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  1. intentionally blank, just like Trump’s brain.

  2. moononpluto, on November 11, 2016 at 6:00 PM said:

    intentionally blank, just like Trump’s brain.


  3. He is one of his own rally goers. He is one of them, a male chauvinistic pig with no real skills, no real knowledge, no real interest in governing a country, except in a suit with stupid hair and he got 40 mil from his dad and is rich. He was the perfect opponent to a well qualified female candidate to rouse up all those worthless male chauvinistic pigs out there. There was no one to say to them that this is not how it should be in THIS country.

  4. Thank you imust!!! 🙂

  5. Thanks for the new thread, imust. On the last thread, there was some discussion about Trump backtracking on repealing Obamacare. Actually, he’s just aligning his position with congressional Republicans who always say they’ll keep coverage for pre-existing conditions and students can stay on parents’ plan till 26. The problem with this is it’s meaningless without the mandate which they insist must go and subsidies which will be slashed. It’s just more aargle-bargle from Trump, the con artist. These provisions are popular so GOP will technically keep them.

  6. How about that Russia revealing, taunting, daring that they had contact with Trump during the campaign! They are saying to Obama and the rest of the constitutional and national security apparatus, ‘what are you going to do about it?’ They are poking them in the eye and what are they going to do about it. Remember the computer scientists who found that covert channel, that private Trump server talking to a Russian entity. NYT said there was no smoking gun. Russia now saying they had contact, is that enough of a smoking gun for NYT? What are they going to do about it?

  7. What are they going to do about it?

    Nothing. He owns the senate, the house, the White House and the FBI.

  8. lucyk – Thank you again Uppity and Uppity family for all your work in helping people like me process this bewildering, painful election. Sadly I feel I need you more than ever. So I hope you will continue if you can stand it. In any event, I cannot begin to tell you how much I have appreciated coming to this site many times a day for support and clarity. This is by far my favorite blog in which to find kindred spirits and voices.

  9. Did you guys see this? This guy that predicted dump would win thinks he’ll be impeached right quick, cuz the rethug congress would rather have Pence. I have been thinking the same thing. But who would be worse for us? The pence pig that wants to cram his religion down our throats or dump, who is horrible in every other way but probably not religious?

  10. I know, Uppity and he has his Uday and Qusay and that princess watching over infidels.

  11. Lucyk, you asked on the other thread how to shorten your name. Just type in lucyk or other pseudonym in the second box below where you entered the email address.

  12. Brassy, that would help our situation, if the rethugs would keep the pre-existing condition & the student thing. But the thing is, we can’t trust them to do anything they say they’ll do now.

    Also, given that Trump is now backtracking on Obamacare, I’m wondering if Obama made a deal with him that he wouldn’t have him investigated for anything (primarily the Russian connection) if he keeps Obamacare? Obama would probably do anything to keep Obamacare.

  13. I hope that there is some major effort to follow up on possible Russian hacking of the election. Apparently the pre-election polls and the exit polls in the battleground states, all had Hillary winning. All pollsters say this is the most wrong the polls ever have been. Hard to imagine. Of course, we know that it is very unlikely that this will ever get into the major media. But we also know that if we are going to rid ourselves of this nightmare, we have to stop tiptoeing around, and make charges and statements, even if they are controversial. One of the many awful things about this election is how Hillary, as befits her intelligence and dignity, was always very careful with her choie of words, and her promises; meanwhile Trump and his people lied through their teeth, made up incredible things in speeches, lied to the media in interviews, and somehow got away with it, even got praised for telling it like it is. I’m not advocating for Democrats outright lying, but stop playing everything so cautiously, it doesn’t help

    . And I would have preferred that Obama didn’t try to be so conciliatory toward Trump. If you said he is not fit to serve, how does winning an election (losing the populare vote by two million or so) by suppressing the vote, suddently make him okay? You cannot normalize tyranny. That’s what the tyrants try to do. And appoint Garland to the open seat, and let them fight it. Don’t just sit there and try to preserve your approval rating, and let the country fall apart. Not his general approach, though.

  14. Thanks, imust.

  15. Lucy, you commented here a few years ago, didn’t you? I remember your name becuz my parents had some Andre Kostelanetz albums back in the 60s.

    Anyhow, yes, we’re here and we’re angry. Don’t be shy, jump right in.

  16. Of course, that was immoral what CNN did, he was an inside mole.

  17. Thank you for the new thread Imust!!!

    I am still on the last thread trying to keep up with all the posts. I am so glad that the energy to fight has picked up to a roar!

    Hillary will not run again but she will not quit fighting, and neither will I.

  18. As i said earlier Pence is manoevring into position, they will move Trump into doing something he does not realise can be impeachable and then make their move. After all Trump does not know the mechanics of Washington, he is ripe for the set up.

  19. William, agree, Obama should appoint Garland today, if Garland is willing to go through the fight that will ensue when the lowlifes try to remove him.

  20. The more we hear, the more this whole election campaign was a charade.

  21. moon @ 6:58, that makes sense. Dump is a low-down dirty double crosser, but he’s met his match with these self righteous hypocritical rethuglicans.

  22. moon @ 6:59, haha! Not surprised. We should stock up on popcorn and booze. Next year will probably be even more melodramatic than this one was.

  23. moononpluto, this woman is counting on Trump to deport those mooslems who are here now. Good thing he relied her up to get her vote, right?

  24. Obama should do something, I don’t know what that something is, but whatever it is he won’t because …

  25. pm @7:07, what a crazy bitch! These people are emboldened now that they put dump in the WH. They think they rule the rest of us. They deserve the massive let down that’s in store for them.

  26. I agree, William and SoCal – re: appointing Garland- but despite my best efforts at changing my perceptions on Obama, I don’t believe he has the backbone to do so and he is not interested in fighting at this point. I also believe some deal was brokered- remember- the art of the deal?
    I just received my requisite letter of consolation from Robbie Mock. I replied to please investigate the slim margins in Michigan, Wisconsin, PA, and possibly North Carolina. Of course, it’ll hit the dead letter office.

  27. “Obama should do something, I don’t know what that something is, but whatever it is he won’t because …”

    …because saving Obamacare is his main concern?

  28. lililam, you’re probably right that nothing will come of it, but we should probably all demand investigations of the swing states.

  29. If the rethugs do try to impeach dump, I wonder if it would be a good strategy for the dem politicians and all of us liberals to fight it, not because we can stand dump, but because it would be handing the rethugs a huge defeat and might make it easier to take back Congress in ’18? What do you think?

  30. socalannie, no wall says Newty, it was just a campaign device; no repeal on Obamacare because maybe Trump made one of his famous deals with Obama (like you said), no muslim ban it was just a campaign device…. so when these people hear this, how will they feel for being made fools of (which was not that hard to begin with)?

  31. Moon at 6:59: didn’t Obama do the same thing with Canada, Goolsbee and NAFTA? Granted Canada ain’t scary but there was precedent, no?

  32. His racist dumbfk followers should have looked at his record: Fat promises and shoddy results plus bankruptcies. Just a tad bit o’ difference between the 2 candidates on their promises and their records for those who bothered to look.

  33. socal, some folks are going to get screwed real bad by these bastards. Whatever they do, I really do hope that you, Fredster, and Laker will be ok. Hope telling you they want to keep these provisions relieves some stress.

    William, if there is anything AT ALL to this Russian hack allegation, the US government MUST act. They cannot stand idly by while an adversarial foreign power steals an American election for their preferred candidate. This particular theory would certainly explain why all the polls were so off and none of the voting results add up in certain key states.

  34. Socalannie, (so he was persuaded blackmailed by Obama to keep Obamacare, heh)

  35. I have a crush on Eric Boehlert.

  36. good thread. don’t concede but remind that Trump and his supporters don’t have popular vote and therefore no mandate…you tweeters rub it in every time. #HillarygotMorePopularVote

  37. From below:
    Yes…this is WAR…no more compromising…
    Over and over they steal the elections with intimidation, gerrymandering, hacking and now with overt FBI coup of the election process…

  38. Corey L. resigned from CNN and has joined the Trump team.

    His kids on his transition team and managing his businesses. No outrage. Just for the Clinton’s. This is beyond disgusting. it is tragic.

  39. Okay, I am finally caught up with the last thread…it was amazing. Now to read this one.

    Moon posted on the last thread:

    Noah Rothman ✔ @NoahCRothman
    In the last 72 hours, Trump & co. have walked back his position on:
    The Wall
    Punishing China
    Mideast policy
    Repealing Obamacare.

    Is this only posted on twitter or somewhere else. Wonder if the NYT will finally disclose the conversation they had with the Douche that he will not build the wall?

    That video on the last thread that had Warren was interesting, first time I have really agreed with her and glad to see her start to tear up when talking about Hillary and all she has done.

  40. Good God, this is not a good thing at all.

  41. Trump is going to flayed by the career politicians in Washington, they will set him up like the dumbo he is.

    and then there is this.

    This country is going to go through such a dangerous phase.

  42. I have to agree with some of you…Obama still is the president and does nothing to bring some accountability on anything?
    For instance” what the fuck was Mr. Commie thinking by interfering with an election process…
    any investigation on the Russian hacking and Trumpo and Put(o)in love affair?…
    voters suppression on swing states?

    Get hands on man…pleeeze, si vous plais…

  43. Why was Katy Tur so popular? I didn’t like her at all. Her clips/shows when I started to watch, I would bail immediately. She was always spinning Trump’s talking points better than he or his surrogates. She gave poor James Taylor such a hard time about supporting Hillary, all in the guise of playing devil’s advocate and repeating Trump’s talking points after spinning it with finesse.

  44. Something Warren said that sounds good to me is that to fight, don’t delay. Work, volunteer to support things you are passionate about, to make them stronger and more difficult for Rump to tear down. Examples, minority groups, LGBT groups, women’s groups, etc.

    The weaker they are the more easily they can be pushed out.

    Stay connected with these groups…which this blog has already been doing.
    Don’t wait to fight until it’s too late.

  45. Boycott this bitch’s network NOW! She also said something shady about Hillary, something like vote for her, you don’t have to like her.

  46. Many,many thanks for the new thread. Have been wanting to comment for days. Yesterday I was @ my local Elementary ,volunteering. Within five minutes of showing up I was talking with a frightened 3rd grader who was worried about the Wall and her family being deported. @ recess I spoke w/her teacher who was also in tears,she said that at least 6 of her kids were worried about having family members deported and a few other kids were in tears worrying about losing some of their friends.
    We discussed ways to empower the kids;having them write letters to Trump or their representatives about what they were worried about. I’ve spent hours and hours the past few days talking to friends domestic and foreign..debriefing, listening..trying to find a way out of the pain.
    Just a reminder folks,we’ve fought these wars before..we KNOW how to do one better. We’d just hoped we wouldn’t have to fight quite so hard for so long,thought we’d catch a break w/Hillary in charge,but.. WE KNOW HOW TO DO THIS !!!

    Here’s what I’m thinking..we need a coalition of like minded organizations willing to become a “rapid response force” Our own coalition of the willing along the lines of NATO where an attack on one is an attack on all.
    Someone could set up an APP similar to Go Fund Me where organizations and individuals could propose “actions”,non-violent of course and other organizations and individuals could offer $,people,time or skill sets. It might be called the Action Alliance for American Principles ( sounds almost Repub,doesn’t it?)

    This would offer folks an alternative to constant protest,give people a purpose and help folks to not feel quite so isolated, so hopeless.
    Additional benefit would be having a large group of activists up and running for the mid-terms.

    First proposal lawsuits to investigate and contend the results in WI,PA,NC,OH..where results could not be reflective of the voters intent w/so many disenfranchised by voter id fraud and intimidation.

    What say you? Anyone know how to do this?

  47. moon:
    A “charade”?
    Would the far-right just allow Trump “the clown” to outrage during the campaign to inject fear, hate, racism, sexism to the white christian minority, in order to establish a coup d’etat ?

  48. What are they going to do about it?

    Sweep it under the rug, the media only talk about it after the election…

  49. And the irony is that Trump publicly humiliated her every chance he got.

  50. Belle…everything to gain power, oh yes, they would pull a plug on their own mothers life support if it got them power.

  51. Lucy Kostelanetz

    Lucy, if this is your real name, you might want to drop it. No one uses their real name on the blog. My name is from Gandalf’s white horse…not my real name. 🙂

  52. If the Voting Rights Act had been gutted in 2005 instead of 2013, we’d probably be talking about the winding down of President McCain’s second term.

  53. pm317, on November 11, 2016 at 7:07 PM said:
    moononpluto, this woman is counting on Trump to deport those mooslems who are here now

    Jeeze, she is in the Bay Area if she is on BART. The stupidity of a Trump supporter that doesn’t look like a Native American to me.

  54. Thank you imust for the new thread…I know how hard has been for all of us this very low blow…
    I’m with her “Forever”…

  55. Holy Fuck, you journos are motherfuckers…dereliction of duty.

  56. I disagree, the more Obama bargains with DumpTruck, the more pist off his supporters will be, it may weaken their side and throw them off of their game and think of him as a Judas.

    If the rethug impeach their own President, Democrats and Independents become stronger.

  57. No wall (or maybe) but this:

  58. Shadow, OMG, I am going to adopt this DumpTruck from now on.

  59. Apparently the corrupt Mrs. Sanders is telling CNN that Bernie could have defeated DumpTruck. But there is this…

  60. Maybe this will silence Bernie bros and his wife…

  61. I am so sickof the BS about Sanders….no one but the alt -left would have voted for him. He screwed Hillary terribly and you dam well know how happy he and his wife are that she lost. F the liberal media as well…the same ones who caused her to lose to Obama in 08 continued to carry the theme she was untrustworthy . They only pivoted to her the last few days when they thought it was in the bag and wanted access..Now they are further normalizing Trump. They are all scumbags.

  62. wow, interesting. second tweet from a lawyer I am seeing offering pro bono help

  63. I am the type who would intervene if I saw an injustice or harassment.

  64. Msdsal, on November 11, 2016 at 8:08 PM said:

    This wouldn’t be that difficult.

    First –

    have someone build a powerful website. My suggestion would be similar to something like Drudge has but better, with sections for news links, another for volunteer work to support minorities and women, etc.

    Someone would need to maintain the ‘Drop off box’ for news articles. Rotating in the most important.

    There could be a comment box if necessary, but items are not posted.


    There are already sites that post a lot off links, Google to build up a list. This site might be a good start to find links to groups:

    Make it visually pleasant and somehow, put Hillary and some of her quotes like ‘Stronger together’ and ‘Never give up’. on the front page.

    There’s a possible start…

  65. Msdsal

    Another idea, ask for volunteers to help you.

    Ask for people with experience to build your website…only bother with people that have already built a website so you can see that they know what they are doing. Don’t bother with folks that don’t have the experience or proof…it may end up like the ObamaCare website that was a disaster.

  66. Drudge’s web site looks like something out of 1998

  67. No pro bono for women being harassed though. That’s an ok thing to do.

  68. Howard Dean says we need to focus on young people.

    I guess the rest of you can go fuck yourselves. Just like 2008. I am so done with this party

  69. Bernie was never vetted. THey would have eaten him alive.

    I am sick of this shit and sick of these people. I just don’t want to know them.

  70. “The Election was Stolen — Here’s How…”
    (Greg Palast, 11/11/16)

    Before a single vote was cast, the election was fixed by GOP and Trump operatives.

  71. Drudge’s web site looks like something out of 1998

    I didn’t say to make it ugly like Drudge’s, but the amount of maintenance by just posting the front title and link is a good way to keep current info going out to the public.

    Also, not posting comments saves time and doesn’t let haters have a voice. Comments might have a good lead that will expose current stories.

  72. Uppity, true, but this is to encourage witnesses to get involved without fear. I think it is something. There is a story in the list of events that happened since Wed, where a woman was harassed and the guy grabbed her wrist angrily because she told him she was a citizen and was walking away. She used her self defense skills and landed a blow to his neck/face and of course, the guy was not alone and had his cronies as witnesses. Cops came and handcuffed her because she had no witness and later let her go. Ugly stuff.

  73. TBH, MSDSal, what you want to do sounds like it could get pricey.

    Depending on what you have in mind, there are costs to owning a website. You can use to build your site by template. It’s very easy. The free wordpress .com is a blog site that’s free. Like this blog. But the wordpress. org is a web tool. But if you are building a website, you then need to deal with costs of hosting, server support, space, etc. There are a couple of people who visit here who have websites, they could steer you to the cheapest way, most of them use

    You should research the hidden costs to starting something something big and complex and then determine if and how to raise funds that may be needed for maintenance.

    I am not a web developer of any kind, but there’s way more to owning even a mini “Go fund me” format, I am sure.

    You also have to promote what you are doing on the web.

    I guess if I were in your position, I might hunt for sites that are already up and running that would would let you in as a section that relates to their general purpose.

    Honestly, I would try things out on a free blog, see if you can fetch enough supporters and then convert to the costs that might be associated with a standalone website. You can also fiddle around with things and get the jump on what you want to do when you get bigger. Plenty of successful websites started out that way. Just a thought.

    Gawd. I am such a monkey wrench today.

  74. trixta, what a travesty! why didn’t we hear about this in the media? At least when he was talking about rigged system, in that context, why wasn’t there at least one segment covering this issue? And then the gall of them. They turned it into low enthusiasm on the part of AAs to turn out for vote as if Hillary could not get them to the polls. This stinks to high heaven and hope people will tweet this around far and wide so at least now we know what happened. Fuck the MSM!

  75. I want to know what the Democratic party was doing when Trump was running his Crosscheck project? Where the hell was the media on this? Why did Hillary and the Dems and the media rush to defend the voting system instead of highlighting what these mfers were doing to purge voter rolls?

    His operative Kobach, who also advised Trump on building a wall on the southern border, devised a list of 7.2 million “potential” double voters—1.1 million of which were removed from the voter rolls by Tuesday. The list is loaded overwhelmingly with voters of color and the poor. BTW, this Kobach guy now is his point man for immigration.

  76. I want to know what the Democratic party was doing when Trump was running his Crosscheck project?

    Playing with themselves in the dark. Just like always.

    Where the hell was the media on this?
    Hahahahahaha hahahahaha hahahahahah *Breathe* Hahahahahahahaha hahahaha.

  77. This is going to make you all even more mad. From the article trixta linked above:

    But three times in US history, pollsters have had to publicly flagellate themselves for their “errors.” In 2000, exit polls gave Al Gore the win in Florida; in 2004, exit polls gave Kerry the win in Ohio, and now, in swing states, exit polls gave the presidency to Hillary Clinton.

    So how could these multi-million-dollar Ph.d-directed statisticians with decades of experience get exit polls so wrong?

    Answer: they didn’t. The polls in Florida in 2000 were accurate. That’s because exit pollsters can only ask, “How did you vote?” What they don’t ask, and can’t, is, “Was your vote counted.”

  78. Uppity, yeah I know, glad I made you laugh but we let them know we know, at least now!

  79. Pm, here’s the video made by Greg Palast BEFORE the election, but only Pacifica’s “Democracy Now” picked the story up. Palast is a great investigative reporter for “Rolling Stone Magazine” who also reported on what happened in 2000 and 2004. Looks like Hillary really won, and Dems did in fact came out to vote for her, according to exit polling. The lack of enthusiasm meme is BOGUS! The polls were right all along!

    Democracy Now interview with Palast:

  80. TBH, MSDSal

    I work full time and have a very full plate right now, but if you need help researching links or what not, give out a call and I will volunteer some of my time.

    I will not be able to build a website, although I built and maintained one for about 12 years for a University, it’s been replaced with something very generic now, but I do not have that much time any longer to go that route.

    I think your idea is a good one and worth the time and trouble.

  81. ‘Nuff said:

  82. Well, we don’t need Russian hacking of our voting machines when Republicans will do it for you. Watch the video on this page about Trump’s Crosscheck project (from the article trixta linked)

  83. pm317, on November 11, 2016 at 10:50 PM

    Important stuff that I have heard but didn’t pay much attention to until after this election. Sad he has made the presentation kind of gumshoe comical.

  84. Thanks, trixta. It is an abomination. The petition for Dec 19 EC votes could perhaps use this.

  85. I have scouted so many twitter accounts and tweets for a while now everyday and I never came across this Crosscheck video or this information. How is that?

  86. Somebody please tweet Eric Boehlert that RollingStone expose’ and Crosscheck video. Or may be I will get a twitter account just to tweet with him.

  87. Shadowfax and Uppity ( big fan of both of you all’s writings and activism). Thank you so much for the suggestions. Unfortunately,I am a bit of a Luddite ;(don’t even know how to tweet or text). I was mostly putting the idea out there hoping someone had some connections or would forward on the idea.
    We are desperately going to need a rapid response team to counter Trumpian hatred. So all who read this blog,please feel free to forward the suggestion to any and all that you think might be capable/knowledgeable or know someone who is. Way outside my skill level and abilities.Forward away Uppityites.I already e-mailed the idea to the DNC,Clinton Foundation,Donna Brazile and Patty Murray’s office;but who reads e-mails anymore? No one,that’s who.

    Am revising my suggestion for the first proposal…we need lawsuits challenging the validity of the vote count and we need to get MSNBC to have Greg Palast on again ( preferably w/out the hat). Try for Chris Hayes,Rachel Maddow or Joy Reid..those three would be willing to mix it up.
    Also could someone contact that lawyer and ask him to network w/other lawyers to provide pro bono for those electors who change from Trump to Clinton. In addition, look around to see if anyone ( William,anyone/group you know) that would be willing to open up lawsuits in the affected battleground states.

    Thanks for letting me rattle on folks..this is how I heal..throwing those ideas out there.

  88. pm317, on November 11, 2016 at 9:43 PM said:
    Are you guys aware of this petition

    Yup, I signed it and posted comments but I doubt it will do any good. I am pretty much willing to try anything to stop Trump.

  89. An abomination, indeed, pm. If this info on Crosscheck didn’t get picked up by the msm before the election, I don’t think it will get any attention now–not even by the Dem Party. Everyone seems to want to move on. Perhaps getting the word out on twitter, reddit, etc., might help now. In any case, Palast offers the most logical explanation for what happened and how it happened. History certainly has a way of repeating itself. If there is any consolation, we now know that POCs and college students voted for Hillary. They did not fail her.

  90. Palast, like Drudge, has always worn a hat. Both are known for it, and I don’t mind. Palast just needs a hat that fits.

  91. Hillary now has won 566,434 more votes than DumpTruck

  92. Her popular vote may cross 3M. He won these states by a few 10s of thousands. Just enough purging or invalidating of a few 1000s of ballots would do the trick.

  93. her lead in popular vote may cross 3M.

  94. So what are CA votes worth, 1/4, 1/16th of a normal vote or less??

  95. check this thread out on how to contact your congress reps

  96. Things I am learning from looking at tweets: he was shocked to learn he won; he does not want to work weekends; he wants to commute a few nights to the WH…

    He should simply relinquish his job to a deserving well qualified woman who won the popular vote who wants to work her heart out — Dec. 19. Those electors should simply switch.

  97. Shadowfax – I just checked the SOS site and only 50.8% of the registered voters voted. The special snowflakes at a UC in my neck of CA were going to hold a protest on 11/18 but there spokesperson said they were going to have to change the date because that was the night of their Homecoming bonfire.

  98. No elephants in this live stream

    Space walk, International Space station…nice way to settle your nerves, calm music…

  99. This is all so sickening. Either something is done about this, or we might as well just give up on the republic. Every time something like this happens, nothing is done, it just gets filed away, oh, well. “We must move on.” “We hope that we can wortk together with (the Republican who cheated his way to victory”). “We will try to do better next iime.”

    But the next times don’t do enough, and then we lose again, and the hole gets much deeper. We now have to win elections by 8% to win the White House;; 4% to make up for the undemocratic Electoral College, and another 4% to cover illegally purged voters? You aren’t going to win too many electioins with that handicap going in. And it might get worse, we might need a 15% advantage, with the additional vote suppression coming along.

    So there are two choices. Either we let it go, and just give up. or we scream about it at the top of our lungs. We write letters to those of the print media who might be receptive. we call our Congressperson and Senator. We march on Washington. We do everything we lawfully can to stop this tyrannization. Democrats in the Sente should vote en bloc gainst every Supreme COurt nominee, even if it doesn’t stop him. Vote against every Republican bill. Filibuster everything, as long as there is a filibuster. Tell every reporter that interviews you, bout this. Go down fighting. There is no country, otherwise; it is the literal equivalent of a totalitarian state. Just because there is a vote, does not mean that it is an open vote. We can’t just let this pass. And as much as I love Hillary, she should be doing something here, not just gracefully letting it go. Someone has to stand up for the people in this country who were ready and eligible to vote. Graciousness in defeat is admirable, but sometimes it is not the right course.

  100. goofsmom1

    That just means that anyone that didn’t vote can blame themselves for any $hit that rains down on them…in my book.

    I attended one of many protests up in northern Cal on Thursday, and will continue to do so, as long as they don’t become violent. There are always anarchists that join in and start the violence, normally after dark…been that way since the sixties when I first started to protest.

    My guess is the Rethugs are more plentiful down your way.

  101. NW Luna, on November 11, 2016 at 11:54 PM said:

    Thanks Luna.

    I want to send her flowers, but don’t know if they would be delivered or not to where she lives.

    Does anyone know????

  102. Be safe Shadow! Not as R as it used to be, but definitely keep my head down and don’t talk politics at work…

  103. I am with kindred spirits Goofsmom, thanks. Stay safe too.

  104. William, if Hillary started leading protests against the results, she would immediately be labeled a sore loser, told it was all her fault because emails, and dismissed as yesterday’s news. Hillary left it all out on the field and should be allowed some quiet time for reflection. I’m all for fighting and resistance, but we’re not even sure what we’re fighting or resisting yet. Was it the Russians? Was it voter purges or suppression? All of the above? Something else entirely? We need to get our act together and figure out exactly what happened and why. Otherwise we risk being dismissed as crazy conspiracy theorists.

    There is something horribly wrong with our “democracy”. But it’s still possible that some folks who should have voted just didn’t get their lazy asses to the polls. Let’s try to focus on determining what the problem is before we start demanding solutions. And I intend to leave Hillary alone for the forseeable future. She is not my all purpose problem solver or avenger. She has taken enough shit for five lifetimes. I am not about to start demanding she take anymore because that is surely what would happen.

    One thing I think we can all agree on is that the Electoral College MUST go. But I don’t see any way to do that when it benefits Republicans so totally.

  105. I am just going to put this out there. Don’t be too impressed with these “pro bono” attorneys. Think Lisa Bloom…btw, she has kind of disappeared from Twitter.

  106. Moon via Shadowfax:

    In the last 72 hours, Trump & co. have walked back his position on:

    The Wall
    Punishing China
    Mideast policy
    Repealing Obamacare.

    If I’m not mistaken, he’s also been noticeably more gracious to both HRC and Obama.

    Anyone else here remember that The Donald was part of the world of pro wrestling for a while–where the wrestlers put on a great show of hating each other’s guts, until the cameras go off, and then they smile at each other and say, “See ya at rehearsal”?

    Those of his followers who sincerely believed his campaign rhetoric may soon experience some YUUUUUGE disappointments. 😉

  107. Adding to Bill’s comment – Don’t forget he used to be Dem.

  108. I agree that Hillary should not be pushed in front of our protests…she has taken enough shit and she should stay safe and have a happy life, continue to inspire us.

    I love this woman.

    ❤ ❤ Hillary ❤

  109. Brassy Rebel, you are right–but I am (obviously viith only a glimmer of hope here) thinking of the short time before the EC vote and then inauguration. The grim fact is that when those happen, Trump will start controlling things to where there will be very little recourse. They’ll have the Supreme Court, most of the lower courts, all the law enforcement agencies. They have veritably taken over everything, in a stunning display of the use of raw and illegitimate power.

    So whatever ammunition we have, we have to use now. Of course I know that it is very unlikely to change things. But if there are lawsuits to file, file them now, not later. Once Trump gets in, the Republicans have set it up so that no one from the other side can check him. That this has gone on, is horrifying. But it will get worse, so we might as well at least get some of thjs in the public’s heads now, maybe it will help us in the next election. And of course you are right about Hillary, and she has gone through so much, with such grace and courage. But the Sanders forces are not the ones who should be taking over the party. And if there were indeed irregularities in this election, then who but she would be best suited to bring them up? Obama never will. Brazile? Or we just let it all go, and hunker down for four years, and hope something somehow gets better in some ways, and our people are not completely cut off from being able to vote. This seems like the biggest internal crisis our democracy has ever faced.

  110. I just wanted to share something I’d remembered from 2008 when Hillary lost the primaries to Obama. It was a conversation with Donna Brazille on CNN that bothered me then and still bothers me today. Its kinda long so I hope nobody minds. It may not even post:

    BRAZILE: Well, Lou, I have worked on a lot of Democratic campaigns, and I respect Paul. But, Paul, you’re looking at the old coalition. A new Democratic coalition is younger. It is more urban, as well as suburban, and we don’t have to just rely on white blue-collar voters and Hispanics. We need to look at the Democratic Party, expand the party, expand the base and not throw out the baby with the bathwater.

    ***PAUL BEGALA, CLINTON SUPPORTER, DEMOCRATIC STRATEGIST: Well, I think Alex makes an interesting allegation — put it this way — or point. He said that Obama is closing the door on those white, working-class voters. I don’t think that’s the case at all, although some of the commentary tonight kind of bothers me.

    When people say things — I love Donna and we go back 22 years. We’ve never been on different sides of an arguments in our entire lives. But if her point is that there’s a new Democratic Party that somehow doesn’t need or want white working-class people and Latinos, well count me out.

  111. Ivory Bill, good observations. But of course it has been confirmed that Trump is going to appoint one of the nation’s major climate change deniers as head of EPA. That is absolutely terrifying; we will go right over the tipping point, and the consequences will be dreadful. I wish I knew something that we could do here, but I doubt there is. The debate moderators did not ask one single question about global warming. Lose this, and the rest of it, except for the nuclear weapons, seems pretty much irrelevant.

  112. My point in posting that was that I’d been bothered by all the hires from Obama’s team from the beginning of her campaign.
    I’m as dumbstruck and upset as anybody. I’ve never trusted the voting machine system. Not for one minute.
    BTW, I think somebody may have taken Trump’s twitter from him again after last night’s tweet and this morning’s about face, reminding him of the electoral college vote in December. He ain’t President yet.

  113. I don’t even want to get started on Brazillenut…she and Der Rove hated Hillary.

    I also think Brazile lumps Hillary in with WHITE MALE supremacists.

    Donna is evil.

  114. I think they’re keeping Trump on a short leash until January 20th. Probably constantly reminding him not to poke a hornets nest. He can behave in a quasi-civilized fashion in short bursts. He’s not going to change in any meaningful way though the media keeps pretending he is. But keep in mind, he has never apologized to any of the many, many people he has insulted and denigrated through out the campaign. And he hasn’t told his thugs to stop harassing and scaring people in schools and out in the streets. That’s the bare minimum he needs to do.

    William, I didn’t mean to sound like the village scold, and I know it’s important to take a stand, but I think we need very hard evidence of misconduct in the election before we make accusations or file lawsuits. Otherwise, we end up with egg on our faces and make Trump people look good. And that’s the last thing I want to do. I agree though they’re getting everything in place to take us backwards and trying to lull us into complacency. Thus Trump makes a herculean effort to control himself while all is put in place.

  115. Well, today is the first time I went around the block and checked out a previous blog.

    Ugly shit, videos of women crying from the loss of Hillary, making fun of them.

    Buyers remorse to a small degree…Women saying they didn’t think Trump would actually overturn Roe vs Wade. They are glad Pence is only VP, comfortable with DumpTruck.

    Hillary to blame for supporting Obama.

  116. @Shadowfax: Lemme guess–your last words before leaving the previous blog you mentioned were these? 😉

  117. It doesn’t matter to me who runs the DNC. It’s a useless organization and has been for years. Sanders people can have it, as far as I’m concerned. From here on, I am operating outside of the electoral process. Any action taken concerning a rigged election should be kept as far away from the DNC as possible. My two cents. The party never did a thing for me except take my vote for granted.

  118. Ivory Bill, 😉

    Nope, I just left after dragging JB with me. I only lingered to support the few Hillary supporters that were still there.

  119. Shadow, don’t torment yourself by looking at those hate-filled toxic sites.

    And I don’t know how to send flowers that will get to her, but maybe this Tweeter knows. She’s staff for HRC.

  120. “Hillary Clinton Likely Received More Votes Than Any Presidential Candidate Besides Obama”

  121. Can anybody imagine Mr. President-Elect Cockroach doing that?

    Didn’t think so.

  122. Meant my comment at 3:40 to be about the 1,000 red roses.

  123. Thanks Luna. I am sure that Hillary has friends that can get though to her home, but the public won’t be able to.

    I tweeted to her and Bill, and Chelsea to get my feelings though to Hillary.

  124. GOP feuds over how to kill Obamacare
    Some want a quick end, while others fear throwing 20 million people off their coverage virtually overnight.

  125. What’s really sad to see that there are so many that keep stating that Hillary lost because she lost the wwc and that Trump was able to capture their anger. That this is the same populism that was part of Bernies campaign. That calling these people racist, sexist, and bigots will never help the Democratic Party because that’s not why they voted for Trump.

    Well I say they are wrong. Everyone that lived through the 2016 Democratic primary knows that the Bernie supporters are racist, sexist and bigots. They wanted to only count blue states with not much of any minorities. Remember Mississippi Berning? Bernie and his supporters got away with crap like this and that’s why Trump knew he could also.

    I said before that history is written by the victors. This will continue to be discussed, to rewrite Trump as some populist candidate when his win was nothing more than a normalization of hate. To Reinforce this normalization they will continue to reference Bernie sanders’ primary history. But really Bernie just tapped that same racist, sexist, bigoted electorate that was silenced many years ago.

    The truth is if you voted for Trump for any reason, you voted for hatred, you voted for bigotry, you voted for sexism. That makes you a racist, a bigot and a sexist. No amount of relabeling you a populist is going to fix that.

  126. Well said, flvoter. Some are now saying that Dems need a populism led by POC. I’m sorry, but in the Sanders campaign and the Trump campaign, I have seen just how ugly populism can get. Anger and hatred directed at anyone–whether bankers or POC–is dangerous and can get out of control quickly. Trump was supposedly white populism, so now they say Dems need non-white populism. Gosh, what could possibly go wrong with that?

  127. Yes I believe populism today is an excuse for hatred. Trump and Sanders supporters are fear and hate mongers. The ugly side of America has been exposed. May be by the end of Trumps term the racism sexism and bigotry that is so acceptable and encouraged will be just an embarrassing side note in this country’s history. Something people will be ashamed to admit that they supported.

  128. I want that mfer Sanders gone and kicked out of the Dem party, just go away, get out of sight.

  129. We’ve seen lots of scapegoating for Hillary’s loss of course. But I have to say that data shows that it’s largely that white women did not support her. An extremely hurtful, but true conclusion. Women of color, democrats most faithful voting block for some years now, did support her; I proud I’m in this block. But ladies, we must stop being our own worst enemy if that highest glass ceiling is ever to be broken. I’d never advocate supporting an unqualified woman for any position, though men surely have no qualms about doing this for their sex and routinely do so. But if we’re ever to achieve simple fairness in U.S. society, women have to wake the eff up. It’s disgusting that we’re 51 percent of the population but in the 21st century still hold less than 25 percent of political offices. That’s on us. The self-hate has to stop or we will never get out of this cycle. I expect men to do everything possible to hold onto the reigns of power. When women aide men blindly in this injustice when we have to power to change it, however, is unconscionable and unacceptable.

  130. I can read these posts and find solace in being with like minded people. I’ve left most social media, however I have to ask, WHAT NOW?

  131. Enough coddling of this old man. Drive Bernie out of the the Dem sphere of influence.

  132. There is not one whiff of any retrospective analysis on the character of his campaign run against the first female candidate, the bullying in the debates and in the rallies, the abusive language used everywhere, the harmful and indecent emotions exploited against a WOMAN candidate. I am sick of this. This is a country in decline.

  133. Bernie isn’t just influencing us. He’s running up and down the party backs. He wants Ellison so Schumer wants Ellison. For that reason alone, I find this suspect. More importantly, Ellison ditched Hillary for Bernie. Fuck him, that’s what I say. I am not a Socialist, nor do I want to be a Socialist by any other name (See “Progressive”). I’m either a Democrat or I am an Independent. They aren’t going to change my party affiliation with Trickery. Either this party is Democratic or it’s Socialist. Which is why I really don’t care to be in a party any longer. Republicans are no longer Republicans. Democrats are no longer Democrats.

    If they pick Ellison, I’ll get the message. And for Chrissakes, Howard Dean is looking for a job, the sexist old fart. We need him again like we need a second asshole. (ok, gross, sorry). He says we “Must” focus on the young people. There’s an even bigger red flag. I have no intention of indulging stupid young people who are too dumb to understand what socialism really means. People risked their lives to run from socialism and come here, FCS. Ten years from now these dumb shits with no wisdom would be screaming, “What the hell was I thinking!”. Funny thing about Socialism, you dream that it’s a free ride for life like your mommy and daddy did for you, only forever, but sooner or later you end up paying for it too. After everybody ahead of you goes broke to your glee, it becomes your turn to go broke.

    I know the press says the Democratic party is in crises. How come I can’t tell the difference? Just saying!

  134. How about dropping this a week before election, FBI? Think about it; they issued a FISA warrant on Trump server communicating with the Russian bank, the findings discovered by the computer scientists. We were talking about FBI raiding and getting their hands on that server. They did but NYT said there was no smoking gun. Everything was hunky dory. This whole election was SO WRONG in so many ways.

  135. That FISA on Trump server article is dated Nov 7. The FISA was granted in Oct. “On October 12th, rumors of a FISA warrant started to surface online.”

    Why wasn’t this frontpage news? (don’t answer that, Uppity!)

  136. Uppity and others, I am using this blog to as an archival dump for various things documenting this election. If you have any objection to my prolific commenting, please say so.

  137. sorry hit post too soon. Thanks so much for offering this safe space for me.

  138. Sarah Kendzior on MSNBC in Aug and was never invited back. hmmm.. wonder why, (not).

  139. I can’t even enjoy my college football games today, so I looked for some small solace in intelligent think pieces. I found a couple at the Washington Post. One is called “The five stages of Trump grief,” and it is done with a bit of a light touch, but real intelligence and feeling.

    The other is also from the Post, and it is called, “Donald Trump and the end of history.” It is not as frightening as it sounds, though of course there are those elements. The interesting part was the writer’s very intelligent analysis that part of this “movement” is simply people, mostly white males, becoming frustrated and even bored with the mundane rituals of their existence. They want some kind of drama and excitement, and Trump gives it to them. The arc of modern history, toward a fairly stable and more calm direction, after the Depression and the World Wars, perversely may have led some people to ultimately want to fight against that, itself. That makes some intellectual sense to me, as ruinous as it is. When Ross Perot was up there at 30% in the polls in 1992, just because he was an outsider who promised to shake things up, I knew something was amiss Obama was an outsider, too, in his way, offering “hope and change.” And now Trump.

    There is some common thread here; people looking for someone to “save” them from everything being the same, even though they have no rational idea as to what the change might bring. The railing against “Establishment” candidates, coming from the Right and Left for the last 50 years, has always bothered me, because it is childish and self-indulgent. Along with all the other worries, I am afraid that the Democrats will decide that they need their own radical candidate, a Sanders or Ellison or Warren, who will end up getting about 40% or less of the vote. Hillary was the perfect liberal candidate, a combination of the best of Stevenson, Kennedy, and her husband; a continuation thread from the New Deal to the New Frontier to the Great Society, and beyond. The Right doesn’t want that; and far too many on the Left apparently never did.

  140. a combination of the best of Stevenson, Kennedy, and her husband; a continuation thread from the New Deal to the New Frontier to the Great Society, and beyond. The Right doesn’t want that; and far too many on the Left apparently never did.

    Yep. I agree William.

    As for distractions, I watched my DVD “Lincoln” last night. Allowed me to still engage in political thought, but without the current cast of characters. I was sad too of course, not just because the obvious ending….but to be reminded of what might have been. We could have had an extremely intelligent, talented, compassionate champion. But they kicked her to the curb again.

  141. Trump Admin is working with the French National Front…..What a surprise.

  142. Whatever the parties, whatever the candidates sell, the media character has to change. They have too much influence in debilitating a campaign they don’t like mostly for superficial reasons and propping up another just because they fancy it. I think they should be made to go back to country first and first principles. The print media with their 100s of editorials and endorsements did some of that. But the TV media was reprehensible to the core.

  143. Msdsal, on November 11, 2016 at 8:08 PM said:

    “Just a reminder folks,we’ve fought these wars before..we KNOW how to do one better. We’d just hoped we wouldn’t have to fight quite so hard for so long,thought we’d catch a break w/Hillary in charge,but.. WE KNOW HOW TO DO THIS !!!”

    “create our own coalition”

    I’m all for it.
    I can pitch in designing the web site…I designed my own professional web page…But I can not be the general administrator, I spend the winter out of the country.

    Let’s keep talking….

  144. That POS Korndog Kornecki went after Sarah for pointing out what the rest of us saw. All his data double-talk aside, I saw him sent on location to talk to some Hillary people, and lo and behold, he detoured before he went in the door and meandered up to that nurse’s Trump bus. Never did what he was assigned to do, stuck with them. I swear, on election night, I couldn’t even make out what he was saying with his double talk. Had to go see John King to get some straight information.

  145. Five stages of grief have been around for a long time, only we usually apply it to the loss of a loved one. I have no grief. I just hate his fucking guts and wish him ill. I will cheer when and if it happens, and go on with my life until it does.

  146. The punishment for Treason is death.

  147. pm the purpose of this blog is to comment. So yayyyyyyy! Comment!

  148. Just want to say Hi to Kim.

    What’s next? Life. And just don’t get any of this crap on you.

  149. Bullshit. Hillary lost because Rudy’s NY FBI buddies saw to it.

    I would think that, a guy who was DXd with prostate cancer and announced it on the same day as he declared he was divorcing his wife without telling her first is true scum. Couple that with the people who were forced to work with this megalomaniac saying he was “HIGH” on 911, after which he tried to bilk the entire state before they practically ran him out on a rail– a guy who wanted revenge on a senator who caught him trying to sweep cop murders under the rug…I would think that guy would start to worry where he was going to go when he dies. Which Karma has a way of turning into reality.

  150. The fact that Bannon is now publically reaching out to Nazi white nationalist parties around the world ought to setting off alarm bells like a clock shop.

    These guys not only wanted a US realignment they want a worldwide revolution.

    There is an international plot here and everyone of us should be scared shitless as to its progress.

    IIt has been underway for a while and the next goal is the collapse of the EU.

    You can be guaranteed this is all being planned from Moscow.

    We are headed into dark days folks, very dark and sitting at the sidelines is not going to be an option.

  151. Bannon is going to turn out to be his biggest mistake. Mark my words.

    Like his predecessor, he is a true piece of shit, only this time, he’s not playing in his little Breitbart swamp, he’s fucking with the entire country.

  152. I read that Ryan’s social security changes and Medicare changes start at my birth year. This means my whole retirement plan is SCREWED. We have to fight my friends at the mid terms and fight like we have never fought before

  153. Reading Greg Palast blog:

    “Trump signaled the use of “Crosscheck” when he claimed the election is “rigged” because “people are voting many, many times.” His operative Kobach, who also advised Trump on building a wall on the southern border, devised a list of 7.2 million “potential” double voters—1.1 million of which were removed from the voter rolls by Tuesday.”

    It was “rigged” on his favor, by Trump and GOP operatives…
    and with a lot of help by the reckless Media and digital social networks, with too much power and very difficult to rein…

    There is much to talk about the Demo Party sexist cronies and radical lefties…and some other types…
    Yet, Hillary ran a very good campaign and we had a very good Democratic Convention with her historic acceptance as the first woman candidate for president of the USA.

    I would like to encourage the focus in our real enemies. I understand is ranting and venting time, but let’s not waste too much energy tearing apart venues that can keep us “stronger together”.

    Let’s take action, let’s fight back back…

  154. Which year of people is he starting to stick it to, Kim. I want to tweet it.

  155. moon, kim:
    Remember, seeding fear is the very old way to control the masses…
    As Upps said: “he (they) is (are) fucking with the entire country.

    Besides, the EU leaders have already summoned up the Trump for a “cordial” visit…
    and believe me If the USA helped the allies, the allies are not to stand idle seeing the danger of neo-nazism, a perspective of another war they already fought to survive…

  156. Uppity Woman, on November 12, 2016 at 2:22 PM said:

    I couldn’t even make out what he was saying with his double talk. Had to go see John King to get some straight information.
    Upps I did the same thing.

    I will be using that PO Box to write to Hillary.

  157. Yes Upps, tweet it, may be the millennial get a wake up call…
    that all their digital toys and fast and furious lifestyles are not going to help them when they get older…

  158. pm317, on November 12, 2016 at 11:58 AM

    Absolutely pm, the FBI screwing with Hillary when she is winning in the last 11 days of the election, painting suspicion on her, feeding the ‘she’s untrustworthy’ MO of DumpTruck, the media covering it 24/7 and since 2008 pounding the ‘no one likes her’ bullshit to the public.

    Now they are trying to say all the reasons she wasn’t good enough to beat DumpT in the election.

    The voter rolls tampering in keep states that Hillary was polled to win. The polls came out the OPPOSITE of what EVERY poll that was taken.

    I could take up pages saying why Dump should not have collected all those EC votes, an yet…

    Hillary has already won more than 574,064 votes so far

    Tracking states that are BLUE with less than 95% of the votes counted, over the past three days, ONLY Maine, California and Oregon were counting votes during that time. This is how much is left to still count:

    WA still 60% (no counting for 3 days)
    Oregon 87% counted
    California 70% counted
    Colorado 92% (no counting for 3 days)
    NJ 93% (no counting for 3 days)
    DC 81% (no counting for 3 days)
    VT 93% (no counting for 3 days)
    CT 94% (no counting for 3 days)

    Today is the third day and those non counted states have remained the same since Nov 10th when I started tracking the numbers.

    DumpTrucks states with less votes to count have not changed either since I last posted.

    I guess on Oregon, Maine and California have bothered to continue to count the mail-in and early voting votes….DISGUSTING!

    If that doesn’t piss you off, check out Michigan’s situation;

    Hillary has 11,837 less votes than DumpT, yet 4% of the votes have NOT been counted since Nov 9th!!!!

  159. pm317, on November 12, 2016 at 12:13 PM said:

    Uppity and others, I am using this blog to as an archival dump for various things documenting this election. If you have any objection to my prolific commenting, please say so

    I vote YES, pm!

  160. Shadowfax, on November 12, 2016 at 3:31 AM said:

    Ivory Bill,

    Nope, I just left after dragging JB with me. I only lingered to support the few Hillary supporters that were still there.
    Shadow you have a strong stomach

  161. TheRealKim
    We can’t wait for the midterm election in two years, they will push through as much as they can get away with before then.

    The war has already begun, the time to start fighting is NOW!

  162. There is an international plot here and everyone of us should be scared shitless as to its progress.

    Moon, I said this on another thread. It is remarkable how the Russians have crossed the ‘pond’ and installed a white supremacist and their minions in the WH (in the WH!!!). Shall we make a list of people who sold their souls for this? Hillary warned us.

  163. I said yesterday I hope Obama is doing something… today I say that that something should be to bring out the nastiest evidence that is out there for Russian involvement through Trump in this election and evidence if any of Trump’s capitulation and do it before Dec. 19.

  164. An excellent critique of the media’s campaign coverage. “Pack mentality” indeed.

    Apologies if I didn’t cite this correctly, this is new to me!

  165. Infighting galore

    “This is like the Oklahoma landgrab,” said the operative. “It’s gonna get vicious the next 70 days as people try to place their people where they want them. And Christie’s people ain’t the same as [Trump campaign CEO Steve] Bannon’s people ain’t the same as Sessions’ people.”

  166. Federalist Papers #68 is being bandied about on twitter for electoral college and role of electors, Here is what is of essence (from wikipedia) if Trump’s Russian connection is firmly established:

    Therefore, the direct election of the president is left up to those who have been selected by the voters to become the electors. This indirect election is justified by Hamilton because while a republic is still served, the system allows for only a certain type of person to be elected president, preventing individuals who are unfit for a variety of reasons to be in the position of chief executive of the country.

    This is reflected in his later fears about the types of people who could potentially become president. He worries that corrupted individuals could, particularly those who are either more directly associated with a foreign state, or individuals who do not have the capacity to run the country. The former is covered by Article II, Section 1, v of the United States Constitution, while the latter is covered by Hamilton in Federalist 68, where he notes that the person who will become president will have to be a person who possesses the faculties necessary to be a president, stating that,

  167. I am playing this for all my girls and the extreme disappointment we had….

    Listen to this and get that fire in your stomach and sing it Girls…we will be doing this for the next 4 years.

  168. neetabug

    Nope, I just don’t leave friends behind in Hell.

  169. About Russia’s role in this election:

    Judging from this election, if only the Russian Communists had been smart enough to abandon international worker solidarity and embrace white supremacism, they could have won over enough white “real Murkans” that a hybrid Kommie Klux Klan could have taken over this country, and a Russian-Real Murkan alliance could have dominated the world, with Russia the senior partner. 👿

  170. The white skinned, overweight money grabbers in the Congress are rubbing their pink little hands together…this is 4 years of Christmas for them.

    What should they tear down first, what additional tax loopholes do they need to get richer, rip away healthcare, education, environmental protection………..oh goodie, goodie they say.

    Tear our safety net down, screw the working class and poor, it’s the national day for greed.

  171. Today, in a Washington Post article by Anne Gearon, she reported on Hillary’s conference call with top donors. “Hillary Clinton blamed the renewed FBI inquiry into her State Department email system for blunting her momentum in the presidential election and the closure of that inquiry two days before Election Day for energizing voters for Donald Trump.” Clinton said, “Just as we were back up on the upward trajectory, the second letter from Comey essentially doing what we knew it would — saying there was no there there — was a real motivator for Trump’s voters,”

    So nothing about Russian interference was mentioned. I can’t understand why.

  172. The vacuum-skulled GOP Base, as usual, will blame uppity women, uppity non-whites, uppity foreigners, and uppity gender and sexual non-conformists for the elite hands which will be picking the pockets of the GOP Base.

    “Same as it ever was, same as it ever was, (repeat)…”

  173. Shadow, you were right the first time – Tear

  174. Hillary wrote a letter to her donors, where she of course said gracious things; and she also directly stated that the FBI letter cost her the election. And it is true. But over and over, this kind of thing happens, sometimes from different quarters; but it is always the same thing, a Vast Right Wing Conspiracy person or group doing something illegal or heinous, to cost us an election. They never get punished for it, in any context. So they keep doing it.

    If one person tries to fight fair, “go high when they go low,” and the other person kicks, and stabs, and punches illegally, the bad person wins. And then they just do it again, and again. Someone has got to do something, even if they can’t change the election result. Here is where Obama lets us down. I know he wants to preserve his dignity, and the dignity of his office, etc. But if he does not say anything about the FBI having illegally meddled in this election, with a clear purpose in mind, then evil just goes on kicking the teeth out of good. At least tell the people. At least get the DOJ to investigate this. We always read about when fascism took hold in Europe, and no one did anything. And the historians will say that someone should have stood up before it was too late. This is our time. Let it go, try to do the “decent thing,” and you get rolled over. It will be a lot harder to fight this in two years. I blame Obama for not saying anything, I blame anyone in media who does not get up there and say what happened. It is not okay. It is not, well, let’s move ahead. It is not, let’s see what will happen. The Republicans will do this again and again and again, since they get away with it every time. Unless someone stops them.

  175. Russia poking in the eyes of Obama and the current administration. Trump is not president yet and no ROI until he is but they are taunting Obama.

  176. William, I agree and something needs to be done right now and right away. Why hasn’t Obama fired Comey?

  177. Well. Here is the letter I just wrote and mailed to Hillary:

    Dear Madam Secretary:

    First and foremost, a heartfelt thanks for your outstanding service to this country. I so wanted to be able to see, say and write: Madam President. That the closest I’m going to get is a ‘fridge magnet and campaign button is so devastating, as is the fact that you won the popular vote but our arcane system says you will not be president.

    I am mourning your heartbreaking loss or I should say our heartbreaking loss. That this country has tossed aside the chance to elect the most qualified candidate for president in this century but could not overcome vile misogyny by women and men is a true tragedy. That we’ve elected instead the most unqualified and inappropriate candidate ever is doubly bitter. I can’t see how history is going to be kind to us in light of such an asinine, wrongheaded decision. We should be so ashamed; we didn’t deserve you. I am so scared now for so many elements of our society, especially to those of us who can least afford bigotry and hatred.

    I’m proud to say that I am a woman of color who talked my family into joining me to support you over Barack Obama in 2008 (no easy feat, but even then I judged you the more qualified and I can be pretty persuasive in my small pond). As a lifelong democrat it was somewhat difficult at first for me to celebrate Obama’s accomplishment because I truly believed the party stabbed you in the back when you and Bill were so responsible for its resurgence in the first place. I was so joyous that I got another chance to vote for you twice more and contribute a bit in 2016. Among the greatest thrills of my life are shaking your hand when you campaigned for John Kerry in 2004 in Fort Lauderdale’s Delevoe Park, and attending three of your rallies in South Florida this year, including an electrifying one on Nov. 1, again at Delevoe Park. You were so very late at your third Florida rally of the day, but few of us budged at 10:30 p.m. because being part of history is exhilarating and uplifting when you’re supporting a candidate of grit, grace and excellence. I’m so sorry Florida didn’t come through for you and us.

    I watched so many of your inspirational speeches, rallies, talk show appearances and, of course, the debates. I recorded much of it to inspiring music and made copies to share with family and friends. I was so proud of the chronicling and have watched much of it multiple times. Now I’m so heartbroken I wonder if I’ll ever be able to watch any of it again. I still can’t quite grasp that the brilliant policy papers spanning myriad issues that you worked so hard on that will certainly enhance this country will not be enacted. That the abdominal media (especially broadcast and cable) gave practically zero coverage to issues to crucify you instead about email and the laudable Clinton Foundation is criminal. Dare I hope that some think tank will promote these issues via your brilliance to midterm candidates so they can pick up your mantle? I know you would welcome and encourage continuation of your life’s work in this fashion, that for you it’s never been about public adoration or personal gain. I watched enough of your rallies to see that you did not even seem to savor the Hillary! Hillary! Hillary! adoration chant we wanted you to embrace; it made you uncomfortable; you just wanted to tell us about your policies and get to work!

    Finally, the first thing that made me smile in five days was seeing your beautiful smile while walking your little dog in Chappaqua. Like so many, I hope you get many more happy and healthy years to enjoy your family, especially your grandchildren. You’ve certainly earned this after 30 years of relentless persecution for doing good works in the world when you could have had a prosperous fulfilling life without so much of this vile public bile. I get and appreciate that you are a brilliant policy wonk. But the unlikable, inauthentic, you’d never want to have a beer with her stuff always makes me angry. The sentiments are stupid in the first place because they don’t really matter in the context broached; not many of us will ever share a beer with a president. But let me say that as a lapsed Baptist, I see beneath the Methodist reserve a woman who looks like she’d be great at having fun (loved your dancing in South Africa as SOS!), and I’d be thrilled to have a drink with you in one of my Made From 100% Shattered Glass Ceiling champagne flutes!

    Again, thanks HRC for all you’ve done for us.

  178. Republicans lie, lie, and lie. With liars there is no easy to fight because they change the reference every time. They don’t have other rules of conduct either that they adhere to and if you do, they will eat you for lunch. In our own personal lives, we avoid people like that as much as we can and not get injured emotionally, financially, etc. But in competitions and fights, who should ensure fairness? There is always an umpire, a referee, or something and the media is usually that for our political context and we have been ill served. Fuck the media! Now why is it called the liberal media? It is not liberal or conservative but opportunistic.

    Interesting that Hillary thought that Comey’s letter clearing her had also an effect on his supporters. Even if Comey’s letter had not happened there was still voter suppression, there was still cheating in red states and there were still Bernie bros. But the margins he has in some of the battle states are very narrow and there might have been a scenario where she would have scraped through.

  179. wow…

  180. Once again, Mr. Putin, on the teeny-tiny chance you read this:

    You think you have the Donald in your pocket.

    May I remind you that your predecessor, Stalin, thought he had “the Adolf” in his pocket?

    May I also remind you that he woke up the morning of June 22, 1941, with the Adolf’s “friendship” buried between his shoulder blades?

    Good luck; you’ll need it.

    Regards, IBW

  181. Beautifully said, Paulette!

  182. Fuck that old man Bernie!

  183. I can see a couple million march on Washington coming….

  184. SophieCT, on November 12, 2016 at 5:54 PM

    Emily Anne Epstein

    Yes, she represents a lot of people that were silent about voting for Hillary. The worst part is they did not defend Hillary and let the conversation continue that she is a flawed candidate.

    I can’t tell you how many people I have fought with since 2007, family members, close friends, not so close friends, people I worked for and with, strangers.

    What good did it do? Most of them are probably thinking about what I said to them now that DumpTruck is ready to erase social justice and the safety net we have worked so hard to build.

    Fuck um!

  185. Trump could get into shitloads of truble for this and rightly so.

  186. Paulette, what a wonderful letter you are sending to Hillary.

    You are a great writer and I am sure she will appreciate it.

  187. pm317, on November 12, 2016 at 6:17 PM

    Good practice, there will be lots of protest over the next 4 years.

  188. I LOVE your letter, Paulette! I am sure Hillary will be comforted by it.

    Why doesn’t Obama fire Comey? Because Trump would appoint his successor, and if you think Comey is a shitshow, imagine an FBI Director chosen by Trump.

  189. Thousands marching–peacefully but powerfully. Resistance is NOT futile. It is required!

  190. Wow Paulette. Beautiful. Just beautiful. I’m sure she will answer you.

  191. We have a SUPERMOON coming our way tomorrow night and monday night. This time, the Supermoon will be the biggest and brightest it’s been since 1948.

    Best time to view it is before sunrise Monday 6:22 AM EST. But you can still enjoy it Sunday night and Monday night.

    I love things like this> it reminds me that there is something bigger than all of us in the Universe.

  192. Paulette, what a beautiful letter. I wish I was as eloquent as you.
    And William @5:59 PM, you are so right. Something has to be done about the stunts the republicans pull to cost us elections or it will just go on and on and on.

  193. Paulette, Your letter is beautiful and heartfelt. I’m sure that Madam Secretary will feel the love that is contained in your words.

  194. Good point, Brassy (on Comey).

    Uppity, best moonrise ever on the boardwalk on Jersey shore a few years ago, certainly before Sandy damage. This season we waited for the rise but clouds at the horizon spoiled it a bit but still great.

  195. Oprah has not made me happy with her latest interview about Trump. After seeing Trump’s meeting with Obama, she tweeted that we need to take a deep breath and that hope lives. Now the thing to say now. She thinks that Trump may now be humbled by his win.

  196. Paulette, wonderful and heart felt letter to Hillary. Thank you for sharing.

  197. If you are not on Twitter, you are really missing some good information. Twitter is where Uppity retrieved me.

  198. pm317 I posted the LA protest on Twitter. Thank you for posting here.

  199. Bellecat,thanks for the offer. I’d be more than willing to do what I can if someone can teach me what I need to do to be a site manager. You’d probably be better off w/someone else,though. Uppity,please feel free to give Bellecat my e-mail address,if requested. Thanks.

    Could someone explain to me why the voter registration “plots” and the limiting of polling places in largely minority neighborhoods doesn’t give us legal cause to question the validity of the election results? Is that NOT the true voter fraud,limiting access and disenfranchising people’s voting rights based on ethnicity?
    Why aren’t there lawsuits in WI,PA,FL,NC and OH challenging the legitimacy of the vote? The Republicans will just do this again if they’re not challenged. Are people too much in shock to not act? Where’s the ACLU on this? Where’s the NAACP? Votes were stolen and not properly recorded..the access to the right to vote was denied..what’s the difference between that and the Jim Crow literacy tests?Wouldn’t our democracy look better to the world if we demonstrated that we DON’T put up w/ voter fraud based on discrimination in this country and use our laws to challenge it?
    Anyone know someone who has the energy ,knowledge and resources to pursue lawsuits? I will call my young lawyer friend who specializes in voting rights and see what he has to say.

    Any other suggestions from anyone? I know we’re in shock,but the clock is ticking and Dec. 19th is closer than we think. WE need to do a Paul revere here..” The alt-right is coming…the alt-right is coming!!”

  200. Brassy Rebel, I agree with you as to why Obama should not fire Comey. It can always be worse.

  201. Oh,also saw on Joy Reid today that there is a native tribe along the Mexican border that says that Trump will build a wall on their reservation over ..”our dead bodies”.
    That will leave a nice 75 mile long hole in Trump’s wall.

    Power to the People,you all. 🙂

  202. This goes to William’s many comments and my own, fearing that the Democrats are too decent and therefore, weak trying to consider that it was all a normal, regular election with peaceful transition and that may be a mistake. Accept that Trump is not normal and the people he surrounds himself with and what he did to Hillary is not normal and make your public statements based on that. We know that the media is corrupt and feckless. Who is on our side, if not the Democratic Party leaders?

  203. I can’t stop thinking about the election. I don’t understand how to “fix this”, if it’s even possible. I have never lived in a “flyover state” – the closest I’ve gotten to it was Colorado, and I can’t fathom the rationale of these supposedly unheard white voices. I asked my friends and others who are from Michigan and Ohio and one told me that these people don’t have jobs, have limited skills, can’t afford to drive etc. etc. Another woman who used to practice in Ohio said that people there are just very insular and feel threatened by diversity or anything outside of their bubble.

    If I have to be honest, I don’t understand how the former group, if they truly exist, can go out and blame the “elites” or blacks or minorities for their problems when an essential component of the American dream, or at least the bootstraps ideology says that you can do anything. If I, a brown woman, had limited skills and education, and refused to move or improve my skills, then I highly doubt that anyone would feel sorry for me. Why is this treatment extended to these whites? My entire life, I’ve had drummed into me that I need to excel at my studies so that I can be a professional in a field that needs people.

    For the second group – I don’t understand it. I guess continual exposure to people that are different from you probably helps you become less narrow minded and threatened. However, these are the very people who get offended if you call them racist for espousing stereotypes about blacks/minorities, hating muslims etc. In fact, I’ve read numerous posts from people saying – “HA LIBS, this is what you get for calling us racists or bigots.” To them, being called racist is more insulting than…the actual actions, which they of course, have no issue with, or else they wouldn’t do these things.

    They seem to want to be catered to. They seem to want to be allowed to be as racist, misogynistic, homophobic, and otherwise bigoted as possible, and not be called out. In fact, I read something else saying T*ump voters tended to be concerned about others having more, and by others, I certainly don’t mean Wall Streeters.

    The thing is, why should we, as minorities, take this lying down. Why should we say, yes, you poor thing, your life has been hard, it’s totally okay to hate and hurt minorities. Your resentment, which is potentially borne of baseless xenophobia, is entirely acceptable. Why must we accept abuse for these fragile nuggets to feel better? We deserve equal rights and respect!

    I have no idea how to reconcile outreach with this reality.

  204. Thanks so much for the new thread! And Paulette, I adore the letter you wrote to Hillary. It says it all!

    Okay, so I’ve been up and down from sadness to rage the past few days. Today I got all three kids up early to collect food bags for the local food pantry through Scouting for Food (my two boys are scouts). My kids are at the magical age where they are falling over themselves to help, they are so eager. It was a great morning, and we collected two van loads of bags (best turnout I’ve ever seen). We’re heading to breakfast afterward, and a house that has had Trump signs in it’s yard now has added a huge brand new yellow sign with red letters screaming “LOCK HER UP!”

    No words to describe how pissed I was seeing that. And knowing that all the buses full of school kids will see that and start parroting off the crap they hear at home. So much for coming together as a nation.

    I read a really interesting piece in the WP that looked at the findings of a political science professor who has been interviewing rural voters in Wisconsin over the past decade. In short, they hate us. I don’t know how we reach across that divide because racism and sexism are deal breakers.

  205. Surely Trump will have to be held to this law.

  206. a house that has had Trump signs in it’s yard now has added a huge brand new yellow sign with red letters screaming “LOCK HER UP!”

    This worries me enough to send shivers. The article I linked in my previous comment makes a mention of it too. Trump (and Guiliani and Newt) is chomping at the bit to make this happen. Since during the campaign much of what he said that we thought was the over the top, like rigged system have come to pass and what he said during the debate ‘you would be in jail’, he will try to make it happen. That is his ultimate making an example of his opponents and at the same time getting his revenge. I hope the Clintons and Obama and other Dems are taking this as seriously as I want them to and have a plan.

  207. From Hillary to her top donors today…

    “I am heartbroken,” she said Saturday, with a sad laugh. “I’m not going to pretend otherwise. This is a very, very tough loss and especially because everyone worked so hard.”

  208. Uppity, what do you make of Sarah Kendzior? I look at her twitter TL and have read some of her articles and her clips. She promotes herself well but I am confused about her message as to how seriously I should take her. There are a couple of others sounding similar alarm on twitter.

  209. Democrats are cowards!

  210. BTW, Chuck Todd has no Clinton surrogates on tomorrow’s MTP but he has Nina Turner. Time to get more enraged.

  211. Watch how many spineless democrats end up “working” with Trump….

    Any who do will be getting the shit eye from me. I will just their faces off.

    Democrats should completely every piece of this agenda, no being nice, Tear the fuckers apart.

  212. -Stunned. Heartbroken. Incredulous. Numb.
    There is nothing more to say.
    Fascism has now taken control of the United States government.
    I tremble for my country.
    Be safe, all of you beautiful Uppities, and take care of yourselves.
    I love you all.-

    I wrote those words on this blog on election night and, sadly, very little in these few days since has helped to ease my mind.

    I feel like something inside me has died. Like, a light went out. I foresee dark, dark days ahead, probably the darkest in my lifetime – including the Nixon nightmare.

    My greatest sadness now is that I will almost certainly never see a woman lead our nation in my lifetime. This is the most bitter pill of all to have to swallow. I have truly felt for years now that women are our last, best hope for true change at home and abroad. As I have said before…

    Women’s Rights are the ONLY rights that truly matter now.

    The appeasement by some Democrats (and others) being shown to DJT (I will not write his name, nor ever legitimize his position) is disheartening. The normalization of a monster in the name of “moving forward” is the wrong path.

    Which is why these protests do, however, warm my heart. I am looking for something, anything, to reignite the spark that was extinguished on election night. I’m confident that it will come, eventually. We will survive, Uppities. Somehow, some way. In the meantime, I hold close these two quotes, to help sustain me…

    “Resistance is the secret of joy.”

    “A patriot must always be ready to defend his country against its government.”

  213. The myth about her losing working class voters that is used to normalize Trump; she did not lose working class voters, for one last time. She lost to majority entitled male chauvinistic pigs and their equally horrible women with an average income of $76,000.

  214. oh, the other thing that she lost them, the (white) working class voters to a man with a gold elevator. Huh, the man with the golden elevator was a white male chauvinistic pig too and that was enough for his supporters.

  215. pm she’s about as ok as the rest of them. I stuck up for her with Kornball because she is right and because she is right, he needs to gaslight her and do that Divert thing. Kornball is a flying asshole and decided to smear her for catching him doing what he was actually doing. Typical gaslighting. Typical but not tolerable in my book. Other than that, I never hung my hat on Sarah’s stuff.

    Your comments about her articles, etc and others joining in is just what Kornball wants to see happen. Divert, deflect. kill the messenger ASAP.

  216. Paulette: I love all your posts but that letter, wow! I can see Hillary tearing up as she reads it. You spoke so poignantly for us all. Thank you!

  217. The media screwed her on two fronts. One amplifying Comey’s letter without blaming him for interference and calrifying that it was nothing when it happened and two, neglecting wikileaks as if there was something there that they were not addressing.

    I feel like pulling my hair out. Injustice and a second time around. If Gore could go on with his life with his loss, I suppose she will be too. The electoral system has to change.

  218. The LOCK HER UP SIGN. Don’t be shivering over that for Chrissakes. The guy is just another lowlife. Face it, it’s not like Trump didn’t attract some of America’s worst underbelly dweller. He even brought out the KKK for chrissakes.

    Forget it. It’s what lowlifes do.

  219. Hello Rev War Vet:

    “Women’s Rights are the ONLY rights that truly matter now.”

    You said it…we are women and we’ll fight for our other half of the sky…

    no moving forward …

  220. Giuliani’s cancer will get him soon enough. He looks ratty and he’s rotting from the inside. I kind of like to think that Hillary is smart enough to figure things out

    All they would do is turn her into Joan of Arc. Republicans ALWAYS go over the hatred line and end up looking like the nasty, malicious, petty, sadistic bastards they really are. Let em roll. They get to expose themselves as the woman hunters that they are known to be in power. After all, their life isn’t complete if they can’t come up with ways to harass, hobble, torture or skewer women. If it isn’t legislation, it’s hearings. They are just plain vile and obsessed with women’s sexual organs and brains. Brains REALLY bother them. Because theirs are so mediocre. They’ll go too far. They ALWAYS do.

  221. Your comments about her articles, etc and others joining in is just what Kornball wants to see happen. Divert, deflect. kill the messenger ASAP.,/i>

    Uppity, I don’t understand this. I am not trying to discredit her at all. I don’t care about Kornball or what he does. I was asking for your general opinion of SK from what she puts out on her twitter TL. Is she a doomsday exaggerator? How seriously should we take her prognostications?

  222. oops.. my itals went wild. Uppity, please clarify. I am not trying to discredit her at all. I don’t care about Kornball or what he does. I was asking for your general opinion of SK from what she puts out on her twitter TL. Is she a doomsday exaggerator? How seriously do you take her prognostications?

  223. No I wasn’t implying that, PM. Sorry if I expressed myself improperly. What I’m saying is, I expect her to be attacked. Honestly, I don’t pay much attention to anything she does. She’s just not important. My only connect to her is, I see a woman who called out a man who is now gaslighting her and playing the victim. And I expect others to pile on. Because that’s how it’s done. That is all. As for him, I have never seen such a poor manipulator of data, completely unable to understand anything he does. But they on MSNBC treat him like he’s the Guru of data, when in fact, I had the distinct feeling long ago that he blows it out of his ass. If he were on CNN, he’d be fetching coffee for John King, who really DOES know what he’s doing. Anybody who tried to watch him do his winding road to a dead end routine could see it. So in my mind, whatever Sarah does with her work is irrelevant. What’s relevant to me is she said what I could see for many months and his Fee Fees were hurt so he must lash out publicly and gather a crowd to lick his wounds for him.

    Pee Ess. CNN isn’t worth spit, but if you want to know what’s going on during any election, you want to go there for King and leave Kornball to play with himself in the dark with data.

  224. ha, Uppity, how timely is this? But I agree with you that Hillary is smart and will take care of herself and my shivers are only because I fucking don’t want anything, not a thing to hurt her from now on.

  225. NOW they start asking questions….

  226. Trivia: John King was married to Dana Bash.

  227. OK, Uppity, I got what you said about Kornball and what he tried to do and your defense of SK because of it, all that when I first read your comment. I was asking you a different question and you answered — SK is not all that important to you. Yeah, I have decided to not get too spooked by what she says; she is knowledgeable and all but I think America may be too strong for a lunatic like Trump (even if he behaves like an autocrat) to cause massive destruction. We will watch and see.

  228. In view of Digby’s tweet above, NYT should go belly up and disappear. Please make it happen. Boycott.

  229. All they would do is turn her into Joan of Arc.

    She already is in my book Upps.

  230. wow!

  231. Nah pm, your shivers are because you are disgusted and revolted at just how many horrible people exist in the USA. If Trump did nothing, he flushed them out for all to see.

  232. Thanks for the Digby tweet.I retweeted. As usual, disgusting.

    Oh and one more thang, pm. THey can’t hurt her anymore. But they will try. It’s what sadists too. Fuck em, she’ll rise above them just like she has for the past 30+ years. because it makes them crazy. Or crazIER if you will.

  233. yeah, Uppity, that is true too. I had this beautiful almost romantic vision of this country and that image is a little shattered but I am also surrounded by good people with great heart.

  234. About NYT, I had a big fight yesterday with my hubs. He does not get emotionally involved as I do in most matters though he cares. He is upset about how the media treated Hillary and agrees with me. I had asked him to cancel his NYT subscription and found out he had not which was the cause of the fight. He is just busy and forgets. Anyway, I sent him that digby tweet. That straw should break the camel’s back if not the camel is in for a lot of hurt.

  235. She already is in my book Upps.

    Nah. They haven’t burned her at the stake. But they’d like to. But it seems every time they try they look like these clowns. Because they ARE these clowns.

  236. Uppity Woman, on November 12, 2016 at 9:56 PM said:

    “They are just plain vile and obsessed with women’s sexual organs and brains.”

    May be because they are not very enamored with the looks of their sexual “organ”…???
    After all they try for centuries to cover the penis up in paintings, sculptures, photography and movies…
    But, they love to brag about it…go figure…

  237. Oh, that Monty Python video was precious. Bill Wild did allude to it in his interview with Maddow. Too bad people who voted for Johnson (to spite the witch) are too obtuse.

    And, if that buffoon tries anything stupid like that with Hillary, we women will revolt. I will guarantee it.

  238. I just read an article about all the military secrets that Trump is apparently going to learn about. It really brought home how much power this cheeto is going to have. To be honest, now I’m terrified that he’s going to get us all blown up. He’s not that smart. Dubya was a C-student at Yale, which means he’s pretty dumb, but he was probably the equivalent of a person with average intellect. Trump seems below average at best.

  239. Hillary is now up to 625,553 votes ahead of DumpTruck, and WA, OR and CA don’t look like they have been counted for a couple of days.

    CA alone has only counted 70% of the votes.

  240. bellecat, lol!

  241. Reading Hillary and Bill called Trump and off course were gracious…I am sure it would not have been the same had she won. I love my country, and accept losing, but I have never been so disappointed at us as a nation. I really hope Bill and Hillary enjoy their lives and stay away from the public who has screwed her terribly two (2) times(and I still blame the bleeding -Hearted liberals for her defeat more than the republicans). The far left ruined everything for her (I will conceded Comey also had a huge influence).

  242. I also want Hill and Bill to relax and enjoy their retirement, free from pain and heartache. But, I know they will be doing something meaningful and worthwhile. I think one of the worst parts is knowing we really won’t see them anymore as they will no doubt be working more behind the scenes and out of the public light. But we sure as hell will see the Orange Cheeto all over our tvs every day. BLAAAAACHH! So depressing to think about.

  243. The opening of SNL tonight was Kate McKinnon as Hillary singing Cohen’s “Hallelujah”. It was played straight up, beautiful singing….and she ended w/ “I won’t give up and neither should you.”

    Kleenex time again.

  244. Beyond depressing..just those promos for 60 minutes withthe whole clan….The sons turned out to be a vicious as the father. I had fairly positive feelings about Ivanka, but I don’t like her anymore either. I am sure lots of males voted for the pretty blondes and trophy wife as well.

  245. Watch before NBC pulls it down:

  246. Well, I think that she should run again, but of course i know that she won’t. She deserves to be President. And we have to keep the party out of the hands of the Left, because they will lose every election. This country is not more liheral than it was 30 years ago when Dukakis got beaten badly. The idea of a liberal renaissance in politics is a myth.There is and was no Sanders revolution. Let the Warrens and Ellisons be in charge, and we won’t win. The Midwest will be a Republican stronghold, and we can’t win the electoral vote. We need a Sherrod Brown type, but he’s not the best campaigner. Maybe Chris Murphy would do. I don’t see anyone else. We have so few people in Congress and Governorships, that there aren’t many possible candidates. This will become clear at some point. It may turn out to be that Hillary did wonderfully well to actually win this popular vote by 2%, and to come so heartbreakingly close even with all thaose horrible lies and media skewing against her. It may be worse next time, though of course I very much hope we somehow get the country back.

  247. Sound quality is better on this one

  248. Agree William..Ellison and Warren are the reason we are no longer the democratic party I grew up with. They scare moderates like me and others away. I was a Bill Clinton democrat and that no longer exists.
    One other beef, I think Kaine was a bad choice for VP. She hardly won VA and could have used someone from PA, Fl or MI…

  249. VotingHillary, on November 13, 2016 at 12:47 AM said:
    Watch before NBC pulls it down:

    I’m not giving up and neither should you…………………..

    Like a stab to the heart, just what Hillary said.

    It almost hurts as much as if our Hillary had died….

    3> Hillary

  250. Uppity Woman, on November 13, 2016 at 1:54 AM

    Thank you for posting that Upps, just seeing that she is okay and all the love towards her makes me feel so much better.

  251. jb, I know EXACTLY how you feel. It’s why I don’t feel much at all for the party any longer. It’s just not my party.

  252. Upps, that’s why I dumped any party affiliation after 2008…it still remains the same.

  253. Starts with 1958, you will get medical vouchers.

  254. Medical vouchers. Wow. I saw where he wants to drive everyone to the Advantage plans. OMG I’ve seen people get sick and go broke unable to pay the co-insurance and copays. She had to quit rehab because she had to go three times a week for many months and the copay was $45 each day. Every time she got hospitalized she had a $350 daily copay. She’s nearly dead now for lack of ability to pay for her “share”. The worst part of those “Advantage” plans is they are attractive if you are not sick, low premiums, drug plan included. And they might even throw in an eye exam. Then they hook people and guess what? Once they join they can’t go back to straight medicare with a supplement policy, because the Supplement insurers can reject you if you are sick. They hooked a lot of people who were new on medicare into Advantage plans and they didn’t know the fine print. They paid cheap premiums and then got sick.

    I read where he also is going to TELL insurers they can’t offer supplemental policies that cover all that Medicare doesn’t cover (the 20%, deductibles, etc). He says if people have to pay something when they get ill, they were be more ‘careful’ about what care they allow doctors to give them. Can you imagine how many people will die because of funds.

    Vouchers. Wonderful. I’m sure the senior on 14k a year will appreciate keeping a hundred bucks out of their SS check each month, since the rest will go to insurers.

    How to people turn into Paul Ryan? The world is not a better place with them in it.

    This man is really a horrible black soul.

    People really need to barnstorm the capitol steps, because I remember what Newt’s buddy in AARP did with Bill Frist to seniors the last time. Newt arranged that bill. AARP is NOT interested in the welfare of seniors any longer. They are an insurance agent, pimping “AARP approved” policies. They are in bed with that horrid United Heathcare besides. They would be THRILLED to see Medicare privatized. Cha Ching!

    Myself, I shore up to make sure I can afford supplements because I have MANY medical bills and issues and I am not about to sit around and die worrying about money while Paul Ryan cracks lobster claws. Fuck him.

  255. There’s not a lot I can do and it devastated me when I read it. I own my home and I worry all the time. I read that and burst into tears. What are my options? Find a man with insurance or money, move to a country with single payer or die if I get sick?

  256. This is going to be the most corrupt Administration ever.

  257. Kim, honey, listen to me. Please.

    I will wager that this will not happen. Here’s why: Seniors are a huge voting block. Anything he tries to do to them is a political death wish. Add to that people like yourself who are looking ahead and that adds up to many millions of voting Americans. Furthermore, Donald J Trump counts votes. Well, not him, one of his lackys counts them. There is NO question in my mind that, if Ryan tries this shit, the publicity surrounding it will be YUUUUUUUGE! Town criers EVERYWHERE.

    All this fear the Republican party has continued to heap onto women, seniors, AAs and Latinos is going to result in riots in this country within the next four years. They just won’t learn. They ALWAYS try to overstep the boundaries of common decency.

    I’m not going to start worrying now. That’s what they want you to do. She ADORE fear and pain. In others. I don’t want you crying now. Because this may NOT come to fruition. It’s not the first time they tried. They want to invest the millions they have siphoned through legislation so they can earn more millions buying into health insurers.

    I’d be shocked if he pulls this off. Seriously.

    Two years from now when these cockroaches are running for re-election, the only answer is to remove their rotten asses from the House and Senate. It’s happened before. In fact, the biggest shakeup of that useless party was when Newt was run out on a rail and Frist scurried off like a rat. That was over “Medicare Reform”. Imagine that.

    Please, don’t despair. Tell you what. I’ll tell you when you can start worrying. How’s that for a deal?

    Remember that wall The “I am going to build it and Mexico is going to pay for it. Believe me!” wall? Nah gonna happen. Blowasses all around who will do anything, even bring out the WORST in people, to win.

    My money says this is not going to happen. You want to know what I think IS going to happen? The economy will grow, because there will be MANY jobs. In the military. At War. Manufacturing plants will revive to build things. For the war. Many people will die and most of them will die right here on our soil. Donald Trump is Putin. Putin is Donald Trump. In no way is this a conspiracy theory. Enough happened and enough was said just in the past year to confirm it. Hacks, FBI, Blow Jobs for Vlad. Not anecdotal stuff, REAL stuff. Continuous stuff.

    And all those dumb fuck die-hard Bernoids will get that job they want. They will look really spiffy in their uniforms.

    On this I will bet money too.

  258. Comey’s letter did it but what about this? Bret Baier, the nerdy guy dropping this and who saw his retraction and apology. Who saw or heard about the second letter Comey sent that cleared Hillary? I want to say white people voting for Trump will suffer but I don’t think they will.

  259. Thread:

  260. Wait…what? It doesn’t matter if THE PRESIDENT has conflicts of interest!? Then what was all that fuss about the Clinton Foundation being a HUUUGE potential conflict of interest for Hillary? And that is a charitable foundation unlike all of Trump’s many actual business conflicts. He will be selling this country’s interests for his own personal gain because his own personal gain is all he has ever cared about.

  261. I’m trying and I’m praying and I’m asking myself what I can do? The one thing I have convinced myself I can do is fight hard in the midterm elections and make damn sure we get the majority and pray that our justices can hold on four more years. We cannot allow him to have two terms. I hope he fucks up so badly one term is it!

  262. And I’m going to start blogging again. It helps me to get it out. My blog has sat there for eight years and I’m ready again

  263. Boycott NYT!! {Can’t say it enough and oh, BTW, my hubs cancelled his subscription}.

  264. Brassy, the time to go after T was during the campaign. He can do whatever now. Who will stop him?

  265. Kim if you want to do some posts here, you are welcome

  266. With all I am seeing about GOP in most states gaining total control of our voting systems through their various “laws” suppressing Dem vote, I am afraid all our elections will be hijacked from now on. And that’s even if the Russians stay out of it. I’m not going to sugarcoat it–we’re screwed here. We will have to take to the streets. We can’t go on pretending we have a real democracy..

  267. Conflicts of interest do not apply to the president per Guiliani? Aren’t there laws about this? Isn’t this issue part of the constitution ? Guiliani should not be part of any administration. Talk about hypocrisy. All the negative press about the Clinton Foundation and conflict of interest. It only applies to the Clintons, but not to the Republicans. This makes me ill.

  268. Kim, Kaine was my last choice, but as I got to know him, I thought he was a good one. For one thing he wasn’t being all Alpha Male ala Bernie. He has a lot to offer, and I do not think he was the reason she lost. The reason she lost was Rudy Giuliani who used his vendetta against the Senator Clinton by pulling NY FBI strings. He will die a horrible slow death for this. He deserves it.

  269. Was there a pro-Trump LA 100,000 crowd yesterday? or is someone distorting the anti-Trump protesters? Anybody know?

  270. Look, you all know me. I wouldn’t watch the Sunday morning bull shit hours if you put a gun to my head. But does the media even care that Guiliani is already making Nixonesque excuses for Trump–and it’s only been five days since he was supposedly “elected”?

  271. Pm, It was not pro-Trump March. It was an anti-Trump march.

  272. Brassy, coincidentally that is what my hubs said just now. Since 2000 but especially after this, there is no integrity in elections. Not just with the apparatus, but the brazen lies that they can throw at their opponents and not be called out or get caught by the media, and distort the whole thing. There is talk of how Latina women who are pro-life didn’t vote for Hillary because of how T lied in the debate about late term abortions. Republican party is an existential threat to a sophisticated democracy where they can reign free without penalty because there is no media playing the referee. The country is in decline and it is coming so fast, fast like in the 28 years I have been here.

  273. Hillary is such a great lady. After what the Dems did to her in 2008, I would have been done with the party.
    I still said Hillary’s time was in 2008. Obama should be running this year.
    He is still young, he could have waited eight more years.
    I also said Hillary should have never taken that Secretary of State job.
    I knew there would be baggage with that position.
    The Democratic Party BLEW It BIG TIME.
    They were so anxious to get an African American for president, they
    couldn’t focus on Hillary. She was much older than Obama. She could have made history being the first woman president, then afterwards Obama would have been the first African American president.

    Knowing Hillary this is not going to stop her. She is going to be bigger than life one day.
    All those Hillary haters are going to reap what they sowed. They are going to realize of all the candidates I am even talking about Bill Clinton, Hillary was the Best of the Best.

    Love you Hillary
    You will always be my PRESIDENT

    Even her surrogates were sorry.

  274. Iowa?!!

  275. neeta, I gotta disagree Hillary should have turned down SOS. Sure, there would be things right wing would seize upon, but it also gave her executive experience and made her a foreign policy expert like no other. If she had stayed in the Senate for 8 more years, she would have had thousands of votes for them to pore over and twist. Now, that’s baggage.

  276. Lol what a load of old shit.

  277. I think she made the best she possibly could have of being stabbed in the back by the DNC. And let’s not forget–she WON on Tuesday. I saw a tweet yesterday. It said Hillary ran in five elections. She won the most votes in all of them. She can be proud of that, and we can be proud of her.

  278. Birdie, if Conflict of Interest mattered to these shysters, he’d been LOUDLY called out for that “Blind Trust” that he can see.

  279. We need our own psy-ops. And the most effective one right now I think is to spread the popular vote info that he does not have the popular vote and the EC was rigged with the critical states MI, WI, PA, FL having less than 1% vote difference. And to show how she is winning the popular vote by the millions. #Comey #Baier #Crosscheck #RussianHacking The protesters could use these as the reasons.

  280. Popular vote, popular vote and rigged EC — that will get under his thin skin. Wish we had media support.

  281. Is it a wall is it a fence, no its never gonna happen……

    as for Conway…….i do not use this term lightly, but she is one evil bitch. She reminds me of those female nazi concentration camp guards…..She is aa cold hearted beast.

    People often get fooled, dont let that blonde hair, make up and beauty fool anyone, That woman is nothing short of evil personified.

  282. please educate me. what does twitter short cut WWC stand for? it is used in the context of white women but can’t figure out what C is for.

  283. beauty with that lantern jaw and chin? Moon, you are joking.

  284. pm, WWC means: White Working Class

  285. Brassy with all the experience what did it get her? A CLOWN with no experience elected president?

  286. Re: JB’s comment above about Kaine. Yes, a lot of us here think she should have picked Brown. I actually think she wanted to, but Harry Reid kept saying, “Hell, no!” as to her picking a senator from a state with a Republican governor. And we know (and this is a major theme) that everything she does gets criticized by the media. So they would have said, “Clinton puts own interests ahead of winning Senate.” Brown might have been able to talk to enough of those white midwesterners to have won this.

    There are so many of these tormenting “if onlys” here. I didn’t want Comey to say another word after his first letter, but apparently Lynch got him to speed up his findings. That didn’t help. Allred going a bridge too far with the porn actress who said Trump tried to kiss her; that seemed to dilute the whole series of women coming forward. And of course the media stopped covering anti-Trump stories for the last few weeks Even with the “if onlys,” there is the redundant theme that the media is truly corrupt, and that their goal, which they try to hide, is that they want the Republicans to win, every time. Except for Obama’s runs, for whatever reason. So when you have to go against a multibillion dollar Republican machne, and all the unlawful voter suppression. and a candidate who collaborates with Russia all through the election, and who has committed fraud of all sorts; and the media not only ignores all of this, but purposefully invents stories against you, does everything to mislead the public against you, it is almost impossible to win. And that is one of the great horrors of our current landscape.

  287. I have come to the conclusion Hillary could have been a saint with a spotless record. The rethugs would have still rigged this election.
    The dems did not see this coming.

  288. I am with Neetabug, they were never going to ever let her win. They hate her with so much vitriol that if she was Mother Theresa, she would have been called a whore.

    Hillary should live her live now, she has done her bit.

  289. Brassy Rebel, I agree with you. For anyone of us to depend upon the media to tell the story, and to fight fascism, is foolish. They could have stopped Trump long ago, and Hillary should have won easily. They did the exact opposite. Stories on voter suppression, Trump’s crooked dealings, all of it, would have turned people against him. But they elevated him, normalized him. Meanwhile, they kept up this relentless negative coverage of Hillary. That was not bad luck, or just one of those things, that was insidiously deliberate.

    Now, as expected, the media, like good little fifth columnists and collaborators, want everyone to accept the results, and give Trump a chance, he might do well! With that rogue’s gallery of incompetent and evil people for his cabinet? With an AG who will subvert the laws at every turn, and help make Trump a dictator, while jailing his enemies and worse? Trump is what he is, what he has been. He is not going to morph into something else. The entire fate of our democracy is at stake–and the media tries to gull people into giving it up. I think that the only hope is for so many people to march, and demonstrate, and cause a ruckus, that there is veritable chaos. Oh, I know that fascists often use this, or even cause it, to institute repression. But the one hope we have here is that America is not a European or Middle East country with a history of authoritarianism. And there are a a lot of people here. I’m not suggesting any kind of violence. But rather than sit here and watch Trump’s administration gradually take everyone’s rights away, appoint a series of Justices and federal judges who will literallly destroy the First Amendment, and all of our other rights, people should fight and march and do everything to unmask the fascists for who they are. You can’t have an entire party kicking everyone in the teeth; cheating and lying and stealing votes; and then just smile and say, well, we’ll get them next time. What if there is no next time? And if there is, who will stop them from doing it all again and again?

  290. Thanks, imust. Here is what WWC from the rust belt wanted to see according to Tina Brown {the article is respectful of Hillary and readable} — a man who was in control and assured them that the jobs will come their way, who reminded them of their own ex-bosses who grabbed them by the pussy but gave them a job.

    A friend asked me why all his sexual assault and other ugly vulgarities didn’t stick — I think they saw in him themselves, he was the man in the rally, the vulgar husband/boy friend/boss. I think parts of America and Trump supporters at large are coarser than I ever imagined and all things with finer sensibilities, aspirations that are cerebral are mostly coastal and urban populations. I instinctively would joke I would never live in places like Alabama or Oklahoma but now I can articulate why. I think to give them the keys to this beautiful country is a mega mistake.

  291. But the one hope we have here is that America is not a European or Middle East country with a history of authoritarianism. And there are a a lot of people here.

    I agree with this. Lot of people and a healthy economy that the world depends on. If India could pull itself out of an authoritarian regime that PM Indira Gandhi tried pull in the 1970s and survive, we will too. But it will be a struggle and will not come easy.

  292. (contd.) But the press was against Indira Gandhi when she tried to pull that nonsense and here we don’t have that. That is a problem.

  293. saw a tweet about before Nov. 4th Trump and his people were all down and out and suddenly the mood changed on the 4th. Some speculation on what happened in or around the 4th, rape case got dropped. But did you all feel anything like that on the 4th?

  294. Of two things I am sure:

    1. Never underestimate how much a Republican will overestimate their mandate, even if it is invisible to everyone else.

    2. Given that all Republicans, top to bottom, are now saying, “Just like we did with Obama, we should give Trump a chance,” I’m now convinced birtherism and eight years of gridlock was my own “private Idaho” and just a silly nightmare.

  295. wow, this is in the ultra Blue Maryland and in my neck of the woods.

  296. Only two instances in recent history of popular vote exceeding electoral college results. The first was Gore but in Gore’s case there was a problem that was identified and it was resolved. In the current case, if the popular vote discrepancies are in the order of 2-5 million, it is a sign of a problem and that should be articulated and resolved. I think there should be recounts in multiple states and votes checked and verified. It may not change the outcome but it needs to be done.

  297. want to put a picture here–not sure how

  298. If you have a link for it just cut and paste it here.

  299. thanks pm…not working — I copied it first on my computer, captioned the source but not the link, saved it .png –now, can’t paste it here — trying another way

  300. islander, here is what you do. hover on the pic and right click and choose option, ‘copy image location’ and go to any other place, like the comment box here and paste…

    I used those steps to copy this image from riverdaughter’s Twitter TL and pasted it here.

  301. Why the hell was Obama in such a hurry to have him at the WH when all the votes were not even counted?

  302. Okay, Atlantic, but the one thing missing in this and other post-election analyses is the massive voter suppression that occurred. I believe voter suppression is a big factor in understanding why Hillary votes were down in the crucial swing states. This is not to say, the white working class vote was not motivated by Trump, but to ignore the voter suppression of Hillary voters is just ignoring the damn elephant in the room.

    “Hillary’s popular vote lead will grow and grow and grow”

    Millions of mail-in and absentee ballots haven’t been counted yet. They won’t change anything, though.

  303. Thanks again PM–I did that–something unusual at site I guess

    BTW, you all wearing your safety pins?

  304. trixta, the vote margins in 2-4 critical states are laughable. From now on every Democrat should never concede until every ballot is counted, checked and verified. Every vote suppression story should be blaring on the front pages of every news outlet.

  305. Well, I was just driving by the “LOCK HER UP” sign and someone has fastened a wooden board across the front. Don’t know if there’s a battle of wills going on in the household or if it was someone in the neighborhood saying “enough!” but I did give a cheer as I went by.

  306. pm317 @ 2:08pm:
    Very good link, thank you.

    This is definitely what we should be pushing for…
    Vote recount in Michigan and Wisconsin for sure..
    Maybe Pennsylvania too.

  307. The elections systems are now controlled by Republicans. No one can force them to verify. NC did not even install vote verification software. And they put in place a whole series of things to suppress the AA vote. This toothpaste can’t be put back in the tube. The Republican party is just doing whatever the hell they need to in order to win with no way for anyone to go back and unsteal the election. Russian hack of system was probably an insurance policy.

  308. There is worldwide push and realignment going on…A lot of this stems from the deafness of the EU.

    We have a Pro Russian President, French sabre rattling and pro russian this….

  309. Oberlemann just coing the perfect name.

  310. SCOTUS gutting of Voting Rights Act was key here. It ties the hands of the Feds.

  311. Brassy, there is something to raising the challenge and even taking it to court and let the discovery happen.

  312. President Pussygrabber #notmypresident should be trending anytime now.

  313. One of the better tweets:

    4yearfight ‏@DixonsPlace 2h2 hours ago

    @gdebenedetti @JaxAlemany @BernieSanders @FaceTheNation Bernie Nadered our party from the inside. He can take a slow walk into fast traffic.

    from here:

  314. I give up.

    That last tweet was supposed to be just the URL for the quoted tweet, but instead copied a tweet like I tried but couldn’t get the first to do. The quoted tweet is somewhere on that page.

    This antiquated OS doesn’t heat up the motherboard like the newer ones on my laptop do trying to translate codecs, but it sure has some glitches.

  315. TheRealKim, it is so good to see your face again. I remember you on other blogs from 2008.

    And Uppity @ 11:04 AM, thanks for the reassuring words (they were to Kim, but made me feel a ton better).

  316. Sanders what a joke. If Trump fights corporations he’s all in but not if He scapegoats POC. Where has Sanders been living? Trump’s entire campaign has been against POC that’s why Sanders is irrelevant.
    The people that voted for him in the primary didn’t give a sh!t about POC. They didn’t even want POC votes counted. We all remember the don’t count red states where minorities live argument from those people.

    Sanders is not a champion of minorities. We don’t even exist to him.

  317. Trump will try to co-opt Sanders voters so he can enact the Alt-Right agenda uninterrupted. Remember, Hitler consolidated power by buying off ordinary Germans with “free stuff”. And the bros love free stuff and pot more than anything. Trump may come out for legalizing pot.

  318. Holy Moly, pm! This would be something to fight for…if only Dems were up for the fight. The anger out in the streets needs to refocus on this.


    “On this Sunday morning, Clinton is leading in the national reported popular vote by about 570,000 votes, which is up from about 400,000 that had been counted and reported as of yesterday. That still is irrelevant, because electoral votes make a president.

    But the popular vote in each State is very relevant, because each State awards its electoral votes to the winner of its popular vote.

    Right now, based on reported popular votes in each State, Trump has 290 electoral votes and Clinton has 228.

    That means that if final popular vote totals were to favor Clinton in only two States, Pennsylvania (20 electoral votes) and New Hampshire (4 electoral votes), Trump would drop below 270.

    That also means that if Clinton were determined to have won the popular votes in two more States, Michigan (16 electoral votes) and Wisconsin (10 electoral votes), she would have 278 electoral votes, and the presidency.”


  319. flvoter, on November 13, 2016 at 3:15 PM said:

    “Sanders is not a champion of minorities. We don’t even exist to him.”

    That was moderately obvious (said in a dry Sayers tone of voice). But at least minorities had the sense to see through him.

    Sanders was not at all a friend of women, either. But I’m afraid white female leftwingers had exactly the integrity and intelligence of white female rightwingers: do exactly what your men tell you to do and think exactly what your men tell you to think, even if it’s diametrically opposed to your own interests. Their support for Sanders differs not one ioata from female Dump supporters.

    And their men love to have it so.

  320. Again, we had better fight now, with whatever nonviolent tools we have at our disposal. That 2% popular vote victory that Hillary may get, should be disseminated all over. And here’s the thing: sure, we all know about EV, etc. But who says that it is only the other side that gets to make up false equivalencies, or change their positions as it befits them? Why isn’t Garland on the Supreme Court? Because the president, if a Democrat, doesn’t get to make a choice in his last year? But Democrats had to approve Thomas, because it would have been a dereliction of their duty to have even filibustered him in Bush’s last several months in office? They do this all the time, and the media purveys their lies and contortions.

    So as far as I am concerned, winning by 2% or so means that Hillary should be the President. No one has ever won the popular vote by that kind of margin, when losing the EV. And of course, cry suppression, that is why she lost. And of course the NYT and the Todds and Gergens, will say that this is not right to complain about this, but I do not give an Eff. We do it anyway. We yell and scream and say that he is an illegitimate president that is trying to take over the country with 2% less votes, and because of voter suppression, millions illegally blocked from voting. And we never stop saying that. Because making nice, and trying to take a long-term intellectual view, DOES NOT HELP when you are dealing with fascists, and with people who will always say whatever suits them and then never admit that they changed their entire position from before. This is not yet Orwell’s nightmare, where words meant their opposites, and people were fed contradictory lies every day. So we just stick to our argument and keep making it. It might actually cause some trouble for a Trump administration–unless there are more would-be fascists in the voting pool than I think.

  321. All those times we thought Bernie didnt like people of color very much seems kinda true right now.

  322. Apparently Trump wants to live in Trump Tower…is not happy.

  323. William, looks like Harry Reid agrees with you. Fight now. Remember when Reid called out Trump for what he is a few days ago? Then Kelly Ann went on TV and said that Reid needed to be careful or they would take care of him in the “legal sense”. Clearly a threat to shut up or they’ll sue. So now, Reid has fired back:

  324. Meet the scumbags we will have to deal with….be prepared to swear a lot.

    No matter. Spencer tends to see women as manipulative figures who are best when submitting to Alt-Right virility. Women, he tweeted during the first debate between Hillary Clinton and Trump, “should never be allowed to make foreign policy. It’s not that they’re ‘weak.’ To the contrary, their vindictiveness knows no bounds.” Over drinks, he suggests that most women secretly crave Alt-Right boyfriends because they want “alpha genes” and “alpha sperm.” When a man by the bar suggests someone should write a novel about “a liberal feminist studies major falling in love with a Richard Spencer type,” Spencer suggests I write it.
    More recently, in a podcast recorded after the exposure of the so-called Trump tape, Spencer scoffed at the “puritanical” criticism of Trump, saying it’s “ridiculous” to call what Trump was talking about sexual assault. “At some part of every woman’s soul,” he said, “they want to be taken by a strong man.” Pointing to how Trump said he had taken Nancy O’Dell furniture shopping, Spencer added, “Is this really the worst thing you’ve ever heard? In a way, he’s like the most gentlemanly, kindly philanderer of all time.”
    Spencer has become more enthused as Trump has ramped up his claims about how his campaign represents an “existential threat” to “global special interests.” After Trump’s widely criticized speech in West Palm Beach last week, during which the GOP nominee alleged a “conspiracy” against the American people led by a “global power structure,” Spencer tweeted, “The shackles are off, and Trump is getting radical. We’ve never seen a major postwar politician talk like this.” He later amplified his appreciation of what he characterized as Trump “demystifying ‘racism’ and the financial power structure,” concluding, “No matter what happens, I will be profoundly grateful to Donald Trump for the rest of my life.”

    What a complete piece of shit who needs to be kicked round the room by women until he begs for forgiveness.

  325. If there are stages of grief, (which there are), this page seems to be a slightly different stage than the last.

    Let the anger build, and it’s no longer time to hope things will not get shitty over the next 4 years.

    People out protesting Trump in the streets, even in tiny Iowa is good. Seniors, kids, everyone else needs to bring this anger to a fever pitch. None violent, even the dumbasses that didn’t vote for our girl or voted for ‘Ralph Nader’…we all need to fight this in any way we can.

    DumpTruck did NOT win the popular vote and we have to show him that the majority will not lay down, hide in a corner, bury our head in the sand until the midterm election. The midterm needs to be a blowout against ALL Republicans and the majority needs to know they are in solidarity.

    Join in on protest as long as they are not violent. Start working with groups that help support the environment, women’s health, health care, any safety net that you are passionate about…in any way you can. This not only makes them stronger and more difficult to tare down, but you will feel like you are doing something to stop DumpTruck and no feel you are at his mercy.

    Fight like your life depended on it, because it does.

  326. I have not changed my official party affiliation, because it doesn’t mean shit to me. I will always vote against the stupid and the dangerous.

  327. How are women going to get “Alpha genes” from Alt-Right males, the vast majority of whom are Alpha-wannabes (but-never-will-bes), rather than Alphas? 😉

  328. I am part of the WWC, I am white and I am a woman. I am offended to be put into the group of women that voted for DumpTruck.

  329. Hmmm, so Spencer pooh-poohs the idea that r@cism is a menace, but talks about the “financial power structure” and that a “postwar” politician has not talked like Trump.

    “Post” which war, hmm? WW2, maybe?

    And “financial power structure”? You don’t have to be canine to hear that dog whistle.

    I’m guessing Spencer has a little problem with William’s ethnic group, which indeed may be the most salient difference between the conventional Right and the alt-Right in the USA. The conventional Right has discarded the traditional anti-Semitism of conservatives in Western nations, while the alt-Right wants to keep that foul tradition alive. 👿

  330. In other words he won’t

  331. pm317, on November 13, 2016 at 2:24 PM said:

    … when all the votes were not even counted?


    I have been posting the vote count on the blog for days, the only ‘real time’ votes I can find are here:

    The link you posted above must be an older link because Hillary’s votes are higher. If you hover or click on each spot of a state, it will show the percentage of votes counted.

    Right now, Hillary has more than 630,877 votes more than DumpTruck.

    The toss up states that have not counted all of their votes:

    Mich 4% uncounted
    NH 2%
    PA 1%
    WI 5%

    States not mentioned that still have votes uncounted that Hillary could have turned:

    Arizona 20% UNCOUNTED!
    GA 7%
    OHIO 6%

  332. This is Pence moving his people into place……Priebus is his guy.

  333. Imust, Harry Reid, for all of the things we might not have liked about him, may turn out to be a national hero. This is the kind of thing that other Democrats should be saying. There has been far too little of this in the last 16 years. Take every snide and scary remark and hold them to it, hold them to the consequences of what they are suggesting. Maybe it might wake a few more people up.

  334. BTW, you all wearing your safety pins?

    Nope, I am wearing my Hillary pins instead. This isn’t just about anti-DumpTruck.

  335. Trump wants to be in White House part time. wants to live in trump tower & at golf course.

    Good, let him live in his tower and golf all the time.

    He isn’t our President anyway.

    Move Hillary in the WhiteHouse where SHE belongs.

  336. Chief Strategist, so a white nationalist loon will be advising Trump on all sorts of policy and trouble.

  337. I wear several pins — Hillary plus women’ rights, human rights,etc – they all get along well — the big safety pin gets a lot of attention, giving me a chance to gab about dumb rump ideas re immigration

  338. Spencer tends to see women as manipulative figures who are best when submitting to Alt-Right virility. Women, he tweeted during the first debate between Hillary Clinton and Trump, “should never be allowed to make foreign policy. It’s not that they’re ‘weak.’ To the contrary, their vindictiveness knows no bounds.” Over drinks, he suggests that most women secretly crave Alt-Right boyfriends because they want “alpha genes” and “alpha sperm.”

    Alt Right men are not alpha males, they are alpha Assholes that are insecure and need others to shit on because they know they are tiny little pricks.

    They marry women that boost their egos and are less educated and buy into the ‘just locker room talk’…

    Let life shit on them.

  339. EC needs reform. I think the more populous states should be given more electoral votes proportional to their population and they should get rid of winner take all.

  340. oops, moderators, please delete my last comment. it occupies too much screen real estate. Thanks.

  341. “Because making nice, and trying to take a long-term intellectual view, DOES NOT HELP when you are dealing with fascists”

    Amen, William.

  342. Question
    Can Hillary un concede?

  343. yep, it was that easy to install a white nationalist in the WH. Hoodwink a bunch of low information idiot voters, cheat at the polls in a few states, suppress inconvenient voters at some others. Merkel and others are still fighting to keep the neo-nazis at bay as fringe groups but here with the help of the media, they put the fringe in the WH — the seat of power for the richest democracy and the economic powerhouse on which the world depends.

  344. neetabug, I think so. Gore did it though on the same night. But her concession is symbolic and not legally binding. The EC voters have the final say.

  345. pm, it’s a good comment, we should let it stand. Doesn’t matter about the real estate.

  346. imust, ok. I worry about loading the page for others when we run long threads. But thanks.

  347. Wish you would all stop torturing yourselves. The EC rules. We’ve been here before. The EC has NEVER been UnRuled. (not a word, but….).

  348. neeta, if Hillary conceded on the basis of flawed information or not knowing about a foreign power manipulating tabulation, she certainly can “unconcede”. Not sure we’re there yet though.

    Anyone still doubting this is all about establishing a white supremacist, anti-Semitic fascist state? Anyone? Where ever Trump is, you can bet Bannon will be happy to spend all his time in the WH.

  349. Moon, this is a test for the media to see if they will force Trump to push Bannon out. You know where my bet is.

  350. THere was one turkey in the race who swore he would not vote for Hillary as an EC voter no matter what. But to even IMAGINE you can get enough of them to vote against the college, is really not realistic. At best, the blue states would do it. But the fact is, you need red states to join in to reach the magic number.

  351. Right, uppity but these are special circumstances, in fact only one of two in the recent history where popular vote is contrary to the results of a fair application of rules.

  352. Those poor people in coal country who are so happy that Trump was elected, because he was going to bring back their jobs. Suckers.

    Looking at the new tax plan, my taxes are going to go up.

  353. This is reminding me more and more of the Handmaid’s Tale. Crazy ideologues in office, an inept president, crazies harassing people everywhere…

    I’m very scared. Isn’t it horrifying that the establishment GOP are the ‘moderate ones’, right now? I want to run out of the country.

  354. I am seeing a lot of tweets about Bannon in the WH. Where else do these people think he would be. He ran the fucker’s campaign and he brought the alt-right into the mainstream via Trump. Did they all expect Trump to disavow him now after winning? This is crazy.

  355. Safety Pins. On Tuesday I’m going to bring safety pins to the classroom where I volunteer. I’m going to tell the kids about the native tribe that won’t let a wall be built across their land. I’m going to tell them that Hillary has two million more votes than Trump,Then I’m going to show them my safety pin. I’ll tell them that my safety pin means that if they’re scared or worried,that I will listen to them. And if they are bullied,I will help to protect them. Then I’ll ask them if they’d like to help..will they wear a safety pin to show that people are safe with them, that they will listen to those who are afraid and will help those that are bullied?
    We’ll see how it goes. I think our little ones ( and maybe even some big ones) could use a visible sign of how many people have their backs.Anyone else interested in doing the same? Carry some safety pins w/you to help others feel safer? Maybe it’s just an illusion,but illusions have a way of becoming a reality.I don’t care who started the safety pin thing,I just want those kids to feel safer.

    Also,those of you who are in danger of deportation, or know someone who is.Native lands are sovereign countries and the US government cannot come onto native lands unless invited or if a murder has been committed. Maybe Native Lands will become the new sanctuary cities.
    Anyone know anything more about the legalities around this?Maybe can be used as a strategy by immigration groups. COALITIONS,BABY,that’s what we need.

    Totally agree w/insisting we count ALL votes and ask for recounts in WI,MI,etc.

  356. The other videos have been removed but SNL did put up its own:

  357. I think that ‘rinse penis’ guy is the facade but Bannon is the real deal to wreck havoc on this country.

  358. As per bellecat’s request, reposting this from The Confluence
    Big names backing this petition Lady Gaga, Amanda Seyfried, Perez Hilton, Sia, award winning journalists and thousands more
    Please sign it! We cannot make this easy for him. Make some noise

  359. After his first term as governor of the Arkanshire, Bill Clinton lost in 1980 to Republican Frank White. (We had two-year governor’s terms back then.) In 1981 or 1982 (I forget), bumper stickers started popping up which said: “DON’T BLAME ME–I VOTED FOR CLINTON.”

    If someone has a warehouse of those bumper stickers somewhere, that person could make some money starting next year. 😉

  360. What is the exact rule about a presidential candidate colluding with a foreign power? What is the Hatch Act about, if not something like this? Why does no one imagine that Trump shared intelligence briefings with Russia (and will not continue to do so?). Why is all of this just relegated to liberal-type blogs, and completely being ignored by the mainstream media, and apparently not dealt with by the State Department, the FBI, and our current president?

    Of course the absolutely perverse irony of this is that the “there” (of course there wasn’t a “there’) in the Hillary emaiil red herring, was that somehow she compromised American security. But here is Trump, whom Russia admits they collaborated with for months, actually handing information to them. And nothing. If they did a TV show with this kind of plot, it would defy credulity so much, that it would be laughed at. Trump is selling out our democracy, and everyone just looks on with bemusement.

  361. Msdsal at 7:15 PM said

    “Anyone know anything more about the legalities around this?Maybe can be used as a strategy by immigration groups. COALITIONS,BABY,that’s what we need.”

    I’ve been thinking along the same, coalition of all different kind of groups united against the White Nationalist Party alias Republicans.

    I’m also for the action to count ALL votes and recount WI, MI, Pennsylvania, etc. We must definitely fight this…

  362. Thanks I have to stop crying first

  363. William you are describing Treason.

  364. Exactly. Why was there an uproar then when it could have been stopped?

  365. Alt-Right motto: “Better a white male Russian dictator than a non-white or female American President.” 👿

    Again, it looks like if the Commies had only been shrewd enough to abandon international worker solidarity for white supremacism, and militant atheism for fundamentalist (fake) Christianity, they could have subverted the USA into being a Russian satellite.

  366. *why was there NOT an uproar?

  367. Refuse to watch 60 Minutes

  368. Msdsal

    I think you can get into a lot of hot water with parents if you encourage children to wear safety pins, unless they are voting age.

    I am very connected with education and to do this will not only make little children more fearful, their parents may ring down Holy Hell on you.

    I would reconsider.

  369. This should make us happy that the real individuals voting picked the right person. But the system is picking a guy the majority didn’t want and who is extremely bad for the country and bad for the majority. Something is terribly wrong here.

  370. Jb, I won’t watch it either

  371. Let’s get out of the shock and low blow we got…

    Shake out the numbness and depression…

    {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{ It’s time to FIGHT BACK }}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

    In whatever possible way…yes, even if it is NASTY!

    Regardless the many obstacles…
    We are not going let them take our rights…our freedom…our country…

  372. Is it treason if the majority of voters refuse to pay their income taxes? The new part time resident did.

  373. And yes let’s expose “treason”…

  374. Shadow, yeah, all the voters who are in blue states esp. the big ones up and down the coast should stop paying taxes and subsiding all these other bastards.

  375. Uppity, I thought as much. I guess if there are no people or entities willing to make that charge, then you get away with it? Apart from all the rest of it, this aspect makes me feel like I am living in an alternative reality. Presidential candidate is having daily conversations and briefings with people high up in Russian government. They hack opponent’s data and emails. He tells them to hack more data, which they do. He ignores the briefings he is given regarding the Russian hacking, and says that we don’t know who did it. He continues to conspire with Russians. Rogue right-wing FBI agents make up “leak” that there is no truth to the Russian influence story. Media lets it go. The Moscow Candidate wins because of the FBI cabal’s lies, and because of Russian-style voter suppression. Media shrugs. Washington and Lincoln and FDR and Eisenhower and Reagan weep for America. Media utterly indifferent to entire story. Lame-duck President and State Department apparently have nothing to say. FBI has no interest at all in any of it, once they got the Moscow Candidate elected. America, or what is left of it.

  376. If there is a reverse brain drain of all the brilliant people who came here thinking this was a wonderful country and left now, will Trump and his white supremacist motherfuckers save the country?

  377. I wonder if Harold Ickes Jr. may be helpful in this horrible time. Remember his inspirational attempt to remedy the injustices of May 08? My fantasy is that he may be quietly working behind the scenes until he has a promising legal argument, waiting until something tangible emerges, unlike comey’s ill-fated letter. He has always been a friend of Hillary.

  378. Shadowfax;
    I was in education for 30 years,well aware of the possibility of parents raining down holy hell on me. Know my demographics and will carefully word things. If I get in trouble,so be it. If the kids feel better as a result,I can take the shit storm.

    Besides, who can be against wearing a pin to say that you’re willing to listen to someone and to stand up against bullies?

    Twenty six years of being a school psychologist;I used to tell my interns that if someone wasn’t mad at you,you probably weren’t doing your job.

    Appreciate the concern and reminder,though.

  379. I am also too Luddite-y to embed a u-tube, but if you google Ickes, Michigan, and the rules and bylaws committee, you would find that example of righteous indignation, although I will warn you that it is rather traumatic to watch at this point- it brings up a sad epoch in history.

  380. About the brain drain, depending on how the next few years shape up, smart people stop coming here as well, not just leaving. It had already started with India and China doing well — the talent you get here with IT H1B visas is not quite where it used to be and certainly not the cream of the crop like it used to be throughout the 70s, 80s and even the 90s. Why did America do so well in attracting the best of the best from all around the world?

    Here is an anecdotal account. Germany about maybe 10-15 years ago instituted a green card like immigration offer to attract talent especially IT. Guess how many took the offer. The program was not a success. Now, Indians go everywhere, wherever there is opportunity. But not many wanted to use that program. The main reason was that there was no path to full citizenship. America treated its immigrants with respect, and offered them a path to full citizenship and become one with the majority. Now, if these white supremacists motherfuckers take that dignity away, the best of the best or even others won’t stay here and new ones won’t be rushing here either. As a country they have the right to choose but not with the way this election has gone on and certainly not having Trump as the face of this country. Human dignity, self respect, and pride won’t mean any less because you are non-white and an immigrant.

  381. I agree that Trump, Puntin and WikiPutinLeaks have done together is TREASON.

    I agree that what Commie, the head of the US FBI did was treason.

    We may not have a chance in Hell of changing the EC votes if states don’t finish counting the effin’ votes.

  382. So Kellyanne is saying Hillary should call for calm, while Kellyanne is threatening Harry Reid.

  383. Sophie, that sermon was beautiful and so necessary to hear. I hope it goes viral. It said Pasadena, but where CA, do you know? Thanks.

  384. Send that bitch CONway that video Sophie just linked.

  385. lililam, Ickes is an honorable man and yes, I would like to hear what he says about this election.

  386. Once again, our non-elite white conservatives drew their six-shooters, took dead aim–and shot more of their toes off. 😛

  387. I forgot to add–and then they blame us non-conservatives because their feet hurt. 😆

  388. pm, I know where that church is…it’s in Pasadena, CA which is in southern California. Pasadena is about 12 miles NE of Los Angeles. It’s called “All Saints”.

    Why is CNN et al normalizing Steve Bannon and the Alt Right? Read this:

  389. SophieCT, on November 13, 2016 at 8:51 PM

    I’m not one that thinks much of organized religion, but this was a great sermon.

  390. WLM, on November 13, 2016 at 9:21 PM said:
    So Kellyanne is saying Hillary should call for calm, while Kellyanne is threatening Harry Reid.

    I have no respect for that horrible person.

  391. imust, thanks. I have visited Pasadena, CA many times. Beautiful place. There is a Pasadena in MD too but I didn’t really expect that church to be from there.

  392. I was going to say something that was much more crude about Kellyanne.

  393. Trump does not want the salary, I heard. Big fucking deal. He should be made to pay all back taxes that he has avoided. Otherwise, he has no right to collect any from us.

  394. OMG… what in God’s name is this nonsense?

  395. What a fitting response to a racist if the electoral college voters intervene and declare the system is racist and will vote for the candidate with the most popular votes, Well, we can dream.

  396. Shadowfax, on November 13, 2016 at 9:36 PM said:

    “I have no respect for that horrible person”

    Kellyanne has for some time reminded me of those female lawyers who make extravagant $$ per hour by being the female face defending rapists. The rapist Koby Bryant comes to mind: his female mouthpiece broke every rule of evidence to further traumatize and shame his victim (with the judge’s collusion of course) until the victim just gave up and dropped the case. Jian Ghomeshi of CBC’s “Q” got off scott-free from what the evidence overwhelmingly indicates were decades of sexual abuse of female colleagues, thanks to his highly paid female attorney.

    That Kellyanne flake of excrescence is in their class. And no, this isn’t the same as HRC taking the rapist’s case when she was a public defender: she did ask, vehemently and sincerely, to not have to take that case, but the administrator (whom I now suspect to have been a sexual sadist) insisted that she do so. For her to break the law that public defenders must take the cases assigned to them, would have been too much for her respect for the rule of law. Greedy bottom feeders like Kellyanne and the other highly paid defenders of rapists have no such excuse.

  397. The level of collusion between the media and Trump this entire election cycle has made me so cynical:

  398. Thank Anthony Weiner as well. But for his actions, there would have been no second email ” scanda” 9 days before the election. She was a victim, but Hillary should have distanced herself from Huma some time ago.

  399. pm317, on November 13, 2016 at 11:03 PM said:
    OMG… what in God’s name is this nonsense?

    Sounds like Pence needs to be gang raped so he knows how much fun it is for women.

    And he should be expected to be back at work the next day since he wouldn’t need and abortion.

  400. Just a little FYI about the stock market. When I’m understanding is that ideally after an election you want to see either no change or a slight increase. The giant increase we have seen since the election is a result of the fact that people and governments are selling their bonds and taking that money and temporarily placing it in the stock market.

    This is basically a vote of no confidence in US government backed securities. When there’s a great sell off of government backed bonds, you’ll start to notice a rise in interest rates. By putting their money in the stock market investors are temporarily showing confidence in American businesses rather than the government. This buys them some time to look around to see where else they can park their money once interest rates begin to rise and that effect is reflected in the US economy. That’s when we can expect a drastic drop in the stock market.

  401. What I’m understanding not when. Sheesh.

  402. “Hillary will not run again but she will not quit fighting, and neither will I.”

    President Hillary would be running in 2020 — for her second term. Why would she not run in 2020 to get her first term?

  403. Top O’ the Mornin’ to ya, Uppities.

    A limerick (I’m part Irish) that just popped into me brain:

    There was an imposter called Trump,
    With an orange face and a fat rump;
    He thought he had the power,
    Looking down from his tower,
    But all the good people yelled…Jump!

    He must be ridiculed. Not normalized, nor legitimized, nor respected.

  404. If any news outlet is reporting accurately on Trump or Bannon at this point, I plan on rewarding them with a subscription or donation. Like Newsweek, just for Eichenwald’s work alone.

  405. So, it looks like this is a worldwide movement toward white nationalism. Now it makes sense why Putin helped Trump. He is installing a white nationalist puppet which along with Brexit and Pen in France breaks down the European/NATO alliance and allows Putin to do whatever he wants.

  406. Exactly, imust!

    JB, Huma is like a second daughter to Hillary. She would never “distance herself” from any woman for her creepy husband’s behavior. And in this case, it wouldn’t have done her any good since the emails were from when they were both at State, before Weiner was on anyone:s radar. As I understand it, Huma distanced herself from Weiner months ago. I’m sure Hillary is happy about that.

  407. It appears that the substitute for “Shut the fuck up and sit down” is one word: “Unite”. Beware. Because that is exactly what “Unite” means in this case.

    I see that Heir Conway has warned Harry Reid to watch what he says, in the “Legal” sense. Expect more of this. Today it’s Reid, tomorrow it will be the news outlets, and then it will be you and me.

  408. I have been thinking about this and the one thing Obama can do to help is clean house at the FBI and fire Comey.

  409. Aw come on. She’s not going to run in 2020. Do we expect this woman to run when she’s pushing 80 after they try to kill her again in 2020? Face it. She is an existential threat. And the subjects are very susceptible to propaganda and fake accusations. Haven’t we learned ANYTHING in the last THIRTY years about this?

    And if that isn’t enough, take a look at decrepit Bernie Sanders. Who the hell wants to inaugurate a 75 year old president?

    November 8 was the last opportunity. Now I call upon seniors who voted for Trump to enjoy Ryan’s formula for earlier death. And I call upon Stein voters to ask Jill to spray paint something for them when the new SCOTUS takes their choice away from them. And the weed voters can contact that Bong-head they voted for on some advice as to where the best dope can be found. The frat boys won’t need any help. They are the Patriarchy In Training for their turn. And they needn’t worry about the Rape Culture. They have a President who has no problem with it. And their girlfriends will get what they deserve for going along with them so as not to hurt their fee fees.

    We don’t have to be happy with all of this and we certainly don’t have to shut the fuck up about it. Nor do we have to go along with any of it. But we Do have to consider the Reality of it.

    And the reality of it is, soon, civil rights will need to be fought for again. And I am not so sure there’s anyone who comes even close to MLP around, or another Betty Friedan. Incidentally the ERA has been dead for a long time. It wasn’t revived when the Democrats owned the House and the Senate either. It’s no longer just dead, it’s buried under a boulder. As for LGBT. Well they now await SCOTUS too. If not SCOTUS than a legislature that has four full years to effect that reversal at their leisure. 29% of hispanics voter for Trump. That doesn’t include the ones who didn’t even bother. Do I need to say more as they watch their own countrymen and women get their asses kicked out of here? But don’t worry. I’m sure Americans will be more than happy to pick our vegetables or cater to Trump’s friends at his hotels, especially those dumbed-down college graduates who are carping about jobs. But he will just get those visas going for all those pretty girls to come back. But only the pretty ones. You know, the “10”s. So he can grab their pussies.

    Do not call me a pessimist. I am a realist. Look at what’s in charge. Breitbart is in charge. The KKK is cheering and celebrating. What could possibly go wrong for people who aren’t white males? And we need to stop calling this all “White Nationalism”. We need to call it what it really is: White Supremacy.

  410. I just wrote on my blog. I don’t know how to cross post but it’s there.

  411. I don’t want to do any work.

  412. Would be nice is people spent as much time and took as much care in picking their husbands and wives as they spend researching the best new car. Just saying.

  413. Jules, my daughter sold hers on Nov 9th.

  414. Then you are where I am.

  415. Marx is proven to be an idiot once again. Ethnic/nationalist solidarity trumps (pardon the pun) class solidarity any day of the week and twice on Sunday. 😦

    I would have added gender solidarity as well, except for the puzzling fact that so many women voted for the Grabber.

  416. Msdsal, on November 13, 2016 at 7:15 PM said:
    I’ll tell them that my safety pin means that if they’re scared or worried,that I will listen to them. And if they are bullied,I will help to protect them. Then I’ll ask them if they’d like to help..will they wear a safety pin to show that people are safe with them, that they will listen to those who are afraid and will help those that are bullied? … I think our little ones ( and maybe even some big ones) could use a visible sign of how many people have their backs. Anyone else interested in doing the same?”
    ———————————-YES. We have a sign explaining the meaning of the safety pin with a box of pins sitting below it for our customers. Pins are being picked up and pinned.

    Revolutionary War Vet, on November 14, 2016 at 6:50 AM said: “He must be ridiculed.”
    ——YES! –ridicule is an excellent weapon! Uppity is a maestro and you are in her masterclass.

  417. Love your poem, Revolutionary War Vet.

  418. Dump’s new ride…

  419. Rebecca Solnit in The Guardian:

    Clinton was not a weak candidate; look at all it took to defeat her.

  420. It is a shame that we have to read a foreign newspaper to get the truth about Hillary and this election.

  421. Sad, a great journalists, better than those today…

  422. Ifill had been battling cancer. She was 61. I wondered why we didnt see her moderate this year.

  423. The only people that think that Hillary was a weak candidate, voted for Der Dump.

  424. Ivory Bill … great article @ 2:50 PM

    Heh … I was just about to post the link. 🙂

  425. Bernie is a racist from lily white VT. The blog I, Shadow, JB and a couple of others used to frequent, the admin there actually had rightly recognized that and was urging Hillary to go nuclear on Bernie about his racism during the primary. She didn’t. Now he has found an ally in Trump. He could not win a majority in a state where there were many non-whites, I don’t think. He and some of his vociferous supporters are racists.

  426. Great article Ivory Bil.

  427. wow, this is in my neck of the woods. Montgomery Blair is a top notch school.

  428. What is this I’m hearing that Obama is going to teach Trump how to be president? What’s next–having Hillary give him a tutorial? No. Just no. If he doesn’t know he has to staff the West Wing, don’t staff it. I think the less he knows, the better. Obama may think Trump could hurt people if he doesn’t know what he’s doing. I think he’s less likely to hurt folks if he doesn’t know what he’s doing. Sometimes Democrats are too dumb for words. I am so done with these people.

    And, sadly, Bernie’s behavior should surprise no one.

  429. Atl originally posted the Guardian story on The Confluence.

  430. Brassy, I hope Obama is playing some kind of 11 dimension chess (like his supporters used to tell us) to protect us from T. The dumb voters elect a decrepit dunce, but a dangerous dunce. He is everybody’s puppet now (but mostly Bannon’s for now). If he acts up, they will just increase his meds or whatever to keep him in check.

  431. The Hypocrite…

  432. Any latest news on the voting count?

  433. Moon, they are worse than hypocrites.Sometimes hypocrites try to stand for something, and then out of weakness or arrogance, do the thing they decry. But Pence and the other Republicans are simply evil and corrupt liars and dissemblers. If it weren’t for the media letting them get away with it, they never would have. Emails, emials, emails, the entire campaign. They know damn well that they are not intending to play by the rules they act like they are setting. That is the doublethink of “1984.” When they do it, you piously declaim about it, oh, what we will do? What will we tell the children? When they do it, it is, oh we didn’t really do it; or, oh, we had a good reason,; or, oh, it is somehow different. Their acolytes, many of whom are indeed religious hypocrites, some of whom are just abysmally stupid, see no problem with it. The Democrats always try to analyze fairly, in a judicial manner. The Republicans have one set of rules for themselves, and another for the Democrats. And most of the media, even some of those who pointificate, let them do this, or just let it go. And it gets to the point that one can hardly even bear to deal with this media hypocrisy.

  434. Here ya go Belle

    CA still has 30% of the votes to count. At work, no time to do the math.

  435. Sophie, I just had the time to listen to the minister’s sermon which you posted. My. My. He nailed it. I can only assume that all the members voted for Hillary, I know that in my church some voted for Trump. It is interesting because my wife and I were married in my church by our wonderful, young minister on September 23, 2015. My partner and I had been together for over thirty years. And, the members that I know voted for Trump, are very happy about our marriage. So hard to understand. So,this Sunday I was very interested in what our minister would say. After the service I hugged my minister and told her she did a great job. She asked me how I was doing and I replied, “I have been sad and still am sad.” She said she was too. I am a member of a Presbyterian USA church in Georgia. Prior to joining this church three years ago, it had had a split over the gay issue and other liberal causes. Three fourths of the congregation left – mainly younger people with children. The baby boomers hung in there. The church has grown since then and I am thankful. I am also thankful that I was not a member of the church during the split.

  436. Brassy, I think Obama will do anything to keep dump from getting rid of the ACA. But I agree with you and wish they wouldn’t help him.

  437. Obama and his people are the only Dems I have seen that played dirty and matched the Rethugs at their own game. Pence and others are vile and sorry Moon, hypocrites is too timid a word for them. They are dirty and evil. Wolves in sheep’s clothing. What is today? Day 6. Looking around at some pictures (not watching TV or reading anything at length), the 70 year-old man (age is a factor here) seems out of his depth. He looks scared almost at what he has been handed. He is not in control of the situation and except for his children, there are no others who are completely loyal to him. Everybody is out to find a way to use him. Like I said in my previous comment, if he throws a tantrum, just put some xanax in his coffee. I think Obama is having a field day ‘helping’ him, wink, wink.

  438. Brassy Rebel, we know that the Democrats have been doing this gracious loser thing for far too long. I understand that most Democrats are decent people, and that they think that they are doing what is best for the country. But I am not at all sure that they are, or have been, by doing this every time. I do not advocate that they cheat and lie and steal votes like the Republicans, but winning is far more valuable than losing.

    I remember how in the ’70’ and ’80’s, Democrats virtually perfected this good loser role. And then when they would occasionally win, somber pundits like Broder and Gergen would always recommend that they fill the Cabinet with many Republicans, and compromise. When Republicans won, no such recommendation; and they wouldn’t have done it, anyway. The other day, Jeff Greenfield was speculating on whether Hillary would work with Ryan on some cutbacks to Social Secuirity and Medicare, in exchange for this or that. The Democrats are letting the country and the people down, if they do not call out cheating and vote suppressing, and using the FBI for partisan means, and collaborating with the Russians, for what it is. Being really nice, and going high, gets you a permanent seat at the rail, where all the tapped out players go.

    When Obama won, no Republican helped him; they did everything the could to destroy him. They would have done even worse to Hillary. They impeached Bill Clinton, dragged the country through a year of it, for lying about a consensual affair, which they do all the time. The media isn’t our friend. But if we yell and complain and fight the Republicans hard enough, they might cover it. Some of it might get through the filter. Acting as if Trump won a legitimate victory; that the vote suppression was just an unfortunate thing; that we wil lhope for better next time, is naive and stupid. The Republicans will own the Court for forty more years. Global warming will get much worse. Do not sit there and just smile benevolently while the country and planet are being destroyed by pseudo religious fascist, science deniers, cold-blooded crooks, and malign haters. Hillary is the best we will see; and they spend 25 years smearing and demeaning and threatening her and lying about her. And I have no intention whatseover in cooperating with them, or saying good luck, or even accepting them at all. And Democratic leaders should wake up to that, or otherwise they are irrelevant, and you might as well let the Republicans have al the seats, and not even bother to run agains tthem.

  439. Like I said, he has no one he trusts but his children. Did not cultivate a loyal professional force during the campaign (hmmm… wonder why — not!). BTW, this tweeter is right. He can’t hire his children. It is nepotism and a no, no. But rules are for common people, right?

  440. Ups, you are right what “unite” really means. Just like Kellyanne wanting Hillary to call for calm. Last I heard the pro Hillary protests have been non violent.

  441. Nice shut down of the “Bernie would’ve been better”

  442. William, the Dems always bring a ball point pen to a knife fight. President Obama is under no obligation to teach Trump how to be president. I know incompetence can hurt people, but if this regime suddenly became competent, far more would be harmed. And leaving large swathes of the bureaucracy vacant would make it impossible for Republicans to carry out their agenda. Then you have folks writing think pieces about winning in 2018 and 2020. Are they crazy? GOP has perfected stealing elections. Assuming we have elections from now on, Dems CAN’T win them. It’s shocking to me that they haven’t figured this out yet.

  443. WLM, the protests will only get stronger as more things get revealed. I mean, HS students here in Montgomery county who probably could not even vote went out on the street snarling traffic to protest.

  444. Media mission accomplished so why would they discuss emails anymore?

  445. Voting, I appreciate you reposting the SNL video. I watched it again and for the first time noticed how somber the band members looked.

  446. pm317, on November 14, 2016 at 7:34 PM said:

    I disagree with you on protests getting stronger. They will be all over after the Inauguration. Just like Occupy died off once winter set in and same with Black Lives Matter. Haven’t heard much from them in months now either.

    These protests are fads that fade once winter cold sets in. Anti-Trump protests are going to go the same way.

  447. Excellent Kurt Eichenwald (neurotransmitter linked article). What I give to see the guy in the airport when Kurt told him to fuck off.

    Voting, you may be right that it will die down. But what I care about was that there is this spontaneous reaction. I am a lot hopeful today than I was last week that institutions and people will not stand for whatever Trump cronies are planning for. There will be hell to pay. It is a shame because this is regressing and fighting the same battles that were already once won.

  448. I agree with you pm. Protests are going to roil the country until Trump is gone. People are fed up with the GOP.

  449. There is a video.. if it does not show click on the tweet.

  450. oh, yeah, I forgot about them running a business in a blind trust for a sec.

  451. Personally I see why Obama is being helpful. If Trump gets the US into a nuclear war, there won’t be elections left to win. This guy is a total dumbass. It’s not a bad idea to “educate” him while he’s afraid and naive. I watched the press conference and he was a complete buffoon. He had no clue what he was saying.

    Obama, for all his faults, is intelligent and well read. Trump is a man with the persona and intellect of a used car salesman who was, by some power, born into a very rich family.

    I think the Democrats should be highly obstructionist for the next four years and try to win back the state houses in 2020 so they can gerrymander…ahem…redistrict more fairly.

    I wonder, though, what the impact of a Trump presidency will be on the moral fabric of the US. With no repudiation of blatant racism, misogyny, and homophobia, can people ever heal and come together? Doubtful. Black people, hispanics, anyone with a decent amount of melanin, women are going to hate people who hate them, and the people who hate them are going to hate them even more for not sitting down and taking it.

  452. I think the protests could continue. There are a zillion protests in NYC regularly, and on my campus. They’re just bigger than normal and for an obvious reason. I don’t think they’ll be daily, as they are now, but I think they could happen again after he starts his regime of incompetence.

  453. (Email silence)

    Did anyone notice?.. But Pence wants courts to make his private!

    If the ALTRethugs want to hold a trial of Hillary, to publicly shame her over the emails again…Hillary has nothing more to lose.

    She should arm herself with a big fat copy of the FBI findings that she did not break the law, two phucking letters, and bring along a legal document of her own, a law suit against Commie on releasing dishonest letters in the last 11 days of a Presidential General Election, that caused her EC vote demise. Along with an suit for an investigation on millions of American’s that were thrown off the voting rolls, not allowing them to vote. And also demand ALL VOTES in ALL STATES to be counted.

    She should not pacify them, she should go after them like the crack lawyer she is!

    Hillary should take no prisoners.

  454. Shadow, I say what is he hiding? Somebody put a FOIA request out there. Why isn’t there a Judicial Watch equivalent on the Dem side? Go after these mfers.


    Rudy Giuliani for SOS. What a joke. I’m sure this hot tempered moron will be the perfect person to negotiate with unimpressed Europeans and hostile nations.

  456. I don’t like to hear what Hillary did wrong from anyone, not even Joy Reid, esp comparing what Hillary did wrong with what Obama did right (or how he shaded her). I don’t fucking give a damn. Have the decency to shut the fuck up.

  457. I wonder if G will get some decent teeth, make himself presentable a little, not to be you know as ugly on the outside as he is on the inside.

  458. I think this is great.

  459. Like we all said. Bernie would have been torn to shreds.

  460. Trump may succeed in doing what no one has been able to do–unite Americans although they would be united in their hatred of Trump.

  461. pm317, on November 14, 2016 at 8:58 PM said:
    Shadow, I say what is he hiding? Somebody put a FOIA request out there. Why isn’t there a Judicial Watch equivalent on the Dem side? Go after these mfers.

    Hiding? He is hiding nothing of importance against Hillary, if they had anything, they wouldn’t wait until after the effin’ election.

    “Go after these mfers.” (pm)

    As the ladies that we both are, I couldn’t have said it better…

  462. Funniest thing I have ever heard, Rudy the Asswipe is one of the people up for Secretary of State………..

  463. This is for Uppity:

  464. He is hiding nothing of importance against Hillary

    That is not what I said. He is hiding his dirt. Let us hunt him down and get it out.

  465. I don’t know if this has been covered or not but on CNN they said:

    – “There are KNIFE fights inside the DumpTruck camp, ALTmen fighting over positions. Bannon, DT son-in-law and Priessss, or what ever his stupid name is can’t all get along and make decisions on who gets what prize job.

    – DTruck wants three of his adult kids and the son-in-law to get TOP Securtiy Clearances. Yup, the same kids that run his businesses now!

  466. See my tweet thread on what Steve Bannon did to his wife, and wonder why nobody ‘found’ this before the election. Total of 5 tweets in thread.

  467. He is hiding his dirt. Let us hunt him down and get it out.

    I’ma confused here. I thought he was going after Hillary, no?

  468. No. He is going to court to seal his emails.

  469. Uppity, they did but they didn’t want to talk about it (see below). The media has very studiously avoided using alt-right, white supremacy/nationalism also. A woman did a research on how the right-wing youth was being radicalized by alt-right online but nobody wanted to publish her. What are they afraid of?

  470. Oh, that Boehlert quote was about what he told his wife about Jews.

  471. How do you twitter user feel about this? As a technology person I would use what is public out there to gather intelligence. It is a double edged sword and depends on how it is used. The goal should be for the greater good of the society, period. But in the hands of people like Trump, I would worry about corruption.

  472. pm317, on November 14, 2016 at 10:21 PM said:
    No. He is going to court to seal his emails.

    Holy shit!
    Where is Wikileaks on this shit??

    NSA, do your damn job!

  473. MsMass, on November 14, 2016 at 7:45 AM said:

    “If any news outlet is reporting accurately on Trump or Bannon at this point, I plan on rewarding them with a subscription or donation. Like Newsweek, just for Eichenwald’s work alone.”

    I subscribed in early October and just got my first issue in the mail. It’s dated 11/11, and doesn’t seem to cover the actual election, but it’s sooo satisfying to have hard copy in my hot little hands (heh). It’s got wall-to-wall fact-filled coverage of the Dump’s deceitful practices, along with the usual entertaining tech and other topics.

    Newsweek has a very reasonable introductory price. It’s listed on their website. They have the option to subscribe by mail and check, which takes longer, but avoids the problem of infinite and unwanted renewals that credit card and online subscriptions have.

  474. Thread… up and down (good insight). Hillary was idealistic and aspirational for something bigger, better but the buffoon was one of them in the rally — the vulgar guy you have beer with while he grabs your girl’s pussy. As individuals we outnumbered them and that is cold comfort.

  475. Police report for DV incident with Bannon’s ex wife:

  476. neuro:
    Good reporting…
    make it viral….

  477. Elijah berg just posted an update on the petition you signed, Electoral College Electors: Electoral College Make Hillary Clinton President on December 19.
    4.3 million strong and counting!

    Nov 14, 2016 —


    Our petition calling on the Electoral College to cast ballots for Hillary Clinton surpassed FOUR MILLION signatures yesterday.
    It’s the most popular petition of all time on, and the fastest growing ever. And it’s getting plenty of attention in mainstream media.

  478. Police report of Bannon attacking his, barely one year wife, got married 3 days after their twins were born…since they had fought over the years and he has gotten violent with her before, why the Hell did she spit at him and start slapping him in the face?? Like waving a red cape in front of a wounded bull. She should have left him long ago.

  479. She should have killed him in his sleep.

  480. I’ll just watch, Belle. I think the Alt-Left is just as batshit as the Alt-Right. I’m sick of them taking chances apiece fucking up America. Bring the moderates that they threw out back.

  481. Alt left is what in many ways cost Hillary both in 08 and 16. Look how they are cheering for Sanders on Colbert like he will save the party. What a f– joke. I tell you, I have experienced some wonderful times in my life by being adopted and raised by young, widowed Mom, to my own marriage and three kids, but the disappointment I have felt these past eight (8) years has been overwhelming and heartbreaking. I move forward for my family, but fighting the depression and disappointment in both results is hard to deal with.

  482. bellecat, some good stuff there, but they trot out the old tired and baseless claim that Hillary wasn’t speaking to the WWC , and needed “a form of economic populism that Trump at times channeled more than Clinton.” Media too effin’ lazy to read Hillary’s detailed policies on her website, or listen to and analyze her economics speeches. All the orangutang (who stiffs working-class people) offered were vague generalities.

  483. She should have killed him in his sleep.

  484. Oh JB my friend, I feel your pain and yet, you sound like you have a wonderful family and have been a great dad. Look around you and find the hope and comfort you need to feel renewed. Hillary will fight on, she is a good example of someone that always looks for somewhere she can help.

    You are not alone.

  485. Oh good Lord…

  486. Thanks have been a great friend on the boards.

  487. So far, Hillary has won 61,324,576 votes.

    She now has 797,724 more votes than DumpTruck

    California still has only counted 70% of the votes…and other states also are way behind in finishing the counting for their states.

  488. For those who can’t view Twitter videos:

  489. Trump has turned this country into a nightmare.

  490. It’s only been a week…..gawd I miss Hillary Clinton. The sleezebags who have come out of the woodwork are making me sick. The corruption and intimidation….they aren’t even trying to hide it. They’re flaunting it. This is so gross.
    I feel like I’ve awoken in Pottersville. Where’s Clarence the angel? We need George back.

  491. I am white, but I am offended by this whole ridiculous obsession with WHITE working class people. Why are they such special snowflakes? If African American and Latino working class voters could vote for Hillary, obviously she resonated with them. So what’s up with white people? Never mind. I think I just answered my own question.

  492. I think we should trash the WWC theory. That is not what happened. Media is promoting it because it absolves their responsibility. The buffoons voters were suburban and rich and even the educated ones let her down. Take a loot at this.

  493. Trump has turned this country into a nightmare.

    Yeah, but this is only true for us, the minorities, the whites who care for a larger vision of America. The majority whites are happy with the outcome.

  494. What a shame!

    The voters Clinton really lost—the ones she was targeting and relying on for victory—were college-educated whites. Most polling suggested she would win these voters, but she didn’t, according to exit polls: White men went 63 percent for Trump versus 31 percent for Clinton, and white women went 53-43 percent. Among college-educated whites, only 39 percent of men and 51 percent of women voted for Clinton.

    Clinton’s strategy made sense. Trump’s negatives among this group, which normally leans Republican (Romney won them by six points), were pretty high in polling. What’s more, these people hadn’t suffered under Obama; they’d thrived. The kind of change Trump was espousing wasn’t supposed to connect with this group. A massive Gallup study in August revealed that the typical Trump supporter has “not been disproportionately affected by foreign trade or immigration. The results suggest that his supporters, on average, do not have lower incomes than other Americans, nor are they more likely to be unemployed.”

    Perhaps, then, these Trump voters are the most deplorable of them all. They’re not suffering or desperate, and have no concrete reason to hate the status quo or to feel like they are in decline. They understand that Trump is manifestly unprepared to be president, and heard his many lies and insults, yet still voted for him anyway. And without them, Trump wouldn’t have won. The media ought to focus on their motivations, too—and reporters won’t even have to fly to Youngstown to find them.

  495. If I had to do Monday morning quarterbacking at all of the HRC campaign, I would say that Tim Kaine wasn’t the best pick. She doubled down on her strength, experience. VP didn’t need to be as experienced as Kaine. I wish she’d gone with Corey Booker. He has more of a working class feel and charisma. And hipper for the spoiled brat millennials.

  496. Instead of watching news, I look at twitter feeds of a select few. @tomwatson, @EricBoehlert are both fierce is negating what hurt/hurts Hillary and also in being intellectually honest. Joy Reid is OK but she was going after Hillary in one tweet yesterday that pissed me off. Josh Barro is kind of non-committal but I don’t need his harsh truths or sugarcoating the horror. There are a few others I wander along but Tom and Eric have not let me down so far.

  497. I was speaking with my adult son last night. He has a lovely growing family, he and his wife have relatively good, middle class, responsible jobs. They voted for Hillary. They are expecting another baby and were planning to buy a new house. They aren’t any longer. They are hunkering down, waiting for the next shoe to drop. He stated that they don’t trust the future and don’t want to over extend. They would have gone through with it if Hillary had one, as they felt she was much more reliable and predictable. These are middle of the road, church going young people. I wonder how representative they are of responsible gen X/millennials out there. This is not only affecting their dreams, but likely impacting the economy into the future.

  498. My radio news station just announced that the Trump admin is seeking top secret clearance for his children. Aside from WHY would they need it, how is this allowed by law or regulations? The radio didn’t explain it or challenge it, more of a “Heads Up ” people. This and the announcement that Giuliani is favored for SecState my day is now officially ruined.

  499. Won, not one- iPhone spell check

  500. I feel helpless because I don’t know how to spread this but hope others are thinking the same. Hillary getting the popular vote should be everywhere and the protesters who have the attention of the media and crowds should be shouting it with every breath. That is one sure way to weaken him and make him illegitimate. Tweet, tweet popular vote, that he didn’t get the popular vote and that it is a problem. Get that hashtag trending.

  501. Facebook, ugh, never trusted that Zuckerberg. I think he is a closet woman hater.

  502. Media, media, fuck media

  503. imusthaveHillary,

    It’s only been a week…..gawd I miss Hillary Clinton.

    Me too 💔

  504. It has to be said, that the Democrats lost 87 House seats and 9 Senate seats under Obama’s presidency. And a lof of governorships, and many state houses. The state houses may have been the most damaging of all, because it allowed the gerrymandering and voter suppression laws.

    Now, one might not blame Obama for this, or one might. He didn’t campaign for very many officeholders in those three elections of 2010, 2012 and 2014. Not much money was made available by the national party which he ran, to these candidates. So if anyone blames Hillary for this or that, do remember that the fact that the Republicans control both legislatures and the statehouses, was 0% her fault. The fact that Republicans made major gains once again in 2014, indicated that the “Obama coalitiion” had limited long-term power. What has been going on in the country, where for a varity of stupid reasons, many White people have turned Republican, is in some sense related to Obama’s election and administrations. Some of it was certainly related to racism But some was related to the sense that there was no enough focus on good jobs for White people. Whatever the reasons for this, these attitudes really hurt Hillary in the Rust Belt states; and voter suppression there, plus the spiteful and self-indulgent third party voters, and the media, and the FBI, also did. But many of the difficulties her campaign faced were already cooked into the electoral mix before she even announced her canddiacy. And so anyone who tries to blame her for losing certain states, is avoiding what happened during Obama’s terms in office. The elctoral makeup has changed, decidedly for the worse. Blaming Hillary for this is short-sighted, self-serving, and a way for some people to comfortably avoid looking at the real problems.

  505. pm

    The majority whites are happy with the outcome.

    This isn’t true pm…

    Hillary won the election by the total number of votes cast, and in the most populated states, blue states, she won by huge numbers of white people.

    When the tally comes out, my guess is that the majority of white people supported Hillary, especially women.

    Right now, Hillary has won 797,724 more votes than Dump.

    States like CA have still not moved toward finishing the count. CA still has 30% of their votes to count.

  506. Wm I totally agree.

  507. Most polling suggested she would win these voters, but she didn’t, according to exit polls: White men went 63 percent for Trump versus 31 percent for Clinton, and white women went 53-43 percent. Among college-educated whites, only 39 percent of men and 51 percent of women voted for Clinton.

    And these articles are claiming results when millions of votes have still not been counted from BLUE states.

  508. Just had my car serviced. This white guy came in still wearing his Clinton Kaine button. I gave him a high five. After he left he said keep the faith.

  509. Shadowfax, on November 15, 2016 at 12:09 PM said:


    It’s only been a week…..gawd I miss Hillary

    So do I.

  510. Facebook, ugh, never trusted that Zuckerberg. I think he is a closet woman hater.

    My son told me Facebook was bashing Hillary during the election and many younger voters believed the lies. He told me this 2 days after the election when it was going around social media.

    They don’t watch much of CNN or other news stations, they got their negative impression from Facebook, and most of them realize what happened after the election.

    The Brietbart/Hitler squads poisoned the media against Hillary on every level.

  511. Just saw that HRC’s first public appearance since conceding is at a Children’s Defense Fund event tomorrow. Bet she will get a deserved rock star reception, and that press attention will be through the roof. Typical that she will not cower like someone who shall not be named. Typical that she will be supporting a worthy organization that takes her back to her roots. What a woman…

  512. neetabug,

    Just had my car serviced. This white guy came in still wearing his Clinton Kaine button. I gave him a high five. After he left he said keep the faith.

    Good for him, yesterday I wore one of my Hillary pins, and gave some extra Hillary buttons to friends that were really down about what happened. It lifted my spirits and their’s too.

    Thanks for posting this neetabug…tomorrow I will continue wearing my pins. I have the pretty Hillary signature pin, and the golden, rhinestone ‘H’ pin that are my favorites…plus about 6 different buttons.

    I am thinking of making a large shadowbox frame, enclosing her posters, bumperstickers, extra buttons, her photo and one captured on tv where I am standing behind her in a rally. Keepsakes.

  513. Paulette Everett, on November 15, 2016 at 12:48 PM said:

    Just saw that HRC’s first public appearance since conceding is at a Children’s Defense Fund event tomorrow. Bet she will get a deserved rock star reception, and that press attention will be through the roof. Typical that she will not cower like someone who shall not be named. Typical that she will be supporting a worthy organization that takes her back to her roots. What a woman…

    Thank you for posting this Paulette!

    It lifts my spirits. Time for our Hillary to let us see she is not going to push Hillary into a corner.

    Go Hillary, we love you!!!!

  514. Shadow, this is the problem with younger voters. Some do no take the time to read or investigate. They just takes someone word.
    If we had to depend on some of those younger voters, we would be more messed up than what we are.

    Someone state above Trump will have the power to give his children security clearance.

    Who else will he be giving security clearance.


    The Dems better get off their a++.

    Start now on getting dems elected to the Senate and the House in the mid turn election.

  515. I haven’t noticed Quixote around since the election, here or at Widdershins. Hope she’s okay.

  516. Paulette do you know the time?

  517. Yesterday, Trump and Putin Discussed Syria. Today, Russia’s Bombing the Hell Out of Aleppo.

    According to a human rights group, at least one hospital has been hit.

  518. I hope Hillary is out everyday doing something to mess with Donald’s head.

  519. Yeah, we’re hunkering down here too and not buying anything. The Economist says that Trump is going to cost the country 3.5 million jobs. My husband works for a Japanese company and they are horrified that Trump is leading the US. Trump is very unstable plus he’s putting unstable people in leadership positions.

  520. This election was white-lash. It was all about having a minority president and being tired of it. Obama’s own voters abandoned him.

  521. WHAT:
    Children’s Defense Fund Beat the Odds® Celebration
    Wednesday, November 16, 2016

    Programming begins at: 8:00 p.m.
    555 Pennsylvania Avenue
    Washington, D.C. 20001

  522. Greetings to friends, both old and new. For the past few years, I’ve been a wandering nomad in the abyss that is Twitter. My dear friend, Shadowfax, extended an invitation this morning and I’m pleased to join your forum.

  523. How 75 pending lawsuits could distract a Donald Trump presidency


  524. Uppity Woman, on November 15, 2016 at 1:30 AM said:

    “I’ll just watch, Belle. I think the Alt-Left is just as batshit as the Alt-Right. I’m sick of them taking chances apiece fucking up America. Bring the moderates that they threw out back.”

    batshit is a very generous word Upps, and agree that extremism does not get anywhere…
    Yes to moderates, and the need to develop more middle class economy… in order to maintain peace.

    There will always be the very rich and powerful (the 1%) and sadly the poor and uneducated (the masses). History shows over and over that when the economic gap between these two is extremely disparate, social unrest is implicit…

    NW Luna, on November 15, 2016 at 1:37 AM

    If I have to place a blame of this election brutal outcome, the number one perpetrator would be: the media (TV, newspapers alike), the internet with the array of social networks; and the fearless competition without true journalism, responsibility, judicious conduct, fairness and -sadly enough, lack of basic intelligentsia. Everybody has an “opinion”.

  525. And here we have it…

    Never been a facey-booky, texty, tweety, etc. myself…people “talking” to billions ???

  526. The real criminal got elected. An honest and smart public servant got hounded and smeared. The media has no conscience and no guilt.

  527. Belle I believe the summary of what happened is the same as what happened for 30 years. Someone without a penis had the audacity to be too smart. And so the DECADES of false accusations began until finally she had to shore up her own privacy because EVERYTHING about her was ALWAYS a conspiracy. Conspiracies with not a shred of There there.

    Fuck this country. The country that FAKES equality. Badly.

    60, count them SIXTY people died in embassies under W and nobody said fucking BOO. He killed a server with MILLIONS of emails on it and nobody said fucking BOO. Pence said she couldn’t be president because she hid her email server. Now he wants to hide his own emails. God only KNOWs what secret that spawn of satan who calls himself a Christian has. THey all have one.

    Do I need to say more??? I hope a fucking hacker gets them all back and blows the lid off these fuckers. And one day one of their wives will kill them in their sleep.

  528. Shadow, Donald TRump is ALREADY distracted. He always wanted to be President because he thinks it will make him respectable and admired by his ‘class’. The problem is, he will NEVER have respect because he’s perceived as a Grifter, which is what he is. He wants to BE President so he can make people bow as Omarosa said. He doesn’t want to do the work and he won’t. Trust me on this, he won’t. He’s going to be bullshitted by his “loyals”. They will do whatever the fuck they want. Because he will be home sleeping in his own fucking bed like the phobic he is. Trump Tower will be the new White House.

    He recently said he wants all federal employees to sign Non Disclosure Agreements. Like with his wives. That way he can do all the damage he wants and nobody can talk. I come from a Building Contractor family. I grew up in that family. My parents were a preferred military contractor as well. I know exactly why he wants clearance for his grifter kids. They are going to rack up really good. What president EVER didn’t place his business dealings in a blind trust? He can call it what he wants, what he’s doing is NOT a blind trust. Bill Frist got run out of congress for that.

    It’s going to be a financial picnic let me tell you. As you may have already heard, the guy who was top of the list for head of FBI departed from Trump recently. He probably figured that undying loyalty to a president NO MATTER WHAT HE DOES isn’t such a good thing for the country.

  529. When I saw Paul Ryan today I was instantly reminded of the time Newt and his sidekick Dick Armey stood in front of the cameras and took their contract on America out of their pockets and waved it. Armey accidentally slipped and called Barney Frank Barney Fag and he disappeared from view.

    Funny how Ryan and the rest of them suddenlty aren’t so offended anymore about the misogynist, sexual predatory, racist and bigoted shit Trump said. THey don’t give a fuck what he says so long as he’s a Registered Republican.

    I saw the breakdown of what Ryan has planned for Medicare. They should name it K Thx Bai because it’s an early death plan. But not to worry, it won’t affect HIS family, the lousy fuck. He even went so far as to plan to direct private insurers NOT to offer supplemental policies that cover everything Medicare doesn’t cover because if people have to pay more they won’t be so willing to let doctors do everything they want to them. It’s a Fuck You and Go Die plan.

    And that’s just the beginning of how far this man will go with his ‘mandate’ where the opponent got nearly a million more votes.

    Only in America could a woman get that many more votes than a man and still lose.

  530. Oh, and Hello Antifish. Welcome.

  531. Ga, I disagree that Trump won’t create jobs, especially for the Bitching and Moaning Gimmee This and Gimmee That Bernie Bros. In the army.

    Because when someone actually floats the thought that a crazy bastard like Rudy can be SOS, we’re going to war.

  532. Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer are as useless as tits on a bull.

    Sorry but it’s true. As for Bernie, he dragged Hillary so far to the left she was practically hanging off a Cuban Cliff. And he’s still at it. Nancy and Schumer are cowards and they are letting him bully everyone They should tell him to go fuck himself with a broom. For Chrissakes, he’s not even a Democrat. And he should take those morons with him and in between raping girls on campus, those white frat bros can help him with The Revolution that’s in his head.

  533. The Children’s Defense Fund. How Hillary.

    Trump doesn’t even know who they are.

  534. well, upps you might be right but congress is going to have to reinstate the draft to get the Bernie bros out of their parents basement. Trump has already said hes’ going to send a ton of ground troops into the middle east. Exactly how this is going to end better than the time George W. Bush did it I have no idea.

  535. Hello, antifish.

  536. There should be a campaign to boycott Facebook if you are Hillary supporters.

  537. Actually, I saw on Twitter that Hillary’s popular vote margin surpassed ONE MILLION this morning. Millions more remain to be counted. This sucks so bad. Trump said if he had campaigned in places like NY and Cali. he would have gotten those votes. Well, Hillary didn’t campaign in those places either. And NY is his own state. He lost his home state! The grifter.

  538. And his poular vote share is down to 47%. Less than Romney’s and going lower. So let’s all kiss his orange ass and call him President-elect.

  539. Ga6thDem, on November 15, 2016 at 1:30 PM

    This is also about keeping Hillary and all intelligent women out of that boyz club of POTUS.

  540. Sick of being told how we have to be nice and can’t mention that he lost the popular vote. We’ve heard literally 18 months of insults from Trump with Republicans just letting it all go. They were too craven to stand up to Trump and let it all go without calling it down and now they’re upset about protestors???

  541. Time for a deep breath? Check out these beautiful photos of the recent ‘super-moon’.

  542. I see Been Carson is not excepting any position in Trump’s cabinet. He says he doesn’t have the experience. He will continue to be a friend and a advisor.

  543. Oh, hello antifish

  544. antifish, on November 15, 2016 at 1:56 PM

    Oh (((anti))) am so glad you came by, I have really, really missed you and thought of you so many times over the years. Memories of Denver and how long we have waited for our girl to……………have the election stolen from her again.

    This is a safe place for Hillary supporters, no bashing Hillary accepted by Uppity and gang.

    Are you still in Georgia? (Did I remember your state correctly?)

    How do you think the military is feeling about the male that is about to take over the Oval and demolish America?

  545. I see they are bashing Michelle Obama. Someone said they can’t wait to have a refined woman in the White House.
    It depends on what you call refine. Can we say nude pictures?

  546. Last one for this week…and oh, do I agree with her….

  547. Upps, you’re on a roll. Hooray!

  548. Upps
    …the summary of what happened is the same as what happened for 30 years. Someone without a penis had the audacity to be too smart. And so the DECADES of false accusations began until finally she had to shore up her own privacy because EVERYTHING about her was ALWAYS a conspiracy. Conspiracies with not a shred of There there.


  549. Yup Hillary’s popular vote lead did indeed go over a million today and they are still not done. Funny how the two times this happened, the EC favored Republicans. Need to look up history of how and when the EC came to be.

    Bull on Trump’s tweet, he’s shoring up “in case”. He would have NEVER won NY. His is NOT popular there.

  550. Yeah Melania is real refined. The first FLOTUS we’ve seen completely naked.
    This is all crazy. Lies are True. Truth is a Lie. Up Is Down.
    It’s surreal.

  551. Powers who left the camp called them Stalinesque.

  552. Uppity Woman, on November 15, 2016 at 6:41 PM said:

    Yea, evangelicals much prefer an adulteress, soft-porn model for First..god, can we even call her “lady”.

    I hope some folks going to the Inauguration make blow-up copies of Melania’s photos just to make the orange one turn red.

  553. Up, the EC came to be because when the Constitution was being drafted, the slave states insisted on a system that gave them extra help. The northern states had more population and larger cities so the slave states were afraid they’d lose slavery if presidents were elected by popular vote. For good measure, slaves were counted in the census as two thirds of a person to further pad the south’s numbers. Though, of course, slaves were not “persons” in any other legal sense. It’s really shameful that more than 200 years later this archaic remnant of slavery lives on. And it seems it’s still benefitting white supremacists.

  554. Thank you for the welcome, Uppity. Hello everyone. I’m heartbroken just like all of you over the way this election went down.

  555. Hello, Antifish

  556. Hi, (((Shadowfax))) thank you for inviting me over. Yes, I’m still in Georgia, just outside of Atlanta. The only good news about that is it’/ about to become a swing state. Thought Hill might do it, but I underestimated the racists and sexists, I guess.

    Unfortunately, I think most of the active military supported Trump, but they’re was a lot of support for Hill among veterans.

  557. Hi, WLM.

  558. Wow, I need to slow down. There was a lot of support, not they’re, lol.

  559. What I’ve learned on Twitter this week is MANY of Bernie’s supporters either didn’t vote, voted 3rd party, or voted for Trump. They are still defiant, and still attacking Hill, even though we all lost the chance to, not only, have the first woman president, the most progressive platform in our history and a liberal majority SCOTUS. I’ve never seen so much self-righteous selfishness. it infuriates me.

    I blame Bernie because he waited so long to concede and kept attacking her even after it was clear he would lose. Now he’s on Twitter making moves to control the party, despite the fact he reclaimed his independent label upon returning to the senate.

  560. Questions for the ages, as the fate of our country and the world hang in the balance:

    1. Will all United States policy, at least foreign policy, be literally dictated by Russia?

    2. What is Michael Flynn’s role here? Where did his name come from, when suddenly he was mentioned as a VP candidate? Is he Russia’s man?

    3. Will the Republicans in Congress accept that this country becomes a puppet state of Russia? Are they so drunk with their power to suppress votes, and give big tax breaks to themselves, and rape the land, that they will put up with it?

    4. Will it be necessary for the generals to institute a ooup, like in the novel “Seven Days in May,” to wrest ccontrol of the coutnry back from Russia? Is that risk why Trump, undoubtedly at the behest of Russia, kept complaining about “our generals,” all through the campaign? Is the plan to purge them, and replace them with Russian-friendly officers?

    5. Will the media ever figure out and actually tell the story of how a foreign power is on its way to taking over the United States? Or will Trump and the Russians get rid of them, too, before this happens? Or will they not have to, because the media is too busy cashing its checks and going to cocktail parties, to know, or care?

    6. Are there any institutions left which would have enough strength to stop the hostile takeover of our country? Is President Obama aware of what is going on?

  561. Uppity Woman, on November 15, 2016 at 3:32 PM said:
    “Someone without a penis had the audacity to be too smart.”

    Oh! my Upps, you are always soooo right…
    and everything else you said…

  562. One more thing, as a retired soldier, I can think of no good reason why the Trump spawn should have Top Secret security clearances. I’d be surprised if Obama acquiesces, but Trump can grant them once he’s in office. Given the entire family’s ties to Russia, the implications for national security are mind-boggling.

  563. Those are great questions, William. I’m sure, as we learn more, they’ll make for lengthy discussions.

    I still hold out hope the EC will save us from this nightmare. The country is already in chaos and he hasn’t yet taken power.

  564. antifish, we don’t grade on grammar.

  565. I see Rudy is being really porky. He knows he can have any job he wants even if he screws the country…….because he made that bogus FBI thing happen. I hope he gets sucked down bodily into hell. If they even want him. I know some very good men who died of prostate cancer way too early. And here he is, the piece of shit.

  566. Laura Ingram for press secretary 😩😔😂

  567. So the safety pin adventure went well today. The kids had just had a session w/the school counselor about bullying. I got up and showed them my safety pin and told them if you saw someone wearing a safety pin that person was saying that they were a safe person, that they would listen to you ,not bully you and would help you if someone else was bullying you. I then asked if any of the kids would like a safety pin of their own,19 hands went up..this from 8 year olds,
    So I’m off to the store to get more safety pins. There were a couple of middle school kids in the room waiting to pick up siblings;they asked for safety pins,too.

    It’s a small thing,but it seemed to give the kids some heart and it certainly helped to heal mine. Teacher was initially reluctant ;she thought safety pins were an anti-trump symbol,didn’t want to offend parents..but we set out pretty clearly to the kids what it meant ( hope I’m not wrong about that;hope it’s not a left wing version of Trumpism. Well,at least in our class it won’t be). One kid came up to me after class and showed me the safety pin his Mom had given him.

    See a little seed of hope. Maybe I’ll be banned from the school by Thursday,but,hey, the look of relief on the kids’ faces will have made it worthwhile and I’ll just go somewhere else that kids need help. No shortage of those.

    Oh, and the little girl who was worried about Trump and the wall. I told her about the Tribal lands where they wouldn’t let Trump build his wall and that there was a 75 mile long hole in his wall. She said,” Hooray” smiled big and we high fived.She went away happy.

    It’s a start.

  568. antifish, on November 15, 2016 at 7:43 PM said:

    Antifish, I think it’s time to post this again:

  569. Antifish, I live in Georgia and I , too, had hopes that Georgia would swing to Democratic. I must have been delusional. I live in Fayette County and 58.02% went to Trump and 38.51 to Clinton.Of course I live a predominately white county and the average median income is high. As a white female, I am particularly upset that more white women did not vote for Hillary. I just cannot understand it.

  570. Report from the white people in my orbit. I went to get my hair done today, same girl for nearly 15 years, she is like family. She is white, if you must know since we are evaluating people by race these days. She is also a hardcore Democrat and voted for Hillary. She said, she sobbed like what seemed eternity, gut wrenching sobs on last Wed when things got settled. We are kindred spirits and like sisters. She and I are on the same wavelength about everything. I made the mistake of sharing how my hubs and I feel that if we feel mistreated or are seen like second class citizens, we will pack up and go home. We have our dignity and self respect. She started crying and said that she was most hurt that I was made to feel this way by this election. She was apologetic and when the visit ended she was sad again and I told her I would stay back just for her and that we would grow old together. We both laughed and hugged. That is the America everybody wants and hope we won’t lose it. I am fortunate I have surrounded myself with beautiful people and I don’t know the America that voted for Trump (well may be that one fucking commenter on Althouse). But not everybody is that lucky and we should watch over them.

  571. WLM amazingly Cobb County voted for Hillary. There also are a lot of women down here who buy into the whole white nationalist thing. So it did not surprise me all that much.

  572. msdsal, you are just plain……wonderful.

  573. Anti
    I still hold out hope the EC will save us from this nightmare. The country is already in chaos and he hasn’t yet taken power.

    Send me some hope on the EC…

    I don’t feel the hope for EC when the battleground states still haven’t finished counting the frickin’ votes and big states like CA still have 30% of the votes to count…with a max of 55 EC votes for millions of voters.

    The score according to CNN, which is behind the news saying our girl has won a million already:

    Uncounted votes

    Mich 4%
    NH 2%
    PA 1%
    WI 5%

    CA 30%
    AZ 20%
    GA 7%
    OH 6%
    WA 6%
    OR 13%

    CNN has Hillary winning 872,896 more votes, showing they are a little slow in reporting…

    BTW, so glad you are here fighting the good fight.

  574. Unexpected vote came from both white educated men and women..really sad how a college degree does not often translate in common sense….they think this is funny..a reality president in a reality world. This fight may have been lost a long time ago when our society became more interested in what the Kardashians are doing rather than their own Government.

  575. pm

    If you ever get the urge to leave, come on over to CA. Yeah, maybe our big blue states lives in a kinda bubble, but we have numbers and are fighters to keep our way of life and we have a 6th of the world economy to not phuck with…so good luck if Dumptruck tries to rape our state.

    NY and CA will not roll over for the Deplorables.

  576. JB where are your stats when they haven’t finished counting all the votes???

  577. From CNN for whatever that’s worth…

  578. Thanks, Shadow. I am in not as big blue Maryland moved from blue Northern VA. We used to talk about moving to FL, no more (sorry JB). We were talking about doing a cross country trip but no more. Yep, CA, NY, .. and the rest of the big blue have to lead in resistance. Bring it, motherfuckers.

  579. Let’s go back to the open Supreme Court seat, which is infuriating me more and more. This is my thought; and tell me if someone thinks there is a flaw in my logic. I haven’t researched it, just winging it here.

    If Obama had appointed, or would appoint, Garland to the bench during a recess of Congress, what woudl happen? The constitutional argument to be made, is that “advise and consent” does not extend to “not hold a hearing at all for ten months.” If it did, then a party in conrol of the Senate could just refuse to hold hearings on any nominee. So I would argue that the Senate must hold hearings. By not doing so for any reasonable time, they forfeited their right to advise and consent, so the President apppoints the Justice.

    What could the Republicans do? Take it to court. I have read that the Circuit Court out there is Republican dominated. But I wonder if they would stand for the proposition stated above, that the Senate’s right to advise and consent extends to no hearings. And if they did overturn, then we appeal to the Supreme Court. The Republicans have no right to appoint their choice while the matter is pending. Is it at all certain that Kennedy and Roberts, who are both obviously on the Court, would stand for the proposition that any Supreme Court vacancy staye open as long as the party controlling the Senate wants? That is not checks and balances. I actually think we would win. At the very least, we would have had a very strong election issue. It is much harder now. Unless someone finds a flaw in this, I am going to believe that President Obama did an absolute disservice to the country by letting the Republicans roll over him here. And then I ask, why am I apparently the only one making this argument for the last ten months? Could someone ask Lawrence Tribe or even Joan Walsh or Joy Reid or Eric Boehlert on Twitter?

  580. William, I think the gloves should come off now. Hillary supporters no longer have anything to fear by demanding that Obama grow a spine. In fact, I think we have everything to lose. We might at least save one branch of government.

    Before the worst happened, it may have strategic to avoid alienating the more die-hard Obama supporters. That is no longer true.

  581. Welcome to the “Kardashian” administration:

  582. And it continues…
    Congressional Clinton probes will go forward post-election, GOP lawmakers say – Fox News
    If we don’t stop this sh*t now and stand up, protest the electoral college, petition and show up to your nearest protest, the witch hunt will continue. I can’t live like this for 4-8 years. To think I was dreading the Obama years…

  583. I am listening to Sanders on Charlie Rose. What a royal schnook. He just said how hard he worked for Hillary after stating that he spent the months after the convention working on his book- 12-13 hours a day. So, assuming he sleeps 8 hours a day, eats, goes potty, maybe showers; that leaves maybe 15 minutes to work for Hillary. He is spending the interview pointing to his own self-proclaimed assessment of the campaign. Charlie points to the fact that Bernie has not reached out to Hillary even once and Bernie mumbled a none answer . Charlie is ripping him apart.

  584. Yeah white educated entitled mental infants who majored in unmarketable subjects and beer pong, who haven’t taken the time to learn anything except what they want for themselves. We shouldn’t allow people to vote so young. Seriously. When I was their age I thought I knew it all and knew nothing except what felt good to me. At least I didn’t bother voting, so I probably saved the country right there.

    Under Bernie’s Castro plan, in ten years they would have all been carping that they have to pay for what everybody else paid for when they got it.

    Under Trump’s plan they will get their reward. A good job. Overseas. In a uniform. Canada will be slamming their borders shut to quell the rush. All that flickering “Bravery” during the primary will go out like a wet candle.

  585. They do the investigations of Clinton, because 1) It is fun for them; 2) Their base loves it; and by far most importantly, 3) It is a great camouflage and distraction from their corruption and crookedness.

  586. This is another fight that I’ve always felt very strong about it…Trumps tax returns, a must.

    On the White House dot gov server. Participatory democracy in action, funded by your tax dollars.

  587. JB

    From CNN for whatever that’s worth…

    Yup, CNN has been pushing, ‘Nobody likes Hillary’ the entire election, so even though I listen to them over MSNBC and FoxNews, they just report anything that makes drama. I tune in on my drive to and from work and most of the panels just get in huge fights. Kellyann Queen of Lies, etc.

  588. Ga6th, that is amazing that Cobb went for Hillary. Wish I could say the same here.

  589. William:
    1) if it is fun for them -the white supremacy…
    Let’s make it an “orgasmic joy” to go after the big balls…not , criminal, crass Trump(et) alias BIG FART, thief elected @$$hole….

  590. The Onion is throwing some serious shade at the media:

  591. CNN is in the tank with Trump’s money…
    They were the ones that call him the winner way too early, and it’s no to be trusted on anything…
    Read the Newsweek article that I posted above…

    Is there a better source to learn about the vote count and recount?

  592. Yet, I find that some are just addicted to CNN…
    I see that on my YMCA cardio room…
    and postings…

  593. Seagrl, on November 15, 2016 at 11:07 PM said:
    And it continues…
    Congressional Clinton probes will go forward post-election, GOP lawmakers say – Fox News

    Who knows what the rethugs will do or their president for that matter, but they wouldn’t be talking about burning Hillary at the stake unless they were scared shitless of her.

  594. This is interesting for CA voters. It seems as though these are the votes in our state that have not been counted, by county.

    There is actually today’s date on at least one county, reported today…so this site must be pretty accurate.

    There are over 4 million votes that have NOT been counted in CA alone.

  595. That is pretty incredible, Shadowfax. As an example, I googled an estimate of this year’s total registered votes in Santa Cruz County, which is around 150,000. Of these, around a third remain uncounted. It might be more like 40-50% of the number of registered voters that actually voted. Also, practically no voters in this particular county voted for Trump. Matter of fact, in Cali, almost all of the counties would be going hugely for Clinton, save some of the tiny foothill counties and a few in the Central Valley. Another disturbing matter is that many of us vote by mail now, and it appears that we are one of the last groups counted. There is no incentive for the counties to hasten these counts without an outcry noting the potential for a close race. No one is clearly calling this out. It is maddening, even though the Cali count will not change the EC.

  596. If they go after Hillary they are going to crash and burn very fast. They lost the popular vote and if they overplay their hand as the Rethugs tend to do, they will be a major backlash. Truthfully, Hillary was in the high 60% after she left SOS and I think her popularity will only rise again as time passes, particularly if the radical right tries to indict her. As a caveat, everything that should happen hasn’t.

  597. Welcome antifish!

    Upps, love your rants upthread. God, this is so infernally depressing.

  598. Shadow, what can we do to get our votes counted?

  599. William, re: your question about Garland- my understanding is that the constitutional obligation is on the President to nominate and that confirmation only occurs after advise and consent. There is no requirement for the senate to hold hearings and advise and consent, but advising and consenting is a pre-condition to confirmation. There may be adopted rules and customs, but the language in the constitution does not appear to mandate the Senate to do their step in the process, although the process cannot progress without such a step. Does that make sense?

  600. My super long reply is in the dumper.

  601. Shadow, why does it pick on you?!

  602. ………..because Shadow has more than one IP address.

  603. Hey, everybody! Please click on socal’s link @ 2:54 am. It is EPIC. And it will make you laugh. Warning: don’t read with liquid in your mouth. Thanks, socal!

  604. Congress acts like a union. They appoint ‘leaders’ on seniority. Chuck Schumer thinks any place above 200 miles from NY City is another planet. Gillibrand is a far better Senator than he will EVER be. He is a Do-Nothing senator and he’s a LOUSY choice for Minority Leader. Guys like him are the REASON we are the minority in the Senate. Harry Reid passed his expiration date LONG ago. Ditto for Nancy Pelosi. These people have done NOTHING but tank the party.

    The fact that I would spawn for Sherrod Brown aside, he should be Majority leader. He’s not a wildman, like Warren and he UNDERSTANDS the working people. See Ohio. We need leaders in both houses who don’t have a fucking stick up their asses. Nancy Pelosi came directly from the Democratic machine, in case you are wondering how a person who can’t put two words together with a string got to be a Congress person, much less a leader. Her old man was Baltimore Mayor. I have seen this pattern before. Let’s push my kid onwards and upwards, regardless of whether he or she will be of any use to the people. Nancy is also a Ladder Kicker. Those of you who have been with this blog a long time have heard this from me before. She got her ass up the ladder with machine help and then she kicked the ladder out from under her. SHe does not like the idea of any woman going higher than she is. Corporate America is riddled with women like her. I can recognize them at 100 paces.

    The Democratic Party is in the condition it is today because of leaders just like Pelosi, Reid, Schumer. It’s the reason a loudmouthed do-nothing radical socialist like Bernie is getting away with murder.

    Ask yourself this: If Reid or Schumer or Pelosi died tomorrow and you had to do the Eulogy, what wonderful thing did any of them do for America could you come up with???????????

  605. Nothing is normal with him or the media or his voters… danger ahead. Pass this article along. As I read on some tweet, talk to relatives/friends who voted for Trump. Get them to understand none of what happened and is happening is NORMAL. It should not be this way.

  606. Corporate America is riddled with women like her.

    Academia is riddled with women like that too speaking from personal experience. I lost my promotion and tenure because of women (one woman in particular who was jealous and corrupt, beware of wolves in sheep’s clothing).

  607. If the GOP continues to go after Hillary it is because we truly have become a banana republic. She is the leader of the resistance and must be destroyed apparently.

  608. I wondered for a long time why twitter would allow a person you blocked would still let others see what that person said about you (it is a design flaw). It should go nowhere but into a blackhole. Maybe this will make it happen.

  609. Trump Tower Toronto is going bust. It has a Russian financier. This news came out Nov 3. Did you see a word about it on TV? I wonder how many vendors and employees will be screwed this time?

  610. GA, her popular vote victory is scaring them to boot. I hope there is a huge revolt if they go after her and there will be.

  611. Hillary’s enormous popular vote victory is the biggest clue if there is one that things were not done right in other places — voter suppression, cheating, maybe foreign interference. But why wasn’t voter suppression the biggest story of 2016? If Trump operation had a name #Crosscheck, why was it not mentioned in the media?

  612. EMAILS, EMAILS, EMAILS, Fuck the media!

  613. Upps, I have always thought Pelosi was jealous of Hillary.

  614. Oh they are revolting in the streets, but just like Occupy, they will turn it into all about them and miss the entire point. They say they are going to protest any Democrat who negotiates with Trump. This means You Lose. If they had any brains they would be protesting the Electoral College, but nope. Next thing you know they will be asking for LL Bean tents to be donated again and park their asses somewhere where the they can ball each other and the food is donated.

    This will turn into something silly and ignored because they are trained by activists who don’t know how to achieve anything except the expression of non specific angst and violence.

    I hope I’m wrong.

  615. uppity, you may be right about the protesters. But why is not there more outrage about EC and popular vote victory for Hillary on Twitter? There isn’t even a trending hashtag?

  616. 1st Lady-Nudie

  617. Fuck the media!

  618. So he will play hide and seek with his pool reporters and the future WH press core. He is actually hiding in Trump Tower when they think he is in the WH? THIS IS CRAZY and not NORMAL.

  619. Shadowfax, on November 16, 2016 at 12:27 AM said:

    “There are over 4 million votes that have NOT been counted in CA alone.”

    And I wonder how many votes have NOT been counted in the rest of the USA?

  620. Sophie or imust, could you please release my long reply to voting in the dumper last night.

    Yes, I blog at home and work, on a Mac at work and a PC at home. I guess everyone else uses the same computer? I didn’t end up in the dumper much for the past couple of weeks, but I could still get short sentences though, so that doesn’t make sense when it comes to IP addresses.

    Maybe the amount of my excitement when writing gives too much of a power serge that shorts out wordpress…… 😉

    All this trouble happened when I changed my icon from a bug to Hillary on her phone.

    Since 2007 I used two different computers at work and home, and this never happened.

  621. pm317, on November 16, 2016 at 12:41 PM said:

    PM, I couldn’t get the WSJ link referred to on the tweet to open. This is a link to the story itself on

  622. Sorry if this posts twice: this is the link to the actual article about the NSA admitting nation-state interference in election that pm317 posted the tweet to at 12:41 above. I couldn’t get the WSJ article to open from that tweet.

  623. bellecat

    I have posted the link I use to track the votes, many times on the blog.

    You just have to go to that site and look at each state to see how many votes have not been counted in percentages.

    Seeing how many votes have already been counted, you can figure out how much a percent is worth. For an example, 1/2 of one percent in CA, just for Democrats is about a million or more votes for Hillary than Trump has.

    In a tiny state, 100% of the votes in an entire state, might be less than a million votes for all the candidate’s votes together, including independents.

    The site is run by CNN and the votes have been rising every day, but it is a tiny bit sluggish in updating the totals it seems from other news reports that Hillary has already hit the Million more mark.

    (For example, that site has Hillary at 947,579 more than Trump, right now in real time. Just short of a million. I have been searching for a more accurate site, but so far, I have only found the record for CA.)

    I explained more about the voting on the long post that ended up in the spam filter.

  624. Rescue Shadow from the dumpster…I want to read her post, please?

    Every vote counts and all votes should be counted…the fundamental principle of a Democracy.
    It’s a big deal for me and should be for many others…and key to the fight against the Electoral (s)election…and fight for constitutional rights…

  625. From the TNR article G6D linked to:

    When Trump and his entourage met with Obama and current White House staff last week, it quickly became apparent how unprepared they were for the enormity of the tasks ahead of them. They were reportedly unaware that the West Wing was not permanently staffed, and that Trump would have to hire thousands of people to manage day to day functions of the White House and cabinet departments within two months.

    Is he just that lazy, or did he actually expect to lose, and so think, “Why bother”?

  626. Ivory Bill,
    Trump doesn’t have 4000 qualified people to put into those positions…even filling them with crackpot sexists, racists and family members won’t make it. Maybe ads will come out in red states on Craigslist?

  627. Trump, or at least his supporters, will hate it–but reality will obligate him to turn to the GOP Establishment for qualified people.

    I suspect Pence will, in many ways, be the real President, much like Cheney in the Bush Junior Administration. As Uppity can tell us, that is not a good thing.

  628. I just got this email from the Hillary campaign store:

    “Still fired up? Time to take the fight to Trump.”

    Discounts on the few things that haven’t sold out on the website.

  629. Schumer elected minority leader of Dems.

  630. Lililam, thank you for the analysis. I was sure that there was no absolute constitutional requirement to hold hearings; but “advise and consent” has to mean something more than, “we’ll hold hearings if we feel like it.” If that were true, then the Senate could simply refuse to hold hearings on every single one of an opposing party President’s nominees, Court and otherwise. This has never been tested; but of course modern Republicans view governing as simply a matter of gaming the system.

    Thus a Supreme Court would have to decide whether, if there has been 300 days since Garland was nominated, with no hearings, “advise and consent” has been abrogated, and thus the President can appoint the nominee. To say otherwise, would be to give the Senate absolute power to stall nominees forever. I definitely think it is worth a try. I think that Obama has always been too concerned about his legacy, and how history will view him. His legacy is now going to be dismantled by Republicans who spent eight years using gaming the system to thwart him at every possible turn, just as they did for Bill Clinton, and would have done to Hillary. How far do we go toward absolute single-party rule in this country? The Supreme Court, as divided as it is, still might have come down on the side of bipartisan, three-branch rule.

  631. “Dear CNN and MSNBC: You Made Donald Trump Happen. Blood is on Your Hands” (Thom Palmer, 11/16/16)

    “To the reporters, political directors, and commentators at CNN and MSNBC: You gave Donald Trump his only path to victory. Where Trump may be a Putin puppet, You, the mainstream cable news media, are Trump puppets. You allowed yourselves to be manipulated, cowering to Trump’s threats and were fascinated with his foul mouth and images of his great big airplane bouncing around. And now we’re going to make you pay the price for it.

    Political Directors, CNN’s David Chalian and MSNBC’s Chuck Todd, along with many hosts and Anchors bear the responsibility of a President Trump. Responsibility for the damage to race relations, the damage to women and families, the damage to Mother Earth due to the advancement of dirty energy and quashing of clean energy corrective measures is yours. Responsibility for the thousands of American men that will DIE in foreign oil wars as a result of the oil and weapons industries dictating policy to the Republican led government is yours. The responsibility for the many thousands of unnecessary gun deaths here in the United States due to the gun lobby and their control over Congress now, etc. is yours. Congratulations again.

    I’m calling out Wolf Blitzer, Anderson Cooper, Chris Matthews, Jake Tapper, Chuck Todd

    Todd, Brian Williams, Andrea Mitchell, Joe Scarborough, Mika Brezinski and all of the rest. All but one of these people more than likely voted for Hillary Clinton, but all bear the responsibility for Trump’s election along with the ensuing national and global disasters to follow.”


  632. trixta:
    Thank you so much for the link to the Daily News Bin.

    Huge BRAVO to Thom Palmer for his excellent, detail and courageous exposure of the “corrupted media”…

    A must read and support…make it viral…

  633. I am so tired of hearing about the white working class by the MSM. Have I missed something about them? Have they been systemically marginalized, their voting rights attacked, have they suffered from years and years of oppression and discrimination? Why the f😀ck should I care about their bigoted fears that immigrants are stealing their jobs? Is that why you didn’t get that job Biff cuz some Black Hispanic Asian immigrant stole it? Ridiculous.

    What I don’t think the alt left and the MSM are getting is that every person that voted for Trump sent a message to every minority in the country that we are not part of the USA but are the unwanted other. Frankly on this point Bernie and his minions are a lot closer to Trump than the rest of us. That’s why they had no problem voting for him or voting third party knowing it would elect Trump.

    Hey white guys you are not an oppressed minority, you are not marginalized. You don’t need to protect your rights or to level the playing field and Trump is not your champion.

  634. Paulette Everett, on November 15, 2016 at 1:38 PM said:

    Children’s Defense Fund Beat the Odds® Celebration
    Wednesday, November 16, 2016

    Will this be televised?

  635. What I don’t think the alt left and the MSM are getting is that every person that voted for Trump sent a message to every minority in the country that we are not part of the USA but are the unwanted other. Frankly on this point Bernie and his minions are a lot closer to Trump than the rest of us. That’s why they had no problem voting for him or voting third party knowing it would elect Trump.

    Once again, the Horseshoe Theory, which I find I agree with now.

    My decent job was taken by automation, not by some immigrant, or by a foreigner in his or her homeland. Maybe that’s why I never fell for the Trumpaganda. 😡

  636. Visit still4hill…consider supporting…I do…

    Barbara Boxer Takes On … Well … The Establishment!

    November 16, 2016 by still4hill

  637. You’re welcome, Bellecat! Thom Palmer has been great throughout the GE. His righteous rant against the media is awesome!

  638. Fuck, as if Turmp is not enough damage, old fucker Bernie wants attention. Get both fuckers out of our lives now!

  639. Oops! forgot to post the link…

  640. So Bernie was speaking at GW tonight and I caught part of the live feed. First he talked about how much time he put into stumping for Hillary. He did mention that she has almost a million more votes than Trump. I very much sounded like a campaign speech but to be honest he was all over the place.

    The country sucks and needs to change. Obamacare is great and made the country great. It’s time for a revolution. He’s going to work with Trump, but only if Trump keeps his promises. Trump is bad and said he will do bad things so oppose his appointments and policies.

    My head was spinning but all these college kids were eating it up. Lots of ridiculous comments about how he should be the president, blah, blah, blah. None of them seemed to actually be paying attention to what he was saying.

    It’s going to be a long 4 years.

  641. Obama, not Obamacare.

  642. trixta, on November 16, 2016
    “Dear CNN and MSNBC: You Made Donald Trump Happen.

    Excellent comment, too bad he doesn’t have a larger online voice.

  643. Old fucker Bernie and his supporters are rightly being blamed for Hillary’s loss. So he defensively trying to compensate for it. Get lost mfer. Haven’t you done enough enough damage?

  644. Sanders is so intoxicated with the sound of his own rhetoric, and the lust for power, that he is doing something entirely inappropriate. He is acting like some Shakespearian character whose king has been killed, leaping up in front of the army and shouting at them, as if he is the new king. Hillary has not been killed, she is still right there. She is going to get close to 2 million votes more than Trump. Sanders didn’t win anything, except some caucuses, and a few primaries. He couldn’t win a general election if he had ten chances. No one is goiing to elect a ranting Socialist who never compromised with anybody, and who has enough disturbing statements in his past history to become anathema to all but his band of cult supporters.

    Rest assured that if Sanders actually becomes the “leader” of this party, much less a candidate in 2020, the Democrats will become a permanent minority. I’d prefer taking a dart and throwing it at a list of all Democratic officeholders, than ending up with Sanders. His running around on TV, and making speeches, is insulting, classless, and tone-deaf. And if anyone follows his nostrums, such as letting Indies and Republicans vote in all the primaries, we will end up wth candidates chosen by the Republicans, or the fringe part of the Left. He senses a power vacuum, and is trying to fill it before someone else does. I hope that other Democrats drown him out, and put him in his place. The truth is, that if he had never run, Hillary would certainly be President-elect now. Spiteful, selfish jerk.

  645. Sorry about the link to Hillary’s speech at the Children’s Defense Fund which does not begin with her speaking. There doesn’t seem to be a way to fast forward the video. Her speech was fantastic, btw. Perhaps we’ll have a better link tomorrow.

  646. Hey trixta, just being able to see Hillary in any form is good enough for me. Thanks.



  648. Here you go folks…and I love the new mantra…”the peoples’ president”

  649. Our local alternative radio station here in NC is consoling everyone by playing chapters of a radio production of 1984. They were up to the betrayal, imprisonment, Room 100 and doublethink section today.

    To console myself, I’ve been reading back issues of Anglechel’s blog in 2007 to early 2008 that predicted so accurately the mess we’d be in later if Obama’s glitz won out over HRC’s experience, and Riverdaughter’s superb documentation of the herd mentality that led to that outcome.

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