New Years Eve – Wherein We Honor Our Dead

This is a tribute to the people we lost in 2016. I’ll start you off with a few musicians and you go ahead and add more.

On January 10, we lost David Bowie. He was 69 and died of cancer.

On January 17, we lost Glenn Frey (67) of the Eagles.

On January 28, we lost Paul Kanter (74) of Jefferson Airplane.

On March 11, we lost Keith Emerson (71) and on December 7 we lost Greg Lake (69) of Emerson, Lake, and Palmer

On April 6, we lost Merle Haggard (79). (I’ll skip my editorial on this song for respect for the dead.)

On April 21, we lost Prince (57).

On November 10, we lost Leonard Cohen (82).

On November 13, we lost Leon Russell (74).

On December 25, we lost George Michael (53).

On December 28, we lost Debbie Reynolds (84), a day after her daughter, General Leia died.

And these are just the musicians, and just the very well-known at that. Many others near and dear to us died as well. Honor them in the comments.


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  1. We lost this too, in 2016

  2. On November 18, we lost Sharon Jones (60).

  3. I still think this was a most brilliant manner to honor two losses at one time. Thank you, Kate McKinnon…and 2017, don’t even THINK about taking her from us.

  4. sophie, I played the fight song this morning, I just needed to hear the song

  5. Every time I see that Kate segment, I burst into tears.

  6. I still think this was a most brilliant manner to honor two losses at one time.

    Me too. I was just explaining that to my niece.

  7. Uppity Woman, on December 31, 2016 at 8:01 PM said:
    Every time I see that Kate segment, I burst into tears.


    Me too, Upps..especially when her voice cracks a tad at the end of her small speech.

  8. Sophie I have something that will go up at midnight.

  9. Wow,that got a number of songs playing in my head. Thanks for the New Year’s Eve new thread Sophie.

    The Kate segment was,to me,one of the classiest /saddest moments of the whole election season..which is not meant to denigrate ,in any way shape or form,the way Hillary stood up to trump in the debates,her concession speech, her first speech where she took down trump piece by logical piece. Also Michelle Obama’s speech re: Trump’s sexism.

    Here’s to standing back up and taking the fight to them in ’17. Why,I’ll drink to that!

  10. Me too.

  11. What do you mean two losses? I’m a member of Densa tonight.

  12. Uppity, we lost Leonard Cohen on Nov 10. We lost America on Nov. 8

  13. I didn’t connect Cohen to the loss of the election re: McKinnon’s song. Which of course, is Cohen. Doh on me. *Slaps self silly*

  14. The list of the Dead is astounding. What a shitty year.

  15. And these are just the musicians.

  16. We lost Florence Henderson

  17. We lost General Leia

  18. I do prefer this version of White Rabbit though.

  19. We lost Patty Duke.

  20. We lost Doris Roberts:

  21. Yes Patty Duke!!!! That was a bummer.

  22. at midnight…oooh! can’t wait…what would it be?

  23. We lost Garry Shandling;

  24. One final bitch-slap on the way out the door by 2016.

  25. Zsa Zsa Gabor on December 18th

  26. Patty Duke was a tough one for me–LOVED her.

  27. October 23 we lost Pete Burns of Dead or Alive

  28. Thank you contrask.

  29. Voting,Kate McKinnon’s song was such a sad tribute to our Hillary, but it was so meaningful.

  30. We lost Gilda’s husband.

  31. And Chekov

  32. Harper Lee

  33. i started 2016 so hopeful and optimistic. 2016 has been such a horrible year. Losses after losses. There has to be something better coming down the pike. Right now politically the best we can hope for is an all out civil war in the GOP. The saddest thing is we have an abnormal Putin stooge for President and no one is going to hold him accountable.

  34. Me too Ga6th. Me too.

  35. Elie Wiesel:

  36. Wishing Uppity and all, a year filled with love of family and friends. A year of spoiling all our four footed family. A year of stepping back to enjoy and appreciate the small blessed things that happen in our lives everyday. A year of forgiving ourselves for being who we are. Lastly, a year of being friends and family to each other here at Uppity’s place.

  37. goofsmom1:
    Very kind and thoughtful words and feelings, thank you!

  38. (((bellecat)))

  39. Either there are two New Year’s threads or I have had too many rum punches.

    HAPPY NEW YEAR to all Uppityites!

  40. Happy New Year to all here, including lurkers and those who may have gone–Shadow, PM, Moon, JB, etc.! Wishing you joy and a better year than 2016!

  41. goofs, that was lovely. Like a soothing salve after this wretched year.

    Happy New Year Uppityites!

  42. Sophie, love the tribute post.

  43. Happy New Year, Uppityites!

  44. There is a new post up as of midnight. I fell asleep and forgot to mention it lol

  45. Ok the new thread is where it belongs. I fucked up.

  46. This morning, Joy noted Natalie Cole. Not sure she was mentioned above as a loss this year.

  47. She died on New Years Eve in 2015.

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