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I don’t know about you, but this latest GOP/media/FBI cr@p with the mysterious emails makes me more determined than ever to make sure that Hillary Clinton is sworn in as our 45th president on January 20, 2017!

Time for some good ol’ Hillary inspiration from 2008. We can get through these next 10 days Uppityites, just remember these words:


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  1. Great reminder!

    Hillary is speaking in Daytona Beach now👍. Talking about the FBI Director straight away. “..not just strange, but deeply troubling…”

  2. Peter Dauo says it this way:
    He concludes with this:

    Trump and the GOP are sure to overreach. The jolt of a new round of unhinged attacks against her will further energize her supporters to go to the polls. And if 600 days of relentless email coverage didn’t derail her, 10 more days won’t do it either.

  3. from down below:

    Ga6thDem, on October 29, 2016 at 4:21 PM said:
    Birdgal in 24 hours this story has turned around from being about Hillary (which it never was in the first place) to being about Comey. That being said this act by Comey should be the incentive for Hillary to dump all the rest of the oppo and completely blow up the entire Republican party


    This is true, but Trump and his surrogates sicken me. I agree about unleashing any remaining oppo on the Republican Party and Trump.

  4. IMust, Thank you for the clip. It is still inspiring after 8 years. I wish Hillary would repeat those words to her supporters at her rallies.

  5. I love when Hillary says: “If you know anyone who is voting for Trump, stage an enhanced intervention. Friends don’t let friends vote for Trump.” Sadly, I have some friends who are pretty addicted, or have “drunk the Koolaid” for too long.

  6. Donald Trump and Kids Named in $250M Tax Scam

    The lawsuit, unsealed Thursday, describes the scheme as simple, telling the judge ‘there need be no fear of complexity, for there is none.’

    Four Donald Trump-licensed real-estate developments are at the center of a huge income tax evasion scheme, according to allegations in a lawsuit unsealed Thursday afternoon by a judge in Manhattan.
    The presumptive Republican nominee is not personally accused. He is described as a “material witness” in the evasion of taxes on as much as $250 million in income. According to the court papers, that includes $100 million in profits and $65 million in real-estate transfer taxes from a Manhattan high rise project bearing his familiar name.
    However, his status may change, according to the lawyers who filed the lawsuit, Richard Lerner and Frederick M. Oberlander, citing Trump’s testimony about Felix Sater, a convicted stock swindler at the center of the alleged scheme.

    Trump received tens of millions of dollars in fees and partnership interests in one of the four projects, the Trump Soho New York, a luxury high rise in lower Manhattan. His son Donald Junior and his daughter Ivanka also were paid in fees and partnership interests, the lawyers said, and are also material witnesses in the case.
    Trump and Sater traveled extensively together and were photographed and interviewed in Denver and Loveland, Colorado, Phoenix, Fort Lauderdale, and New York. The two Trump children were also with Sater in Moscow, Alan Garten, the Trump Organization general counsel, has said.
    Trump has testified about Sater in a Florida lawsuit accusing the two of them of fraud in a failed high-rise project. Trump testified that he had a glancing knowledge of Sater and would not recognize him if he were sitting in the room.

  7. Correction: “…stage an intervention…” not an enhanced one. The darned auto-correct inserted enhanced, and I have no idea why.

  8. I mentioned a while ago that my hubby works in the financial sector and he is absolutely terrified of a potential Trump presidency. He foresees a complete free-fall of the stock market, especially since foreign investors don’t trust Trump.

    –JulieS, last thread

    Why do any members of the 1% still support the GOP, when the Democratic Party has proven itself a better steward of the financial and other interests of the 1%, at least since the Bill Clinton Administration?

    I don’t have YUUUUGE assets, but I do own a 401K and a Roth IRA, and I know I’d prefer Madame Cool, Calm, and Collected over Mr. “I went bankrupt 4 times and defaulted on so many loans that no bank in the USA will lend me money any longer, so I have to go to Boris Badenov at the First National Bank of Pottsylvania”.

  9. I do the weekend “light fare” posts over at TW so today I suggested we put this mess on the back burner for just a day or two. I did a post on “spooky Halloween songs” and wrote y’all add yours in the comments below.

    LOL- apparently our folks are clueless on any Halloween songs!

    Whatever Comey had in mind by doing this Friday surprise, it now seems it’s blowing up in his face. Good.

  10. Thanks fredster! This isn’t a Halloween song, but it sure might scare the GOP! Right after I made this post, I got in the car to run some errands…turned on the radio and this started playing!

    I turned it up full blast and sang along….it helped!

  11. Robby Mook agrees with you Imust. It looks like he is meddling in an election and it is ticking people off.

  12. Ivory Bill when this story first broke with all the lies Chaffetz told the stock market took a big dive. Only when the press started telling the actual truth about what was going did it start to crawl back up. So yes, there’s your proof that Donald Trump being president would completely collapse the stock market and I don’t know how much of the country he would take down with him. I hope we never have to find out. I’m 56 years old and I can’t afford to rebuild what i have in the time I have left.

  13. imust@5:10: Well I hope it might be a big wakeup, scary thing for Director Comey! 👿

  14. imust: THANK YOU!


    {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{ KEEP GOING }}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

  15. where did my post go?

    Sorry bellecat! MKBill must be feeling grouchy today!
    Got you outta spam!

  16. imust: Thank you!

    uppityville: KEEP GOING…

  17. At

    Reuters/Ipsos Poll: Clinton Leads Big in Early Voting Across the Country… Including Texas!

  18. James Comey was assistant special counsel on Al D’Amato’s original Whitewater committee in 1994. When I heard him answering questions on NPR in a general way about this case while it was still under investigation last spring I knew this leopard hadn’t changed his spots. Then when he gave his opinion about HRC’s handling of emails when he announced no charges in July, I was alarmed again. That and his subsequent appearance before Congress were totally inappropriate for an FBI Director. He’s been walking right up to the line for a long time. Yesterday he finally stepped all the way over. And he will keep doing this right into Hillary’s presidency if he doesn’t lose his job–for which he has proven he is totally unsuited.

  19. Cuyahoga County Board of Elections was very crowded today. Voters are pissed at Comey.

  20. Hillary’s speech in Daytona today:

  21. Neetabug, that is good news to hear. Hope voters keep coming out for Hillary, “bigly”☺️.

  22. Voters should be pissed at Comey. Yeah, on one hand, I understand the man is doing his job; he has to check out the emails on Weiner’s server. But the way he’s going about it smells bad. Plus, I was VERY put off by the way he handled the initial email investigation, where he gave Hillary a public spanking on TV to make himself look good.

    BTW, I am hosting a Halloween trick-or-treat meet-and-greet at my blog, if anyone would like to participate. You leave the name of a favorite Halloween treat and a link to your blog (if you are a blogger) in the comments. Then you go “trick or treating” and visit the other blogs. But I just put the post up, so there aren’t any comments or links yet.

  23. Bill on C-span. Repeat of rally held earlier today.

  24. Yeah, on one hand, I understand the man is doing his job; he has to check out the emails on Weiner’s server.

    It’s not his job to knowingly interfere with a presidential election. In fact, it’s against department policy. He’s investigating the connection between trump, his staff and Putin too, is he talking about it in front of God and everybody? Nope. I suspect he’s going to meet his waterloo with the Justice Dept.

  25. Hillary could very likely have saved the best for when she really needs it. Just saying. She’s not going to lie down on this one. Next Friday may just be another interesting thing being covered.

  26. I might move 401k just in case that crazy bastard gets elected and then put it back if Hillary wins.

    Markets do better under democrats. Not sure how they will do under a psychopath, but can imagine.

  27. True Uppity. She looked really happy and confident today. Of course, that’s Hillz, she always looks that way. But she’s smart and also knows how things work and may have anticipated some kind of last minute surprise and held onto something juicy for the very end!

  28. imust:
    I hope you are right…
    now you got me in suspense…what that juicy thing may be…???

  29. At
    L’Affaire Comey: Some Updates from Hillary for America

  30. Highly advise clicking on bellecat’s link to Still4Hill….an awesome compilation of the facts and showing how past HRC “bombshell stories” also fizzled.

  31. I hope that the judge that the FBI goes before to ask for a warrant to access Huma’s emails turns them down, or at least insists that they give her or him a solid legal reason why. Right now, they’re on thin ice, discovering the emails while searching the laptop, investigating a possible crime totally unrelated to Huma and her emails. Not exactly a slam dunk in terms of probable cause–especially since there’s nothing criminal concerning the emails themselves. A strong civil libertarian jurist would be skeptical of a request to examine emails not related to original search. Or the person being targeted.

  32. Al D’Amato, that morally bankrupt piece of shit was an embarrassment to Italian Americans. I was in his presence a number of times and he always sweat PROFUSELY. He was dumb as a brick too. Horrible senator. He’s how we got Schumer. ANybody could have beaten D’Amato that year. What a horn dog. He also turned NY into a Non Community Property State because he was engaged to be married and was hedging his bets in case he got divorced. Well in the end she dumped him and make it pretty well known that he was the weirdest man she’s ever known, including sexually.

  33. Whoa….hold on to your horses!

  34. This is so political. They don’t have a warrant to examine the e-mails, so they don’t know what is in them. Smacks of interfering with the election. Why notify congress with minimal information, but to cause disruption in the election process.

  35. Wow. Judge Jeannie is angry and telling it like it is. I hope this blows up in Comey’s face and the Republicans.

  36. imust, my browser won’t support that Judge Jeanine video (thank you piece of shit Windows 10), but if it’s not the entire statement, she is not really on Hillary’s side.

    Here’s the whole thing:

  37. I agree, she’s not on Hillary’s side. But she did agree that what he did was wrong and politically motivated.

  38. From Upps link at 1:11am:

    “Nor can Trump insult Hillary Clinton into submission. The world has coddled Donald Trump into believing that women who have somehow failed to meet his antiquated standards of femininity should feel chastened. Men like Trump expect women to feel like failures when a man calls them anything less than pretty, sexy, pleasant, nice. But the world outside of Trump Tower has been moving at a much faster pace than the creaky machinery between Trump’s ears. In the voting booth, compliance is optional. Deference to the whims of men is unnecessary, if not undesirable.

    Women voting for Hillary Clinton don’t fucking care if you like it. They don’t care if men like Trump think they’re such nasty women. In the booth, removed from what shards of sexism remain in the modern world, women are allowed to be indifferent to Trump’s standards as they please.

    On November 8, there’s nothing men like Donald Trump can do about the fact that women don’t care what men think nearly as much as men think they should. To women who are just realizing this, the feeling must be intoxicating. To men like Trump, it must be terrifying.”

  39. Absolutely FUCKING disgusting!

    Sorry about the obscenity (bolded no less) but this whole thing makes my blood boil.

    The director of the FBI, in possible collusion with a Republican member of congress, violates long-standing bureau policy (and just maybe the fucking law of the land) against the direct objections of senior officials in the Justice Department, in a deliberate attempt to influence a national election.

    And he doesn’t even yet have a WARRANT to read these “possibly pertinent” emails?!

    God in heaven, is there anything more this woman must endure? She has been fighting the slime and filth for 25 years, and here at the last minute she must now face this shitstorm.

    Hillary Clinton has had to fight…

    A corrupt Republican party
    A bankrupt Media
    The rapist Assange
    The dictator Putin
    The psychopath Trump
    and now…

    The director of the FBI himself. Well, guess what?


    I only hope the Democrats keep pushing back hard on this story, as they have been, because this whole thing has the stench of the worst kind of (truly illegal) ratfucking.

    Investigate more damned Hillary emails? Fuck you.

    Investigate Comey! And Chaffetz, and whomever else.

    Hillary Clinton will soon be elected President of the United States of America, and, if there is any “justice” in the Justice Department, James Comey (and others) will soon be in handcuffs.

    Go Hillary!
    Go Blue!

    (end of rant)

  40. Revolutionary War Vet


    I totally agree.

    This weekend we have been working hard to get out the vote.
    This Comey thing is getting voters fired up.
    They are coming out for our girl..
    They know what the republicans are trying to do

  41. We voted yesterday especially to make a statement against what Comey did. I am sure we are not alone.

  42. Comey is going to get his, he is not going to get away with this, he has shot all confidence in the FBI for personal gain.

    President Obama should demand his resignation and explain the reasons for it to the American people, of breaking guidelines and ignoring superiors orders by sending that letter.

    Secondly, I think whatever opposition the Clinton has left, get ready to shoot it and make damn sure he goes down in flames, NO MERCY whatsoever…..the other side don’t give a shit, why should we. Kill his business stone dead, mire it in legal issues, Ruin his reputation beyond repair and then go after Chaffetz and destroy him.

  43. Agree moon. I hear defense attorneys in unrelated prosecutions where FBI is involved is planning to use Comey in their own cases.

  44. Moon, in addition to Chaffetz, I would add Gowdy and Issa. I’m sure there are others.

  45. the Swamp needs to be drained but not in the way the buffoon is talking about. We know Hillary will work with Republicans to implement common sense solutions. We have to go after these obstructionist mfers on the GOP side.

  46. Hilary Rosen was excellent on Brian Statler about what media is doing wrong: one thing (email) said thousand times wrt Hillary and 1000 things wrong about Trump said once, which gets penetrated the most? False equivalences and media saying Hillary lied when she didn’t and not exposing Trump as the candidate who has lied the most.

  47. Love this twitter account for pictures. Amazing photographs from around the world:

  48. GWB White House ethics lawyer Richard Painter says he’s filed a Hatch Act violation complaint against James Comey.

    Actions have consequences……..

  49. It is quite heartening to see a lot of GOPers coming out against Comey on this (including Hillary haters on Fox, Napolitano and Pirro), not to mention career GOP leaning investigators inside FBI.

  50. This is turning into nothing but a disaster for the GOP and the FBI. Comey is singlehandedly destroying every case pending with the FBI. The GOP looks like they are attempting to interfere in an election which they are and so does the FBI. Comey says he’s not going to talk until after the election but maybe Obama will grab him by the short hairs and make him make a statement.

  51. “Possibly pertinent” was completely misperceived by the media, in their eagerness to make a really big thing out of nothing.. “Pertinent” does not mean “signifiant” or “mportant.” If one turned the noun into a verb, “may possibly pertain to,” is what it means, which is nothing. They caputred Weiner’s server (BTW, that is suspicious in itself, because while he is a jerk, I have never heard of major FBI investigations into people possibly sending sexual messages online to someone who might be a year underage. Again, Weiner is a jerk, but that investigation smacks of a political set-up to damage Hillary). So they get the computer, ahd have had it for a few months. And then someone discovers that Huma wrote some emails on it. So then the FBI Director informs Republicans in Congress that they have some emails “which might be pertinent” to an investigation they had ended after a year of poring over 30,000 of Hillary’s emails. If they read them at length, they have violated the law, because they had no warrant. If they didn’t read them, then they have no idea as to what they are about. Is the idea now that any email found, into perpetuity, which might have been to Hillary Clinton, is to be investigated, and Republicans are to be notified, so they can leak this to the media, and create a fake story?

    This is another manifestation of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy of the ’90’s, which demanded investigations into the firing of the Travel Office personnel; a land deal called Whitewater, which occasioned cover stories in Time and Newsweek, and fully five years spending $90 million of taxpayer money; plus many more. In fact, the entire Clinton administration became an ongoing attempt to investigate him into submission and stalemate.

    This Comey matter is more than just him acting recklessly and in a partisan manner; it is part of a concerted effort by the same forces to destroy Hillary Clinton. I do think it has to be seen in that context. Firing Comey is like catching one person in a massive ring of plotters. Does anyone think that Comey didn’t know that Chaffetz would leak the letter, misstate what it said, and that the media would run amok with it? Does anyone think that the original investigation into Hillary’s emails was not a partisan destruction job from the outset? Did anyone ever investigate any other State Department employee’s use of a private server, snce the history of computers? From day one, this investigation was engineered by Right Wing Republicans, who have assets in the FBI. This is the real story, in my view. “Emails” have been turned into a catchphrase, when virtually no one in America understands how insignificant the use of a private server was. It is, quite depressingly, a perfect example of how the people can be brainwashed and misdirected into believing that nothing is something really significant; while all the really bad stuff, like Russia working with Trump’s campaign to take over the country, is virtually ignored.

  52. Clinton has a ground game in Florida, but she is 4 points behind someone who has a minimal, if any ground game. The polls are definitely tightening.

  53. Bravo, William! I believe you are an actual lawyer, unlike me who only has enough training to be dangerous. But I wonder if the FBI has probable cause to obtain access to Huma’s emails given the circumstances of their discovery. Wouldn’t a judge concerned about civil liberties consider the FBI request for a warrant to examine Huma’s emails a fishing expedition? This goes to your point about any email remotely connected to Hillary being subject to investigation in perpetuity.

  54. She is not down 4 in Florida….total twaddle……

  55. Moon, please explain. -:)

  56. and PPP today has her up 4 in Florida and the early voting does not match with her losing the state……

  57. I like this version of Fight Song better!

  58. Here comes something….

  59. Thanks Moon.

  60. Eichenweld seems to be hinting at something…..saying it was written before Comey kind of hints that it could come over as a revenge attack…..sounds interesting.

  61. Katy Perry makes an ugly Hillary. I think she over did it with the fat face and neck wrinkles…and her tiny eyes looked weird.

    Just sayin’.

  62. Brassy Rebel, thank you; and yes, I am a real attorney, though this particular era is certainly not my expertise. But yes, the question of probable cause with regard to the right to look at these emails which have nothing to do with the reason they seized the computer, is very crucial. However, we know that law enforcement, from police to FBI. know how to find judges who are very sympathetic, and will isssue warrants under questionable circumstances. You’ve heard about police waking up judges in the middle of the night to get warrant, because no other judge would do it? Obviously, the VRWC has judges who will do their work. So I assume they will get a warrant at som e point–after the election. Horrible people altogether.

  63. Imust

    Hell has frozen over. @JudgeJeanine one of Clinton’s biggest political enemies is taking her side on the timing of FBI/Email announcement.

    Two women of opposite parties are both faced with men willing to cross legal and ethical lines to stop them in an election.

  64. That was “area,” not “era.”

  65. R War Vet

    Investigate more damned Hillary emails? Fuck you.


    Hell yes!

    Everyone in the media thought Hillary was paranoid when she said there was a right wing conspiracy against her and Bill for almost 3 decades…

  66. There is going to be a field day with this…..means nothing but WTF.

  67. I VOTED!
    {{{{{{{{{{ for HILLARY }}}}}}}}}}}}}}

    Of course I voted straight party. BUT, I went down one by one Democratic position in Texas and my County of Travis. Maybe unpractical, but I wanted to make sure the selection for Democrats.

    It was simply amazing to see the lines on the first day of early voting in our district. Never seen anything like this in the 32 years that I’ve lived in this small community.

    It took me about 45 minutes waiting to get to the booth and when I left the lines were still holding long and strong.

    Some older folks were talking that: “the big turn out reminded them when LBJ got elected president and won Texas.”

    I’m hopeful for Texas turning blue again in this historical election.

    Though I’m in Nirvana stat of mind myself…

  68. At

    Clinton Leads Trump 47% to 43% in Alaska. Wait…What?!

  69. The media is going to make everybody in this country sicker by their misinformation and whoring for Trump. They are such whores that they would laugh at people getting pulling out of their houses and hauled away to camps. Meanwhile Trump would be putting their sorry asses in jail too. They feel the need to torture the entire population with the “trump can win narrative” and they believe every lie told to them by the GOP.

  70. Moon

    Secondly, I think whatever opposition the Clinton has left, get ready to shoot it and make damn sure he goes down in flames, NO MERCY whatsoever…..the other side don’t give a shit, why should we. Kill his business stone dead, mire it in legal issues, Ruin his reputation beyond repair and then go after Chaffetz and destroy him.

    Another big fat Hell YES!

  71. I love it

    Trumps ground game…he got 15 to 20 people to the early voting site, buses never turned up, everyone left, lol.

  72. I don’t know when this new thread started, but I was down at the past thread and must have missed the ‘screech…a new thread’ post.

    It was pretty silent and I wondered if the blog had gone cold since everyone was pist.

    Low and behold, everyone was here giving glorious rants of disgust at Comey’s interference with the election.

    That shitwad Jake Crapper is lapping this all up on CNN, trying to spin his Hillary hate as if he were the voice of TRUTH for the media.

    Some one came on their show and said the new polls coming in since the steaming poo in a paper bag was dropped, showed that over 70 % of voters did not care about it when it came to voting. We will wait and see.

  73. I was concerned about Florida before this latest BS by Comey. It is a very tricky with a huge liberal base here in South Florida and otherwise conservative to moderate elsewhere. Not sure at this point, but that latest poll is not encouraging. Fortunately if Hillary holds serve in the other swing States it will not matter.

  74. Jon Ralston thinks Hillary has Nevada locked up……She’s practically 50’000 raw votes ahead in early voting….

  75. I am hearing of a massive Dem vote today in Florida with the souls to the polls day…

  76. One of Kim Jong Orange’s selling points is his alleged business savvy.

    Whom should I believe will do a better job of managing the economy: the woman who was born into the middle class, even the lower middle class, and became rich–or the man who was born rich and went bankrupt four times, and has defaulted on so many loans that no bank in the USA will lend him money any longer, so he has to borrow from the First Bank of Uncle Vladimir?

  77. I guess the only people who actually care about this are Trump supporters.

  78. William, on October 30, 2016 at 12:27 PM

    Absolutely, William!!

    This whole email incident isn’t more boys will be boys, locker talk…it is not only unethical it is manipulation of our Constitution and the separation of our branches of government.

    Like you said, there have been no leaks of prosecution on Trump, especially when he asked Russian hackers that had exposed Debby Downer’s emails at the DNC, to see if they could find and expose Hillary’s ‘lost’ emails…low an behold, how un-ironic that they did exactly that, within weeks.

  79. bellecat, on October 30, 2016 at 12:33 PM said:
    Today at NYT:

    Great post Belle, and congrats on voting for Hillary today!

  80. Wouldn’t a judge concerned about civil liberties consider the FBI request for a warrant to examine Huma’s emails a fishing expedition?


    Fishing has been no problem for Trump and his thugs…he just got Putin’s hackers to do it for free and had Wikileaks spread them to the world.

    Isn’t is sweet that not one email has been fished and exposed by Putin’s ‘hackers’ that hurt his beloved puppet, Trump. NOT ONE!!!

  81. Ga6thDem, the media are akin to addicts who cannot stop themselves. If we wake up with Trump as president, the country as we have known it, will disappear. The fact that the stock markeet will crash 5,000 points of so in a year, will be the least of it. Many of these “newspeople” will lose their jobs, as Trump and his band of Nazis sue them, threaten them, beat them up. No one is going to watch their stupid stations, certainly not we who support Hillary. No one is going to care about their Pavlovian “breaking news.” No one is going to turn on the TVs to just watch the riots in the streets, racial violence, storm troopers breaking the windows of Jewish people. Maybe Jeff Zucker won’t find the whole thing so much fun, after doing everything he can at CNN to help Trump. Lots of money won’t protect anyone from global warming, floods and fires. That was always the theme behind Poe’s short story, “The Masque of the Red Death.” No one escapes the literal or metaphorical plague, no matter where you try to hide. And the media will be some of the first people they come for. I guess it’s hard to think straight when you are binging on Right Wing lies.

  82. CNN live, the FBI found the emails weeks ago!!

  83. Shadow, They have had the computer since September . Why did it take so long ?????

  84. Well Well

  85. Birdgal, on October 30, 2016 at 6:02 PM said:
    Shadow, They have had the computer since September . Why did it take so long ?????

    The same person on CNN, some sort of attorney said that the FBI has been going back and forth trying to decide if the public should be told…

    I think it was more like Trump threatened them and I think the Rethugs knew days before the letter came out.

  86. (CNN)The discovery of a trove of emails from one of Hillary Clinton’s top aides occurred weeks ago, law enforcement officials told CNN.

    But the FBI didn’t disclose the discovery until Friday, raising questions about why the information was kept under wraps and then released only days before the election.
    The emails from Clinton aide Huma Abedin were found on a computer belonging to her estranged husband, Anthony Weiner.
    CNN reported on September 22 that prosecutors in Manhattan had issued a subpoena for Weiner’s communications as part of an investigation into alleged sexting with an underage girl.
    FBI criminal investigators soon after stumbled on the Abedin emails.
    By early October, it was clear to investigators that the emails may relate to the Clinton email server investigation, law enforcement officials said.
    But internal discussions at the FBI about how to proceed continued over the ensuing weeks.
    The delay was first reported by the Washington Post.
    In his Friday letter to Congress, FBI Director James Comey said he was briefed on the new findings a day earlier. He didn’t say when he first learned of the existence of the emails.
    FBI officials moved to disclose the development then because they feared the information would leak otherwise, law enforcement officials said.
    Comey’s notification to Congress of the review is rocking the final days of the presidential race. Democrats are furious that Comey would revive the explosive issue of Clinton’s email server so close to the election. Donald Trump, meanwhile, is seizing on the review after spending weeks on the defense, hoping it will be a potent issue he can ride until the end of the contest.
    Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta blasted Comey on Sunday for disclosing the review.
    “He might have taken the first step of actually having looked at them before he did this in the middle of a presidential campaign, so close to the voting,” Podesta said on CNN’s “State of the Union.”
    Justice Department and FBI officials are working to secure approval that would allow the FBI to conduct a full search of Abedin’s newly discovered emails, sources familiar with the discussions told CNN.
    Government lawyers haven’t yet approached Abedin’s lawyers to seek an agreement to conduct the search. Sources earlier told CNN that those discussions had begun, but the law enforcement officials now say they have not.
    Either way, government lawyers plan to seek a search warrant from a judge to conduct the search of the computer, the law enforcement officials said.
    The issue is complicated because the computer is considered to belong to Weiner, and the case may raise spousal privilege legal protections for Abedin.
    Government lawyers hope to secure the warrant to permit investigators to review thousands of emails on a computer Abedin shared with Weiner, officials said.
    The new search warrant is needed because the existing authorization, covered by a subpoena, related only to the ongoing investigation of Weiner, who is accused of having sexually explicit communications with an underage girl.
    Investigators from the FBI’s New York field office who are conducting the Weiner investigation stumbled on the Abedin emails while they were reviewing emails and other communications on the computer, which was considered to belong to Weiner, the officials said. They stopped their work and called in the team of investigators from FBI headquarters who conducted the probe of Clinton’s private email server.
    Abedin’s lawyers didn’t respond to requests for comment.
    The investigators saw enough of the emails to determine that they appeared pertinent to the previously completed investigation and that they may be emails not previously reviewed.
    Because they don’t have a warrant specific to Abedin’s emails, officials have not been able to further examine them. Justice Department and FBI officials view Abedin as cooperative with the investigation.
    FBI officials yet don’t know how many of the emails are duplicates of emails they already have reviewed as part of the Clinton email server investigation and whether any of them may contain classified information.
    Investigators believe it’s likely the newly recovered trove will include emails that were deleted from the Clinton server before the FBI took possession of it as part of that earlier investigation.
    Correction: An earlier version of this story incorrectly stated that talks between the Department of Justice and Abedin’s lawyers were underway. They are not.

    The video is here:

  87. Righteous rant, Rev Vet! Love it!

  88. Hopefully our anger will be reflected in those not yet motivated to vote and show the FBI director that our democracy is not to be tarnished by a blatant politically motivated act like this.

  89. I just heard on the CBS Evening news that the FBI got a warrant to search the Weiner-Abudin E mails tonight. Why didn’t they have one when they announced it to the Republican Chairs of Congressional committees on Friday?

  90. moon @ 10:58, could not agree with you more. Dem leaders, please, please do this!

  91. News flash: FBI got a warrant for the Weiner-Abedin Emails tonight. Why didn’t they have one on Friday? See:

  92. Ga6thDem: “The media is going to make everybody in this country sicker by their misinformation and whoring for Trump.”

    This morning I woke up with a headache to beat all, barfing, shaking, etc. My dudes had to take care of me. I just got up a little while ago. I know I was literally made sick by my fury and depression over this latest bullshit. I am so sick of fucking republicans and the spineless msm.

  93. Liberty Belle @ 6:51. That’s a damn shame. I was hoping that for once a judge would put a halt to this blatantly political and unwarranted persecution of Hillary and her people.

  94. They don’t even know if the emails are duplicates? And frankly anything Hillary deleted would still have been on her server which she handed in. And the FBI will drag this out for months. There will be no resolution before the election.

  95. So, to recap. Trump will go on trial in November accused of racketeering, and again in December accused of child rape. He is a sexual predator, hasn’t released his tax returns, and has used his foundation’s money to pay his legal fees. He has abused the family of a war hero and… oh, but let’s talk about some emails Hillary didn’t send from someone else’s computer, that weren’t a crime anyway, because that’s how to choose a president. Come on, America. Focus.

  96. Socalannie, I felt the same way, hoping a judge would put a halt to it. So sorry you are not feeling well, and I know it’s enough to make one sick. Phone calls to an out-of-state brother last night, and sister this afternoon are part of what I call “joint family therapy,” so we can catch up on the latest, and express our hopes and frustrations over this election. Laughing about some things really seems to help us, like comparing SNL bits, jokes, and cartoons.

    Here’s a riddle from my brother: Q. How is Donald Trump like a pumpkin? He’s hollow inside, and needs to be thrown out in November☺️.

    Hope that cheers you up. I will send healing thoughts your way.

  97. Hope you feel better Socal, I think all of us have sick to our stomachs over this. How many good days did our poor Hillary had between the email dramas?

    Now it’s day one all over again, and like Hillary keeps saying, “What matters is when you are knocked down, you get back up and keep fighting.

    This is something we all have to remember, we have a true fighter in our corner.

    ❤ Hillary will win ❤

  98. How did Huma’s e-mails get on hubby’s computer ?? She turned in her computers and blackberry . Why were her e-mails on his computer ???

  99. Jamelle Bouie of Slate does not think the umpteenth variation of the “damned e-mails” will hurt HRC significantly.

    Why the “October Surprise” Is Dead

    From his keyboard to the eyes of the Ascended Madoka.

  100. Birdgal:
    Anybody can “infect” whatever into someone’s else computers…
    the same way data can be extracted from a computer, even if it takes place from another continent…like Russia…

    don’t feel lonely.
    I’ve found myself pacing around, trying to get focus on other activities and I keep getting back to the computer to check what’s going on with this Commie $hit…

    Yet, as Shadow said above, we have a fighter in Hillary and we follow her lead…let’s keep fighting…

  101. With a trivial handful of exceptions, the people who care about The Damned E-Mails are people who would never have voted for Hillary, anyway.

    BTW, “The Damned E-Mails” would be a great name for a rock band. 😛

  102. Why wouldn’t Weenie have emails from his wife? The question is, did any of Huma’s emails from Hillary end up being forwarded from Huma to her husband (or estranged husband)?

    I can easily think of some communications from Hillary to Huma that could have been forwarded to El Weenie, personal conversations about Huma and Weenie’s relationship in how to handle the media spin on what Huma should do, like the bs that was tossed at Hillary on how she should leave Bill to cleanse herself from him, mainly by the Rethugs.

    No one will know WTF until the FBI releases the info.

    Like someone mentioned above, the FBI has no problem hiding Trump’s possible statutory rape charges that won’t go to court until AFTER the election, his call for hackers to find Hillary’s ‘lost’ email, and on and on…

  103. 538

    “How the forecast has changed

    We’ll be updating our forecasts every time new data is available, every day through Nov. 8.”

    Who will win?

    Hillary 78.9%
    Buttface 21.0%

  104. Election Update: Four Ways Forward For Clinton After The FBI News

    I’ve heard from people who wonder whether Friday’s news – that FBI director James Comey was investigating additional emails that may be pertinent to Hillary Clinton’s private email server — might have come too late in the campaign to be reflected in the polls, and therefore in our forecast, before Election Day. While the situation isn’t ideal, there’s probably just enough time left to measure the initial impact. In the past, major developments in the campaign have generally taken somewhere around a week to be fully reflected in our forecast, give or take a couple of days depending on the volume of polling. Because we expect there to be an awful lot of polling during the remaining 10 days of the campaign, and because our forecast is designed to react fairly aggressively to late polling shifts, we should have a pretty good read on the initial reaction to the news by the middle of next week.

    But while I’m not that worried about the model having enough time to account for the reaction to the FBI news, I am worried about whether it will capture the reaction to the reaction as the story continues to develop. The thing about Friday’s news is that it left a lot of questions unanswered. Comey’s letter to Congress was cryptic, and his motivations for sending it were uncertain. There are conflicting reports about whether the emails include messages to or from Clinton, how many emails there are, whether they’re new or something the FBI has looked at already, and whether the FBI requires a court order to investigate them in more detail. Even the reporting that the investigation pertains to devices owned by ex-Congressman Anthony Weiner and his wife, Clinton aide Huma Abedin, is based on anonymous sourcing. There’s a lot we don’t know.

    It seems to me as though there are four basic courses the story might take. As a framing device, I’m going to conceive of these as four strategies available to the Clinton campaign, although of course the campaign isn’t the only actor here – the Trump campaign, the FBI, the news media, down-ballot candidates and so forth also have some choices to make.


  105. Hey IB Woody:
    You are funny…you just started a new rock band movement…
    By the by..what kind of music would this band play?….

  106. The media in its desire for a “horse race” is gonna make us all sick. They HAVE TO drag Hillary down because she’s always leading in the polls. This is not a normal election with a normal GOP candidate. But yet they act as if he would be just fine as POTUS. The good news is only like 15% or so of voters trust the media. So while they might watch it they scoff at what the idiots are telling them apparently.

  107. Frazzle Rock, Belle.

  108. Huma had testified/disclosed that she sometimes forwarded email letters to her laptop to make it easier to print them. This is most likely what they are.

  109. Armando says get ready for the week from hell. Right wing FBI agents are going to be leaking misinformation all over the place to the press. We have to be ready to do battle with the GOP and they have to be destroyed.

  110. I would guess The Damned E-Mails would be a political-parody musical outfit, like the Capitol Steps are–or were; I don’t know if the CSs still exist or not.


    Our Hillary is the Terminatrix–she just. keeps. coming. No wonder Putin would prefer to deal with the Donald for the next 4 or 8 years. 😈

  111. Obama’s greatest error was trying to accomodate the GOP with appointees like Comey. He failed to recognize that he was dealing with fanatics.

    The Elephascists will do everything they can, fair and foul, to block everything Clinton tries to do, so she might as well nominate the people she actually wants, and just let the GOP obstruct everything and show the USAmerican citizenry just how worthless the GOP has become.

  112. Hillary speaking to the LGB crowd in FL today:

  113. woody:

    I like the Terminatrix analogy…

    She keeps coming back…

    ” I’ll be back…”

  114. Obama didn’t want to invest any political capital in FBI director confirmation. He took the easy way out and nominated a Republican. Sure it was ‘easier’ but Comey has been a disaster here, but also with race relation cases. Obama failed not only Hillary. He should fire him the day after the election. Take the heat and more on to retirement.

  115. Thanks Liberty Belle, Shadow & Bellecat! I know this is hard on all of us. Am thankful to Uppity for giving us this space to grieve, snark and be joyful.

    Ivory Bill, like your name for a rock band. When my kid was in a teenage rock band, and they were discussing what name to call themselves, Laker wanted “the Annointed 47%”! The other kids didn’t get it, but their manager howled with laughter.

  116. Funny, but sadly, true:

  117. Annie, I am so sorry that you don’t feel well. I can well understand the stress. Mine revolves around waking up about four times every night, and then turning on the computer with dread each morning, knowing that the stories run by the msm will be incredibly biased against Hillary.
    It is indeed sickening.

    This is set up perfectly for the VRWC. A story with no substance, but with a bunch of innuendo that they can get the media to purvey. The story never ends, unless Hillary loses, in which case it immediately stops. Every day is a new leak by right-wing zealots at the FBI who should not be there, should have been fired by a legitimate FBI Director who was not a right-wing partisan. President Obama is a good person, but his giddy belief that he could just transccend politics, and that everyone would just line up to help him, was much the cause of this. While the mythological Communist infiltration of the ’50’s and ’60’s never existed, there is a real infiltration of Far Rightists, Neo-Nazis, and political arsonists, which popoulate the FBI, much of Congress, Republican-run statehouses, and even the media. Nothing stops them. Hillary Clinton warned about them 20 years ago, and they have tried to destroy her. If peoople think that Bush vs. Gore split the country apart, this will be far worse. There is no remaining institution that we can trust; they are all Nazi Berlins, or Vichys.

    As we know, the emails, whether 650,i00 of them or ten trillion of them, are actually nothing.They looked at 30,000, and found nothing. except three mislabeled. 98% of them are Weiner emails; the Huma emails are certainly not classified; and most of her emails didn’t go to Hillary, either; and probably all those that did, were already looked at by the FBI in their one-year investigation of Hillary emais. If people are that dumb, and that trusting of corrupt and ignorant media people’s misstatements and lies, then the country is lost, anyway. If Hillary can win, she would have every legitimatel rationale to do everything she can to go after all of these people, at least call them what they are. She does need a Senate, and I am afraid that all this may well cost us the Senate, which was part of their goal. Democrats have to stop pretending to themselves that Republicans are decent people whom they can work with. They have become a renegade party utterly devoid of moral legitmacy.

  118. I think the Republicans knew about this. Trump suddenly puts in 10 million dollars into his campaign last week. Chaffetz comes out a few days ago and states that he will vote for Trump. Smells fishy. I hope those e-mails are duplicates and they don’t find anything new, but to get a warrant, one needs probable cause.

    Trump lies so much during his rallies and people just eat it up. Scary stuff.

  119. Birdgal

    I think the Republicans knew about this.

    I think so too for the same reasons you pointed out and also because Comey was worried the info would leak out to the public. Why would he worry about this unless lots of people already knew before this Judas letter.

  120. Shadow, I agree. I’ve been reading that the FBI has been in revolt since last summer and with the e-mail discovery, things were probably getting worse. Comey may have been trying to prevent multiple leaks, but sending the letter to the Republicans first, shows his partisanship. The Dems found out after Chaffetz.

  121. Birdgal, “probable cause” here just means that some judge, probably a partisan, “believed” the FBI’s contention that since there were some Huma mails on the Weiner computer, they might relate to the prior (and neverending) investigaton into any emails that were on Hillary’s private server. It doesn’t mean that the mails are likely damaging, or even likely about Hillary at all. Just that there might be some to Hillary, so they ask if they can look. And of course they can find judges who will let them. They’ve got this set up so that they could investigate emails forever. Very unfortunately, the term “warrant” sounds very serious, but in this case, it’s not. There is nothing there; the only question is whether the Republicans, the FBI, and the media can somehow convince people that there is, for long enough to affect the election. The only two ways it stops, is if Hillary loses, or if she wins and has a Senate behind her which can force Comey to resign, and then appoint an FBI Director who has some actual political scruples and a dedication to the country, and who will clean out the rogue agents. And in such a case, I hope that at the least, they lose their pensions as well, for gross misconduct and using the office for partisan political ends.

  122. Birdgal,
    I agree.

  123. This whole, “We don’t know if these Hillary/Huma emails on the pervs laptop are a goldmine of juicy emails with little ‘c’s on them or not.

    I call bullshit on this.

    I grab someone’s laptop, know their password to get into their emails and wallah, I can see at a glance who email are from. I can see by the subject what they are about.

    I click on one, there it is…

    Now we have a government agency that is trained to scan for details, for God’s sake, we have the NSA that saves everything for this very effin’ reason, and we are told that:

    1. They never looked at these emails because they needed a warrant.
    2. They couldn’t possibly read all these emails, (that they have “never looked at, because they are honorably following the letter of the law), because it takes more than 11 days to read thousands of emails that they have never read.


  124. I’ll leave everyone with this for tonight. First, there is a local listener supported music station here which I always try to support. The show I make a pledge to, always has a “listeners’ jukebox” show the next week, where the host plays a song selection from everyone who pledges. The song I chose, specifically because of this stressful election, was “Beneath a Phrygian Sky,” by Loreena Mckennitt. It is a beautiful song with a lyric which offers a kind of calming hope in regard to the better vision of humanity. I can’t link it, but if you want to listen, it is the live version from the deluxe version of the album, ‘The Journey So Far.”

    Then I saw the movie “Sully,” which I highly recommend. A dramatic and touching movie about the best aspects of human nature.

    Then, after searching for Hillary rallies, and being affronted by Trump events, I saw part of Hillarys speech to LGBT people at Wilton Manors in Florida. Now, I wondered why she would do an event like this, for a minority group which is probably overwhelmingly for her, anyway, and is likely to vote in high numbers. But she chose to do this; and she gave a nice speech. And she looked wonderful, in a nice blouse, and looking healthy and vibrant. And she also seemed very confident. “Change is coming,” she said. Now, I don’t know what it all connotes, but I took it as a very hopeful sign that her internal polls are better than one might think. That doesn’t mean that we are not going to feel very stressed this week because of the pernicious elements in our country. But it left me with a happier feeling. She will be on CSPAN tomorrow, around 3:15 pm PST, from Ohio.

  125. Birdgal, on October 31, 2016 at 12:37 AM said:
    I agree. I’ve been reading that the FBI has been in revolt since last summer and with the e-mail discovery, things were probably getting worse.


    What were they in revolt about? Iirc a week or two ago, Fox claimed the staff all wanted H indicted this summer.

  126. A reminder of who we are working towards electing…the woman who is the model of consistency.

  127. Pssst: Vanessa Russell
    Looking for your comments?
    They’re in the trash where you belong.

  128. I tossed and turned all night, conspiracy theories dancing in my head. And I am usually the one to laugh at conspiracy theories. But I couldn’t shake the idea that Putin’s Russia and the alt-right have joined forces to take over the US government. And rogue elements of the FBI, including Comey are in on it. They could easily plant fake Huma emails in Weiner’s laptop. I know I sound like a total nut now, but seriously, something is going on like we’ve never seen before. Just yesterday, Trump was talking up Putin again and suggesting that we should “put it all together” with Russia. This is crazy stuff!

  129. Oh, that was just an Alex Jones nutcase in Arizona before she took her meds. Toss in religious zealotry and Fact-Free “facts” for a special treat. Forgive her ignorance. Jones does that to people.

    She’s on auto-flush now. You won’t be hearing from her again. No doubt the toilet will receive a complaint about Democracy. As if Trump isn’t an authoritarian banana-republic dictator who throws people out of his immediate vicinity or threatens to sue them with his grifter money if they dare to question him.

    There will probably be a lame indignant argument about “democracy”. A word that doesn’t appear congruent with the word “Trump” to begin with.

    Shit from Shitheads happens. But thank goodness we have locks on our doors.

  130. Yeah nice of Comey not to Update us on the Putin-Trump investigation.

  131. 1950 why on earth do you watch FOX?

    Sean Hannity is Fox’s own Alex Jones. I saw him try to smear a candidate about a sex scandal that never existed. Debunked by his own party AND the candidate’s opponent, but Sean carried on. He failed. He deserved to fail. He’s a carrier of the plague known as Conspiracy designed to meet his personal needs. Hopefully Trump will take him along to the new White Nationalism cable network. It’s where he belongs. Maybe then Fox, now controlled by Murdock’s sons and absent of the degenerate Roger Ailes, will actually emerge as a real news channel. That would make One. Till then, all we get anywhere is talking heads pimping their own agenda. Let’s face it. But to go to FOX is to ask for Hillary-Bashing 24/7. I NEVER go there.

  132. I will repeat, Huma testified that she sometimes forwarded letters to her own account so she could easily print them out. They are most likely duplicates. And could be some personal stuff too.

  133. Shadow you are right. They can do a VERY FAST search for any Classified emails. Check.
    Then they can do a VERY FAST COMPARE to Server Emails for duplicates. Check.

    And nobody on this earth dare tell me they can’t. I wrote enough software and handled enough search mechanisms to know the truth. If I had access to these kinds of things, the FBI does to. So they had best tell everybody stop what they are doing and start plowing, because obviously this is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Important. Important enough for a director to call a presser less than two weeks before a Presidential election.

  134. WHere do you go to investigate the investigators?

  135. I’m with you Uppity and Shadow. There’s no way the FBI doesn’t already have those emails and the conspiracy theories about deleted emails are just that. Emails never can be completely deleted.

  136. Yeah, think of the scenario. Hey! Look! There are some Huma emails here. But we can’t look at them because we don’t have a warrant. Um………..okay.

    I know, let’s wait till a week or so before the election and say we found some Huma emails! And even though they are trivial pursuit, we’ll pretend we don’t know that and announce there are Huma emails. And well, pretend we don’t know what they are and, oh, let’s tell Rep Chaffetz first. Then Republicans. Then everybody else.

    All Righty, then.

    And we thought only SCOTUS was riddled with politics. Talk about being In Search Of An Honest Man…………..

  137. Huma says she didn’t know those emails were on his device. I wonder if they are emails she sent him and he kept them all.

    Meanwhile look at this.

  138. Uppity, Shadow… I don’t even understand what they mean by Huma emails on the laptop. Let us say, she forwarded her .gov emails to her yahoo email, and accessed her yahoo email from that laptop to print for example (because she could not access her .gov account from that laptop, she forwarded .gov emails to yahoo so she can print), they have already checked all her emails on her yahoo account. And, does anybody think it is that easy to move classified material like this? This is all political and none of it even makes technical sense. They could not hang Hillary on wikileaks and they had to find a new reason and they probably sat on these emails thinking they are nothing but then made it something so they could drop this innuendo 10 days before election.

  139. pm I heard on a talking head segment that she said she forwarded ‘letters’ for printing. I assumed that’s what this was. It may or may not have been THAT device.

    Personally I wouldn’t have touched any device Anthony was using………skeeve.

  140. Electoral map still looking the same. And Mc…whats his name will take Utah from Trump. I think that’s around 6 Electoral votes.

  141. Uppity, I think the FBI is referring to some ‘buffered’ emails (through browser cache) when she accessed her yahoo or other account from that laptop.

  142. Newsweek put out article of how Trump destroyed emails in defiance of a court order.

  143. Huma forwarded .gov emails to her own personal email account which has nothing to do with that Weiner device other than that she used that device to access her personal email account. It is like you access your yahoo or other webmail account from any device. These people are pulling wool over people who are tech challenged and don’t understand what is going on. This is crazy. This whole email thing is crazy. Reporters, media are all incompetent in providing the needed context for any of this. That is how even Hillary’s private server became such a big issue. Wasn’t there somewhere that said she didn’t even correspond with outside of a few people? Her private server was more secure than any government server and she interacted with only a handful. How did all this balloon into this stupid thing?

  144. Well. I commented here and to quite a few other folks that Broward County, South Florida, should get plenty attention from Hillz because we have the highest concentration of democrats in Florida. Boy, was I right. Personal appearances by Hillz in Davie, Coral Springs, Coconut Creek, Wilton Manors and a Fort Lauderdale Baptist church yesterday in da ‘hood. And now on Tuesday, Fort Lauderdale again, in the park in my ‘hood where I shook her hand when she was campaigning for Kerry in ’04. Having stood in lines to get in and then to hear her twice this year for 12 plus hours I said I was done. But since I can walk to the park/library/cultural center (an early voting site) I’ll have to see if I can get in one more rally. They really are a lot of fun and it’s invigorating to be a part of something so historic. My chances of seeing Hillz are mitigated by my having promised a few friends I’d wait for them to join me after they get off work but I have to try. Living in a swing state and million plus democratic county gets voters lots of shout outs!

  145. Early Sunday morning my husband and I early voted for Hillary Clinton. It was Sunday and I wanted to avoid any lines due to souls to the Polls. The voting place was not crowded, but it did have a steady flow of people. Every time a first time voted signed in, the poll workers yelled out “First Time Voter, Welcome!” I heard that twice while I was there.

    It felt great voting for Hillary Clinton. It was like a huge weight was lifted off of me that I carried around since 2008. Very emotional moment. Hard to explain it in words.

    I expect a diverse crowd this year since we have Amendment 2 on the ballot for medical marijuana.

    NPR this morning said that at this time Democrats are behind Republicans by 23,000 in early voting. South Florida needs to rev it up now!

  146. I don’t know if anyone saw Lara Trump and the rest of the Stepford wives on Good Morning America about four days ago? She sounded like she knew something was coming.

  147. Bill Weld on Comey. must watch

  148. Shadow, about Katy Perry’s Halloween costume…although, these type of prosthetic costumes can distort what someone looks like, overall I thought Katy paid Hillary great homage in dressing up as her. It was all in fun, in any case.

    About those emailz…this scandal is galvanizing both sides, but I think Hillary is going to win in the end, regardless of how the polls tighten up.

  149. We had record African American turnout here in GA over the weekend. 48% of voters were African American. I would be wild if Ohio went for Trump and then Georgia flipped blue.

  150. I was going to ask who Lara Trump is, then I clicked the link. She’s married to creepy Eric. I have been very remiss in following all the Trumps. I just want them to go away. The sooner the better.

  151. Good to hear some straight talk from William Weld.

  152. Great timing of the Newsweek article.
    A must read…

    Let’s make it viral…and push the issue…Trump should be in jail…

  153. His two sons are dolts. His daughter has her mother’s brains. I see where in addition to her own business, she has had to help the dolt brothers run the Trump Grifter org in Daddy’s absence.

    They shoot endangered species from a jeep with god knows how many ‘guides’ and guards around them in case they miss. Then they sit on the animal and snap photos of themselves. Or in Junior’s case, a photo of him holding the tail of a dead elephant as if it’s his own dick.
    They call that sport. So far they are very lucky that, a stealth leopard hasn’t spotted them first.

  154. Reminder, it’s Monday which means it’s Samantha Bee night, 10:30 pm on TBS. She always provides much needed sanity and laughter…which we all desperately need!

  155. I won’t believe a word coming from the FBI unless and until Comey comes out and says, “Oops! My bad. I have submitted my letter of resignation.” The FBI could have done anything with that laptop in the amount of time it’s been in their possession. I see no reason to trust their word, at this point. All the evidence indicates a fairly large faction of right wing zealots who are capable of anything.

  156. Upps
    I know, let’s wait till a week or so before the election and say we found some Huma emails! And even though they are trivial pursuit, we’ll pretend we don’t know that and announce there are Huma emails. And well, pretend we don’t know what they are and, oh, let’s tell Rep Chaffetz first. Then Republicans. Then everybody else.

    That’s absolutely what happened, and even worse, Cumby is trying to:

    – save his own ass to Trump (if he helps him become Prez, and keep his job),

    – he is trying to cover up the fact that he did look at the emails,

    – he is also aware that he has read some of the emails that are attached to Hillary name, as forwarded or Hillary’s reply, in the ones he has read,

    – he didn’t have a warrant to read them, and so far

    – he has seen nothing classified in them…because

    – if he did, he would have already pulled a warrant and would have presented them to Congress, and they would have been leaked to the public.

    – He is feeling all honorable because he is thinking that not only can he present himself as diligent and following the law, but in reality, he is trying to cover up what he has already done.

    – And, he is casting more ‘dishonest doubt’ on Hillary’s back, which may push Trump over the 270 mark.

    Point is, only the Deplorables are seeing this as their gift horse, when it is nothing more than proving Hillary’s point that the conspiracy of Rethugs against her has been real all along.

  157. I have no idea. Only thing I can think of is she emailed that pig of a husband.

  158. is a freaking Nigerian Website folks. Jesus.

  159. FUcking Nigerians were screwing around with USA politics in 2008 too, with all those bullshit misleading stories about Obama, Whitey tape, take Two.

  160. Weld is probably voting for Hillary

    He came right out and said she’s the most qualified person running for President. He is fond of Hillary.

    Considering Gary’s brain is fried…..

  161. Bet Hillary has something even better coming….

  162. I liked Weld invoking Monty Python and saying how Trump is braying ‘burn that witch’ and that his supporters are as ignorant as the villagers in the monty python skit. That is classic!

  163. Uppity, I think Weld would jump ship in a second if he can and get on Hillary’s bandwagon. He has indicated as much.

  164. Upps:

    give us a hint…please….

  165. I don’t think we should expect anything positive for us coming out of the FBI. Our best hope, is frustrating at it is, is that they don’t say anything more for months. The entire investigation was cooked up in the first place to try to get Hillary, so why should we think that somehow Comey is going to stifle the rogue agents who are already “leaking” very questionable information, and say that there is nothing there. If he says anything, it is to cover himself, and say that yes, there are some serious quesions here, which makes it worse.

    Am I missing something? This is Weiner’s computer. And apparently Huma had some emails on it. We don’t know why there are there, maybe indeed she copied earlier ones to keep, or she maybe used it from time to time. But the odds of any of these being classified (and remember the shifting and and unclear definitions of classified), seem very small. And if somehow a few were considered as such, this is not Hillary, it is Abedin. If she did something wrong and sent classified infomation to anyone on her home computer, this might get her in trouble. I don’t think that she would possibly be that foolish. But it is not Hillary sending out classified emails to Anthony Weiner’s computer. I really do not even understand how anything on this computer has anything specific to do with Hillary. Huma being her aide is not sufficient. My guess is that the FBI seized this computer at least in part to try to implicate Abedin and then Hillary. At least, they get to read salacious emails from Weiner. Maybe they can uncover a tryst, or something that Huma said, and then leak that to Fox. This is fishing, with a very sinister purpose in mind. And theyre’ not letting it go until they can get anything at all damaging out of it, even if the election is over.

  166. And Eric Trump looks like Eddie Munster. Just sayin’.

  167. There are bus loads of people coming in to vote today at the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections.

  168. Obama ‘s spokes person was not very helpful…

  169. pm
    Bill Weld on Comey. must watch
    He’s right, don’t speculate, disgraceful.

    What will the FBI tell the public, one day, we have the warrant, next day, we read an email and tomorrow we will read another one…all the way to the election, then say after the election, we found nothing harmful to Hillary?

  170. pm317, on October 31, 2016 at 1:46 PM said:

    So the FBI had the laptop since Sep., and “worked on a way to search for Hillary’s emails since then”, and just told Cumby in the past few days.


    Worked on a way to search…….how damn dumb do you think we all are to buy that mega lie?

    Did we all just crawl out from under a rock and see Dos for the first time?

  171. Upps
    Bet Hillary has something even better coming….

    I sure hope so, but if they do…now would be the time, while early votes are lining up and independents have time to make the change.

    This is the time that Hillary needs to throw the kitchen sink at Trump.

  172. Hillary has probably thrown everything she has on Trump at this point.😢

  173. I fear this is going to be much closer than we had hoped for.

  174. From pm’s link above, Rolling Stone Mag.

    “With zero information about what is in those e-mails, zero information about any connection to Clinton, zero new allegations of wrongdoing, the Times and much of the media treated this story with the kind of wall-to-wall coverage usually reserved for the first moon landing. Less than two weeks from Election Day, with early voting in full swing, cable news couldn’t stop talking about how damaging this story was for Hillary Clinton, despite having literally no new information about anything Hillary Clinton has done.”

  175. jbstonesfan, on October 31, 2016 at 3:34 PM said:

    I fear this is going to be much closer than we had hoped for.



  176. jb, it’s all about the electoral college in the end.

  177. I don’t think so birdgal.

  178. JB

    Of course this is going to be closer than we had all hoped it would be. Now the FBI is running amuck against her too, with no proof that she has done any terrible deed.

    Hillary and Bill have seen it all before, she is more prepared for this shit than anyone, and one thing we have learned is, HILLARY NEVER GIVES UP!

    Buck up buddy.

  179. You throw kitchen sinks on the Friday before the election, makes little time left for the opponent do do anything about it in the cycle. And gives you all the Sunday shows.

    Bombs are always dropped on Fridays. Just ask Comey.

  180. FBI is a clusterfuck. They should look Huma’s emails asap and clear her asap.

  181. Everyday I have been lighting a candle for our girl. I will continue to light one until Nov 9th 2016.

  182. Uppity, Hope you are right👏

  183. NBC/Survey Monkey Hillary +6 no change.

  184. From the cnbc article pm links to above:

    “The official said some government insiders are perplexed as to why Comey would have election timing concerns with the Russian disclosure but not with the Huma Abedin email discovery disclosure he made Friday.”

    Really? Gov insiders are “perplexed?” If any of them are really “perplexed” then they’re too damn stupid to have their job.

  185. When will they cut ties with Corey Lewandowski? CNN is as credible as the FBI.

    I saw that story about Comey refusing to sign on to the letter naming Russia as the foreign government interfering in the election. His rationale? Too close to the election. I didn’t know Russia was a candidate in this election. This guy is compromised. People who say he’s really a good guy who means well are completely off base. He has an agenda, and it ain’t good.

  186. I had the same reaction, socal. What’s “perplexing”?

  187. I just read the rolling stone article pm linked to above, which was very good, then I scanned the comments. Holy cow! They sounded like fox news nuts. I didn’t know rethugs read rolling stone.

  188. Brassy agree with you 100%

  189. About that CNBC story, were Roger Stone, Manafort, Carter involved? What did Trump know and when did know? Remember Stone’s tweet about Trump’s NDA not holding up? What did Stone say? Remember Trump calling for Russia to hack Hillary’s emails? Give it up, Comey, you mfer!

  190. Comey thought it was too last in the election season to name the Russians as the email hackers. But sticking a shiv in Hillary 11 days before? Noooooooo Problem!

  191. They are building the groundwork tonight against Trump and Russia, you can see they have something, its about to drop i think.

  192. I was at a party on Sunday where I met some friends of my husbands, one couple in particular. The guy is a scientist at a national lab and the wife works at a gov agency. Both think they are highly smart and intellectual. They brought their daughter to the party who was sweet (don’t want to bad mouth her). She was for Bernie and said he was more moral and ethical and I said ‘have you heard about his wife’s corruption at the college she was president of’ and they didn’t know. The girl said Hillary was corrupt and I asked her if there was any evidence to that and she could not point to any but repeated the pay to play and Haiti, Foundation stuff you hear on Cable TV. Apparently the son is a Trump supporter. These are Indians and if I had seen that son, I would have educated him about what Trump’s supporters are like and how they will turn on him, the brown kid if given a chance. Anyway, without being strident, I tried to correct their impression. The parents were voting for Hillary anyway. If I had children, they would not be for Bernie or Trump. Parents, do your fucking job.

  193. moon, what do you mean?

  194. I could say something supportive about ol’ Donna…but naah.

    She didn’t become a Hillary supporter until Bernie was dead and gone.

  195. I wonder if McMullin people/supporters (#NeverTrump GOPers) will drop something big on Trump on Friday. Hope they do.

  196. moononpluto, on October 31, 2016 at 4:54 PM said:
    They are building the groundwork tonight against Trump and Russia, you can see they have something, its about to drop i think.

    —-Tell us more.

  197. Moon, you are right. Harry Reid already said Comey was sitting on explosive stuff related to Russia and Trump, now the CNBC story and boom! I hope whatever it is, it leads directly to Trump.

  198. Jon Ralston has said that Nevada is basically Hillary’s, her firewall is big enough and Trump wont be able to overcome it.

  199. The Dem surge in Ohio happened yesterday,Massive souls to the polls day, Dem’s on course to easily beat their 2012 early vote in Ohio…..

  200. Yes, it looks like a big Putin bomb is getting ready to drop right in Trump’s lap. Harry Reid, CNBC and I’m sure others are going to run with this story soon.

  201. Never liked Donna Brazile. She was anti-Hillary in 08, likely hoping Sanders would have gotten nomination, and a loser like Al Gore.

  202. Hillary’s firewall in Nevada big enough, She’s winning Clark by a large number, she bettering Obama’s in Washoe and all those rural spots dont do much for the GOP.

    Trump would need to win Indies by 20 and carry 95% of GOP votes in Nevada and he’s still lose by 2%……

  203. Happy Halloween, all…take a chocolate break. Hillary’s got this. And the best news is that the tide may be turning on Chaffetz as well. Salt Lake City paper endorsed his opponent.

  204. Hillary rally on c-span now. Hillary coming up soon. Mark Kelly and Gabby Giffords on now.

  205. Ruh Roh

    The FBI has been conducting a preliminary inquiry into Donald Trump’s former campaign manager Paul Manafort’s foreign business connections, law enforcement and intelligence sources told NBC News Monday.

    Word of the inquiry, which has not blossomed into a full-blown criminal investigation, comes just days after FBI Director James Comey’s disclosure that his agency is examining a new batch of emails connected to an aide to Hillary Clinton.

    And it comes a day after Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid criticized Comey’s revelation and asserted that Comey possesses “explosive information about close ties and coordination between Donald Trump, his top advisors, and the Russian government.”

    Rep. Adam Schiff of California, the ranking Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, regularly receives sensitive briefings. Schiff said he could not discuss Reid’s assertions, but he said, “Americans have every right to be concerned about what they see in terms of Trump advisors and their closeness with the Kremlin, Trump’s policies vis-a-vis Russia, Trump’s potential financial interest, all of those things ought to be of deep concern to voters.”

  206. pm317, on October 31, 2016 at 6:21 PM said:
    Wow… HERE WE GO!

    Good to see the geeks are working hard on this Russian/Trump connection. They need to find a smoking gun and figure out a way to explain it to the general public.

    This is spy setup stuff and Putin was a spy for the KGB, wasn’t he?

  207. I hope all of you have your bowl of candy ready, waiting for Trick or Treaters and celebrate my B-day with some chocolate.

    Going for dinner soon…got to fire up my broom. 😉

  208. Please read the Slate magazine’s article I posted above. I am a computer scientist by trade and I understand every word of it (and know by name some of the people mentioned there). It has all the ingredients for FBI to go knocking on Trump’s door and confiscate all his IT resources today! Getting a warrant from a judge should be no problem. emails, shmemails! This is the smoking gun.

    Being a computer scientist, I was crying for joy as I read the article for another reason. The neanderthal Trump who knows nothing of technology nor anything else that is intelligent and sophisticated for that matter, the fact that this buffoon will be brought down by the technocrats of this country, the best of the best is so, so very fitting.

  209. Happy Birthday, Shadowfax!
    May you get the (slightly) belated birthday present of your (and our) dreams.

  210. Shadow, the way to explain to the general public is this: a Trump entity and a Russian entity was having a clandestine exchange that was similar to human conversation and it stopped cold when the parties figured that others were onto them.

  211. Happy Birthday, Shadow, fellow Scorpio!

  212. All over the Internet!!! and this tweet takes the cake so far — private server, shady and corrupt foundation, deleting emails and we are not talking about Hillary. Trump is the real deal.

  213. So will the FBI raid Trump Tower before Trump destroys that server?

  214. This Slate bombshell has not percolated widely yet. Tom Watson has caught on to it and tweeting it and appears to recognize the significance. Don’t let others play it down saying there is no smoking gun. There is enough here to go after him in the true interest of national security.

  215. WHOA

    In June, the former Western intelligence officer—who spent almost two decades on Russian intelligence matters and who now works with a US firm that gathers information on Russia for corporate clients—was assigned the task of researching Trump’s dealings in Russia and elsewhere, according to the former spy and his associates in this American firm. This was for an opposition research project originally financed by a Republican client critical of the celebrity mogul. (Before the former spy was retained, the project’s financing switched to a client allied with Democrats.) “It started off as a fairly general inquiry,” says the former spook, who asks not to be identified. But when he dug into Trump, he notes, he came across troubling information indicating connections between Trump and the Russian government. According to his sources, he says, “there was an established exchange of information between the Trump campaign and the Kremlin of mutual benefit.”

    This was, the former spy remarks, “an extraordinary situation.” He regularly consults with US government agencies on Russian matters, and near the start of July on his own initiative—without the permission of the US company that hired him—he sent a report he had written for that firm to a contact at the FBI, according to the former intelligence officer and his American associates, who asked not to be identified. (He declines to identify the FBI contact.) The former spy says he concluded that the information he had collected on Trump was “sufficiently serious” to share with the FBI.

    Mother Jones has reviewed that report and other memos this former spy wrote. The first memo, based on the former intelligence officer’s conversations with Russian sources, noted, “Russian regime has been cultivating, supporting and assisting TRUMP for at least 5 years. Aim, endorsed by PUTIN, has been to encourage splits and divisions in western alliance.” It maintained that Trump “and his inner circle have accepted a regular flow of intelligence from the Kremlin, including on his Democratic and other political rivals.” It claimed that Russian intelligence had “compromised” Trump during his visits to Moscow and could “blackmail him.” It also reported that Russian intelligence had compiled a dossier on Hillary Clinton based on “bugged conversations she had on various visits to Russia and intercepted phone calls.”

    The former intelligence officer says the response from the FBI was “shock and horror.” The FBI, after receiving the first memo, did not immediately request additional material, according to the former intelligence officer and his American associates. Yet in August, they say, the FBI asked him for all information in his possession and for him to explain how the material had been gathered and to identify his sources. The former spy forwarded to the bureau several memos—some of which referred to members of Trump’s inner circle. After that point, he continued to share information with the FBI. “It’s quite clear there was or is a pretty substantial inquiry going on,” he says.


    Do we have traitors in the FBI, have they been infiltrated?

  216. Ohio Gov. John Kasich voted Monday for 2008 Republican nominee John McCain instead of for 2016 Republican nominee Donald Trump.

    Kasich wrote in McCain’s name at the top of the ticket, Kasich spokesman Chris Schrimpf said, on his absentee ballot.
    Kasich ran against Trump for the Republican nomination, and has been a prominent holdout ever since dropping out of the race in May. He has long promised not to support Trump in November, but he had not previously said who he planned to support instead.
    Kasich’s vote was first reported by the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

  217. Trump and Russia is going viral…….he’s got some explaining to do…..

  218. I believe we are having the motherload shot out, every bit of connection of Trump to Russia is finding its way into the public…it is going to create massive doubts on the voters regarding Trump, are they voting for a Russian lackey?

  219. From the MotherJones article:

    for at least 5 years?! doesn’t that coincide with Trump’s birther stuff and maybe talks of running in 2012?

    Mother Jones has reviewed that report and other memos this former spy wrote. The first memo, based on the former intelligence officer’s conversations with Russian sources, noted, “Russian regime has been cultivating, supporting and assisting TRUMP for at least 5 years. Aim, endorsed by PUTIN, has been to encourage splits and divisions in western alliance.” It maintained that Trump “and his inner circle have accepted a regular flow of intelligence from the Kremlin, including on his Democratic and other political rivals.” It claimed that Russian intelligence had “compromised” Trump during his visits to Moscow and could “blackmail him.”

  220. Shits getting real, Trumps laundary is getting aired.

  221. moononpluto, my sense is that FBI would be conducting raids if it were not for the election. But why not leak about him (instead of weakening Hillary) and stop him? What the hell is the FBI doing?

  222. WOW straight from Hillary

  223. Yay, for Hillary!!! Slate’s article and the evidence that the scientists have put together is more damning than the motherjones article. But collectively they all make a very strong case for Trump being a Kremlin candidate with a real-time communication channel to Moscow during the campaign. DURING the campaign, let that sink in.

  224. I love how precisely Hillary says who did the work, the computer scientists.

    Saw a tweet saying the server was shutdown when they feared NYT would write about it. No, no, no, NYT sat on that fucking thing doing nothing until Slate wrote it up today!

  225. Hey, pm, maybe the FBI has already confiscated the server & Comey went rogue on Friday in order to make this seem like a tit-for-tat deal.
    I don’t care what side of the political spectrum you are on, the American people really need to be up in arms with our “justice” people covering PUTIN’S ass just out of partisanship.

    And HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Shadow!!!!

  226. good reporting moon, thank you!

  227. Votinghillary, no, it would have been a big story if they confiscated Trump’s server. Let us hope they can still get their hands on it.

  228. hey bellecat, what about me? I feel like I am spamming this thread to everyone’s annoyance.

  229. The Trump Russian connection and Comey deliberately withholding the information is exploding all over the internet tonight.

  230. Yeah, Ga6thDem, this is it. This should be the ultimate October surprise, that not only buries Trump but takes with him the House Republicans and Comey’s FBI.

  231. Here is an article from August that predates Motherjones’ article but talks about Trump being a useful idiot for Putin.

  232. oops my comment stuck in the dumpster. now I have really annoyed someone.

  233. More

  234. Trump avoided reporting canceled debt to the IRS, which is considered income


  235. Happy Birthday Shadow

  236. You know what?! NYT is always a day late, a dollar short. Why couldn’t they have said this during the debates? That Hillary voted to close the loophole that helped Trump avoid taxes (Josh Barro had revealed this at the time of the first NYT article on this topic but didn’t get noticed much).

    From the NYT article Moon linked:

    Among the members of Congress who voted to finally close the loophole: Senator Hillary Clinton of New York.

  237. huh, NYT has an article where the FBI is knocking the Slate article saying there is no communication channel between Trump and Russia. Who do I believe? I believe the cyber security experts and scientist who worked on it as quoted in that Slate article, not the political hacks in DC. Why are they protecting Trump?

  238. Shit, Frank Underwood would have been a better candidate for the GOP than Trump.

  239. NYT article seems to be the FBI covering for Trump. I really do not know why the FBI continually attempts to cover for Trump.

  240. There is a guy Justin Miller tweeting there is nothing definitive about the Slate article and knocking it. He does not understand how cybersecurity works. He would be lucky if he is as smart as the scientists quoted in that article.

  241. AT:

    Hillary for America’s Statement on Trump’s Line of Communication with Russia

    October 31, 2016 by still4hill

  242. Come up for air & enjoy this:

  243. I just got home and want to thank you for the B-day wishes and this whole Rump/Russian cyber connection has exploded.

    I see our Hillary detectives are like bloodhounds on the tail…gotta read to posts to see the scoop.

    Thanks pm, moon and others for being on this…

  244. pm317,
    I feel like I am spamming this thread to everyone’s annoyance.

    Fuhgeddaboudit, all of you are doing a fantastic job!!

  245. Happy Birthday Shadow! Hope your biggest wish comes true. 😉🎈🎈🎉🎉🎂🍷💐💐

  246. Is Reid making up for being a 2008 douche and taking on the FBI and Congress over this Trumpuppet act with Russia?

    I think he might be earning back some points on my Shit List.

  247. That NYT article is being ridiculed all over the internet. Putin didn’t want to help Trump but only “disrupt” the election. Odd thing about that is Putin didn’t hack the RNC or any Republican email.

  248. James Carville, glad you are fighting for Hillary again.

    That sign on the back of the humble buggy is priceless, although there is a possibility it is a decent photoshop creation. I love it either way.

  249. Thanks, Shadow. Hope you had a nice birthday dinner!

    One last note before I turn in. There are rumor mills churning about some sex orgy tape of Trump’s in Moscow that the Russians have (I said rumors) and some think he is ‘compromised’ because of that (compromised part (not how) was in the Motherjones article).

  250. Thanks Birdgal, Sweet Sue, pm (fella Scorp and geek), Voting, Neetbug and others. This blog is the cherry on top.

  251. Happy Birthday Shadow…
    I’m also another Scorpio like our Hill.
    Just at the very cusp on the 22nd, St.Cecilia’s day…my name…

  252. But I’m just Belle like my sweet cat…RIP!

  253. Can I say, I loathe Kellyanne Conway to the moon and back. What a despicable human being. 💩

  254. Happy Birthday Shadowfax!!!!

  255. Happy birthday, Shadow! Hope you had a great evening.

    Here’s a great rundown of all the stories on Trump today:

    Après Comey le déluge.

    Since the director of the FBI on Friday announced the discovery of new emails potentially pertinent to the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private server, the presidential campaign has been shaken up. First, came the round of recriminations, as Clinton and her allies, career prosecutors, and even some Republicans assailed James Comey for the disclosure.

    Now, with about a week left, there’s a new spree of investigative reports related to the election. Two, related to potential interference by Russia in American elections, are now in dispute. A third, alleging ties between Russian intelligence and Donald Trump, is still fresh. The fourth (and perhaps most solid) concerns his tax returns.


  256. Interesting that this aired this morning:

  257. Sorry, that video aired on 9/22/16

  258. Another informative article from THE ATLANTIC:

    “Trump, Putin, and the Alt-Right International”

    In boosting Trump and funding fringe parties in Europe, Russia has helped construct a new kind of “comintern”—and it’s even more effective than the Cold War version.

    by MIKE LOFGREN OCT 31, 2016

  259. Thanks so much Bellecat, JB and Trixta.

    Wow, okay…shimmy, shimmy.

  260. Birdgal, on October 31, 2016 at 11:47 PM said:
    Can I say, I loathe Kellyanne Conway to the moon and back. What a despicable human being. 💩

    I’m right there loathing with ya, and I know that isn’t a soft serve pile of chocolate ice cream… ;-0

  261. Birdgal, where do you find such cute html emoji?

  262. Shadow, on my iPhone emoji board. 😀

  263. Really excellent Samantha Bee show tonight. I hope many here could watch it. She said important things that I don’t hear said by anyone else on television.

  264. Happy Birthday Shadow!!!! xoxo

  265. Thanks everyone for the comments and links. Am really enjoying the thread.

  266. William, agree, Sam Bee kicked ass tonight.

  267. pm, I trust your comments about computer science. I’m a computer idiot.

  268. Hey happy belated B’Day Shadow. From a Taurus, who is sometimes slow and deliberate about things, but eventually gets the job done. Thus the “belated” problem. Forgive me. Or I shall charge you with my horns.

  269. I don’t know of any Justice dept. rule or policy that actively requires an FBI source to try to refute a negative story about a candidate so close to an election. Especially when the damaging story did not originate with the FBI. More evidence of double standard. Possible collusion. Can you imagine an FBI exculpatory leak about Hillary? Neither can I.

  270. I’ll always get you out of trouble, socal.

  271. Comey did it twice. His job is to investigate and make recommendations to Justice. Seen and not heart. It is not his job to call press conferences and interject his opinion. He did that in July.

    Last week he called yet another press conference and attention to himself by declaring he has nothing to say about something 11 days before an election. Basically, that was it.

    Don’t blame us if it looks like it all stinks to high heaven, looking a LOT like influencing an election. Maybe it wasn’t deliberate. As one former person of esteem put it, he doesn’t know when to keep his mouth shut. Here’s what I think. I think he was poked, prodded, harassed and tortured by certain republicans since his July announcement. He cracked. He also has somehow managed not to get control of his own organization. In spite of his reputation for integrity, he shows signs of being a terrible manager. His organization is falling apart and riddled with political opinions, a complete No No for the FBI. So he cracked. He figured if he didn’t say something, it would leak in a very bad way out of the mouths of his internal adversaries. creating innuendoes. So he leaked it instead, thus creating the same situation he feared all along.

    Director Comey is a terrible manager. Where I come from, he would be shown to the lobby or placed in a position where he uses the skills he does have and no longer leads others in the form of management. I’m sorry, but that’s what it all looks like to me.

    And one more thing. Nobody is going to tell me nobody “looked” without a warrant, because I would laugh in their face.

  272. That article in the Atlantic is freaky scary.

  273. I heard what Comey really wants is a SCOTUS appointment. That would certainly give him a reason to undermine Hillary since it would be a very cold day in hell before he was nominated by her. On the Supreme Court he would be free to opine which seems to be his favorite thing but is toxic in an FBI Director.

  274. socalannie, thanks. I got overexcited about that article last night. Though FBI is acting weird pushing NYT to negate that story.

  275. S. Bee: “Now obviously, Trump did not invent racism. If he had, it would have gone bankrupt years ago.”

  276. *sigh* I thought it would just put the little emoji under the comment, not take up an oversized rectangle. 😛

  277. Hell, EVERYBODY seems to want a SCOTUS appointment. You have a job for life even if you are a flaming asshole, and you can spout off your opinions and find a way to shove them into the constitution, therefore making yourself Always Right.

    And….you get to be impervious to what anybody else thinks about what you think, since you are the SCOTUS.

    What a job!

  278. From Trixta’s Atlantic article posted at 11:58; I just want to say that there is nothing arcane about the analysis nor is the data obscure. This is how intrusion/fraud detection works; they study network traffic patterns and look for anomalous behavior. There is enough there that is circumstantial such as spikes in traffic, shutting down, setting up with another registered name that only the other party could have known that fits other things going on in the campaign. If it was just a spam mailer for marketing purposes, why didn’t Trump campaign say so?

    Elsewhere, a report in Slate by Franklin Foer focuses on an alleged covert communication channel between the Trump Organization, Trump’s business fiefdom, and Alfa Bank, a Russian institution with ties to the Russian oligarchy and Putin. The story is complex and often difficult to understand, based on arcane analysis of even more obscure data, but Foer suggests an elaborate back channel that showed spikes in activity right around key moments in the election, but was quickly closed when reporters began making inquiries into it.

  279. Saw this last night and she has been hinting at this for a while. It is still a hint though. Come on, out with it. But how much more evidence do we need to establish that he is a con, a fraud, a toxic entity?

  280. Belated Happy Birthday, Shadow! I stayed up to watch Samantha Bee, too. Some parts would have been funnier if they weren’t so scary and true, meaning the segments on the Alt Right and Russian computer trolls. I wonder if Russian trolls have visited here at Uppity Woman. Perhaps they were downgrading the ratings of posts…

    I was trying to get more background on Comey, and figure out why he was appointed by Obama. I see from Wikipedia he led the prosecution of Martha Stewart, which I’ve heard was politically motivated. Sometimes he looks like the boy scout, but not this time.


  281. VotingHillary at 10:40 p.m.: I love that photo. Sadly, most of the Amish farms in my area that have signs show Trump signs. I’ll get back to you with an explanation from a local source. We also have a Mennonite community nearby, and their view may be different, or like any group, the presidential preference may not be unanimous.

  282. Excerpt from the article above:

    “He deducted somebody else’s losses,” Mr. Buckley said. By that, Mr. Buckley meant that only the bondholders who forgave Mr. Trump’s unpaid casino debts should have been allowed to use those losses to offset future income and reduce their taxes. That Mr. Trump used the same losses to reduce his taxes ultimately increases the tax burden on everyone else, Mr. Buckley explained. “He is double dipping big time.”

  283. Shadow, Happy Belated Birthday!

  284. Belle, I think that article is typical Politico bs. I heard Hillary in Cincy last evening, and she did both–contrast herself with Trump and give people a positive vision to vote for. She can walk and chew gum at the same time. But Politico always has her campaign in dire trouble, on the verge of catastrophe. The fact is I don’t think she ever intended to ignore Trump for the last week. That would be political malpractice. And the nuclear launch officer ad must have been planned for weeks. That wasn’t just thrown together in three days.

  285. Upps @ 7:16am, Yay!
    Upps @ 7:19am, Spot on!

  286. PM, thank you for your insights and assessments about the internet issues discussed in the “The Atlantic” article. (I know zilch about any of it). What I gleaned from the article is that even if all this is “arcane” stuff to some, the circumstantial evidence points to some disturbing probabilities about Trump’s server.

    Ga6thDem, I, too, find Trump’s connections with the alt-right international very scary. I think this election will embolden them even as Trump loses. We need a leader like Clinton more than ever to deal with this looming threat.

  287. I knew this stuff was happening, but it was really freaky to see it on Sam Bee last night:

  288. Thanks, trixta. You’re exactly right that there is so much of circumstantial evidence which is enough and that is all we will have unless someone like FBI gets their hands on the server in question.

    FBI is misbehaving again posting today BC’s investigation documents into Marc Rich’s pardons closed in 2005! I think Obama should fire the bastard on Nov 9.

  289. Socalannie, I saw it on Sam Bee, and felt the same way. It was a real interview.

  290. Alicia Machado is telling her story, at the podium, on the stump for Hillary in Florida, before Hillary comes on. She describes Trump, and the impact it had on her in English and Spanish.

  291. OK, the FBI posting BC’s documents and Fred Trump’s was in response to FOIA requests from legit FBI twitter account for such releases. So no shenanigans there.

  292. Trump GOTV working well…

  293. From today’s FBI story:

    “The Clinton campaign immediately questioned the timing of the release.
    “Absent a FOIA litigation deadline, this is odd,” Clinton campaign spokesman Brian Fallon said on Twitter.”

    I think Comey is doubling down. He’s still trying to sway the election.

  294. Screw the FBI. And they actually describe the Klu Kluxer, Fred Trump, as a philanthropist. Elements of FBI are in on this alt-right, Russian operation. This is incredible.

  295. So who investigates the investigators?

    Come on, lighten up a little. She’ll win.

  296. From Uppity’s keyboards to the screen of the Ascended Madoka.

    I realize the odds still favor Our Hillary, but I admit I worry.

    Just how stupid are the news media, anyway? If Kim Jong Orange (h/t Driftglass) does slither into the White House, how long do the media moguls and minions think it will be before he starts treating our media the way his idol, Putin, treats the Russian media?

    Hey, Les Moonves, what toppings do you like on your polonium sandwich? 👿

    For that matter–hey, Vladimir, do you really think you have The Donald in your pocket? May I remind you that your predecessor Uncle Joe Stalin thought he had “The Adolf” in his pocket until June 22, 1941? 👿 👿

  297. I still think she’ll win, but I want this turds head on a platter. Why can’t Justice put a special prosecutor on him to see if he’s violating the Hatch Act? I can’t believe how blatant he’s getting. The rethugs must have a lot of dirt on him.

  298. I do think that there are all sorts of malign forces arrayed to try to get Trump elected. Comey is bad enough, but there are renegade FBI agents who are apparently even worse. They are the ones who were leaking to Gingrich and DeLay six months ago. They are the people who wanted the FBI to conduct a criminal investigation of the Clinton Foundation. They are a disgrace and a danger. It’s possible that Comey has been hiring people of that nature. I don’t think anyone can trust the FBI as an impartial investigative agency.

    It is possible, as Brassy Rebel suggested yesterday, that the FBI, some of the media, various neo-nazi groups, some oligarchs, are all connected to Russian efforts to essentially take over the country. More likely, it is a loose but communicative consortium of bad elements. They are very powerful; and,,unlike the bogus “commuist conspiracy” of the ’50’s, are a clear and present danger to democracy. Add that to blatant vote suppression efforts undersay in major states, and one wonders if we even have the democracy we lernd about in our Government classes in school. There have been people in totalitarian states who actually were propagandized into thinking that they lived in a free country. I’m sure that is their plan.

  299. William, yes, this election has really taken a creepy turn. Remember Jill Stein at some Russian state dinner a while back?

  300. Sarah Kindzior’s TL is scary which is where I first saw the FBI releasing BC docs. But was later relieved a bit seeing that it was FOIA. Still as Socalannie notes the timing is a problem. BTW, Comey was the assistant US Attorney. Could it be somebody writing on Comey could have asked for it? IDK. I think Comey should resign or be fired on Nov. 9.

  301. So, Commie is not trying to influence the election?

    I guess I’m just Cleopatra, better yet the Virgin Mary…pardon, no trying to offend the faithful…

  302. Yes, Jill and General Flynn were at the Kremlin dinner together. There is a photo. I’m too lazy to go look for it right now.

    Flynn seems to be not very popular with other generals, dubbed a right wing nut.

  303. as pm317 has been saying, that Dumpster server info is an open-and-shut case. Paul Vixie was quoted in that Slate article. Paul Vixie! That’s like having Einstein deliver an insight about relativity.

    Earlier this month, the group of computer scientists passed the logs to Paul Vixie. In the world of DNS experts, there’s no higher authority. Vixie wrote central strands of the DNS code that makes the internet work. After studying the logs, he concluded, “The parties were communicating in a secretive fashion. The operative word is secretive. This is more akin to what criminal syndicates do if they are putting together a project.” Put differently, the logs suggested that Trump and Alfa had configured something like a digital hotline connecting the two entities, shutting out the rest of the world, and designed to obscure its own existence. Over the summer, the scientists observed the communications trail from a distance.

    Anybody who tries to pretend there’s any real, non-theoretical doubt here has got an agenda.

  304. At

    Hillary Clinton in Sanford, Florida

    Gotta watch this one…

  305. Nate Silver has it 71.1% Hillary to 28.8% Trump. I am feeling very worried and anxious that Trump could win.

  306. OMG, Bill Weld on Rachel Maddow just lavished praise on Hillary. We should get a video of it.

  307. The Marc Rich thing is so last decade. It is odd though that the FBI chose to put it out there. The story really is the FBI and their cretinous behavior and not the Marc Rich story which has been told, investigated and over. Reading that Atlantic story made me so scared I could not sleep well last night. I called my Senator Johnny Isakson and his office was somewhat concerned about the Russian element but he is still endorsing Trump. I called my representative’s office and they told me flat out that my representative is fine with Putin and fine with Trump’s ties to Putin.

  308. Nate has some issues with Hillary. There are some other aggregators and you need to take them all into account. Sam Wang with the Princeton Consortium is one and the other one I think is 270 to win. I remember Nate back when I used to post a lot at Daily Kos and he went by the name of Poblano. Any criticism I issued of Obama he would attempt to troll rate me into oblivion. I’m just not all that confident he can be objective when it comes to Hillary. There’s no reason for him to down rate her since the polls basically have not changed over the last week. However you also have to realize that Nate wants to get eyeballs and a constant thing saying Hillary has a 99% chance of winning is not going to get anybody looking at his site.

  309. Weld seems like an honorable man going out of his way as gently as he could to say ‘vote for Hillary, let my other campaign go to hell.’ I don’t know why Maddow was pressing him about the discord that would cause with his own campaign, instead of just letting him say what is on his mind.

  310. we are, we are….(and not reading another shit article from NYT until the election is over, or forever)

  311. Hey JB, watch O’Donnell right now!

  312. 28% of GOP early voters voting for Hillary in FL! per O’Donnell’s guest.

  313. pm, that is good news! Thanks Florida!

  314. Socalannie, yes! O’Donnell is delivering today. Also we should Maddow’s interview with Bill Weld.

  315. Listen closely to the first second of this song. Get used to that sound.

  316. Thanks tp both of you for that optimistic news and analysis.

  317. Sophie, LOL!

  318. That is very heartening news about Florida early voting. I felt a great sense of relief upon hearing it. Of course, we know that it is only early voting, and only a poll of it. But if it is accurate; and assuming it continues comparably, we will win Florida, and win the election. And, while of much lesser but still significant importance, Murphy might actually have a chance, if Hillary actually wins Florida by six percent or a little more.

  319. Thanks, Sophie. I will look for the longer video tomorrow when they load it. He said he has worked with her and that he finds her highly moral, honest, trustworthy, and other adjectives which are antithetical to what Hillary haters say.

  320. Multiple video segments of Weld Interview on Maddow here:

  321. Well, as I should have figured, that sense of relief was short-lived. I looked at the Twitter feed of Steve Schale, who is a highly respected pollster who may know Florida voting better than anyone. He had written an updated analysis earlier today. After this exciting new Target poll came out, he has just written that the poll is not accurate, that he thinks that Hillary is very narrowly up in Florida, but that it will depend on the GOTV which so far has been a bit of a struggle. Darn!

  322. Here is the part I liked:

  323. Thanks Socal, WLM, Liberty Belle and Upps for the B-day wishes.
    Much appreciated!

    Upps, we can high-fives, your horns against my stinger and broom.

    Lots of great stuff on the blog, I finally caught up reading and one week from tonight, Hillary will trounce that sexist, racist, corrupt, tax cheating, crotch grabbing piece of shit and we will watch him getting smaller in the rear view mirror.

    This is by far the most sickening opponent any candidate has ever run against, poor Hillary having to put up with all this shit.

    She WILL stand on the top of the mountain and Trump will have the IRS on his ass, big time.

    Comney will have his ass fired and Hillary will laugh in his face if he asks for the Supremes job, or any other job above replacement management of men cakes in the restrooms.

  324. JB

    Two things to remember when you are fearful about 538:

    1- Nate batted too low for Hillary in the primary, she ending much higher than predicted.

    2- This isn’t an exam, she only needs to make it to 270, not to 100%
    We would all like her to win by a landslide, but President Kenny barely won his election, and he was still 100% our President.

  325. Ivory Bill
    I thought it would just put the little emoji under the comment, not take up an oversized rectangle.
    I almost choked on my dinner over this one. 😉

  326. Entire segment w/ Weld. Starts at 5:00 or so mark

  327. Whoops.

  328. Target poll is just a snapshot of early voters who are registered Rs (they get those rolls from the state everyday) and who said they voted for Hillary when polled. I don’t see anything wrong with the methodology. Yeah, 28% so far but will it hold up, who knows? But it is good news nonetheless.

  329. I was talking to a few co- workers at the end of the day today and they are as frazzled as some of us. One woman said she was exploring possibly leaving the country, if Trump is elected. Another woman watches the same news shows that I watch, so we talked about that for awhile. I think I will show them that tape of Hillary at the top of the blog. It helped me to feel better. It seems that most the country is very tense right now. Regardless of what happens on Election Day, half of the country will be very unhappy and dismayed.

  330. I agree Shadowfax, but it should not even be close…this is a very scary indictment on the state of our nation.

  331. Thanks, VotingHillary. The fantastic Mr. Weld.

  332. As I have posted here and elsewhere many times, theso-called liberal networks have done more to hurt Hillary and Bill than any Fox News or other conservative networks. The liberal media has never liked the Clintons and instead of rallying around her, they are carrying the same old stereotypes about Hillary that we saw in the 90’s. To suggest she is is as undesirable as Trump and that America faces two (2) awful choices is pure BS. I hope when she wins she remembers “tingles” and others who have really treated her unfairly over the years.

  333. Very good news for our girl tonight. (For a change!)

    The Florida poll is very encouraging. If those numbers are even close to accurate, it will be a huge win for Hillary.

    Speaking of, Moody’s has come out with their forecast for the election, and they have predicted correctly every presidential race since 1980.

    They see a Hillary landslide – 332-206.


  334. This picture still makes me cry and makes me realize how much HRC cares for ALL OF US.

  335. Oops…

    That first line should read “for our girl”

    My excitement got the better of my grammar!


    Fixit Fairy was there!

  336. jbstonesfan, on November 1, 2016 at 11:37 PM said:
    I agree Shadowfax, but it should not even be close…this is a very scary indictment on the state of our nation.

    Yes, JB. The ugly American’s have decided to step out into the sunlight and show their hatred among other Deplorables.

    Kris Kristofferson had a song, one line I never forgot was,
    “Everybody needs somebody to look down on…”

    To Trump’s angry white men and some women, it’s easier to blame others for the economy, their conditions instead of banning together to pull ourselves out of this hole and working together.

    Here’s a song, not the Stones, but one you might like:

  337. Just to make you all smile a bit:

  338. Hillary is going to win gang…don’t let Trump and the media get you down. Just think of all the people that have not made this win easy for Hillary that are now out campaigning their hearts out for her:

    Barack Obama
    Michelle Obama
    Obama’s campaign team
    All Democrats in Congress

  339. This should make all of you Uppities’ day:

  340. Yeah I saw the moody’s thing, Rev Vet. They have never picked wrong.

    Also there was a huge exit poll survey for early voters, taken in Florida and 28% of Republicans voted for Hillary. 3.7 million people voted. Hillary, 53%. If that holds real, it’s over.

  341. Thats the thing in this election, the “experts, like silver and Cohn are doing guesswork because they have no idea of what level of crossover is going to happen.

    In Florida, that GOP crossover is most likely a lot of cubanos who are registered Republicans going hard for Clinton, I dont think Florida will be even close, never have, that south Florida margin is going to be huge.

  342. The Louis CK interview was amazing. Thanks for posting.

  343. and yeah don’t forget how off those primary polls where, remember OHIO, they had her even 49-49, she won Ohio by 13…….13!

  344. I don’t see how Steve Schale can question the accuracy of the Target poll. They’re polling folks who already voted. As Uppity says, it’s an exit poll. No likely voter screen needs to be done. And Schale himself acknowledges in a tweet storm yesterday that a lot of these early Dem voters are “low propensity” voters, meaning public polling is filtering them out in their likely voter screen.

  345. As others here have said already, even if Hillary wins (Madoka grant it be so), we still have big problems in this country.

    Specifically regarding this election, we have the massive failure of two major institutions in our country: the Republican Party and the Corporate Media.

    The GOP failed to take sufficient precautions against a right-wing populist demagogue, with (none too) covert foreign backing, winning its nomination.

    The Media failed, and still is failing, to recognize the supreme importance of that foreign backing.

  346. Jb, sorry can’t agree about Fox News. While certainly the so called liberal media has been no friend to Hillary Fox News is even worse. They were saying they were going to put Hillary in jail and lying about almost everything. At least some in the so called liberal media were willing to report that the email stuff was nonsense.

    As far as Steve Schale goes, yes, he does know Florida BUT even if he KNEW that Hillary was 50 points ahead in Florida he would say it was close. So take what he says with that in mind simply because he is a GOTV person and he wants everybody to show up. Therefore he will always say it is close. And you want everybody to show up because you don’t know what is actually going to happen on election day. It could be that there might be a Trump surge or it could be that Trump voters decide it is hopeless and sit home.

    That ABC WaPo poll that showed Trump one point ahead in the election has caused the Asian markets to crash. You know, stupid media there are real world consequences to real people for the garbage you have been shopping.

  347. Among other things, this election is a glaring example of what men will do to keep women from encroaching on their longstanding absolute power. It’s the reason it’s been ‘longstanding’.

    Priceless. A case for study.

  348. why media is timid towards Trump, fear of litigation of course and careers ruined. But there is also another data point/factor that just occurred to me. Peter Theil is a Trump’s supporter and he drove Gawker to dust financing Hulk Hogan’s suit against them. Even if Trump is not the billionaire he claims, he has Theil on his side. Can’t wait for this toxic guy to get out of our lives.

  349. I was at HRC Fort Lauderdale rally in my ‘hood last night. Glad I went and enjoyed like the other rallies this year. History is invigorating! But boy, I definitely should have hydrated better. Combo of not enough water, humidity due to closeness of crowd and all the rigid standing for 6 hours plus resulted in awful leg cramps when I got home. But it was definitely worth it. Lack of enthusiasm my ass. HRC was scheduled to speak at 8:30, didn’t get there until about 10:30 and not many in the crowd estimated at 4,300 budged. Also saw online last night that they are projecting that HRC got 28 percent of republicans! in Florida’s early voting so far. Another article said African-American and Latino vote starting to pick us as well. If this is true Florida should not be close when final tally is done. HRC looked fresh and glowing despite doing her third Florida rally of the day/night. Not much left of her voice though. But I see that she is right back at it, with rally set today in Michigan. She really is fighting for every vote.

  350. You took the words right out of my mouth, UW. Hillary is an existential threat to the patriarchy. And from Congressional Republicans to the media to the KBG to the freakin’ FBI, the patriarchy is VERY unhappy. It won’t get better after the election. Goddess help her. They will stop at nothing.

  351. That Sarah Kendzior tweet. Wow! Can you imagine the shit storm that would ensue if Hillary’s lawyer threatened a media outlet like that if they covered a story?! I think the fact that they’re so scared of Trump makes them attack Hillary even more. They think it makes them look tough. Cowardly weasels.

  352. Palette, you are a warrior woman! You’re so lucky to be able to go to all these rallies.

  353. Just got added to a secret group on Facebook w nearly 300K members. Join us! On election day we’re wearing pantsuits to show support for our girl Hillary!

    This means I have to actually find a pantsuit (thrift store, here I come!)


    Trying to be cool about this, Pantsuiters, but… OMG!!!
    In 12 days we have grown (from a smattering, a handful, a fringe) to… THIS. Based on nothing but our mutual love for pantsuits. Who knew?! I had this fantasy about 11.5 days ago, when I saw the rapid growth of my little Facebook group (up to 600 people already?!). I imagined this FLEET. A horde. Wall-to-wall pantsuits. Showing up. Declaring themselves. Saying F yes. I PANTSUIT. And I vote.
    Are we there yet? What are the chances that one of you will walk down the street a week from today and see a stranger, en pantsuit, and FREAK OUT? We’re getting there, that’s for sure. But let’s keep going. Add members. Be smart about it, but add members. Women, men, nonbinary folk, cowboys, baristas, grandmothers, metalheads, manicurists… If you’ve got a Hillary-loving person in your life that wants to be here, bring them in!
    Keep telling stories. Keep this brightness white hot. One week to go. Phonebank. Donate. Pantsuit UP.
    As ever, please help welcome new members into the fold. Refer them to our guidelines, below. Please be nice to each other and especially to our moderators who are taking HOURS out of their days to make the space as vibrant and real and positive as possible. It’s a somewhat thankless task, except we get to read your stories, which, honestly, makes it all worthwhile.
    #nationalpantsuitday #millionsofpantsuits #werewithher
    DO: Post personal reflections, mini-histories, stories, encounters, memories, and musings about what this election and our Great Pantsuited One means to you. Like and comment on the others that you like best, as that will help those stay visible to other members.
    PLEASE DON’T: Post “breaking news” stories, defense/attack articles on either candidate, every new poll result that comes out (imagine it coming across your feed x15,000 or so!).
    DO: Share photos of yourself and loved ones, en pantsuit or not, participating in this great democracy thing.
    PLEASE DON’T: Post photos/memes/videos concerning Hillary’s opponent, his henchmen and henchwomen, or supporters. This group is about supporting Hillary, not denigrating her opponent. If your post is deleted, please don’t take it personally!
    DO: Invite other likeminded, pro-Hillary nasty women and bad hombres.
    PLEASE DON’T: Go on a happy adding spree and accidentally add your decidedly un-pantsuity uncle, boss, etc.
    DO: Wear a pantsuit on November 8. If you can’t, wear your pantsuit on the inside.
    PLEASE DON’T: Forget to leave obvious campaign paraphernalia at home when you go to vote. And DON’T selfie your ballot!! Could be illegal!
    DO: Report upsetting posts, change your notifications/follow settings to suit your preferences, or contact an admin if you have questions or need help.
    PLEASE DON’T: Expect moderation in every single comment thread in the group. We’re doing our best but it’s just not possible. If you find yourself engaging in a thread that makes you uncomfortable or unhappy, I suggest you simply exit that particular conversation, and head to one of the many inspiring, kind, thoughtful posts that we are VERY rich in here.
    DO: Go High!
    PLEASE DON’T: Be mean.
    DO: Phonebook:
    DO: Donate:

  354. I need to stop reading articles about polls. I’m having panic attacks.

  355. Can anyone educate me as to why my laptop is closing down this blog? The message states, “Aw, Snap! Google Chrome ran out of memory while trying to display this webpage.”

  356. WLM – try restarting your laptop.

  357. I think that Democrats should start using the word “fascism” and “fascists” as appropriate, when referring to Republicans. Because this is what we are looking at. Not just Trump, and his literally neo-nazi and fascist supporters. We have Republican officeholders advocating for what can only be seen as fascism.

    Consider: When a Justice of the Supreme Court died, The Republicans refused to even hold hearings on the nominee chosen by the Democratic President. They said that the next President should decide. They then said that the next President, if a Democrat, should not get to choose anyone for the Supreme Court, that the goal is to leave the seat open for four years, presumably so that a Republican can fill it. Thus if one or more Justices retire during the term, the seats will not be filled, so that we could go down to five or six Justices. The only way they will let the seats be filled is if a Republican gets to make the picks. So ultimately we would have nine Justices all chosen by Republican Presidents.

    Then we have Republicans guaranteeing that if Hillary is elected, she will be impeached. In other words, if Republicans control the House, they will impeach Democratic Presidents, because they have the votes to do so. Thus they are clearly stating that only a Republican President can run the country, as Democratic Presidents cannot appoint Supreme Court Justices, will be investigated endlessly, and will be impeached. How is this not pure fascism? Democrats shy away from that term, but it is not only appropriate, but necessary. All one has to do is point out that Republicans are demanding that they be in control of every single branch of government, or they will shut the processes down. That is fascism, and the Republicans are moving us toward it.

  358. Yeah, pretty much the GOP is advocating for fascism. However if the media was not as corrupt as it is then this would be less of a problem. If the media would call down the GOP it would at least be somewhat of a starting point to maybe shutting down a lot of the things they say they are going to do.

  359. William:
    I strongly agree with you about labeling the Repubs for what they really are; FASCISTS.

  360. britgirls, on November 2, 2016 at 10:08 AM said:
    Just got added to a secret group on Facebook w nearly 300K members. Join us! On election day we’re wearing pantsuits to show support for our girl Hillary!

    Congratulations britgirls, wonderful way to support our lady. Be sure to post your link of pantsuits.

    I will be wearing a semi-suffragette outfit. Couldn’t find anything in the thrift shops but did find some websites that will pull it off for me. I still have to make a white cloth bag or sash with ‘Votes For Women’ painted on it, and a hat.

  361. The only thing i can say is they are using polls to make a “horse race” narrative, they need to do that or people tune out…its all about selling shows and they will do anything to make it close,

    ITS NOT CLOSE, they just need to sell it until 7pm on Nov 8th.

  362. moon, that’s exactly what I think. They have to keep making it close to keep people interested in the polls/shows etc.

    I thought about doing an internet sabbatical and just buying a Sunday newspaper. Heh … it was a fleeting thought. Of course I’m reading everything! But the FB group has really lifted my spirits. I’m feeling feisty. Can’t wait for next Tuesday.

  363. WLM, on November 2, 2016 at 12:35 PM said:
    Can anyone educate me as to why my laptop is closing down this blog? The message states, “Aw, Snap! Google Chrome ran out of memory while trying to display this webpage.”


    You either have too many tabs open or need to clear out your history and fully close Chrome and open it again, fresh at just your homepage.

    If that doesn’t help. Restart your computer.

  364. I still remember them trying to make it a horse race in 2012…..

    Romney within 4 in PA….lost by shitloads
    Romney final polls 50-47

    Hi, President Romney….oh wait….

  365. GOP Rep. Jason Chaffetz Reported To FBI For Using Potential Illegal Private Email Server

    By Jason Easley on Wed, Nov 2nd, 2016 at 1:27 pm

    The man who has promised to lead the investigations of Hillary Clinton if she wins the White House, Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) is under new scrutiny for his potential use of an illegal private email server.


  366. Watch this, this will explode

  367. You beat me to it, moon. Can’t see how the msm can give Trump a pass on this explosive rape story.

  368. 15 year old girl in the Weiner case speaks out. Says Comey abused her because…well, you can read it for yourself.

  369. trixta:
    How much I would love for that Ja(cka)$$on Chaff-er to get a Tom Delay medicine…

  370. moon:
    good reporting…we’ll watch…

  371. According to Galvin’s office, “about 700,000” have #earlyvoted statewide in MA as of noon Wed.

    Only been open 3 days and 25% of the vote in.

  372. Thanks Julies and Shadow

  373. Ack! That’s David Frum in The Atlantic. That’s what happens when I post from my phone.

    :sigh: I should know better than to argue with idiots, but a post came across my FB timeline that sucked me in. It is a petition calling on Hillary Clinton to step aside and let Bernie Sanders assume the candidacy, since he was the “true” winner of the primary until Hillary “cheated” him out of it. People were signing the petition and vowing that they would never vote for Hillary. They actually believed that this would happen if they got enough signatures on the petition.

    Others were trying to get them to understand all the reasons that this would never happen, especially not this close to the election, and that staying home or writing in Bernie was the same as voting for Trump, but these nimrods were steadfast in their magical thinking.

    I finally pointed out to them that early voting had already started and even if Bernie became the candidate today, there were millions of votes that he would not get because they had already been cast for Hillary and those people could not vote again. I said if they supported Bernie they should support the candidate that HE supports, Hillary, otherwise a Trump presidency was on their heads. They still refused to see it and I just gave up. And these were not college kids, either. I’m talking adults in their 40’s and 50’s. How did this country get to this point?

  374. Jules at this point I have determined that it is pure misogyny. Remember there’s as much of it on the left as there is on the right and all the misogynists were supporting Bernie. So the hardcore ones that definitely have this fantasy about Bernie were really people that just could not vote for a woman. Thankfully most Bernie supporters are not misogynists and have moved on.

  375. This is a great twitter feed to follow for good information.

  376. The speech given by President Obama for Hillary in Chapel Hill, NC (home of the University of North Carolina) was wonderful. Apparently some people waited for 24 hours to get into the venue. This was the best campaign speech I have ever heard him give, and he covered just about everything that we have been discussing here. He praised Hillary, blasted Trump, went after the Republicans in Congress, said that this was an election where everyone needs to step up and choose the right direction for the country. If that doesn’t help get some recalcitrant people to vote, nothing will. Try to see the speech if it repeats on CSPAN later, as they usually do. It brought tears to my eyes at points.

    Hillary has got all sorts of top surrogates speaking at various locales, while she does her own rallies. Michelle was the only one possibly missing ,and I hope she can do a few as well. Some of these races are closer than I would like, but hopefully we can get a little extra surge in the last couple of days.

  377. When I checked, neither CNN or MSNBC was covering Trump accuser’s presser live. Why am I not surprised?

  378. This should tell you everything you need to know.

  379. You said it, Bellecat (@3:07)!

  380. Just saw the presser was cancelled. The woman is understandably terrified by the reaction from Trumpworld.

  381. Horse race my ass….


  382. Nevada getting fireproof…..

    Meanwhile, as Hillary speaks, I learn 20,500 people had voted by 3 PM in Clark County. That’s nearly 2,000 more than Tuesday at the same time.

  383. Dem lead in Clark county is getting fireproof….I don’t see how she loses Nevada, the gap is getting wider by the day.

  384. “It looks like Hillary’s swing state firewall is still holding”

  385. By the way Shadow, did you notice and I hope Uppity we can free rein now to blast them as they have now formally endorsed Trump…….is a former “Hillary” site we shall not name but has gone full on in on full endorsement editorial for Trump. All I can say is FUCK ‘EM.

    I think the phrase is wolf in sheeps clothing…..

  386. Hilarious………

    NEW YORK ― The New York Observer, a weekly newspaper and website owned by Donald Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner, will not be backing a presidential candidate ahead of Election Day.

    Editor-in-chief Ken Kurson told The Huffington Post Wednesday that the “Observer is not going to make an endorsement in the general.”

  387. Moon, I totally agree!!

  388. So Trumps gonna win Ohio… he?

    @QuinnipiacPoll, Among Early Voters:

    North Carolina:
    Clinton 58 (+22)
    Trump 36

    Clinton 58 (+26)
    Trump 32

  389. Don’t forget, Trump has to turn out voters on election day with no ground game, so frankly this could be a blowout of epicness.

  390. Still super close here in Florida..could go either way imo…


  392. This looks like good for a Florida win to me….with these numbers.

  393. moononpluto, on November 2, 2016 at 7:26 PM said:
    By the way Shadow, did you notice and I hope Uppity we can free rein now to blast them as they have now formally endorsed Trump…….is a former “Hillary” site we shall not name but has gone full on in on full endorsement editorial for Trump. All I can say is FUCK ‘EM.
    I think the phrase is wolf in sheeps clothing…..

    Fuck ’em! I agree.

    I though they had endorsed Trump the moment Hillary defended Obama the first time and said she would not dismantle ObamaCare, but would fix the problems. Maybe the first time they said Hillary should “keep her mouth shut”

    They have stirred up a mountain of hate for her because Hillary doesn’t hate Obama.

    They wanted the Dem. party to be destroyed by Hillary, instead they support the douche that is taking down their new, alt Rethug party.

    They are headed for a shameful loss in the election, which will fire them up more. Good luck with that.

    The only thing they need to change their web name and color.


  394. Correction, they are supporting the douche…………………………….

    I like that better. (Forming a new alt douche Rethug party.)

  395. I image there is great celebration over there, not going to bother to read anything there any longer…they won’t win the election but they turned a ‘Hillary’ site into a Trump site and fucked with a number of bloggers.

    Sorry Upps, had to get 7 years off my mind.

    Rant over.

  396. Would it be a good idea to know where each one of us is in the USA?

    I’m in Austin, Texas…

    I don’t even know where my upps is….
    I know Sophie is in Connecticut…
    and socalannie is in Southern Cali…
    and of course Flvoter is in Florida…

  397. New name and color:

    Big Stink

  398. Family friends of the Bush clan reported on CNN that all will most likely vote for Hillary except one son of a Bush.

  399. Shadow @ 9:05, gosh, that is rich isn’t it?

  400. OK, for those that haven’t voted yet or whose states have no early voting and have to wait until 11/8, please make sure you have your cellphone with you & stay safe.

    This election is nuts.

  401. Moon and Shadow, I just rolled my eyes when seeing that endorsement. (When I told my husband he just laughed.) Goes to show how anger can hinder one’s judgement. What ALL of Trumps followers have in common is a festering anger and unbridled hatred for anyone who disagrees with their point of view. Sad, but whatever….

    On the brighter side, Hillary’s numbers are back to where they were pre-Comeygate, according to a new Ipsos Poll (A- rating):

  402. Bellecat, I’m in Northern California.

  403. Bellcat I am in Cleveland Ohio

  404. Trixta, “Sad, but whatever…” (Good one!)

    Bellecat, Bay Area, CA

  405. Check out Bill Maher’s live streaming comedy event on Facebook tonight (10 Eastern, 7 Pacific) called “Whiny Little Bitch.” (Why not “Whiny Little Prick” ?) From what I understand, it will feature all the material on Trump he didn’t get to use on his show this season. Maher certainly has gender issues, but on Trump he’s been spot on and oh so funny!

  406. Moon and Shadow don’t worry. We will be ok. Don’t get upset. They do need to change the name on that site. I question them about the name some time ago.

  407. Bellcat, I am in the Bay Area.

    I don’t go to that site any longer. I used to lurk, but it became too disgusting, so I left for good.

  408. This Sunday is souls to the polls. Churches will be taking voters to the polls to vote.
    On Nov 8th Jay Z will be performing here in Cleveland for Hillary. You had to go vote in order to get a ticket to the concert.

  409. Neetabug, you are so sweet. We are fine, just built up anger on my part for being hoodwinked for so many years. So glad we all landed here with Upps and Co. so we could all go through this ugly election together and be happy that Hillary will finally make it where she should have been, 8 looooooooooong years ago.

  410. Hilary’s speaking in Phoenix right now….and the crowd is HUGE!

  411. Correction on Fri Nov 6th. Have Nov 8th on the brain

  412. {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{ HILLARY }}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

  413. Bellecat, I’m in eastern Pennsylvania.

  414. Go Hillary!!!!!!!!!

  415. Brit, I am in the capitol of the “Steeler Nation”!

  416. Poor Neetabug is holding down the entire midwest all by herself.

  417. I am late to the Hillary party in AZ, wonderful to see Gabby.


  419. It was wonderful seeing Hillary drawing the huge crowds and how hundreds of people rushing to see, touch her and take photos of her, up close…many of us have been lucky enough to experience this. All huge amount of security surrounding her makes me feel better that she is being protected.

    ❤ ❤ Go Hillary, we love you. ❤ ❤

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