It Makes Me Wanna Shout!

The crowd at the Tempe, Arizona rally for Hillary was over 10,000! Arizona, people, Arizona!! No Democrat has won Arizona since 1948, with one exception in 1996. That Democrat’s last name was…..Clinton!

Just 6 more days Uppityites. I recommend we tune out the media and the polls and just keep singing…and shouting!



Here’s the video of the whole rally: (Hillary enters at about 2:41 mark)


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  1. History WILL be made this year in all kinds of ways:

  2. Congratulations to Cubs fans. Lets make more history with a victory fro Hillary next Tuesday. More than a sports game, our very way of living will be dramatically impacted should the nation make the erroneous calculation that Trump represents anything positive. Fear, hate, anger are not American values. Fighting for children, trying to improve the lives of those less fortunate, and having respect for all is what Hillary is all about. If she or Bill were as the pundits ay in it for the money and power, they have had both for a some time and still seek to make this world a better place for all. I am trying hard to avoid polls, particularly here in Florida where we always get it wrong, but the anxiety is overwhelming. The Cubs waited 108 years so I guess another week is not too much to ask…but the stakes are so much more.

  3. Wow! Way to go Arizona!

    And congrats to the Chicago Cubs and the Cleveland Indians and all their fans. I didn’t really care who won this World Series, but holy cow, it was off the charts! Amazing baseball on both sides.

  4. Hugs to you JB! It’s gonna work out the way we want, and its almost over! 5 more days til Tuesday.

  5. Shadow, are you in AZ at that rally?

  6. Wonderful new thread with Imust and her upbeat shouting for Hillary.

    ❤ ❤ Go Hillary, go girl! ❤ ❤

    She will win and in our hearts, we all know it because she is the good over evil.

  7. Nope Socal, wish I was but I have a full time job to attend to. Wish I had the means to follow Hillary around like The Greatful Deadheads did… 😉

  8. tune out the media and the polls and just keep singing…and shouting!

    I agree completely! Going to do my best to skip past the CNN/MSNBC channels until after Tuesday.

  9. If you don’t want to watch the whole thing, go to the 6 minute mark because it sums up this whole damn campaign hilariously:

  10. Fredster, YES! I will join you in that! Fuck ’em,

  11. Nevada getting closer to being unbeatable. Dem firewall lead in Nevada Clark County is now 55,000. With two days of early voting to go……Obama’s early vote lead in 2012 was 60,000.

  12. Apparently also another excellent Dem early voting day in NC…..this is getting quite a nice thing to look at.

  13. I’m so glad that the Comey thing didn’t motivate Republicans and motivated Hillary supporters.

  14. Thank you for that link, Liberty Belle! I had no idea that Steve Goodman was Hillary’s HS classmate. He was a great talent and died much too young. The Cubs came through for him this year.

  15. Okay, I received my assignment to be a poll observer on Election Day. It’s in a heavily black and Hispanic neighborhood, and I’m there to make sure that everyone gets to vote and there’s no voter intimidation going on. I’ve done voter registration out in the public and since my workplace is majority minority I’ve been passing out cards with state and local election website info as well as the updated voter ID rules. If my purple state doesn’t go blue it’s not because I didn’t try. Oh, Belle, I’m in Charlotte, NC.

    I’m going to do my best to keep a positive attitude for the rest of the election period, and so to honor that pledge I would like to share this oldie but goody with you:

  16. Please un-moderate me. 😊

  17. Fredster, on November 3, 2016 at 2:10 AM said:

    tune out the media and the polls and just keep singing…and shouting!

    I will be busy getting out the vote. I do not have time to listen to the media.

  18. A Facebook friend added me to the Pantsuit group. Yay!!

    Polls are crazy today. CO and NH are tied.

    Thank you for all the positive posts.

  19. Birdgal, yay! It’s like “these are my people!!” So many uplifting, powerful posts in that FB group. And it’s growing so fast. Bet it hits 500K by the end of the day.

    Just counting the days til I get to vote now. I so WISH we had early voting in PA.

  20. britgirls, on November 3, 2016 at 12:12 PM said:
    Birdgal, yay! It’s like “these are my people!!” So many uplifting, powerful posts in that FB group. And it’s growing so fast. Bet it hits 500K by the end of the day.
    Just counting the days til I get to vote now. I so WISH we had early voting in PA


    Just skimmed some of the posts. They are very powerful and uplifting.
    I was wondering, how I could join, when I received the notice from a FB friend. Good way to start the day and to drown all the interference and noise.

    PA needs early voting!! Your state is very large and could benefit from it. I voted 2 weeks ago in CA. It felt so good!!

  21. Those early voting numbers moon put up on the other thread were really great. What is shocking to me is that Trump voters are not showing up. I hope that keeps up through Tuesday.

  22. birtgirls:
    How is Pa looking?

  23. Belle, where I live (an hour north of Philly) it’s quite rural and there are Trump signs all over. However, the counties around Philly and Philly itself will seal the deal. I’m not concerned about losing PA at all. We will be fine.

    I used to live in Oregon and it was kind of the same way … Portland and the surrounding areas very liberal … but once you got outside it was all conservative. I’ve always lived in blue states (California, Oregon and now Pennsylvania).

    How is it with you?

  24. What was that about AA’s not turning out…….

    FLorida: Yesterday was largest turnout of black voters so far (55k);

    585K AA voters have cast votes so far, up 28% compared to same point in ’12

  25. Moon, That is GREAT news!! I listened to Obama’s speech this AM, when he was speaking in Florida. He was great!! I hope he is inspiring people to get to the polls.

  26. 585,000 black voters voted in Florida so far, so thats then 584,999 votes she definitely has then……

  27. I was just talking to my coworker and she is young and is an African American, (she prefers ‘black’, but on this forum I don’t know that is offensive to others). I asked her if she thinks that young people will vote for Hillary on the Nov. 8th. She kind of held back but later said most of the people she knows probably won’t end up going to the polls. They don’t like Trump but are not as excited about Hillary as they were about Obama. They don’t care enough about the election to understand why the polls go up and down, about the electoral college and don’t think the election matters.

    Thank God I live in CA or I would be even more upset about this.

  28. Another big day coming Nevada….

  29. @ britgirls:
    Texas is a toss up at this point…

  30. I always love coming over here for a ray of sunshine. Other sites are all doom and gloom even when the news is great.

  31. Seriously, she said this on TV just now in P….has she met her husband…

    Melania Trump: “We have to find a better way to talk to each other” on social media

  32. moononpluto, on November 3, 2016 at 2:48 PM said:
    Seriously, she said this on TV just now in P….has she met her husband…
    Melania Trump: “We have to find a better way to talk to each other” on social media

    so true, but coming from her, it is a bit ironic.

  33. I was so worried about the EV in Florida, but today its just good news all around. Hispanic vote up, African American vote up, Florida is most definitely going Clinton.

    That means ….. we will have the best Clinton as President come January 2017!!!

  34. Well her speech went over like a lead balloon, that was like a robot with a drained battery……

  35. Lol, thieving cow got caught again, stealing Marla Maples this time…

  36. Nail meet hammer

  37. Churl, those other sites don’t have the faith in Hillary that we do. We know she’s battle tested and ready but a lot of them decided back in ’08 that she was a terrible candidate and cannot move past that.

  38. My Take 11/2/16

    With less than a week to go and the polls, “tightening” yet again, I feel compelled to get my own thoughts about the trajectory and outcome of next Tuesday’s election on the record. Despite the media narrative and the seeming undulation of the various and sundry polls and tracking polls, I believe that the shape of this Presidential campaign has been fairly consistent since the Democratic Convention. Clinton with a 6 plus point lead and a substantial lead in the EC. So with that in mind, this is how is see the election going and why;

    Hillary Clinton will win the electoral college by over 100 votes.

    Hillary Clinton will win the popular vote by 5-8 points, and will win a MAJORITY (over 50%) of the popular vote.

    Here are the factors that I believe are in play that are ignored or minimized by the MSM in their desire to promote the horse race and create the impression of a closer race than really exists, sorry Nate and 538, but it just ain’t that close. Each factor that I cite will add a smidge to the existing poll numbers and contribute to an accumulation that turns a “close” race on election morning into a landslide (over 5 points and over 100 EV’s) victory Tuesday night.

    1-Ground game;

    Trump has none, or very little at best, whereas the Clinton campaign has the most targeted GOTV operation in Presidential electoral history, superior to Obama’s in both 2008 and 2012. In fact, most of the Clinton GOTV brain trust were involved in those two successful campaigns and have built on that success in this election. In any state that’s close (-3 to +1) the Clinton GOTV will be worth .5%-2.5% and will be the difference in at least one contested (NC? AZ? OH? FLA?) state.

    The fact that the Trump campaign failed to develop their own GOTV program and relied on the RNC to provide what a Presidential campaign is supposed to, both financially and organizationally, will cost them at least one close state race, if not more. My bet is it will be Florida.

    2- Women, minorities, and the Disabled;

    Clinton’s advantage with female voters, while already substantial, will be larger than expected, as many independent, “undecided” and “silent” Republican women voters, who would never state so publicly or to pollsters, will vote Clinton on Election Day. Hillary will exceed her expectation of the female vote by a whopping 5%, and women make up 53% of the electorate. Many more college educated women, especially Republicans who have been “undecided” in polling, will add to Clinton’s vote totals.

    The misogyny factor will add around 1-2% to Clinton’s national vote and be a factor in several close races, especially in states like Georgia, Arizona and Nevada.

    If “demographics is destiny”, Clinton will surprise in the states where the minority, (especially Hispanic and Asian voters ) population has been steadily increasing over the past 2 election cycles. Texas, Nevada, Arizona, and perhaps Georgia and NC.

    I believe (as do many pollsters) that minorities, especially Hispanics, are under-counted in their methodologies and models. Trump has minimal. if any support among minorities and that combined with the above mentioned Clinton outreach and superior GOTV ‘ground game” will add to Democratic vote totals in states with a significant minority population. This factor will be worth 1/2 to 1-1and 1/2% Nationally, but more in battleground states with close Senate and Gubernatorial contests.

    Trump’s now infamous mocking imitation of a disabled reporter who Trump cited as confirming his “Muslims celebrating by the “Thousands” as the twin towers fell lie, because he disputed Trump’s version of his reporting has been an effective point of attack for Clinton since the incident occurred. Her campaign has created commercials that highlight the video and the reactions of the disabled and parents of disabled children.

    Americans with disabilities make up over a quarter of eligible voters and while I know of no polling that teases this demographic out of the sample, considering the concerns and needs of the disabled community and the traditional policies of the GOP, common sense would give the advantage to Clinton.

    3-Millennials/youth vote/undecideds

    Since the DNC in July, the millennial voters who had been supporting Bernie Sanders, and either the Green or Libertarian party candidates, have been shifting their support to the two major party candidates, with Clinton receiving the majority at about 65-35% rate. The typical vote percentage of 3rd party candidates in Presidential elections tends to be in the 2-3 point range, and despite the early indicators that Gary Johnson would outperform his 2012 totals of around 1%, it looks like the 3rd party share of the vote is trending to wind up in the same neighborhood it was 4 years ago. This again bodes well for Clinton, especially if the percentages hold up.

    4-Undecideds/late deciders

    Based on both candidate’s Primary election data, Hillary Clinton fared far better with late deciders vs Sanders than Trump did against the GOP field. If this trend holds true for the National election, it bodes well for Clinton in closely contested (at least in the polls) states where polling still shows a higher percentage of undecideds. The chances that they will break for the Democrat would seem to be favorable.


    While Trump has himself, his children, Mike Pence, Newton and Rudy as his primary campaigners in the final days, Clinton can count on herself, her husband the popular former President, the current VP, The Congressional minority leader, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, The First Lady, and the President of the United states (Who is enjoying a very high approval rating) to name a few politicians, along with a team of entertainment superstars who have fanned out across the battleground states in force, to promote the candidate, and ( just as important) to get out the vote of their individual constituencies. While this overwhelming advantage for Clinton is difficult to quantify in terms of a % of the vote, it is a real and tangible advantage in the final days of a campaign. Clinton has the luxury of picking her spots,

    Sent from my iPhone

  39. New Realist

    Intelligent and convincing stats. Thanks for putting it all together and it sounds pretty accurate in my book…

    …amazing this is all being written on your iPhone.


  40. I also like your profile photo.

  41. TNR: I hope you are correct. NH is moving towards Trump and some reports state that the EV map is shifting. she may not need NH, if her firewall holds.


    SOHO — Donald Trump’s luxury hotel illegally stiffed its catering staff out of tips by keeping a mandatory 22-percent service fee it added to customers’ bills, a new lawsuit charges.

    Catering staffer Deborah Garcia is suing Trump, his daughter, Ivanka, and his son Donald Trump Jr., claiming the service fee never reached her or other employees’ pockets, even though most customers likely assumed it was for gratuity.

    “A reasonable customer would believe that the service was in fact a gratuity for and similarly situated employees,” says the lawsuit, which was filed in Suffolk County Supreme Court on Feb. 13, 2015.

    Instead, the hotel, run by the Republican presidential front-runner’s real estate firm, the Trump Organization, “retained the money for their own benefit” — a violation of state labor law, the lawsuit says.

  43. Very good analysis, New Realist. People are freaking out over “tightening” polls or polls that are suddenly tied. The same thing was happening in 2012. It looked like a nail biter but wasn’t when the votes came in. Most of the factors you list have to be factored in now, including new registrations and early voting. Btw, according to Huff Po, at this point four years ago, Obama had stretched his national lead all the way to 1.5 points. I remember going into that election day thinking it could go either way. It couldn’t and didn’t.

    Trump does have a couple of things going for him, though. He is supported by both the KGB and the FBI. Fortunately, they don’t get to decide the election, hard as they’re trying. Everyone vote!

  44. Trumpy supporters aint gonna dig this….

  45. OHIO is not enthusiastic, is it……lol

    Battleground Cuyahoga poll: Hillary Clinton has wide lead among early voters; Donald Trump closer among those yet to vote

    A Battleground Cuyahoga poll conducted Tuesday and Wednesday shows Hillary Clinton leading in Cuyahoga County both among people who have already voted, and those yet to vote. The poll was conducted by Baldwin Wallace University and

    CLEVELAND, Ohio – Early voters in Cuyahoga County favor Hillary Clinton by a 3-to-1 margin over Donald Trump, according to a Battleground Cuyahoga poll conducted Tuesday and Wednesday by Baldwin Wallace University and

    Clinton’s lead in the early voting – 73.6 percent to 24 percent – is wider than Barack Obama’s victory margin over Mitt Romney (69.4 percent to 29.6 percent) four years ago in the heavily Democratic county.

    Yet, among those who have not yet voted, Trump fares better, according to the survey of 1,966 readers.

  46. moononpluto, on November 3, 2016 at 5:10 PM said:
    OHIO is not enthusiastic, is it……lol
    Battleground Cuyahoga poll: Hillary Clinton has wide lead among early voters; Donald Trump closer among those yet to vote

    Go Neetabug!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. Hello Everyone,
    I’ve been following this blog since 2008 but I’ve never posted before. I’d like to thank Uppity Woman and this community for providing a safe place
    for Hillary supporters. Just saw this article in “The Atlantic” and thought it expressed exactly how I feel about Hillary: “Why Is Hillary Clinton So Widely Loved?” Not linking it because I’m new to the blog.

  48. Just as a new poll shows a tie in Georgia, the state Democrats announce Rosalynn Carter will be campaigning there for HRC tomorrow

  49. The real rub is we don’t know if Trump supporters are going to end up coming out. If all the news is that Hillary is going to win then some of them might not show up. So the end prediction numbers are just that predictions or guesses. We know where we are now and it’s good that’s she’s running up huge margins simply because of the unpredictable Trump voters. Honestly I can’t imagine him getting Romney’s turnout in places like Ohio. He still doesn’t have but about 70% of the GOP base with him. But Hillary is not taking any chances.

  50. ust as a new poll shows a tie in Georgia, the state Democrats announce Rosalynn Carter will be campaigning there for HRC tomorrow

    WOW!!! That is a first. All hands on deck.

  51. Marilyn, sorry for the delay in your comment getting to the board! New commenters land in moderation as a precaution against cockroaches. I hope you understand and we at Uppityville thank you in return for reading us for so long! Stick around! Speak!

    P.S. Feel free to post your links.

  52. TNR, nice summary, thanks!

  53. Welcome Marilyn! 🙂

  54. Welcome Marilyn :0

  55. I didn’t think we’d see the Carters out and about for Hillary, so thank you Rosalyn Carter! Wish their enterprising grandson (?) would come up with another 47% moment for Trump.

  56. I’m feeling more and more confident by the day…..I never lost confidence but i feel she has a real firm grip on things and the early voting is just amazing, the women are going to put her into the WH, they are going all out to put a woman in charge and put the men’s nose out of joint.

    We are all uppity woman, well I’m an honorary one and proud to have stood with you all.

    Those sexist mysoginistic bastards are going down…..

  57. If these FL polls are right & Hispanics vote at their registration levels at a 72% turnout rate, Clinton will pick up a NET 437,000 votes over Trump.

    and it looks like its happenning.

  58. Keep Calm And Pony On. 😀

  59. So damn clever…….now get of to the polls and vote kids…..

  60. Ralston basically saying GOP turnout on GE day in Nevada has to huge for to anywhere near close to HRC……….it aint gonna happen.

  61. Moon, you always bring the best news. Awesome!! Turnout here in GA has been really good. People waiting in lines to vote early.

  62. Gene Lyons: HRC will not be prosecuted

  63. Lyons’s trip down Memory Lane shows just how little the GOP has changed since the Bill Clinton Administration–unless it has changed for the worse. 😛

  64. birdgal @6:15pm

    me too: WOW!!! Rosalyn Carter campaigning for our Hill???
    That’s great news…

  65. This is comprehensive and very very good for Clinton

    The final full hispanic battleground poll of hispanic voters in Arizona, Florida and Nevada….

    She’s whalloping it in all 3.

    Women Hispanics are voting for Clinton by margins of +65 points.

  66. That university where Hillary and Pharrell dropped in is an historically black college. So it’s doubly smart. She’s been flying atound NC with Pharrell all day.

    Great news about Georgia and Rosalyn Carter. All hands on deck!

  67. 22,000 had voted in Clark, Nevada by 3 PM. That’s 1,500 more than had voted by the same time on Wednesday. Could be another big Clark turnout day.

    HRC has got this…..

  68. That college they went to, now has massive lines heading straight to the early voting site locally…..Hillary is like basically taking her voters to the polls, i love it.

  69. Hispanic poll

    AZ : Hillary is up +49% 74/25
    Fl : she’s up +30% 60/30
    Nv shes up 53% 72/19

  70. I just got me at Hillary for America Shop:
    The “Shattered Glass Ceiling” Shot Glass Duo
    They are cute…I wanted something commemorative and long lasting…

  71. I think I may have first seen this picture on this site. :mrgreen:

  72. woodypeck:

    You are so funny…
    Luv! the pix of our Jeannie of Arch..alias Hillary Rodham Clinton…

  73. Some positive press for Hillary for a change:

    “Why Is Hillary Clinton So Widely Loved?
    Her fans are drawn to her intelligence, her industriousness, and her grit.”

  74. Thank you for the warm welcome, Uppity Woman, Socalannie and Birdgal!

  75. GOP having heartburn over that 30 point deficit with Hispanics in Florida. With usually reliable GOP voters in Cuban community, it shouldn’t be so lopsided.

  76. I agree, Moon you are doing a bang up job tossing us the polling stats.

    I’m about ready to drag in a Microsoft Surface Hub for you, putting Don King to shame.

  77. Ivory Bill Woodpecker, on November 3, 2016 at 7:28 PM said:

    Gene Lyons: HRC will not be prosecuted

    Thanks you so much for this article. Lyons, Maraniss, Conason are all good people who fought for justice when it came to the Clintons in the 90s.

    I saw a recent interview with Maraniss and these are the good guys.

  78. From Ivory Bill Woodpecker’s link to Gene Lyon’s article: (Those were the good days; at least some of the Republicans still had integrity).

    As the 1992 presidential election grew closer, the partisan L. Jean Lewis began to pressure the Little Rock FBI office and U.S. Attorney Charles “Chuck” Banks to investigate the Clintons. Banks was a lifelong Republican who’d been nominated to a federal judgeship by President George H.W. Bush. Unless the president was re-elected, Banks would lose two good jobs.

    Having previously prosecuted McDougal, Banks and his staff found Lewis’ work both factually deficient and politically motivated. Soon, pressure began to come from FBI headquarters in Washington. Bush administration Attorney General William Barr demanded action.

    So the Republican prosecutor wrote a letter to the Department of Justice dated October 16, 1992. Here is what it said:

    “[T]he insistence of urgency in this case appears to suggest an intentional or unintentional attempt to intervene into the political process of the upcoming presidential election. You and I know in investigations of this type, the first steps such as issuance of grand jury subpoenas for records will lead to media and public inquiries about matters that are subject to absolute privacy. Even media questions … all too often publicly purport to ‘legitimize’ what can’t be proven.”

    For me personally to participate in [such an] investigation … amounts to prosecutorial misconduct and violates the most basic fundamental rule of Department of Justice policy. I cannot be a party to such actions.”

    He promised to direct any press inquiries to the attorney general, which would have been politically devastating in that innocent era before the United States’ current flirtation with fascism.

    Banks understood that whoever won the 1992 election, his political career was over. He preferred to keep his honor.

  79. ICYMI, the good people in this forum with large twitter following (you know who you are), please tweet this… (Gene Lyon’s article from Ivory).

  80. So People, Cosmopolitan (remember the excellent interview where Ivanka walked off) magazines are rising to the challenge in this election season:

  81. If the people in hell enjoyed the cooling after the Cubs win last night, that cool temp will continue with this Hillary endorsement. This is the most bizarre year I can remember:

  82. I had to post this because those not on Twitter need to enjoy it. Comment posted re: Tim Robbins endorsement:

  83. Welcome, Marilyn.

  84. Brassy, Frum on O’Donnell — he voted for Hillary.

  85. Sarandon is the reason we have a candidate like Trump.

  86. Sarandon is a nut.

  87. From pm’s link to People magazine above, the rape case by Trump with a 13 year old young girl.

    This is so disgusting…it makes me really angry that the public will have to wait until after the election for the trial to start. Of course he has threatened her and said he would hurt her family if she ever told. This makes me so livid…and the media and FBI want to take down Hillary for some damn emails that have not hurt anyone or anything,


    What You Need to Know About the Donald Trump Rape Lawsuit — and the Accuser Who Claims He Raped Her When She Was 13

    An attorney helping an anonymous California woman accusing Donald Trump in a federal lawsuit of raping her in the ’90s when she was 13 announced that the woman would go public for the first time Wednesday.

    But as the press conference was about to begin in the California offices of attorney Lisa Bloom, Bloom called it off, citing threats to the plaintiff, known in court papers as Jane Doe.

    “Jane Doe has received numerous threats today … She has decided she is too afraid to show her face,” Bloom said, according to the tweets of MSNBC/NBC reporter Irin Carmon. “We’re going to have to reschedule. I apologize to all of you who came. I have nothing further.”

    Two hours later, Bloom, the daughter of renowned women’s rights lawyer Gloria Allred, tweeted: “Our firm’s website was reportedly hacked today, as well as emails. Anonymous claims responsibility.”

    As this story continues to develop, here’s everything you should know about Trump’s accuser and the rape lawsuit she’s filed against him:

    Jane Doe accuses Trump of raping her during the summer of 1994 when she was 13, allegedly in the home of Jeffrey Epstein, a convicted pedophile also named in the lawsuit.

    She also claims that: “Immediately following this rape, Defendant Trump threatened me that, were I ever to reveal any of the details of Defendant Trump’s sexual and physical abuse of me, my family and I would be physically harmed if not killed.”

    Alan Garten, vice president and general counsel for the Trump Organization, did not return a call for comment to PEOPLE. But Garten has repeatedly and vehemently denied the allegations, telling the New York Daily News they were “categorically untrue, completely fabricated and politically motivated.”

    Jane Doe’s legal team has been beefed up in the last few weeks, with the additions of high-profile Florida defense attorney Cheney Mason (Casey Anthony’s co-counsel), and veteran New Jersey civil litigation attorney Evan Goldman, according to court filings. Bloom is handling the media aspects of the case since both she and the plaintiff are on the West Coast, Goldman tells PEOPLE.

    United States District Judge Ronnie Abrams has ordered both sides to appear for an initial status conference on Dec. 16 at U.S. District Court in Manhattan. The lawsuit seeks $75,000 in damages.

    These moves come after the plaintiff filed an amended complaint on Sept. 30 that includes a witness, “Joan Doe,” who states that during the 1994-95 school year, the plaintiff told her she was “subject to sexual contact” by Trump and Epstein.

    The complaint also contains a declaration from a Tiffany Doe, who claims she was a party planner for Epstein and charged with finding attractive adolescent women to attend his parties.

    Tiffany allegedly met the plaintiff at the Port Authority Bus Terminal, and persuaded her to attend the parties as a way to make connections that would launch her modeling career.

    Tiffany allegedly witnessed Trump have four sexual encounters with the plaintiff, including one “where Mr. Trump forcibly raped her despite her pleas to stop.”


  88. Thank you for the warm welcome, WLM!

  89. Welcome Lone Star Gal and Marilyn.

  90. Thanks to GA upthread for the warm and fuzzy. I really need it. I’ve been blogging 365/7 ever since Katrina, with a few days off when I was in the hospital various times, hoping to somehow push votes to Democrats, albeit it with modest success. But this race remains a heart breaker for all time. I have warred with people almost constantly on Facebook, including a paraplegic who has spent at least thirty years confined to wheel chair, living off disability, yet he remains one of the most spiteful Clinton haters and tRump boosters you can imagine. As long as the preachers are in his head, there is no hope. I have moved a few voters in GA away from voting for tRump to writing in Donald Duck, so that’s some progress. They’re women, who offer, of course, no rational reason for hating Clinton, so the only thing I can figure is jealousy. My most effective argument with them seems to be tRump as a sexual predator and a potential convicted pedophile. Anyway, big thumbs up to Realist for the analysis, and as always, love to all of you.

  91. Shadow, I think Marilyn is going by Lone Star Gal now.

  92. Churl, that’s a tough job you’ve taken on! I hope you take time out for fun and relaxing pastimes also.

  93. Thanks all of you for the great links and stats. Its been a rough couple of weeks for us all but the light is at the end of the tunnel and we’re almost there! Stronger Together! Tuesday! Hillary!

  94. Hillarys firewall in Nevada Clark County is bigger than Obama’s was in 2012, Dem raw vote lead is 60,000 plus with one day to go in early voting…..Trump would have litterally turn out GOP voters by 120% on Tuesday to win Nevada……he ain’t ….put Nevada in the Dem column.

  95. Won’t it be nice after Tuesday to hear less of Putin’s Puppet? I can’t even stand to see him, much less hear his voice.

  96. If you haven’t read this yet, you have to do it. I am serious here and really kind of sick of begging people to read shit.

    Here is the actual connection between Trump, Rudy and the New York FBI–and others. Not reading this will result in you chasing your tail. This is not innuendo. It’s Connect The Dots in front of our faces.

  97. Next, you will need to need Newsweek that came out today,
    Why Vladimir Putin’s Russia is Backing Donald Trump.

  98. Uppity, that article made me sick to my stomach. The FBI is completely corrupt, and the deranged Guiliani should be in jail.

  99. Moon, yes, NV seems out of reach for Trump now and Ralston also said early voting likely took down two house seats in NV. I’ve also read that the early turnout in Texas while iffy if Hillary will end up carrying the state might be enough to take out a few Republican house seats there too.

  100. And finally if you didn’t see Maddow last night, you don’t have the dots connected between Rudy, Trump, Conway, Breitbart, Bossie, Bannon, debunked “Clinton Cash,” a hedge fund wizard named Mercer who is funding….well….simply everybody, and right wing people residing in NY FBI. Go look at the episode.

    Everything else you are analyzing right now is……meaningless.

    Two days before Comey sent his letter, Rudy was on FOX and told them that they had some tricks up their sleeves that we would learn in a “couple of days” and which would “Turn this thing around”. I saw the video on Hayes and then on Maddow. He was laughing sardonically. He is the tie to the NY FBI guys.

    It’s J. Edgar Hoover time.
    That is all.

  101. Those articles are showing why you guys in NY absolutely loathe Giuliani so much.

  102. Upps I hope all this information getting out there completely takes down the entire right wing media apparatus.

  103. This is way bigger than Rudy Giuliani. Wayyyyyyyyy bigger. I found far more disturbing things in that beast piece.

    We are talking about a return to J Edgar Hoover here. Comey is guilty of being a shitty manager. He is not the culprit here. There is a petition to fire him. Big deal. It’s like arresting a rooster because the fox got into the hen house. Rudy is just a malicious conduit. If they didn’t use him, they’d get someone else.

    And don’t even imagine that Ryan, Pence, you name it, doesn’t know what’s going on. Or Hillary. Maybe her vast right wing conspiracy wasn’t that far off lol. It’s like when JFK gave his warning. Of course, he died for it.

  104. Thank you, Shadowfax!

  105. imust, I’m not sure it’s all corrupt. The pointer is at the NY office. It could go back to when Hillary inquired strongly about the killing of a few guys by the cops.

    Remember always that policing organizations generally are Republicans. Did you know that in the entire history of the FBI, there has never been a Democratic director? Even under Democratic presidents. There has to be a reason why Obama would appoint a Republican. Clinton appointed a Republican too. Not sure about Carter. I tuned out through his entire presidency to avoid catching the mass malaise. I was not fond of that administration economically speaking and don’t do well with a finger being wagged under my nose. But I digress. Realistically, it seems that Republicans want to incarcerate everyone and Democrats want to let everybody go free no matter how odious. So Republicans ran the FBI. The problem grew when they became extreme. I’m just speculating here. In any event, I would NOT be surprised if more ‘bombs’ are dropped. They will do ANYTHING at this point to stop Hillary. Donald Trump is a very dangerous man, but he’s THEIR dangerous man, infowars and all.

    Forget Rudy. He’s the demented messenger who is really mad at Hillary for questioning his brown shirt tactics that got whacked by the courts.

  106. We have fucking Russians in spam. Laughing…

    We probably mentioned Russia one too many times. lol.

  107. One more thing, Brett Barely at FOX had announced that there was an indictment coming. That is not true. he walked it back, quietly. Trump has an ad saying it and he is saying it on the stump. There is no indictment for anything and the declaration that she is undergoing TWO investigations is not true. The Foundation issue was an INQUIRY and it was rejected as sound because the NY Agents used the debunked Clinton Cash book as the basis. Talk about tin foil. Incidentally, the Clinton Cash author is also tied to Breitbart and and they are all funded by that Mercer guy.

  108. Just saw the Russian spam! Too bad I can’t read Russian! Jeez, maybe we’ll all have to learn if Trumputin has his way.

  109. Won’t it be nice after Tuesday to hear less of Putin’s Puppet? I can’t even stand to see him, much less hear his voice.

    Oh, don’t wish too hard. We’ll be hearing from Trump whether he pulls this off or not. This is anarchy and White Nationalism is very stoked. The rumor of the TV network is probably not far off.

  110. So……who investigates the investigators?

    Is that like what comes first, the chicken or the egg?

  111. Churl, that hatred is not jealousy unless we’re talking Sarandon, heh. It’s decades of drip drip drip accusations that never amount to anything but stick in people’s heads. They simply cannot show Hillary going over the line, they can only accuse her of it.

    That Chaffetz, he’s a turd in this punchbowl, believe it. I’m sure you’ve see the video of him admitting he tried to cut sercurity funding to Benghazi and refused to increase it. Calling this just a couple of guys who are not a priority. Yet they continue to convince people that HILLARY refused to increase funding. This is how it’s done. For 30 freaking years.

    Then there’s that Goebbels affect. Accuse your enemy of that which YOU are doing. Call Hillary unhinged, for example, when everybody knows Trump is unhinged. Accuse her of rigging the election while trying every trick in the book to suppress votes and intimidate people.

  112. By the way there are fliers being passed out everywhere where the suppression is desired. They say you can TEXT your vote and to text this certain number. The fliers look like they come from Hillary’s campaign. The Hillary campaign did not produce them and……well you get the picture. A sucker texts the number and thinks he voted. For Hillary.

    Justice dept has sent four monitors to NC. The courts are telling them to restore the thousands of names they purged from registration, which just happen to be predominately black. And Trump followers think that’s just fine. Why not? It’s Pepe The Frog week.

  113. I saw Conway say point blank that she knows there is no indictment but “It’s in the voters’ heads” now and that’s what matters.

    I’d love to see that in an ad.

    One day Karma will visit that woman and it won’t be pretty.

  114. It is bigger than Giuliani but it does expose what a POS he is to the wider world who might not have known like people in NY did. I agree the problem is in the FBI at large. House is definitely going to be cleaned over there at the FBI.

  115. Joe and Mika have mentioned none of this of course.

    They did just mention the Cyber attack rumor, that Russia is planning one for election day. That has been tweeted. The story is the cyber attack we have a few weeks ago was a test. You know, where Twitter went down along with other social medias. I don’t know if it’s true or not but don’t depend on the FBI to stop it or solve it at this point.

    In any event if it happens, at least you had a heads up. You would have to depend on TV for election results. Just like old times. Presumably, Trump knows about this, yes. MSNBC is getting around to covering it now.

  116. A strong and fearless IG.

  117. my previous comment was in reply to Uppity, ‘who investigates the investigators?’ A strong and fearless IG could help identify people and heads should roll. I think Comey is out on Nov 9.

    Kurt Eichenwald’s article was underwhelming. Why do we need disinformation from the Russians when we have Guiliani, Fox and Trump himself with his idiotic bunch of surrogates lying and spreading false information about his opponent with active support from the rest of the media? Trump is such a nutcase that even the Russians doubt he could be useful. He is mentally unstable and dangerous.

  118. Conway is one of the most vile people in politics. Karma already has visited quite a few of these people. Perhaps she’ll be next on the karma list.

  119. Gene Lyon’s article shows it was the same in 1992 with the FBI and even the AG in DC with the Bush admin. Only that the Republican guy in Arkansas said he won’t do it. We don’t have such guys anymore. If TV Media had highlighted all Trump’s lies and had not put Guiliani and others who lie freely on camera on his behalf, would we have this kind of disinformation? Who needs Russians when we have our TV media?

  120. Argh! This election can’t be over soon enough. My mom called me in a panic late yesterday afternoon to say she received a call (she thought she heard from Broward County, FL, supervisor of elections office) that something was wrong with a ballot turned in from her address and I had to find out about it right away. I just called the SOE office and rep said wasn’t them; they’d only call if a ballot was unsigned. I knew that wasn’t the case because I scrupulously checked the three ballots I signed in for signatures/dates. And I’d already checked the SOE site for ballot status of mom, my brother and myself. But to assure my mom, I had rep check again this a.m. and we’re all good. My mom is also getting robo calls from Ivanka asking “will you vote for my daddy!” I did see on a local pol blog site that other dems have gotten this robo call; I haven’t.

  121. That scumbag Guiliani knew about Comey’s letter.

  122. PM that is the problem. Trump can lie and they never call him out on it. They just let his lie stand. The good news is they have totally discredited themselves and the trust level with the media is at record lows. So until they start some truth telling no one is going to believe them.

  123. I translated it, imust. It’s a nothingburger xo

    Unless you click on their site.

  124. GA, If it were not for twitter and social media, the TV media would have given a landslide victory to the buffoon.

  125. What was on Hillary’s server was more secure than if it had been on any govt server. Ironically, it was not carelessness but convenience coupled with abundance of care. She never should need to have apologized for it.

  126. The women in my office circulated an email suggesting that we all wear white to work on Election Day in honor of the suffragettes who worked for our right to vote in an election presenting us with the first female presidential candidate of a major political party. Join us!


  127. After this election pollsters and the media are going to have rewrite their playbooks. I seriously believe that neither of them are focusing on the Hispanic vote and how much of a difference it is making this election. Clinton campaign has been ahead of the curve with Hispanics. I predict that she will win Florida, Nevada and North Carolina because of the increase in votes from Hispanics.

  128. That NY FBI office which is the vipers’ nest of Hillary haters–or, the he-men women haters club–is where they had Weiner’s laptop for weeks. So am I supposed to believe that they didn’t mess with the thing to frame both Huma and Hillary?

  129. This is all very scary. Just watching Rachel Maddow’s show last night would have been enough to vastly unsettle anyone who cares about democracy. We are facing a real threat to this country, a real danger of turning into a fascist police state. We knew that there was evil and corruption out there, but probably never realized how deep and insidious it was.

    I will say, though, that it is the media which I most blame for this. The article above about the emails being nothing, that was always true. But the media obviously went in absolutely itne othe rdirection, and have now convinced most of the public that it is one of the most important stories ever. The media is now ignoring all the Trump stories. The NYT was uttterlly duped by the NY FBI rogues, who are “leaking” false information to them. I know I’ve said thtis before; but if the media does not do even a halfway good job of reporting actual facts, and understanding the essence of informaton, this makes it easy for lying totalitarians to take over. Hillary should be 20 points ahead, and probably would be, if the media had not gleefully ganged up against her, and followed the biggest red herring in political history. When the media becomes part of the cavalcade of lies and false innuendo, there is no protection against the forces which always are there to threaten democracy. The print media has done fairly well, but the broadcast media, where most get their news, is an utter disgrace.

  130. I am pretty darn sure the Clinton’s know about the Rudy, FBI, Trump corruption, etc, ties by now. Trump has spent some of his money making and demanding connections with like minded MEN in powerful positions for most of his adult life. This is like the powerful underbelly of political manipulation and finance. Why is it that only the rich get tax breaks, they don’t pay their taxes and Trump doesn’t have to show us his taxes? It’s all to hide this crap from voters.

    Just like Trump said, he can do anything to anyone he wants, because he is a ‘star’. Translation, he can do anything he wants because he is playing with the powerful.

    I’m sure there is some of this on the Dem side too, but the Rethugs are the pros in this shit. They want the rich to stay rich and keep control of the working middle class to continue to boost their holdings and power in this country. This isn’t about supreme court views on women’s health issues, or religion…it’s about control over the masses, and women of all people need to shut the fuck up and stay out of they business of running the world.

    I bet Trump has been working his way up, buying friends and when he finally decided to run this year, he was pretty sure he had all the necessary connections. Pence is like his beard, acts all holy and lies though his dentures. To have a VP like RudyBoy would make the house of card all too obvious.

    I would not put a thing past them.

    Manipulation is how they get voters on their sides. Look at what happened to some long time PUMA sites that bought into the ‘Alpha Male’ will fix everything and America will be the way the rich white men want it to be, so they get everything they want and need while we pay the bill and just keep working until we are defeated and dead. Women? pfft, women are just there for their pleasure and discarded when they are too intelligent, and threatened if they dare challenge them.

    Hillary is one TOUGH woman. How many women do you know that would put herself up against them, almost on her own. (The Dems pushed her out of the way in 2008, bypassing the majority of voters, Michelle Obama made it clear in her recent speech when talking about Hillary, “…she knew she had to WAIT HER TURN!”

    Tell me ONE woman in our country that could fight like Hillary has done,
    …………….anyone, anyone? Bueller…?

    And the rich Trump group try to bring her down because she used her own server. Think about what crap they would have if she only used the State’s server, it would be hacked by Putin, given to Trump clansmen by Wikileaks…
    At least her server was safe, no one hacked it and they are PIST about it. She asked to have a secure phone like Obama had as President, they REFUSED to give it to her.

    All the ugly pieces fit, Hillary calls it a conspiracy because unless she exposes all the corruption she knows, Bill knows, some Dems know…there would be a worse war of politics in this election. Some people are turned off to politics this election because it has gotten so ugly. This is nothing compared to the truth…all is not roses and concerts. Hillary is fighting against it and she is putting her own life on the line to do it.

    That’s how I see it. I think this is nothing new, it has just gotten bigger and more obvious in this election.

  131. Girl Club

  132. Lorna Doone, on November 4, 2016 at 11:02 AM said:
    The women in my office circulated an email suggesting that we all wear white to work on Election Day in honor of the suffragettes who worked for our right to vote in an election presenting us with the first female presidential candidate of a major political party. Join us!

    Great idea.

    I am wearing a full on suffragette outfit, not all white.

  133. You mentioned Guillani knew about the Comey. So did Lara Trump and the others. I saw her on Good Morning America just a couple of days before Comey came out about the e-mails. She was smiling from ear to ear. She said there were something else up.

  134. Uppity I know you would want to know this. Whiskey has passed away last night. I am haing life right now seriously. There will never be another like him. It is a bad year for me for sure. Love ya.

  135. Now that I am all worked up over the alt right shit to take Hillary down, I donated again to Hillary, my last and biggest donation and I bought some of the last things remaining on her website…a lot of things have already sold out. I want to keep them for the historical significance.

    Wish I had a daughter right now, but my son will get them when it’s my turn to take the last exit.

  136. Sorry for your loss, Daisy.

  137. Lots of activity in uppityville, that’s great…

    Specially Uppity… you have been very busy digging for us all the mafia poop…

    But remember: KEEP GOING!

  138. Ups, thanks for posting these articles. What a mess for democracy. Can’t trust the FBI. Guillani thinks he is God. So many don’t seem to be concerned about Trump’s Russian connection. It’s amazing.

  139. Got to get back to getting out the votes. I bought some goggles to protect my eyes when our girl break through the glass ceiling.

  140. CNN has Hillary below 270 delegates for first time at 268. I am feeling very ill and upset.

  141. jbstonesfan:

    That’s what CNN wants, to make everybody ill and upset…there’s heavy speculation on their reporting to get people to stay tuned to their “nerve braking” style of pseudo journalism = ratings=money…

    I’m not paying too much attention to the social network and specially the TV-internet media…

  142. Honestly, CNN has been full of crap for a very long time. If my father-in-law a staunch republican refuses to vote for Trump, hell has frozen over and pigs are flying. So no way no how is Hillary Clinton losing this election to a A lying racist hate filled homophobic sexist bigot.

  143. NEW POST UP.

  144. I normally watch CNN until I start screaming at my computer…I watch it for the big picture coverage and not for the people like WolfFace that hates Hillary and only brings on weak Hillary supporters that don’t bring WolfAsswipe to the verge of tears.

    I have noticed that generally, CNN has been all up Trump’s piggy a$$ this entire election, hanging on his every tweet and giving him 24/7 coverage. When the tape on the bus came out, and finally they were outraged with Trump…that lasted until the FBI came out with their penis emails….and they went back to saying the race is soooo close, no more real rage against Trump.

    Seems to me these people go with what ever shit they put on the news that day. Lemmon is a good guy, sometimes Cooper is decent…not many others are though.

    I don’t see another station that is any more honest in general.

  145. Hey guys, Hillary will be here tonight. Jay Z is giving a concert for her. I also found out his wife B will be here also. Watch for it tonight on the news.
    KEEP THE FAITH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Shadow I like Lawrence O.

  146. We will be gotv all weekend. Sat 8 to 8, Sun 11 to 6, Mon 9 to 9 and Tues 5:30AM TO POLLS CLOSING.

    Then the watch party starts after polls close.

  147. Utah! I am so sorry! I know how much that dog meant to you and can relate. But you sure did something right with that boxy boy! ACDs are the smartest and toughest guys in dogland. Too much dog for me but not for you. Nobody rehabs the tough ones like you do. #Respect. You gave a dog another chance and in return he gave you all he had. He even dressed up for ya! lol.

    I know he’s one you will never forget, and he’s hanging out over at the bridge knowing that and watching.

    This is for you, old friend.

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