Post Election Thanksgiving


I got this from a Hillary group online. I credit it to Gorilla Pig, whoever that is…but I officially credit them for this cartoon.


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  1. Happy Turkey everyone!

    Question, where are all the billionaires who supported Clinton. I would think they would pay for the recount.
    If the Dems stay quiet on this. I am done with the Democratic Party.

  2. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. Hope no one here will be sharing Thanksgiving dinner with arrogant Trump supporters or arrogant Bernie supporters. Remember, love trumps hate, and we are stronger together. Peace. And justice.

  3. Happy Thanksgiving, everybody.

  4. Happy, Happy Turkey Day to all!

  5. FYI, folks….Ms. Uppity’s Thanksgiving is not going so well….send her some love. She tweeted this out:

    “Happy Thanksgiving to us. Our furnace died and nobody can get parts today. And yes, it is cold outside.”

  6. Upps:
    Lots of love and hugs…
    Sorry to learn that you are having a “Thanksgiving of the diet kind”.
    Hope someone brings you left overs…
    Stay warm…

  7. Happy Turkey Day to all of the uppityites!

  8. Happy Thanksgiving! Uppity, hoping you are staying warm somehow.

  9. Uppity, sending very WARM thoughts your way.🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥!

  10. Uppity – in the spirit of giving I bestow upon you some of my hot flashes. No, no. Don’t thank me. 💥💥

    Happy Thanksgiving y’all!

  11. Uppity, sending warm thoughts to you !! Sorry about your furnace. It always happens at the worst time. I am eternally grateful to you and everyone else on this board, for making this site an oasis in a sea of hate. Take care!!

  12. Hey thanks! And after I called you all stupid morons, you send me warmth!

    Hot flashes! Bah! No thanks! I’m done with that horseshit.

    We are missing a good meal but ok otherwise. A friend just left and troubleshooted and alas and alack the cheap chinese blower in the zillion dollar York “Diamond” furnace has bought the farm. It appears that either something got inside of it (sometimes birds fly into the pvc from outside, but once he got the blower going again, it sounded like a frigging walnut was flying around in there). Anyways, it’s all she wrote for that damned blower. I would like to add that please do not EVER buy a York furnace. I could do hours on this “high efficiency” piece of shit.

    Anyways, I called the furnace repair company I trust most and they handed me the bad news that they can’t get parts today, it being thanksgiving. They did give me some tips on getting it started which was sweet, but in the end, even though we got it started, it was a bust of a blower. The cage on the damned thing is PLASTIC. Piece of shit inside a piece of shit.

    So we have decided not to show up late to dinner and will just camp here in front of our fire, and spend the rest of the day and night in this room, which isn’t a bad deal. We didn’t really want to leave a fire behind and leave the house, and we didn’t want the pets to be cold, so we opted to stay right here. When we delivered the bad news to our wonderful friends, we were informed that a thanksgiving Meals On Wheels is forthcoming. How good is that?

    Just one more shitty thing that can happen. But hey, nobody died.

    Meanwhile, I would like to summarize the different way in which dogs vs. cats handle a home without heat:

    Dog: Mommy I can keep you warm!!!!
    Cats: WTF! It’s cold in here! Do something!

  13. julie, LOL!

    I graduated a PhD student just before I left academia (well, I didn’t completely leave academia because I ended up at a better Univ as a researcher and didn’t have to teach but made better salary); well, the student was Chinese and he went on to do well at Amazon, Yahoo, and now back in China. He started this tradition of sending me a thank you email every Thanksgiving Day since 2006 and has kept it up. Every year I worry that he may not want to keep it up but feels compelled to keep it up, and then I see his cheerful note and all is well. This morning too, there was a note and he said he was working on Big Data and that his daughter was all grown up at 7 and has to deal with a lot of homework and such. So every year I look forward to that one email from a really nice guy who feels grateful for what I did which makes me think of the many in my own life here in this alien land that I am grateful for. I hope that American core of fundamental fairness and openness never gets corrupted in these turbulent times.

    In other mundane note, my husband is cooking for us, just the two of us (feels lonely) a feast but without the turkey. 🙂

  14. Uppity, I wondered if you had a fireplace and you do. Good. Enjoy your means on wheels.

  15. *meals

  16. Hey Upps, sorry about your furnace. Hope it is back on by now. I am visiting in sunny Tampa Florida before I leave for CA. The temperature is 79 right now. I would love to send you some of this warmth.
    Stay warm.

  17. Cute :’) Happy Thanskgiving

  18. No furnace tonight Neeta. Parts suppliers aren’t open today.

  19. Stay warm Upps. Nice weather here in GA and the oven heated up the house. So we had to open windows but now at dark it cools down.

  20. Happy Turkey ( or Tofu ,for you vegans out there) Day. Had a nice quiet,no political arguments dinner @ my favorite holiday restaurant. Turkey and all the fixings,pumpkin pie and enough leftovers for lunch tomorrow. Sigh…nap time soon.

    Imust,many thanks for the new thread. Upps,keep the home fires burning. Trixta,I absolutely agree w/you re: the need to at least investigate the election results. Maybe it is a Stein ponzi scheme or maybe Hillary et al are using her to contest the results w/out blow back on the Dems ( or because Obama doesn’t want to do anything more than stand up routines for the next couple of months). Stein looks like a hero to the left and has some money to pay off her campaign debt. If she doesn’t actually file for a recount,then,yeah,we’ve been had;but if she this point I think we need to do this to test the validity and reliability of the voting system. Also hoping if there were hackers or monkey business,that they have a few sleepless nights like I did after the so-called election.

    So maybe it’s money down a rat hole…or maybe I look at it as money to shore up my previous investment in Hillary OR an investment in the future of our democracy. I’m willing to risk being told..” I told you so.” on the off chance that we can stop the mfkers in the future..or at least make them have to get more creative.

    We’ll see what tomorrow brings. In the meantime…NAP.

  21. Upps:
    Look at it on the brighter side, skipping the thanksgiving meal part you may have lost couples of pounds…or may be did not gain them…
    just saying…

  22. Good story! STEM in general has not improved much for girls and women even now.

  23. Did anybody try to slap on their relative’s forehead tonight during Thanksgiving Dinner and say, ‘you could have had a Hillary!’

  24. Happy Thanksgiving to all.

    Glad you have a fireplace that will keep you and your family and pets all warm, Upps. Delivered Turkey dinner sounds wonderful.

  25. This is so true and glad to see it from another.

  26. Exactly!

  27. Hope you enjoy your delivered turkey dinner, Upps. We’re thinking of you and sending you warm vibes and a big hug. Furnaces or plumbing always seem to act up in the most inopportune of times (last week my kitchen sink clogged up during a family dinner). And don’t worry about dressing us down now and again. I take it as a “snap out of it” kinda moment.” You do it with so much humor that I laugh first then take a second look. As I said in the previous thread, although we may disagree from time to time, the important thing is that we find common ground around Hillary and all that she represents and inspires in us.

  28. Ah, now I know why there was an article on Margaret Hamilton in the Wired magazine. ABC’s headline, ‘helped create software’ no she WAS the software…she was the boss lady… like Hillary would have been if you mfers didn’t have your fucking biases.

  29. Fuck Trump and all his sewer rats. They are dangerous. Lock them up. I am so outraged at the NYT/TV/Media for hounding Hillary when what she did, did not amount to a hill of beans and now we have these sewer rats running the show. Also saw in a tweet somewhere, Patraeus is being considered for SoS — the guy who intentionally gave classified info to his GF. I demand a full page apology to Hillary from all the TV/Media mfers at some point sooner than later. I am screaming inside.

    The fact that Gen. Flynn is alleged to have violated the security of the SCIF would be a serious violation of Pentagon security protocols. This would have been extra-illegal due to the risk of either Flynn or his staff passing classified information out of the SCIF on a non-secure or unauthorized line, and/or Flynn introducing a virus or malware into the classified systems from the outside, whether intentional or not.

    You simply are not permitted to have any channel that the tech and counter-intelligence security people can’t see or monitor for misuse both by the authorized user and by a potentially malicious outside actor like, say, Russian or Chinese cyber-espionage units.

    This is a huge deal. Much bigger than Hillary Clinton’s private email server, I’m told, because, as far as we know, none of those Blackberries or iPhones she was using ever actually came into secure spaces.

    The charge that the incoming National Security Adviser, and former head of Defense Intelligence, would be this sloppy with information security, especially after Trump spent the entire campaign savaging Hillary Clinton for a much less offense, is extremely troubling.

  30. I don’t know why Obama and his WH is not taking all these things seriously. He should.

  31. Upps, hope you guys had a nice dinner. I wouldn’t leave my house with a fire going either.

    I made a lovely turkey dinner last year (did the brining thing) and would have this year, but I went back to work and too tired and depressed, so we just went out with some friends for a traditional Thanksgiving Mexican feast!

  32. Hope all Uppityites had a lovely day and a good meal. Hugs to all of you!

  33. Just got home from a lovely day with family. My sister recently returned from Costa Rica where she was on election day (she voted before leaving). She said they are incredulous that America elected Trump. Aren’t we all? Actually, America didn’t elect Trump, and she had to explain the Electoral College to the driver they hired to show them the sights. They all assumed that because Trump was declared the winner he got the most votes. After all, that’s how it works in Costa Rica and other parts of the developed world. When a Central American country finds you backward, you are in trouble.

    I do hope all had a wonderful day, and it sounds like Uppity made the best of a bad situation.

  34. OK, I know you all probably don’t want to hear this but just sticking it in here. My blood is boiling. The media fuckers are investigating this NOW. Because they were too busy with Hillary’s emails when it mattered. Fake News, fake news everywhere and the fucking idiots on the right, left, and the middle believed them and voted for the buffoon.

  35. Now, fake stories from Russia. It was not just the NYT and TV media pumping Hillary’s emails 24/7 but now we have all these conspiracy people putting out fake stories. How dumb are these people on the right who voted for the buffoon?

  36. All of these media outlets dropped this fake news story tonight when nobody was looking.

  37. Yes pm, it’s always safe for the media to investigate news after the election and when it has already been reported on other sites for weeks.

    Thanks for putting El Douche in the driver’s seat media hacks.

  38. The Tryptophan is already hitting me and it’s still early in CA.

  39. when it has already been reported on other sites for weeks.

    Shadow, what do you mean? I didn’t hear anything about fake news before the election. Even the FB fake news thing came out after the election, right? So why didn’t anybody investigate this before the election? But of course, if NYT/TV are hounding one candidate over fake issues, those fake stories about that candidate become real (for dumb people). Fuck NYT/TV media.

  40. I just got sent this, but you can use the advice for Christmas/Hanukkah as well….oh, and I will be happy to translate any “Pittsburghese” you may not understand! 🙂

    Upps, sorry again for your less than idyllic Thanksgiving.

  41. pm @ 11:30pm, I read the link and the tweet. Douchebags. I wonder if Hillary can sue the douchebag in the link?

  42. pm, here’s the story behind all those HRC-supporting signs she saw Thanksgiving Day.

  43. PM

    So why didn’t anybody investigate this before the election?

    There was a lot of fake news out against Hillary during the campaign. Some of it was just contributed to Hillary haters, but many of Bernie’s supporters believed it, and most of them started to see it didn’t match up with who Hillary was in her ads.

    The media constantly said Hillary wasn’t liked, wasn’t exciting, wasn’t trustworthy…until these little articles came out when Trump ‘won’.

  44. VotingHillary, thanks for the humor.

  45. OK, I am so SICK of 2016…Florence Henderson aka “Carol Brady” passed away today.

    I swear at midnight on New Year’s Ever I will shout “Hey, 2016, don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.”

  46. Sweet Sue, on November 25, 2016 at 2:17 AM said:

    Do you need me to translate any of it? LOLOLOLOL! 🙂

  47. Hey Trixta, glad you appreciate my huggy slaps. lol

    We’re fine. The food was great. We opened a bottle of wine, watched the fire and Hallmark network just like one of those Norman Rockwell paintings with the dog and cats gathered around.

    We brought the Hide-a-bed downstairs, I took the couch, the dog slept in her own bed nearby, and we each got to sleep with a cat. Not sure how the cats decided who went with whom, but we generally leave that sorting to them. It varies. I often wonder how they make those decisions. It’s really not relevant because, this morning, the dog was on the floor and the two cats were in her bed.

    Overall, It has been kind of like camping out, only with indoor plumbing and no wild boars waiting to raid your tent.

  48. The whole fake news thing is nauseating. Everything is coming out AFTER the election. Seriously I wonder if Putin had something over on the media for them to behave the way they did.

  49. It wasn’t all Putin. I mentioned some fake news that was originating at Breitbart, Drudge, etc. The usual cockroach sites. For example, 5 days before the election, there was a gaggle of right nut sites pimping a story that Comey called all agents to report to DC HQ for a RAID (always in caps in the titles on Google) on Hillary’s home. It was horrible shit and you knew it was a fucking lie. And it appeared on Google on all the usual suspect sites. When Comey came out to say the who thing was a Nothingburger, the stories were deleted. I saw these fuckers do this kind of thing over and over. The shit would originate at Breitbart and Drudge, as usual, would take it and run with it. The depository for shit lies and stories was and always has been Sludge Drudge. Once he posted something, it would appear on the usual sites in minutes. He’s the place to go to pick up today’s bullshit. I of course mentioned this right here on this blog when it happened but nobody bothered paying attention to it. They tried to pass it on twitter, but within 2 days Comey spoiled that fun.

    WND is also a typical “originator”. And of course, Infowars….

  50. I am kinda baffled that our national sovereignty is under massive attack and successfully breached by a foreign government, and the attitude of our nation’s leaders is, “Oh well, stuff happens.” W in the everlasting F?

    Fake news? A visit to the grocery store all through the campaign resulted in being bombarded by screaming headlines from The National Enquirer about Hillary’s multiple “crimes” as well as her imminent demise. Even if people shrug it off because of the source, it breaks through and settles in the unconscious. They think there must be at least a kernel of truth. Gaslighting on a grand scale.

  51. Uppity, and others, read the NPR article posted above. It is not National Enquirer or Drudge or any of the garbage sites we already know. That reporter tracked down the person who ran a fake news operation in CA and put out the fake article just before the election about an FBI agent who leaked H emails committing murder suicide — just one article in an official sounding site All this happened with Comey doing what he did, NYT/TV media doing their shit job lending those fake stories credibility for the dumb idiots.

  52. If the electoral college votes Turnipp in, then our country is doomed because the last barrier to disaster has crumbled. A brief-running huffpost headlined screamed about the most incompetent cabinet in history but you don’t see much of that on washpost or NYT unless I am missing it. The electors surely are smart enough to know that a totally incompetent cabinet with a totally naive president being run by his son-in- law (he picked those cabinet members you can be sure) can only lead to a true wipeout of our country being run by our constitution.

    Which will take us over if Turnipp is allowed? Russia or China? I think China. China already owns a big part of our real estate.

  53. Oops, the n-wnc was supposed to post as Gray-days.

    ********FIXIT FAIRY FIXED IT**********

  54. Yea, if we have enough dumb fuckers for voters and a complicit media, yes.

  55. More Hillary pics from the same grocery trip I assume…

  56. There were some really off the wall stories floating around that only the craziest of people would possibly buy as well. Like ludicrous shit about child molestings and some Secret Place where thy did it all, and how Podesta et al used code words in his emails so nobody would catch on (as if he knew he was being hacked lol, doh). Like normal every day objects one would mention were code words for little boys and little girls or some such shit. It was shit only for the convoluted crazies who would believe that shit was ice cream if it hurt Hillary. Some of that tried to pass on twitter too but I think even most Trump tweeters saw how that would never pass a semi-normal brain.

  57. Uppity, I read that that crazy Flynn spread that conspiracy in a rally…these guys are scary to be where they are in our government. What was he doing with his Internet connection in his Pentagon office? Passing classified stuff to his Russian comrades? Watching porn?

    Apparently Russia does not want Romney to be SoS. Russia is now dictating cabinet picks.

  58. Florence Henderson died. Heart failure.

  59. Not sure Flynn is sane.

  60. Why isn’t anybody doing anything?

  61. I am surprised about the tug of war between Romney and Rudy for SoS. Is it all about humiliating Romney in the end? I think it is.

  62. HILARIOUS ‘reviews” on Amazon for the Donald Trump MAGA hat ornament. Have some fun.

  63. After all the Russia news, this comes as a joke, right? a President being corrupted by foreign powers — he is not even worried; he is flaunting it, under your nose, in plain sight.

    Richard Painter, Chief Ethics Counsel for George W. Bush, and Norman Eisen, Chief Ethics Counsel for Barack Obama, believe that if Trump continues retain ownership over his sprawling business interests by the time the electors meet on December 19, they should reject Trump.

    In an email to ThinkProgress, Eisen explained that “the founders did not want any foreign payments to the president. Period.” This principle is enshrined in Article 1, Section 9 of the Constitution, which bars office holders from accepting “any present, emolument, office, or title, of any kind whatever, from any king, prince, or foreign state.”
    Debates and other proceedings of the Convention of Virginia : convened at Richmond, on Monday the second day of June, 1788, for the purpose of deliberating on the Constitution

    This provision was specifically created to prevent the President, most of all, from being corrupted by foreign influences.

    Virginia Governor Edmund Jennings Randolph addressed the issue directly during a Constitutional debate in June 1788, noting that a violation of the provision by the President would be grounds for impeachment. (Randolph was also a delegate to the Constitutional Convention.)

  64. VotingHillary, you don’t have to translate but if I hadn’t heard about “yinz”, I would have called for help.
    Somehow, I can’t imagine my dream lover, Gene Kelly, ever saying “yinz.”

  65. Uppity Woman, on November 25, 2016 at 5:15 AM said:

    “the dog slept in her own bed nearby, and we each got to sleep with a cat. Not sure how the cats decided who went with whom, but we generally leave that sorting to them. It varies. I often wonder how they make those decisions. It’s really not relevant because, this morning, the dog was on the floor and the two cats were in her bed.”
    One of your best stories…Love it…
    Cats Rule…

  66. Upps, it sounds like you had a wonderful and memorable Thanksgiving after all.
    I’m so glad.

  67. Absolutely, Upps.

    ” I saw these fuckers do this kind of thing over and over. The shit would originate at Breitbart and Drudge, as usual, would take it and run with it. The depository for shit lies and stories was and always has been Sludge Drudge. Once he posted something, it would appear on the usual sites in minutes. He’s the place to go to pick up today’s bullshit.”


    Drudge and Breitbart are two leg holes of a nasty pair of underwear.

    Breitbart is the internet trash magazine that publishes alt decoys that are pushed out to feed the fires of hatred against anyone that isn’t a far right whackadoodle.

  68. PM
    More Hillary pics from the same grocery trip I assume…

    Thanks pm!

    Maybe when I have the urge to give Hillary a big hug, I just need to fly across the country and hangout in her neighborhood.

  69. Unless I’m badly misinformed, Barack Obama is president until January 20th. I think it’s touching and heartwarming that he choked up while awarding the Medal of Freedom to Ellen DeGeneres. But right now I am far more concerned with what POTUS plans to do about freakin’ Russia taking over our country. Because in case he hasn’t noticed, that’s exactly what they’re doing. He should have done something MONTHS ago.

  70. I don’t even know where to start to fix this. Part of it is the problem of technology; it might help people in some ways, but it is so easy to manipulate and distort. Fake stories running on Facebook and other sites; too many foolish people eager to believe them. The 24-hour cable news is also a terrible problem. This kind of thing wouldn’t have happened 30 years ago, because it was not so easy to disseminate lies to the general public. But here we are.

    Trump and his rather pathetic and bumbling band somehow managed to attack Hillary for the things that Trump was actually doing. Enough people had already developed dislike or distrust of her, to get them to believe it. Sanders had already helped to poison the well. People fell for Russian psy-ops designed to get Trump elected. The media didn’t want to talk about any of that. The media thought it was the greatest fun to see how far they could damage Hillary with a nothing story. Now we’ve got a horror show potentially running the country. And nothing the media can do now helps much of anything. And finally, President Obama has done nothing here. He won’t appoint Garland, whom the Supreme Court might well validate, because “advise and consent” does not mean “simply never hold hearings on the nominee because he was picked by the other party.” But Obama won’t try it. He won’t do anything that I can see to stop any of this. He blames Hillary fo “being lazy”: in campaigning. He apparently says that as soon as he gets out of office, he will have things to say. So? And too late. He doesn’t call for recounts. He doesn’t say that the Electoral College should not mandate Trump. Would such things be potentially…gauche? Not a la mode? Is that all he is concerned about? Desperate times call for desperate measures. Has he ever really fought for anything, ever battled the Republicans all-out and taken a chance? Or has he always taken the safest route for him, trying to avoid any personal criticism? And so we are all flailing around here, with no instiution or person strong enough to stop the Republicans from depredating the land, letting Russia run our policies, taking away the safety net, finding new ways to suppress the vote. This all could have been avoided, of course. But every institution failed us, and now they have little if any power to make it up.

  71. Brassy, that is my problem too. Why isn’t Obama doing anything about this Russian stuff? He could have started something even before the elections since there were already rumblings of it hacking the DNC. The NSA guy has already said there were indications during the election. Why isn’t Obama doing anything?

  72. You know it all started with the Democratic party deceiving the people in the primary in 2008. When you muck with the system, it spits out garbage and is corrupted for good barring corrective actions. Nationally of course the system got corrupted with the 2000 elections. What is happening now is a left over chaos from the primary in 2008 (and 2000) making way for a con, criminal, treasonous entity taking over.

  73. Ha, some of you predicted this:

  74. Someone should point out to POTUS that it doesn’t matter what else he has done. His passivity in the face of a foreign government attack on American sovereignty will mean that history will not be kind to him. Assuming we still have real history after Obama’s presidency.

  75. A picture worth 1,000 words.

    IIRC, that came from the Corn-linked Twitter thread pm317 linked to.

    Poor silly Commies. It turns out all they ever needed to do was replace the equality of workers with white supremacy, and atheism with Fundagelical pseudo-Christianity, and they could have bamboozled enough members of the Great White American Booboisie into choosing to become Russian vassals. 😡

  76. The NPR article is revealing as to how these fake stories are propagated over the internet. (Thank you for the link, pm and also for the one on Modi). But in reality these fake websites and stories are only the more “respectable” face of what’s actually coming out of fringe communities that pedal the most fantastical and sinister stories concerning politics, finance, history, and world events. Drudge, Breitbart, Alex Jones, to name a few, are the names we and the msm are most familiar with, but what’s feeding them ideologically, politically, and culturally, is so much darker and unbelievable than you can imagine. Indeed, what came out of Trump’s mouth throughout the GE (on Putin, finance, geopolitics) and out of the RNC convention (i.e. Luciferianism, ethnic supremacy, and Russia) wasn’t so surprising when considering the world view these fringe websites and alternate communities espouse. Over the years, I’ve been interested, academically and as a matter of curiosity, in the question of conspiracy theory and believe me there’s a very dark and bizarre underbelly of internet activity that unites the far right and far left alternative communities. I don’t want to mention by name such fringe sites here out of respect for this site.

  77. Drudge, Breitbart, Alex Jones have all outed themselves and we can assess their credibility. But the one listed in the NPR article and the others like him are unknown, more sinister, and harder to pin them down because we don’t know who they are.

    I go back to this same thing over and over again. We need a strong traditional media that will vet the candidates honestly with credibility. We need candidates to self-limit, and self-eliminate for fear of the media which is totally absent now and is the reason for Trump’s rise.

    Over the years, I’ve been interested, academically and as a matter of curiosity, in the question of conspiracy theory Trixta, that is a gold mine for research. I think the googles, twitters and facebooks of the world should invest money in how they maintain the integrity of information disseminated by third parties. But the Ad revenue is screwing up the necessity of social responsibility with greed. Maybe Hillary should these mfers to teach them all a lesson (like socalannie suggested up thread).

  78. OK…

  79. But this is from the Wisconsin elections site itself, as of 2:30 or so:

    Don’t know what to think…maybe MSM is lying again.

  80. Yes, pm, I agree on all your points. Failure of real journalism and AD revenue is why we where we are today.

    Hope you all enjoy your day. I’m off to my sister’s to see the rest of the family…don’t think there are any Trumpsters on this side of the family, but I will be dealing with a handful of millenials.

  81. Sorry, obs. should have refreshed before posting.

  82. That Jill Stein better not be playing with these poor souls.

  83. Who knows what the Russians have on Obama that prevents him from taking them on. If you look back on the campaign, all they had on Hillary were emails and the foundation. Even there, there was not really ANY wrong-doing. They released all their tax returns and their finances related to the foundation. Nothing there. Even the fucking Russians could not find anything in their hacked emails or otherwise. But the fucking media made a big deal of it with bringing them up 24/7 and without countering the lies and conspiracies from the sewer rats. Compared to the sewer rats we are looking at, the Clintons are clean as a whistle. This whole thing is like a Greek tragedy. I loathe every one of those pieces of garbage, Tapper, Blitzer, Anderson, and all the other mfers.

  84. In a CONTINUING EFFORT to make you all smile, you newbees might want to enjoy the former and famous LIVE BLOGGING AT WALMART ON BLACK FRIDAY post on this blog. Come on. Force yourself. You won’t be sorry! Works every time!

  85. Why is Obama not doing anything of substance? Because he’s too conciliatory with the Republicans and always has been.

  86. early, our posts have the same timestamp, lol! Must have snuck mine in a second beforehand.

  87. As of 5 min ago ….

  88. Upps, glad to hear that your Thanksgiving turned out well in the end. Staying cozy by the fire, surrounded by pets and with food provided by friends sounds pretty damn awesome!

    Re: the fake news stories. I came across an obnoxious troll on a FB page the other day and out of curiosity I clicked on his FB page. OMFG, it was a cesspit of ridiculous stories! He had posted links to one about John Podesta and his brother being behind the disappearance of Madeline McCann (she’s like the English equivalent of Jon Benet Ramsay … let the child RIP for crying out loud!). They had badly photoshopped “wanted” pics of Podesta as a person of interest in the kidnapping.

    I mean, come on! Really? It’s like Weekly World News level of crazy.

    And as I always say … you can’t reason with crazy.

  89. Phew, NWLuna! Glad to hear Stein followed through. I really felt like she was on the make with that fundraising effort.

  90. Luna, you just …(dayum, “trump” was such a useful word before this madness) beat me in again by a hair. Was fighting with WordPress when I saw your post about Stein finally coming through.

    Point any whining Rethugs to this guy:

  91. N W Luna, I’m afraid that riverdaughter was right all along: Obama is a smooth schmoozer on the make.

  92. Is Trump’s base sad that his cabinet picks don’t include Joe the Plumber and Larry the Cable Guy?

  93. Sue, all of us who bothered to look at his record back in ’08 are not surprised.

    Early, agree — now “trump” means to win by lying, cheating, threatening and covert ops.

  94. Voting, your link doesn’t work.

  95. britgirls, on November 25, 2016 at 5:51 PM said:
    Phew, NWLuna! Glad to hear Stein followed through. I really felt like she was on the make with that fundraising effort.


    I’ll believe Stein when all 3 states are filed as she has enough $$$$ to do so..otherwise, she is just splitting the difference. Nice way to knock off $2.5 million from her own campaign debt.

  96. Joseph must have a crystal ball.

    There’s been enough odd stuff happening that a recount — in several states — is a good idea regardless of outcome. Wish they’d look at voter suppression incidences, though.

  97. NW Luna, I want an AUDIT of the vote, not just a recount.

  98. NW Luna:
    voter suppression…BIG issue…

    I’m still ranting about Arizona, where there are 2.1 million Hispanics making it 31% of the population with 22% of eligible voters.(*Pen Research Center)
    From my sources, they were very organized against Trump.

    Yet, the counting in Arizona kind of sort of (?) stopped at estimated 80% on November 11 with 84,904 votes favoring the Trump.

    As I posted before, there are more than 300,000 votes to be counted just in one county…
    Are they been counted?
    Is anybody looking that all the votes are counted in Arizona?
    Does anybody gives a hoot (fuck) and 5 cacahuates (peanuts) what’s going on in Arizona?


  99. Yes to AUDIT the gosh damn election…

  100. Voting

    I want an AUDIT of the vote, not just a recount.


    Todays totals:

    Hillary is ahead by 2,128,808 votes.

    CA still have 1,466,308 uncounted.

    These are the other states that have not finished counting and the last time their results were reported (this site is AT LEAST 3 or 4 days behind on other sites:

    State/percent counted/date recorded:

    WA 94%, Nov 15
    OR 87%, Nov 11
    CA 83%, Nov 18
    NV 98%, Nov 9 (close # of votes)
    AZ 80%, Nov 11 (close # of votes)
    WI 95%, Nov 9 (close # of votes)
    NC 98%, Nov 9 (close # of votes)
    MI 96%, Nov 15 (close # of votes)
    GA 93%, Nov 9 (close # of votes)
    ME, why did Dumptruck get one of 4 EC votes, the only one in the country?

    So, most of the close states just stopped counting…

  101. Yes Bellecat, AZ is still stuck with 20% of their votes uncounted.

    They have 11 EC votes…

  102. 11 EC votes is on flippin’ 5th of all the EC votes CA has.

    And CA has way more than 7 MILLION votes for Hillary already.

  103. Fuck Obama! I never thought he was on Hillary’s side. All that campaigning was mostly self glorification, from both Obamas.

  104. From the tweet above, “Battle over recount now.” Does it mean, Obama is standing in her way of recounts and audits? What a wuss!

  105. pm317:
    Please. look into this Obama thing of pushing our Hill to concede…
    If this is true, I (we) have an issue with Obama his mama that is eight (8) years old…

  106. By the by, conceding is NOT biding and can be “rescinded “…

  107. Obama is a wuss. He always has been and this is really ticking me off. Is he deluded enough to think that the GOP is going to keep anything he has done for 8 years? They are immediately going to get rid of everything. I guess he doesn’t even care about his legacy.

  108. PM at 10:30 PM: But why? Why push her to concede? Why not audit and recount in view of all the questionable aspects of the vote outcomes? I know his legacy is of the utmost importance to him and Michelle but wouldn’t it be better for her to build on it than Trump to destroy it? WHY DOES NOTHING MAKE SENSE???

  109. Unnamed sources and an unpublished book. For fucks sake, talk about knee jerk reactions to unverified stories. Now we are going to attack on unnamed and unverified.

    Seriously folks, WTF is the matter with all of you? You get upset over fake news being believed and then you believe anything you read. It’s the Hill. The Hill. I didn’t see one thing in that piece that convinces me of anything.

    Okay let me see now. According to you people, Obamas busted their asses to help Hillary get elected for their own ego but they didn’t really want her to win because they love Donald Trump.

    Okie Dokie.

    You all need to get some fresh air and stop festering. It brings NOTHING.

  110. No, actually I never would think they love Donald for sure. I do know that Michelle sure attempted to help Hillary. Upps, this has been such a disgusting election season nobody knows what to believe anymore.

  111. For those that want a really good explanation of NoDAPL..please go to the link:

  112. And by the way, where is this fight between the Clintons and Obamas over the recount being played out again?

    Asking for a friend.

    She conceded at 1:30 AM FFS. Do you think she wasn’t watching the returns or was she sleeping and did Obama wake her up to concede? You mean she isn’t smart enough to concede on her own? Really? Really? Oh I know. Bill was napping too.

    Hillary hasn’t said word one about that recount. She’s smart. And let’s not even imagine that she is colluding with the woman who called her everything but the daughter of a jackal and did all she could to suckhole those Bernoids into buying her schtick.

    Oh it’s all so CLEAR, isn’t it?

  113. Uppity, that last Philadelphia rally was all about MO declaring how the love her of life did so well the last 8 years and all that stuff. It was subtle but they were making their own last campaign. Fine if it helped Hillary. But there are things I don’t understand. He is still the president and why is he not acting like one in the face of all this Russian intrusion into our democracy and mucking it up? What about Comey? Why did he have Trump two days later? Maybe he wanted Hillary to concede the day of, so he could have him over the very next day (fine, that is an exaggeration on my part). I don’t want to upset you by criticizing Obama since this is your blog but people are frustrated and I for one, don’t want to see Hillary hurt, not by the least, our own. After 2008, I don’t trust him, have never trusted him.

  114. cats, the reason some things don’t make sense is because they are senseless.

  115. I’m going to tell you all something right now. You are setting yourselves up for more pain. It’s almost as if you thrive on it.

  116. Upps is right…as usual…
    Be careful out there, we are living in the “Twilight Cyber Zone” of fake news… everywhere…

  117. I for one, am not expecting ‘recount’ or ‘auditthevote’ to change anything. But I do believe it should be done. In 2000 we had the popular vote go to Gore but people acknowledged a problem and dealt with it. Here we have this glaring close to 3 million vote difference and we all have to accept it without question when so many abnormal things have happened? No. Something needs to be done. Hillary is not bonding over Stein about this but I bet she is thinking about what to do to bring closure. Because there is no closure here yet. My suspicion is that Obama WH wants it all to go away. I can believe he wants her to go away.

  118. Also, I think we need audits of votes cast and also voter rolls (for the purged voters) as a regular feature before certification and not just recounts.

  119. And you have a point pm317, Obama is doing NOTHING…

    One vote is a vote and should be counted…
    It may not (or it may) change the outcome; but the principle is:
    a fair, reliable and accountable voting system for the good of our Democracy…
    Worth to fight for…

  120. I wouldn’t get all worked up on the story that Obama told Hillary to concede.

    I agree that there is a lot of false reporting out there.

    Obama doesn’t have any power over Hillary….

  121. Shadow, when I read that story, well sourced or not, I get the sense that he wanted to rub it in — just do it, get it over with.. kind of thing and not any power over her kind of interaction. It is like why not give her time to heal…and I didn’t like how quickly he had Trump over at the WH too. Bush took a week to have him over.

  122. Upps, the whole recount vs. audit thing is why I feel Stein’s “other shoe” has yet to drop. She filed, but WI is now going to spend a week tabulating what the COST will be do it…betting it will be more than Stein has raised. Therefore, she can say “I tried” and only had to spend filing costs w/ the rest going into her pocket.

    Even if she files in PA and MI, same thing will happen and she comes out ahead by over $2.5 million, gets to claim only the Green Party tried to do anything and thus further reduces what little reputation the Dems have.

    This is all Trump-style “smoke & mirrors” that Bernie, Stein and Trump learned from all of their lone connection….the Russians.

  123. Hi all,

    Just lurking and reading and feeling blue. My little 2 cents:

    1. We all agree that Vlad the Putin his nose into our election has caused fake news that disrupted and impaired our election.

    2. We all agree that the wrong individual was elected.

    I just can’t make the leap that he would stop there. Many believe that tRump is Vlad’s choice but what if he’s not. What if the whole point of messing with our news and election is only part of it? Having the continued uncertainty and angst that is going on in the country is what Vlad really wants. The wedge to break down democracy is through the passionate voices of those that want a change that they don’t understand. Think of the long game being played here! Vlad has to be laughing his ass off at us. Not for having tRump win the election but from the state of disarray from the constant bickering and gridlock in congress, from the protests and fighting in the streets.

    Good lord a man was shot to death in a fight over a parking space at a pre-Black Friday sale. We are a country in turmoil politically and socially. We need to figure out a way forward, both parties are full of sh*t and don’t represent the middle. The Bernie’s and Stein’s are the future way for Russia. Making Stein a hero for the recounts (NOT Audit) is a good way to start the break down. Why aren’t we auditing where her $5M came from?

    Sigh…. Anyways life is to short and you have to pick your battles and my battle is to keep the Bernie and Stein Ilk out of the Presidency as long as I can.

    Rant over!

  124. We have an electoral and governing system which was originally set up to provide a system of checks and balances. Not an ideal system, but one that tried to avoid an all-powerful executive, as well as tyranny of the majority. However, over decades, the Republicans, a party which does not want to “play fair,” but has the pseudo religious and social darwinist mindset to want to win by whatever method, found the flaws inherent in the system. If they are the minority in the Senate, they filibuster everything. If the majority, they don’t let the opposing President’s Supreme Court nominee ever have a hearing. They blocked hundreds of Clinton’s and Obama’s judicial appointments, so they could save them for when they won. And if Trump becomes President. they will run roughshod over every right that people have, even though they won a minority of the vote. It is not about reasonable accomodation, it is about getting everything they want. Suppressing millions of votes is a virtue to them. They will rob the country of natural resources, despoil the land, send millions to poverty. And the do not give one damn about any of it.

    So one has the choice to either give up and shutter in; move to another country; try to get on Musk’s spaceship to Mars; or do something. Who knows what the “something” is? I don’t think that working really hard to get out votes in 2018 is going to do much, although I greatly admire those who do that. They have gerrymandered everything; and the seat on the Supreme Court which they denied Obama and which he did not have the temperament to fight them on, will be filled with someone who will completely gut VRA, get rid of “one person, one vote,” destroy labor unions. They are shooting for a permanent dictatorship, though they would not call it that. They might well get it. I would say that anything that anyone can try to do, is worthwihile, even as a form of protest; or even to get something out in the news media. It makes people at least feel that there are others who share the pain and anguish, and are trying to fight against the minority which seeks to rule the country by gaming the system.This will not go away by itself. It may not be possible to effectively vote it out. But somebody, some group, has to stand up for the Constitution, even if the President, a supposed Constitutional scholar, appears to think that it stands for never causing any waves at all. Believe me, I do not have the specific answer as to what should be done. But something has to; and all suggestions, even if futile or quixotic, at least show that people aren’t just accepting it, and tending to their gardens, as Voltaire advised at the end of “Candide.”

  125. I saw WI numbers down nearly 5K for Trump.

  126. NO, we Americans are not looking away. We want SOMEBODY who has power to do SOMETHING about it.

  127. Look at the title of WAPO article “Americans keep looking away..” what a cop out. Reckless and irresponsible media.

  128. FIDEL CASTRO HAS DIED….it’s up on HuffPa main page.

  129. Ascended Madoka forgive me, but I now hate Putin and his country with the passion of a thousand burning suns.

  130. May Putin follow Castro with all possible speed.

  131. And may the usual Judge take the day off, and leave their fates to Rod Serling. 😈

  132. I will say it again and keep saying it. We are under attack by a hostile foreign power on President Obama’s watch. We are now hearing demands for Congress to “investigate”. Something should have been done by the President of the United States months ago based on what we already know. The damage is done. And POTUS let it happen. That is all.

  133. People who are now emailing me, asking me to “thank” President Obama–no thanks.

  134. Some good new, Fidel Castro has finally died.

  135. PM
    NO, we Americans are not looking away. We want SOMEBODY who has power to do SOMETHING about it.

    I agree, anyone with freakin’ ‘standing’ is good enough for me. I will not pay a cent for it, but I will be appreciative to have the freakin’ vote count rechecked, and any Electoral votes changed to the winner of the popular vote of Americans.

    I look at the article someone posted on all the Presidential elections that were won by EC votes. If I remember correctly, Kerry was the closest with 900,000 votes more than the ‘winner’.

    Hillary has already doubled that amount without all the votes counted, at 2,128,808 votes over El Douche.

    She is by far the winner of this election and we all know it.

  136. Upps, sounds like you had a cozy night anyway! I’m glad for that and hope your heat is fixed asap.

    Fidel finally croaked? Good god I can’t believe what a crazy ass year this is, especially Autumn.

  137. Wondering what you think Obama should have done about this? I mean, he’s not 007 except in the smooth department. I have long believed that our intelligence is sub-par when it comes to cyberspace. I mean when your own government data bases get hacked, including the Pentagon, it’s kind of a tipoff. It’s what you get when you keep the same old people and the same old mentality who are trained the same old way. USA appears to be geared up for 1955 not 2016. They don’t seem to be able to handle a new world of espionage. We have 14 year olds in the country who could crack this case better and faster. It seems we are a brawn military nation living in a brains world. And I can assure you Obama didn’t make it that way.

    And the only thing a president can do, any president, is to tell them to go fix this! Doesn’t mean they can. What other option would you like him to take. Fly over Russian and drop bombs? How about shut down the internet? Or block out entire countries, or parts of the hemisphere?

    When you look at things for what they really are, you can see that the options are limited unless you don’t mind becoming like China. You either give up some serious rights and freedoms or you rely on our intelligence.

    The other thing we can’t do is violate the Constitution. It says that the people of the town of Bumfuck get more points per capita than the people of California.Doesn’t matter what we WANT, that’s what it says. The EC is the LAW, folks. Being a reactive country, we didn’t bother fixing this the last time it happened. And we won’t fix it now either. You know why? Because Republicans are in charge, lock stock and barrel, and the EC ALWAYS benefits them. Kind of like Gerrymandering districts for the House always benefits them. They aren’t going to change that voluntarily. Would you if you were they? Oh, people will start a “movement” about it, but as soon as the next bright shiny object catches our eye, we’ll forget about it. Till it happens again. And then the outrage again. For awhile. Rinse and Repeat.

    And for this date in 2016, the law is the law. Unless the recount changes something in THREE specific states, the game is O.V.E.R. The only silver lining is the size of the vote win. It will cast a shadow upon the legitimacy of Trump’s presidency. And I’m pretty sure he won’t care. Nor will Ryan, who has already started to act like he has a mandate. Because he can.

  138. Part 2:

    Russia is smarter than we are. And more willing to do what has to be done. The young and strongest in the USA will sit in Zuccotti Park, waiting for someone to give them free LL Bean tents and gourmet meals, while they throw paper airplanes at Wall Street. Their idea of fixing things is to give them what they don’t have and they don’t have a clue how to go get it themselves. The only thing they do know is doing it themselves is Work. Lots of Work. Lots and lots of Work. Therefore, they will sit in Zuccotti park instead.

    As for our own security, have you ever heard of someone getting fired for the hacking of USA’s data bases? Or for the child porn rings or the fun with prostitutes while on duty? Can we name one person in the pentagon or the NSF, SEC who got fired for things they did? If I thought you would all even BOTHER clicking on the links, I would put up past posts from right here on this blog about these things. Where I come from, the next move would have been showing everybody to the lobby. We have mediocre men, and they usually ARE men in charge of these serious issues and they stay and they stay and they stay.

    Do you think Trump is smart enough to figure that out? Of course not. Especially since it seems to have benefited him quite nicely. Now that he’s in charge, expect more. Because when you can get the FBI to do what they did just before the election, you can do ANYTHING to look like a winner and make everyone else the loser.

    Let’s get realistic. Nobody represents people any longer. “The People” concept is a joke. We are not a Democratic Republic any longer. We lost that just like IKE warned us we would if we didn’t smarten up. This is as good as it gets now.

    Nope. this election will not be reversed. And stop blaming Obama. He didn’t create the electoral college for fuck’s sake. We had a couple of hundred years to fix it and didn’t. Now we want to snap our fingers and make it happen.

    You’ll all be using a walker by the time a change to the constitution is ratified. We couldn’t even get an ERA passed.

    Here is what the people we depend on to protect us are busy doing. And they are still there. And Trump will appoint goombahs to play in the sandbox and you ask why we are so unprotected? The positions that were supposed to protect us and work for us are filled with party animals. And more party animals will be arriving soon. And you imagine that 2 million more votes will change things! Emails!

    In America, we are nothing but Paper Tigers, we change nothing because we don’t want to break fingernails or get our smart phones cracked, or be uncomfortable. We do not want to miss The Apprentice. We live our lives vicariously through television and we demand shit but NEVER follow through. We LOVE being Victims.

  139. I don’t believe the US is without resources to use cyberwarfare against Russia. I’m not talking about playing defense or using conventional military weapons. But now that you mention it, I haven’t heard anything from POTUS about making it a priority to fix all these vulnerabilities in our IT. I don’t buy that Russia is so superior, and we’re at their mercy. Another possible avenue to attack them is financial. This should have been an “all hands on deck moment”. Instead, POTUS said and did nothing. And if he can’t do anything about something as egregious and damaging as cyberwarfare which experts have warned about for years, I don’t know why everybody loses their shit about lone wolf terrorist attacks. This has far graver consequences. Not all of the Russian attack is on Obama, but a lot is. I ain’t persuaded the POTUS doesn’t need to respond forcefully to a cyber attack which is ewuivalent to Pearl Harbor–or, at the very least, look like he cares.

  140. Hey let’s raise some money to send Bernie Sanders to Fidel Castro’s funeral. I’m sure he wants to go.

    Hillary would have had all those votes and more AND the electoral college if Bernie Sanders hadn’t been allowed to shove her so far to the left that her fingernails were bleeding hanging off the cliff. And the Democratic Party let it happen. She had to latch on to the most RIDICULOUS ideas in a Democratic Republic. Free college? Are you fucking KIDDING me? Half those morons don’t even belong in college. We dumbed so many colleges down for them, some of them have remedial English classes for them. WTF has happened here? College used to be for the academically brightest. With specific purpose! We can’t find a g’damned plumber, have to wait for days for a plumber to show up because all the potential plumbers are taking basket weaving in college. Jesus H Chrrrrrrrrrrist. And now EVERYBODY deserves free college. They major in unmarketable things and wonder why there are no jobs. I’m all for free college. For people who have the gift and the drive for professions we need in this country. Mathematical geniuses. Scientists who can actually cure things. CYBER SECURITY. Teaching. Russia? They educate people like this for free. in Russia, only the best and brightest become teachers. Teachers are held in the highest of esteem. They are as important and doctors. Often, they are selected. Here, we treat them like dog crap and we throw boulders in their way besides.In Russia, carpenters are apprenticed like we once did, and their skill is honed. I’ll bet you can find a plumber too. A good one. Russia takes education seriously! That’s why they are WAYYYYYYYYYYY ahead of us in cyber space. There IS no other reason. Ditto for China and Japan. College is NOT supposed to be a cottage industry. In Japan, if you can’t cut it to get into a real Med school, you don’t go to one of those schools on some obscure Island just to get a sheepskin like doctors and veterinarians are given to doing here.

    Have you ever seen the work of a master carpenter? Beats the shit out of some dingbat who got a BA in history, let me tell you! Now THAT’s brains and that’s SKILL. A master carpenter will ALWAYS have good paying work. A philosophy major, no so much. And we somehow think some average student majoring in some form of philosophy is where it’s at. Everybody wants to be a brain surgeon. Not everybody can be one. Soon we will dumb that down too. The phonebook is riddled with lawyers, though. That’s helpful, isn’t it? It’s gotten so everybody is trying to make it by taking something that belongs to somebody else, FCS. Nobody wants to make sacrifices with a long term goal. Everything is I WANT IT NOW, GIVE IT TO ME. Coal miners want coal back. That would be a lot easier than learning to do something else. This country has lost its versatility and flexibility. Bigly! There’s no adapting to anything. Just whining. Tons and tons of Whining. And that is why we will have a war. Jobs for everybody! And free food and clothing! Manufacturing missiles and weapons and bullets! Good paying work!

    No TV! Except for the Two Minute Hate. We certainly have gotten all the practice we need to be good at it. Just spend an hour on twitter and you can see the potential.

    “Oceania is at war with Eurasia. They have always been at war with Eurasia”.

    And that’s the back story here. She wasn’t herself. She had to be Bernie. And in the end they fucked her anyways. Now they are whining that Trump won and they actually IMAGINE that unvetted communist Bernie would have won.

    I am not kidding here. I am going on record here and now. There will be war. Not surgical strikes. War. There is nothing else left for us to do. We are ruined.

    Jebus. I ranted. This is what living in one room with a fireplace turns you into…….

  141. Don’t shut down our internet. Shut down their internet. Also their banking systems and especially their oil and gas production. This is why the NSA EXISTS AND IS THE LARGEST, MOST POWERFUL AGENCY IN THE US GOVERNMENT.

    Everything about Putin says don’t fuck with me. Everything about Obama says please don’t hurt me.

  142. POTUS will go to Castro’s funeral and take Bernie with him.

  143. I for one am not thinking that anything is going to put Hillary in the presidency. Even if WI flips and MI flip it changes nothing. It’s unlikely that PA will flip on a recount since there’s too much of a difference. However those states and what they did need to be investigated. Nothing is going to change the outcome but there may be people who end up committing election fraud that will be exposed. And I’m not sure Jill Stein isn’t playing people for a bunch of fools and using this as an opportunity to separate people from their money.

    The GOP is going to do nothing about Putin attempting influence in the election. They are just fine with all that. The press went for Hillary’s scalp and they won. Too bad so sad for the rest of us is their condescending attitude.

    However we are going to have to force the powers that be to fight for us it seems. It’s downright depressing.

  144. Yeah there ya go. Shut down oil and gas production. Kill off everybody in the Northeast in one winter. Excellent idea. We NEED oil. We NEED to stop pretending we don’t NEED OIL.

    WIthout gasoline, how will all those people who travel 40 miles to work every day get there? We NEED oil. Repeat after me. WE NEED OIL AND GAS. To LIVE.

    Electric cars are for fun. Much of America can’t get to work without recharging FCS. and how about these ‘cars’ in the middle of winter?

  145. Two words: North. Dakota.

  146. Ok I’ll bite. Whatchu mean?

  147. I for one am not thinking that anything is going to put Hillary in the presidency. Even if WI flips and MI flip it changes nothing. It’s unlikely that PA will flip on a recount since there’s too much of a difference.

    Eureka! The most realistic thing I have read on this blog in two weeks.

    What these 2+ million votes will do is cast a shadow on the legitimacy of Donald J. Trump. He’ll pretend he doesn’t care. He may not make four years anyways what with his penchant for using the WH as a personal money making scheme.

  148. And I’m not sure Jill Stein isn’t playing people for a bunch of fools and using this as an opportunity to separate people from their money.

    She’ll have more than enough left for more trips to Russia to refuel.

  149. FYI Stein said she needed 2.5 million and she raised 5 million.

    Not bad for a couple of days’ work….

  150. POTUS will go to Castro’s funeral and take Bernie with him.

    There ya go. And people wonder how we lose elections.

  151. Sorry to take so long to get back, Up. In addition to saving the world, I have to do laundry.

    North Dakota for the last few years has pumped out oil like crazy. Living in neighboring Minnesota, I saw people loading up all their earthly possessions to go there for jobs. It was like the Promised Land. Like The Grapes of Wrath when the Oakies headed for Cali. And these mostly unskilled workers made a shit ton of money so that they were able to adapt when the oil fields in ND shut down because the price of crude had fallen. But in a pinch, they could ramp up again. Also, we don’t get oil and gas from Russia like Europe does. It affects the price for us mostly but because of fracking in ND and other places we can adjust. You won’t have to freeze–assuming we can move the oil over the objections of anti-pipeline folks who claim to worry about routes and things when they really are trying to stop oil production by shutting down oil transportation systems.

    We’ve already had sanctions on oil from Russia over Crimea. No one noticed.

    Back to laundry!

  152. Miami Cuban escapees and their families celebrate the death of a killing dictator who took everything from everyone, including their lives if it suited him.

  153. Yes, Rebel. We have long known we have all the oil we need, but getting it is the problem due to the ongoing fight about it. That is why we tend to prefer getting it from somewhere else. Talk about mixed emotions….damned if you do, damned if you don’t. If we did, we could tell them all to go fuck a duck. But then………..

    ……….well you get the picture.

    Oil to Crimea is sanctioned because Russia owns it. It’s one of those ‘benefits’ of producing and using your own oil. We don’t notice if they won’t send it to us because I don’t think we buy oil from Russia. Do we?

    We have mostly crude. We tend to sell it to places like Japan. Or at least we did. We suck up to that rotten lousy Saudi because of oil. A hotbed of human rights atrocities nobody should give the time of day to with their own watch.

  154. “I wish to register a complaint about this despot I purchased from this very boutique not sixty years ago.”

    “Ah, yes, the Cuban Hairy. What’s wrong with it?”

    “I’ll tell you what’s wrong with it, my lad. It’s dead; that’s what’s wrong with it.”

    “No, no, it’s just resting.”

    “Look, my lad, I know a dead despot when I see one, and l’m looking at one right now.”

  155. SNL needs to bring back Chevy Chase to report that Castro is still dead.

  156. Uppity Woman, on November 26, 2016 at 8:55 AM said:

    I for one am not thinking that anything is going to put Hillary in the presidency. Even if WI flips and MI flip it changes nothing. It’s unlikely that PA will flip on a recount since there’s too much of a difference.

    Eureka! The most realistic thing I have read on this blog in two weeks.

    pm317, on November 25, 2016 at 11:22 PM said:

    I for one, am not expecting ‘recount’ or ‘auditthevote’ to change anything.

    Uppity, I said the same thing too. Can I get a cookie too? /JK

    Agree with GA6thDem completely.

  157. Uppity Woman, on November 26, 2016 at 8:17 AM said:

    Yep, I ranted with you as I read your comment. Fuck Bernie and his midget ideas. Hillary talked about vocational schools and bringing up trade-based training like you are talking about but it got lost in the ’emails’. So many things went wrong in this one election. Fuck Bernie, most of all because he started the contamination early.

  158. Brassy Rebel, on November 26, 2016 at 8:00 AM said:

    Agree with your comment. I can’t believe the passivity of the Obama WH here.

  159. Uppity, here is what Obama could be doing — throw some cold water on Bernie right now instead of propping him up, (he won’t which is why some of us blame him). Bernie is happy that Hillary lost. He is a vulgar sadistic old man.

  160. From Marc Elias, legal counsel to Hillary For America
    View story at

  161. Thanks, Sophie. Good to know they are doing something. At this point, that is all anybody can hope for.

  162. How is bernie throwing his wrinkled ass into the election Obama’s fault? Anybody could run for president without anybody else’s permission. It is my logical guess that the party didn’t want him running Independent so they let him in. Who knew that morons would flock to this Do Nothing Senator who is so fractious and dictatorial that nobody can work with him? Who knew that reciting the same ten empty bullshit lines and empty Un-Do-able promises on a stump could actually look real to anybody?

    Wait a second. That’s the same thing Trump did. nevermind. Anyways, Bernie’s not the fault of anybody but Bernie. He’s a typical central america communist who just loves creating chaos. It’s all he’s ever done. All of his life. He’s nobody’s fault. Why is there this burning need to blame somebody else for everything that happens. Hillary was dragged into the socialist abyss by Bernie. Blame Bernie for Bernie. And hillary for doing it. I tell you, she adopted ideas of his that, if it weren’t Hillary and I didn’t know she would become pragmatic as a president, even I wouldn’t have voted for her. And in the end, Bernie’s suckhole pissants still didn’t vote for her. She should have let his ass hang in the wind and take them with him. They weren’t going to vote for a vagina anyways. Then she could have been Hillary and more pragmatic instead of adopting ideas of a communist. Sorry but that’s how I see it. It was a choice between communism or fascism to the naked eye.

    History already showed us that this kind of person always works on the impressionable Youth. In our case, we also have a gaggle of left over hippies out there too, who long for the old days of burning shit down. These were the activists who kept the flame burning.

    Free college. Free health care. Free this. Free that. Living wage if you don’t work. What???? But let’s YOU pay for it. Get the fuck out of here. People aren’t going to pay for that. We don’t have enough rich people’s money to pay for all of that. I mean the ones who instantly don’t become expats! That’s Castro shit! People came here to get away from that kind of stuff. Bernie is Castro. Just saying! Trump is Stalin. Stalin beat Castro.

  163. Instead of ignoring Bernie now, everyone on the Dem side is still coddling him. He gets to say whatever he wants and not pay a price. If that comment up thread about Obama taking him to Castro’s funeral with him on Airforce One is true, I rest my case. They including Obama are all massaging his ego even now instead of making him the pariah that he is who was one of the reasons for her loss.

  164. Regarding Sanders and Spike Lee analyzing the election, I am so tired of dudes manspaining this election and where Hillary “failed”. They continue to measure enthusiasm by crowd size rather than total votes. Some males are obsessed with size–be it crowds or other things.

    If Bernie really wants to know what went wrong, let’s start “A Mirrors for Bernie” campaign. Every time he is asked about what went wrong he can pull out one of his mirrors and look into it.

  165. So, who will shut this old fucker Bernie up?

  166. pm, I was joking about Obama taking Bernie with him to Castro’s funeral. I think. I hope.

  167. I guess nobody told bernie that she beat him. Maybe he should analyze THAT.

  168. OK, Brassy. This is what I wish Obama will do — call Bernie up and say cut it out. I think he can do that and should do that in the interest of the Dem party of which Bernie (of his own choice) is not part but Obama is the head right now. School him on how petty all this gloating is for a 70+ year old man not to mention casting an irreparable shadow on his party with all the misinformation and stupid analysis. If Obama can’t take Russia head on, he can at least take Bernie on in the interest of the Dem party. Wise up and grow old gracefully, old man at least in your 70th decade on this earth.

  169. CAUTION… don’t get excited… I am looking at you Bellecat (joking)

  170. Sophie:
    Thank you for the link from Marc Erik Elias.
    A must needed response from Hillary’s camp; bringing to an understanding that their actions have remained private for security reasons and pointing the core of the outrage as follows:

    “The concerns have arisen, in particular, with respect to Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania — three states that together proved decisive in this presidential election and where the combined margin of victory for Donald Trump was merely 107,000 votes.”

    I feel that the 107,000 votes number should go viral.

    Some may convey that is not even a mandate for the Electoral College to vote for Trump when Hillary got more than 2 million popular votes in a country of over 300 million citizens; -or any other rational showing the disparity of the numbers vs.the undemocratic outcome…

  171. Neither Bernie nor What’s-His-Name interviewing him (he’s not important enough to remember his name) mentioned the gutting of the Voting Rights Act in 2013, which allowed GOP state legislatures to use surgical precision in disenfranchising likely Democratic voters.

    If that had happened in 2005, we would be discussing the winding-down of the McCain presidency.

  172. Did anybody watch Joy Reid this morning and did she say this?

  173. Uppity may not like this, but also this.

  174. An article from April about WI voter ID laws and suppression. Notice the reliance on the birth certificate. Everybody knows that it hits naturalized immigrant citizens and minorities disproportionately who may not have ready access to their birth certificate and who vote Democratic. This is genius and diabolical. The buffoon’s margin is like 22K but the voters turned away, 300+K.

  175. PM, thanks for the Reid/Palast video. I don’t think what he’s saying is a so far fetched.

  176. I am way behind on the blog but concerning Obama and what he should have done…I have to go back to 2007 and say since then, he himself as President has done a very poor job of being any type of leader.

    Look at the ACA. The way it is structured is a damn mess and although it’s good for people that are poor and subsidized by our tax dollar, it was not put together to be more affordable for anyone else. Obama stole Hillary’s big ticket item and had no clue nor cared as how to put the foundation together. He didn’t get the super geeks to build it’s website, but just flung millions at some company that had no clue as to what was needed.

    Obama will never be looked at as a hard worker, a great thinker or even a great leader.

    He is slick and he always finds the path of least resistance.

  177. trixta, he made the Joy Reid show. That is important. What were the Democrats doing when these the VRA was gutted in 2013 and all these other things were going on in the states?

  178. And of course the Repos are starting to complain about the recount action…what else is new…

  179. I do agree with this part of Upps part 1:

    “Unless the recount changes something in THREE specific states, the game is O.V.E.R. The only silver lining is the size of the vote win. It will cast a shadow upon the legitimacy of Trump’s presidency.”

    I also believe that electoral votes being switched from El Douche to Hillary may help.

    I also believe that those that raise their voices against Trump is the only noise that lets our country know that this election was a farce and I will join in this rage, no matter if it all falls though or not.

  180. Not sure if this has already been posted or not:

    Breaking News

    Clinton campaign: We are taking part in the recount


  181. I´m trying not to get too worked up about the story of Obama´s call to Hillary…-the fake news thing, and besides Hillary´s has her own intelligence about things…and the shocking outcome is a factor…

    As said before: concession is NOT biding and CAN BE rescinded.

    Shadowfax, on November 26, 2016 at 3:03 PM said:
    “He is slick and he always finds the path of least resistance.”

    I agree on that and the fact that he is a big time schmoozer …

  182. The best tweet to Bernie Sanders. Ever.

  183. What if you were an abandoned child and don’t know where or when you were born? How do you get a birth certificate if somebody dumped you off? I guess those people can’t vote either.

    What if your birth certificate was destroyed when you were a baby, such as in a fire? What if you are poor and can’t afford to go to a county clerk’s office and pay for a copy of your BC instead of eating that day?

    What if your birth certificate is in another country? What if you brought it with you when you legally came here, but it got lost in one of the moves your family had to make to find work?

    Are homeless people allowed to vote?

    What if you’re married and your last name changed? Do you have to dig up your marriage license too?

    What if you’re white and dressed in a suit? Oh, nevermind then.

    I’ll bet most of the people who were turned away could get into the army and die for this fucking country, though

  184. “There will be war.” (Upps@8:17am)

    I’ve been thinking this too. And I think what might play out sometime in Trump’s presidency is the GWB playbook–i.e. a 9/11-type terror attack, more constitutional rights taken away, then a war (with Iran?).

  185. Yes Obama is a laid back guy. You’re going to wish he was here in about six months when the crazy bastard is sticking his face all over the place and blubbering in that gutteral growl.

    Obama will look really good to you then.

  186. Uppity, that is the thing about birth cert. — it is plain diabolical. Many of these people had other IDs, IDs from other states and would have got that ID for which at some point in the chain, your BC would have been checked. This is total disenfranchisement of the OTHER.

  187. Uppity may not like this, but also this.

    So who is she and she knows this HOW, again? You MUST ask these questions or you will be knee jerking constantly to false information.

  188. Obama will look really good to you then.

    Oh hell… Bush will look like a ‘compassionate conservative’.

  189. You MUST ask these questions or you will be knee jerking constantly to false information.

    Sorry, uppity. That was harsh and low. I have generally been quite responsible in bringing information to this board. I don’t knee jerk. I have a certain disposition about Obama and you may not share it but if you are going to characterize my participation as ‘knee jerking constantly to false information’ I must protest and I do.

  190. When did Obama become above reproach? I am kind of surprised by Uppity’s reaction to all our criticism of Obama.

  191. trixta, that playbook has been mentioned elsewhere and I can’t quite remember where I read it.

  192. pm317, on November 26, 2016 at 2:04 PM


    Even my name was tossed off the frickin’ rolls this year in 2016. I even brought in my info that was mailed to me because they did this in the primary too, it CA. I have voted in every election since I was 21 years old, I never traded in my Dem card for any other party and I was like an angry hornet when they made me fill out a phucking provisional ballot this year.

    They made me put my sealed ballot in a big fabric box on the floor by the front door. To say I was pist would be an understatement.

    I am lucky I live in a blue state, but I am pist this bullshit goes on in purple states, and a recount is NECESSARY, I am glad the Clinton campaign is going to join in on this.

  193. There was a time when plenty of those ballot BOXES were moved to people’s basements….

  194. I never said he was fucking above reproach. I am saying that hearsay isn’t worth shit.

    I give up on you people. The place is yours.


  195. Shadow, what!? But see, if this kind of thing is done to minorities or immigrant citizens, most of them will take it personally and would not have the will to fight. It is another scar or a sign someone saying they don’t belong here . So the first thing they will feel is hurt and then may be anger but like Uppity listed, it is not that easy to find your BC out of the blue, for lack of funds/time.

    In fact, we didn’t get our election booklet in the mail this year and I was very suspicious that our names maybe taken off the list. But we have a good automated system where I could call in and verify my registration and everything was fine.

  196. Ups: If you land somewhere else, please leave a forwarding address….finding reason and truth is getting harder and harder.

  197. It seems clear to me that Hillary and her team have been actively looking at the votes and not only waited for Stein to jump into the recount action, but most probably are the reason she was able to get the millions so quickly.

    After a period of public silence about the results of the 2016 election, Hillary Clinton’s top campaign lawyer said the campaign will play a role in the Wisconsin recount initiated Friday by Green Party candidate Jill Stein. The Clinton campaign will follow the same approach in Michigan and Pennsylvania if the third-party hopeful pursues recounts in those states.

    “Because we had not uncovered any actionable evidence of hacking or outside attempts to alter the voting technology, we had not planned to exercise this option ourselves, but now that a recount has been initiated in Wisconsin, we intend to participate in order to ensure the process proceeds in a manner that is fair to all sides,” Marc Elias, Clinton’s general counsel, wrote Saturday on Medium.


    Elias said that participating in the recount was the right step to ensure a fair outcome for all sides. Acknowledging “the heartbreak felt by so many who worked so hard to elect Hillary Clinton,” Elias emphasized that Clinton allies had combed through data and queried experts since President-elect Donald Trump’s upset victory. But it had not found evidence of any hacking of actual votes, and Elias — a veteran of many recount fights — conceded that Clinton’s deficit even in the closest state, Michigan, “exceeds the largest margin ever overcome in a recount.”

    “Regardless of the potential to change the outcome in any of the states, we feel it is important, on principle, to ensure our campaign is legally represented in any court proceedings and represented on the ground in order to monitor the recount process itself.”

  198. cats, Uppity is not going anywhere. This is her home — she built it. We are all hurt, frustrated, and many are still mourning their loss. I guess we all need our space and take one day at a time. I certainly have been prolific here (not with hearsay!) but time for me to scale back.

  199. Groundbreaking Journalist Drops Truth Bomb On Trump Era Media In Epic Speech
    Donald Trump puts journalism and democracy in mortal peril, according to a…

    Christiane Amanpour is the journalist. Great Speech! get into GOOD trouble!

  200. Upps

    There was a time when plenty of those ballot BOXES were moved to people’s basements….

    This was my point, it is very easy to just ‘miss place’ these votes, in basements, in the back room, in a van………..

    The big fabric bag has a handle on it, looked more like a big frozen food bag than anything as important as votes for our President. It was degrading and felt so unofficial to put my vote in there and there was nothing else I could do

  201. PM
    …time for me to scale back.

    I’ve been feeling that way for the past couple of days.

    This isn’t my blog, nor my ‘people’, and rather than ruffle too many feathers that I don’t agree with…

  202. Whether or not it’s true that Obama pushed for an early concession,his White House is reaffirming their belief that ” the American people have spoken”. True..WE elected Hillary Clinton,but the EC hasn’t voted yet,either.
    To me the recount isn’t so much about hacking as revealing what really happens to people’s votes after they vote. Also to highlight voter suppression and disenfranchisement.Most folk are unaware and a bit of education of the public is not a waste of time or money..if we’re to continue to fight the Koch brothers et al.

    Also people,this is about the healing process. If this helps people to come to terms w/what happened,understand why/how it happened and gets us ALL ready to fight another day. Then,again,NOT a waste of $.

    Hillary may well have decided to see what level of interest there was ( or maybe even quietly arrange for funding) in the Stein recount. A recount has never ,previously , brought a different result when the discrepancies were so large,but,then,voter suppression hasn’t been this bad in decades. If this helps people feel like they did everything they knew how to do to prevent a Trump presidency,quicker mended,sooner freed up to fight the upcoming multiple fights..

    Plus Trump is already on track to violate the Constitution;so prepare yourself for the Pence administration ( If Bannon doesn’t have Pence poisoned first. Hmmm,maybe that wouldn’t be such a bad thing;sure would save a lot of women’s and LGBTQ lives)

  203. And here it is folks. Stein attacks Hillary. As I said, she can’t be trusted, but I’m glad Clinton’s team wants to participate in the recount. I’m sure they don’t trust Stein either.

  204. This election has really taken a toll on all of us. And the worst part is knowing it’s going to get much worse. Pm and Shadow, take the time you need but we hope you will continue to chime in.

  205. trixta, by participating, the Clinton camp is pretty much forcing her to follow through. Naturally, Stein is pissed because I think she had something else in mind. The explanation from the attorney made clear they didn’t request a recount because their own analysis showed it wouldn’t change a thing. I think Hillary was really reluctant to start fundraising again for nothing. She knows we’ve been through enough, and some can’t afford it.

    I don’t get what’s going on here. Now we’re all supposed to agree on everything? I don’t even agree with my significant other 100% of the time. And I think that would be pretty boring. Frankly, I find the exchange of different opinions invigorating. But if some of you need a break, I totally understand. It’s been a very rough few weeks. I try to be respectful of other opinions even when I disagree. And I’ve never felt insulted by sharp words. It goes with the territory, I figure.

  206. I agree with trixa and Brassy. Emotions are raw. We’ve been through a hell of a lot this election. I’d hate to see anyone leave in haste. All of us share the same love for Hillary Clinton, regardless of other disagreements we may have. This is one of the few Hillary blogs that I know of, it would sure be nice to keep it going. At least for a while.

  207. I just feel that when the owner of the blog decides to leave, because some of us don’t agree on post-election beliefs and behavior…that some of my posts should be tampered down or at least minimal.

    Upps belongs here more than I do.

  208. Shadow, you have to do what you think best for yourself. We are all trying to get through this horrible situation we find ourselves in, and don’t know what’s gonna happen, which is pretty scary.

  209. I wish I understood what Obama is trying to accomplish with “the will of the people” comments, and his absolute refusal to comment about massive voter suppression. I don’t know wht he said to HIllary, as all we have is this unsourced article. But it certainly fits with everything else he has not been doing. Just in terms of the suppression, how do people who wanted to vote, and were thwarted by unconstitutional rules and the closing of many polling places, feel when Obama appears to validate it all? So the other side can cheat, suppress, have a foreign power actively interfering to help them win, and it is all just “the will of the people?” So if we become a dictatorship, that was the will of the people, too? I hardly know what to say. What is this apparent eagerness to pave the way for someone he kept saying was not fit to e President, and who is losing by over 2.5 million votes? And does he not understznd that it will be very difficult to ever get back to this place? Finally, the one thing he could do to avert some of it, is to put Garland on the Supreme Court. The more I thmk about it, the more I believe that he has an absolute right to do so, when Republicans refuse to even hold hearings on him. But we know he will never do it. And that is insupportable, in my view.


  211. If anybody thought that the Hillary Team was NOT going to be part of the recount, is definitely in another planet…on far far away…

    I’ve never been for or against Jill Stein; she does not have Hillary’s natural political skills and charisma.
    But she has “standing” to call for the recount and yes, power to her. She has step up to challenge the obvious lack of clarity, transparency and fairness on this election, specially when some on the GP do not support the move that helps to establish Hillary as the clear winner.

    There’s something going on here, yes. I leave others to speculate of what may or may not be…

    I’m just thrill of what is happening…let it play…this election ain’t over…

  212. Well, i understand the hurt feelings of everyone. I do think the recount is a good idea even if it does nothing else but bring closure to this horrible election. I do have a suspicion though that WI might flip with some of the monkeying with numbers that apparently have been done there. At least if WI flips it will shut Bernie up. I don’t know why Trump is so upset about the recount unless he knows something. I don’t know how Trump takes office in January without doing something about his business interests. It would seem they would have to immediately remove him if he doesn’t. Of course then we get Pence who is just as bad just in different ways.

    As far as Obama, well, I agree that after 6 months of the Trump monster he’s actually going to look good. That being said he never has shown any inclination towards fighting for anything. So the fact that he thought that Hillary should concede immediately comes as no surprise. The good news is once Obama is gone though all the focus is going to be on the GOP and their bad policies. The GOP is not going to have Obama to run against.

  213. imusthaveHillary, on November 26, 2016

    I agree we are all scared, and the way I deal with fear is to fight back with all my might. It is 2008 ground hog day times a thousand.

  214. As Upps would say: For chrisses sake chill out!

    She ain’t going anywhere…this is her home…

    She’ll show up again…when she gets bored to dead…or needs good venting…or just to tell us that we are bunch of crazy morons…

    We were here in 2008…thru the years we’ve learned that we have more things in common keeping us together…

    {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{ WE ARE UPPITY WOMEN }}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

    Love you Upps…

  215. WTH? Stein’s staff can’t find out state recount deadlines by themselves?

  216. What you–yes, you–can do to save America from tyranny via @dallasnews


  218. Well said bellecat!

  219. NW Luna @ 9:43pm, how bizarre. They should do Arizona and Florida maybe?

  220. @socal, Yes!

  221. Let me tell you all a disturbing story about what I went through regarding identification. Many years back Florida required that you bring in with you proof of immigration status in order to renew your drivers license. About 1 1/2 years before my license would expire I looked for my passport. I had not traveled overseas within the past two years and when I located it, it was expired. So I looked for my naturalization papers. Couldn’t find them. I called INS to see if I could get a copy. They could find nothing. I then spent the next year going through US government hell. It got so bad that my husband said don’t worry I will visit you in Cuba when you get deported. Long story short an immigration attorney friend said to send in the expired passport anyway and renew it. Well even though it was close to a year expired it was renewed and I was able to get my drivers license renewed.

    I found out later close to two years after starting my journey of looking for my naturalization certificate that my name was indexed incorrectly when I first arrived in the US. That is why it was nearly impossible to locate. Also when I married and changed my last name I was obligated to pay for a new certificate in my married name. I did that so I am completely legal now.

    So sometimes the birth certificate is not so difficult to get. But if you lose your naturalization certificate you are screwed.

    As for Castro dying he is irrelevant now. He was a murdering brutal dictator. But his brother is no better. Nothing will change for Cuba or the Cuban people.

    Sadly Obama is a lame duck president. There is nothing he can do about anything. The left will continue to commit suicide by listening to Bernie. I am beyond caring at this point. The white people that put Trump in power and voted for Bernie are racist sexist xenophobic bigots. They are beyond redemption. I’m too busy enduring the minority apocalypse that the Trump era has dumped on my doorstep.

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