Happy New Year. Same Old Lang Syne.

The late and still-great Dan Fogelberg always said it best while conjuring up some bittersweet memory for all of us.

Happy New Year to you all. And 2016: Just move along and drop dead.


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  1. Happy New Year to you all. And 2016: Just move along and drop dead.

    Perfectly summarizes my feelings this New Years. Thanks, Upps, for this “sanctuary”.

  2. Here’s one for all the uppityites, my dear acquaintances.

  3. HAPPY NEW YEAR! Can’t be any worse than the old one.

  4. Happy New Year! And we’re warning you, 2017, if you’re up to the same tricks as old ’16, we’re wiser now.

  5. 2016 was a wretched year.

  6. *Waves to the most thoughtful man ever, Fredster*

  7. Sorry I screwed up the scheduling of the new post so it showed up BELOW Sophies. This is the new thread. I fucked up. Meh!

  8. Happy New Year everyone. I am here in Tampa Fl visiting with my daughter.. The temperature is 79 degrees. Sorry Upps..
    Shadow, pm, moon and jb happy New Year to you also.

  9. Uppity Woman, on January 1, 2017 at 9:36 AM said:

    2016 was a wretched year.


  10. Yes, 2016 was a wretched year but remember it’s always darkest before the dawn. Hopefully one day we’ll be able to look back at these posts and smile wistfully at them.

  11. Or……as someone tweeted:

    What an exciting time to be emotionally withdrawn and isolated

  12. Pretty much.

  13. Ga6thDem, on January 1, 2017 at 3:09 PM said:
    Yes, 2016 was a wretched year but remember it’s always darkest before the dawn.

    As long as the dawn isn’t a “nuclear dawn”. But besides that, Happy New Year everyone. 🙂

  14. I don’t know that 2016 was so “wretched.” I spent most of the year happy with hope and anticipation, until Nov. 8. I’m much more nervous about 2017, but hopefully it will not be as bad as we fear.

  15. Hillary Clinton is Guardian’s Person of the Year!

    January 1, 2017 by still4hill


  16. Me too, Branjor.

    Upps, glad Tosca at least is having a good time.

  17. Branjor:
    I feel the same as you do. Though it was a huge low blow the election outcome, the repercussions are starting to feel with neighbors and around the world.
    I think 2017 is something to watch for…

  18. Happier 2017,all. On your mark,get set..well…we’ll see. 🙂

    Thanks for being here for lo these many years.Cheaper than therapy.

  19. Upps, glad Tosca at least is having a good time.

    I think she’s laughing at me Luna.

  20. Lots of pictures of Tosca, how about your two cats that make her life miserable?
    I wan to meet them…

  21. Cats are not as easy to photograph for me. I usually get somebody’s ass. Unless of course, they are……..sleeping.

  22. For your morning amusement:

  23. Happy New Year .. everyone. Ecstatic to see the back of 2016, which will forever live in infamy. Glorious HRC, please live long and prosper.

  24. Paulette! Wonderful to see you post, please say you are back!

  25. {{{Paulette}}} Well spoken!

  26. To start your day out right:

  27. I love that Fogelberg song.
    No matter how happily married, we all remember the one that got away.

  28. Welp, it’s 2017. I don’t feel any different.

  29. Well, just read that the Clintons plan to attend the inauguration. Also, George and Laura Bush plan to attend.

  30. Well, just read that the Clintons plan to attend the inauguration. Also, George and Laura Bush plan to attend.

    GROAN. Oh honestly, do they have to? What’s wrong with them? Especially the Clintons.

  31. As I suspected, it is considered a duty not a courtesy. Also pitching “to help the nation heal after a divisive election”. Personally, this wound isn’t ever going to heal. Trump better behave…

  32. These are not normal times.
    The Clintons should not validate the Inauguration of that deranged, bloated carnival barker.
    The Drudge and Breitbart crowd loved to claim that Hillary had brain cancer among other ailments.
    Couldn’t Hillary say that the tumor is acting up and Bill has to stay home to nurse her back to health?

  33. I just can’t except it. After all Bill’s affairs and everything else thrown in their faces they still want to be abused by this man.
    Catacatscats what duty? I bet Kasich is not attending, Trump will never behave.

  34. Neeta: she is the wife of a former president. It sounds like all former presidents and their spouses will attend if their health permits. I think she will be beautiful, composed and proud. She is not broken, submissive or spiteful. The contrast between her and trump will be stark. I just hope that she confines her attendance to the swearing in ceremony, no shmoozing at any glitzy celebration these awful people have planned.

  35. Catscatscats, on January 3, 2017 at 6:43 PM said:

    I just hope that she confines her attendance to the swearing in ceremony, no shmoozing at any glitzy celebration these awful people have planned

    I hope you are right.

    If it was me I would not attend. I am sure the public would understand. I am surprise at Bill Clinton going, What this man put his wife through, which was partly his fault.
    They have been put through the ringer by Trump, News Media etc.

    Have some pride.

  36. Neeta: it’s noblesse oblige. She can’t stay home with boxes of tissues and chocolates like I would do in her situation. As for the public, our half would understand, the other half, to include the media, would revel in tearing her down for not “respecting” the office he so “legitimately” won. She is taking the high road as she usually does. Her head will be high. She still rises…

  37. Catscatscats, on January 3, 2017 at 7:30 PM said:

    As for the public, our half would understand, the other half, to include the media, would revel in tearing her down for not “respecting” the office he so “legitimately” won.


    They are going to tear her down regardless if she attends or stay at home.
    For some reason the media hates Bill and Hillary.
    You could see how they treated Hillary during the election.

  38. This election has turned my stomach against politics.

    I am still trying to figure out what went wrong.

  39. Well, all I have to say is Bill and Hillary being there is not going to heal the nation nor is George W and Laura being there going to heal the GOP. It’s a big stinking joke on the entire country and frankly i wish nobody except Obama was going to be there because he’s literally required to be there. Why we all have to make a show of our country being taken over by the alt-right and a Putin stooge I have no idea. I’m sick of it. And yes, the media will trash Hillary and Bill for going. The media would trash them if they didn’t go. It’s just the way things are.

  40. Ga6thDem, on January 3, 2017 at 8:16 PM said:

    It’s a big stinking joke on the entire country and frankly i wish nobody except Obama was going to be there because he’s literally required to be there.


  41. Trump will use her attendance with evil intent. I am warning you now. I think it is a horrid idea. It’s like, Come Back, There’s a Part Of My Face you Haven’t Stepped On Yet.

    His followers on twitter will be unbearable. I don’t know why she does this kind of thing. But she’s a big girl, so she is going to have to live with the consequences, not I.

    I am losing interest by the day.

  42. Trump will never behave.

    This will ring horribly true when he devises many ways to abuse her attendance. It’s an invitation for him to use it as it suits him. This is not a man with a heart or a soul or grace or dignity. He’s an animal. It’s like being in the presence of raw evil. Just read his tweets and you know this will not work out well. It won’t end there,

    She does appear to have a Joan of Arc thought process.

  43. I am still trying to figure out what went wrong.

    She was set up by the long-experienced right wing Dirty Trick Machine. It all started with Lee Atwater, who gratefully, died a well-deserved young and horrible death in exchange for his evil. But his tactics live on. They did the frog slow boil on her. Steady drip drip drip of very false and very HORRIBLE rumors and stories. Followed by “news” from DimBart, drudge, Daily Caller, InfoWars,the regular suspects. Fed and funneled everywhere. Taken down after being caught. Then onto the new lie. And of course, There’s assange and Putin. Julian only worried that as president, she would haul his ass here for trial and make sure he got his rape trials in Sweden as well. She would have fried his ass. And Putin knows more about Trump right now than the FBI. He played Trump like a cheap fiddle.
    Add it all together you you’ve got “What went wrong”. More, much more, will go wrong due to that unholy alliance. Trump will rue the day when Vlad is displeased. He’s strictly minor league next to Putin. But his Narcissism will teach him that the hard way.

  44. Does anyone find it encouraging that congressmen were flooded wth constituent phone calls about their plans to gut the congressional ethics committee? It sure as hell wasn’t Trump that made them back down on that one.

  45. I am losing interest by the day.

    After blood, sweat, tears, and money so am I.
    I will never work again for another candidate.

  46. After giving it much thought, my take on Hillary attending w/ Bill is simply this….if I trusted her enough to run the country with all the decisions that entails, I can trust her to make this decision as well.

    BTW, this is NOT a knock on anyone else’s opinion. It is just my opinion for what little that is worth.

  47. Catscatscats, on January 3, 2017 at 8:51 PM said:
    Does anyone find it encouraging that congressmen were flooded wth constituent phone calls about their plans to gut the congressional ethics committee? It sure as hell wasn’t Trump that made them back down on that one.

    Cats, I was so encouraged last night that others made the same call I made to my Congressman (Tim Murphy), but media played along w/ the Trump line.

    I actually went after PBS because they should know better:

  48. “She still rises…”

    Yes, she does.

    But it’s Putin I would like to see rise.

    About 13 steps, if you know what I mean… 😈

  49. I just realized one likely reason Cheetolini loves Putin.

    Putin reminds Cheetolini of Papa Trump; Putin and Fred Trump are both white trash who, by the whim of some fallen angel or malignant pagan god, somehow managed to rise above their proper stations in this world.

  50. Ups: I agree that Trump is evil, sometimes when he speaks his eyes narrow like a viper getting ready to strike. The look of a consummate predator.

    I usually believe that everything happens for a reason and as painful as this loss is for us, I wonder if Trump will be the kick in the privates this nation needs to pull us together and get us back on track. The extreme left and right are going to destroy us. Maybe Trump and his deplorable cabinet will unintentionally pull us back to the center long enough to surge forward and stay on that trajectory.

    Also, you mentioned Joan of Arc. I think she is channeling her mother, ever hopeful, sometimes bending but never breaking. We may not like what she does but she is true to herself and I agree with Voting, I trust her to make the right decisions, if not for herself, then for the rest of us.

    Voting: Good on you! I was too slow to contact my Congressman and they had backed off the change before I could call or email. Glad you were encouraged as well. Rachel did a great piece on the Indonesian/Trump/Icahn connection yesterday and she made a point about how important it is to be vigilant. The game is afoot….

  51. Voting at 9:21 PM:
    I feel the same way…

  52. Ivory @ 9:55 PM: was that a Hell on Wheels reference? Would there be room for Trump on that scaffold? After due process of course.

  53. BTW, this is NOT a knock on anyone else’s opinion. It is just my opinion for what little that is worth.

    I’ve never seen you attack anyone for any opinion, at any time. Ever. 🙂

  54. I hoped that Hillary would not attend the inauguration. But I can certainly see why she is going to. She sees it as a duty, and as respecting the office, if not the person in it. Yes, it would be great if no one attended but Obama, but that will not be the case. It would have been nice if Obama had done something about preventing this event while he still had the chance.

    I do hope that Hillary and Bill make a quick exit from the proceedings. I know that if she had not attended, the media would have scorned her for being a bad loser. It is indeed true that whatever she does, she is scorned by the media, which obviously hates her, probably because she is smarter than they are, and doesn’t kowtow to them. If the media had been at least halfway fair to her, she would have won in a landslide. The strange thing is that the media has elected a person who hates them, and will, along with his lunatic flunkies, try to take away a free press. That is a bad thing for the country, but the media deserve it. They are a disgrace to the ideals and ethics of journalism.

    There are two tragedies about all of this. First is that Hillary did not win,; or rather, she did, but they didn’t allow or count the votes. Second is that without the Clintons, the Democratic Party has no clue of what to do, and no leaders to help them. The Left, which will never win an election in this country, keeps costing Democrats elections through their utterly self-indulgent and stupid search for some kind of political purity. I guess we are going to have to go through another McGovern debacle via Warren, for them to be chastened enough to go away for a couple of decades. But that of course would mean eight years of Trump. If the Democratic Party wants to do one thing right, they would do well to completely marginalize the Left, and to give Hillary whatever key role she would like to play going forward. The Far Right eats up the Left like a lawn mower devouring grass. Bill Clinton saved the Democratic Party from permanent irrelevance, but they have conveniently forgotten it, to the detriment of all.

  55. Bravo, William.

  56. To start your day out right:

  57. The League is joining with allied organizations for a Hill Call-In Day urging Congress to address President-elect Trump’s unprecedented and unconstitutional conflicts of interest. The calls will support a forthcoming bill from Senator Elizabeth Warren that will require the President to divest ownership of businesses and disclose all business dealings in order to avoid severe unconstitutional conflicts of interest.

    For more background, read what the NYT had to say about these conflicts of interest.

    Congress needs to hear from you. When you act, Congress will listen.

    To participate, call the below numbers to connect with your two Senators and your one Representative between the hours of 9 am and 5 pm EST tomorrow, Wednesday, when congressional offices are open. You will be automatically connected to your appropriate congressional offices based on the zip code you provide.
    Senate – 1-866-985-2543

    House – 1-866-948-8977

    President-elect Trump has conflicts of interest that are unprecedented for an American president. He could violate the Constitution and the law on his first day in office because of prohibited payments to him from his foreign and domestic businesses. Every other President and cabinet official before him has acted to avoid these types of conflicts of interest.
    Mr. Trump has not fully disclosed how he will resolve these dangerous conflicts. Americans have been given little more than vague pledges about transferring operations and nothing about transferring ownership. Bi-partisan ethics officials from Republican and Democratic administrations agree this is completely inadequate and does not resolve his dangerous conflicts.
    Congress must act to protect the interests of the American people and the integrity of the presidency. President-elect Trump must resolve his conflicts of interest and Congress must require that he disclose his finances and divest his business conflicts.

    House call: Ask your Representative to call for a congressional investigation to review Mr. Trump’s business dealings in order to identify and protect against conflicts of interest.

    Senate calls: Ask your Senators to call for an investigation to review Mr. Trump’s financial arrangements. Urge Senators to support Senator Warren’s new bill that will require the President-elect to divest ownership and disclose all business dealings in order to avoid serious and unconstitutional conflicts of interest.

    Chris Carson, President
    League of Women Voters of the United States

    Join us on Facebook Follow Us

    League of Women Voters
    1730 M Street NW, Suite 1000
    Washington, DC 20036
    Phone: 202-429-1965

  58. League of Women voters is having a call in day about Trump’s conflict of interest. I plan to call my worthless senators. I hope some of you here will pick up the phone and call.

  59. @Cats: I feel contempt, rather than rage, toward Cheetolini; he is merely a puppet. Putin is the master villain here.

  60. To make it clear–NO, I was not calling for any prosecution of Cheetolini. I reserve my rage for Putin.

  61. I see now I should not say such things even about Putin, lest I be misinterpreted.

  62. @Cats: You need to be more careful. The Secret Service might misinterpret your comment as a threat on the PEOTUS’s life.

  63. Not sure where Bill, point please. I see something about a scaffold and have no idea what any of that means, because it’s all kind of Bill-Cryptic, lol.

    If you’re talking about Prosecution, that’s not a threat to anyone’s life. He owes mucho $$ to Russia, we don’t know what deal there is between them, and let’s face it, they sure seem cozy and T sure goes out of his way to blow the guy publicly in the face of tampering with an election.

    I could be missing something here, because sometimes I just don’t get your analogies, but that could just be me being a member of Densa.

  64. I hope some of you here will pick up the phone and call.

    I have found that, since the day Schumer became Senator, trying to contact him is a trip into a black hole. He’s a crappy Senator who ran against Al D’Amato in a year when D’Amato The Thug was so unpopular a cartoon character could have beaten him.

  65. The Left, which will never win an election in this country, keeps costing Democrats elections through their utterly self-indulgent and stupid search for some kind of political purity. I guess we are going to have to go through another McGovern debacle via Warren, for them to be chastened enough to go away for a couple of decades. But that of course would mean eight years of Trump. If the Democratic Party wants to do one thing right, they would do well to completely marginalize the Left, and to give Hillary whatever key role she would like to play going forward. The Far Right eats up the Left like a lawn mower devouring grass. Bill Clinton saved the Democratic Party from permanent irrelevance, but they have conveniently forgotten it, to the detriment of all.

    This is so on-point, I am in awe. This is exactly what is happening here. The ‘Left’ is not remotely related to the Democratic Party and is a mirror image of the “Right”. Just as odious, but not clever enough to match the right’s ability to create chaos against their opponents. The left is the leftovers of the failed socialist party, the country’s marxists and CPUSA. These people have no business being Democrats, in fact, they don’t call themselves Democrats, they call themselves “Progressives”. Ironic name for them. And they are horribly offensive. I can’t stand them and they are the reason I registered Indy after the election. Enough is enough with these Castro-loving fools. I’m not going down with them.

    McGovern was a good man, his problem was……..his followers. They scared the shit out of America and they continue to try. You’re right, all we are putting up with is the product of the so-called “Progressive” movement shitting on what was once a reasonable and respectable party. It’s the progressives that have turned America into a political circus that yielded the likes of Fascism and the Ridiculous President Elect

    The Left will never win because they are a major threat to our Democratic Republic, as is the right. Only difference is the right is better at slinging shit in the right places as we have just witnessed. Now we’re witnessing a clash between the All God All The Time crowd and the No God Ever crowd, neither of which has the right to throw stones, considering what they are really up to.

  66. You know, I trained my dog using a method called, “NILIF” or “NILF” for short. It means Nothing In Life Is Free. You want this, you have to give me that. Eventually, the dog learns the way of the world and you no longer have to NILF them. It’s called manners and common sense. I will let no one hurt you and you will let no one hurt me. And then it develops into automatic mutual respect between dog and human, and some downright love tossed in with gratitude both ways.

    It’s true. Nothing in life is free. No matter where you live, you pay one way or another when you expect others to give you things. You live at the mercy of the Givers. The Left refuses to see that because there is always a Bernie Sanders to paint a glorious picture of the Glorious Cause. Generally, the ones who lead the Glorious Cause are the only ones who do well. The rest have to Pay. One way or another.

    This is why the great American Experiment was enviable until today. Because it embraces that NILF can become dangerous in the hands of a socialist or marxist despot. I give you Fidel Castro as exhibit A. yet, the left see him as something wonderful that happened, even while so many Cubans risked their lives to get the hell away from him as he grew into a tyrant. They only see the free college and health care without nary a thought to the NILF thing that happened. Oddly, we are about to live under a fascist leadership that has taken hold. Because one extreme yields a counter extreme. When half of a country can embrace the concept of Socialism and the other half can embrace the concept of fascism, you have a country that is about to unravel completely. Mob Rule is a terrible thing. And the far left and far right operate on that concept. We are screwed. Either way. Because the Democratic Republic was created for America to hold onto and, as Ben Franklin warned……..”A Democratic Republic, madam, if you can keep it”. And we have lost it.

    I always beware of those who use “The People” as a phrase. Because they never mean ALL The People, they mean to accommodate themselves and whomever agrees with them without variation. When they toss in “Democracy,” we have the storm that is brewing today, because the real translation is “Mob Rule” at everyone else’s expense. We have shunned the sensible concept of Moderation and have given way to Extremes. Extremism is the path to destruction. We even threw all the moderates in both parties out of congress and were proud of it. It sickened me, because it was a horrible turning point for America. The result is the two unrecognizable parties we see today. History tells us this will not end well. And most often it brings brutal wars. The world is in horror because they tend to remember history. We tend to ignore it.

    We are not careful to whom we give power any longer. We haven’t been careful that way for a long long time. We’ve reached the point where nothing disqualifies the worst among us, operating right under our noses. It shows.

  67. Uppity–I was looking at Cats’s “scaffold” comment from the viewpoint of an over-zealous Secret Service agent. That person might misunderstand the comment as a call for the assassination of the PEOTUS. Yeah, that’s a paranoid way of looking at it, but for any kind of cop, paranoia is part of the job description.

  68. I don’t get the world Scaffold as it pertains to any of this. So I don’t see it. It’s all kind of symbolic I guess, which is okay, but I kind of missed where there was any life threat here.

    I guess I’m taking this convo all to literally. I don’t see prosecution for, say, Treason, as related to a death threat. I see it as a method of Justice for the Deserving. If he is tied to Russia as the piling evidence indicates, then prosecution is fitting and just. Besides, KFC will get Trump in the end. His body is a walking symbol of food abuse and lack of exercise and good old carelessness, complete lack of conscience, and lack of intellectual curiosity. Toss in serial lying and some real mental illness and stark character flaws, and we have the new president. He will do himself in. Unfortunately, everything he touches leaves destruction of others behind him. The thing that scares me most is all of these characteristics yield a man who doesn’t care how many people die around him, as long as it’s not him and as long as it profits him.

    The key is his tax returns, and he knows it. Yet, the fact that one single voter let him get away with hiding them is a sure sign that people are no longer logical or rational, chosing instead to focus on a woman’s most boring emails on earth, and tying her staff’s pizza in some convoluted fashion to child pornograpy, just to win an election for a very mentally damaged person with the remnants of the required penis in his pants.

  69. I still call my senator’s office and rep’s office even though they are about as useful as teats on a boar hog.

  70. Hey everybody, please read this short thread and tell me what you think.

  71. This whole populism crap is killing us. Whether on the left or the right, populism relies on scapegoating and demonizing SOMEBODY. The left scapegoats bankers and wealthy people in general while the right demonizes immigrants and the poor. And that anybody who literally lives in a glass tower in the middle of Manhattan and screws working people every chance he gets could ever sell himself as a champion of working people tells you how ignorant some people are.

    Sanders and Trump have more in common than not which explains how so many ignorant fools who voted for Bernie turned around and voted for Trump. Both of them ran on vague and false demagoguery, attacking their female opponent, who released decades of tax returns, as corrupt while they refused to release any. Populism. No thanks.

  72. Uppity Schumer has all the reasons to do that. All he has to do is quote conservatives over and over. I hope it works.

  73. I dunno. I think Hillary has more right to be at the inauguration than Trump. She got almost 3 million more votes.

    Anyway, she’s not intimidated by him which is what he’d tweet if she were a no-show.

  74. I’m with you Brassy. I have come to LOATHE populism.

  75. I guess eventually SCOTUS will cease to exist. The Constitution already has. Might as well play chicken with it.

  76. Ga, kind of like a You Reap What You Sow thing. One big problem the Democratic Party has is it never teaches the Republicans that lesson. They need it and I just hope he means it. He tends to fizzle out. Fingers crossed.

  77. Thought you might enjoy my remark to David Axelgrease.

  78. Uppity, 👌🖒👏 on your tweet to Axelrove. That deplorable guy.

  79. Ups: there was a Hell on Wheels episode about a devout woman who killed the man who was responsible for the death of her son when the man burnt down her church. She was sentenced to death by hanging. There was a discussion in the proper construction of a scaffold which includes 13 steps to the platform. And yes I was referring to trump’s connections with Putin and the current rumblings of whether these connections are in fact treasonous. I believe that the punishment for treason, once proven beyond reasonable doubt, is still death. Not advocating assassination of anyone for any secret service/FBI types that might be watching. Will put my money on the KFC rather than the justice system at this point. Sorry for the confusion.

  80. Late posting on this but, fwiw, I wish Hillary would not attend the inauguration but I think that she is between a rock and a hard place re attendance. Guilty if she goes and guilty if she doesn’t.
    I am definitely guessing but think she may not be ready to hang up her boots and may intend to speak out during the next 2 to 4 years, however long turnipp lasts. If true, then she almost has to attend to maintain herself in the public eye. That is the best I can do to rationalize it for myself. Plus, as I said before, it is not all bad that ‘he’ has to look out and see Hillary as he takes whatever oath he will be taking. The total scumbucket that he is.
    And, during the night, here was my thought. If her barn boots were covered in pigshit (worst smell ever) he would not be worthy of licking them off. That is how low he is.

  81. I couldn’t agree more with your tweet to Axlerod. He and Brazillenut need to go. I look at this election not as opposition to Hillary but as opposition to Obama and his policies. Nobody will say it though. Hillary was put in this spot. Some of us knew she would like to have refuted Obama but she hired his people. 1st mistake. Then she swung farther left to win over the Berniebots who were idiots.
    I never saw many pundits backing her up on cable news stating her bonafides , but instead they’d go on TeeVee apologizing for her emails.

  82. heal the nation

    This is not a wound that will — or even should — heal without a scar. And in the meantime, the Usurper-select is parasitizing the nation.

  83. I agree with you lildoggy. Maybe she should have hired some Obama data people but that’s about it. The rest of the Obama people should never have been hired. And her biggest mistake IMO was not doing an oppo dump on Bernie.

  84. Uppity Woman, on January 4, 2017 at 8:52 AM said:

    Upps, I responded to that last night:

  85. William and Uppity, thank you for your thoughts on the left and right crazies. You both nailed it. And Ups your tweet to Axelrod is hilarious.

  86. William @ 1:35am, also love your comment! And Uppity’s response to it.

    I also wish Hillary and Bill weren’t going. I don’t care what the tradition is, the only Dem that needs to be there is Obama. And I agree with all of you that she will be crucified whether she goes or not. Still, her decision and she gets to live with it.

  87. Upps, enjoyed the twitter thread and liked all your responses. I hope they stick to it.

  88. Ladies and gentlemen, Populism in a nutshell.

    Click here.


  89. The vacuum-skulled masses love them some pecker pills and big-screen boob tubes, but despise those eggheads who make all their toys possible. 😡

  90. According to the Wall Street Journal, and those right-wing zealots should know, Trump and his coterie are planning to essentially dismantle the CIA, cut positions, not replace them. This is of course because the CIA has been adamant about Russian hacking, and some of the ex-CIA people have called Trump a pawn of Russia. So he will get rid of the CIA, or fill it with his band of totalitarians.

    We are looking at someone who ignores the reports of 17 Intelligence agencies, in favor of the liar Assange. America cannot have a President like that. Are there any Republicans who actually care about the safety of the country? Anyone there who wants the CIA to be able to protect against terrorism? What happened to all the Reagan and Bush Republicans? They are artifacts, apparently, just like Von Hindenburg willingly ceded power to Hitler at some point. Does the vastly overadmired but presumably patriotic McCain care about this? This is the story that should be front and center on every station and newspaper, not the ACA, as important as that is to many. Will the Republican Congress, any part of it; will some of the conservative media, the ones who actually endorsed Hillary in newspapers which had never gone against any Republican, try to do something about this? Or is everyone just going to let it go; after all, the man won 46.1% of the vote, so he gets to try to destroy America from within? Being a billionaire will not protect you, unless all of them plan to live in Russia.

  91. William, Jennifer Rubin aptly named these people Vichy Republicans. They will go along with anything Trump does as long as they get their tax cuts. Frankly though I’m not sure the CIA won’t fight back and that’s not gonna be pretty. Oh, I bet they can leak some real compromising info on Trump to the press. Getting in a fight with the spooks is the ultimate in stupid.

  92. Ga6thDem, I hope you’re right. I’m rooting for the CIA in this one. But I’m afraid that his rabid cultists do not care a bit about what Trump did. It is beyond obvious that Trump was in contact with Russia throughout the campaign, which I believe goes under the heading of treason, but they don’t care a bit. in fact, I have learned that not one thing that any Republican in office, or anyone who votes for them, ever says, is worth one cent in terms of any guiding principle other than wanting to “win.” . All that anti-Russia stuff that emanated from them for fifty years, was just to use against Democrats. It meant nothing to them, they can shift their positions on a dime. What a pleasure it was to see McConnell say today that “The American people (they love to speak for everyone) will not tolerate the Democrats obstructing Trump’s Supreme Court nominee.” Yes, he actually said that, even as Obama’s nominee from almost a year ago has been obstructed from even a hearing for a year. One hopes that at some unknown point, even the media will point these things out, and that some people will stop falling for the Hitlerian propaganda.

    I never liked Jennifer Rubin, but she has stood for principles in this election, and deserves credit, even as so many of her colleagues have not.

  93. Jennifer Rubin is all in for Obama and not a Hillary fan. She pokes her with a stick every chance she gets.

  94. William at 10:14pm
    Good reporting on the bigger points at stake.
    Thank you.

  95. William @ 10:14, you’re on top of your game! And I agree about J Rubin, but love the term “Vichy Republicans” .”

  96. To basically sum up HRC’s inaugural attendance options:

  97. To start your day out right:

  98. I thought Jennifer Rubin was pretty hard on Obama and a big Romney fan.

    William, as far as Trump’s fans go they are beyond hope. He was telling the truth about shooting someone on 5th Avenue and they would not abandon him. I’d rather focus on getting more of our voters out to vote and getting those swing voters to show up and vote for us. The GOP will not get what they want because already the caucus is fracturing. Rand Paul abandoned them on Obamacare already and the two senators from Tennessee are wavering.

  99. I am not sure whether most of the republicans (and most particularly Trump) really care whether they dismantle or let alone replace obamacare. It has just served as a rallying cry for them and a focus of hate. Trump certainly doesn’t care, except for the win. To actually get rid of it would require detailed hard work to set up another system, or if they don’t set up an alternate, chaos. I would not be surprised if they come up with some minor tweaks and taut it as repeal. There are too many vested corporate interests in the current system and no one really gives a crap. Like that chain link fence being built on our southern border.

  100. Read this entire thread. Bring tissues. This is what was done to people pre-ACA and what ACA degutting will do to people again. The insurance industry invested over $300 million into this election. They didn’t do it for the good of the country, I guarantee that.

  101. I thought this was an inspiring answer to “what can we do now that’s effective?”.

    Although it’s about NC I think it has broader relevance, given what the nationally and internationally notorious Republicans did here with legislative majorities in 2016 and 2017. Three main points, basically: recruit to run, communicate regularly with lawmakers, and (yes, groan, but..) donate and/or raise money locally. Also try to find common ground with non-Dems, but not, of course, by abandoning principles.

    Seem like old news, but I thought he and his two guests made the points convincingly, especially given the 2017 special de-gerrymandered elections here as a test case.


  102. If you look up thread that’s exactly what I believe. They trashed our center leaders, threw them out of office. BOTH SIDES DID THIS. And now we have nothing but batshit CRAZY extremists in charge and their compadres running wild in the USA like a bunch of wild fucking animals.

  103. …BOTH SIDES DID THIS. And now we have nothing but batshit CRAZY extremists in charge and their compadres running wild in the USA like a bunch of wild fucking animals.

    Upps: very well said indeed…

    Good article, thanks for the link.

  104. Ga6thDem, Really good article thanks for the info. At least we all aren’t the only ones that see this happening. There are others out there.

  105. Looks like from today’s hearings,that some of the Repubs are throwing down a gauntlet re: Trump. If, after receiving his briefing tomorrow,the guy doesn’t come out in favor of sanctions or continues to question the intelligence community..Trump will suffer losses of his agenda and appointments. This is a test to see if trump is capable of being the tiniest bit presidential ( stop taking things so personally,engaging in petty revenge,endangering this country for his own personal interests) if not there may be enough disaffection in the Repub wing of things to swing the needed number of votes, along w/Dems ,to stop some of the Repub right wing agenda.
    Dems are going to need to find the cracks among the Repubs and form changing alliances based on various legislation.

    This is going to be fascinating to watch. Is Trump teachable? Will he learn there are limitations ,even to a president? If the answer is ( and it likely will be) “No”,then we have a whole new ballgame.

    I don’t know about you all;but I’d sleep better at night knowing at least three or four Repubs are willing to put our country and it’s people before ideology.

  106. Msdsal, well said.

  107. This is going to be fascinating to watch. Is Trump teachable?

    Narcissists are generally not teachable. This is because they already believe they know more than everyone about everything. They are Never and I do mean Never Wrong. Notice that he said he knows things about hacking that nobody else knows. This is because he just knows more in his mind about EVERYTHING.

    Trump has a severe case. If you noticed, he is Ever on a search for things to “Prove me right”. I forget which terrorist attack it was where he was actually JUBILANT that he was “Proven” right that there were be another attack. There were other incidents where people were horrified to see that he tweeted a cold and satisfied tweet that this incident “Proved” him right about………fill in the blank. Look for more of this.

  108. Not teachable:

    “I know alot about hacking……things other people don’t know”
    “I think nobody knows more about taxes than I do, maybe in the history of the world”
    “Nobody knows banking better than I do”
    “I know Wall Street better than anyone”
    “I understand money better than anybody”
    “Nobody knows the system better than I do”
    “I know more about contributions than anybody”
    “Nobody knows politics better than Donald Trump”
    “Nobody knows more about trade than me”
    “Nobody in the history of this country has ever known so much about infrastructure as Donald Trump”
    “There’s nobody bigger or better at the military than I am”
    “Nobody respects women more than me”
    “There is nobody who understands the horror of nuclear than me”
    “I know more about renewables than any human being on earth”

    Any questions about whether or not this guy is clinical?

  109. Just to add to what Uppity said about the destructive people on the political wings, the Left can never beat the Right. The Right has religiosity, selfishness, racial and gender hatred to inspire them; and they are a lot more in number than the Left. The Far Right and the Republican Party have become the same. The Far Left is mostly a bunch of ideologues who like to feel superior by snarking at the middle. They haven’t liked one Democratic presidential candidate in 50 years, except for Obama, and that was simply on wishful thinking and cultural statement; and they grew disillusioned with him, too. They are an utter waste of political space. They would always rather have the Democrats lose, to somehow convince themselves that they were right.

    I was never a DLC fan, but we were lucky that BilL Clinton was not a true DLCer like Boren and Nunn, e.g. He did what he had to do to deal with the growing right-wing movement in Congress, and he pushed a good agenda ahead. Had it not been for the sex things, he would have done more in the second term, but as it was, this blunted him. But the country was still moved to the best place it had been in since WWII. But the Left didn’t like any of it; and for years they have been revisionistically disparaging both Bill and Hillary. Hillary, a true FDR style Democrat, is somehow called a tool of Wall Street, by the Left’s hero, the Marxist Sanders. She was never; and she would have actually implemented people-friendly policies, as opposed to Sanders, who had no skill to implement anything. But you can tell these people that over and over, and they will not listen because they are true believers. They think they are more intellectual than the Far Right, but they are just as stubborn, and attached to a narrow system of values. And even worse, the Left cannot ever win, because this country has never and will never vote for them. So all they can do is pretend they are Democrats, and then poison the party from within, by relentlessly attacking and scorning the mainstrearm Democrats. I will guarantee that the next Democratic President, whenever there is one, will not be as liberal as Hillary, and will not do as much for working people as she would have. But as I’ve said before, I don’t think that many of of them really care about their supposed issues, mostly it is about ideological puritanism for them. And they’ve given us GW Bush and now Trump, that is their contribution to our country. How sickening. And yet they still will go on and on in their fantasy world.

    One problem the Democrats have, is that while they were once the party of working people, and most knew that; the identity issues have muddled things up. Not that Democrats should not protect the civil rights of all groups, but I think they sometimes misdirect it, as in the adulation of some for Colin Kaepernick. I knew that he would cost us votes. He can do what he wants, but he is not a culture warrior hero. I would like to think that Democrats can come out of the other side of this, but it is no sure thing, not when we lose Ohio by substantial votes with a great candidate. I think that as it stood and stands, Bill Clinton’s way was the right way for the Democrats to win, and still keep to their basic values. Warren, or someone like that, is a sure loser, every time. The problem is that there is no one out there with Clinton’s combination of high intelligence and ability to connect to the White working person. One thing to note is that it has now become virtually impossible for any Democrat like Clinton to come out of a Red State, since none of them ever win there. Can you imagine that Clinton won Arkansas, Tennessee and West Virginia twice? Those states now go 65-75% Republican. There are about 20 states or more which we have no chance of ever winning, it appears. That makes it a difficult road, as when we win the popular vote by 2.1% and somehow lose, or get vote suppressed out of, the electoral college. Hillary, with Bill’s help, would have found a way for Democrats to start winning state races. I do hope that Hillary still wants to have a public role. We honestly have no one else to lead this party on a national level.

  110. Not to say I told you so, but Ga.’s link to the Think Progress article @ 11:44 am seems like a longer, more scholarly, and elegant version of my comment yesterday that populism on both the left and the right is killing us. I particularly note his point that populism is inherently anti-democratic since you’re not allowed to disagree with “the people”.

    Okay. I did tell you so.

  111. Hey Rebel, I’ll tell you I told you so long before you told them so. I have been talking about this for YEARS. Extremism is the path of destruction. The Progressive movement has gone too far and the Conservative Movement has gone too far and they have both taken alternate chances apiece RUINING THIS COUNTRY with their bullshit purism and anti Democratic Republic. Wish I had a thousand every time I said exactly that since this blog began in 2008. America does NOT want to be a Fascist country and it does now want to become a Socialist country. And they have rid themselves of anyone and everyone who has talked common sense and moderation. In 2010 our own far left “rid” themselves of blue dogs and anybody else who would DARE to reach that silly thing known as CONSENSUS. This is the main reason I have lost interest in my (former) party and the reason why we are in the condition we are in today.

    I want NOTHING to do with Progressivism. Nothing. I free myself from their dictatorial clutch. When former fringe parties start dictating to the two major parties, this is what happens. If we listened to the far left, our choices would only be Bernie Sanders turning America into Cuba or Donald Trump turning us into Russia. One won out in the electoral college only. If the other wins out next time, exactly HOW will we be better off either way?

    That old fuck Bernie Sanders dragged Hillary so far left, look where it got her? She was our one last stand toward moderation. Because she is and always was pragmatic. And this country blew it.

    Gotcha last. heh.

  112. Upps,just for clarity’s sake,wish to state that I don’t personally need ANY convincing that Trump isn’t teachable.( Though I am admiring of your evidence and listings)I just find this Repub “test” to be fascinating.It’s a trap and a good one..the Donald will fall for it quickly and then,shortly thereafter ,so will the Repub agenda. Maybe I’m being a bit overly optimistic here ( I’ll cop to it) but If Trump doesn’t come around to supporting the intelligence community I really believe it will create a huge rift among the Repubs and cripple their agenda of destruction.

    That’s my story ( or fairy tale,if you all insist) and I’m sticking to it.

    We’ll know more after Monday,or maybe some on the weekend shows ,when bits and pieces from the report are leaked from the congress.The game is afoot,once again.

  113. Msdsal, I hope you’re right. A rift between trump and the GOP would be great. They could do far more damage to the country together than they can do separately.

  114. Glad y’all enjoyed the article. I thought it was particularly on point as to what has been happening lately.


    Sorry for the shouting. I’m just on my last leg with the people mainly the press and the GOP that keeps giving Don the Con chance after chance when they have seen reams of evidence that he is never going to be presidential because he’s a narcissist. Banging my head on bricks again.

    William, triangulation is going to come back big time. Just you wait and see and the idiot Bernie fools are going to whine and I’m going to tell them to suck it. Hillary had issues that you wanted but you decided she wasn’t pure enough and you stuck up your nose and handed the country to Donald Trump.

    I knew that if it came to fascism vs. socialism the country would pick fascism. That strain has always been there and sorry Bernie Bros but that Castro worshiping wacko would have gotten blown out in an election.

  115. If we listened to the far left, our choices would only be Bernie Sanders turning America into Cuba or Donald Trump turning us into Russia.

    Once upon a time, becoming Cuba or becoming Russia would mean much the same thing either way–but no longer.

    In a supreme irony of history, modern, fascist Russia bears a closer political resemblance to Nazi Germany–the regime which tried to destroy Russia–than to the Soviet Union.

    Russia has gone fascist, and the UK and the USA are trying their damnedest to follow it.

    The three countries which did the most to destroy Original Fascism have gone neo-fascist, or are trying to do so.

    Somewhere in Hell, Mussolini and Hitler and Tojo are laughing. 👿

  116. OOOOOW, Donald & Julian are not going to be happy about this:

  117. Hi Uppity, as per your post about the ACA above, possibly in response to my post, I am fully aware of the abuses of the insurance industry pre-ACA. We were involved in a bad faith case when my late husband was diagnosed with a glioblastoma pre-ACA. I also worked for a regulator involved in the ramping up of ACA, and know that many insurers were chomping at the bit to be placed on the exchanges. I am just very jaded and really don’t think the repugs and certainly not Trump really care one way or the other. Obviously, that doesn’t mean they won’t screw everything over for many of us and they likely will. I just don’t think they really care one way or the other.

  118. Whelp, guess he knows what’s coming and wants no part once the serious leaking starts w/ intel community:

  119. This article says there is conclusive evidence that the Russians interfered with THE VOTE. Say what? I don’t recall that statement being made before. More to the point, that statement was always avoided! Somebody calm me down!

  120. Well, if they interfered with the vote, then we have an election stolen by the Russians, right under the nose of Obama, who was quick to say that the results reflected the intention of the voters. I don’t know what the evidence is, but if it is strong and credible, then Obama did a terrible disservice to Hillary and to the country, and all the people in it, by not calling for this report immediately after the election, much less warning of this before the election. And we would have a constitutional crisis, with a president who was actually not elected, in a position to determine the lives of the people who actually gave the win to the other candidate. And if it is true, then the Democrats, who put up with absolutely any indignity, will have to fight like never before to get this story out to everyone, and to behave in accordance with its significance.

  121. As Upps said not long ago, I´m just going to watch and see how all this unfolds…gets interesting by the minute…

    What article?

  122. I just had a bit of an epiphany, and I wanted to share it. Maybe it is already obvious to others, or perhaps I am overspeculating, though it doesn’t seem like it to me. I think that the real and even more horrifying story is not that Putin decided to try to help Trump win. It is that Trump’s entire candidacy was engineered by Putin.

    I don’t know if Putin cultivated Trump for just this purpose, or it developed by degrees. But we know that Trump may owe hundreds of millions of dollars to Russian oligarchs who bailed him out when no U.S. bank would lend to him. That was for a purpose. And why did Trump decide to run? Oh, he is arrogant and grandiose, but a lot of other such people do not run for President. I think that the Russians told him that they would help him win.

    How did Trump become acquainted with Michael Flynn and Paul Manafort? He didn’t know them; he is not in those circles. I think that Russia chose them for him. It is not coincidence that all these pro-Russian people, and that includes the “surprise” Secretary of State choice, show up in Trump’s inner circle. Russia is feeding these names to him. I don’t know if Russia has such power over Trump that they can force him to select their choices, or they are just “suggested.” Russia is calling the shots here. It is far more than Russia interfering with the election. It is Trump actually being Russia’s man, the Muscovite Candidate, if you will.

    The whole thing fits together. Maybe the CIA knows all of this, maybe I am in error here somewhere along the line. But this is the story that the media will not tell or even suggest, either because they are stupid, or because they are owned by many of the same entities, or because they don’t care. But I am convinced that this is far worse than most imagine. Russia will be running the United States government, if Trump is allowed to take office. Some of the things they do not care about, like ACA or Medicare. They care about foreign policy, they care about being able to drill in the Arctic Preserve, they care about oil. Why did Trump completely change his poisiton on climiate change? Because Russia sells oil. Trump’s positions are not coming from his own head, or even from right-wing Republicans. They are coming from Russia.

    When Trump makes his comments about the new Intelligence report, he will be saying what Russia told him to say.The idea of Trump as a coherent American person is an illusion. Trump is in it for the money, but he will also do whatever Russia tells him, because in some way, they own him. Surely at least a few Republicans must realize this. But they have sold out every iota of their values in the last several years, and this is just one step further. They figure that if they can make more billions for themselves, they can put up with Russia running our country. I knew that Trump would try to dismantle the CIA. It is what Russia wants. He will sell out NATO, under Russian orders. He will never do one single thing that Russia does not want him to do, unless there is a misdirection or two, simply designed to deceive people. The collective shrug of the media to the takeover of our government by a foreign power, is stunning. They chased after chimeras and red herrings for a year, while the Trojan Horse candidate was right in front of them, boosting their TV ratings, for which they sold what was left of their own souls.

    Will anybody in this country do anything about this? Will the CIA fight back, or will they be dismantled by Trump, to be replaced by agents loyal to Russia? Will the major media tell the story? Will there be efforts made to keep Trump from taking power? Or is the die already cast? Hillary actually probably knows more about all of this than just about anyone. Did Obama know; was he told by Intelligence Agencies? Did he just ignore it, or decide not to do anything until it is apparently too late?

    Thanks for bearing with me in this long post. Maybe it will do some tiny bit of good, if such theories are more widely disseminated. Maybe I have exaggerated the situation; but it just feels more logical, more connecting of the threads, to me; more organic than the idea that suddenly Russia decided to take an interest in the American election, and picked one of the candidates to support. If it is right, then the way out of this is far more difficult than many imagine, since the Republican Party is an active accessory to it all.

  123. The Siberian Candidate.
    Yes, William, right as usual.

  124. Lililam, my ACA comments are just me jumping in on a subject, so not really a direct response to anybody. I do that a lot. I totally agree with you that the R’s don’t care. They just want to reroute money to those $300 million dollar insurance donors. Right now they can’t reject anybody like they always did before. And that tweet thread I posted told some horrific stories. I mean insurers rejected pregnancy as a “Pre-existing” condition. Odd, that they try to control women’s abortions and refuse to call pregnancy a medical condition. So it’s a condition or it’s not, depending on which opinion suits everyone’s needs. They rejected allergies. Psoriasis, anything and everything. In other words, you pay the premium and we don’t cover you for much of anything. The tweeters talked about how they had to hide diagnosis. One went to a Dr for a test and used a false name and paid cash. This is pathetic. People were dying. THen came ACA and the insurers controlled that too. Outrageous deductables nobody can afford. But it IS helpful for those with serious conditions who otherwise had NO insurance. The ACA is not great but it has saved some lives. Lives of people insurers always rejected. None of this matters one way or another to the Republicans. They just would rather let people die. I am not sure what kind of Christian gets obsessed with killing as many sick and old people as possible, but that is what this country is up against with the Republicans. At least half of their complaint about ACA is also that black man. I mean, if this election revealed any absolutely certain things, it’s that Republicans despise people of color and women. And the Alt left isn’t any better when it suits THEIR needs either. So yes, you are right, they DO NOT CARE about lives. They care about gathering up as much money away from anyone with needs to redirect it to tax cuts for rich people. Apparently, God told them to do it. What can I say. The Pharisees and The Money Changers. For a bunch of guys who wear their religion on their sleeves as the driver of their ‘godliness,’ they sure are off-base from anything written in their own book. These are anything but Christians.

  125. William, I believe we have to look at his character flaws and mental conditions to understand why he runs for President. He has a deep need to be convinced he is superior. He wants people to, as Omerosa said, bow to him. He has never been able to garner respect from business people and society. He is a VERY needy person and requires all the attention all the time. This is obvious. He wants absolute respect, but never understood why he can’t have it. He can’t have it because he is a Grifter and a Stiffer and pretty much a con man. His entire day, every day, revolves around Himself. He is the greatest at………all things. He keeps saying so, but he’s totally pissed that all of his life, nobody else agrees. Everybody knows why they don’t agree…….except him. He is the poster boy for severe Narcissism and he just can’t “get no respect”. So he decided he wants to be King. That will FORCE people to “respect” him, he things. But it won’t. There is a second reason he ran. He’s a grifter. This is the opportunity of a lifetime to plunder and pillage. For a grifter, it’s the brass ring.

    He is not a liked man. By anyone. People avoid him because they understand what a mental child he is and that, should he be flagged for doing something wrong, he will detour the subject onto the messenger. We have already seen him do that multiple times. His skin is so thin, he can’t help himself. When you see him attack someone it’s because he has been flagged by that person. He wants attention so badly that he doesn’t care if it’s negative or positive, just so long as he can suck all the air out of the room for himself.

    This is a very dishonest and very sick man. If you pay attention you will see that he accuses others of doing what HE is really doing. He tells on himself. Just like a child

    Many people are afraid of what this presidency will bring. They should be. They are not in the hands of a very dangerously sick man, the likes of which we have never seen before.

  126. Belle: it is the UPI article Voting posted on Woolsey, jan5 @ 10:10 PM. The public version of the report Obama asked for is coming out next week along with 6 or 7 high profile cabinet pick hearings and supposedly a press conference from the grifter in chief, his first since July if it really happens. No one is going to be able to focus on anything. Hmmm…….

  127. On Monday I had the misfortune of talking to some devout churchgoers, all of whom voted for Trump. Talk about cognitive dissonance. I am a recovering Catholic and hardly an expert on religion, but these folks (all elderly) either don’t understand Christianity, supposedly their own religion, or they don’t understand Trump. Why would people who believe the teachings of Jesus Christ support a man who is the antithesis of Christ”s teachings?

    They were all having a good laugh over the church member who wore his MAGA cap to Sunday services. And one of the men smirked, “All I’m going to say is–only 18 more days!” Till inauguration, of course. At that point, I left them to their celebration of evil.

  128. Brassy, the dirty little secret that is now being exposed is that there are many white Christians especially evangelicals that support the alt-right agenda. And you know you can find a bible verse to justify anything you want to do. These people want to do a certain thing so they then work backwards and find justification for it in the bible.

  129. Rumors of Hillary Clinton’s Comeback

  130. Brassy and GA: Willful hypocrisy and willful ignorance, an unbeatable combo for the likes of Trumputin.

  131. Uppity, very good psychological analysis. The everlasting shame of this country is that so many people who know or at least sense all of this, didn’t care enough to stop it. The media could have destroyed Trump’s candidacy, they had ample evidence. But they chose not to, for various reasons. The Republicans, at least some of them, could have come out against him. But not one major Republican officeholder did so, except maybe Flake of AZ, who just said he wouldn’t vote for him, not that he is a clear and present danger to America. And that is the thing: everyone is along for the ride, for what they can get out of it. The worst aspects of capitalistic greed, celebrity fawning, social darwinism, blind partisanship, contemptible perverted religiosity, Left Wing puritan sanctimony, internet contamination, Clinton Derangement Syndrome, ineffective safeguards to protect the constitutional rights to vote, all manifested themselves to allow this to happen. And of course a President who saw it, but did not think it was his role to do everything possible to make sure it would not happen. All of the bulwarks that the United States was supposed to have to protect against this, failed us.

  132. That’s a pretty good read, belle, especially from someone who’s not exactly a Hillary fan. Of course, she won’t do it. She doesn’t need that headache. But she will maintain her activism in many ways having nothing to do with electoral politics. She’s free at last to do as she pleases.

  133. I won’t link it, but WikiLeaks is threatening everyone on twitter that they are making a public database of all verified twitter accounts that will include real names, family relationships, housing, finances and more.

  134. Wikileaks is an arm of Russia. They are every bit as fascistic. The stupid minions of the Far Left thought they were some kind of populist heroes, and pored over all the fabricated and carefully selected leaks that they purveyed in order to help Trump and Putin win the election. Now they are trying to blackmail American citizens. What fools these Leftists be. Always looking for folk heroes: Castro, Che, Mao, the Unibomber, Assange, Snowden, Stein. Before Bernadine Dohrn became a corporate attorney represending the rich, she was a Weather Underground person who applauded Charles Manson and his followers for murdering people. Seriously. That is the Far Left. The political battle is between fascists/authoritarians, and decent people who care about democracy. The Far Left always somehow ends up on the side of the fascists and authoritarians. I guess it’s just a matter of it being “their fascists.”

  135. Wow,some really great posts,people. That’s some mighty fine analysis of all kinds of issues..more than we’ll ever get from trump and more than 140 characters..imagine that.
    Interesting report that some Dems objected to some state electoral college counts saying that the election hadn’t conformed to the Voting Rights requirements and were,therefore,not legitimate.Didn’t get anywhere but maybe it will help become a part of the conversation going forward.We really need to address this voter suppression stuff or we’ll be in the same boat well into the future.

    Anyone else have this sneaking suspicion that the intelligence community is waiting to see how trump responds to their briefing before deciding how much data to dump into the public report?

    I have to believe that if Russia has a lot on trump,so does our CIA. Maybe trump will suddenly discover that he can no longer “serve” the country due to an undisclosed illness and wanting to spend more time w/his family.Man,it really is more fun to live in a parallel/fictional universe where you can make stuff up. 🙂

  136. I really do not understand how Trump & Co can get security clearance. Even if we do not know what is in his tax returns, surely the FBI and CIA know. Surely they know about all his Russian connections?

  137. The report is leaking out to the press. Apparently the Kremlin is on tape celebrating Trump’s win. That’s probably just the tip of the iceberg. And yet, I want to scream. We are going to sit around with our thumbs up our butts and just let him walk in to the presidency and let Putin rule our country?

  138. Intel report: Putin directly ordered effort to influence election


  139. Just a quick question for you all…do you think Jill Stein is ever going to give a full accounting of all that money she raised for voter recounts?


    Me either.

  140. Hahahahah Jill Stein. The money she has left will buy more Russia visits. SMH.

  141. If all this happened, can it be said that the Trump is an illegitimate President elected?
    We all know he is…but can anything be done -at this point, about the big time interference on the election and yes, treason issues?

    I don’t think is just a matter of removing the Trump, the GOPoop and the Pence need to be held accountable for dancing, kissing and embracing the “devil”. Trump=Putin=RUSSIA.
    It’s call good old fashion: TREASON.

  142. Trump is constantly carping about that Intel, Witch Hunt etc etc. He is worrying about something. Figured if he could attack all our intel agencies, he could get his useful idiots to believe that if something involves him, it’s a lie. His pattern is very obvious. He does that kind of thing a lot.

    He did a tweet saying he asked a couple of committees to investigate why top secret information has been given to NBC without “Me seeing it first”. First of all, he is NOT the president yet, even though he keeps trying to play on on TV. Secondly, he is worried about leaks. Well he should be. He pissed off every intel agency in the country and nobody can hurt a president more than our intel agencies. He’s going to be in deep shit if he doesn’t cut it out. Apparently something leaked to NBC already. He is really dumb to be shooting at them. REALLY dumb.

    He protesteth too loudly, methinks. He can’t stop protesting that hacking information. It’s obvious something else is on his mind. He is only making himself look worse.

  143. Assange finally went too far.

    It won’t be long before he’s snatched and shipped for trial for those two rapes in Sweden, after which, under our agreement with them, Sweden will extradite him right into our loving arms. And yes, he CAN be tried for espionage.

    Look at this. Threatening to dox people on twitter.

    He’s no longer a wshisleblower, not by a long shot. He’s a Russian agent and a terrorist.

  144. By the by…let’s don’t forget that there was not allowed a “vote recount”.
    A pile of shit that keeps growing…

  145. Oh. And I couldn’t resist

  146. Our country is in big trouble. There’s no two ways around it. We have a Putin stooge heading to the white house along with his mini me Putin stooge to the Naval observatory. Then we have McConnell and Ryan who have deliberately attempted to suppress this information from coming out and are complicit. We cannot depend on the GOP to uphold any values in this country. I don’t know but honestly the only way I see to right the wrong is to have another election. Impeachment won’t solve anything because we’d end up having to go all the way down to president pro tempore of the senate which is Orrin Hatch. That could literally take years.

  147. Going to be Pres in 14 days and this is what he thinks about


    And my response…

  148. Ga: do you have enough confidence in our voting system to do another election and have confidence in the results? We still have voter suppression, machines without audit trails, obsolete or broken machines, disparate voting methods, easy ways to tamper, provisional ballots that may or may not be counted and who knows what other systemic weaknesses/vulnerabilities. Plus I assume the states would balk at the cost. I wish there was a way for him and Pence to get knocked off the ballot (e.g., treason, espionage) so Hillary would be the unchallenged winner. Back in that parallel universe, I know, but we are already down the rabbit hole.

  149. Oh, Ups you are magnificent! Isn’t trump the exec producer? Why is he bad mouthing the star of his own sickly cash cow?

  150. Wikileaks is an arm of Russia. They are every bit as fascistic. The stupid minions of the Far Left thought they were some kind of populist heroes…

    Confession time: My name is Ivory Bill Woodpecker, and I am a recovering stupid minion of the populist Left.

    As recently as 2015, I respected Greenwald and Assange (I assumed the accusations against the latter were faked). I went leftward early in my adulthood (the Reagan years) because I quickly saw the failures of right-wing rule, plus, I remembered that the right-wingers of my childhood gave us Watergate.

    Due to my leftward leanings, I used to think Bill Clinton compromised too much; I now see that he had little, if any, choice.

    In 2008, I supported John Edwards at first, because he was talking about working-class issues more than H. Clinton or Obama. Once he dropped out (this was before his adultery scandal broke), I switched my allegiance to Hillary, because she seemed to be addressing working-class issues more than Obama.

    I became angry at the Democratic Establishment’s shenanigans on behalf of Obama in 2008, and also the behavior of some of Obama’s more obnoxious fans (many of whom, I now realize, may have been GOP rat-fornicators), so I decided not to vote for Obama.

    For personal reasons which would take too long to go into, I will never go Republican or “independent” conservative; hence, the only place I saw to go to was the populist Left, so I voted Green in both 2008 and 2012 (though had I known in 2012 that Stein was an anti-vaxxer, I probably would have held my nose and voted for Obama).

    I broke with the populist Left in 2016, and its manipulators such as Greenwald and Assange, once I realized that they actually preferred Cheetolini to Hillary. I never thought Hillary (or Bill) were perfect, but the populist Left was swallowing the right-wing’s years of anti-Clinton smears hook, line, sinker, and flopping in the boat. I refused to take the bait, and I voted for Hillary Rodham Clinton, the best candidate running, like a majority of the voters did.

    So, here I am.

  151. Hey, Russkileaks! I don’t keep ANY social media accounts! Nanny nanny boo boo! 😛

  152. Cats, you make a good point. That would be a problem in a revote but if we did have one Donald also would not be on the ticket and I seriously doubt Pence would be either. The GOP would have to find somebody else and they might be too busy trying to round up a candidate to spend much time attempting to mess with voters.

  153. Catscatscats, on January 6, 2017 at 5:33 PM said:
    Oh, Ups you are magnificent! Isn’t trump the exec producer? Why is he bad mouthing the star of his own sickly cash cow?


    Because he wants to make damn sure it’s ARNOLD’S fault the show is doing poorly and not let the blame fall on his involvement as to why folks aren’t watching.

  154. Voting: Twisted! But I would love to see him bad mouth Arnold to his face…..

  155. I don’t know why. I don’t admire him OR Arnold and wouldn’t give them the time of day with their own watch assessing me. I never watched the show. I thought it was crap.

    Also, arnold supported Hillary so he’s shit to The Sick Narcissist.

  156. Best response to Wiki threat to Twitter:

  157. From what I can tell,so far,the donald is ready to say,”OK,Putti did mess in the election,BUT it didn’t have ANY effect on the results and it’s all Obama’s fault anyway because he didn’t do anything sooner.”

    Did the intelligence guys just give him his talking points so he could save face enough to get inaugurated? Hard to know who,what to root for. Do you hope he gets it together just enough to keep us from nuclear war or do you hope and pray he goes down quickly taking along as few good people as possible along the way? It’s not like we haven’t had presidencies held together by chicken wire and deception before.Are there enough good folk among his cabinet appointees that maybe the nation could hold itself together for at least a couple years,if not four?

    What say you?

  158. I haven’t heard anything about the report since last night. Has something new been reported or leaked, MS? All I saw today was nonstop coverage of the airport shootings.

  159. Msdsal, that’s exactly what Donald said. They ever said any such thing. THey said they are not in the business of assessing the results but Putin certainly DID work on discrediting Clinton, making up fake news (do you hear that, you Pizzagate Fuckers reading this, you ought to be fucking ashamed of your horrible selves, you know who you are), and swaying opinions of voters.

  160. But I would love to see him bad mouth Arnold to his face…..

    Hahahaha I’d pay to see that. He’d be pounded into the pavement. Lardbutt.

  161. I won’t write seven more paragraphs about it, but I really think that it is crucial that some large enough segment of the population realizes that Russia didn’t just favor Trump, they selected him. He gets his briefings from them, not our Intelligence community. This “global warming is a Chinese hoax,” was not something he came up with, or even the right-wing, it is from Russia, the enemy of China, the country who wants to control the oil market. I imagine that the European Intelligence community knows what is going on, and is really concerned, because Russia won’t let Trump support NATO. Whatever foreign policy we have will be Russian controlled. That people on Capitol Hill do not realize this, or are trying to ignore it, in their eagerness for their tax cuts and destroying the middle class safety net, is abominable.

    I am not saying that there is no hope. But we must realize that there will never be an impeachment of Trump, not by that rabid Right House. No one will implement new elections, there is no entity with that power. Even now, Iowa’s Republican legislature is pushing a voter ID bill. The Republicans intend never to lose an election again, by making sure that very few Democrats can actually vote. There is no person or body who can bail us out of this, unless it is the CIA. In better days, maybe the FBI would have helped, but not this group. We can hope that the CIA releases more information very quickly, before Trump fires them all and replaces them with Russian agents. And then we are going to need the Democrats in office to take a personal political risk, call Republicans what they are, say that they the Democrats are standing up for democracy over fascism, and fight all of it, every appointment, every bill. Sit-ins in the House and Senate, walk-outs, demonstrations, marches. Obama and Hillary may have to get involved. No government can exist without the consent of the governed. We may turn into Hitler’s Germany, but we are not the authoritarian German people of that era, at least I hope not. Again I note that the people who voted for Hillary still hold the economic power in this country; the counties she won make up 68% of the national economic output. The effective use of that economic power could make a positive difference.

  162. Belle and Ups, thanks for the links!

  163. Upps:
    You just might have started a new action-monster film franchise called:
    The Governator vs the Retardednator. (open for names on the illegitimate Lardbutt President)
    Stay tune for the coming attractions…

  164. From Cheetolini’s skin tone, how about “The Pumpkinator”? 😛

  165. Wow. What a thread! So many interesting comments. Bill, am glad you’re on our side now!

  166. That Frank Bruni piece about Hillary running for mayor or nyc is funny.

  167. Rep Schiff on the Intel committee, ranking member says they dumped forged documents too and had many social media people out there spreading their crap and fake news. I don’t know if that shit is still there, but I personally saw youtubes on her “health issues”. including the bullshit about Parkinson’s and strokes. And some of them were produced on RUSSIAN TV. And they didn’t even deny it. They had some “Doctors” on videos too, telling us all about how sick Hillary really is…..and it was all bullshit.

    And of course, infowars, Hannity, Brietbart, etc, were all too happy to pick up the ball and spread the word.

  168. You’re Welcome, Cats!!!!

  169. William said:

    Again I note that the people who voted for Hillary still hold the economic power in this country; the counties she won make up 68% of the national economic output. The effective use of that economic power could make a positive difference.

    This is a very significant case in point for the resistance to the election coup on our democracy.
    I would say: “charge on”

  170. Upps, look who is going to barge his fat ass in the WOMEN’S MARCH…Jesus, this fucking white male privilege. BTW, those on Twitter…let him know how “blessed” you feel to have him there.

  171. I am just hoping that this march of righteous reporting that I am seeing in places, such as that Ari guy on MSNBC, continues without ceasing until the eve of the inauguration. I am sure there is no precedent nationally, but is there precedent perhaps on a state executive level whereby an elected official is found to be in eligible or unfit for office prior to swearing in? There must be. I wonder if the incumbent stays in office until a new election, or more logically, doesn’t the runner up advance, not unlike what happens on Miss USA? What a joy and what a sane option that would be, so that a horror such as Pence could be thwarted.

  172. Oh, good lord. The white populist Michael Moore needs to stay away from the women’s march. He cost us votes and was a Bernie Bro.

  173. Belle…never believe the NYT:

  174. Okay, that DNI report confirms what we all suspected and will never sway a die hard trumper (Hillary should never have pissed off putin in 2011 so, again, her fault), but where is the investigation of the trumputin connection? The CIA has to have dug up something deep and dangerous on their financial ties by now. oh, and I am royally pissed at Obama if he knew all this, did nothing to counteract it and then let Comey mortally wound her campaign. Shit, Russia attacked HER because she was doing her job on behalf of HIS admin. The man never stops screwing her over in the name of his historic magnificence. And, for the record, I still believe that her electoral losses were suspiciously narrow in too many states.

  175. Cats:
    Great comments and I totally agree with you on Obama disservice in the realm of His grandiosity…

  176. Catscatscats, when I saw that, I had very much your reaction. Now in retrospect, Hillary probably should not have taken the SOS position. She did it more for Obama than for herself by taking it. He needed some credibility in terms of foreign relations, and she took care of it. But he never really seemed to defend her, when she took the blame for Benghazi just to be a loyal cabinet member, and it wasn’t at all her fault. Obama surely must have known about Putin blaming Hillary for the demonstrations, and yet he let the Russians hack and leak, and did almost nothing to stop it, or at least to tell the voters what was going on. THe CIA would have backed him up on it.

    So it is as if Hillary had to take on everbody just by herself; the Russians, the FBI, the media, the Far Right, while Obama was above it all. He is certainly not a bad person, and I think that he likes Hillary, but he didn’t do nearly enough for her, certainly not with what was at stake. Hillary is the person who cared so much about every single country and issue that she dealt with, that she got the blame for things that a President ordinarily gets blamed for. And of course Obama could have made it very clear very early that he supported Hillary over Sanders, which would have shut up some of the Sanders people who loved Obama. But he didn’t, he let it all go on. Hillary is a big girl, and can handle herself, but she couldn’t fight all of those forces, not while Obama let Trump and the Right get away with denying the Russian involvement which he and his Intelligence agencies were very much aware of, as well as the history behind it. To me, that is unconscionable, particularly given her devoted service to his administration. Even now, various Left Wing types still love Obama, while they rant about Hillary being a tool of Wall Street, which is both wrong, and ludicrous, given that Hillary had nothing to do with appointing Wall Streeters like Geithner to the cabinet. Everything always seemed to deflect off Obama, and nothing ever deflects off Hillary. It is as if Hillary at least symbolically has had her political career sacrificed at the altar of Obama worship.

  177. Not symbolically, William, actually.

  178. Moore is nothing more than an opportunist. I never liked him, had his number the first time I heard him open his mouth years ago. He’s another Do Nothing who wants to Tell everyone Else what to do. Lights matches and then walks away leaving you with the problem of the fire. Hates capitalism but, just like Susan Sarandon, has no problem profiting from Capitalism. Socialism for Thee not Me.

    Besides all that, he looks like somebody should run him through a carwash. Where I come from, the rule of thumb is, if you cant manage yourself, you can’t manage anyone or anything else.

    Voting, I can’t Tell Moore anything. I’ve had him blocked on twitter for years. I can’t stand the blowass.

  179. William, the “Left Wing” needs to go back to the CPUSA and Socialist parties where they belong. I’ve never seen someone use the word “Progressive” so inaccurately. These people are the reason I can’t stand my (former) party. There is nothing good about them for anyone except white males. They are no better than white nationalists. In fact, I suspect they all ARE White Nationalists. The women who follow them are downright stupid. Right now Rynan is all ready to trash PP. Yet these dumbos voted for a third party and aren’t even smart enough to make the connection that their own complacency and their own self-hatred, and their own burning desire to please their boyfriends got them in this situation. When you regard people like Naomi Wolf as the ultimate Feminist, you are in deep shit. All of this is what you get when you change the definition of Feminism to please and not hurt the Fee Fees of men. They may rightfully despise the far right, but it’s the far left that has NEVER REALLY defended them. I expect that Women’s March to be overtaken by men and other causes, with Women’s issues displayed as an afterthought. Just watch. That is, if anybody even reports that march in any helpful way.

    The Democratic Party ( or “Democrat” party as dumbo calls it) needs to free itself of these people. They are all Bernie Sanders. And women would have been kept around to make the sandwiches for and have sex on demand with the boys in The Revolution. The Republican Party will remain the Let’s Kill Everybody For Jesus party until that party gets rid of their mirror image of our horrible “Progressive” “Movement”.

  180. I am not the first to make this observation, but in light of Putin’s election meddling and hack-fest, it bears repeating: it is better to be Barack Obama’s enemy than his friend. Translation? He tends to try to appease those who oppose him while throwing loyal allies under the bus.

  181. Peter Daou is the only male “progressive” who passionately defends Hillary and women’s rights. I follow him on Twitter. Bless his heart. He gets attacked viciously for doing so–by the Left!

  182. I agree about Daou- he has consistently been in her corner.

  183. Obama’s failures as President can be summed up in one sentence:

    He never realized that the GOP, Putin’s Russia, and “Islamic” terrorists, despite the differences, and even battles, between them, are simply three different varieties of FASCISM. The first two of those even show signs of merging into one.

    He thought the first two, at least, were basically reasonable people, with whom one could strike reasonable deals.

    History tells us that fascists can’t be appeased; their appetites are too large.

  184. Obama is a narcissist, to a lesser degree than trump, but still the sun in the center of our world. He believed his own hype, he won the Nobel peace prize having done nothing to earn it, he became the first black president in a landslide and he could and would heal the world by virtue of who he is not what he has done. I think he honestly believed that no one could resist him, that everyone, including bad actors would do as he bid. He was of course wrong and is getting petulant now seeing his “legacy” go down the tubes.

  185. Truth is, pretty much all major leaders score high on the Narcissism scale to some degree or another. CEOs, world leaders, school Superintendents, Mayors, pretty much most of them at every level. Very few are “Servant Leaders”.

  186. Doesn’t Comey have some serious ‘splaining to do? He could start with an apology to Hillary.

  187. Ups: how would you rank Hillary on the narcissism scale? You described her as Joan of Arc in her thought processes IIRC. A servant leader?

  188. Jennifer Rubin is all in for Obama and not a Hillary fan. She pokes her with a stick every chance she gets.

    No, Catscatscats. She is a Republican who does not like Trump at all. Before Trump entered the race, she was her usual self. Once Trump was in, she was actually fun to read. In the end, she (like Frum and Krauthammer) are still Conservatives.

  189. My opinion is that Hillary is not high enough on the narcissist scale and that’s why she can’t win elections against them.

    I’d be willing to bet that if we went through history and gave every candidate a narcissist rating number, the higher number won.

  190. Sophie: I am no expert on Jennifer Rubin because I usually couldn’t get past her headlines which always struck me as pro Obama when I saw them in the Inquirer and then in 2016 whenever I saw her on TV she almost always criticized Hillary and, I thought, was not critical of Obama. I jumped to conclusions about Joy Reid’s advocacy for Hillary so it looks like I misinterpreted Rubin as well. I googled her when someone else challenged me on that statement and it appeared that some conservatives do consider her a RINO. Anyway, full retraction on that statement about Rubin, thanks for keeping me honest!

  191. Now we know why the OCE was the first Republican target…Let the swamp-filling begin:

    “As Senate Republicans embark on a flurry of confirmation hearings this week, several of Donald J. Trump’s appointees have yet to complete the background checks and ethics clearances customarily required before the Senate begins to consider cabinet-level nominees.”


  192. Voting; But not trump’s first target as you had pointed out earlier. Methinks trump is being handled, were these really his cabinet picks or is he just doing what he is being told? It doesn’t seem like he and the party are in synch.

  193. Great article, Sophie.

  194. Ivory, you are so right about Obama and unfortunately his behavior only enabled them to get worse. The Big Dawg knew that you have to stand up to these people like he did Newt and there you go. Newt got quiet. Obama never understood this for some reason or the other. There have been reams written about how he thought he could work with the Republicans in Washington like he worked with the Republicans in the state legislature in Illinois.

  195. I agree about Daou too EXCEPT, he is not the only one. There are a large number of Hillary men out there who are quite fiercely Hillary men.

  196. LOVE the Bernie Sanders article.

  197. Do you realize that you could spell “Nader” out of the letters of “Sanders”? I’m in a goofy mood.

  198. SophieCT, on January 7, 2017 at 5:13 PM said:
    I agree about Daou too EXCEPT, he is not the only one. There are a large number of Hillary men out there who are quite fiercely Hillary men.

    John Aravosis is another super-strong HRC supporting man.

  199. Socal. OUCH!

  200. LOVE this Sanders piece. I hope someone shoves it in his Communist face.

  201. Ups: how would you rank Hillary on the narcissism scale? You described her as Joan of Arc in her thought processes IIRC. A servant leader?

    She has qualities of a Servant Leader. I can’t read her otherwise because she is so secretive. Of course, we all know that stems all the way back to the attacks she endured during Bill’s tenure. I think she realized that no matter what she said or did, they were out to beat the crap out of her. And she was right. The result is a guarded, measured woman. Who wouldn’t be? When you hear those who know her talk about her, you know she’s not anything like they present her to be to keep her down. So I can’t judge her Narcissism because she won’t let me see that or anything else other than her willingness to be a Do-er and help people. There are COUNTLESS stories from Americans whose lives she touched, who she helped, who she visited in the hospital, who she did all she could for, without nary a whit of public knowledge or publicity. That is not very Narcissistic.If Trump did those things he’d be patting himself on the back and tweeting about it, looking for accolades. That’s narcissism. I am sure however she has some Narcissism in her, because you can’t deal with some of the people she’s dealt with without it. But score high next to Trump? Hell nobody scores high next to him. He’s clinical. If I were to compare her to Bill, Jesus that guy is a high level narcissist. If I were to compare her to a woman, think Carly Fiorina. High level narcissist to the nines. I’d say Hillary’s not high ‘enough’ on the scale. But that’s a guess.

    Would love to see a psychiatrist weigh in some day and rate all of these people, including her.

  202. Voting; But not trump’s first target as you had pointed out earlier. Methinks trump is being handled, were these really his cabinet picks or is he just doing what he is being told? It doesn’t seem like he and the party are in synch.

    I just think he’s a vindictive bastard who WANTs fear to reign. That way he can pillage an plunder and nobody will dare complain. What the GOP doesn’t seem to grasp is his embrace of Bannon is just as dangerous for them as it is for the rest of the country. Bannon wants to hold the GOP’s head under water and drown it. I shall enjoy watching them crap in their custom-made suits. And when they finally fight back, it will be a blood bath and the exposes will be a blast to read. Even better than all that fake news. That cabinet is a festering gaggle of very nasty people with nefarious intent. We’ll see which side of that bunch of cockroaches wins out, but I’m hoping they all destroy each other. I just hope they don’t get us all killed in the process. Most concerning: Trump’s mouth. He has no turn off spigot. He’s toxic and he is could piss off the wrong country. Also, he doesn’t seem to work. He tweets at all times of the day and night. When does he work. He spends half his energy thinking of toxic things to do and say and the other half praising himself. Boy is he one fucked up mind.

    Cruella Conway is going to be over her head soon. Even she can’t defend the indefensible.

    One thing is for sure, take note when Trump says to “Look Here”. It’s because he doesn’t want you to “Look There”. He’s a master and rerouting people’s attention away from what he doesn’t want them to see.

    Pay attention.

  203. Upps:
    LOL! Cruella Conway Devil….perfect

  204. The OGE responded to Schumer/Warren’s letter:..skip the article and go to the PDF..btw, McConnell was cc’d on the response:


  205. Cruella Conway, I love it! Totally agree about Bannon, he will keep all dissenters in line through fear and intimidation. Next week should be squirrel time. Too many senate hearings and a possible trump presser. What doesn’t he want us to see? The report was also supposed to be next week but that got pushed to last Friday. Rachel suggested the early release was in response to his lie about the report proving that Russian interference had no impact on the election results. Were the intelligence people fighting back? Is there anyone who can take him down?

  206. Voting, thanks for the npr piece. I doubt if dump and his band of thugs care about being approved by the OGE though. They’ll probably just ignore them. I hope the senators will pay attention though.

    Cruella is perfect for that hatchet-faced conway woman. She’s already in over her head, and I hope she’s miserable.

  207. Cats, the Trump presser is scheduled to conflict with the senate hearings on the cockroaches he’s trying to appoint. It’s deliberate. This way, the press will cover him instead of what’s going on in the hearings.

    That’s what I mean about Trump telling you to look at a bright shiny object to distract you from something else he doesn’t want you to see. He throws glitter balls out.

  208. Prolix posted this on Widdershins. Poor man has been sick for weeks but finally getting better:

  209. Upps @ 9:50, spot on.

  210. Also, Contrask posted this interesting piece which is also about the nyt op-ed:


  211. Yeah prolix has had a real bummer of a time. I want to send him chicken soup.

  212. I consider Peter Daou in a class by himself because he is a prominent man of the left who is not only eloquent in his advocacy for Hillary but is proudly and unambiguously feminist in his critique of media and other institutions. He centers women’s rights in his writing. And he knows that not just sexism but raw misogyny played a major role in her “defeat”. For this he is the target of a lot of hatred from too many men on the left. That is not to say he is the only man who admires and defends Hillary. Obviously he is not and all who speak highly of her are appreciated.

    I don’t think Hillary would barely budge the needle on the narcissism scale. That enables stupid media to call her a bad or “flawed” candidate. Although they become apoplectic about her supposedly feeling “entitled”.

  213. Richard Nixon runs for president twice…crickets…Ted Kennedy runs twice…crickets….Jesse Jackson runs twice…crickets…Al Gore runs twice…crickets…John McCain runs twice…crickets…Hillary Clinton runs twice…ENTITLED BITCH.

  214. Joe Biden ran twice… John Edwards ran twice…

  215. To start your day out right:

  216. Joe Biden ran twice… John Edwards ran twice…

    That’s different. THey have penises.

  217. Richard Nixon runs for president twice…crickets…Ted Kennedy runs twice…crickets….Jesse Jackson runs twice…crickets…Al Gore runs twice…crickets…John McCain runs twice…crickets…Hillary Clinton runs twice…ENTITLED BITCH.


  218. I’m going to have to copy that and tweet, Socal. Forgive me.

  219. Hey Socal! I make greek lamb with lemon potatoes today!

  220. Just got off the phone w/my sister,,we talk every Sunday. She lives in big time Trump country..has suffered long term mental health and substance abuse issues. She is terrified about losing her Medicaid.So we spent some time talking about things she could do rather than sitting around feeling helpless. I told her that because she had a Repub congressperson,she could actually do more than me to change things with her phone calls. ( I am blessed w/100% Dem reps).

    Also heard Donna Edwards ( former Congresswoman from Maryland,or was it SC?) was starting a cross country RV tour. That’s something I’ve been rolling around in my head for awhile..renting an rv and going to those out of the way places to listen to those Trump voters vent and then maybe offer some new info ( like you idiot,the guy you just voted in is about to destroy every viable federal program that protects you and your family from physical and financial annihilation. Just sayin’ ) Since no one reads anymore and they’re only getting their news from Trump,Rush and Fox..face to face may be the only way to get their attention. All my “active listening ” skills from my psych years could really come in handy. Got to do something,can’t just sit here and watch it all implode.

    No greek lamb for me,just a sandwich,but I had great Thai food for lunch.

  221. HRC received a standing ovation when she entered to see Broadway’s “The Color Purple”.

  222. Upps @ 7:34pm, YUM!!! I must do that soon for the dudes.

    Msdsal, that sounds like a good idea.

    Voting, that is so nice to hear. Thank you, people of New York, for showing our girl that she is loved and appreciated!

  223. Meryl Streep now being attacked on Twitter by Putin’s paid trolls and Bannon’s white supremacists. Congratulations, Meryl!

  224. Meghan McCain is now being trolled BIGLY for attacking Streep as an elitist Hollywood liberal who lives in a bubble. Well, nothing says you’re in touch with the common folks like being the privileged daughter of a U.S. Senator and an heiress to a multi million dollar fortune. Unless it’s inheriting millions from a real estate tycoon father, screwing working people, and building a glass skyscraper and slapping your name on it. But that Meryl Streep! She’s so elitist!

  225. My heart still hurts too much to even coherently comment much — STILL! But I was about to post the glorious Meryl Streep’s Golden Globes speech, which I see someone beat me to. How elegant and brilliant — naturally. I’ve said many times here that I’ll never forgive the press for not doing its job this past year. And I really feel in despair that to have any way out of this debacle that we’ll need them to start doing their job. Doesn’t seem very likely…

  226. Brassy & Paulette, agree with you both!

  227. Just awesome speech by Ms. Streep. It needed to be said and she was the perfect vehicle.

    As to all the Bernie Sanders Bullshit still out there. Bernie just stop. You have no right to tell the dems what to do if you continue to remain an independent. Even if you were the perfect candidate, I could never support you because you are not a democrat. If you want to criticize Clinton or the Dems, then become one. You can’t have a seat at the adults table when you continue to act as a child.

  228. I thought that the standing ovation for Hillary at the theatre, and Meryl Streeps’s speech were both heartening events. Streep knew that she would get attacked for doing that; but like any truly brave person, she did it anyway. It was an heroic call to arms, for all artists to stand up for decency and liberty. I hope that it will inspire many people in all areas and vocations to do the same. We’ll see; it is likely that there will be efforts to squelch all political comments at the Academy Awards. But the artists should do so, anyway. Trying to be considerate to fascists has never done any good at any time in history.

  229. I haven’t been watching the news; has Sanders continued haranguing everyone with his simplistic economic determinist view of politics? Sanders has no credentials whatsoever to lecture anyone about winning elections. Many of his primary votes came from LIbertarians and Republicans who wanted to game the system against Hillary. But he did manage to do enough to cost Hillary hundreds of thousands of millennial votes, and thus get Trump elected.. No one Sanders endorsed for anything won. His positions are a distinct minority, and they always have been, in America. That may be unfortunate, but it is the case. We could try it out, with him or Warrren, and they would lose by 6 million votes or more. Their supporters would still tell everyone that we must go further Left to win. Sanders cares not what damage he does, he is in it for the ego, and for his own intransigent brand of economic and social philosophy.

  230. Sanders and his people are all enamored with the WWC and that their economic message would have won the Rust Belt. They think it is the only winning message. But economic instability is not what got the WWC voting for Trump it was the racism, sexism, homophobia, bigotry and xenophobia. I am not in favor of even giving Sanders a chance at the WWC in the Rust Belt since Sanders is not a Democrat. He doesn’t give a rat’s ass about the Party. He talks badly about the party and democratic candidates. He is one of the reasons Clinton did not win the Presidency. Ignoring the racism, sexism, homophobia, bigotry and xenophobia to focus only on economic issues Sanders is abandoning the Democratic Base. This election proved that it’s not about the economy. Since he’s from Vermont and there sure aren’t a lot of minorities there, it doesn’t affect him at all. But it does affect the Democratic Party.

    In time as the demographics continue to change in Texas, Arizona and Florida so will the Republicans ability to hold together any kind of coalition in the electoral map. But the Democrats won’t be able to take advantage of that shift in demographics if they turn their back on the Democratic Party Base. Sanders is the Pied Piper leading all the Democrats off the cliff. Truly sad that there is even a Sanders wing in the party since he is not a Democrat!

  231. Living Blue!!
    If I didn’t hate the expression “mic drop,” I’d say mic drop!

  232. Paulette,,your post really touched me;helped me to reflect back on the emotional roller coaster the past couple of years have been. Would she run or wouldn’t she? Could she overcome the boys’ club and the DNC this time around? Would Benghazi or the e-mails derail her? Then it looked so clear that she’s win..EVERYONE thought she’d win..even Trump,even Russia.
    All this followed by all kinds of despair,finger pointing,blaming and the endless travesties of his appointments and blatant disregard of the law and multiple traditions.All of us soul searching,how could this have happened,where did it all go wrong..but more importantly what do I do next? Can’t stay stuck in what happened or why.

    I looked back on other times in my life when everything went badly down the tubes and remembered how I found my way out of those desolate places and back to myself. Baby steps..I always went back to what I knew and knew well;bit by bit rebuilding. The trick for me was to not stay stuck,to keep moving.
    So today,Paulette,I’m remembering that I am ,and always have been ,an educator and I’m going to figure out how that skill set will help..baby steps.

  233. To start your day out with a laugh..those that saw “The Devil Wears Prada” will totally hear Streep’s voice as you read:

  234. A better and longer video of HRC’s standing ovation at the final performance of “The Color Purple”…

  235. Haven’t posted for awhile. Where is the outrage over Tillerson as sos? The focus is on Sessions, but Tillerson deserves just as much media attention. Why is everyone so blind to the Russian connection?

    Who brings a little girl to a senate confirmation hearing?? Total distraction.

  236. Birdgal,it’s all a distraction. Can’t help but feel like the stuff we should really be paying attention to is going on w/the Senate Intelligence Hearing..Trump critters knew the media would go after the Sessions hearing because.. more likely to witness some protestors.Meanwhile they can avoid the whole Russian interference thing which Trump wants us to forget about before someone actually researches enough to “discover” that the Russians coordinated w/his campaign.
    One of these days the media will figure out not to follow the bright shiny glitter bombs the Trumpians throw out for them but look around to see what they’re really trying to divert our attention from. Ignore the glitter,follow the money.

    Watching these hearings is like being a witness to the systemic dismantling of our democracy.

  237. Why are they having ANY hearings if the FBI and OGE vetting reviews aren’t completed? Tillerson is supposed to be tomorrow along with Pompeo, DeVos and a few others. AND the Trump press conference I assume is still on for tomorrow. Just had my handyman tell me he thinks Trump will be good for the country and that he was the lesser of two evils. I want to be transported to a galaxy far, far away.

  238. They are trying to ram everything through very quickly as a distraction for how inappropriate these nominations really are. People don’t realize our democracy is being destroyed and Russia will be controlling our government. I have never been a conspiracy person, but what is going on in today’s world seems like a bad dream.

    Anyone else hear about RFK, JR being tapped to lead a commission on the safety of vaccines????


    President-elect Donald Trump met with Robert Kennedy Jr., a prominent vaccine skeptic, on Tuesday. According to incoming White House press secretary Sean Spicer, the two discussed “the issues pertaining to vaccines and immunizations.”

    After the meeting concluded, Kennedy told reporters that Mr. Trump had asked him to “chair a commission on vaccination safety and scientific integrity.” Kennedy said he told Mr. Trump he would chair such a commission, and that their meeting was held at Mr. Trump’s request.

    Kennedy, the eldest son of liberal icon Sen. Robert Kennedy, was best known as an environmental advocate before increasingly devoting his time to the supposed dangers of vaccines.

    Mr. Trump has repeatedly shared his belief that there is a link between vaccines and autism.

    see link for more details.

  239. Birdgal, some have speculated that Baron is autistic, I wonder if that is true and if so, if this is the reason he is giving this issue attention so soon. Maybe he wants to sue the manufacturer who did this to his son. I think RFK Jr’s efforts would be put to better use in environmental advocacy.

  240. Cats, I agree. Some studies are showing that autism begins in utero. I don’t think it is related to vaccines. They could be spread out further, but I would be shocked, if they really do lead to autism. I have heard that about Baron. He looks a little off, but he is 10 years old and probably overwhelmed with the limelight. If it is true, Trump could make this a signature issue and perhaps help a lot of people.

  241. If it is true, Trump could make this a signature issue and perhaps help a lot of people.

    This is Donald Trump we are talking about, Narcissist to the Max. He will hide that boy as much as possible because he’s not perfect. And I would bet money that his son is on the spectrum. It wasn’t just his expressions, but his movements and hand positionings. I also noticed that Trump locks onto his shoulders to hold him in place. Or in check. There are self-identified autistic people on twitter who are sure he’s autistic. And it wasn’t just about the long night and being tired. Photos of him with family at and with Donald at home have the same indicators.

    In any event, it will be revealed and trump will blame anything and everything when it does….except his own tired old sperm. The sad thing here is there is no shame in autism. The shame is in hiding the boy away.

    Time will tell.

  242. The GOP has become the party of haters: haters of women, haters of non-whites, haters of non-Christians (and indeed, haters of liberal Christians as well), haters of LGBTQ people, haters of low-income people…

    And, as this vaccine flap reminds us, haters of the educated and credentialed classes. The vacuum-skulled knuckle-walkers who compose the GOP Base think that democracy means their ignorance and mythology are as good as our knowledge. They love their big-screen TVs and pecker pills, but sneer at those impious eggheads who make all those toys and remedies possible. 😡

  243. “In any event, it will be revealed and trump will blame anything and everything when it does….except his own tired old sperm. The sad thing here is there is no shame in autism. The shame is in hiding the boy away.
    Time will tell”

    Uppity, I think you are absolutely correct. “The shame is hiding the boy away.” How sad for the boy.

  244. Uppity@5:45pm:

    In any event, it will be revealed and trump will blame anything and everything when it does….except his own tired old sperm

    I knew I remembered this. That old shibboleth about women (those genetically inferior creatures!) having “biological clocks”, and men (those almost angels) getting off scott-free from old Father Time really had been exploded. One source:

    For males like tRump and his Ailes ally, who see all women and girls as sexual objects with expiration dates, that must be especially galling.

  245. RE: the explosive “unconfirmed” oppo dump on tRump that’s making the rounds:


    The memos describe sex videos involving prostitutes with Mr. Trump in a 2013 visit to a Moscow hotel. The videos were supposedly prepared as “kompromat,” or compromising material, with the possible goal of blackmailing Mr. Trump in the future.

    The memos also suggest that Russian officials proposed various lucrative deals, essentially as disguised bribes in order to win influence over the real estate magnate.

    The memos describe several purported meetings during the 2016 presidential campaign between Trump representatives and Russian officials to discuss matters of mutual interest, including the Russian hacking of the Democratic National Committee and Mrs. Clinton’s campaign chairman, John Podesta.

    The first hint of the F.B.I. investigation came in a Senate hearing on Tuesday in a series of questions from Senator Ron Wyden, the Oregon Democrat, to F.B.I. director James Comey.

    Mr. Wyden, trying to draw Mr. Comey out on information he may have heard during a classified briefing, asked whether the FBI had investigated the Trump campaign’s contacts with Russia. Mr. Comey demurred, saying he could not discuss any investigations that may or may not be underway. Mr. Wyden kept pressing, asking Mr. Comey to provide a written answer to the question before Mr. Trump’s inaugural on Jan. 20, because he feared there would be no declassification of the information once Mr. Trump took office.

    After the hearing, Mr. Wyden tweeted: “Director Comey refused to answer my question about whether the FBI has investigated Trump campaign contacts with Russia.”

    In fact, the material in the opposition research dossier had been given to the FBI before the election. But the F.B.I. itself apparently struggled to confirm it, according to federal officials familiar with the investigation.

    The F.B.I. obtained the material long before the election, and some of the memos in the opposition research dossier are dated as early as this past June. But agents have struggled to confirm it, according to federal officials familiar with the investigation.

    So ole J. Edgar Comey just couldn’t wait those ten or so days till after the election to announce that some emails were found on a laptop that might (unsubstantiated, later proven wrong) have something, anything at all, to do with Candidate Clinton. No “struggling to confirm it” there, no siree.

    But the tRump info? Much more damaging, pointing directly to personal malfeasance? That he sat on until, well, now. And Obama let him.

  246. Remember that picture of Ivanka and Putin’s girlfriend that was circulating last summer? They were on vacation together, but I don’t remember where they were.

  247. Earlynerd, spot on. Personally, I think the editor/publisher of Buzzfeed should get a Pulitzer for releasing this. I wish he would have released it in Oct, but better late than never. How dare the media and our govt sit on this and not let the American people see it and decide for themselves! Think of all the hoopla the cretin Comey made over nothing emails of Hillary’s or Huma’s, but this is swept under the rug. It makes me furious.

    btw, I used to look at a celeb gossip site and a couple of years ago it had a “blind item” about Putrid using a very girl as a sex toy and sharing her out with a couple of famous men and the girl was mistreated and died. There’s just too many evil stories about putrid to not believe it.

  248. Annie, it was more than hoopla on Comey’s part.

    The disparity between what he did (or failed to do) with this truly damaging information about tRump and what he did with Weiner’s emails, that he knew to be innocuous but used in as damaging a manner as possible against Hillary, shows deliberate, conscious interference in a presidential election.

    And Obama let him do it.

  249. Birdgal, I looked that up real quick and it seems that those two were buds long before tRump became Putin’s current beau. At least, according to Snopes:


  250. Sayonara to outgoing President Neville Chamberlain Obama. 😡

  251. Thanks Earlynerd.

  252. NP, Birdgal 🙂

    Annie @ 11:23 that gossip about Putin is so sickening, I would hope it wasn’t true, but between him, tRump and that convicted pedophile that was another of tRump’s buddies, it seems more likely all the time.

  253. Well, if we needed something to upset us even more about this horrifying and infuriating election, we see that if this story had come out before the election, Trump could never have come close to winning.The disgusting sexual predilections aside, it shows that Russia owns him, that they are essentially running the country through him. Even more, we ask why was this story NOT released before the election? Because Comey is completely corrupt? Because Republican lawmakers who were aware of it, did not care; they were more concerned with Democrats winning than in keeping the country safe from foreign takeover? Because our President didn’t want to get in the middle of any partisan arguments, so decided to just let it go? Because the media is hopelessly biased for the Republicans, and also spiteful, and stupid, and didn’t follow what was a very obvious and often suggested lead, preferring to have fun rolling around with nonsense Hillary stories? All of this,of course.

    And thanks to the media ,and the alt-Right, people are now so confused, that they cannot tell reality from fakery. The Russians and the Right make up fake news, and get people to believe it. The media gleefully runs with it. Then the real news, the Intelligence information, or the actual facts about the Clinton Foundation or the email server, is called “fake news” by the propagandists. So we are in true Orwellian territory; or in the equvalent of a carnival house of mirrors, where most people cannot discern fact from fiction, lies from truth. At such a point, there is no legitimate democracy, just a bunch of corrupt and evil deceivers and con artists misleading and tricking and brainwashing people to get them to do anything they want them to do. And how does the society escape from this labyrinth, when so many Americans seem to have no capacity to distinguish empirical reality from a series of evil lies? In the America which we would read about in our history books, one party plus the FBI plus the media, would not be able or willing to hand over our country to a foreign power. But now, it appears that thete is no honor left in our institutions, or not enough to stop the bad people from taking over everything. I have never seen anything like it here. Even in the awful McCarthy days, there were enough people to ultimately stand up to him, and challenge his worthless insinuations. What would Murrow or Cronkite have done with this incredible Russian story? What would decent Republicans of the past have done with it? Trump should never be allowed to set foot in the White House, but no one apparently has enough courage or honor or love of democracy to stop him.

  254. I am taking a break from here, Twitter and the internet as a whole. I need to do this for both my physical and mental health. I thank all those who have been so kind to me through out the past few years.

    Upps, to you specifically, my deepest gratitude.

    This is not some “grandstanding” announcement, but rather to let those that care know…I am not dead. I just need to do this for myself for awhile.

    I need to go breath, read and shut out the “noise” for awhile.

    But make no mistake…I will be back again…renewed and reinvigorated…(I hope!). Play nice everyone.

  255. We will miss you, Voting. And your great links! Be well.

    Strange how the media has suddenly become deeply averse to “a rush to judgment”. It shouldn’t even matter if the details are true. Her political opponents and the media politically weaponized the mere fact of an FBI investigation against Hillary–even though there was no legal basis for one. And in Trump”s case the circumstantial evidence of Russian blackmail is considerable.

    I agree with William. If large numbers of voters no longer have the ability to distinguish fact from fiction, we’re pretty much done for as a democratic nation.

  256. If Tillerson gets through, this is another sign that our democracy is through and Russia is calling the shots.

  257. Stepping away is good. Stepping outside, breathing in fresh air, listening to the sounds of nature is very soothing. Unfortunately it is cold outside, so I’ve been losing myself in Netflix. Binging on Hell on Wheels… lol. A light-hearted and easy binge is “Dectorists,” if anyone is interested.

  258. Or if you want something totally unbelievable, given the admirable state of the nation, try “House of Cards”. Oh…wait.

  259. This all started many years ago, when the real-life equivalents of Scrooge McDuck, Thurston Howell III, and Montgomery Burns decided it just wasn’t fair that they should have to pay any taxes, the way we peasants do. The GOP joined in, and sold its soul to Satan with Nixon’s “Southern Strategy” (dog-whistle r@ci$m), because the success of the New Deal had kept real Republicans (Ike was so moderate the Democrats tried to get him to run on their ticket in 1952 as well) out of the White House so long that they became irresponsible.

    So, they constructed a system of fake-news outlets, used the “liberal bias” slander to intimidate the legitimate media into false neutrality–in which if Democrats say a clear daytime sky is blue, and Republicans say such a sky is chartreuse, the “legitimate” media says: “Opinions differ on color of sky”.

    Then, a relative-outsider faction of the elite (Trump and others like him) and wannabe-elitists (like Bannon), sold out to a foreign country, which figured out the metaphorical codes to take over the fake-news machine for its own benefit. Putin knows he can’t bring his country up to the level of the USA, so he’s going to try to drag the USA down to the level of Russia. At this point, Putin wins either way; if Cheetolini were to be impeached and removed from office, his knuckle-walking followers might well riot. Of course, those riots could be put down, unless there were massive mutinies in the ranks of the uniformed enforcers, but even successfully suppressed riots would weaken our country.

  260. Unfortunately I expect every one of Trumps people to get appointment. The Democrats have no spines. The allowed Roberts, Thomas to get into the supreme court. This is our new reality. Based on everything I have been reading and seeing, Comey was actively helping Trump get elected. It is obvious. Obama let him do it. Loretta Lynch let him do it. The President and the DOJ failed the American People. After Trump is in office there will be no more investigations and anything and everything that has been discovered up to now will be classified top secret and buried or destroyed.

  261. Thanks for the suggestion, Brassy. I’ll probably be up for House of Cards next. Even Hell on Wheels seems a little too realistic sometimes given the neighbors tend to enjoy target practice altogether too frequently. Sigh, just makes me wish I would have followed in my grandfather’s footsteps and became a farmer… with a large pen of pigs… lol.

  262. I do not understand why no Democrat seems to want to push for Hillary to be acclaimed as President due to the major safety and security issues with trump and his crony cabinet members. It is as if all of government has decided she must not be president, even though trump is too stupid to run a neighborhood lemonade stand, let alone our country.

    We the people have no advocates for democracy for the first time in our country’s history. What the hell? Can we be saved? Can anyone answer the ‘why not Hillary’ question?

  263. Gray, I am channeling Uppity here to answer your Why not Hillary question: Penis.

  264. Believe Ivory Bill noted that Bill Clinton was the last US President elected without there being a question about the legitimacy of the election process. And look at what both he and Hillary went through the entire time they were in the White House. The “investigations” and “Independent Council” were unrelenting.

    The Berlin Wall fell during the Reagan administration. Clinton was essentially the first new leader we had after the Iron Curtain fell (GHW Bush was Reagan’s VP).

    Frankly, I think it is sad for democracy that Hillary was denied when she was clearly the winner. But I also think she is lucky not to have to deal with it all once again.

  265. Democrats in office can rightfully be blamed for many things, but as far as stopping the Cabinet appointees, it only takes 50 R votes (plus VP) to approve them. so they have no chance. Republicams vote in lock step on everything, like zombies.

    The best the Democrats can do is to be brave and keep taling about the Russia information, as well as the terrible records of these appointees. They have to demonize Republcans, like the Republicans and the talk radio shows have demonized liberals and Democrats for decades. Acting as if there is room for some civil discourse is stupid and destructive. Look where it got us. The most blatantly stolen election in American history, vast suppression of voting rights for Americans, and a cabal of right-wing zealots who will use any trick or lie about anything, to win power. So at least stand up and say that. Oh, the media, which has become a propaganda arm of the Right Wing, will cluck in disapproval. But the Democrats have to do it, anyway, it is the only path to survival for American democracy.The other way inevitably leads to its slow extinction, even though a few of them might get to keep their seats and salaries for show, in the fascist state. WAKE UP!!! The Obama method of politics is not the template going forward, although it worked for him in a singular fashion. Not for the rest of the Democrats

  266. The most disturbing thing of all that this past election has revealed is this:

    A majority of our fellow citizens–the Trump voters, plus the third-party voters, plus the non-voters who were NOT prevented from voting by GOP dirty tricks or other factors beyond their control, but just couldn’t be bothered–do not consider r@ci$m, $exi$m, other forms of bigotry, or crooked business practices, or even cozying up to an at least semi-hostile foreign government, to disqualify a presidential candidate.

    The only good news I can see is that Cheetolini only won 46% of the 55.3% of eligible citizens who voted, for roughly 25.4%. If we use Hillary’s comment that only half of Cheetolini’s voters were the “deplorables”, that means only about 12.7%–roughly 1 of 8–of our fellow adult citizens have gone mad, which is still too many for comfort, but we need to look for good news where we can find it.

  267. @William: Well, at least it shouldn’t be too difficult to demonize people who have already become demonic. 👿

  268. Ever since the 1940s, there has been a certain minority faction of Americans who think we should have stayed out of WW2, and who wish the Axis had won. I don’t know if Cheetolini belongs to that faction, but he is giving them room to come out from under their rocks.

  269. Well,Uppityites,the proverbial shit has hit the fan..now we’ll see who it lands on and if the American people have enough combined attention span to see if any of it sticks on who and for how long.

    That ancient Chinese curse rears its ugly head yet again,” May you live in interesting times.” Sigh.

    Have a rejuvenating,fun break,Voting. You’ll be missed;but we need us all healthy and vigilant.

  270. Ivory Bill @ 12:14am LOLOL!

    Voting @ 3:49am, understand completely. Wishing you peace, prosperity and a rejuvenated soul! xo

  271. Well, if worse comes to worst, can brush up on my Russian. Did order a hat for inauguration day… a red one like Alec Baldwin is wearing that says, сделать америки здорово снова (make America awesome again). Do plan on sticking a purple pony tail through the back and doing nails to match. May be going overboard, but oh well.

  272. Dang Voting, we need ya!

    But we also understand. Been there myself several times. Probably will go there again eventually.

  273. I tell you true, if we don’t ever force Congress to impose term limits on themselves, we will NEVER be represented again. They are all entrenched, beholden to their biggest donors and a big happy private club. I was horrified when Schumer had the audacity to tell the TV cameras that he and that POS Sessions hang out in the Congressional gym together. This is one big happy family, gang. THey all put on a show and invariably it’s one deal after another. And those deals never benefit us. I saw the Democrats fight tooth and nail when Newt lobbied for AARP and Dr. Bill Frist “reformed” Medicare by removing some cancer treatments. He was a majority leader whose blind trust suddenly was exposed. His family of private clinics owed 3/4 of a BILLION dollars in medicare fraud penalties. And this guy was looking to shaft old people left and right. So I watched Nancy fight tooth and nail and then SUDDENLY a few days later, she was all smiles and telling the world that, really, this is a GOOD plan. My God, who KNOWS what deal SHE made, probably for herself or her family or friends. Frist later scurried his sleazy ass out of congress so as to avoid scrutiny, but not before he fucked the seniors.

    I can’t stand this shit anymore. I don’t trust the Democratic party not to cave in to the most HORRENDOUS things Ryan has planned. I just KNOW that we MUST find a way to cut these lifetime congress members loose.

    It’s starting to look like a Nursing Home in Congress, and these people are treating the business of legislation as business deals. This is a VERY critical issue in the USA. Presidents WILL come and go, but these thieves go ON AND ON.

    Note: AARP should be stripped of the right to use the letters AARP. They do NOT represent seniors and haven’t for a long time. THey are a health insurance broker. Think about that.

  274. My son wanted to share this with you all, it was on his fb, and we don’t know how to share it in its original form, so we are doing it the best way we can. Here is the guys comments;

    “Shaun King
    6 hrs ·
    I want you to view this video from 4 years ago in 2013 in light of recent events.
    In it, Trump calmly, cooly, and confidently states that he has a relationship with Vladimir Putin. Then, it gets very weird. Trump then confidently states that Putin is following his every move, was likely even interested in the conversation they were having, and would likely be watching it later.
    How did Trump know all of that?
    See, this was off of the campaign trail, long before Trump announced his intentions to run. This was before he felt the pressure to say 6 different times “I don’t know Putin” and “I don’t know anything about Putin.”
    This seems to be a clearer version of the truth. What’s going on here?”

    Here is the video which we got from youtube:

  275. Absolutely true Uppity. We need term limits and Congress is not likely to impose term limits on themselves. So, the alternative, according to termlimits.org is:

    1. Two-thirds of state legislatures (34) pass bills applying for the Term Limits Convention.
    2. Congress is mandated to call the Convention.
    3. The Convention, which features delegates chosen by the states, proposes one or more term limits amendments.
    4. Three-quarters of states (38) must ratify the amendment, either by legislature or state convention.

    Certainly would not be easy to achieve.


  276. So apparently, the Prez-elect partied with golden-shower hookers.

    Holy Ascended Madoka, all of the satirists and comedy writers might as well retire–how could they invent anything crazier than our new reality?

  277. Forget #1. I know from personal experience, at least in my state, that they are just as entrenched as Congress, and they aren’t planning on leaving unless someone drags them off leaving heal marks. So they aren’t going to give us any ideas about doing to congress what needs to be done to them as well.

    A referendum would work but it’s a LOT of work, requires IMMENSE organization in ALL states, and a lot of bodies on the ground getting the appropriate number of petitions. It would be extremely difficult to find all those people in all the states with that kind of dedication. Americans are very complacent. People now think Twitter and Facebook can fix things because it’s easier to sit in your chair and yell at others. Unfortunately, they are wrong. It takes a lot of shoeleather and plenty of work. Ditto for a convention.

    And you know what? The entrenched Congress knows it. They know they have us captive. And make no mistake. If the people tried any of the methods, their big donors would pour millions into telling people what an awful idea it is.

    The problem with voters is they want to see Congress turned out and replaced. Except for their OWN congressperson or senator.

  278. Shaun king is a flying asshole and I refuse to follow him anywhere.He sadistically tortured Hillary, and I DO mean sadistically, and he can go fuck himself to death. He has a tendency to want to take over, so avoid him. There is no way on earth I will follow him anywhere. He’s a Bernie Bro and a piece of shit.

    I’ve seen several of those videos where Trump says he is good buddies with Putin, and I’ve seen as many where he says he doesn’t. This information is nothing new. He’s a serial liar and a prevaricator. He’s a grifter and a conman. It’s what sickos like him do. You can never know which thing he is saying is the truth. He’s fucking mentally ill. We have a clinically ill President Elect. His words mean nothing. He has made sure of it to the point where it’s just about normalized.

  279. Fake, of course, but still funny. 😆

  280. Does the reporting of Goldenshowergate mean that yellow journalism is making a comeback?

    *rimshot* :mrgreen:

  281. Annie, this is the American media’s worst moment ever; I suppose until there is a worse one. The Russian connection story was so obvious to anyone who even followed the blogs–and yet the media basically let it go. There was a time when any foreign power trying to interfere in our electoral process in any way, would have been the story of the campaign. Here we had a foreign power virtually choosing Trump, managing him, blackmailing him, and almost nothing from the media. Take your choice: the media is a bunch of phony infortainment hucksters, or they are absolutely complicit, owned by right-wing oligarchs who would prefer Russian oligarchs taking over, to Hillary winning, and attempting to create a fairer economic situation.

    I am just hoping that Hayes, Maddow, O’Donnell, who all have their faults, but are basically on the right side of things, use the next few days to hammer away at this story. Because in a week, the story is going to be gone. The FBI is going to be ordered by Sessions to drop all such inquiries. People will be fired and silenced. There is going to be such a stifling of real news stories, that will be like nothing America has ever seen. And the worst of such tyrannical iron curtains is that the people don’t realize what is happening. All but state-run news just disappears. At least if enough people get to hear and read the story now, they might be inoculated enough to fight against the totalitarian state the Trump people and the Congress want to impose on America.

    Since for some reason I have a problem (probably my computer) with having my posts print here instead of flipping off the page and forcing me to try to repost), I will add a comment on term limits, rather than try another post on it. We have to realize that there are thousands of right-wing Republicans where the ones that are in came from. Again, I would use the zombie image. Term limits won’t do much, except it would change the senority rules. And note that there was a very unfortunate bargain, explicit or implicit, made in the South, where Blacks were gerrymandered into just a few districts. This gave Blacks safe districts where Black candidates would never lose; but it also gave White right-wingers more winning districts. So Republicans gained three or four winning districts per Southern State, no small amount. Blacks got almost all-Black districts, and that is how much of the Democratic leadership in Congressional committees is held by Blacks. They would not willingly give up the senority which those deals insured them. Finally, in CA, people voted for term limits, and found it was not good; the people who got elected to the state legislature did not have the expertise to stand up to the Republican governors we used to have. So I think we dropped most of it. We may have had it for Congressional seats, too, if that was legal.

  282. Yes, the worst thing that ever has happened to our country, wars included; yes, Congress is a wealthy nursing home (liked that analogy!!); and all looks hopeless. But, now is the time for a heroine to step out of the shadows and lead us in a righteous direction. It won’t be Warren.

    Oh and no one here may agree with me but I wish HRC would run for NY Governor, not mayor. Do for an east coast state what CA is doing for itself. though I know she is still reeling and has a right to be a while longer. Would love to have her leadership somewhere. far from turnipp. I watched today’s ‘press conference’ and it was a total national embarrassment and awful and horrible and scary as all get out. He is, unless the Senate wakes up, going to be the pres and is going to get us all nuked.

  283. Upps sorry about the King idiot. I didn’t know who he was, never heard of him. That showed up on lakers fb page this morning from one of his fb “friends” and we thought it was funny cuz it contradicted what dump was saying now. I would never knowingly support or retweet someone who was anti-Hillary.

  284. Yeah I figured that, socal honey. I just saw his name and flipped. I have that SOB blocked on Twitter, it was that bad.

  285. William @ 5:45, agree, I never dreamed we could reach this horrible place we are in today.

    Gray, that sounds like a nice idea if she wants it. Would she have to move to Albany? Whatever she does, it will be interesting.

  286. Upps, I understand. Feel free to delete it.

  287. Gray, thought you might find a piece I wrote in 2010 about Retirement Home Congress interesting.

  288. Upps just looked that guy up on wikipedia. Yuck. On the young turks. Calls himself a pastor. Sounds like an egomaniac.

  289. I’m beginning to wonder if this Trump “leak” actually came from him..another glitter ball to distract from the conflict of interest stuff.Now the media critters are going after Buzzfeed and CNN for making the media look bad and untrustworthy.(like they don’t do enough of that themselves) Divide,distract and conquer..should be on the trump family crest.Trump is like the many headed Hydra,you lop off one and another grows in it’s place and quickly!And bigly!

    Plus if trump can get some of the media to say they investigated this stuff and were unable to corroborate ;then people will tend to dismiss the whole dossier,even if there are some damning things that are true.

    Sigh,topsy turvey world.

  290. From a comment thread on The Daily Banter:

    Remember when Trump said it was gross that Hillary had to use the bathroom?

    Now we know he was just upset he couldn’t watch.

    *rimshot* 😆

  291. Remember when Trump said it was gross that Hillary had to use the bathroom?

    Now we know he was just upset he couldn’t watch.

    Bahahahahah Bill. Score!


  292. Socal, he fits in really well with that Scumbag Cenk.

  293. Upps, I understand. Feel free to delete it.

    Silly goose :}

  294. Does the reporting of Goldenshowergate mean that yellow journalism is making a comeback?


  295. Upps, thanks for the link to your post. Perfect. I saw the same thing as a young faculty member at a very good univ. A faculty member had contributed greatly to our field and had a great career, but, she stayed too long. She must have had a miserable last 3ish years as younger faculty (not me!) disrespected her by ignoring her comments, and so on. I felt so bad for her but I had no power to change it. It did teach me a lesson about staying too long. too bad our Senators (both o’connell and reid) don’t/didn’t know that.

    The argument against term limits, always said to me, was that without time, you don’t get power and your state suffers. Now, without the state goodies (blocking on the term), maybe that no longer applies.
    How about term limits for the supreme court too? Age 75 or 78 maybe.

  296. Rachel is reporting about a WSJ report on Exon drilling rights around the world. Graphs are instructive. Exon has rights to drill on 63 million acres in Russia, tho they haven’t drilled much yet. Next closest is US at 14 million acres. Other countries way below that. And I saw an article somewhere that questions whether Tillerson has left Exon yet.
    Tillerson was vague about sanctions against Russia today.

  297. Thanks, Uppity! The rimshot gif should work well on the anime forum which I frequent. :mrgreen:

  298. Enjoy it, Bill. I knew you would.

  299. Oh Gray, Academia is exactly the same way!!!

  300. I do not think that this dossier is in any way fake, it was put together at least partly by one of Britian’s leading intelligence agents, now in private work. The New York Times, for all its awful coverage of this campaign, has a story up now about the background of this. Eric Boehlert thinks the upshot of the article is that the dossier is genuine. As to whether exactly all the facts are right, that is perhaps uncertain, but it likely is significantly true in the key parts. And after all, it does fit together with what everyone knows is true. How did Trump get to know Manafort, and Flynn, and Tillerson, and Carter Page, whom Sean Spicer first categorically denied that Trump ever met, but which denial is belied by Trump’s own earlier mention of him as a possible advisor? This Russian connection is undeniable, so the only question is the details of how it was done. Why do so many so-called journalists consistently miss the proverbial forest for the trees?

    I didn’t watch any of the shows, but apparently Matthews was calling this disinformation? Based on what? Apparently this dossier was around for months, but Comey and the FBI either sat on it,or were taking their time on it, unlike the nonsense emails. And Buzzfeed didn’t create any of it, just leaked it. Mother Jones had some of this story months ago, and mentioned it. The major media ignored it. Some of the alt-right places created this idiocy about some site or other inventing the story, which is absurd, based on the NYT story which names the two people who worked to compile the dossier. Why do so many of the media desperately want to bury or pass over this immense story? The same media which could not wait to pass along the private emails of Podesta, the DNC emails, many perhaps doctored or concocted; and which would not stop for one minute in trying to tell us how important Hillary’s emails were. Carl Bernstein, who lost his way ever since his one fame-making story, kept saying on TV that the email story was bigger than Watergate; and then that Comey would not have written the letter about the Weiner laptop unless there were classified emails on it. Utterly and completely wrong. The story which is bigger than Watergate, is this one, but in Bernstein’s overwhelming hatred for Hillary Clinton, he missed it.

  301. Yes, this story is much, much bigger than Watergate for sure and some like Nick Kristoff are even saying so. We’ve never had a candidate or a president elect who was under the control of a foreign country.

  302. How about term limits for the supreme court too? Age 75 or 78 maybe.

    EVERYBDOY has an expiration date. It’s Life. Only in the public sector does this problem exist. In the private sector, you would be given the figurative watch.

  303. Jokes aside (Thanks, Ivory Bill!), the minute I read the report on what Trump allegedly paid prostitutes to do, I thought of his extremely bizarre reaction to Hillary doing what all candidates do during breaks in debates. This guy has some serious issues surrounding women and bodily functions. It makes these allegations credible.

  304. If we had actual journalists in this country, some might make this connection and seek out mental health experts to provide insights. I have also read that Trump does not like having sex with women who have given birth. Someone should do a psychological profile on the next leader of the “free” world.

  305. I saw this on some other blog’s comment thread:

    Q: What’s the difference between a lima bean and a chickpea?

    A: Trump wouldn’t pay to see a lima bean. 😆

    OH MY! George Takei zinged a few good tweets Tuesday night.

  306. How is Cheetolini going to represent our country in negotiations with other countries? How is (for example) the President of China not going to take one look at Cheetolini and fall down ROTFLHAO?

  307. Oh man. Women’s March on Jan 21 all over Europe!

  308. Anyone still in doubt about the fascist reality we are now living in world wide? The name of the former British Intel officer who prepared the dossier is now public. And the BBC is reporting that he and his family have gone into hiding.

  309. Brassy: do you know who released the name of the Brit intel officer?

  310. No, Cats. I don’t. Probably am anonymous leak.

  311. Aw Gawd, Bill. I swear I am going to stuff a rag in your mouth.

    But since I’m here:

    Trump is a Peon.
    Everybody pees on him.

  312. There is a good article at The Guardian on the MI6 officer, apparently a very credible source. The article had an interesting quote about Putin: “Putin is a wolf…he preys on the weakest sheep.” I hope that sheep is trump and not us…

  313. Brassy Rebel, this is undoubtedly where we are; the battle will be between worldwide forces of fascism and those of democracy. It doesn’t look very good for democracy right now. Those in power will try to suppress all information, and that which gets out, they now label “fake news,” which of course is accurately the term for what they have been disseminating for the last few years.

    This country should be in an uproar about this dossier and its implications. We see CNN and the ever-reliable Chuck Todd on MSNBC calling it fake, or that it shouldn’t be released, or it is Buzzfeed’s fault for releasing it. I don’t even know their motivations. They love Herr Trump? They love fascism? They don’t want anything to get out which might cast doubt on Trump? They hate Hillary so much that they don’t want her to win, even symbolically? They are simply craven idiots? When Watergate was unearthed, there were certainly Republicans who tried to argue it was not much. But the media mostly took it very seriously. Now we have a reflexive reaction of, “it’s no big thing,” “it is made up,” “let’s go on to something else.” I can only hope that Britain and some other countries stand up for a free press and for democracy. Our media is apparently not going to, they are going to submit to the tyranny and even glorify it. We know that in a week, Trump and Flynn and Bannon and the rest of them are going to attempt to silence all dissent. I wouldnt’ be surprised if they try to get rid of the laws against “prior restraints,” in journalism; that they start throwing people in jail for “treason,” that they try to sue the better newspapers out of existence. Controlling the media allows them to do anything they want.

    And I have been very suspicious of Trump’s oft-stated dislike of CNN. CNN has done everything to help him; by themselves probably won the election for him with their attacks on Hillary and endless coverage of him. Jeff Zucker has a framed tweet of Trump hanging in his office. I think that attacking CNN is cover for Trump; or at least gets Zucker to make sure that he gets the all favorable coverage Trump wants. There are insidious forces at work. It will be an immense effort to uncover them and to defeat them. I doubt if Hitler would ever have been dislodged from within Germany had he not launched wars against free nations. The hope would be that America has more democraticaly inclined people than Germany had. But how energetic will they be to do something risky in this environment? Will England be able to save us, as we essentially saved them in the past?

  314. DYB posted this at Widdershins:

    68 | DYB
    January 12, 2017 at 2:51 pm

    DOJ Inspector General to “investigate” Comey and the FBI’s actions before the election.


    I’m not holding my breath for anything though.

  315. And for some good news:
    1) At least six senators are not wanting to vote to repeal Obamacare until they have a replacement ready to go…code for we don’t know what the hell we’re doing and can’t get our act together..so that gives some cover to those who don’t want to own the consequences of the repeal.Good for 30 million Americans.
    2) James Comey and his FBI are about to be investigated by an inspector general re: his and their role in the Hillary e-mail investigations. Paybacks are a bitch,James. 🙂
    3) I’m thinking that whoever “leaked” the Trump dossier did him a favor in some ways because now Russia can’t use it to blackmail him..it’s all out there. Info being discredited because Chucky is pissed that he didn’t get to “break” the story. Listening to him trying to justify why it was wrong for Buzzfeed to publish was both comic and pitiful. Good news is w/this info out there we’ll see the mettle of our media in whether or not they continue to pursue the less salacious aspects
    ( financial and personnel Russian connections) of the whole thing. Conflicts of interest may yet be trump’s Waterloo.Let’s hope the FBI actually does it’s job,too.

  316. Msdsal, don’t bet on Russia’s upper hand with the golden showers. They probably have the video.

    As for Comey, big deal. He should have been hauled in the day he did it.

  317. Hate to burst this bubble, but Donald Trump can fire the DOJ inspector general by giving “cause” to both houses of congress with a 30-day warning period. You can bet he’ll think of a reason and his congress will accept it.


  318. Voting, I am going to miss you while you are on sabbatical. You add so much to this blog. I was on quite a long sabbatical until Ups reeled me back in from Twitter. So, I can certainly sympathize with your need to rest from all of this. Take care

  319. Ups, that would be typically petty but also pretty obvious and could backfire. I assume nothing short of treason is going to pry trump out of office and I don’t see how an investigation into Comey is going to touch trump. I bet a lot of people (you know, all those classy winners) would love to find out just how badly Hillary got screwed over, including by the DOJ and the sitting prez, and that there is f*** all she can do about it now. The only possible weak link is Giuliani and he is clearly expendable.

  320. I just heard on the news, can’t remember which news, that Trump is hiring Guilani to be his cyber security advisor of all things.

  321. C-Span started broadcasting Russian TV today for about 10 minutes during the CIA hearing.:


  322. Wouldn’t it have been nice for Obama to award the Medal Of Freedom to Hillary, as well as to Biden?
    Of course that would have taken grace and guts.

  323. If Rudy is cyber security, Trump is screwed. He’s either scammed or tried to scam most of New York and has practically been run out on a rail. Rudy is a shyster. He’s a good match with Trump. I mean he pimped Lifelock on TV for Chrissakes.

  324. Lifelock’s CEO got his identity stolen 13 times lol.

  325. Rudy is a shyster. He’s a good match with Trump.


  326. Sue, he has a week left. As disappointed as I am in President Obama, I cannot believe that he won’t award Hillary the Medal of Freedom also. Perhaps he did not want to dilute the moment by awarding them together. No one in public life is more deserving of the Presidential Medal of Freedom than Hillary is. No one.

  327. And this is his last opportunity to stand up for her after repeatedly failing to do so.

  328. Brassy, I love you but I think you’re dreaming.

  329. How long before Trump wants this done here too?

  330. Probably, Sue. What else is there? Our dreams are all we have left.

  331. To paraphrase a letter I read in a local newspaper, Obama better move fast if he’s gonna confiscate our guns, ban Christianity, and make us all get gay-married to Mexican Muslims like “reliable” sources such as Alex Jones have spent the past eight years saying he’s gonna do. 😛

  332. NW Luna, believe there are some US states where it is against the law to slap your child as punishment and there others where it is not against the law. Last year it became against the law to slap your child in Russia, and if you did you could be imprisoned for 2 years and have it on your record for life. But if your neighbor slapped your child, it was just a simple “administrative offense.” They say repealing the law is meant to give parents the right to discipline a child when they see fit. But it would seem to open the door to worse. I’m not trying to defend the action, just saying that is what they are claiming as the intent.


  333. Senator John Lewis – “I think the Russians participated in helping this man get elected. And they helped destroy the candidacy of Hillary Clinton,” Lewis said.

  334. Ups, that would be typically petty but also pretty obvious and could backfire

    When it comes to Petty, Trump never disappoints. And it is pretty obvious he always gets away with it. He’s gotten away with worse. I could make a list of things that should have ended his candidacy and didn’t. Right now, he is still a principle in his businesses and investments and we still haven’t seen his taxes. And nobody seems to bother him much about it other than to complain weakly like wusses. And the GOP sure isn’t bothering to even complain weakly.

    So no, this would not backfire. If it doesn’t praise the Malignant Narcisst Personality Disorder impaired President, it’s just “Fake News”. I suggest that the only thing that will finish him is when he melts down.

  335. Trump is the biggest “snowflake” if ever there was one.

  336. Maddow did a great story on the Russian inference tonight. Worth watching.

  337. Has this week been exhausting or what? Feels like every day there’s a new emotional roller coaster ride as more and more info comes out about various Trump violations of the law or common decency.Then we all get to sit back and watch as his people and the Repubs do a piss poor job of rationalizing his behavior or scramble to cover things up.Phew.
    But boy,was it nice to see Brian Fallon on MSNBC again.Calm,low key,reasonable,balanced..Lord,Lord…what should have been.OK,going to go binge watch me some TV and hope I’m ready for tomorrow’s shit load.

    Sweet dreams form the West Coast..you all. 🙂 ( I get to say you all because I’ve lived in Virginia,Florida and Texas for a total of 13 years)

  338. Think about it. A British national was more alarmed by the possibility of the US being taken over by Russia than members of our own government–including the president. Shocking.

  339. How one county is dealing with fears regarding immigration:



    Also lots of women from this county going to the march in DC

    P.S. Thanks, Upps, for your warm response to our 30th anniversary.

  340. Some nice zingers in the comments section of the Brit article. Not as good as Ivory Bill’s or Ups, but perhaps good for a chuckle.

  341. Just back from a family visit to MS. It was touchy making sure politics were not mentioned at any time. In one breakfast place parking lot: a white jeep with a pink “skirt?” 12-18 inch pink trim all around bottom of jeep and the same bright pink tire rims (spokes). Bumper sticker on it: Four died/Hillary lied.
    Ducks Unlimited t shirts on the guys. But, there are some good people in MS so don’t diss my state of origin in its entirety. And there are Democrats there. Just way outnumbered.
    Now, that is sad.

    We are outnumbered worldwide but must grow stronger. I like Tom Perez statement, ‘don’t take a spoon to a fight.’ Not sure if the quote included ‘knife’ fight or just fight. But knife is certainly implied if not.
    I think the nation is holding its breath for high noon on the 20th. I hope the women’s march is going to be as big a turnout as appears the day after.
    …end miscellaneous comments.

  342. Hi, i received this e-mail

    There’s a lot of talk about people NOT watching the inauguration. The Grabber will be checking his ratings, and many may not know the way that the tv shows are rated.
    To keep his rating LOW, you must have your television turned ON, but NOT tuned into any channel showing ANY inauguration coverage. If you don’t turn your tv on, his ratings will show higher because of the percentage of sets tuned in. So set up all your televisions to the geographic channel or cooking channel! Anything that is not covering the inauguration, basically!
    – Television must be on, but NOT tuned into channels covering Trump.
    Please share this information! Copy and paste and spread the word

  343. Thanks neetabug. I have wondered whether an ‘on’ TV is somehow recognized by snoopers of all kinds.
    I will not be watching one iota of Friday coverage. Cartoon channel maybe.

  344. It is recognized by Cable companies. In fact, they can switch your TV on by themselves, and they do, usually at 3 AM when you are sleeping, if you are awake, you will notice that suddenly a bit of light is there on the screen and they sometimes have written across the screen “Updating your system” or something to that effect. It’s tied to that cable box they force you to put atop the TV in order to get their two zillion useless channels. I took my box down 2 years ago and gerrymandered things so that I do get all the channels that matter to me (of which there are few). So yeah, they are in your TV and show by their ‘updates’ that they can check things out anytime they want. And if your cable goes wierd, which it does often, you call them and the “Remotely” reset things.

    Time Warner cable box not only does that, but forces you to use their remote, which is shit. And your remote is rendered useless. Also forces you to look at THEIR channel each and EVERY time you turn on your TV the box is attached to. Then you have to struggle with their shitty remote that is a lot like pressing on a dry sponge to go get the channel you WANT. This truly pissed me off and was the straw that made me yank that box the hell out of my life.

    I am holding out hope for the new SlingTV that has come out, because for 20 bucks a month you get channels that you actually DO want to watch, with a couple of options. Since I never watch ESPN but am forced to pay for all those sports channels, they have an option just for me. The problem is, it’s streaming TV and it still doesn’t work so well. Freeze, buffering, etc. So I am waiting for the glitches to be ironed out and, if it happens, I will pull that plug on that fucking thieving Time Warner, whose guts I hate and everyone else hates.

    Oh and recently they have forced everyone to place an “adaptor” on all their other TVs. Also a little box. I actually had to put in a socket just for Cable. They have redecorated my entire house with cables, plugs, wires and boxes. I guess that’s called progress lol. Remember when you plugged the cable from the wall into your TV and that was that? And you NEVER had to call the cable company about a problem? I hardly call this an “improvement”.

  345. This Friday is the reason that God and Ted Turner invented the TCM channel.
    Romances, comedies, crime melodramas, musicals, even (groan) westerns, doesn’t matter-I’ll be there.

  346. Yeah Gray, Four died/Chaffetz Refused is the real story.

  347. Oh, don’t get me started on cable! Comcast is a national scandal–And the MFers now own NBC which I think is the reason NBC has gone so right wing. Comcast is owned by a right wing crank out of Philadelphia. They’ve been allowed to take over most of cable tv. Yes, I remember the good old days when you could just buy a tv and plug it in. Now, if you have an HD tv, it’s useless without the box you must lease from the cable company. And the box malfunctions often. I had to get 3 boxes in a year and a half before they would give me a new one that hadn’t been recycled.

    I yearn for channels I can order a la carte because I must have dozens of channels I never watch because you have to order a tier with a package of channels. And that’s why I no longer get TCM which I really love. Thieves at Comcast moved it to a more expensive tier several years ago to force me to pay more (and receive still more channels I never watch) just to get TCM. I go without it now. I can’t afford the tier I’m in now. But they try to force you into an even pricier one.

    Well, I warned not to get me started.

  348. Uppity, I am on DirecTV and my TV has come on in early hours like 3 AM!! I thought something was wrong with my TV. Or that a burgler was in the house. Scared me. It has happened 3x in the last several months. Been meaning to call directv about it.

  349. Does anyone know a Hillary email that she or her staff read?

    I googled and got this one: hrod17@clintonemail.com.
    I sent a message asking her to please not attend the inaugural and did not get a bounceback, nor a reply, of course. This one I googled may be fake and who knows where my email went.

  350. My directv comes on to a channel and starts loudly so it wakes you up. There is no message from directv. Just the last channel I was viewing. Hearing talking in the next room from a sound sleep is very scary, believe me!

  351. For what it’s worth, we’ve been pretty happy with ATT uverse.

  352. I have Direct TV. Never had the problem with the tv coming on by itself.
    I have the ATT bundle. I get cable, internet, and phone. Yes I still have landline. I pay one bill. It is not that expensive. When the contract is up. They raise the bill. I holler and scream for them to cancel the cable, internet and phone. They say since you have been such a loyal customer They turn around and lower the bill.

  353. Intelligence Committee will investigate possible Russia-Trump links


  354. I have tried twice, hours apart, to post an item asking for hrc email and, in it, I included the one I found in a google search. I don’t know if the system or Uppity is blocking it (OK if that is it) or if it is because I have the email address in it.
    I sent a message asking her to please not attend the inaugural. Did not get a bounce back.
    Will try this one last time and then stop trying this topic.

  355. Have no idea why it landed in spam, Gray. I opened the cage. Probably was the email address though. Something you might find in a spam comment. I think. Maybe.

    I will give a bit of unsolicited advice. I would never send a message to an email address I found on the internet unless it came directly from the source. I just did a google of clintonemail.com and found yet a different one from the one you got. On Gawker. I do hope you didn’t use your real name.

  356. Well, I thought about the real name thing but did use it. Unlike me but… So far I have had no bad results from it. I sent it last Thursday or Friday morning. I will change my pw on that email address, just in case. I just wish we could access public figures in some venue.
    I responded to her facebook page once and my real name popped up there. I did not use my real name for a user id but fb took it from my registration I guess. oh well.

  357. This is a really good article, goes along with what we’ve been saying:


  358. I found your conversation about cable very interesting. We’re dying to make a change ourselves. btw, we will be in a hotel on inaug day. Should I leave the tv on there or won’t it matter.

  359. socalanniie, leave it on. You don’t have to worry about paying the electric bill.

  360. Gray, Try writing to Hillary. I forget the name of the town she lives in. Call your local paper or tv station for the address

  361. Hillary Rodham Clinton
    Post Office Box 5256
    New York, NY 10185-5256

  362. She lives in Chappaqua.

  363. I did not use my real name for a user id but fb took it from my registration I guess. oh well.

    Nice of facebook to Dox a user without permission. Just one of many things instrusive about FB. People give them their names and other personal information, which they collect and use as they will, and then they collect more data associated with you from your facebook comments and posts. As if that isn’t enough, they web bug you and follow you around the internet, collecting yet more data on where you go, what you are interested in and what you do on the internet. And all of that information belongs to them to do with what they please.

    Facebook is one of the most frighteningly dangerous pieces of internet user media I have seen in my many years on the internet (since the days when you paid by the minute).

    I really believe using FB is a huge mistake. Therefore I don’t do it.

  364. Socal,thanks for the link, I sure wish someone would look into Bernie’s FEC reports and trace where so many of those $27 contributions came from.I’d be willing to bet one of my Medicare supplement payments that Vlad and some of his buds sent out a few.

    And Neetabug..will have my TV on all day long on non-news channels this Friday. An excellent excuse for wasting electricity if you ask me.Hey,it’ll only happen once,right? Am also asking friends to do the same. If you look at it this is really another opportunity to vote plus hits the money guys right in their big fat wallets. May be one of the last times we get to stick it to them before they completely take over.

    Onward through the fog!!

  365. “I sure wish someone would look into Bernie’s FEC reports and trace where so many of those $27 contributions came from.I’d be willing to bet one of my Medicare supplement payments that Vlad and some of his buds sent out a few.”

    Spot on.

    Neeta, I will do the tv thing.

  366. FEC did flag about 600 pages of illegal donations to the Castro Wannabee, including foreign countries. I posted the link to that letter and list a few times. I could dig it up again if you are going to click on it. Otherwise, I’ll just rest lol

  367. I have Comcast and the reason why I have them is because the only other option is Directv or Dish. I loathe Dish network with a passion. Directv was okay except again it was a dish and dishes go out during storms. And then the only internet I could get was DSL which was as slow as Christmas. Finding out Comcast is owned by some wingnut in PA maybe the final straw though for me to get rid of them. I pay way too much for things I don’t even watch. A friend of mine has gone to antenna TV and she gets a bunch of channels and then does Netflix. You also can subscribe to individual channels on Amazon video. The problem here is though I will use up my internet allotment using Netflix etc.

  368. Msdsal @ 8:31:

    Here is a link that has one of Sanders’ violation letters from the SEC, with links to the other two. There were in total over 900 pages of violations.

    “Strike Three: Feds Catch Bernie with $10 Million in Mystery Campaign Donations”


    Sanders, to my knowledge, has never answered a single one of these violations. He successfully put off the FEC until after the election, then did nothing.

    There are two other extremely disturbing parallels Sanders has to tRump, besides these examples of illegal and unaccountable campaign funding sources.

    Sanders released only one year of taxes, 2015. He’s stonewalled on the rest, just like tRump. Several of the sources questioning his campaign funding sources say that 2016 is when the foreign contributions really took off. This is from the link cited in the above link (not posted to avoid spam filter):

    “The FEC noted more foreign contributions in just the month of January than in the previous three months combined, and has flagged over 3,500 contributions as over-limit. Through the end of December alone, the Sanders campaign had collected more than $23 million in donations without sourcing them or certifying that those came from donors whose aggregate total giving is below $200.”

    The third parallel, besides the illegally sourced campaign money and his continuing to hide his tax returns, is a campaign manager who, like Manafort, was a former employee of deposed pro-Putin Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovych: Tad Devine, who received at least $10 million by May, 2015, from Sanders’ media buys to Old Towne Media. A firm, incidentally, that according to vtdigger.org had paid Sanders’ wife $30,000 for her work on ole Bernie’s campaigns in 2002 and 2004.

    Oh, and there’s a fourth: both had troll armies that sprang up out of nowhere to viciously attack Hillary on Facebook and Twitter. The wilfully ignorant media took those bots at face value, all too eager to mistake automated hate for “enthusiasm” when it came to HRC’s opponents. I believe at least some of the pro-tRump bots were traced to Russia. Someone needs to look into Sanders’ as well.

  369. I should clarify that the earlier payments to Jane Sanders’ were made through a different firm than Old Towne Media but run the same people: Abar Hutton Media, run by Shelli Hutton-Hartig and Barbara Abar Bougie.

    Those two later went on to form Old Towne Media in 2014, working almost exclusively for the Sanders Campaign and receiving at least $82 million in ad buys, of which at least $10 million went to “not even a” Tad Devine.


  370. Jane Sanders is such a scammer and skimmer. Ever since he was mayor, she was skimming then too.

  371. I wonder how many people at these rallies voted for Hillary? I wonder how many people looking to co-opt the Democratic party voted for Hillary. I want nothing to do with people who were too vindictive to save the Republic. I have no fucks left to give.

  372. Big, loud eyeball roll goes here.
    I know where she lives. That’s the address the campaign gave to send letters to Hillary.

  373. Nerd, that Peoplesview link yields a 404 not found error.

  374. 900 pages of illegal donations. Even worse than the over 600 one I had, and before that there was a 400+ one.

  375. What would really be nice if we could all turn to the same channel. Like Hallmark.

  376. Sophie, thanks for the hrc address. Too late for the inaugural but I will write her. I hate snail mail but will make the sacrifice!

    DirecTV. I actually like it and I live in an area with afternoon short rains and it does go out sometimes but usually only for a short time. Most rains don’t have thunder/lightening so OK with those plain rains. And I call each year or two and complain about price and get a small reduction, after an increase!

    I can get channels I like that I could not get on cable. I want to look into the Roku thing but my techie skills are less than they were just a few years ago. I run an intranet and use a Mac but that is about it. I don’t watch movies so Netflix does not appeal. Tho I know you can get non-movie programs.

    Finally, I will try Hallmark on Friday, or any channel you all agree on. Today it is Tim Allen’s Home Improvement all afternoon! So am watching/hating andrea mitchell now.

  377. Upps, @ 10:02 Sorry about that – I apparently added an “n” when the link didn’t have one. This should work:

    Also wanted to clarify that there were over 900 pages -total-. Your 600+ pages, plus two other letters adding 300+ pages. That should be clear in that hopefully now-working link.

    Bernie and Jane – the two of them just scammed on and on. Even yesterday, I overheard two white, late 30ish women outside Aldi’s talking in horrified tones about tRump, then one said but what could you do, Hillary was just as bad and they both agreed Sanders was the only one they could have voted for. You may not be able to fix stupid, but I wish the rest of us could avoid being ruled by it.

  378. That is why I say the biggest mistake Hillary made was not doing the oppo dump on Bernie. There would have been no question about what a disaster Bernie would have been had his baggage been dumped loud and large. You should have asked those ladies if they think women desire to be gang raped like Bernie seems to think.

  379. I wonder if David Farentholdt ( WP) or Kurt Eikenwald ( Newsweek) might be interested in this story for the good ol’ “Fair and balanced” stand point. Might make their publications look good if they’re going after both Dems ( or,rather Dem light) and Repubs re: illegal foreign payments.
    I’m all for sacrificing Bernie on the altar of integrity..shoot..somebody e-mail this stuff to a Trump bot/Breitbart. If we’re going to cleanse the wound let’s let all the infection be exposed..plus they might very well bite. I know we need Bernie’s vote in the Senate but we don’t need to keep having him messing in the Dem party…or as some kind of socialist folk hero.Talk about your Trojan horses.

  380. Hillary was between a rock and a hard place in the OPPO dump question. Bernie attacked her personally in ways that are not done in party primaries. But then Bernie wasn’t a Dem. And who knows what encouragement he was getting from Putin’s boys. There’s a lot out there now about how the propaganda and disinformation was being targeted to the left as well as the right. It was sophisticated in it’s understanding of American domestic politics which points tp the Kremlin.

    Anyway, in the end, Hillary got most of Sanders supporters. Had she played rough like he did, the fracture probably would have remained wide through the general election. Still, there’s no question the recycling of right wing talking points left over from the nineties for left wing consumption hurt her. A rock and a hard place.

  381. And Hillary learned the hard way in 2008 primary that the media would never allow her to fight fire with fire. Another double standard.

  382. It shouldn’t be a secret to people that Bernie has a long running history of affection and identification with socialist despots and communists. So this is not a stretch.

    I would add that Trump and his associated greasers aren’t in the least bit interested in Bernie. He’s a loser, not a threat to them, and in fact is useful to them when they use his disgusting quotes about Hillary.

  383. Also wanted to clarify that there were over 900 pages -total-. Your 600+ pages, plus two other letters adding 300+ pages.

    I also saw one that was well over 400 pages.

  384. Sanders was the only one they could have voted for. You may not be able to fix stupid, but I wish the rest of us could avoid being ruled by it.

    Wait till Trump increases employment by sending their friends over to the Middle East to eat sand. See how well Bernie works out of them then.

  385. Msdsal @ 2:30 The media continues to paper over (literally – I’m looking at you, NYT & WaPo) what was done to Hillary. It may be too late to ever correct what was done to her and to all of us because of it, but I still believe it is necessary to bring every bit of it to light that can be. Their repeated ridiculous claims that in spite of unthinkable interference in her campaign, HRC was responsible for her defeat must be opposed as much as possible. That includes exposing whether and how much of Sanders’ illegal campaign contributions and his Twitter bot army ultimately originated in Russia, and whether Devine, like Manafort, was a direct connection.

  386. Earlynerd, love “not even a” Tad Devine!

    Sophie, I’m with you and also have “no fucks to give” for the morons that voted for one of the naders. I don’t know if I’ll ever forgive them.

  387. Uppity @ 3:06

    Wait till Trump increases employment by sending their friends over to the Middle East to eat sand. See how well Bernie works out of them then.

    Just like the ex-wives and handful of widows I’m surrounded by in this NC retirement complex. They mostly voted for tRump and many actively worked for him.

    I do take a grim satisfaction in knowing that what their hero is going to do to Social Security and Medicare, terrifying as it is for me, will be much worse for them.

  388. Thanks, Annie! I’ve been wanting to work that one in for ages 🙂

  389. Living in the metro Atlanta area, a local tv station was showing the MLK, Jr celebration at Ebenezer Baptist Church. There were some wonderful speakers. However, I was greatly dismayed that Sanders was seated on the stage. When it was finally his turn to speak, he was given a glowing introduction and it was followed by thunderous applause. My heart sank.

  390. WLM, all the more reason to go ahead and expose Bernie for who he really is. He is not and should not be the face of the Democratic Party and his so called revolutionaries should know who they’re getting behind. It’s kind of hard to justify hundreds of FEC violations, a new summer home,Jane’s “salary” for following his sorry ass around and the thousands of dollars spent on hauling his family over to the Vatican for a fifteen minute speech and a chance to stalk the Pope.The old adage,socialism is good for you but not for me.

    Once we see who’s elected head of the DNC we’ll know who’s going to run the party for the next couple of years.If Ellison..then Bernie ,Perez..then Obama..anyone else,who knows.

  391. Msdsal, It was pointed out that he is an independent. But for the life of me I cannot understand why the Clintons were not invited to speak. Bernie probably has never been around so many people of color until today.

  392. GA6thDem, @2:22, I brought that very item up at my caucus when discussing why I was for Hillary and not Bernie to a woman Berniebot. The woman next to her had a “Hot Chicks for Bernie” T-shirt on. The reply I got was “Well, I have rape fantasies too!” Several answers zinged through my brain then, all some variation on “Fuck off to the lowest level of Hell” but right then the announcement came to split up into our individual precincts so she left. No wonder many of them went over to Trump.

  393. Bernie didn’t give AAs the time of day with their own watches and suddenly they love him. All righty then. I submit that one of his rare black supporters with some pull got him on that stage.

  394. I do take a grim satisfaction in knowing that what their hero is going to do to Social Security and Medicare, terrifying as it is for me, will be much worse for them.

    Nerd, I hope they enjoy their early deaths. They earned it.

  395. Sophie, I’m with you and also have “no fucks to give” for the morons that voted for one of the naders.

    If there’s one thing Democrats learn from history it’s how to repeat it exactly.

  396. Bernie HAS been exposed plenty of times. Nobody does a thing about it. It’s as if being a sleazebag is a good thing, now. The shittier and more dishonest you are, the lower your integrity, if you are lower than whale shit, you are IN. And if you have a penis, you are spotted a couple of hundred “integrity” points automatically.

  397. Please include me in the No More Fucks To Give party. Especially about Bernie. He probably invited himself to the Atlanta event. He does that. A lot. Just ask the pope.

  398. Guess this wasn’t the best of times to get an email from something called socialsecurityworks.org urging me to sign on to yet another useless online petition, this one supporting BS’s “day of action” and b.s. amendment to “save” the program he did so much to trash.

    One of the Dem. campaigns I worked on must have passed on my email address. I’ll spare folks’s ears here and just leave my reply to the imagination.

  399. Upps @ 11:14 That really is true. I just don’t get it.

  400. Rebel @ 12:01 {snicker} Francis is probably -still- layin low, hoping Bernie’s forgotten all about him.

  401. Just to correct the one year for which Sanders did release his tax return – 2014, not 2015 (I was thinking of the year in which, nor for which filed, I guess). 2015 would have had much more meaningful information, but voters didn’t get that one.

    Another link for that – it’s also somewhere in one of the articles linked above: http://www.factcheck.org/2016/04/sanders-evades-tax-question/

    And now I really will stop posting comments and call it a night.

  402. Maybe someone could sic Bernie onto all the Republicans who suddenly are able to voice their love for ACA. He could switch over to the r side and be their pain in the b… . I am surprised none of those Rs are planning a march on their Congress to save their health insurance. I guess they are waiting for the Democrats to save them, as usual.

  403. In thinking about those R and Indie citizens who raved against ACA (Obamacare to them) and now want to keep it, I do hold Democrats responsible for most of that. Our politicians are like the British ones who did not explain the true meaning of Brexit.

    Our Dem pols do not explain in plain English what it means to have or not have a particular social benefit or law. Obama was horrible at explaining the advantages of the ACA. Even to regular Democrats. I won’t go into Hillary’s error in that regard because no Democrat is as good at getting their message out there as republicans, and we are all reaping the results of that.

    People do not vote for a higher good. Most vote for what is proximal and meaningful to themselves alone. Yes, in my view, that makes them stupid voters.

    But, it is what our politicians have to work with. If they have town hall meetings, why don’t they grasp that and respond accordingly? What has happened to Democrats in the last 50 years?

    Off to a busy day so I hope some of you critical thinkers here can answer this simple dilemma for Democratic pols, maybe after your work day. Mine is a volunteer day ahead.

  404. Maybe someone could sic Bernie onto all the Republicans who suddenly are able to voice their love for ACA. He could switch over to the r side and be their pain in the b… .

    Bernie has no interest in the Republican Party. It is in the process of being destroyed by Bannon (his admitted goal). Bernie is interested in being the one who destroys and absorbs the Democratic Party for himself and his real BFFs, CPUSA.

  405. Upps, that thing looks like a freaking dinosaur.

  406. OMG … that beast is straight out of Jurassic Park!!!

    I am still here. Just lurking … and enjoying your posts … but really having nothing to add. I hope he gets impeached or has a hissy fit and quits before too much damage is done.

  407. Even though I saw it on the news this am, I clicked on it because I always do as I am told. Also I wanted to show my great niece and nephew. They said it looks like a dinosaur too. For me a creature like that would be a serious drawback to living in Florida. No dinos in Minnesota.

  408. I don’t want Trump impeached. That would give us Pence who is just as illegit. I don’t want either one sworn in in the first place. But they will be. There are actually people on Twitter who want Obama to impose martial law till there’s a complete investigation of WTF is happening. Of course, the chance of Obama doing something that controversial is <0.

    And I also saw on Twitter that Trump plans on taking a vacation 3 days after inauguration. If true, he is the one who is low energy. That's freakin' ridiculous.

  409. I saw the huge gator earlier but will click again. I also saw the turnipp vacation plans. I guess no one told him yet that Presidents do not get vacation days!!!! The office (well, a legit one) goes wherever he goes. I am waiting to see how he handles not getting to set his own schedule! Or if his staff even knows how to set a pres schedule. We are screwed, no doubt.

  410. Hey Rebel, you should see some of the constrictor snakes they have snagged in Florida. Frightening.

    That was the same gator they spotted on that FLA golf course. The residents say he’s been around for decades. Here’s press coverage.

  411. As far as Bernie goes, he has done nothing but tick off POC with everything he has said since the election. And there have been articles about how Bernie cannot be a leader in the party because of his attitude towards women and minorities. So I’m sure Schumer made him go or he heard about somebody else going and decided to invite himself. Or Ebenezer asked for a representative of the party to be there and no one could come except for Bernie. I would not read too much into it.

    Uppity I hope you are right about the GOP being destroyed. I’m beyond sick of Ryan and McConnell and their smug mugs.

  412. OOps wrong clip. Here’s press coverage on the gator and the people ARE familiar with him.

  413. How big is that gator?

  414. I want to say something about Obama’s Commutation of Manning. My first thought was this was Brilliant. Assange tweeted that if Obama would grant clemency to Manning he would allow extradition of himself.

    Think about that. If Assange wants to retain any semblence of credibility, he has to keep his word. He could be entradited to Sweden for two rape trials. We could file charges under the espionage act and bring him here as well. Of course, Trump could Pardon him immediately! Or not. If he doesn’t, there will be a trial that could get very uncomfy for Donald. If he does, then it’s practically an admission of complicity.

    It’s called a Catch-22 and it’s Brilliant.

  415. Can you imagine opening the back door and being greeted by that monster? No thanks! And he looks like he just ate a large animal for lunch. Maybe Minnesota snow storms aren’t so bad after all.

  416. How big is that gator?

    I think they said 15 ft. yikes.

    Biggest one on record was 17 feet, was in captivity I guess. Lived to over 100. That’s the other thing about gators and crocs, long lives.

    There was another video that went viral of a huggggge gator that strolled around a golf course in Palmetto, Fla.

  417. Another shot of the golf course gator.

  418. And in Miami, an 8ft gator was banging on their door.

  419. Interesting peek into gators, golf and the undrained swamp.

    Are the really big ones supposed to have that tRumpian profile, with the chins and all? It almost looks like they’re not healthy. Maybe too many endocrine disruptors in that swamp water?

  420. Upps @ 6:12 re: commutation of Mannings sentence:

    I like your Catch-22. Also, it has really pissed off Paul Ryan, which is funny.

  421. Earlynerd @ 1:15am, LOL! Good one!

  422. I’m getting addicted to the gator videos. But I have a question. If that gator eats your golf ball–an hors d’oevre for him–how is it scored?

  423. LOL long as you don’t get addicted to gators! Now you understand why I sold my parents’ Florida home and opted to stay where no self-respecting alligator or snake would hang out.

    Incidentally, in case you all don’t know, NYC captures 5-6 gators a year. It seems that the myth that they hang out in the sewer system isn’t a myth at all. Want a documentary? Ok, here:

  424. Want another reason why I refused to live in Florida? Besides the cockroaches they call “Palmettos”. Cute name for BIG BIG-ASSED cockroaches.

    Let’s move on to the invasion of florida by……..you guessed it…….HUGGGGE Pythons. People’s ‘pets’ started to get too big, so….they turned them loose. And, Hurricane Andrew also destroyed a “snake warehouse” and hundreds of them got loosed. And now they have invaded Florida. Here’s one who paid someone’s yard a visit. I know you are enjoying this. Hey! What are friends for! ….shiver…

    Little docu here on this invasive species and how they got there.

  425. Ga6thDem, what a fantastic piece by Sammy Leonard–wow!
    That ‘s the best article I’ve read in a long time; thank you for sharing it.

  426. Yes, GA6th and sweet sue an excellent read!

  427. I’m getting addicted to the gator videos. But I have a question. If that gator eats your golf ball–an hors d’oevre for him–how is it scored?

    This depends on who you are and how important you are.

  428. Uppity @ 9:14

    Hurricane Andrew also destroyed a “snake warehouse” and hundreds of them got loosed.

    Ah. That accounts for that last minute tRump surge – they learned how to vote.

    Uppity, those “Palmetto bugs” were one reason I moved diagonally across country right after college, about as far away as I could get. My family was stationed for a time in Mobile, Al when I was a kid – you could hear those suckers *fly* and (gag) even land.

  429. Ga6thDem, that’s a great article. The last paragraph especially ties everything together and makes what’s at stake very, very clear.

  430. Uppity @ 9:14 That snake may be a Republican (or even Unaffiliated), but those snake catchers are definitely Dems. She actually goes in and catches the snake, he takes all the credit.

  431. Ga6th, great article, thank you!

  432. You’re welcome Sue and cats!

  433. Have been watching bits and pieces of the cabinet hearings..I keep getting this picture on my head of all these foxes drooling and leaning over the chicken coop w/this poor terrified chicken labeled American People waiting for the inevitable.
    Some of those interviewed actually sounded relatively reasonable but the others ,especially Price and the guy they want for EPA were,as my father used to say,slicker then snot. How is it possible to watch tv and then feel the need for a shower?

    Is there one among us who might generate a new thread? Would be much appreciated.

  434. To the gator keeper…MK Bill is waaay snookered from New years champagne…
    new post?

  435. You know who’s starting to emerge as the un-Sanders? Tim Kaine.

    He’s got the lifelong actual progressive chops Sanders et al so obviously lack. He was one of the only known Dems willing to give up that oh so precious male-me-first status to accept whole heartedly being vice-president to the first woman president. He’s pit-bulling it right along with Warren and others in standing up to the incoming vampires on America’s veins.

    Given that the longest lasting, most intractable bigotry embedded in the human race, i.e. sexism – for which America and much of the world has once again just paid dearly – ain’t gonna be gotten over anytime soon, I think Kaine’s the best possibility for sane leadership of the Democratic party.

  436. I agree that we have to look for Tim Kaine to come out swinging. He’s still in there and Sanders will become irrelevant as his brainspit opportunist words begin to show his true colors. We’ll one day find out where all his big money came from all of a sudden. Until then, he’s not in the Democratic Party so to me he’s as irrelevant as Joe Lieberman, remember him? He couldn’t decide what party he was in and now nobody even remembers him or knows who he is.
    As for the TV conversation. I’ve dropped cable a long time ago. I get plenty of OTA channels and stream everything else. Netflix and Sling TV plus ROKU provides more than enough TV. I get Turner Classic movies through Sling. At first I had difficulty with the buffering but Sling has seemed to resolve that problem. I recommend it. You can’t get live cable news but after its aired you can watch plenty of the segments that have already aired. I’ll never get cable again until I can pay ala carte for the channels I want.

  437. Lildoggy, are you paying the equivalent of cable TV with Netflix, Sling, ROKU all together? I guess it is worth it to get what you want. I just have to learn more about Sling and ROKU. But I do like some of the diy, Natgeo, SCI, etc type channels. Even Forensic Files when I am desperate!

    I like Tim Kaine but he is kinda not so charismatic which is the magic key these days.

  438. Just saw that Perry said he believed “some” of climate change is man made but “The question is how we address it in a thoughtful way that doesn’t compromise economic growth.”

    Guess what? Compromising economic growth is not the worst thing that could happen. The population could die out…that seems a bit more harsh to me than cutting back on profits.

  439. Outrageous!

  440. Lildoggy, thanks for that reminder about Lieberman (who?). Makes it a lot easier to wait while BS fades into obscurity – though I doubt he’ll go quietly.

    Gray, I agree Kaine’s low key. After tRump’s and Sanders’ bombast, though, that comes across to me as comfortable and trustworthy.

    But I’m afraid you’re right, that things like charisma are much more important now.

  441. Uppity, that is outrageous. That kind of timidity, no, cowardice, is why women are still where we are today.

    What would it cost them to put up Hillary’s name as one of those honored? At this point, nothing, but they’re still so damned scared of male opinion.

    One reason this loss has hit me so hard is that it’s mirrored what’s happened so many times in my IT career, when I’d stand up to some occurrence of blatant sexism and the women who had privately complained to me about exactly that would then all take a giant step backwards, leaving me out front by myself. Then they’d pile on with the boys, frantic to look like anything but who they were, actual females in IT and the sciences.

    If the march isn’t against tRump, if HIllary’s name Must Not Be Mentioned, what the hell are they marching for?

  442. And here I was wondering just this morning if Hillary would be at the march on Saturday. Why would she when shown such disrespect? This is how they get us ,people,by not honoring those who came before us you divide us yet again which results in further division and failure.And what,pray tell ,is the petty point they were trying to make by not including her name? NOT the hope and resilience I was looking for when dealing with the inauguration trauma.

    As to good ol’ Joe Lieberman..I could’ve sworn I saw him sitting behind Betsy DeVos at her hearing the other day..looked like him anyway. Wouldn’t be a bit surprised if he did support DeVos..who is a poison pill for public education and an entitled moron. ( Sorry,I try not to malign people’s cognitive function,but that woman really pisses me off) If you ever want to understand why DeVos’s approach is so devastating to public schools read The Reign of Error by ,I think,Diane Ravitch. Helped explain to me what has been going on in public education for the past twenty years. The only causal factor for low achievement scores ,that goes across states and countries is,surprise…poverty.POVERTY not bad teachers.OK,calming down..calming down.

  443. And I’m still waiting for outgoing POTUS to award her the Presidential Medal of Freedom. The disrespect shown to this woman is infinite.

  444. This week on Samantha bee she did a piece on Conway and prefaced it with a backdrop of ground breaking women: I saw Albright, merkel, Steinem and even michelle, but NO Hillary. It is like she is being erased. One of the most historic women of our time and the only thing she is good for is criticism and ridicule.

    Ups, I want to see the response,to that letter, if there ever is one.

  445. Brassy:
    Obama gave the Medal of Freedom to Biden.

  446. Uppity @ 12:07 I did and commented. It hasn’t shown up – can’t be the mild profanity.

  447. Ups, thanks for posting the Women’s March info. I had just assumed that Hillary would be recognized. I agree that this is outrageous. Are these Sanders supporters heading this event?

  448. Yep Sanders people.

  449. They hijacked DC organizing.

  450. Boys stick together, belle.

    Listen I tweeted @womensmarch at noon and asked if this were true and they didn’t answer me. Then I found out that three Bernoids hijacked the organizing at DC and are keeping her name off “because she’s attending the inauguration”. Of course if it weren’t that excuse it would have been another. It’s all obvious who is behind this.

  451. Nerd, Bernie wants to stay lit up till 2020. He’s actually delusional enough to think he can be elected president at an age when he can barely keep piss stains off his pants. And he can’t stand that he lost to a girl. I get great joy from that.

    As for the others, I no longer am going to fight for them. Fuck em. I’m all set. I am sick of these stereotype “girls” backstabbing and sniping and being the catty spoiled brats men accuse them of being.

    I’m done. they are all going to get a dose of the consequences of their 3rd party vote. No skin off my nose. My only regret is they are taking others with them, the little brats.

  452. To top it off, they are going to use her Women’s Rights Are Human Rights speech.

  453. The Left will make the Democratic Party a permanent minority party, if they let them. If Trump brought out all the sickening Nazi thugs, Sanders brought out all the Marxist ideologues who prefer the Democrats to lose every time for their fantasized sin of impurity.

    Hillary was actually one of the few people, maybe the only one, who could have kept the party together. Now we have the Sanders acolytes demanding purity, trying to destroy Hillary’s reputation, purge Booker, purge Warren, guillotine them all. Then there are a certain group of Obama devotees, like the woman who wouldn’t honor Hillary at the Women’s March, who will only fervently support another Black candidate. So while these people argue with each other, and try to reshape history for their own purposes, the Republicans laugh and laugh, as they destroy every semblance of the New Deal. The crucial question will not be, “Will Trump be unpopular?,” because it does appear that most people do not support him. It will be, “Can the Democratic Party actually find a candidate who can create a strong and winning coalition, and who actually knows how to govern?” Right now, I don’t see anyone who could do that, except Hillary, and it is doubtful that she would run, and certain that the same people would spend all their time disparaging her. I do know that following Sanders would be the sure way for the Democrats to become a joke of a party,the Washington Generals of politics.

  454. Then I found out that three Bernoids hijacked the organizing at DC and are keeping her name off “because she’s attending the inauguration”.

    Figures. As William noted way upstream, Hillary would be scorned by the media whether she attended the inauguration or stayed away. That apparently goes double for BS’s terminally self-righteous nauseating band of bros. What a time for women to cave in to this yet again!

  455. Not a single US Senator is boycotting the inauguration–including Bernie. And Bernie has been adamant about working with Trump whenever possible. Just when did Bernie devotees become such staunch supporters of women’s rights anyway? That they managed to hijack the DC March is disgusting, but not surprising. Hijacking things is what they do best.

  456. I listened to an inspirational interview this morning between Tennessee dem rep Steve Cohen and Tamron Hall on MessNBC. If I weren’t such an insufferable Luddite, I would post it here. I know it was linked on his twitter feed. It was heartening, yet maddening. Wonderful rant- no compromise here.

  457. Lillam, I couldn’t find a specific interview but here is his statement on not attending:


    This is the rousing last paragraph:

    I had a decision to make on whether or not to attend the inauguration. I would love to attend the inauguration. I am a member of Congress through the votes of my constituents. I value our government. I appreciate it greatly. But this president ‘semi-elect’ does not deserve to be President of the United States. He has not exhibited the characteristics or the values that we hold dear. That Dr. King held dear. That John Lewis holds dear. And when he questioned the integrity of my friend, colleague and civil rights icon John Lewis, that crossed the Rubicon. I sat on the floor of the House of Representatives with John Lewis to protest the inability of the Republican Congress to give us a vote on gun violence. I sat with John Lewis then. And I will stand with John Lewis now. Therefore, I will not be attending the inauguration of the 45th President of the United States of America this week.

    And this is the Representative from Tennessee! Even in states Rethugs assume to be all theirs, these lights shine.

  458. Uppity, here is Victoria Brownworth on the incomprehensible omission of Hillary Clinton from this “women’s march”:

    I still can’t believe this. It’s like the nightmare feeling I had late on Nov. 8th, when I got back from the local candidates office and started tuning in to election results.

    At least in 1992 we had Susan Faludi to give voice to what had been done to us, an equally courageous woman to inspire us and twenty years or so less of media saturation in how to be second class beings all our lives.

  459. It is raining and gray here in western NC which seems just right for me as that is exactly how i am also today. What else could it be on a day when my country becomes gray and fascist.

  460. My blood glucose is 47 which is so appropriate for this day. Yeah, it should be at least 70 or more but it wil get there soon enough and I feel it is where it should be on such a horrible day. Even my birds are not eating at their feeders now on the deck. woe is everything.

  461. Gray. Eat something. Now.

  462. Nerd I am mercilessly harassing them in twitter. They are using Hillary’s beijing speech! I asked them if they asked permission to use one of the 100 most famous speeches in American history while leaving the famous speaker off their Special List. Next thing you know they are tweeting about how they are using her speech and I retweeted it and said, but we won’t put her on our list because we are petty ingrates.

    Twitter is being merciless to them. I probably tweeted them 20 times myself. Suspect pride is stopping them from correcting their Ut Oh.

    I started tweeting yesterday to tell everyone to bring a Hillary sign to DC march. That freaked them out and next thing you know, if you bring a sign for Hillary to DC, you will be alienated. Well I don’t need to tell you my response to that….


  463. Uppity, that is outrageous. That kind of timidity, no, cowardice, is why women are still where we are today.

    If the march isn’t against tRump, if HIllary’s name Must Not Be Mentioned, what the hell are they marching for?


  464. Ups, you are so wicked, please keep it up.

  465. Sorry, I’ll calm down some.

  466. Oh but I DO try, cats. As you know, it’s so very difficult for me to be wicked…..

  467. *Countdown to how long it takes for Bill to steal that gif……

  468. Yes they must not mention her name Branjor, but they are using her speech as the reason for being there.

    FWIW, the culprit making these decisions is none other than Linda Sansour. She hijacked the DC march for herself, apparently. Ingrate.

  469. Uppity, please delete my crazy post at 8:30 am. Thanks.

  470. You will be “alienated”? WTF does that mean? They will turn you into ET?

  471. All those Bernies are really scary. Hope they all have nightmares.

  472. This is probably not all that appropriate on a day like this. But I keep thinking of how, for whatever reasons, the Obama Administration was incapable of stopping Republicans from taking over both Houses of Congress, virtually every statehouse; gerrymandering everything; suppressing hundreds of thousands of votes in every battleground state. Obama was the President for eight years. He is apparently popular, at least on a personal level. And yet he did almost nothing to stop any of this. And he did not tell the country about the Russian efforts to take us over. And he did not talk about the impending voter suppresesion, nor have his DOJ file lawsuits against the states, or threaten reprisals against lawmakers who instituted these things. And how was “Crosscheck” allowed to go ahead, without a lawsuit against them? Who was actually running the country for the eight years? And let us not forget the open Supreme Court seat which would have flipped the balance, and likely reinstituted the Voting Rights Act, without the benefit of which Obama would never have won; and the absence of which very much damaged Hillary’s chances. Oh, and of course Obama’s DOJ not telling Comey not to send his letter to Congress.

    So now we are sitting here, worried and frightened about what Trump and his fascist horde are going to try to do. And we have not one insitution which has the power to help us. And people nostalgically are writing about the greatness of Obama, and how much we will miss him. And yes, he handled himself with dignity and class throughout his Presidency. And he was on the right side of the vast majority of issues. However, in my view, being a great President involves stepping up and making the crucial decisions no matter how much criticism you get from the other side. And also, trying your hardest to leave the country in a place where the other side cannot easily destroy what you did.

    Obama, from the start, always seemed to want to be sui generis, someone who was above the slog of politics or partisanship. It might sound nice, but it is unworkable, particularly in this country. So Obama went along, and the Republicans took over everything but the Presidency; and then they used that leverage to suppress votes, so as to win the Presidency. And none of this is Obama’s fault, according to those who love him. And to respond to EarlyNerd’s and others’ comments above, this is the psychological reason for why so many want to blame Hillary. Because by doing that, any potential blame is deflected from them onto her. That is the essence of the term “scapegoating.” Obama won two elections with the help of the VRA and a collapsing economy. Republicans then ran against him for eight years, and he did very little campaigning for Democrats in midterms. And now there scarcely is a Democratic Party to do anything to fight the fascists. I hold Obama responsible for much of this, even though many others will not. In a fiercely partisan and contentious country, he either did not appreciate the dangers, or did not have the psychological makeup to fight against them. We did not get here by accident or happenstance. We could all see this coming years ago. The barbarians, the zombies, depending on which metaphor one prefers, were at the gates. And how does one not feel that Obama metaphorically shrugged his shoulders and acted as if they were not, or that it was not really his problem to deal with?

  473. I cosign William.

  474. Me, too! I fear that for the next 4 years for every criticism of Trump, we will hear praise for Barack and only blame for Hillary.

  475. I kept getting messages from Dem groups pleading with me to thank Obama. What am I supposed to thank him for? Making Donald Trump’s presidency a reality? Gee, thanks a bunch!

  476. Ups, do I have this right: the Bernie females are banning the speaker but not her words because she attended the inauguration, as did their perfect, be-penised “progressive” candidate, AND these females more than likely voted 3rd party because they are so righteously principled but in reality are just as responsible as any Trump supporter for the inauguration of our first ever misogynistic, anti-woman’s rights autocrat-in-chief? If this is our country’s future, we are doomed.

  477. Uppity, I won’t register for Twitter, but you have my deepest gratitude for snarking so capably for all of us.

  478. Wow,way to make the Women’s March a mockery Bernie Sister Bros. Please do put on display for the entire nation how women sabotage themselves.
    Honest to goodness,it is past time to destroy Bernie Sander’s purity credentials. Following the old principle of..” the enemy of my enemy is my friend.” maybe good old FOX news would be interested in Bernie’s FEC filings..they might bite hoping to distract from the Trump Russian stuff.Even if it ends up being “see,the Dems have the same problem ( and yes,Tad,we know about you and the Ukraine) it might convince more people of the level of Russian infiltration into our process.If the Russians’ goal was to take down Hillary,then clearly helping Bernie went a long way toward aiding that goal.Apparently is still functioning if the Bernie Purists can’t seem to find it in themselves to even honor one the the womens’ movements longest and best advocates.

    No news for me today. I’m binge watching episodes of Supernatural. Somehow seemed appropriate.. clear battles between good and evil with good winning at least some of the time.

    “Tomorrow is another day.” -Scarlett O’Hara and look how things turned out for her. 🙂

  479. Msdsal, Sam and Dean Winchester, swoon…I love Supernatural! I wonder how our hunters would classify trump? I bet even Crowley wouldn’t want him in Hell.

  480. I will be at the march in Washington tomorrow. I have already been on twitter to affirm that I am marching for Hillary. I will be carrying a Hillary sign and wearing my Hillary pins. I will be shouting her name at the rally and I’ll take on anyone who tries to silence my voice. Babes for Hillary will be down from NY for the march and you can be sure that there will be a lot of pro Hillary voices in the crowds. I am not going down without a fight and I will tango with any ignorant little BernieBro chicklet who thinks that they are going to be the voice going forward.

  481. Gray, it’s an unsympathetically beautiful day in this area of Western NC, not far from the soon to doomed Smokies. Your skies and your birds are more in tune with the sadness of the day.

    I’m going to put on my Hillary shirt and go march in the local Arboretum for a couple of hours. No Bernouts there that I’ve seen, just gun-toting rednecks in the national park and national forest on the periphery.

  482. Yay, Eurogirl70!! Go get ’em!

    I hadn’t the funds to march, and do need to get rid of the dangerously unhealthy weight I’ve gained since the Nov. 8th disaster. It’s so good to hear those who are going aren’t putting up with this!

  483. Whooo Hooo Eurogirl!

  484. My hat is off to all of you who stand up for the cause. Thank you for your strength. Be safe Eurogirl70. Wish I could be there too.

    Noticed there were rioters at the coronation today. MSNBC has a picture gallery which shows women being blasted with pepper spray and an article that says there was a lot of damage done, kinda making it look like it was women causing the damage. But there were many, many men rioting which was shown on a different news site.

  485. LOL… just watching a bit of the inaugural parade on CBS News site. Trump was walking the parade route until they got to a huge group of protesters. Then he got back into the car and is being driven the rest of the parade route.

  486. William, the best description I have seen of Obama is he was/is unable to advocate for anybody but himself.

    Upps, yeah, I told people to wear their Hillary gear. I love the gnarly Bernie girls who are going to disapprove.

  487. Eurogirl: You are an inspiration, please be safe. I know you can handle the chicklets, just hope none of the 2nd amendment trumpers show up to harass you ladies.

  488. William @ 1:34pm, spot on!

    Eurogirl, thank you so much! And what cats says, please be safe!

  489. As always I agree with William’s analysis. Thank you.You speak for me.

  490. Wow, socalannie. That is confusing…

    “This is not about women being upset that Hillary didn’t win, it’s about a crazy man who is about to roll back all of our rights. Why let her be the story and erase millions of women who will be impacted? This is about optics.”

    The reason “a crazy man… is about to “roll back our rights” IS BECAUSE she was DENIED… cheated because she is a woman. It is about her. She really DID win with 3 million more votes. If Comey/Obama hadn’t decided to screw her one more time, then it could be a celebratory march instead.

  491. Thanks for the kind words. I live in Silver Spring, so I would not miss this for the world. I am sick and tired of women like the march organizers and the Sheryl “lean in” Sanderberg’s of the world who have never done anything for anyone but themselves and yet talk about the “sisterhood” and then do everything to undermine a woman of the caliber, intelligence, and kindness of Hillary Clinton and ridicule her, demean her, dismiss her, and then try to expunge her. They are why women do not get ahead. I agree with Uppity on this. I support women who support women. I support women who support Hillary. I have no use or kindness in my heart for the women who vote against their own best interest so they can be in with the nihilistic “cool” crowd. I only hope that the next 4 years are the most painful for them. When they come around then talking about how we women “should stick together” I am going to shove their faces in a cow patty.

  492. Well said, Euro!

    They gave themselves Donald Trump. We’ll see how well that 3rd party vote and Bernie Write-in works out for them now. I shall enjoy watching.

  493. Cats, the ‘reason’ for denying Hillary changes by the day. First it’s because she went to the inaug. Then somebody asked them why it’s ok for Bernie to be there, then. So the reason changed again. Now it’s about “Optics”. Truth is, one ingrate who, incidentally, Trump would love to remove from America, has a boner for Bernie and doesn’t like that he lost.

  494. Hey y’all. FWIW my daughter is marching in DC tomorrow with her Hillary sign. And she will apologize to no one. As per usual, ITA with all of William’s post.

  495. You raised her right, Joolz!

  496. All along I thought the women’s march was about support to the peoples’ president. WTF?

    William at 1:34

    As we’ve been talking over The Confluence; someone has something big on Obama…hence his actions have been secretive, cautious, wary and mind-boggling and yes, cowardly.
    Ultimately, many consider that Obama’s legacy is Donald Trump.

    To all those uppityies marching for Hillary, a big THANK YOU!

  497. ipotter and Uppity, yep, can you believe this bullshit?

    Joolz, yay for you and your daughter! And please thank her for us!

  498. Ups, a boner for Bernie is just this side of necrophilia, ugh.

  499. You raised her right, Joolz!

    It helps that her dad is a feminist too.

    As for Obama, I personally believe he kept quiet about the Russian meddling with our election because Israel has solid proof that O had American boots on the ground trying to interfere with their last election to try and oust Netanyahu. There were reports of it at the time but they quickly disappeared.

  500. Hillary and Bill Clinton at the Inauguration

    January 20, 2017 by still4hill


  501. Eurogirl170,you are my newest heroine..what you said. If this slightly compromised old body of mine still worked well;I’d be right there marching next to you. As things are,though,I hope you don’t mind the extra burden of carrying our hearts and best wishes with you tomorrow.
    And when you speak and march,please know you speak and march for me as well.
    You and people like you are our way out of this quagmire.Bless you.

  502. Hillary Clinton gets standing ovation at Trump luncheon


  503. Seems like Putin thought of everything except hiring spectators for the inauguration. You could have shot off a cannon on Pennsylvania Ave. and not hit a soul.

  504. Yeah, Trump went from, “Lock her up!” to “Give her a standing O!” His whole campaign was a lie.

  505. Thanks to everyone for the positive comments. It is a perhaps a fruitless enterprise, but I do think it is important to try to keep the real story told, and not revised by those who are louder or more doctrinaire. My parents always felt that way; and they often would tell me about some political event which had gotten distorted by the bad guys over the years.

    Joolz’ idea may well be accurate. I have never been a fan of Netanyahu, but Obama almost went out of his way to criticize him, in a manner which he never used with regard to any other leader of an allied country. And what a tragedy if the thing that kept him from telling the people about the Russian interference was his own inappropriate effort to meddle in the Israeli election, perhaps due to hubris of his own. Who can know for certain? But whatever the reason, it was a bad reason, and immensely destructive.

    I still think that most of it is Obama’s nature, his almost uncanny unwillingness to engage the Republicans in battle. I well remember the beginning of tne 2008 primary, and Obama saying, almost disdainfully, “we do not want to revisit the battles of the ’90’s.” That was political gamesmanship, of course, but to me it also betokened his contempt for engaging in partisan political warfare. He thought he could just fly above all that, but he couldn’t, at least not for the Democratic Pary. Ga6thDem’s one-line comment above, was very insightful in that regard. The Clintons fought the Far Right, and some people apparently thought it was unseemly for Democrats to fight; those are the people who think that it all should be tea and scones, and who always get rolled over by the Republicans. As Sue often perceptively points out, the Clintons were always seen by certain liberals as declasse, because Bill was from Arkansas, and because they were not the kind of gracious but ineffectuall losers whom the liberals seemed to gravitate toward. Interestingly, if Bil Clinton had not gotten up at the convention and explained the difference between Democratic and Republican economic philosophy better than Obama ever could do, he would likely have lost to Romney, and then Hillary would have beaten Romney this time. The vagaries of history; but we so often seem to end up on the wrong side of such vagaries.

  506. Brassy Rebel, I really would like to think that Trump’s urging a standing ovation for Hillary was a generous gesture. But I am inclined to see it as the “winner” telling the fans to give the “loser” a nice sendoff, before they leave the arena. In other words, that is not based on any appreciation for her ideas or her policies, but just the person who won the trophy or award or prize or game trying to gain a little favor as being a good sport, by acknowledging the person that he “beat.” In more other words, Hillary is not a threat to him any more, he thinks; and now he will just go ahead and implement his far Right programs without having to hear from her any longer. Gosh, even the odious Chaffetz “wished her well;’ i.e, “Bye-bye Hillary, good luck with your needlepoint.” I do so hope that she runs again, even though I know it is unlikely.

  507. At William:
    I recall at the dawn of the general election in 2008, Obama and Biden met with SC Justice John Roberts in a private conference.
    What was that about and why? is a mystery…

  508. Oh please. Trump talking about “What she went through”. Translation: WHat I put her through. I hate that fucker. It’s a good thing he’s a greedy grifter and stupid enough to fuck himself up. Hopefully before he spray paints the White house interior gold.

  509. Joolz, yay for you and your daughter! And please thank her for us!

    I did. She says it’s her pleasure. 🙂

  510. Ups at 9:11 am, that Bernie twitter is priceless! William you post was right on. All you Hillary marchers be careful and have some fun.

  511. I’ll be marching in Oakland, CA tomorrow . Looking forward to it. There are marches all over the country and world tomorrow. It is a big deal! I saw a posting that there will be a Hillary contingent marching in SF and they will be wearing their Hillary gear.

    Btw, Bernie Bots have just about taken over the Democratic Party in CA. They have enough elected delegates to vote in the next leader of the Democratic Party in CA.

  512. Jane Fonda will not call him by his name either.
    She calls him The Predator In Chief.

  513. This is fucked up.

  514. I feel like Michael Corleone..”just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in.”

    I got an email from a friend on Thursday night about Linda Sarous and her attempt to hijack The Women’s March. Here is what I want you all to know.

    Women’s March of LA, PA, MD and especially NV are trying to put her Bernie-loving ass in its place. Don’t dismiss the cause because of one uninformed propagandist. She is meeting serious resistance.

    Like Upps, I also want “commando” on her and the “national” march. She knows she has so screwed up. Make no mistake about it.

    But to ease your fears, this is from the fearless NV Women’s March:

  515. God help us….

  516. As fun as the bee thing is, that quote is not in the movie.

  517. Just checked the Uppity tweets. Great. I hope you keep them coming till turnipp and pence are gone into dust.

    Thank you to all those on this forum who speak the truth loudly. In theory, the societal pendulum swings. We are at its extreme inhumane direction today and for the next few years.
    It is up to those who see clearly what is happening to make sure the pendulum swings back towards the humane direction.

    I will be looking for Hillary signs on TV today.
    Hey, Earlynerd! I just saw “the Asheville Nine” interviewed on msnbc. Are you a part of that group? They were wearing pink hats and I did not see a Hillary sign with them so maybe not.

  518. Thanx for the bike gif, Uppity. :mrgreen:

    *sigh* I’m feeling a bit down, as might be expected. Good thing I never took up binge-eating.

    (Neither did Akari; this is a fantasy sequence.) 😉

  519. Why is the prayer breakfast on TV and not the march?
    Have we ever had to witness a new president sit thru this ‘prayer breakfast’? I hope his butt is as sore as mine was after sitting through a 2 hour meeting the other day!

  520. Photos on theguardian dot com from around the world marches will bring tears. At least that org is making a record of it.

  521. AM Joy was forced by the station to cut to the prayer breakfast. I switched to the live stream.

    WarningL Michael Moore is gasbagging right now.

  522. No TV channel that I can find is covering the march!!!! All turnipp sitting while a long line of speakers drone and drone.

  523. Hillary appears to be involved today.

  524. Please, someone start a new thread.

  525. WOW… GIRLS ON FIRE! It’s beautiful to see. Thanks for posting the live stream, Sophie.

  526. One of largest protest marches ever, they finally admit on TV. They say 500,000 in DC but I say it is way more than that. The U.S. map with march dots is amazing–the number of cities across the country. Maybe we can!!

  527. Grey, nope, that warn’t me 🙂

    I’ve been exhausted mentally, physically and financially since the election and have been conserving all my resources towards staying reasonably sane, while surrounded on all sides by tRumpers and Bernouts, until I can gather the resources to move elsewhere.

    I do salute and honor those who did march, and most especially the ones, like those here, who refused to be let Hillary be shut out once again by the rThug moles in the Democratic party.

  528. I do support the effort, but am a little disappointed that it looks like it is a declaration of differences and diversity rather than an effort to show all WOMEN are stronger united. Suppose that is what is attempted, but I just don’t think true unity is about separateness and how we are different. Don’t know if that makes any sense.

  529. IIRC, several threads ago, I linked to a site called Trumpgrets.

    Here’s another “WTF was I thinking?” site. 😛

    Are You Sorry Yet?

  530. For all of the Trumpgretters: Bon appetit. 😆

  531. Front Page:

    Millions protest at Women’s Marches across U.S.


  532. Please, everyone! Click on the Huff Po link provided by cats. It is truly beautiful and will bring a tear to your eye. And make you smile too. 😊

    Like the author, my heart broke for her even as I was very proud of her yesterday.

  533. Yes, Cats, thank you for the Huff Po link. I agree with Brassy that it is a wonderful piece. Did read it, and posted a comment (as the cat with the wrap). Actually thinking about printing the article and mounting it to the wall.

  534. Thanks, Brassy and ipotter. Glad you liked the HuffPo article too. I stumbled on it after someone told me yesterday that they voted for trump because they “couldn’t stand Hillary.” That, coupled with sundry comments I heard today about the marches that again praised Obama (e.g., “the world is joining in today because they have lost Obama too,” gack) and still played down Hillary’s historic achievements and lifelong efforts for women’s rights. Made me scream and rant much to the dismay of my cats! That insightful piece was a nice salve to my undiminished anger…

    And, ipotter @ 3:30 PM: Your statement made perfect sense to me and I couldn’t agree more. We do need to focus on what we have in common, regardless of a myriad of differences, if we want to move forward as a people and as a nation.

  535. Ah,there’s the country I know and love,popping up all over the place today. :). I’ve missed you.The irony is that we may have to learn to live with the possibility that it took Hillary losing to awaken,motivate and unite the majority in this country. Sigh.

    Maybe,too, the Bern bots will finally get the picture that if their idea of inclusion excludes the Hillary voters..they’ll be shit out of luck. The difference being,of course,that the Hillary voters are smart enough not to vote against their own self interest..or against the best interest of their communities..even the low information ones.

    I wish we didn’t have to go through the pain and hard work that’s going to be needed to get through the next couple of years but you’ d have to be an idiot to try and ignore the marches today.Oh,forgot for a sec who the current President is.

    Will we be taking any bets on how long his presidency lasts? Takers anyone?

  536. Forgive me Uppity, I know you don’t like him but this is too delicious not to post.

  537. Is there something totally abnormal and alien about us Hillary supporters and respecters (not a word probably)? I ask because on every single positive Hillary article (few though they are) haters come to spew their vile words about her. How do they live with such hate and bitterness against someone they do not even know? Or am I nuts to respect, honor, and grieve for her? They could not even leave the huffpo article alone. Who are these people?
    I hate them with every fiber of my being….so maybe I am not so unlike them. I don’t know them but I hate them for what they have done to her and to our country. I hate them because it will take more than a generation to recover from fascism, if we ever do.
    And Earlynerd, I hear you as I am still in despair even though I was heartened by much of today. Pissed about the ignoring of hrc but the numbers here and around the world are going to eat away at turnipp’s heart for the rest of his life–focusing on that only. That has to count for something. Even if tr did send Spice boy out to chew out the press and make his hitler statement about the ‘real’ size of his crowd. If it weren’t so scary, you would have to laugh at Spicer’s tantrum on behalf of his boss. I wonder if turnipp graded his act?

  538. Gray, thank you.

    I believe the automatic hatred I see on all sites that support women, and especially the strongest woman of us all, Hillary, are bots. Automated, generated, pushed hatred. It can be done. Just ask the servers that serviced Manafort, and probably Devine as well.

    I’ll have to look up the link again, but one site published how easy it is to copy an icon and some random hate speech and push that out as some real person responding on Twitter. I can do searches based on databases and speech recognition, this is only one step further.

    Just remember when you see those automatic hateful responses on Twitter feeds, they are probably also automated. Twitter needs to get its ass in gear and shut them down.

  539. Cats, thank you for that link.

    Very heartening to read an unapologetic, no damning-with-faint-praise, no destructive adverb or adjective filled piece in support of Hillary.

  540. Okay, I know it’s WaPo, but these had me laughing out loud:


    THANK YOU again, all y’all who were there and elsewhere.

  541. Because sometimes you need to cut through the clutter and get to the bottom line:

  542. This is what you call a “lose the battle, but won the war” wink:

  543. At least someone mentioned Hillary.

  544. Sophie, I hate Bill Maher, too.
    Last Friday, he opined that the Clintons should be thanked for their thirty years of service and, then, never heard from again.
    Clinton left this country in great shape and built up the Party; Obama did what was good for Obama but Maher would never have said that about Barack and Michelle.

  545. Yes, Sue–I heard him say that and wanted to kick him in the nuts for it. Unfortunately, he is a mixed bag–stunningly brilliant or a fucking imbecile. This clip does not include that offensive comment.

  546. This is a nifty tool. You put in your zip code and it gives you the closest tight congressional district so you can focus your resources there.


  547. Thanks for that link, Sophie!

  548. ipotter:
    Thank you so much for the Ashley Judd video. She’s simply awesome.

    “Our pussies ain’t for grabbing”.

  549. I was in the Women’s March in Oakland, CA. It was quite moving and inspirational. There were all ages, kids in strollers,, kids walking, crowd was diverse and energetic, and there were a lot of men. The signs were great. I saw glimpses of Hillary. Some people used her saying, “Women’s Rights are Human Rights.” I saw people in Hillary gear and signs with her likeness. It was peaceful, energetic , and inspirational. I am so glad I participated in the march. The crowd estimates were 60,000-84,000 . There was a lot of diversity in Oakland.

  550. Official name:
    we should start naming and calling Trump

    the “.38% Commander in Cheat”.

  551. As they left the inaug, ABC tweeted a pic with tweet that said, “Former President Bill Clinton and wife Hillary” leave. The Erase.

  552. I don’t really want to be contrarian but… I have an adult long campaign against wearing pink because of the pink/blue gender assignment colors my whole life. Could we not choose something else? Purple? Lavendar? a forest green? Anything but pink! Oh well. And, as a nurse for many years, i actually visualize the tissues inside the body and the pink spectrum is internal fleshy looking. When I saw all the pink hats yesterday, it was disconcerting. Just my hangup. The decision is made, likely by Bernie bots.
    Oh, and I had a boss once whom I hated but who never wore pink as she said it did not show authority. That was the only thing I agreed with her about.

  553. Gray: At 10:25PM, agree with you completely. Maybe it is our age!

    While I am impressed and heartened by the marches yesterday I would love to know how many of those that marched voted third party, not at all or for trump. For each of them I say, FU and where were you when your voice and your vote really counted?

    Ups, this is not the first instance of the Hill erase since Nov 8th. Now it will just be the eternal comparison between the celestial Obamas and the terrible trump & co. The media is really galling now, so self-righteous and outraged at trump and his fluffers but they were a major factor in putting him on his throne. Even Joan Walsh said yesterday, the march organizers’ platform was identical to HIllary’s. She said Hillary was constantly talking about the jobs and the economy as well at her rallies and town halls, but she couldn’t get her message across. Hillary’s fault of course. THEN she says the media was also a little to blame because they ONLY reported her anti-trump statements (not her policies); Joy added, “and emails.” The hypocrisy and lack of responsibility is just stunning. Wailing and lamenting the outcome and the threat he poses to their so called profession after they gleefully let it happen should damn them to hell, sooner rather than later.

    I will always be WITH HER, imperfections and all, and I will NEVER forget what she stands for and how hard she fights.

  554. Gray @ 2:38pm: how about suffragette white instead?

  555. Bill Maher is the person who should never be heard from again. He is worthless. He voted for and strongly supported Nader in 2000. Then he later apologized for it. This election, he said that Sanders was like the fish entree and Hillarly was the chicken; ou would rather have fish, but you would take the chicken if necessary. I do not know why he has this following. He is full of himself, he is not really that bright. And what a disgusting thing to say in all respects. If people go down the road of Maher and Michael Moore and some of those others like Van Jones, they will lose every single time. Ask Maher whom he wants as nominee next time, ahd he’d probably say Sanders, or maybe Warren. Sure losers both. Anybody who was stupid enough to back Nader in 2000, doesn’t deserve to be listened to by anyone about anything. Bill Clinton saved the Democratic Party from permanent insignificance caused by the likes of Left-Wing LIbertarian idiots like Maher.

  556. I feel better now.
    Yesterday felt like a world wide teaching on how things should be done..inclusive ( mostly) massive,fierce but non-violent. Grandmas were showing the young ones..this is how we went about things when we changed the world to make your lives better..now it’s your turn to defend it. As I said yesterday,maybe we needed Hillary’s loss to awaken this nation..you really DO have a lot to lose special snowflakes and you can’t afford petty divisiveness ( Yes,I’m talking to you Linda Saursor). I really,really loved that saying from Mexico..”They thought that they had buried us but they didn’t know we were seeds.” A lot of seeds were planted yesterday,we’ll see which ones survive and/or continue to grow.Think I’ll go out there and plant a few seeds myself. 🙂

    Two other thoughts:
    1) Hey,Kellyanne,they’re not alternate facts they’re Alt-Right facts.
    2) Hey,Donald,do we have your attention now?

    PS- Are we trying to kill this thread from it’s own weight? I know Voting’s taking a break but maybe Sophie could start a new thread? It’s taking my ancient machine ten minutes to just download the comments.Sorry to complain.And thanks for all that’s done to keep this site functioning.

  557. Last night I got to see the Jefferson Airplane/Starship (they play from both catalogues). If anyone (Annie? Uppity?) likes the old Airplane, I do recommend seeing them, because the lead singer, Cathy Richardson, is as close to Grace Slick in talent as one is going to see.

    Anyway, here is something that Richardson said ( language cleaned up a bit). “Yesterday, I was at Grace Slick’s house, and we were watching the marches. Grace said, ‘This is great, it is just like the ’60’s!.’ I said, “Yeah, but 50 years later, we are stil having to fight for the same things as back then.’ Grace said, ‘Yes, but you have to keep fighting, no matter how many times you get knocked down. You can get your legs broken, but you still have to get up and fight, until things finally get set right.'”

    The last encore song was “Volunteers,” and virtually all the audience stood up and sang along. It was both touching and heartening, at least for that evening.

  558. Pundits, political reporters, and people like Bill Maher and Michael Moore are allowed to.hang around for decades. But Hillary must go away. Maher is a misogynistic jerk and always will be. He has no idea what a hero Hillary is to millions of women and doesn’t care anyway.

    And to to the misogynists, no matter what Hillary does, she will always only be one half of that monster–THE CLINTONS.

  559. Cats, I thought about the suffragette white after I posted. I could live with that. As long as us older folks remember our stain remover!! In fact, that white seems the absolutely best and most appropriate choice since women have been stamped on for the last 18 months, along with Hill.

    I watched the repeat Meet the Press with Chuckie vs Conbot. Conbot was in shock that Chuckie dared to push her. She said something to the effect that (big paraphrase) “our relationship has been good but may change if you keep….doing this”. Yep, all those hosts have let her blabber on and on with nary a challenge until suddenly they were attacked in public, instead of Hillary, and now they want to “act like a man.” Well, I think Conbot will strategize another way to roll over them by next weekend.

    I love the photo above of Hillary winking at Obama. That is an amazing catch by the photographer. It gives me hope that she is now doing better inside.

  560. A must visit.

    This Day in History
    January 21, 2017 by still4hill


  561. Love the Brit signs:
    “Quite annoyed”
    “I’m really quite cross”

  562. New “post” up

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