Hillary’s Speech to the Children’s Defense Fund

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  1. I was in tears for most of it.

  2. “the peoples’ president”….I kinda LOVE that mantra.

  3. I couldn’t watch it all. Tears and pain.

  4. Sorry, imust. I can’t. Not ready for it yet.

    @Earlynerd (from previous thread/post), I was trying to remember Anglachel this whole election season but could not remember the name (and could not therefore, search for her). Notice the last post is dated Feb, 2012. She was great during 2008.

  5. We will make sure of it.

  6. Hang it around of her neck like an albatross!

  7. “The Peoples’ President”…God, how I love that. Mods, just delete my posts in the “dungeon”. Typo caused the issue.

  8. The People’s President — tweet the hell out of it, please. She embodies it! We deserve her.

  9. Can we say racists got the bigger sized vote in EC? EC is a fundamentally flawed system not suited for America’s grand social experiment and vision. Maybe that does not sound much coming from an immigrant of wrong skin color. But I can go back to where I came from if the ‘whites’ don’t like the grand social experiment and act out. Not a lot of other people don’t have that option. They should be treated with dignity and respect.

  10. There she is, our champion still speaking for others while she clearly is still heartbroken.

    Love to you Hillary, you have made us so proud and may we follow your example of strength and keep on fighting for and with you.

    ❤ Hillary ❤

  11. Not a lot of other people don’t have that option Oops, I should read what I write. “Not a lot of other people have that option.”

  12. Honey Bunch. If you would type Voting Hillary instead of Voting Hillart, you’d make it to the board. Heh.

  13. I’m all for refusing to validate the claimed Trump victory, no matter how many times the corrupt msm tells us to. Whatever Hillary wins by, 1.5-2 million votes, that should be repeated over and over. “Voter suppression,” “stolen election” should be used as catchphrases. Does it fix everything? Of course not. But it helps support non-cooperation with the Republicans, and the moral invalidation of everything they do. And this is the kind of thing that ultimately filters down to the average citizens. Aquiescence to the illegal takeover of the country by crooked and amoral Republicans who colluded with a foreign power, is not only worthless, it is a complete abdication of responsibility.

  14. She looks so tired there I could not stand to watch. I hope Media Matters goes after the people responsible for the Trump debacle full steam ahead. It’s all fun and games to them but there are people that really are going to suffer and the media is not. And Bernie and Elizabeth Warren are now working full time to throw us women and POC under the bus. They can stuff it for all I care. Neither one of them are going to be president and no one should listen to their advice either.

  15. It is civil disobedience time in hashtag culture — #VoterSuppression, #IllegitimateWin, #RiggedElection, #CrossCheck, #HillaryWonPopularVote, #IamStillWithHer, #FuckMedia/NYT/FB

  16. That’s why I said “don’t bother”, Upps..I knew it had to be some latest form of stupidity on my part! 🙂

  17. I love ‘The People’s President’ and when she said she had won over 62 million votes, means she is not only watching the vote count closely, but she feels confident enough to talk in public about, at least winning almost a half a million more votes when states are finished counting.

    She will win more than that, but she is being conservative in her statement.

    She has not given up in what she believes, the woman needs time to cry, talk to family and friends and be out of the public eye for awhile. I am glad there are events that she is participating in right now, off and on, to be around the public that loves her.

  18. Ga6thDem,
    She looks so tired there I could not stand to watch.

    —-I think she has been crying and sad, but she wants us to keep fighting, “on every level”. We all know what that means.

    I loved seeing her.

  19. Thank you for the new thread imust, and putting our girl up top where she belongs.

  20. Shadow, we need a Harold Ickes now to bitchslap the media/TV/NYT/FB/Voter Suppression/Rigged EC and Trump’s dangerous incompetence and nefarious design. But we get that old fucker Bernie and his crony Warren.

  21. pm317

    Good optics on the breakdown of CA against a small voting state like WY, Iowa, and many other red states.

    The huge red MALE and the tiny blue MALE. Easier for folks to relate to than percentages and data…. 😉

  22. Very inspirational but deeply painful watching Hillary’s speech. Still very disillusioned how our country f– up so badly.
    Also, watch how the bar will be lowered for anything Trump does as compared to if Hillary had won. If he shows even borderline competence he will be hailed as much more moderate and reasoned than we had thought. Blame the media and super left and right for this .

  23. Trump should be ashamed of himself- and, to be honest, I wouldn’t be surprised if he is. I think he knows full well that he is in over his head and has no real antipathy toward Hillary-it was all play acting that got out of hand. That doesn’t exonerate him in any way, however. It definitely doesn’t exonerate the worthless opportunists and
    puppeteers that surround him. It is just that every now and again, I feel that he would be happy to put the genie back in the bottle. If only we can pave a way.

  24. I am still picking up the pieces of my broken heart. She is magnificent. I made the mistake of reading the first batch of comments on the you tube video. Absolutely appalling. I hope the “commenters” are Russian trolls because I will not call them my fellow Americans.

  25. Hard to watch. A woman is much more than her looks, but she looks utterly exhausted. Seeing the screencap (?) brings my anger back. Are you happy, racist, misogynistic, and homophobic middle America? Does it give you joy to see a powerful woman so defeated in favour of an utter disaster of a man, who has the attention span of a gnat and the intelligence of a blowfish? Pathetic, sad little people.

    Really, despite her powerful message, it’s hard NOT to take a “let them burn” approach to “middle America,” as inevitably more jobs go overseas and real corruption runs rampant.

  26. Still trying to tune it all out. If I flip to one of the networks I see things about all the usual stuff that’s supposed to be done is not being done for a transition. It all point to how clueless and unprepared this group was and is.

    We are so f*cked.

  27. Yes, Shadow, it’s great seeing Hillary in any form. Like a true leader, she’s courageous and inspiring, always thinking of others even when it must be so difficult for her. The people’s president, indeed.

  28. Final thought for tonight…HRC was her usual gracious self..all the kudos to those other than herself…those who say she looked older, I think it’s because she didn’t have her professional make-up/hair stylists for this speech. I noticed the hair difference immediately.

    More important, I think she knows Trump is the pawn in this game. I don’t think our real enemy has show its face yet.

    We need to do what HRC is doing and go forward doing the good we can until we see who our actual “enemy” is.

    We survived Nixon, Reagan and both Bushes…but Trump’s a “plant”. The real enemy is hiding behind the Trump mask.

  29. Am I losing my every lovin’ mind?

    Voting do you have two names or are there two Votings?


  30. I tell ya, since the election I look like Hell in a basket. I have a fuck it attitude and still cry when it moves me.

    I see Hillary as a beautiful woman that doesn’t give a cap what others think of her hair and makeup…she is clearly in pain and said she just has just wanted to curl up an read a good book with her dogs, not even leave the house. She said it was painful going to this event, as much as her heart is there. She is heartbroken and that’s the way we woman work it when the would needs to fuck off and leave us alone.

    Like my mom used to say, “I never told you that life was fair”, as she was on her death bed. Nope it isn’t, and when someone as horrible as DumpTruck shits on your life, the world can buzz off for a few weeks.

    I can’t wait until her stages of grief turn to anger. I will be right there with her.

  31. Heartbreaking. Can hardly watch it.

    pm, I’m going to tweet your civil disobedience hashtags.

    William, I’m with you. I will never validate this election. Aside from the fbi, Russian and media bs, we know that the swing states purged thousands of democratic voters. Only way they could win.

  32. I want to give hugs to everybody here for their moral support. It’s been incredibly tough. Eichenwald speaks for me when he says those that sat home or voted third party are just as responsible for Trump. We all can feel good knowing that we did the right thing. We did what we could to stop Trump and we need to work on holding accountable those that enabled Trump. I have had it with the alt-left idiots like Warren and Bernie who think rolling women and POC under the bus is the way to go.

  33. For God’s sake, Nancy! Sit the fuck down!

    Schumer and Pelosi. Isn’t that rich? Both of them are as useful as a screen door in a submarine.

  34. Ha, WAPO (or FB) found their culprit who was putting out fake news, but he wanted to be the Onion on FB he says. The conservatives ran with this faux stories and it helped them.


  35. @NT17: I can understand your anger, but please remember some of us can be found even in “Middle America”. 😮

    VH said:

    More important, I think she knows Trump is the pawn in this game. I don’t think our real enemy has show its face yet.

    We need to do what HRC is doing and go forward doing the good we can until we see who our actual “enemy” is.

    We survived Nixon, Reagan and both Bushes…but Trump’s a “plant”. The real enemy is hiding behind the Trump mask.

    Unless someone(s) is (or are) hiding behind this guy as well, he’s the most likely candidate for the position of “the real enemy”. 😡

  36. How about that fucker Bernie shutting up — he is telling NBC he could have won. What classless monsters these people are? He is 75 years old. How much more greed can there be in an old man? Die gracefully, you fucker!

  37. These ignorant illegitimates are going after non-white tech leaders. Does he know how many Indians/Asians started something that became Fortune 500 companies? This kind of talk makes me sad. What a fucker!

  38. The Slate article linked by Ga. highlights the profound ignorance of “populists” like Sanders and Warren. Don’t they even know that before Hitler began implementing his racist policies he gave the economically suffering Germans a “populist” economic agenda? He built roads, bridges, railways, and other infrastructure projects which would facilitate his military plans in the future. All of this stimulated the German economy, bringing it out of the Depression much faster than the western democracies. In other words, Hitler co-opted ordinary Germans (even some Jews!) by buying them off with a prosperous economy before the real evil kicked in.

    Where I disagree with the Slate article is in the author’s conclusion that left wing populism which centers minorities, not just whites, is the answer. My own reading of this election, in which we have experienced both left wing and right wing populism, is that populism always “others” and scapegoats categories of people, leading to hatred and division which cannot be easily healed.

  39. Well, if they’re going with the delusion that Bernie could have won it (given all the unreleased oppo research and the fact that the word “socialist” is a massive trigger Trump voters) we can say goodbye to any hope of turning things around for a win in 2020. It’ll be 8 years of Trump. We lived through 8 years of Bush … but GAAAAAAD! What the actual hell?

  40. I never thought I’d be saying Trump is a smart guy, but compared to his subordinate Bannon, at least Trump is smart enough to realize we need all the good brains we can get, and the color of the heads in which those brains are housed is irrelevant.

  41. Can the moderators please delete my previous comment? I don’t want to look at that ugly face in the comment stream. Sorry about that.

  42. Ethical issues aside, what does Bannon think we’ll do for doctors and engineers and scientists if we throw out all the bright foreigners? Do we have enough qualified natives to make up the difference?

  43. Do we have enough qualified natives to make up the difference?

    I don’t think we do.

  44. That too many Asian CEOs in Silicon Valley conjures up Idi Amin’s Uganda for me. These people are beyond despicable.

  45. For the first time since Nov. 8, I turned on cable only to catch HRC at the CDF event and of course msnbc let me down. They did not even have the decency to air her remarks in full, a glaring repeat of the utter contempt and disrespect of Hillary exhibited throughout 2016. I should have known to just try C-Span in the first place; I indeed quickly surfed to one of their channels to catch the gut wrenching end of Hillary’s speech. I agree she looks dispirited and utterly heartbroken. I’m sure only her indomitable mentor Marian Wright Edelman could have compelled her to speak publicly right now. But this should be it in the public eye for quite some time; she obviously needs time to herself to mourn, scream obscenities, throw things … well whatever she wants to do to try to feel better. She’s given her all, but it’s hard for me to see how all of the hate and vitriol she’s endured through the years has not taken even more of a toll. We should just let her be. I hope as well that millions (ideally everyone of us who voted for Hillary) will boycott cable and broadcast media and certain print titans as well, The New York Times and Washington Post come immediately to mind). The media failed utterly during this campaign and should not be rewarded with viewership and subscriptions that lead to ad revenue profits.

  46. Imust, thank you for posting Hillary’s speech. Wow! It was wonderful. And the part about her mother as an eight year old with her five year old sister traveling on the train to the grandparents in CA showed her sadness for her mother after all these years.

  47. This is a first for me, bringing something about Maddow to the blog.

    These are strange times, but the truth sometimes comes out from people you have despised in the past for other reasons.

  48. Are you kidding. I’ve been watching her. She’s the only one pulling out public records on these cockroaches. Like what Bannon did to his wife and daughters.

    I just turned Nancy off. I cannot believe they are going to put her back there. Jesus H Christ. She couldn’t get anything done when we owned BOTH houses. She’s a machine democrat, can’t even put two words together with a freaking string. And she’s busy with her pearls, hasn’t got a clue about real people. She and Schumer are two snobby do nothings. Furthermore, I have NO doubt they will both sell women down the river. No doubt.

  49. pm317, on November 17, 2016 at 10:02 AM said:
    Ha, WAPO (or FB) found their culprit who was putting out fake news, but he wanted to be the Onion on FB he says. The conservatives ran with this faux stories and it helped them.

    Too bad they didn’t care about doing this before the election ended. They got their man in the WhiteHouse, now they can live with the consequences.

    Young people not reading any other news sources for the truth also put Trump in the Whitehouse. They can suffer the consequences.

    Trump supporters that make an average of $70,000 a year, they will suffer the consequences too, especially the boomers and those that need healthcare.

  50. Trump has been/is being played by Putin. He is his puppet…no use searching for the hidden enemy when it is right in our faces.

  51. pm317, on November 17, 2016 at 10:52 AM said:
    Do we have enough qualified natives to make up the difference?
    I don’t think we do.

    I would have to disagree, if the tech industry wasn’t so biased towards white, young males…we would have plenty of geeks to fill all tech spots. As a woman I wasn’t dumb enough to work at Apple or Microsoft when I was a tad younger. I had the skills, but my gender and being past 30 years old, I knew I would be a huge target for any future layoffs.

    Bannon also said in that interview that women were terrible at their interviews, and that’s why there are so few in the industry.

    I’m sure some young bombshell in a tight, short skirt that stroked his ego would be the type of a woman that would ‘perform’ well in an interview. A woman that he thought was willing to bend over for an ALPHA man that would cherish his swimmers….

    Sorry, I almost threw up from the imagery.

  52. The website I track votes for Hillary has finally started counting CA votes. Although they may be behind other sources, the site now has her at 1,044,300 votes more than Trump

    CA listed as still having 22% of the votes to be counted.

    Plus all the other states that are not finished counting including the swing states where the votes are razor thin.

  53. Looks like Representative Gwen Graham will be running for Florida Governor (2018). If she wins, I think she may be a good signal that Trump could be a 1 term President.

    If all goes well, she may be our next best hope for a woman President. I don’t know much about her right now, but if she wins, she will be the first woman to be Governor of Florida.

  54. Gwen Graham did not initlally endorse Clinton but did so on March 7, 2016 when she early voted in the Florida Primary for her. Her father Bob Graham was also a Clinton backer.

  55. I would agree with anyone who would think it is too depressing to really think about the next election at this point. However, I do think that someone is going to have to step up in the Democratic Party, and not let it be taken over by the Sanders/Warren “wing.” This is essentially what happened after the nightmares of 1968. Mostly decent and idealistic liberals grabbed the Democratic reins of power, and that led to the nomination of George McGovern, who had no chance of winning ,and lost in a complete landslide. Then all the liberals were so discredited, that they ran away, and so there was a vacuum, the worst set of candidates ever in 1976; and we nominated JimmY Carter, a mostly right-wing faux populist from Georgia. And so we lost every single election from 1972-1992, except the one very narrow Carter victory, which was worse than winning; and we were in permanent status as an irrelevant “out” party. Until Bill Clinton came along, and was able to speak to the working class voters.

    If we do that again, go with some unfeasible, unelectable left-wing rhetoric about tearing down Wall Street, etc., we will never win back the Presidency. Americans are not, and will never be, where Sanders and Warren are. Might as well go back and nominate Jesse Jackson. The Left is permanently deluded, just like those people who extolled Communism in the ’30’s and hated FDR because they thought his social policies were buying off those who would otherwise support a glorious revolution. As far as I am concerned, Sanders is Exhibit A in what cost Hillary an easy election win. He is a bad person; an arrogant, spiteful man who would not even give Hilalry his voting mail lists. Sanders would have been crushed in this election. Do we have to go through that to see it? Warren is smarter than Sanders, but she would be almost laughable iin a national election. She would win the Eastern and Western coast states, and lose everything else, like Dukakis/

    I don’t know whom we should nominate, but it had better be someone who can talk to at least some of the moderate White voters in the Midwest, who do not want breaking up of banks, or some futile promises to vastly rewrite the tax codes to 60% rates on the rich. They also might want (even though they obviously stupidly didn’t care this time) someone who has some knowledge of international relations, of which Sanders and Warren have none. So someone had better take control of this, and keep the party in the Hillary direction, rather than head it straight for the cliff that Sanders would lead it off. Tragically, very probably the only person with the intelligence and status which could possibly avoid this catastrophe for the Democrats, will almost certainly not run. That is Hillary Clinton.

  56. Shadow:
    Can you please post again the link where you track the votes count?

  57. William, What about Sherrod Brown?

  58. William, I agree. The Sanders supporters absolutely do not get to take over the party. I think Obama and Bill and Hillary might have something to say about that. Right now I think everybody is letting Sanders play pretend but his own candidate Zephyr Teachout went down by 10 points in blue NY. If his candidate cannot win in NY that should be proof positive what a loser Sanders is. I wish someone would take him out in Vermont but it doesn’t seem like that’s possible. We do not want our party to become the alt-left mirror image of the alt-right.

  59. National Intelligence Director James Clapper resigned today. I believe this will be the beginning of the rush to the door for many of our nation’s protectors.

  60. Birdgal, I like Sherrod Brown. I don’t know that he wants to ever run for President. He would seem like a good choice, even if he has a gravelly voice for the campaign trail. I sort of like Chris Murphy, seems like a passionate and committed figure. I can’t really think of anyone else now. One of the terrible things about the Republicans having taken over Congress and most sttates in recent years, is that there are very few stars for our party. I will say that at this point, it appears that a public history is not a necessary qualification, but I don’t think that is a good thing. Kanye West is not my idea of a worthwhile candidate.

  61. Voting NPR reported that none of the Republican national security establishment was applying for jobs with Trump. I can’t blame them and yes, Clapper could cause a mass exodus of the non political appointed national security people. What a mess.

  62. Shadow, thanks for the Maddow clip. Interesting stuff. Can we hope that Christie & his buds will get revenge on Dump? That would be fun to watch. C’mon Christie, spill whatever dirt you have.

  63. I would rather see Sherrod Brown be minority leader (majority leader in ’18?) than Schumer. Didn’t Uppity say that in last thread?

  64. Laker told me that Chris Rock is also planning to run for president. What next, Charlie Sheen? Laker likes Cory Booker for future prez.

  65. No way I can think about the next Presidential election right now. I don’t care, I am still living in the anger of this one.

    And thinking of the next woman that might become the first female President is unthinkable to me, at any time.

    Hillary is the ONE, she will always be the One……….no one will take her place in my lifetime…

    At this point, young women can fight for their own damn rights, they can try and redo what is going to be destroyed by this AltRight election, especially for those that didn’t vote for Hillary. I don’t care what their excuse was for not doing so…

  66. William, I was thinking Sherrod Brown would appeal to the working class and he is from Ohio. They might like his gravelly voice. He might also appeal to the progressive wing of the party. I also like Chris Murphy and his passion.

  67. Prolix has a LOL funny post up next door.

  68. bellecat, on November 17, 2016 at 2:52 PM said:
    Can you please post again the link where you track the votes count?

    Only if you promise to save it as a favorite in your browser.

  69. This Irish politician just said what many American leaders are too scared to say about Trump

    Hell yes!!! He is stirring up my 50% Irish DNA and this is the kind of minority leader the Dems should have elected. Not the idiots we have in the house and senate now.

    The only person with any strength in MO is Diane Feinstein, and yet I want her working at the job she has, her intelligence and experience in the top committee – Feinstein (D-Calif.) was named ranking member of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

    Sen. Dianne Feinstein — who has taken on the gun industry, the CIA and civil-liberties advocates in her own party during her long tenure in the Senate — will lead Democrats’ scrutiny of President-elect Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominees for at least the next two years.

    Dianne is too soft spoken to kick the AltRethugs in the ass, verbally, but she is the only Dem I still trust.


  70. Annie, I think Booker is likely the early favorite to get the nomination, even projecting four years away. He’s not my favorite candidate, but he’s a decent guy who is going to get a lot of support from people of all etnnicities who yearn for another Obama presidency. Booker actually has more ties to Walll Street than Hillary ever had. But considering how absolutely awful Republicans are, we will be obliged to take any Democrat, even if not our ideal.

    Shadowfax, we differ on Feinstein, but that’s okay. I always saw her as one of the most conservative Democrats in the Senate who was not from a Red state. She sometimes sided with Republicans; I’m not sure if she was one of the infamous ‘Gang of Eight.” Unfortunately, I don’t see how Democrats have any ability to stop a very right-wing Justice from being appointed. We didn’t stop Roberts or Alito or even Thomas, so I don’t imagine that we’ll stop the new Federalist Society appointee

  71. Please, someone make Bernie go away:

  72. Feinstein wasn’t a member of “The Gang of Eight”, but guess who was…our new Senate Minority leader, Chuck Schumer.

  73. William

    Yes William we will have to differ on Diane. I am NOT a progressive, I am what I used to say was a liberal, but the party has gone too far left for me. I am a centrist leaning left on social and environmental issues.

    Diane is more my cup of tea than the entire left of the party. Hillary went too far left in this election for my taste, Bernie being a socialist was a disaster for her.

  74. I’m going to be superficial-for the moment-and observe that the Irish pol is hot.

    Carry on.

  75. So I guess Trump can pull any racist, misogynistic, anti-immigrant, xenophobic, pro-Putin bull shit he wants as long as he’s “taking on corporate America”, as far as ole Bern is concerned. That’s amazing but, unfortunately, not at all surprising. Useful idiot.

  76. For those who can’t watch video via Twitter, here’s the YouTube of that wonderful Senator from Ireland.

  77. If Sanders thinks that Trump will “take on corporate America” is as full of it as ever. Trump is corporate America at its shoddy-construction, labor-busting, gilded-offal worst.

  78. that should be “he is as full of it as ever…”

  79. Did anyone hear Romney might be in Trumps cabinet?

  80. Some of my Indian women colleagues have their head in the sand and talk like ‘we have to give him a chance’ or ‘He is the captain of the ship I am on and I don’t wish him to sink it or I pray that he does the right thing’. They have children and may be they are scared. But if they are and they disapprove of what went on, they are not saying it. They are not even angry.

  81. I was hoping Romney would be Commerce Secretary. But as SoS is good. We need to chase the Guilianis, Newts, Bannons, Kobachs and others out of there.

  82. Shadow, I’m with you on the young women. They are going to lose so many rights but Hillary wasn’t exciting and didn’t have rallies so they couldn’t vote for her. Well, the joke is them just like it is on all the Bernie Bros though I doubt too many of them will suffer.

  83. She looks like Citizen Hillary. Plain hair and make-up. Plain blue gray suit up to the neck. Almost like she’s a prisoner. She will continue to fight the good fight as should all of us,

  84. I think the Romney thing is for show. I think Donald is sleazy that way. He keeps throwing curves. Look here! Don’t look there! Donald doesn’t have a whit of interest in competence. Just loyalty. Well they bow? They’re in!

    I think the press is dumber than a bag of hangers.

    Have you heard their argument in favor of Muslim Registration? They are using one of two of America’s biggest shames…..the 1940 Japanese Interment case. Even that asshole Scalia called that decision a disgrace.

    If you ask me Donald Trump is the THIRD of America’s biggest shames. You know, there’s no hiding it any longer. The Land of Equality is a fraud. This is White Male Nation. It’s all been exposed in one big ugly package named Donald J Trump. The only people who are “equal” are white heterosexual males. I guess it had to get worse before it got better. Well, this is it. Buckle up. The genie is out of the bottle and the House is ready to snatch any remnants of rights left right out from under you. Unless you’re a White heterosexual male. Preferably a fake Christian. Have you noticed how Ryan and his wolves are no longer outraged by the things Trump said about…..well just about everybody who isn’t white and male? What does that tell you about their sincerity quotient. They will have no problem doing what he plans to do. None whatsoever. And the horrible things he said? They are things they all say when nobody is looking. Period.

    And one more thing. I do wish you would all stop pretending that this is going to be reversed at the EC vote. You are setting yourselves up for more pain. It’s wishful thinking. I don’t care how many signatures there are on that petition. It doesn’t work that way. Let me just instill some logic here….

    In order to reverse this on Dec 19, the 270 of the EC college people will have to refuse to vote for Trump. Assuming all the blue states voted for Clinton, you still are WOEFULLY short. Do you REALLY think the red states are going to do this?

    You know the EC history now. It’s a Finger On The Scale thing. Just like gerrymandering districts. It always “saves” republicans. It’s a fact. The only way to change it is to change the law. And that’s a LOT of work. And if I have learned one thing about America. Everybody wants to change something, but nobody wants to do the work. It’s more like “Let’s YOU change it”.

    This is all starting to sound like the Bernie camp when he lost the Primary. Wishful thinking everywhere. Please listen to me. It’s NOT going to happen.

    We should spend our energy wondering if the Democrats will actually protect us against the Paul Ryan onslaught. Because he’s just CHOMPING at the bit to hobble women and anybody else who irks him. He’s the reason I objected to Mitt Romney in 2012, I know instinctively that this is a bad bad stealth witch burner and gay basher. And I don’t particularly trust ‘our’ Democratic congressional ‘leaders’. They are going to be focusing on others they lost and work hard at the same time to ignore the rest of us until they gain one demographic and lose another. Because this party is full of shit and always has been.

  85. So, what you are saying Uppity is that EC is like that dog without a bone…

  86. Meh Bernie. He loved the worship. He misses it. More than he loved the worship, he loved to hear himself scream at everybody. It’s the reason Congress hates him. Well that and the fact that he’s a Castro wannabee. You could get severely injured standing between Bernie Sanders and a the path to a microphone. I just ignore him. He’s just a cranky old America-hating Communist with one foot in the grave. His dream is to hijack the Democratic party for the party he REALLY loves: CPUSA.

  87. Truthfully, if MO wanted it, she could run and likely win. I am not a fan as she was not proud of America until her husband beat Hillary (notwithstanding a fine education and 6 figure law job) but she did try to help Hillary to save her husband’s legacy.

  88. AWWWWWWWWWWW Pm, poor little guy!!!! Hilarious!

    But yeah, it’s kinda like that….

  89. Now they are talking to Patreus for a slot.

    What did he do? He deliberately removed classified information and placed it in his personal safe. Then he deliberately shared the information with his mistress and biographer. And he’s considered for SOS.

    But but……..emails!

    And……..imagine if Hillary did that, she’d have been shot at dawn and hung at dusk. In fact, they’ve been trying to shoot and hang her for 30 years. Because Brains Without Penis. They can’t hide this any longer.

  90. Rachael is hilarious tonight. She played Mitt’s speech about Trump where he threw the kitchen sink at him. And then she played the coverage of how he’s meeting Trump on Sunday.

    THEN…..she played Cruz’speech at the convention where he said that after Trump attacked his wife and father, he was not going to be his servile puppy.

    Then she played Cruz in a recent interview praising Donnie with a smile from ear to ear. He met with Donnie at the Tower and had a “Productive” conversation.

    THen she went back to the “Servile Puppy” thing and said…..SIT! STAY!

  91. And finally, Bernie said Trump wants to go to a $10 minimum wage and that was “Better than nothing”.

    Hillary settled on $12 and he shot arrows at her.

    The. Boys. In. The. Band.

  92. Actually the buffoon did go around saying that what Petraeus did was far less than Hillary did. He said it in one of the debates too. Nobody, no one in the media challenged him. And the stupid mfers believed it.

  93. Is America turning into a Banana Republic? I read somewhere that the counties that only paper ballots in WI had a 1% difference between Hillary and the buffoon. But where it was all electronic, the difference was like 10-15%. I think they should go back to paper ballots and and keep the integrity of tallies and voter databases. This will require both parties coming together and making it happen. I am a UVA grad and we had honor code and that was a new concept to me (not that I and people I knew cheated back home but we never had to recite honor code). So I though it was pretty neat. But the way the buffoon and his sidekick lied and cheated in this election season is beyond depressing.

    Here is a vote hacker from Latin America:


  94. Have you all seen this? #HamiltonElectors. It is a well made video, who is behind it?

  95. pm317,
    So, what you are saying Uppity is that EC is like that dog without a bone…

    Yeah, I sadly agree but I signed it anyway just as a third finger salute to Dumpers. That is also why I am tallying the votes.

    I want it to be in his phucking face that the majority of American voters DID NOT VOTE for him!

    In your face Dumper, you do not have the majority of America on your side. Even if we prefer to live by the ocean and not the cornfields.

    Take that mtfr. (I forget the letters pm uses, but there you have it anyway!)

    And that dog digging for his water bone, it made me feel so bad for him. Poor guy, I hope he earned the real thing after his movie debut.

  96. Lol, Shadow. It is mfers. I called my senator today and could not get through what I wanted to say without crying and then I started saying mfers for good measure when talking about Bannon which is when she said we have to end the call and I hung up.

  97. pm:
    Good video, good reporting…

  98. Here is a list of activities to do our part to fight back. Some of the activities are better than others, but it may help in some small measure. Foster Cambell is running for senator from LA. It is a run off race that will be held on Dec 10th and could help to increase the democratic margin in the senate to 49, thus increasing the clout of the democrats. I made a small donation to his campaign. He was on the Rachel Maddow show tonight and said he has been receiving contributions from all over the country. He is an old white guy, but he is a democrat and has been on the right side of things.

    This is from a posting from one of FB friends and someone that I work with. We were talking the other day and she was asking how I was doing. We have all been having a difficult time and some people are becoming more active to cope with this disaster of an election.

    “I know a bunch of you are making calls, signing petitions, and sending letters to combat the scary shit show that is our country. I wanted to share with you a few very easy, very quick action items I’ve done and encourage you to do the same if you haven’t already:

    1. Donate to Foster Campell at Home. He is running for Senate and is in a RUNOFF that will happen on 12/10/16. This is our last chance to change the immediate Senate composition, and have it be a 51/49 split, allowing us the chance to have a better voice. You can also sign up to volunteer here. I donated $20 – nothing that breaks the bank, but if we all chip in, it’s meaningful.

    2. Call Bernie Sanders (202-224-5141 and 802-862-0697) and Elizabeth Warren (202-224-4543 and 617-565-3170) and say “I’m asking Senator (Sanders or Warren) to please endorse Foster Campbell for the Senate.” That’s all you have to say – super easy.

    3. Call Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (202-225-0600 and (202) 225-3031 and 608-752-4050), House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (202-225-4000 and 202-225-2915), and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (202-224-2541) and say “I’m asking (name of person) to publicly condemn the appointment of Steve Bannon as White House Chief Strategist – there is no room for racism, sexism, antisemitism, homophobia, and hate in the White House.” Again – that’s it – super easy!

    If, like me, it feels intimidating to make these calls, remember you’re talking with an aide whose job it is simply to tally the messages and pass that along – everyone I’ve talked with is nice, civil, and says they’ll send along the message. We need to FLOOD them with calls.

    4. Sign this petition asking the Electoral College members to vote their conscience, and not vote for Trump: Electoral College Electors: Electoral College Make Hillary Clinton President on December 19

    5. Sign this petition asking Obama to immediately appoint Merrick Garland to the Supreme Court: We the People ask President Obama to immediately appoint Merrick Garland to the Supreme Court | We the People: Your Voice in Our Government

    6. Attending protests and fundraising for different important causes (no DAPL, Planned Parenthood, ACLU, climate change orgs, etc.).

    7. Keeping your eyes and ears open and intervening when you hear of hate crimes. Reporting crimes to the Southern Poverty Law Center https://www.splcenter.org/

    8. This is an awesome spreadsheet someone else put together with scripts for making calls on many different important issues: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/174f0WBSVNSdcQ5_S6rWPGB3pNCsruyyM_ZRQ6QUhGmo/htmlview?usp=sharing&sle=true#

    9. Here is a list of companies Trump is involved in, in case you want to protest/divest from them: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1vu0Y0HvadMgG_LN7dF8W7M66oPCcx_nmSARQWirV7iY/htmlview?sle=true#

    Please share info if you know of other important actions.

  99. Wow! Just listened to Shadow’s Maddow clip. Makes one almost feel sorry for Christie, who was a good prosecutor, at least. The question remains- why didn’t Trump know about this conflict earlier? Or as Rachel was almost implying- was it kind of moot cuz Trump himself didn’t expect a win.

  100. Thanks, Belle.

  101. Pm- the Hamilton video has the website of dc Douglas in the credits. Dc is a voice over actor from LA who has written about Trump on his blog. I agree, the video is well done.

  102. Ha, that explains it. I did get the video from his tweet. Thanks liliIam.

    I saw Maddow’s video (Shadow linked) and didn’t know the connection between Christie and Kushner Sr (who I had read was a felon — how did the Donald escape prison?). I am surprised Christie lasted as long as he did being the buffoon’s lapdog. Maddow does not mention Christie’s recent bridgegate troubles without which would the buffoon have dropped him? Maybe. The buffoon is a vengeful guy and he bides him time for ultimate insult and humiliation. Romney should be afraid.

  103. Vote counting seems to be picking up steam now. Good.

    Hillary 48% of the votes, 62,115,634

    Dumper 47.1% of the votes, 61,003,417

  104. He is down to 46 something % … WA added 20K to her and 11K to him.

  105. and why Maddow did not report all this before the election?
    why now?

  106. Wow, the hits keep coming pm and Voting- that Irish Senator was amazing. I was particularly impressed by his denigrating the ever present use of the economy as a rationalization for sucking up to fascism. I wish this could be widely dessimated.

  107. Ok. I know I’ve been difficult on the source of the vote count.

    Thanks Shadow for the link again. I do have it, but I do not trust CNN and I actually see a slow trend in the updates…They show some results as per November 9…???

    Michigan has a 11, 612 difference for Trump with 96% reporting. I think that’s way to close and should be call for a recount…

    Arizona has closed in the gap considerably. 84,904 for Trump with 80% reporting…

    Wisconsin has 27,257 for Trump with 95% reporting. Another one too close and should be call for a recount…

    And there is Pennsylvania…but I doubt if any recount would be consider there…

  108. Woops- I reversed my I and e in dissemated.

  109. Obama should pardon Hillary Clinton, Jesse Jackson says
    1 day ago Detroit Free Press BY By David Jesse Detroit Free Press


  110. Pardon her for what? God save her from her “friends”. Petraeus pled guilty to a misdemeanor to avoid being charged and convicted of several felonies, and he is under consideration for SOS. Hillary who committed no crime needs a pardon? I’m sorry. This is all getting to be too damn much. My head is exploding.

  111. Well, no one here saw this coming:

  112. For those that can’t see Twitter links:

  113. And I saw that Hillary is actually over 63 million votes now. Don’t know what sight has that number.

  114. If the democrats keep embracing people like Sanders the party will never get back those of us who but for Hillary left the party 8 years ago.

  115. In Wisconsin, there were 300,000 people who did not get the voter IDs they were supposed to be given. Hillary easily would have won that state if not for suppression. Also, the evil Jill Stein got 30,000 votes from fools. I think about 400,000 people were kicked off the voting rolls in Michigan. Stein got 51,000 votes. 87,000 additonal idiots deliberately left the president box blank on their ballots.

    So absolute cheating by Republicans, which should be the story of the entire campaign, except that the Russian intererence is worse, but the media ddin’t want to cover either one And then spiteful and imbecilic Sanders supporters not voting for Hillary. She easily wins WI and MI even so, but for the cheating. That gives her 257 EV, I think, thirteen electors away. I wonder how many got kicked off the rolls in PA. I had read 300,000 or more. I think they should recount MI and WI, and I think they should recount PA ballot by ballot, because the ewxit polls were so far off. I wouldn’t be surprised if Hillary actually had more votes cast for her there. Amazing that the exit polls were only off in the battleground states. They won’t recount anything, but Hillary will win the popular vote by 2 million or more at this rate, maybe 1.5-2%. I wonder if the media will ever actually put up the vote totals. Probably not; but if they do, they will say that it doesn’t matter because most of the margin came from California. Honestly, I think our state should secede.

  116. Sanders is such an annoying blowhard. Go away.

  117. I should disclose now that I have officially left the Democratic Party.

    Now they can’t insult me any longer. And of course, I couldn’t join the White Supremacist Party, so I am an official No Party person.

    I feel as though I dropped a suitcase full of heavy garbage.

  118. But the white voters who voted for him are happy. What is the problem? Even the people on the unmentionable sites we used to frequent who we thought were good people are happy with all these people. Stick it to the blacks (BLM and Obama); stick it to Muslims (obvious); appease whites (at least some of them because they can’t compete).

  119. Uppity, I left the Democratic party after the DNC blocked Hillary’s first attempt to be our president. Good for you!

  120. I should add more: appease whites (at least some of them because they can’t compete and those who are resentful, afraid, hated Hillary for no reason, and on and on). All in all this was a regressive move for America by about at least half a century.

  121. Let’s see. Michael Flynn for National Security advisor, Jeff Sessions for Attorney General, and Mike Pompeo for CIA Director. This basket of deplorables is filling up fast! Flynn actually tweeted a fake news story that Hillary was involved in a child sex ring six days before the election. Your new National Security advisor, everyone. And Sessions is pretty much openly racist while Pompeo thinks all Muslims are terrorists.

  122. As I predicted, the Trump U case will not come to fruition.

    It’s being “Settled”. I am sure the saving of some kneecaps were involved.

  123. With each of Trump’s proposed cabinet picks despair grows. Racist Jeff Sessions for AG seems particularly designed to stick it to POC. It’s obvious hyperbole to wonder if we’re heading for another civil war. But of course the first one was the horrific price America had to pay for the sin of slavery. Perhaps the second one will be the price America has to pay for hideous and continuing institutional and overt racism a century and a half after so-called emancipation. Begging for a ray of light to get us out of this dark place.

  124. Paulette, sadly, I don’t think it is hyperbole. This is by far the worst crisis the US has faced since the Civil War. Heaven help us. Most of the media is too busy milking this disaster for ratings to alert Americans about what is really happening.

  125. You miss a few things. Sessions is a religious zealot. The Bible IS the Constitution. So toss in LGBTs and Women.

    Glad none of this will affect me. I am not going to fight for people who let their rights be whittled away and do nothing but complain and wait for someone else to fix it for them. It’s not going to happen.

    As for women, if they are waiting for the second wave to do it all again for the little ingrates so they don’t have to ruin their manicure, they have a long wait.

  126. Oh and the new AG is a Tea Partier who was on the Benghazi committee. Plan to watch a witch burning.

  127. Thanks WLM. Now they can’t insult me any longer by pretending they give a fuck.

  128. I am trying to post pm17’s Electoral College Math from Twitter graphic on facebook but can’t get it to post in it’s entirety. Parts of it are cut off.

  129. Paulette we’re going to be in the resistance with you. You have allies. I refuse to let these cretins take over the country for long.

  130. pm317, on November 18, 2016 at 10:10 AM

    Yeah, I saw that and also they are trashing some of us.

    I wished I hadn’t waisted so many years there in the first place…

  131. They are completely stupid Upps if they plan to still go after Hillary. Are they going to give her an opening to be the leader of the resistance?

  132. Part of the problem is that very few respectable people want to work for Trump Then there is the fact that he is just rewarding the few allies he had in this campaign. Then of course he has no idea of whom to hire. But this is indeed the worst group I have ever seen. At least with Reagan there were some decent people, ones we did not agree with, but who were professionals with some knowledge. These are crackpots. And I agree that this is the worst crisis we have ever had in this country, at least since the Civil War.

    Once again, if the media does not decry all of this, the average person does not know or even care. It is really a matter of both bemusement and horror, to watch how far the media will go to normalize racism, fascism, and complete incompetence. It is very possible that Flynn is an implement of Russia, thus helping to hand our coutnry over to be run by a foreign power. Amazingly enough, the media isn’t interested. They devoted thousands of hours to emails, where the nonexistent story was that somehow Hillary was careless with classified informatiom. It wasn’t true, of course. Now Flynn and the others will just hand the information over to Russia. How corrupt, how hopelessly clueless is our media?

  133. Hillary as the Mockingjay. 🙂

  134. A great rant by John Oliver against the election of Trump

  135. I apologize that the link to John Oliver about states later in the video that Hillary was a flawed candidate that didn’t appeal to Trump type voters.

  136. Upps:
    I left the demo party 8 years ago when they purposely blocked Hillary’s best chance to the presidency for an opportunistic, narcissist and under qualified penis.

    Interesting that the same adjectives and sexual organ can be applied to the Trumpo regardless of opposite color of skin, hair and the weight…

    One wonders why all the “Caesars” look just the same…???

    Just like RD, I’ve been a democrat in exile…yet following Hillary in every step she makes…and will continue to do so.

  137. imust:
    I’ve not thanked you for your new post and the video with Hillary’s speech.
    Though I’m thrill to see her back on the horse, it may take me a while to watch thru.
    I’m still in pain…they stole the presidency from her…

  138. not *about, should be “…John Oliver *above* states…”

  139. Brassey, regarding a pardon for Hillary. I feel mixed. As we all agree, she is innocent of any crime. However, some of these evil republicans have a life goal of seeing Hillary in jail. To heck with the truth. What is even more appalling are the other republicans who go along with it. So, to save Hillary from the proverbial witch hunt that Ups mentioned above, I would like to see a pardon. What do other Uppities think.

  140. Upps, I, too, am an unaffiliated voter since 2008 and I will remain so for the forseeable future. Now that the pedulam has swung to the extreme right, it will inevitably swing to the extreme left if Bernie and Elizabeth (to a lesser degree) have anything to say about it–and it looks like they do. No question, we’re now living in a framework of fascism, the eternal enemy of democracy. Lately, I’ve just wanted to dust off my dvd of “Casablanca” (the white house) and weep for all the loss and tumult we’re undergoing now and will undergo in the next decade or two. (Let’s hope I’m wrong about the time frame.) Here’s one of the most inspiring scenes from that great film:

    La Marseillaisse — Casablanca

  141. i.e. “fascism–right or left–the eternal enemy of democracy.”

  142. I understand the thinking, WLM. But if she accepts a pardon, that would be the first line of her obituary, no matter that she broke no law. There is also the issue of whether these lawless thugs would even recognize a pardon, especially one issued by President Obama–you know, the “illegitimate” president.

    I think if they move to arrest her that’s where we all come in. We protect her any way we can. And thousands of people would be willing to do this, I am sure. Massive civil disobedience. A pardon would acknowledge some sort of wrong doing and might not stop them. People in the streets protecting her from the goon squad puts the onus on them which is where it belongs.

  143. I am having a typo fest today, sorry.

  144. I don’t know about a pardon for Hillary, she hasn’t broken the law…but just to keep them from making up more bullshit investigations…would be worth it.

    Then, what would the AltRethugs do to distract the public when they want to hide the corruption and dirty deeds that the Dumptruck is going to pull.

  145. Brassy, you have a legitimate point. She would always be viewed as guilty, but pardoned.

  146. Birdgal, thanks for the list.

  147. jb @ 1:50am, hear hear!

  148. Watching Hillary Clinton ‘lose’ made women feel worse about their own careers

    After watching a woman who prepared for the job for 30 years lose out to a man with no experience in last week’s presidential election, women are questioning their own career prospects.

    A survey by the career website InHerSight found that 76 percent of women felt worse about their own careers after seeing the election results. The site asked 750 women the question “How have the election results made you feel about your own prospects for advancement in your career?”

    Forty-five percent of respondents said they felt significantly worse, 31 percent said they felt somewhat worse, 5 percent said they felt significantly better and 3 percent said they felt somewhat better. Sixteen percent said they felt no change.

    In comments submitted along with the survey results, women said they felt worse about their career prospects both because of the symbolism of Hillary Clinton’s loss and because of their expectations for Donald Trump’s policies on issues like family leave and child care.

    “She made it far, but still lost to a man who is less qualified for the job,” one survey respondent said. “This is what we go through everyday.”


  149. Operation This IS How Damn Stupid We Are…gotta love Trump voters…

  150. I do not want Hillary to be pardoned. I do think it is up to her, if she wants that, but I don’t think she does. To the average idiot, it would mean that she is guilty. The chances of her being convicted for anything are almost zero. There is no way that any crime was committed. Jesse Jackson was totally wrong to suggest a pardon. It would blemish her, it would blemish Obama. A trial of Hillary would shock the world, and would hasten the collapse of this regime. Again, I would always defer to her on this. But I cannot believe that she would want to be pardoned for something she never did.

  151. I agree William, and I also think Hillary would not agree to be pardon…of what? because she did not commit any illegal offense.

  152. It occurred to me today that the election of our last three presidents has been illegitimate:

    Bush the Second had the Supreme Court intervene in an illegal and unprecedented manner to gift him with the first of his two terms in office.

    Obama had to be dragged over the finish line by a Democratic party so determined not to nominate a woman that it broke its own rules on delegate allocation and made up others on which states would even have delegates. Then there was the farce of a convention.

    And now this. To me, the most obvious is the FBI’s illegal intervention, but I’m sure everyone has their own favorites among the obvious scams, illegalities and cheating. There are so many.

    Sixteen straight years of Presidents appointed by a broken system. I think there’s a trend here.

  153. Besides the gutting of the Voting Rights Act, it seems that quite a few former Obama voters who could have voted simply could not be bothered to vote for Clinton–despite the fact that both President & Mrs. Obama campaigned for her.

    Clinton didn’t “inspire” the precious little darlings enough.

    Why wasn’t the possible election–now accomplished–of an at-least-borderline fascist enough “inspiration” to get to the polls to stop that?

    Merciful Ascended Madoka, what sins did I commit in some previous life, that you condemned me to be born among, and live my life among, a population so riddled with imbeciles? 😦

    (None of whom are found on this blog, of course) 🙂

    Democracy only works if the average citizen really is smart enough to know what is good for him or her. If that fails, everything fails.

  154. However, I do recognize that this blog would be infested with plenty of imbeciles if Uppity allowed it.

    Thanks for keeping out the riff-raff, Uppity. 🙂

  155. I’m with William. No pardon for Hillary. She did nothing wrong and if the idiots decide to go after her then they are the ones that are going to look like fools. She and Bill have enough money to get the best lawyers and the DOJ would be stupid because they would have to try the case in NY where they would have a hard time finding an unfavorable jury pool.

  156. Here is something that has been puzzling me: if the VRA was gutted in 2013, why didn’t the DNC and/or the dem party within the states do anything to counter the impact before 2015 and the GE?

  157. Earlynerd, And, Hillary was a victim of two.

  158. WLM, on November 18, 2016 at 9:31 PM said:

    WLM, and her husband’s vice president the third.

    In the rant I composed in response to the DNCC’s asking “why, oh, why did you unsubscribe” I said that after Paul Kirk made the Dems a boyz club in the mid 1980’s, Bill Clinton and his recognition of women as voters and citizens was the only thing that brought me back in.

    I think the Dems have hated women and anyone who effectively champions them since Mondale/Ferraro lost.

  159. Earlynerd, yes, I have often said it that 2000 elections were the trigger for a downhill trend. And then 9/11 happened which confused the nation even more. This time around it was ripe for a con and fraud like the buffoon to hijack the weak Republicans.

  160. Catscatscats, on November 18, 2016 at 9:30 PM:

    “why didn’t the DNC and/or the dem party within the states do anything to counter the impact before 2015 and the GE?”

    That’s a very good question. I think the answer would be very interesting.

  161. Ivory Bill, absolutely; democracy is an idealistic system that only works if there are enough informed and dedicated people. We have less and less of those. And a fair and free media is important, as well; and we don’t have that.

    I don’t think that technology and social media is helping us. Apparently there were five or six absolutely false stories planted on Facebook, which were the most read. And the crook who planted them, wants to get credit along with Assange, Russian trolls, and the media, for electing Trump. The more ignorant and lazy people get, the less democracy thrives. But for my money, there is nothing worse than those insufferable Sanders/Stein people who are actually proud of bringing totalitariianism to America; and who bought into the Russian psy-ops and the doctored wikileaks which were intended to delude them into thinking that somehow the DNC rigged the primaries by 4 million votes against Sanders.

  162. pm317,

    A downhill trend indeed, but it’s the complete overthrow of the electoral system, in plain sight, that occurred to me was unprecedented. Maybe I wasn’t paying attention from 1978 or so, but I believe there has been nothing like the Supreme Court in 2000 appointing its successors in a one-off decision (illegal on its face, as a primary function of the court is to set precedent).

    I also don’t believe the Democratic party has ever simply gifted a candidate with the other candidate’s delegates, and forced all delegates from all states to declare for the party’s chosen candidate, in complete contradiction to their primary votes.

    It’s much harder to unseat an incumbent, so those two violations of election law in 2000 and 2008 carried their selections through their next elections as well.

  163. Here is the 13 year old rape victim’s testimony —
    2nd video is about 30 mins.


  164. But for my money, there is nothing worse than those insufferable Sanders/Stein people who are actually proud of bringing totalitariianism to America; and who bought into the Russian psy-ops and the doctored wikileaks which were intended to delude them into thinking that somehow the DNC rigged the primaries by 4 million votes against Sanders.

    Another argument for the “horseshoe theory” that the Far Left and the Far Right resemble each other (for the classic example, think Commies and Nazis).

  165. There is also this. It says published Nov 4. Why didn’t we see it? Looks like it was recorded in 2/11/2016

  166. Thanks, trixta, for the Casablanca clip.
    That’s my favorite moment from a great movie.
    I love the close up of beautiful Ingrid; you can see why she leaves love of her life, Rick ( after a lot of persuasion) and flies off with Victor–because Victor is the bravest man she’s ever known.

  167. Shadowfax, on November 18, 2016 at 12:11 PM said:

    Shadow, for the record, I have not been on that site for a long time, stopped going there for good after that Nurse Ratched started harassing all of us and absolutely have no interest now to see what those fuckers are doing. They all turned out to be racists and anti-immigrants. What I was alluding to in my comment above was the fact that we thought they were good people when they were not and got duped to think they were Hillary supporters which they never were.

  168. Oh I got the links for the 13 year old rape victim testimony from socalannie’s comment above.

  169. This evening, I watched the movie “Suffragette” starring Carey Mulligan.
    It’s the story of the brave struggle that English women endured for the right to vote as British citizens.
    Why, it’s almost as if they thought they were people!
    The movie’s climax is the funeral for the young woman who threw herself in front of a racehorse belonging to King George V, while clutching her white, green and purple banner that read “Votes for Women.”
    They used actual footage from that funeral procession, so long ago!
    Thousands of people lined the street to see her cortege go by made up of an army (for that’s what they were) of women marching for freedom.
    I saw one of the watching men lift up his little daughter onto his shoulders as the women passed by, and said out loud ( to myself-hey that happens) why, that just what dads did at the rallies for Hil– and broke down, really broke down for the first time.
    My heart is now and forever broken.
    Christ willing, someday my will and spirit will revive.

  170. Bill Clinton and his recognition of women as voters and citizens was the only thing that brought me back in

    This is so true about BC and does not get the recognition it deserves.

  171. I am glad the judge for the Trump U fraud case did not allow his lawyers to push it to next year and glad that some of them got compensated. Now where is the media and NYT on this? (don’t answer that).

  172. This makes me so angry. It is a business he profits from and not even a charity. They went after Hillary for their charity. NYT and the rest are abominable. Shame!


  173. So many things are piling on but nobody seems to have a control over it. What the hell is Obama doing? Isn’t he still the president?

  174. Good article (from Ron Rivest of RSA fame – encryption) #AudittheVote


  175. Can someone please explain why it’s taking so long to count the rest of the votes? I don’t get it… let’s count the votes… maybe she will win michigan and maybe Arizona. What then? Maybe there’s a very slim chance but STILL. Don’t we deserve to know the final outcome rather than going through this nonsense about Trumps bigoted cabinet appointments

  176. Here is a petition to get them to audit the vote.


  177. The DNC sent me an email telling me to congratulate Bernie on his new leadership role as the democratic outreach chair… I told them to go F themselves

  178. That facebook guy’s little billion dollar toy fucked up the elections of the largest democracy in the whole wide world. What an irony!

  179. Welcome to NY, VP-elect Pence:

  180. Well then again why count the votes if it’s so easy to ignore them and win? And we lie to people each election cycle with the “every vote counts” myth

    Also would like to ask if we are beholden to the archaic electoral college system then why don’t the electors follow the system through? After all the system was put in place specifically so guys like Trump don’t get elected. And also why should we accept the outcome of a Trump presidency if he didn’t accept the laws of this land? If he didn’t accept that it was wrong to molest women, to defraud his students, to not pay taxes or workers then please why the hell are we expected to accept him?!!!!

  181. Not sure this has been posted but it can’t hurt. Petition the electoral college to make Hillary president on dec 19th stranger things have happened and this is our last hope… https://www.change.org/p/electoral-college-electors-electoral-college-make-hillary-clinton-president-on-december-19

    Also worth mentioning this petition has the backing of very big names in Hollywood and the media

  182. ^ the petition is the most popular petition every on change.org please sign it! It’s what you can do right now

  183. Seagrl, on November 18, 2016 at 11:52 PM said:

    Bless your heart…I don’t think I would have been that polite.

  184. So, let’s start calling the Trump, the “illegitimate President”…

  185. bellecat, on November 18, 2016 at 8:27 PM said:

    Excellent article about the EC and Hillary vote count.

    Thank you.

  186. An “uppity” take on the matter:

  187. I agree that there should be no pardon, b/c she is not guilty, & why should Obama do Trump’s dirty work. Posted about it on Kos earlier: http://www.dailykos.com/story/2016/11/18/1601447/-No,-President-Obama-Shouldnt-Pardon-Clinton

  188. pm317, on November 18, 2016 at 9:59 PM said:
    There is also this. It says published Nov 4. Why didn’t we see it? Looks like it was recorded in 2/11/2016

    — Re: The 13-year-old rape victim.

    I think I saw this about 3 or 4 weeks ago, at least part of it somewhere, not in such detail.

    Did someone say this will never go to trial because his is going to be the illegitimate p-resident?

    This testomony seems very credible to me, especially the way she is so hurt by what happened to her when she was a 13 year old child.

    I feel so badly for her, I know her life would be in danger if she tried to sue him……………………Dumptruck is a pedophile, plain and simple.

    He isn’t fit to represent our country in any way.

    I hope this is brought to more people’s attention and he is punished severely.

  189. Seagrl, on November 18, 2016 at 11:52 PM said:
    The DNC sent me an email telling me to congratulate Bernie on his new leadership role as the democratic outreach chair… I told them to go F themselves

    Perfect!! 😉

  190. Seagrl, on November 18, 2016 at 11:52 PM and VotingHillary, on November 19, 2016 at 12:31 AM:

    I could not have been that succinct. Here’s my reply to that same organization. It says the same thing in about 1300 words.


    (A first effort in WordPress. My usual websites are on a Unix server that I can’t risk Dump’s minions hacking)

  191. Shadow,

    Re the 13 yr old. She was going to held a press conference but she decided not to last minute because of the death threats from Trump supporters. Hey lawyer said they would reconvene at a later date. Wish there was a way to see updates about it .

  192. VotingHillary, on November 19, 2016 at 1:19 AM said:

    Love it!

  193. Seagrl @ 11:52, YAY! Love that! Thanks, put me in a better mood.

  194. You’re welcome, Sweet Sue. ‘Casablanca’ has so many great scenes, but that one (La Marseillaise) is so very powerful.

  195. Brava Earlynerd!

  196. Thank you, Socal. I envy Seagrl’s brevity and pithyness, but at least the Dems I sent that to might get carpel tunnel from turning the pages.

  197. So Pence got booed at last night’s performance of “Hamilton”. What was he even thinking going there? He probably thought it was a celebration of that wonderful era when only white males with property had all the power and the Electoral College seemed like a great idea. He must have been shocked to learn it’s the embodiment of all those dreaded “liberal East coast values”. Hope he had a miserable time, and his wife complained about her new life getting booed wherever she goes.

  198. George Takai …I read this and wept. He does not even write it in a melodramatic way. This happened during a Dem admin, FDR. Cautionary tale.


  199. Bellecat @12:40 AM said

    So, let’s start calling the Trump, the “illegitimate President”…

    Since Hillary has so far MORE THAN A MILLION votes than him I’m going to call him “President Loser” – when I’m not calling him “President Pussy Grabber.”

  200. I have always felt it. He is being used and who is behind the curtain?

  201. As to counting the votes – yes, let’s count the votes!
    However, I remember feeling some apprehension when so many Hillary supporters were exulting about having voted early, as to whether those votes would actually be counted and hope hope hoping they would! I wonder now if maybe my apprehension was justified?

  202. WRT Pence boos, the buffoon tweeted that theater and others should be safe places — look at how he turned around what the people were objecting to and made them the bad guys.

  203. For those worried about votes not being counted, all votes received in accordance with rules must be processed and counted in order to certify the results. Results must be certified before the EC meets to vote.

    Trump wants “safe places” for his people. The rest of us are on our own. He’s more outraged by Pence’s treatment at “Hamilton” than he is by spike in hate crimes.

  204. Yeah the bunch who declared “Political Correctness” is the new definition of Common Decency now has its fee fees hurt over some booing at a play.

  205. He is going after free expression and the 1st amendment and riling up his supporters. Dissidence becomes something the authorities will attack and with support from his own supporters. It works because his supporters are made in the mold of Pence and him. Divide and conquer. If his supporters who voted for him for jobs and reigning in liberal government excesses, are in for a surprise and a rude awakening.

  206. Do you know that Sessions protested the Violence Against Women Act?

  207. IDK, Uppity. ‘They’ are not as much hurt as strategic. ‘They’ sent Pence up there to gin this up so Trump with his tweets can create sympathy for him and his admin and then use it to clamp down on dissidence. Notice NYT is already playing along about the crowd not showing respect. Where was NYT when people were chanting ‘lock her up’ or other things and the buffoon himself was calling Hillary, crooked, criminal, corrupt and such? I so loath NYT right now. They betrayed us!

  208. Oh boy I wish I had a chance to “congratulate” Bernie for deliberating creating chaos and his new position to finish off the party.

  209. No, but not surprised. The bigger irony is that he was rejected for fed judgeship but now is the chief law and order enforcer for the (white) country. I hope our judiciary is stronger than ever before.

  210. Look, I hate Donald J Trump but I find Lisa Bloom to be skanky as a lawyer. I look upon that rape case with jaundiced eye. Not saying it didn’t happen because of the parties involved, including a convicted pervert. However, this women has made several starts with this case in the past and it never comes to fruition, for whatever reason. At this time, it was my understanding that she is a Jane Doe, so how is it she can be personally threatened. But most of all, I don’t believe a thing Lisa Bloom says because of her sensational press releases that get pulled back. Repeatedly.

    I am going to just watch this one, but my take is the case is already ruined by the plaintiff’s repeated screwed up attempts and her retention of Lisa Bloom.

  211. Uppity, there is no case there anymore. I don’t think it can even hurt politically at this point. It is informational that there was this as there were a million other things going on with the buffoon. I don’t understand how the buffoon skipped prison when people around him, millionaires, billionaires got caught and were sent to jail, like Epstein, Kushner,…

  212. Totally agree, Abolish and everyone. Pardon idea is ridiculous. What’s he going to say, I pardon Hillary for all the shit she’s every been falsely accused of and that has never been proven? And I pardon her for anything else she didn’t do that anybody wants to prosecute her for anyways. And I pardon her for anything threatened white men and their penises THINK she did, wish she did, or will imagine she did or does in the future?

  213. It is a distraction created by the buffoon but it need not take way the importance of one for the other. Thread:

  214. This is what the Hamilton crew did and showed others how to resist. I wish our media and press were as courageous. All they have to do is show Pence’s policies and actions and the irony of him being there in the context of boos. But they are not even putting ink on what Pence did that made this happen. Cowards!

  215. Well isn’t this another example of Blindly Trusting.

    Trump’s DC Hotel. He doesn’t own it, he leases it from a government agency that he now will oversee. In addition, he is suing DC for a waiver against paying taxes.

    This is the same hotel that is now fully booked for the inauguration……at FIVE times the going rate. And dignitaries around the world can and will book his hotels liberally as a means of lining President Swindle’s pockets. After all, which of them would DARE use another hotel?

    Nothing to see here. Mainly because it’s just the tip of the iceberg.

  216. In 2000, it came down to one state, FL; in 2004 Ohio was suspect; in 2016, it is MI, WI, PA, NC at a minimum. 4 fucking states each with a margin hovering just above recount if there were such rules for recount. And consider that in light of the humongous popular vote disparity. I don’t have any hopes for either EC or Audit. I don’t think the buffoon could have managed all this by himself. There are people meddling behind the curtain and who are they? It could have been Rove in OH in 2004 and SC in 2000 but who is it now? Trump does not seem capable of such massive fraud even when he is one. It does the country better for Trump supporters who voted for him in the name of simply their party or that somehow he is better for the country or ‘not that bad’ to start thinking about these things.

  217. Don’t fret over NYT asking about optics of that DC hotel and the real pay to play, like they hounded Clinton for CGF. I used to say Obama was lucky just because media was fully on his side but now with Trump, he is not just lucky but something else.

  218. Pence hid in plain sight the whole time. The press never discussed his horrible record. Always some drama and chaos (distraction) during the campaign.

  219. “They’ sent Pence up there to gin this up so Trump with his tweets can create sympathy for him and his admin and then use it to clamp down on dissidence. Notice NYT is already playing along about the crowd not showing respect”

    You are so right, pm317!
    Imagine Hillary Clinton winning and the first appearance Tim Kaine makes is at the Grand Ole Opry.
    After taking in a nice gun show or two.

  220. Where is Ted Kennedy when we need him? Notice there are no such figures on the Dem side now.

  221. I would just boo away. Booing is allowed in this country. The NYT and the other guardians of our public morality, have actually been doing this kind of thing for years, chiding Democrats for not behaving exactly as they would want them do. They never chide Republicans. No matter what people who are not Republicans do, they are condemned by the media. Protesting, filibustering, criticizing, booing; it is always condemned. We are not in second grade, and we do not care what the NYT or the rest of the corrupt and biased mainstream media says. Follow them, and it is the sure path to cowed subservience. And yes, I did not hear anyone out there saying that people,including Republican officials, screaming obscene and threatening chants at Hillary, were to be condemnned. So if I were at an event and Pence showed up, I would boo him, and would hope that others would, too. If Pence and the rest of them get their way, they would take away all civil rights. And all the NYT has to say about that is, don’t boo, little people, just smile and accept it.

  222. ENerd

    I could not have been that succinct. Here’s my reply to that same organization. It says the same thing in about 1300 words.

    Great writing, a walk down memory lane, so painful I had to stop reading…not as if I have forgotten any of it…for one minute.

    I never forgave nor forget. This election I will NEVER forget nor should any of us.

    There are a lot of excellent writers on this blog, yes Ms. Upps that especially includes you. I hope some day one of our /long term Hillary supporters writes a book about Hillary from our perspective.

    ❤ Hillary ❤

  223. I hate ‘oh if Hillary had this’ kind of argument but I suppose we have to document things in that light if only to show media complicity.

  224. pm317, on November 19, 2016 at 10:24 AM said:
    George Takai …I read this and wept

    My son was talking about this yesterday, it is going around social media that if Dumptruck and his assholes start a registry, that lots of people that are not Muslim, will sign the registry.

    I freaked out and said, don’t sign up unless millions of others have already done it.

  225. Who is behind the curtain? I do not think it would take a John Le Carre to unravel it.

    Who hacked the DNC, and Podesta, and every Democratic organization it could, and then gave it all to Assange to try to convince the Sanders supporters that they had been mistreated? Where were Flynn and Stein photographed together? Whom did Flynn give a standing ovation to? For whom did Manafort work? What was the one plank in the Republican Party platform which was strangely changed after the convention, with everyone acting baffled about it? With whom has Trump been having conversations since the beginning of the campaign? With regard to what issue did Trump completely contradict what the intelligence briefers told him? Why is Trump the only person who acts like he doesn’t know who has been doing the hacking? Who does Trump say is a better leader thn Obama? How did Trump know what the wikleaks latest dump was going to say, before it even came out? Where do the “trolls” who have been flooding the social media, spreading lies and false stories, come from? Why does Trump keep criticizing NATO? To whom does Trump likely owe tens of millions of dollars?

    The most amazing thing is that the entire mainstream media, which ceaselessly chased emails for two years, doesnt’ even know that this is a story, much less try to figure it out. Or maybe that is not the reason for their otherwise incomprehensible ineptitude. Maybe they simply do not care.

  226. Shadow, I do believe that millions non-Muslims will take up on that. Here is the thing I don’t understand. This country is large, it is diverse, it does not have a history of autocrats, it still has 5 living presidents and their entourage and supporters who love this country. It seems surreal that these mfers are so openly talking about internment, registry, mass deportation, and on and it is surreal that Trump could win his campaign based on how he ran it. It is abominable and shameful that the media did not help in sending back these sewer rats to whatever plumbing they came out of at that time. But I find it hard to believe that these sewer rats will be able to implement any of this stuff. We have to be vigilant and this is the time to tell them, don’t even dare!

  227. Who is behind the curtain? Yeah, I have read as much as you have to figure out it may be the Russians. However, what I want is more than some nebulous thing as “Russians.” I want names, men and events that led up to what happened.

  228. pm317:
    Thank you for the link to full Hamilton crew statement, Bravo!

    Also the Josh Marshall tweet with an update of the Hillary’s 1.677 million votes and growing…which links itself to Linda Adedapo regarding Florida’s voting math and rigged election; worth to keep track on this issue.

  229. In previous elections, candidates themselves and the media were the gatekeepers for at least to prevent any foreign incursions into election process. They may have suppressed votes here and there and won a state here and there on questionable terms. But in this election, there were enough indications that one of the candidates was fully compromised. He was the fox guarding the hen house. Media needed to do its job and it failed. Hillary alerted us and the country time and again — remember how she said that she has worked with many presidents but this one is different and her argument that he is unfit and unqualified directly alluded to the fact that he was compromised. But they didn’t heed. Now the job of dislodging him is that much more difficult.

  230. An investigation of how all these was done is actually taking place?

    Are any government officials or entity interested in finding out how this election got rigged?

    Is there any legal venue for “the people” to seek justice on this matter?

  231. He is the head of the NSC now. I rest my case.

  232. CA has cranked up the vote counting in the past couple of days. Per this report, there are 2,821,234 more Calif. votes to count.

    I dumped that other site at CNN vote tallies because it is way behind on reporting the votes now. I don’t have anything but the total and CA counting that is accurate.

  233. So if Manafort had to go, how is this guy appointed to NSC (I don’t think this position requires senate confirmation)?

  234. Notice Jill Stein in that video.

  235. Lisa Bloom, the attorney is representing this woman, I don’t think she is also representing the woman that was raped when 13 above too. I could be wrong?

  236. Yes, Imust. But she is saying she didn’t talk to Putin even though at the same table but why was she even there, right? Now we can understand Stein like fringe candidate being put up to disrupt an election and the candidate agreeing to do it but the main candidate who compromises his loyalty to his own country agreeing to run a campaign to hurt his own country? Unheard of so far. That is the case Hillary was trying to make.

  237. I think there should be a campaign asking Trump to step down!

  238. The most amazing thing is that the entire mainstream media, which ceaselessly chased emails for two years, doesnt’ even know that this is a story, much less try to figure it out. Or maybe that is not the reason for their otherwise incomprehensible ineptitude. Maybe they simply do not care.

    Or maybe the media moguls have been bought and/or blackmailed, too. 😡

  239. supports the theory that if nothing else Trump is a master at managing the media and distracting. He is a good quality puppet.

  240. The alt-right boyz would rather be ruled by a white male Russian puppet, than governed by a black male or white female American patriot. So much for the right-wingers being more patriotic than the rest of us.

  241. I see pm. Stein’s desire to upset election for HRC aligns with Sarandon’s comments on Trump presidency bringing about the revolution she wants.

  242. Ivory Bill, alt-right boys are especially Putin/Russian puppet. read about online radicalization of many young white males all over. I thought it was limited to Europe but it is here and in full force.

  243. I see pm. Stein’s desire to upset election for HRC aligns with Sarandon’s comments on Trump presidency bringing about the revolution she wants.

    Quite a few Communists in early-’30s Germany thought Nazi rule would provoke the masses to rise up with the Commies against the Nazis, and so Nazi rule was better for their hopes than moderate rule.

    I wonder how many of those geniuses died in the camps?

    “The only thing we learn from history is that we do not learn.”–Santayana, IIRC.

  244. Is there any legal venue for “the people” to seek justice on this matter?

    Excuse me for laughing but you are implying we are a Democracy. We lost what few remnants that might have encouraged us when *Rudy Giuliani and his old friends in the NY FBI spooked Comey into intervening in an election process.

    After that happened, it could be safe to say that there is nowhere to turn where one could depend on the integrity of the outcome.

    *This was an act of revenge for the former Senator Clinton who had his number way back then.
    I will have my faith restored when I see that walking American Cancer Rudy Giuliani arrested for intercepting an election for his own personal satisfaction. Not sure if it’s treason but wish it were. I’d like to see him die in a cell. If anybody belongs in a cell it’s Rudy, not Hillary. And he knows it. I’m just glad that his porky big bragging mouth already got him in a state of punishment with Trump. I hope to see him dumpstered for what he did to NY post-911, the Swindler that he is. Up to and including being the hidden attorney for a Canadian company that tried to raise 180 foot towers through a swath of 11 counties in upstate NY to deliver more power to NY City, towers AND power to be paid for upstate. These beastly electrical conduits were designed through places including residential back yards, downtowns, farms, wherever the fuck they wanted to put them, without a whit of regard for the damage in their wake. He got caught and that was the end for Rudy Giuliani. He lost that one along with any respect anybody had for him.

    And that’s just ONE Rudy story. I won’t even get into how he removed from the budget the upgrade of the archaic communications systems for the city firefighters, thereby helping to guarantee they could not reach each other during 911. I was an elected official upstate when he was mayor. There is no end to the stories of what a horrid Megalomaniac he was. And is. He’d never make it with Trump due to ego clash. Maybe Trump figured that out already if he has a half a brain. I can’t even imagine sending that crazy bastard around the world to start WWIII

    Fuck him. I hope he dies a miserable lingering death.

  245. USA needs paper ballots or paper trail and an efficient audit system for elections. For this election, I think Obama and other congressional and party leaders need to take action right now. Without it, 4 years of strife and violence can be expected and the reactions of Trump admin will only make it worse.

  246. NYT –> emails, emails, emails, –>FBI, emails, emails, emails, –>COMEY…BOOM

    So many could have, should have… I will join Uppity in laughing at our plight.

  247. In Toronto.. funny, hands are too small to build the wall.

  248. Leaves falling is like golden confetti outside the window. Fall season at its best.

  249. The argument is super seductive for White Christians but it will erode what made America, America as this election has done so far. This is Putin’s revenge on the big, beautiful America. I think there is a way to address the bad apples/groups even muslim ones without sacrificing your national character and who you are.

  250. This is all so effing depressing.

  251. As Hillary’s popular vote lead grows and grows……

  252. NYT editorial: “It may well be that hackers, from Russia, or perhaps conservative Americans,fixed the voting machines in key swing states, thus allowing Mr. Trump to pull out a victory. But the fact is that he did win the election, so that even if would not have without the rigging, the result must stand.. It is now time for the American people, and for the Democratic Pary, to stand behind Mr. Trump, and wish him the best. In America, we accept electon results, even though might not reflect the actual voting that was done. The people who booed Mr. Pence do not appear to comprehend that important lesson. Computer analysts and historians can later determine whether Hillary Clinton actually won the election, and had it stolen from her by national or foreign supporters of Mr. Trump. But for us, the task is to fully support the person whom the hackers gave the victory to.”

    (Well, no, they didn’t write that editorial, but it is only a slight exaggeration of their, and the rest of the media’s, basic tenor for decades).

  253. Hillary warned us but but oh emails!! Fuck Trump voters who were ignorant and others who didn’t vote for Hillary for whatever other reasons. You know, Kasich has risen in my estimation. These are the types on the R side that would have previously guarded the gates but they were nullified by the seductive argument that they were establishment. Nothing like a dumb voter in a democracy.


    In late August, in a speech delineating white nationalist support for Donald Trump, Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton unveiled a new title for Russian President Vladimir Putin: “The Grand Godfather of Extreme Nationalism.” With the sinecure, Clinton sought to directly link the odious policies of her Republican counterpart — namely, mainstreaming a racialized, white supremacist discourse the United States had not seen at such levels in a generation — to those brought to bear under Putin’s third term.

    The epithet built upon one of the pillars of Clinton’s campaign which, in turn, built upon the primary campaign of former GOP contender, and current Ohio governor, John Kasich. That is, in addition to Trump’s outright praise for Putin’s leadership, as well as his murky, secretive financial ties to those close to the Kremlin, Clinton tied Trump to the Kremlin’s campaign of stoking hyper-nationalistic movements throughout the West.

    As a rhetorical device, the title remains a flurry of brilliance. Not only does the terminology help highlight the Kremlin’s kleptocratic coterie — with Putin as don, as mafioso — but it also further emphasized Clinton’s grasp of Moscow’s policies, and the motivations therein.

  254. Little did the poor silly Commies know.

    All along, all they ever had to do was throw out international worker solidarity and equality in favor of white male supremacy,

    and throw out atheism in favor of Pharisaic pseudo-Christianity,

    and an astonishing number of white Americans would joyfully acquiesce in the USA’s becoming a satellite of Russia. 😡

  255. Ivory Bill, exactly!

  256. I don’t know. I still don’t see how all those voting machines can be fixed. I’m from Missouri on this. I’ve seen some writings on it but nothing of substance to show me even slightly “How”. I’m open, but until I see something of substance, I’m on the sidelines.

    Don’t see how Russia could fix machines, none of which are even remotely attached to the internet. That would leave individuals, presumably American individuals. Those machines are controlled by each country and hovered over by Commissioners of BOTH parties.

  257. Unless I live in the ONLY county in America that watches voting machines like a hawk on election day………………………………..i am telling you the two parties and poll workers from both parties are very alert.

  258. From the article in my previous comment:

    The Princeton group has a simple message: That the machines that Americans use at the polls are less secure than the iPhones they use to navigate their way there. They’ve seen the skeletons of code inside electronic voting’s digital closet, and they’ve mastered the equipment’s vulnerabilities perhaps better than anyone (a contention the voting machine companies contest, of course). They insist the elections could be vulnerable at myriad strike points, among them the software that aggregates the precinct vote totals, and the voter registration rolls that are increasingly digitized. But the threat, the cyber experts say, starts with the machines that tally the votes and crucially keep a record of them—or, in some cases, don’t.
    The Princeton group has no shortage of things that keep them up at night. Among possible targets, foreign hackers could attack the state and county computers that aggregate the precinct totals on election night—machines that are technically supposed to remain non-networked, but that Appel thinks are likely connected to the Internet, even accidentally, from time to time. They could attack digitized voter registration databases—an increasingly utilized tool, especially in Ohio, where their problems are mounting—erasing voters’ names from the polls (a measure that would either cause voters to walk away, or overload the provisional ballot system). They could infect software at the point of development, writing malicious ballot definition files that companies distribute, or do the same on a software patch. They could FedEx false software to a county clerk’s office and, with the right letterhead and convincing cover letter, get it installed. If a county clerk has the wrong laptop connected to the Internet at the wrong time, that could be a wide enough entry window for an attack.

    “No county clerk anywhere in the United States has the ability to defend themselves against advanced persistent threats,” Wallach tells me, using the parlance of industry for highly motivated hackers who “lay low and stick around for a while.” Wallach painted an unseemly picture, in which a seasoned cyber warrior overseas squared off against a septuagenarian volunteer. “In the same way,” continues Wallach, “you would not expect your local police department to be able to repel a foreign military power.”

  259. Stein went to Russia on campaign donations and “Thanked” her supporters for the trip. She took pics of herself happy as the pig in shit she is and passed them out. If Stein isn’t a Russian operative I don’t know who is. And didn’t she come in handy snatched a few points here and there among voters.

    And here she is sitting at the same table with Flynn at that dinner honoring Vlad. If you aren’t following me you can’t see it and I just can’t stand to do the WordPress dance trying to load and code a photo


  260. Read the thread: Trump hotel in DC is a major problem unless he sells it or gifts it away. I don’t know if he can gift it away to his children. Gifts from foreign dignitaries or anyone are a no, no. I would take Pence at this point to replace Trump given all the Russian connections and all the Trump sewer rats in various positions.

  261. Rules are very clear. I have personal experience working on government research contracts and in official meetings, you can’t even pay for their dinner.

  262. Stein is a puppet but has convinced her supporters that she was there accidentally much like Trump supporters.

  263. I have seen sponsors pay for the slice of pizza they eat. Trump flaunting his DC hotel for every diplomat to stay there is a no, no. I don’t think the media can brush this under the carpet. It is so glaring that he can’t get away with it.

  264. Upps, I’m not a huge Pelosi fan myself, but right now she is the one calling for a probe into the Russian hack. She is the one speaking out against Bannon, Sessions and Pompeo.

    Tim Ryan is not. He’s pulling the “we lost the white boys” bullshit. Bernie is doing his “attention whore divide and conquer the party” routine. I would take your guy, but I don’t think he’s in the running. I think it’s down to her, Tim Ryan, and Bernie’s guy. In this moment, she actually represents our best interests. 2016 was the weirdest year of my life.

  265. Well! at least I gave Upps something to laugh about it…for a second or two, before she reminded us what a shit snake The Rudy is…

  266. The Democratic Party will not be able to put together a majority big enough to overcome GOP dirty tricks by throwing female and/or non-white citizens under the bus.

    So, not only is that unethical, but it won’t work.

  267. Sophie, I’m with you on Pelosi. She’s one of the few speaking out about what has gone on. I don’t know but if our election was hacked what do we do? The GOP is never going to give up power. The more I hear about the Russians and Trump the more I wonder if he is going to make it to inauguration. But Pence has to be compromised too by the Russians. And how do we know there are not other Republicans compromised by Putin?

    And it seems Trump just had Romney to the white house to humiliate him in public.

  268. It obviously won’t matter what rules , ethics,or laws Trump may break as he has the power and control to do as he pleases. The media is “outraged” now but they , along with the Sanders, Stein, Johnson and Sarandon gift wrapped and handed this to Trump. I feel bad for those ignorant people who voted for him thinking he cared, but the liberal elites are getting exactly what they wanted and deserve. Remember, Hillary was too untrustworthy as we were constantly reminded by our liberal press.

  269. So, our elected Democrats such wring their hands and do nothing about the election fraud? What is really going on.

  270. Ga6thDem, I haven’t followed the news today, but I was just thinking t a while ago; that this was the way that Trump was going to get revenge on Romney, by getting him to beg for a position, and then turning him down.

    And, yes, we really need some kind of deus ex machina here. I have no belief whatsoever that Republicans are going to investigate anything which does not benefit them; from hacking, to Trump’s conflicts of interest and violations of laws. Really, it seems that the only last entity to potentially have the ability to do something, is President Obama the DOJ, and whatever other institutions will do what he says. Maybe I am putting too much upon him; but my feeling is that just trying to tutor Trump, and not going after these major matters before it is too late, is a terrible mistake, and a personality flaw, at least in these circumstances. To use the ancient cliche, fire must be fought with fire.

  271. Ivory, you are right. If the party is left with nothing but Bernie Bros it will die quicker than you can say shoo!

  272. “just” wring

  273. LOL stupid Corey Lewandowski went to Oxford student forum. They blasted him!

  274. I must , what was he doing at Oxford?? He was in over his head. He acted like a self- serving prick, just like his boss. What a jerk.

  275. If by some miracle, the EC did as the change.org petition so many of us have signed, would Hillary Clinton agree to become the President?

  276. I saw the most shocking billboard yesterday driving on the interstate: “Vote for the greater good, not the…, Vote Jill Stein. ” I had not seen this before the election.
    Why is this sign even up at this point? One would expect that any of those living in states like Michigan who voted along these lines would be ashamed of themselves.

  277. Brassy

    This is all so effing depressing.

    I find myself stepping away for breaks, or I get really depressed.

  278. OK can we ask him to step down now?

  279. Ted Devine is Bernie’s link to Russia and the Ukraine via ousted Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovych (Putin’s puppet). Manford also worked for Yanukovych at one time. I wouldn’t be surprised if Bernie’s $27-dollar contributors came from Russia. Wikkileaks also hacked the DNC emails for the benefit of Bernie’s campaign, which Trump later used against Hillary during the GE to manipulate Bernie supporters. Furthermore, much of Bernie’s “rigged” and “corruption” rhetoric was parroted by Trump in the GE. Was this all a coincidence or a coordinated effort?

    “Yanukovych served as prime minister and president of Ukraine at different points in recent history. Devine worked as a strategist and media consultant for Yanukovych in 2006 and 2010. Yanukovych stepped down as president in 2014 when mass protests swept his country. The former prime minister lived in an opulent mansion that cost an estimated $100 million — a symbol of the corruption charges his administration faced.”

    Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2016/05/02/bernies-fans-wont-be-pleased-his-top-adviser-has-worked-for-these-people/#ixzz4QVq6dCV9

  280. WTF, trixta! Bernie was a Russian plant? He sure looked like he was running interference for the buffoon. How can the Democrats be this clueless?

  281. In hindsight, Bernie is easily corruptible as we have found in the last week or so. He is in it all for himself, not for the party.

  282. Let us rev up that Emolument Clause!

  283. UW, you should update the side columns. Hillary is most admired 20 years in a row now. She is the People’s President. That’s how I will refer to her with my social media.

  284. The alternate title of this article should be ‘How the Republican candidate became a malware for Russia to infect America.’

    Read this: http://www.esquire.com/news-politics/a49791/russian-dnc-emails-hacked/

    Trixta, it also corroborates that propping up Bernie was part of the big plan. Both Bernie and Trump’s supporters were taken for the ride of their lives. It is a fantastic read but where do we go from here?

  285. If we had candidates that are well vetted by the media and a certain rule of conduct and traditions are forced upon these individuals in addition to holding their feet to the fire, we would not be in this situation. Media failed this country and its citizens in a fantastic way. Nothing was normal with Trump campaign and here we are. There is a reason to elect career politicians and not unknown quantities like Trump.


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