Election Day 2016



(Unless you have early voting and you already voted. In that case, lots of this post will not be literal for you.)

I know that most of you, like me, have been waiting a long, long time for this day. Like nine years. Today is the day we get to vote for Hillary Clinton for President of the United States. We didn’t give up and we didn’t give in. We didn’t quit. We got back up. And here we are.

Under our belts, we now have two election cycles where we were ignored and minimized by the main stream press and bullied by the Dude Bros. We listened to pundits tell us she had no enthusiasm WHILE she was WINNING. We endured a media who let every monumental lie told by her opponents slide by and fact-checked her on the must minuscule infractions. Why, even this: On the night before Election Day, the chyron on the NBC Nightly News was: CLINTON AVOIDS EMAIL ISSUE ON FINAL DAY. The media did not have their thumb on the scales for her opponents; they had their entire fat asses on it.

While I admire and applaud the Obamas and Clintons for their example of going high when others go low, I am proud to say, when they went low, I got in the mud with them and kicked them in the nuts. Hard. Repeatedly. Someone had to do it.

Today, we get even. Today we vote. We vote like we’ve been waiting 8 years to do this. We vote like we might not ever get the chance again. Even if we live in a safe blue state or a hopeless red state, we vote anyway to run up the margins and own a piece of this history. No way the Orange Buffoon is stealing this from us.

And if anyone even looks like they’re thinking about harassing you while you’re trying to vote, call the Feds.
In case of voter intimidation call the U.S. Department of Justice at 800-253-3931 or report it to the non-partisan Election Protection coalition at 866-OUR-VOTE.


Tonight, while we’re here drinking Uppity Drinks, our friends will be partying down in NYC at the Javits Center. Hope they wore hard hats, because this is the ceiling.



The crowd is wild!

And because it’s good luck, we sing our Fight Song.


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  1. It was only by chance that I saw the Frontline documentary last night. Trump’s childhood and upbringing was an eye opener that explained much of his egomania while the portrayal of Hillary as a veteran of the inner working of gov’t as well as a having a history of hard work on behalf of the less fortunate for over 30 years. I wish it had been run much earlier than 1 day before the election to help millennials understand her history compared to dumptrump’s. Don’t expect him to take losing gracefully. http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/frontline/

  2. Take Back the Joy!
    Robin Morgan

    Here’s the thing: Even to have come this far is a triumph. And we know we will never go back.
    So I refuse to let us—you and me—be robbed of this moment.
    This is history—and we’re the ones making it. Let flags fly from the rooftops and trumpets sound!
    And when you vote, do so with celebration in your heart and radiance on your face.

    In defiance of bigotry, take back the Republic.
    In rejection of fear, take back the Constitution.
    In the teeth of hatred, take back the joy!


  3. This is it!

  4. On Election Day, the Miami Herald's Editorial Page makes a bold statement: ENOUGH SAID. pic.twitter.com/RrUKzCgdDx— Miami Herald (@MiamiHerald) November 8, 2016


  5. Done. I walked past a sea of Trump signs … not a single one for her to be seen. A blue dot wearing white in a sea of angry red.

    #124 in my tiny rural polling place. I feel like I have checked off the biggest to do item on my life list!! I feel fan-fucking-tastic!!

  6. Apparently gorgeous weather this morning in South Florida🙂
    Long Lines in Arlington Virginia…..a huge Clinton area

  7. ha.. it is always fun to get a look inside the Hillary plane. Apparently, they are doing a mannequin challenge here — I didn’t understand what this video was at first.

  8. ha I wonder who BC is voting for there… 🙂

  9. Fuck her, Fuck her, Fuck her… Go fucking Vote to stop people like this!

  10. In 24 hours, I hope to say, “The fever has broken. America will live!”

  11. Happy Election Day, Uppities!! I am so excited I can not believe that after this incredible journey for American women, we are finally here. Watched Hillary vote on Mourning Joe, tears in my eyes. We have all worked so hard for so long, but it is nothing in comparison to what Hillary has had to put up with. She has worked her whole life for this moment, although I don’t think even she had it on her radar until 10-15 years ago. She is doing this, taking the hits, so other women and minorities can follow in her footsteps. I have my champagne, my chocolate, my computers and my links to election websites. I think Florida will go for Hillary and I will spend the night watching history through teary eyes. Thank you all for helping get me though these last 9 agonizing years. God bless Hillary. God bless America. And God bless Uppities, everywhere.

  12. Hillary winning tiny Dixville Notch in NH may not seem important, but I think it is. It’s solidly Republican, and she didn’t receive a single vote there in either the 2008 or the 2016 primaries. Now she’s got folks voting for her in the GE.

  13. Hey Sophie! Thank you for this totally upbeat post! We’re going to win this thing! Yaaaaaaaaaassssssssss!

  14. It seems the Dems are coming out big and not just them,

    I’d be surprised if Trump pulled in 80% of GOP’ers, and more likely probably less, i suspect there is a significant defection from him out there.

  15. Tell me something i have not figured out..

  16. Donnie in his own words…

  17. Happy Election Day!!!! I am so excited!!! Watching Hillary speak this AM after voting, Bill was looking on, bursting with pride and love. ❤️
    This is going to be a very exciting day.

    I finally had to unfriend someone on FB due to her hatred towards Hillary. She finally crossed the line and I had had enough. Since I did that, I feel so much freer posting pro-Hillary information. C’est la vie.

  18. Hope the buffoon knows where to vote today!

  19. Reports from around…

    Its early but Cleveland is coming out heavy……..

    Similar reports from Philly…massive turnout….

  20. Holy Mary

  21. Wow, today will be a very emotional day. 8 years in waiting. Off to get some work done!

  22. The reports coming from major Clinton areas, Philly, Cleveland, Miami, St Louis are reports of historical turnouts…..

    Apparently Louisiana also, Dem areas up massively on 2012.

    Are we looking at a rout?

  23. I’m bringing a picture of my mother to the polls.

  24. All I can say no enthusiasm for Hillary my ass. Huge voting turnout everywhere. Everyone is excited to vote for Madam President!

  25. I voted this morning around 9 am. I skipped the Straight Dem option because I wanted to physically touchscreen Hillary’s name. Then I cried, finished voting, went to my car, cried some more.

    My polling place was light..which is good news because it is a heavy Republican area. Hope the only ones voting are we few Dems here!

    This is going to be such a long day…But worth it if we can say at the end Madam-President Elect.

    Hey, pm317, Coulter was getting BRUTALLY beat up for that post last night because if that was in effect, TRUMP and his kids couldn’t vote.
    HHAHAHAHAHA!!! What a jackass.

  26. Ok, this has got to stop, right? I am getting emotional reading every tweet and watching every video. Here is another seen on Sophie’s TL.

  27. Oh, and I wore my Hillary “pantsuit” t-shirt to the polls. The poll watcher smiled at me! Yea, she gets it!

  28. VotingHillary, yeah, I saw a reply tweet that said Nazis had a similar rule. She is also stupid for saying at least 4 grandparents. Can you have more than 4 grandparents?

  29. My favorite part of last night’s Philly event:

  30. And I am back up and waiting for the polls to open in CA so I can march in there and vote for Hillary, check out the voters and get my sticker. I wish I could wear my suffrage outfit to the polls, but we can’t give away our vote in CA.

    Hillary, Bill, Chelsea and all of Hillary’s 18 million 2008 supporters, (minus those PUMAs that went batshit over Trump) have been waiting over 8 bloody years for this day……………….let the party begin.

  31. Ooops the polls opened at 7 AM, not awake yet, need to get some coffee going.

  32. For those that missed the NC rally LATE last night:

  33. I’m heading out to vote. The smoke from the forest fires is gonna make it a coughing experience. Hope the polls are still functioning. Anyway, little help. None of the twitter (I guess, the one’s with the bird) videos will play on my computer. I’m not on twitter, is that the problem? Otherwise, my computer can run anything and everything.

  34. Thank you, Uppity, for being here, and everyone. We love you❤️. We have all traveled a long road together, and what a long, strange trip it’s been of late. I just saw this on Facebook, where they seem to have live video feed at Susan B. Anthony’s grave in Rochester. It is so moving to watch the reaction of women who came to pay tribute, and say, “I voted!” The line has been 200 deep, with more coming. See: http://www.rochesterfirst.com/news/local-news/people-visit-susan-b-anthonys-grave

  35. Sophie

    EXCELLENT top thread!

    “While I admire and applaud the Obamas and Clintons for their example of going high when others go low, I am proud to say, when they went low, I got in the mud with them and kicked them in the nuts. Hard. Repeatedly. Someone had to do it.
    Today, we get even. Today we vote. We vote like we’ve been waiting 8 years to do this. We vote like we might not ever get the chance again. Even if we live in a safe blue state or a hopeless red state, we vote anyway to run up the margins and own a piece of this history. No way the Orange Buffoon is stealing this from us.”


  36. I’m a Native NYer who is currently living in AZ and hoping to help swing the vote for HRC here. I’ve read your blog for 8 years now, Uppity – ever since HRC lost the primary to Obama, but I don’t think I’ve ever posted here. Your blog has been a breath of fresh air in a web full of lies and misinformation – which has been intentionally done. How can ppl make rational decisions based on misinformation? Which would be the whole point of the lies and misinformation

    Anyhow, I want to thank you all for all your hard work. We’re about to see the dream cone true. Go, Go, Go Hilllary!

  37. If you didn’t get an “I Voted” sticker at your polling place…well…

  38. I am very heartened by the early reports of large turnout in key areas. Republicans do everything they can to make it so hard to vote, that people might not try. But I am hopeful that even if the waits are five hours, everyone will come out in this election to literally save America.

    The rally for Hillary last night in Raleigh was great. The networks either delayed it, or cut away from it to shot Trump. I am counting on the fact that none of us will ever have to see a Trump rally, even with the sound off, again.

    I have voted in every election. This is the most important one I have ever voted in, and thus it is the one I am the most nervous about. The best candidate I have ever seen, versus the worst and most terrifying. As Hillary and President Obama say at every rally, just about everything imaginable is on the ballot. I will go to vote here in CA in a couple of hours, and then all of us will watch the returns together. I do very much wish that my parents could share this with me as well, as they loved politics; and heaven knows that we had to suffer through a lot of disappointing election results, so this one will hopefully be immensely rewarding.

  39. Just have to give an Uppity Room shout out on this glorious day when America will vote to put for our girl as POTUS! It’s been a blast sharing it throughout the year with y’all. Many joyous moments to come, but this one tonight will be among sweetest. It’s time to put a “Woman in the White House!”

  40. Thank you Liberty Belle for the link to Susan B. Anthony’s grave site.

    Here is the live link to the people visiting her grave:

    I made me cry that so many women remember how important she was.

  41. Wow, I hope that live link at Susan B. Anthony’s site doesn’t cause blog problems, if so, please delete my above post. I thought it would only run if you clicked a little arrow.

  42. Paulette, great song. I looked up when she did it, it was 2012.

  43. Great post, Sophie!! Thxxx

  44. Hillary needs to be here with us…

  45. Shout out to socal from the last thread. Hiya!

    Also, joining in socal’s {{{STANDING OVATION}}} for Upps for this blog & for her strong support for our girl Hill since 2007/08. And honorable mentions to Sophie & Pie for their great posts. Love y’all!

  46. VERY honorable mention to Sophie and Imust, NES. They do all the work!

  47. I’m apprehensive, for sure, but quietly confident. She will win! And therefore we will win.

  48. Very very honorable mentions for them, Upps!

  49. Trump booed at his polling place.

  50. Listen gang, this blog isn’t going anywhere! It’s staying right here!

  51. If only people with at least 4 grandparents born in America were voting, Trump would win in a 50-state landslide.

    Ugh, ugh, ugh! I wish I could refute her personally, but only three of my grandparents were born here. The fourth was born in Canada.

    The big day is finally here! I voted a bit before 7 AM to avoid the crowds, and there were still quite a few people there. I can’t wait until we’re celebrating tonight!

  52. If only people with at least 4 grandparents born in America were voting, Trump would win in a 50-state landslide.

    None of my grandparents were born here. Who the hell wrote that.

    Come to think of it, neither were Trump’s. Yet he tweaks people like the fuckwad who made that remark. Fuck him.

    If only dumb shits with a 2 digit IQ couldn’t vote, Hillary would win in a landslide.

  53. Thank you, Shadowfax, for supplying the Live Feed link to Susan B. Anthony’s grave site👍❤️. I see some FB trollers getting angry with the network coverage, but all women owe her a debt of gratitude.

  54. Madonna’s surprise impromptu concert at Washington Square. Good for her. This is great!

  55. Now, that I have calmed down a bit, I would also like to express my tremendous gratitude to Upps, Sophie, moon and NES for keeping this place a safe haven for us all.

    It’s an honor to be here.

  56. Ahhhh, sometimes life is good.

  57. Meanwhile….

  58. Uppity Woman, on November 8, 2016 at 12:30 PM said:

    “Listen gang, this blog isn’t going anywhere! It’s staying right here!”
    Great! So happy you said this! I hope all the others will be here, too. Feel like I know you all.

    I dunno what’s wrong with me today. I’m walking around with my heart in my throat and watery eyes, and I’m not an emotional type. How’m I gonna get through tonight? And am I gonna be like this till the inauguration of President Hillary Rodham Clinton is over? I’m going on 84 yrs old–can I hold all this joy without stroking out?! Off to vote now–the most wonderful, prideful, happy vote of my life!
    Love you all, thank you all,
    alias islander, alias lil old grape

  59. No grandparents, no parents, no siblings, nothing here. I am here by myself with my hubs whose situation is the same as me. We are the Mayflower people of the 20th century. 🙂

  60. Who the hell wrote that.

    A tweet of Ann Coulter’s. See pm317@9:37 AM.

    I also want to say thanks to Uppity and all of you who have worked here to make this a safe haven for all of us Hillary supporters! It is so needed and appreciated in this crazy and often brutal world.

  61. What Madanna did was exceptional. Love it! Must Watch video.

  62. Even though I only found Uppity this last year or so it has been a haven of sanity in an insane world. Thanks so much Uppity!!!

  63. This Trump phenomenon is tough on new immigrants (and citizens) like me. I will try not to romanticize our situation but giving up my other citizenship was a little difficult for sentimental reasons. I was telling my hubs that we can always go back and have a beautiful life from where we came — we don’t want to be where we are not wanted. My hubs had the perfect reaction — we are not going to do anything impulsively and we have to stick around here to fight. We have earned our right to be here.

  64. It is really exciting to see so many people vote against hate and embrace an America where we all stand by and for each other. I cannot imagine that anyone would stand in a line for hours to vote in favor of hate. I am starting to believe that it will be a blow out. My belief in humanity has been restored. Love Trumps Hate.

  65. Madonna: ‘I consider myself a minority’ and an audience says what! and Madonna correctly says that women are marginalized ….

  66. Just wanted to thank Upps and all of you here for providing a space of reason, love, and support, and for never losing sight of the prize–Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton as Madam President! It will happen today! (I’ve got my bubbly chilling in the fridge!) This is an historic and hopeful day not just for millions of us in the USA, but for billions rooting for Hillary the world over.

    Love that Madonna link, PM! I read somewhere a few years back that she and Hillary are very distant relatives…hope she finally gets invited to the White House.

  67. This is indeed the best site for us strong Hillary supporters, to share, and encourage one another, and to provide valuable information. So thanks to Uppity and Sophie and Imust, and everyone who has contributed and shared here.

  68. Thanks, Birdgal!

    Yep, Trixta, I hope Hillary invites Madonna to the WH and I think she will esp. if she hears of this concert.

  69. My mom is working at a polling location in Broward County today and she said that usually no lines, today huge lines!!!

    I thoroughly believe that Clinton takes Florida.

  70. She just called me during her lunch break. Can’t talk be on the phone while she is working.

  71. HAHAHAHA,,,

  72. I loved the Jimmy Kimmel tweet upthread! I’m driving some people to the polls today, so catch you all later! Its going to be a fabulous day.

  73. I am so thankful for this site and the wonderful information and support that has been offered during this tumultuous election. It is like an oasis in a sea of negativity and darkness. I am so glad that Uppity plans on continuing with it. We need to follow Hillary throughout her presidency. Wow!

  74. LOL! Ivanka was wearing a white coat at the voting booth! (Saw it on TV.) Either she has no clue of the historical significance of white for Suffragettes or she’s voting for our girl. (Okay, that’s a stretch, but it was fun imagining it!).

  75. Ana Navarro on the view now! She’s a Repub for Her!

  76. Thank you for your enthusiastic support for Hillary. I have enjoyed reading this blog for a year or so without posting. This is not a goodbye but I want to acknowledge your work in creating and sustaining enthusiasm for Hillary. Wish I had found you back in 2008! Better late than never.

  77. Ana Navarro on The View. This is worth seeing!

    Scroll down to get the video (about half way down the article.)


  78. This is it PUMAs….the day and future we have been waiting for….

  79. Uppity Woman, on November 8, 2016 at 12:30 PM said:
    Listen gang, this blog isn’t going anywhere! It’s staying right here!

    Glad to hear it Upps and I didn’t think you would just fold up your tent after the election.

    Thanks for all here, among friends.

  80. I voted and went out to breakfast. Lots of people, lots of noise inside. My son and I dressed in blue.

  81. What’s Trump trying to pull in Nevada?

  82. Really heavy turnout in my tiny township in PA … there was a line of cars a couple blocks long just waiting to get into the parking lot. I have never seen that before. Usually you walk right in.

    I wore a pantsuit (got it yesterday at Goodwill!), my “Women’s rights are human rights!” t-shirt, pearl earrings from my MIL and a silver bracelet from my mum (they are both no longer here but I wanted them with me in spirit). Stuck the I Voted sticker on my Hillary badge afterward. Tomorrow I’m going to wear the “We Made History” badge. Because we will! We HAVE to!

    I’ll be in class tonight (and frantically checking my phone!), but I’ve bought cupcakes for us to celebrate when they call it. Thankfully, everyone in my nursing class is for Hillary so it’ll be fun.

    I’m so glad to be here with you all. Love this blog!!

  83. Seeing McCain and his wife on TV ready to vote. She is wearing all white pantsuit!

  84. I don’t think anyone in my family could vote if it were required that we had to have 4 grandparents born in the U.S. My kids and grandkids don’t even have 2 parents born in the U.S., let alone 4 grandparents. I have dual Italian citizenship myself by birthright.

    I timed it to vote at 9:15 a.m. I figured the early bird seniors would have voted by then and most folks would be off to school or work and the stoners and millennials wouldn’t be up yet. It worked out well. It took 30 minutes total to drive there, vote, and return home. There were only 2 or 3 ppl in line ahead of me. By the time I left tho, the line was out the door to the sidewalk.

    On our ballot in AZ is legalizing marijuana for recreational use. Medial marijuana is already legal. That is going to get a lot of stoners and millennials out to vote.

    My daughters in Pennsylvania are showing me reports where republicans are claiming the voting booths are rigged in favor of democrats in PA. That when you vote republican, it electronically switches to democrat. Hmmm… where have I heard that song and dance before? Oh yeah, in Florida during the Bush elections. It was republicans who pulled that stunt. But in PA? Oh please. As the saying goes, on one side you have Philly. On the other side you have Pittsburgh Everywhere in between is Alabama. It is only because of Philly and Pittsburgh that PA is a blue state It’s so republican that you can’t even get a job in many towns if they know you’re a democrat. There isn’t a snowball’s chance in hell the voting booths would be rigged in favor of democrats, In fact, when I went to vote in 2004 in PA, they told me they had no record of me and I had never voted in any state in the U.S. in my entire life. WTF? I’ve voted in every election since I was 18! 30 years of voting just went **poof** and magically disappeared? That’s when I got smart and changed my party to Independent. I haven’t had a problem since.

  85. pm317, Cindy is sending a strong message there! Classy lady!

    Silent majority is gonna bring this home!

  86. luckynkl, yes, I’m seeing the same nonsense on Facebook about votes switching from Trump to Clinton.

    The same friend posted a massive rant against NBC last night because Lester Holt was reporting from Democrat Plaza. I’m like “Hmmm, pretty sure that it’s Democracy Plaza … you know, celebrating the fact that we have elections and all citizens can vote.” The paranoia!!! It’s strong with that one!

    Anyhoo, she took that post down real quick!

  87. britgirls, it sounds like you made a fabulous fashion statement while voting for our girl.

  88. Watch this livestream here. Nevada Judge is incredulous at what Trump lawyers are asking.


  89. Nevada suit ; DENIED….Judge is angry.

  90. WOW

  91. NV Judge was good. She denied the Trump guys their request which was ridiculous on its face. trying to get the judge to order preserving poll worker information who worked at the polls on Friday when Trump people say the polling time was extended. Judge said if she ordered that and it becomes public record, everyone will know who those poll workers are and they will be subject to harassment, public attention…she won’t do it. Case dismissed if that is the right term — the message was ‘Go back to SoS and file a complaint and exhaust all administrative remedies before you take it to court.’

  92. We aint even seen anything yet, Dems tend to turn out very high in late afternoon, evening voting.

  93. Watch this guy’s tweets for NV. It looked like the Trump lawyers wanted their hands on poll worker identity from Friday night Clark County early voting polling places so they could intimidate and harass them but it got thwarted by the judge.

  94. Clinton winning ground game…..Exit poll

  95. Rules are different for early voting polls. there is no strict cutoff at poll closing.

  96. WOW

  97. This is going to be a huge Clinton vote.

  98. I wish Hillary’s campaign would quit sending me these emails and texts. They are scaring me. I’m sure she just wants to be extra careful and not take any chances but…

  99. A taste of what happened in NV court today. Judge denied Trump’s lawyers their request which was ridiculous to begin with.

  100. Florida is in the bag, I’m sure of it…

    Key counties of Miami Dade, Hillsborough, and Broward have also surpassed 2012 turnout with 3 hrs still to go.

  101. Question, when are drop off ballots actually counted? They don’t count them before they give the results of each state today, do they?

    Is it different in CA/

  102. We’ve also exceeded 2012 turnout in Osceola County (62% Obama in ’12)

    Duval, FL which Romney won in 12….Dems are only 2,400 votes down. Trump neds to win this one big to offset S.Florida, its not happening….

  103. I’m with you Moon. Hillary is exceeding 2012 numbers and Trump has no ground game. The real tell is Trump tying Hillary in Duval.

  104. DU has been hit by a massive script attack……We need to be careful, going after Hillary Blogs.

  105. Everytime I see Hillary’s Roar ad, I get shivers and tears in my eyes. It is such a positive message. ❤️

  106. Very small line when I passed local polling station, but tons of us voted early here in South Palm beach County and I assume more will show up as I went by at 4:30 and people still getting off work. Any good news yet?

  107. I hate this exit poll shite, this only takes a little bit of info, does not tell you about the 40% that already voted.

    They should not do this.

  108. I am so EXCITED!!!!!

  109. Dont listen to the echo chamber, wait on the real votes coming in.

  110. Helpful guide for tonight:

  111. I am not even entertaining Exit polling, it has not been right in years……and i still remember the exit polling this year in the primaries were way way off and underestimated Clinton by a lot.

  112. He’s going to be a great VP!

  113. I agree with Moon on the exit poll stuff. They will insist on asking if they think Hillary is honest and trustworthy. They will insist on putting that up on the screen. They did it in every primary.

    Robby Mook feels good about Florida and Pennsylvania, and I think New Hampshire. He says that North Carolina is exceedingly close. Ohio he didn’t say much about. It looks like he thinks that Michigan is okay. Georgia out of range this year.

  114. So if she wins Fl and PA, but loses NC, Ohio and GA, do we still win?

  115. JB, yes.

  116. Could Tim Kaine be more lovable?

  117. Thanks William..hopefully we (Floridians) will come through.

  118. Question, when are drop off ballots actually counted? They don’t count them before they give the results of each state today, do they?

    Is it different in CA?

  119. Good news for Clinton and ergo bad news for Trump in FL’s most Democratic performing major urban county

    Broward breaks a record for the most votes ever 827,385 as of 6:01. Less than an hour left.

  120. That is good news Moon, but it is the I4 corridor folks that worry me..

  121. It’s been raining all day long in Texas throughout…
    That can keep people away from voting…
    $$hit… and a big one…

  122. I, too, would like to thank Ups and those of you who have helped her to keep this blog going. I also would like to thank others for sharing their research and keeping us up to date. I just don’t watch the news any more, so this blog and Twitter are my news sources. I am much calmer this way. This Uppity family makes my day.

  123. This is nerve wracking. I’m so ready for this election to be over.

  124. Worth re-posting. :mrgreen:

  125. Tonight i think we will see the Urban rural divide go even wider…..

    Clinton up +38 in Monroe county in Indiana, should only be +27

  126. Told you

  127. Ivory, I love that photo. ❤️❤️❤️

  128. Yup as i suspected

  129. WLM, I am so glad I came and fetched you!

  130. Looks like Clinton vote will go up massively in the cities and suburbs.

  131. Lucky, first……hi!!!

    Of course the Trumpies are complaining in PA, Trump drummed it into their heads.

  132. Laura, from your lips………

  133. Just checking in w/my fellow Uppiyites on the Big Day. Voted last Monday;we vote by mail here in Washington State. Expecting to put a little more icing on Hillary’s victory cake.
    Champagne is on ice;waiting for the top of the hour for polls to close out east.
    Thanks for being there for all these years;for helping me keep the hope alive when I was down.

    I am woman hear me roar;in numbers too big to ignore!!!( I include all those men who are honorary women tonight)
    Later gator.

  134. MOVoter, thanks for commenting. SO you’ve been reading for a year, hey? Well then you know the rules. The rule is, if you comment once, you have to keep commenting or else we come get you with the hook. Right gang?

  135. lol

  136. Eugene!!! Islander!!! Dang!!! You’re here!!!! Sorry I was so late in letting you out of moderation jail!!! I just saw you.
    SO glad to see ya!!!

  137. Hillary wins Vermont

  138. Virginia will be a win for Hillary per the exit poll

  139. Ahh, home. Picked up some tacos on the way. I hear that when Hillary wins, there’s going to be a taco truck on every corner. I’m ready.

  140. I take back every mean thing I ever said about Vermont during the primaries. I 💘 Vermont.

  141. I love that pic of Trump checking Melania’s ballot. Insecure prick. I mean, if you can’t trust your third wife, who violated immigration laws and plagiarized FLOTUS, who can you trust?

  142. Exit poll Georgia +1 for Trump…Holy Crap.

  143. Clinton has a 115k lead so far in Orange County Fl…that is the early vote out of there…

  144. Sophie, my niece taught her two and a half year old son to shout, “Taco truck on every corner!” when he’s asked what will happen when Hillary is president. 😄

  145. Hillary and her supporters get knocked down. We get up again. They’re never gonna keep us down. 😀

  146. Brassy, I love it!

  147. So we need Florida and PA based on early polling…

  148. Florida is going to go Clinton

  149. Senior Trump Adbisor : It will take us a miracle to win.

  150. I hope so Moon,..we are a really messed up state , particularly on election day.

  151. Does the guy from RCP think Hillary is going to win Indiana?

  152. Brassy, That is very cute!!!

  153. Ups, I am glad you fetched me too!

  154. Don’t watch any MSM as they are really pushing a Trump narrative as we all predicted….

  155. I don’t see Hillary winning Indiana. That’s Pence and you can bet every R in the state will vote for him.

  156. Birdgal, Jack is almost 3, going on 33. He’s funny as hell.

  157. These morons have people ahead with less than 100 votes in. What a dumb way to do it. But of course, it’s more sensational.

  158. I don’t know about all of you, but I am not jumping for joy but am feeling emotionally drained from all the stress, and waiting…

    Please God, let this be a wonderful night for Hillary and all of her supporters.

  159. Within one point of each other in S. Carolina? Come on! How silly. Like 2000 votes in.

  160. Moon, as a Georgia gal I would give anything if Georgia went to Hillary.

  161. North Carolina looks very bad as does Ohio and as expected GA. I am surprised NC is not all that close.

  162. I don’t know what is going to happen in the end but Trump is under performing Romney in almost every area. In NC Trump is not even getting the same percentage of white voters that Romney got.

  163. NBC calls S. Carolina for trump. No surprise.

  164. Whoa. FLorida.

  165. Hillary wins DC, illinois, new jersey, massachussetts, maryland, rhode island, delaware.

  166. Uppity, Whoa. Florida.

  167. CNN exit poll, Clinton wins women in PA by 19% and are 54% of the elctorate, Trump, only wins men by 11.

  168. Duckworth wiped the floor with kirk. +1 senate

  169. Yeah, Duckworth won. + senate seat.

  170. Great news Moon….I am following Nate Silver live blog… Hillary up in Florida but commentator noted panhandle has lots of republicans,,

  171. @ jbstonesfan:
    I stopped watching any MSM long time ago…because is a circus with a bunch of clowns that not very funny…

  172. Ending my stint as a poll observer. Fingers crossed.

  173. agree bellecat. They are going to carry this thing into the wee hrs of the morning no matter what…

  174. Longtime lurker since 2008. I wore suffragist white and the ring my mother was wearing at the moment she passed away. Would that she were here to see this day. Thanks for this refuge Ups.

  175. Trump now up by 12,000 votes in Florida……..uhhh

  176. Jb, has Broward county come in?

  177. There are a million votes outstanding in Broward alone that are not reported. The media is jacking everybody around for eyeballs. Someone told me that Florida wasn’t decided until Wednesday in 2012.

  178. I’ve had to drag out the wine and chocolate.

  179. I don’t know…..hopefully not!!!!!!!!!

  180. OK, I delivered Connecticut. Get on it, the rest of yooz.

  181. They now have trump up 65k votes in Florida..saying it will come down to the wire.

  182. This is very nerve wrecking for me…
    I’m gonna go and watch an old movie…hopefully I get into…and ease my mind…
    I’m already on my second glass of wine…I better stop otherwise I’ll be snookered to celebrate Hillary’s win…

  183. Ga6thdem, Thank you! There are still a lot of votes out there.

    WLM, I just brought out the wine.

  184. They said 91% of Florida vote in…..I am really getting concerned.

  185. And we are behind 100k votes in Virginia…Geez.

  186. How the hell is VA so close? We have Terry Mcauliffe and Tim Kaine. WTF?

  187. Miami Dade is still coming in. However there is good news out of Ohio. Apparently a lot of voters fleeing Trump at the last minute.

  188. VA goes until like 11:00 when northern VA finally comes in.

  189. I think we need Ohio or we lose…I am really shocked at Virginia and Florida..

  190. Wow, This is going differently than I thought it would go.

  191. Hey everyone I am home. Very tired. We had volunteers coming into Cleveland from Canada, CA, Boston, New York, San Francisco and even Texas. We are trying to pull Ohio or Hillary

  192. Fucking Johnson in Florida, honestly……188K

  193. It is going to be a long night. -:(

  194. My understanding is that there are votes missing still in Broward, Miami-Dade, Palm beach county. Florida won’t be called until those come in.

    I don’t have any concrete news just reading different blogs etc…

    Also my mom is working the polls and she’s not home yet. She said she can’t leave until ballots are picked up.

  195. Broward only has sent in intial votes but Ohio is actually looking good. and so is NC Wake up 26% when it was projected to be 16% and Cuyahoga was projected to be 36% and it is 40%.

  196. That was an early tweet. Even MSNBC is saying more whites than expected voted for Trump in Florida….some hope left from urban centers but over 100k votes to make up..shocking.

  197. I dont believe what I am seeing, the usa is flushing their country down the drain.

    If Trump wins, say good bye to your pensions in the morning.

  198. Neetabug, I love, admire, and respect all your hard work for Hillary. ❤️❤️❤️ I wish I could give you a big hug.

  199. yep…it pretty sad.

  200. The media loves fucking with us. Every single primary, they saved the winning Hillary districts for last.

  201. The Trump campaign kept saying that there was a hidden white vote for Trump.

    As far as my 401k, of Trump wins this, I’ll never be able to retire. 😦

  202. I’m shocked that so many people actually are voting for hate. This is embarrassing for this country. This should be a blow out for Clinton.

    What’s really sad about this is that so many people really don’t give a damn about immigrants or Hispanics. They are just fine with the vilification of an entire ethnicity. They are ok with misogyny and racism. They are ok with bigotry. What’s happened to this country?

  203. You’re right, Sophie. They did the same thing during the primary. They would act and act like Bernie was going to win and then BOOM Hillary won. Unless it was a state for Bernie and then they called it right away.

  204. Trump got 6.7% of NY

  205. Trump’s margins among uneducated Whites in Florida and other states, are bigger than any Repubilcan candidate for years. People are voting gender and they are voting ignorance, and FBI lies, and media lies. They are stupid people, and they are ruining the country for all of us.

  206. What are you talking about?
    Are we loosing?

  207. Still losing Virginia and lead in Michigan is supposedly not safe…..Florida , per some pundits, likely to go to Trump.

  208. I do think Florida is gone.

  209. Bellecat, it isn’t looking good.

  210. I hope those assholes who voted for Johnson are happy with themselves.

  211. Oh! well….

  212. Good God, I’m seriously distressed right now.

  213. Me too.

  214. Me too.

  215. I canvassed this afternoon, then Dr.’s appointment, Choral practice, so just getting caught up here. Not home yet. Praying intently. Fla. sounds very close still. Q. Has No. Va. reported all of their votes yet? % of precincts not reporting may not equivalent to % of votes yet to be reported.

  216. Prince William and Fairfax have not reported yet.

  217. FWIW, 538 still gives her 85% chance of winning Virginia as I type this, and 80% in PA.


  218. I feel numb. Not what I expected to come home to. I might go to bed and hope for better news in the morning.

  219. Too early to panic.

  220. And so far, 538 hasn’t called any state for Kim Jong Orange that he wasn’t expected to win.

  221. I admit to anxiety, but Annie is right. Too early for despair.

  222. Virginia getting closer…must win there, PA, Michigan and every other expected state as Trump likely is going to win Florida…

  223. But there’s still a lot of places not reported yet…
    I hoping for few votes to win…the EV…

  224. Okay … I will stop fretting and just go and get a drink!

  225. Thank so for the VA update pm317😌. There’s hope yet.

  226. I’m shocked at the level of hate, racism, sexism, and misogyny present in this country.

  227. trixta, that is great. Without MI, he can’t win.

  228. Dow futures plunging 500 points already. -:(

  229. To avoid full blown panic attacks try Benchmark Politics twitter feed. Virginia just about to flip.

  230. Sorry Florida is gone. There are not enough votes outstanding to make up the trump lead. Thanks a lot all you uneducated white people. What makes you think that a lying billionaire gives a shit about you?

  231. Virginia flipped! Panic in my lounge though.

  232. I apologize as well for Florida…I was worried about it as I saw a lot of angry people, some in my extended family, voting for Trump. We have to run the table now and it is getting late.

  233. flvoter, you gave 1000% to Florida. We are all grateful to you.

  234. Her lead is growing in Virginia! Now she just needs to keep up MI, PA, and WA, and either Nevada or Colorado.

  235. Ok. There is hope…

  236. Please check this out. Go to Cuyahoga County Board of Elections
    What”s going on?






    Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine
    208,078 65.7%

    Richard Duncan and Ricky Johnson
    981 0.3%

    Gary Johnson and William Weld
    6,370 2.0%

    Jill Stein and Ajamu Baraka
    2,415 0.8%

    Donald J. Trump and Michael R. Pence
    95,645 30.2%

    3,385 1.1%

  237. Michigan is a huge concern..trending trump.

  238. Ohio is going to be called for him too.

  239. NH is not looking good here either…..

  240. I will say that we will win the popular vote. But that will of course not do us any good. It will also not do us any good to pick out the reasons why this is happening. I mostly blame the media for normalizing Trump. Hillary was way ahead in early October, and the media couldn’t have this, so blasted away at her omnipresent email nonsense. And they never went after Trump on issues, or even discussed issues. All those people in the Midwest who were tricked into thinking that Trump was going to help their finances, because the media never told them that his tax plan was all to benefit himself and the rich. Never blasted him on no tax returns, let it go. Emails. Excuse the vulgrity, but Fuck You, media.

  241. I went to the benchmark twitter as advised above…We (Hillary) must win MI, WI/PA and then a couple of different scenarios play out and she could win….but that’s a big “if” at the current time.

  242. MSMBC called New Mex for Hillary. Let’s hope we hold on to Michigan.

  243. Comey, NYT, CNN, MSNBC, and of course Fox.

  244. Damn, Burr won in North Carolina.

  245. If all of us Democrats/liberals are not going to watch these mfers, who is going to watch them, let alone read them?

  246. I’m shaking and sick to my stomach.

  247. oh god, I am crying.

  248. Wikileaks–the supreme example of the Idiot Left.

  249. Our country is going back 50 years tonight .Tears in my eyes.

  250. Gotta hold on to MI or it’s over..we are not winning Fl or N. Carolina. If she wins M, I NH becomes very important and currently not trending well..Needless to say must win NV, CO.

  251. I am hoping dearly that some other states retain their sanity and vote for Clinton. If trump wins it will get so much worse for minorities, immigrants, the middle class, the poor. The US will most likely pull out of NATO. Healthcare will crash. Just a disaster all around.

    Trump has no plan besides blaming minorities, women and immigrants for everything. Russia will be the world’s leader and let’s not forget his Supreme Court appointments will be getting rid of things like abortion and deminishing libel laws. Welcome to a fascist regime. Thanks MSM you worked really hard for this.

  252. Could Russia have hacked voting machines? Probably not, but not impossible.

  253. Hillary takes VA. Thank God,

  254. Colorado called for Clinton by Fox

  255. She needs MI, PA, WI, NV, and CO. NH is optional.

  256. Thank god, please let PA, MI, WI, NV workout now. Please God!

  257. CBS just called Ohio for Trump😞.

  258. Just watched Carville and you can tell he is stunned…it looks bad folks.

  259. This is still doable, as long as she does not lose any of WI, MI,MN or NV or PA, she wins 270. If she wins NH, it goes to 274.

  260. Honest to God, I hope Comey burns in hell. I think she’s making ground in WI/MI and ahead in PA ATM. NV, early voting was good for her, but wtf @ today.

  261. Dow futures down 625.

  262. Neuro, ITA. I hope he burns in hell and is investigated by the congress, but with the Republicans in charge , it may not happen.

  263. Colorado and Virginia called for Hillary (msnbc).

  264. Colorado called for Clinton.👍

  265. WI/MI are not trending all that well…we are now in a must win situation which we thought Trump would be..it’s quite surreal, but we obviously misread the a large % of the country.

  266. This is your 401Ks if Trump pulls this out. I’m not worried because this election took about 20 years off my life,

  267. There goes my retirement. Healthcare will disappear, as well as pro choice, civil rights and everything that we hold dear to our lives.

  268. It looks like Kim Jong Orange’s fellow fat cats don’t place much faith in him.

  269. I even think PA is screwed now , i think its over, i think she is going to lose.

  270. California, Washington, and Oregon projected for Hillary (msnbc).

  271. All those blue collar workers in the Midwest who believed Sanders tht the trade deals cost their jobs, and believed Trump was somehow going to get them back. They will find themselves in much worse economic position before too long. Not that it gives us any solace.

  272. The market will rebound eventually Birdgal, but the nation will be more polarized than ever. I feel deeply sad for Hillary on a personal level. For whatever reasons, it just wasn’t meant to be in 08 and now this. I am even more concerned when I saw the list of people who will now be appointed by Trump.

  273. Feingold lost.

  274. Hawaii for Clinton (nbc news).

  275. Moon, it is all but over. Just waiting for them to call MI or WI..not enough votes left to make up Trumps lead.

  276. Lesson learned never underestimate the bigotry sexism and racism of uneducated whites.

    Welcome to the real zombie apocalypse.

  277. 209 Clinton vs 187 Trump (wins North Carolina win).

  278. JB, I agree about Hillary and the awful people that Trump will appoint. Talk about corruption.

  279. All those motherfuckers who voted for Johnson, well good luck getting through the next 4 years…..you can sit and wade through all the shit you are going to get. You own it now and we’ll take great pleasure in making sure you do.

  280. There goes healthcare for millions of people. The ramifications of this, are just mind boggling.

  281. “[N]ever underestimate the bigotry sexism and racism [….]”


  282. WI is going to Trump

  283. moon, yes, if you look at the totals in the swing states, Johnson is the new Nader. He said some nice stuff about Hillary a few days ago, but he should have fucking well told his moron supporters to vote for her in the swing states. If they had, she would have had FL and other states. I wonder how his “libertarians” will enjoy having their liberties vanish during trumps 4th reich? What fucking morons! Both stein and Johnson voters. Idiots.

    Still, I blame the media the most. They did this. Then the motherfucking fbi.

  284. Trump lead in FL is about half of what Johnson got. Comey!

  285. Bigger worry to me right now is my state of PA….looking like the “alabama” part might pull this out.

  286. I just saw on Yahoo home page Trump won Fla. Did anyone see this

  287. Where is my friend shadowfax? We could use a cyber hug right now. I was not overly confident (as you know) but really surprised at how strong Trump did. There is a real hatred for Hillary and Trump tapped into something that for whatever reasons resonated with millions of voters.

  288. I just cant handle all of this, its too damn much to see a woman like Hillary destroyed.

    It is also partly the Dems fault, had they run Hillary in 2008, she’d have won, had Obama as her VP for 8 years and then he would be getting 8 years now.

    But oh no…..

    America, you have royally screwed yourself, wait until all those asses who voted Trump wake up tomorrow and realise what they will actually get is President Pence because, I can bet you Trump will be impeached or resign within 6 months.

    I will have to take a long break to process all of this, I’m so upset.

    You think you’ve seen scandals America wait until you get a load of this…..

    and media, you think you will happy, wait until the nazis and KKK are sitting at the WH table and planning how to exterminate you.

  289. Looks like Florida goes for the Trumpanzee (msm).

  290. Jb, Shadowfax went to an election watch party .

  291. It doesn’t make one feel any better, but we’ve seen some of this before, though Hillary was our best ever candidate. Gore got cheated. Kerry had to sit there while the media put on a bunch of liars degrading him. We see that the Senate won’t even bring Obama’s Court nominee to the floor, and would have blocked all of Hillary’s. And then Comey. I don’t know how the country can ever somehow fix itself when you have billionaires, gerrymandering, a corrupt FBI, a compliant media. Maybe I’ll feel better about this in a few months, but I doubt it. 59% approve of Obama. He told everyone that Trump was completely unfit. And the idiots voted for him anyway.

  292. Is this election fixed?

  293. President Trump has arrived.

  294. He won Wisconsin, impossible for her to win now, its over, done and i’m done with the US, I am never moving back.

  295. “[W]hat they will actually get is President Pence because, I can bet you Trump will be impeached or resign within 6 months.”

    Yes, could very well be how it all plays out.

  296. Has AZ been called?

  297. Pence , OMG. Every woman’s nightmare.

  298. EV Trump 216
    Clinton 209
    7 EV difference

    Can we make it up?

  299. Moon: where do you live? Are there a lot of ex pats there?

  300. Obamacare is finished, Dodd-Frank is dead, Roe vs Wade is dead, civil rights are dead, immigration reform is dead, NATO is in danger, and the list goes on.

  301. No bellecat…it’s really about over. Just watched Carville and really hard to take.

  302. Moon, Where do you live?

  303. Min is not showing red just yet according to NYT…

  304. The rest of the world is watching in stunned horror.

  305. Dark ages are coming…fast and furious…

  306. I love Hillary.. and I love you all uppity s…
    Let’s embraced each other for the next fight…

  307. PA is going to Trump

  308. Belle, Hugs.

  309. On of course I love Uppity, imust, sophie , voting, shadow, neeta, William, shadow, moon, trixta, neeta, woody, Birdgal, britgirls, socal…
    I’m signing off…
    Hope for a miracle…

  310. I was hoping that we wouldn’t have to listen to Kelly Ann Conway any longer and his other surrogates. Sigh….

  311. Welcome to Trumpland. All news people will only continue to take dictation. No need to fact check. Hell if trump says it it must be true right. Or should I say alt right.

    Fascism has arrived in the USA wrapped around “patriotism”

  312. neeta, I’ve been wondering the same thing (Is this election fixed). I totally think it was rigged for W in 2004 by diebold and other rigged voting. Remember electronic voting with no paper trail and the owner of diebold guaranteeing the rethugs that W would win?

    I bet this goes deep.

    William @ 12:35am, agree 100%.

  313. Canadian immigration website has crashed, according to msm.

  314. Hillary wins Nevada (6 more EVs for 215).

  315. trixta, I saw that! No doubt most of the world will be affected by this.

  316. Please note that as of now there are not enough democrats in the house or senate to investigate anything Trump does. Even if he is is found guilty of fraud impeachment is off the table.

    Yes he will probably not rest until he puts Hillary in jail for what ever made up reason and yes he will do it even if his FBI needs to fabricate evidence. All fascists jail the opposition.

  317. Flvoter, Revenge is his MO. I think he will go after Hillary, especially if Guiliani is AG.

  318. I think Hillary is going to lose PA and and MI.

  319. The Clintons won’t go to jail, but their financial situation may take a big hit, if they need to pay for Dream Team-caliber lawyers.

    As for me–meh, I’m white; I’ll be safe enough. I fear for other people, however.

  320. Glad that you consider yourself safe. But where I was born the opposition was killed or jailed. But really under fascism no one is safe.

  321. I’m back home. Everyone I know is in complete shock and disbelief.

    I am sick to my stomach.

  322. We are all sick to our stomachs.

  323. Hi shadowfax….cyber hugs to you. It really never looked good this evening…Florida was a bad omen and it went south fast. I am deeply sad for all of us who invested so much for the past 8 years to get Hillary elected. Look to friends and loved ones for support.

  324. It sure isn’t what we expected, Shadow. Looks like GWB nightmare all over again. Guess ALL the polls were wrong, which were certainly telling us another story.

  325. What we learned tonight:

    1. The Confederacy has risen again.

    2. Our media is all about ratings, not reporting.

    3. The FBI is basically the SS during the Third Reich.

    4. We need to STOP giving every child a “participation trophy” as they feel entitled if they lose.

    5. Those of us of a certain age are going to die younger, broke and with no medical coverage,

    6. All gains of the last 8 years are going to be wiped out.

    7. Alt-left males are as bad as the alt-right.

    8. Dems should NEVER AGAIN allow a non-Dem to run on their ticket.

    9. Racism is more than alive in our country,

    10. America is no longer the great nation we thought it was.

  326. I am so sorry everyone. There’s really nothing more to say is there? A dark day.

  327. Voting, sexism and misogyny need to be added to your list.

  328. Well stated “votinghillary”.

  329. consider them added, Bird.

  330. Hi JB, cyber hugs back. Yes, I went to a watch party and on the way in the car I was listening to CNN, Texax had just been called for Rump and a couple others, by the time I got to the party I was hyperventilating and it just continued all night. People started leaving the party about an hour ago because it was getting too depressing.

    I came home to be with my son, he is freaking out too.

    I can’t wrap my head around having this douche as a President. I feel so badly for Hillary. She took all this crap for nothing.

  331. No more will I ever watch cnn, msn, or any news channel again. The media gave this to Trump. Also Comey, I hope he is happy.

  332. I wish I could say something to cheer everyone up, but of course that would be ridiculous. It’s a very bad day, and I feel awful about it. For Hillary, the classiest and smartest candidate I have ever seen.For Bill and Chelsea. For all the people here and everywhere who worked so hard for her and donated so much. And for the country of America, and the world.

    We’ve seen too many of these Election Days, but this is of course the worst. There are a lot of really stupid voters out there, and a media which chooses not to inform them on issues. All I can say is that those tens of millions of people (Hillary is going to come close to winning the popular vote) who voted for her, might be able to figure out some kind of non-violent civil disobedience; such as refusing to frequent or pay for any goods or services purveyed by companies which are owned by right-wing people. And I don’t care whether Hillary graciously concedes or not; I don’t think people are obliged to do anything to support Trump as President. I will support journals and print media people who try to get the truth out there. We shouldn’t give up, even though it obviously is a very depressing and bleak time for us now.

    And, yes, Hillary would have won in 2008, against an unpopular president, and with the “gift” of an economy which fell apart two months before the election. Hillary, and then Obama. But too many people didn’t want it that way. And, apropos of not much, if they hadn’t announced the increased prices for ACA rates; and if the media hadn’t misled people about the small numbers which would actually have to pay more, maybe we wouldn’t be in this situation. Or maybe we wouldn’t have had ACA, Hillary would have done something better.

  333. There is an Ancient Greek play titled Lysistrata — every woman ought to read it.

  334. He’s at 264……………Oh my God. Did Putin hack our voting??

    This doesn’t make any fucking sense.

  335. i’m sorry shadow..it’s so painful that I am just sitting in my living room and trying to digest it. The liberal networks already blaming Hillary as a bad candidate and Bernie should have been the one..scumbags as I always said. Hillary is strong and she will be OK …truthfully, she was facing four years of savage attacks and investigations. Trump now owns it… I believe in our democracy and just like in 08 feel beyond despair, we will sustain and carry on. Hillary has and would expect the same from us.

  336. William said
    “those tens of millions of people (Hillary is going to come close to winning the popular vote) who voted for her, might be able to figure out some kind of non-violent civil disobedience; such as refusing to frequent or pay for any goods or services purveyed by companies which are owned by right-wing people”

    He also said “I don’t think people are obliged to do anything to support Trump as President. I will support journals and print media people who try to get the truth out there. We shouldn’t give up, even though it obviously is a very depressing and bleak time for us now.”

    Yes, William, exactly what I am thinking.

  337. I can tell you for PA, Alabama portion reached the western part because they are the same type of males. Unions were the only reason they voted Dem.

    Wait until they see “right to work” become law here.

  338. Bernie would have been ridiculed from limb to limb. The press is just mad that we didn’t do what they wanted us to do and nominate Bernie. He was a horrible candidate. He couldn’t answer a question but since we’ve now got Trump I’m not sure that would have mattered.

    I agree with JB. The GOP is now going to have to own this Frankenstein’s monster. They built it. They own it. And since we did not get the senate they would have clogged up the entire country with fake investigations. Comey can deal with Frankenstein now.

    The really horrible thing is a lot of people are going to suffer and have their rights stripped away from them. The only joy I might get out of this is the fact that the media are going to be some of the first ones that are going to be lined up and shot or put in jail. I mean Trump models himself after people like Putin.

  339. Stunned. Scared for POC, women. What has America done? Distraught for HRC, the most qualified and compassionate candidate ever. Racism and misogyny won. I don’t think I’ll see a woman president in my lifetime now. Most distressing is Supreme Court ramifications plus our IRAs, 401ks and health care. This country will continue to get browner (assuming some sort of genocide doesn’t occur). We’ve been pretty crime free; could race riots be on the way? POC will not accept a total turning back of the clock and whites in minority not too many years off. Fear dark times.

  340. Voting @ 2:10am, Preach Sister!

  341. Regardless of who the Dem candidate was, tRump would have run the same xenophobic and white nationalist campaign, which appealed to many. This and the fact that Russia and the FBI worked against Hillary all along.


    Interesting, Podesta has just told everyone to go home, that there were states too close to call and that the campaign would have more to say tomorrow. That is, they aren’t conceding tonight.

  342. We need to stick together now more than ever! We have many, many battles ahead of us. We’ll just have to fight them one by one, with whichever allies we can find and using whichever parts of the system are still working.

    I don’t know what Hillary will do. Trump isn’t about to appoint her to his Cabinet the way Obama did, so I expect she’ll be working for her family’s Foundation. We can support their efforts, especially on climate change.

    We also need to get in line behind any and every Senator who will be fighting against Trump’s agenda. Elizabeth Warren will hopefully provide leadership on that front– she ain’t gonna take Trump’s sht.

    We also need to find SOME way to reach out to the rural whites. I don’t know what. As hard as we fought for Hillary, we simply could not force people to overcome their fears, their prejudices, their ignorance, and their paranoia.

    We also need to hammer the media. They caused this by stoking the aforementioned fears, prejudices, ignorance, and paranoia 24/7.

  343. Twitter has been really going after the media, especially cnn, msnbs & fox. Insulting the “journalists” by name. We should have done it earlier.

  344. I don’t want Hillary to work for Trump. Why should she help that dick look better? She’s already made history. Let dump own whatever disaster he makes of this undeserving country of ungrateful, ignorant morons. She should work for the foundation or just do whatever she wants.

  345. trixta, thank you. I’m glad they’re not rushing into anything.

  346. Turmp has arrived, just turned off CNN.

  347. Sticking together and reaching out as stated above . The democratic party was the working class party , but has truthfully moved so far left, that many of us felt uncomfortable with our more moderate positions. There is no way Bill Clinton could have won with the way the party has changed. Hillary went farther left than she wanted because of Sanders and his naive followers. We are all for diversity, civil rights, LBGT righjts, and off course women’s rights , but there has to be a place for the working class guy in our party. I am not sure how to solve that problem, and in 25 years it probably won’t matter based on demographics.

  348. Well, I’m going to call it a night. I am exhausted from this hideous surprise. My poor kid was so upset he kept having heart palpitations and my normally jolly husband was practically spitting nails. I sedated all of us. I haven’t even cried yet, but expect to do so soon.

    Anyway, I love and appreciate you all. See you tomorrow!

  349. You’re welcome, socalannie. Hillary will be brilliant tomorrow and we’ll send her all of our love and support. Like Hillary, we will survive. Hugs to you all.

  350. socal, please give Laker a hug from me. Wish I could do more but frankly, I am so terrified right now for my own existence, there is nothing I can say to him to be of comfort.

  351. BTW…one last item to my list….

    11. Love does not trump hate…at least not in the USA.

  352. I just sent an email that I am not feeling well and not going to work tomorrow. Screw ‘um.

    I am sick to my stomach over this election. I feel so badly for Hillary, for all of us that know how wonderful she will be for our county.

    ❤ ❤ Love you Hillary ❤ ❤

    How could a man so hated become the leader of our country.

    She just conceded……………..so sad.

  353. Hillary just conceded and my life has just been relegated back to the 1950’s. I am too old to replay this shit again.

  354. I won’t sleep, I might as well stay up for more hours. To all the people and entities we are accurately blaming, let’s never forget the Left. The turnout in Wisconsin was down about 16% from 2012. That was a Bernie state. Michigan was, too. They just had to show us that they disdained Hillary, didn’t feel like voting this time. Then of course we have Stein’s vote in Florida, which once again cost us that state. But of course Stein is a pawn of Russia, like Trump. But enough Lefties wanted to show how “principled” they are. I have hated these people for years, but they show no remorse and no self-knowledge.

    And then, are we going to win the popular vote and lose another election even so? What kind of a system is this? Oh, it’s one which the Republicans game to their heart’s content. It gets to the point where one doesn’t even want to bother voting–but of course that’s exactly what they want. And how many votes and states were lost to the fact that the Supreme Court gutted the Voting Rights Act? We thought Gore’s lost was the biggest injustice ever. Actually, when everything is calculated, this one will turn out to be. And I’m not really sure that the voting machines were not hacked. When have the polls been off by 4%? The croupier sweeps your chips off the table, nonetheless

  355. Well, the freak show is going to continue since Trump is going to court for fraud charges in a few weeks. It would have been nice if the media had mentioned that just as often as they mentioned emails.

  356. One last note, since Hillary conceded, Trump just marched out to speak to his Reichstag and the motherfuckers played the music to the Harrison Ford movie Air Force One, I shit you not. The tackiest fucking thing I have ever seen.

    Am going to go barf now, then cry in the shower. I hope I can get to sleep after that. Tomorrow friends…

  357. How could every poll be wrong? Even Trump wasn’t confident he would win. Everyone is shocked.

    Were our votes hacked?

  358. I blame the Dems. Hillary should have been president before Obama. If the Dems had played their cards right. Obama could have run for president this year.

    I still think something is not right the way the results came in tonight.
    This election has made me not want to vote never again.

  359. agree with you neetabug….it started in 08.

  360. I can’t sleep. I am so disturbed. Millions and millions of people thought a man who mocked the disabled, abused women, has a VP that supports the administration of electric shocks to LGBT children to make them straight, ranted against Mexicans and muslims was better than a woman with so much experience, talent, and devotion.

    Fuck Comey, fuck the media for the false equivalence they devised between the Cheeto and HRC, fuck the millions of misogynistic and racist men and women who voted in this monstrosity.

    Call me cruel, but I look forward to them seeing Trump well and truly bail on them. I am so sorry for Hillary. To have to concede to so vile a man, after being unfairly maligned for years and still fighting. I have no words.

    I’m sorry, I’m so sorry. I know a lot of people were ‘begrudging’ supporters, but everyone here is the real deal, and I know we feel the loss acutely. She deserved better, and so did we.

  361. It’s tough. I am not sleeping either. Feel for Hillary on so many different levels. G-d bless her and may she be healthy , rested, and do what she feels is best at this time. We will never forget what she has done to fight for woman, children and those less fortunate.

  362. This clown will never be my president. When have the media let a person running for president getaway with not showing their tax return.
    I guess the girl who accused Trump of rape when she was thirteen will never go to court. Nor Trump University etc.

    They just could not stand another Clinton in the White House.
    Watch out or karma.

    I know our girl is crying her eyes out

  363. Paulette Everett, on November 9, 2016 at 2:56 AM said:

    Well, you’ve fought, and we’ve fought. It seems it does not matter.

    The question is what do we do about it.

    When the seminal (icky, drippy term) of Casey vs. Planned Parenthood reached the newly turned Supreme court, I could have left this country, but it was just that shooch too comfortable to do so.

    I’ve regretted that. You can, at a minimum, take your young lives, your bodies and your futures elsewhere. In most European countries, you can end pregnancies you don’t want on demand. You will have representation in government far surpassing that in the U.S.

    And our vaughted technical supremacy? Women are nowhere here, given that EEO law hasn’t been enforced here for decades. You’ll do much better in countries where we really are half the logical workforce.

    I’d like to leave you, Paulette, and all other young Americans, with this:

    Please, plan now.

  364. I just made me a pot of coffee. I was in bed, couldn’t sleep.

  365. I just sent a tweet to Hillary to tell her how proud I am of her, that I am so sorry and I support and love her.

    How could all the polls be wrong?

  366. I’ve been MIA for most of the campaign – lots of reasons. But, I was proud to cast my vote tonight for Hillary Rodham Clinton. With sadness, I had to admit to myself early in the campaign that my political views were more compatible with those of the Hillary of 2008 than of 2016, and my enthusiasm for campaigning had slightly diminished (I know that may offend some – but not all here). But, she was still Hillary. The appeal of her spirit, her intelligence, her kick-ass attitude was irresistible. And could it be that finally, finally, placing a woman in the White House was a real possibility?! Not supporting her was unfathomable.

    But, once again, as in the 2008 joke-of-a-primary, the qualified female got the shaft. The unqualified male got the job. Many reasons will be offered tomorrow as every dumb-ass news personality who can borrow, rent, or steal a microphone weighs in. I could compose a list of reasons right now (as could each of you) and come very close to the words and phrases that will be parroted over and over by these unoriginal talking heads. There were many contributing factors, no doubt.

    And while sexism may not have been the single most important contributing factor to her loss, it has to be clear to even the most un-insightful, ignorant, thick-as-two-short-planks American that WOMEN ARE VERY LITTLE CLOSER TO ACHIEVING EQUALITY IN AMERICA THAN WE WERE WHEN WE WERE FINALLY GIVEN THE FUCKING RIGHT TO VOTE!!!!

    Tonight I feel such anger, antipathy, disgust, and rage toward the ignorant men amongst us (and they are legion) whose attitude toward women ranges from a disregard for us to flat-out misogyny – Cretins one and all. But multiply that by 1000, and that approaches the level of anger, antipathy, disgust and rage I feel toward American women who believe that women are just supposed to “submit”, to allow the man to run the companies, the family, the country.

    Submit this, bitch – You feel free to surrender your independence, your dignity, your uterus and what-ever-the-hell else you want to submit. But, your day is coming. Those of us who are fed the fuck up with being held back by you perpetual children will find a way. We will prevail. We will be equal. You be whatever the hell you want. No one will pull you and your ignorant progeny into freedom. But, you will not hold us back.

    Thank you to Uppity, Imust, Sophie,and other smart, witty, and wonderful people who have helped keep this blog available for these long eight years. It has meant so much to so many.

    Shadowfax and other special friends, It has been an honor to fight alongside you, to sympathize with you, to be comforted by you, and to feel a sense of sisterhood with you for many years, now. I will miss the camaraderie and tho I’m tired tonight, I’ll miss fighting the good Hillary fight with you. But tho Hillary’s presidency will not be our focus after tonight, fight we will continue to do

    We could not do otherwise.

  367. Oh sweet Nettabug, thank you for all you did for our Hillary. She will always be ours and she is my hero.

  368. Very excellent post freespirit…

  369. Shadow, I feel so bad for our girl. I still can’t believe how wrong the polls were. At least I know in my area Trump didn’t win. I
    still blame the loss on Comey and the media.

  370. Hillary can now enjoy being a grandmother.
    I can’t imagine Melania as first lady. Yuk!

  371. This election has now put me back in the same place I was in the 1970’s,,,hiding in the closet…because our new VP-elect wants to electro-shock me to heterosexuality.

    Thank you, “purity voters”. May you rot in hell for making me revisit this hell at this stage of my life.

  372. Thanks, “purity” voters for what you have wrought:

  373. Sorry, Freesprit, but

    “while sexism may not have been the single most important contributing factor to her loss”. It was.

    The citizens of this unique 200+ year old experiment in government by all the populace, even the meanest street sweeper, will have to live with the fact that the last caste, women, defeated that try.

    When you go into a store, do you see aisles divided by race? By country of origin? By religion? Maybe, sometimes, depending on the season, not harmfully. But for no reason at all? Pink for us subordinates, blue for our future masters.

    When you drive into a mall, do you see restaurants flaunting race privilege? Last one I knew of was Sambos, in the early 90’s. Sexism? Heyheyhey – welcome to your then and now Hooters. I’ll bet some of you have even been there recently.

    Religion? Oh, now, those Mormons couldn’t have dissed all Black folks with God’s blessing, could they have? But us women? Not human, not to worry. Catholic? A two thousand year old monolith that said we were less than men, and only fit to be governed in silence all our twentieth century lives? Blessed be that sacred tradition, that wore their racial neutrality on their sleeves as a mark of holiness.

    Women are the fulcrum underneath the tectonic plates of your wishful governance by majority. Until you let us in, from infancy through adulthood, you will fail.

    You have failed now. Most of us have had too much of a taste of freedom to care what happens to you.

  374. She had seemingly so much momentum and then Comey. Nonetheless, listening to Carville whom we all know loves the Clintons, seems like some internal division on costing to victory on the anyone but Trump theme versus some economic policies . I guess many factors can be blamed, but her team(s) from 2008 to present were not that great. From TV spoke people, to her internal polling, something went wrong. I just emailed my broker to “save my portfolio” as I am sure I will be down over 400k tomorrow. G-d I am miserable.

  375. Stunned. Heartbroken. Incredulous. Numb.

    There is nothing more to say.

    Fascism has now taken control of the United States government.

    I tremble for my country.

    Be safe, all of you beautiful Uppities, and take care of yourselves.

    I love you all.

  376. Oh Free, how I have missed you.

    You’re right, just like Hillary could never give up what she has worked for, we too, will keep fighting for woman, for our children, for the men that are not blinded by their own fragile egos, and for our country.

    Trump is going to phuck some things up for all of us, but until he puts me in his gold plated patty wagon, this woman will never give in. Maybe Rove vs Wade will be overturned before I die, then it’s up to the younger generation to start the fight all over again.

    Women were dealt another blow that will try and push us back into the 1950ies…but us feminists will never take their crap or their trying to put us back in a box. Phuck them. The uneducated wanted this shitstorm, wait until they lose their health care, planned parenthood, min. wage increases, equal pay for women, help with their education, environmental advances, clean energy…they can stew in their smog colored sky, worry about Trump’s new war, listen to Fox News and Breitbart and eat cake, while the rich get richer, pay less taxes and shit on the rest of society.

    This asshole will NEVER be my president. I will make fun of him for every stupid mistake and sexist, bigot, racist comment and action he takes.

  377. I think the real damage he can do it the Supreme court which is huge. Otherwise, the checks and balances will keep him in line. He is not liked by Ryan and other republicans who have some sense of governing.

  378. Yes JB, the Supreme’s is huge, hopefully he will not end up in office long enough to put more than one right winged zealot in.

    I am embarrassed to say he is the leader of my country. Wait until he starts rounding people up and deporting them on trains and buses. He remind me so much of Hitler it is frightening.

    We have a huge basket of deplorables running the loony farm.

  379. I can only imagine Bill, Hillary and Chelsea watching this nightmare together..she must have known it was going bad fairly early. I think Podesta went knowing it was over, but to save Hillary from having to make a concession speech at 2 AM as she must be exhausted.

  380. At this point i think we’ve reached past polling. We’re at a point like we were during FDR’s administration when there was no polling.

  381. Not to want to make anyone feel worse than we already do, but Hillary is going to win the popular vote. She is going to get more votes than Trump, and lose. That makes four times in the last five elections that the Democrats have won the popular vote, and we have only won two of those elections. That is because we have an archaic and unrepresentative electoral system which might have been a fine idea back in 1791, but is undemocratic now. Of course it will never change, because the Republicans find it so helpful. The electoral system leads to the kind of voter supression and gamesmanship the Republicans thrive on. If there were a national vote, it would be much less effective. With all the horrible attacks and media unfairness Hillary suffered through, she is going to get more votes than Trump. It’s like some kind of alternative reality nightmare, this country of ours.

  382. Is that confirmed William? I know CA could put her ahead in PV, but she was over 1.2 million voted won nationally when I last checked.

  383. Good night guys, I dread waking up and having to remember this all over again. All these years of hope is down the drain.

    Maybe Hillary and Bill will live longer outside the WhiteHouse.

  384. I think so Shadowfax…Bill is frail and this must really be tearing him apart. Hillary is not frail or sick like Trump said, but she does has some health issues and hopefully she will feel better in a few months.

  385. You preach it, Shadow. I have so missed you and all our other comrade in arms.

    As sick as I am about the election tonight and the state of women’s rights in this country, I’ll have to say – I do love a good fight for a good cause. And, sisters, our cause is right and just – and victory is so damn long overdue.

    We need some time to grieve, and grieve we must. But we cannot take too long. We have to allow our sadness, our heart-sickness to fuel the fire. We will get our guts together, draw on our considerable strength, and we will resume the fight. Through our combined will, strength, courage and intelligence we can create a powerful force. We must do so. We have no choice.

    Hillary may have lost, but she’s no loser. She will not stop fighting for women. For her, as for us, gender equality is a moral, ethical imperative. Concern for future generation of women, especially for her daughter and grand-daughter will drive her, compel her, encourage her and lead her back to the battle-field. We will be right there beside her.

    I hope we can all soon find a way to take heart, to begin to regain our equilibrium. I know platitudes and cliches don’t always help. but damn! they are often true! It IS better to have fought and lost that to have sat on the sidelines passionless, distant, uninterested, apathetic and to have done nothing. And damn, we have done something – something important, and have kept on doing something for years and years.

    Hillary will be ok. Individually, we will be ok. I’m not sure how ok the country will be for the next few years. But, those of us who live long enough will put things right. And, when we’re gone, there will be other’s to take up the fight.

    Starbuks will be open soon. I’m almost positive after a short-cup with 5 shots of espresso ( or whatever your individual beverage choice may be) we will be ready to clean our weapons, get our combats boots back on, and get back into battle by tomorrow – next day, latest.

  386. Now, we know what kind of country we live in.

  387. Friends, our nest egg is in the stock market and we’re too old to start again.
    What should we do?
    What are you going to do?

  388. I turned sixty six years old in September.
    I can’t imagine ever having another joyful, peaceful moment again.

  389. Stunned that a man like him can get elected.

  390. Feels like 2000 all over again but even Bush was not as bad as this buffoon.

  391. I take it back. Bush was every bit scary as this buffoon and proved that right with the Iraq war.

  392. Take it away, Captain.

  393. Hillary to speak at 9:30.

  394. Don’t be stunned. Dracula could get elected in this country if he runs against a woman. It’s the dirty secret of America’s so-called “Equality”.

    Life goes on. All those Jill Stein Millennials can take comfort knowing Jill will spray paint something in their honor. Those young women are totally screwed. Better them than me.

  395. Upps, Dracula HAS been elected.

    So, all us iron-jawed maidens have got to learn to use those jaws to bite.

  396. …to bite BACK

  397. Yes, this is terrible for the feminist cause. But it’s way worse than that. The only mandate this monster has is to set up a white supremacist fascist regime like the Nazis did in Germany in the thirties. That’s all he ran on. “Make America Great Again” is just code for let’s go back to white males having all the power. Everything is on the table now, from the First Amendment to all civil rights laws. There really was “a hidden white vote” which the Trump campaign tapped into. It means that now those of us who disagree with these people have to be careful what we say and to whom. The first thing fascist regimes do when they come to power is to recruit a network of snitches. This sounds like paranoid crazy talk. It’s not. This is now all too real. Turns out it CAN happen here. It just did.

  398. Anyone who thinks the Republican congress will rein him in hasn’t been paying attention.

  399. I know I have given up on America because my TV is tuned to AMC. There’s no hope for the two extremes to ever do anything but alternately tank the country. Fortunately, I already got mine in better times.

    Oddly, I’m not that upset. Millennials are so damned dumb and self-indulgent that they’re on their own far as I’m concerned. Maybe this will make them grow up and stop voting for a failed doctor who thinks crystals are better than traditional medicine or a bong-head. They’ll always have their weed. There will be jobs for them though. In the Army. That should turn them into adults. As for the women, well, they have lost it all now. SCOTUS will fix them but good. Better them than me!

  400. CNN is now saying that Hillary will speak at 10:30

  401. I feel sad for the marginalized populations in our country. What are they going to do? Hide in the shadows? Keep getting shot by the police? People dying or going bankrupt without healthcare? LGBT rights. The list goes on and on.

    And for those of us near retirement, there goes our 401k savings. Medicare and Social Security are on the chopping block. We are so fuc*ed.

    It might just be better to move somewhere else. Canada is too cold for this CA gal.

    The Republicans finally destroyed Hillary politically. She will go on to do good things, but they kept her from the presidency and shattering that hardest glass ceiling. Fuck them all.

  402. I love ya Islander. Glad to have ya back.

    BUt I’ve been dead twice and I’m not wasting another minute of my life worrying about people who couldn’t care less about me. I popped nitro last night. Today I realize just how stupid it is to worry about others.

    It’s all too bad. But let’s face it, life goes on. Hopefully, my 401k won’t take another major Republican hit. But if it does, I’ll still go on. The truth is, the concept of Equality in America is a dirty little lie and now it’s all been exposed. AAs, Latinos, LGBT, Women, name anyone who isn’t a White Male, are simply NOT equal. And while I’ve done my best in my own little One Person way, I can’t stick my finger in all the holes in the USA’s dike.

    The world just got a lot less stable. There will be war. War is good for the economy. Ask any Right Wing Republican. Actually it’s the truth. And all those Left Wing Democrats will have jobs. In the Army. Income will go down everywhere else here, because that’s the only way the Donald Trumps of this country will bring mfg back here.

    Can’t say I feel sorry for those who will be most affected by this any longer. They didn’t do their full part yesterday. It’s done. It’s best to just face it.

    Extremism. It’s the path to destruction.

  403. Yes, this is terrible for the feminist cause.

    Rebel, sister, feminism died a long time ago, once the third wave decided to redefine it to please men. It’s just a word, now.

  404. Uppity, my grade school friend in India was always surprised when I told her about the plight of women in high places in this country and lack of gender equality. This is the ultimate data point. Did all those white mfers stand over their wives to make sure they voted for Trump (like Trump did)? This will be another 4 years of nightmare and a few notches down for the US, financially and otherwise, worldwide. It is going downhill. 2000 did it and it has never been the same. A healthy democracy needs an honest arbiter in the media and we don’t have that and we will pay a big price for it. And the media will only get worse during the next four years because all honest brokers if there are any won’t be doing the media.

  405. So much blame. Far right and far left, white men clinging to power, racists, misogynists (including self-hating women) and the media. I watched in horror last night as the media laughed and made jokes about Trump’s rise to power as if this will not adversely impact the lives of millions of people. Effing jokes when professionalism should have at least made them take the serious tone that this deserves. After watching and recording the valiant and brilliant HRC when she speaks today, I’m turning off cable and broadcast news for as long as Trump is president. I’ll have to depend on local newspapers and ‘net sites to stay informed. As a POC and a woman I’m used to carrying myself in a dignified and none confrontational way to survive and prosper in America. I just didn’t think in this day and age that I would have to bend over backwards to do this. So disheartening.

  406. Difficult to say but very true this morning. Minorities should be very afraid of white people in this country. We are viewed by a majority of white folks as less then human.

    I agree, feminism is dead. The alt left and the alt right rule the USA. Unfortunately, both extreme sides see minorities as problems and not assets to this country of immigrants.

  407. It feels like we entering the dark ages. Equality is a myth. The American Dream is dead. The young people are going to fight the same fights all over again, if they ever wake up.

  408. We could have had the most qualified candidate in history for a president. But instead we get the coke snorting pussy grabber, and that’s not even the half of it. I’m sick.

  409. Birdie, if they have to fight for themselves all over again, it serves them right for taking their rights for granted and becoming complacent.

  410. We can kiss the Supreme Court good-bye for a generation. I am certain that Trump will appoint justices that will lower the standard required to sue for libel, we may see a complete overturn of Roe vs. Wade, stop and frisk may be deemed constitutional, just a whole host of reversals that reinforce his authoritarian tendencies and promises.

    This country is no longer great. We are mean. Mean in spirit and mean in temperament.

    The rich will get richer and the middle class, what’s left of it, will disappear.

    I am absolutely inconsolable. I will never see a woman President in my life time. We are a sexist, racist and bigoted country.

  411. You are right, FLVoter, POC have much to fear. Especially now. Unlike young women, God knows they have fought the good fight, but still……..as someone on twitter accidentally profoundly said……..”Never underestimate white people”.

    And Paulette, re your last comment. I know what you are saying and I wish I could say you were wrong.

  412. This country is no longer great. We are mean. Mean in spirit and mean in temperament.

    So horribly true.

  413. The United States of America, b. July 4, 1776, d. November 8, 2016.

  414. Glimmer of a bright spot for especially older folks with IRAs, market rallying already from futures swoon. Suppose this is a testament to underlying strength of U.S. economy. Hope at least relative stabilization endures. So many of us just can’t afford to take a massive hit this stage of our lives. Perhaps somewhat of a check on Trump will be the true money people; how ironic that would be.

  415. Watch for the pendulum to swing the other way after 4-8 years of mucking up by the Republicans and the rise of Michelle Obama — she has the right color and gender. She may even win because the media will make her so. Hillary has set the precedent for a first lady to run for the highest office. Hillary’s time was 2008 and it was stolen by the Democrats and the media and 2016 was stolen by a charlatan with mega help from the media. A strong white female is at the bottom of the totem pole in this country. Women are the perennial minority everywhere and white women are even more so in this country. They are really a minority in practice that don’t have that je ne sais quoi to become special because they are also a majority. But if you are a Clinton, all bets are off because media will screw you day and night; truth and fairness be damned. It was all personal, country be damned.

    Watch for Michelle Obama’s rise not because the country has suddenly become post racial or gender neutral but because the media wants it (she has that special je ne sais quoi called skin color while being female). You heard it here first. But before that the media may fall in love with Warren in 2020 and prop her up because you know that is another stab at the Clintons.

  416. Does this mean we don’t have to pay taxes anymore?!

  417. …like Prez Rump?

  418. That continuously running GMC ad was blocking my ability to read comments.
    Did anybody else experience that?

  419. Sweet Sue, yeah… I generally keep this blog open but have to close it because of some script running and that ad.

  420. What Paulette Everett said on November 9, 2016 at 10:16 AM.

  421. PM, Michelle hates politics. I would be shocked, of she ever sought public office.

  422. All media had on her were emails and Foundation and they let the buffoon make her a criminal and we had 1000 things that were really criminal with him and he was made into a legit candidate. Fuck media. Fuck NYT. No more.

  423. Birdgal, she may not get into it. But I was trying to highlight how the media operates in this country.

  424. What happens when Trump has the USA pull out of NATO? After all, whether the MSM pushed this or not, he is Putin’s Puppet. The USSR will rise again, this time just as Russia.

    Its always bad news for the USA when Russia is happy with who is elected President. They worked really hard to elect him. It would be nice to know what Putin has over Trump.

  425. I think our government institutions are solid and run well by career professionals (notwithstanding FBI’s incursion in this election). So they will withstand a buffoon like Trump and life will go on. But somehow, the country as a whole has to get back to its first principles. If 2008 was an appeasement to the fringe left, this election was an appeasement to the fringe right. I don’t think the country can get prosperous working at its fringes.

  426. pm, understood.

  427. Paulette I am getting rid of cable also. I also will not be watching or listening to any news. Only news I want to hear is Trump getting impeached.
    I am going out today to buy an antenna for my television.
    Have not watched the news since last night.
    I still blame the media for this idiot.

  428. I think our government institutions are solid and run well by career professionals — though there are a disproportionate number of Blacks, Muslims, and women working in the Federal government. How will he handle that?

  429. If I had a pit in stomach in 2008, I have a gaping hole now.

  430. Sweet Sue, on November 9, 2016 at 11:14 AM said:

    That continuously running GMC ad was blocking my ability to read comments.
    Did anybody else experience that?


  431. Neither major party will nominate a woman for prez for decades after this. That is, assuming we even have elections after this. Not Michelle. Not Warren. This was the ball game.

  432. Ads occasionally appear on free wordpress blogs. Then they go away. To stop them, you have to pay for the blog. I see no point in that.

  433. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2016/11/09/hillary-clinton-failed-to-win-over-black-hispanic-and-female-vot/

    Hillary lost across the board with African-Americans, Hispanics, women, young voters.

  434. And really, after seeing Hillary savaged for 18 months, why would any woman even attemt it? The whole thing was intended to be a cautionary tale. Message received.

  435. pm317 said:

    A strong white female is at the bottom of the totem pole in this country. Women are the perennial minority everywhere and white women are even more so in this country. They are really a minority in practice that don’t have that je ne sais quoi to become special because they are also a majority.

    I’ve thought this for years, but haven’t said much about it, because as a white woman I feared my suggesting it might be the case would only be put down to racism. Also I don’t want to under state the importance of racism which I feel is and has always been horrendous in this country.

    The thing is that the last place white men want equals is in their own homes. So when the time comes that a formerly white-male-only territory (such as the presidency) is to be conceded to a non white male, it will almost always go to a black man first, not a white women. Bros before hos. White women being their daughters, mothers, sisters doesn’t matter at all to white men the way white men being their sons, fathers, brothers matters to white women. I’ve had the temerity and nerve at times to suggest that sons, fathers, brothers matter *less* to white women (and women in general), for which I’ve been attacked, called a bigot and banned from blogs and other groups.

  436. In fact, in 2008, the minute Obama entered the primary I *knew* the democrats were going to make sure that *he* was the nominee, not Hillary, no matter what. That didn’t stop me from fighting for Hillary, but I knew.

  437. Is there someway to disable that ad up top in the post?

  438. Pence really scares me too.

  439. They are really a minority in practice that don’t have that je ne sais quoi to become special because they are also a majority.

    When I say they don’t have that je ne sais quoi to become special, I am talking about how the male-dominated world looks at them. That their male (and female) counterparts don’t see anything special to promote and support as a group because they are big in number.

  440. It was too much to overcome. It was not meant to be. The evil forces were ready to erupt again and they did. Sanders helped poison the well with his revolution BS and constant attack about speeches and NAFTA. She and Bill did so much for the party but in the end they betrayed her. Millions of democrats stayed home or refused to vote for her. sad day .We are looking at Pres Pence because the other guy is just a know nothing puppet.

    Dear Mr Podesta: if you had important data, your system can NOT be exposed online. WTF.

  441. Brassy Rebel, any woman that runs next will have to have the media blessing and protection and there will be one sometime in the future, that is, if we are still standing as a country with this buffoon.

    Talking to my Honduran immigrant gardener about the election, he is worried and the way he talked about what happened and its ramifications will surpass anything you hear from a ‘journalist.’ He made the point that maybe Trump was the one rigging the election with poll workers misbehaving. He said Hillary should have contested and not conceded so easily. Unfortunately that is not how decent people work in this country.

    One more thing, I just don’t want to hear from these journolists what Hillary did wrong. I just don’t fucking want to.

  442. pm317
    Watch for the pendulum to swing the other way after 4-8 years of mucking up by the Republicans and the rise of Michelle Obama — she has the right color and gender.

    Oh pm, please bite your tongue. Sadly tho, I’m afraid you’re spot on!

    Not to hang onto old grudges, but I heard something today that just blew my skirt up. A person of my acquaintance who heads a large organization of young professional liberal-minded women lamented her disappointment in Hill’s loss, mentioning that the hours for Susan B. Anthony’s grave site were extended last night to accommodate the many feminists who were visiting the grave and placing their ” I Voted” stickers there. What a shame that an opportunity was missed to elect a female president.

    In my somewhat cynical response, I asked about how many of those young so-called feminists actually voted for Hillary in 2008 primary. As we all know, at that time the young were blinded by the charm, pseudo-intelligence, and race a young half-AA inexperienced puppet of DNC.

    My question was where the hell were they then? Had they supported her then, and had she been been given the nomination she rightly earned, we would have seen her re-elected president yesterday. The well would not have been poisoned by broken promises and canned teleprompter speeches, eight years of expensive vacays and a million lies and screw-ups.

    Bitter much? Damn straight. Never will I get forget the injustices done to Hillary and to women in 2008. Where were these so-called feminists who so wanted a female president back then?

  443. freespirit, I am not happy saying what I said and agree with your general sentiment, grudges/no gurdges and all. She would have won in 2008 and Obama could have run now in 2016 and won. He would still have had the same advantages. She would have had a better response to the crash of 2008 and would have brought around a swift recovery so that he would not have had this white backlash. It is highly disappointing and I don’t take disappointments well.

  444. I can’t bring myself to listen to Hillary’s speech this morning. How was she?

  445. That was my argument exactly, PM. The Dems should have supported her in 2008. She would have won two terms, the he could have gotten elected. The truth is The Dims didn’t want her then because she was considered too centrist (and Bill especially, was). And, a large number of progs didn’t want her this time around either.

  446. My father used to always say that if the good people give up, we just leave the field to the bad guys, and we don’t want to do that. And I always liked that sentiment. However, it is very hard not to think that millions of disenfranchised people will indeed give up, and thus insure that the Republicans have permanent control of all institutions in this country. How many kicks to the gut can one take, over the years?

    We had the best candidate I have ever seen, against the worst I could even imagine. She didn’t make a mistake in the debates or anywhere; imagine if she had? He sounded like an idiot every single day, but the media normalized him, because they preferred him, and for ratings. Then we have an election in our antiquated electoral system. Again, our candidate gets the most votes, but loses, because of over-represented Deep Red states. The Republicans do everything they can to suppress the vote. The fools on the Far Left again threw away their votes on third-party candidates; had they not, Hillary wold have won five more key states, the numbers show that. We get screwed in every possible way, and that is not even talking about the FBi deciding that they should throw the election to the other side. And we’re supposed to just accept all of this, as “the will of the people,” as the corrupt media tells us to.

    I don’t know how we somehow get ourselves out of this. The far Right has the billionaires, it has the guns, it has the media, the FBI, the Supreme Court. And they play it all like it is something to be endlessly gamed. The only tiny, if perverse, consolation, is that we could see this coming for years. Bush vs. Gore; Sarah Palin; the rise of the Tea Party; Fox News. Our great American experiment in democracy only lasted while enough of the populace had some knowledge about governance and issues; and before the cable media brainwashed most people, and refused to discuss actual issues. And before one of our two parties turned into a fact-denying, science-denying group whose only interest is in winning, in keeping and employing power; while our side actually tries to act reasonably, and to compromise. It’s like Athens vs. Sparta, and Sparta won. So America turns into just another authoritarian state, with a state-run media, and fascist leaders. My father’s and mother’s generation beat fascism abroad, but it is much harder when the fascism is here. So while his words still inspire, one seriously wonders if the good guys still have the heart and the wherewithal to fight back against what we are facing.

  447. Pm, Hillary’s speech was very classy and on point. It was about unity and support towards everyone. It is worth watching.

  448. Wall street traders? WTF

  449. That is HORRIBLE!!!

  450. My ever knowledgeable and smart gardener made this point. We will survive this:


    but the flip side is there is an institutional ability to survive,” said a second senior U.S. official. “Bureaucracies chug along and take lumps and have conflicts. If you ask about rank and file, for a long time there has been a sense that [presidents and administrations] come and go, but we’re still here. You’ve got to assume that the Foreign Service at State, generals at the Department of Defense, have that belief. There’s an institutional stability built into the system that can withstand spasms.”

  451. Is NYT trying to find out the optics of running Trump businesses while being president? Have they written about it yet?

  452. 53% of white women voted for Trump.


    Pm, Supposedly, the kids are going to run his businesses. Wink, wink.

  453. Bravo Free, please don’t stay away too long…you are so right, we have to keep up the fight because if we give up, things for all females will be pushed further into the background.

    Hillary’s speech was heartbreaking but full of kindness, emotion and encouragement. She did not say to let things go, not to ever give up on what is right.

    I will not live to see a woman President of our country, but I will not give up and I will not shut up.

  454. I still don’t understand this. Thank God my co-worker offered to work solo so I could take a vacation day today. I’m still in my pajamas and I had to force myself to eat something just to stop the shaking. My daughters are distraught and my hubby is at work dealing with the market fallout from last night.

    I am still thinking about Israel, but I am also worried about the stability of the region now. Iran is freaked out and I’m worried that they will accelerate their nuclear program in light of the election of a man who wanted to use nukes in Syria. I’m really afraid for my friends and family there but if I were to go there and Israel were wiped off the map at least I would die in an egalitarian democracy.

    I am heartsick.

  455. I´m in shock along with tears.

    Yet, in my heart I think it was best for Hillary in the long run. Her health, her family and the enjoyment of life as well as respect of her integrity.

    The “hateful” ones -out of fear of her, would have never stop with their witch hunt and let her govern and accomplish all those great ideas, projects and dreams. Then call her incompetent, criminal and have impeachment proceedings, etc, etc.

    Hillary has written history, but she has a lot of more history to write in the wide world platform where she is an icon for humanity and respected for her intelligentsia. We’ll be following her steps…

    Plenty of world out there that was hopeful for a better USA, is mourning…

  456. I will never buy another stock again, after reading about those jerks chanting. I hope every trader on Wall Street goes broke. Right-wing hatred of Hillary is like a virulent disease.

  457. What is going to happen to the con artist foundation and business. I see they were more concerned about the Clinton Foundation, but not concerned about his business and his foundation.

  458. julie, same here. sitting with my laptop unable to do much else. I am behind work and need to snap out of this. I have given myself today to mourn so to speak and get a grip by tomorrow. These are things beyond our control. But most of all, media unfairness is what is galling to me. Who needs Russian meddling when we have our own media peddling disinformation?

  459. There is talk today about winning back the Trump voters. Frankly, cannot stomach belonging to a party that would cater to sexists, racists and bigots. It will be very difficult to woo me over to those types of deplorable people.

  460. The women, Latin Americans, African-Americans, and LGBT people of our country are walking around today with big knives sticking out of their backs, with the handles monogrammed “WL”, for WikiLeaks.

    Wikileakers are in 2016 what Nader voters were in 2000.

    I have come to think the “horseshoe” model of the political spectrum best describes the situation: the Far Right and the Far Left are actually quite close to each other. 😡

    To riff on something William posted earlier: the last time a Republican Presidential candidate won clear, comfortable victories in both the Electoral College and the popular vote was in 1988, when Bush Sr. did it.

  461. William:
    They did not vote for Trump, they voted against Hillary out of hatred. Misogyny at its best…

  462. Correction: At least some of the WikiLeakers may be Putin’s gremlins, rather than merely his useful stooges.

  463. It’s not unusual for white women, especially married white women, to vote for the Republican candidate. That they supported this particular candidate may be surprising though. As the author states, they clearly made a choice to identify with white privilege rather than identify with the marginalized. They are deluded, of course.

    Wall St. traders chanting, “Lock her up!”? I thought she was so cozy with Wall St. Another myth busted.

  464. pm317, on November 9, 2016 at 11:49 AM
    If I had a pit in stomach in 2008, I have a gaping hole now.

    Same here PM.

    I will not be passive and go off quietly into the night. It’s not my nature. I don’t intend to be silent while the Orange one takes away my fellow citizen’s rights and pushes women into Stepford wives and obedient daughters.

    Trump is going to get a piece of my mind every time he shits on someone. I will not stop watching different news sites, I will stay in fight mode until the day I die.

    Yes, half of our country was either angry with Obama/Hillary policies and them in general, but the other half of us voters were betrayed by those that were to apathetic to get their damn asses to the voting booth.

    Yes, the media, FBI and alt right lies also ruined Hillary’s political career.

    ❤ Love you Hillary. ❤

  465. Shadow:
    Glad to hear that fighting spirit…

    “Yes, half of our country was either angry with Obama/Hillary policies and them in general, ” …

    Time will take care for that anger to switch towards the Trump…and it will be a very short time…

  466. I got a few hours sleep, and when I woke up I didn’t immediately remember the disaster and was thinking of what I needed to do today, then it hit me & I immediately sank back into the black hole. Hubs took today off and is sound asleep god bless him. Laker woke up in a rage & I’m trying to get him to go back to bed. I feel very bitter and angry and wish I could punish all of the entities that are responsible for this disaster. My little family have to rethink all of our plans now. Poor Hillary and her family. How could every fucking poll be that wrong? I still wonder if this was hacked somehow. Hacking seems to have been the main feature throughout this election.

  467. socal:
    You mentioned hacking, at the polls or the voting booth?

  468. From Hillary’s speech this morning:

    “We must accept this result and then look to the future. Donald Trump is going to be our president. We owe him an open mind and the chance to lead,” Clinton said in a brief concession speech at the New Yorker Hotel in Manhattan.”


  469. pm317, on November 9, 2016 at 1:10 PM said:
    I can’t bring myself to listen to Hillary’s speech this morning. How was she?

    She was wonderful. She fought back the tears, she was our Hillary and she spoke from the heart.

  470. spilt milk, wipe up, keeping going…remember that democracy is not a given; it is, has been and always will be a process…keep going, stand together, don’t look back, every monent is a new beginning … and no regrets

  471. bellecat, in the voting precincts I guess. I don’t trust rethugs. Remember when Gore and Kerry lost and trash bags full of dem ballots ended up in dumpsters and Bush won Ohio thanks to Diebold. I get it that we were all betrayed by the media and the mf’ers that voted for Stein & Johnson, but all of the polls being dead wrong?!? Can’t buy it.

  472. oops, sorry for the double entry

  473. William

    ” So while his words still inspire, one seriously wonders if the good guys still have the heart and the wherewithal to fight back against what we are facing.”

    Isn’t what’s right, worth fighting for…over and over again?

    To me, this isn’t even a question. If Hillary had felt this way, she would have never ran and never kept going.

  474. It is sad seeing the young women in Hillary’s audience crying their eyes out during the speech.

  475. 53% of white women voted for Trump.

    No shock there, these (mainly) less educated women are married to the men that voted for Trump.

    These are the same women that didn’t think groping was that big of a deal.

  476. I’m also really sick of the electoral college, which seems totally archaic.

  477. Laker says there are a lot of protests going on. He showed me video of them on his Facebook page. Protestors marching and chanting Fuck Donald Trump, burning effigies of him and the flag. I know there was one in Oakland last night. Looks like we really are going back to the 60s.

  478. bellecat, on November 9, 2016 at 2:05 PM

    Well said, bellecat!

    I also think Hillary and Bill will live longer now…the only upside I see to this travesty.

  479. socalannie, I saw a tweet last night on @goldietaylor ‘s twitter TL something about missing ballots in NC, having x number for voted and y number of actual ballots. I don’t want to repeat numbers from memory but they were sizeable. Now I try to look at Goldie’s TL, it is all fucked up. It is only loading one tweet and on my iphone in the likes, I could not find that tweet I saw last night. As my gardener said, this buffoon plays dirty. Anything is possible. Since in fact, they repeatedly did what they accused Hillary and Dems of, in this instance rigging, I would not be surprised if poll workers were bought off in certain precincts in swing states. The Nevada court case was getting their hands on poll worker identities from Friday during early voting. Why?

  480. socal @3:18pm
    You are making a very good point…how can the polls be so wrong? start questioning the precinct booths would be the way to attack…

    Down here in Austin TX, the whole mood is somber, quiet and low traffic. Those that I’ve talked to -even for business, are in shock and wonder what happened…

    Overseas relatives are the same; in shock and wondering how…

  481. Just saying … I am here. Nothing positive to spin from this. I just feel completely devastated.

    Going to use the same strategy I used to cope with 8 years of GW Bush. I will avoid all sight and sound of him.

  482. The alt left thinks Hillary was a flawed candidate and are looking for someone who is further left and “clean,” What a joke.

    As if Bernie Sanders could have captured the Presidency because he had who voting for him? He lost the primary by a lot. He is not the answer to Trump.

  483. Annie, do you remember that last night, before the votes were counted, Trump said, “It will be interesting.” That is a rather strange phrase, I think. I do wonder indeed if he was aware of something being done is his favor.

    Shadowfax, of course you are right that one must never give up. But it gets to be more difficult. when the same thing keeps happening, for mostly the same reasons.

  484. There is talk today about winning back the Trump voters

    These voters are now part of the alt right, like it or not, they are Republican’s that I will not waste my breath on. Win them back to what?

  485. britgirls, I did the same with Bush and then Obama. Practice makes perfect.

  486. This just in:

    Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta made it clear that the campaign is still fighting.

    Speaking to supporters at the Javits Center in Manhattan at just after 2 a.m. on Wednesday, Podesta assured them that Hillary Clinton is “not done yet.”

    “We are so proud of her,” he said. “She’s done an amazing job.”

    Podesta acknowledged it had been a long night but added, “We can wait a little longer, can’t we?”

    “They’re still counting votes. Every vote should count. Several states are too close to call. So we’re not going to have anything more to say tonight,” he said.
    Presidential Election Results: How the Candidates Are Faring in 2016
    Somber Mood Among Clinton Staffers as Election Results Come In

    He urged those at the event to “head home” and “get some sleep,” as the campaign would not be making any further announcements.

    Your thoughts…

  487. I don’t know why I @goldietaylor’s twitter account is not loading. Maybe hacked?

  488. 7 million less Dems than from 2012 voted. How much of it was voter suppression, intimidation, closing polling places…

  489. He is hailed as a nightmare worldwide. That ought to make him and his supporters happy.

  490. Fuck the Alt-Left. THEY are flawed. Not even 24 hours and they are already kicking her to the curb. They can woe anybody back they want. They lost me by ruining my party. They shoved her to the left abyss. No better than the right abyss. Sickening. They should all move to fucking Cuba and the alt-Right should all move to Russia.

    Let’s see how America works out for those Bernie morons now.

  491. Oh let’s not drag this on, please. Next thing I will be hearing is “Impeachment”. We’ve been “Impeaching” every G’Damned President for decades. It’ over. Let him fall on his own petard. I’m sure he will. The best we can hope for is he doesn’t get us all blown up.

    Meanwhile, he owns the house, he owns the senate and he owns the FBI. That Trump U suit will be “settled” “quietly”. He can ruin their lives and he’ll be sure to let them know he can.

  492. wow, click on and read her comments on this thread about alt-right online radicalization:

  493. So the Bernie bros think the way to defeat a shady candidate who won’t release his taxes or his financial statement is to nominate another shady candidate who won’t release his taxes or financials. Got it!

  494. Upps, he’s not going to be impeached because Republicans control both houses. Anyone saying “impeachment” is just showing their complete ignorance of our govt.

  495. islander, on November 9, 2016 at 3:34 PM

    This loss is more than split milk to most of us here, but to keep on fighting is imperative to obtain human rights for all of our people.

    Thanks for the heads up on Iron Jawed Angels…I will watch it today as a boost out of this emotional black hole I am standing in.

  496. Uppity, Hillary does not owe those alt-left mfers anything. She rose to the challenge and ran a fine campaign against a vulgar, indecent, con, fraud candidate and would have given these mfers a competent administration without a disaster.

  497. ?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw

  498. 9/11…Never Forget

    11/9…Never Forgive

  499. Shadow @ 3:54 “There is talk today about winning back the Trump voters”

    Yeah, I saw that too. What the hell does that even mean? If the Trump voters are waiting for any type of validation, sympathy, or understanding from me, they’ll be waiting till they drop dead.

    As far as the Dem party “winning back” Trump voters, maybe they should focus on winning back all of their own party first. (Isn’t this a lovely state of affairs? That so many thousands of liberals voted against the liberal?) Does the Dem party really want these religious extremists, racists, misogynists, and other assorted lowlifes “back”? I’d rather see the West Coast and the Northeast secede and form their own America, than buddy up with so called Americans who side with the KKK and Russia.

  500. Read this; profile of a Trump supporter and there is no economic anxiety here but pure entitlement and sexist and racist attitude:

  501. William –

    Shadowfax, of course you are right that one must never give up. But it gets to be more difficult. when the same thing keeps happening, for mostly the same reasons.

    Giving up to injustice, lies, corruption and taking away our rights is not an option.

    Over and over again, destroying Hillary’s political career…all these are beyond horrible, but giving up is letting them win, continuing to win and accepting this big basket of discrimination and dysfunction.

    I don’t have the answer as to how to make this work for our country, but being silent isn’t one of them in my book.

    I don’t like putting my personal life out there but…I have been beaten, raped and someone tried to kill me and unless I gave a last second, powerful kick to unmentioned crotch…I would not be alive today. Fighting back is in my nature, survival is in our nature, doing what is right for the betterment of all is in our nature, that is why Hillary is our champion.

    It’s okay to take time off, to grieve, to cry, to try and cope. We all need it, but the day will come when it’s time to take charge again and I hope all of us prop each other up when that time comes.

    Stronger together.

    Love you all. ❤

  502. Luna @ 4:37, that is truly shocking to see that map.

    Voting @ 4:38, yep.

  503. What in the world is this?

  504. Didn’t Omarosa also signal that Trump was waiting to become president so that everybody could bow to him…

  505. OMG! Chomsky in 2010

  506. If you want a distraction for awhile, here is the link to the Iron Jawed Angels on youtube, it’s about Alice Paul.

    You might want to copy the link into your url instead of watching it through Upps site…, or just click on the ‘Youtube’ icon box inside the video to go to youtube directly. Hopefully by watching it on Youtube, we will not slow down the blog.

    Thanks Islander.

  507. This talk of winning back Trump voters is more complex than it really is. Especially now that they have their own in the WH who can make or undo laws that advanced this country despite the Trump voters like of the past. Read the thread.

  508. It is so sad that our country lost the opportunity to have an amazingly talented, highly intelligent yet caring person who is willing to do the hard work of being the President, mostly because it did not fit the MSM and the liberal establishment’s idea how that person should look like or behave. I am too much in shock to think clearly now.

  509. Socalannie and William, look at this:

  510. Good read, but I think Hillary will emerge again on the public stage in a personal and fulfilling way. She’s higly regarded the world over.

    “A Muted Farewell to Hillary Clinton”
    by Michael Tomasky


  511. Trump always seemed confident in this race. One could chalk it up to bravado, but very possibly he knew something. When he was trailing in every PA poll by 5-10 points, he kept saying that he knew he would win PA, and the only way he wouldn’t was rigging. We know that he always projects everything he is doing onto his opponents and rivals. Also, as I mentioned above, that comment yesterday about, “It will be interesting,” seemed very strange. With everything that is going on in this this country, why would anyone really doubt that the Russians or anyone else on that side, would hack the voting machines? Most unfortunately, the story will likely go nowhere, as these always do. But polls are usually not off by 4-5 points in battleground states which are heavily polled. And yet we had that in PA, MI, WI (best poll in state had her up six points with two days left), and VA. In fact, the only state where Hillary exceeded her poll numbers, was NV. Given different deographics in various states, this seems very unusual. What kind of country do we live in?

  512. trixta, Hillary and Bill’s work is not done. from what I am picking up on twitter about how Trump won, who his supporters are, and what he might do, we will need leadership for counter measures. Democrats better be ready to lead us out of chaos. As one tweet I saw said, he will probably give the policy hat to Pence or some other cruel republican to undo all the things that have been done over the decades.

  513. well, they were told to hide their Trump support and I read on Althouse yesterday morning where she was fantasizing about what if there really was a hidden Trump vote. So there is that to screw the polls. The odd thing about NV was that they brought that suit which went nowhere and it looked like they had no control over there and wanted to gain it somehow esp about poll workers. Was that suit a tell?

  514. William, very good points.

  515. Uppity – I would so like to chime in some time to your wonderful group of kindred souls (for me). But I would feel more comfortable if I could use some kind of alias like most of you do, such as, lucyk. Is that possible? Lucy

  516. “Hillary and Bill’s work is not done.”

    I agree pm. About that suit in Nevada, perhaps it was a distraction to hide other shenanigans elsewhere. Who knows? What we do know is that Johnson and Stein took precious votes away from Hillary, especially in WI and MI.


  517. Pm317, and Annie, I think there might be something to this. But I know that the media never picks these up, they always attribute it to losers complaining. But given the massive Russian hacking this year, and the warning by various agencies that there might be major hacking of voting machines, the story should be considered. But who would somehow get it out to the mainstream media? I’ve seen many elections and polls; and while they sometimes are off, this major systematic error in various state polls of different states, seems very unusual.

  518. Just a thought: It probably wasn’t the greatest idea for the Obama administration to let people know- a week or so before the election-that they were facing steep hikes for their ACA coverage.

  519. William, I don’t think it was the hacking of the voting machines. I think poll workers in heavily republican or democrat precincts were compromised. That is my hunch. Nevada is that is why a tell.

  520. I work somewhere with a huge population. I didn’t want to deal with working so I just didn’t go.

    Today I have received lots of emails from people I work for, words of sorrow and support for Hillary and what she stood for, and lots of emails from high up that I have never met, words of encouragement, a pledge to support our values and sharing the shock and pain we are all going though.

    Hillary is right, stronger together.

  521. Sue, you are so right, and I’m glad you mentioned that. Just terrible timing. Raise isn’t for most, but the media didn’t tell people that. Republicans always play politics, but Democrats don’t do so enough.

    I wonder if I’ll ever get rid of the feeling that we had this wonderful party to look forward to for four years or more; and then at the last minute, evil forces snatched it all away; no presents, no cake, no excitement; just endless dreariness and fear. Of course there are other parts to life, but this was something I wanted very, very much. It’s hard for me to imagine that I’ll ever closely follow an election again, though of course I’ll care, and vote. Hillary was our best, the best we’ll ever see.

  522. Shadow, the way I have come to terms with this is that Hillary does not owe us and those mfers anything. She rose to the challenge and volunteered her time, intellect, and health to serve this country and they are not lucky to have her. It is their loss. She is a winner in my books no matter what. He is a tainted winner who needs to appear in court on Nov. 28 defending his fraudulent Trump Univ ops.

  523. pm317:
    “tainted winner” is an understatement…

  524. Strange, I still can’t see all of Goldie Taylor’s tweets. does she know?

  525. Just an awful evening last night that faded into morning as I finally slept from 6am- 10am and headed to work . I own my own firm, so I closed my doors and really did nothing all day. My relatives, who supported Trump invited me to a victory at a fancy steakhouse as “reaching out”. I politely declined (my relatives are worth millions of dollars so Trump’s vote was not limited to the working class white guys only). They simply hate Hillary. I am tired, depressed, and not feeling well.

  526. Shadow:

    Yes, stronger together…

    We are gonna have to fight to preserve our democracy with this dangerous republican stronghold…
    There’s so much at stake…

  527. jbstonefan:

    Don’t feel lonely…
    I did not sleep all night long…and been teary all day long…

  528. I am disgusted with half of America that voted for the lying,vulgar POS who knows nothing about how to run this country.
    AND I want to say Thank You Hillary- for fighting so hard and at such a cost- to try and improve our lives.
    Uppity women, our job is not done……..together we fight!

  529. Yesterday fear,anger and ignorance won the day;we’ll see how they govern.

    Given Trump’s ADD,I’m agreeing that we have about 6 months before Trump resigns or finds himself in trouble for either Trump U. or the rape trial that’s pending. Evangelicals felt that voting for Trump was God’s way of insuring that Mike Pence became president. Trump was only interested in winning;he’ll quickly lose interest in governing.

    Take heart,all,we still have enough Dems and Inds in the Senate to block votes that require a super majority ( Like Supreme Court Justices), Also remember that repubs have a long and glorious history of overplaying their hands. Currently they’re giddy w/power..but mess w/Medicare ,social security or voting out ACA w/out a replacement..the shit will rain down upon them. Pray daily that our Supreme Court justices can survive long enough for the mid-term elections..by which time even the Trump voters will have figured out their big mistake.

    I hope Hillary takes a nice long vacation at a spa of her choice. I hope she can feel herself surrounded by our love,gratitude and respect.. and that that lifts her up.

    Let’s all take a spa day..then go make the Repubs lives a living Hell( Sorry,having trouble w/ the whole..” give them a chance” thing. Been there,done that,didn’t even get a lousy t-shirt) Anyone else hearing Donna Sommers singing ” I Will Survive” ?

  530. For a portrait of the Trumpster Family:
    Donald Trumpster = Herman Munster
    Melania Trumpster = Lily Munster
    Ivanka Trumpster = Marilyn Munster
    Baron Trumpster = Eddie Munster
    Grandpa = VP Pence
    msm = enabling msm

    The Munster Family Portrait

  531. “…the alt-Right should all move to Russia.”–Uppity

    Russia has become the global nexus of white nationalism (aka the alt-Right). To advance Russia’s interests, Putin has made a point of supporting white nationalist movements in many European countries; the election of Trump may be Putin’s crowning success.

    “American” alt-Rightists fawn over Russia now, when the older ones, and the ancestors of the younger ones, despised Russia as the global nexus of Communist tyranny. One gets the distinct impression that if the Commies had embraced white supremacism, Communism could have become popular and an unholy hybrid Kommie Klan could have taken over in the USA. 👿

  532. Stick around Msdsal…
    we have a lot of work and fight to do just around the corner…
    and bring loads of that shit rain, so we can dump it upon them together…

  533. No working class people but white wealthy suburban:

  534. Democrat congress people should stop saying working class voters voted for Trump; no they didn’t.

  535. Probably, some of those working class voters were given a little $$ incentive to cast the vote for Brutus the Trump…a la third world style.
    Very Suave arm twisting…

  536. The average income for tRump’s voters was $72,000, according to some reporting.

  537. This is how Trump won Wisconsin. There was a story of an Indian origin woman (US citizen for since when she came to this country as a child) who could not produce their ‘strict’ ID and denied registration. I can easily see the strict voter ID restrictions affecting immigrants and minorities who heavily vote democratic.

  538. Prez-elect Kim Jong Orange has picked up an appropriate foreign endorsement:


  539. ‘Let’s all take a spa day..then go make the Repubs lives a living hell. […] Anyone else hearing Donna Sommers singing ” I Will Survive” ?’

    We will survive indeed, Msdsal! I think we should all make it a habit of tweeting tRump in the wee hours of the morning once he’s in the WH…get under his thin, orange skin. On a lighter note, The First Family Trumpsters (and creepy extended family) will be a gold mine for comedians for the next four years. I’m looking forward to that.

  540. Awww, I didn’t realize that was dated.

  541. trixta, yeah, see VotingHillary, on November 9, 2016 at 6:49 PM

    Trump won $50,000+

  542. Protest in NYC over Trump getting elected (seen on Sophie’s TL)

  543. Upps, so now we have all these college protests. I would love to know how many of these students actually voted.

  544. You know this white supremecist/alt-right connection to Trump — that happened quite early. Remember him crowing about how he brought new voters into the Republican party during the primary. There was a plan to go after alt-right young males from the get-go. Kind of like Obama tapped into the young people at universities. See the thread below. I heard comments to the effect on Althouse which is not a rabidly right wing site. But even there you would see these them. They are sexist and misogynistic which is why Trump’s behavior toward Hillary never bothered them. The way he treated her in the debates only elevated him in their view. This is all very sick.

  545. Jeeze, I still can’t believe it. I feel like I am asleep and in the middle of a nightmare.

    I am doing everything I can to distract myself but I slow down for a minute and the tears come.

    I feel so badly for millions of American’s, especially our dear Hillary, and for the reality that women will not have such a champion, at least in my life time. There will never be any politician that I will admire as much as HER.

  546. Interesting, massive protests against Trump in all big cities.

  547. So glad to see protests happening in NYC, etc. Hillary won the popular vote after all, so there’s no mandate to speak of in this election.

    Yes, indeed pm. His voters make $50,000+.

  548. Trump win sparks student walkouts and angry protests across California


  549. whoa, look at the dudes in this picture. Trump supporters. They don’t look like working class to me but they sure look like online radicalized alt-right to me.

  550. MSDSAL, the rape case was dropped more than a week ago. Personally, I got the distinct feeling that Lisa Bloom is full of shit. I will never trust anything she says again.

    The Trump U case will never see a courtroom. It will be “settled” quietly. Donald Trump is the incoming President of The United States, he could make those claimants’ lives living hell. I am sure his thugs will pay them a visit very soon. It’s Not gonna happen.

  551. “Hillary Clinton is the Ultimate Survivor”
    by Melissa Jeltsen


  552. Uppity, agree. That case will never see daylight again.

  553. pm317 @ 9:27pm
    Great reporting…keep them coming and make them viral…
    let’s expose how many of incidents like this one are all over the country.

  554. I’m not fighting anything. I’ll just sit and watch. There’s not much anyone can do when the Republican party owns the WH, the Senate and the House, and the SCOTUS. Fortunately for me, none of this will change a thing in my life, but I am going to enjoy what is done to the Millennials who were self-impressed, self-indulgent and self-defeating on election day. I look forward to telling the ones I have argued with in Twitter to call Jill Stein and ask her to spray paint something for them. The way I see it is, if you voted for the woman who thinks she invented trees or the guy who is forever looking for ways to put weed in an IV drip, they helped to elect Donald J. Trump. Now they can get to enjoy their nightmare SCOTUS from hell for the next 30 years or so. Today’s wom an situation is what you get when you change the definition of Feminism so as to avoid hurting men’s Fee Fees. Millennials have normalized horrible behavior in men, so it’s now theirs to deal with.

    My college degrees are long paid for, the old fashioned way and I will never be pregnant, if I did get pregnant I would name the baby “Surprise”. So let THEM fight for Roe V Wade. It’s about time they did their own work. I gave years ago at the office so to speak and they let their rights be destroyed with their complacency and attitude. Those girls don’t want to break a fingernail and the white frat boys couldn’t care less. Also, the rape culture on campus will get worse. Not my problem. Hillary would have made a difference there. It’s all their hard luck, so boo hoo to them, let them fight for their rights to be human again. I’m not lifting a finger for the Millennials. It’s their greed and entitled behavior ala Bernie that forced Hillary so left even I secretly balked.

    As for Bernie, he will be the same ineffective senator he’s always been; fighting with everyone and tilting at socialist windmills. He’s going to be as much help to them as a screen door in a submarine. He has no power. All he and Saint Liz can do is complain and yell a lot now.

    And their plan for health care is a disaster waiting to happen. Again, not my problem. I’m not on the exchange. I pay thru the nose for real health care because I know how important it is to my lifeline. If I couldn’t afford it, I’d be dead.

    One more item of concern: If Donald Trump were removed from office for ANY reason, the result would be a religious zealot named Mike Pence, who will interject his religious obsessions straight into your life. And you know what religious zealotry always does to women.

  555. so Upps:
    We got a white(y) Al Capone in the White House…?

  556. Well Upps, you have again a very strong point…
    The millennials (precious ones) that have taken everything for granted…and mock feminism and yes, they are quite the misogynist kind…
    Yet, we still have to fight to protect Medicare and Social Security…

  557. My campus (and city, I live in NYC), had a protest and a high level of voter engagement. I think no one in my ‘bubble’ considered T*ump wining an actual possibility, with how excited our peers were. Everyone knew how important the election was for minorities and women. Several of my friends requested absentee ballots.

    A map was shown of how millenials voted. If only people whose votes, 18-25 counted, Hillary would’ve had at least 503 electoral votes. Now, the question was, how many white 18-25s vs PoC 18-25s were out there. Most shocking for me was how 53% of white women voted for Trump. No self respect at all. Now, around 47% of the electorate did not vote, and it is likely that a number of millenials were among them, which is depressing. I don’t know what to say.

    One of my professors, a very talented researcher, who had repeatedly emphasized the importance of respect and dignity was upset enough that she cancelled class today. My whole university (BO’s alma mater) is hosting discussions for the impact of the election.

    I read an article summarizing the economic impact of a Trump presidency, and it’s evident that it’ll be an utter disaster for the fools stupid enough to vote for him. I have a hard time feeling sorry for them, forgive me. These people felt that some flimsy promise offered by an orange charlatan was worth more than the guaranteed suffering of countless communities of color, the LGBT community, and of course women. They are that selfish and hateful.

    I have an incredibly hard time feeling sorry for them when increased deregulation in Wall Street leads to even more financial crises and potentially, jobs being shipped away. It’s the byproduct of a society in which all we care about is our bottom line. And frankly, yeah, I’d like to see Trump start his protectionist trade garbage and watch as the morons start screaming about how expensive everything at Walmart has become.

    This is what galls me – they scream that they are oppressed and downtrodden, when they really are not. They gained plenty under Obama, most make more than the average family, and they are clearly overrepresented in media, the legislative bodies, and various other faculties, and yet they scream! For them, oppression is everyone else having a fair chance to succeed and beating them. These are people who think they are entitled to a great job with zero skills. The world has changed. Europe is not in shambles. People in Asia want their slice of success. If Trump puts on his anti-trade cap, then everyone else will retaliate and exports will decline. Hillary knew this, and wanted people to transition to higher end manufacturing and skilled labour. What the hell is Trump going to do? Sit on his fat *** and make factories spring up from the ground?

    I have such a hard time being told to listen to their f***ing tears when so many people around me, hell, I, are terrified that a Trump presidency is going to give crazies carte blanche for gross hate crimes against people like us. They are celebrating this, feeling that, oh, they sure showed ‘them.’ F*** their narrowmindedness, their racism, and their idiocy. Not only am I a WoC and an immigrant, I’m also someone Mike Pence would like to use conversion therapy on. I despair, my friends despair, that we work so hard to do well at our university and contribute to society – I am studying to become a physician and researcher, my friends want to start businesses, some work in interfaith dialogue, some work on developing clean energy technologies etc. etc. – and America shows that it hates us, because of our different skin colour or where our parents were born or whatever. It’s impossible to feel wanted now.

  558. Wow, that was quite a rant. Please feel free to ignore it. I had to get it off my chest.

  559. Rants are welcome, neuro. Hell I did one right before yours.

  560. I will never be pregnant, if I did get pregnant I would name the baby “Surprise”.

    LOL, this is what I love about your writing, wish you do more of it here.

    oh about the rape culture on campus, the alt-right bros (they even have STEM degrees apparently where there are not many women) think rape is a liberal concept concocted by the liberals on campus. They feel they are entitled to grabbing pussies just like Trump if they want to. There were commenters like that on Althouse (encouraged by Althouse herself calling the rape culture was giving too much importance to the victim who may after all be lying) and I didn’t notice that these were alt-right anti liberal ideas. I am connecting a lot of dots today.

  561. Belle I added this addendum to my comment, worth considering.

    One more item of concern: If Donald Trump were removed from office for ANY reason, the result would be a religious zealot named Mike Pence, who will interject his religious obsessions straight into your life. And you know what religious zealotry always does to women.

    They will privatize medicare and kill off as many seniors as possible, their own parents notwithstanding, of course. They’ve been dying to do it and they will. They will give seniors shit and call it ice cream. Ditto for Social Security. I was shocked at the percentage of elderly people who voted for him. It should have been Zero. Because the senate and house will be handing him that bill straightaway. They’ve been chomping at the bit to give that to Wall Street so they can ream the elderly one more time.

    I would bet bucks that they will do the same thing to the next group of seniors as soon as SS gets privatized. Gambling with a lifeline insurance policy against old age. What could possibly go wrong??? They will pull a 2008 again.

  562. Also I will add, as it has probably been said before, all of the cities with protests are ones that went overwhelmingly for Hillary. They didn’t fuck up. PoC could have turned out more and been better, but they didn’t drop the ball entirely. Nevada pulled through. Virginia pulled through. The number of racist rural people was just insurmountable.

    Admittedly, there were a few idiots on my facebook feed who were going on blah blah about how “PoC don’t need to vote for an imperialist, both choices are bad,” – I blocked them immediately, but I checked his page today, and of course he was crying about Trump. He’s from Michigan. Ha, f*******, Ha. This other dumb girl, also from Michigan said she wouldn’t vote and went to Australia instead. What a grand joke.

    You know, I think there’s a grain of truth in millenial complacency. We were indeed blessed that so many achievements had been made, but instead of being grateful to the older people who fought ahead of us, and working to expand their vision, we instead complained about it and offered pages of thinkpieces and other nonsense instead. Look, I freely admit that there were problems in previous ideologies, but there are constructive ways to build, and nonconstructive. Complaining about, how, I don’t know, gay marriage advocates were primarily white men instead of working to promote women and minorities instead is stupid. There are a lot of instances like that.

    Anyone I knew of sense, including countless Asian-Americans and other groups, went out of their way to canvass, to vote, volunteered with the campaign because we knew how badly we’d get f**ked with a Trump presidency. Even if there wasn’t total agreement on everything, we know that we need to build on something, not get dragged back to the 1950s. Those Jill Stein people can all choke on their stupid protest votes. Of course, the idiots blathering on and on about how trash HRC was are the ones who sit around writing stupid pieces for the school newspaper, while the people involved in volunteering, productive activism, and policy, were the ones who volunteered for the campaign and voted.

  563. Neurotransmitter, great comment. Good luck to you. We will be fine and will make it fine. The protests all over today gives me hope that we as a country will not take this white supremacist neanderthal thing lying down.

  564. Interesting, massive protests against Trump in all big cities.

    Protest time would have been Election Day. In one way it was, their protest votes got Trump Florida. So now they want to protest. Brilliant.

  565. You all know the stocks for private prisons went up today (I think that is when the floor traders chanted lock her up), the first thing. Hillary was going to close private prisons. The very concept is disgusting that it should be privatized and there have been horror stories about increase in incarceration to make money off of it. Hillary was going to shut them down.

  566. I sorry,but I still blame Sanders and the left wing zealots of the party. Even tonight, you have these liberal pundits (sans a few) dismissing Hillary as the wrong candidate. And I can’t stand that Meghn Kelly…a real self-promoter who is anti-Hillary but tries to come off as a strong, independent woman.She sickens me.
    I have no real station to watch…that blonde pixie on CNN is infuriating and Van Jones never was a HIllary fan. We had the worst spokes people on TV for Hillary. So f— pissed.

  567. Uppity, agree. But these may be people who voted. Protesting the protest/Trump voters and the election outcome :).

  568. jbstonesfan, lay off TV. Media is not our friend, repeat after me, media is not friend.

  569. I don’t think the protestors are all people who voted, but probably some are. So many sanctimonious ninnies out there. I saw a girl from HS writing that Sanders got cheated and would’ve been better. He lost by 4 million votes! Honestly, if he was chosen, it’s unlikely he would’ve gotten anywhere near what Hillary got from the AA, Latinx and other groups in the general. He didn’t appeal to the base, fair and square, and he helped start up some of Trump’s attack points. Those Bernie-busters, if they still exist, should go choke.

    They spent way too much time – the media and the Bernie bros – crapping on HRC while ignoring or supporting the orange menace for ratings. I hope it bites them in the face, hard, so they relearn what integrity is. Maybe only russian papers getting credentials will teach the loathsome Maureen Dowd and NYT something.

  570. I have nothing nice to say about Bernie or his crappy fan club.

    And yes–every pic or piece of footage I see of the massive crowds at these protests, I do wonder if they all showed up to vote yesterday.

  571. Gang, Samantha Bee is on now….

  572. Rants, tears and cuss words are good for healing. May as well get used to it, we have at least four long years of the p@ssygrabber to deal with.

    I honesty can’t think of one Democrat that will be able to knock his nasty ass off of his purch in four years…not one.

    Hopefully he will shoot himself in the foot often enough to get pushed out.

  573. Sarah Kindzior has been predicting violence, clashes and such. Will those alt-right bros come out of the shadows to clash with these protesters?

  574. These protests are in states where Hillary won. So my guess would be that these are people who voted. But I also despise that old man Bernie and what he wrought.

  575. Shadow, I doubt that he will be easily pushed out. This is the new face of GOP, new coalition.

  576. Shadow, I doubt that he will be easily pushed out. This is the new face of GOP, new coalition.

    Yes. The White Nationalist Party.

  577. Wow the protest in NYC was big. Like I said before, nobody knows Donald J. Trump the grifter flim-flam man like NY City.

  578. You’re right on point, Sophie, Bernie did a lot of damage to Hillary and convinced a good chunk of his followers to carry on, not only that, but he gave Trump grist for his mill. I have no use for the old man. I never did like his socialism. I wish him nothing good.

  579. Bernie and his surrogates like Nina Turner hurt Hillary immensely.

  580. Right now, Hillary has more than a quarter of a million votes more than SquirrelHead does, and they are still counting votes from CA and other Dem leaning states.

  581. Jeffrey Toobin on CNN thinks Trump will seek indictment of Hillary…

  582. Industry, party figures mix with Trump loyalists for cabinet picks
    EPA, Energy, Interior, and Health and Human Services would all see radical change.


  583. This has felt very surreal. I appreciate all the postings and supportive atmosphere. The Democratic Party has a lot of work to do and their leadership needs to include more POC, so that the party can be more inclusive. Perhaps, the new chair of the DNC can be a POC. Who is the head of the party? Obama? Schumer? I think Clinton is finished .

    I read an article that Chaffetz is going to continue his investigations into the e-mail server issue. It is never going to end. If Guiliani is appointed AG, he may try to indict her. The potential cabinet appointments are scary. I heard Pailin may be in the mix for Interior Secretary.

  584. jb
    Jeffrey Toobin on CNN thinks Trump will seek indictment of Hillary…


    Someone will punish him if he tries this. I will pray for it.

  585. BTW, do not go to any movie or watch any TV show that has Susan Sarandon in it. Bitch at her with your $$$.

  586. Oh, and let L’Oreal know you are boycotting their product re: Sarandon spokesperson.

  587. Never liked her. Glad her ex voted for Hillary. As a male I can’t understand how many women really hate Hillary. Jealousy of a independent woman who can do it all.

  588. BTW, mods/Upp..we desperately need a new thread..just title it “Bitch Away” and make it an open thread…….PLEASE??? Giving sad puppy/kitty eyes…

  589. Sarandon does L’Oreal? It doesn’t work for her. She looks like the old drunk that she is.

    I saw a tweet to her that asked her how that scorched earth think looks to her now.

  590. If the Trump regime tries to hold a showtrial of HRC, it will backfire–“bigly”. But this is what fascist regimes do. So it would be no surprise.

  591. If Trump really intends to have Giuliani indict and try to jail Hillary, then we might all want to try to get out of here. I know it is hard to immigrate to another country. But this is the kind of thing that a true fascist does, or an African strongman; jail or execute his opponent for revenge and show. It would be a clear sign that Trump will be installing a Nazi-like regime here, at which time no one will be safe.

  592. Personally I don’t think Trump will touch Hillary. I think Chaffetz will try it. I’m sure he’s got plenty of skeletons. He’s a scheeve. If anybody wants to take blame for Benghazi it’s him.

  593. Brassy Rebel, I had not seen your post when I was writing mine. I completely agree, and also with your post above. This is a very frightening situation for all. And history shows that unless it is realized immediately, it often becomes too late to stop.

  594. please new post.
    This one keeps jumping to square one.
    That has never happened before
    Sweet Suee

  595. Please, one more company to boycott:

  596. VotingHillary, on November 10, 2016 at 2:05 AM said:

    Please, one more company to boycott:

    Thanks, Voting. I really was just about to spend some of my very limited income on a high-priced pair of the runners. They’re the ones that baby my feet and elderly knees the most.

    No more.

    Thanks, Voting

  597. Nuts, shouldn’t post here anyway. Please disregard leftover text at bottom of comment.

  598. Just breaks my heart:

  599. I love seeing all the protests. Let trump, his skanky wife and horrible offspring see how much hate they’ve created, and that they are now its main target.

  600. Voting, I saw that! Broke my heart also. Poor thing. Poor all of us actually. A lot of us will probably not live to see a woman president now.

  601. Earlynerd, I love comfort shoes also. My husband likes New Balance, but he ain’t getting them now!

  602. I heard on twitter that Obama could pardon Hillary for the email and then the rethugs couldn’t go after her?!? Is that possible?

  603. Voting, Early Nerd–why boycott Nike?

  604. Rigging in plain view and perfectly legal. This is Wisconsin. NC had hundred fewer polling places in specifically Dem areas.

  605. Voting @ 3:07

    I was at a hospice yesterday and one of the volunteers talked about how devastated her 94 year old mom was at the election outcome. She and all the female residents of her assisted living community had watched the results wearing white for the suffragettes.

    Just the thought of their disappointment crushed me.

    Did you read Garrison Keillor’s take? Heirloom tomatoes and a nice long walk to smell the roses sound good right about now.


  606. Can she be pardoned even if she hasn’t been charged or convicted of a crime?

  607. Presidential pardoning power “extends to every offense known to the law,” other than impeachment, “and may be exercised at any time after its commission, either before legal proceedings are taken, or during their pendency, or after conviction and judgment.”

    Thus, before being indicted or convicted, you can be pardoned in the U.S.

    President Ford’s pardoning of President Nixon occurred without Mr. Nixon ever being indicted for a crime.

  608. Well, the deplorables and the dupes will get the government, economy, society, and ecology which they deserve.

    The problem with that is that those of us who deserve better ALSO will get what the deplorables and dupes deserve. 😡

  609. The scandals that will engulf a Trump Presidency will make previous scandals look like a fly hitting a truck. I hope they finally do their job and look into his taxes, his business interests. It is very necessary. Congress is going to be busy.


  610. Britgirls: liked the Keillor piece. Thought it interesting that the old men are “optimistic,” but the old ladies, not so much. The embedded Drumpf acceptance speech excerpts were vomit inducing. He doesn’t channel Hillary very well does he?

  611. To be honest, for me the Number One issue for me was to Elect Hillary Clinton as the First Woman President. I don’t suspect I might live long enough to see ANY woman president in this country. Ever. I think long after I am dead, American women will STILL be waiting. What was exposed here was a skewering. 30 years of accusations against the most admired woman in the WORLD, everywhere……except America. Accusations that were more often than not PULLED OUT OF SOMEONE’s ASS. Because Penis. And because Brains. REAL Brains. Brains with an actual heart. But a thread nonetheless because No Penis. And anybody who denies is is just plain full of hot steaming shit. The obvious in this country cannot be hidden. You can’t hand people shit and call it ice cream. And Donald Trump is shit. But still, he has the one thing needed to be In Control. And that one item and its associated hormones is what has RUINED the WORLD. And to top it off, he’s white. He’s SO WHITE, he has to spray paint color on his body.

    This election has exposed the last dirty little secret of the USA…people here are not and NEVER were Equal. And it exposed what those women who lived in Corporate America always know. You don’t have a chance in this country.Period. Oh there are anecdotals, but that is all they are. But in reality, this election portrayed just exactly how much hot steaming White Male Shit a woman has to walk through to even get CLOSE. It’s as simple as that. This is what my country really is. But I must say, I have NEVER seen a woman so denigrated and humiliated as Hillary Clinton. I have NEVER seen so many ludicrous accusations and conspiracy theories thrown against the wall and embraced by the most convoluted of minds. I could list them but they are so obscene and so mentally disturbed that I even find it difficult to write them down. I saw a man get away with the most vile of behavior, get caught having done the very things Hillary is accused of and it was just plain FINE. Because Penis.

    In the past few days, past members of this blog have tried to post here. Some to needle and further milk as much evil as possible, as if there is anymore to squeeze out. Some to offer fake hugs. Amazing.

    All of that having been said, the truth of the matter is, pretty much nothing Trump can or will do will affect my life. I’m pissed, but he can’t hurt me. Much of what I felt, as I already said, had to do with the final dirty little secrets of America’s “Freedom”. I felt for the racism that permeates this country, and it is indeed horrible. As I said awhile back, I had an epiphany about that due to two poignant experiences in my life in the past two years. I don’t share them because they are very personal.

    Truth is, POC suffer immensely in this country due to our blatant racism. I still believe that many Hillary supporters in 2008 really had nothing to do with supporting Hillary and everything to do with ditching the Black Man. This is how I learned that no matter how bad it can get for white women, black women will always have it worse. Two strikes. In America that’s TWO STRIKES. Still, one thing we all have in common is we endure the obvious and we soldier on. Because that’s what we do. We endure. It’s what we do. Living in the USA is much less about freedom and equality than it is about Enduring. This is no longer a theory, it’s been exposed as a fact. So it goes for gays and lesbians. Same deal. And Latinos are suspect, even if they were born here and have contributed their hearts and souls to America.

    This country is NOT a melting pot. It’s a smoldering cauldron of bigotry and hatred, always there to throw somebody who’s “Different” into it.

    All of that having been said, yes I am angry and horrified. But from a practical point of view, Trump can’t hurt me even if he tried.

    So, after this long screed, I want to ask you all: In what ways do you believe that Donald J Trump The Grifter will hurt your way of life, beyond the obvious racism, sexist, misogyny, and bigotry?

    I am really interested to know how you think he will harm you in ways you haven’t already been harmed. Because I see some real pain on this blog right now, and I am not so sure it only has to do with my own reasons mentioned above.

    Talk to me.

    ADDENDUM: Incidentally, those lurkers who are scoffing at anything I just said: All anyone with even a small brain has to do is look at all those Republican guys who were Horrified at things Trump says. Horrified I tell you. Horrified! Horrified enough to denounce him (off and on). These same pieces of shit are now THRILLED he won because now they can proceed to FUCK the very demographics I have mentioned here. He articulated EXACTLY how they felt. So fuck you and your Pretending you aren’t just like they are.

  612. Last night I was listening to Ryan and that relic from Kentucky salivating over the carte Blanche opportunity on the horizon. Sounding deferential to trump, but clearly looking toward an unbridled agenda into the future. No acknowledgement of previous reticence to support the jerk, just “moving forward” with glee. So, trumps presentation of new ideas and a party outsider was all BS- he now appears to be a figurehead for republican business as usual. At least that was my perception. As Louis ck said- if you vote for trump, you’re just a sucker.

  613. Hillary does not need a pardon because SHE HAS NOT BROKEN ANY LAW. If one were offered, I am sure she would not accept it since that would be conceding that she had broken the law. In her speech yesterday, Hillary made the point that we are a nation of laws and we have a constitution which is why she will not fight the results. If the results were reversed, Trump and his thugs would have us in a constitutional crisis right now.

    For Hillary to accept a pardon just to save herself the bother of going through a political show trial, would open the door to more political trials of others who have broken no laws. She would never do that. I am sure her attitude is, if they want to put her on trial politically, BRING IT ON. Others who do not have her resources or connections would be spared. Btw, anyone still wondering why she gave those big bucks speeches as a private citizen, this is the reason. They will never impoverish her and her family again.

  614. Uppity- I fear the privitization of social security and Medicare and even though the ACA is crappy in many ways, if pre-existing conditions underwriting returns, that would be horrible. Also, yesterday I saw the first confederate flag I have ever seen in Cali and it gave me a chill. I fear giving rise to a-holes. Those are just a few of my concerns.

  615. Prolix @ 8:41

    Thanks for the info! That is encouraging news.

  616. Up, you asked a very good question. How can Trump hurt me? My main fear is a fascist police state in which we are all suspect. I am a woman of a certain age, no longer child bearing and VERY politically inconvenient. I have no doubt just seeing the violent, bullying behavior at rallies that these people are capable of horrors on a grand scale–especially when they are in groups. They hinted at gas chambers during the campaign. Sounds nuts, but is it?

    Others, POC, gays, immigrants, and Muslims would be in far more danger than me. But that doesn’t reassure. Trump now has far more power to do evil than he ever had before. And he did plenty before he ever ran for ptesident.

  617. The more and more i think about this is the simple fact is the simple confidence Trumps campaign had it was going to win regardless of what it did, almost as if they did not need to do anything and the result was guaranteed, from not bothering to fundraise, not having any sort of ground game, yet somehow magically turned the right amount of voters, to meticulously just winning a couple of states they needed by small margins, almost like they knew.

    Machines breaking down all over and having paper ballots replacing things..

    There is something decidely smelly about all of this and not just a whiff but a great stink, Clinton turned out voters early and by margins up on 2012 , yet her vote went don 5 million and Trumps was less than Romney, yet somehow just in the right places.

  618. and yes it is time for the electoral college to be consigned to the bin of history, go to on one man one vote. It might make the blue voter in red states turn out more, their vote might matter….or is it all gamed anyway and the result planned for us…….

  619. One of the most significant things, as a counterpoint to the fear, is the loss of opportunity, the loss of hope and expectation, the loss of joy, and the injustice yet again of preventing a supremely qualified person from meeting their full potential.

  620. Well Pluto, like Donnie said, you might as well just cancel this election and give it to me. I’m sure that’s just coincidental.

    As for the electoral college, it’s never going anywhere. It was put there to give a say to small states, and states of otherwise little consequence to states like New York and California. If the electoral college didn’t exist a half dozen states would pick presidents forever. Like it or not, the EC is designed to level the playing field.

    The protesters must pressure members of the Electoral College (which votes in December) We persuade them to realize that we will not accept the Rump as president and that the country will remain in a state of upheaval unless they vote for Hillary.



    How can they be persuaded? How can we prove to them that we will keep the nation in a state of turmoil if they allow this unqualified, unethical and immoral demagog to dominate the white house?
    Protestors must organize—this group contacts that group, they agree to join forces etc until it becomes a national mass movement.

    And what can this movement do besides shout and stop traffic? – watch protest scenes in film “Iron-Jawed Maidens”
    We can create a “GENERAL STRIKE” – see Wikipedia for explanation and history of
    A big enough “general strike” can tie up buses, trains, planes, etc and in masses, people can stop traffic in major cities—especially in DC

    Also flood the media with email, likewise all elected officials everywhere, write letters to local newspapers, etc —FLOOD the media, raid the bullshit blogs

    We can overcome tyranny! Where is the spirit of ’76? the spirit of those who fought for civil rights? the spirit of those who did their best to stop the war in Vietnam?



    We must pressure the Electors: prove to them that the upheaval will go on for years to come if this damned nazi party is allowed to dominate the majority who voted for the preservation of all we have fought for from 1776 to the 21st century!

    And beware of false leaders in the protest movement.

  622. britgirl, more relevant info:

    Experts agree that Obama has the authority to foreclose that possibility by pardoning Clinton for any federal offenses she may have committed or could ever be prosecuted for. And he could do it whether she asks or not.


  623. Not going to happen, Islander. That’s why the gods gave us the National Guard. All this unrest will achieve is a lot of dead people, some of them just bystanders. The People get to use their Power on election day. More than half of eligible voters didn’t even get off their asses to vote. Some of them had early voting opportunities galore.

    We are not a mob rule country. This is something the Bernie people had trouble understanding. People can hang out at Zuccotti park till they have another birthday, their mob does NOT rule. Unless you are a Central American Sandinista. We are a Republic. Hopefully we won’t become a Banana one.

    Hope you still love me. xo

  624. If we know Trump like we know Trump, he will hang himself with his own rope very quickly, scandal after scandal will follow, congress will be busy investigating him and i’m betting he’ll be impeached quickly.. You can be guaranteed Pence will be waiting on it. Pence is waiting to remove Trump behind the scenes, if its not already planned.

  625. Uppity said: “All this unrest will achieve is a lot of dead people, some of them just bystanders”

    —Upps, there were people who said that in 1776, too …they ended up moving to Canada on Brit ships out of New York harbor—but others repeated the last words of a hero “I regret that I have but one life to give for my country” and they built a great nation.

    “We are not a mob rule country.” ………. Who’s talking about mobs? Protesters have made huge differences in this country’s history! Civil disobedience is not mob rule.

    (P.S. I still luv ya—you have your ideas; I have mine. Mostly we agree—when we don’t we can help one another expand our views)

  626. Ok, Rebel and Lil. I’ll just give you my two pennies. THe republicans have been chomping at the bit to privatize SS and Medicare for a lonnnnnnng time. New Gingrich and his silent sidekick Dick Armey have been DYING to do this. I have no doubt they will definitely try both. I also don’t think they will succeed because even Republicans count votes. They aren’t stupid. They whittled at medicare back when Dr. Bill Frist of 3/4 of a billion dollar in medicare fraud penalties worked with the “Missing from Congress” Newt Gingrich to cut services for certain cancers. Newt at the time had already been shamed out of congress, but just happened to be BFFs with the Director of AARP. Later, Frist resigned from the Senate, after it was uncovered that his “Blind TRust” benefited him immensely with respect to the laws he passed. In the end, the result was the biggest tampering of medicare ever. Now Newt has a voice again. If there is additional solace here, it’s that Trump never once mentioned SS or Medicare during his entire campaign, except in the very beginning when he said point blank that he would not touch them. I actually believe him on that score because he’s a narcissist who wants to be liked and he knows how to count votes.

    Still, that doesn’t make it all a possibility. But in the end, the President will be required to sign such a bill.

    Wall Street would be thrilled for the opportunity to fuck the next batch of SS recipients the way they fucked the existing one in 2008. And that was just with 401(k)s. Imagine what they would do with the entire social security pot.

    Medicare is already way more expensive than people pretend it is. It’s certainly not free. Seniors are required to buy a drug plan, and unless they want to go bankrupt with their first illness, they have to buy a supplemental policy. That’s in addition to the deductables and premium for medicare itself. For the most part, seniors are paying as much for their insurance as people on the Exchange.

    The greedy thieving insurers did manage to get their finger on the scale to fuck the not so rich. They inserted “advantage plans” into the mix. That’s where seniors can buy an advantage plan with a VERY low premium and the plan takes the administration of Medicare out of the hands of the government. They are kind of HMOs PPOs etc. A network you must live with and you can’t get treatment outside of that network. Copays and coinsurances. These plans appear very attractive to senors because the low premium even covers drugs. Everything in one low low cost package. On its surface, it looks great. Until you get sick. That’s when all the co-insurances kick in and you would find yourself paying out double-digit thousands to survive. And let’s face it, every senior gets sick sooner or later. I suspect that’s what these cockroaches have in mind for everyone. Except their own mothers and themselves, of course. A lot of seniors will go bankrupt and die more quickly because of it. All the other things aside, when you can’t leave your county for medical care and be covered, nobody is going to be traveling to Cleveland or Mayo clinics for better care.

    So that is something to look out for because Donald has the attention span of an Irish Setter. He’s not into details and could be conned into thinking this is a good idea.

  627. I am really interested to know how you think he will harm you in ways you haven’t already been harmed.

    At the cost of sounding overly dramatic, I will offer this. In the movie, Mississippi Masala, the dad talks about how Idi Amin threw out all Indians overnight. They were asked to leave the country, Uganda where they were for generations and leave all their assets and belongings behind — this is in the movie but that is also what happened in real life. That could happen here to newer immigrants today even those who are here lawfully. Reading about this white nationalist stuff last night, the people who supported Trump want only the pure whites, like that bitch Coulter said 4 grandparents nonsense. These people needed a good, strong backlash and a resounding rejection of their worldview and that didn’t happen. It may have happened as Moon points out, this whole election result is compromised, starting from 300K voter registrants being denied the vote because they didn’t have strict voter ID (WI) to fewer polling places in Dem precincts (NC) — that is just the legal ways they disenfranchised Dem voters. Who knows what else happened everywhere else. Her poll numbers were accurate. His numbers mysteriously is 1 or 2 % above hers where needed. Nevada is the canary in a coal mine. They didn’t have control over there and Hillary won. Why Nevada? He had to win MI or Nevada for the narrow path, the only path he seemed to have when we started. They were perhaps trying several things, that is rigging like he projected which was a tell, not knowing which would pan. But this is all speculation and there won’t be any whistleblowers if it did happen.

  628. Islander, when you have a president who has made LAW AND ORDER a highlight of his campaign, you can bet your lovable self that protestors will be perceived as a mob.

    It’s not like we haven’t witnessed cops killed black people on camera for no immediate reason other than they pulled the trigger. Trump is not a guy who is interested in laws or dissent. I think he’s made that pretty obvious.

    I know that protests have affected many causes. I confess I participated in some of them. But let us not mistake the kind of mental illness and developmentally childish mind we have inherited in a president-elect. This kind of thing will not end well.

    I personally am not willing to give my life for a country owned by a patriarchy that would just as soon piss on me.

  629. I see the argument for keeping electoral college but it is also highly prone to corruption. You know where to interfere down to the precinct levels to monkey around with the numbers.

  630. Frankly, I would worry more if something went awry for Trump and Pence were to take the reins. Trump has a burning need to be accepted by society. He has always had a problem with it because he is a crude copy of success. This will give him pause, which is a good thing because it is clear he has no conscience. But Pence is a stone cold man. You saw how easily he lied during the campaign. Things could be on tape and he would deny them. He is the quintessential religious zealot who believes the end justifies the means. He is a very calculated man of the kind of faith that is used to suit his inherent inflexibility and double moral standards. This is how it came to be that he ’embraces’ a man who has done terrible things to people. It’s simply a means by which he can force his puritanical views upon the country. He would be a horrible thing for America, complete with modern day witch burnings, which he already tried to achieve in Indiana.

  631. Pence will be his slave and he will make sure all other congress critters are also at his beck and call. In that vein, why are Bernie and Warner offering to work with this guy. Any conciliatory gesture however decent and required of normal human beings will be seen as weakness by the mfer.

  632. It has to hurt his big ego that he didn’t get the popular vote. If people want to protest and hurt him where it hurts the most, get the #HillaryWonMorePopularVotes (or something similar I saw) trending for days. And throw in a protest with trending #NoMoreElectoralCollege for good measure. This happened with Al Gore too. 2000 all over again but with more questions about the outcome.

  633. moononpluto, the number of Trump scandals will not matter and Congress will never investigate him, nor will the House ever impeach him because the Republicans own the whole shebang.

  634. He got fewer votes than Romney!! Come on, people that has got to hurt! Get that tweet trending will you? 🙂

  635. Brassy Rebel, on November 10, 2016 at 1:26 AM said:

    If the Trump regime tries to hold a showtrial of HRC, it will backfire–“bigly”. But this is what fascist regimes do. So it would be no surprise

    We need to RISE UP, March on Washington, to show them we are Tired an that we are not going to take this beating on Hillary anymore.
    We need to vote every republican out in the next election.

    I wish there was a way we could give our girl a victory party of our own.
    to thank her. Let her know how she is loved.

  636. It is starting. It should have been nipped in the bud with eliminating Trump’s chances in the primary. I blame the media. Where was the investigation and vetting of this guy?

  637. Pain is realizing that America just threw away its best chance to save itself, and elect the best potential President I have ever seen. And electing a psychopath who is wrong and dangerous on every issue.

    Pain is knowing that we would have won had even the same amount of people turned out as in 2012. That either they were too ignorant and stupid to realize what was at stake, or in some cases, massive voting suppression kept them from being able to vote. Or indeed maybe the voting machines were hacked. The results from state to state, the fact that disparate states had local polls apparently so very wrong, seems very strange. Whatever the causes, and it may be all of this, there is no reason to think that it will be better next time, or even probably worse, with a stacked Supreme Court gutting the VRA in totality.

    My biggest issue, among many, was climate change. Trump is reported to be ready to appoint one of the country;s biggest climate change deniers as head of the EPA. If he had an ounce of a soul, he would have picked a reasonable person, but he is going to stick it to everybody who disagees with him on anything. This is just a start.

    Social Security and Medicare will be severely curtailed. When the economic meltdown inevitably comes, I am not sure if the banks will stay solvent. They almost didn’t in 2008. I am trying to think of where to put money in a place that is safe. I wonder if there will be any at all, even out of this country.

    Who knows what Trump and Flynn will do abroad? Hillary said that he was essentially a recruiting poster for ISIS. And nuclear weapons, how can one even think about those implications?

    And fascists and Nazis everywhere. Real ones, now emboldened. And no institution apparently left to stand up and protect individual rights and civil liberties. Republicans dominating every level of government. And the media conclusively proving itself to have its foot on the scales against our side.

    And Hillary trying to save us all, and telling everyone over and over that everything was on the ballot. And Obama and his wife going all over as well, with that message. And a bunch of spiteful Sanders supporters, and dupes of Stein, who is actually in league with Russia, thinking that they were being just so clever and spiteful by not voting for Hillary, and thus making all of us suffer for four years or many more. And wondering who is left out there to somehow turn this around. Not Sanders, certainly. Not Warren. Not Kanye West. My generation’s last great hope was Hillary.

  638. Click on that tweet and read other entries. Pretty disturbing. I read about a Muslim woman assaulted in LA yesterday by two guys, her scarf ripped off and such.

  639. Upps, I just can’t give up. I can’t sit at home watching the squirrels play under the trees, listening to the Carolina wren singing its aria, rejoicing in having had a good life fighting for all the good causes. The knowledge that my country’s values are being threatened spoils all that. I can’t bear it. I’m too old to fight anymore—I get tired too quickly, and I hate whining and worryiing—so debilitating. But my heart pounds with fear for others and my head is full of memories of what we accomplished when we stood up and marched for the good of our country. How can I accept the idea that’s it’s better to just sit back and let bad things happen? Shall I go out and sit in the garden with the critters and give up on civilization? I do go there to meditate and I do see that humans too are critters who have no idea of the meaning of life, that we are vain, foolish, and all that. I can let go of all sense of good and evil, even of identity in meditation, but I can’t live there in the garden. The world that men have made invades my serenity. So, I’m beggging to see the best of civilization going on. I want to know that long after my generation is gone, wonderful human beings will keep on working to save the human race from barbarity.

    Remember Trump is not yet in charge. There’s the Electoral College. We’ve got to get to them!!!!

  640. We have mid-term elections in 2 years. I just pray that Trump begins his first 100 day plan immediately so the populace will be shocked into voting for every democrat candidate possible from your local representatives on up. I know here in Florida we can’t wait for our Gov. Scott to leave office. We’ve had tyranny from our Republican officials in state government for way too long. At the same time though, why doesn’t the Democratic Party put money into our state during these elections. They never do.

  641. Bernie’s mobs were no more than mobs because they had no aim, no purpose, no target—so they were just a lot of noise.

    A mass protest aimed at the Electoral College is what I’m pleading for.

    The Electoral College was intended to serve a serious purpose—to override the votes of the population being led by a demagogue. It later became corrupted to serve as a machine to manipulate elections. A few states do have laws prohibiting Faithless Electors, but most do not. The Elector is not bound by pledge to a party in most states. They tend to remain faithful to party but enormous pressure from masses of protestors might influence them and that’s what I’m pleading for. It has happened in the past. If there is ever a time for them to act in the name of the people it is now.

  642. Nobody can say Hillary didn’t warn us of this coming apocalypse. She gave a fucking speech and white supremacists and alt-right and Trump and did everything to call out that Trump was unfit. Media is the big culprit here. Fuck the media.

  643. Heyyy! I found this article on the New York Post!
    The one scenario that could still get Hillary into the White House
    By Laura Italiano November 9, 2016 | 9:47pm
    So, I’m not alone in thinking about this!
    “For diehard Democrats holding out hope that they won’t have to live through a Donald Trump presidency, there is a last, incredibly long shot for them latch onto — a surprise twist in the Electoral College.
    Though Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by 200,000, Trump has won the minimum of 270 electoral votes necessary to be elected president. As of late Wednesday, he had 290 to Clinton’s 228.
    According to the Constitution, chosen electors of the Electoral College are the real people who will vote for president, when they meet on Dec. 19 in their respective state capitals.
    However, there is nothing stopping any of the electors from refusing to support the candidate to whom they were bound or abstaining from voting.
    There’s even a name for it: becoming a “faithless elector.” etc, etc etc article contiues


  644. Oops, I see neetabug gave us this link awhile ago–I didn’t see it Oh, yes, Neetabug if only it could happen!
    (remember me as lil ole grape?)

  645. SophieCT, on November 10, 2016 at 8:05 AM said:

    “Voting, Early Nerd–why boycott Nike?”

    Sophie, Voting’s comment that I was replying to was about New Balance, not Nike. She’d reposted a tweet from New Balance showing support for Orange Excrescence.

  646. The compact, so to speak, has been at a stall for simply ever. That is because the only states they can get to sign on are traditionally blue, which does not approach 270 EV. This of course is an attempt to bypass the Constitution, which in itself is a Pandora’s box for future horrors.

    I tell you this with love. This will NEVER happen.

  647. pm the media was doing what it always does…..trolling for dollars.

    I believe this is the electorate’s fault. When you have swaths of people voting 3rd party for spite without regard to the ramifications in the end, you have the election we just experienced. Once Scotus is loaded, I am going to tweet every one of the Bernoids I have screenshots of and ask them how that protest vote is working out for them now. I am going to ask them who they voted for and if it wasn’t Hillary, I am going to declare they reaped what they sowed and good luck with that for the next 30 years of your life. Guess you showed us, hey?

    Secondly, half the people eligible to vote did not go out to vote, even where there were early voting opportunities. Anybody who stayed home has no one to blame but themselves if there is negative impact upon them from the results.

  648. Upps, I just can’t give up. I can’t sit at home watching the squirrels play under the trees,

    I’m laughing because not a half hour ago I was looking out the back window watching every fucking squirrel in the county playing on my land.

  649. Sexism just permeates both parties. The Alt Left is just as sexist as the Alt Right. But what was also on blatant display during the primaries was that the Alt Left was also racist and bigoted. But more surprisingly when you look at the numbers that voted for Trump and that voted for Clinton what becomes clear is that sexism is rampant in all races and ethnicities. Racism ensured that Obama’s legacy would be demolished and sexism ensured that Clinton would not be elected. The Alt Left are twisting themselves into pretzels explaining away Clinton’s loss due to Clinton being a bad nominee and Bernie would have been so much better (yes, he showed in the primaries that he didn’t give a rat’s ass about African Americans or hispanics and neither did his supporters). The reason why Clinton lost is incredibly obvious. She has a good message and she had a good ground game. Those people that would vote for a black man would not vote for a white woman. Sexism infects both men and women because it is culturally ingrained in everyone. Until the Left purges itself from the extreme left that is racist, sexist and bigoted, we will never truly see a woman as President. Frankly, stating that we have women as senators and representatives is not the same thing. There they are just one voice in many, but as President a woman would be in charge of the whole show.

    Any way my two cents..

  650. Oh I totally agree the alt-left is only on women’s side when it benefits them. Nobody here will ever forget how we were treated by them in 08. They kid no one.

  651. And here’s another clue. Chuck Schumer is no champion of women either. He’ll kick our rights to the curb and just move on when issues are raised….and make a deal for something else in its place. Just like Harry Reid.

    Basically, any woman of child-bearing age will lose the right to abortion, probably next year. Pffffft. I don’t know why I bothered, since I am not going to be getting pregnant. And rape culture is about to explode. And if you want any further proof of exactly how NOT supportive the Left is, look to California, where they passed prop 57, declaring that rape is officially a NON VIOLENT crime. They want to reduce overcrowding in prison and what better way is there than to early release rapists upon their victims and a society of other inferior females whose sole purpose in life is to give men pleasure no matter how they want to take it? Let’s see now: Ban abortion while giving a wink and a nod to rapists and, well, golly, what’s the big deal, hey? Women remain on their own. And half of them side with their oppressors.

    I can’t remember the feminist’s name who said this, but here goes:

    Humans are the only species where the female of the species gives birth to her own oppressors.

  652. That quote is the stuff of nightmares. Let me know if you remember who said it. It reminded me of Germaine Greer.


  653. Rape a NON-VIOLENT crime? Now there’s a “progressive” position. Sounds like the Republicans’ “Forcible Rape” bill.

  654. Upps @ 9:47am

    Excellent post, thank you. I agree in every single point.

    Not intention to take away the validation for the perennial fight for our rights and our freedom we individuals have; much-less to discourage the exercising of it – au contraire, Keep Going.

    However, it’s time for America and Americans to face the reality of what our country is really all about. Coming to terms with that reality may give a better understanding and ultimately focus on what, why and how to direct the fight.

  655. After 2008, I stayed in the Democratic Party for Hillary. I feel that about 1/3 of the party did not support her (the Alt Left) so now I really feel like saying good bye Democrats. While sexism permeates your party and you won’t even admit it, why should I give a damn. Time to become a NPA.

    My eyes were opened in 2008 but in 2016 I feel like I was beaten down by the Democratic Party. As a Hispanic woman I am tired of being presumed to be “illegal,” as a woman I am tired of taking the back seat.

    From my perspective things are looking pretty grim. This year I have experienced more outright discriminatory statements from so called friends than I have in the past 15 years. That is what Trump has created. One statement was so bad that my husband actually stepped in and said I cannot believe you just said that in front of my Cuban wife.

  656. From my perspective things are looking pretty grim. This year I have experienced more outright discriminatory statements from so called friends than I have in the past 15 years. That is what Trump has created. One statement was so bad that my husband actually stepped in and said I cannot believe you just said that in front of my Cuban wife.

    I am just shaking my head in shame here. I am ashamed of this country.

  657. brit, I wish I could remember. It was moons ago and I listened to many feminist speakers in the day. Few lines were remembered by me forever. That was one of them. Chilling.

  658. I’m with you flv. No longer a member of this party and certainly never going to be a member of the other one.

  659. The only positive thing from this year was Hillary Clinton. if she can take all the shit that was thrown at her then I can take the bigotry from “so called” friends. I continue to grow a thick skin to be able to survive in Trump’s America. If this is my new reality, I cannot imagine the horrors that the African American community must be facing.

  660. I had lunch with a friend who was as disturbed as we all are about this election. She kept saying how nothing stuck to him, none of the negative things, either for his supporters or detractors. Why didn’t anything stick to him? We talk about media normalizing him but is there something else?

  661. Yeah really rape a non-violent crime? Hey thanks Alt Left you are awesome not only does Trump want to grab women’s pu$$ies but you do also. More proof that you are one the same team, team white guys!

  662. We changed our party affiliation to Independents after May 31, 2008.

  663. On line Alt-right radicalization; look at those frat boys.

  664. This needs to be nipped in the bud. These are young people, some are children in schools! I blame Trump and the media that enabled him for this. Uppity will say I should blame Bernie bros and yes, they share the blame too.


  665. neeta, I wish it would come true also, but I’m afraid we have about as much chance as winning the lottery. That article you linked to says that the House has to vote on the electoral vote to certify it, and the rethugs would certainly not do that if the Electorals gave it to Hillary. And isn’t that stupid, btw. Talk about making peoples votes meaningless. First, the popular vote, the actual will of the people, has to give way to the Electoral College, then the Electoral College must be approved by a partisan House. What utter fuckery!

    The Electoral College must go, or at least be altered. I don’t see why the red states that pay nothing into the countrys coffers, and indeed take a lot of federal $ out of it, should get the same proportional Electorals as us bigger wealthier states that actually pay into the federal government. I know that the founding fathers wanted to make it even, but it sure as hell hasn’t worked out that way. We big states are getting gypped imho. The red states insist on voting in their freaky rethug state governments (not Uppityites I know) that will always keep them poor, unhealthy and uneducated, while blowing smoke up their asses about how “free” and “patriotic” they are not to waste money on stupid liberal things like good schools, good infrastructure, good health. Meanwhile we big states pay for all of these things and more for everyone else. If the red states (and I’m very sorry to offend those of you who live in them, and I know there are many good things about living there), but if the red states had to lose electoral votes and give them to the paying states, then think of the benefit to the whole world. We wouldn’t have had to live through W’s horrible reign which we are still suffering the effects of; but which will probably look like paradise next to Trumps.

    Again, I’m sorry if that sounds offensive, & I love all of you Uppityites, wherever you live, but I am alternating between rage and despair, and I don’t think this fucked up electoral system is remotely fair.

  666. AAs, Hispanics, Chinese, Indian, Muslim, women most of all getting harassed/assaulted/taunted everywhere by white Trump supporters. Is this for real?

  667. Agree that prison prop was shameful. Rape a non-violent crime!?!? Outrageous. It was sold to people though in a different way. People thought that pot smokers who had long sentences would get out. It was really about lowering the prison population than about justice, and naturally justice and safety for women was just brushed aside.

  668. What choice do women have but to arm themselves?

  669. Yep. We’re turning into nazi germany, right before our eyes. I can’t believe the shit these lowlife rednecks are getting away with.

    The president sets the tone. trumps tone is the lowest of the low. Things are going to get even uglier.

  670. Islander, interesting point.

  671. I don’t know if I am scaring many of you with these comments. But all over even in blue states lot of ugly stuff going on. Not sure where this is all is headed but nowhere good for this country. This NYDN writer is keeping a log of happenings from everywhere.


  672. pm, thanks for that link. I will keep checking back to it, even though it makes me furious. The rethugs are destroying our country.

  673. Did anyone hear that Russia was in contact with Trumps campaign during the election?

  674. Not sure if provisional / absentee / mail-in ballots can make a difference. Several states are still counting ballots.

    From the Washington Post:

    “Hillary Clinton will gain votes after Election Night. Here’s why.”

    By Charles Stewart III and Edward B. Foley


    “Most Americans assume that by the wee hours of tomorrow, the national media will declare (unofficially, but still decisively) either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump our next president.

    Of course, the 2000 election showed that the result might not be settled so quickly. Considering how tight the polls have been, one or two battleground states may be too close to call Wednesday morning.

    [Cyberattacks could disrupt the U.S. election — but wouldn’t change the results]

    That would be good news for Hillary Clinton’s chances. She’ll probably take more of the mail-in and provisional ballots that can’t be counted until the days and weeks after the election. Whatever her vote share tonight, it will probably increase in the weeks to come. Let us explain.

    Good news and bad news about the chance the election will be decided tonight

    For election administrators, 2000 was a wake-up call. Prompted by the controversial Bush v. Gore decision, states created uniform counting standards, which had been contested during the Florida recount. Reforms include safeguards that protect voters whose names were improperly removed (or never added) to registration lists, and procedures to ensure overseas citizens’ and service members’ votes will be handled equitably.

    But some of those election administration changes make it much more likely that millions of votes won’t be counted until the days and weeks following Election Day.

    Why? For two main reasons. First, more votes are now cast by mail. In 2000, approximately 10 percent of ballots were sent by mail. That had nearly doubled, growing to 19 percent, by 2012. In 2016, we expect that to be well over 20 percent. Some of these are tallied on election night, but not all. Many states allow absentee ballots to be counted if they are postmarked by Election Day.

    Second, the Help America Vote Act passed in 2002 mandated provisional voting, which allows voters whose registration is questioned to still cast a ballot. That ballot is not counted immediately. It’s put in an envelope, much like an absentee ballot, and counted only if that voter’s registration is verified later. Resolving provisional ballots can take days or, as happened in this year’s California primary, weeks.

    According to statistics from the federal Election Assistance Commission, in 2012, voters cast at least 2.7 million provisional ballots. The two states with the most provisional ballots, California and New York, aren’t battleground states. But the third and fourth-ranked states — Ohio and Arizona — are.

    These “overtime” ballots tilt toward the Democrats

    So more ballots will still need to be counted after Election Day. Our most recent research shows that these “overtime” ballots tilt in favor of Democratic candidates for president.

    Consider that in the election returns reported by the New York Times on Nov. 8, 2012, (which we use for the initial election night counts), nearly 118 million ballots had been counted. In those, Obama led by nearly 2.8 million votes.

    But by the time all the states had finished their official canvasses several weeks later, the total ballot count included more than 126 million votes — an increase in 8 million votes since election night. And Obama’s lead had grown to well over 4.8 million votes.

    In other words, 51.1 percent of the two-party votes counted on election night 2012 were for Obama. Of ballots counted after election night, 62.7 percent were for Obama. By the time all the votes had been counted, Obama’s share of the vote had grown to 51.9 percent.

    We’ve examined such late-counted ballots going back to 1948. For most of the postwar era, the “overtime vote” changed little in either direction. One exception came during the 1960 election, when Richard Nixon won a 0.20 percentage point shift in his favor during post-Election-Day counting. The other exceptions reveal a notable trend: During 2004, 2008 and 2012, the Democratic candidates enjoyed gains of 0.12, 0.35, and 0.39 percentage points, respectively.

    In other words, since 2000, votes counted after election night have increasingly favored the Democratic candidate. We call this the “blue shift.”

    Here’s why the late count now favors the Democratic candidate. People who cast provisional ballots are usually those whose registration appears irregular on Election Day. Most registration questions come because voters have moved without updating their registrations. In recent years Democrats have won more of the votes from social groups that tend to move often: racial minorities and young adults.

    Here’s what to expect from election night 2016

    Tonight’s totals will almost certainly underestimate Clinton’s vote share, both nationwide and in most states.

    If Clinton is ahead by early Wednesday morning, expect her margin of victory to widen as more votes are counted in the weeks to come.

    If Clinton is behind early Wednesday morning, she might still catch up — especially if she is behind in battleground states likely to have large numbers of provisional ballots.

    Which battleground states might hinge on late-counted ballots?

    To help estimate which states these might be, we have compared the closeness of the current presidential race with the percentage of 2012 ballots that were provisional. Any state where the 2012 provisional ballot rate is close to the current polling margin may turn on late-counted ballots — that is, if Clinton is just barely behind late tonight.

    Six states meet those criteria: Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Nevada, North Carolina and Ohio.

    Watch these states as returns come in tonight. Make sure that the media does not call them prematurely without adequately considering the possibility that provisional ballots might affect the outcome. Remember that in 2000, most networks “called” Florida for Gore, which they then had to retract.

    Of course, even if the election is close in one of these states, Clinton is by no means guaranteed victory from the provisional ballots. In 2004, George W. Bush led by 121,012 votes in Ohio, with 158,642 provisional ballots left to count. Only about three-quarters of these proved to be from eligible voters — and Bush took in a significant share of those, although a smaller share than did Kerry. Bush’s lead was too great to be surmounted by the provisional ballots.

    Whatever the vote count tonight, Clinton’s share will probably grow in the next few weeks as states release their official tallies. That’s not because the system is “rigged.” It’s just the nation’s dedication to making sure that every vote is counted.”

  675. Oh, that Shaun King (NYDN) is a Bernie bro who thought Bernie was a stronger candidate who would have won and blaming the Dem party. Fuck him.

  676. Shaun King is a flying asshole. I have had him blocked for so long, I forgot he existed.

  677. britgirls, school children, young and old men all ages but children? This is scary.

  678. Socal, prop 57 will also release domestic abusers early. The circle of woman-hate is complete.

  679. Upps, re your inquiry upthread about how trumps election will affect us:

    We had big plans for the end of the year. Hubs going to retire, get pension and medical for the two of us, keep working so we could save the pension $ for retirement. He is very likely to make a higher salary than he made all those years working for the school district. We thought it was worth it for him to make less and have the benefits. Laker was going to buy Obamacare insurance for himself. But now what? It seems likely that the ACA will be repealed. But when? And laker has muscular dystrophy and epilepsy, which will make it hard for him to get insurance without ACA. He could get on Medi-Cal, I guess, but there are many problems with going in that direction. He can try to get a job at a place that’s big enough to have insurance that will take him, but that means full time work, and work that laker can handle with his health issues. It also means he will have to drop out of college, unless he gets a night job (and he is an honor student) because the classes he needs to finish are all held during the middle of the day.

    I was also going back to work next month (I stopped work when laker had his grand mal in April); but the place I was going back to is full of obnoxious, rich, arrogant, republicans. I don’t know if I can take their gloating bs. I would have to smile and be nice no matter what they say or get the boot. I don’t know if I can take it. My dear husband told me he doesn’t want me to go back there. But its tough to find a good job at my age.

    So, all our brilliant plans and dreams have come to a screeching halt while we re-evaluate e v e r y t h I n g. We are nervous wrecks and besides watching our once beautiful country go down the toilet, we are now physically ill, and frantically trying to figure out the best path to take. I am typing with an ice pack on my head and the strongest reading glasses on my face from the pounding migraine I have had since Tuesday night.

  680. You are right Islander. We will see an influx of women buying handguns again. It’s happened before.

    I’ve had a handgun ever since a schitzophrenic neighbor was allowed to run around loose threatening people. He killed neighborhood pets with a knife. He had a Hit List. I mean a real one. I would have killed him and actually did shoot in his direction when he showed up in my yard in the middle of the night. I I didn’t hit him because I didn’t want to.Well, yes I wanted to, but I knew I would have to face a lot of stress for it. I was living alone at the time but I never forgot this. I don’t live there any longer but I have always kept a gun. I am a firm believer of a gun and a well-trained dog. And by dog, I mean the kind of dog you don’t have to bend down to pet.

    This is not because I am a 2nd Amendment freak. But because our laws are too lenient with respect to crazy people. They are never removed from the streets until they kill someone. I want to make sure I’m not the Someone.

    Now more than ever, women are on their own.

  681. Jebus Brit! What the hell?

  682. Damn, Socal, but so far you really win the ‘prize’ for effect of Trump. THere is no question they are going to do something to ACA. What a bind for you and that great guy, Laker. This just sucks.

    I tell you, ACA kind of sucked for well people, but it was a blessing for people with pre-existing conditions because they couldn’t be refused.

    I don’t even know what to say, Annie. I am sure though, that they will do something fast. Because it’s one of their pet peeves and they want to erase the existence of the black President as soon as possible. So the best you can do is wait a bit and then either be safe or have to readjust your plans.

    The bastards.

  683. socalannie, I get migraines and 2-4 Ibuprofen work for me, FYI. Feel better.

  684. Uppity I guess you missed it several days back but I thought you would want to know that my baby boy Whiskey passed away. This year has sure as hell been a very bad one for me. Have not decided on my future as yet because I promised myself to wait a year before I decide if I need a big change.

  685. Upps, the dudes & I did not vote for that prop. It didn’t look right. We got together and looked up every prop and made a list of what we would vote for. Hubs and I voted by mail and laker took the list to the poll on Tues.

  686. Yeah well it would have been nice if Van Jones didn’t shit on Hillary every goddamned chance he got on CNN. It’s guys like him who piled onto her left and right that gave us Donald J. Trump. So thanks a lot Van. You’re more than a little too late.

  687. Yeah socal, good thinking. Too bad there’s not a lot of good thinking in California, obviously. That prop is a big dump on women.

  688. I took a free class in safe use of handguns given for women by policemen who train other policemen. Found out I’m a good shot, but never did buy a gun. I’m probably quite safe where I live … still, I’m thinking this over again.

  689. Daisy, I did respond to you but figured you were off feeling pretty bad. I know this was a hard one for you and there’s no consolation to the loss of your soul-dog, the boxy guy you rescued from the “Hopeless” bin who for his entire life showed you how grateful he was. What you did for him will give you a Karma reward one day. Nobody can fix dogs like you can, and you do it with ACDs besides. One of the smartest and toughest dogs ever. Too much dog for me, but never for you. Whiskey led a long joyful life because you stopped his life from being shortened. If you think that he isn’t watching over you for that, you are sadly mistaken. And this is for you……

    Utah, here is my previous response. I’m sorry you missed it, sister. I was kind of late in seeing your comment.

  690. I know that it will never happen, that it is just a last wistful glimmer. But Hillary lost PA, MI, znd WI by a total of 109,000 votes. If she won those three states, she would win the election. But I am assuming that she and her staff know the numbers, and that this cannot happen, which is why she conceded. Sighing. She might get one of those states, though, but that might even just hurt more.

    I wonder how long the press will remain free. I am assuming that Trump and Bannon will take steps to shut down freedom of expression. That way, all the news will be pro-Trump, just like Fox News is. They aren’t going to sit around and let themselves be hammered on a daily basis by some liberal media. They’ll get them fired or worse. All fascist states do that.

  691. Oh, the rainbow connection! Love that song!

  692. Electoral College info, how it makes small state votes count for more than those of us in big states:

    “Since every state gets at least three electoral votes, there’s a bias toward small states. Consider that California has 69 times as many people as Wyoming, but only about 18 times as many electoral votes.”


  693. Thanks Upp and I am sorry for all of you and your loss this time around. As for me I gave up caring anymore. This country has so much hate and it is coming from the left and the right. I am standing in the middle and both sides have defeated me. Now that my husband and my boy are gone I really do not care anymore who wins or loses because I feel no matter who is in it is never about us anymore. God speed to all.

  694. Hang in there, Utah. Some special guy or girl ACD awaits you. Whiskey will pick that dog! They always do.

  695. Bannon is just the biggest scheeve ever. And he’s a big fat red flag for what’s to come. Horrible man.

  696. On a personal level, I suffer from anxiety and since Tuesday my meds have not been able to control it. Thankfully I had two days off of work, but trying to get back to normal is very difficult.

    I live on an island of blue in a red state. We were purple for a long time but we are moving backward. I can’t help but look around at my friends and neighbors and wonder “Was it you? Did you vote for hate and bigotry? Are you laughing at my fear of all the swastikas that have been popping up? Will you be laughing when my synagogue burns?”

    I woke up to discover that this place I love living in was not the place I believed it was and the people I believed were at heart good people really are not. And I’m feeling really lost.

  697. Socalannie, I live in a red state and your scenario would be just fine with me. Also, I appreciate the dialogue and rants that have been going on in this thread. I am still sad.

  698. Also, I am surprised that Russian government officials have already admitted that they had contact with Trump’s campaign. (The Washington Post)

  699. Because we all need this:

  700. Bannon as Chief of staff and Palin as SEc of Interior, this is like a cabinet of RW ultra nut jobs…..what next David Duke as Sec of Homeland Security…and I would not be surprised if it happened……

    Hillary was right as to the basket of deplorables she just meant Trumps cabinet…..

  701. I will donate liberally to Bernie’s opponent in 2018. I want that old bastard to go.

  702. Go visit your national parks while we still have them. By next year they may all be logged and strip-mined.

  703. moononpluto, all the dregs and rejects of even the R party.

  704. This will make you nauseous. Apparently 10% of people who described themselves as liberal, voted for Trump. If this statistic is true, then that was the election; a bunch of sick Sanders supporters took out their spite on Hillary because wikileaks convinced them that Hillary stole the nomination from him, even though he lost by 4 million votes. If this data is accurate, It is perhaps the most awful realization of all, that a bunch of self-obsessed, spoiled, and cruel people got Trump elected because they wanted to get Hillary. Or maybe they were the “burn it all down” radical fanatics. I hope the stat is not true, though it likely is; because I do not want to feel even worse about our country than I already do. BTW, Sanders seems to be having a great time making pronouncements, he thinks he is the new head of the party. That’s probably where our loss originated, right with Sanders and his egotistical endless campaign.

  705. Actually Bernie voters especially young, male, and white may not have been that different from Trump voters of that age group down to being sexist, racist, anti-immigrant who took their jobs and all that.

  706. The Official Pure Left Narrative: “Economic distress caused this calamity; bigotry had nothing to do with it.”

    The Truth:

    “And this is the judgment, that the light has come into the world, and people loved darkness rather than light because their deeds were evil. For all who do evil hate the light and do not come to the light, so that their deeds may not be exposed.”–John 3:18-20 (NRSV)

    THAT is why Trump won. 👿


  707. The Deplorables consistently vote against their own self-interest because they’re nasty little addicts, hooked on that endorphin rush they get from exerting social dominance against “inferiors”.

    If you try to help them, they will only try to drag you down with them.

    Time to kick them off into the lava.

  708. The silver lining is that Hillary can have a happy life. Dogs and grandchildren. I hope she gives lots of speeches and makes a ton of money. She deserves it. Probably another book, and, of course, some form of public service. But her life will be far less stressful than it would be if she were POTUS. For that I’m grateful.

  709. Think about this. All this white supremacist, neo-nazi, alt-right are still in the fringes in western Europe. But in America they are now in the seat of ultimate power. I didn’t even think that that ideology could cross over the Atlantic but now it has full bore power here. Unfuckingbelievable.

  710. Yes her life will be less stressful. And she’s going to hate it.

  711. William, oddly enough, by voting for Trump they screwed………themselves. To be expected from spoiled brats and pasty white frat boys from dumbed-down colleges.

  712. Pm, nobody runs against Bernie. It’s Vermont. They invented Extreme Left. I have a cousin who lives there and she says she’s pretty sure Bernie is going nowhere until he dies. And if he dies during a campaign season, he will still get elected. Vermont is the kind of state where your senator isn’t hard to reach. You’ll find him at the market. In the park, you get the pic. Nobody calls him Senator, they call him Bernie. Just Bernie. He’s like a pet to them.

  713. Thats why all those sanders voters and pure ultra left wingers can go screw themselves, I do not want to hear jackshit from them if they start whineing because I will happily slap them around. They take no accountability for the shit they threw at Hillary.

    5.5 million people voted Johnson or Stein, they swung this election also to Mordor and his minions……and i bet they are the first ones out causing crap and mayhem. Guess what kids, its all your bloody fault, sit and wade through that shit but dont tell me about it, I do not want to fucking hear any of your socialist shit lest you may get a punch in the face.

    As for Sanders, i want you gone, in fact i’d like him in a jail cell or strapped to a rocket and shot into space with that rancid witch Sarandon attached to the bulkhead. Sanders, you have no voice here, you tore Hillary down and turned millions against her. You have as much responsibility as they do.

    As for this crap that sanders would have won against Trump..Ask Kurt Eichenwald, he saw the GOP file on sanders and said you would not have lasted 2 seconds when the videos of you talking about parents and underage sex with their daughters were released and yes they are still out, lets release them…..

    If the moderate wing of the GOP accepts this shitstorm, then a plague on their house too, you could have stopped this in the primaries.

    The media stations can go screw themselves, they are every bit as evil and complicit, they took a good public servant and tore her down deliberately and built up a evil, racist, sexist, mysoginistic asshole with no due diligence or real investigation of. You too are complicit and need cleansing from top to bottom.

    I am furious and I am not taking this lying down.

  714. Julie, take heart. Trust me we’re all in the same boat with wondering who the hell we know who put that cockroach in office.

  715. And she’s going to hate it.

    She wanted this badly. My heart bleeds. It will stay with her and it will stay with all of us. And, I don’t fucking want that Warren woman to upstage her; sorry, I don’t particularly think she is smart or capable though she gives better speeches. Bring me a newer generation, younger, smarter, and modern female contender.

  716. By the time, Bannon and his crew are finished, there may not be elections anymore and i really mean that…….we all know that goes in countries now when patriarchal dictators take over……..

    If you want an idea of how this goes, just watch what Erdogan did to Turkey over the last 16 years….I was there, i watched it as people turned from sane normal people into jackboots for the AKP party and if Trump manages to subvert the population and make his jackboots rise uo and be his rivate SS then you better all be worried, it’ll be like The Handmaids tale on steroids. The AKP party goons act with impunity on privates citizens, raiding bookshops, trumped up charges on anybody who criticized him, phoney “tax” charges…..

    You can be quite sure Putin has given Trump the manual of how to do it….and that is what scares me the most.

  717. Moon
    There is something decidedly smelly about all of this and not just a whiff but a great stink, Clinton turned out voters early and by margins up on 2012 , yet her vote went don 5 million and Trumps was less than Romney, yet somehow just in the right places.

    I agree. And somehow, all the polling data was absolutely backwards in every combination.

    This is not rational unless there was some sort of tampering. I hope behind the scenes, there is a real investigation going on.

  718. There are 4.5 million uncounted ballots still to be processed in California, guess how many will go to Hillary, he popular vote is going to be a lot more than his by the time this is finished.


  719. Moononpluto, Putin could not have dreamed of this type of control over US. Isn’t he trying to gin up the same white nationalist shit in all other European countries, though unsuccessfully? But here far away, on the other side of the Atlantic, in the most mutli-cultural society like no other, he has installed his puppet. This is like a Bond movie with the villain getting hold of the country.

  720. pm, I think the “secret” voters Conway was referring to a week before the election were the white supremacists, neo-nazis, etc. that also secretly helped the RNC get out their vote. This is why voters associated with these groups were told to keep their existence “secret.”
    Trump never had a ground game per se, so it’s not a stretch to imagine they were secretly organizing for him. Actually, Conway’s use of the word “secret” was so strange to me when she said it, but in the context of supremacists, neo-nazis, and white nationalist groups, her use of the word makes sense. (And we know that members from these groups can be found in the FBI and other law enforcement agencies.)

    It saddens me that former Pumas chose to attach themselves with Trump and his white nationalist politics.

  721. Shit, another legend gone


    Leonard Cohen has died at the age of 82, the singer-songwriter’s Facebook page has announced

  722. Upps

    I still believe that many Hillary supporters in 2008 really had nothing to do with supporting Hillary and everything to do with ditching the Black Man.

    And this is something I realized just before I left the last blog I spent 7 years on. It was always about destroying everything Obama.

    I am ashamed that I didn’t realize sooner what a phucking hoodwink that place was, all along.

  723. Playing this…

    Thanks for all the music…..

  724. Shadow, like I analyzed in hindsight that Althouse is harboring these alt-right people, the last blog we were at is doing the same. Add NQ to that list too.

  725. and i realised that in 2008,……funny how Hillary won places like West Virginia in 2008 with 68% of the vote and could not scrape 30 in 2016..simple answer she was running against a black man in 2008, in 2016,, she wasn’t.

    That was pure out and out racism.

  726. trixta, I didn’t hear Conway say that but it makes sense and there is always a tell, isn’t there? ‘secret’. The morning of Tues, I went to Althouse site after a long time, and she had a post about how it would be a surprise if those hidden Trump supporters showed up and voted to make him win. I remember scoffing in the car on the way to dinner with my husband that Althouse was fantasizing about hidden T supporters. And, lo and behold! How did our media miss all this? Was Hillary’s campaign aware of this? I think they were which is why she focused on all those states that didn’t have early voting in the last couple of days to turn out votes.

  727. and i just want to clarify I am just pointing out, there has always been a racist vote against Obama, its now become very evident, there is a huge, racist and sexist vote out there that now thinks its very acceptable to be open about it. Trump empowered them and he can take the consequences of his and their actions.

  728. A friend at work mentioned a couple of her acquaintances who used to be very political and Alt-Right were really quiet during the campaign and especially the last few months. Then the day after the election they were spouting off their Twitters full of anti-women, anti-black, Muslim, Latino invective and shouting yeeehaw. Suddenly all the hateful people feel they have a license to abuse and terrify.

  729. Sorry to bring these ideas into the mix. But I wish knew all this in Jan if not before. Long thread.

  730. Upps, I have been thinking about what hurts me the most and part of it is the accumulation of all the shit that has happened, it is overwhelming.

    – What they have done to our champion Hillary, since 2008. Both parties, but by a pedophile and serial sexual predator, and then degrade Hillary, ruin her campaign by the FBI and talk about stringing her up, lock her up………………..is too much for me. She is every woman that tries to fight for women’s rights.

    Then when it comes to our citizens………..lies are fed to angry, less educated people that their lives will get better, that the rich white men making the rules know better and will make their lives secure and prosperous…from a man that screwed people that went to a fake Trump University, from a man that scammed people out of their wages that worked for him. His sue-happy way of putting his jackboot on anyone that messed with him, and not settling in court so they would never get justice. The women he groped and came forward, saying they were not good enough to grope and he would sue them.

    Deporting massive amount of people that he has blamed all America’s problems on. Yet never paying his own taxes for more than 20 years, on business losses, while he claims to have the know how to fix America.

    The disappointment at all of the voters that fell for this manipulation and show how little respect half of this country has for it’s own citizens.

    My son, who has multiple serious illnesses, will he survive when I am gone and not able to financially help him?

    Will others survive if our safety net is diminished.

    It is all too damn much to deal with. I am afraid of getting too old to work and not making enough money to survive.

    I am so sad, so angry and so disappointed in what my country is right now. The hatred, the division, the ugliness is too much.

  731. Just needed a day to cool off. Looking at the numbers, not enough people showed up to vote for our Lady. Too many ultra-liberals who either sat out or voted for Trump. I am a comfortable, 54 year old man and the election will not effect my wallet(my , however is broken), but these misguided millennials and Hillary haters will never realize how the f— themselves and out nation, particularly when the Supreme court stays conservative for likely 2 decades.

  732. oh fuck he’s tweeting again and its already going horribly wrong….told ya.

  733. NW Luna, that is the thing, how quiet they were before the vote and the win. This was an organized effort but the media could not find it? Fuck them. I wish Farenthold or Eichenwald had worked on this issue of alt-right.

  734. pm, I think the “secret” voters Conway was referring to a week before the election were the white supremacists, neo-nazis, etc. that also secretly helped the RNC get out their vote. This is why voters associated with these groups were told to keep their existence “secret.”

    Trixta, it’s the Invisible Empire.

  735. Hillary is now up to 389,463 more votes than Trump. Still counting.

  736. At DOD?!!

  737. Nettabug

    I wish there was a way we could give our girl a victory party of our own.
    to thank her. Let her know how she is loved.


    I’m with you Neetabug. Even if we found a place to send her flowers and personal cards we could write, would make me feel like I at least did something to know how much she is appreciated.

    I would easily donate money for that.

    Anyway with your party connections you could find a safe place for us to mail them to her that she would get?

  738. Islander

    Your stats on the count of votes and EC votes are old news. Here are the live updates: http://www.cnn.com/election/results/president

  739. Shadow, her lead will be in the millions.

  740. I wish for a new posting because it’s painful to keep looking at that glass ceiling.

  741. moon @ 9:36, righteous rant!

    shadowfax @ 10:29, well said. I can totally relate.

    Thanks WLM!

  742. Sweet Sue, ditto!

  743. William, on November 10, 2016 at 9:04 PM said:
    ” That’s probably where our loss originated, right with Sanders and his egotistical endless campaign.”

    William, I know you’ve seen this, but it’s even more relevant now.

    Just printed it out and posted it to my magnetic wall with my two Clinton/Kaine magnets.

  744. Okay, seem to have forgotten the link:

    What can I say? I’m so stressed I’m working with half my mind.

  745. “I am ashamed that I didn’t realize sooner what a phucking hoodwink that place was, all along.”

    Yes, you’re not alone in this, Shadow. But perhaps that was all by design, especially when considering recent revelations about Putin’s international propaganda machine and alt-right agenda. (Samantha Bee did some good reporting on this.)

  746. Brassy Rebel, on November 10, 2016 at 9:18 PM said:
    The silver lining is that Hillary can have a happy life. Dogs and grandchildren. I hope she gives lots of speeches and makes a ton of money. She deserves it. Probably another book, and, of course, some form of public service. But her life will be far less stressful than it would be if she were POTUS. For that I’m grateful

    That has been my thought too, as I tried to think of something positive for Hillary. She deserves a better life than to have the Rethugs kick her around for the next 8 years. Fuck them and the asshole that put Trump in. Fuck um all!!

  747. moononpluto, on November 10, 2016 at 9:36 PM said:

    Oh Moon, I love it when you get pist. First time I have laughed in two days.

    Thank you for that.

  748. I went back to work today and heard stories about crisis calls from patients who are scared to death about the possibility of losing their health care insurance. My co-workers are devastated and very supportive of one another. It seems so surreal at times.

    When I read about potential cabinet picks, I feel nauseous. Palin, Guliani, Christie, Flynn, Don Jr., Carson, and Gringrich. Doesn’t Christie still have Bridgegate hanging over him? Talk about clearing the swamp is just that -talk. Heck, he is bringing the swamp back.

  749. shadowfax, you are an inspirational poster who has dealt with a lot. G-d bless you and your child. Thanks for bringing me over here. I feel everyone’s pain, but those who are sick, don’t have enough to make ends meet, or have stresss related issues like myself, don’t let the bastards get you too down. Somehow we will sustain.

  750. pm317, on November 10, 2016 at 10:08 PM said:
    Shadow, like I analyzed in hindsight that Althouse is harboring these alt-right people, the last blog we were at is doing the same. Add NQ to that list too.


    ALThouse, now that’s a dead giveaway.

  751. Hey jb, I’m sorry I kept telling you not to worry a couple of days ago. You were right. I couldn’t see it, could not imagine that half the country could be so rotten.

  752. pm317, on November 10, 2016 at 11:56 PM said:

    Shit, shit, shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  753. Oh (((JB))) you make me cry. We will make it though this, thank God we are all together and I don’t have to go back there to try and drag you away. 🙂

  754. Hey jb, I’m sorry I kept telling you not to worry a couple of days ago. You were right. I couldn’t see it, could not imagine that half the country could be so rotten.

    Ditto to that. I have gotten on your case sometimes too, sorry.

  755. Sweet Sue, it’s the “invisible empire,” indeed! Given what we know now as a result of this election, I think our concerns along those lines are not unwarranted. Perhaps we’ll know more as Trump’s campaign and supporters reveal more of themselves.

    Pm, very interesting about that other site referring to hidden voters! You are brave to revisit that site. It might be wise to see what’s happening out there with former fellow travelers, as it were. In the middle of the GE, another site I visited was advocating for a Trump presidency via a “cultural identity” argument, as if replacing race with “culture” is acceptable. That sleight of hand just doesn’t pass the smell test.

    NW Luna, as you mentioned above, this hidden strategy was also in play on Facebook. Unfortunately, some of my friends from high school favored Trump, but all of a sudden stopped saying anything about him. I “unfollowed” them early on, but I should go back to see what’s being said now that the election is over.

  756. I think that Hillary will get a million more votes than Trump, maybe a bit more. If she does, then I think it would be a good idea to have many t-shirts made which say just that. “Hillary got a million more votes than Trump.” Of course it would not make up for anything; but it would in some sense delegitimize him, on a daily basis. And maybe it would cause some people to see things in a different light regarding his claim to absolute power.

    And I know others have also said this; but imagine for just a few minutes, if the situation were that Hillary had lost the popular vote by a million, but won the electoral vote. Trump would claim that the election was fixed, and that he should be installed. He would demand an immediate FBI investigation, claim that the entire election results were invalid. His supportes would arm themselves and storm Washington. Republicans in Congress would say that Hillary is an illegitimate president, and that they will stop every piece of legislation she proposes, not raise the debt ceiling, block every court appointee. The media would say that she must make half the Cabinet Republicans, and veto very few bills. Headlines would read, “Can Clinton govern?” “Will Hillary be forced to resign after first term?” But when it goes the other way, and Hillary wins the popular vote by over a million, nothing is said, and Democrats humbly indicate that they will work with Trump. The important point is that this is a stark manifestation of what is wrong with the country. One side repeatedly bullies the other into submission, threatens to shut down the government, destroy everything; and the media always takes their spin and side. This has been going on for fifty years, and it has gotten us to this. Saying, “we must do the right thing, the noble thing,” while the other side is playing scorched earth with you, does not work!.

  757. This thread has been very personal and somehow, though all this shit, I do feel better. We are fighters, one of the characteristics we love most about our Hillary.

    We will fight for what’s right, in our own ways and have the comfort of sharing it here in Uppity’s oh so private mansion.

    Only Upps, Sophie and Imust see the crap that knocks at the door, but we are here in her safe place.

    Thanks again for letting us in out of the cold.

  758. William, you’re right.

    My son was just saying that people are trying to move on and accept it.

    I told him, my friends on the blog are not doing that. Tonight everyone has been in full on rant mode, and we are not going to just let this go. I will continue to fight.

    Went to a protest today, peaceful…basic premise was, we will not turn on one another, we will watch out for each other and we will not stop doing what is right, no matter what Trump crackpots toss at us. People had there own funky signs. I even drew on Hillary’s logo.

    I listed most of the things that Trump was going to destroy and the people he was going to hurt. The losses for women, etc.

  759. http://www.cnn.com/election/results/president

    Hillary is almost a half a million ahead now.

    Check this out, MI is not colored in red nor blue. Is it up for grabs????

  760. Sorry for typo

  761. Okay, this is very important. The highly respected journalist Eric Boehlert is suggesting that with all the CA votes coming in, Hillary could actually get 51% of the popular vote, and win it by 3 points. This is astounding. Yes, it is even more upsetting, because we have an electoral college. But consider what this means, if the numbers are right.

    Hillary wins popular vote by almost 2 million. She gets a popular majority in a race where the small party candidates get 5.5 million votes together. She wins popular vote by 3%. Now, at that point, I think there should be a major effort to try to force the electors to vote for Hillary. Yes, I realize that they will not. But this story must get wide distribution, so those of you who are good at Twitter and things, please try to get it to all the media. What we have here is voter suppression in WI and MI and probably PA, kicking about a million people off the voter rolls because of ridiculous ID requirements. 300, 000 in WI, 400,000 in MI. This allows the Republicans to squeak out wins in these states by 109,000 votes total. It is a disgrace to democracy.

    Again, the electors will not change. But if this is made a really big deal, it casts great doubt on Trump’s legitimacy, and the argument that he can make sweeping changes to the system. If the Democrats do not stand up and fight this, and argue that Trump has no mandate, but Hillary does, they are craven and mostly worthless. If they just sit around and say, “Well, that’s the way it goes,” they are abdicating their responsibility to about 65 million people who will hve voted for Hillary, a true majority of voters!!

  762. From a poster on the Reddit sub for Hillary about voter suppression.

    “Urgent: Hillary Supporters in North Carolina, Wisconsin and Florida”

    “[The] state of WI ignored a judicial ruling that they overturn and remedy some of worst of the new voter restrictions. 80K votes were missing after the computer “glitch” in Durham, which has NC’s highest concentrations of African American voters. Both of those were states Clinton lost by less than the amount of missing votes. In both states, especially in WI, they may affect the downticket races as well. ADDED: 800K mail-in votes in FL were “never returned” according to the election board there. INVESTIGATE! Call your local party HQ PLEASE! Ask them to get an injunction in both states until this is remedied. Nancy Pelosi’s SF office #: (415) 556-4862 FLOOD THEM with calls. Do it before 5:30 PST. At 6 pm, they give Pelosi a written concise of every call they’ve received. SPREAD THE WORD.
    edit: I personally called and Nancy Pelosi’s mailbox is full.”

  763. William, are you saying that no matter how many millions of votes more that Hillary may end up winning, that nothing could be done at that point to change some EC votes? Do you think Democrats are watching this and trying to think of a way to do it????

  764. William @ 1:45, spot on.
    William @ 2:27, agree completely. btw, did you see what I posted upthread the link to the nbc article about the Electoral College? Isn’t it just charming to know that our votes are worth so much less than citizens in tiny red states? What crap!

  765. Have you southern CA seen the petitions going around for CA or CA plus Oregon and Washington to make up their own country, out of Trump’s reach? It’s been going around in N. Calif. from Silicone Valley guys. CA has the 6th largest economy in the world…

    CA is pist.

  766. Greetings & condolences, dear fellow mourners.

    I’ve lost the spring in my step.

  767. NES! Us also. My once funny kid has been raging.

  768. So many great comments here. It’s comforting to process through the disappointment and justifiable rage we feel. Upps, for the umpteenth time, thank you for this forum.

    Earlier today, I shared with a good friend the following analysis of what I think we’re going through (offered up here for your consideration).

    The difficulty is that we’re trying to process three major losses, which, while related, are quite distinct: (i) the loss of Hillary, as a person (akin to a death in the family); (ii) the loss of the first woman President, again displaced by an unqualified man; and (iii) Trump’s monstrosity and the threatened loss of the republic. Any one of these is a lot to bear, especially in the short to medium term; the combination of them is too much.

  769. Socal! Hiya.
    Poor Laker! Please tell him I RAGE with him.

  770. Suits, perfect tweet to Hillary.

  771. These are the states and percentage of votes that have been counted, with less than 95% counted –

    Red states
    AK 76%
    UT 85%
    AZ 79%
    MO 94%
    OH 94%
    GA 93%

    Now the BLUE Hillary states
    WA 60%
    OR 85%
    CA 69%
    CO 92%
    NJ 93%
    MA 87%
    DC 81%
    VT 93%
    CT 94%

  772. NES @ 4:02, you nailed it! This is so much worse, for the 3 separate and horrible losses. Well said.

    Also, love the tweet!

  773. Shadow fax asked: “Do you think Democrats are watching this and trying to think of a way to do it????”
    Yes. I know some with status in the party who hinted to me that they are.

  774. America this is Trump through and through. This is exactly what he is going to do to you.


    Eventually a six-foot wall of dirt was built in front of Mr Milne’s cottage, blocking his view to the sea. Next a fence was built that cut into the cottage’s garden. Mr Milne was sent a £2,500 bill by Trump to pay for a fence Trump built illegally.

    “I refused to pay,” said Mr Milne. “I reckon Trump will find the Mexicans refuse to pay up for their wall too.”

    “Trump was given permission to build his golf course after he promised the government he would create thousands of jobs and build hundreds of homes. None of that has happened.”

    “Our community and the environment have been irreparably damaged.”

    “He promises you the earth and gives you a handful of dirt. What he promises is nowhere near what you get. The Americans have been stitched up.”

    James Duthie, 55, who owns the nearby Aikenshill House Hotel said Trump “had failed failed to make good on his promises”.

    He said: “I hope he does a better job as president than he has done around here.”

    Aberdeenshire councillor Martin Ford, whose vote against the golf course in 2006 caused it to be called in by the Scottish Government, said the “economic benefits” Mr Trump promised had never materialised.

    “Mr Trump is a master of false advertising and empty promises,” he said. “It looks as as the the golf course will now fizzle out of the picture, after enormous damage has been done to the community and the environment.

    “It doesn’t bode well for America.”


    This in a nutshell is what is going to happen to the United States….

  775. This is what they have planned for us….back to the days of McCarthyism…This is putin/Erdogan manual 101…..

  776. Aides obviously wrestled the phone away.

  777. I know you all want to thank me for this place but really, all I have done is keep a promise I made in 2008. Not much more. I told you this place would be here for your personal comfort, a small island where no squirrels were allowed in.

    Furthermore, if it weren’t for Sophie and Imust, you would all be on your 10,000th comment on the same thread on a blog that would take a half hour to load.

    Give the thanks to whom it belongs.

    I do apologize that I no longer write for you, I know you seemed to like it, but to be honest, I just don’t have that kind of energy left, particularly when I would want to satirize with rapier precision something I am really very angry about. I avoid stress for obvious reasons. I know you understand and I also understand your thoughts about it, sometimes even I miss that fire. Writing is a gift to me that has served me verrrry well, but I know instinctively that, in this case, it’s not where I should go. So just carry on!

    For me, I get a bit of a smug thrill knowing this place could go on into infinity even if I drop dead tomorrow. Cool!

  778. The attacks on gays and lesbians in the US has escalated heavily since Trump won.

    I warned last year gay people were getting too complacent and conforming to society and all this fluffiness, they have forgotten how to fight for things and that the hatred was still there in abundance.

    The way the world is going we are going to have to fight for it all over again. The younger gays of the world are going to be stunned out of their cosyness before too long.

    We are in for a long drawn out fight and the minorities, gays, women are going have to band together and fight this evil all over again.

    The assault on minorites, gay and womens rights is going to be astounding.

    We tried to warn the country, they did not listen.

  779. The Official Pure Left Narrative says that “Economic desperation caused the calamity of Trump’s election; bigotry and voter suppression had nothing to do with it!”

    Amanda Marcotte, in Salon, refuted this nonsense better than I can:

    This can be tough to accept, but so are a lot of things that are simply true: Given the choice between improving their own lives and screwing over someone else’s life so you can feel superior, large numbers of Americans will choose the latter. They have found their champion in Trump, a man who has never found a bridge he wouldn’t burn and for whom vengeance is a way of life.

    As Trump champion Milo Yiannopoulos explained when I met him, he and his pro-Trump shock troops don’t really care if Trump is a disaster for this country, so long as he sticks it the forces of “political correctness.” That’s a less pleasant explanation for Trump’s popularity than the fantasy of white working-class voters mistaking Trump for an economic savior, but it is also the explanation that happens to be true.

    The full article.

  780. The attacks on gays and lesbians in the US has escalated heavily since Trump won.

    This one REALLY worries me. There are many gays and lesbians in my life who matter so very much to me. I know I open a can of worms here, but this highly radical Trans thing isn’t helping the LG part of it very much at all, particularly with the inherent male tendency to want to dominate and speak for women. It does create danger for both L and G. I really do not want to open that can of worms here, so just take it at face value and let it go. But I know you know what I mean.

    I think this one issue overly emphasized has added to the potential for danger and now, to add fuel, we have a White Nationalist-Loving President.

    I worry for you all.

  781. Bill, thank you for linking to the actual article. It is the correct and legal thing to do. I ask everyone here to do the same.

    I’ve been plagiarized, not only plagiarized but I’ve seen my writing bastardized, added to by the world’s worst writer and then sent viral as far as other COUNTRIES. It is not a pleasant experience. People EXPECT rightfully to receive credit and recognition for their own work. In fact, it’s the law.

    Lecture over! Just follow Bill’s eggggggggzample.

  782. I wonder–if the Supreme Joke had managed to gut the Voting Rights Act in Dubya’s 2nd term, rather than Obama’s 2nd term, could Obama have been elected?

  783. Moon, America has elected Leland Gaunt as President.

    Plan ahead.

  784. Vote rigging he may have done while accusing the Dems and letting them defend the system. Like my gardener said, Hillary may have conceded too early and too easily but what other option was there when we don’t want to become a banana republic. Remember I told you about a tweet I saw on election night about NC on Goldie’s TL, numbers not matching, I still can’t see @goldietaylor’s twitter TL which is all messed up (does she know).


  785. Just listened to Howard Dean lecturing on what must be done with the DNC. He left women’s concerns out. Completely. As usual.

    I am done with this Party. I will get more respect when I’m an Independent. Every woman should do it. These two parties will fuck us every day of our lives. We shouldn’t allow them to put us in their body-count.

  786. Alt-right, hidden or shadow voters, white supremacists while some of it may be true, I think they are all a bit of red herring.

  787. Uppity, the media, the Dems if they try to analyze this as if everything was normal during this election season, they are falling right into the trap. They have to start asking tough questions and investigate. Dig deep, connect the dots. Even as I write this, I feel like it is all a bit of tinfoil but what if it is not. None of what T did during this election was normal. Why is that? I hope the leaders with influence in this country at every level are asking that question.

  788. PM why bother if they can just do what they always do……Blame Women.

  789. Plan ahead.

    This is very true for minorities, immigrants, oh hell, all non-whites and whites who stand with non-whites. Make a plan most of all to secure your future. I just keep going back to that scenario from the movie Mississippi Masala about Idi Amin driving out all Indians from his country leaving behind all their riches, assets and belongings. It seems like hyperbole but is it? A majority of the White population has voted for this guy and behaving erratically already. Not long ago, even in the recent past, I would have balked at saying white anything because we were all one and indistinguishable. The American dream, the grand experiment in bringing the world here and making it one was such a success but will it survive this election? I know we are all disappointed and mourning our Hillary loss, but I think this election is gutting something much more fundamental to what America is all about. I think Hillary realized that danger.

  790. Alt-right, hidden or shadow voters, white supremacists while some of it may be true, I think they are all a bit of red herring.

    Coulda fooled me.

    Hope you’re right. You had better be right….

  791. Uppity, there is a lot of chatter about strange margins, numbers not matching (read that facebook post I linked — Alexandra Chalupa was some a DNC person). Hidden voters may be a factor but that does not explain everything.

  792. This is the kind of response we need right now, not the weaselly response we saw from Bernie and Warren. Hats off to Reid.

  793. pm, funny you should mention making a plan. I made an exit plan last night–just in case. I live in Minnesota which shares a border with Canada. It would take 6-7 hours to drive to Thunder Bay, Ontario. Keeping papers like passport and birth certificate in same place for quick access. My bank is nearby. Never in my wildest dreams did I expect to be doing this. Now I think I would be irresponsible not to if the worst happens. As someone who studies history, I keep thinking of the Jews who waited too long to leave Nazi Germany. They never thought they would have to. They were tragically, fatally wrong. Everyone in my immediate family is being advised to do the same. We will have a meeting place established. Trump will build a wall to keep Mexicans out. I want to get out before he builds one to keep the rest of us in.

  794. Reid is not for office again. So his bravery is suspect. That is how cynical I am about these politicians. But at least he did the right thing to spur others to claim that narrative in the public space.

  795. Reid fucked women every which way but Tuesday. You could find him holding “Equal Pay” over women’s heads every time he ran. Then….nothing, till his next run. For decades. He used women as bargaining chips over and over again in congress.

    I wouldn’t spit on Harry Reid if he were on fire.

  796. Trump will build a wall to keep Mexicans out. I want to get out before he builds one to keep the rest of us in.

    Brassy, exactly, if he turns out to be like Idi Amin (but of course more sophisticated looking because he is a first world guy), he will drive out the unwanted and force the wanted in. He needs all the white people right here as his tools. Of course, this is all exaggeration without knowing how the opposition forces will behave. But from what we have seen so far, the media is terribly ill equipped. Warnings like the one from Reid should be plastered everywhere but none is coming. The narrative from every newspaper and every other media which endorsed Hillary calling him unfit that should be plastered on the front pages should be a warning to him.

  797. The Republicans are a minority party which has taken over the country. Democrats have won the popular vote in ix of the last seven presidential elections, and yet the Republicans control everything. They have done that by gaming and cheating at every turn, while Democrats still are trying to play by Marquis of Queensbury rules. Republicans knew they had to take over state legislatures to pass laws to suppress the vote. They did this during midterm elections, when Democrats, people of color, don’t seem to feel like turning out. Then they just won the presidency because they suppressed the vote in a few key states. They cheat and they connive at every turn. And they own the air media, which gives them cover every step of the way, and is now as usual, telling people that it was a great and fair election, and that the Repubilcans have a mandate, and everyone should get behind (the psychopathic fascist) Trump.

    The only hope we have is for the Democratic Party to grow a backbone, and stand up for the 67 million people or so who gave their hearts and efforts and votes to Hillary Clinton. I don’t care how much chaos they cause, I don’t care how much the bought and corrupt media clicks in disapproval. The country and the world are at stake. Put Garland on the Court in a recess appointment, I don’t care if the Federal Court finds it unconstiutional. Stand up and fight, and tell the people what is going on. You can’t ever negotiate with Republicans. And you can’t politely wait your turn for next time. There is no next time, not if the Voting Rights Act is permanently gutted by the Supreme Court. You’ll have a country where a permament minority of White voters from Red sttates, control every election over the bodies of the disenfranchised majority. This cannot be allowed to happen, and you must fight, and I mean actually fight, not wave your hands ineffectually.

    I differ with Uppity in that I think that the only hope to save the country comes from the Democratic Party. The third parties just siphon votes. They and their stupid and spiteful voters cost us the election, maybe our last chance to stop fascism and global warming and all of it. We are a two party system, and it has to be the Democrats who beat the Republicans. Right now, to my great sorrow and fear, it looks as if the bad guys have taken over for good. But maybe not, but the Party leaders have to fight every day, even though it will be described as unseeemly or unamerican by the stooges in the media. I don’t like such metaphors, but if you are in a fight to the death for the soul of thie country, and the other side kicks you in the teeth, and pulls out a knife and starts stabbing you, you don’t stand there and hope that he goes back to fighting fair. It is life or death. 67 miliion people or so gve their hearts and souls and votes to Hillary Clinton. I weep for these people. Stand up for them, even if it goes gainst your nature. Call fascism for what it is, use the word. Call Trump Hitler. Stop being punching bags while good and innocent people suffer in the country,and desperately hope for somebody to truly stand up for them.

  798. Yes, pm, I “hope you’re right” (Upps@11:32am). There are many elements to Trump’s win, and jumping to the racial issue on everything can cloud other issues at hand. But I also think the economic argument (working class woes) is also a bit of a red herring too because the average income of a Trump voter is $72,000. Yes, there are way too many in the rust belt who are not doing well, and economics figured highly in their vote, but how do we explain the suburban households and college educated who voted for him? This bothers me because a good number of people I know and socialize with are professionals who voted for him. Whatever Trump means or symbolizes to them supersedes his racist and white nationalist views. They may not be racists, but the fact that his ultra-right wing views didn’t seem to bother them at all really troubles me. By all accounts, they bought into his campaign and have no problem with turning back the clock for marginalized and minority people. And so, I’m at a loss at how to deal with my social group, old friends, and even family members who support this demagogue and his agenda. For example, I have a son-in-law who’s been very emboldened by Trump, and has even manifested bullying attitudes and behavior. So, how do I handle him without alienating my daughter in law (who also supports Trump, btw)? Luckily my two other daughter-in-laws and their husbands supported Hillary. Well, I’m sure some of you are experiencing the same thing.

  799. As someone who studies history, I keep thinking of the Jews who waited too long to leave Nazi Germany. They never thought they would have to. They were tragically, fatally wrong.

    Brassy, from my experience at the other unmentionable site, those would people call this self-deportation and hail Trump for being so clever for making it happen. I remember comments which alluded to how Trump would expedite self-deportation and how clever he was for that. Mfers!

  800. Maggie Haberman, that Hillary hater is targeting the next generation. Fuck her and fuck NYT.

  801. Trust me, I lived in Turkey for 10 years, I watched Erdogan do what he did to the country and it was all done under the guise of what Trump is levelling now. I’m telling you now, unless the people stand up and stop this in its infancy, it will progress into patriarchal authoritarianism……

    All i got from moderate turks when i asked them why they let it happen, all i got was, the economy was good, and “what can we do”

    Lambs to the slaughter. Erdogan took his party members and turned them into kristelnacht squads to attack any person who criticised them, he laid false charges on them. You cannot do business in Turkey without approval from the AKP. If you are journalist you go to jail if you criticise through being un-turkish…look at what they want now, a congressional panel on being un-american. Which translates as, if we dont like you or you criticise us, we can charge you with whatever the hell we like.

    I still remember how he told them all before he was elected when he said “Democracy is a tram you travel on until you want to get off”.

    This is just like Trump now, he is not hiding who he is, its all in plain view and if the people have chosen to ignore it…God fuckin help us.

  802. If I am right about what they intend to do, watch the teaching profession and the military, they will start purges there and put their own people in to control it…..This will be the telltale to tell us exactly what they are aiming for.

  803. Well said, William (@ 12:32pm)! Although I’m still keeping my unaffiliated party status as a voter. But we do have to fight with Dems (and others) to right this wrong. The Neo-Repubs may now hold the reigns of power but they certainly do not have the moral argument going forward. The Dems need to show a spine and use their tactics–or something better–as much as possible.

  804. The new DNC chair has to be someone who is a complete pitbull of a fighter…..

    We are going to need someone in there who is going to tear the GOP a new one….

    As much as i cant stand Harry Reid, maybe he needs that job, who is do we know is up to the job, it cant be Donna Brazille.

  805. Another thing, after this the Dems should compromise on a damn thing, not one single thing, if need be cripple govt, so Trump can do fuck all, bring the unions out. There are ways we can make the next while a complete shitstorm, you may as well because those fuckers are not going to play ball.

  806. Yes, I agree Moon (@12:51 & 12:54). Those are things to watch out for.

  807. Whatever Trump means or symbolizes to them supersedes his racist and white nationalist views. They may not be racists, but the fact that his ultra-right wing views didn’t seem to bother them at all really troubles me.

    trixta, I would categorize these people as low information, ‘listening to CNN’ type of people. I ran into them at a party recently. For them one or the other is simply “the lesser of the two evils” which Hillary was to some of them. They don’t want to expend much more energy and effort into this than simply that. So I believe those who voted for Trump using that logic believed all the nonsense about emails/FBI/indictment thrown at Hillary. If these people are males, they certainly would not have held all that sexual predator stuff seriously against him. If these are males who lost jobs to immigrants here and outside of the US, they would have a special reason to support him. That may explain the higher median income people who perhaps lost their IT jobs to those immigrants. The simplistic logic is “lesser of the two evils” shaped by your own personal circumstance and heavily influenced by the media. Most people don’t have the capacity to think about the bigger picture.

  808. Go away Chelsea. This is not the time. She is not her mother or father.

    The democratic party needs to rebuild. So far, Ellison, Dean, and O’Malley are throwing their hats into the ring. what do people think???

    Oh, Ryan is already talking about privatizing Medicare. This election result must be his wet dream. I am so angry.

  809. I’m telling you now, unless the people stand up and stop this in its infancy, it will progress into patriarchal authoritarianism……

    We already have one big failure in this regard. Media failed to nip this in the bud during the primary. No investigative pieces, no bombshell and not even in the general when he showed his full intent. Now at least 40% of people have invested in him and will stand by him.

  810. watch the teaching profession and the military,

    Yep. Universities, that is where they will start. The right have always felt impotent when it came to academia.

  811. Agree with Moon about Turkey. Is there a saving race with the US because of its size, economy and place in the world. But it could be turned into a China. Feel naive for having said it but just a gut feeling.

  812. Fuck Maggie Haberman.
    The same paper that was all in for Princess Caroline is telling Chelsea Clinton to go away.
    Having said that, Chelsea run for and win a seat on the City Council (for example) before running for the House.

  813. I don’t ever want to hear about someone being “groomed” for a powerful position.
    If you want it, go out and earn it.

  814. “Most people don’t have the capacity to think about the bigger picture.”

    True, pm.

    About Chelsea, she should go for it, otherwise Ivanka or one of her creepy brothers might attempt to run for that or another seat. The Dem party can still rebuild whether or not Chelsea runs for that seat or not.

  815. Trixta, That is correct. I heard during the primary that Don Jr. was interested in running for mayor, so congress might be a possibility. he has also been mentioned for a cabinet post. Nepotism rules the world.

  816. “Hillary once believed anything possible. Now her tragedy is ours”
    by Jill Abramson


  817. I’m thinking of all those seniors who voted for Trump. Ryan is hot on the Privatize Medicare trail already.

    We’re talking expensive HMOs where they get to die sooner.

    Or those “inexpensive” advantage plans where you go broke with co-insurances and copays if you get really sick. And “Approvals” for procedures to help you to the cemetery.

  818. No Trump will ever get elected to anything in New York.

  819. I don’t want to make people feel a bad as I do right now, but seeing Josh Marshall at TPM reporting that Democrats are coalescing around Keith Ellison as DNC Chairperson, is pretty depressing. It could well go like it did in 1968, where the Left got hold of the party after Humphrey’s defeat, and ended up turning it into what looked like a permanent minority party of hippies, minority groups, sweet and ineffectual dreamers, which the Republicans feasted on every election. The Clintons saved the Democratic Party. Now I am afraid that the Sanders people will fill the vacuum, with their stupid, self-serving narrative of how Hillary “lost” because she didn’t embrace Sanders’ wonderful progressive ideals. That is absolutely the wrong message. Sanders’ people could not win an national election in a hundred years. They’ll just disaffect people like us.

    I would choose Dean or O’Malley. But Ellison will get it. I would love to see Chelsea run for Congress. Apparently she did a wonderful job with the Clinton Foundation matters. It would make me feel a little bit better if there were a Clinton in office She is smarter than 98% of the people who run in our party.. Maggie Haberman must be a horrible person. The Sanders people will never win any elections. Everything will go down the drain. Put some adults in charge, not non-Democratic socialists, which have never won in the history of the country. What an awful time we are in for. 1972-1992, but far worse.

  820. The Democratic party can never rebuild as long as old white men continue to be in charge. I give you Chuck Schumer.

    If they had any brains they would put Michelle Obama in the DNC. Full time. She can control the little pissants.

  821. They are pushing for Keith Ellison for DNC. I want to know if, being a Muslim, he has particular ideas about women’s rights. Sorry but someone needs to ask.

  822. Personally, I think the Clinton family is done. Don’t throw rocks at me. I hate saying it as much as you hate hearing it.

  823. birdgal, to think that any of the Trump children could someday run for president gives me the chills.

  824. I’m telling you now, unless the people stand up and stop this in its infancy, it will progress into patriarchal authoritarianism……

    It’s not in its infancy. It’s up and running. It’s too late. Terrible things will have to happen before anything is done about it. But make no mistake. Trump will hand out attractive crumbs to keep people ‘happy’.

  825. I do think its time, The Clintons have done their service, no one could ask for anymore of them.

    I say let Hillary retire and enjoy her family. God knows she does not need any more shit thrown at her.

  826. Uppity, damn right, thats exactly what Erdogan did to get votes, one election, he gave them the plumbing for housing and then said vote for me again and i’ll give you a washing machine, and they did and he did.

    It was carrot and stick.

    Dictators are like spiders, you are lured into the web with milk and honey and before you realise it, you are already dead.

  827. No rocks coming your way from me, Upps. It may very well be the case. Whatever she wants to do, however, is fine by me. Chelsea might also want to take over the Clinton Foundation, so who knows what the future holds for her.

  828. Shadow, lots of us on the Liberal Coast have dreamed of seceding since, well, 2004 at least.

    I ran into my state representative in the grocery store yesterday — she has always been a strong Hills supporter. So many people have talked with her about if we could secede. But it’s unrealistic.

    Apparently there were gains on the state level this election — we didn’t have a Trump effect here — he only got 30-something %, even though eastern WA is usually pretty red.

    But I’m still in the middle of heartbreak.

  829. If I were Hillary, if she did want to do something, UN Human rights commissioner, World Bank…that would really piss Trump off.

    I bet there is a big job out there for her, if she wanted it. Something not under US Govt control.

  830. I hear many scary rants of past world xenophobic events and rightfully so.

    Let it be known that we can not allow that to happen: WE’LL FIGHT.

    That a lot of dead bodies would be the result, yes. But that’s the price of freedom…and many civil wars, revolutions and wars as recorded in the human race history.

    Do not fear…FIGHT….

  831. Christie is gone

    New York Times: Donald Trump has removed governor Chris Christie as leader of his transition team handing responsibility to Mike Pence

  832. bellecat, Yes, FIGHT! Organize and fight!

    “Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty”–Thomas Jefferson

    btw very funny pic on London Times of Putin Trump together bare-chested on horseback–we are cracking ourselves up with titles and captions–so will you

  833. I suspect Christie is about to go under indictment.

  834. moon @ 2:55pm

    And you are absolutely right… Hillary has a wide world platform where she can shine…

    riverdaughter, on November 9, 2016 at 6:17 pm said:

    I think she was a diamond and will always be happy about the campaign she ran.

    Uppity Woman, on November 10, 2016 at 9:27 PM said:

    “Yes her life will be less stressful. And she’s going to hate it.”
    LOL, Upps; you are too much.

    But I think Hillary is not going to remain still and idle..She’ll “Keep Going” her fight…and in her own terms…

    Hillary has a lot of more history to write…and We will follow her steps…

  835. Good Christie is gone. He is so dirty and may go to jail. Pence is also very dangerous. So much for “draining the swamp.” T is making the swamp larger.

  836. Notice Pence is now running the transition….Pence is power behind the throne here, I suspect he is going to use Trump until he can get rid of him…..

  837. Islander:
    don’t know if Upps would allow us to have here the coalition fighting camp…let’s find the way to organize and fight against the “White Nationalist Party” alias republicans…

  838. After all, this blog page is been dedicated to our Hillary…

    {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{ “We are with Her forever” }}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

    And yes, I’m saying with tears in my eyes….

  839. The Democrats, libertarian and greens better find common ground and get together fast. The only way to fight this lot will be unified.

    This election proved that.

  840. Bellecat I meant as have for the last few days that we must go out from here and join those who are protesting! Trying to not just talk, but to DO something to save our rights and freedoms

  841. The Koch brothers have won. They are behind Pence and if and when Trump falls, Pence will have control. Our civil liberties, environment, healthcare, and everything else we cherish will be diminished or gone.

    I also feel like going out and protesting.

  842. Uppity, I read about that yesterday. I am frightened and angry for our country.

  843. WTF..this cannot be allowed.

  844. God help us……

    President-elect Trump also announced that the following leaders will join the Presidential Transition Team Executive Committee:

    Congressman Lou Barletta
    Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn
    Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi
    Congressman Chris Collins
    Jared Kushner
    Congressman Tom Marino
    Rebekah Mercer
    Steven Mnuchin
    Congressman Devin Nunes
    Anthony Scaramucci
    Peter Thiel
    Donald Trump Jr.
    Eric Trump
    Ivanka Trump
    RNC Chairman Reince Priebus
    Trump Campaign CEO Stephen K. Bannon

    Former Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives Newt Gingrich, Lieutenant General Michael Flynn, USA (Ret.), Dr Ben Carson, Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani and U.S. Senator Jeff Sessions will join the team’s Executive Committee as Vice Chairs.

    They found every possible right wing hardliner they could find.

    and how can his kids be on this when they are supposedly now running a blind trust for him. This is a massive conflict of interest.

  845. GOD HELP US ALL!!!!!

  846. moononpluto, on November 11, 2016 at 3:55 PM said:

    WTF..this cannot be allowed.

    Ryan Lizza is an idiot if he thought Trump would play by the rules. He is also an idiot to not have asked this when the primary was happening but I am sure he wrote an article on Clinton Foundation and its optics.

  847. This needs deep investigation but who is going to investigate when the fox is guarding the hen house.

  848. And they called Hillary “crooked.” Look who is really crooked.

  849. Well Obama could say screw him and basically order HIS DOJ to investigate it hard and quickly with loyal FBI.

    He is President for 2 more months. If they can find something , do it now, quick and expose it.

  850. That transition team is a basket of deplorables.

    When is the media going to demand that Trump divest his holdings–foreign and domestic? If the Clinton Foundation presented a conflict for Hillary, what would you call Trump’s situation? If his kids ran his businesses, it would still legally be a conflict.

    I don’t know why anyone is taking that Chelsea story seriously. It’s from the NY Post!

  851. may be a new thread???

  852. If I was Obama i would have his DOJ leaking like a sieve right now.

  853. Maddow is all cute in this video talking about Trump and Russia. But frankly this rage and rant should have happened at least when the first Kurt Eichenwald’s article came about and Trump should have been run out of the campaign. Now ranting for 30 mins, she thinks she is cute and intellectual and deep. But fuck her. They all let us down.

  854. LOL, his voters are going to go nuts…

    No wall, no obamacare repeal

  855. I have no more f*cks to give about who runs the DNC. Electoral politics is pretty irrelevant at this point. That’s why I am watching this possible Russian hack story with great interest. It demands investigation immediately.

  856. I’m beginning to wonder if Trump and his goons lied through their asses to get elected and are going to just be like the usual GOP spineless scum.

    The rightwingers are going to have fits over this.

  857. Trumps supporters are flipping out on Twitter over the obamacare backtrack….

    This is all falling apart quicker than i thought.

  858. moon, I sure hope Obama does something about this Russian connection during the campaign and in particular the election results, state by state, verify the fucking numbers.

  859. wow…

  860. This should have been realized by the Trump press people on Day one, or at least day two, don’t you think? Katy Tur, where were you on this? Playing the devil’s advocate you know, your phrase, not mine and how smoothly you advanced Trump’s talking points with more finesse that he could muster in his little finger in all your boradcasts.

    Fuck her.

  861. I think I am in moderation…help!

  862. His three children (who are also running his businesses) are on the transition committee. Who does that? Some say dictators do.

  863. O’Donnell, Reid, and Maddow all had Kurt Eichenwald on their shows during the election. They tried to get the word out and Newsweek did print his articles. It never went anywhere.

  864. I imagine Trump has looked to see how much he makes out of it…..

    Punishing China hurts his business.
    Building a wall stops his cheap labour.
    I bet he has big pharma shares

  865. Where is the blind trust, if his kids are in the government?? I wish someone would start making noise about this.

  866. Ivory Bill at 9:48 AM post,

    This is the rest of the article that is very important, something we all know, but puts it in ugly perspective. (Women that voted for Trump, screwed themselves, fed into the the white male hatred, were manipulated. Betrayed their own gender out of stupidity. -my words.)

    The reason we that can, should fight. To not fight is accepting what happened, no better than voting for Trunk. I am going to call him names that degrade him as much as I can, from now on.


    The anger that Donald Trump voters feel is very real. You don’t fling a proto-fascist pussy-grabbing monstrosity into the White House unless you really want to convey that fuck-you sentiment.

    Because this anger is so real and so palpable, there’s been an unfortunate tendency in much of the media to assume that this anger must also be valid. The entire election cycle was a clusterfuck of articles demanding empathy for Trump voters, insisting that their rage must have some rational roots — perhaps economic insecurity?

    The persistence of the “economic insecurity” angle in the face of overwhelming evidence against it was a testament to the power of hope over reason. If economic insecurity drives this rage, then something can be done about it. But if the rage is driven by less savory factors — unrepentant sexism and racism — then there is no way to mollify it without throwing women and people of color under the bus. It is also not for nothing that most “economic insecurity” theorists were themselves white men, perhaps eager for a narrative that makes people who look like them seem a little more sympathetic.

    But wishing doesn’t make something true, or we’d be chatting about a President-elect Hillary Clinton today.

    No doubt Trump supporters are people who felt they’ve lost something. But what they’ve lost is something that wasn’t rightly theirs to begin with: Unearned privilege. The Trump revolution was driven by white men who are watching women and people of color making gains that put them closer to equality. They are rebelling at the erosion of the sense that white men are better and more important than everyone else, simply because they exist.

    This loss is real. The anger that it causes is real. The anger is not valid, but it exists.

    It’s tempting to be dismissive about this. A general sense of superiority over other people is hard to measure. It’s not a job or a paycheck or some other material thing that we can point to and say, OK, losing that would be hard.

    Of course, it’s also gross and immoral for people to feel this way but is a massive mistake to believe that since this feeling of white superiority cannot be measured, it isn’t important. In a lot of ways, it matters more than material possessions or economic security. Take, for instance, the Tulsa race riot of 1921, when white Oklahomans descended on a prosperous black community, killed 300 people and basically burned 35 blocks of city property, functionally destroying the economic prospects of the Tulsa black community for generations.

    The rioters didn’t do this because black people were taking something from them by having nice things. They weren’t worried that black people creating jobs in their own community meant fewer jobs for white people. They just didn’t like seeing black people have nice things because that messed with the white people’s sense that having nice things is a privilege that should belong to them and them only.

    Other writers (I recommend Jenée Desmond-Harris and Jamelle Bouie) have dealt with the racial aspects of the Trump win. But gender resentment also played a huge factor.

    Trump won because men voted for him — and voted to reject the feminist leadership of Hillary Clinton.

    “In fact, Clinton’s 12-point margin of victory among women was almost identical to Barack Obama’s 13- and 11-point wins with female voters in 2008 and 2012, respectively,” Michael Tesler of the Washington Post wrote. “Meanwhile, Trump significantly expanded upon recent Republican victories among men, growing the GOP’s margin to 12 points in 2016, compared with 1 point in 2008 and 7 points in 2012.”

    Anti-feminism, like racism, is not a rational position. On the contrary, there’s ample reason that embracing women’s equality benefits men in all sorts of tangible, measurable ways. Women having access to birth control and abortion benefits men, not just because they can have more and better sex, but because unwanted childbearing puts the same kind of economic stressors on men’s lives that it does to women. Women being able to work and being paid equally also benefits men by bringing more money into the home.

    There’s even reason to believe men are happier and their relationships are healthier because of feminism. In more feminist cultures, women are more interested in marriage. Being married to a woman who was able to graduate from college lowers a man’s chance of divorce.

    But while feminism benefits men in tangible, measurable ways, it comes at the cost of undermining men’s right to feel superior to women. A man’s sense that he is smarter, more authoritative and more important simply by being a man is eroding, and a lot of men are pissed. Voting for Donald Trump — and against Hillary Clinton — was a way to take a stand against feminism, to deny women the right to be president and to reduce them once again to a bunch of pussies that can be grabbed without consequence.

    You couldn’t get a better spokesman for unearned male privilege than Trump. The man is lazy, stupid and deeply incurious, but he always speaks in this lecturing tone — with the perennial fingers pinched in the air — as if he were the preeminent authority on whatever topic he’s ignorantly bullshitting about. He talks down to women like Clinton, even though they are clearly smarter than he is.

  867. SCREEEEEEEEECH!!!!!!!

  868. birdgal, I know they had Eichenwald but they didn’t do enough. none of the media did enough. Sorry. I am angry.

  869. I am angered every time I hear, “White Privilege”, the public had better get used to knowing it is White MALE Privilege. White women are equally as screwed as the other minorities, at least white feminist women like myself. Like Hillary was screwed by White male Democrats in 2008.

  870. Sophie or Imust, please give us a new thread, I am having a difficult time finding where I left off reading when I make a new post. ❤

  871. “If I were Hillary, if she did want to do something, UN Human rights commissioner, World Bank…that would really piss Trump off.”

    My husband and I were talking about this very thing yesterday. Some international position would be terrific.

  872. William, on November 11, 2016 at 12:32 PM said:

    I’m with you William, I will continue to fight in every way I can.

    I will not choose to shut up and continue to be treated like a lesser citizen. I will not let white men tell me what I can achieve or what path I can follow.

    If women don’t fight, minority race or not…how is it any different than the asswipes that forbid their girls and women to not attend school or to accept being molested, raped or beaten.

    Good men of all races need to fight this evil just as much.

    Our Constitution says that all MEN are created equal. Let’s not take that literally.

  873. moononpluto, on November 11, 2016 at 1:00 PM said:
    Another thing, after this the Dems should compromise on a damn thing, not one single thing, if need be cripple govt, so Trump can do fuck all, bring the unions out. There are ways we can make the next while a complete shitstorm, you may as well because those fuckers are not going to play ball.

    I fully agree. Enough of the politically correct, enough with the getting along…………………………….this is WAR!!

    I will join every peaceful protest there is against the White Fatass.

  874. All individuals are created equal….

  875. Winter truly sucks in Canada.

  876. PM, i suspect the Democrats aren’t going to do shit about this election. They are too busy scrambling to save their own asses, which is all that really matters to any of them, if truth be known.

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