Merry Christmas!

Whether you celebrate Christmas or not……….Enjoy this!


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  1. Happy Christmas, lovely music.

  2. Oh my. Beautiful. Gave me chills. And the children could not contain their joy. Merry Christmas!

  3. Yes WLM it does bring emotions. Ode To Joy always does, but to see it done this way is almost more than you can bear.

  4. I see Carrie Fisher had a Cardiac Arrest. Paramedics must have been REALLY close to defib her in time. Usually only 5% make to hospital alive. I bet they already put an ICD in her chest. She’ll be fine. She might blow somebody across the room and freak everybody out with self-defib one of these days, but otherwise, the technology is exquisite. I should know. I am brought to you by an ICD.

  5. Merry Christmas y’all!

  6. Billy hit it right.

  7. And Merry Christmas and thank you to you, Jeff Jarvis. Right now the world is upside down: wrong is right and right is wrong because a monster “won” the presidency with a hateful, horrendous campaign of misogyny, racism, xenophobia, and abusive lies. Someday the world will be right side up again, and good will triumph over evil. Someday soon we hope.

    Merry Christmas! 🔔🕭🔔🕭

  8. That was beautiful, thanks Upps. I can do a nice little finger picking Ode to Joy on the guitar. One of my favorites. Love all the tweets and videos! Hope you all have a lovely Christmas! xo

  9. Oops, that was me. Forgot to change name back.

  10. Wishes of good health and peace of mind for all Uppityies and their close ones.

  11. Merry Christmas! Thank you for such great videos!

    Hope you all had a great Christmas Eve!

    Btw, I was thrilled last night to find out my Republican brother in law is not a DT fan by any measure–even his parents, staunch Republicans voted for Hillary! As for my DT-loving son in law, I’ll just have to be ready for him tonight, but he’ll be the lone idiot at the dinner table. In fact, he’s the only DT hold out of my entire family.

    I found this story about the new Rick’s Cafe in Casablanca heartening:

  12. Merry Christmas to Uppity, all of Uppityville and all their families, MKBill and all four legged family members. I wish you all Joy, Love and Laughter! 🙂

  13. ❤ Love to all of you and your family ❤

  14. Uppity, thank you so much for the Ode to Joy video!! Tears in my eyes and my heart swelled with the beauty and power of the vid!

  15. More great pics of our girl!

  16. As one who likes melancholy xmas music, here’s one of my favorites:

    “River” by Joni Mitchell:

  17. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone in the United States of America

  18. Merry Christmas to everyone! I love you all!

  19. bellecat, am dying! LOLOL!

  20. bellecat, on December 25, 2016 at 3:13 PM

    Perfect, now let’s build our own wall…

  21. Humm… perhaps I should relocate before it goes up.

    So much wonderful music in this thread. Love it all and each of you. Merry Christmas.

  22. BelleCat, I’m gonna have to move.

  23. Merry Ho-ho to all of the Uppityites! 🎄 🎅 🎁

  24. 2016 took George Michael too. He was only 53. RIP George.

  25. ipotter and WLM:
    Me too…

  26. My favorite CD is “Faith”.
    RIP George…
    Interesting Sophie; Wham! Last Christmas…his last…

  27. I am just going to say it…2016 SUCKS! RIP, sweet George.

  28. Well, thanks to the Ode to Joy starter, I spent the evening watching/listening to youtube flash mobs and it was much better than the KC/Broncos game.
    I watched this one twice. A little humor to end the day.

  29. Hey Sophie…why do I suddenly have the theme to “Green Acres” playing in my head?

  30. To start your day out right:

  31. I love these HRC in the Wild pics. I follow them on Twitter.

  32. I hope you all staying away from what the BO is saying now…
    makes me sick and want to trow up..
    Typical of the arrogant and narcissist a$$hole that he is…

  33. typo err…throw up= vomit…

  34. yeah, Obama and Biden both are being more chauvinistic and just cruel than they realize. Sickening.

    Sad to get the campaign email ‘from Hillary’ just now. It is still unbearable what happened and what is going to happen.
    Not exactly sure what this closing from the email means:

    “I look forward to staying in touch in 2017. Onward!”

    I think it will take her a whole year to be able to handle this internally. Or maybe I am projecting. Of course, she won’t show it as much as time goes on.

  35. So, Hillary didn’t make an emotional connection with the voters?
    She made one with me, that’s for damn sure.
    Axelrod, Biden and Obama can all kiss my dimpled ass.

  36. These men. Supposedly her friends. It’s just indecent that they keep twisting the knife in her. And Obama believes he would have won a third term? I have seen interviews with people who voted for Obama who now say they are disillusioned with him for various reasons and voted for Trump. Someone needs to remind this guy that Hillary got more votes than he did in 2012. My first instincts about this egomaniac were correct.

  37. Sweet Sue: Maybe they meant she couldn’t make an “emotional” connection with male voters (especially the white ones), you know the ones that really count. She just pissed a lot of them off because she was uppity and has been for decades. I saw very strong emotions stirred in the old and the young of the female persuasion and of course the enlightened males who love their women feisty, know their true value and appreciate their contributions!

  38. Yes, to all that Brassy and cats have to say!

  39. Yes! to Brassy(feisty) and cats3!

  40. I was heartened by that last line in Hillary’s holiday e-mail. I await my 2017 marching orders from one in the Democratic party seems to want to stand up and serve the Repubs some of their own medicine..why not Hillary..if she’s willing? The disenfranchised are just begging for some centralized leadership.
    Listened to Maxine Waters on MSNBC and that woman is having
    NONE OF IT from Trump et al. She says Dems are always too nice bending over backwards and it’s time for non cooperation w/everything Trump is trying to do. Preach it Maxine.

    In the summer of 1985 I was returning from the end of the UN Decade for Women in Nairobi,Kenya, A reporter asked me what the big deal was,all these women meeting and no major legislation had been passed,nothing had changed. I told him it was true about the legislation but that every woman who had attended that conference had been changed and THAT would change the world.

    I feel like that’s where we are for 2017;little things,person by person,small changes we make in our own lives and in that of others..invisible to the powers in charge but overwhelming in it’s impact. I’m feeling a bit more

  41. Obama is the reason the party is in such bad shape. Even if Hillary had won the party would still be in bad shape and would need a lot of work. All I’m gonna say is keep it up asshole boyz and you’re gonna make Hillary run again and kick all your sorry butts.

  42. All I’m gonna say is keep it up asshole boyz and you’re gonna make Hillary run again and kick all your sorry butts

    You’re kidding, right?

  43. Peter Daou on Twitter is tearing it up with Obama’s comments about Hillary. One of many things he said, “I’ve had it with Democratic men Monday morning quarterbacking Hillary’s historic, popular vote-winning campaign. Try to be her for ONE DAY.”

  44. No. She won’t run again. A great reason to kiss the patriarchal Dem party good bye. So farewell to all the back-stabbers.

  45. I think what the “asshole boyz” need is for Hillary not to run and write the book she hasn’t written yet.

  46. Neither Obama or Biden would last an hour taking all the incoming Hillary has withstood for 25 years.

  47. Yes, Sophie. I welcome a book from Hillary.

  48. Yeah, Sophie. That’s the book I want to read.

  49. WTF knows anymore Uppity. I seriously doubt Hillary is going to run again but heck if Biden thinks it’s a great idea for him to run she should run just to kick his butt.

  50. The fearless book–the “I am not running for office and don’t need need anything from anyone anymore” book.

  51. Msdsal, on December 26, 2016 at 5:00 PM said:
    I was heartened by that last line in Hillary’s holiday e-mail. I await my 2017 marching orders from her.

    I’m already practicing my marching tune for Hillary 2017.

  52. Biden’s Delusional. Do not use him as a barometer of ANYTHING.

  53. I hope Hillary can lead the resistance because no man is going to have the guts to do it. Certainly not Obama who couldn’t even come out with the Russians are influencing the election and Biden who can’t get away from the TV camera.

  54. Whatever she does, it is hers to decide. She has more than earned the right to spend the rest of her life doing exactly what she wants to do.

  55. I agree Sophie.

  56. Hillary won’t run again since the fix is already in, and El Douche’s cabinet and GOP supermajority will make it worse for anyone that is a Dem to win in the next election or longer. Hillary has done everything a superhuman candidate could do and it took Russia, the FBI, rigged election, tossing out purple votes and women haters all over the country to prevent the winner of the election and all the debates to be shut out of the WhiteHouse.

    She owes America nothing for what the D’s, R’s, Douche and Putin have done to her. She will lead from outside the WhiteHouse…our Joan of Arc.

  57. I would say the two most pressing issues facing us today are:
    1. Ensuring there are more elections after this one.
    2. Winning states.

  58. Yes, Shadow, Hillary is our Joan of Arc. The lyrics to “Joan of Arc” (Madonna) always reminds me of Hillary:

  59. Could somebody tell me exactly what this Resistance everybody it tweeting they are in……..actually is? Looks to me like it’s just resisting calling him our president. I don’t think he much cares. He’s still going to do what he wants with the GOP he now owns, since you can bet they will behave because Putin’s got all their emails too. Pence didn’t panic over his emails for nothing. Thought if he goes to court to protect his emails that will matter to Putin. Hilarious.

  60. i.e. “lyrics remind me….”

  61. Well, Uppity it means different things to different people. For some it means running for office. For some it means getting active in party politics. For some it means calling your rep before every vote to make sure they don’t vote for the orange wacko’s legislation. For some it might mean all three. There are a lot of ways you can resist Trump but the biggest one is to not let him control what you do or how you feel. I personally plan to ignore him and focus on the legislation that is coming out of the house and senate and pin my reps and legislators down on how they plan to vote.

  62. Well, I am hoping that Hillary runs in 2020, even though I know it is very unlikely. And we see that Obama, Biden, Sanders, and the usual media suspects seem preternaturally eager to make sure that she does not consider it. Of course, we have no other capable leader going forward, we have no one of her her stature and intelligence. They figure that they will just find somebody, but they likely will not, not someone who can galvanize the voters. Even more importantly, perhaps, I think that the only way that the time out of joint can be set right; that this nightmarish distorted and shattered mirror can be repaired, is for Hillary to run again and win. And if she doesn’t run, as is likely, then the Democratic Party is going to have all these demagogues and ideologues and unexceptional people trying to take over command of the fragmented army, and direct a dispirited base.

    The worst possible thing for Democrats to do is to attack Hillary and somehow blame her for “losing” the election. The party will be split on gender lines, and other lines as well. Of course President Obama never really seemed to care much about the party, so maybe this is in accord with that. I know that if Obama had actually fought the Republicans along the way, we would not be here now. Consider:

    1. He reappointed Comey, a person about whom Harry Reid said, “everyone knows he is a Republican operative.” He never questioned the wholly concocted email criminal investigation put on by Comey and his agents. When Comey wrote his unprecedented letter, all Obama could say was that Comey is honorable, which is completely untrue.

    2. This was the the first election in fifty years where the Voting RIghts Act was not in place. Without the VRA, Obama never would have won any election.. All sorts of people were talking for months about how the Republicans were doing corrrupt things to suppress the vote. Obama didn’t ever mention it. And his DOJ did precious little to stop any of it. That is his job, not Hillary’s. He was President, and he is also supposed to be the leader of the Democratic Party.

    3. When Obama learns from 17 Intelligence agencies that the Russians are massively interfering in the election, he does not make a speech on national TV about it. In fact, the Republicans apparently intimidated him by threatening to complain about partisan interference if he speaks up. Obama absolutely hates to be seen as partisan, he wants to somehow transcend politics. So he says nothing, hoping that Hillary will win anyway. If he speaks up, she certainly wins. But he doesn’t, and now blames her?

    4. All the voter suppression laws are in states with Republican governors. Under Obama, the Democrats lost massively in state races, in addition to losing both houses of Congress. He did almost nothing to help his party in the midterms, either literally, or simply by making the case against Republicans. If all those Republicans did not take over in 2010 and 2014, the voter suppression cannot occur, and Hillary unquestionably wins.

    5. Obama had the crucial swing Justice appointment, and just let the Republicans sit on it, not holding a hearing. That was the first time in 150 years, when the country was still in the throes of the Civil War aftermath. Obama never tried to appoint Garland in recess, or to go on national tV and make a major speech about Republican obstruction. He just let it go, and now we will have a right-wing Court for 40 more years or so. And Hillary is put in the position where she can’t talk about the kind of Justice she might want to put in that chair, because Obama intends for his person to be confirmed, if Hillary wins. How can any President just let the other party not hold a hearing on his nominee for ten months?

    For Obama, or Biden, or of course Sanders, to blame Hillary for losing, is petty and also damaging to the people of the nation whom they are supposed to be trying to help. I don’t know if Obma would have won had he run, but he was not eligible.. I think that Bill Clinton could have won five elections in a row, but they don’t let you. And if Hillary “ran a defensive campaign,” it was because the vast right wing conspiracy attacked her every day; plus she was obliged to defend Obama on all counts. She did not get to run against a very unpopular Republican Party as Obama got to in 2008, and she didn’t benefit from an economic collapse, as his campaign did. Obama did some good things in office, but this last six momths may have undone almost all of it. And he was not there where he needed to be to help Hillary in the best way possible, by simply standing up against the Republicans as they attempted to connive and cheat and bully their way to power.

    I think that this story has to be told correctly,, before self-serving revisionists take charge of it. And I do believe that, as in a Shakespeare play, or a fairy tale, the wrong has to be righted; the curse has to be lifted, if we are not to descend into many years of bleakness and wandering aimlessly looking for answers, while the rightful heir is kept from the throne. And I will continue to believe that, even if Hillary tells everyone that she has retired for politics, and will leave the field to the rest of them.

  63. And Happy Holidays to everyone here, who at least made this campaign season bearable and communal.

  64. Running for office isn’t as easy as it sounds. It takes discipline, fortitude, learning all the issues, getting your party to support you and banging on doors till you drop. If you have no history of doing much of anything in the community (besides complaining), you probably won’t win. And you had best have a very clean life and record, because if you don’t, your opponents WILL find out and you will see your name in the newspaper the next morning. Furthermore, if you have nothing of negative interest about you in your life, they will make something up. I guarantee it. This IS a contact sport. It’s nasty at ALL levels. And finally, it takes money. Usually your own money when you are a newbee. Nobody is going to toss money into a statistical loser. Chances are good you will lose the first time you run. If you win, you either got lucky, or ran against a moron, or you REALLY busted your ass and made an impression. If you lose and disappear till next election time, having done nothing for the community, you will lose again. Running for office is not for the skittish or the lazy. All in all, it’s practically a full time job to run for office now. I ought to know these things, I did it several times. When I won, I had to make sure it didn’t go to my head, because that’s the first thing that happens.

    I should correct myself. Running for office is easy. Winning is not so easy. I see these young pissants thinking they are going to ‘educate’ everybody, throw their names in a hat and win because they are Special. It doesn’t work that way.

  65. Excellent and well-organized synopsis on what transpired, William. All of the first four were contributory to her loss; the last contributory to our loss, but I don’t think Hill would have gained more crossover votes by discussing who she would appoint instead of Garland, although she may have galvanized her base.

    I did not hear what Obama and Biden had said, nor do I want to. I lost respect for the both of them many moons ago. Peter Daou never ceases to impress me, however.

    I hope the convergence of Hanukkah and Christmas this year is a good omen- we need one.

  66. lililam:
    Good that you did not hear what Obama said today; it was the highest disgusting egocentric praise about himself and the lowest blow on Hillary ever imagine.

  67. William @ 11:16, enjoyed your thoughts. I doubt if Hillary will run again though, although I will always support her. It would be awesome if she wrote a tell-all about the crooked rethugs. But I hope she enjoys her remaining years most of all. She so deserves it.

    Agree with you all about Obama, Biden (yuck) and Bernie (double yuck). I’m so sick of all of them.

  68. William, on December 26, 2016 at 11:17 PM said:
    And Happy Holidays to everyone here, who at least made this campaign season bearable and communal.

    I agree William, Happy Holidays to you and my friends that are not blogging much since Nov 8th.

  69. Resistance, it means different things to different people. Some folks won’t be harmed much by a Douche administration, others will. I will stand for the things that have always been important to me and support those that feel the same way, in my own world of CA.

  70. Well well….lookey who just got a clue:

  71. Have you noticed that the folk on TV who insist on discussing how “Hillary blew it” never ever discuss voter suppression w/voter ID laws,the Cross Check program to inaccurately purge voter rolls,reducing early voting days,insuring certain areas w/Dem demographics got malfunctioning equipment? Not to mention not even bothering to look at why there were so many under votes in MI and WI.

    Sorry Joe,Barack and Bernie running against the odds Hillary had lined up against her..none of you would’ve won and the popular vote,not nearly three million. I’m so tired of boys being boys. Hillary’s the only one around acting with any class.

  72. Agree, Msdsal. The Supreme Court gutting the VRA occurred in 2013. Not sure Obama would have won in 2012 if it had been done then since he was already down in vote-total from 2008.

    But I still think he and Michelle did what they could to try and help HRC.

  73. To start your day out right:

  74. @Msdsal, Agree. Not to mention that Putin and his trolls are not fond of Obama.

  75. Excellent points, William.

    Even if Obama believes he would have won a third term–I’m sure he does–it’s really classless to say it. It’s just piling on at this point. It’s not only hurtful to Hillary; it’s very divisive when the party is already badly divided. President Obama is the one who blew a great opportunity in 2009.

  76. I don’t think Hillary is inspiring young pissants to run for office.

  77. No But Bernie is. I read that horrid Reddit daily. A few will run, the rest will run…away..once they see how much work it is for so little in return and the pleasure of being accused of everything short of having sex with animals and beating your own mother. And who the hell wants to vote for Venezuela, a shining example for Bernoids, where they stand in line for medications, toilet paper, and food now, but their Bernie-style leaders dine on caviar.

    Hillary isn’t inspiring anyone to do anything but understand what their chances are if they don’t have a penis. All anyone has to do is remember what they did to her. I wish everybody would leave that woman alone and let her have a life. For example, how much is she supposed to do for women before they kill her with expectations? When in response all they do is moan on twitter and pretend they are “resisting” now that it’s too late. It’s not her responsibility to coddle people who didn’t even get off their asses to vote for her in states where the very poorest and most endangered reside. Not to mention those white frat boys who were too busy looking for an unconscious woman to rape. And I must point out that nearly half of the women in the USA will NEVER accept a woman as President. We personally certainly wouldn’t accept Carly, would be now? Men know this and they exploit it successfully every single time. We will never win.

    I knew how lame it all was when I heard the “Million” thing again. The “Million Woman March”. If that wasn’t blowing smoke out of asses I don’t know what was. A Million women will NEVER march. So already, they defeat themselves by claiming so. It’s just plain dumb. And when the patriarchy told them they couldn’t do it, they were like, Oh, Gee That’s Too Bad. What did they plan in its stead? Nothing. Never hear about it anymore. THAT is how women lose. Women in this country somehow expect Hillary to do it For them all by herself and all they have to do is vote for her and tell her how much they love her. That has got to wear thin with her by now. The patriarchy is skill skewering her and where are all those Surrogates now that they aren’t being paid and/or can’t benefit personally off of her?

    I tell you true, we need to leave that woman alone. She’s taken way more than all of us put together. And the Third Wave is No Wave. They will never stand in the rain, get dirty or break fingernails. They deserve what they get because their grandmothers did it once for them and THEY blew it. It’s not going to happen again. So let them go for their manis and pedis and Hauls and eat the shit they are about to be dealt. See if Bernie and Jill help then.

    It’s got to get worse before they get it, gang. And it will. It will get a lot worse. Hillary is not going to save us from this presidency and congress, or this incoming SCOTUS. Because nobody will let her. Let them suck up to that cadaverous despot Bernie and see what he does for them other than rile them up and ready them for Nothing. Except maybe eating sand in the Middle East in camo.

  78. If I were hillary, I would get the hell out of the USA with an extended trip overseas and let Trump watch them adore her in Europe and places like Japan. It will give that fucker a coronary and give her a break for this hellish woman-hating country whose last dirty secret of discrimination is finally exposed raw.

  79. Even if Obama believes he would have won a third term–I’m sure he does–it’s really classless

    He’s just waving his penis around and so is Biden. They’re all egomaniacs, you know. Besides, she’s of no use to them anymore. She can’t carry on the legacy of how big their penises really are. I tell you many times, there ARE no friends in politics, only opportunists. I will care about you so long as it benefits me. Otherwise, pffffft.

    It’s just piling on at this point. It’s not only hurtful to Hillary;

    That’s the point.

  80. William, good summary of events. I am sure Bernie is thrilled that Hillary lost the election.

  81. Well, those pissants were not paying attention to what happened to Bernie candidates this past year if they think they can run and win. They either got wiped out in the primary or in the general. For all their nonsense Hillary did way better than any Bernie candidate did. I’m sick of them and really wish somebody would kick them out. Bernie is the epitome of lazy. The guy never held a job until he was 40 years old. And if they think Bernie is going to “help” them they have another thing coming. But just like the Trump voters they are going to get a huge helping of tough love coming their way.

  82. Yes it is almost amazing how badly Bernie’s people all lost. You would THINK it would ring a bell in their stupid brains. Nobody wants that shit behavior and nobody wants to pay for their fucking college either. Ridiculous. Every one of us paid for our college degrees by sacrifice. And the cost was relative to incomes at the time. It took years and nobody died. But you had to give shit up to pay, they don’t like giving anything up. They want it all now. Preferably on someone else’s money. Bunch of shit.

    I’ll bet they didn’t work to hard to win either. They did what they liked doing but I wonder how many of them actually knocked on a door, and if they did, they probably were so arrogant they hurt themselves.

    This is not our party. I don’t want them. I won’t have them. I won’t come back till the Alt Left is tanked. And believe me, Bernie will overstep to the point of making that happen.

  83. William, good summary of events. I am sure Bernie is thrilled that Hillary lost the election.

    So he could capitalize on it $$$.

    Another one who hid his taxes. De Facto millionaire. I guarantee it.

  84. But I still think he and Michelle did what they could to try and help HRC.

    I Completely agree. And then some. Their own legacy was counting on it so it was very important to them. I think Obama/Biden are just looking to save their own face now, so Hillary gets the needle. What else is new.

  85. My biggest beef with Obama is that he’s leaving our Party (well, mine anyway) in the worst shape it’s been in decades.
    It was always all about him.

  86. Uppity, I agree.
    Hillary should go on an extended tour of Europe, Asia and Africa.
    Let the Accidental President see her being mobbed by adoring crowds.
    Oh, the tweetstorm that will ensue! Sad!

  87. Sue, I thought the same thing a few weeks ago. I wish Hillary would do some foreign travel to key (ahem) places where supportive and positive media and crowds will be waiting.

    Here is the list of the key U.S. enemies coming to the Cabinet that I asked for a few days ago.
    Article title: A guide to the most powerful jobs in the Trump administration — and the people filling them.

  88. Sad!


  89. Yup. both Obama and Sanders have done irreparable harm to the Democratic Party. Obama by making this all about himself. He did not grow the party. It contracted under him. By saying he would have won, he is acting just like Bernie. More penis ego on display.

    Howard Dean, welcome to my world. Now add African Americans, Hispancis and immigrants and you start to see how bad it really is for those of us that are considered the base of the Democratic Party. Any woman, African American, Muslim, immigrant or Hispanic could tell you that. The Democratic Party is sexist! Now what are you going to do about it? Cuz I’m tired of screaming into the wind.

    It took racism, sexism, bigotry, homophobia and xenophobia, foreign intervention, fake news and email hacking to take down the first woman nominee. And still she won the popular vote. This is how much it took to make sure a woman was not elected to office. That gigantic effort was expended because she is an inspiring woman. That these morons don’t see it is because they are racist, sexist, bigoted, homophobic, and xenophobic.

    No male candidate has ever faced the huge onslaught that Clinton faced in the history of presidential elections. But all the Democratic Party can do is blame the woman. The Democratic Party is disintegrating before our very eyes. They put an independent in charge of out reach that has his own organization. He continues to blame the Democratic Party for the ills of the world. Good job Dems. You are willingly committing suicide.

  90. Damn. 2016 took Carrie Fisher anyway.

  91. This General Organa sounds a lot like Hillary.

  92. That is very sad news about Carrie Fisher. Since the Queen of England won’t do it, I guess I must: 2016 has been a truly Annus Horribilus.

    Unfortunately, Hillary will be expected to attend the inauguration. I wish she could go to Africa on behalf of the Foundation. But that would just unleash a fresh wave of attacks on her for “poor sportsmanship” and being “s sore loser “.

  93. Upps-

    I tell you true, we need to leave that woman alone. She’s taken way more than all of us put together….

    They will never stand in the rain, get dirty or break fingernails. They deserve what they get because their grandmothers did it once for them and THEY blew it…

    It’s got to get worse before they get it, gang. And it will. It will get a lot worse. Hillary is not going to save us from this presidency and congress, or this incoming SCOTUS. Because nobody will let her…

    If I were Hillary, I would get the hell out of the USA with an extended trip overseas and let Trump watch them adore her in Europe and places like Japan. It will give that fucker a coronary and give her a break for this hellish woman-hating country whose last dirty secret of discrimination is finally exposed raw.

    Sorry for chopping up two of your posts, but you are absolutely on point with your analysis.

    I can’t wait until the red hats with limited education start realizing that they got screwed by Der Douche and end up just like the ‘students’ of T.Rump university.

    Buckle up, the shitstorm is coming…

  94. Uppity Woman, on December 27, 2016 at 9:24 AM

    My posts are getting dumped again, but I agree.

  95. Brassy: Does she really have to go? On top of everything else she has to watch him get coronated?

  96. We needed a Churchill against the increasingly fascist GOPeckerwoods, but Wall Street and the Democratic Establishment gave us Barack Chamberlain Obama instead, because they thought Hillary would insist that Wall Street pay its share of the cleanup bill for the 2008 crash.

    Obama just never understood that some people are complete sociopathic @$$holes who can’t be reasoned with or compromised with–and if you think you made a deal with them, check your hands to be sure you still have all your fingers.


    Now Carrie. I hope Baby 2017 punches Old Man 2016 right in the jewels. 😡

  97. What a horrible year 2016 has turned out to be. I had such high hopes for it too. There really is nothing to look forward to in 2017 or really for the next 4 years. I stay away from every bit of news just to recoup from what has happened and here I am checking back in and just more bad news, not General Organa!!!

  98. We all need to be keeping our heads down with Trump in the WH. Personally I’m just going to attempt to sock money away since I’m afraid the job situation is not going to be too great here shortly. And since the GOP has completely destroyed UE to the point where you now can only get like three months you can just plan on living in your car should something terrible happen.

  99. Unfortunately, Hillary will be expected to attend the inauguration.

    So what? And what does she get for doing what the betrayers “expect” her to? So what’s the point? I hope she tells them all to go fly a kite and does whatever she wants to do on inauguration day.

  100. Damn, Carrie was good.

  101. On that third-term crap coming from the turd, he didn’t even win the 2008 nomination without shenanigans (DNC disallowing the votes of 2 states to stop the run of the woman who was on a roll; and then reinstating states to a certain degree at a later date, but handing the turd some of her votes in 1 state because he didn’t bother to put his name on the ballot, plus the caucuses, etc.).

  102. Ga6thDem at 5:11 PM, actually been thinking of trading for something a little bigger than my 2-seater just for that reason.

  103. There really is nothing to look forward to in 2017 or really for the next 4 years.

    Nothing? Really?

  104. I see nothing good about attending that inauguration. I would not attend. Hillary should NOT attend. He will exploit her for his own ego. If she attends that inauguration, she will have fallen in my esteem. You have to have SOME pride for chrissakes!

  105. Shadow. You have been freed.

  106. Oh Fisher died? I’m surprised. The word was she had a cardiac arrest and was revived. I automatically assumed they would put a Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator in her chest to extend her life.

  107. UW, maybe the end of the Trump Presidency in 2020 or if for some reason some evidence surfaces about the Russians and Trump and both Trump and Pence are impeached and removed from office. That would be a good thing.

  108. cats and Branjor, the reason she’s expected to attend the inauguration is because she’s married to a former president. Like I said, not to attend would bring a whole new round of attacks. It would be a great time to check out Foundation work in Africa.

  109. Wow I wasn’t aware that Richard Adams was Fisher’s friend. I wasn’t even aware he was still alive. He’s the author of one of my most favorite books of all time: Watership Down. I still have my gift copy from a friend I met in graduate school who went so very far in Marketing for Hood and then the entire Dairy Association. In fact, she was the person who came up with that famous ad line, “Got Milk”? Like me, she began as a teacher. I remember she taught at a very poor grammar school and came up with a T-Shirt logo, “Hey! I can read!” and handed them out to children. She died of a ravaging disease at in her 40s. But not before it blinded her and took away her ability to read, which crushed her spirit. Don’t know why I am mentioning it, except that I would have never read my beloved Watership Down if not for her. Oh, and the world was a better place with her in it, I tell you.

    So if you never read Watership Down, please do. It’s supposed to be a children’s book. It’s not, because it touches the Child in all of us. You will probably have to fight the temptation to name your next pet Fiver. And you will never look at rabbits the same way again.

    Edit: Ah I see Adams died on Christmas Eve. Age 96. A bit of a Eulogy to him:

    Watership Down is an epic tale of anthropomorphized rabbits that loosely follows the story of the founding of Rome. It’s most celebrated for its immersive details: Adams’s rabbits never blur themselves into humans with fur and long ears, but are always recognizably rabbits, with specifically rabbit-like ideas about food and sex and land.

    The book’s legions of fans can only hope that Adams’s death was as peaceful as the one he granted its hero, Hazel.

    In the book’s final pages, Hazel, after spending the duration of the novel saving his beloved brother Fiver and establishing a new, safe warren where he and his friends can live in peace, has grown old. As the story concludes, he is visited in his burrow by the rabbit folk hero El-ahrairah, who offers to take Hazel with him to join his group of Owsla, the rabbits’ ruling caste:


    “You’ve been feeling tired,” said the stranger, “but I can do something about that. I’ve come to ask whether you’d care to join my Owsla. We shall be glad to have you and you’ll enjoy it. If you’re ready, we might go along now.”

    They went out past the young sentry, who paid the visitor no attention. The sun was shining and in spite of the cold there were a few bucks and does at silflay [feeding above ground], keeping out of the wind as they nibbled the shoots of spring grass. It seemed to Hazel that he would not be needing his body any more, so he left it lying on the edge of the ditch, but stopped for a moment to watch the rabbits and to try to get used to the extraordinary feeling that strength and speed were flowing inexhaustibly out of him into their sleek young bodies and healthy senses.

    “You needn’t worry about them,” said his companion. “They’ll be all right — and thousands like them. If you’ll come along, I’ll show you what I mean.”

    He reached the top of the bank in a single, powerful leap. Hazel followed; and together they slipped away, running easily down through the wood, where the first primroses were beginning to bloom.

    The passage is sprinkled with words from Adams’s invented language, Lapine, but it doesn’t feel alien or unfamiliar. Instead, in its sweetness and easiness, it feels as familiar as a half-forgotten fairy-tale.

    We’ll see you where the primroses bloom, Richard Adams.

  110. FLVoter, the thing is, it’s Impeachment talk for four or eight years. Like with Bush. I’m not up for that. I don’t want to hear the word Impeachment unless it’s about to happen and ten Congressional Republicans say so.

  111. Thanks for getting my post out of the dumper.

  112. I don’t think Bill should attend either! Fuck that. All this politeness is wearing thin.

  113. Brassy

    She’s expected to attend the inauguration is because she’s married to a former president.

    She was First Lady
    She was a NY Senator
    She was Secretary of State
    She won all 3 debates, and she won the popular vote.

    She will attend because she is Hillary, the woman that has more courage in the face of Hell, than anyone I know. I will continue to admire and support her if she goes or doesn’t.

  114. And as a side note, on that day, I will be decked out in all of my Hillary gear!!!

    With purple fingernail polish.

    Phuck ‘um!

  115. Last I read somewhere that only President Carter has RSVP-ed to the inauguration; Presidents Bush and Clinton have yet to do so. If they do decide to attend, I hope that Hillary does not. Given the vicious campaign the Orange DK Head waged against her, she owes him NOTHING! I don’t care that the msm will excoriate her for not attending. She can tell them all to go to hell. It would be wonderful, as some have suggested, if Hillary and Bill traveled abroad during the week of the inauguration. Their foundation could certainly give them the excuse they need to get away.

  116. All those reasons don’t matter because she shouldn’t spit on Donald Trump if he goes on fire. I say let him sit there with no entertainment and no respect.

    He will gloat if she shows up because he is the quintessential example of raw evil.

    She should send a message that she’s under the weather with that fake illness he, Hannity and Alex Jones, not to mention all his sucker sycophants made up about her. Youtube was riddled with Russian TV ‘doctors’ telling those asshole suckholes all about it. They didn’t even deny they were broadcasting from Russia, that’s how fucking stupid his followers were.

    Then, the day after the uninauguration, she should become miraculously cured and go on a European tour.

  117. Pastor John Pavlovitz’s thank you letter to Hillary:

    Dear Hillary,

    I hope this finds you well. I’ve been meaning to write you for a while. I was thinking of you again today and I guess I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate you.

    I appreciate how hard you’ve worked for this country for the past five decades.
    I appreciate what you accomplished this year.
    I appreciate your dignity in the face of the most undignified behavior.
    I appreciate the seriousness with which you took the prospect of leading our nation.
    I appreciate the campaign of diversity, equality, and shared strength you ran with such grace.
    I appreciate you reminding America that it is already great.

    You did everything you were asked to do this year, everything you were supposed to do:

    You were prepared and balanced and cool under pressure.
    You knew what you were talking about at every turn.
    You saw the big picture, and you knew the countless small details that your opponent could never be bothered with.
    You endured a relentless flood of misinformation by continually, plainly speaking your truth.
    You had your character assassinated over and over—and in response you simply showed that character.
    You shouldered the kind of expectations that no man aspiring to the position has ever had to contend with.
    You had to be both strong and sensitive, tough and warm, fierce and likable—and you were.
    You never talked in nonsensical sound bites, never ranted like a lunatic at your detractors, never viciously attacked citizens on social media—and you never stooped to the inhumanity of your opponent.


  118. Upps, I am with you. Have some pride. Enough of being nice. If she attends after what has been done to her. I with be done with Hillary.

  119. That’s a good excuse not to attend the inauguration too: she can say all those fake illnesses they accused her of having kicked in at once. Diagnosis–Trumpitis. Along with Trumposis. Not fatal but prevents attending the inauguration of racist, misogynist pigs. Might turn orange if she did.

  120. trixta, thank you for posting the pastor’s letter. It was wonderful–and so true.

  121. neetabug

    I am really surprised after all Hillary has gone though that you will be done with her if she attends the inauguration.

    Reminds me of many PUMA’s that left her in 2008 because she became SOS.

  122. Ah shut the fuck up. That was a low blow. Eat shit.

    If you want to personally attack me or others here for their feelings or opinions, you are going to get it square in the face. Take that shit someplace else. Neeta has a right to her opinion and so do I, without your finger wagging. Period. If you don’t like it, then tough. But keep your shaming to yourself.

  123. I don’t want her to go either, but then I’m not Hillary. She is always held to a higher standard and I think she will consider it her duty, not to Trump, but to her country and to her supporters, to show us that she will never really be defeated by the likes of him. The contrast will be stunning, again. But I hope that if she does go, Trump sees the grace and grit in her and knows that she really beat his ass in the ways that count and always will. She has the hearts and minds of over 65 million of us. He can have the anger and the hate of his voters, it will grow and fester, and with luck be directed at him sooner rather than later. It would be even better if he acknowledges her presence there just as graciously (a stretch I know), and in so doing epically pisses off his supporters. Maybe they will boo and jeer and start throwing feces at him like angry chimps. What a lovely footnote that would be….

  124. You’re welcome, Brassey! The Pastor’s letter was nuanced, well thought out, and heartfelt. Loved it too!

    Reasons why Hillary should not attend DT’s inauguration:

    1) “She should send a message that she’s under the weather with that fake illness he, Hannity and Alex Jones, not to mention all his sucker sycophants made up about her. [….] Then, the day after the uninauguration, she should become miraculously cured and go on a European tour.”

    2) “It would be a great time to check out Foundation work in Africa.”

    3) [Illness] “Diagnosis–Trumpitis. Along with Trumposis. Not fatal but prevents attending the inauguration of racist, misogynist pigs. Might turn orange if she did.”

    4) She should stay home that day to bake cookies:

    5 January 17th would be a great day for her to take a long walk in the woods:

    6) She should spend the entire day deleting emails instead:

    7) She should launch her new show “Project Pantsuit” (mentioned at the CFDA awards):

    8) She should troll IL Douchebag on Twitter that day:

    9) Hillary and Bill should babysitting that day:

    10) She should RSVP and say she’ rather attend another Benghazi Committee hearing:

  125. I don’t think Hillary should to to the inauguration either but if she did go it might cause Donald to have a meltdown. You know, just mentioning that Hillary got 2.9 million more votes than he did makes him crazy. She could look at him and he could start cursing during the oath of office. Honestly I wish no one would go except Obama because he literally is required to.

  126. Well Neeta I guess we’re both awful people then. Next time we need to ask permission for our opinions.

  127. Hillary should go hiking where she can see people who appreciate her! And then go to an A-list concert as guest of honor.

    But I’ll be OK with whatever she decides.

  128. Trumposis. I’d rather have my gall bladder removed.

  129. Belle, best to leave that thing alone, sister.

  130. I am just going to leave this as my tribute to Carrie Fisher as presented by Carrie Fisher:

  131. “as presented”..missed the space bar. Sorry.

    ****Fixit Fairy visited you****

  132. trixta:
    Very good outline presentation of the “many” reason not to attend the in-augur-al of the “Corrupted in Chief”.

  133. Here’s the rest of what I think. I think a human being can only take so much humiliation without INVITING more. That would be a masochist. “After all she’s been through” I think she has a right to gain some pride and say Enough Is Enough! Ok so she was a senator, and an SOS. You can bet Condi Rice won’t be there, she has too much self-respect for that shit. You think the Bush’s will be there?Plenty or former Senators won’t be there, bet on that. This Happy Family shit is wearing thin.

    Donald J Trump will use Hillary’s attendance in yet more insulting ways. I wouldn’t bow to him and I don’t think she should either. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. Have SOME pride! It will torture him if she doesn’t go, he will hate that she didn’t BOW. And he will REVEL in it if she does. This is worse to watch than the abused wife who keeps going back for more. If you ask me, Bill shouldn’t attend either, out of RESPECT for his WIFE.

    Let Bernie go. He couldn’t work with Hillary, but he wants to work with Trump. Because Penis.

  134. Agree. I’m with Trixta. This is bullshit.

    It’s like, “Come back! There’s a part of my face you haven’t stepped on yet!”

  135. I’m done here.

  136. Hey, Upps, looks like Obama through some shade at Tulsi Gabbard during Pearl Harbor ceremony….hahahaha.

  137. Thank you, Fixit Fairy!!!

  138. The Obamas have to be at the inauguration because their presence signifies the orderly transition of power, or some such bullshit.
    Bill and Hillary are in no way obligated to be present at such a travesty.
    My understanding was that George W. and Laura Bush will not attend.

  139. Trixta, I really like number 10 as to why Hillary should not go to the inauguration.

  140. Great Voting. Now we can only hope somebody throws her in a canal next.

  141. My understanding was that George W. and Laura Bush will not attend.

    I would bet money on this. It’s called Self-Respect.

  142. LOL Voting, I couldn’t resist tossing in my two cents on that tweet.

  143. If Hillary decides to go, she should borrow “Princess Beatrice[‘s] ridiculous royal wedding hat” for the official ceremony. That would make my day!

  144. Oh yeah I kept those hat shots!

  145. Uppity Woman, on December 27, 2016 at 11:07 PM said:
    LOL Voting, I couldn’t resist tossing in my two cents on that tweet.

    Hey, I posted it JUST FOR YOU so you could play! 🙂

  146. Agree, fruitcakes are the worst! They get passed around/recycled but I’ve never seen anyone actually eat a piece.

  147. You’re such a good entertainment director, Voting!!

  148. You’re welcome, bellecat (@9:16pm) and WLM (@10;52pm)!

  149. trixta, on December 27, 2016 at 8:49 PM said:

    7) She should launch her new show “Project Pantsuit” (mentioned at the CFDA awards):

  150. That’s a gorgeous pantsuit she’s got on, and she wears it so well.
    As always.

  151. Yes, a very glamorous pantsuit, NW Luna. I Love Hillary’s earrings! I think the stone is London topaz–at least that’s what it looks like to me. She always wears the best jewelry.

  152. As the saying goes, You Can’t Be A Prophet In Your Own Land.

    As a matter of fact, I do believe that came from the bible itself. So it must be true.

  153. Holy Chit, I just deleted a shitload of spam from Bucharest. With installer files attached. I know that one hacker, forget his code name, is from Romania. I’m going to start shutting down comments and pingbacks on old posts again. That should fix em.

  154. Shadow,

    I love her and always will.
    I am just sick and tired of Hillary being kicked in the ###. How much abuse should she take.
    This would be abuse her attending the inauguration.
    Have some pride.
    This woman has given her whole life helping and trying to make life better for us. What has she gotten in return?
    Nothing but hate.
    Someone said on this blog, it is like an abused wife. You keep coming back for more.
    I would feel better if she would start a resistance against Trump.
    It is when they go low, we go lower. This is the only thing the world understands.
    No way this man should have won. All the things he has done.
    Three wives, accused rapist, tax return. women hater, business frauds, etc.

    I see they are trying to revive the e-mails.

    There must be something wrong with me, I love fruitcake

  155. Hillary is the most admired woman in America for the 21st time. This is a joke Gallup is playing on us, amiright?

  156. Uppity: @11:56 AM, why are they doing this to you? The election is over, you would think their work is done. Are you a threat? Do your lady parts, brain and words scare them? If so, you go girl!

  157. It could just be random, cats. Most times they just hit whatever they can see. Maybe use a keyword. It’s most likely not personal. But I’m sure they would love to trash Hillary some more. Still trying to think of that Romanian cockroach’s name. He plays with that rapist and spy criminal Julian too. I think….Gucifer?

    What made it seem more serious to me were the installer files attached. Definitely would let them into my computer if I clicked.

  158. Neeta, there are plenty of people who agree with you. It’s just masochism to go there. Serves no good purpose for ANYTHING except Trump, who will use it in the most evil way possible. He loves Evil. As for the press, they are going to attack her whether she goes or not. They’re going to attack her for breathing. Fuck em.

    And you don’t owe ANYBODY an explanation for your opinion.

    As for this:

    There must be something wrong with me, I love fruitcake

    Well do you see that, gang? Now you know what to do with the next horrid fruitcake someone has the audacity to give you. Send it to Neeta.

  159. “There must be something wrong with me, I love fruitcake”
    LOL! No, Neeta, you’re great! You are, however, the first person I’ve heard admit to eating fruitcake. I’ve never eaten it because I’m always suspicious that it has been recycled for who knows how long. But if it is freshly made, perhaps I would try it for the experience.

    “I love her and always will.”
    Me too. Although, I don’t want Hillary to go to the inaugural, she can do whatever the hell she wants, imho. I say this in the spirit of supporting each other here regardless of our differences of opinion. In any case, I thought it would be fun to list the reasons why she should not go to the inaugural ceremonies. I’m sure y’all can add more to the list, the more humorous and sarcastic the better!

    Shadow, pm, and others who are no longer here, I hope to see you at all the other sites that Hillary supporters frequent these days.

    “I see they are trying to revive the e-mails.”
    I guess they need to keep distracting the public from Trumpzilla’s many scandals, horrid appointments, and the Repub’s looming draconian agenda. Someone needs to go after Judicial Watch. Those evil people have been after Hillary (& Bill) since the 90s.

    [Politico has the story]

  160. That is, Politico has the story on the new appellate court ruling.

  161. I think she shouldn’t go because it’ll (a) give the Trumpkins additional fodder to be dumb on twitter (I say this selfishly), (b) is additional humiliation that she does not deserve, (c) lends Trump some additional legitimacy, which after her pointed critiques of his racism, Alt-Right nonsense, that he frankly does not deserve.

    Wish I was surprised by Obama’s comments, but he basically said that he only now realized that the media was sexist towards her in 2008, so…Also, glad Kerry is saying something about Netanyahu….3 years too late and on the eve of the Orangutang administration. Obama, for all his talk of being a masterful communicator, failed to communicate the benefits of several of his policies and got walked all over during the process.

    Anyway, I wish you all a (belated) Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and a Happy New Year. May it be better than what we think it will be.

  162. neetabug, on December 28, 2016 at 1:29 PM said:
    There must be something wrong with me, I love fruitcake

    Ok, I had less fear coming out as lesbian than I do owning up to the fact that I love fruitcake.

    But since you were so fearless, neet, I am now officially OUT as a fruitcake lover.

  163. “… the more convoluted the Trump administration becomes (and it is already setting records), given the character and track record of the incoming president, the more clear it is that an awesome amount of power is going to be in the hands of someone who the American people did not select for the country’s top job.

  164. Voting and Neeta, stronger together indeed! While we’re confessing to stuff, I have to admit that I just can’t with minced meat pie. The filling reminds me of minced rat. But some say it’s delicious.

  165. Trix, I find mince meat pie to be too sweet.

  166. Ok, I had less fear coming out as lesbian than I do owning up to the fact that I love fruitcake.


    But since you were so fearless, neet, I am now officially OUT as a fruitcake lover.

    OMG. We have people here who would eat a doorstop.

  167. So,a story. I was on an extended road trip with an acquaintance ( a time when all our social skills are tested) and every hour or so this woman would launch into a criticism of what she perceived to be my being judgemental. Eventually I had to ask her at what point her criticism meant that she was being judgemental of my being judgemental.
    I tell this story to remind all of us that we’re going to have to be careful that we don’t ,in the next few years,become the very thing we’re fighting against. It’s one thing to vent,another thing to be in the process of figuring something out..easy and almost necessary to make mistakes and go off into wild tangents in those situations.That’s healthy.It’s when that language becomes a pattern,a rigid monologue that we need to pause,look in the mirror and be sure that we haven’t become another form of Trump.

    With that in mind,I solemnly swear to gently remind us all,on occasion,that we’re in this together..if you all will swear to do the same for me.We’re all entitled to our anger and our opinions;I’ve been down that anger rabbit hole’s an OK place to visit,but not a good place to reside. I always try to remember that usually beneath the anger is grief and loss and most of us can’t know what motivates someone’s grief or how that grief might be resolved.

    Sorry if this appears to be too much psycho babble. Let me also be clear that I am very much behind a righteous expression of anger..but,again,not a good place to live.

  168. Hokay MS, when I figure out what you just said, I promise to consider it.

  169. PM’s not here anymore? I didn’t realize that. I must have been on reading sabbatical again.

  170. Yup, neuro. Sam Stein nails it. That’s why Obama proclaiming that he would have won a third term rings especially hollow. He’s leaving his party in ruins. That’s on him. Hillary had nothing to do with it.

  171. Is it just me or is anyone else sick of cookies? This year everyone made cookies, even people that don’t usually make cookies. I am not kidding I thing I had at one time a least 400 cookies and at least 14 different varieties, besides chocolate chip (which everyone made) I packed a lot of them up and distributed them to neighbors. But I still had a lot left over. I think I could easily live without seeing another cookie for at least 3 month.

    But I must say that the ones I ate were delicious. I think I gained about 10 pounds. Ugh!

  172. Fl: I love cookies and am up three pounds as a result! What you can’t give away, freeze in small quantities and grab and defrost a bag when the urge strikes.

  173. I love fruitcake as long as it’s free of the dreaded citron and is drenched in brandy, rum, Amaretto or Fra Angelico.

  174. Unbelievable….

    “Debbie Reynolds has reportedly suffered a medical emergency just one day after her daughter, Carrie Fisher, passed away. According to TMZ, Reynolds was rushed to a Los Angeles hospital on Wednesday, December 28, after possibly suffering a stroke.”

  175. I don’t want Hillary at the inaugural but if she goes, I want her to sit as close to him as possible and fix laser eyes on him the whole time. Don’t blink, just give him that certain stare. Make him pee his pants. But, maybe someone in the family will have the sniffles and she will have to do care-taking duties. Bill, get a cold, you deserve it and it is the least you can do.

    I am throwing out cookies given to me by a friend because I can’t eat any more. OK, most are gone but even i have a limit.

    I hate fruitcake.

    I hope Debbie Reynolds will be ok and recover. She was one of my favorite movie stars of all time. I am that old. Plus Doris Day, Roy Rogers, Dale Evans. Saturday at the movies.

  176. I never thought about freezing the cookies but will they keep in the freezer for 3 months and stay tasty?

  177. Llvoter, google ‘can I freeze cookies’ and you will get detailed instructions on how to do it. A vacuum sealer would help too, to get all the air out. But first, you will learn that you freeze them individually on whatever baking paper you have and then…and so on.

  178. I meant Flvoter. Sorry.

    I also hate December ‘reviews of the year’ (I lived it and can remember it). But I do have a couple of things I wish I would never hear again:
    1. Any reporter starting with “I can tell you this about that.” What are they not telling us, if only they could…?
    2. Chuck Todd: You got it!
    3. Wolf Blitzer: Stand by.

  179. Flvoter: re freezing cookies. I just use zip lock sandwich bags or snack bags depending on the size o f the cookies and what size portion I want to allow myself, squeeze out as much air as practical and zip them up. I don’t think I had them as long as three months but they were definitely edible. If not, just toss them, it is worth a try. I am averse to throwing away unspoiled food.

  180. Roy Rogers, Dale Evans. Saturday at the movies.

    Poor Trigger. Overlooked. Ah well, he’s stuffed for posterity, which is more than I can say for his owners.

    He was sold at auction for $266k. By Christie’s. Don’t know what they did with the dog Bullet, who was at the museum with Trig.

  181. Is anyone following the UN resolution on the Israeli settlements? Sounds like Obama and trump are in a pissing contest over it. I am in favor of a two state solution but the sticking point appears to be the right of return provision for Palestinians. They want to use it to remove all Jews from Israel? WTF? How is that a two state solution? Any foreign policy experts out there who can dumb this down for me?

  182. Neeta and Voting, I also like fruit cake. There – I said it.

  183. Thank you for the advice. I’m going to try freezing the cookies. In march I may be ready to see some cookies again. I’ll let you all know how they turn out!🍪

  184. i miss pm and moon. i hope they come back.

  185. Sorry for being so vague, of my on going faults..maybe from having too much time on my hands…and being a bit ADD.
    I love this blog,where else can you get news,opinion and instruction on how to freeze cookies?

  186. Mother-fucker 2016…damn it.

  187. Dang. Now Debbie Reynolds is gone too. I swear I think this country has got something evil going on.

  188. If I were the kind of person that believed in evil curses I would say Trump put one on the US. Or maybe his buddy Putin is capable of doing evil curses and did one.

  189. Msdsal, Don’t know about the rest but knowing you can freeze Christmas cookies is critical information.

    I’ve been doing it for years. I’m from an Italian family. You have no idea how many cookies there are. I’d be morbidly obese if I didn’t freeze them.

  190. I loved them both! RIP Debbie and Carrie. How devastating for the rest of the family. My thoughts are with them.

  191. I loved them both! RIP Debbie and Carrie. How devastating for the rest of the family. My thoughts are with them.

    The shock of her daughter’s death killed her. I know this, as it’s what happened to my father when my brother died. Parents should never see their children die first.

  192. FWIW, Carrie did have a Cardiac Arrest on the plane, and a paramedic on the plane gave her CPR. It was 15 min before landing. CPR isn’t enough for cardiac arrest really, need defibrillation. She probably had much damage by the time they did defib her and bring her to the hospital. TMZ said she was non-responsive. Only five percent of people who have SCA (Sudden Cardiac Arrest) make it to the hospital alive. There just isn’t much time between the arrest and defibrillation to save a person. Just a few minutes, really. I know somebody who had SCA at the 19th hole. Fortunately the golf course had a defibrillator right there, as another patron had died previously due to no defibrillator available fast enough. So he survived. So Carrie didn’t have much of a chance with a stopped heart for so long. She was probably on a respirator or something. Airplanes should have defibrillators, because if you arrest in the air, you haven’t got anything going for you without one.

    Debbie had the stroke while planning Carrie’s funeral. How tragic.

  193. I agree Ups. So painful for her.

  194. I’m pretty sure airplanes are all equipped with defibs. You don’t have to be an EMT-D to use one anymore.

  195. So sorry to hear that such a tragedy happened to your father and brother. That must have been rough for all of you. I can’t even imagine. Life is fragile, which is why we must count our blessings everyday and love those near and dear to us while we can.

    RIP Debbie Reynolds
    RIP Carrie Fisher
    RIP George Michaels
    RIP Alan Thicke

  196. I’m blown away.

  197. Thank you for the video, Sophie!

  198. If I were the kind of person that believed in evil curses I would say Trump put one on the US. Or maybe his buddy Putin is capable of doing evil curses and did one.

    Nah, if magic were real, Haiti would be the richest and most powerful nation on the planet. 😛

  199. James Lipton on the loss of both Carrie and Debbie: “Imagine , within two days of each other, something is being said to us”

    Earlier in the interview, he said that Debbie died of a broken heart. He never believed that could be true until today…

  200. Thanks for posting that, Sophie.
    I watched the whole interview and when it ended, I had tears in my eyes.
    What a connection between that mother and daughter.
    The good news for Debbie is that Carrie is in heaven waiting to embrace her.
    The bad news for Debbie is that Gene Kelly is there waiting to put her through her paces, “…Five, Six, Seven, Eight!”

    I’m just kidding, everyone who knows me knows that I’d die today happily if I knew Gene Kelly would be there to greet me!

  201. “No, Obama Probably Wouldn’t Have Beaten Trump”

    And it’s bad for the Democratic Party for him to say so.
    By BILL SCHER December 28, 2016

    “As a liberal, it pains me to say the following: President Barack Obama believes he would have beaten Donald Trump, but he’s probably wrong.

    Many Democrats have reason to resist accepting such a horrifying hypothetical. Obama’s favorable rating trumps Trump’s. Obama has a proven track record of winning Rust Belt white working-class votes, while also sparking record rates of African-American turnout.

    But to lean on those arguments risks overlooking the boiling political, economic and cultural forces that bubbled up in reaction to eight years of Obama, and splattered red all over the electoral map.”


  202. Cats cats cats – I’ll be happy to give you some insight into the situation in Israel, but I don’t have time right at this moment. I promise you after work I will share my brilliance with you.

  203. Just a nice little break from all the nastiness 2016 has thrown at us:

  204. Thanks, Joolz, appreciate it!

  205. Sophie, thanks for posting Debbie and Carrie’s interview. It was very touching to see their interaction.

  206. I just bookmarked trixta’s link to the Bill Scher article in Politico. It’s that good. He neatly synthesizes other analysis I have seen about white voters disillusionment with President Obama. As racial tensions flared in his second term, many of his white voters no longer saw him as “post racial”. And some African-American supporters thought he was not forceful enough on racial issues. It will be a continuing problem for Dems regardless of who the nominee is next time.

  207. Branjor, not sure THAT plane had a defib. The story is that an EMT on the plane gave her “CPR”. Of course, we don’t know if she already had a heart condition, either diagnosed or undiagnosed.

    Hey I never realized that Postcards From The Edge was based on the life and relationship of Debbie and Carrie!

  208. Dang. Now Debbie Reynolds is gone too. I swear I think this country has got something evil going on.

    We’ve seen the face of Evil for more than just a year. And nobody is doing a thing about it. Evil and Nasty are now The Norm.

  209. What a sweet story, Nerd. There ARE some good people int he world. Unfortunately I am not too sure all that many of them live in the USA.

  210. Was Carrie Fisher flying commercial? I thought it was an FAA requirement that all commercial flights in the US have defibs and someone trained in their use.

  211. That politico article is exactly right on in my opinion.

  212. Brassey

    There might have been a defib on board. She might have had the heart attack in her sleep.
    They probably notice something was wrong when the flight attendant was making sure your seatbelts were fastened and seats upright on landing.
    I have flown first class. If you are sleep they will not bother you. Even when they are serving breakfast, lunch, dinner. They will not wake you up to ask if you would like something.
    By then it was too late. The defib are easy to use. We have one in our church.

  213. 2015 was a terrible year for me. I lost my both my sisters. One in April, the other in Dec.
    I know how Debbie must have felt. The sister I lost in Dec, lost her daughter my niece in July. She never got over the lost.
    It’s a hurt you can’t describe.

  214. Glad some columnists are speaking out about this. Obama’s posturing about how he could have won is not only narcissistic, sexist, but unnecessarily rude! We can also say the same for Biden and Bernie who’ve made similar claims. It’s laughable these boys believe they could have done better than our girl! Bull! None of them could even beat Hillary in the primaries, and Obama only “won” in 2008 because the DNC changed the rules for his benefit and handicapped Hillary at every turn (with the help of the msn). But the reality is that with all the voter suppression, Comey tampering, Rusky hacking, and anti-Obama sentiment, ANY Dem would have lost this election. And yet she won the popular vote by almost 3 million–even with all the sexism and misogyny thrown into the mix!

    “Obama’s Swipe at Clinton’s Campaign Was Unfair and Missed the Point”

    If the president really thinks his party has failed to spend time in these communities, he can spend time in them after leaving office next month.

    Michael Tomasky
    12.19.16 11:31 AM ET

    Most liberals who watched Barack Obama’s news conference last Friday were tearing their hair out about his defense of his cautious approach on the Russia controversy and especially his inability to utter one sentence raising even the subtlest hint of doubt about whether the election outcome was legitimate. Slate’s Michelle Goldberg captured it well: “Most of the time, Barack Obama’s near-supernatural calm and dispassion are among his best qualities. Occasionally, as at Friday’s pallid press conference, they are his worst ones.”

    I was distressed by that too, as I’d been writing columns urging Obama to speak more forcefully about all that, though I wasn’t especially surprised. Obama wants to believe in a politics that existed for about 30 or 35 years, from circa 1950 to 1980 or so, when people took bipartisanship and respect for norms far more seriously than today, and he’s just not going to cast doubt on a president-elect’s legitimacy. It’s infuriating in this case, but it’s who he is at his core.

    So it didn’t surprise me. What did surprise me, though, was the implicit whack he took at Hillary Clinton’s campaign. Asked directly whether she lost because of the hacking, he said he’d let the pundits fight that one out, asserted that he found much press coverage of her “troubling,” and delivered this sermonette:


  215. Neeta, so sorry to hear about the loss of your sisters and niece. It’s hard enough dealing with one loss but three in such a short time span is a very heavy load. My heart goes out to you.

  216. trixta thanks.

    There is still a void. Nothing seems the same anymore. We would have dinner every Sunday at one of my sisters home. Things are so different now.

  217. ((((({neeta})))))

  218. The Scher article points out that Hillary would’ve won if she’d increased her minority votes in the cities by a few percentage points. Why does no one also note that these voters were the very targets of the Voter ID,registration purges and voter disenfranchisement? So,no,Obama wouldn’t have won a third term as he,too,would’ve faced the state voter suppression issues. With the increase in the minority population the only way the Repubs can continue to win is through insuring that minorities and Dem demographic groups can’t vote or don’t have their votes counted.I have to grudgingly admire their thorough ,long term and well organized plans.I’m trying to believe that Obama,at least partially,said what he said to goad Trump..though I have a good memory and know this man has a healthy who knows.

    Also,no one talks about how Hillary took time off from the trail in August to help raise money for down ticket Dems..something Obama did very little of during his presidency. She knew/understands how much the Dems have lost at the local level and I bet you good money right now,that she’ll never stop trying to help at the local level.

    Neetbug et seems that every new loss becomes another physical blow and old losses resurface to,once again,grab our hearts,highlight our own losses and generate new tears. We all have loss in common but,fortunately there are usually those who will stand with and/or for us during those times. I hope you find some peace and healing.

  219. “No, Obama Probably Wouldn’t Have Beaten Trump”

    If the Voting Rights Act had been gutted in 2005 instead of 2013, he wouldn’t have beaten McCranky, either. Make it 2009, and we’d be talking about Mittens’s upcoming second term.

  220. Of course, the fascist Supreme Joke majority which gutted the Voting Rights Act wouldn’t have existed without that other stolen election in 2000.

    But let’s face it, fellow non-stupid white folks–the fascists wouldn’t have gotten close enough to steal either election if so many of our fellow white folks were not vacuum-skulled knuckle-walkers. The long-term GOP strategy to destroy public education is paying them rich dividends now. 😡

    Two relevant blogposts, both NSFW for naughty words (in 2 posts because Spammy gets cranky if you put two links in one post):

    Part 1.

  221. Part 2.

    “Red State Stupid, Red State Mean”

  222. neeta, I’m so sorry that you and your family have faced so much suffering.

  223. Here we go, sanctions against Russia for “interfering in our elections” but of course this does not reflect ill on the legitimacy of the Trump coup. Can we also send back to Russia Comey, manafort and anyone else in the trump campaign who interacted with the Russians along with the other outed intelligence operatives?

  224. WORLD NEWS | Thu Dec 29, 2016 | 5:01pm EST

    “U.S. evicts Russians for spying, imposes sanctions after election hacks”


    “Obama said the State Department declared as “persona non grata” 35 Russian intelligence operatives and is closing two Russian compounds in New York and Maryland that were used by Russian personnel for “intelligence-related purposes”. The State Department originally said the 35 were diplomats.

    A senior U.S. official told Reuters the expulsions would come from the Russian embassy in Washington and consulate in San Francisco. The Russian embassy declined to comment on the expulsions.

    The Russians have 72 hours to leave the United States, the official said. Access to the two compounds will be denied to all Russian officials as of noon on Friday, the senior U.S. official added.

    “These actions were taken to respond to Russian harassment of American diplomats and actions by the diplomats that we have assessed to be not consistent with diplomatic practice,” the official said.”


  225. It might have helped if he had started doing this sort of thing a few months earlier, but outgoing President Neville Chamberlain didn’t want to look like he was being too rough on the poor fascist snowflakes, domestic and foreign alike. 😡

    Though for my analogy to be perfect, Chamberlain would need to have been replaced not by Churchill, but rather Oswald Mosley.

  226. Ooh! IB Woody…you are sooo right about the outgoing President…if I could not stand him before, imagine now…nauseating supreme.

    Back in the 2008 primary, the University of Texas at Austin held a debate between Obama and Hillary. I attended, and at close range witness how small Obama looked beside Hillary and how “empty” he was by repeating just what Hillary answered to the issues.
    UT endorsed Hillary; Obama became the President…

  227. Hey, Austin.Used to live in San Marcos during the 80’s. Was a season ticket holder for the Lady Longhorn BB games. Ann Richards and Barbara Jordan used to come to the home games..those were some good strong women.( Oh, and let us not forget Jody Conradt who,to my mind ,did more for women’s BB than either Pat Summit or what’s his face from UConn..oh,yeah Geno A.) But I digress.

    Had lunch w/a teacher friend today and was reminded of how,when I was a school psychologist,I would often run into a kid who was having big time problems,but the parents didn’t see it,or didn’t want to see it. Sometimes it took literally years before we could get the parents to allow us to assess the kid,let alone come up w/a comprehensive plan to help. We’d have to sit back and wait for the poor kid to completely fall apart;often disrupting classrooms or hurting teachers or students along the way..sometimes physically;sometimes verbally. There is only so much the law allows you to do..lost a few of those kids over 26 years of doing the job..very hard to be a witness.

    So now I’m thinking maybe Uppity is right;maybe this whole show has to completely fall apart before we can come in and fix it..again. Dang,am not looking forward to being a witness to that..a lot of people are going to be badly hurt. Seems to be a pattern,Repubs destroy the economy;get us into war and then the Dems have to come along and fix things. OK,that’s enough for today.Already growing weary of my own doom and gloom.

  228. Uppity Woman @ 10:40 AM:

    The puppy pix alone were almost enough to make this lifelong cat lady go to the Dog Side.

  229. Msdsal:
    I love my Austin too. It’s a blue dot oasis in this bleeding red state.
    Though since the 2008 economic crash, it has had a huge influx and a tremendous unplanned growth; it still holds its charm and educated class in a typical lay back way.
    It’s been a while since we had that stronghold of women you referred to.

  230. Early, “…go to the Dog Side.” LOL!

    Obama’s actions sound like too little (of course we don’t know what else he’s doing that’s classified) and too late. He should have come out back in May 2015 when he was first briefed on this. Now his legacy will be remembered for giving us #tRump.

  231. First, what a week of “out-of-the-closet” this has been for me. First, I confess to being a fruitcake eater…now I proudly admit I am a card-carrying member of the Dog Side.

    In case that depresses you all, here is something to cheer you up:

  232. More funny to start your day:

  233. I will also come out as a fruitcake lover — but it must be well made! My mother used to make fruitcake herself, and it was rich, dark, sparked with colorful dried fruit, and meltingly tasty. Not a doorstop at all. Later when I grew up I had some commercially baked fruitcake and was appalled. Yuk, colored cardboard, I thought. Mom’s been gone for a few years, and now in the winter I get my fruitcake from a monastery bakery, being still too lazy to try making it myself. Plus you have to start it early so it can marinate in rum or spiced brandy, mmm.

  234. Neeta, I’m so sorry about your dear sisters. God, that’s heartbreaking. Sincerest Condolences to you and your family. I can’t even imagine. xoxoxo

  235. Cats @ 6:19pm: Lets also send the Russians Jill Nader.

  236. Let’s send ’em Bernie, too.

  237. And plenty of fruitcake…no, wait, that would be Bernie’s followers. They’ll go over on their own.

  238. The Russians already have Jill.

  239. Yes Neeta. I know that was a rough one for you. Nothing is ever the same after losses like that. xo

  240. I will also come out as a fruitcake lover — but it must be well made!

    Oh. My. Gawd…..

  241. The puppy pix alone were almost enough to make this lifelong cat lady go to the Dog Side.

    I couldn’t live without two cats.

    But I tell ya, I went to the dog side, kind of, when I got my Rough Collie. And she’s admittedly a lot more work than cats. But damn, I love that girl. And so do my two cats!

  242. Happy Camper.

  243. I was a school psychologist,I would often run into a kid who was having big time problems,but the parents didn’t see it,or didn’t want to see it.

    When I was a teacher, we had a figurative expression in the teacher’s lounge:

    Follow an ugly kid home and ring the doorbell, and an ugly parent will answer the door

  244. Hey here are some of those royal wedding hats for you gals to wear at the inauguration, compliments of the sistie uglers Eugenie and Beatrice. What are friends for?

  245. Uppity, that’s Tosca, right? Beautiful – love that intelligent contemplative look. I could have told Voting the Dog Side was strong on this blog, in spite of MK Bill and your kittys.

  246. Yes that is Tosca. She was about to go check on Benny and The Jets, the cats in the rescue room. You’re right. She’s always Thinking and Solving. There’s a trap door she sticks her head in to see them and call them for brekky. If one is missing, she goes to check the old workshop behind the garage. Make no mistake. I’m a cat person, but oh……….Tosca, my thoughtful and brilliant close friend. I tell you, don’t know if I could have made it during my surgery and recoup without that dog. She was my sentinel.

    I have her tethered when she goes out on days like this when it’s a white out. She gets all white and I can’t see her on the land. So she’s only loose if we are out there with her to keep track of where she is. It’s going to be a big one today. It’s snowing steadily. Probably going to be 8 inches or so. Bad visibility.

  247. 8 inches! NC may get a light dusting today, but it’s looking like not.

    As someone who worries way too much about other people’s perfectly safe kids and pets, I must say it’s good to know you take zero chances with Tosca getting lost while she’s out loving the snow.

  248. Our land is fenced but there’s enough of it where she could get into trouble without me seeing her. She’s also been known to jump fence if she thinks there’s a “Timmy in the well” situation, so no chances taken in heavy snow with bad visibility. She’d do fine in snow if she had to, though. She’s got a heavy double coat, doesn’t even feel it. Her breed is used to stay out with flocks of sheep and guard them. She’s pretty resourceful. Also, pretty and fun enough to be stolen. I worry more about that. Someone would take her in and be charmed and not want to give her up. She is chipped though.

  249. OMG! Those hats!

    My niece’s 9 month old golden doodle is kinda opposite Tosca. He follows whoever he determines is in charge. And he’s excellent at figuring out who the boss is. When I’m over there taking care of the kids, he follows me everywhere. Up and downstairs, from kitchen to living area. He never lets me out of his sight. He’s been at a good doggie daycare a few times out of necessity. The owner couldn’t believe it. When he was tired of playing with other dogs, he followed her around. In her many years of experience, she’s never had a dog do that. He is so people-loving, I’m sure he’s make a great comfort dog for a disabled person. And he hugs! He puts his front paws on your lap and rests his head on your chest.

  250. My niece also has two cats. At first they were terrified of 8 week old Charkie. Now he’s much bigger and they tease him mercilessly–getting him to chase them, then hopping up high where he can’t reach them. Sometimes they just sit and let him sniff, knowing he’s a big, cuddly, gentle giant.

  251. Yes Rebel, the golden and lab doodles are known to be 1) Big 2)Friendly and 3)a bit goofy. I know more than a few as they are very popular. They DO seem to stay puppies a long time and need obedience training so as not to knock anyone on their ass when they grow up. Being ‘hugged’ may not be so much fun when he’s 80 pounds. And some people are really put off by that. I trained my dog never to do that unless invited. She never jumps on anybody who doesn’t ask. My vet loves that stuff when he’s doing her checkup. Paws up. Paws down. She’s not intrusive but DOES always manage to be exactly where I am, with some space so she can watch without getting in the way. Collies aren’t called the Boy Scouts of the Dog Kingdom for nothing. But it’s my experience that ALL dogs expect there to be a leader in the family. If a leader isn’t there, the dog becomes the leader, and that’s not usually a good thing at all. When I got Tosca at 9 weeks, I already deduced she was too smart for me so got her into private training early. Tosca is very friendly, especially to kids, (she’s popular at BBQs because she herds the kids and keeps them corralled lol), but she won’t just “go” with anybody without my permission. In fact, she failed her CGC test the first time because one of the tests was I was to leave her with the tester and disappear. Soon as I was out of sight she went wild. I learned I had to work on that pretty fast, because I was jogging with her one day, hit a small patch of Slippery and fell. A couple of people in the park headed toward me and she wouldn’t let them near me. Nor could one of them take her away from me. Although that seems wonderful, it’s not if you’ve had a heart attack. So I worked on that and now she will go with others but only after she sizes you up. lol. Collies are thinkers. Day and night.

    I love the way different breeds react to the same thing. These things are good checklists for the type of dog a person wants. Most people spend more time picking out a pair of shoes than picking out a dog, unfortunately. You get the wrong breed and he lands in the shelter.

    Hint: Doodles need to be trained in a strong Recall, so if they start running off, they will stop on a dime and come right back at the sound of the recall code word. People love to steal Doodles. They are just plain cute hams.

  252. He’s trained in the OFF command but because they just built a new house, he is behind in training. He’s never out unleashed or untethered and would be a snap to dognap him. He has a ferocious , deep bark but would never make a guard dog. Would lick any burglar to death.

    I think he’s already over 70 lbs. So yeah, we don’t just let him hug randomly. That would get old in a hurry. Tosca sounds super special. The best dogs are well-trained dogs.

  253. Hey, Luna, do you get your fruitcake from the Gethsemane monks in Kentucky?
    It’s delicious, especially after being bathed in the liquor of your choice.
    I’m not a dog person and I’ve never met Tosca, but I love her because of Uppity’s stories.

  254. Hahah better never On than Off. Quick way to stop the jumping on you is to turn sideways before they get up there. They get the hint. You want to fix that. COuld avoid a problem if she ever knocks someone down. Put the dog thru CGC Certification till he passes. That’s Canine Good Citizen. Get private trainer lessons and train for that and you will be home free.

    Doodles aren’t known for guarding, they just wanta have fun. Great for kids though.

    Tosca is a Collie, she practically trained herself. She is easy to train. Learns something after one try if you make a fuss over it. lol. You don’t have to be a genius to train one, but you Do have to be the Leader, that’s about it. But you don’t want to be entering our land, she is protective when need be. Saved me from two Pit Bulls. Long story but she circled me and they were attacking her from both ends. Got mouths full of fur. She bled both of them. Next day I was bruised but she didn’t have a mark. I was shocked. I thought I would have a dead dog.

    A couple of years ago someone tried to get into our garage late at night. SHe alerted. All I had to do was flip the light and hold her collar, open the back door a bit and yell that you have 30 seconds to get off our land or I’m giving you to this dog. hahahahaha. She was snarling at him through the crack in the door. A bark that breaks glass is all it takes, really.

    P.S. My cat Joe runs the dog’s life. She can’t even go upstairs without his permission.

  255. Hey Sue, Tosca’s for rent!

  256. Hey, Luna, do you get your fruitcake from the Gethsemane monks in Kentucky?

    Dear God, make it stop.

  257. Hey Rebel, this is for you.
    Labradoodle mistaken for a lion in VA, prompts flood of 911 calls.

  258. Ivory Bill, great links.
    My favorite old movie line of all time
    Butcha Are, Blanche, Butcha Are

  259. And Cat Lovers, this is for you.

  260. Hahaha Sophie, mine is

    Leave the gun, take the cannoli.

  261. Thanks for the link, Up! I sent it to my niece who loved it. Except he’s completely white, Charkie would look like that if trimmed just right. I don’t know why anyone would want a dog that looks like a lion though. Lol.

    Thanks for training tips, btw. The turn technique is exactly how we broke him of jumping. Trainer taught us that.

  262. My brother and I got to meet the real Lassie and his brothers when we were kids. He was very sweet and endured us petting him asking him to shake (remember Lassie holds his paw up at the end of each shows credits?). We also got to see the Fighting Lassie (the one that was used for the scenes where Lassie fights a cougar or something), but we weren’t allowed to touch him. They were owned by different Trainers and we lived in between them; Lassie’s owner was a friend and neighbor of my Mom’s BF, and the other owner had other Hollywood pets like Lad Dog, who was in a TV show and lots of movies. We were allowed to play with Lad. We would ride our bikes to his ranch and if he wasn’t too busy, he’d let us tag along with him and watch while he fed the animals. Nice man, I think his name was Driscoll. Lassie’s Owner’s name was Weatherwax. We had a fun childhood. Wish I could go back!

  263. Love the cat pic! Tosca is just off the charts gorgeous!

  264. Or this one
    My Grandfather’s work was doo doo.

  265. Sweet Sue, (apologies to Uppity) it’s from a Trappist monastery in Oregon, the Our Lady of Guadalupe Abbey. Don’t know how She got from Guadalupe up to Oregon, but she gave those monks a very good recipe. I get the 3-lb box, which is not really that big — must be heavy with all the booze soaked into it 🙂

  266. Tosca is a beauty. Growing up as a kid I had a Border Collie. Smart, loving animal. Always kept an eye on us kids and could track us anywhere. Just the right size to wrap your arms around and hug when you’re a child. The most sympathetic eyes and a velvety snout and silky head. She’d be out in the snow all hours and sometimes develop snowballs on the end of her long fur which froze on and had to be cut off.

  267. This is just for you, UPPS!!!!! (already heading to the time-out corner)

  268. I can understand why you’re afraid someone would take Tosca. I would take her if I was the kind of person that stole dogs. Our Sheltie got to where he never would leave the yard. He would go right to the edge. The neighbors thought we had an invisible fence in the yard. He looked just like Tosca only smaller of course.

  269. Luna, Border Collies are a distinctly different breed than Collies, but the important thing is Border Collies happen to be the smartest breed. On Earth. And I do mean On Earth. If there’s another planet, they are the smartest breed there too. Their personality is distinctly different from the calmer Collie, which I prefer. They’re a bit too wired for me, but that’s because BCs need a job. They want to be Employed for Life. If nobody hires them, they create their own job, such as redecorating the entire house doggie-style. That’s why so many of them land in shelters now, which is a sin. They are too much dog for the Dull In The Head. And they Know It too. heh. You don’t just get a cute BC and then spend no time with that frisbee either. He doesn’t like it at all. But if you do spend time with the frisbee, you will note that the BC will ALWAYS catch it before it hits the ground and will do it by jumping off your back if you want. Or over the car. Or whatever. Those dogs can learn ANYTHING. They can probably do the laundry if you show them how. Do you know why the BC has that laser stare? It’s to intimidate the flock into getting their shit together. BCs aren’t couch potatoes inside like Collies are, and of course, a couch potato is what I want inside the house. But outside they are both extremely agile and Game for Anything. Border Collies, by the way, excel in agility trials. They are amazing to watch. Faster than a speeding bullet too. And like all double-coating herders, you have to drag them out of the snow under duress.

  270. Sweet Sue, (apologies to Uppity) it’s from a Trappist monastery in Oregon, the Our Lady of Guadalupe Abbey.

    I just don’t imagine Jesus would ever eat that thing.

  271. Socal, I remember you saying you knew The Lassie. That was so cool. So you got a taste of Collie-dom. The tales of Collies are true. They ARE magical.

  272. Well you see everybody? We had fun today!!! Fun is…….Fun!

    Okay. At least I had fun.

  273. Voting. I just saw that video!!

    There WILL be Punishments!!!!!

  274. Luna. Watch. Then ask yourself. Who is in Control?


  275. Does Trump know he was elected POTUS and not Russian czar?

  276. Does Tosca do tricks like Nana?

  277. There is this person on face book who saw this woman stuck in snow. He was going to help her until he saw a Trump sticker on her car. He posted call your president.

  278. Upps, yes, our Border Collie kept us kids in line. We grew up on 60 acres of old farmland, with a little creek running thru it. Very rural. Perfect environment for the BC to keep track of her herd while getting plenty of exercise. There were no real trails through most of the woods, so we kids — and dog — just ran around and had fun running through the areas of least brush. Oh, getting the burrs out of her coat afterwards! We had a couple of horses and she would always run along with us then too. Now I live in the city and it wouldn’t really be fair to keep a dog like a Border Collie here since we’re both still working. And of course we have our cats.

  279. See,now,Neetabug,I would’ve helped the poor woman out and then said,” This assistance has been brought to you by a Hillary voter.”
    One important skill I learned working in various middle schools for 26 years was to NOT behave in the way they ( especially adolescents or those who act like adolescents) expect you to..throws them off their game long enough to ,occasionally.learn something. 🙂

    Plus,don’t want to become Trump-light.

  280. I just don’t imagine Jesus would ever eat that thing.

    After that dinner where Jesus turned the water into wine, there was a lot of wine left over. Magdalene decided to soak the figs and dates in that wine. Tasty dessert! When backing bread the next morning she folded the rest of those winey dates and figs into her next batch, added more wine and some brandy which Jesus had left just for her, and in 3 months — blessed fruitcake!

  281. blessed fruitcake!

    Ahhhh. “So that’s what Blessed Are The Fruitcakes, For They Shall Inherit The Earth” means!

  282. Hell Luna, sounds like a place I would have liked to hang out as a kid myself! Yup. Perfect for that dog! And yes, city dwellers should be shot for getting BCs and then turning them over to Humane Societies. A pox on them for spending more time picking out running gear than they spent on picking out a dog.

  283. Does Tosca do tricks like Nana?

    Well she’s bigger than Nana so the butt half in the air wouldn’t be a good idea. But she does put her toys away on command and she knows which tool to bring me when I ask for it. Bring and Get are pretty standard for sheep dogs. And she does 5 tricks without asking before I can get her nightly dehydrated chicken breast treat out of the bag. She figures if she gets some tricks out of the way, she can get the treat right away.

  284. I dunno. The only people I saw with Trump stickers had beaten up old pick up trucks with junk in the back. Hope their trucks run better than they look because when Trump is done with them, it’s the last vehicle they are ever going to own.

  285. The sounds you will learn to live with when you own a Collie.

  286. Ups, translation please! My cats are more non verbal….

  287. I agree with you Upps about people picking out dogs. My youngest son has begged and begged for a lab. I have said no, 100 times because we don’t have enough land for him to run around on. We have 1/3 acre lot and it’s just not fair those kinds of dogs. So we have a Bischon and and doxie mix, little dogs that we can walk around the neighborhood and they are happy.

  288. Loved the lost kitteh pic!! Typical of a tuxie! 🙂 Today was a fun day of reading the blog! 🙂

  289. Upps, it was a splendid place to grow up! I inherited the land after my parents died — had to fight and buy out my fundie sister’s portion because she wanted to sell it to the highest bidder for development, and my parents trusted us so much they put nothing in their will about not wanting it to be clearcut, paved, and subdivided. So now I’m poor but have some land out in the sticks to retire to. I daydream about turning it into a commune for responsible like-minded people who need a refuge from Der Twitler. Guess I’d better not have a fruitcake test. (ducks and runs)

  290. Luna. Thanks for the biblical account of the creation on the fruitcake and Ups thanks for your scriptural interpretation. Lol

  291. @7:16pm, Upps, damn, that makes me long for a border collie again. I’d love to work with one on agility and obstacle course running. They love to solve problems!

  292. Someone decided I needed a dog when I was in my early middle age years (and active) so that person went to the pound and, unknown to me, opened my front door and in bounded a small black and white puppy. I had not given a single thought to getting a dog. Who knew? The little critter raced straight to me at the kitchen table and told me she was mine. Turned out to be a Border Collie who also trained herself. I never once did anything re training but she never peed or pooped in the house and was a perfectly behaved dog her whole life. Her name was Kate/Katie. Such a special dog. And there was space for her to run.
    A great dog for big yards and active people.

  293. WLM, you’re welcome! 😀

  294. Upps. my penance for the “fruitcake” video:

  295. WLM, on December 30, 2016 at 11:54 PM said:

    Luna. Thanks for the biblical account of the creation on the fruitcake and Ups thanks for your scriptural interpretation. Lol

    Fruitcake Talmud. Where else but Uppity’s?

  296. Catscatscats I haven’t forgotten you I’ve just been having modem/router issues. The Israel/Arab conflict is too difficult to address on my phone, but hopefully this article will help clarify:

  297. Thanks, Joolz. Will read later today (after chores)!

  298. Upps. my penance for the “fruitcake” video:

    *Eyes get dewy. Heart mildly softens*

  299. Backatcha Voting. Lassie Episode, “The Cat Who Came To Dinner”. (And outsmarts everybody and blames the dog)

  300. Gray. Herding Sheepdogs. They are the best. Period.

  301. So what’s going on with your router, Cats?

  302. Ups thanks for your scriptural interpretation.

    Don’t thank me, Nerd. It was He Himself who said “If you have two fruitcakes give one to your brother who has none. Give the other one to somebody you really can’t stand”.

  303. Uppity, that was actually WLM. I was quoting her in reference to the Fruitcake Talmud that appears to have sprung up here. Which I believe you just augmented.

  304. Ups, joolz is having router/modem issues, not I.

  305. What was actually WLM. I just hit reply from the admin page and sometimes, it’s under the wrong person. Because I’m lazy.

  306. Drive by comment:

    Boston Terriers Rule!

    Lovely day in Fort Lauderdale. Temperature is sunny and 75. Winters in south Florida are just brutal /s.
    My bostons are laying outside in my backyard sunning their bellies. And yes I did spray on some sunscreen.

  307. Well whomever is having the issues, the question stands.

  308. Joolz: read the article, had no idea the settlements were so large and well established. Do Arabs live there too? Are the settlements “place holders” pending a two-state solution or were the settlements to become part of Israel? Will Palestine and Israel overlap in some way, maybe have a common neutral zone? On the day of the resolution I heard a talking head say that there is already a one-state solution in place and Netanyahu and the RW party want to keep it that way. Is that correct? If so, then no Palestine? The vote was 14-0, so it appears a US vote wouldn’t have stopped it. What happens to the settlements now? The author believes that a two-party solution should be negotiated without outside interference, do you think that is even possible without someone mediating? Bottom line: it far more complicated than I realized. Do you see Trump making the situation better or worse? Obama sure hasn’t helped with this issue. Just lots of money for self defense I understand. Sorry to bombard you with questions, don’t feel like you have to respond but if you can, would like to learn more….

  309. Boston Terriers Rule!

    I have a cat bigger than that dog. I like dogs I don’t have to bend down to pet. Like I said, I’m lazy.

    Lovely day in Fort Lauderdale. Temperature is sunny and 75.


  310. I say something here very rarely, but Islander 2 and I enjoy this haven and thank you all for your contributions which often spice our conversations. Upps, we treasure you—whether you’re being a sweet-natured kitten or a spitting tomcat.

    My partner and I met later in life and are about to celebrate 30 years together—it’s feels like we’ve been on a thirty-year holiday no matter what insanities have rocked the concept of civilization around us. Because we wanted it that way.

    We earnestly wish you all good health and peace of mind in the coming year. 2016 began with a dream and ended in a nightmare, but as Hillary is fond of saying, “Whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” We know that’s true for stout hearts, but I also think of FDR’s message: “We have nothing to fear but fear itself,” the ramifications of which are a lengthy chain: Succumbing to fear is defeatism. Defeatism destroys resolve. etc. There’s also, “Don’t let the bastards get you down.” We all know lots of such booster ideas to rekindle our spirits. We offer you ours: “Find the sparkle in your day.”

    Love from Islander and Islander 2.

  311. Uppity said yesterday:
    “The only people I saw with Trump stickers had beaten up old pick up trucks with junk in the back. Hope their trucks run better than they look because when Trump is done with them, it’s the last vehicle they are ever going to own.”

    How about: ” … when Trump is done with them,” they’re going to be living in them!

  312. The Islanders! I SO LOVE when you comment! YOu know I adore you two. 30 years! Wow! How many of those judgmental Evangelicals live together that long? Well, they might reach 30……….with three different spouses!

    I wish you health and happiness in the coming year and beyond, you two. And thank you for treasuring me. Methinks you understand me very well. I am both of those things, yes. Can’t say I’m not……um……interesting!

    We’ll be staying home tonight as we always do on New Year’s Eve. The Eve is for the young and foolish! Unless of course you are on Times Square, which qualifies you as possibly young, even more stupid, and trolling for a mugging. But nevermind!

    Give each other a big hug for me!

    “Whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.”

    A FACT!

  313. How about: ” … when Trump is done with them,” they’re going to be living in them!

    Well if all other options fail, they can always eat the toadstools that are growing on the cabin floorboards.

  314. To add to Joolz link I am going to post a Boston Globe piece about the delegitimizing of Israel through a colonialist/imperialist meme developed by the Soviets during the 1967 war. As we know it stuck thanks to the “good” people on the left.

  315. South Carolina Republican Representative Chris Corley has been charged with beating his wife as his children can be heard begging him to stop in the background of the 911 call. He was a staunch defender of the Confederate Flag flying that the SC State House.

  316. WLM: I am sure Mrs. Corley “deserved it,” isn’t that how the story usually goes? Wonder if trump will find this tweet worthy…. I hope Corley is widely condemned for this, especially by anyone who voted for him.

    Lucyk: if the liberal left is leaning anti-Israel and Moscow is anti-Israel, does that mean trump will be anti Israel because he is pro Russian or will he be pro Israel because he is anti liberal democrat? I don’t think I am ever going to understand this!

  317. Catscatscats – love your question. There is certainly no way of knowing with trump.

  318. Voting: that quote would have had even greater power had she won the electoral vote. Today, they are still criticizing her for being such a “poor” candidate. What kind of message does that send to our young?

    Has someone sent that tweet to our PEOTUS?

  319. Happy New Year!

    Uppity – we had a lightning strike about two days ago which seem to fry some of the cable connections. When the cable company went to fix them apparently they managed to blow out a good portion of the cable modems in my neighborhood.

    Catscatscats – I’ll try to answer as best as I can using talk to text. My Internet problem won’t be solved until at least Tuesday and this is one really complex issue.

    The settlements are Jewish and they range from small villages to large cities. There are typically Arab villages nearby and both Jews and Palestinians are legally free to visit both, but usually more Arabs visit the settlements mainly to shop and work than vice versa.

    Most of the settlements were built on land that would have gone to Israel in any negotiated peace settlement. However some of them are beyond what is known as the green line which is the 1949 armistice lines. That territory is disputed territory but the international community has declared that it is illegal for Israelis to build there. That territory was captured from Jordan by Israel after the six day war in 1967.

    As for overlap, I think Israel wants solid defendable defined borders. A neutral zone would really be quite unworkable.

    Netanyahu has always stated that he is open to sit down with the Palestinians for honest good faith negotiations. People on the left like to paint him as a right wing bully who has no interest in a two state solution, but that is a really unfair portrayal . He does insist though that any two state solution must be the result of direct negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians, not forced solutions from outside parties.

    For a resolution to pass the UN Security Council the votes have to all be yes or abstain, there can be no vetoes. One single veto from any member of the security council means the resolution fails. That’s why the United States abstention allowed the resolution to pass.

    I believe that negotiations can occur but it requires a neutral mediating party. That mediator though cannot become involved because inevitably they take sides.

    If you really are interested in the subject probably the best book ever written on it is called “From Time Immemorial” by Joan Peters. It is one of the most thoroughly researched and documented books you will ever read on the history of the Israel Palestine conflict. What makes it even more interesting is that Joan Peters was a member of Jimmy Carter’s administration. She was very anti-Israel and originally began to research this book intending it to be the quintessential primer for the anti-Israel movement. However the more she began to research the more she realized she was wrong. She even returned her publishers advance because she couldn’t write the book they wanted. It’s not a light breezy read, it’s kind of dense and a little academic, but it is incredibly informative.

    As for Russia, they were historically anti-Israel because of their strong interest in the Arab nations of the middle east. They were Russia’s biggest arms customers. The Soviets were also especially bitter about the brain drain that occurred when Soviet Jews were finally allowed to leave, many of them settling in Israel.

    But Putin has made overtures to Israel which have been especially successful in light of Obama’s hostility towards the Jewish State. And Russia needs a stable Israel. Russia is heavily involved in Syria and if Israel were to fall it would open up a land mass with a coastline for rebels to regroup and easily re-arm.

    Hope that helps.

  320. To all at this blog and UW especially. Thank you for taking the time to be here for me and every reader. This year started with such high hopes and for me anyway ended shattered on Nov 8. I have supported Hillary Clinton from the moment I first heard of her when Bill was running for President and I still do. Anytime I feel disheartened or just beat by the world I think about everything Hillary has been through and she manages to make lemonade out of lemons everytime. My problems and challenges are insignificant compared to hers and to many here at this blog. So thank you all for putting things into perspective. 2017 starts crappy but who knows how it will end, so onward and upward.

  321. Screech.

    New post up.

  322. Joolz, that was wonderful info. Sounds like all the settlements aren’t affected by the resolution, just the ones beyond the green line. Don’t want to spoil your New Year’s Eve with more questions and will try to get my hands on the Peters book.

    Happy New Year’s Eve everyone! I’m going to watch SLeepless in Seattle and try to forget that 2016 ever happened, at least until tomorrow…

    To paraphrase islander, hope we can all find the sparkle in 2017! We may have lost the government but it may not be too late for our country!

  323. Joolz, I would hope that problem is fixed by now and you all have new modems. I hate cable companies, they have no respect for their customers, leave them hanging and never credit them for dragging their asses in repairing outages. Worst bunch of price-gouging monopolies ever. One more horrid reason deregulation is a disaster.

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