the young people on Nov 6th.

    This should be interesting.

  337. The little snot bag Newt is at best, a perv that needs to thank his lucky stars there are a couple of women on this planet that are stupid enough to have slept with him.

    He is no more than a smelly phart in the history of our country.

  338. Happy Birthday, Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton! 🙂 We celebrate you on your birthday, and thank you for all of your service to our country, and the world, every day!

  339. Vandal With Axe Breaks Donald Trump’s Hollywood Walk of Fame Star to Pieces

  340. I see the small minded troll is back.

    Neetabug, I heard on the news that early voting in Cuyahoga County is down 50 % . Is this true???

  341. Sophie
    On this day in 1915 up to 50,000 women marched down Fifth Avenue in New York to demand the right to vote.

    I love that photo!

  342. birdgal, this is what the media is saying. I can’t tell. A lot of people have moved out of Cuyahoga County.
    I will call a friend of mine who works for the Board of Elections to find out.

    I have been doing a lot of phone banking. The calls are positive. Everyone I have called said they and there family will be voting for Hillary. We encourage them to get out and vote early.

    Some churches will be taking people to the polls this weekend.

  343. AOL has a lead that Hillary is behind in Florida per Bloomberg Poll.

  344. Just spoke to my friend at the Board of Elections. She said they are busy. She said the big push is this weekend. They are open Sat, and Sun.

  345. jb, Real Clear politics has her leading 1.6 .
    We will just have to wait and see.
    I do believe she will take Florida.

  346. Happy Birthday to our Hillary…

  347. I have been concerned about Florida for awhile…Down here in S. FLorida we are pretty much all democratic, but as you know, the further North or West you go it is like much more conservative.

  348. JB, Florida may be close. Even without Florida, Hillary can win, but Trump needs it to have any chance at all.

  349. How confident is this…Hillary’s election night party is here, a building with a huge glass ceiling….

  350. Once the debates are over, the casual voters don’t get to see Hillary unfiltered. We’re back to full Trump coverage. Do you notice that there is never a positive story on Hillary, they are either negative or neutral. We start rooting for more negative Trump stories, because that’s a plus for us. If there are none in a cycle, then the media lazily reverts to the false equivalence, which allows Trump to creep up in the polls to some extent.

    I saw something today where someone who apparently compiles such things, said that in 2008, the media devoted 220 minutes in the entire campaign to actual policy issues. Very upsetting. But in this campaign? 32 minutes, total. That’s what helps Trump stay close.

  351. Moon,
    How confident is this…Hillary’s election night party is here, a building with a huge glass ceiling….

    Sweet, too bad it has so much reinforcement steal with the glass. I would like to see our girl blow the lid off that building…”Trump was instrumental in building it”, payback baby!!!

    The Hillary geeks need to get ready and make a digital copy of that ceiling, with a huge screen, show the ceiling being busted into millions of pieces on her night.

  352. We are getting a profile on the Troll/s.

    They like Newt, they like Rump. Hmm, I can think of some folks that know this site that would be childish enough to come by here and downgrade stars.

  353. @jbstonesfan– in my neighborhood, i.e. cove or holler, we are running about 50% bug eyed tRumpers from FL. They live up here ten months out of the year and vote here, turning our district red, but then they also own homes in FL, to which they return when the temperature drops and they vote down there, too. Poll watchers have started nailing some of them for having FL plates and voting in NC elections, which was an unintended consequence of McCroy and the GOP’s effort to suppress the Democratic vote, Might help to alert poll watchers to look out for out of state plates on voters who are voting in FL elections.

  354. Shadow I think I know who the troll is. ( Your friend, you know who)

  355. 538 still sees Hillary winning FL, and a big winner in the election!

  356. neetabug, not my friend…but I think she is the troll too.

  357. If some nitwit downvoting a comment is that annoying to you all, I can fix it.

  358. I vote to eliminate the rating stars.

  359. There. Fixed.

  360. Now all they can do is stare. Fuck em.

  361. I think you’re mistaken as to where the assholes are arriving from. But nonetheless, it’s over now.

  362. 5 stars, Upps

  363. new thread on Hillary’s birthday?

  364. 5 stars, Upps


  365. what assholes are you all talking about?

    Isn’t it Hillary’s Birthday today?
    Where is all the uppityville fanfare?

  366. I just got home from work like an hour ago. To shot to do anything but drink a toast to Hillary from a Hillary Rocks glass.

  367. Uppity Woman, on October 26, 2016 at 6:09 PM said:
    Now all they can do is stare. Fuck em.


    Bravo Upps. Let them stare and curse at their monitors. They can keep the drama in their own blog.

  368. As far as Florida goes, I have read that Republicans are not showing up to vote early in places like Duval County. Dems are ahead or even even with Republicans in Duval and Trump needs to run up big margins in places like Duval to win the state. The panhandle and other more Republican places just don’t have the numbers to overcome the metro areas in Florida.

  369. Excellent read. I am so glad that Hillary turned his heart.

  370. Belle, I tweeted Happy Birthday message to Hillary on twitter.

    ❤ ❤ ❤ * * * * * Happy Birthday dear Hillary!!! * * * * * ❤ ❤ ❤

    i i i i
    ( )

  371. Conversation overheard at dinner (in a fairly nice French restaurant). The man said ‘ can you believe this election? I am sure you are all about Donald’; the woman said ‘you will be surprised’ and didn’t say more. The man said ‘we have to choose between a nutcase and a criminal’ and she didn’t say anything. I bet she is voting for Hillary. He was incessantly talking earlier without self awareness and guns figured in the conversation — my hubs said, he is an R which turned out to be right from the later conversation. At least he does not a Trump supporter — thank God for small mercies.

  372. without the rating feature, it may load faster.

  373. Without the rating, I have an uneasy feeling that nobody has or would read my exquisite comment.

  374. To my small mind, the removal of the star rating feature is a bit redundant since I’ve always been “star struck” by the good folks of Uppityville.

  375. I read it pm! I agree wholeheartedly, the fewer that vote tRump the better.

  376. pm317, on October 22, 2016 at 10:02 PM

    Wow, that signature! All those zigzags — it looks like he forgot how to spell and just kept doubling down.

  377. Sorry, I tried to make a cake with frosting…but the spaces went away from the text.

  378. pm

    Apparently, media is now talking about Trump’s rape case going on now with a December hearing set. This article below gives credence to that.

    I read that article and continued on to the one below it on that page.

    Do you know who is involved in the current rape case.

    Rump is beyond a perv and sexual assaultist, he supplied under aged girls to rich older men, for sex.

    Seems those are felonies.

    What he admitted to in those tapes a couple of days ago, was just the tip of the iceberg.

  379. As many of us predicted, MSM making race “very close” again because Trump has not done anything “wrong” the past week. From a few days ago Hillary was winning fairly comfortably to it’s now “up for grabs” per MSM. I am cautiously optimistic but very aware this is not a done deal.

  380. JB

    I hate that this race is going to be anything but a blowout for Hillary.

    I am cautiously optimistic too but I will worry until I see her get the magic number of 270.

    I find it amazing that in a country as large as ours, there seems to be an almost equal division of R’s and D’s. Every year, no matter what happens, the same. What are the odds of that?? Evidently, 100% in America.

  381. pm

    You and everyone on this blog don’t need to worry if I will read your posts or not. I read every post.

  382. I feel the same way shadowfax and you know my history of justifiably being pessimistic. I have not had a happy moment in politics since I last voted for President Clinton!!! There is no way this race should be remotely close. Yet, my own wife, a long time democrat, tells me she is not going to vote as she can’t stand Trump but can’t support the democratic party anymore based on what you have seen me post over the years. I reminded her we spent big $$$ in 08 at the meet and greet for Bill and Hillary and she seemed excited then. I told her Florida is very close and she should vote for Hillary as Trump will have an enormously bad impact on our portfolio and I think she is headed that way. SMH.

  383. Robby spelling it out in no uncertain terms:

  384. JB

    I understand what you are going though. I hope your wife changes her mind and votes for Hillary. Trump is a disgusting human being, especially towards females of all ages, he is not very intelligent when it comes to complex problems and solutions. His temperament is on a hair trigger…or however you say it.

    All those drawbacks make him dangerous as a leader of our country. If your wife doesn’t hate Hillary and think she is a fraud or has killed someone, or will start WWIII, then she has to realize not voting, is helping Trump win.

    We are both angry at the Dem party since 2008, but I refuse to punish Hillary for what happened, and make her go though a loss to this loser.

    I have an older sister that wants to vote for Rump, the only one in my family, and although I love her to death, and know she is a sweet, kind person, I refuse to discuss Trump with her now.

    In my heart, I know Hillary will win. She has the electoral college votes on her side, but Trump is so horrible, the slightest chance he could win scares the crap out of me.

    Thank God I have Upps and her group of Hillary supporters and you to help me deal with it.

    Chin up JB, Hillary will not give up and neither should any of us.

  385. For JB and Shadow and any others who are feeling anxious as we count down the last days until the election…

    I feel you. These next two weeks will seem like the longest of our lives, but know this…

    Hillary will win. Hillary Clinton will be our next President.

    In saying this, I am not being cocky or over-confident – just simply soberly reliant on the numbers. I am, in fact, a very cautious person by nature. But, back in the late summer, when I looked at the numbers – not just nationally but state-by-state – I stated that I sensed a Hillary landslide coming in November.

    Will it be a landslide? It depends on ones definition, I suppose, but I’m sure it will be a DECISIVE victory for Hillary.

    Trump’s numbers in many ways are so HISTORICALLY low that his election is a near impossibility. So (and I know it’s hard!) fret not dear friends, when a “new” poll comes out showing the “race” is tightening.

    It’s not. Hillary has always had a 7%-12% advantage in this contest, and that remains the case today. The only question is: will her win shade closer to the lower number or the higher?

    We shall see. Either way, she WILL win.

    While hoping that the numbers are even higher for our girl, my best guesstimate at the final results…

    Hillary wins the popular vote by at least 5+ million.
    Hillary wins the electoral vote by at least 100 – say, 323-215.

    Of course, I truly hope that my estimates are too low. I want a LANDSLIDE so big that Trump and his Trumpsters feel utterly humiliated and forever forgotten.

    And I want the Senate, too.

    In less than two weeks it will all be over. And after eight long years, all of us Uppitys (yes, real men are Uppity Women, too!) can finally celebrate.

    And celebrate I will. And cry, too. Proudly. 🙂

    Go Hillary!
    Go Blue!

  386. Thanks goofsmom1, shadow (my comment was a bit tongue in cheek and therefore, the hyperbole, 🙂 ). Blog feels naked and plain without the rating feature though I agree with prolix that I viewed all comments equally and top notch.

  387. Fox may fire Megyn Kelly for her transgressions. They should have a new show with Newt, Rudy, Ailes and oh, Trump all hosted by O’Reilly talking about Bill Clinton in the WH. They can make up whatever fantasies they have about BC’s sex life on the new show.

  388. Amanda Carpenter, Liz Mair, Katie Packer, Nicole Wallace, Elise Jordan, MK Hammer are just some of the GoP women you see putting up a fight against Trump but they are Hillary haters too.

  389. I hate to be Debbie Downer, but I think the Senate is getting away from us. Rubio is ahead by 10 pts., Nevada is down, NH and PA are almost tied, as well as North Carolina. I am really concerned about this, because the senate Republicans said they will block any Supreme Court nominees from Clinton. In addition, Chaffetz is gearing up for more investigations against Hillary. He said he has enough material for at least two years of investigations. Obviously, these people care more about their partisan interests, rather than trying to help the American people. Disgusting!!!

  390. Have no fear Birdgal, we have got this.

  391. Revolutionary War Vet, on October 27, 2016 at 4:26 AM

    Loved your comment and thanks for the uplifting perspective.

    Yesterday, CNN was spinning the latest polls, that the election was ‘tightening up’, and they said all the horrible news about Rump didn’t seem to phase the voters, that R’s were starting to “come home”.

    The only really great news was the electoral college, Trump still sucks and Hillary is doing what she did in the primary, going beyond just winning the popular vote.

    I still have ‘ptsd’ from the 2008 primary, remembering her speech when she pulled out of the race and not wanting her to have to face a loss from a perv like Trump.

    Intellectually I believe she will win, emotionally I am stressed out over this election.

  392. Starless, the blog does load faster, which I like.

  393. pm317, on October 27, 2016 at 9:17 AM said:
    Fox may fire Megyn Kelly for her transgressions.

    (Megyn Kelly had a right to rant against Trump, he has publicly degraded her. She has railed against Hillary, so she can lose her job for all I care.)

    They should have a new show with Newt, Rudy, Ailes and oh, Trump all hosted by O’Reilly talking about Bill Clinton in the WH. They can make up whatever fantasies they have about BC’s sex life on the new show.

    (Don’t forget his buddy Hannity and most of the people on FoxNews…)

  394. Well, if Hillary is feeling more upbeat about this election, I should get off the worry train and lighten up too….

    Tampa, Florida (CNN)Hillary Clinton was already in a pretty good mood by the time a gymnasium full of supporters started serenading her with a birthday song Wednesday afternoon.

    In the last 24 hours, Clinton has been offered beer-soaked donuts for breakfast and a bottle of birthday tequila, attended an Adele concert and suggested that the best cure for a divided country was a national dance party. Before boarding her campaign plane earlier in the day, Clinton paused when reporters on the tarmac inquired about her birthday.
    With her arms stretched out in front of her, Clinton, 69, shouted back with a smile: “Great! Great!”
    Less than two weeks out from Election Day, a famously guarded candidate is showing a looser and lighter version of herself — a side of the Democratic nominee that has been largely elusive during a long and contentious campaign.
    Clinton’s sunny disposition over the past few weeks coincides with her growing confidence about her odds against her opponent, Donald Trump. Aides describe to CNN a fresh boost of energy as Clinton heads into the final stretch of the campaign with a lead in the polls and unburdened by the pressure of debates and fundraisers.
    During a taped radio interview with Univision Tuesday morning, the hosts offered Clinton what they described as “donuts dipped in tequila and beer.”
    Early voting numbers show Clinton’s strength in Arizona, other battlegrounds
    She responded, “Can you put a little chocolate dusting on it?”
    Things got more festive later in the day when Clinton sat down for an interview with El Gordo y La Flaca and was offered a plate of cookies and a bottle of tequila for her birthday. Clinton closed the show by doing an awkward half-dance with “El Gordo,” the show’s portly host.
    To cap off a busy day, Clinton made a surprise stop at a sold-out Adele concert — a last-minute decision that her spokeswoman, Jennifer Palmieri, said was Clinton’s “gift for herself” to see one of her favorite artists. Clinton went “wild” when the popular singer told the audience not to vote for Trump, according to another aide.
    “She has been tracking Adele’s tour very closely,” Palmieri told reporters the next day. “Anything I know about Adele — I know from Hillary Clinton.”
    Even as Clinton has exchanged harsh words with her opponent on the campaign trail, she has also been taking in the more upbeat moments of the election.
    Her aides have been keeping her abreast, for example, of the various 2016 spoofs on “Saturday Night Live.” The morning after the first episode of the new season aired, traveling press secretary Nick Merrill described aboard the campaign plane actress Kate McKinnon’s impersonation of Clinton — including McKinnon taking the stage by leaning on a cane, only to roll into a somersault.
    “Oh, that’s good,” Clinton said, clapping her hands.
    And when a man named Ken Bone — with his now-famous red sweater, black-rimmed glasses and earnest demeanor — emerged the surprise sensation at this month’s town hall-style presidential debate co-hosted by CNN’s Anderson Cooper, Clinton was “tickled” by Bone’s revelation the next day that he had ripped his olive suit, aides said.
    Clinton camp wants donors to give resources to Senate majority
    The upbeat mood is in stark contrast to earlier in the campaign, when cheery moments were few and far between. Weighed down by persistent questions about her use of a private email server and a strong primary challenge from Bernie Sanders that was followed by a tight race against Trump, Clinton spent months avoiding her traveling press corps.
    But in recent weeks, Clinton has pulled ahead in national polls and made gains in key battleground states, all as her opponent has been besieged by a string of controversies. When her campaign began to fly reporters on the same plane as the candidate last month, Clinton became more accessible to the press, regularly taking questions.

  395. CNN Poll of Polls: Clinton lead holds steady

    The average of the five most recent national surveys shows Clinton with 47% support and Donald Trump at 41%. Libertarian Gary Johnson has seen his standing drop since last week by 2 percentage points to 5% and Jill Stein of the Green Party earns 2%.
    Undecided? Find your presidential match
    That’s similar to the margin that Clinton led by in CNN’s Poll of Polls last week, when she led Trump 47% to 39%.

  396. I have been incredibly tied up with work lately and have not been paying attention to the state of the “race.” This morning I turned on CNN and caught that odious Carl Bernstein speaking. I’m not saying anything other than that, because the more he speaks, the more clueless he sounds.

    Unfortunately, I do believe Rubio will beat Murphy. But I also believe Clinton will take Florida. I believe that she already has wrapped up Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach and the I-4 corridor. She will rack up large margins in those areas and that should offset northern Florida. But the problem with Murphy is that Rubio is a known quantity in South Florida and will win due to name recognition alone.

    I do not believe the polls recently for Florida since I believe they do not accurately poll Hispanics.

    I’m not going to comment on Trump or any of his surrogates or supporters cuz they do not live in reality. I will not argue facts with any of them since they make them up as they go along.

    Here’s my prediction: Hillary Clinton will win Big Time! and Trump will slink away to Trump Tower and start an alt right channel.

  397. Official “Pantsuit Power” NC flash mob video:

  398. For Palm Beach and Broward Counties “souls to the polls” occurs on Sundays during early voting. So, early voting should be picking up for the Dems over the weekend. Early voting started on Monday, October 24, 2016. I know my husband and I are planning on voting this weekend. I expect a line. I will advise what we find.

  399. If anyone had any doubt as to how odious the Republicans are in their entirety, their latest statements go even beyond their usual levels of repulsiveness. The House leaders vow to immediately start multiple investigations of Hillary; there is already a push to impeach her prospectively, whatever that means. The Senate Republicans vow to block any judicial appointments she makes. In oher words, it’s “we run the country; and if you elect a Democratic President, we will simply make it impossible for him or her to govern. So you had better vote for us, every single time.”

    They don’t even pretend to be trying to work together or compromise any longer. It’s elect us, or we’ll burn it down. I don’t know how this trend among Republicans gets stopped. The thing that really bothers me is that the Democrats in general have trouble convincing or explaining to people why Republican philosophies are so dengerous and destructive. I think that it is going to be difficult to win the Senate; the Republcians are pouring in another $25 million of “dark money” toward the Senate campaigns. People like Ayotte, Toomey and Burr should be soundly defeated simply on the merits of their policies, but they may all win, which would make it so difficult for Hillary to get anything done. There is obviously no “progressive wave,” there is not the realization by the populace that the Republicans’ relentless pursuit of massive tax cuts for the wealthy, removal of all health regulations, and complete inaction on climate change, is horrendous. We’re watching the an assault on the entire fabric of our democracy, by a group of facists, Nazis, and plutocrats and their lackeys who put up with them if it will help them rob every natural resource and put every taxpayer dollar in their pockets, before they leave the burned up country and go to other ground.

  400. Cheryl Crow is petitioning the two parties demanding they shorten the presidential election cycle. who isn’t sick of two years of this shit?

  401. Shadow, Hillary is in a happy mood because I know she does some very extensive polling herself.

    Glad to know the blog loads faster, an added reward for sticking it in the nose of people who come from somewhere else to secretly read what we are saying

  402. flvoter, Carl Bernstein seems determined to live down to his ex-wife’s scathing description of him in her book, “Heartburn”. The high point of his career was Watergate. He’s been fueled by ego and misogyny ever since.

  403. Q pac aint normally friendly to HRC but this….BOOM

    New Quinnipiac polls:
    Clinton+4 in NC
    Trump+1 in GA
    Clinton+12 in VA
    Tie in Iowa

    Quinnipiac polls in the two way race:
    Clinton+6 in NC
    Clinton+13 in VA
    Tie in GA
    Trump+1 in Iowa

    Among likely voters who cast early ballots:

    North Carolina:
    Clinton 62 (+28)
    Trump 34

    Clinton 61 (+34)
    Trump 27

    Georgia @QuinnipiacPoll,
    Among Early Voters:

    Clinton 48 (+6)
    Trump 42

  404. William, I am really worried about the Republicans and their plans to continue with the obstruction and destruction of our democracy. It is very frightening that they have this much power and people don’t realize the dangers ahead of us. They are acting like facists and people think the Democrats are taking away their freedoms. It is the Republican party.

  405. Hillary and Michelle today in NC..starts at the 41:30 mark:

  406. Birdgal, I think the Republicans are now embloldened enough to try to never have the swing Supreme Court seat filled by a Democrat. McConnell said “let the people decide,” but that was just self-serving nonsense. If Hillary wins, they are intending to block any appointment. I really think they intend to wait until 2020 to try to get the seat filled by a Republican. Unless they pay a voting price for this blatant refusal to do their jobs, they’ll keep doing this. We need 51 Senate seats, so that we control the Senate Judiciary Committee, forcing the nominations to the floor.

    On a more positive note,Hillary and Michelle were great together in North Carolina, and I hope they can do another one or two of thes in Florida and Ohio.

  407. Can Obama appoint Garland during the lame duck session or break?

  408. Yes he could appoint Garland, but it is not a permanent appointment. He probably won’t do that because they Hillary would feel obligated to re-appoint him. I’m sure they’ve discussed it, though.

    Look, no sense of chewing our nails here. This election ends with the Electoral College. On the map, all Hillary has to do is win all the states she’s securely ahead in. Trump has to win EVERY state he is already well ahead in plus ALL of the swing states. He is the one trying to piss up a rope, not her.

  409. Moon can I have a link to the Quinnipiac poll?

  410. Without the rating, I have an uneasy feeling that nobody has or would read my exquisite comment.

    That makes two of us. Exquisite, I tell you!

  411. Rev Vet! Every time you show up, you remind me of why I adore you!

  412. Cilliza, that birdbrain, tweeted earlier that this week has been “a house of horrors for Hillary”. Huh? What is he even talking about? He also tweeted that new ABC tracking poll has her up by 16! Horrors!

  413. Hillary Clinton’s millennial surge has arrived

    One short month ago, millennial voters were severely complicating Hillary Clinton’s path to the presidency. This liberal-leaning but highly nonpartisan demographic didn’t like Clinton and was flirting heavily with going third-party. Her lead among them was negligible — only two points in one poll. It was a big liability.

    That was a month ago.

    Today, in fact, Clinton looks like she might even outperform President Obama among young voters. And it’s a big reason she’s grabbed a lead in the polls.

    A new poll of 18-to-29-year olds from the Harvard Institute of Politics shows Clinton leading Donald Trump by 28 points among young likely voters in a four-way matchup that includes Gary Johnson and Jill Stein, 49 percent to 21 percent. That 28-point margin is notably bigger than Obama’s 23-point margin in 2012, when he beat Mitt Romney 60-37 among this group.

    And there’s evidence that Clinton’s lead could grow from there. Libertarian Gary Johnson takes 13 percent of likely voters, and Green Party nominee Jill Stein takes 6 percent — both down from where they were previously. And it’s likely they’ll drop further as young voters confront a choice between a protest vote and picking between Clinton and Trump (third-party candidates almost always see their vote share drop off at the end. That’s happening to Johnson right now).

  414. Uppity Woman, on October 27, 2016 at 2:31 PM




  415. I love that Pantsuit Power flash mob.

  416. He has some filthy little paws….

    Another one…Ex-Miss Finland: Trump groped me

    The 2006 Miss Finland says Donald Trump groped her the same year she won the beauty pageant, according to a new report.

    Ninni Laaksonen, now 30, is the 12th woman to recently accuse the GOP presidential nominee of sexual misconduct before Election Day, The Telegraph said Thursday.

    The Telegraph reported that Laaksonen’s remarks first appeared in Ilta-Sanomat, her local Finnish newspaper.
    Laaksonen said the incident occurred in New York City before she appeared on CBS’s “The Late Show with David Letterman” in July 2006.

    Trump was appearing on the program, she said, with her and three other Miss Finland contestants.

    “Before the show, we were photographed outside the building,” she said of her encounter with Trump.

    “Trump stood right next to me and suddenly he squeezed my butt. He really grabbed my butt. I don’t think anybody saw it, but I flinched and thought, ‘What is happening?’”

    Laaksonen said another unsettling moment occurred while she attended some house parties with other contestants the same year.

    “Somebody told me that Trump liked me because I looked like Melania when she was younger,” she said, referencing Donald Trump’s wife, whom he married in 2005. “It left me disgusted.”

  417. Beloved Blog Mistress, we need a new post-even just the word
    “BOO” in scary, melting letters.
    My computer timed out three times trying to load all the comments.
    Sweet Sue

  418. Massive!!

    MD Early Voting Day 1 as of 4:44pm: 92,562 voters have checked in statewide and still more later.

    Crushed 2012 general day 1 total: 78,409.

  419. I am getting nervous her in Florida…Also Nate Silver has is back down to 82.2% to 17.7%. I knew the media would attempt to narrow the gap and make this as painful for Hillary and her supporters as possible.

  420. He gets more and more Putinesque by the day……

    Trump: ‘We should just cancel the election and just give it to Trump’

    Donald Trump suggested canceling the election Thursday and granting himself the presidency.
    “What a difference. You know, what a difference this is,” Trump said during a rally in Toledo, Ohio, after comparing his tax plan with Hillary Clinton’s.

    “And just thinking to myself right now, we should just cancel the election and just give it to Trump, right? What are we even having it for? What are we having it for?” he asked. “Her policies are so bad. Boy, do we have a big difference.”

    Read more:

  421. Interesting….

    NRCC cancels remaining TV ad reservations in nh01

    Guessing Frank Guinta is toast…..

  422. Breaking : Wow, what a brilliant place of criminals…..

    Trump U staff included drug trafficker, child molester, financial disasters, felonists…..

    Half the 68 former faculty and staff identified by AP had personal bankruptcies, foreclosures, credit card defaults, tax liens or other indicators of significant money troubles prior to teaching Trump University courses promoting “wealth building” and “how to invest like a billionaire,” according to AP’s review. Many of those hired to teach did not have college degrees and were not licensed to broker real estate.

    At least four had felony convictions.

    They include Ron P. Broussard Jr., who was hired to the Trump University staff in 2007 after years serving as a motivational speaker at get-rich-quick seminars taught in hotel conference rooms.

    Though he has never been licensed as a real estate agent or broker, Broussard is listed as “staff” or “coordinator” for at least five Trump seminars titled “Fast Track to Foreclosure.”

    Records show the former Army sergeant was convicted at court-martial in 1994 of sodomy and indecent acts with a child. He then served five years in the military prison at Leavenworth, Kansas.

    Broussard, who now lives in Duluth, Georgia, is a registered sex offender. He told AP that his conviction involved the 8-year-old daughter of a fellow soldier.

    “Those were trumped-up charges,” said Broussard, 48. “She said that I fondled her and was trying to have relations with her.”

    He declined to answer further questions, citing a non-disclosure agreement he signed with Trump University.

  423. Clinton has $160 million to spend from now til Nov 8th, massive war chest, biggest ever in last stretch, she is going to blitz his ass.

    Her operatives expect her to use it to blanket the battleground states with both organizers and a heavy dose of anti-Donald Trump ads.
    In-state Democratic operatives are planning for a significant tranche of the money — coming from the $150 million Clinton’s campaign and associated accounts had in the bank to start October — to be added to the previously announced $80 million television investment her team previewed at the start of this final phase, on top of other paid media and a heavily-funded get-out-the-vote push.
    Story Continued Below

    And while Brooklyn hasn’t made any official announcement or alerted her swing state operatives about final spending plans, Clinton’s finance team led by Dennis Cheng told donors the resources will go to paid media, organizers and voter registration.
    Now, in the states where the election will be decided — Florida, North Carolina, Ohio, and Pennsylvania in particular — Democrats’ active preparations for that influx have already started.
    “We’ve kind of turned a corner. Everything is fever pitch, because now vote-by-mail ballots, I think over two million, land in mailboxes, so every day is Election Day,” explained Florida Rep. Kathy Castor of Tampa, outlining a charged landscape that’s reflected in the other top-tier battlegrounds. “And that will ratchet up [further] when early voting starts.”
    A last-second ad and organizing blitz is hardly unusual in campaigns, but the size and intensity of Clinton’s could feel like none before due both to the resource imbalance between her campaign and Trump’s, and her team’s insistence on stockpiling highly coveted political funds until now, even as it’s raised less than Barack Obama’s 2012 operation.

    Read more:
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  424. Well, Guinta goes down and that’s one less Republican in the house. There probably are more of them but we just don’t know at this point. We are rocking the vote down here in GA with record numbers of people voting and turnout is expected to be around 80%. Every county in Texas has voted blue so far. we’ll see if that holds.
    It looks like Rubio might be going down as he apparently was a disaster in the debate and DSCC has gone back into Florida.

  425. One for my darling Shadowfax…….

    Trump is going to be slaughtered in California….

    Benchmark updated their California map today and it’s all good news for those of us on Team Blue! They project Hillary at +26.9% statewide and I think that estimate may be low.

    The big news from them today is that Orange County, home to 3 million people and the center of the Republican Party in California, has flipped blue for the first time. For comparison, Romney won Orange County in 2012 with 51.9% to Obama’s 45.6%.

    Now here’s where the fun begins. Hillary leads in Los Angeles County (10 million people) by 46%. She could possibly win the county by 50 points (something like 73-23-4 other). Even with that outcome, LA County probably won’t be Hillary’s largest margin in the state. For that honor, she will need to head to the San Francisco Bay area. Here are the current projections for her in some of those counties:

    Alameda (Oakland): +64%
    Contra Costa: +41%
    Marin: +58%
    Santa Clara (San Jose): +46%
    San Francisco: +74%
    San Mateo: +52%
    Sonoma: +52%

    The race may be tight in some states but California is going to be an epic blowout for Hillary on November 8. There might even be several Republican held House seats like Issa’s which flip if those margins are maintained or increased.

  426. The GOP is a pothole–the size of the Grand Canyon–in the highway of our country’s progress. 😡

  427. new thread anyone?

  428. If we don’t get a Senate majority, all that President Hillary Clinton will be able to do is fight a holding action, blocking the worst.

    That is important, but we need a Senate majority to abolish the filibuster rule and get judges appointed from the Supreme Court on down, not only to address the worsening shortage of judges, but to get all those voter-suppression and gerrymandering laws declared unconstitutional, so that those regional artificial majorities of Les Deplorables can be undone.

  429. ROFL

  430. Did anyone hear Gary Johnson is dropping out?

  431. Moon

    The race may be tight in some states but California is going to be an epic blowout for Hillary on November 8. There might even be several Republican held House seats like Issa’s which flip if those margins are maintained or increased.


    California, [cough, Bay Area rules, cough, cough] is going to blow the lid off of that grass roof!!!

    It sucks that my state is almost last to vote and if it were more up front, we could bury Buttface before the sun went down.

    Thanks ((Moon)) 😉

  432. The rumor is that Johnson’s running mate, former Massachusetts governor Bill Weld, is dropping out.

    Johnson denies this.

  433. Maddow had the NBC reporter who was on Pence’s plane that skidded off the runway. He said this was not the first time that plane had landing trouble and most of the time it was hard landing. Maddow rightly brought up the history of the previous pilot who was found to be a felon or something and he was fired (?) and replaced. Who is this new pilot? My guess and suspicion is it is some Trump crony who is trying to make a quick buck off the campaign. The head scammer Trump is hiring little cons who he owes a favor (I suspect) to get them to make money off this campaign. As it happens with Trump always, these are not the best qualified people. If I were Pence, I would start asking questions.

  434. Moon, We love Hillary in CA!! I’m in Solano County and I’m sure the margin here is also high. It was high for Hillary during the primary. Trump may win in some of the more rural counties, but CA is true blue .

  435. ICYMI… and from uppity’s twitter TL

  436. MUST READ! NO KIDDING. It deconstructs the emails regarding TESCO/WJC and Chelsea. Outstanding job this man did. You will see the truth with the emails as proof.

    If you don’t read this, I honestly don’t know why we are here!

  437. I will put this in a post. It must be recorded for posterity.

  438. Upps


    Good find.

    Do you think these two were using Bill just to hustle money for Teneo’s new ‘company’, or to build a case against CGI and the Clinton’s for the Rethugs to use to stop Hillary if she ran for President?

    Who are these two snakes and what was their real purpose…

  439. Shadow, from what I have read and heard from talking heads, Band was with Bill for decades, going back possibly to his presidency. He’s kind of like Bill’s body man. It seems that he was so successful at the pursuit of CGI donations, he was also recruited to acquire speaking engagements for Bill. Of course, one can argue that any contracts Teneo got also benefited Band financially, so I can’t speak for that. So he found a great way to acquire speaking contracts, etc for Bill. The rest is obvious. But as you can see according to the deconstruction, it was Chelsea who flagged how he was doing what he was doing. The quotes indicate her father didn’t know. And he severed with Band upon being told. This is where Band called her a Spoiled Brat. Band quit his position. So, fill in the blanks. I do not believe he as any kind of mole deliberately hurting Bill. I just think he got stupid. Now the Trump argument says Bill was part and parcel to the whole game. But the emails indicate otherwise. Surely nobody in his or her right mind would think Chelsea would have stuck it to her own father once she found out.

    The author also points out that bill was a private citizen at the time and certainly did not break any laws. Neither did band for that matter, it just is rather unethical. But I don’t see where he was there to deliberately hurt Bill considering their history.

    You noted, I’m sure, that Hillary is never mentioned as involved in any way from the State Dept.

  440. Gawd, imust, that story is a ten tissue read!

  441. On this day in 1915 up to 50,000 women marched down Fifth Avenue in New York to demand the right to vote.
    Imagine a video of this!
    The black dressed women walk along, and then toward the end of their line, others come in, dressed for later decades, and then it gets to now.
    Then it starts over with the black dressed ones….

  442. Thanks Upps for ‘slanin’ further.

  443. 1950 Dem, I thought at the end of your story that Hillary would appear in all white as she sheds broken glass off her shoulders. 😉

    I would love it if Hillary wears all white, dressed like a suffragette when she wins. Dump the pantsuit for one time. It would be epic.

    I am still trying to find clothing of a suffragette for that night, for a watch party with lots of friends. It’s really difficult finding clothes like that at this short notice. I might end up looking like the hippy version. 😉

  444. Make do with a pants suit?

  445. 1950 Dem, not a pantsuit fan…I might just deck out in a Hillary t-shirt and buttons if the outfit I gather is too weird looking.

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