The Last Thing She Did…

Was vote for Hillary Clinton for President. 

“How did Hillary do?” Mama asked me on Monday, 15 days before the election.

At 94, bedridden in my home in Raleigh, North Carolina, Mama was going down quickly. Her heart was beating irregularly; just days before, she had lost the ability to walk. When she turned away her favorite strawberry rhubarb pie, I knew it was only a matter of time.

Mama’s absentee ballot had finally arrived that morning. It was a moment she had been living for since she was a girl: the chance to elect our first female president. She cast her ballot; I sealed it and drove it to the post office. But even by the time I came back, she was slipping in and out of consciousness, confused, and thinking the election had already happened.

Get your tissues ready Uppityites and read the rest of this article…you’ll be glad you did.


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  1. Ohhh…I’m almost afraid to read it. 😢 😢

  2. Sigh and sniff. I hope she’ll be able to see the victory from wherever she is.

  3. I’m sure she will Fredster, I’m sure she will…

  4. Imust, I put a link to this over at TW.

  5. Great Fredster, and yes indeed Ivory Bill!

  6. Bill Clinton made a surprise appearance at a GOTV concert in Pittsburgh tonight. Crowd went nuts!

  7. Blubbering like a baby here….We mustn’t let her down.

  8. We mustn’t let any of our mama’s down!

  9. My mother would have scrambled to early vote for Hillary. She ran a male-dominated business when there was no such thing as “woman’s lib”. She said fuck it, I don’t care, and you WILL respect me. She grew me up knowing I could do ANYTHING I wanted to do, but that integrity should always be Number One. Curiosity and a willingness to Learn was Number Two.
    I made her proud a few times. At least I did that. It’s the least you could do for your coach! But I grew up in a matriarchy with an AWESOME mother and a father made of pure gold.

    Got my rapier wit from my parents too. We laughed a lot in my home. Sometimes, we were impish too.

    Lucky girl I was.

    Congratulations, you know more about me now than you learned in 8 years. lol.

    My mother and father would definitely have voted for Hillary. I would have been staying up on this upcoming election night with them for sure. There would be wine. And pizza.


  10. Why we need to vote blue entire ticket…because of this

    and this

  11. I would give anything to say my parents would have voted for Hillary. Unfortunately, they would have voted for Trump, I’m quite sure. In many ways they were good parents, but when it came to politics they were nuts. They considered all Democrats evil, especially the Clintons. Needless to say, they were not happy with my political beliefs and took pleasure in needling me about it. This election has been hard enough. It’s a relief they’re not here to ruin it for me. And they would! Those of you who had or have politically enlightened parents don’t know how fortunate you are.

  12. imust, what a tear jerker! So glad she got to vote.

  13. Upps, your Mom was amazing! I bet you made her proud a lot!

  14. I’m with you Brassy. I have more in common with my cousins and aunt in Minnesota than I have with my family that lives in the south. Already threats have started from the family members in SC over the election. I guess most Republicans are just big children who are going to throw a temper tantrum if they don’t get their way.

  15. Grab the tissues

  16. The Last Thing She Did…

    What a wonderful story Upps and I am so happy that her daughter told her that Hillary had made it, before her mom slipped away.

    I can totally identify with her mom’s feminist point of view.

  17. Voting
    Crowd went nuts!

    People either love or hate Bill and Hillary, so the media says.

    I am in the ❤ love ❤ Hillary ❤ and Bill ❤ category.

  18. imust, thanks for posting that wonderful essay.
    So many of us can relate; I know my sainted Mother (I’m Irish, can you tell?) will be cheering when Hillary is declared the winner.
    Thank you, too, for the new thread.

  19. Brassy

    My Dad was a Dem and Mom was a Rethug. I am pretty sure they would have both voted for Hillary. My mother would have been disgusted at Trump’s horrible way he has treated women, his lies and filthy mouth.

    I can’t say my mom was a feminist since she battled with me, (and these were the worst fights we ever had), when I insisted on going to college, and working to pay my own way.

    She said that women that are too smart will never find a good husband. I always said that I could live with that, I didn’t want a stupid man for a husband anyway.

  20. Thank you imust for the new thread.
    And specially for a more insightful theme, away from all the “deplorable media crap”.

  21. Strangely enough, I actually had a dream last night about Hillary somehow showing up at a very small gathering in a bookstore-type environ where I was, and then my parents showing up there as well. And I hadn’t read the story above, but had seen the headline here.

    My parents were both very committed and politically active Democrats. We lived in a very conservative suburb, but they and a few friends worked hard tor Democrats up and down the ballot, though all the local candidates always lost. I am certain that they would have both been strongly for Hillary; and they also would have been about as upset as I have been at the horrible media coverage, and the made-up scandals. They had whole mental lists of media people whom they hated; as well as movie people who had either not stood up against the McCarthy witch hunts, or who were villains who named names; and whose films they would then scrupulously avoid. Among many other things, I do miss the political discussions we always had, in and out of election seasons. Most of the time, we had to deal with election losses; but we were excited about Bill Clinton’s election and policies; and we would have been very excited about Hillary’s campaign, and nervous about the Senate races. They both had an excellent grasp of both political matters, and the implications of governmental policies. And they would sit up almost all night watching the election returns come in, and discussing the implications.

  22. Sorry imust, I thought the article uptop was posted by Upps. Thank you.

  23. A very nice video at the NYT: When Hillary Rodham took to the road.

    I do not know how to snatch it, may be some of our techies…

  24. Imust, thank you for that very touching and inspiring account of your mom’s passing. May she rest in peace.

  25. imust:
    Is the story about your mom’s passing?

  26. There are some very evil people in this country, and some of them are in the FBI. And they have been trying to destroy Hillary’s candidacy from the day she announced. And Comey is a partisan, Hillary-hating hack, who never should have never been appointed to his position by President Obama, who always wanted to compromise with the Right Wing in his appointments.

    There are so many right-wing people in various positions of this government, that it would take an all-out purge to eliminate them. But Democrats don’t do purges, even legal ones. If it were not that the fate of the planet hangs in the balance, I would almost throw up my hands, and say, let the far Right take over the country, destroy the economy, turn this into some nightmare version of “Mad Max,” with militia going around with assault rifles and terrorizing the populace in the name of white supremacy. But we can’t possibly just let that happen. We are dealing with a literal or veritable conspiracy of evil which runs through Congress, the media, FBI, CIA, everywhere. Their only goal is to put the Far Right in permanent power in this country. Or maybe a few of them don’t realize what that would mean, and are just stupid and cowardly dupes of the Far Right. It comes out to about the same thing, in the end. Heavily armed Far Right nationalists somehow are acquitted in Oregon; despicable crooks steal around $300 million from naive mostly older people in a fake IRS scam; and the FBI endlessly pores over Hillary’s emails, when they did not care one single whit about any of the private servers that 95% of the Bush Administration officials used, nor the more than 20 million emails that were deleted by them before they left office. They are not serving the people, they are serving their right-wing masters and confidantes.

  27. Thank you, imust, Uppity, Brassy and William, and everyone for sharing these stories. I cried after reading, too. I thought of how my parents would support Hillary, too, if they were here.

    Hate to be the bearer of concerning news, but what the heck is this about from Comey to Congress about another investigation into Hillary’s Emails?

  28. I think Comey is trying to suppress voter turnout for Hillary by reopening the email controversy. Things were going too well for her, so they have to sully her reputation even more. Talk about harassment.

  29. Sounds plausible to me, Birdgal. William, had you just read the latest from Comey, too?

  30. Anyone have any positive polling info? They are saying Trump is picking up some of Johnson’s supporters.

  31. CBSN had a source that said the case is not related to Hillary Clinton, but perhaps her server. Confusing.

  32. I don’t know what the Republicans in Congress have on Comey, but he caved to that slack jawed, little twerp,Jason Chaffetz and his ilk.
    This is such a blatant and bald attempt to influence the election, that I have to believe it will backfire; However, these witch hunts will continue during all of Clinton’s administration.
    What can we do, other than continue to vote for Democrats?
    Are there any honest people left in the FBI?
    Are they all content to be used as the enforcement wing of the Republican Party?

  33. Nope, Apparently, this has nothing to do with Hillary, her emails, clinton foundation emails, in fact not even connected to Hillary at all….

    This is going to blow up in Chaffetz’s face.

  34. Hello All. I rarely post but I did enjoy joyously or angrily choosing a star and having my say. Please put them back. I am sure many others miss them as well. Thank you.

  35. There you go, Hillary should slap the media hard.

    NBC’s Pete Williams: Sr. officials say—During separate investigation “a device” led to add’l emails–not from Clinton.

  36. There is no “reopening ” This is from Chaffetz, the little fucking weasel.

  37. This is from Chaffetz, the little fucking weasel.


  38. Honestly, is that fucking it…all this over this.

    Details of FBI: They found 3 emails that “might” be relevant to the case. None of them were withheld by Clinton and nothing to do with her.

    Comey, you should be fired immediately.

  39. This is from Chaffetz, the little fucking weasel.
    Ditto. DITTO

  40. AP BREAKING: US official: Newly discovered emails related to Clinton investigation did not come from her private server.

    This is the biggest pile of partisan horsecrap ever…..

  41. Aha! With the “weasel” as the source, is that connected to Chaffetz reversal on endorsing, un-endorsing, then re-endorsing Trump?

  42. Major egg on faces….They all look like asses and backtracking like hell.

    Emails are not from Hillary per NBC

    …but let media and Trump run with it.

  43. jb

    Real Clear Politics
    Clinton +0.7

    Trump +1.1

    Clinton +5.0

    New Hampshire
    Clinton +6.5

    North Carolina
    Clinton +2.4

    Trump +1.4

    Clinton +2.0

    Clinton +6.0

    Clinton +6.7

    Clinton +6.2

    Clinton +8.0

    Trump +2.8

    Clinton +5.2

    Clinton +1.5

  44. Well that takedown of Clinton got debunked and flatten within an hour….they look like total assholes.

  45. No matter what, I just want to scream at somebody.

  46. Virginia, your comment landed in moderation as do all first-time commenters. Your complaint is taken. However, regular frequent participating members found the tool of self-professed enemies annoying and that’s why I ended the problem. I’m sorry for the inconvenience to you.

  47. Really, is that fucking it…

  48. Amen

  49. How did the weener get into this crock of shit?

    Maybe Trump’s full tax reports are on there too…

    Maybe the Rethugs are as incompetent as their boy? They are as corrupt, we already know that.

  50. I knew this would be a great big crock of hyped shit……

    and Wolf Blitzer…you need to go.

  51. moononpluto, on October 28, 2016 at 3:04 PM said:

    Major egg on faces….They all look like asses and backtracking like hell.

    Emails are not from Hillary per NBC

    …but let media and Trump run with it.

    Moon I believe this was done on purpose.

  52. So I drop my sister’s two grandsons to her house and her husband is home. First thing he says is, “Have you heard about Hillary”? I said, “what’? He said with glee, “The FBI has reopened the email case.” I said, “I have already voted for her” and starting walking out as he continued to talk and saying he is for Trump. My blood pressure shot up. I am so sick and tired of this.

  53. And I hope those Georgia numbers get higher for our Hillary. I am in Georgia and all I see are Trump signs. I did see a Hillary bumper sticker on a car at the vet this morning. I almost fell out.

  54. (CNN)If Donald Trump were to honor his pledge to spend $100 million of his own money on his campaign, he would have to invest and spend $44 million at breakneck speed.

    And even then, Republicans warn, it would not do much good.
    Trump, the billionaire businessman whose outsider appeal was bolstered by his seeming ability and desire to self-fund his campaign, only gave $31,000 to his effort over the first three weeks of October.
    Friday, he wired $10 million more into his presidential bid, a campaign aide said, but told Fox News that he could no longer guarantee a $100 million total.

  55. WLM, Seem as though we all have a family member that is following the Trump cult.

    I feel your pain.
    Good, you just turned your back on him, there are no words…

  56. Thanks, Shadowfax. Seem like there are bunches of Trumpsters in my area, but I am still hoping the State goes for Hillary.

  57. Yeah, the Trumpies are going to get all excited for about five minutes and then they are going to crash. Hillary supposedly has two oppo bombs left to drop. Maybe they will drop now. Chaffetz deserves to eat dirt for lying like he has been. Comey must have ties to Putin the way he is acting.

  58. WLM, there are many of us here in GA for Hillary but we are quiet because we don’t want the harassment. The Trump supporters are loud and stupid and signs mean nothing in terms of people who vote. In fact no one in my neighborhood has a political sign at all. I’m guessing that bodes ill for the GOP because usually there are at least a few GOP signs but this year none.

  59. This e-mail story is all over the news. Doesn’t look like it is going away.

  60. I think she should address this head on and not ignore it. Comey is clearly pulling the so called October surprise and it is outrageous. Hillary and or her campaign need to call for immediate disclosure and transparency of these
    emails so it is clear it has mo bearing on his prior witch-hunt which showed Hillary was 100% clear. I am furious that our election is being f– with .

  61. She has gone on the offensive about this story and is on Comey’s case to come clean. Comey seriously must have ties to white nationalists or Putin or something to want Trump to win the election. I’m serious here.

  62. So, they were investigating Weiner’s laptop and came across e-mails from Huma to Clinton and her personal e-mail server. Doubt if there is classified information in those e-mails. Creates a lot of drama to speculate.

  63. We all know this, so it really doesn’t need to be said; but it’s hard not to vent about it. First, how do Weiner’s emails “connect” to Hillary’s “case?” Not in any conceivable way; but, boy, it maks for great headlines for the anti-Hillary forces. Second, the media is constantly played by the Far Right, who know that they are like hungry animals who will grab at anything and run with it. So somehow our side has to “defend” what is actually absolutely nothing. But of coruse that is not the point; because at least some damage is done. Media says, “emails, “Hillary,” “emails,” “FBI,” “looks very serious,” ::”What can it mean? Maybe nothing, but bad optics! Very bad!” And since Comey will never go out and say that it haS nothing at all to do with Hillary, the media can run with it until election day and beyond.

    And you can bet that Trump knew about this, from Chaffetz and maybe some FBI people, because that it is why he was yelling yesterday about how she should go to jail, and he should just be named president. This is all, if not coordinated, leaked back and forth among the members of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy. And as always, Hillary cannot really comment on any of it, because it is some kind of ongoing investigation, plus she didn’t do anything, and these mails have nothing to do with her, but it’s not good to give more credence to the fake smoke.

    Rev War Vet, yes I made that earlier comment righta fter I saw this story, and was outraged by it, and its presence at this point in the campaign. I wish there were some kind of electoral payback for this, but it’s doubtful; and the media never flagellates itself; so of course it becomes safe and self-perpetuating for all the corrupt and hateful people who participate in it.

  64. I want to know why this letter was sent to only 8 GOP congressmen, why were the Dem congressmen left out of it unless it was manufactured and planned.

  65. I am certain that the day after the election, Comey will call a press conference to release the FBI’s findings that the emails were not related to Clinton, that the case has not been re-opened, and that they did affect Clinton’s private email server.

    This is so sick. The Republicans are so desperate to put a despot in office that they will lie, cheat and steal the election away from the first woman to be a nominee from a major party. Just pure Misogyny.

    I hope that this latest stunt completely destroys the Republican Party. Every Republican should be embarrassed and ashamed by this cr@p.

  66. That should be “did not affect Clinton’s private email server.” I am just so pissed off about these lying sacks of Shit!.

  67. Shocking……Relase the Kraken…

    A disturbing video from a 2011 corporate speech shows Donald Trump sexually humiliating a woman in front of thousands of people and going in for what appears to be a nonconsensual kiss, the Huffington Post reports.

    The woman is Jennifer Hawkins, the 2004 Miss Universe winner from Australia. In the video, Trump calls Hawkins onstage to join him after telling the audience his philosophy on using revenge to succeed in business: “Get even with people,” he says. “If they screw you, screw them back 10 times as hard. I really believe that.”

    Trump, it seems, had spent the previous day being angry with Hawkins because he thought she had slighted him by supposedly declining to introduce him at the event in Sydney. Onstage with Trump, Hawkins laughs apologetically and explains that it was a “miscommunication with my management,” and that she “felt really bad.”

    Trump seems to accept this: “When she found out, she got in her car and she got her ass over here, and I love her,” he says. But that doesn’t stop Trump from humiliating her anyway, in a bizarre, unsettling sequence of events.

  68. I think Comey needs to be investigated (and hopefully fired). He is clearly a rethug tool. They probably blackmailed him, or else he is another RWNJ Hillary hater, who pretended to be neutral, but now that the election is so close, decided to smear her again. Obama made a terrible choice with him. Shame on our disgusting media for jumping all over this. I am also disgusted by the fact that the craziest and dumbest freaks in Congress get to demand to have Huma’s phone. Do people that work for politicians have no right to privacy at all? And her husband doesn’t work for Hillary. This entire episode is revolting to the max.

  69. moon, there are probably so many more demented ravings of trump on film and tape! Love the “Release the Kraken!”

  70. flvoter, me too!

  71. Pluto I DO wish you would post links to your quotes.

  72. Flvoter, I’m with you. The GOP is incredibly desperate and I wonder if this stunt doesn’t have more to do with them attempting to motivate their base to show up which has not been showing up than anything else.

  73. How long does it take to review three emails? Ten minutes?

    And let’s say there was classified information (definition of that varies as between State Department and FBI) on one or even three of them. Hillary didn’t send them.

    The odds are immense that there was nothing classified on the emails. And if there were, Huma would be at fault, not Hillary.

    This entire thing, all along, regarding emails, has been an immense manufactured scandal, engineered by the RIght, and vastly abetted by an unconscionably stupid and reckless media. Seriously, it is about nothing, except what they try to pretend it is.

    These Right Wing people are not smart. They have a low and amoral cunning, but they are not intelligent. Thus it is even more amazing that they get away with all of this. Actually, I don’t think that they would have, in the era of Cronkite, who was a real journalist who checked sources and stories before running with them. It takes an environment where you can fill the networks with your own stooges, along with some other dumb people, and babble aboutt inaccurate and misleading fake stories for 24 hours a day.

    However this ends up, at least we see the extent of the forces arrayed against decency, fairness, and factual reality. It may not do us any good, of course. But believing, as some of our Democratic politcians continue to do, that there is a loyal opposition which has respectable goals, is utterly foolhardy and dangerous. I don’t know how many times we need to be shown it. If Hillary wins, I know she wants to do good things, and work with people. But she and her supporters need to realize that there is true evil and corruption pervading our country, and it seems to get worse each year. Pretending that it doesn’t exist, or that it can simply be ignored in hope it will go away, is the wrong approach. We destroy or it less significantly marginalize it, or it destroys the country.

  74. One more link.

    If you bother to read this and the other two links I posted, you will see that this is about that pervert Anthony Weiner and his seized laptop. Huma sent emails to Hillary from it. The FBI is checking those emails to ensure no classified information was involved.

    That. Is. All.

  75. FBI sources are leaking like a sieve all over twitter. Those emails would not have changed one thing. Comey is becoming toast fast.

  76. Ga6thDem, You are right about not wanting to be harassed with Hillary signs. The car I saw was from DeKalb County. I live in Fayette. It was wonderful to see that bumper sticker.

  77. Hillary is giving a press conference. Letter leaked by House members.

  78. William @ 6:49, well said!

  79. Good for Hillary conducting a press conference and making the point she found out about this at the same time the media did. This was leaked by RNC. Comey’s letter is a whole shit-burger of nothing…all conflagulation and not one spec of fact.

    CBS reported the investigation has been re-opened. That is a flat out lie. NOTHING in that letter says the investigation has been reopened.
    After this election, We the People need to figure out some way to hold this damn media of ours ACCOUNTABLE for “reporting” speculation as fact.

  80. socal, Brian Fallon is right. Comey owes a full explanation to Hillary.

  81. He can’t name Anthony Weiner. Weiner’s name was leaked.

  82. Uppity, I’m watching Hardball and they said Weiner’s name was leaked by the House.

  83. I know that. Comey cannot by law discuss Weiner or anything associated with Weiner’s case.

  84. But don’t anybody tell me that FBI can’t resolved this NOW. Go through the emails, declare whether they are classified. Or not. End of story.

  85. It’s time for the Democrats, the honest Legal community, and the sons and daughters of Liberty to go to war against J. Edgar Comey and his string pullers.
    BTW, and I say this with love-I know an Irish drunk when I see one and, IMO, Comey fits the bill.

  86. As I said above to imust, “the deplorable media”…
    we need to bombard them with complaints and stay away from…

  87. Uppity, He needs to speak NOW! I guess this is the October surprise .

  88. Hillary was good, but, next time, she should say “Put up or shut up.”
    Comey has disgraced his office.

  89. All true, but like with Bill, they are try to delegitimize her presidency before it begins…I can see if they still control both houses hearings and special prosecutors lining up…

  90. I just drove home listening to CNN and Hillary’s press conference. I am sick to my stomach. I am angry.

    Hillary said the letter was only sent to Republican House Reps and she was not contacted at all. She said that the facts of what the FBI is investigating needs to put out there so everyone knows what is going on.

    People on CNN were saying the FBI will not disclose the requested information on the investigation in the next 11 days, it takes longer than that. That the emails could just be duplicates of those already given to the FBI by Hillary…but no one will know.

    Hillary is putting on her lawyer’s hat and wanted to get her statement out just before Rump spins his spool of lies.

    I feel like upchucking.

  91. JB

    You’re a lawyer, does Hillary have a legal path to forcing the FBI to disclose to her, what they have in the emails in the next few days and not drag it out?

  92. Shadow, The letter was also sent to democratic members of congress, the Republicans probably leaked it.

  93. Calls are starting to come from everywhere for Comey to resign. Why did he send his letter only to Republicans? Why didn’t he tell the whole truth that it’s about Weiner? He has completely trashed the reputation of the FBI. I mean you would be a fool to cooperate with the FBI after seeing all this go down.

  94. This is why we need control of the Senate and House.

  95. Comey did not have to be vague and ambiguous, casting a cloud of innuendo over Hillary. And he did only send the letter to GOP members heading investigative committees. Hillary and Dem congressional leaders only heard about it when we all did. It’s not supposed to work like that. FBI could easily publicly state what they are leaking–that whatever is in emails doesn’t change the conclusion from back in July that no law was broken.

    They don’t have to discuss the “unrelated case”.

  96. Clinton demands the FBI release ‘full and complete facts’ in email review

    Hillary Clinton on Friday demanded that the FBI release the “full and complete facts” of its review of newly discovered emails related to her private server, calling it “imperative” that the bureau do so.

    “We are 11 days out from perhaps the most important national election of our lifetimes. Voting is already underway in our country. So the American people deserve to get the full and complete facts immediately,” Clinton told reporters during a brief news conference in Iowa.

    She also addressed reports that the FBI’s review is connected to a federal investigation of former Rep. Anthony Weiner’s alleged lewd messages with a teenage girl.

    “We’ve heard these rumors. We don’t know what to believe,” Clinton said. “That is why it is incumbent on the FBI to tell us what they are talking about. Because right now your guess is as good mine, and I don’t think that is good enough.”

    Earlier Friday, FBI Director James Comey notified the chairs of several congressional committees that his agency was reviewing a fresh group of messages, re-injecting the email issue into the presidential campaign and setting off a political frenzy less than two weeks before Election Day.

    “In connection with an unrelated case, the FBI has learned of the existence of emails that appear to be pertinent to this investigation,” Comey wrote.

    But Clinton dismissed the idea that the new review would affect her race against Republican nominee Donald Trump.

    “I think people a long time ago made up their minds about the emails,” she said. “I think that’s factored into what people think and now they’re choosing a president.”

    “I’m confident whatever they are will not change the [FBI] conclusion reached in July,” Clinton said, referring to Comey’s recommendation that the Department of Justice not pursue a criminal case against the former secretary of state or her aides.

    “Therefore it is imperative that the bureau explain this issue in question, whatever it is, without any delay,” Clinton said.

    “Even Director Comey noted this new information may not be significant,” she said, “so let’s get it out.”

  97. Brassy, On Hardball, it was said democratic committee members were also cc’d. Which is correct??

  98. FBI leakers confirming the emails may be duplicates of ones already examined. Sheesh!

  99. Don’t know, Birdgal. Hillary is under the impression the Dems didn’t receive notice in a timely fashion. And she sure didn’t.

  100. Somebody had better find out how long Comey has been holding on to this information, and when he told Republican’s about it, EXACTLY.

    If he knew this days or weeks ago, there would be no excuse for him to hold onto this information until the clock almost ran out before the election, placing unknown suspicion on Hillary as people go to the polls.

    This is the head of the phucking FBI playing dirty tricks on the possible next President of our country. He is helping helping Trump and everyone knows it.

  101. Brassy Rebel, on October 28, 2016 at 8:53 PM said:

    FBI leakers confirming the emails may be duplicates of ones already examined. Sheesh!

    —–Where did you hear this?

  102. State Dept. not given a heads-up either. There are supposed to be procedures followed for something like this.

  103. Hillary HQ twitter feed, Shadow.

  104. Birdgal, Hillary said it in her new conference today that Republican’s in the House were notified, she wasn’t.

  105. Looks like the letter just went to Republicans. I don’t see any democratic names. Anyone else see anything?

    “When the FBI wants to say it is reopening an investigation, it knows perfectly well how to say that. In this case, the investigation was actually never actually closed, so it doesn’t need to be reopened. The relevance of this letter is likely not that explosive new evidence of Clinton criminality has suddenly emerged.

    It is that Comey made a set of representations to Congress that have been complicated by new information, apparently from the Anthony Weiner sexting case. So he’s informing Congress of that fact before the election.

    Comey represented to Congress that the Clinton email investigation was “complete.” But as the letter relates, new emails have now come to the bureau’s attention in that appears relevant to this one. (Weiner’s estranged wife is one Clinton’s top aides.) Comey has okayed a review of that new information to determine whether the emails contain classified material and also whether they are, in fact, relevant. And this fact, renders his prior statement to Congress no longer true.

    The key point here, in other words, is not that he is “reopening” a closed matter investigation because of some bombshell. It is that he is amending his public testimony to Congress that the FBI was done while the bureau examines new material that may or may not have implications for investigative conclusions previously reached.

    Here’s the subtext: Comey and FBI investigated Clinton hard, and when various legal and practical hurdles made it impossible to move forward with any kind of criminal case against her, he stated his view—quite unflattering to her—that her behavior had been “extremely careless” with highly sensitive information.

    He did this in public because he made a decision that Clinton and her team deserved public scrutiny for their acts, because she is a major party candidate for president. This is why he went out of his way—maybe too far—in revealing unfiltered information so that the public had the opportunity to consider it before voting for or against her.

    This summer, in other words, he closed the investigation, stated his reasons, and took arrows both from those who thought he should have gone forward with a case and those who thought he should have said much less than he did.

    And he testified before Congress that he was done.

    The trouble is that now he has learned something which he thinks may complicate his earlier judgments. And he has authorized additional investigative steps to find out. He found out that he is not done. So the question is whether to tell Congress (and the public) or not.

    Even at the risk of helping Trump, Comey has notified Congress (and the world) about it so as to clarify his prior testimony. This allows voters to judge how to consider this before the election—even though he will almost surely not be able to say anything more until after the election. It’s a way of not pretending that the investigation is “complete” when he knows there is some degree of residual issue.

    If you’re inclined to be angry with Comey over this, imagine that he had not said something and it emerged after the election that, having testified that the investigation was complete, he authorized additional investigation of a new trove of emails.

    Comey and the FBI are in a terrible position here, one in which they would be accused of playing politics whatever they ended up doing.

    The interesting question here is whether the FBI’s predicament is Comey’s own fault. It’s certainly not his fault that the email mess fell into his lap and had to be investigated in the year of an election. Nor is it his fault that the the FBI ended up investigating the DNC hack and whatever trouble Weiner has gotten himself into of late. Reasonable minds will differ about whether Comey leaned too far foreward in publicly disclosing information about his thinking on the email case. He can be criticized for having said and disclosed too much and thereby made his problem worse.”

  106. “Ratfucking

    Ratfucking is an American slang term for political sabotage or dirty tricks. It was first brought to public attention by Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein in their book All the President’s Men.
    Ratfucking – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”

    Republicans haven’t changed. Comey needs to be investigated.

  107. Shadow, the FBI has not even looked at the emails. They have no idea. They’ve had the laptop since September 22nd. They could have copies of the emails already because if Huma mailed Hillary at her server. It’s a bunch of nonsense.

  108. On Maddow, looks like there were 2 other pages that listed other committee members that the letter was sent to, including democrats.

  109. How damn long has the FBI had the laptop????????????
    I want to know!

    FBi Investigators got their hands on Huma Abedin’s emails when they searched a laptop that she jointly used with her husband, Anthony Weiner.

    But the FBI will have to go to court to obtain a warrant in order to examine those emails, NBC reported Friday.

    It’s unknown when that warrant will be obtained – and how long it’ll take the FBI to go through thousands of Abedin’s emails if it’s granted.

    Weiner allegedly used the laptop to exchange sexually explicit messages and photos with an underage teen in North Carolina.

    Investigators have been looking into Weiner’s relationship with that 15-year-old girl.

  110. I’m not a constitutional lawyer shadowfax, but my guess is very unlikely with the various privilege and immunity certain Federal officials have. This is blatant partisan leaks of information which in all likelihood has no impact on the former “investigation” of Hillary’s emails. I think the President could call Comey in, but the optics would not look good. Dam frustrating.

  111. Brassy Rebel, on October 28, 2016 at 9:06 PM said:
    Hillary HQ twitter feed, Shadow.


    Thanks Brassy.

    Looks like I finally have a reason to use Twitter again.

  112. Vote the Republican mfers out of office. Democrat up and down ticket all the way. We will get that Jason Chaffetz mfer in 2018.

  113. Thanks Brassy and JB.

    So the FBI has had the laptop for 6 days, but didn’t find it important enough to look at the emails on it yet? Dragging it out until after the election, hoping to make Hillary look as bad as possible before the election.

    What is this, Hitler’s private type of FBI?

    This is horrible on so many phucking levels.

  114. Perhaps the term “ratf^&%ing” should be changed to “rat-raping”, as not even a rat with any self-respect would consent to f^&% a Rethuglican. 😈

  115. Huma is having a horrible year. Her perv husband and possibly taking down the first female President by sharing her computer with her perv husband.

  116. Now if the rat-rapists could find–or invent–some “evidence” that Bill Clinton sexted an underage girl, they might have something, but who’s going to abandon Hillary because of outrage at the misbehavior of Huma Abedin’s weaselly husband? The people who care about this crap are the people who would never vote for Hillary, anyway.

  117. They’ve had the computer since the 22nd of September. So like five weeks they’ve had her computer. I don’t see how she could possibly take Hillary down. The FBI has to get a court order to get Huma’s emails and the FBI is not investigating her. The courts might not approve it since she’s not a target of their investigation. Another reason Comey’s BS is just that BS. And what happens if the FBI can’t get Huma’s email? Comey has to move on. I mean really the guy is completely out there.

  118. At the risk of taken some flack, truthfully, Hillary should distanced herself from Huma Abedin and her bizarre husband a long time ago. I know she has been a trusted friend/advisor/all everything for years, but has been a liability the past couple of years…

  119. Any bets on a Congressional hearing with Comey subpoenaed for..say….next Friday? Just to keep this crap up for next weekend’s news cycle.

  120. Whose side is this Lawrence O’Donnell on? I thought he knew better than to hype this thing but he is totally milking it.

  121. Ga6thDem, on October 28, 2016 at 9:58 PM said:
    They’ve had the computer since the 22nd of September.
    Wow, I forgot this is October…(thanks for correcting me GA6th), that’s long enough for the FBI to know what is going on.

    They wouldn’t even know it might be connected to Hillary unless they had already seen the emails, or at least part of them where Hillary’s name appears somewhere.

  122. Six weeks the FBI has been sitting on this and it was dropped as a bomb 11 days before the election. Yet, they supposedly don’t know details 6 effing weeks later to tell Hillary or the public.

    I am livid.

  123. If Huma was accessing her email account using their computer, wouldn’t those emails have already been reviewed by the FBI? Her emails come from her account stored on the service provider (Yahoo or other, for example), the device she used to access her account has not much to do with it. Don’t tell me they didn’t already investigate all their email accounts. WTF!

  124. More great work by Kurt Eichenwald. More awful work by almost all of the rest of the media, for not doing any research, any sourcing, and just gleefully running with the story. Among the many things we need to fix in this country, is the media; at least have some network or shows where the best journalists are always on to give their insights and knowledge.

    I don’t know how much damage has already been done by this typical media frenzy of ignorance, but some has. One just hopes that Eichenwald’s story gets wide dissemination, and fast. What is that proverb about a lie going halfway around the world before the truth can even travel a mile? Every one of the media people, and there are thousands, who ran with this innuendo, and made it sound like it was the most awful thing, deserves the kind of sleepless nights for the rest of their lives, that we have been having for the last few months. But of course they have no guilt and no shame; and if Trump wins, they will just shrug their shouldes, and say that Hillary deserves it; she should have had more press conferences.

  125. Some more comments…

  126. check this guy out. He was on O’Donnell and said how wrong Comey was to do this at this time.

  127. ha… here is an article from 2015. Why didn’t we hear any of it during the big email ruckus? The media and the so called journalists are the most corrupt and incompetent fuckers.

  128. pm”
    I agree that the media is just a pack of whores!….and that’s an understatement…

  129. I always said MSNBC was no friend of Hillary.

  130. This is what is called “trying to have it both ways”…Comey is done.

  131. Comey’s defense is, “Because I flapped my gums so much back in July, I now have to flap my gums some more just 11 days before the election since some of my original gum flapping proved to be innaccurate.” The only way to remove an FBI Director is for cause or gross incompetence. One way or the other we”ve got a case against Comey. Only have to figure out which.

  132. For some reason, Comey’s letter today reminded me of Alan Simpson questioning Anita Hill and saying, “I’ve got letters hanging out of my pockets….”

    Gives me the same feeling as I had then listening to Simpson.

    From an old NYT article:

    WASHINGTON, Oct. 13— Senator Alan K. Simpson declined today to make public any of the derogatory correspondence he said he had received about Anita F. Hill. He also declined to be more specific about what the material included.

    A lawyer from Tulsa, Okla., whose letter was the only one Mr. Simpson specifically cited, said in an interview today that the Senator seemed to have mischaracterized her letter.

    In his questioning Saturday of Judge Clarence Thomas, Senator Simpson, Republican of Wyoming, said: “I really am getting stuff over the transom about Professor Hill. I’ve got letters hanging out of my pocket. I’ve got faxes. I’ve got statements from her former law professors, statements from people that know her, statements from Tulsa, Okla., saying, ‘Watch out for this woman.’ But nobody’s got the guts to say that because it gets all tangled up in this sexual harassment crap.”

  133. Jeez, imust, I give you five stars for that.
    I’d forgotten about “stuff over the transom!”

  134. The pressure is on Comey to come out and explain himself or resign. Democrats all over the place are livid. They’re so mad they’re marching to the polls to shut this crap down. This email thing is one of the reasons the country is so ticked off right now. This is like a Seinfeld episode about nothing. The only way we’re going to get rid of the GOP and their BS is to vote them all out.

  135. “Stuff over the transom” is a good analogy, imust. Another one is, “I have in my hand a list of 200 (or 50 or 75, pick a number at random) Communists in the State Department.” Wow! May we see that list? “No, you may not!” McCarthyism never dies. It just adapts to the times and morphs into a different form. Emails!

  136. I had not thought of this, but Zenger at suggests that the real reason Comey did this was to force Hillary to concentrate on her own campaign, instead of helping other Democratic candidates, as she had been planning to do. 😡

    The GOP has been purged of all its sane and responsible members. It is degenerating into a white-nationalist fascist party. 👿

    As for the media companies–openly right-wing media companies and “moderate”, “professional” media companies alike–they would make Goebbels and his Communist counterparts weep with envy. 👿

  137. Imust, thanks about reminding us about the “stuff over the transo” comment from Allan Simpson. Last time I saw him on TV this year was related to his family’s love and use of guns.

    I believe Trump and the Republicans in Congress knew about Comey’s letter by Thursday night, because that’s when I heard Jason Caffitz had changed his mind, and was endorsing Trump again. Also, when I heard Kellyann Conway say yesterday “this is not part of any vast Right Wing Conspiracy,” and with subsequent revelations, I have to believe: Bull pucky! The Hell it isn’t!

  138. Lawrence O’Donnell was a surprise last night. He generally has a good group of guests who most often talk sense. Yesterday, his leading line was the presser question to Hillary about ‘have you talked to Huma?’ He went on and on about that and was unsympathetic to what Comey had perpetrated 11 days before the election. Her answer in the presser was perfect. Unless Comey tells us more, it is all rumors. Even if she did talk to Huma, she would not tell you because Comey has not told us about what this clusterfuck is about.

  139. Make that “transom” – sorry for typos; typed on phone. I don’t know if senator’s offices have windows above the door on Capitol Hill.

    Catching “AM Joy” while doing chores, and heard one former DOJ guy ask question how Comeyhandled it, and why they didn’t respond to queries about investigation into Trump and the Russians. Another asked if/why didn’t Comey go to their Public Integrity Section first to get clearance for sharing. What are their standard operating procedures?

    If FBI agents are angry, and calling Comey incompetent, then there may be hope. After all Deep Throat, Mark Felt, was an FBI agent, number two during part of Watergate. Could we have a Comeygate unfolding?).

    Carl Bernstein claiming it’s a bombshell, just because he thinks Comey wouldn’t have come out with it unless there was something to it – since when is he out there, really gumshoe reporting anymore? Most of Joy’s panel really jumped on Carl’s claim, even laughing, to their credit.

  140. This whole FBI mess has made me so pissed off I just made my largest donation to Hillary to date.

  141. I hate that Trump surrogate on AM Joy. He lies and lies despite her scolding. These people should not be given any camera time.

  142. I noted that Hillary did not answer the question about if she talked to Huma. She attributed those stories to “rumors”, and until Comey or someone publicly explains what is going on, that’s all it is–rumors. It’s not up to Hillary to start questioning people to learn the facts. The burden is on the FBI. Hillary is a very smart lawyer not answering that question.

  143. The real culprits are the Republicans who released Comey’s letter to the press i.e. Chaffetz. Comey should have waited until they knew what was in the e-mails. If Eichenwald is correct and Huma transferred state department files to different e-mail accounts, downloaded them and printed them out, she may be in trouble. Did Hillary know about this? Was there classified material? This is making me sick and angry.

  144. Pm, I can’t stand that guy on PM Joy. I had to walk out of the room when he was talking. When Conway is on, I have to mute the television or car radio. Trump surrogates are the worse people.

  145. Correction: AM Joy

  146. Birdgal, about the ‘was there classified material’ question, I don’t think it is not that easy for non-techie people like Huma to move and print stuff that are classified (think of Snowden and others going through hoops to do it). That is just my gut feeling that it is not easy and it should not be that easy. The only question I think they have to look at is if those emails were classified later at some point in the future like it happened with some of Hillary’s emails (I think about 107 out of 30,000 emails?). Huma’s emails may be those same emails or they may be nothing at all. See Matthew Miller’s article on classification. It is all a major clusterfuck. Bush, Rice, Powell, Congress critters and every other mfer have had private accounts and servers and deleted 1000s and even millions of emails.

  147. I don’t think it is not that easy for non-techie people

    Oops! I don’t think it is that easy…{this is what happens when you blindly edit a sentence you wrote earlier}

  148. AM Joy is discussing with O’Donnell what would a Trump presidency look like! Crazy!!

  149. Thanks PM! What a clusterf*ck.

  150. Birdgal and pm317, I feel the same way about the Trump surrogates. I will read the Politco article on classification in a bit.

    Meanwhile, I see C-Span will cover President Bill Clinton campaigning for Hillary in Ohio at 1:30 p.m.. I didn’t see Hillary scheduled for anything yet. Should be interesting to see what WJC has to say about Comey and the DOJ investigation.

  151. If by some chance Trump wins, I fear with the Republicans in charge, the safety net would disappear and Planned Parenthood would be defunded.

    Interesting discussion on Obamacare and why it wouldn’t be dismantled.

  152. The fact that the Republicans are this desperate should all give us pause. There is nothing they won’t do to attempt to win an election and the press will be their stooges. We can lose an entire country if Trump becomes President. Women and POC will be completely stripped of any rights they have in short order. Did you see the stock market collapse when this news broke (the first erroneous story)? A Trump election would also completely collapse the economy in very short order. All the while the media can sit back and be smug in themselves that they “destroyed the evil Hillary”. Too bad the rest of us peons had to suffer they will say in their smug condescending way.

  153. Meanwhile this is what is going on with Trump. He should thank the media and the Clinton campaign for not making much of this.

  154. So many things are broken in our country, that one doubts that they can be fixed or saved. As Ivory Bill noted above, the Republicans have devolved into a party of despicable haters, liars, fact deniers, crooked fake religionists. They have gotten worse every year. They have gotten to the point where they will always choose shutting down or dismantling the government, rather than let the Democrats accomplish anything. They violate the Constitution ever day, they don’t care. They don’t even belong in this country, but there they are.

    Then we have the media, which is somewhat of a cross between a propaganda machine for the Republicans, and a tabloid factory. They don’t do journalism, they do a lot of yelling and screaming; and their only goal is ratings, and/or achieving the ends of the corporate oligarch masters, which is electing Republicans.

    The combination of these of course inevitably leads to what we are seeing. The FBI is run by partisan Republicans, whose masters are the right-wing demons who control Congress. Working together, a letter is sent which of course gets leaked. The FBI director is more afraid of what the right-wing demons might do to him, than about precedent, reasonableness, or affecting the presidential race. The letter says nothing, except that a few more emails were found on an aide’s server. The media immediately does what the FBI and the Republicans wanted, which is to scream hysterically, without having any idea what the non-story was in the first place. There are never any repercussions to any of this. It is purely an exercise in disseminating propaganda; and the media are either the useful idiots who enable the propagandists, or they are in league with them. So how does this ever get fixed or even improved?

    Ultimately, it will be found that the emails were nothing at all; either duplicates, or more of the tens of thousands of emails which showed nothing before, after a year of FBI spending a year on them. Any journalist with an iota of fiarness and sense, would realize that. But no, they run headlines or stories which somehow imagine that these emails, because they were just found, must be incredibly important,, something never before seen; as if this were the last chapter of a mystery story. They are fools and dupes. When they finally figure this out, it may well be too late, and Chaffetz and Comey will be dancing in the end zone with the football. If you have one political party which is bent on an absolute takeover of all aspects of daily life; and a media which can’t or won’t stop them, or even shed light on what they are doing, how do you not ultimately completely lose your democracy? “Breaking News: American Democracy has been replaced by fascism. Who was responsible? Our panel will discuss,after our fascist propaganda commercials. Stay tuned!”

  155. During times of crises like what Comey has transpired, why won’t these TV shows have experts and journalists with integrity on to try to put it all in perspective? Even with the much heralded AM Joy, she has four people with fucking 2-3 minutes per person and it is mostly used up in countering the blatant lies coming from Trump surrogates or time used up in her scolding them to come back to the topic without filibustering. Can’t even talk about CNN 3-3 panel shows. They are like Jerry Springer quality. O’Donnell generally has people in the know and not surrogates but last night was not good. The whole media culture has to change. Revolt!

  156. The media would be perfectly fine with fascism I have decided Because Hillary. They are so infused with CDS they cannot see what they are doing. They are so stupid that they don’t realize that they would be the first ones to be marched up to the guillotine to have their heads chopped off or the first ones to be put in prison.

  157. we can easily guess that the FBI is looking into Trump, Russia, Manafort, Carter, Stone, wikileaks. So why not Comey come out and say this:

  158. why did Jason Chaffetz walk back his big non-endorsement of Trump and stating he would vote for him a day before Comey’s letter? What made Comey send this letter, what does Trump have on him?

  159. I am watching Bill Clinton speak in Ohio on CSPAN. He is great. About as good as ever.

  160. I mentioned a while ago that my hubby works in the financial sector and he is absolutely terrified of a potential Trump presidency. He foresees a complete free-fall of the stock market, especially since foreign investors don’t trust Trump.

    Also, I read earlier this morning that what Comey did was possibly illegal. Something to do with government agencies releasing this kind of info within 60 days of an election. I can’t find the article now. Does anyone else know about this?

  161. William, I caught the last part, listening while in transit. “Amen” to Bill sounding as good as ever. I feel reassured after listening to him. Will go back and watch the entire event.

  162. julies9164, What you read re: Comey’s action possibly being illegal has to do with The Hatch Act. Under prohibited activities: “May not use their official authority or influence to interfere with an election.”

    Roz in NJ/NYC

  163. I have felt sick to my stomach all day today. I need to stay away from the news, but can’t help myself. Lol.

  164. The “story” is, they have possibly found some more emails, although they could be duplicates; and they are apparently not from Hillary at all, or even to Hillary. They’ve probably got thousands of Abedin emails to Hillary from her office, these are a few extra ones, almost certainly about personal things.The media does an absolutely monstrous job of taking nothing, and lading it with innuendo, mystery, and those oh-so-serious expressions on their made-up faces.

    “Oh, this is a very big deal” And how so? “Oh, it could hurt her chances.” You mean, because you keep talking about it as if it is a big deal, when it is not. “Oh, this is a major thing. Very bad” But you haven’t said why. “Well, we don’t know about what is in those emails.” And? “Oh, it could be something very important. We just don’t know!” Then why do you keep talking about it? “Oh, because we LOVE the smoking guns, even if they are not smoking, we LOVE dramatic headlines. We are ghouls who crave flesh, and we don’t care how we get it.Did you not see our commercials?. “This is who we are.'”

  165. Birdgal in 24 hours this story has turned around from being about Hillary (which it never was in the first place) to being about Comey. That being said this act by Comey should be the incentive for Hillary to dump all the rest of the oppo and completely blow up the entire Republican party.

  166. woohoo! I/we voted for the first female president of the US of A! MD/Montogomery County. For all the hefty taxes wepay, it was pretty well organized. Paper ballots and I could not make the circle darker, kept going over it again and again. Joked with the guy standing near the scanner, no hanging chads this time.

  167. julie, my hubs is not a financial guy but he said he watched how the stock market initially reacted (badly) and then came back up and stabilized (once figuring out it was not a big deal). So we have to look for clues like these when the media is full of BS. I think it will be OK but we have to vote and vote hard to kick these GoP mfers out of office.

  168. Liberty Belle, I hope you get to see the entire Bill Clinton speech, it was indeed heartening. Trying to watch a little college football, I missed the coverage of Hillary’s rally in Florida, which I would like to have seen. Apparently she did mention the FBI; probably better to do so than just ignore it. The key is to watch these rallies and quickly turn off the staion before the commentators start/

  169. Where is Hillary today? CNN keeps putting Buttface speeches on the air.

  170. Hillary is in Miami. She’s speaking then Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony will perform.

  171. Had to stop watching Bill Maher. He has the whole thing wrong. Can’t even.

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