They are all ‘King Of Kings’ Ozymandias in the end.


By Percy Bysshe Shelley

I met a traveller from an antique land

Who said: Two vast and trunkless legs of stone

Stand in the desert. Near them, on the sand,

Half sunk, a shattered visage lies, whose frown

And wrinkled lip, and sneer of cold command

Tell that its sculptor well those passions read

Which yet survive, stamped on these lifeless things,

The hand that mocked them and the heart that fed.

And on the pedestal these words appear:

“My name is Ozymandias, king of kings:

Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair!”

Nothing beside remains. Round the decay

Of that colossal wreck, boundless and bare

The lone and level sands stretch far away.


 Essay question: Why have I posted this?


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  1. Well, the obvious explanation would be to remind all of us that this, too, shall pass. That despite the bluster and bombast, trump’s legacy will dissolve into sand and lose it’s power and significance. Or, it can be more portentous- that the reign of rump roast will devastate all that surrounds him. Regardless, the traveller endures and the tyrant disintegrates. My concern is the elapsed journey between now and then.

  2. Like lililam, I don’t know if the statue is Trump in time to come or is it our civilization?
    I can’t help picturing the near buried Statue of Liberty in “Planet of the Apes.”

  3. “Wrinkled lip, sneer of cold command.”
    The statue is definitely Dump. The barren surroundings are no doubt the America he’s going to make “great” again.

  4. These men who fancy themselves so powerful, they mock and sneer and instill fear so that others may bow to them, for they are so powerful and important. So important they build statues to themselves with inscriptions of their powerfulness. And in the end, all of them fade into the sand and become nothing. Only remnants of their own monuments remain where they once mocked and abused power. The shards of their monuments remain to mock them for their own foolishness and mistaken assumption that their own greatness will endure.

    This is a grand reminder to all tyrants.

    (I found the answer! 😉 )

  5. Unfortunately those “boundless and bare…lone and level sands” are what will be left of our civilization after dRump blows it up. Keep in mind: SHOCK and AWE are coming (I think we already got the shock).

  6. Would imagine you posted it as a reminder that history repeats itself. It is inevitable. There will always be those who believe themselves great, and they always fall.

  7. My father read me that poem when I was a boy. It is a tale that one doesn’t forget, with the dramatic images, and the succinct (rather rare for Shelley, I think) verse. It didn’t exactly encourage me, that poem. No tyrant, no grandiose figure, can escape time and decay. But as Lililam and Sue allude to above, that applies to the human race as well. Shakespeare said “the evil that men do lives after them, the good is oft interred with their bones.” Hitler is gone, but his unfathomable evil will affect the human race forever. Trump and Trump Tower will crumble at some historical point, but he can cause immense and even catastrophic suffering along the way. The Pharaohs did, too, but they had less scope.

  8. The hubris and ego of Trump will end up destroying himself.

  9. Good poem Upps and good sense for the timing to share it…

  10. @ trixta:
    Thank you for the link on Madonna’s speech and the dance video with our Hillary…

  11. Maybe a Miracle on 34th street…of a sort?

    Electoral College: Make Hillary Clinton President on December 19.
    14 December 2016 — Today we begin publishing our full-page Letter to Electors in newspapers across the country.
    The letter affirms the danger Trump presents, and the right and responsibility of Electors to vote their conscience and protect the Constitution. For today’s action, we are asking you to read and share it.

    The letter was published today in the Washington Post, Philadelphia Inquirer, Austin American-Statesman, Salt Lake City Tribune and Tampa Bay Times. Tomorrow it will run in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and the Wisconsin State Journal.

    The coalition of Americans who have signed this letter have staked their honor on this cause, and we are incredibly grateful for their support, courage, and faith.

    We are proud to stand with you in this fight,
    Daniel and the ECP team

  12. Well, if we really want to keep things in perspective:

  13. Why post this poem, you ask, Uppity? As other’s have suggested, since tyrannical power will inevitably fall to ruin and dust over time, we should therefore chill out and go on with our lives because things will pass. They always do.

    But is this the only take away here? What message or statement really endures in the poem? Is it the traveler’s ironic story of fallen power? Or is it the artist’s work which now as ruin/relic mocks the tyrant rather than glorifies him? (Perhaps the artist was mocking Ozymandias all along.) Or is it the narrator’s story/perspective which is not his own at all but that of a traveler’s he’s comes across? Or is it the poet’s work of art, which endures– but only as long as there are readers to read it? Or is it a statement of poetry itself as that which is located in irony, the gap of contradiction which yields meaning?

    Given the layers of irony the poem conveys, where does that leave us Uppityites? I think we can all agree that Trump is the lowest form of humanity occupying the highest office of the land–the world. On that broad note, I’ll respond to your question with more questions. Such as, are we to keep silent because the meaning of Trump will change over time, thus our opinions really don’t matter in the long run? As I’ve said before, withdrawing from current events has it’s merits; it can preserve one’s health and sanity. Or do we speak out against this cruel historical moment, recognizing the irony before us, regardless of how the dust ultimately settles? Can we do the latter and still live our lives, keep our sanity, and appreciate our blessings?

    In any case, I have another question for you, naughty Uppity. 🙂 Which of the following best describes you here? The narrator of the poem, the traveler, the artist/sculptor, the poet, the reader? Just wondering….

  14. You’re welcome, bellecat (@1:54pm). That was some speech. Glad Madonna called out the music industry and her critics, especially Paglia. As a second-rate scholar and Madonna-wanna-be of the academic world, Paglia deserved to be called out for her attacks on other women. (Note: She’s a rabid Hillary hater too. Also, she once said that if women had been in charge of civilization [instead of men] we’d still be wearing grass skirts.) It’s no surprise she would respond to the singer’s speech, by attacking her age, music, and artistic evolution. [See link below.] I’ve only ever heard/read Paglia rail against women and feminists, so I’m glad Madonna had the sound judgement of never cozying up to
    her–even in the years when Paglia praised her.

    To attack Madonna’s evolution as an artist is a low blow, since Madonna’s music is better than ever (better than her old stuff, imo). Her albums are always anticipated by critics, artists, and fans alike. In fact, she has sell-out tours time and again because her material is always new and different. Billboard gave her the award for woman of the year because of her undeniable ticket sales. (She’s the greatest touring act for a single artist of all time.) Yet, her music is not played on the radio because of her age; radio stations have blatantly said this. Madonna may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but she’s a living icon. And I’m so glad she supported Hillary this election.

  15. Trixta, that was very good.I have read the poem many times, sometimes in literature classes, or just perusing a poetry anthology. And I usually just take the obvious meaning, of the ephemerality of eathrly things, and the arrogance of great power thinking that it can build a monument to itself. But yes, you are right that the poem could also be about the presumpuousness of any poet thinking that his words will endure throughout the ages.

    The story, not poem, which always haunts me, is one by the great science fiction writer Robert Silverberg. I think it is called, ‘The Wind and the Rain.” And it is a beautifully poetric description of how, after many eons, the earth heals itself; flowers bloom, the air is fresh and clean. The awfulness of the story is that this is of course long after humans are gone, having presumably destroyed the planet, but which without them, heals itself.

  16. Not being into poetry, I take the literal meaning here. The last line “The lone and level sands stretch far away” indicates that that land was destroyed and not even a blade of grass is left.
    Do we have any chance of directing a different outcome for our new Fascist regime? That is the question. Can we, or enough of us, lay the groundwork for a brighter outcome? Loretta Lynch said it is going to be up to the citizens. She was plain in her warning.
    The country may never regain its original principles as set out by Jefferson, et al. But, can we reclaim a significant part of it?

    If we don’t have citizen activists, then I think the unfertile sands will stretch across the land. Here is hoping that there are enough of the 25 million voters (Not sure if this is right #) to retain our memory of a democracy. I am somewhat hopeful that we will have enough to survive and even thrive to a degree…afterwords.

    And, even if you don’t like Rachel Maddow, part 2 of her Lynch interview is on tonight.

  17. PS. I like your Christmas banner very, very much. Thank you!

  18. Myself,I’m going to do one of those “in the moment” kind of things. I’m just grateful for the new thread and the stunning Christmas tree.

    Fortunately our diversity allows for diverse responses to both poems
    and major life events. It’s that very diversity that helps us find a path to healing.

  19. It means this:

  20. Thank you, wlm! There’s nothing like a good poem that reads differently as you encounter it anew. My husband has referred to this poem over the years and has even recited it to me in its entirety, but there’s nothing like lived context (i.e. this election) that gives this poem both a dosage of reality and perspective. I hadn’t heard of Silverberg’s “The Wind and the Rain,” but I shall look it up. Thanks for the tip. Btw, I’ve since seen “The Woman in Gold” (bought the dvd) and loved it. What a story! It gives me hope for humanity!

  21. Oh, I forgot this cartoon of Trump as Ozymandias:

  22. Well, tonight NBC news reported that intelligence agencies have directly linked the hacking to Putin and the fact that he wanted to take Hillary down. The GOP is full of Putin stooges so I’m sure they will do nothing.

  23. In any case, I have another question for you, naughty Uppity. 🙂 Which of the following best describes you here? The narrator of the poem, the traveler, the artist/sculptor, the poet, the reader? Just wondering….

    As with the work itself, or to be more pointed, the work about the works of others, the answer to your question is open to interpretation. Yours, not mine.

  24. You would have all done well in my literature class. Except one of you who cheated, but hey, I’m not saying a thing.


  25. Hi Rebecca. Welcome to my cranky blog.

    Queen Cranky.

  26. It’s Now Up To the Electoral College to Save America

  27. Upps: “the queen of the crank”….
    but we love her…

  28. Step Two: Federal Judge Requests Warrant

    December 13, 2016 by still4hill

  29. Trixta, I’m glad you enjoyed “The Woman in Gold.” That was sort of a sleeper hit last year; not nearly enough publicity, but word of mouth from viewers assured consistently high turnout, for which I am touched. And of course the one and only Helen Mirren, whose father was Jewish, a cabriver in London, I think.

    The Silverberg story I mentioned is a short story I read in an anthology of his shorter fiction; not a novel..

  30. Ga6thDem, to risk redundancy, I am sure that Obama knew that, but decided not to tell the public until now, when it is almost certainly too late. The Republicans make fake sounds of concern while they hide their glee. The Democrats mostly grind their teeth in frustration, but cannot do much. The media finally talks about it, now that they have succeeded in their main goal, which was damaging Hillary. Hillary could say a lot, but she really isn’t in a position to, right now; and the minute she did, the media would attack her again. And Obama is buying his new home in Rancho Mirage, and will play a lot of golf there. And we, the American people, are left holding the bag, while Russia and Russian agents run our country. And to think that this could have either been prevented, or at least greatly diluted, if only our President had deigned to let people know what was going on, and why not to trust the wikileaks or the hacked emails, or the trolls who kept ludicrously claiming that Hillary somehow stole the nomination from the very special Bernie, and should be punished at the polls for it.

  31. Right on, William.

  32. More than a fair number of scholars believe that Ozymandias referred to the Pharoah Ramses the Second AKA Ramses The Great. Ozymandias is apparently the Greek version of his name. If I remember my Romantic Poetry class correctly, Ramses was known for his achievements in building……..ironically………infrastructure.

    If we know nothing else about America, it is that many great infrastructure builds were achieved by European immigrants, from bridges to dams to roads. I recall my grandfather often saying he came here because he was told the roads were paved with gold. When he got here, he learned 3 things: 1: The roads weren’t paved with gold. 2: The roads weren’t paved at all and 3: He was expected to pave them. My other grandfather worked on dams and had horrific stories of how men fell into the concrete and were left for dead, of course. However, if a horse fell in, they would try to save it, as horses were more valuable than immigrants….

    ………and of course, our once great infrastructure is….crumbling with time, much as Ramses’ builds crumbled. And so Ramses The Great had nothing to show in the end for his existence…as will Donald J. Trump. Every Trump Tower will turn to dust.

    This interpretation is not very romantic (for a Romantic poet!) or very profound. Therefore I have always hated it. But just so you know, it IS an interpretation.

    At the appropriate time, I will provide you with another poem I feel applies. All right, class, very good. You may be excused.

  33. “As with the work itself, or to be more pointed, the work about the works of others, the answer to your question is open to interpretation. Yours, not mine.”

    Okay. I’ll have a go at it, Uppity. I would say that when you’re being coy or cryptic about what you want to say to us you’re most like the narrator who shifts the burden of story telling onto the traveler (i.e. onto a poem). In this case, your message lies within the poem and as readers we must figure out what that message is. On the other hand, when you want to throw a dosage of reality into the conversation you’re most like the traveler who speaks directly and doesn’t mince words. Either way as readers, we are left with a message that we must contend with.

  34. “Ozymandias is apparently the Greek version of his name. If I remember my Romantic Poetry class correctly, Ramses was known for his achievements in building……..ironically………infrastructure.”

    Very interesting! I actually like the interpretation on the theme of infrastructure. Unfortunately for this country, Trump hasn’t built anything as acting POTUS yet, but he’s already destroying this country down to it’s very foundation. As the Steve Martin video (above) says, “[We’re] FKD!

  35. Frankly,Ms. Uppity,I LIKE my queens cranky and,as I resemble that remark,I will quietly dismiss myself.
    Goodnight and good luck from the Great NW.

  36. Poetry slam! I’ll see you Shelly and raise you Houseman.

    If one’s point of view for Ozzy is “This Too Shall Pass”, I lean more towards this (especially the part about ale, thinking, malt and Milton) :

    ‘TERENCE, this is stupid stuff:
    You eat your victuals fast enough;
    There can’t be much amiss, ’tis clear,
    To see the rate you drink your beer.
    But oh, good Lord, the verse you make,
    It gives a chap the belly-ache.
    The cow, the old cow, she is dead;
    It sleeps well, the horned head:
    We poor lads, ’tis our turn now
    To hear such tunes as killed the cow.
    Pretty friendship ’tis to rhyme
    Your friends to death before their time
    Moping melancholy mad:
    Come, pipe a tune to dance to, lad.’

    Why, if ’tis dancing you would be,
    There’s brisker pipes than poetry.
    Say, for what were hop-yards meant,
    Or why was Burton built on Trent?
    Oh many a peer of England brews
    Livelier liquor than the Muse,
    And malt does more than Milton can
    To justify God’s ways to man.
    Ale, man, ale’s the stuff to drink
    For fellows whom it hurts to think:
    Look into the pewter pot
    To see the world as the world’s not.
    And faith, ’tis pleasant till ’tis past:
    The mischief is that ’twill not last.
    Oh I have been to Ludlow fair
    And left my necktie God knows where,
    And carried half way home, or near,
    Pints and quarts of Ludlow beer:
    Then the world seemed none so bad,
    And I myself a sterling lad;
    And down in lovely muck I’ve lain,
    Happy till I woke again.
    Then I saw the morning sky:
    Heigho, the tale was all a lie;
    The world, it was the old world yet,
    I was I, my things were wet,
    And nothing now remained to do
    But begin the game anew.

    Therefore, since the world has still
    Much good, but much less good than ill,
    And while the sun and moon endure
    Luck’s a chance, but trouble’s sure,
    I’d face it as a wise man would,
    And train for ill and not for good.
    ’Tis true, the stuff I bring for sale
    Is not so brisk a brew as ale:
    Out of a stem that scored the hand
    I wrung it in a weary land.
    But take it: if the smack is sour,
    The better for the embittered hour;
    It should do good to heart and head
    When your soul is in my soul’s stead;
    And I will friend you, if I may,
    In the dark and cloudy day.

    There was a king reigned in the East:
    There, when kings will sit to feast,
    They get their fill before they think
    With poisoned meat and poisoned drink.
    He gathered all that springs to birth
    From the many-venomed earth;
    First a little, thence to more,
    He sampled all her killing store;
    And easy, smiling, seasoned sound,
    Sate the king when healths went round.
    They put arsenic in his meat
    And stared aghast to watch him eat;
    They poured strychnine in his cup
    And shook to see him drink it up:
    They shook, they stared as white’s their shirt:
    Them it was their poison hurt.
    —I tell the tale that I heard told.
    Mithridates, he died old.

    [Also got a bit of Don Marquis up my sleeve, if more pessimism is needed]

  37. Early holiday gift for you all:

  38. Msdsal, I totally understand.

    I’m trying to row my way back there on an increasingly smaller Soc. Sec. Can’t wait till I break free. As fascinating as this part of the U.S. is, you just can’t fight stupid.

    NB: I’m a’gonna avoid Olympia, Sedro-Wooley and Hwy 9 like the plague.

  39. Rebecca, Welcome to Uppity’s “cranky” blog. How was that Teach?

  40. Hah! Earlynerd, now that last stanza is a scary thought, but perhaps even more apropos of the orange one- he turns all efforts against him against those who attempt to smite him. I imagine that his courtiers gave up on the first try? No kidding. We have only just begun. But perhaps we need an inoculation for any arsenic that may come our way.

  41. Just read that list of concerns signed by at least 57 electors, spearheaded by Christine Pelosi. A well thought out list requesting an opportunity for “deliberation”. I wish I could link. It has expanded, apparently.

  42. lilliam, I think the Orange One’s stupidity is all the protection he needs. But even if pessimism’s the smart choice for the rest of us, and inoculates us against the times to come, I think I’ll forgo the small doses and just go with the ale. (I’ve always loved that line about Milton, who’s always struck me as overly impressed with himself. It does look like Houseman’s tweaking him a little there.)

  43. Thank you Voting…
    Nice pix of Hillary… she actually looks pretty relax…well deserved..

  44. @ lililam:
    Where did you read about the 57 electors?

  45. My dog Gracie and I were contemplating the following:
    1) Obama didn’t make more of a deal about Russian hacking because he thought Hillary was going to win and she’d do the appropriate butt kicking.( Plus he’s conflict averse)
    2) How do we know the Russians didn’t hack voting machines if we haven’t had a forensic look see?
    3) Recount results were the same because they didn’t use a hand recount in the crucial counties ( w/the most votes and under votes) but used the same machines that caused the under counts to begin with. Or,in Michigan didn’t allow a recount of ballots messed up or miscounted by broken machines in the most populace ( Hillary leaning) counties. But,hey,Romney’s niece ( involved w/ elections in Michigan) gets to be head of RNC. Odorous.
    4) Am thinking the big thing Putin has to hold over Trump’s head is concrete evidence that Trump’s campaign was working directly w/Putin. That should drive a few sweet business deals for Vlad.

    Glad there are at least fifty-seven electors wanting to know what’s going on before voting.Just hoping they aren’t all Dems.

  46. MsdsalÑ
    where can I found out about the 57…

  47. oops! Msdsal:
    and probably they are dems…

  48. recounts results were the same?
    MI and PA did not hold recounts and WI did not allow forensic audits…
    plus partisan courts…

  49. Upps, looking forward to the next poem.

  50. Yep, that “recount” turned out to be a joke.

  51. Trumps legal thugs were everywhere during recounts, filing formal objections to EVERYTHING, holding down the process and generally making sure it didn’t happen.

  52. President Obama has announced a news conference for tomorrow at 2:15 EST. I do not expect anything supremely positive from this, but one can always hope for something.

    Michigan had about 5 million people vote. 75,000 of them were said to have left the presidential line blank. 84 or so voting machines in Detroit were broken. The judge allowed a recount, then changed his mind. 10,000 vote margin out of 5 million, and no need for a recount? We know that if it had been the Democrats who won by that margin, Republicans would have done everything, including trying to invalidate the entire state results. And the media would have been supporting them. And unless that dichotomy in our political system is changed, we have no chance of retaking the country and actually accomplishing things. Democrats should have taken this to the Supreme Court, just like the Republicans do.

  53. I hope that Mr. No-Drama does NOT say: let’s all move forward and heal…
    we’ll do better next time…

  54. Well, if Obama has the answer to the Putin question then he better spit it out but I’m not all that hopeful. He did say that he wanted the report before he left office. I’m not sure it’s ready at this time.

  55. It’s probably just a routine end of year (end of term?) presser. And starting Christmas vacation.

  56. OK,so maybe I’m getting a bit more tin foil hat these days..but I got to thinking maybe this Putin interference started way sooner than we thought. If it was a vendetta against Hillary..then why not fund a group like Black Lives Matter to stir up the racial anxieties of the “low
    information crowd”. ( Not saying there weren’t/aren’t good reasons to protest..but I’ve often wondered who funded all those expensive,very nice signs) Paranoia,probably,but worth a look see. Putin certainly knows how to rile up white supremacists and nothing scares white folk more than a large gathering of people of color.
    Then you throw Bernie into the mix so he can gaslight Hillary until the cows come home. Bernie has some long term connections w/Moscow and his campaign guy,Tad ( Not so) Devine has worked on political campaigns in Eastern Ukraine ( right?) Someone should be looking into those FEC filings and millions of dollars worth of illegal contributions. How much of that money came from overseas?

    It’s the proverbial onion;should be onions because you have the Putin thing,business conflicts of interest;lousy/questionable cabinet appointments,the electoral college and the botched so-called recount.
    The whole damn thing is rotten to the Boris Badanov ( remember him from Bullwinkle ?) Too many fronts to keep up w/let alone fight against.

    Wonder if I have any alcohol in the house.Wish I had the attention span to take up knitting ( while Rome burns. 🙂 )

  57. FWIW CNN is reporting that Trump’s refusal to acknowledge Russia interference has made White House decide orderly transition isn’t main priority. So this is going to be about Russia and Trump. However we have no idea what Obama is going to actually say in regards to all of this.

  58. And the Put(o)in denies everything about the hacking…just like the Trump, they are such harmless and honest boys…
    no wonder they are bedfellows…they fart all over and assert of very healthy digestion…
    as with the word du jour: gaslight on everybody else…

  59. Msdsal:
    If Rome burns it all happened on Caesar Commodore -alias the BO- watch…

  60. Belle- sorry, I was at work all day. I found the link in a post on Dak’s site last night. It is likely largely democrats.

  61. >blockquote>Democratic donors call for Clinton campaign post-mortem

  62. Orderly transition should never have been the top priority. Why is it that at least hundreds of thousands of people like us are writing and talking about the possible horrors if Trrump takes over, and those in power seem to think it is like changing sides in cricket? Is it that the latter are so well off, so cosseted away from the lives of most people, that there is not that much at stake for them, they think? Not only did Trump and Russia and Comey and the rest of the Republicans literally conspire together to steal the election, but they are going to try to destroy every value and law that we hold dear in this country. And this is just something to accept? Obama keeps saying that he is disappointed but not dismayed at the result. And I wonder what psychological realm he lives in, to be so sanguine about it.

  63. Not to belabor the points I’ve made about WH failure to act, but Trump has been denying Russian interference for months now. He even invited them to hack Hillary’s email back in July at his last press conference. So it’s a cover story that this is why “orderly transition” is no longer main priority. All the pressure for the president to act from some of his supporters might be having an effect. We’ll see. Even so, it’s very late.

  64. And Trump is now actually using Obama’s passivity to justify his own indifference to the interference.

  65. Early, are you making your way to the Upper Left-Hand Corner of the contiguous States? I’m up here too. Parts of Olympia are fine. But yeah, avoid the peninsula.

  66. orderly transition isn’t main priority

    Snort! When did he get that clue? I agree, William, when we’ve been cyber-invaded by a malign foreign nation, we have other priorities. The transition should be put on hold.


    Bellecat- this link (if it works) has an updated list of electors. I am not sure if it is a reliable site, but it is the same site I viewed earlier.

  68. Early’d be much welcome in WA.May want to avoid the Seattle area if you’re low on funds. Places Everett/North not quite as costly;some pockets of liberals and labor. Many,many retirees around the Bellingham area; is also a University town and close to the BC/Canadian border.

    I’ve lived all over the States and settled here due to moderate climate,mountains,ocean,lakes and fairly liberal politics in many places.
    Oh and if you’re a foodie..lots and lots of excellent foods of all kinds.
    Come on down ,or up ,as the case may be.

  69. I lived in Bellingham in the 80s & 90s for a few years. It was a pretty liberal town back then, a union town, as the biggest employers then were a cement plant and a paper mill. Those are long gone now, but the place seems more prosperous. Real estate there is at California levels. Lots of rich folk building summer/retirement homes on the two lakes or Bellingham or Chuckanut Bay.

  70. post-mortem. LOL. Can answer it in under 100 words. Fake news EVERYWHERE, up to and including sex rings and other absolutely fucking disgustingly stupid shit that only the most malicious person on earth would spread around. Absolute slime fake news everywhere and perpetuated by the meanest people I have ever seen show up on the internet. Some of them surprised me, but then I realized, you never know what really lurks behind a keyboard. There were Claims on Google that Comey called all agents to DC for a raid on Hillary’s home. Youtubes on RUSSIAN TV discussing Hillarys near-death health. Parkinson’s. Yeah that’s it. Parkinson’s. Oh and Comey coming out 9 days before election declaring me ‘might’ reopen Hillary’s ‘case’. Sean Hannity spreading all of this shit just in case one of the demons missed it in the “News”. “News passed from Breitbart to Drudge to Infowars to Sean Hannity, FOX’s own Alex Jones. And of course, there was Trump, spreading it all good and thick everywhere. Sometimes he even bypassed Infowars or Breitbart and got shit directly from Sputnik.

    Toss in that the DNC and Podesta hacks didn’t contain ONE SINGLE EMAIL from or to Hillary, but she got blamed for them anyways. The hacking of everything Democratic was so obvious that you can only laugh in someone’s face who claims differently.

    And let’s not forget Bernie in there trying to hijack the D part for his BFFs in CPUSA and then there’s Jill Stein, who sat at Putin’s table with Flynn, and I hardly wonder what she was REALLY doing there in that race.

    It seems nearly everybody involved here was working for Putin either deliberately or inadvertently except for the Clinton campaign.

    Post Mortem my ass. People belong on trial for Treason right up, probably including the Minority President Elect….who doth protest too loudly, methinks.

  71. Uppity agree. We need a lot of trials for treason going on in the next few years.

  72. Righteous rant Uppity. Thanks for confirming that none of the hacked emails were to or from Hillary. I find PM critiques about her not having rallies in Wisconsin, or ignoring Louisiana or not chatting up the white evangelicals or not inspiring this group or that group aggravating and unfair. She always has to be perfect and never can be, they heap tons of shit on her and still she surpasses my expectations.

  73. There are so many things just wrong going on, and went on, that it is hard to name them all. But, I will select one that is making me angry right now. The Congressmen and pundits who are saying ‘let the electors select someone other than Trump but not Hillary…because it would be divisive to select Hillary!!!!!!’ How come no one recognizes how divisive it was to select Trump in the first place. Our needs are always ignored. Only the turnipp voters must be appeased with a Kasich or Romney (both just as bad in my view). What the hell is going on with my country and its so-called leaders? When did the majority become persona non grata? (if I got the right term)

  74. When did the majority become persona non grata? (if I got the right term)

    As soon as the majority became other than white males.

  75. I have been out of loop, just too disgusted by this entire situation to pay close attention so anyone know about this:

    Is the CIA investigating Trump and his campaign for treason? If evidence is discovered of collusion, what happens next? Would Trump be charged with Treason? What if only a connection is established between campaign workers and Russia but no direct connection to Trump? We can’t allow a PEOTUS to take office when his campaign colluded with Russia. Everyone on his team would be tainted, so Pence can’t take over. Do we have a do over election? It feels like we are living in a spy novel. If sufficient evidence establishing this to be true was demonstrated, then I don’t think its something that can be handled by the electoral college.

    And Bernie needs to just STFU. His two minutes of fame are over.

  76. Must See.

  77. William, on December 16, 2016 at 12:15 AM said:

    Orderly transition should never have been the top priority. Why is it that at least hundreds of thousands of people like us are writing and talking about the possible horrors if Trrump takes over, and those in power seem to think it is like changing sides in cricket?

    Is it that the latter are so well off, so cosseted away from the lives of most people, that there is not that much at stake for them, they think?

    Not only did Trump and Russia and Comey and the rest of the Republicans literally conspire together to steal the election, but they are going to try to destroy every value and law that we hold dear in this country. And this is just something to accept? Obama keeps saying that he is disappointed but not dismayed at the result.


    Obama didn’t just drop the ball, he tried to bury it. Now the clock is running out and he is trying to save face and his ‘legacy’.

  78. Maybe his desire to save his “legacy” will drive him to do the right thing. I wouldn’t lay money on it though. He should have come out with this info in September when he found out about it. Who cares what McConnell was going to say? His fear of confrontation is going to be the death of us all.

  79. Uppity at 11:57, Made my morning. Thank you.

  80. Ga6th, agree with you about Obama.

    Love the gif with the little girl and puppy.

  81. Caught two minutes of Lady Greenspan’s show this morning.
    She can no longer string a coherent sentence together.
    Her guest, some moron from the Times, said that Hillary was making the Democrats look like sore losers because, last night, she made comments about Putin’s interference.
    When I start screaming “FUCK YOU” at my television, I know it’s time to switch to TCM.
    Myrna Loy is the star of the month.

  82. Oh, they should literally all be tried for treason, because that is what this is. Of course, it would take someone to try them, and who is that? It’s not treason, if all those in power are traitors?

    You would think that there would be some Republicans left who cared about the sovereignty of the nation, but apparently they are few and far between. Does anyone remember the ’60’s, when Republicans were constantly assailing Democrats as sympathetic to Communist Russia?
    When Republicans kept telling the populace that they were the ones who would protect a free and democratic nation? They just said that for votes. Just like now, they say anything for votes and power. They literally have no moral values, it is just about power. Russia takes over the country? Oh, well, we can live with that, as long as Hillary doesn’t get to win, because she would do…oh, we don’t know but it would probably be awful, just like her husband’s eight years of peace and prosperity. Republicans just literally sold out our country to Russia for a few billion in additional corporate profits, plus of course their right to sit in Congress and sneer at Democrats and their majority supporters. The media? Oh, it is either bought off by them, or utterly confused, or still engaging in their seventh grade jealousy toward HIllary; so they let it all go, while they follow the mode, and go for the profits.

    There was a time when if a Democrat said one thing favorable to the working class, he was assailed as a Communist sympathizer. Actually, it was never about Russia, though that was the symbol. The plutocrats did not want the working class to get ideas about sharing profits. A bunch of Russian oligarchs taking over now, that is not so bad for the plutocrats, they are alike. I can’t stand Sanders, but he would have an issue here; except he is so absurdly doctrinaire, and so wedded to his idea of destroying the Democratic Party, that he keeps thinking that Trump’s “appeal to the working class” was what won the election, rather than the corporate oligarchs pouring in billions to demonize Hillary. Thus Sanders is ulimately a traitor to his own professed class, because he helped elect the persons who would destroy it; and he ceaselessly attacked a person who was the closest to a caring and working class oriented FDR Democrat that we have seen in almost a century. Treachery of word and deed runs rampant in our current America.

  83. Obama Promises to Retaliate Over Hack

    Whoopee…I feel so phucking safe and happy…….NOT.

    President Obama said “we need to take action” and “we will” over Moscow’s efforts to influence the presidential election.

  84. Like I’ve been saying, his quietness is NOT complacency. It’s just that he can’t say many things, but I had no doubt that he was working on some Intel thing in the background.

  85. From Bellecat’s link:

    [Hillary] “Putin publicly blamed me for the outpouring of outrage by his own people, and that is the direct line between what he said back then and what he did in this election,” Mrs. Clinton said.

    They were her first public remarks since widespread reports that the Russian government was behind the cyberattacks on the Democratic National Committee and Mr. Podesta, with the goal of influencing the election.

    Make no mistake, as the press is finally catching up to the facts, which we desperately tried to present to them during the last months of the campaign,” Mrs. Clinton told the group, which collectively poured roughly $1 billion into her effort. “This is not just an attack on me and my campaign, although that may have added fuel to it. This is an attack against our country. We are well beyond normal political concerns here. This is about the integrity of our democracy and the security of our nation.”

    Hillary needs to speak out more…forget the ‘sore loser’ concerns Hillary. The haters will hate even when you stay silent.

  86. Shadow, I agree. Of course, none of us really has the standing to tell Hillary what to do, she tried so valiently. But yes, she is really the only one with the stature and standing to get the story out there. If she just goes away, even for a time, it looks as if the message is to move on, or that there’s nothing we can do about any of it, so accept it. Hillary always cares, she always wants to make the country better, so she steps up and tells the story. Of course the media will scorn her, and some who are supposed to be on her side will tell her to go away. That is a major part of the problem. But I hope she speaks out regardless, because if she doesn’t, who will? The country is in grave peril, even though many willfully do not see it. If Trump is sworn in, all this is going to get misdirected by the Congress, and absolutely buried and ignored by his people.

  87. Dang it, Uppity, for making me cry over that puppy video when all I wanted to do this morning was shoot fire outta my nose over this election! Just one of those days…. Both my husband and I woke up from disturbing dreams; he about treacherous Trump and I about driving off a steep overpass. There were so many moving parts to this election, each originating from the darkest forces imaginable, that it will take someone heroic to put it into proper perspective for the nation–including our current president. That person is Hillary, of course. I’m glad she’s starting to speak out.

  88. Whoa Trixta! You two need………a puppy!

  89. Sue, it’s what the lackeys are trained to do. Throw a bright shiny object in another direction to detract from the issue.

    You’re right about Casper Greenpants’ wife though. I noticed it quite awhile ago. She can’t eek out a coherent though.

  90. Thanks for the clear and righteous post,Uppity. And Trixta,I absolutely agree that,unfortunately, Hillary is the only person w/the status and gravitas to confront the Russian Cabal that threatens this country. I hate to ask her;but maybe her time in the wilds has helped her to heal. Plus,she’s a fighter and there are about 68 million people who’ll have her back. No one else among the Dems or Repubs is stepping up to speak on behalf of the MAJORITY of the American people.

    As to the “sore loser” thing;she can always respond “Better a sore loser than a sore winner.”

  91. I noticed that about Casper Greenpants’ wife about 7 months ago. She is less coherent as time passes. Time to retire.

  92. Yeah, Upps. I’ve been thinking about getting a Cairn Terrier for the longest time (best for my allergies), but have hesitated because my husband isn’t too keen on the idea. I grew up on a small farm with all the menagerie of animals imaginable–including German Shepherds–so I know of the joys and comforts of having such loving companions.

  93. Has anyone been following NC and what the GOP is trying to do to the incoming Democratic governor? They are passing emergency legislation to limit the power of the governor, so that the Republican legislature has more power and the governor has less power. Talk about treason and dictatorial behavior. Poor losers. This is very dangerous.

  94. What a disappointment this press conference has been. BTW Comey now agrees that Putin did what he did to help Trump.

  95. I believe Comey did what he did to help Trump also.

  96. Well, at least Obama did go after the press for their obsessions and unfair coverage of Hillary this election. I also give him credit for admitting his failure during the midterm elections for not reaching out to rural areas (the way he had in 2008). But to suggest that that’s why Hillary (the rural vote) didn’t win is not facing the reality of overa all voter suppression and Comey’s role in further suppressing the vote just before the election.

  97. Luna and Msdsal waaay uptread: Thanks for the shoutouts for the Pacific NW. It’s nice to know there are lots of certified sane people (i.e. Hillz supporters) there already.

    Luna, I noticed your comments here and elsewhere about some Seattle suburbs being ‘bro central, and I couldn’t agree more. I’ve lived and worked in Seattle, Portland and Olympia and hiked, backpacked, car camped and motorcycle toured in the mountains and on the coast all around there, as well as in British Columbia (even been through the Yukon!), so am familiar with the area.

    Your and Msdsal’s comments reminded me of how very much there is to get back to – can’t wait!

  98. I Agree William, Hillary is the only one that has the courage and right to fight for her place in history, the election and for 65.78 million of us.

    She is the winner of this election by almost 3 million votes and that’s after possibly millions more were never counted in MI and other purple states.

    She is the person that was harmed by all the corruption from Putin, El Douche, the GOP, the media, Obama for his ‘cowardly approach’, and the Deplorables. If that isn’t ‘standing’…no one has standing.

    She isn’t alone, more than half of the country is behind her!!!!

  99. I will wait to see the entire speech on Obama before I comment. A short clip on CNN where he said, in person to Putin to ‘Cut it out’, and then said that no more hacking went on after that….

    (As I said, before I go off on him, I will wait to see the entire speech.)

  100. Birdgal @3:51 PM: I believe Maddow said that the NC Repubs are also trying to add seats to their Supreme Court because currently the Dems have a slight edge, 4 to 3 IIRC. What is also noteworthy is that the people fought back against McCrory and are now doing the same with this power grab by the Repubs. Wonderful to see.

    Rachel has some really good stuff lately, her research on Tillerson, the other cabinet picks and the Trump klan, er clan, seems very thorough as well as frightening. O’Donnell had the NY AG last night (he’s investigating the Trump foundation). The AG said that the $25 million settlement for the Trump U fraud case was historic and netted the state $1M as well as full reimbursement for the plaintiffs. He reminded the viewers that the states have a lot of constitutional rights which gives them the power to fight back against the federal government. He said he will do everything he can to protect the people of his state, he used EPA violations as an example. Good to know because the EPA may have to be renamed the EDA (Environmental Destruction Agency) under Der Trump.

  101. Shadow, I watched up until a point. Where he said I told Putin to cut it out was so lame.

  102. I like the “Lady Greenspan” or Greenpants moniker. Took me a minute to get it. She has been past her done point for the past year. Just retire and parade your stick thin arms out of my sight. She still hates Hillary and still digs at her every chance she gets. And she is having problems verbalizing thoughts (stringing words). Has been for some time.

    Re Hillary speaking out. I say, give her more time to recuperate. I heard Dianne Feinstein speak about a private dinner she had with H, just the two of them. Her carefully chosen words yelled that Hillary is still in great pain. And who could blame her. She is still strong but even the best need time to get through the acute phase of grief.

    I have heard some (Dems) say they want Hillary to go away. If they had half a neuron they would beg her to serve as a consultant to what the party ought to be pushing for in government for the next 8 years and beyond. She has a book on what our country needs done governmentally. I don’t have the heart to see if it is all still on her site. Well, maybe she should write a book on it and see how many Dems bother to read it. But, she would be masochistic to speak up without an invitation at this point in time. Too many dems want to blame her. First, get rid of Bernie, the anti-democrat, then bring her out, after she can better hide the hurt. my 2 cents.

  103. Trixta, I have a friend in Seattle with two perfectly disciplined and nice Cairn Terriers. But, as you may know, all terriers have a mind of their own and need strong training from day one! My friends dogs sit while she preps their food, sit at the door while she puts their lead on for walks, they can even walk unleashed but she is careful about doing that. They have numerous indoor commands that they follow. They are treated very well so don’t take this that they are harshly treated. I like that they are somewhat similar to Scottish Terriers but with longer legs. My preference is Scotties but definitely could take a Cairn vs any other terrier, other than Scotties!! Get that Cairn, or a Scottie!

  104. ?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw

  105. Gray, thank you for that tip! I’ve heard that Terriers require more guidance than other dogs. I’ve pretty much settled on a Cairn because of the allergy and grooming issues, but also think they’re just adorable. So if I go ahead with getting a pet, it’ll be that breed along with some obedience classes.

  106. If our own Democrats are not mortified enough of the Russian involvement, voter suppression, etc. to fight then we are sunk. I am truly disgusted with the Democrats again. Notice I said again. I had disgust with them when they hijacked the Democratic nomination from Hillary and placed Obama at the head of the line. That is when I left the party. William at 12:15 and 1:30 I agree it is complete treason with no one to try them. Uppity at 5:14 a.m. That fake news just goes on and on and on and of course the Hillary haters love it. Uppity at 11:57 thanks for adding some joy with that cute little puppy. I love animal videos!

  107. Ga6thDem, on December 16, 2016 at 5:19 PM said:
    Shadow, I watched up until a point. Where he said I told Putin to cut it out was so lame.

    I watched it further than that but his comments were far too soft and not from a point of strength. He is weak.

  108. Feinstein talking to the media after her hour long meal with Hillary.

    Feinstein described it as “girl-to-girl” talk.

    Translation – It was a private conversation between close friends.

  109. birdgal@3:51 and cats@5:14:
    This is a good post on the subject:
    There’s also good reporting at

    The Rehugs didn’t claw back the courts, but did use the threat to cover stealing back the boards of election that were used so effectively to suppress the vote this year. What they are doing and have done here in NC has been nothing short of a naked power grab, starting with violations of the Voting Rights Act so shameless even the 4th circuit turned them down and ending with this latest gut-churning appropriation of all the tools they used so unethically to steal this last election. Since they didn’t manage to get the governorship in spite of all their thuggery, they’re just going to steal it.

    NC is a depressing, horrific warning of what’s going to happen to the rest of the U.S. under complete reThug control. In the short time they’ve had absolute power, they’ve cut U.I. benefits to some of the lowest in the nation and further hurt desperate workers by cutting staff way back at the UI centers, and removed any power the remaining employees had to help workers via employer referrals and help with forms. Legislation was passed in 2013 to refuse benefits to any worker who had been forced to accept work through the shady temp. agencies here, which came to be the majority of low-end jobs available, as long as the agency was willing to say without proof they might have any sort of work at all available, even if the agency ends an assignment for no reason and has not provided any other work.

    Also since 2012-2014, ReThugs have cut food assistance, done away with the earned income credit, removed the small tax break on UI benefits, and turned NC into a flat-tax state. They’ve allowed the energy monopoly here, Duke Power, for which McCrory was a recent executive, to raise rates annually, based in many cases on outright provable lies, and in no case on actual need. Now they want to force people to prove they’re willing to accept any work, no matter how dangerous, degrading, low paid or short term, in order to receive the small amount of food assistance still available. Oh, and did I mention there’s next to no OSHA enforcement, no enforcement of EEOC laws at all and that state and even federal anti-wage-theft laws are ignored with impunity?

    Sorry for the long rant – knowing what’s coming for the rest of the U.S. is one reason I’ve stayed so negative (that, plus I can’t get the puppy video to play 😦 )

  110. Correction, NC Rethugs did succeed in packing the court after the voters had unpacked it:

    In a separate move, the assembly changed the rules of the special session to allow confirmation of two Special Superior Court judges appointed by McCrory before he leaves office. The appointees are conservative Charlotte attorney Adam Conrad and Andrew Heath, who now serves as McCrory’s budget director.

    I’ll try to shut up now about this state’s woes, just had to add that.

  111. I wonder if Andrea Greenpants has had one of those minor strokes and doesn’t even know it.

  112. BTW Comey now agrees that Putin did what he did to help Trump.

    So did Comey.

  113. Trixta, my Rough Collie is my constant companion. I adore that big beautiful chooch.

    I had to drag her out of the blizzard yesterday. She thinks she has to gather the sheep.

  114. Earlynerd, I am in western end of NC so it is all ‘living in 1984’ already for me too.

    Uppity, yes, it is very possible Greenpants has had more than one TIA (transient ischemic attack) or small stroke. Her thought/speech problems fit. Of course, signs fit many conditions so I am not diagnosing. I am a phd but not an md nor do I play one on tv.

  115. Well thank goodness, Gray. If you DXd me I’d be in real trouble.

    Yes she does seem to have had at least one incident. She really has episodes where it’s painful to watch her try to get the words out.

  116. I have never been a fan of Diane Feinstein, mostly because she was too willing to try to compromise with Republicans, and to lecture everyone else. If she and Hillary are friends, I am happy. If she is doing her number of ‘you have to accept this and move on,” I am not. Hillary has far more gifts than Feinstein. I have seen very little that Feinstein has every fought on, except for gun control. Hillary must do what feels right for her. But Obama is obviously not going to do anything, and somebody with real stature has to. We don’t want Sanders trying to be the voice for anything.

    I will note, with small solace, that Joan Walsh, who has risen in my estimation this year, was not at all pleased with Obama’s comments today. Even Chris Hayes was taken aback. And Paul Krugman was
    quite critical.

  117. I still don’t understand what anyone expects Obama to do. Nothing he can say will change things. And he’s not a shoot from the hip guy. He certainly doesn’t have the power to cancel the outcome, nor does he have the power to keep Trump from the white house. I see nothing within the realm of his powers that can change a thing.

  118. I seriously doubt Diane Feinstein was pushing Hillary to “move on”. More than likely she was either telling her about what has been going on behind the scenes or they did not discuss it at all. I mean we’re talking about two women who have both seen a lot and most of us older women don’t do that type of thing. We realize that people need time to work it out by themselves. However we do need a leader for the resistance. Obama sure isn’t going to be one. The only good thing about all this is the fact that everybody realizes we were right back in 2008 and Obama will never fight for anything.

  119. Diane F and Hillary have been friends for decades. I’m sure it WAS a friendship meeting. As with Obama, there little to nothing she can do to change the outcome.

    The Democrats are generally Do Nothings. Sorry but it’s true. WHen it looked like Hillary would be President, the first thing the House criminals said was they were going to block everything she tried to do. Now that it’s Trump, the Democrats will work ‘with’ him. They are just a bunch of lame asses. The only people actually speaking up are in the black caucus. I personally think Schumer is a complete Do Nothing. I have never liked him. He’s an absentee Senator in NY, but always there for some glory sucking. I do not like or trust him. Period.

    And I watched Nancy Pelosi do a complete turnaround when Bill Frist ‘reformed’ Medicare. She fought against them like hell and then SUDDENLY, she said it was a good thing. Her 180 was shockingly stark. Suddenly all smiles and happiness and light and she helped to fuck the seniors. Don’t tell me she isn’t buyable.

    For those who don’t remember, Sen Bill Frist was a doctor and it was revealed that his family owned a CHAIN of private hospitals that owed 3/4 of a BILLION dollars in medicare fraud penalties. This is the guy who “reformed” medicare with the help of the already ousted Newt, who happened to be good buddies with the director of AARP. AARP should be stripped of their name. They are no longer AARP, they are insurance brokers, so they will LOVE Ryan’s idea. As a side note, Bill Frist scurried out of congress once his blind trust revealed some not so blind things.

  120. Actually upps most people are upset with Obama not because he didn’t do anything but because he just sounded downright conciliatory towards Trump. I swear the guy is Neville Chamberlain. He’s more freaking worried about being seen as “partisan” than anything else that might happen.

  121. Am increasingly becoming a fan of asking Hillary to speak up about all of this. I know she must be exhausted but sometimes being able to fight back gets you out of grief sooner. She’s free now,a private citizen..she can say what she wants..she doesn’t have any voters or donors to please. She can call Bernie and the Dems on all their BS in
    addition to being a constant thorn in Trump’s side ( I was going to say behind but the image made me queasy)

    So I say,”Free Hillary..let her rant!” We’re all kind of rudderless these days..I’d follow her..where ever she may go,there isn’t a ocean too deep or a mountain to steep to keep me…oh,sorry.Sometimes I live in a musical.How about a stint on SNL ;their news segment;could be hilarious.

    Also, saw an article on the Yahoo home page about the National Election Commission( I think I got that name right) being hacked after the election.Buried deep in the story was the info that this Russian sounding guy was wanting to sell info about the hacking vulnerabilities of some of the voting machines on the dark web. Hmmm,thought they said they couldn’t be hacked.Bet he wasn’t the only person researching how to hack those machines.

  122. Obama is Type B. He is a laid back guy. He is not a ranter and raver. He’s just even all the time. He’s calm. As a president, those are not such awful characteristics. It keeps people from entering WW3. To ask him to leave character is to ask more than you can expect. You won’t see Hillary ranting either. sorry but she is also a steady person. If ranting were a good thing, we’d all be looking forward to a Trump Presidency. We will all soon see what a shoot from the hip guy who blows his cork at every turn is going to do to America and wish we had some steadiness and consistency back in our lives.

  123. You know though Upps Hillary is steady but she also comes off as decisive and tough. Obama though calm never sounds that way. I mean he told Putin to “stop it”. This is how he gets that weak persona attached to him. He should have said I warned Putin there would be consequences or some such. You can say it calmly but strongly. Remember speak softly and carry a big stick?

  124. Ga he did say that he told him there would be grave consequences if he didn’t “cut it out”. It was “cut it out” that sounded too colloquial for the topic.

  125. I watched the little girl get a puppy. The third time it looped I had to stop watching, because I was almost in tears. Yeah, it doesn’t take much these days to set me off.

    I have always had dogs over the years, black labs, a toy poodle with only a tiny trim, and Cocker Spaniels. Love dogs and have been forced financially to only live in apts. with no pet rules. Cats are okay, but I am super allergic to them. My son and I were forced to have hide-away pets that are silent. Alas, three lop eared bunnies, two hamsters and now a dwarf Robo Hamster that is the tiniest, cutest little guy named by my son, Barry Allen, or better known as ‘The Flash’. He runs like lightening…
    He looks like this little guy:

  126. “This is not just an attack on me and my campaign, although that may have added fuel to it. This is an attack against our country. We are well beyond normal political concerns here. This is about the integrity of our democracy and the security of our nation.”

  127. I had a hamster I was quite fond of too, Shadow. They really are entertaining and cute. And I am not a rodent fan. But I loved that little guy.

  128. I had a hamster I was quite fond of too, Shadow. They really are entertaining and cute. And I am not a rodent fan. But I loved that little guy.

  129. Upps, this little guy has less characteristics than a roadAnt, he has a stubby little tail…a cute butt and no big coconuts like a regular hamster. He is really sweet and has a funny personality.

  130. William, I am a big fan of Feinstein…voted for her in every election and am really sorry she is going to retire. She has been smart, strong and more to my beliefs that are centrist, leaning left on social issues. I would never call myself a progressive nor socialist like BurnBoy.

    I wonder how much they discussed their futures…possibly working together somehow…I can see that happening. These two women will never give up and will continue to work for the American people.

  131. I think Hillary is saving fire for January 21 and beyond. She will have to be careful because so many Bernies hate her, but she can’t speak out now on much but the election, which she already has, until the ahole is it on 1/20. She is in an awkward position. Her voters mostly are quiet folks and those in the public are weenies just like all the other weenies. She can’t just jump up on the stage and go for it.

    Plus, I think it is better for Turnipp’s insane moves to take the oxygen now rather than the press being distracted by a Hillary frenzy the next 4 weeks. There is nothing she can do now, in the interim.
    I am not protecting her, just recognizing her haters are more vocal than her admirers and we need her more after he is pres.

    And Uppity, I would never diagnose you. I might refer you to a high priced specialist though, IF you should ever need one! ;<)

  132. Director James B. Comey and Director of National Intelligence James Clapper have backed a CIA assessment that Russia intervened in the 2016 election in part to help Donald Trump win the presidency, according to U.S. officials.

    I hope the ‘investigations’ show that Comey and Trump and Putin are all connected in trying to overthrow the election.


  133. Hillary was basically the only one to criticize Putin. Maybe it was a mistake, seeing that he got revenge. She didn’t need to say what she did, but she did because she felt strongly about it. There is no one else like this in our political life. She stands up for freedom and fair voting in all countries, and then the Russians bring their brand of fixing elections over here.

    With regard to Obama, he was given Intelligence about it, and he did not go in front of the American people and warn them. He says he did, but I don’t recall him saying that Russians were hacking things and that it was a grave threat to our democracy. Hillary did it in front of 80 million people in the debate. Obama was supposed to back her up on that. And then of course he praises Comey, when Comey probably violated the Fourth Amendment by having his agents grab the Weiner laptop without a warrant. Then he has them hold the laptop for a month, until he figures it is the perfect time to damage Hillary. And Obama does nothing at that point, except to say then that Comey is an honorable person. That is appalling. And, at least in my opinion, those two failures are his legacy to the country. Oh, he thought that Hillary would win. and wanted her to win. But that wasn’t enough; he couldn’t afford to risk it, not this year, not with those circumstances. As soon as Trump is in office, all the investigations will stop. At least half his Cabinet is Putin sympathizers, probably picked by Putin. There is a time where you have to stand up and fight; or if you want to look at it another way, to protect the country as best you can. And all good Presidents are partisan at necessary times. It should ultimately not just be about one’s own ratings,, but what you leave the country to. Sometimes you can’t control that, but most successful presidents have the power to do so. And I think Obama did, and he did not use it.

  134. If Hillary is stepping in, we need to show her our full and total support.

    What a cute little hamster…thank you for sharing the pix…

  135. Just think! We could have prevented WWII, if FDR had just told Tojo to “cut it out” after decimating the US Pacific Fleet and killing thousands of Americans. Too bad he didn’t think of that.

    The reaction to Obama’s presser on social media from prominent liberals and usually reliable Obama supporters has been brutal. The main criticism seems to be that he doesn’t give any indication that he understands the significance of this event as an attack on our democracy–as Hillary said. And he should have laid out the intel in an address to the nation from the Oval as soon as he had it. That would force the media to focus on it. Yet, he won’t de-classify as Dem Senators are now demanding he do even now.

    Yes, Obama is a decent and honorable man. As some on social media have pointed out, so was the Captain of the Titanic. Both will be remembered for the major disaster that happened on their command. Sometimes it is a good thing for a president to be laid back. And sometimes, like now, it is totally inappropriate. If Obama could never contemplate justifiable outrage on our nation’s behalf over a catastfophic national security breach, he was never suited to the presidency to begin with.

  136. As for retaliation, it’s too late now. Obviously, Trump will cancel any retaliatory measures when he and his crew of wrecking balls come in next month.

    Putin won and he knows it. For that matter, so does President Obama. The presser today was all about convincing us otherwise. It had the opposite effect.

  137. As per Friday:
    Hillary: 65,844,594 votes

    2,864,978 more votes…

    135,022 short to make it to 3 million more votes…

    She definitely as a mandate and a saying…

  138. Belle – we’re ready to give Hillary all the support she will ever need. I wouldn’t think of doing any less. She is my JFK.

    Brassy, couldn’t agree more. “Cut it out” and keeping mum about it, just isn’t good enough. Obama has always had this problem. He might be a nice guy, but sometimes nice guys need to grow a couple and being President of the United States isn’t the job for a weak person.

    Hillary still runs circles around him…and she did the same to El Douche. She stood up to Putin and he risked a war getting his revenge. Putin knew that Obama would back down, that’s why he did it.
    May Putin rot in Hell.

  139. Brassy Rebel, on December 17, 2016 at 1:08 AM said:

    If Obama could never contemplate justifiable outrage on our nation’s behalf over a catastrophic national security breach, he was never suited to the presidency to begin with.

    Very well said, indeed.

  140. Thanks for the vote count Bellecat! The numbers haven’t moved much since CA finished the count a few days ago.

  141. Does anyone really remember 2008? Being constantly called a racist if you were for Hillary and not Obama? I do. I don’t think an honorable man would have run such a racist campaign. And what happened then started the anger that has been building since installing an unqualified do-nothing pretender into the Oval Office way back then. That anger is why many voted for Trump. You can blame the media, you can blame Putin, you can blame Comey, you can blame stupid voters… but be sure to blame Obama… and the DNC too!

  142. Rough Collies are beautiful and intelligent canines, Uppity. She sounds like a wonderful companion…must keep you on your toes indeed. Of the larger dogs, I think Collies are one of my favorites. Shelties too, of the smaller breeds, make wonderful pets for their temperament and loyalty. (I’m familiar with that breed via my sister.)

    Shadow, the pic of the hampster is so cute! Glad to hear you and your son were able to have some pets regardless of your living circumstances.

  143. I was just reading about the horrors of Aleppo. Assad, aided and abetted by Putin, is committing major war crimes of unimaginable brutality there on a daily basis. The Syrian civil war was an area of profound disagreement between Hillary and President Obama. She saw it devolving into the dystopian nightmare it has become. He drew a red line over chemical weapons, then failed to enforce it. Putin notices things like this and is emboldened by them.

    Boston Globe
    DECEMBER 16, 2016

    “Donald Trump raises specter of treason”

    “A specter of treason hovers over Donald Trump. He has brought it on himself by dismissing a bipartisan call for an investigation of Russia’s hacking of the Democratic National Committee as a ‘ridiculous’ political attack on the legitimacy of his election as president.

    Seventeen US national intelligence agencies have unanimously concluded that Russia engaged in cyberwarfare against the US presidential campaign. The lead agency, the CIA, has reached the further conclusion that Russia’s hacking was intended to influence the election in favor of Trump.


    Why does Trump publicly reject these intelligence agency conclusions and the bipartisan proposal for a congressional investigation? As president-elect, he should have a strong interest in presenting a united front against Russia’s interference with the electoral process at the core of American democracy.

    There are several possible explanations for Trump’s position. They are not mutually exclusive. First, he may be trying to shore up his political standing before the Electoral College vote on Monday. Second, he may be attempting to undermine the credibility of US intelligence agencies in advance of his taking office so that he can intimidate them and have a freer hand in reshaping the intelligence product to suit his objectives. Third, he may be testing his ability to go over the heads of intelligence professionals and congressional critics and persuade the American public to follow his version of the truth about national security threats. And finally, he may be seeking to cover up evidence of involvement or prior knowledge by members of his campaign team or himself in the Russian cyberattack.

    In each case the president-elect is inviting an interpretation that his behavior is treasonous.


    John Shattuck, a former assistant secretary of state for democracy, human rights and labor, is professor of practice in diplomacy at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy and senior fellow at the Harvard Kennedy School’s Carr Center for Human Rights Policy.

  145. “Russia’s Hacks Followed Years of Paranoia Toward Hillary Clinton
    The Interpreter”
    By MAX FISHER DEC. 16, 2016

    Hillary Clinton last month Washington. “It’s not just they didn’t like Clinton, but they actually thought that she represented a threat,” said Mark Galeotti, a Russia expert at the Institute of International Relations. Credit Cliff Owen/Associated Press

  146. Yes we sure do remember 2008. We’ve been consistently here since March 2008, dedicated to and fighting for Hillary. We weren’t hit and run people. Some of us have been doing this in one form or another since the 90s. I kind of think it’s a bit odd that someone would ask if we ‘remember’.

    I can only speak for myself when I say that I have no intention of allowing my mind and my body to fester over ANY one thing for nearly a decade. It would make me bitter, mean and unlivable. It’s a waste of life and who would want to hang around with me? Even I wouldn’t want to hang around with me. Admittedly, it took me a few years, but I made my peace with Obama. He didn’t start WW III and he embraced the fact that Hillary has the superior mind, which is why he was smart enough to ask her to be SOS. She had to implement things she didn’t agree with as I am sure has every SOS in history. There is nobody here who can honestly say that he didn’t campaign for her with every fiber of his being. As President, I would say he was worthless when elected but grew into the job. He wasn’t the best president I’ve known but he wasn’t the worst either. Yes he fought dirty, and Presidential elections have been nothing less than a full contact sport ever since Lee Atwater showed up (and gratefully died and went to hell early)

    So in addition to the last fester over Obama, we now have a new thing to fester over for a decade. I won’t play.

    I blame the REALITY of America’s dirty little secret revealed; That this is a sexist, misogynistic country with deep deep hatred of powerful women with high IQs. Enough so that nearly half the country will fall for ANY bullshit excuse to get rid of her if she poses a threat to the patriarchy, which they adore just like good masochists should. And let’s face it, it’s been a couple of decades of fake bullshit accusations of Hillary that never yielded a thing. They dropped Benghazi because they are on record right there on youtube admitting they refused to increase funding for security because a “couple of guys” were NOT a “Priority”. See that POS Chaffetz say so here.

    Obama isn’t our enemy. The extreme wing of the GOP is. And it’s the enemy of the entire country …Unleashed. Check out what they did to a newly elected Democratic governor in NC. They are defying the voters at every turn and replacing a Democratic Republic with a Fascist state. Toss in the extreme wing of the Democrat party with them. Another bunch of Cuba wannabees. This country is being run over by crazy bastards from both sides. If we want to thank somebody for giving the election to Trump, we need only look at the Marxist Bernie Sanders who has always hated our party and wants to hijack it for CPUSA. Thank him and his white frat Bros who are, incidentally, turning campus rape into an art whereby you get away with it. Because, after all, it’s a ‘victimless’ crime related to “20 minutes of action”.

    Personally, I had a suspicion that they would NEVER let Hillary be elected and I wouldn’t be the LEAST bit surprised if sinister guys like Chaffetz were in on the Russian hacking. Maybe that’s why I am not so shocked. So, no, I am not going to waste my time hating on Barack Obama when we have cockroaches like Alex Jones, Sean Hannity, Drudge, et al newly empowered with propaganda that is being consumed with glee by the KKK, White Supremicists, woman-hating religious zealots and white trash AKA throwbacks to Pithecanthropus Erectus empowered to threaten the lives of and harm everyone else into becoming a fascist state where White Boys Rule no matter how fucking low their IQs are. If you are paying real attention, you will note that there are some rather powerful tweeters who have been driven from Twitter via threats to their lives and their families lives. This country is riddled with nasty anarchy, just look at what those cavemen in Oregon got away with. If they were black they would have all been dead. And you want me to worry about Obama.

    As for Democrats, they are lame-assed suckers. The only ones fighting for the soul of this country right now are in the black caucus. The rest of them will coast and make deals for themselves like they always do when they go down in defeat. Lindsey Graham is more helpful than they are as he gratefully leads the beginning of a civil war within the GOP for the soul of the USA, which Putin wants to drive a bulldozer over while Trump throws glitter balls in different directions to detour our attention. Hillary had to fight the FBI, Russia, the far right, the far left, the press, and Julian Assange, but still got 2.8 million more votes and she lost. Only in America can that happen while Trump squeals with glee. So please don’t ask me to think about blaming Barack Obama right now. That would be a glitter ball tossed in a different direction so I don’t notice what’s really going on. I just don’t think festering over 2008 gets anything productive done. We have enough right in front of us in the present to worry about. The entire country is about to fall victim to Mob Rule. Much to Bernie AND Trump’s glee.

  147. Trixta, Tosca says thank you for the compliment, not that she doesn’t already know it.

  148. I wish I had a pic of my niece’s 9 month old Goldendoodle (Daddy is a poodle, Mommy is a golden retriever). Even though he’s still a pup, he is huge. Fortunately, he has a very sweet, affectionate temperament. He is all white, resembling his father the poodle. My five year old great niece adores him and named him Charkie after the naughty pup on Curious George. My two and a half year old great nephew is not a fan. Whenever the dog gets near, he covers his nose and says, “Charkie! You smell horrible!” He just smells like a dog. Lol.

    Since this is his first winter, Charkie also discovered that snow is a lot of fun. He loves burrowing in it and even eating it. And he does not shed which is a great bonus. Now if we could get him to stop trying to climb on our laps like a giant lap dog!

  149. Oh those goldendoodles get reallllllllly big. And for some odd reason, they stay in puppy mode for about three years. lol.

    Speaking of smell like a dog. In addition to their grace, beauty and brains, Rough Collies have no doggie odor. That’s right. They are odorless dogs. Can’t vouch for the shedding thing, though. But we cut her some slack even though when she blows her coat it reminds us of that movie Gremlins, when they got the mogwai wet and balls of fur flew off him across the room.

  150. ROFLMAO! In a tweet, Trump spelled “unprecedented” as “unpresidented”. Does that mean we can unpresident him?

  151. Haha he corrected the tweet. The dunce.

    I’m sure somebody has a screen shot.

  152. Rebel, at 1:08 AM, you make a valid argument. Even I can’t shoot a hole in it.

  153. Ups, beautiful dog. How much snow is in your neck of the woods?

  154. Uppity Woman, on December 17, 2016 at 6:00 AM said:

    I blame the REALITY of America’s dirty little secret revealed; That this is a sexist, misogynistic country with deep deep hatred of powerful women with high IQs. Enough so that nearly half the country will fall for ANY bullshit excuse to get rid of her if she poses a threat to the patriarchy, which they adore just like good masochists should. And let’s face it, it’s been a couple of decades of fake bullshit accusations of Hillary that never yielded a thing.


    Great post Uppity.

    Yet, regardless of what opinion anybody may have of Obama, wouldn’t it be expected from the seating president a more “hands on” to an overt coup of our country’s democracy, sovereignty and an implementation of totalitarian like regime due to treason for personal gain?

  155. Electors under siege

    Members of the Electoral College votes have been inundated by harassing phone calls and hate mail. Many report receiving death threats.

  156. Upps, well said. Thanks for posting those reminders, it already helped me to stop being angry at Obama.

    Tosca is more beautiful than Lassie.

  157. Did you guys see that Assange tweeted that Obama should give him what proof he has that Russia hacked our election and he (ASSange) will graciously deign to “authenticate” it for us. Wow. What a guy.

  158. There’s also a youtube or something from Anonymous that claims they have proof that Putin hacked us. Its over at Widdershins. Sorry gotta head off to work. Hope you all have a good weekend.

  159. Uppity @ 2:05 pm: Why, thank you, Ms. Uppity! I consider that the highest of compliments. Maybe I should have finished law school after all.

  160. Between the CIA, FBI and the NSA…we already have all the damn proof we need. The media reporters want it so they can spin it their way…they can go to Hell.

  161. Ups, I do appreciate you post at 6:00 a.m. it took me a long time before I could watch Obama. I feel better that I am pass that. My heart goes out for Hillary and aches that she was dumped on twice as a Presidential candidate. I agree that the male hierarchy is entrenched in our country, particularly in the far right and far left.

  162. I blame the REALITY of America’s dirty little secret revealed; That this is a sexist, misogynistic country with deep deep hatred of powerful women with high IQs. Enough so that nearly half the country will fall for ANY bullshit excuse to get rid of her if she poses a threat to the patriarchy, which they adore just like good masochists should. And let’s face it, it’s been a couple of decades of fake bullshit accusations of Hillary that never yielded a thing.

    What I have been fighting all of my life, what many of us have been fighting, is way bigger than any of us alone.

  163. I’m glad some remember 2008. I really wasn’t sure. It will ALWAYS be with me. My supposed significant other became an obot and tried to kill me because he claimed I was racist. You can call it a failure to move on, but I will not. I will call it what it is… a failure of our political system and manipulation of the weak minded by the democratic party. I do blame Obama and the DNC and always will. Calling out a poor and weak “leader” is not being a racist, it is being a realist.

    Insurance is now mandatory and mine has more than doubled in cost (with a $5000 deductible so I don’t use it anyway). There was a recent storm which caused damage to many homes in the area. What did the insurance companies do? They trucked in illegals to do the repairs. You could let the illegals do it (and receive only a one year warranty for a roof), or you could accept a very small fraction of what the work would cost to have it done properly by local workmen. It is no wonder why the insurance companies contributed so much to Obama’s election. A good full time job is more and more difficult to find. This is the reality of Americans in the heartland. This is why so many voted for Trump. I blame it on our so called leadership for at least the last two decades. Weak leaders are causing the slow decay of our infrastructure and our society.

    Obama should never have been allowed anywhere near the White House. It wasn’t right… and history repeats itself… Trump should not be allowed anywhere near the White House… but so it goes. Both will leave having improved their personal wealth by standing on the backs of working Americans… as do the vast majority of our politicians.

    That is how I feel and I speak my mind.

    I do appreciate you Uppity. I thank you for being a friend in Denver, getting us into that luncheon with Hillary and Chelsea, and finding a warm place out of the rain when it was so much needed.

  164. Is anyone else have a corruption problem with this site?
    I keep getting a (probably bogus) security alert that freezes the computer.
    It doesn’t pop up anywhere else.

  165. To Sweet Sue, yes… the security alert/certificate warning has been coming up frequently. I’m told by a co-worker it is most likely due to antivirus software being overly cautious and not an actual security problem, but do not know if that is actually correct.

    You are correct.

    To everyone, if my presence offends, then I will leave. I like to look at situations from all angles, but apparently some don’t.

    Apparently nobody filled you in on the rule. Once you comment here you have to stay or I come get you with the hook.

  166. Sweet Sue, I am not getting a security alert.

  167. Tosca is certainly a beauty, Uppity! She reminds me of simpler times when I couldn’t get enough of the series “Lassie.” The snow, however, in your pic makes me shiver. Let’s just say I love California weather.

    I started to chill out about Obama late 2014, started to let go of festering anger to deal with more important matters such as tending to an ailing parent and eventually my own health. This does not mean, however, that I’m not frustrated by Obama’s tendency to dither and not rock the boat. I understand as POTUS he’s in a bind when it comes handling this election, but his lack of perspective and urgency on Russia’s meddling is not just alarming, but irritating. Also, I didn’t care for his suggestion that Hillary lost the election because of the white rural vote, especially when voter suppression by the RNC and Comey loomed large this GE. The DNC has to address this issue otherwise we’ll be forever on the losing side. I think we all agree here that anti-immigrant sentiments, white nationalist identity politics, and mysogyny drove many voters in swing states to vote against Hillary. But like you said, we now have other things to worry about with a Trump presidency. I’m still for resisting and “unpresidenting” him every step of the way.

    I came across this article yesterday, which some might find interesting:

    “No, Bernie Sanders Would Not Have Beaten Trump”

    Bernie Sanders’ platform just isn’t as popular as it’s made out to be.
    12/15/2016 03:24 pm ET

  168. Sue, I am getting the security alert on my phone. When I tap it to get rid of it, it goes away and so does the comments thread. It doesn’t appear every time but often enough that it’s annoying.

  169. trixta, that’s a great article on the performance of Sanders candidates and platform in the general election. Russ Feingold in Wisconsin is the best example. Before Johnson beat him in 2010, Feingold always won re-election by a wide margin. I think the fact that he can’t win there now, along with Scott Walker’s success there, proves that Wisconsin, like Michigan and Pennsylvania, has moved to the right while no one was looking. So, yes, Bernie would have gotten destroyed there.

  170. Well, we all feel bad enough about all of this, so I certainly don’t want to get into a long argumen here. I personally am furious at Obama. For a somewhat simplistic metaphor, if you are walking down the street, and you are set upon by a couple of robbers, who steal your possessions; and there is a police officer looking right at all of it, and he does nothing, because he apparently doesn’t want to get involved, whom are you most angry at?

    Obama is on our side. He is the President. He has more power than Chaffetz or McConnell, or any of them. At least he had, but he didn’t use it. He is told by 17 different agencies that the Russians are interfering with our election, trying to elect Trump. But he doesn’t tell the American people. He says it was talkied about, but he never addressed the nation directly about it. Then when there is apparently going to be a bipartisan effort to inform the populace, McConnell and a few others tell Obama that if he does that, they will attack him for partisan inteference with the election.

    Now, this is actually his chance not only to do his job of informing the nation of dangerous threats, even if they are from cyberspace, but also to do more to get rid of the evil Republicans than one might imagine. The Republicans are bluffing, as they have bluffed him in domestic battles for eight years. And if they are not, that is actually almost better. All Obama has to say, in so many words, is that if they do that, he will tell the nation that the Republicans are trying to hide what the Russians are doing, because they are putting their partisan politics above America’s safety. Which is absolutely true. This could have done immense damage to them, particularly with elections coming up. We would have won the Presidency, and likely the Senate, gained more House and state legislative seats. The Republicans would not have risked that, I don’t think; but if they would have, great. That was our chance to demonize them for years. But Obama backed down, apparently. The only reason he informed anyone now, and called for an investigation, is that McCain and Graham were also pushing for one, in addition to Democratic Intelligence Commitee members. And what great good does it do, at this point?

    Here is what looks like an anomaly, but is not: Obama has about a 59% approval rating. Yet Republicans control every branch of government, and have a virtual dictatorship. How is this possible? Because Hillary was a terrible candidate? Absolutely not. Misogyny? To some extent, but how does that account for all the losses in Congressional races since Obama took office? It is, at least in my opinion, because Obama never really identified with the Democratic Party, seemed to want to transcend it, be sui generis. It was Bill Clinton who probably saved his re-election, by making the case at the 2012 convention of how Democrats and Republicans are so different in ecoomic philosophies. That was the case that Obama almost never made. until maybe the last few months. Obama, for whatever reason, tried to soar above partisan politics. Perhaps a noble goal–but not in an era where the other side is doing every illegal and corrupt thing to win. So Obama remains very popular, while the country is left to a gang of fascists, with no institutonal protection whatsoever against it. This doesn’t just happen, there are reasons for it. Obama could not do everything, no one expected him to. But he could and absolutely had to step up and protect the country against a Russian takeover, designed to be done with the tacit or active assistance of the Republican Party. And he did not, though he was the only person with enough power and popularity to have done it. I know that he is a very decent person who loves his family, and has done some good things, with furious opposition in his way. But what he failed to do here, very likely will be his most lasting effect, even if many of his supporters (I’m not talking about anyone here!), don’t want to see it or admit it, and will prefer to blame Hillary, or the fates, or various other far less significant factors. And he never stopped Comey, either, actually kept telling everyone that he was honorable. He always got too much credit for things, people saying that he was playing “five dimensional chess.” What he was mostly doing throughout, was protecting himself and his legacy, and not wanting to diirty his hands with so-called partisan politics. But the rabid partisans on the other side destroyed the country.. And now we’re left with this to deal with, somehow.

  171. “I think Hillary is saving fire for January 21 and beyond.”

    For what?

  172. Give me a screenshot of the “alert” and I will help sort it out. Certificate warnings are the result of expired certificate of the main site, has nothing to do with this blog. And it’s not a virus. If you would give me a shot of what you see, we can figure out how to stop the warning. It’s not a threat to your computer if it has to do with a certificate.

  173. ipotter, if my significant other tried to kill me over Obama, I probably would never forget or forgive either. Although I might have been tried for killing him instead. More of less would have fed him to my dog. But if there is a silver lining here, be glad you found out what a psycho he was before you married him.

  174. William at 7:16 PM:
    Thank you so much for your realistic point of view of Obama and what’s expected of a commander in chief.

    if you are walking down the street, and you are set upon by a couple of robbers, who steal your possessions; and there is a police officer looking right at all of it, and he does nothing, because he apparently doesn’t want to get involved, whom are you most angry at?

    The republican dictatorship has happened under Obama’s watch and ultimately will be his legacy.

  175. William, you make a compelling argument about Obama and the election. His failure to grasp the gravity of the matter and to act as protector in chief of this country is maddening and will have lasting consequences. (Hillary certainly gets it!) Granted he didn’t want the appearance of meddling in the election, but, as you say, he could have made a higher argument above the fray of partisan politics to alert the nation about Russia’s meddling and Comey’s unprecedented behavior. (It would have been nice if he’d told Comey to “cut it out” in July after the FBI’s scathing critique of Hillary.) Obama had a lot of political capital as someone who doesn’t get into the fray, so having him sound the alarm to the nation–at a minimum–this one time would have gone far, I think. We’ll never know because he didn’t do so, for what ever reasons. He’s exiting the presidency as he came in as a figure who doesn’t like to rock the boat or get his hands dirty. Sigh…. I’m sure Hillary is just as frustrated about this as we are. I do hope he’s doing something more decisive behind the scenes, so my final judgement on Obama will have to wait a little bit longer. In the meantime, we do know what we’re up against with Trump, so this is what our side must rally against and not lose sight of.

    Here’s Podesta’s Op-Ed piece on the election:

  176. SophieCT at 8:09 PM

    that’s a very good question…

    Why is Hillary saving fire for January 21 and beyond?

  177. I saw the Anonymous video and retweeted it. The problem with those Anonymous videos is they aren’t proof. I had a DM argument over that. They have to reveal proof and a video is not proof. That’s not to say they don’t HAVE the proof, but time will tell if it is revealed. I’ll dig the video up.

  178. So, yes, Bernie would have gotten destroyed there.

    Bernie was seriously unvetted. That wouldn’t have continued if he were the candidate. He would have been massacred and he would have deserved it. Bernie is the most America-hating candidate to EVER throw his hat in the Presidential ring. His history is horrendous. Simply horrendous.

  179. Tosca is certainly a beauty, Uppity!

    She knows it. It’s kind of strange when you walk your dog and everybody looks at the dog instead of you.

    She reminds me of simpler times when I couldn’t get enough of the series “Lassie.”

    Collies really ARE magical. And believe me, Timmy is ALWAYS in the well.

    The snow, however, in your pic makes me shiver.

    My dog WAITS for winter. Me……not so much. The older I get the less I am fascinated by winter. I swear a lot.

  180. Did you guys see that Assange tweeted that Obama should give him what proof he has that Russia hacked our election and he (ASSange) will graciously deign to “authenticate” it for us. Wow. What a guy.

    He should have his ass dragged here and be tried for espionage and then shot at dawn and hung at dusk. But only after he is tried in Sweden for 2 rapes.

  181. Tosca is more beautiful than Lassie.

    Socal, actually the ORIGINAL Lassie was a Tricolor Collie like Tosca. It was later that they began using the Sable and White Collie.

  182. WLM in answer to your snow question. It’s kind of early for it, but we got blasted with a lake effect blizzard that made me say swear words I haven’t said in a long time. By tomorrow it will all turn into water, as the temp is rising again. We pay somebody to clean up our snow. I am not up for a heart attack for me or my spousal unit. To hell with that shit. But my dog does LOVE LOVE LOVE it.

  183. Uppity @ 2:05 pm: Why, thank you, Ms. Uppity! I consider that the highest of compliments.

    Well deserved!

    Maybe I should have finished law school after all.

    Cheer up. I will die regretting that I am not a Veterinarian.

  184. Yes, Ups, I saw that crazy Tweet from Assange. Like Bernie, Assange will not go away.

  185. Some have move on…
    but it’s good to learn the specifics of the recount petion outcome and learn what we are against up…

    As lead counsel in Green Party presidential nominee Jill Stein’s quest to have votes recounted in Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, we have been in court for the past two weeks trying to verify the integrity of the election and make sure that no one hacked our democracy. Some have cast Stein as a spoiler, or alleged that the recounts were futile because they didn’t change who won the election.

    But the recount would be futile only if we, as Americans, ignored the lessons of the past weeks and preserved the status quo that is our broken voting system.

    To start, we must recognize that what we saw in Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania were recounts in name only. Though more than 161,000 people across the nation donated to the effort — and millions more demanded it with their voices — every imaginable financial, legal and political obstacle was thrown in the way of the recounts.

    In Michigan, a state court shut down the recount after only three days. In Wisconsin, instead of hand-counting all paper ballots — the “gold standard” of election auditing — many ballots were fed into the same electronic machines used on Election Day, producing the same potentially faulty results.

    In Pennsylvania, the state’s labyrinthine election system erected insurmountable barriers to even beginning a recount, requiring 27,474 voters in 9,158 districts to bring notarized petitions to county election boards, in time for shifting, divergent and secret deadlines. One court demanded that the 100-plus voters who petitioned for a recount post a $1 million bond to move forward with their case.

    See more details on:

  186. Stein is calling CIA report on hacking “Fake News”. She’s a reptile. I cannot believe anybody gave her money. I’m sure she has plenty left over for more trips to Moscow. Her plan was to ‘disprove’ that there was election tampering. What part of this do people not understand?

    I tweeted this to Stein and asked if this is fake news too.

    Note: Some claim that the back in the foreground of this pic belongs to Paul Manafort.

  187. WLM,once Putin doesn’t need him anymore, or if he gets porky, as he’s known to do, someone will find him dead.

  188. I knew and was expecting that reaction about Stein…
    I took my chances because regardless what she may or may not be…the recount petition and attempt to make it happen was real…not fake news…

  189. I’m surprised Tillerson isn’t in that picture. Flynn and Stein are traitors as far I am concerned.

  190. On Stein and Flynn, yes it could very well be an evil conspiracy. Certainly doesn’t look good. I would like to think it is an informal discussion on continued conversion to LEU (low-enriched uranium). Obama was supposed to take care of that but blew it, imo. But my wishful thinking on this probably not a reality. With the increase in terrorism, I really hoped that would at least something good to come from Obama. But nope.

  191. Strange how Stein considers herself so superior to Hillary after dining with a war criminal.

  192. She must have been very important to Putin’s plans, since she appears to be the only woman at his table.

  193. Yes, Brassy (6:58pm), Bernie would certainly have been slaughtered in those very swing states Hillary lost. But because of the wide spread voter suppression and Russian meddling, any Democat would have lost the election. None, however, would have matched her popular vote.

  194. Oh, now I see another woman there. Wonder who she is.

  195. She took another trip there during the campaign and thanked her contributors for the trip after it happened. Took shots of herself in her Russian fur coat and hat too.

    No, that meeting in the pic and the one during campaign season were not about any government business, since Flynn got dumped by the military for looking like a Russian operative and, let’s face it, nobody in the administration was going to call on that asshole Jill Stein to do much of anything. And if the back of that person is indeed Paul Manafort, well is there a pattern here? I think Jill ran to take from Hillary. Nothing more or less. She was certainly vicious enough about Hillary to support my assertion. She’s an operative. Just like Bernie and Flynn. And you know I’m no conspiracy theorist. But they all seem to carry a common theme in their lives. A dislike for America with a preference for Russia.

  196. Russia took LEU conversion off the table when sanctions were imposed. It is difficult to grasp just how important it is. But with crazy on the increase, it is vital to not only our national security, but the security of every country. Can’t make a dirty bomb with LEU. I used to spend a lot of spare time researching it… and no, am not a terrorist. Just tried to thoroughly check out Obama back in the day. One of his claims to fame was helping Lugar with this project… I’m pretty sure Lugar did every bit of the heavy lifting. Will be quiet now.

  197. Okay. It could very well be a conspiracy to elect Trump. No one can argue that Stein running did in fact hurt Clinton. We really don’t know for sure what they were talking about. Here is a twitter conversation… just food for thought:

    I don’t agree, but many environmentalists think nuclear energy is the answer. And we have indeed been getting uranium from Russia. Would think that stopped with the sanctions, but could be wrong.

  198. ARRRR… thought I was posting a link, not inserting the twitter thing… feel free to delete.

  199. So I guess tomorrow is the day the EC votes…{?}…then it comes down to nothing left but watch our country go to Hell.

  200. “Majority Want Monday’s Electoral College Vote Postponed In Wake Of Russia Scandal: New Poll”

    Electors will gather December 19th in state Capitols across the country to choose the next president.
    12/17/2016 10:27 pm ET

  201. “She’s an operative. Just like Bernie and Flynn. And you know I’m no conspiracy theorist.”

    But there may have been some coordination….

    Other players to consider: Tulsi Gabbard, who quit her position as DNC Vice Chair to work for Bernie’s campaign; and Ted Devine who, like Maniford, worked to elect Yanukovych, Putin’s puppet in the Ukraine.

    Also, the millions raised by Bernie’s campaign mostly via $27 contributions. Where did all of those funds come from? Russia, RNC, and NRA? And then there’s that mysterious contribution of $10 million out of Washington DC. Finally, Bernie, like Trump, never disclosed his tax returns.

  202. “The most common words in Hillary Clinton’s speeches, in one chart
    They weren’t about ‘identity politics’.”

    Updated by David Dec 16, 2016, 8:40am EST

  203. It’s late at night, sadness overwhelms me that Hillary will never be our President. I can’t bare it today…

  204. Shadow, history will be kind to Hillary. Everyone else in this sordid mess–not so much.

  205. Martin Luther King: “The long arc of history bends toward justice.”

  206. Trixta, I still have a copy of that over 400 pages of illegal donations Bernie was supposed to pay back, many of them from foreign countries. The rest were repeated $27 donations from the same people, a couple of hundred times, which brought them over the limit. So much for the “Average” donation being $27 so sayeth the fraudulent Bernie Sanders. It all came to something like 28 million he owed, and that’s when he spent down the rest of his $$, he had paid something like 180k back. I’m sure he got the DNC to pay the rest in exchange for his “Help”. We all know what his “help” has been. Who goes to the USSR on their Honeymoon to find a “Sister” city for Burlington? Asking for a friend. Who attends the Anniversary of The Revolution in Nicaragua? Who has the audacity to say that Castro “Transformed” Cuba and Ortega was “Impressive”? Who runs out and buys a summer home a few weeks after his campaign is over? Who pays his wife 6 figures to stand next to him? Who besides Trump hides his taxes because he doesn’t want people to see that he’s a de facto millionaire? Whose investments include oil companies, a fracking company and banks? Who. Who. Who. Ho Ho Ho.

    ipotter, the only thing nuclear I remember about Obama is a plant in Illinois that leaked radiation and never informed the public around them. Obama promised the people he would make legislation that would force nuclear facilities to inform the public of leaks. By the time the company got done with his legislation, informing the public was “voluntary”. I did a post on that here.

    As for Stein, she has no business making deals for our government. She has no position of authority other than she’s a quack who puts stock in alternative medicine and crystals. We never hear from that woman until four years goes by again. She’s a joke. Her first visit to the Kremlin was to an event sponsored by Russia’s propaganda arm to Honor Putin. Yes that’s right, she Honors him. And what was she’s doing at a table with The Man Himself, the possible back-side of a Trump Campaign Manager, and a discharged American General who has a penchant for Fascism?

    The second visit (that we know of) during the campaign was to discuss Human Rights and how we are all going to hug and love and get together and be good from now on. She criticized Human Rights behaviors. Not Russia’s. Ours. Seriously. Here she is in front of Red Square making her video about it as if Putin can teach us all about Human Rights what with his penchant for disappearing gay people. Now I could be wrong, but it does appear that Environmentally-Aware Jill is wearing a dead animal around her neck.

  207. Is that Ted Turner on the left with the bowtie? Why can’t they all be wearing helpful “Hello My Name Is” tags? 😀

  208. It does look like Ted Turner. Can someone please remind me of the actual event that precipitated this lovely array of dinner party guests? Thanks.

  209. Hahaha Brit. You jest. It all reminds me of when the NY Mafioso people used to all fight to have seats with their backs to the wall at weddings. So they could see their potential assassins enter the room.

  210. By the By, here is that Anonymous video you were all speaking of. I hate to say that I don’t always put much stock in one of these videos, mainly because Anonymous is a group of Individuals who act independently. What one says is not necessarily what the other one wants to say. There are Pro Trump Anonymouses and Pro Hillary Anonymouses, so you get the pic. Some of them are fake, you have to figure out which. Some of them are Alex Jones’ sycophants. Anonymous is just one big hodgepodge of capable hackers mixed in with bullshitters, so you just Never Know anymore.

    So here’s the video widely circulated in tweetland. Would that it were true. But as you can see, a video is not evidence. Time will tell. I’m not betting this will all be revealed anytime soon, if it is true. As with everything else, all the horses will have run out of the barn before this is sorted out and even then, it will take another long period of time before the press can determine if it is profitable enough to discuss it for more than five minutes.

  211. Rather than name tags, britgirls, I would suggest they all wear those “I’m With Stupid” t-shirts with arrows pointing at the dinner guest next to them.

  212. Absolutely right, Uppity. Stein has no business making deals with our government and I don’t think she was. Maybe my tinfoil hat is too tight, but I do think it was a conspiracy and Obama and the FBI were in on it. And I do apologize that sometimes I remember crap. Really stupid stuff most of the time. Can’t help it. It took me 11 years to purge my senior high school locker combination. Bernie was just using Obama’s playbook to try and hide donations. I remember looking at his donations back in the day and saw something very similar.

    Our government has been trying to safeguard against weapons of mass destruction for decades. We foot the bill for anything that gets done all over the world. Pissed me off at first, but in thinking about it, it truly is necessary. I’ll try and post a link to an older article by Lugar and Obama. Believe Lugar chaired the committee and Obama latched on in his efforts to climb the political ladder as quickly as possible. Sometimes I wonder if that is why he was “selected” in 2008. I’ll never believe he was actually elected. It was a cleaner job than this year though.

    I am old and not remembering things as well, so may not be completely correct. But I think there is plenty of information out there if anyone wants to look it up for themselves. Here is another link just for informational reading:

    An excerpt:
    “At the height of the mountain is the goal of a no-nuclear world,” said former Sen. Richard G. Lugar of Indiana, a Republican who has worked for decades on destroying and securing weapons of mass destruction around the globe. “We may be at the bottom of the mountain right now.”

    Obama’s pursuit of a nuclear-free planet has its roots in his short tenure in the Senate. As a member of the Foreign Relations Committee, he traveled with Lugar to Russia, Azerbaijan and Ukraine to inspect nuclear facilities, and he developed a deep interest in the idea of international diplomacy. Soon he was talking about initiating conversations with Iran, a deeply conservative Islamic nation with which the U.S. broke off formal ties after students took 52 Americans hostage in the U.S. Embassy in Tehran in 1979.”

    As I understand it, Putin doesn’t like Clinton and holds a grudge. He really didn’t want her to be president. She is strong and will stand up to him. We tend to coddle him in order to further disarmament.

    We are tied to Russia whether we like it or not. It isn’t all bad, we just don’t hear about it. They have been working with the DOE for years and are essential in our production of some radiopharmaceuticals.

    I don’t know if this makes sense to anyone, but it does in my warped mind. Couldn’t sleep last night… it was like an ah ha moment that wouldn’t stop. Now am probably too incoherent to try and explain it… or simply just full of shit.

  213. All great stories, but what does any of this have to do with the price of rice in China, ipotter? We need to focus on Now and rehashing things from more than decade ago about a president who won’t exist in a month isn’t going to get us there. Unless of course, I am missing some relevance to Now in all of this. I know you are fixated on Obama, but it just won’t play in the Present. In fact, he May be involved in the effort to get rid of Hillary, but I just don’t see how it benefits him to do it. In fact, I see how it harms him that she is not the President-Elect right now. In a big way. I personally just think Obama is a complacent kind of guy who shrugs shit off and figures, I’m outta here and I can’t wait. I mean, like him or not, he’s had 8 years of the Party Of No and Fuck You and Anything You Try To Do. They have treated him just like what they call him behind closed doors, if you get my drift. I am just surprised they didn’t publicly call him Boy.

    I admittedly hate conspiracy theories. It’s a long known thing about me and this site. I actually don’t mind a hint at them if I can see some supportive evidence. As it stands now, it does look like the FBI was in on the effort to get rid of Hillary for Putin. Otherwise Comey would not have done what he did, although I still hold out that his hand was forced by Giuliani’s old goombahs in the NY office who held a threat over Comey’s head, forcing him to protect himself, which is about as selfish to the country as it gets. Treason, really. There is absolutely NO precedent for what he did, it is a violation of policy pure and simple and certainly not to the end known as protection of our National Security. There was no obvious reason for what he did other than to cover his own sorry ass. I started out feeling sorry for him because I suspected he was under siege from Within, thanks to that POS Rudy, who wanted revenge against Hillary for when she called him out on his Stop and Search shit and a couple of mysteriously dead black people at the hands of NY cops. For him, it was typical dago greaseball revenge, nothing more. I can say that because I am Italian. I know/knew people like Rudy. They were in my family. They are the nasty men we secretly planned family picnics around without notifying them, so we could all have a good time without them. That’s Rudy. His own kids know what a POS he is. What man of any moral compass announces a divorce to the surprise of his wife…at a press conference. What man of morals brings his mistress into his own home with his kids there. Rudy is a bag of shit. He arranged all of this. He’s demented and Karma will see to it that he dies a horrible death. Preferably soon.

    But I digress. I can do that. It’s my blog. But when I look at that whole Comey picture, the above is what i see. Not conspiracy, but simple Self-Preservation. He should be fired for that if not Tried for manipulating an election, however inadvertent.

    The FBI’s obsession with Hillary emails and comparative complacency about Putin meddling in an election tells a very sad story that Podesta already pointed out. There is something VERY broken in the FBI. And it looks like it has to do with personnel and personal. Nothing more. Unless we are to decide that the FBI is infiltrated by Russians. In that case, I want to see some useful evidence, otherwise……pffffft from me.

    One thing I DO know. The Trump camp is CERTAINLY infiltrated with Russian operatives, and has been since long before anybody voted. And again, the FBI was too busy with emails to bother about it. THAT is a “conspiracy” I can dig my teeth into. Just for different reasons than everyone else.

    As a side note, I can tell you this. It would have been REALLY great if Bill Clinton didn’t pull that Tarmack shit with the Attorney General. I can’t think of one good thing Bill Clinton achieved for Hillary. I know this makes me unpopular but I swore sometimes that Bill was working hard to make sure she didn’t win. He was Unhelpful to say the least. I winced every time I saw him speak. He spent far too much time defending his OWN administration. And angrily besides. There comes the time when someone has to take Dad’s keys to the car away. For Bill Clinton, that day occurred the day Hillary Announced she was running. Sorry but that’s how I feel. That Tarmack deal did more damage to Hillary than anything I can even imagine.

  214. Rather than name tags, britgirls, I would suggest they all wear those “I’m With Stupid” t-shirts with arrows pointing at the dinner guest next to them.

  215. Is Ted Turner also an “operative”?
    This are not Faux News, are they?

  216. Lilam, if I recall correctly, that event was to honor Vlad The Great, sponsored by State-Owned media.

  217. “Majority Want Monday’s Electoral College Vote Postponed In Wake Of Russia Scandal: New Poll”

    You all need to get this idea out of your heads. It’s not going to happen. Nor is Hillary going to get the votes needed. Not going to happen.

    Besides, do you really think Trump’s thugs haven’t long ago visited with these EC voters for a little chat/bribe/threat/warning ?

  218. Speaking of Lynch, it might have been a less than stellar idea for her to give a Rosa Parks moment speech about the transgendered and restrooms in a Presidential election year.

    Months before the election I eavesdropped on a conversation between two old women and heard one say “Well, I certainly don’t want to use a restroom with men!”
    I thought uh-oh.

  219. Belle that photo is real. It’s been around for quite awhile too. It was a real event with real attendees.

    If Turner was there it was for business opportunity, which it the same reason Trump is sucking up to Putin. Has nothing to do with the good of the USA. He couldn’t care less. Trump wants to be an Oligarch like they have in Russia. Rich people who plant themselves into government to enhance their own bank accounts. And since Trump not only wants to be rich like the Oligarchs, he also owes gazillions to Oligarchs. You see, Trump stiffed banks so many times, they refused to loan him another penny. So he went with the Russians. Like that dolt Donnie Jr admitted, a significant portion of their debt is Russian. Given Donald’s penchant for getting out of paying his debts, he probably is working on cancelling out his debts there right now. After all, he’s the President and can help them in other ways, such as selling our Democratic Republic down the river for his own benefit, and, you know, looking the other way while Russia continues to expand its borders by committing genocide in weaker countries and snatching their land.

    He picked Rex Tillerson as SOS for a reason and he told on himself when he announced the appointment. He said Tillerson is “one of the best dealmakers out there”. That’s going to be Rex’s job. To make deals that financially benefit Donald and Rex and anybody else in their small circle. And the taxpayers will pay his salary, perks and benefits. What a deal for Donald. No overhead at all! Pure profit! Hint: Nobody doing armpit farts at Trump rallies are in the small circle. But you can bet they will be reaping what they sowed and it won’t be better wages or standard of life. However, they can all feel good that Donald will be living the life of an Oligarch for life. Unless he gets his ass impeached. But then, that would require Democrats getting off their asses at midterms and the left nutroots forgetting their stupid idealogical bullshit and just vote D. But we all know that will never happen. They’d rather fuck themselves than vote for a Democrat who isn’t Castro material.

  220. True, my theory is just that and it is hard to follow. But basically, we have been working for decades towards nuclear disarmament… it started in the past but it is an extremely long process and we have far to go in the present.

    Right now our relationship with Russia is probably the worst since the Cold War due to Ukraine sanctions. Trump is for lifting sanctions on Russia. Hillary is against lifting them. Of course, Putin is for lifting sanctions.

    Sanctions are hindering continued nuclear disarmament and conversion to low-enriched uranium in Russia, so sanctions are essentially hurting something we have been working for decades to achieve. And sanctions are increasing the chances of terrorists having access to nuclear material as Russia doesn’t always do a great job in securing the stuff. But… Trump being Trump, he is probably much more interested in making money through establishing business deals in Russia.

    Anyway, I see it as a reason Obama and the FBI just might pull the crap that it appears they pulled. Not saying FBI or our government is infiltrated by the Russians. Not saying it is right either. One has to realize that our governments work together much more than people realize. We are actually dependent on them for some things and they do work with our scientists at DOE.

    Sorry, I see it as all connected. And sorry if I am annoying you. This stuff has always interested me so it is something I follow. Yes, it’s weird and I will shut up now.

  221. William spot on! Bravo! I have had enough of this peaceful transition of power bullsh*t! It doesn’t apply to people who are committing treason against our democracy and has foreign business ties and is a complete threat to the world. Wake up people! He lost this election and not one person is willing to stop him. I fear for the people who stood up to him. The women who were sexually assaulted by him. The few journalists with integrity who spoke the truth. Make no mistake they will not be safe. None of us are. And F U Obama! Thanks for nothing. Have fun vacationing in Hawaii. Like I said, he’s loving this. He’s going to look like a saint bc of his succesor.

  222. Oh I think Bill wanted Hillary to win, uppity! Though I do find him guilt fueled at times.

  223. A holiday gift from Kate McKinnon last night for all of us:

  224. Yeah Sue, that restroom thing has been a real problem for our party. Sorry but it’s true. In fact the whole transgender issue is a problem, mostly because of how it is presented. I don’t know a single woman who isn’t put off by transgenders redefining what a woman is and forcing new vocabulary at women who have suffered the slings and arrows of men trying to tell them what to do all of their lives. It’s as if when a guy trans’es to woman, he still behaves like a man and shoves the other women around and demands to speak for everything and everybody. Women don’t like it. Fortunately, it’s calmed down a bit, but last year at this time it was like, AYFKM? I’m not changing my vocabulary for .0001% of the population who seems to hate me for being a woman as previously defined (I think the word is (said with disdain) “CIS”)).

    Thank goodness that has simmered down because women were getting really pissed off. It was as if men, who already appropriated anything for themselves they want to take from women, were now appropriating womanhood from women too. Bruce jenner blew some lids off too. He Transitioned and then presented himself like a hooker, dressing and photographing in ways MEN perceive women want to be. Once again, it was the affect of a man’s mind redefining women as sex objects. I thought that was really sad and downright piss-poor. We women sure do get fucked left and right. Frankly, I can’t imagine why any guy would want to be one of us, considering.

    In any event, the problem of restrooms still remains and I really would venture to say that the majority of women do not want to share a ladies’ room with someone who still has a penis.

    It seems that the women who have transitioned to men are less of a problem, generally, but then what else is new?

    I’d say the only real issue I have is seeing young pre-teens being routed to psychologists of sort, who transition them before they are old enough to really know what’s going on in their lives. I was an award winning tomboy who, if I ever 12 years old today, would probably have been swooped up by these ‘well meaning’ people and turned into a guy, when 3 years later I would have regretted it. For the rest of my life. But then, I’m not in these kids shoes. However, I think there is way too much propaganda effort out there to influence these children so early in life.

    Overall, the truth is I don’t understand or know shit about any of this, and I’m sure my ignorance shows in this comment, because I just have a personally hard time grasping it, which makes that my problem not everybody else’s. I’m just glad I’m not young and dating is all….

  225. ipotter:
    Thank you for all yous posts.
    They bring insightful, historical perspective and balance views…
    Keep them coming…

  226. Thanks Voting for the SNL video, bringing some needed laughter…


    I’m convinced that all of this shite comes down to Russia wanting the Exxon-Mobil deal to go through (worth billions!). Hillary never would’ve lifted the sanctions.

    lmao at the “I’m with stupid” t-shirts!! 😀

  228. ipotter … I’m enjoying your posts, too! Keep ’em coming!

  229. “You all need to get this idea out of your heads. It’s not going to happen. Nor is Hillary going to get the votes needed. Not going to happen.”

    Come on, Upps…that’s not why I posted the above link concerning the poll on postponing the EC vote. Perhaps I should have made some introductory comments before posting the link, but my motives for the post was to show that a substantial portion of the public is very concerned about Russia’s hacking of our elections. This growing public sentiment lies in stark contrast to how Obama has responded to this threat thus far–which was a topic of discussion on the thread last night. That’s it. I have no illusions about the upcoming EC vote or even of Trump ever being impeached, for that matter. If my post gave the wrong impression than my bad.

  230. Did anyone see AM Joy this morning? She had a clip of Newt’s speech to the Heritage Foundation. He gleefully stated that in the next 8 years they will do everything they can to reverse FDR’s New Deal and that by 2024 the New Deal should be fully dismantled. Furthermore, the Republicans would be in control of the government from here on out. What a disgrace.

  231. “Senators Call For Select Panel Investigation Into Russian Election Interference”
    Reuters on Sun, Dec 18th, 2016 at 3:02 pm
    By David Morgan and Julia Harte

    “U.S. Republican and Democratic senators on Sunday called for a special bipartisan panel to investigate cyber attacks against the United States by foreign countries with a focus on Russia’s alleged efforts to influence the U.S. presidential election.”


  232. cats @ 4:03pm
    If Newt and the repos want to reverse FDR’s New Deal…they are inviting a Civil War II…

  233. Thank you Voting for that video from SNL. A little bit of Hillary humor goes a long way.

  234. Anonymous video –

    The info put out in this video coincides with most of what is already out there, and the real intelligence groups know how much of this is true.

    Obama knows how much is true,
    Trump knows how much is true,
    and probably Hillary, and some in Congress like Diane Feinstein-

    (The following are Senator Feinstein’s current committee assignments:
    Senate Select Committee on Intelligence (Vice Chairman)
    The Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, established in 1975, has oversight responsibility for the 16 civilian and military agencies and departments that make up the U.S. Intelligence Community.

  235. cats, I haven’t watched cable news networks since November 8. What you just reported reminds me of why.

  236. No no no Trix. I just saw that as an opportunity to say what I thought about the EC thing. You just happened to be the person who gave me the opportunity.

  237. *Popping my head in*

    Hey, y’all. Beleaguered retail worker stopping by. I don’t have much to add, but I did want to brag about my ability to control my venomous tongue and disguise my complete antipathy towards the unabashed Trump followers I have come across in my place of business. I’ve even managed to put a genuine looking smile on my face and issue forth a convincing “Merry Christmas” all the while hiding my utter contempt towards them. It has not been an easy task, but I’m too young to retire and too old to find another decent-paying job, so I need to stay employed.

    In other news, I agree with everything William has said.

  238. You know Belle, Newt was front and center the last time they shafted Seniors with Medicare. That was under Chinless’ predecessor, Senator Dr. Bill Frist, who decided to “reform” medicare for his family’s chain of private clinics. Newt coordinated the whole thing even though he and Dick Army were practically run out of Congress on a rail. Newt’s BFF was running the Insurance Brokerage Firm that hijacked the AARP name. Such was the benefit to AARP that this is how they treated complaining seniors when their benefits were going to be cut. Remember this if you are EVER tempted to join AARP. They are NOT your friend.

    Watch this snotty AARP bastard treat seniors at this meeting like 5 year olds and tell them to basically shit down and shut the fuck up, this is the plan. Too bad. Then she walks out on them.

    P. S. Edit. This is the wrong meeting, but worth watching to see how AARP sold seniors down the river AGAIN with Obama’s health care reform. Little known, he took 3/4 of a BILLION out of medicare coverage for ACA. And this is how seniors were treated. Expect more of this everywhere, not just with seniors. So Medicare has already taken two hits. Under Frist/Bush and Obama/Chinless. Remember, Medicare is NOT an entitlement pot, it is paid for by employees out of payroll and their employers. They have NO right to call it or Social Security “Entitlements”.

    This time, they not only will totally strip it and privatize it, but they will do the same with the ACA.

  239. Ups, I remember this clip of the AARP meeting and thought then that she was very disrespectful. I discontinued my AARP membership.

  240. Uppity Woman at 1:42 PM
    Upps, You used an old yahoo icon, how do you get them?
    I miss them, they were a lot of cuter and funny than the latest version…
    but since they shot down the original Yahoo messenger style and I can not get them…
    the new version sucks…

  241. Voting, loved the SNL video! Thanks for posting.

    Thanks for allowing me to vent here. My conclusions may very well be wrong. But for myself, I need a starting point that makes some kind of sense before I can work toward understanding. And I need understanding before I can let something go. Now have my starting point. I hope everyone comes to their own conclusions and is able to make peace with the events in their own time.

    Had dental surgery last week and can’t partake in holiday cheer or goodies (unless they are the consistency of mashed potatoes). So everyone, please enjoy a few extra goodies for me! Thanks.

  242. When your opponent gets 2.1% more votes than you do, you cannot govern the country in any legitimate fashion. If I had a Twitter account, the thing I would most like to say to the numerous Trump supporters who keep exclaiming that the popular vote doesn’t matter, is that this really is not a football game. It is about governing the country. Let’s say that Hillary got 10 million more votes, and somehow lost a few key states by two votes each. Would that be okay? It is a ridiculous assertion that only electoral votes in our archaic system ultimately matter. A three milllion or so popular vote margin does matter, even though the other side wwould love to pretend that it has no meaning at all/

    It will show up in the fact that a majority of the country did not mandate any of this, and does not want the policies they are going to try to enact. There will be various forms of resistance, even if they are just people not supporting any of the agendas. As a small example, if they give the wealthy their enormous tax cut, and then cut those $300 checks to the rest of the people, there may be many millions of people who will not spend them; will bank them or take them to Vegas. This will not give the economy the false boost intended. People don’t trust the FBI, and probably there will be less tips given to them. This may be bad, but it is just another feature of a non-supportive majority of the voters. I simply do not believe that any president with such a substantial minority of votes; and the fact that Hillary won counties which make up 68% of the U.S. economy, can effectively govern. I suppose that they could create an armed police state; minority leaders have managed that for a time, but they usually fall. I am certainly not saying that this is going to be anything but very unpleasant and inducing of fear, but they can’t ram these things down everyone’s throat, if people effectively resist. Now, if they don’t, if they just go along with it all, then Gingrich can be right, and the entire New Deal can be repealed, and we go back to a worse version of the GIlded Age, with the tenement slums. I would hope that millions of people keep mentioning the 3 million votes and the 2.1% margin, over and over. And if the majority of voters want to bring the economy to a crashing halt, all they have to do is to stop buying all but necessities, and some luxuries purchased from local self-owned companies. No economy can function effectively if a majority of people do not support it.

  243. Yo Julie, girl! Good to see ya. You’re a better woman than I am. I would punch their lights out and be standing in the unemployment line by now.

  244. I’m with Uppity. Obama can go in the dumpster for all I care. He’s done a lot of damage and doesn’t seem to recognize the danger that is Putin. It’s like he’s afraid of a new cold war which this would never be.

    Newt has a ton of hubris and it’s been the death of him time and again.

    Forget about Obama and start focusing on what we need to do now to stop the Putin/Trump agenda. Obama is not going to be any help on that.

  245. William, I hear ya, man!

    But you know what? There’s a mini civil war going on with the GOP congress, so plans to kill off everybody but themselves might just not go so smoothly.

  246. Read how corrupt the GOP leadership really is. Here’s thieving Bill Frist, Mitch Chinless’ predecessor who already “reformed” malpractice law suits and medicare for himself and his family.

  247. Glad you dumped AARP. They come for you at age 50 and do nothing for you from that moment forward. They are nothing but Insurance Brokers now. They should be forced to relinquish the AARP name.

  248. Belle, not sure what icon you mean. I didn’t use Yahoo so could you be more specific. You mean the yellow laughing guy? Don’t remember where I got it. I have a bunch of old ones that are better than the crap they have today.

  249. William, I think effectively that is what is going to happen. Ryan et al cutting people’s insurance means they are not going to have money to buy things. Cutting social security means less spending. Everything the GOP is planning to do means less spending and consumer spending is 2/3 of the economy. I mean even if people want to spend money they are not going to be able to because they aren’t going to have it to spend.

  250. Privatizing medicare is a horrible idea that the Insurers will LOVE. The GOP can’t wait to buy stock.

    It will be horrible for the disabled on Medicare. Just horrible. These people are morally bankrupt.

  251. Again, thank you William for your post.

    It is a ridiculous assertion that only electoral votes in our archaic system ultimately matter. A three million or so popular vote margin does matter, even though the other side would love to pretend that it has no meaning at all/…

    Some of us, the Resistance will never accept the president-manipulated (no-elected); if the EC just rover stamp the Trump…there will be retaliation (blood) in many forms…an economic boycott is a starting point and a very strong one…

  252. Yeah Upps, the laughing guy, I also prefer the old ones and I don’t know how to get them…

  253. Rudy is a bag of shit. He arranged all of this. He’s demented and Karma will see to it that he dies a horrible death. Preferably soon.

    And may his judge in the afterlife be Rod Serling. 😈

  254. Trump aides ask of Russian meddling: Does it matter?

    WASHINGTON (AP) – Donald Trump’s top aides on Sunday said the president-elect isn’t ready to accept the finding by intelligence officials that Moscow hacked Democratic emails in a bid to elevate Trump. Even if it’s true, they said, Trump still won the White House fair and square. The pushback came a day before members of the Electoral College are scheduled to formally cast votes for Trump as the 45th president. While Democrats likely are powerless to stop it, they suggested Trump’s victory over Democrat Hillary Clinton would forever be tainted by Russian meddling. Republican electors have been inundated by Trump opponents urging them to defy the results in their states and vote against Trump.

  255. Uppity at 9:34 pm, Just read your link about Frist. He could have seen jail for insider trading. Wonder how he avoided that? And, I agree that it will be terrible if Medicare is privatized. These Republicans don’t think twice about ruining things for others when they know they will not be affected. Just like when Congress did not have to participate in Obama Care.

  256. Notice how the “alt-right” and the “alt-left” agree that it doesn’t matter if Russia meddled in our elections? 😡

  257. William

    “…It will show up in the fact that a majority of the country did not mandate any of this, and does not want the policies they are going to try to enact. There will be various forms of resistance, even if they are just people not supporting any of the agendas. As a small example, if they give the wealthy their enormous tax cut.”

    Not that I have any faith that the most populist states would ever do this, but the way to counteract the loopholes and corruption of the T.Rump election fraud would be to not only go after him with everything the Dems have, but for the majority to reuse to pay their income taxes before April 2017. Even if CA were on track to do this…the T.government would be up Shit Creek without a paddle.

    I would do it, damn straight! “The new ‘president’ hasn’t paid his taxes in 20 years, why should I?”

  258. Ga6th, economics is way over my head but I heard talking heads posit that the spending would be for the military and for infrastructure. Maybe they won’t need consumer spending if billions go into those two pots. Lots of competive and sole source government contracts. There was a snippet of a rally where Trump said he would ask Congress for a trillion dollars for infrastructure and the talking head had no doubt that he would get the money by borrowing it (increasing the national debt?). This may be all wrong, I’m no Ups or William!

  259. Okay, I have tried to post the same comment reply to William, FOUR times and they all ended up in spam. There isn’t a link or anything weird. I can post test, and no problem with it showing up.

  260. California is itching to take on Trump. Here are the prominent figures leading the charge.

    California’s leaders have reacted to Donald Trump’s win with a clamor of opposition, an adversarial stance that echoes Texas’ combative posture under President Obama.

    But within the overarching hostile tone, the dissent from the nation’s most populous state, which sided decisively with Hillary Clinton in the Nov. 8 presidential election, has come in several forms: carefully calibrated messages of tepid cooperation, outright declarations of defiance and Twitter brawls.

    Beyond the state’s representatives in Washington — including Democratic Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and U.S. Sens. Dianne Feinstein and Kamala Harris — the roster of Trump antagonists in California is a lengthy one. Here’s a field guide to the Californians on the front lines in the state’s brewing battle with the incoming president.

    The six California congressional members most likely to help, or hinder, the Trump administration »

    The state officials

    The state’s highest-profile defender is Gov. Jerry Brown, whose initial comments on Trump emphasized national unity and a wait-and-see attitude about the incoming administration. But the governor has since ratcheted up the rhetoric on climate change, Brown’s signature issue and one where he and Trump share little common ground.

    “We’ve got the scientists, we’ve got the universities, we have the national labs and we have the political clout and sophistication for the battle — and we will persevere. Have no doubt about that,” Brown said Wednesday in an address to climate scientists.

    More aggressive has been Secretary of State Alex Padilla, who oversees California’s elections. Padilla was quick to issue a series of public statements condemning Trump’s advisors and cabinet picks, as well as the president-elect’s unfounded allegation of widespread voter fraud in California.

    If Trump’s positions are “contrary to the policies we’re pursuing in California or are harmful to the state or the nation, we’ll challenge him every step of the way,” Padilla said in an interview.


    UC System President Janet Napolitano, who signed the directive when she served as Homeland Security secretary under Obama, has become a vocal proponent of maintaining DACA, penning a New York Times op-ed in which she called the reasoning behind the policy “careful, rational and lawful.”

    The lawmakers

    Starting with a fiery joint statement just hours after Trump won the presidency, California’s top Democrats in the Legislature — Senate President pro Tem Kevin de León and Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon — have struck a decisively defiant anti-Trump tone.

    “Californians do not need healing. We need to fight,” Rendon said in a combative speech at last week’s ceremony swearing in new legislators, injecting a bellicose note into a typically cheery affair.

    Legislative leaders have staked out immigration as the first battleground. De León has introduced a measure that would bar state and local resources from being used to aid federal immigration officials in deportations.

  261. Shadow, I’m all with the don’t need healing, we need to fight!

  262. It will be horrible for the disabled on Medicare.

    — Absolutely and my son with two chronic illnesses is going though Hell on Medicare now and El Douche has not even been given the keys to the Oval yet.

  263. NW Luna, on December 18, 2016 at 11:52 PM

    A big yup. I am totally depressed about Hillary, but I am not going to roll over for the shit storm that comes from El Douche and his band of thief’s and liars.

    I will go along with the public if they finally realize that not paying our income taxes by April 2017, because the new pResident didn’t pay his for 20 years…will bring the policies they try to push, to their knees.

    Take away the values of votes in blue states, we take away your money.

    Phuck all of them.

  264. Just a warning on Trump’s highly touted infrastructure plan. Like everything else the Republicans want to do, it is a privatization plan. Private contractors will get taxpayer money to take over the infrastructure, then make more money by charging people to use the transportation system with tolls and other fees. And instead of maintaing the system, they will pocket the revenue and let the system crumble. Every Republican plan for anything is just a scheme to funnel public money to wealthy private interests who donate to GOP. And on top of all that, it will balloon the deficit which will be used as an excuse to further destroy the safety net. Sorry to be Debby Downer here.

  265. I’m with Shadow, Luna and William and anybody else in the fight against the Trump and evil…

    And NO, he and the repos are not gonna make my life miserable; because every morning when I rise I choose the good and the kind things in life and that’s is worth fighting for…

    In this garden of good and evil…there’s always a choice…
    which side one takes makes a difference in the outcome of one’s life…
    there is karma…

  266. Shadow, NY’s AG, I can’t remember his name, is ready to rock and roll too using the state’s constitutional rights to protect his people from the federal government. Two big Hillary states are going to kick ass! We need a slogan, how about Hillary Won or just Rise!

    Personally, I wouldn’t phuck with the IRS. As far as we know, everything he did on his tax returns was legal or correctable with a fine. Orange isn’t my color.

  267. El Douche is even a loser in EC votes in history…

    Trump’s Electoral
    College Victory Ranks
    46th in 58 Elections

  268. Brassy Rebel, on December 19, 2016 at 12:22 AM

    I agree, ‘privatize’ is another word for ‘profit to the rich’ and another kick in the ass to the working class and poor.

  269. Cats

    Personally, I wouldn’t phuck with the IRS. As far as we know, everything he did on his tax returns was legal or correctable with a fine.


    Everything El Douche has done with his taxes are not legal. He wouldn’t be getting audited every year and would have released this tax return if all was above board.

    I won’t do it if millions of other’s don’t…it would have to be a big statement and not an individual statement.

  270. At the risk of annoying Uppity (sorry Uppity), the woman in the Stein/Flynn photo above might be Sophie Sheravdnadze. She is a correspondent for RT and it was their bash. If it was the 2015 gig Flynn talked about in a Washington Post article, he claims it was a paid gig he did for DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency) and he was there to talk about radical Islam in the Middle East.

    This is interesting as it explains how RT works. I’m sure they had no trouble getting their guests to say whatever they wanted:

    This is Stein’s description of her trip to Russia and dinner with Putin. But not sure if this is the same trip. Even if her intent was to convey this message, it most likely it did not come out that way. But I really know nothing about her or her intent:

    Was looking for perhaps a caption somewhere that would label all the people at the table but didn’t find anything.

  271. ipotter, I found a site that does identify Jill Stein in a picture as being at that dinner…it’s her own damn campaign site….just scroll down and you will see the picture.

  272. California will be the fulcrum of the resistance to Trump. Of course, Trump, with his desire for revenge, will try to damage California as much as he can. But while I don’t have the figures, CA contributes an immense amount of money to the national economy. I think we would be the sixth largest economy in the world, if we were a nation. Actually, CA and its residents are paying to support the Red states, which mostly produce very little. It is acceptable in a fair system, but not this rigged system where the Republicans have set it up so that the small rural counties and states control the larger ones. Think about it: in a microcosmic sense, some angry and completely uninformed people in the Confederate states are telling CA and NY what to do. People in CA and NY and the other big counties of most states did not vote for any of this. But they are asked to actually pay for it. I am almost certain that there is going to be fierce resistance to this. It’s a shame that Jerry Brown will be termed out (again!), as he would be a great help. Gavin Newsome, likely the next governor, is too full of himself, I think; and not nearly as smart as Brown. I’d like to see Eric Garcetti be governor, but I doubt that he would run.

    I have said that we need a leader to fight this battle. We may well not get that in a single person, but maybe California can do it as a group. I am not advocating that people not pay their taxes, as that is a crime. I do note that if people in CA start deciding to defray some taxes, take deductions now instead of forward; stop traveling to Red states for vacations, the national economy would take a major blow. The environment is so absolutely crucial for all of humanity; and it is also imperative that California not suffer from such drought that the produce industry, which feeds most of the country, is severely damaged. So I am very glad that Brown has some ideas of how to deal with it, in the face of a Republican administration which seems to almost delight in wrecking the land, air, and water. No alien race that we invent in our fiction could possibly have such hatred for the human race and this planet as do the Republicans. And I wish more people with impact would point it out in just that way.

  273. California will be the fulcrum of the resistance to Trump. Of course, Trump, with his desire for revenge, will try to damage California as much as he can. But while I don’t have the figures, CA contributes an immense amount of money to the national economy. I think we would be the sixth largest economy in the world, if we were a nation. Actually, CA and its residents are paying to support the Red states, which mostly produce very little. It is acceptable in a fair system, but not this rigged system where the Republicans have set it up so that the small rural counties and states control the larger ones. Think about it: in a microcosmic sense, some angry and completely uninformed people in the Confederate states are telling CA and NY what to do. People in CA and NY and the other big counties of most states did not vote for any of this. But they are asked to actually pay for it. I am almost certain that there is going to be fierce resistance to this. It’s a shame that Jerry Brown will be termed out (again!), as he would be a great help. Gavin Newsome, likely the next governor, is too full of himself, I think; and not nearly as smart as Brown. I’d like to see Eric Garcetti be governor, but I doubt that he would run.

    I have said that we need a leader to fight this battle. We may well not get that in a single person, but maybe California can do it as a group. I am not advocating that people not pay their taxes, as that is a crime. I do note that if people in CA start deciding to defray some taxes, take deductions now instead of forward; stop traveling to Red states for vacations, the national economy would take a major blow. The environment is so absolutely crucial for all of humanity; and it is also imperative that California not suffer from such drought that the produce industry, which feeds most of the country, is severely damaged. So I am very glad that Brown has some ideas of how to deal with it, in the face of a Republican administration which seems to almost delight in wrecking the land, air, and water. No alien race that we invent in our fiction could possibly have such hatred for the human race and this planet as do the Republicans. And I wish more people with impact would point it out in just that way. The Republicans are the real-life manifestation of all the zombies, ghouls, and vampires which scare people in their imagination.

  274. ipotter, on December 19, 2016 at 12:58 AM said:
    At the risk of annoying Uppity (sorry Uppity), the woman in the Stein/Flynn photo above might be Sophie Sheravdnadze. She is a correspondent for RT and it was their bash.

    It is Sophie Sheravdnadze and that dinner was the 10th anniversary dinner of RT w/ Putin as “special guest.” Stein and Gen. Mike Flynn were also at Putin’s table

  275. Of course, no one here has expressed hope for Trump’s infrastructure plan. But I have actually heard some Democrats say, well, at least we’ll get the infrastructure fixed–even if we have to provide Trump the votes in congress.

    The only thing that will get “fixed” is the part that’s not broken–the public part. Much like the VA which they’re also eager to privatize. The rest will continue to crumble. This is why congressional Republicans have refused to fund major infrastructure projects. They’ve been waiting for the chance to privatize. Kleptocrats.

    And tragically, there will be more Flints. Kids were poisoned there. Michigan’s Republican governor has escaped all consequences.

  276. William at 1:11 AM said:

    No alien race that we invent in our fiction could possibly have such hatred for the human race and this planet as do the Republicans.

    I don’t understand what they get from hating humanity so much.
    Along that our planet earth…they just want to exploit any thing around them…

    Maybe they are not humans…they are reptilians…

  277. ipotter, I found a site that does identify Jill Stein in a picture as being at that dinner…it’s her own damn campaign site….just scroll down and you will see the picture.

    LOL. Ooops.

    Because you’re getting as pissed off as I am. Jesus H Christ.


  278. Personally, I wouldn’t phuck with the IRS. As far as we know, everything he did on his tax returns was legal or correctable with a fine.

    Yes he did exploit laws to the limit, as he always does. But as of Jan 20, he can fuck with the FBI all he wants, because he will own them. He gets to pick the director and pick ON anybody he wants. I’ll bet he won’t be audited “every year” after Jan 20.

    It’s going to be a picnic for DJTrump and his genetic dolts Uday and Qusay.

  279. At the risk of annoying Uppity

    Actually it appears you enjoy it.

  280. I agree, ‘privatize’ is another word for ‘profit to the rich’ and another kick in the ass to the working class and poor.

    Lots of “Blind Trusts” are not so blind. Ask Bill Frist. I would venture to say if somebody were to crack open some of these Congressional Blind Trusts, a lot of elected officials would be packing their bags. They make laws that help rich people make money. They invest is what they are about to make happen. They are the quintessential Inside Traders. So many of them enter congress in one financial condition and leave multi-millionaires. And don’t think it’s just Republicans. Why is it that all their families suddenly do so well in just a matter of a few short years? It’s a bonanza.

    We will watch Trump and his spawns do it out in the open. It’s already started.

  281. But I really know nothing about her or her intent:

    Perhaps this will help clear up her ‘intent” in a general way:

    And perhaps this will help clear up mine. I’m still waiting for an answer from her. So far, crickets.

  282. Speaking of Privatization, there is a huge underground push to privatize water supplies in the USA. And it’s been achieved with some success too. There are foreign countries looking to buy our life-force so they can charge us exorbitant prices to stay alive. If you don’t think this is possible, I need only tell you that much of the Northeast’s power is owned by a company called National Grid. The home base is in the UK. It is why they pay the highest prices for heat and light in the country.And National Grid continues to seek out more purchases.

    Heat, light and water.

    Without them, you cannot live. When privatized, they cannot be regarded as a Human Right.

  283. “I just saw that as an opportunity to say what I thought about the EC thing. You just happened to be the person who gave me the opportunity.”

    I’m telling Santa on you!

  284. Uppity @ 10:34, god that’s terrifying.

    Here’s a funny for you and I’m off to the salt mines:

  285. On the Stein thing, my intent is not to defend Stein or annoy anyone. Stein herself admitted to being there. It was in the link I posted. She said what she talked about… her version of what she talked about. Have heard it all before. I live in a college town and could hand her words to any kid (same as anything Bernie or Obama said) and they would think she was the best thing since sliced bread. Don’t really think her message was off for her intended target group which I’m guessing would be kids and those who like to call themselves socialists… dime a dozen in this town even though it is a very red state. Have to tolerate them all, so try to look beyond what is on the surface much of the time.

    What I was trying to convey, and perhaps it is already known, is that RT is Russian’s propaganda machine. It’s what they do all day every day. They use foreigners. They twist and mince things to suit the message they intend to send. Foreigners don’t even realize it’s happening the majority of the time. I don’t know if Stein knew what they were doing or even cared that everything she said would get twisted. I would assume she was enjoying the trip… the ego trip she got from being invited.

    The photo was taken December 2015. One year ago. Flynn admitted to being there and said he was paid to do so by the Defense Intelligence Agency.

    There is definitely something wrong that Stein is now chanting “Fake News”, because we all know that isn’t right. The reason she is giving is that no evidence is being released, just proclamations. So, that leads me to the conclusion she simply isn’t very intelligent. Maybe I don’t pay attention, but am of the belief that is what you get from CIA and FBI… proclamations. They don’t necessarily release sources. But maybe I should be taking it as it appears… she is chanting the same phrase our media used when flooded with fake news from RT, therefore she must be a willing operative or conspirator.

    It really doesn’t matter whether she participated in a conspiracy, is a knowing and willing operative, or just stupid. Except if she is naïve or stupid, there might not have been intent. Just presenting a different view. I do give her credit for attempting a recount even though it was blocked every step of the way. Guess I don’t see the logic. Some would say it is for the money. Perhaps so. Hope she keeps the receipts. No, I didn’t donate. Kind of expected the results we got. And voted Hillary, of course. Don’t have to wonder about the intelligence level there. It was way above all the others.

  286. Wow did not realize this was an anti LGBT blog. Saying that women are put off by transgender people is so phobic and untrue. Everyone just wants to pee and use the restroom in peace. Now we have Hillary supporters in favor of HB2? Wth? Good luck to y’all. Really liked reading all your opinions thanks for keeping the fight for Hillary, hopefully Dump will be impeached.

  287. I went to CSPAN and tried to see how the EC voting was going on. I saw the beginning of MI just now…the Start Spangled Banner was sung by a woman who’s voice was embarrassing…then, the guy giving the religious prays to Trump and Pence…before the vote, was the point I turned CSPAN off.

  288. Seagirl, my point was that stressing the restroom cause in an Election year was unwise.
    Many Americans are still reeling about Marriage Equality (which I fully support,)
    The first priority was getting Hillary Clinton into the White House.

  289. Boo hiss, we now have an official cheeto-elect. Would eat all the ice cream tonight but would need more tomorrow and the car is in the shop so have to ration. Damn.

  290. Correction, cheeto-select.

  291. He’s going to be unbearable. What a loathsome excuse for a human being, let alone leader of the free world.

  292. Can’t imagine how somebody like him doesn’t have high blood pressure. The way he looks and behaves… oh well. Suppose I was wishing for something that one shouldn’t really wish on anyone. Guess we need to focus on not letting it all affect our blood pressure.

  293. Today felt like,to me,one of those days when you’re waiting to hear from the doctor about the last set of test’re either going to be very,very happy ( though deep down you know this isn’t likely) or your whole life is about to change and not in a good way.
    So it’s done now,no more denial and the focus needs to be on survival.

    Had a First Nations elder from BC visit over the weekend,I’ve known her for about twenty years. She had an interesting perspective that this nasty stuff needed to happen to wake us all up to the danger we’re in. I suppose she has a point there;I can’t imagine what else would light a fire under the “special snowflakes”..(maybe that’s a not so good way to put things..why WOULD snowflakes want to light a fire underneath themselves? Kind of self-destructive).

    All that to say that maybe since the current generation has been so carefully protected and entitled they have absolutely no clue how to fight a Trump. May be time for the Elders to provide some teachings..after the holidays, of course.. first we need to drink a good deal to loosen up our joints.

    Isn’t it amazing how terrified those big strong white males are of a little bitty woman w/a brain and a plan? Chicken shits and dumb chicken shits to boot.OK,placing myself into time out for profanity.

  294. Dear friends, tonight I made the mistake of turning on MSNBC because Joy Reid was the host.
    Big mistake.
    Every “journalist” on the panel blamed Hillary Clinton for running a poor campaign, and we know that’s a lie.
    I’d watch Fox before MSNBC because their correspondents and guests are worse than “useful Idiots.”
    My question to Joy’s panel is just how delicious were those appetizers at Mar al Lago?

    Newsmen enjoyed their visits to Wolf’s Lair, too,

  295. I’m having a very hard time to accept and digest what happened to our country with the outcome of this 2016 election.

    I’m not quite sure what to think of our country anymore…
    When the true winner by 2.8 million votes is more qualified, intelligent, competent and with more integrity, decency and experience; that just happens to be a woman is denied the presidency.

    I don’t ever want to hear the “God bless America”…

    “God forgive America”…were the headlines of the main Spanish newspaper on November 9th. I second that plea…

  296. Sweet Sue @ 10:16 PM: I made the same mistake. I was screaming at the TV. It’s as if they are trying to expunge every last trace of her phenomenal uniqueness. They are already re-writing history. I am surprised no one has blamed her for the Russians hacking us because SHE pissed Putin off when she was SOS. I bet she will also be blamed for Trump becoming President, why not? Joy is dead to me.

    Prolix on Widdershins did a great post today on this “it’s all her fault because she isn’t perfect” media epidemic.

    And Belle @ 10:38 PM, Amen.

  297. Today felt like,to me,one of those days when you’re waiting to hear from the doctor about the last set of test results..

    I do this roughly once a month. Have on of those lab orders on my desk right now. The good news is I also cracked a molar and it’s not particularly salvageable. So $2k for an implant or give up chewing. The reason it’s good news is, I didn’t have time today to pay attention to any news. I checked reuters and saw the predictable results. “Resistance” from a smart phone on social media is not exactly the real thang. 50 thousand people barnstorming DC is the real thing. So, having already expected the results we got, I reached the “It figures” phase of the stages of grief. Yup, I personally added a new phase. It’s the one just before the final phase called “Fuck It”. I never much subscribed to the stages of grief. I wake up in the morning and notice I am not in the Obituaries and I figure, hey why don’t I just go crack a tooth or have some bad blood results so all that other noise around me won’t matter. Anyways, yeah, it all sucks about Trump winning the EC like I expected, but I DID expect it. I think that being busy with a challenge or two keeps me from remembering I haven’t looked at cable news since November 8. I kind of like the new me. Look at it this way: What if you really just did that blood work and it was horrid news. Would Donald Trump’s impending disaster and failure as a President matter all that much?

    So it’s done now,no more denial and the focus needs to be on survival.

    Exactly. And does any of us REALLY think we won’t survive this jerk? Really? And would you rather the EC college stuck it to the Orange Thing but your medical tests yielded terrible results?

    As a side note, I know this seems small, but it’s MAJOR significant. I personally seem to get some joy knowing Trump is begging and will pay anything to get an actual star to perform at his inaug. I mean someone who did better than come out second on America’s Got Talent. Can you imagine how that is setting his frayed ego off? Wouldn’t it be GREAT if there was a competing concert of scads of great performers competing with the inaug. date and time? I mean that would drive him batshit. I see that kind of thing as REAL resistance. Imagine more people attending that concert than the Inaug. In person. Not from a smart phone.

  298. Demands for ideological purity is the path to totalitarianism or fascism. Pick one. Everybody has an opinion. Otherwise, we’d all be wearing a uniform and doing and thinking just what we’re told. If i picked up my marbles and ran off every time somebody offended me with their thoughts, I would only be stuck with people who all have the same thoughts.

    Bernie Bros and the far left cliff hangers can have that idea. I still maintain that moderation and variance of thought will one day revive. Then I’ll be in style again! You made an observation that was real. How dare you not suppress it? It’s a real thought that many people have. That doesn’t make them horrible people, it just means maybe they need more time to learn and understand. They might change their minds or they might not. People don’t turn on a dime just because someone tells them to. You can’t dictate how people feel.

    And life will go on. After 240 years, people of color still have a struggle. Women still have a struggle. Gays and Lesbians still have a struggle. And that’s a Real shame in this country. If someone doesn’t like to experience the struggle of the minds, they practically have to stand in line. There’s that much of it in the USA. People don’t just think what I want them to think. Boo Hoo for me. That doesn’t give them the right to be rude about it.

    Through all this babbling I just did, I guess I am telling you , Sue, that not only do I agree with you but you don’t need to apologize for an actual OBSERVATION. There are people like the two old gals you overheard. They don’t Get It. Whatever happened to giving people time to adapt to such extreme changes? Democrats and Republican party both try to shove shit down people’s mouths. It drives them off.

    Basically, you were just expressing an observation innocently. I on the other hand had the audacity to express an opinion that said I am Not There yet. Shame on me for not turning on a dime. I am sure I am the one the commenter was targeting, not you, Sue. And quite frankly, I am pissed off that someone would so dramatically paint a wide brush across this entire blog and me, because I expressed my feelings. I grew up around gays and lesbians in my family. I never knew a day in my life without knowing and loving LG people. This blog has been a respite for gays and lesbians since its inception. Calling me anti-gay and lesbian PISSES ME OFF. BIG TIME! We are not talking about Gays and Lesbians here! They are not the issue that was raised. But the idea was to shame me with a big wide brush, wasn’t it, now? I would demand an apology for what I regard as a personal and ridiculous insult meant to slap me into shape. But I would never get it. You never get one from somebody who does that kind of thing. And so, I accept that resignation. It’s permanent and I won’t miss her. I don’t like fascist bullying. It’s what ideological purists do. And all the ideological pureness of the far left and far right is what has divided this country to the point of a disasterous president about to take office. Fuck that.

  299. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! Trump’s campaign was a 24/7 shit show in which he insulted more than half the country before it was over. Was THAT a good campaign? Is that what Hillary should have done? Do these so-called journalists ever listen to themselves? That makes no sense at all. But it has the benefit of absolving THEM of all responsibility for picking apart Hillary while pretending the shit show wasn’t happening. And if her campaign was so bad, how many more votes would she have gotten than Trump with what they would consider a “good” campaign? Most reasonable analysts point out that many factors, most of which were beyond Hillary’s control went into Trump’s ratherbfreakish electoral win. Sure, she made some mistakes. All campaigns do over the course of a year and a half. Trump made more than anybody, but the rules were never applied to him by the media. And the media knows it so–it’s all HER fault!

    I don’t blame Joy Reid. The “Hardball” producer selects the guests so it was the usual anti-Hillary guests you would get from Matthews.

  300. I shouldn’t have said they ignored Trump’s shit show. Actually, they ran the whole thing without critical comment while screaming, EMAILS at her. They know what they did. Don’t expect them to admit it. And I know that Joy Reid doesn’t actually agree because I’ve seen her push back on this idea on twitter.

  301. Yes Rebel, you’re probably right. Joy got the typical assholes Tingles likes to have on his show. He was never a Hillary person. Not even for five minutes.

    I’m sure Joy did the best she could with what she got.

    As to the email thing, it was just that they had nothing else to harp about her over. There wasn’t one email in that whole server pile that was a problem. That alone should tell you something. It was all they had so they made it a big thing to keep Hillary down. It’s what they Do. I mean, if you wanted a BIG email scandal, GWB43 was a big one. But nobody cared because the idea here was to harass Hillary and GWB43 was Cheney and Bush.

    To me, this was all obvious. Benghazi fizzed out because it was all just so stupid of the GOP to overshoot their limits. So that left …….EMAILs!

  302. Brassy at 12:41am

    Actually, they ran the whole thing without critical comment while screaming, EMAILS at her. They know what they did.

    For that very reason I’m glad and praised Hillary for walking out of the whole crap. It’s your shit, she says…Deal with it!
    My saying….

  303. Personally, I think Tingles’ time is over and that show is just rather worthless. I feel the same way about MTP. Todd is an asshole. Russert surely must be turning over in his grave. I honestly don’t remember the last time I watched Meet The Press. It’s just all about what he wants said and it’s the same way with Matthews.

    I think Joy should take over MTP. But that will never happen, because Penis. White Penis to be exact.

  304. Uppity Woman, on December 20, 2016 at 12:27 AM said:

    Basically, you were just expressing an observation innocently. I on the other hand had to audacity to express an opinion that said I am Not There yet. Shame on me for not turning on a dime. I am sure I am the one the commenter was targeting. And quite frankly, I am pissed off that someone would so dramatically paint a wide brush across this entire blog because I expressed my feelings. I won’t miss her.


    Upps, I tried to stay away from the “this is an anti-LGBT” comment, but I just can’t anymore.

    As ONE of the most boisterous LESBIANS on this board (and I am pretty sure who is going to argue w/ me who’s the most!), you and no regular contributor on this site needs to apologize for your opinion. I have never encountered hate because of who I am from any of you & Upps, you helped me through some very dark days in 2015.

    I agree about the “shove down our throats” comments re: transgender & we all had this discussion quite awhile ago after Caitlyn Jenner won “Woman of the Year” from Vanity Fair because no…what is the term now…”cis woman”?….was more deserving than a trans-reality star who went on Ellen DeGeneres show and told her gays shouldn’t be allowed to marry. BTW, it is pretty audacious of that poster to “assume” all of LG community is on board with the “trans” movement. I swear, when I grew up, my my fight was for LG rights. Then all these other letters started getting added every few years to the point that the LG is pretty much lost.

    As a lesbian I have experienced all sorts of discrimination within the now “LGBTQ” community over the years. Most recent was Sara Ramirez (Callie Torres character from Grey’s Anatomy) who decided to come out as bi-sexual this year. Good for her. But a week after she came out, she tweeted blame/shame to the lesbian community about discrimination against bi-sexual women. I won’t go into it all, but go check out her Twitter account to read the comments.

    But here is what I have noticed since Trump’s election. The whole “trans” reporting has gone away. Black Lives Matter has disappeared as well. Which leads me to my belief that the MEDIA was targeting their reporting of certain groups in order to help out Trump. ALWAYS remember who owns our media….white male privilege.

  305. Joy is an intelligent, perceptive, energetic, assertive woman which is why I watched, but she has no zeal for Hillary. She would never let anyone trash talk Obama the way they do Hillary.

  306. Uppity Woman, on December 20, 2016 at 12:21 AM said:

    As a side note, I know this seems small, but it’s MAJOR significant. I personally seem to get some joy knowing Trump is begging and will pay anything to get an actual star to perform at his inaug. I mean someone who did better than come out second on America’s Got Talent. Can you imagine how that is setting his frayed ego off? Wouldn’t it be GREAT if there was a competing concert of scads of great performers competing with the inaug. date and time? I mean that would drive him batshit. I see that kind of thing as REAL resistance. Imagine more people attending that concert than the Inaug. In person. Not from a smart phone.


    Well, it does seem appropriate that the 2nd place winner is singing “The Star Spangled Banner.” Interesting to note though, little Jackie said it was an honor to sing “for the office of POTUS” in her Today show interview. Also, Jackie’s brother/sister is trans.

    Works for me.

    Upps, Twitter is begging for this concert. Problem is what network will run it out of fear of Trump blocking them from news coverage.

  307. Voting, I can’t thank you enough for your words about me. I hold the LG community very close to my heart. And I take the insult I incurred VERY personally, to the point of being incensed. It is a first for me but I shall not forget it. Again, thank you. I know the MANY gays and lesbians who have frequented this blog know where my heart is. But still, thank you. It felt good to know you know this.

    Interesting other issues you brought up that I never thought about. You’re right. I never realized it, but damn you are right. Suddenly, we are hearing nothing about any of these issues, plus more, that may easily have stirred up anger and anti-Hillary sentiment. Suddenly, crickets.

    FYI, I understand your feelings about the attachment of letters to the community and how has become divisive. I know a number of lesbians who feel as you do. The Shove Me Down Your Throat thing is how it begins.Gays and lesbians have struggled against discrimination for soooooooooo long and as soon as some progress was FINALLY made, the next thing you know, the alphabet shows up. I’m with you in that I honestly don’t care what anyone wants to do with their lives. I think it’s all cool, but why do you have to do it by bullying and shooting at others? It creates resistance where there would be none. You gave a good example of it. Ok so you are bi. Fine. So how come you need to slap around the gays and lesbians? In truth, it relates to the hetero community as well if a person is bi.

  308. Well you know, Voting, it IS fitting and just that the second place winner should sing for the second place winner…..

  309. Upps, Twitter is begging for this concert. Problem is what network will run it out of fear of Trump blocking them from news coverage.

    The media have already begun to pay the piper. I hope they enjoy being State-Run.

  310. Cats I watched Joy quite a bit this year. I thought she was very strong for Hillary. But maybe I was seeing what I wanted to see. I’ll defer to others on this because that is possible.

  311. Today is the cherry on top of shitty days…and January will be a parade of a$$holes that voted out of hatred and greed. May they all end up disappointed and get a big kick in the ass by Karma for their stupidity.

    I try to stay out of the gender issues on the blog, being a straight woman, I never accept anyone out of guilt or by the flight of their gender flag. I don’t care what a person’s race, religion nor gender is as long as they are respectful to others and respect will be returned by me.

    Trying to guilt others into acceptance never works.

  312. Rats.

    … *accept* anyone

    *Look again.
    Love, Fixit Fairy *

  313. Ups, i have seen mostly snippets of Joy’s show (trying to limit my intake of cable media), so i I will defer to you instead and shut up about it now. She is a refreshing change from so many of the hosts. I apologize for being so sensitive still on the subject of this election. I haven’t been able to let my anger and pain go and I mindlessly overact to any perceived slight of Hillary and her efforts to be president.

    Reading the posts above makes it clear that I need to focus on other issues now, there is work for all of us to do.

  314. Uppity, I agree that the “comment” painted a large brush on “us” and especially you. I was offended too. As a 65 year old gay woman, I can’t even begin to describe the struggles I have encountered throughout my life. Finally in my mid fifties I decided if someone does not approve of me because I am gay, then so be it. No more hiding. Ups, thank you so much for your blog and your support.

  315. Voting, as another LESBIAN I 100% agree with you and Uppity on the trans issue. I am so sick of being told I have an “ugly attitude” because I prioritize women, but just do not have the gift of words to express myself as well as others.

  316. I am a Joy supporter, until I am proven wrong. I notice that subs on the evening shows, especially Matthews, follow his programming approach and I think it is required. Aren’t guests booked ahead so that subs would not be involved in that? His utterly stupid “tell me something I don’t know segment”, for example, is required for subs to do too.
    It is about 10 minutes before her AMJoy show for me so will find out this morning if I am still correct.

    On the whole LG thing, count me in. In my view, it is women who are discriminated against, regardless of orientation. And, a funny thing, my volunteer org administrator for my county, asked me, ‘what is this “I identify as other” on the state/federal demographics form now?! What is cis?” I had a big laugh inside myself. I confess I had to look up cis to be clear on the definition and found it a bit weird. This was a year ago. Could they not come up with a more attractive term?

  317. Well, I am totally out of it. Ignore my AMJoy comment because it is Tuesday, not Saturday. The world is really upside down for me right now and I am thinking will be for the rest of my lifetime. (upper 70s).
    I could not watch TV at all last night. Am reading Lab Girl and it is the first book I have read in over a year, for many reasons. I like it so much.

  318. Gray, thanks for your support of my ‘horrible’ self regarding not liking someone calling me a ‘cis’…or anything else other than what I am — which is a woman.

    Oh, and I like Joy too.

  319. Jebus. I thought I was going to get my guts ripped out for that opinion, and now here’s branjor and WLM both on board.

    Considering this blog is chock full of Lesbians, I guess you are all anti LGBT now too. Which is kind of hard if you are an L or a G yourself.

    I never was sure about the bisexual thing, mainly because of a kind of envy, considering the field out there is double. But then I probably wouldn’t be able to find the time. Good thing I’m settled down. lol. I was always such a bad girl.

    Voting is right. We did have that convo about Jenner. I almost forgot about that.

  320. And WLM, don’t EVER hide. You deserve to love whomever you love. Everybody else can go fuck themselves. I watched family members and friends have to struggle with this for many decades too. I’m glad they have claimed their right to be who they are and whomever doesn’t like it can just….well…eat shit and die. It’s not a big deal, and moreover it’s not anybody’s business to dictate love — and people need to grow up.

  321. Ups, i have seen mostly snippets of Joy’s show (trying to limit my intake of cable media), so i I will defer to you instead and shut up about it now.

    I deferred to you first!

    I guess we’d better give this to somebody else. Hahahaha.

  322. Could they not come up with a more attractive term?

    Why did they have to come up with one at all?

  323. Uppity, sorry. I have way too many online ‘names’ and I did not even notice that ‘Gray’ was not showing, instead of wnc thingie. I did say I was feeling discombobulated today. Thinking it was Saturday instead of Tuesday.

  324. Best comments today, so far, are about the 2nd place singer singing for the 2nd place winner!!!!

    And did you see the photo of Turnipp with the news people he met and partied with ‘off the record’? I saved it as a jpg and worked on the dark shadows; still can’t recognize a single person in the photo even seeing their faces. Article said NYT, NBC, and CNN were there.

  325. Cis: I have no idea why a group of college kids had to come up with the term ‘cis’ and the media just ran with it as if it was a new law.

  326. I don’t think much about unisex bathrooms unless I’m in a public building alone at night and am the only one in the restroom. Then I must confess I think about someone coming in A LOT. Since women are the vast majority of sexual sssault victims, I don’t think being uncomfortable about being alone in a restroom or any isolated space with some stranger who is still anatomically male makes you a bigot. I think it makes you realistic about what it means to be a woman in this society. But that’s the problem. We’re told we must be cautious and to avoid dangerous situations even as we’re told to accept strange men, who may or may not be in the process of becoming women, in our restrooms.

    I will take the heat for this undoubtedly “bigoted” comment.

  327. So, Gray, are you saying you have multiple personalities with all of your online names? lol.

  328. Oh I can change wnc to gray, no problem. Yeah it’s Saturday. Oh, wait…

  329. So, Gray, are you saying you have multiple personalities with all of your online names? lol.

    I hear she talks to herself and then answers in different voices.

  330. Branjor, it’s a lot like walking alone to your car at night. You look in the back seat before you enter. Because women are targets. Period. To tell them to stop knowing that is to expect them to live outside of reality.

  331. still can’t recognize a single person in the photo even seeing their faces. Article said NYT, NBC, and CNN were there.

    They’re the ones in the photo with the paper bags over their heads.

  332. The one and only time I have ever agreed with Ann Coulter was on Bill Maher one night this past year. Some guy said to her “oh, you are probably against trans using the womens restrooms” and she said, “I have no problem if a real trans uses it, I just don’t want hetero men to start using it.”

    Which made me immediately start wondering if there was something wrong about my feelings on this issue, since I agreed with her. And everyone says hetero men using it will never happen. It does happen, and I couldn’t count the number of times I have seen men in the womens rr; and I’m talking since the 70s. They are in there selling drugs or doing drugs with other women, they are making out with their girlfriends. I have been followed into the womens rr numerous times by idiot guys trying to hit on me and thinking that made them look “cool” or “edgy”. It did not. It just freaked me out because my space was being invaded.

    I also hate that we’re all expected to change on a dime about the weird social changes that come with this issue. Remember that amazing editorial that some woman wrote in nyt that we all talked about a few years ago? What the fuck does “cis” woman even mean? And we’re supposed to drop words like vagina, or “her” and “she?” I remember that we supposedly “took back” the word vagina in the 90s, then we’re expected to drop it in the aughts because it made some trans feel bad cuz they weren’t born with one.

    I have used no-gender bathrooms in other countries and hated it. A womans restroom is supposed to be like a sanctuary where women feel safe, and have privacy to attend to their needs, and I like it that way. If you’re a trans woman, you are welcome to share it with me. But lets keep hetero men out. And don’t call me a “cis” and tell me what words I can or cannot say.

    By the way, to the person who left in a snit (in case you’re still around and reading our responses), I am one of the old timers on this site. This site has ALWAYS been PRO gay and lesbian, in fact, many lesbian commenters here over the years have referred to it as a sanctuary. We may have different takes on the restroom issue, due to our different life experiences, but I have never read an anti gay or lesbian comment here. Gay, lesbian or straight, we’re a happy family here.

  333. Welp, Socal you pretty much summed up exactly how I feel about all of this. It doesn’t make me anti anything. It makes me Pro women. Pro Privacy. Pro-safety. And I like the generic name I was born with. It’s called Woman. I’m not changing it for anybody. And I am certainly not going to start being grammatically incorrect in possessive pronoun usage. America has already trashed the King’s English enough as it is.

    And, as always, thank you for your support. You have always Been There for me.

  334. We’re dealing with cognitive dissonance, and factions, in the efforts to blame Hillary for losing the election by +2.8 million votes.

    The people who adore Obama, and will never countenance a negative word about him, have to blame Hillary for his programs’ impending destruction. They ignore the fact that Democrats lost a myriad of seats in Congress and the states during his administration. They also will not ever admit that it was Obama not informing people about the Russian interference, or Comey’s unlawful activities, which was crucial. For them, it has to be Hillary’s fault.

    The Sanders people are of course going to blame Hillary, because they will believe forever that Bernie would have ridden to a great victory in this election. They believed that every primary they lost was fixed by the DNC in some manner. They will never acknowledge that it was their voters who left 75,000 ballots in Michigan with the Presidential line blank; and who voted for Stein and Johnson in the three swing state in amounts which would easily have given Hillary the wins there, had they not been so full of their own smugness and spite, and had voted for her. And of course the five contemptible Sanders people (it was going to be ten, except for some of them being removed) who cast their electoral votes for Colin Powell, Sanders, and a Native American, were all Hillary’s doing, too. These people are mostly happy that she lost, because that means that they won their video game after all, even if they had to destroy the country, and all of their fantasy issues which they never actually really cared about.

    And the media ALWAYS blames the Clintons. They blame them for not being Kennedys, I guess, because they always protected the Kennedys. They blame them for having beaten the Republicans in ’92 and ’96. They blame them for not groveling. They blame them because the media will never blame themselves for anything. not even getting Trump elected, by gleefully following the biggest red herring in American political history, the emails, and willfully ignoring actual issues, which they now have the incredible audacity to blame Hillary for not focusing on. All the groups listed here have their own psychological reasons for scapegoating Hillary for losing an eletion which she wins easily, were it not for their horrible selfishness, and/or failure to do their job.

    Oh, and also these groups all want to be sure that Hillary never runs again, and that she is completely cast out from any position of influence. Blaming her for running a bad campaign is the easiest way to do that, so they can’t even wait to jump in. And when Trump and the Republicans do all these terrible things, that will be Hillary’s fault, too. Far more satisfying than holding themselves responsible. Cowards all.

  335. If a person is respectful of others, and is involved in non-hurtful, mutually enjoyable activities, and they’re both adults, I am respectful of them.

    OTOH, I cannot fathom why, when a white person who identified as black, altering the appearance of her face, hair and skin to look so, was denounced and forced to resign her position as head of a local African-American group when outed, yet a man who identifies as a woman, and alters his appearance to look like one, is accepted and lauded.

    Is identity based on one’s skin color at birth more immutable than identity based on one’s body shape at birth? (Leaving aside for the moment the question of hermaphroditic physiology, which is rare but not astronomically rare.) Why can’t people feel OK in the body they have? In some cultures and times it’s been customary for the males to wear cosmetics, heels, and more decorative clothes.

    What specifically does it mean to identify as female vs identification as male? When we look at personality or types of intelligence (math, spacial relations, verbal, visual memory, etc.) characteristics, it’s hard to separate out the effects of culture and socialization, and the overlap among men and women on these characteristics is far greater than the difference between the average woman and average man.

    Civil rights for all, and keep religion out of politics (and science in)!

  336. Time to End the Electoral College


  337. Hey, Upps, looks like Trump now ONLY has little Jackie to sing at his inaugural. LOLOLOL!

  338. LOL Voting. He’s like the Plague.

  339. William, dear William.

    It is ALWAYS women’s fault. Always.

  340. Thank you ((Fixit Fariy.))

  341. Brassy Rebel, on December 20, 2016 at 1:19 PM

    You nailed it for me too Brassy.

  342. Aren’t there any skin heads that know how to sing for Der Douche?

    They could get that woman that sang at the start of the MI EC vote count yesterday. She would be perfect, worst public signing I have ever heard.

  343. @Voting, LOL!

  344. “The FBI warrant that shook Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign in its final two weeks has been unsealed, and the lawyer who requested it says it offers “nothing at all” to merit the agency’s actions leading up to the Nov. 8 election.”

    No surprise. Read elsewhere something to the effect the warrant was granted because when they were investigating Weiner, it was noticed that there were some emails TO someone in the State Department. Geeze, his wife worked there and they had a child together. Perhaps he wanted to coordinate schedules and needed to know hers? Nah… must be something evil and let’s attach Clinton’s name to it. Would have to agree with the lawyers who say there was no merit.

    Lessons to take away:
    1. Don’t marry a weiner.
    2. No one should ever email anyone in the State Department for any reason or the FBI could take your laptop.

  345. Uppity, sorry about the cracked tooth. Sounds like you might be employing the blender a bit more than usual, for a period anyway. Never realized how wondrous an appliance it is until dental work. I draw the line at Christmas cookies though. Just wouldn’t be the same.

  346. Yesterday was the EC vote, and low and behold, guess what was just released……

    What a freaking corrupt election this was…a real tarnish on the US election and Constitution.

    I am ashamed of less than half of my country!

    — Court releases search warrant in Clinton email probe

    Search warrant filings made public for the first time Tuesday provide a new look at controversial actions the FBI took shortly before the presidential election as the law enforcement agency revived its investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private email set-up.

    The warrant was issued by federal magistrate Kevin Fox in Manhattan on Oct. 30, after the FBI requested permission to search emails contained on a Dell Inspiron 15 7000 series laptop belonging to Anthony Weiner, the estranged husband of longtime Clinton aide Huma Abedin. The FBI discovered Clinton-related emails on the computer after initially seizing the device during a probe over Weiner’s alleged sexually explicit online exchanges with a minor.

    Below is something by Kafka, one of my favorites…that fits this entire election.

  347. Before the Law
    by Franz Kafka

    Before the law sits a gatekeeper.

    To this gatekeeper comes a man from the country who asks to gain entry into the law. But the gatekeeper says that he cannot grant him entry at the moment. The man thinks about it and then asks if he will be allowed to come in later on. “It is possible,” says the gatekeeper, “but not now.” At the moment the gate to the law stands open, as always, and the gatekeeper walks to the side, so the man bends over in order to see through the gate into the inside. When the gatekeeper notices that, he laughs and says: “If it tempts you so much, try it in spite of my prohibition. But take note: I am powerful. And I am only the most lowly gatekeeper. But from room to room stand gatekeepers, each more powerful than the other. I can’t endure even one glimpse of the third.” The man from the country has not expected such difficulties: the law should always be accessible for everyone, he thinks, but as he now looks more closely at the gatekeeper in his fur coat, at his large pointed nose and his long, thin, black Tartar’s beard, he decides that it would be better to wait until he gets permission to go inside. The gatekeeper gives him a stool and allows him to sit down at the side in front of the gate. There he sits for days and years. He makes many attempts to be let in, and he wears the gatekeeper out with his requests. The gatekeeper often interrogates him briefly, questioning him about his homeland and many other things, but they are indifferent questions, the kind great men put, and at the end he always tells him once more that he cannot let him inside yet. The man, who has equipped himself with many things for his journey, spends everything, no matter how valuable, to win over the gatekeeper. The latter takes it all but, as he does so, says, “I am taking this only so that you do not think you have failed to do anything.” During the many years the man observes the gatekeeper almost continuously. He forgets the other gatekeepers, and this one seems to him the only obstacle for entry into the law. He curses the unlucky circumstance, in the first years thoughtlessly and out loud, later, as he grows old, he still mumbles to himself. He becomes childish and, since in the long years studying the gatekeeper he has come to know the fleas in his fur collar, he even asks the fleas to help him persuade the gatekeeper. Finally his eyesight grows weak, and he does not know whether things are really darker around him or whether his eyes are merely deceiving him. But he recognizes now in the darkness an illumination which breaks inextinguishably out of the gateway to the law. Now he no longer has much time to live. Before his death he gathers in his head all his experiences of the entire time up into one question which he has not yet put to the gatekeeper. He waves to him, since he can no longer lift up his stiffening body.

    The gatekeeper has to bend way down to him, for the great difference has changed things to the disadvantage of the man. “What do you still want to know, then?” asks the gatekeeper. “You are insatiable.” “Everyone strives after the law,” says the man, “so how is that in these many years no one except me has requested entry?” The gatekeeper sees that the man is already dying and, in order to reach his diminishing sense of hearing, he shouts at him, “Here no one else can gain entry, since this entrance was assigned only to you. I’m going now to close it.

  348. Good observation on the timing, Shadow. Truly is amazing.

  349. William, the Bernie Bros are toast. They are goners. Their flaky behavior yesterday voting for Colin Powell or whomever are the end of them. Ellison is never going to be DNC head now since Bernie jumped out and endorsed him. Bernie’s people won’t even put forth a correct vote in the EC.

  350. Ipotter and Shadow, is Schoenberg doing more with this now that the warrant has been released?

    Shadow, excellent point about the timing of the EC vote and the warrant release but given what I have read about the electors, they had their own agendas and opinions on who would and wouldn’t be qualified to be our Prez. I am still pissed that all the faithless went off ballot. Agree with Belle, the EC has outlived its intended purpose.

    Ups and friends, what does “cis” mean? I have never encountered it.

  351. My takeaways from the FBI search warrant application.

    The circular logic of the assertion of probable cause: there is probable cause of a crime because we believe there is probable cause of a crime. This is NOT evidence.

    Name of agent from FBI who sought the warrant is redacted so he can’t be identified as one of Rudy’s buddies. And no way to eliminate the possibility that the emails were downloaded on the laptop by rogue agents. Huma says she didn’t put them there.

    Finally, they admit in the application they read the headers on emails. BEFORE obtaining a search warrant.

    The Subpoena That Rocked The Election Is Legal Garbage, Experts Say
    The warrant assumes that the mere existence of emails from or to Hillary Clinton is probable cause that a crime occurred.

  353. I woke up yesterday morning with that same terrible sadness I felt after the election. And the word that keeps coming into my mind, me a non-Christian, as I think of what has been done to Hillary, is “crucifixion”.

    Here is a person who came into this world wanting to do so much good. At least this is how I see it. And why should she be made to suffer so much. It is as though “they” are trying to punish her for the good she wants to do. During the entire campaign it certainly felt to me that she was being endlessly persecuted and also, most painful to me, by many people who should know better.

    This Hillary hate is something I have never understood. There is not one thing that anyone can point to that is any way commensurate to it. It is very strange. And I have heard it from accomplished career women, of all people, as well.

    I entered the work world during the mid-sixties. And yes, Mad Men totally had it right. It was normal to treat women with contempt, put downs, minimizing their achievements, keeping them in their place as housewives and secretaries and certainly discouraging and mocking any other ambitions they might have. Yet this seems to have persisted with how Hillary has been treated all these years.


  354. LucyK, I have asked that question hundreds of times and still don’t know why.
    Could there be an inkling of a factor that my soulmate and I started noticing in the 1970s and 80s, called situational ethics, and its cousin ‘me first?’

    I don’t know but, when a large number of people believe that truth is anything you say it is and each person’s rights are more important than any other’s rights, is that a problem for our country?

    One example. I recall “before Reagan” when politicians talked about serving ‘the poor’ along with everyone else. Since Reagan, but expecially Newt Gingrich, politicians switched to ‘the middle class’ and all (right and left) stopped noticing the poor. It was me first on a grand scale and white collar higher ups were rarely, rarely punished for wrong doing. Reagan paved the way for repubs and right wing organizations to begin and continue unrelentingly to make Hillary’s life hell from that point on.

    This may sound like a jumble of ideas but the point is that 45% of our country believes that the nation should run the way they want it to, not the way the constitution and the majority want it to run. And not the way critical thinkers want it to run. My soulmate taught critical thinking, among other things, but no one even knows what that is today.

    The truth is what the loudest mouth says it is, and you know who was the loudest mouth in ’16.

    And yes, it was a crucifixion. In the cruelest, most inhumane way possible.

    I hope Uppity keeps this blog going as I don’t really know of another one that isn’t full of Bernie bots along with Hillary supporters. I don’t forgive any of them.

  355. Dear Gray – I so much appreciate your thoughts, Even if there are no easy answers, at least we have this site, thanks to Uppity, where we can share our angst and pain.

  356. And I would add humiliation as one of their most lethal, wicked weapons, and the ultimate version which we saw on election night.

  357. lucyk, as Uppity says, “Because of penis.”

  358. This may sound like a jumble of ideas but the point is that 45% of our country believes that the nation should run the way they want it to, not the way the constitution and the majority want it to run

    Oddly, they are the same people who wave the constitution under everyone’s nose and call them selves Constitutional “Purists”.

    And no, Bernoid shit isn’t welcome here.

    Trump set out to dissemble the R party by Bannon manipulation. He will do it because he’s not smart enough to recognize what Bannon is up to. Not that I care. But he also wanted to confuse people in the biblical way. Where a lie is the truth and the truth is a lie. And he’s got all those people bullshitted too. So now nobody believes whatever Trump tells them not to believe, while he lies every day to all of them. Can’t even remember his last lie, gets caught in it and still insists that his lie didn’t happen. It’s like watching a Mad Hatter party down in the rabbit hole. Yesterday, one of his victims posted a link to prove that Russia never hacked America……..the link was to Newsmax, a fake news site if ever there was one. Someone else tweeted that it might be the best idea if that Pizza place got funded to sue Alex Jones et al, and that this would be the only way to stop fake news. What they did with pizzagate was positively disgusting. Kill them off like they killed off Gawker. And to see people I once respected blog and comment about it as if it were real is even more disgusting and a sure sign that people’s brains are being eaten by the Trump people. As the fake Christians will recognize, they will be Gnashing their teeth in the end. Secretly, I shall enjoy it. I realized that this crazy bastard can’t hurt me no matter what he does, so I will get to watch THEM be hurt instead. I should be ashamed that this will give me pleasure, but I’m not. I only feel for the innocents they will take with them.

  359. Happy Bocelli dumped Trump.

  360. Lucky, the white male patriarchy is very serious about not sharing power, wealth or anything else. They will do what they have to do to remain in control of others. They desperately need to.

  361. WLM, That was great new. Glad Bocelli dumped Trump.

  362. Cats, “Cis” is short for Cis-Gendered, meaning you identify with the gender you were born with. CIS is the opposite of Transgendered, and it was meant to replace words such as “Biological” or “genetic”. In other words, you just happen to ‘agree’ that you are the gender that society (not biology) ‘assigned’ to you. Because to declare yourself a biologically assigned woman is to exclude transwomen, who are not biologically assigned. So they decided to just bypass biology and call their and your gender ‘assigned’ by society. Or something like that. Seriously. The word is often uttered with a snarl of disdain as if we should all be ashamed of ourselves.

    CIS itself is a scientific term itself, having to do with molecules and atoms and other things over everyone’s heads.

  363. I see now that Bocelli dumped Trump because of negative feedback.

  364. CIS= Carbon Isomer Structure…?

    adjective: cis

    denoting or relating to a molecular structure in which two particular atoms or groups lie on the same side of a given plane in the molecule, in particular denoting an isomer in which substituents at opposite ends of a carbon–carbon double bond are on the same side of the bond.
    “the cis isomer of stilbene”

  365. The country just allowed the FBI to steal the election for Republicans. That is what that “warrant” shows us. And Obama or at least Lynch had to realize what was going on, and said nothing. The entire “investigation” of possible criminality regarding emails, was completely concocted by the FBI. Hillary was lynched, in so many words. No evidence, no probable cause of evidence, nothing. And the media just reveled in it; and no one dared to say that there was absolutely nothing there. Worse than nothing; it was as if the FBI made up a nonexistent case. That is a gross violation of the law. The warrant was illegal, the search and seizure of the laptop was illegal.

    The two worst aspects of it, besides the obvious fact that it cost Hillary the election. and the country its future (no small things, those), is that no one in the media ever questioned any of this, they were having too much fun with it. That is abominable. Second, the Justice Department is supposed to question such things, that is the protection from a police state where they throw people in jail for nothing. or break down their doors without a valid warrant That was what our entire Constitution was based on. And we just threw it all out, because our media didn’t care, and our President and DOJ, didn’t stand up for Bill of Rights protections for Hillary. because the latter was intimidated by the media for having an innocuous conversation with Bill Clinton (guess what? There was never any valid criminal investigation in the first place, so what was he supposed to have been trying to inflience?), and the former was afraid to look like he was partisan in protecting her rights as an American. And I am just sickened by this, all aspects of it. America stands for nothing at this point, except pretending people have rights that they don’t have, particularly if they are Hillary Clinton. Obama and Lynch owe her a national apology that she will of course never get. And how about the hundreds of millions of Americans who now suffer because Obama did not stand up for them, either?

  366. Seagrl, without thinking, said:

    Wow did not realize this was an anti LGBT blog. Saying that women are put off by transgender people is so phobic and untrue. Everyone just wants to pee and use the restroom in peace. Now we have Hillary supporters in favor of HB2? Wth? Good luck to y’all. Really liked reading all your opinions thanks for keeping the fight for Hillary, hopefully Dump will be impeached.

    1. This is not an anti-LGBT blog. Many of us are L’s and are quite comfortable, dare I say SAFE, here.
    2. Saying that “Saying that women are put off by transgender people is so phobic and untrue.” is UNTRUE. She wasn’t SAYING they were put off. She said she HEARD THEM SAY they were put off.
    3. Not everyone just wants to pee and use the restroom in peace. We do hope so and in most cases this is true.
    4. Hillary supporters are united in their support for Hillary. This is a Hillary blog and a feminist blog.

    If you’re gonna argue like a DudeBro, you’re not going to last with most of us. People here are on the spectrum regarding trans issues. Clearly, the term CIS feels derogatory to most of us born as women and not rejecting the gender we were “assigned.” To me, the term CIS feels like more oppression of women. If you need to beat up “CIS” women to prove how much of an ally you are to the Trans community, you’re a false ally.

    Have a nice life.

  367. Clinton allies rip into FBI after search warrant unsealed
    ‘It is salt in the wound to see FBI rationale was this flimsy,’ Clinton’s former spokesman says.

    Clinton’s attorney and many of her allies said Tuesday the paperwork suggests all the FBI knew was that they’d stumbled across more emails like the tens of thousands or more messages they weeded through before announcing in July that they were not close to having the kind of evidence needed to bring a prosecution against her or anyone on her staff.

    “Today’s release of the FBI affidavit highlights the extraordinary impropriety of Director Comey’s October 28 letter, publicized two days before the affidavit, which produced devastating but predictable damage politically and which was both legally unauthorized and factually unnecessary,” longtime Clinton lawyer David Kendall said in a statement. “The affidavit concedes that the FBI had no basis to conclude whether these e-mails were even pertinent to that closed investigation, were significant, or whether they had, in fact, already been reviewed prior to the closing of the investigation.”

    “What does become unassailably clear, however, is that as the sole basis for this warrant, the FBI put forward the same evidence the Bureau concluded in July was not sufficient to bring a case — the affidavit offered no additional evidence to support any different conclusion,” Kendall said.

    Former Clinton campaign spokesman Brian Fallon also expressed outrage at the lack of information the FBI had to indicate that the files on Weiner’s laptop would lead to any change in the agency’s announced findings.

    “The unsealed filings regarding Huma’s emails reveals Comey’s intrusion on the election was as utterly unjustified as we suspected at time,” Fallon said on Twitter a few hours after the court filings were released. “There was nothing in search warrant filing to controvert Comey’s statements from July and truly establish probable cause of a crime. On day when new election data freshly suggests decisive impact of Comey letter, it is salt in the wound to see FBI rationale was this flimsy.”

    The records suggest Fox may have granted the warrant based exclusively on the FBI’s contention that in the earlier phase of the Clinton email investigation, “many emails” between Clinton and Abedin contained classified information, therefore emails between the pair from that same time period and suddenly discovered on Weiner’s laptop were likely to also contain classified information and be evidence of a crime.

    “Given the information that there are thousands of [redacted] emails located on the Subject Laptop — including emails, during and around [redacted] from [redacted] account as well as a [redacted] account appearing to belong to [redacted] — and the regular emails correspondence between [redacted] and Clinton, there is probable cause to believe the subject contains correspondence between [redacted] and Clinton,” wrote the FBI agent, whose named was deleted from the records made public Tuesday.

    “Because it has been determined by relevant original classification authorities that many emails were exchanged between [redacted] using [redacted] and/or [redacted] accounts, and Clinton that contained classified information, there is also probable cause to believe that the correspondence between them located on the Subject Laptop contains classified information which was produced by and is owned by the U.S. Government. The Subject Laptop was never authorized for the storage or transmission of classified or national defense information,” the FBI agent added.

    A California lawyer who went to court to get the records unsealed, Randol Schoenberg, said he was surprised the FBI didn’t have some suggestion that the emails they wanted to search were more incriminating than those already in their possession.

    “My initial reaction was: There’s nothing there. There’s really nothing that would establish probable cause,” Schoenberg, who has been critical in the past of the FBI’s handling of the Clinton email probe, said in an interview. “This was a whole lot of nothing. I was shocked. When they said they got a search warrant, I expected there to be more than nothing. No evidence at all they would find any evidence of a crime, … There’s was no indication they would find anything and they didn’t find anything.”

  368. Yes, it’s an organic chemistry term. When molecules have their functional groups like alcohols or esters on the same side of the plane of the carbon chain, they are called cis isomers. When they are on opposite sides, they are called trans isomers. Just some students trying to be clever I suppose.

  369. @mdmdstork, ahhh! thanks for that, now I get where it came from.

    Sophie@ 8:46, kick ass comment.

    Upps @ 1:56, perfectly stated! {{{hugs}}}

  370. William, on December 20, 2016 at 8:46 PM
    Thank you again for your thorough post…
    I agree 200%…

    America stands for nothing at this point, except pretending people have rights that they don’t have, particularly if they are Hillary Clinton. Obama and Lynch owe her a national apology that she will of course never get.

  371. William,

    “The two worst aspects of it, besides the obvious fact that it cost Hillary the election. and the country its future (no small things, those), is that no one in the media ever questioned any of this, they were having too much fun with it. That is abominable. Second, the Justice Department is supposed to question such things, that is the protection from a police state where they throw people in jail for nothing. or break down their doors without a valid warrant That was what our entire Constitution was based on. And we just threw it all out, because our media didn’t care, and our President and DOJ, didn’t stand up for Bill of Rights protections for Hillary. because the latter was intimidated by the media for having an innocuous conversation with Bill Clinton (guess what? There was never any valid criminal investigation in the first place, so what was he supposed to have been trying to inflience?), and the former was afraid to look like he was partisan in protecting her rights as an American. And I am just sickened by this, all aspects of it. America stands for nothing at this point, except pretending people have rights that they don’t have, particularly if they are Hillary Clinton. Obama and Lynch owe her a national apology that she will of course never get. And how about the hundreds of millions of Americans who now suffer because Obama did not stand up for them, either?”

    I couldn’t agree more. I am no lawyer, but isn’t there some sort of recourse, legally that Hillary could take over this? Something that is real and not just another excuse to call her a sore loser?

    If anyone has been harmed by negligence, it is Hillary. Then again, her life would be in much more danger than it already is, and that wouldn’t be worth it.

  372. William @ 8:46, excellent comment. Completely agree.

  373. Shadowfaxx @ 8:48 and William @ 8:46:

    With respect to the warrant, I don’t understand why the supporting affidavit contained references to a prior criminal investigation and stated there had been many classified emails sent to and from Hillary Clinton’s private server?

    Had not Comey or at least the FBI stated earlier that the investigation was not criminal in nature? And had not Comey himself stated explicitly that Clinton did not knowingly send or receive emails containing classified material, that no emails properly marked “classified” and therefore no emails determined to be classified were sent or received on her server, and that only three had any classified markings at all (a small (c) in the body of the email), and of those three, two were later determined to been marked in error?

    Yet the probable cause section (paragraphs 20, 21 and 22) of the warrant states over and over that “many” emails containing classified material were sent, specifically citing 65 found at the “Secret” level, as determined by an entity called “The U.S. Government” (paragraph 21), without stating which actual branch made that determination. Paragraph 2 also cites an actual criminal investigation by the FBI in support of probable cause.

    Don’t these sworn statements contradict sworn statements made by Comey during his testimony before Congress and at other times? Doesn’t that mean that either the currently unknown author of the affidavit or Comey must have committed perjury?

    I know the lawyer who requested the unsealing must know why these statements were allowed, and all the lawyers who have looked at the subpoena since it was unsealed must know. I was just hoping for my own bemusement that someone here could enlighten me.

    This is a direct link to the warrant, with the application and affidavits attached:

  374. Furthermore, the release happened a day after the EC rubber stamp the orange clown a winner of the election…
    what a coincidence…
    The Netflix House of Cards is short of corruption supreme compare to this…

  375. Early, I’m betting “the US Government” part is Chaffetz oversight committee…

  376. Belle, absolutely.

    Voting, that seems about as legitimate (not!) as anything else the currently unknown author might have meant.

  377. Firstly, as a certified,100% Lesbonian for 65 + years I would like to put my personal seal of approval on Uppity’s site as being safe harbor for the LGBT community and all other manner of humane uh..human. The whole transgender thing is evolving and it’s easy to run afowl of
    someone else’s to err on the side of compassion and non-judgment. Went through this change w/a colleague and the appropriate use of pronouns was only the beginning of the conversation. She asked me for any advice I could give her about being a woman in this society..I told her to always look @ the toilet seat before sitting down. I thought that was practical.

    Also, I am sick and tired of people telling us to “go high” this is NOT A TIME TO BEHAVE. My country has been invaded,an evil man with no moral compass is about to take over my country and people are lining up to kiss his ass..oooo,sorry for the image. If I need to be a bit rude to get people’s attention you damn well better believe I will. If Mamma ain’t happy,ain’t nobody happy and I ain’t happy;nor are a bunch of other Mamas.

    Saw Tom Perez on MSNBC,he may be the answer to preventing the Bernbots from taking over the DNC. THAT guy is ready to fight and I think he may actually know how. Waiting for an election in Feb is a very bad idea,Putin will be sleeping in the Lincoln bedroom by then.

  378. I also appreciate all the men that are on this blog.

  379. Msdsal, on December 21, 2016 at 1:24 AM said:

    Went through this change w/a colleague and the appropriate use of pronouns was only the beginning of the conversation. She asked me for any advice I could give her about being a woman in this society..I told her to always look @ the toilet seat before sitting down. I thought that was practical.

    I think that would have been my advice as well.

    Here’s what bothers me, Msdsal about the whole LGBT…I think there is a Q now also. Why does the LG cause have to absorb the BTQ into our movement? I have no problem being an “ally” for their cause, but I think it absurd that the LG movement has to be all-encompassing. It would be like saying blacks, Latinos and Asians all belong under one banner..”people of color”. To me, it’s the whole “apples & oranges” comparison.

    Just my take and feel free to rip me on it.

  380. Msdsal, on December 21, 2016 at 1:24 AM said:

    Saw Tom Perez on MSNBC,he may be the answer to preventing the Bernbots from taking over the DNC. THAT guy is ready to fight and I think he may actually know how. Waiting for an election in Feb is a very bad idea,Putin will be sleeping in the Lincoln bedroom by then.

    I am absolutely for Tom Perez as well.

    For those on Twitter, make sure to give him a follow and retweet his Tweets to show support. Dems are looking and Bernie Bros are trying to get Ellison as head.

  381. Shadowfax, on December 21, 2016 at 2:05 AM said:
    I also appreciate all the men that are on this blog.

    To the men on this blog, please know how deeply I respect you all for your tireless efforts on behalf of HRC. You are the bravest men I know and it is my privilege to be in your company.

  382. Wow. Looks like a real match was lit here. Good.

    Been thinking that what happened here with that accusation was a prime example of how women turn on each other. The patriarchy knows this pattern well and exploits it successfully over and over again for an efficient Divide and Conquer. It’s also a perfect example of how women water themselves down for the causes of others and succeed is losing focus on their own rights. Classic. Now you can see how a woman cannot be President. Even other women join on the patriarchal bandwagon “Cause”. But when it’s their turn to seek support in turn, they get crickets. Or they are patted on the head and told there are “other” “More Important” issues at hand, but don’t worry, we’ll eventually get to you. Of course, they never do, because there are always “More Important” (than you) issues.

    **Yes. Calling women who were biologically “assigned” CIS and not a woman was immensely offensive and I am not the one who should be apologizing. And now I realize I am not alone in that belief.

    It’s like thinking Podesta’s silly emails are more serious than how they were acquired.

    **I wasn’t aware that college twits came up with that term. Most assuredly, they were Bernie Bros. No interest in stopping campus rapings but VERY interested in questioning and slapping down womanhood.

    You can always count on the Urban Dictionary for someone to put it into perspective:

    CIS: Short for cis-gendered, meaning someone who identifies with the sex they were born as. Typically used by whiny tumblr users who complain about not being accepted for who they are and yet bash these “cis” people for being born and being okay with the sex they were born with.

  383. All we have is just more proof that the email crap was just that—crap. The media completely failed in its reporting of it and we’re all going to suffer because of it.

    Perez is good for DNC head. He understands that the GOP is the enemy not unpure Dems like the Bernie Bros seem to think.


    Republicans are afraid of the nuts that make up their base.

  385. I also wonder if Hillary could sue Comey for various things. re poster comment above, can’t find it now) Not being a lawyer, maybe slander, loss of equal opportunity to become President, failure to follow DOJ policy, even if unwritten. Is it possible to sue Comey as a person who misused his authority, without it being a suit against the FBI, which is probably not allowed? Of course, Lynch did not stop him but she is more insulated and probably not worth the aggravation.

    new topic: I am letting the transgender thing be and will be understanding/empathetic if I ever meet anyone in that situation. And I don’t get the Q, B(Bi), or T belonging to the original group. Being an oldster, I realize I am coming with my age bias, and the T and the B were not open in my younger years. The Q is just patronizing a minority within a minority. But I do not have any “anti” feelings towards any of these groups, OK I admit I do with the Q, but not the other two. I just don’t know where the tent stops, for political goals. Do disabled people need to add a DL of DG to the acronym?
    To me, this conversation is interesting but not the critical thing of the day, for me.

    I want Hillary to sue Comey even if it is just to keep him in court for at least 10 years. Any attorneys here who can answer if he could be sued re misusing authority, or anything?

  386. The Berniebots and Bernie Sanders are not the future of the Democratic Party. They are not even Democrats. They ignore all of the racism, sexism, bigotry, homophobia and xenophobia that permeates the left, the alt-left, the right and the alt-right. They alienate the true party base which are women and POC. To them every ill in the world is due to income inequality, which isn’t true. But then again, if you grew up surrounded by white people and have never experienced or seen what women, minorities and immigrants deal with daily, we are easy to dismiss. We just don’t signify in their world of “discriminated” white men. Every day it is becoming clearer to me that the Democratic Party does not want people like me as a member. That this discussion is even going on within the Party is offensive. I cannot be part of a party nor do I believe I could ever vote for a party that does not recognize and acknowledge that Donald Trump won because of the sexism, racism, bigotry, homophobia and xenophobia that he preached. He did not win despite it, but because of it.

  387. America stands for nothing at this point, except pretending people have rights that they don’t have, particularly if they are Hillary Clinton.

    This is so true. And it’s not only Hillary who doesn’t have rights, the statement would be just as true if Hillary’s name was replaced by the word “women.” ANY woman would be treated just like her if they are strong, smarter than the patriarchs, NON-SUBMISSIVE/threatening to them and especially so if they are seeking power. I have seen this before. It is deja vu to me.
    I feel so much anger and grief that it is STILL like this for us women.

  388. Interesting take from the right about media and taking Trump’s words/justifying after he says or does something. I do not agree with Jennifer Rubin’s statement that Hillary was deeply flawed but what she says about turnipp is pretty clear.

    Someone gave me a way to insert URL in the past but I can’t find it and the online instructions never work for me. Sorry.

  389. So all over twitter land are tweets about boycotting Trumps swearing in. Of course I was going to do that anyway.

  390. GA6th @11AM based on that article you cited, I now see why Bannon is a special advisor: he is responsible for unleashing the deplorable minions, via Breitbart, to descend like army ants on anyone, republican or democrat, who criticizes or opposes Trump. This coup is getting scarier by the day and he hasn’t even been sworn in.

  391. Yes, Hillary was “flawed” by (years of) fake accusations, fake news stories and lack of penis.

  392. They ignore all of the racism, sexism, bigotry, homophobia and xenophobia that permeates the left, the alt-left, the right and the alt-right.

    They are the follow-up patriarchy in training. I believe that their fun and games will be cut short when Donald comes through with solid jobs for them. In a trench overseas. They will be given ‘officer training’ due to their dumbed-down college degrees, and that will mean they will be the first ones to walk toward the IEDs to see if everything is okay for their “men”. Should they live, the army will cure them of their arrogance and entitlement We Want Fidel attitude and teach them a dose of the reality of life. After which time, they will be discharged and find that they can go to college free even though they went already, only the debt from the first college will be there waiting for them. With accrued interest.

  393. Not sure about Podesta, but I am sure about Comet Ping Pong. I tweeted Comet Ping Pong and suggested they use a gofundme page to float the cost of suing Infowars, Breitbart, Drudge and any other of those alt-righters who spread the fake news of Pizzagate. After all, that’s how Gawker got Theirs. Wiped them right out.

    If that operative Heir Stein could sucker punch people into giving her seven million for her real purpose of declaring that Russian Hacking is “Fake News,” can you imagine how much Comet Ping Pong can raise?

  394. cats

    GA6th @11AM based on that article you cited, I now see why Bannon is a special advisor: he is responsible for unleashing the deplorable minions

    That’s why American’s have a choice to either buckle up and fight, or just withdraw and watch our way of life, be taken away brick by brick.

    I haven’t given up fighting for over eight years, and this election and the shit storm coming to our way of life, is even worse.

    I can’t afford to wait until 4 more years…the election is stacked for Der Douche to win a second term…just like the bs he did this election.

    I will fight in any way I can while holding down a full time job and taking care of a disabled son.

  395. Comedian Tom Arnold caused quite a stir earlier this week when he talked about tapes he purportedly has of Donald Trump making wildly offensive comments during his tenure as host of The Apprentice — and it seems he’s got Team Trump’s attention.

    On Twitter Wednesday, Arnold claimed to have received a voicemail from someone in Trump’s camp threatening him with a defamation suit over his claims that he has tapes of Trump spewing racial slurs and calling his own son a “retard.”

    Rather than being intimidated by this threat, however, Arnold welcomed it as an opportunity for the entire country to see how Trump has treated people over the years.

    Open Apprentice vaults 4 discovery! Miss Universe too!!

    “It’s on!” Arnold said. “Open Apprentice vaults for discovery! Miss Universe too!”

    Given how much information such a lawsuit could potentially reveal on the president-elect, it will be interesting to see if his legal team really pursues it against Arnold in the coming months.

  396. That jerk is going to have to sue the whole country. lolol. Idjit.

  397. If Arnold has anything why did he wait until now? Hillary hater? Party before country?

    Shadow @ 5:24 PM. You are a force of nature! Holding down a full time job while caregiving is formidable in and of itself. I hope you have help or some kind of support system so you have time to take care of yourself. It is so easy to burn out.

  398. ((Cats))

    Thanks Cats, no real support system to speak of. My parents are gone, long ago, ex-husband is not worth the carbon he takes up on this planet. Folks at work are great, all except two women. I’ve been a single mom with no real support for decades…I will just keep going until my light goes out.

  399. This tweet was on my timeline & I just felt I had to post here because the description brought tears to my eyes…from laughing:

  400. If we ever get a new thread, I would like this to be the highlight! Even with all the votes in purple states being tossed out….

    It’s official: Clinton swamps Trump in popular vote!

    More Americans voted for Hillary Clinton than any other losing presidential candidate in US history.

    The Democrat outpaced President-elect Donald Trump by almost 2.9 million votes, with 65,844,954 (48.2%) to his 62,979,879 (46.1%), according to revised and certified final election results from all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

    Clinton’s 2.1% margin ranks third among defeated candidates, according to statistics from US Elections Atlas. Andrew Jackson won by more than 10% in 1824 but was denied the presidency, which went to John Quincy Adams. In 1876, Samuel Tilden received 3% more votes than Rutherford B. Hayes, who eventually triumphed by one electoral vote.

    Though the legitimacy of his victory has never come into serious doubt, Trump has repeatedly argued, usually via Twitter, that he would have won the popular vote, too, if that had been his focus.

  401. Hillary Clinton gets a standing ovation at Café Carlyle

    As Tyrell sang, “Each time I find myself flat on my face, I pick myself up and get back in the race,” the entire room rose and gave a prolonged standing ovation to Hillary.

  402. Well worth clicking the link an reading the essay.

  403. Shadow:
    Big hugs!

  404. Sophie at 10:17 PM :
    Good link…great quote…
    Thank you…

  405. Jesus, Sophie, that reduced me to tears again. I totally understand when he says he feels like we have failed her.

  406. ((Bellecat))

  407. Voting:
    I think that “we the people” actually failed her…

    SophieCT at 10:11 PM:
    If the picture of Hillary is at standing ovation at Cafe Carlyle event, she looks lovely, very happy and relax…
    I believe good thing for her are coming…in a better on more dignifying scenario…

  408. “I will just keep going until my light goes out.”

    Shadow, sending a big hug! I also enjoyed your Kafka post “Before the Law” whose main character reminds me of Hillary, always one to play by the rules, wait her turn, only to have the final door shut in her face.

  409. ((trixta)) thank you. Yes, I love that story by Kafka…it hits home more often then we would like. Good to see you are still around.

  410. Definitely around, Shadow, but lurking whenever I get a chance–and fascinated by all the discussions on the thread. I’ve been swamped with Xmas preparations as well as getting ready for New Year’s Eve. I’m already exhausted and the festivities haven’t even begun! Although I’m still bumbed out about the election, I’m looking forward to seeing family and friends, and generally celebrating this year where I was unable to last year due to some health issues.

    MOTHER JONES has a good article about the timeline of the infamous emails and how Dems dropped the ball whenever they came up. Some of us may have family members who are Trumpsters, so it’s good to be ready with facts and arguments to defend our girl on that and other matters.

    “Timid Liberals Blew the Election by Flinching at Hillary Clinton’s Email Server”
    KEVIN DRUMDEC. 21, 2016 9:15 AM

    “A couple of recent conversations about Hillary Clinton’s email server have prompted me to think that I should write about it one more time. Maybe for the last time. You might wonder why. After all, the damage is done, it’s in the past, and no cares anymore. But I continue to think there’s a lesson here that we haven’t all come to grips with yet.

    Here it is: As near as I can tell, Hillary Clinton did nothing wrong. Period. No shilly-shallying, no caveats. It’s true that the optics were sometimes bad, and the whole affair showed off Clinton’s political instincts at their worst. But that’s it. Both legally and ethically, she did nothing wrong. And liberals should have been willing to say so.

    But a lot of them weren’t.” [….]

  411. Good article Trixta. I’ve liked Mother Jones since the 90s.

  412. You’r e welcome, socalannie. Yes, I agree about Mother Jones. Rolling Stone Mag was pretty good this year too.

  413. I am lucky this year, I expect no shrapnel at dinner. Everybody I know just thinks Trump needs a serious psychiatric workup with public results. We most likely won’t even discuss him aside from protecting ourselves from him. Mostly, I’m worried about congress, because if they build enough monuments to Trump’s sick ego, he’ll sign anything. He’s not a reader so I don’t imagine he will bother checking anything before signing it. He’ll probably spend his first 30 days practicing a flamboyant signature, but that’s about it. Since Ryan and McConnell know what we know, you can bet they already have those laws on Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security and Health Care sitting on their desks ready for the hits. I have read a pretty horrid summary of what Ryan has planned for Medicare and feel very sorry for people who depend on it. I didn’t see any safety nets for those who can’t afford to pay for things they are not paying for now. Ryan feels that people will be more “cautious” about health care if they have to cough more money up for “services”. In other words, they won’t go to the doctor’s office when they need to because of $$. So preventative measures will be pretty scant. It wasn’t pretty. I can’t even imagine what he has planned for the ACA, but expect insurers to control what you can and can’t have again. He even went so far as to plan to tell Insurers that they can’t offer supplements that cover the full 20% the patient would otherwise be responsible for, because it would mean nobody would kick in for services and be more “judicious”. It’s all a euphemistic way of saying people won’t get medical care they can’t afford to pay for. So I would say a lot of people won’t be able to afford things they are having done today. One thing is for sure, health care WILL be “cheaper” for the Insurer, because plenty of people won’t be having procedures done. I saw no plans to ban insurers from refusing to cover anyone, nor was there any mention that $$ limits won’t be implemented again. Sorry, you reached your limit. Die. I can see how this could happen plenty of times because I have seen just how expensive it is to save a person from death. I would have reached my “limit” a few years ago and would most definitely be dead now, no arguing it. And once again, if I couldn’t afford GOOD health insurance, I most certainly would be dead now.

    I’m sure most of congress will be investing in Insurance Companies if Ryan has his way, because it’s going to be a Bonanza. With respect to health care in general, I hope all the people who voted for Trump enjoy their early death. They will deserve it. While the ACA is pretty awful in some ways, the awfulness is nothing compared to what’s planned. You either have the money to stay alive or you don’t. That’s pretty much what I saw this is all about. However, do not expect Congress and their staffs’ solid gold health care plans to change. Rinse and Repeat.

    I don’t expect much help from that lazy Casper Milquetoast Schumer. I simply cannot stand that man. And Nancy has already shown twice during “reform” that she can turn against you on a dime for the right deal. Overall, the options are these weak leaders or crazy castro wannabee Sanders. Overall, the democratic party is pretty useless. But then you know that already.

    I won’t even get into the impact on women and minorities of whatever creature(s) are placed on SCOTUS for the next 30 years or so. What I REALLY find odd is how many apparent losers on Twitter think they “Won”. I mean, it seems nobody knows that the red states are the biggest recipients of public assistance. Particularly that white trash they are so well noted for. Amazing. I feel kind of guilty, but not VERY guilty, that I secretly will enjoy their impending pain. I saw a tweet from some armpit farter who said, Hey I didn’t vote for dumping the ACA! He’s shocked. I spit my coffee out and laughed my ass off. After all, Donald “Promised” he won’t touch “Entitlements,” as if medicare and SS are entitlements rather than paid for by employees and their employers. Fact is, they want to raid that pot.

    A lot of people will die with these greedy ideas of the rich. But in their minds, they are not useful people. What people like them would call Useless Eaters. And to be honest, I don’t see much difference between Ds and Rs in Congress when it comes to this, except for D lip service. The Democratic party has been a paper tiger for a long time, which is why whacko sharks like Bernie Sanders smell blood in the water. I hate to say this, but I find the traditional Democratic base to be totally reactive and almost never proactive. The horse runs out of the barn and then they are horrified when they saw it coming to begin with. It’s predictable and it’s why they will continue to be losers. And Twitter, Facebook are not war tools in the real sense. Just armchair bullshit. They might get people talking but rarely does it keep people DOING anything.At least when it comes to the original D base. That’s why Bernie Bros ran all over us. They aren’t afraid to get out there and do massive marches or demonstrations. The traditional base is big with unrealistic talk, scant with action of the protest type. They will declare a Million Person March and guarantee their embarrassment when only a thousand people will show up. Paper tigers will always lose. This is why I find the “Resistance” thing ridiculous. The Resistance should have happened LONG before the election. Reactive. Let’s face it, we are a nation of many savages. Being polite or classy is a Loser when you have a bunch of armpit farters carrying guns and saying and doing things your parents taught you better not to say or do.

    Expect Much Wealth and Much Poverty to prevail. At least until they piss off enough voters to get rid of these guys and at least until Donald eats one too many buckets of KFC extra crispy. He’s looking fatter by the day. Too bad we won’t get to see just how awful he looks under that orange paint, which he doesn’t wear for nothing.

  414. Yes, all that you say, Uppity.
    Tiny points: 1. He looks like a weird raccoon with the white around his eyes and the orange everywhere else.
    2. We also have to suffer the most irritating voice in the world 4 more years with Conway as “Counselor” per announcement. At least, until I can punch the mute button, but even 5 seconds of her voice ups my BP.
    How long before a military coup with all those generals on the cabinet? And Flynn/Banner who should be in jail, along with Comey and Lynch.
    I am still angry, angry, angry. I will never get over this downfall of our democracy, and neither will our country.

    Have you thought of a forum, Uppity, instead of a blog? Don’t scream! There will be more people searching for this haven, I predict, as time goes on. Just a thought.

  415. Have you thought of a forum, Uppity, instead of a blog? Don’t scream! There will be more people searching for this haven, I predict, as time goes on. Just a thought.

    That’s more time and effort I want to put into online pain and angst, Gray. I put my years in, time for others to pick up the gauntlet. Forums are a lot of work when they get big. I’m into staying alive, absorbing sunshine, and I just don’t want to get into the rut I was in for so long with this blog. Life just flew by.

    I barely get around to doing anything here as it is. If people want to find this place, they will.

  416. Great rant, Uppity! I agree with just about everything you said with the exception of “The Resistance.” It may seem like a waist of time and energy, but just like you’ll enjoy seeing those who voted for Trump suffer under his policies, I’ll enjoy making Trump and his supporters’ lives miserable now and for the next 4 years. Call it Karmic activism–resistance with a small ‘r’. In the spirit of the Right who, as a matter of course, has always made Democratic President’s very existence (and their supporters’) lives torture, the Dems should dish out the same vile crap. Trump and his minions have triumphed because they’ve thrown out all the rule books and any sense of civility, so we should reciprocate in kind. At a minimum this will keep Trumpanzees defensive about everything, which will inject some level of unease in their lives. Oh sure, we can expect gas lighting as their push back, but we can in turn weaponize our response by exposing their insane and absurd realities with derision and contempt.

    So far, they are very unhappy about (1) Hillary winning the popular vote since it casts an air of illegitimacy to Trump’s win, and (2) are very pissed off because the country is not unifying behind the new POTUS. Indeed, we are currently seeing Trump’s utter humiliation and desperation about not being able to book any worthy entertainment for his inaugural festivities. Can’t help but smile about this. Such ongoing resistance may be small potatoes, but I’d like to see it continue throughout his presidency. He’s not a normal president and I don’t want him to be treated as such. I understand how some may not want to use their time and energy to stand up to this fascistic regime–I may even feel this way from time to time–but with 65+million Hillary voters, I think we could tag-team this type of resistance till the next GE. Every little bit counts.

    BTW, Upps, I just love the blog’s Christmas tree! Very cool how it twinkles!

    And now I’m off to more shopping and baking and cleaning….


    “Poor Baby: Trump’s ‘Very Unhappy’ A-List Stars Are Ditching His Inauguration”

  417. lol at this poem! I had to analyze it for my final exam two years ago. Good choice.

    Trump just tweeted about increasing nuclear capabilities. Not only is he a blowhard dump, but so are the people around him, which makes me even more frightened.

    He also asked for a State Department compilation of all programs working on women’s issues. He’s probably going to cut them.

    Disgusting. I know it’s not super PC here, but I see little difference between right wing freaks and the islamist crazies who get into power, like in Turkey or Egypt. The first thing they do, instead of actually being productive or helpful, is go crap on women – restrict our rights, opportunities and efforts.

    I keep seeing articles in WaPo about how Trump voters are scared he might take away Obamacare. One woman’s husband is going to get a liver transplant b/c of the ACA, but she still voted for Trump. Now she’s freaking out. It’s difficult to muster up sympathy.

  418. This idiot is going to get us all killed:

  419. Thank you Trixta for making an objective point regarding “The Resistance”.

    Though Upps brought up very good points in her latest post, I myself differ on that issue too.
    I can not conceive the end of WW II without “The Resistance”.

    I have started my own Resistance:
    “I live in Hillary Clinton’s America”
    Call me a fool, let me be a fool…
    I will never accept the fat orange A$$ as my president and it’s not longer my America., my country.

  420. Hi everyone!

    Spending Christmas here in Florida. After the new year I will be spending the winter in CA. I should have been in CA now, except my son bought another house and will be moving on Dec 26th.

    Every time I think about the election. I get ticked and blame the Democratic Party. They were so anxious to elect Obama they couldn’t see how it would have made a difference the other way around. Hillary was at her peak, Had Hillary ran in 2008 and Obama ran now. The party would still be in power.
    Hillary would have been the first woman president and Obama would have been the first AA president.

    But, nooooooooooooooo they had to have him go first.

    The Dems blew it BIG TIME.

    I am so angry I don’t know if I will ever vote again.

  421. Trixta, every little bit of Der Douche’s rejection from Hillary supporters is like a moment to smile and know 65.8 million of us are going to build our own wall against Dumptruck. I wished all of you lived in big blue states so you would have some protection against him. I am happy as a clam to see a lot of resistance will come from CA.

    Upps, not sure where in NY you live, wonder how your state likes having the armed tower in you city now. I hear from CA visitors that it is horrible.

  422. Good to see you Neetabug. Glad to see you will be coming to CA…the land of resistance. 😉

  423. Tweety Turd wants to expand our nuclear capability.

    But the Horseshoe Left insisted that Clinton was the Wicked Warmongering Witch.

    Unless Putin actually wants us to increase our nuclear capability–and I can’t imagine why he would–his puppet, “The Donald”, may be looking to cut his strings already.

    Hey, Vlad, remember how your predecessor Stalin thought he could control “The Adolf”?

  424. Oh boy, I hope those Bernie Bros are ready for their crisp new uniforms.

  425. Ivory Bill, could be but I refuse to worry about it. Putin isn’t stupid and all this is likely propaganda, imo.

    I’m sure everyone has read about Obama trying to secure his legacy by fortifying Iran Nuclear Deal before he leaves office. The actions he wants to take are to lift sanctions and provide more licenses for American businesses to enter the Iranian market. Seems like that makes a perfect climate for Trump to do what he loves to do. Believe the same will happen in Russia but, of course, could be wrong.

  426. I’m so thrilled that we get to watch a macho pissing-match between Trump and Putin involving nuclear weapons.

  427. Beyond insane. There are enough nuclear weapons to destroy every single thing on this planet several times over. And leaders want to build even more of them. Reminiscent of the Robert Frost poem, with the words changed to, Some say the world will end with nuclear weapons/some say with irreversible global warming.

    At this point, I am vainly hoping for a CIA/military coup to wrest control from this band of utterly insane people, who are not only awful in their every view, but who have no idea whatsoever what they are doing. That “normal” Republicans could have countenanced this, is unfathomable. That media people with families and dwellings could have essentially let this happen with a wink, is just as incredible. That President Obama could have let Russia take over the country, rather than be accused of partisanship for telling the citizens about it, is perhaps the worst of all. And, yes, Hillary was of course the obvious choce in 2008, and would have won easily. That she wasn’t, can be chalked up to holier-than-thou inverse racialism, misogyny, general hatred by the stupid Left of the Clintons, and people’s general incapacity to distinguish wishful projection heroes from real ones.

  428. Only men with tiny male parts need to build more nukes. Nothing like stupid, insecure men playing God with all of our lives.

  429. So I guess Trump and Cruz want to make America safe for homophobes again w/ a bill to allow good ” Christians and Catholics” to not have to serve the LGBT community due to religious objections.Wondering if this will apply to all those wonderful Catholic and Christian hospitals? That’s one good way to lower Medicare and Social Security Paul Ryan will also love it.

    Time to break out the good ol’ Yellow Jewish Star of David along w/ the Black triangle ( for Lesbians) and Pink Triangle ( for gays). Will be a lot easier for the Trumpanzees to find their targets. No need to set up concentration? extermination camps;just deny these ” lesser thans” their health care…problem solved. Plus it will be cheaper than having to pay for all that barbed wire and guards,Paul Ryan will love that. The great white underbelly of the Republican party is breaking out all over the country..power grabs everywhere.

    Ideas for Inauguration Day:

    1) If you’re nearby dress in white,purple or green,attend the various ceremonies but turn around and leave when Trump shows up or starts to speak OR wear an armband w/ a Yellow Star of David, the Muslim crescent, pink or black triangle ( symbol of your choice);again attend as many ceremonies as possible;when Trump shows up,execute a Nazi salute,turn around and walk away.

    2) If you don’t live close to DC boycott the media/social media for a TV,no Twitter,no Facebook etc.. You didn’t want to participate in any of that crap anyway..not a day to celebrate.

    Seems like every day there’s a new threat to my life or that of my loved ones.Otherwise I’d really have the Christmas Spirit.
    “God help us everyone.”- Tiny Tim

  430. I think Putin is probably fine with Trump acquiring more nukes. An international arms race suits his purpose of destabilizing the West. And everyone has an excuse to scrap hard-won arms control agreements. And an arms race will be great for the oligarchs–theirs and ours.

  431. As is typical with testosterone destroying the world, Donnie wants to show Vlad that his dick is bigger.

    Trump is NPD. He is going to clash with Putin. He’s also doing Bannon’s bidding, which means the goal is still to destroy the R party. And then Putin is going to get pissed off and release all those Glorious GOP emails via the rapist in exile.

    I shall enjoy it.

    When you spit up into the air, it’s going to come back down sooner or later.

  432. Today I have not seen any headlines talking about Russia helping Trump win the election, Comey releasing emails, etc. Guess I’m not paying attention. lol Perverse sense of humor maybe, but I’m enjoying this!

  433. “God help us everyone.”- Tiny Tim

    I thought that was, “God bless us everyone”.

  434. On Inauguration Day, some ladies from my church are planning a long lunch at a restaurant with no TVs. I plan to join them.

  435. Uppity Woman, on December 22, 2016 at 9:17 PM said:
    “God help us everyone.”- Tiny Tim
    I thought that was, “God bless us everyone”.

    Not this year, Upps. Msdsal has it more accurate for this year….

  436. Ups, it was “God bless us everyone.”

  437. And then Putin is going to get pissed off and release all those Glorious GOP emails via the rapist in exile.

    I had not thought of that delightful possibility.

    Ascended Madoka grant it be so.

  438. I had not intended to watch Rachel interview kellyanne tonight but I got hooked. I was so mad at Rachel for doing this but…. I was wrong. Rachel grilled her for the whole hour and I do mean grilled. KA did not get a chance till near the end to go off on Hillary but Rachel laughed in her face when she did it. If you did not watch, I recommend grabbing it when it becomes available. It is clear that ka does not know what Trump is saying or meaning and that she will never know. Check out the long runs on Rachel demanding an apology to Martha Radditz by trump and also the Melania lawsuit. Basically, the trumps are going to keep suing anyone they think is lying about them. stand in line. Too much to cover but, if you can tolerate ka, the grilling will make up for it.

  439. Speaking of that thing William mentioned, it looks like this blogger considers it possible. 😮

  440. Uppity Dear, can we please have a new post for Christmas?

    btw, where has imust been lately?

  441. Ups, you’re absolutely correct,it WAS “God bless us everyone.”;but Voting was right ,too..this year and next,it’s “God help us,everyone.”

    I,too had promised myself not to watch Rachel tonight but Rachel gave instruction on how to handle the Trumpians..1) Know your stuff;because they don’t know theirs.2)When they deflect,don’t go there with them;turn it right back around. No gazing at shiny bright objects and getting hypnotized. 3) Be brave,even when they frown at you or subtly threaten.4) Stand up for the good people that Trump trashes..there really is no excuse for what he does. Which leads me to the one thing I wish Rachel had done when talking about Melania’s lawsuit..because they said mean things about Melania,,apparently 100 millions dollars worth of unfair. According to KellyAnne,it’s OK if Trump does his apologies to Martha Radditch in private,even though he publicly lied about and trashed her..but if someone says something mean or lies about a’s a million dollar lawsuit,baby.

    It was a tour de force.

    Also adding my voice to a request for a new thread and the where abouts of Imust.Taking a much needed break we might hope. Maybe Sophie will help.

    And it’s good night from the West Coast and all the ships at sea.

  442. Gray: as you recommended I caught what is now up on the website and I am still trying to calm down. KA is no doubt brilliant at what she does but she is no better than Trump, just way more articulate. How many times a year do you think she sheds her skin? She comes across as a silver tongued viper. That whole riff on poor brilliant Melania being maligned in the press was so hypocritical vis a Vis Hillary’s decades of being torn down in the press; made my blood boil.
    I cannot tolerate her but you were right, Rachel had her tap dancing the entire time. Oh, and the bit about no one cared about his tax returns, holy shit! She is Goebbels (sp?) in a dress and the most expert, outrageous spin doctor I have ever had the misfortune to listen to. Can’t wait to find out what trump does to apologize to Martha for his oft stated lies about her. I may have a stroke before he gets inaugurated….

  443. There is something about Kellyanne Conway that scares the blessed crap out of me. It is as if she has no soul…she is like a demented “Stepford Wife” and cares not a whit about what her lies will produce.

    She is the female Trump.

  444. What bothers me most about Conway is she has a daughter. She appears to be a great example of someone who will do or say anything for money.

  445. You have got to read what that crazy bastage, Donald’s doctor has to say now.

    Let me getchu started.

    “If something happens to him, then it happens to him,” Harold Bornstein says. “It’s like all the rest of us, no? That’s why we have a vice president and a speaker of the House and a whole line of people. They can just keep dying.”


    Bornstein said that Trump isn’t “an old man the way my grandfather was an old man;” meanwhile, of Clinton, he said: “She’s an old lady. She’s an old lady. It’s funny, isn’t it?”</blockquote

    More at link.

  446. Earlynerd, I really enjoyed the panda link.

  447. Donald’s “doctor”: Men never get old. Women, on the other hand…

    This crap never stops, does it?

    And Biden (speaking of old men) is running his pie hole again. Apparently, he said something about Hillary never figured out why she was running. WHAT?!

    I wish somebody would offer a big reward to anyone who tapes Biden’s mouth shut–permanently. With “friends” like him, Hillary doesn’t need enemies, and she has plenty of those. I hope she drops all these back stabbers forever.

  448. Ok Msdsal, so it’s God Help Us Everyone. But you can’t expect this old former English teacher to buy it as a Tiny Tim quote. It causes apoplexy.

  449. I think the word of the year shouldn’t have been “post truth.” It should have been misogyny. It was on glorious display in every form of media and in every place. Even now few admit that it was part of the Trump campaign and the media coverage. Every place and every form of communication people need to learn the definition. And ladies of the media, Trump voters, and lefties; misogyny, its not just for Hillary Clinton anymore.

    Now we get to all look forward to the coming Trumpocalypse. Cuz really, an arms race with two lunatics in charge (Putin and Trump) isn’t going to end well for us.

  450. As you know, I never liked Joe Biden. I think he’s a groper and a sexist pig. He may fool plenty of women but he can’t fool those of us who saw what he did to Anita Hill. He’s a decrepit old fool besides, but mostly he’s a reminder of how the Democratic Party is no better than the Republican Party when it comes to women. They’re phonies and thy ARE the same Patriarchy.

    I did see what he said about hillary and this time, I really think he didn’t mean her ill. He just never knows when to stop running his rather stupid mouth full of gaffs. If it weren’t for stupidity, Joe Biden wouldn’t hardly ever talk. What else is new.

  451. FYI, those who viewed the Rachel/kac show: A few months ago, kac was on her show and the next night Rachel said that kac had lied to her during the interview and that she will not tolerate a lie. “Don’t answer, but don’t tell me a lie.” So she has been working on her revenge since that show. This is my interpretation because I saw the look on Rachel’s face (it was a storm cloud) the night she said that about not being lied to.
    So, for me, it was a double whammy. Revenge plus telling kac that trump is upsetting foreign policy & endangering our nation by playing pres before the inauguration.

    Another time, maybe someone, or maybe me, needs to list the anti-American goals of each cabinet and WH staff person so we can all be on the alert for each one’s actions. I would keep the doc on my desktop to refer to. They are all so alarming. I agree with all here who say we need to stay alert and do what we can. I think trump is insane. Yes I do. Just look at the expression on his face so many times on the podium when he is trashing someone. It is not in the range of normal human expressions, even for a regular nasty person. Those who are asking Obama to ‘stand down’ the nuclear arms know that.

  452. Bornstein. These are the best two lines from that article, in my view:

    Bornstein says he isn’t sure whether he’ll continue as Trump’s physician while Trump serves as president. As a media professional, I think I speak for all of us when I say we’d prefer that he did.

  453. Remember, two years ago, Hillary was called too old to run for president.
    Bernie, Biden, and Trump (all older than her) have not been called that.

    New post up.

  454. Hillary knew exactly what she was running for; to make America better in every way. Hillary could never criticize anything that President Obama had done or not done, it wasn’t something she would do; and the people who love Obama would not have stood for it. And that certainly includes Biden. So what is it that she was supposed to have said? She had many plans and programs, and carefully listed them, and how they would be paid for. She gave speeches on policy, and the media deliberately refused to cover or discuss them.

    Hillary could not say that Obama did this or that, and she would do it better or differently. It might have been nice, but she would have been excoriated for it. How anyone who actually listened to her very progressive and wide-ranging policy proposals, could keep saying that she didn’t know why she was running, or that she didn’t have a theme, is either very dumb, or very self-serving. Obama ran on…Hope and Change? Much easier to run on change when the other party has been in power. But then of course this country is full of ignorant people who apparently need slogans as opposed to policies, as if they are voting for third grade president. I knew exactly what Hillary was running on, and what she would do. A shame that many people did not, and that the media had no intention of letting them know. A shame that we are in a country where one side is pure, bottomless evil; and the other side is mostly full of fearful people and outright cowards, whose major concerns are not getting the evil people angry at them, keeping the media from criticizing them as being partisan, and keeping their wretched enabler positions.

  455. I don’t want to muddy the new post. It is Christmas and everyone should try and think good thoughts. But did notice in an article today that says Putin was misunderstood in his nuclear comments:

    “Russia’s Vladimir Putin said on Friday he was unfazed by President-elect Donald Trump’s plans to boost the U.S. nuclear arsenal, praising Trump for being in touch with U.S. public opinion while branding the Democrats sore election losers.

    Speaking at his annual news conference in Moscow, the Russian president said earlier comments he had made about his country’s own military modernization had been misunderstood in the United States and that he accepted that the U.S. military, not Russia’s, was the most powerful in the world.

    Putin said on Thursday Russia’s military was ‘stronger than any potential aggressor’. Trump later tweeted that the United States ‘must greatly strengthen and expand its nuclear capability until such time as the world comes to its senses regarding nukes.’

    Asked to clarify his comments on Friday, MSNBC reported that Trump had said: ‘Let it be an arms race. We will outmatch them at every pass and outlast them all.’

    But Putin said he did not regard the United States as a potential aggressor and had only been talking about countries he thought might realistically launch an attack on Russia.”

    Just thought I’d mention it.

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