Leia and Jabba


Meanwhile on Tatooine, Jabba’s surrogates lead chants of “Chain her up!!!”


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  1. For everyone that is nervous and anxious, I would suggest phone banking or canvassing if you are in a battleground state. I am going to phone bank this weekend. I have donated the maximum, so I can’t donate anymore money, so I am going to phone bank/text on Saturday and go a GOTV rally for phone banking on Sunday. I took Monday off work, so I can phone bank that day too. I can’t leave work to travel to a battleground state, but I can phone bank. I did this during the primary and it helped to relieve my distress and anxiety. I felt like I was helping.

  2. lmao … yep, that meme pretty much sums it up!

  3. Great and positive comment birdgal…

    Let’s keep working and let’s keep going… a la Hillary!

  4. Remember… there’s not crying in baseball!

  5. More latinos have voted in Florida as of now than in the entire 2012 election, Clinton campaign says

    Hispanic EIP voting in Florida is off the charts…429k have voted in person, up 152% at this time in 2012

    Off the scale…

  6. Love the post! When I read the notice of it in an Email, before seeing any photos, I envisioned the third movie (Episode 6), and thought of Leia in chains then…

    I may be canvasing out of state for the campaign in PA on Monday, over an hour away from where I live. Just got the day off. Trying to adjust my schedule, coordinate with my husband.

  7. Today I feel less nervous. I guess it’s Friday afternoon at 3:44 eastern time and it seems the GOP has shot their last wad. Even the ODIUS Brent Baier went on TV and had to choke and spit out an apology about all the lies he told about Hillary on air the other day. Fox better start telling their viewers the truth or we’re going to have murders and mayhem in this country.

  8. Current estimate of voting electorate….

    Men 45%
    Women 55%

  9. Look at northern Virginia.

  10. Clinton up 57-36 in Michigan and 63-32 in VA among early voters, Trump will have lots of catching up to do:

  11. PPP did its final polling today and have just said thats it from them for this electionand that any poll movement now is noise. They say GE’s are normally set by the Friday before it with EV closing.

  12. Hellloooooo

  13. More than 9,000 had voted by 11 AM in Clark County today. That’s 50 percent higher

    …than at same time Thursday.

    Which means turnout in Clark County, Nevada is going to be a whopper. Another big lead onto the 60k lead in CC coming.

  14. Hilarious…Trump polling 0 in WI with AA voters.

    Donald Trump polling percentage at 0.0 with Wisconsin African-American voters

    The final Marquette Law School poll before election day that was recently released showed that 46 percent of likely Wisconsin voters preferred Democrat Hillary Clinton while 40 percent supported Republican Donald Trump.

    But looking deeper at those numbers, one of the more stunning figures that came out of that survey is that Trump has literally zero support among African-Americans in the Badger State. It seems that Trump’s polling numbers with African-Americans in Wisconsin are very similar to the grade-point average of John Belushi’s famous John “Bluto” Blutarsky character from the classic movie “Animal House”: 0.0.

    Out of 59 likely African-American voters surveyed in the Marquette poll conducted October 26-31, not one said they have or will vote for Donald Trump. Nationally, Real Clear Politics polling average puts Trump’s African-American support at just 5.6 percent and Clinton’s at 84 percent.

    The 0.0 came despite a pitch from Trump at a rally in West Bend, Wisconsin, on Aug. 16 where he reached out to black voters. “To every voter in Milwaukee, to every voter living in every inner city or every forgotten stretch of our society, I am running to offer you a better future,” Trump said. “Are you ready for change?”


  15. WATERGATE 2.0

    In an episode reminiscent of Watergate, the Democratic Party recently informed the FBI that it had collected evidence suggesting its Washington headquarters had been bugged, according to two Democratic National Committee officials, who asked not to be named.

    In September, according to these sources, the DNC hired a firm to conduct an electronic sweep of its offices. After Russian hackers had penetrated its email system and those of other Democratic targets, DNC officials believed it was prudent to scrutinize their offices. This examination found nothing unusual.

    In late October, after conservative activist James O’Keefe released a new set of hidden-camera videos targeting Democrats, interim party chairwoman Donna Brazile ordered up another sweep. There was a concern that Republican foes might have infiltrated the DNC offices, where volunteers were reporting to work on phone banks and other election activities. (For some of their actions, O’Keefe and his crew have used people posing as volunteers to gain access to Democratic outfits.)

    The second sweep, according to the Democratic officials, found a radio signal near the chairman’s office that indicated there might be a listening device outside the office. “We were told that this was something that could pick up calls from cell phones,” a DNC official says. “The guys who did the sweep said it was a strong indication.” No device was recovered.

    The DNC sent a report with the technical details to the FBI, according to the DNC officials. “We believe it’s been given by the bureau to another agency with three letters to examine,” the DNC official says. “We’re not supposed to talk about it.”

    A Democratic consultant who has done work for the DNC, who asked not to be identified, says he was recently informed about the suspected bugging.

    The DNC officials will not say what countermeasures were subsequently taken. “As a general policy, we don’t talk about such efforts,” the other DNC official says. But this official adds, “You have to take all of this incredibly seriously.” The first DNC official notes, “We are the oldest political party in this country, and we are under constant attack from Russia and/or maybe others.”

    Adam Hodge, a spokesman for the DNC says, “The DNC is not going to comment on stories about its security. In all security matters, we cooperate fully with the appropriate law enforcement agencies and take all necessary steps to protect the committee and the safety and security of our staff.”

    The FBI did not respond to a request for comment.


  16. Remember Obama’s early vote lead in CC was 60K, Hillary is about to beat that.

  17. So they are blackmailing Trump.

  18. Holy shit, the info dump against Trump today is building…

  19. Shadow:
    What info?

  20. CNN reports Hillary has dropped from 270 to 268.

  21. CNN blah blah blah bullshit, we all know what they are doing ,its called viewer ratings and they think we dont know this shit they pull.

  22. Shadow gonna love this….

    Horrific new voter registration data for GOP in CA: since ’12, Ds have added 754,000 voters, Rs have lost 308,000.

  23. bellecat, read Moon’s posts.

  24. CNN, yup Moon…they have been putting a negative spin on all that is Clinton for the entire race except for about 1.5 weeks after the bus video. These people only want drama to draw watchers and instead they are making voters angry and stressed out.

    With the TCorruption machine, this is really a fight for America like no other election.

    It is bloody and no one can think of pink unicorns for the next 4 days.

    We have to keep fighting, Hillary is fighting and so are all Democrats.

  25. Hey Aunt Uppity! Love this post! btw, Carrie Fisher was asked recently if there was a Star Wars character that was like Trump and she said Jabba the Hutt!

  26. It seems there is a lot of good news coming out of Florida. I hope there’s some good news out of Ohio. I know there is a big GOTV operation there this weekend.

  27. There is a sex orgy tape which is what that Kurt Eichenwald’s tweet is referring to. It is a rumor that is everywhere and given HA tape, I won’t be surprised. Apparently Russians have it.

  28. Hey guys, Hillary will be here tonight. Jay Z is giving a concert for her. I also found out his wife B will be here also. Watch for it tonight on the news.
    KEEP THE FAITH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    We will be gotv all weekend. Sat 8 to 8, Sun 11 to 6, Mon 9 to 9 and Tues 5:30AM TO POLLS CLOSING.

    Then the watch party starts after polls close.

  29. Shadow, even Nevada Republicans say CNN poll of Nevada released a couple of days ago that had Trump up 6 there is hot garbage. I haven’t watched CNN all year. Waste of time.

  30. That Trump sex tape is the worst kept secret of the election, but since Russia has it, it will never see the light of day unless he displeases Putin somehow.

    Way to go, neeta!

  31. Imagine what Trump may have over Rudy, Newt, Christie, Cruz, Ryan, Walker, late arrival Sununu…for them to do what they are doing, esp. Rudy. In hindsight, Kasich looks pretty good. All Trump had on him was that he eats free food. The Bushes fare well in this regard.

  32. In my life-way-from-Hillary-activism (yes, I do have one), I am in the final stages of preparing a novel for publication. It’s a Cold War era story about a Soviet figure skater. Between my work on the book and all this Trump/Putin/Russia stuff, I feel like I’m caught in a 1980s time warp. It’s too weird, yet it’s too real. Does that make any sense?

  33. Laker & I just finished reading the Newsweek and Daily Beast pieces from last thread. Ugh. Am just sick from thinking of the black cancer that the rethugs have created in this country. What horrible fucking people. This is waaay worse than Watergate. I pray that the players involved in this treason will somehow get their just desserts. Am going to take a Happy Camper and go grocery shopping. Catch you all later.

  34. Newt kind of disappeared. Wonder what happened there.

  35. LAKER DUDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DUDE!!!!!!!!!

  36. laker, Jabba is exponentially better looking.

  37. Shadowfax, I posted that CNN electoral news on the last thread and I too am very anxious. I feel it slipping away from us again. Florida sucks as we seem to be leaning towards Trump…

  38. Mark Cuban speaking before HRC at Heinz Field today. Awesome!

  39. Actually jbstones fan Florida has been rocking. If you follow Steve Schale on twitter he said that the GOP has cannibalized their voters and they’ve almost all showed up. And the Hispanic vote is way, way up. Duval County is not showing up for Trump. Actually from all reports Florida is going blue while Ohio is still a struggle. That stupid CNN map is based on their own polls. But even if she didn’t carry Florida she would still win.

  40. Yeah JB, FL has never been a state Dems could totally rely on in a recent election. Too many Rethugs spending those big bucks in FL retirement. Fingers crossed the Dems will get to the polls and give Hillary the FL win. Thank God CA isn’t split like that.

  41. Oh! Voting, very inspiring opening speech by Cuban…
    thank you!

    “Everybody, let’s get 3 people to go on vote for our Hillary”…

  42. We’ve got the president AND John Bon Jovi stumping for Hillary here tonight! If I hadn’t had to get up at the butt-crack of dawn to go to work I would have definitely gone to that gathering. 🙂 I guess sometimes it’s nice to be a battleground state.

  43. Donald Trump is crashing the stock market. Every time the media starts all this horse race stuff and makes it look like Donald is going to be president the stock market starts tanking. Not like we don’t have enough crap with the media already.

  44. Ga6thDem, I’ve been noticing the drop in the stock market and have seen the results in my 401K account. I hope it doesn’t continue .

  45. Quick question for anyone in Philly..how is that transit strike going to affect turnout in that area? Are there any contingency plans by the campaign to help get folks to the polls?

  46. Why wasn’t Christie tried also? He was the head honcho who knew about it and didn’t stop.

  47. O’Donnell says Melania worked without work visa for 10 months. Deport her illegal immigrant ass.

  48. He trafficked her for his modeling agency, want to bet?

  49. They didn’t try Christie because he wouldn’t fit in the jail cell.

    That was mean. I’m sorry.

  50. LOL, Uppity!

  51. Turnout in Nevada is going through the roof…over 50K so far in Clark in Nevada withousands waiting in line ….Clintons GOTV just sealed Nevada….1000,s in lines in Hispanic areas….

  52. No wonder they hid Melania all these months, oh the hypocrisy of it all….

    So does this mean Barron is an anchor baby?

  53. National Enquirer Shielded the Mango Macaque from Story about Affair with a Playboy Model while Married to Illegal Foreign Worker Melanie

    Note: Reported by Murdoch’s WSJ

    The company that owns the National Enquirer, a backer of Donald Trump, agreed to pay $150,000 to a former Playboy centerfold model for her story of an affair a decade ago with the Republican presidential nominee, but then didn’t publish it, according to documents reviewed by The Wall Street Journal and people familiar with the matter.
    The tabloid-newspaper publisher reached an agreement in early August with Karen McDougal, the 1998 Playmate of the Year. American Media Inc., which owns the Enquirer, hasn’t published anything about what she has told friends was a consensual romantic relationship she had with Mr. Trump in 2006. At the time, Mr. Trump was married to his current wife, Melania.

    Quashing stories that way is known in the tabloid world as “catch and kill.”


  54. Upps is here and with a sharp knife…

    “They didn’t try Christie because he wouldn’t fit in the jail cell.”


  55. That low life Rudy Giuliani was Comey’s boss. I missed that somehow.

  56. Maybe this will calm some Florida nerves.

  57. Hillary having fun…

  58. Trump supporters will just chant ‘divorce her’ (meaning illegal immigrant fraudulent citizen Melania). They are absurd.

  59. Florida is starting to look like a rout too by the numbers I am hearing..

    Apparently the Florida DEM gotv team are stunned at the hispanic turnout in Florida, breaking all expectations, figures yesterday were hispanic voting is up 152% on 2012 and growing…..

  60. oh the irony…

  61. CNN polls just went out, Hillary up 5……even they cant contain the illusion anymore.

  62. Uppity , LOL at comment about Christie!

  63. Don’t know about that ‘baking cookies’ thing. Hillary should have left it out.

  64. The smartest thing that Hillary did this campaign was to claim the Hispanic vote for the Democrats. GoP lost a generation there with Trump.

  65. The hispanic vote is something else this cycle, if this is replicated in Arizona, from which i hear it is…Holy Moly, also, Texas, the same, turnout there has been stellar.

  66. “I followed the law.”….hahahaaaaa….

  67. Gotta love Nevada

  68. The one thing I am not hearing anywhere is stories of big early voting lines and on the GOP side in areas…..

  69. Uppity @ 7:06, that’s true. Jabba is also smarter.

  70. I’m amazed at all the long lines for voting. Having lived in a blue state the lines that I have had to stand in, have been minimal. I admire and respect those that are standing in lines for hours to vote.

    I hope everyone has seen Iron Jawed Angels, the story of the women’s suffragette movement . Hilary Swank is in it. Great movie.

  71. moon:

    do you have some stats in Texas?

  72. Bellecat, Not yet, except they blew their early voting record through the roof and it was up huge in hispanic areas…..can’t see that being Trump voters.

  73. At https://still4hill.com/

    In Detroit, Clinton Lays Out The Consequences of a Trump Presidency, Asks Voters To Protect President Obama’s Legacy

  74. Thank God for Hispanic, Black and other minority Americans!

  75. Birdgal @ 12:05am, “I admire and respect those that are standing in lines for hours to vote.”

    Me too! God bless these people for their determination and stamina. I feel spoiled and slightly ridiculous for getting to vote by mail.

  76. and it continues

  77. How is Arizona looking? still red?

    Georgia may be a surprise?

  78. The National Enquirer can’t publish negative Trump stories. The whole front page at check out at supermarket today was covered with, “Hillary Corrupt, Criminal, Racist!”. It’s like this pretty much every damn week. They’re so busy lying about Hillary, there’s no room left in that rag for the truth about Trump.

    On the Christie case, now that they have guilty verdicts, they can flip the convicted people on Christie. They have already testified that he knew all about it.

  79. Brassy, How ironic that blow hard Christie may be the one who is indicted, not Hillary. How sweet is karma. I hope he receives his just rewards.

  80. I think National Enquirer endorsed Trump (no joke). That is one of the two or three endorsements he got. I wonder what the back story there is.

  81. Pm, The owner of the Enquirer is friends with Trump, so they never print anything negative about him.

  82. Birdgal, I see and that is too bad. Because they could have milked his vulgar, salacious life for all its worth.

  83. Thanks Moon for the great coverage on the serge with Latino voters. Long lines………YES!

    Now these are true American’s that don’t just bitch about things, but get out, stand in long lines just to vote.

    People that complain and stay home just irritate the Hell outta me.

  84. Personally, I would rather keep Melania and kick Trump the Hell out of our country.

  85. Bill Maher
    Nov 4, 2016

  86. moononpluto, on November 5, 2016 at 12:17 AM said:

    He’s drunk at this point. That is only a 238 lead and his total doesn’t add up. Is he assuming the rest are Dem votes? Sheesh, basic math, Jon.

  87. If Florida, Arizona, and Texas all join California and New Mexico in the blue column, Kim Jong Orange will be the last Presidential candidate to try running against Latino-Americans. 😀

  88. Went to his timeline & he just clarified.

  89. Pretty awesome in Cleveland tonight:

  90. Pantsuits are going to be back in style again. 😉

  91. moon, here we go with GOP obstruction:

  92. Trump voters don’t care that Melania was undocumented. She’s European so…you know. Also if you’ve seen any of her “work”, she was obviously doing “work” that Americans won’t.

  93. OMG, Wolf Blitzer actually nailed Rudy:

  94. BTW, Comey was US Attorney for the Southern District (parts of NYC) during Rudy’s term as mayor.

  95. This is why we need to know his financial connections.

    Trump invested in DAPL company.

    The Dakota Access Pipeline is controversial. Crude oil pipelines leak. The DAPL would go through a lake used by the Sioux of North Dakota for drinking water. Also, it would go through the Mississippi River.

    Trump invested at least $500K in Energy Transfer Partners which is building the DAPL.

    The Trump Victory Fund received $100K from the ETP CEO.

  96. Like I said a couple of threads ago after this election pollsters and the media are going to be rewriting how they look at elections. Hispanics are the largest growing minority in the United States. As a group we are usually pretty quiet. We are a diverse group from many different countries. You don’t typically hear about Hispanics protesting or doing much of anything besides working and building a future for the next generation. Trump and the republicans woke a sleeping giant by attacking Hispanics, calling Mexicans rapists by attacking immigrants. By yelling build a wall. I’m glad that we are voting en masse I’m glad that we are not letting Hispanics be dehumanize. We have enriched this country not detracted from it like Trump says.

    We have heard the call and are responding. I don’t think that anyone will ignore Hispanics again as a voting block.

  97. get a gander of what these shit-for-brains tried to pimp yesterday. You would think they’d be too busy with all those court injunctions barring them from “monitoring” polling places.

    FBI RAID! FBI RAID! Don’t forget to look at the names of the sites so you get the flavor, Breitbart’s baby. And it went exactly where it belongs. In the media trash can.

    Brett Baier doesn’t plan on being duped by them again, I would be that. Poor guy had to eat the last one. He should have fingered his “source’.


  98. Quick note before I leave for the hdqtrs. Lebron James will campaign with Hillary Sunday.

  99. From Vox: Why the e-mail scandal is BS.

  100. Also, this.

    We must find some way, consistent with our laws and traditions (non-authoritarian, in other words), to reform the Corporate Media, if we want to keep our Republic.

    Restoring the Fairness Doctrine would be a good start.

  101. Hillary is up 8% here in GA. I hope it’s enough that it holds for her to carry GA. I’m going to be phone banking for her on Monday.

  102. About the Rudy interview with Blitzer when he denied saying he had spoke to “active FBI agents” on the Lars Larson radio program. It seems that Lars Larson has now removed the Rudy Guiliani interview from their site. Any chance we have a copy of that interview somewhere? Asking for a friend and the American people.

  103. flvoter, Ga6th thanks for keeping us informed. I find more reliable information about what is actually going on here than anywhere else. Again thanks to all of you. Vote Blue!

  104. DNC has notified the FBI that they have evidence that their HQ office was bugged.

  105. Kurt Eichenwald on Joy Reid (it is in his article) — Russians thought Trump was unfit for office when he went on and on about Khan’s family (Russians thought he was unstable, think about that!) and that we (the US) would dump him. No. Our fucking media just normalized him more and made him stronger. Fuck the TV media and the NYT and the rest of those fuckers.

  106. Yes I saw that. They thought he had a mental problem. Well they thought right.

  107. lildoggy, you can bet the DNC has a copy. His involvement in these leaks is absolutely provable.

    I’ll bet Brett Baier won’t be listening to his tips any longer. Serves FOX right.

    Yes she has “danced through the fire!”

  109. I must it made me cry but thanks for linking to it.

  110. Ralston says GAME OVER in Nevada.

  111. Trumps giving up, cancels his trip to Wisconsin. Knows he’s dead there too…..

  112. Here is the Hillary ad Imust linked:

  113. Moon, apparently Ryan announced he would join Trump for that event before it got cancelled. Maybe he knew it would be cancelled. Coward!

  114. Thanks pm…I was looking for it as a stand alone video, couldn’t find one. And you’re welcome Ga…..it’s a great ad, but Brian Fallon of HFA says it’s not the last one! There’s another coming out!

  115. I guess we need these celebrities because they have the resources to make these videos. Good. We will take it.

  116. It seems like only people who have no skeletons that Trump can tap into and scare them with are standing up to him. We know who all caved to him, right?

  117. Imust, her ads have been phenomenal this election season. What a talented and creative bunch!

  118. AWESOME AD…!

    imust…thank you.
    Got me excited and brought tears to my eyes…

    Let’s “Keep Going”…
    and “dance through the fire along with Hillary”.

  119. Have you all noticed how the ‘regular’ GoP who would bash Russia at every turn have been silenced (Bolton for example)? They are no where to be seen or heard.

  120. US Election 2016: Hillary Clinton’s English mining roots

    at: http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-tyne-37797422

  121. Of all the many shocking things in this election, here are my top two: 1) The GOP aquiesence to Russian interference in our electoral process because it benefits them. This proves conclusively that the Republican party is corrupt beyond measure. 2) The FBI interference in our electoral process, taking us deep into banana republic land and showing that a perhaps sizable faction of the FBI opposes democracy and wants to install a fascist regime. Both of these developments must be dealt with following the election. A major housecleaning at the FBI is absolutely essential. Perhaps a special commission will have to be impaneled to investigate and recommend needed actions.

  122. Thanks for the great link, belle. That article sheds a lot of light on where Hillary’s grit, work ethic, and fighting spirit comes from. Along with her mom’s contribution, of course!

  123. Gorgeous ad; thanks for sharing, Imust.

  124. All quiet on the western front today so far….bit too quiet.

  125. He doesnt care he knows he’s lost.

  126. Move over 2008 photo of Hillary in the rain photo in the sidebar! We’ve got a 2016 version now!!!!

  127. Also from Vox:

    That story that most Trump supporters are economically distressed members of the white working class? More BS.

  128. The state that I am somewhat concerned about is Pennsylvania. Too many polls which show Trump only one or two points down. Our best polls show four or five. There is no early voting, and someone mentioned a transit strike in Philadelphia. No Hispanic vote, and we are seeing a downturn in voting among Afridan-Americans. And of course all the vote obstruction is going to be channeled there. If I were convinced that we had a solid lead in PA, I’d feel pretty good, although New Hampshire and Michigan are also concerns. I don’t think we’re winning Arizona or Georgia, so we have to win Pennsylvania and also Florida.

  129. moononpluto, on November 5, 2016 at 3:13 PM said:
    All quiet on the western front today so far….bit too quiet.


    I agree, there was no bomb drop on Trump on Friday…has Hillary released all the arsenal she has against him before Tuesday????

  130. Ivory Bill, Very interesting article. Scary stuff. It actually articulated some of what I had been thinking and feeling for several months. Puts into clearer focus why people are responding to Trump’s message.

  131. My first comment froze up, and I posted it incomplete out of frustration. In case it did not go through, I will try again. Uppity, did you see Daisy’s comment in the previous post yesterday? I think that is Utah Woman, and the comment is located about a dozen up from the bottom. I have been a lurker here for years. Since this is either my first or second comment, I know it will go straight to moderation. That being the case, if Imust or Sophie sees it first then please let Uppity know directly.

    Daisy, I am so sorry to hear that, and I hope things get a lot better for you.

  132. Very good article Woody.
    I agree with Birdgal, it brings insight of Trump’s supporters motivations.

  133. Florida is going to be very close imo and leaning towards trump. I am concerned about the above post the PA may be in jeopardy.

  134. JB, Florida is leaning towad Hillary, if the voters come out. Early voting is promising. PA has no early voting. If we can hold MI and NH and CO, either PA or FL will win it.

  135. We are entering the last 2 day panic stage from everybody’s supporters, all i can say is chill the fuck out, there is nothing more us bloggers can do, this thing is baked now and its a case of just voting, what will be will be.

    In the end…we get the govt we deserve!

  136. One more milestone to go:

  137. WOW

  138. Wow voting….thanks for that video! Crying here!!!

  139. She is one amazing woman, she is fighting right up to the last minute.

  140. moon:

    What an incredible video of folks waiting in line to vote in NC…
    Exciting to see people fighting for our democracy…

  141. This is a top rated A class poll

    2016 Pennsylvania President – Clinton 48%, Trump 42% (Muhlenberg College/Morning Call 10/30-11/4)

  142. Voting:
    thank you for the milestone video…
    Brava! Hillary…

  143. Yes, it is emotional to see or even hear about all those people standing in line for hours to get to vote in this all-or-nothing election. I hate to stand in line for anything, but of course I would do it to vote. And all these people taking their Saturday to patiently wait to get their vote, is very touching and heartening. I hope they can make it a fun communal experience as well

  144. Maybe I am wrong but I don’t think that early voting is something a lot of young people do, as a whole. Seems more like their voting is a last minute decision and many more will vote on election day.

    I have never, ever been contacted by a person taking a poll and I have voted in every election since Robert Kennedy ran and was assassinated the same time I voted.

  145. “Trump people seem to be conceding NV, which means he has to flip MI or CO to win (and of course, carry FL, NC, etc.)”

  146. VotingHillary, on November 5, 2016 at 6:15 PM said:
    One more milestone to go:

    That is a great ad. Upbeat and sincere. Loved she even fit in her shimmy and Trump’s ‘bing, bing, bing bing bing.

  147. For those Windows 10-challenged with video, here’s YouTube of HRC in the rain today.

  148. HOLY CRAP

    Early voting up 1.089 million in Texas versus 2012. 650k of that in counties Obama won.

  149. Voting:
    another great one at Pembroke Pines FL.
    Keep them coming…
    keep the fighting spirit up…

  150. No wonder Hispanics hate Trump

  151. moon:
    Do you have a link to the Texas voting stats?

  152. Brassy @ 2:08pm, Spot on!

  153. can we have a link to a fair and reliable overall vote counting?

    Maybe it’s too much to ask…

  154. flvoter @ 6:54am, Brava!

  155. Maybe it’s too early for such a thing…then we would perspiring longer than we should….
    never mind!

  156. bellecat– I think you’re at the place where the best info comes in. I’ve quit trolling so many polls because they are oscillating so wildly. As they said over on Huff’nPuff, it’s the aggregate that matters and they have fairly good one over there.

  157. churl:
    Thank you. I’ve seen you with RD, and I just decided to stay away for a while. Too many trolls, very annoying; they don’t even make sense.

  158. I believe Hillary will win. I think some of the polls are rigged to get people to turn into the msm more and increase their numbers. I think there may also be some poll adjusting to get people to the polls; for example, rethug pollsters will tip their polls to Trumps favor, so his voters make the effort to go vote, because they might think that if Hillary has it sewn up, what’s the point of bothering to go stand in line. Hope that makes sense.

  159. absolute chaos at Trump rally, fights breaking out….lets see Trumps jackboots for all the world to see.

  160. I don´t know if this would give too much comfort to some… but I just tuned in to Spain, and they have lit candles, praying and are keeping their fingers cross for our Hillary to win the election…

    So she has world wide supporters…

    “Keep Going”

  161. Belle, That is very sweet, in so many ways. It seems like a race between good and evil.

  162. I’m with you, soclannie. The news wants eyeballs. And the polls have certainly been wrong about Latino voters. The polls did not anticipate the number of women voters that are coming out in states like here in GA. Hillary pretty much has locked down over 270 EVs already with the blue wall. Everything else is just gravy and I think now she is trying to get rid of more republicans down ticket like Burr.

  163. I also think there are many Repub women that will vote for Hillary but never tell their Repub families.

  164. I don’t know if this really comes from a German or not, but does it matter? 😮

  165. Reno, Nevada (CNN)Donald Trump on Saturday was rushed off the stage by Secret Service agents in the middle of a campaign speech here after an incident in the crowd near the front of the stage.

    The GOP nominee was not injured in the incident and returned to the stage minutes later to finish his speech. A law enforcement official told CNN no weapon was discovered.
    Trump was in the middle of his stump speech when the incident occurred. He then looked into the crowd, his hand over his eyes to block the glare from the stage lights, when Secret Service agents grabbed him and escorted him off the stage. Trump ducked his head as he left the stage.
    The crowd surged backward, some supporters with frightened looks on their faces, as the Secret Service and police tactical units rushed in to detain a man.
    The detained man was then rushed by a throng of police officers, Secret Service agents and SWAT officers armed with assault rifles to a side room.
    Several attendees at the rally said they saw a Trump supporter raise up a sign and then a scuffle ensued.
    Further details were not immediately available. A spokesman for the Secret Service did not immediately have information and a message left with the Trump campaign was not immediately returned. A spokesman for the Reno police department directed media inquiries to the Secret Service.
    The Republican nominee returned to the stage several minutes later.


  166. Mosul, Iraq (CNN)For more than 28 hours, CNN senior international correspondent Arwa Damon and photojournalist Brice Laine were with Iraqi special forces during their push into ISIS-held Mosul. It was a new phase of the liberation operation — switching from villages and open terrain to a dense city that a well-equipped ISIS is determined to defend.

    Their convoy was leading the attack Friday when it came under attack multiple times.
    Vehicles were destroyed, soldiers were hurt. Troops and journalists sought shelter in a succession of houses, calling for backup again and again.
    Inside the armored vehicles, hiding with families in houses, Arwa Damon kept notes amid the heat of the battle. Here is her account, with occasional strong language. It has been lightly edited for clarity.

  167. I wish my showbiz cousin would quit reading those LA Times polls which keep predicting victory for Kim Jong Orange.

    I had to talk him out of something drastic today.

  168. ((((Utahwoman/Daisy))) I am so sorry!

    Greg4Hillary – thank you for bringing this to everyone’s attention. I hope Uppity has reached out to her.

    Just in case – UPPITY CALL UTAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  169. Fox & etc. think Podesta practices black magic because they are too stupid to understand a one sentence email.

  170. Reno incident at Trump rally looking very suspicious:

  171. We have absolutely nothing to fear from people who will run from a sign and dive for cover the minute someone says “Gun.”

  172. Unbelievable how this Trump “assassination” attempt is just blowing up in his campaign’s face.

    From a Reno reporter:

  173. Apparently it was a guy with a Republicans against Trump sign, no wonder he got a kicking…….

  174. Shadow, thanks for the update on Mosul.

  175. Rethugs showing themselves to be the gutless liars we know and loathe.

  176. Daisy, am so sorry your beloved pet passed away. Sending sincerest condolences for the losses you have suffered this year. xoxoxo (from the socal family)

  177. A friend posted this and I wanted to share with all of you:

    On Monday at Noon we can have one minute of silence, in our respective places and hold a collective vision in seeing Hillary going over the top in electoral number of 270 on Tuesday. My vision for past several weeks has seen her name and picture on the CNN/MSNBC board with a large white check mark next to her name/picture as the networks declare her the winner. As I said I am holding the sacred space for her; please join me and others, if you wish. Stronger Together!
    Blessings, Jerri Curry, PhD

  178. A man goes into a Trump rally, peaceably holds up a “Republicans Against Trump” sign, not even anything angry or vitriolic; and a bunch of people try to grab the sign from him. Then someone shouts, “Gun!,” and the Secret Service pull Trump off the stage. The peaceful protester has to spend 45 minutes talking to the Secret Service, who then let him go, since he did absolutely nothing wrong. Meanwhile, one of Trump’s aides, who was on the plane with him, tweets out that while Hillary “ran away from the rain today,”.Trump was right back on stage after an assassination attempt. He ot some other Trump supporters said that it was an assassinationj attempt on him by a Hillary Clinton supporter.

    I will simply add that there is no lie that the HItlerian Trump campaign will not stoop to. There is no other candidate in American history, outside of perhaps Nixon, whose aide would ever have said anything so odiously false as that. We are just lucky that no one set up a fake assassination attempt by someone wearing a Hillary button/ There are three more days for them to try that, though.

  179. William, I’m afraid the lines will continue after the election— at least for a while, especially when Clinton wins. It will far worse if tRump somehow steals the election.

  180. Birdgal:
    Thank you and tell your friend we’ll join her Monday at noon for a visualization for our Hillary…
    Uppityville, let’s do all it “together”…

  181. Wait, what time zone?

    Noon may be different for some of us…

  182. Bellcat, I just unfriended someone on FB, because after I posted that posting, her response was “gag.” She is a rabid Republican zealot and is voting for Trump. She is someone I knew in high school, so we don’t have anything in common. She has made snide remarks about some of my other postings/comments about Hillary and I haven’t engaged her, because I didn’t want to get into a pissing contest with her. But tonight was the last straw. This was a beautiful and thoughtful post that Jerri wrote. This former friend is also very religious, so her response is even more intolerant and unacceptable. C’est la vie. We are on the right side of this, and history will prove it.

  183. Bellecat, I am on Pacific time in CA. Thank you

  184. I want the Senate; I don’t care if it’s by one.

  185. Sweet Sue, I agree!

  186. Katy Perry at GOTV concert tonight in Philly:

  187. Another great pic with oh so strong HRC supporter Katy Perry from Philly:

  188. goofsmom1, you’re welcome.

  189. Lets hope all this star power gets a enough young people out to make a difference. I am skeptical, as manyy Sanders supporters are disgusting Hillary haters and while Hillary has had incredible support from AA’s, the younger one’s seem to not be motivated as compared to their obvious excitement over Obama. I just wish they understood how hard Hillary has worked for young people for decades. Her life is to make the world better for children and particularly those less fortunate . That is a noble and honorable life and no matter what BS we have heard the past 30 years, she is a fighter and historically inspirational, powerful , and great woman no matter what happens Tuesday.

  190. I read that one of the Democratic electors in WA, I think, said he would not vote for Clinton, but would instead cast his ballot for Bernie. The Bro goes too far.

  191. jbstone, neither the alt-right or the alt-left will take down HRC because this nation is basically center-left. The Latino vote in NV, FL and very possibly AZ combined with the AA vote in NC are going to turn this for HRC.

    Further, Trump’s “assassination attempt” by paper-cut from a Republican holding a sign stating “Republicans Against Trump” is a stunt gone too far for Trump to reclaim his deficit with early voting.

    HRC and the Dems have got this. Bernie’s holdouts are the smallest percentage of votes in this election and they were NEVER going to go for her. They are the male-privilege white males same as the alt-right.

  192. Preach it, Beyonce.

  193. JB

    I too do not depend on many of the younger voters to get their butts to the voting booth, but to make up for it, the Hispanics are coming out in droves for Hillary, against Trump. They may make the difference along with women.

    I don’t have faith in white men this time around, but all other adults are going to come in strong for our girl.

    The fact that the MSM has pushed that Hillary is so disliked is really what has hurt her the most. Disgusting.

  194. Texas : More people have early voted in Hidalgo county than they did in the whole 2012 election over all…..Epic.

  195. Columbus Dispatch final poll : Clinton 48/Trump 47

    The poll results indicate that if the Clinton campaign can get young and minority voters to the polls, she almost certainly will win. And a victory in Ohio would almost certainly end Trump’s hopes for the presidency.

    On the other hand, if the Trump team does a better job at getting its supporters to cast a ballot, especially older whites, he probably wins — and maintains a narrow path to prevailing nationwide. The GOP nominee holds a double-digit lead among white males, the poll found.


    Clinton will win Ohio, mark my words…her ground is enormous there, the concerts.

    The Clinton campaign teams knocked on 100,000 doors in Ohio yesterday. That’s organization.

    I also still remember the primary polls too, they were all tied, Clinton won by 13!


  196. James Taylor to perform at Hillary Clinton’s rally in Manchester, New Hampshire on Sunday night, per a Clinton spokeswoman

  197. This is the last day of early voting in South Florida.

    This is gonna be a big one, black voters after church will be there……

    Polls open until 7pm today.

  198. This was yesterday only…..

    Last day of NC early vote was strong for Clinton, esp on black turnout:
    White 62.5, Black 27.9
    D 41.3, R 29.6

  199. Now you can tell a lot about the state of the campaign by who is where….

    November 6, 2016 Cleveland, Ohio Get Out the Vote Hillary Clinton and LeBron James
    November 6, 2016 Manchester, New Hampshire Get Out the Vote Hillary Clinton
    November 6, 2016 Milwaukee, Wisconsin Get Out the Vote Tim Kaine
    November 6, 2016 Green Bay, Wisconsin Get Out the Vote Tim Kaine
    November 6, 2016 La Crosse, Wisconsin Get Out the Vote Tim Kaine
    November 6, 2016 Kissimmee, Florida Get Out the Vote President Barack Obama
    November 6, 2016 Harrisburg, Pennsylvania Get Out the Vote Vice President Joe Biden
    November 6, 2016 Scranton, Pennsylvania Get Out the Vote Vice President Joe Biden
    November 6, 2016 Phoenix, Arizona Get Out the Vote Senator Bernie Sanders
    November 6, 2016 Las Vegas, Nevada Get Out the Vote Senator Bernie Sanders
    November 6, 2016 Lansing, Michigan Get Out the Vote Bill Clinton
    November 6, 2016 Chester, Pennsylvania Get Out the Vote Chelsea Clinton
    November 6, 2016 Morton, Pennsylvania Get Out the Vote Chelsea Clinton
    November 6, 2016 West Chester, Pennsylvania Phone Bank Kickoff Chelsea Clinton
    November 6, 2016 Norristown, Pennsylvania Get Out the Vote Chelsea Clinton
    November 6, 2016 Elkins Park, Pennsylvania Phone Bank Kickoff Chelsea Clinton

    They are not worried about PA, Florida or NC analyzing this…..they also think they could get Ohio by this also…….No CO, no NM, no NH…..

  200. After cancelling Wisconsin yesterday, Trump is supposed to be here in Minnesota today. I think he should have paid his pollster.

    Any “faithless” electors should be replaced. Sick of this shit.

  201. Final national NBC/WSJ poll of ’16 race
    Clinton 44
    Trump 40
    Johnson 6
    Stein 2

    Clinton 48
    Trump 43

    Compared to 2012, this is good because that was a tie or +-1 and Obama won by 5

  202. They’re using darts on a map, moon.

  203. Actually, I think they’re looking for a midwestern state comparable to Nevada to peel off because they know Nevada’s gone.

    They should be worried about Ohio.

  204. The thing is, the only time a candidate lost when they had a lead like Clinton has today +4/5 in the polls at this point was Dewey/Truman, it just inevitably doesn’t happen.

    So unless something seriously is off, it wont happen again.

  205. Franken going after the FBI

  206. Ralston says theres a big blue wave hitting Nevada on Tuesday.

  207. As Boehlert tweeted it is ironic that in a Trump rally they are so scared of guns that they yell guns for no reason, yet they want everyone there to have guns. Absurd, stupid people and it is fortunate that one of them didn’t shoot that poor guy with the sign.

  208. Per Clinton camp: In Montgomery Co, OH (Dayton) Af-Am turnout is outpacing county as whole. County on pace to surpass ’12 EV turnout.

  209. These are some numbers….

    Among Early Voters,

    Clinton 51% (+10)
    Trump 41%

    Clinton 63% (+30)
    Trump 33%

    Trump needs an astronomical turnout on Tuesday to win…..

  210. Let’s make a huge a wave as possible for Hillary. Encourage all your friends to go vote even if you live in a deep blue state. Trump needs to be rebuked by voters in numbers as well as in the EC.

  211. lol

  212. I hope they all apologise to Hillary, COMEY is fucked.

  213. The MSM must all apologise to Hillary and this makes Trump look so foolish.

  214. moon, make sure to retweet to all the media & ask if they will report this.

  215. CNN is reporting this now, and it sucks that Commie has phucked Hillary so many times…asshole!

    Glad they at least said it before the election, but better late than never isn’t phucking good enough!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  216. live look at someone who is probably going to jail.

  217. Now go away, Comey. Forever.

    I wonder if they leaked it to Guiliani first.

  218. Gonna be okay. If you haven’t voted yet, do it!

  219. Look at all the early voters, especially independents and R’s leaning to Hillary that took Commie’s word on the email bullshit and voted for Trump.

  220. Thank you moon and Voting for staying in top of latest developments.

    I agree, Commie and the Media owe a big time apology to Hillary…

  221. The Trumpster must be spontaneously combusting all across America right now.

  222. Ah, history. Truman/Dewey. When polling was in its infancy and Mercury Magazine thought calling people on those new fangled telephones was just the thing. I guess today’s equivalent would be only polling people who own Teslas. Thought experiment: think of Truman out stumping for Clinton. The fallout would be glorious.

  223. Twitter is exploding…..

  224. Twitter IS exploding! I’ve been tweeting directly to Trump himself. Everyone should. Get under his skin. Taunt him. Mock him. Get him to lose it on LIVE TV.

  225. I suspect Guliani will vanish from today onwards, he’ll be keeping a low profile.

    The media better make a damn massive big deal of this like they did a week ago.

    Fuck em, fuck em all.

  226. Yeah! moon, make it even a bigger deal…
    they’ve meddled with election…

  227. CNN @ FBI Dir confirms Clinton Email Probe OVER….

    Thank fuck for that.

  228. I am absolutely furious!! Obama must ask for Comey’s resignation ASAP!!! Hillary was cruising to a large victory before this fake email scandal and now she may possibly lose. Shame on our pimp media and pundits who used this BS email to tear our lady down. I never thought I would see an US election influenced so significantly by a supposedly apolitical government official and Russia. Many republicans may have sat this election out or arguably voted for Hillary, but this fake scandal likely got them to the polls to vote against Hillary. Same for the slacker millennials who dislike Hillary “because she cannot be trusted”. I am disgusted and feel like 2008 all over again when the party leaders forced Hillary out of the race.

  229. I imagine the fundraising emails coming out from Hillary tonight will be something….

    Hillary has every right to be furious.

  230. loll, look at the size of Lebron next to Hillary, lol…….

    He is a massive lump of a man.

  231. Just want to prick slap Comey with a 12 inch dildo! Hope he resigns or gets fired right after the election, AND is investigated–along Giuliani and his IRS leakers– for violating the Hatch Act. Comey’s reputation is in tatters. Funny how this latest clearing of Hillary comes on the heels of Senator Franken stating (on MSNBC) that the Senate will be looking into this whole mess.

  232. Hillary is on fire in Cleveland, she’s got major mojo tonight.

  233. Hilarious, look at the size of that man.

  234. Unfuckingbelievable.

  235. Hillary didn’t mention Commie’s letter today in her campaign speech. “She wants to end her campaign on an upbeat tone.”

    I hope she at least says something to the media.

  236. CNN, Wolf not really challenging Jason Miller at all over his lies,

    Fuck you Wolf.

  237. Moon, here’s the photo of Obama and the boy with Cerebal Palsy that was kicked out of Trump rally.

    THEY KICKED HIS WHEELCHAIR….let that sink in.

  238. They kick a child in a wheelchair out of their rally, then kick his chair for good measure. And they say they’re not deplorable? They’re savages. Probably neo-Nazis.

  239. JB

    I am absolutely furious!!
    The only thing this election proves is that Hillary Clinton has been an existential threat to almost half of our country.

    There is a reason that there has NEVER been a woman President in the history of our country.

    Hillary must look like a porcupine with all the knives sticking out of her back…and she is never, every going to give up, no matter what.

    I am so proud of Hillary for have such grace, tenancy, intelligence and bravery.

    She will be our President and NO ONE CAN SAY SHE DIDN’T EARN IT!

    ❤ Go Hillary, go girl! ❤

  240. I’m glad he met the president. That’s much better than a Trump rally.

  241. I agree Brassy. Look at all the smiling faces in the crowd in that photo. What a difference a HRC rally is compared to a Deplorable Trump rally.

  242. Thats our Hillary

  243. So how do the TV media reverse the damage they did playing along with the buffoon — crooked Hillary, criminal, lock her up, she should be in jail, it must be something really big on and on. How do they reverse the damage they did to her reputation and allowed that buffoon to do the same?

    BTW, I ‘ordered’ my hubs to unsubscribe to NYT. No more.

  244. If I were the NYT, i would run a full page apology to Hillary in tomorrow mornings edition.

  245. pm317:

    You are right, we uppity ‘s should have a war with media of all types for the damage they inflicted upon our Hillary…
    Make it so…

  246. moon:
    I hope NYT or any major paper has the professional integrity to do apologize…
    This was a travesty to our Democracy…

  247. I’m just waiting for Upps to show up with a sharp knife and give “the Commie” and his Giuliani compadre what they deserve…

  248. After today, it’s game over for Trump. I’ll be wearing my 2008 Hillary tshirt with champagne chilling. I’m going to be bold and predict it will be over pretty early.

    And this is only the beginning….

  249. Baltimore 4 Hillary is calling NC and not PA! Sounds like PA might be better than media is telling us. We are so close. WE will do this . Keep strong. xxooxo

  250. I am getting the champagne as well, flvoter. But I will be nervous until Florida numbers come in. I want a president that I revere. It has been awhile. I remember how wonderful that felt.

  251. Dow futures jumped 205 points ahead of Monday’s opening after Comey letter. If the orangutan won, Wednesday would be brutal in financial markets. Make 2008 look tame.

  252. Kicked his wheelchair? Why? What’s wrong with them? They are acting like 3 year olds.

  253. I am wear my Hillary gear to work tomorrow too.

  254. Full speech at https://still4hill.com/
    Hillary Clinton with LeBron James and J.R. Smith in Cleveland

    November 6, 2016 by still4hill

  255. Hillary Clinton emails: How FBI verdict affects US election


  256. Hey guys. Two more days to go. We will take Ohio.
    Knocked on doors this weekend. A lot of voters said they like voting on election day They will be voting for Hillary.
    Get your googles ready to protect your eyes from the GLASS BREAKING.

  257. There is a silver lining… states with no early voting such as PA which got to hear Comey’s letter today.

  258. i guess it’s good all this came out before the election but dayum it should have NEVER been done in the first place. It was a HUGE mistake. The news media needs to apologize HUGE to Hillary.

  259. Neetabug, I love you!! I’ll get my goggles ready. ❤️

  260. Look at this guy! Hard to believe he ran anything in the government before. Technologically stupid, ignorant, and incompetent, just like the guy he is supporting. Read the replies.

  261. General Flynn hasn’t heard about computer programs being able to sort through e-mails that have already been reviewed. Apparently, they were working 24/7 on this case. General Flynn has no credibility or anyone else who supports Trump.

  262. I’m happy that they were at least able to analyze the mails and figure out that they were nothing. But of course we already knew that. Now we wonder how many Senate and House seats this has cost us. I would say “how much of Hillary’s mandate might be lessened,” but I don’t think it matters, in that Hillary could get 90% of the vote, and the House would still try to investigate her, and the Senate block any of her Supreme Court nominees., as long as they had the votes to do it.

    As pm317 noted, there are a few states with key Senate races which do not have much, if any, early vote. PA is one. I think NH is as well. We need to win those seats. We can hope that there is a massive turnout of Democrats, and that voters are now so sick of the efforts to damage Hillary, that they vote to get rid of the incumbent Senators Toomey and Ayotte. I don’t see how we can win the Senate, or even get to 50, unless we win those two. Voters have to understand that voting for any Republican senator is like voting for all of them, and for endless obstruction. The email idiocy kept Hillary from being able to go from state to state and tell everyone that the Republican goal is to never have a Democrat appoint another Supreme Court Justice, even if they end up with only a few Justices sitting on the bench. It is really upsetting. but we will root for a major Hillary victory, which is by far the most important; and then see what the terrain looks like for her. And somehow we all have to figure out a way to stop the right-wing corporate billionaires, aided by a woefully inept and unprofessional media, from controlling our electoral process through their lies and false innuendoes.

  263. And somehow we all have to figure out a way to stop the right-wing corporate billionaires, aided by a woefully inept and unprofessional media, from controlling our electoral process through their lies and false innuendoes.

    Which raises the question of why in Areinnye those billionaires want GOP dominion, when the economy performs better when Democrats run things? Whatever is driving those numbskulls, it is not rational self-interest.

  264. Why does CNN still have Hillary at 268 electoral ? Is this based on Fl, NH, Ohio, PA, and NV being toss ups?

  265. @JBS: What William said–the media are woefully inept and unprofessional, though he left out “corrupt”. They’ve been handicapping HRC all along because if they reported the flaws of both Clinton and Trump honestly, Clinton would be running off with this, and the eyeballs would wander away to other regions of TV-Land, or off to Cyberspace. The media want their horse race, because they are greedy horse’s @$$es.

  266. There were never 650,000 emails. That was a lie made up by the NY FBI because a laptop can’t hold that many emails. Anyway so much of this has been lies you could spend all day refuting them. And Weiner said he synced Huma’s phone to the laptop and that is why they ended up on that computer. You know, if the FBI had just asked Weiner about all this he could have told them.

  267. If Our Hillary wins, I look forward to the inevitable “Hitler Rant” parody of Der Fuehrer raging over the defeat of Der Drumpf. 😈

  268. Madoka forgive me, but could someone please lose Anthony Weiner down an elevator shaft?

  269. At The Confluence:
    riverdaughter, on November 6, 2016 at 7:30 pm said:

    Know what I haven’t seen?
    Any sign whatsoever that Trump has a ground game. There are signs but I’m not tripping over Trump canvassers like I’m tripping over Hillary and affiliated canvassers.
    My suspicion is that Trump wanted to use the cable news networks as his ground game.

  270. Ha, Pete Williams said the FBI used ‘deduplication’ software to review the emails. The guy in Silicon Valley who came up with dedup software (has a couple of patents) grew up across the street from my parents’ house in India, maybe about 10-15 years younger than I am.

  271. Lawrence O’Donnell has been quite consistent this election season. Weld on O’Donnell right now.

  272. For your amusement:

  273. http://mobile.nytimes.com/2016/11/07/us/politics/donald-trump-presidential-race.html Funny article!

    Many of my college friends are volunteering for HRC. Young people are engaged 🙂

  274. Neurotransmitter 17, good to hear that !!

  275. I just love Lawrence O’Donnell sometimes. On Donald Trump, saying he is doing well with the Latino voters . O’Donnell, “That is as delusional as anything Donald Trump has ever said.”

  276. Loved seeing Lebron with Hillary and President Obama meeting the little disabled boy. Made my day! Thanks all of you!

    JB, Hillary will win–keep the faith baby!

  277. More Trump “good brain” idea:

  278. Well said woody @ November 6, 2016 at 10:27 PM


  280. Video at https://still4hill.com/

    Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire with Khzir Khan

    November 6, 2016 by still4hill

  281. CNN “poll of polls” Hillary plus 3%. Too close for comfort. Hopefully this late breaking news gets her back up to 5% BY ELECTION DAY!

  282. Must watch Mr.Khan’s introduction of Hillary…

  283. Stonesfan….you’ve got to stop worrying about national polls. It’s all about the Electoral College. 270 is the magic number. Look at the state maps and battlegrounds.

  284. bellecat, on November 7, 2016 at 12:34 AM said:

    That made me cry, belle. Thanks for posting.

  285. The final, closing argument. The final Hillary for President ad. Tissues, get your tissues ready!

    I warned ya! Well, didn’t I??

  286. YES!!!! Just saw the ROAR ad here in PA. I hope the campaign has some plan for transportation in Philadelphia. That strike is ongoing.

  287. Very well done and emotional. Will this be on TV tonight?

  288. Wow. Twitter seems to be down on the west coast.

  289. It’s down on the East Coast as well, OldCoastie.

  290. I don’t see the new ad on Twitter, must be down here too

  291. Whats going on with twitter? We can’t access it on any computer (we have mac & pc) or our phones, and I can’t even get to it when I click on imust’s twitter link @1:25am. Strange, huh? I hope ASSange & his comrades didn’t kill twitter!

  292. I didn’t listen to Rump tonight, but with the sound muted he looked defeated and was wearing his baseball cap that shaded most of his face. He either had a bad, bad hair day or he is realizing he is about to get fired by American voters.

    I can’t wait.

  293. BTW, THIS CRAP is why I do NO BANKING online.

  294. BTW, it looks like YouTube has been hacked also….videos play but the “views” are being messed with.

  295. Twitter is back up on the East Coast.

  296. This is so AWESOME:

  297. Neither rain, snow, sleet or hail will stop Hillary..she will prevail.

  298. And he wonders why his privileged white-male ass lost the primary:

  299. Voting. when was that picture of Hillary in the black jacket in the rain taken? That closing ad was very emotional.

  300. OMG! Janet Reno has died. A trailblazer. RIP

  301. Good about the strike. I thought it was really DUMB of them to strike at a time when the very people who need that transportation to vote for the party that would support the strikers. Jaysus. Doh.

  302. LOL Voting, I just realized I never unblocked Bernie on Twitter.

  303. Voting, it doesn’t matter if you bank online or not. The data bases for your bank and for your charge cards are there. If their site gets hacked, you’re there whether you like it or not.

    But in truth, they do use secure socket layers for banking online. Point being, it’s convenient to do it and if they get hacked, you will be included whether you use the site or not. But if you use the site at least you saved stamp money and lost US Mail, of which there is plenty.

  304. I’m on the East Coast and my twitter hasn’t been down. Unless it happened in the middle of the night and I missed it…

  305. As if Trump isn’t terrifying enough all by himself. Guiliani for AG? Gingrich for SOS? Thank Goddess nothing like this will ever come to pass. Guiliani already has demonstrated he would turn us into a police state, siccing his FBI cronies on his political opponents.

    The Twitter problem was in the middle of the night. Most people slept through.

  306. Brassy, I shuddered when I read that list. Newt for SOS, after watching his meltdown with Megan Kelly, I think not. Flynn, UGH, and UGH to all the other ones. Guiliani would incite more unrest and would practice revenge politics.

  307. Sophie, lol… That should make every Dem and some Republicans run to the polls and vote for Hillary in PA and elsewhere tomorrow.

  308. The Twitter problem was in the middle of the night. Most people slept through

    LOL! The morons did it on their time.

  309. Janet Reno, first woman AG appointed by BC; Madeleine Albright, first woman SoS appointed by BC

  310. OMG … Trump’s cabinet choices are horrifying!!! Banish them to the casket (not a typo) of deplorables.

    But has anyone heard anything about Hillary’s choices for her cabinet? Lots of women I hope!

  311. For JBstonesfan,

    From: http://steveschale.squarespace.com/blog/2016/11/7/1-more-day-we-can-do-this.html

    What am I worried about for HRC?

    Really, almost nothing. I’ve mentioned the Palm Beach thing a few times, but right now, the diversity mix is rounding nicely into shape, and our best counties are way out-performing the state. Right now, she needs the organization on the ground to get this done on Tuesday

    Could there be a Trump surge on Tuesday? It is possible, because the counties most under-performing right now are Trump counties. His problem, most of them are very small, part of what Jonathan Martin called the Gingrich Counties (where Newt beat Romney)– those rural places in-between all the big counties.

    All in all, the I-10 markets are way below where they should be, maybe as much as 3% below where its share should be. If that comes in tomorrow, it will tighten the race considerably.

    Tomorrow’s memo will also lay out some things you watch for. If she wins by 3, we will know pretty well, probably before the Panhandle returns come back after 8. If it is close, prepare for a long night.

    One last thing — and this is just for the FL HRC organizers out there.

    You all got this. This thing is right there. You’ve spent 6 months training for this moment. This is what you built for. Do your job today and tomorrow, stay focused on your goals, and you can say you made history.

  312. Just got on the blog and saw the pink crochet uterus…before I read it I thought it was a funky trophy.

    And the woman that calls Pence to tell him about her period, made me laugh so hard I almost stained my ‘Madam President’ designer t-shirt with hot coffee.

  313. VotingHillary, on November 7, 2016 at 4:05 AM said

    I just gotta say that the photo of Hillary on the Daily News is a farce. An ‘artist’ has drawn in wrinkles, made them really deep…and I was socked how smooth and pretty Hillary’s skin is up close.

    She really is pretty!!!!

  314. FWIW, Glenn Beck on Trump, very weird; from here:

    Beck’s interactions with Donald Trump helped, too. He told a story of Trump summoning him to a guest room at Mar-a-Lago; Trump then telephoned him from an adjacent room. “We had this weird, almost Howard Hughes-like conversation,” Beck said. He left convinced that Trump was nuts. “This guy is dangerously unhinged,” he said. “And, for all the things people have said about me over the years, I should be able to spot Dangerously Unhinged.”

  315. Ana Navarro: I’m voting for Hillary Clinton — and against Donald Trump

    (She is fired up, watch video to see it…)


  316. Obama gave a great speech in MI for Hillary.

  317. Shadow, I’m wearing my Madam President shirt today! I also have a couple of buttons, one of which is, “Love Trumps Hate.”

    I’m going to a GOTV phone bank with my congressman.

  318. Probably not the day to even think about this, but I still think that the overarching issue, which seems somehow to have just been accepted without question, is why did the FBI even think that it should be investigating Hillary’s private email server? Others in State had those, and no one even brought it up. The Justice Department certainly didn’t ask the FBI to investigate this. The likely truth that it was the same FBI agents and/or Director, the ones who have clearly been anti-Hillary from the outset, who did this on their own. Just like they wanted to do a criminal investigation of the Clinton Foundation. This was always a hatched up scheme, likely involving other right-wing groups as well. And the media is so anti-Hillary, and so essentially incompetent, that they never even questioned why this whole investigation was being conducted. Thus we had a rogue operation inside our country, trying from the very outset to interfere with the electoral process. And that story apparently will never be told, like a book which is only read starting at the middle.

  319. http://www.newsweek.com/

    James Comey Is Unfit for Public Service
    America has just witnessed one of the most—if not the most—egregious abuses of power in the service of one man’s ego in its history.

  320. You are right William, the focus should be in getting the voters out and secure the votes to win.
    Yet, I can not put this to rest when there’s been an overt coup against our Democracy…

  321. I hope no crazy $hit happens tomorrow…but this entire election has been effin’ crazy so far…

    Exit polls under siege
    The flow of Election Day information is about to change dramatically.


  322. “This was always a hatched up scheme”

    Don’t you mean “TRUMPED-up”? 😉

  323. Birdgal, on November 7, 2016 at 2:14 PM said:

    Shadow, I’m wearing my Madam President shirt today! I also have a couple of buttons, one of which is, “Love Trumps Hate.”

    ————-Way to go Birdgal.

    Putting on my Hillary shirt somehow makes me feel more hopeful, like it’s some sort of Superwoman shield.

  324. 538 results today

    Chance of winning:

    68.3% Hillary
    31.6% Orange Turd

    Electoral votes:

    Hillary 297.2
    Da Turd 240.1
    McMullin .7
    Stoned Dude 0.000000


  325. William: I remember earlier you expressed concern about Pennsylvania. Rest assured , I try to do my bit. I got the day off, got up early to drive to Wilmington at Dem. HQ, and carpooled from there up to Chester, PA, to canvas. The folks we visited were registered Democrats who’ve been canvassed already. It was a predominately African American neighborhood. We saw a large, local, neighborhood get-out-the-vote (GOTV) group of volunteers who will take people to the polls at the Chester Clinton Campaign office. So hopefully, turnout will be high enough to put Clinton – Kane over-the-top in Pennsylvania tomorrow👍🙏. It was a first-time canvassing experience for me, and something of adventure😌.

  326. It’s a crying shame that Trump is going to get 240 EVs if that is right. It shows we’re not the country we thought we were. What I wonder is why is the FBI et all so insistent on taking Hillary out when they didn’t try any of this stuff with Obama? Did they think Obama would be pliable and easily led?

  327. LA Times

    Our final map has Clinton winning with 352 electoral votes.
    We’ve updated our electoral map for the final time in this topsy-turvy campaign year.

    For this version, our goal was no toss-ups. We’re giving you our best estimates, based on public polling, state vote histories and the reporting done by our campaign staff, on which way we think each of the 50 states and the District of Columbia will fall this year.

    The previous version of the map had five toss-up states. In the end, we’re predicting that three of them — North Carolina, Ohio and Arizona — will go for Hillary Clinton.

    Iowa will go to Donald Trump, we expect. So will Utah, where independent candidate Evan McMullin has been threatening Trump, but seems likely to come up short.

    Our projection would give Clinton 352 electoral votes, while Trump would end up with 186.


  328. Ga6thDem, I think it is because she is a woman.

  329. Liherty Belle, thank you for your great efforts!I am looking forward to watching the big rally in Independence Hall tonight, with three Clintons and two Obamas. (CSPAN lists it as “Clintons and Obamas”). I am glad that so many people in Pennsylvania are doing everything they can to help in this most crucial state. And of course Neetabug has been tirelessly working for Hillary in Ohio, as have so many people here in their own states.

  330. William
    I am looking forward to watching the big rally in Independence Hall tonight, with three Clintons and two Obamas.

    Enjoy it for all of us, full report please.

    I am soooo jealous. 😉

  331. It would be amazing if a sociopathic serial-lying narcissist with a penchant for megalomania, tissue paper for skin, a bird’s nest on his head and a face that sweats orange could actually get 240 EVs

  332. Everyone at work is anxious about tomorrow, including me.

    We all think Hillary will win, but are pulling our hair out if Trump squeaks past her.

  333. I agree with WLM.

    In 2008, the Chimperial Cheney Assministration had screwed not the pooch, but the whole kennel of pooches, in positions which would leave Dr. Ruth scratching her head–to the point where no Republican could win the White House in 2008 without election fraud exceeding the limits of plausible deniability.

    The mostly white and male members of the USAmerican Establishment realized that they were going to be compelled to accept either a black man or a white woman as the next President.

    Their choice proved that s3xism overrides r@cism within our Establishment.

  334. It would be amazing if a sociopathic serial-lying narcissist with a penchant for megalomania, tissue paper for skin, a bird’s nest on his head and a face that sweats orange could actually get 240 EVs.

    Sorry, Uppity, but it is not amazing at all. I have learned never to underestimate the self-destructive stupidity of my fellow non-elite white male USAmericans. My hope lies in the facts that my fellow white males are not the only voters, and other voters compose an increasingly greater fraction of the electorate.

    I have been literally praying to God (no jocular references to Madoka-chan this time) to give enough of my fellow citizens the good sense to reject Kim Jong Orange.

  335. Online, youtube CNN keeps crashing today, right in the end of Obama’s speech…at least people are paying close attention.

  336. William said:

    Thus we had a rogue operation inside our country, trying from the very outset to interfere with the electoral process. And that story apparently will never be told, like a book which is only read starting at the middle.

    Somebody needs to write that book.

  337. Amazing speech by President Obama in New Hampshire today. About as good a campaign speech as I have ever seen, and he isn’t even running. It brought tears to my eyes.

    Shadowfax, now I feel bad; I am not actually going to the speech in Philadelphia, as I live in Los Angeles. I will just watch it on CSPAN at about 5pm PST; and maybe you can watch or tape it as well. It will be an emotional and inspiring event, everyone together on stage. Apart from everything else, there is a big last-ditch, effort to win those key Senate seats. We’re finally getting to see some real Democratic partisanship, and it is exciting.

  338. Shadowfax, now I feel bad; I am not actually going to the speech in Philadelphia, as I live in Los Angeles.


    Ahhh William, don’t feel bad….I just misunderstood.
    Is this the event that starts at midnight East coaster time?

    The Clinton’s are normally (fashionably) late, so more like 12:45AM, so for us in CA…we will still be up and about.

  339. I bet this will be a near sleepless night tonight for many. I am excited and anxious.

  340. I cant believe we are almost there…….its been such a long hard dirty dirty campaign and I am so glad it is over.

  341. I’ll sleep like a baby knowing that we here did all we could to fight the crazies.

    Be safe in the knowledge, it is out of our hands, we did what we could and its up to the voters tomorrow.

    Thank you to everybody here, its been a blast.

  342. Trump’s PA rally is like off the scale bonkers nuts racist nazi propoganda.

  343. I think Hillary’s final ad strikes an optimistic tone.Very effective contrast with Trump’s negative, pessimistic argument.

    “Hillary Clinton asks for nation’s vote in final, 2-minute ad”


    “Hillary Clinton’s campaign released an unusual 2-minute television ad to ask for the nation’s vote on Election Day.

    “I think we can all agree it’s been a long campaign, but tomorrow you get to pick the next president,” Clinton says in the ad, speaking directly to the camera.

    Her campaign referred to the commercial, released Monday morning, as her “closing message.” Most of her TV spots have been 30 seconds or a minute.

    The ad is essentially a shorter version of her stump speech, except that in the commercial, she dials down the attacks against Republican Donald Trump. Her one nod to him was to say that people are rejecting a worldview “defined by fear and division” to embrace her more hopeful vision. She says the “cause of her life” was working on behalf of children.

    In an election in which neither candidate is very popular with the electorate, Clinton argued that the choice Tuesday is not between two people, but two visions for the country. “It’s not just my name and my opponent’s name on the ballot, it’s the kind of country we want for our children and grandchildren,” she tells viewers.

    The spot is airing Monday night during “The Voice” and “Kevin Can Wait” and is estimated to reach 20 million people, according to the campaign.”

  344. Shadowfax, the Philadelphia event is at 5pm our time. The Raleigh final rally is at 9:45 our time.

  345. So less than 5 hours until we get the first real results of the election from Dixville Notch, Harts location and Millsfield.

  346. Lewandowski on CNN saying, I dont know, i dont work for the Trump campaign, i work for CNN………BULLSHIT.

  347. Some consider this the best option for comparison numbers…
    Any thoughts about it?


  348. C-SPAN has the Philly rally on right now.

  349. Hey everyone! We have people here from CA, NY, Boston, Texas, Michigan, and Cleveland’s former mayor Jane Campbell who now works in DC and Sheila Jackson Lee from Texas helping us knocking on doors.
    What a blast.
    We will be knocking on doors and giving voters ride to the polls.

  350. https://still4hill.com/

    Hillary Clinton in Michigan

  351. Saw a story saying AA vote down in NC ?

  352. Neetabug, when I was phone banking today, someone said the campaign had 50,000 people on the ground in various states. I think I heard right. Maybe it was 5,000. Anyway , it was a lot of people.

  353. Huuuge crowd at Philly…

  354. Good for HRC because they are still running these kind of ads in PA:

  355. What happened, did we get a dos attack there, could not access for a bit?

  356. Moon same here.

  357. jb a lot of voters are waiting until tomorrow to vote. While knocking on doors they said they wanted to wait until election day. We tried to get them to vote early, they wanted to wait;

  358. Bill Clinton is speaking.

  359. Oops Wow

    Well, Clinton might have pulled off Ohio. #Earlyvote change from 2012
    Cuyahoga +1,052 (+0.4%)
    Franklin +22,522 (+10.2%)

    OHIO going the right way.

  360. I ❤️ the new Hillary ad. ❤️❤️

  361. For your general amusement:

  362. Michelle is speaking and she is raking it…WOW!

  363. Michelle is dynamite !!❤️❤️❤️

  364. Obama is killing it!

  365. If Ohio goes blue it will be because Neetabug single-handedly willed it to be,

  366. LOL, crowd laughed at ‘they took away his phone so he won’t tweet’ Hope Trump watches this at 3 am and drives himself nuts, more nuts than he already is.

  367. Jules, I agree whole-heartedly. Neetabug is a force to be reckoned with.

  368. Hillary is here!

  369. Hillary is speaking…

  370. It was nice of Obama to help her with the footstool as she tried to move it into place. She didn’t want to bend down and disappear behind the lectern but he did. Nice! I am really surprised at the Obamas this campaign and some of it may be self interest but that is OK. We can indulge them for Hillary’s sake.

  371. Pm, The Obamas have been wonderful, I’m sure some of it, is self interest, but it seems very genuine and they seem to really like each other.

    Wow, a million volunteers nationwide and thousands on the ground.

  372. I must sleep now but I will be here bright and early to party the night away with the girls….and i leave you with this.

    Make it count……ladies xx

  373. Reminder Samantha Bee is on tonight 10:30 pm on TBS. She will also be on Weds. night as well this week.

  374. Not going to get much sleep as the anticipation is overwhelming. For all of us who have been supporting Hillary and have experienced the highest of highs and lowest of lows, I pray tomorrow night will fulfill both Hillary’s and our dreams and aspirations. I know some of you here from other places and it’s been a pleasure blogging with you over the years.

  375. Agree, Birdgal. My suspicion is that Hillary made it happen that way, because of how she reacted to what happened in 2008, without resentment or reproach and retribution but tried to make the best of it and help and support him. Obama seems genuine.

  376. Here is the footstool incident. I like it.

  377. Sophie:
    I just love the excerpt “Not your fault”….what a timing…LOL

  378. 50 students from my school went to Pennsylvania to volunteer, many others phonebanked and did other fundraising. My school’s Republican group did not endorse the Orangutan, so I must begrudgingly respect them.

    I am abroad right now (and will be flying back to NY tomorrow), but it’s funny how everyone here is still talking about the election. I know a lot of elections are made into a doomsday scenario to encourage people to vote, but in this case, I think it really is. I would not be surprised if the Orange’s win resulted in mass persecution of minorities and women.

    People have said that there are many problems with 538’s modelling this year, and I am optimistic that HRC will win tomorrow! It’s a little surreal to see this election season close. I remember first reading Living History when I was 11 or 12, and now, several years later, her moment is here!

    Anyway, https://www.hillaryclinton.com/feed/6000-hours-with-hillary-clinton/ these are some cute BTS videos of the campaign with HRC. A good palate cleanser before tomorrow.

  379. Yay for Paulette and her hurricane-protected Hilary ballot!

    Numbers for Broward county:
    Voted by mail:
    County Election Republican Democrat
    Broward 10282 – 2016 General 46,616 101,185

    Voted early:
    Broward 10282 – 2016 General 86,666 239,078


  380. I have been very overwhelmed with life lately, so have been absent from commenting, but I do lurk often. I think life will get a bit easier for many of us after tomorrow. I don’t mean that in the Hillary will pay my mortgage vein, but in the possibilities that may open up to many, the optimism that will emerge after the darkness is sloughed off. I just viewed a bit of trump on CSpan- he has the sound and aura of someone on downers. His affect is depressed; nothing but darkness, joyless disgust. Anyway, congratulations on your tenacity! I am not accustomed to tempt the evil eye, shying away from over confidence, but I believe tomorrow will be a relief.

  381. You are right Lil. I’ve been in corporate America through several presidents and I can’ honestly tell you that how the President behaves, so goes your treatment at work. But THIS time, the message will have NO room for interpretation.

    Oh, and I’m sorry things have been stressful for you. Just so you know you’re always welcome here.

  382. Hello! Happy Election Of Hillary eve!

  383. I appreciate that, Uppity, and agree with you. I’m hoping that it will now be cool to be a woman of a certain age! Couldn’t hurt!

  384. Good news from the nation’s first polling place:

  385. NES! Happy Election of HIllary Eve to you too!

    Well, I have butterflies in my stomach, but I’m confident that Hillary will make history tomorrow.

    And I want to start a {{{STANDING OVATION}}} for Uppity! It’s been a fantastic 8 years here and I hope we have another 8!

    God bless you Upps and all of our old timers and new friends alike. We’re all lucky to be here at this point in time. Hugs to all of you!

  386. Voting, sounds like a good omen.

  387. Howdy Voting;
    Just us night owls or restless…
    what does that mean?

  388. Funny!!

  389. Bon Nuit! to all my uppity friends…

    Sweet dreams of our Hillary History in the making…

  390. Sophie, that is hilarious!

  391. The best coasters are still up and I too will have a difficult time getting to sleep tonight.

    Today’s wrap up for Hillary and her powerhouse crew was great. I only saw parts of it, missed Bill and Michelle…but Hillary and Obama were great.

    I already ran into two near rabid Trump supporters over the past 24 hours. Was wearing my Madam President t-shit when I went to my apt. manager and he looked at my shirt like I had punched him in the gut. He knows I have supported Hillary for decades, but when he said, “Trump will win tomorrow. I said, “God, I hope not!” He had evil in his eyes when he said to me, “How can you do this to your country and to your child?” I said, it’s time to walk away, I do not want to hear you talk about Trump.

    I could have said, “My Bernie voting son is now 100% voting for Hillary, so he is making that decision on his own”.

    This is just the beginning of Trump hatred passed on to his deplorables.

  392. I’m ready to roll in my suffragette outfit tomorrow, just finished making my sash that says, ‘Votes for Women’ on it.

    I also have a protest sign made with a picture of The Official Program Woman Suffrage Procession in Washington, DC, on March 3, 1913.

    Going to take it and some food to a potluck watch party for Hillary tomorrow night.

    I will miss blogging here with all of you, but will check in when I get home, God forbid if this is another contested election night.

    I can’t wait until Hillary kicks Trump’s fat, pink ass tomorrow and he has to go home as the loser that spent 66 million dollars to has his ass kicked by a woman.

    Karma will be oooooh so sweet.

  393. Turns out the time change has finally hit me, off too sleep.

    Go glad I have all of you to share this moment of history with.

  394. Can’t sleep….just rocking out to my Stones (who many may not know performed at Hillary’s 60th birthday at the Beacon and I was honored to attend). Mick referred to her as Madame President, but it was a bit premature..but tomorrow it becomes reality!

  395. Poor JB! My son is a huuuge Stones fan. He can talk Stones trivia with any baby boomer. He & my hubs went to see them when they came to L.A. in May 2013. I saw them in ’78!

  396. Shadow, hope you have a great time tomorrow night. Also hope your mgr doesn’t hassle you in future.

  397. Still up but getting tired…skipping work today.

  398. i hope this is going to be an exciting day for everybody! All the poll aggregators have Hillary over 300 EVs but I’m hoping for a blue wave. Some of my son’s friends are Trumpies but they’re not going to bother to vote. Like Uppity says they’re more interested in playing beer pong than voting.

  399. I’ve took today and tomorrow off, so expect as much info as I can cram in….I hope Uppity gives us a day and a night thread, its gonna be bigly.

  400. and we are off, the polls are open.

  401. 6am in Ashburn Virginia….polls line building since 5am and lines are round the block…..

  402. I hope more Trump Chumps act like those friends of G6D’s son.

    If I were a Trump Chump, I’d be irritated with them. Georgia is fairly sure for Trump, but it’s not locked away for him.

  403. I notice CNN are hanging around GOP precincts………not the Dem ones…..quelle surprise.

  404. I hope, at 53, I don’t count as old yet–though I feel like it some days–but I agree with the dude in the blue T-shirt posted back up the thread.

    I already voted for her, 2 weeks ago. Early voting rocks! 😀

  405. I think there is going to be a lot of republican split votes tonight, i can see a lot of GOP write ins….

    If Dixville Notch is a sample…..Mitt Romney got a vote…

    Hearing a lot of people in Utah wrote in Romney…….

    This could be interesting, all those GOP leads could be going all over the shop.

  406. New post up

  407. Apparently gorgeous weather this morning in South Florida 🙂

    Long Lines in Arlington Virginia…..a huge Clinton area

  408. I stayed up to see Hillary’s NC rally, what a great crowd. CPAN delayed the showing, to show all of Trump’s rally. MSNBC cut back and forth. I am very hopeful that none of us will ever have to see, even with the sound off, another Trump rally from anywhere. And the media normalizing of Trump is one of the most unsettling things I have ever seen.

    I wish we were up more in the polls. It feels like Hillary should win by five points or so tonight, but we just don’t know what the voting patterns will look like in the key states. I would like to think that the HIllary voting strength is being underestimated. The fact that Trump, who is literally a psychopathic fascist, would have so much support, is really disturbing; but we will focus on the end result, even though we realize that there are many people in our country who are worse than deplorable. There are many good people, of course; and we and they have done all we could to support and help HIllary to save our country.

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