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In a rare (meaning previously non-existent) moment of integrity, Chuck Todd (yeah, fucking chuck Todd) calls out Spicer’s lies as “provable falsehoods.” Sewer Rat Barbie doesn’t even know when she’s being served a gift. She’s “rethinking their relationship with the press.” I guess that just means they’ll have to lie harder.

It was smart of Spicer to lie and it was smart of Kelly to go on this shitty show and lie more. Everyone’s talking about Trump’s lie instead of the entire world being in a protest march.


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  1. KA is spending too much time with her master; she’s living in an alternate reality and they are both stuck in campaign mode.

  2. Wow – new post! Thankee!

    But old topic – my favorite march sign –

  3. Sophie,many,many thanks for the new thread.

    Will say again,they aren’t alternative facts,they’re alt-right facts.

    That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

  4. Early:
    One of my favorites too.

  5. The Cheeto-in-Chief doesn’t like to have employees around who aren’t attractive. She certainly isn’t amazingly bright. So why is she even there? All I can think of is perhaps she doesn’t mind having her pussy grabbed.

  6. Love the new thread, Sophie, thanks! That “It was the white males” tweet is terrific! I wish we could make it a billboard. I’d chip in for that.

  7. KA is apparently living in an alt-reality.

    Sophie, I just got that! Ha!

  8. What a cockroach she is. Do you see how she detours and changes the subject, putting accusations onto others to escape the original topic?

    She just keeps doing it. And she will NEVER answer for Trump’s bullshit unless the press forces her to do it. And at least Todd did that. It’s just going to HAVE to be this way. The Press must put their foot on her throat to stick to the subject. Period. The hammer has to come down on this lying piece of shit’s slight of hand.

  9. Sophie people are still talking about the march. It sure did enrage the right wing. Glad to see a new thread and someone actually calling out KA’s lies. I really hope they do shut out the press. It might force them to do some actual investigative reporting.

  10. I don’t even know what this particular lie was about. But throughout the campaign, we have seen Conway smirk her way through as if she had invented a new game. Lies without compunction, says whatever she wants, and just denies empirical reality.

    Of course, one of the many unsettling things is that “reality” seems to have no meaning any longer. People joke about “post-reality.” When the populace mostly does not know any history or science, cheerfully disbelieves what they do not want to believe, and believes utter fake
    news lies, we are in big trouble. Global warming is a hoax. Trump won by a landslide, because he said so. The economy was in terrible shape under Obama; the murder rate went up. An enterprising right-wing jerk concocted a completely fake news story during the campaign about pre-printed votes for Hillary, did fake art work on it, got six million hits online, and the NYT recently said that it was a masterful effort. The media went along with all of it, as long as it helped Trump and hurt Hillary. It was a lark for them. Now no one believes anybody about anything, and this includes media. I used to half-jokingly speculate that one day there would be a personal magazine for every person, a periodical just for them. We haven’t gotten to that yet, but we are getting to where every person proudly proclaims his or her own personal reality and truth, despite any evidence to the contrary. Universal solipsism.

  11. Sophie people are still talking about the march.

    Thanks for letting me know Ga6. I shut them down yesterday and refuse to to give my eyeballs back. I was watching AM Joy because she is the only person who can be trusted all the time to call out the liars and not suck the Bros. So, while I’m watching her do the march, she had to some of Donald’s church thing. It was dull so she gave it a perfunctory minute or two and came back to the march, which was exciting plus she got some interesting guests. Then suddenly she cut back to the church saying something like, “I’m being told I have to…”

    So, I found the live stream and never went back.

  12. Sophie @ 9:55pm: ugh! I’m so sick of the msm protecting dump.

  13. Aww, just noticed the cute new header!

  14. socal:
    MK Bill got tired of so much New Year’s champagne…give me some love, he said…

  15. For your general amusement:

  16. Howdy Voting:
    Love that sign…LOL!

    You’re in a sabbatical but sharing fun stuff, thanks.

  17. Love you, Sophie.

  18. What has happened to the “like” button for posts? Okay, I like your post.

  19. She got there at 7:30 am and was near the front. She stood there for hours and said they had no idea how big it had become until an aerial shot was shown on the giant screen and then an audible gasp went out from the crowd.

    A friend of mine from high school attended and brought a life-sized cutout of Hillary wearing a pink pussy hat. She said she lost count of how many times people stopped her to take pictures, and the best one was HRC’s sister-in-law who took a pic, got my friend’s number and told her HRC would get a huge kick out of what she had done.

  20. I have this vision of Teresa May’s upcoming meeting with the Rump: They are crossing the room toward one another to shake hands. She’s wearing an iron chastity belt.

  21. William, I’m not exactly sure what the “lie” is either, but thinking it was perhaps the one about the “yuge” size of the inauguration crowd as that was something we were seeing… photos comparing Obama’s innaguration crowd with his. Then Kellyanne came out defending Spicer. There is an article below.

    So bizarre as it is such a trivial thing. But I’m guessing this is the kind of thing we will become accustomed. Not sure if it is because Trump simply has issues about his own inadequacy or this is a tactic that will be used repeatedly to distract the public… or both.

    Oh, Volunteers sounds like a great song for last Saturday. Must have been a wonderful evening.

    Just another thought… for anyone who watched the season of The Apprentice which Omarosa participated… doesn’t the type of behavior Kellyanne is displaying remind you of Omarosa? Though, Omarosa is better at it, and also now a part of Trump’s team. And look at Trump’s wives… they claimed (Melania and Ivanka anyway) there was never any argument in the marriage. Reports are that it was Cheeto’s way or no way. So, Kellyanne’s behavior doesn’t seem that strange in that she seems to be carrying out Cheeto’s desires without regard to the reality of the situation.

    Oh, and love the signs and reports from Saturday!

  22. The signs were great at the march I participated in. Lots of good laughs and heartbreak too. I saw some Hillary gear, which made me feel good. There were a lot of “Women’s Rights Are Human Rights” signs. People were so friendly and some were handing out small tokens, like safety pins. There was even a nun marching by us. Wonderful day. I hope all the energy turns into a positive movement.

  23. Oh, and many signs with “Love Trumps Hate.” HRC was with many of us in spirit.

  24. So… Spicer said, in response to question re cutting Planned Parenthood and allowing legal abortions (my words, not reporters), that the President’s values are primary. The reported included a question about would he decide according to the majority of the public. That is when Sean said the President’s values will guide his decisions. This is another first for the U.S.
    Sorry this is not very articulate but most of you probably heard and caught that little gem, somewhat early in the pres conference. Maybe there needs to be another women’s march for Planned Parenthood and upholding the Supreme Court order on Roe v Wade.

  25. AYFKM?

  26. Amazing how CNN, the Guardian, etc. are calling out the lies NOW, ain’t it? Once THEY’ve been attacked and THEIR OWN existence is on the line, oh how amazingly courageous and honest they are.

    Whereas before the election, even the Guardian always put those false equivalences, with no disclaimers, no “claimed without evidence”, no “this is a falsehood” even, right in with any of their regular news about the election, which always included a heaping helping of slander by tRump, Bernie, their supporters, Comey and others. The Guardian might also publish pro-woman and sometimes even pro-Hillary articles, but too many of the those also had the obligatory “she’s so flawed” disclaimer; many also included statements that implied or outright repeated reThug and Bro talking points, especially about the utterly blameless email server and Clinton Foundation.

    Sorry about the negative rant. I know after Saturday there’s a good positive atmosphere that wasn’t there before. I’ll try henceforth to join in, but had to get this off my chest. If the majority of voters learn to really look at media propaganda with a giant hairy eyeball and actually think for themselves, that will be one good thing to come out of this disaster.

  27. Even after his visit to the CIA, it looks like Cheetolini still hasn’t effectively mended fences with the intelligence community (IC hereafter).

    This means one of two things:

    (1) Cheetolini actually has mended fences with the IC, but the IC understands that he is obliged to pretend otherwise, because his base–and it is indeed “base” (the adjective)–sees the spies as un-“Amurkan” eggheads, and he must keep his egghead-hating base happy.

    (2) Cheetolini actually is stupid.

    The IC would know many non-violent, legal ways to sabotage him. Maybe he thinks his lord and master buddy Putin can protect him from that, in which case we would witness the spectacle of a President of the USA relying more on the IC of an at least semi-hostile foreign power than on the IC of the USA, in which case I would wonder when I had beamed into the Mirror Universe.

  28. Here is an article about how some countries are now keeping a watchful eye on “fake news” and how it can influence the population:

  29. One thing I would love the media to do, in print and other formats, is print the lie and note the Sources ( Breitbart,Trump,Info Wars,Rush,RT) and then right next to it print the truth and site sources, ( NYT,WP, CBO,etc.). Many people are visual learners and since people don’t often take the time to read anymore and memes are the new journalism…If news sources used a similar format maybe the fact that the Trumpites are lying a good portion of the time will become more evident..or not.
    Have to try something new;Donald Trump isn’t the only one w/a short attention span.

  30. We’re definitely not in Kansas anymore. This is just breaking on Twitter, I can only hope but after looking up the links, I’m convinced:

  31. lildoggy: Interesting article but I still don’t buy Comey as the “honorable,” clever player here. Why did he allow the email investigation in the first place if it were truly based on the debunked Clinton Cash book and why did he crucify Hillary in July with his pontificating about her “extreme carelessness”? If he is so smart, why couldn’t he figure out a way to de-rail trump before he actually got into office or better yet, before he even got near the primary? What makes him think Congress will impeach and convict trump or that trump would ever consider resigning? I have no doubt there are strong, long standing Russia/Putin/trump ties, so why let this asshole get this far if Comey is the sharpest tool in the FBI box? Can one be partisan and honorable at the same time? Hasn’t Comey been anti-Clinton for a very long time? Was he trying to nail trump without letting Hillary win the presidency? And what about the Republican Senate and House? Are they going to sacrifice their chance at one-party rule for the next 8 years and beyond no matter how criminal or compromised trump is proven to be?

    P.S. I am not challenging you lildoggy, just the author’s logic based on what I hope are actual facts re moles, hacking, money laundering etc. And full disclosure, Comey makes my spidey sense seismic.

    Another question I hope one of you can answer for me: If the IC must chose between the Constitution/the American people or the POTUS, where does their allegiance/duty lie? I hope the answer is with the former, if not, I see no way to justice with respect to this disastrous electoral outcome.

  32. Interesting and impressive. Sorry, I don’t do social media and may not comprehend things correctly. So, my question is, did that work come from Louise? Is Adam following with the money trail?

  33. Okay, I see the money stuff, but damn, would be nice if it wasn’t so hard to read.

  34. I always discard sensational stories that come from blogs of dubious origin. Particularly ‘blogs’ that are one entry long and got started yesterday.

    It’s an old game. Throw some shit against the wall and see how many people watch it slide down. I see no reason to trust this Non-Blogger who just fell out of the sky. Always, they tell a certain needy segment of the population something they want to hear. Therefore, they are easier to believe.

    I know your hearts in in the right place, but this blog page looks like something somebody pulled out of his ass. Very good writing, very creative, but not one basis in fact to back any of it up.

    How well I remember Ulsterman, the WH “Insider,” whom I flagged immediately as full of shit. Nobody believed me but that’s exactly what he was. Full of shit. In fact, I would still bet money he was a Republican planting thoughts in heads. They are really good at that, you know. Just saying.

    But hey, what do I know?

    But do excuse my bluntness, I’ve been battling some kind of bug I picked up at a funeral home that was packed so tight it took me 40 min to get a parking place and then another hour and fifteen minutes to get to the head of the snake line. I knew the minute I got in there I was headed for viral trouble.

    Ok that’s my excuse. Well that, and the truth that I am a terribly blunt person to begin with. Still, you might want to consider what I am saying….and perhaps develop a smidge of the allergy I have to conspiracy theories.

  35. I find it rather laughable that the words Trump and Values would be used in the same sentence. The man has no values. He’s just got an axe-murderer mentality and wants to punish women for hating his fucking filthy pig guts. He thrives on being vindictive.

    Also, in Naziland, the poor and disabled were considered “Useless eaters”. Expendable annoyances. Ditto for the old and infirm. Exterminating them are not a problem for a creature like Trump. And he has the perfect tool. Cut them off from health care.

  36. Uppity you are probably correct. Thought it odd it was a new blog with only one post. In going to twitter, which I do not do, it looked like it might have come from her?? at least she was twitting, er tweeting it, as it looked to me (and I may not see it correctly).

    Somewhere in it all it points to which has a lot of interesting info. So much it would take quite a bit of time to sort through. There are many, many links.

  37. Hmmm,interesting article re: Putin/Comey et al. Some of the rationale makes sense to me;plausible,but who knows how much of it is true? Guess we’ll see,or not. I just wonder where that leaves all of us if it is we end up w/ a president Pence or Ryan? Still not a solution to our problems.I’m also very much behind whatever we can do mess up Putin and his oligarch buddies.
    Would the crowds we saw Saturday turn out again to insist on Hillary becoming president? I’m not thinking so,too many would feel it a golden opportunity for Bernie..the message being don’t bother working hard all your life,just be sure to be born w/a penis.

    There’s that ancient Chinese curse again..we are definitely living in interesting times.

    PS- Love the new Valentines Header. Is the red cat a friend of Bill?

  38. Tillerson and Pompeo are in. Rachel playing excerpts from his CIA speech, sounds like a cross between a campaign rally, the ravings of a lunatic and an homage to himself. Says “I love you” to the CIA. OMG’!!!!!!!! He’s clearly mentally unbalanced.

  39. Msdsal at 3:56 PM: per Lawrence O’Donnell, NYT added
    FOOTNOTES to correct “falsehoods” stated by Spicer!!!! Are you being bugged?

  40. Cats, I knew that they were going to get confirmed. Rubio puts up a fuss but then he chokes at the end.

  41. You want to get rid of Trump? Take back the senate. Then grill his ass and play pin the tail on the plunderer. Stop him from doing much of anything, just like they did for 8 years. Go after every dollar he gets that smacks of a constitution violation. Force the fucker to give us his taxes. This is key. It’s way too obvious. That piece of shit is hiding plenty. All of this will drive him crazy(er). The only reason we never take the house is because the districts are gerrymandered where needed and that needs to be attacked vociferously too. It’s the antithesis of democracy and a glaring example of Rigging. We did have the house that one time and far as I’m concerned, blew it.

  42. Rubio’s a wuss. He always was. He has no spine.

  43. Hillary Clinton may not be the President but she sure as hell started a huge worldwide movement. The women’s match was not about Bernie Sanders or the alt left. It was about Hillary Clinton and the open misogyny that permeated this election season. It was about one brave woman who fought against racism, sexism, xenophobia, homophobia and bigotry. This march proved that Hillary Clinton is not alone in this fight and she will always go down in history as the leader she is. I feel privileged to be living at the same time in history and see her in action. I’m a fan and I am proud to say an admirer of hers. If she decided to run for any office I would vote for her and help her get elected.

  44. Earlynerd, your rant is completely warranted, as I feel the same way. There is no way that what happened in this election can be made up, even though people must obviously try to move ahead and do what can be done. Hillary was the best potential president I have ever seen, though I also very much liked BIll, and greatly admired Eugene McCarthy as a teenager. But in terms of knowledge in all areas, no learning curve, and a great general caring and decency, Hillary would have been one of our greatest presidents. We are not going to find someone like that very easily, maybe not for decades. Somebody will run, and we will support the Democrat and hope for the best, but it won’t be someone as gifted as Hillary.

    So what the media did to her was not only unconscionable, it was destructive to the country, and damaging to every person in it, perhaps outside of a few billionaires who value money over everything else on the planet. The media were largely cowardly, stupid, and deliberately spiteful. They disgraced their profession forever. I have never seen anything like it; and I of course remember how they treated Gore and Kerry. They deliberately ignored the story of the century, in the Russian-Trump connection; while they would not stop with their relentless hyping of a nonsense Hillary email story. Any kind of fairly balanced media, like we used to have before the cable network news, and Hillary wins by 6-10 points, and the democracy is safe. The media will deny and deflect any blame, they always do, but they are completely culpable, and deserve the enmity of those who actually care about the country and its citizens. So I will never forgive them, and I will never follow their coverage again, unless it is election night, and our side has won. I will dimly hope that they do something worthwhile going forward. But I will never see most of them (there are exceptions, mostly on the print side) as anything more than self-indulgent, arrogant, cliquish flunkies.

  45. I was in San Francisco on Friday and Saturday at the protest and the March. I was able to sneak out of work for a little time. It was just awesome. It felt so good to know that other people are just as pissed off as me regarding the psycho Oompa Loompa.

  46. It appears Adam wants to author a book on all this, hence all his info. Really, it costs that much to get published? Ugg… makes me feel like a cheap whore.

  47. Based on all the white people that voted for Trump I think that white people need to pass a literacy test at the polls before they get to vote. Cuz damn … we got Trump because of these a$$wipes.

  48. WLM, on January 23, 2017 at 7:37 PM said:

    Even granted Barry did give him the idea by nationally preening over his own inauguration, this is really too much – immediately declaring his own installation some sort of national “day of”. Just wait. Next his birthday will be a national holiday – barf.

    This jackass couldn’t get more 1984 if he was Orwell’s role model. Oh, and throw in the worst of Soviet era militarism – I read he wanted a tank and plane parade at his lonely install, too.

  49. Thank you, William @ 10:35.

    Months ago, when the current situation was unthinkable, I posted a comment that I wanted HRC to be elected because our first woman President should be a Thurgood Marshall, not a Clarence Thomas. It seems that the first woman in any high political office is usually a conservative who may or may not be followed by someone who takes women’s rights seriously, and is therefore liberal. Hillary would have shattered that precedent, too.

    I couldn’t agree more with all of your negatives about the media, but have to add “above all, sexist”. The media owners are, after all, very powerful white males with subordinate wives. The idea of a woman of their own social caste having the audacity to be President must be anathema to them (and it would give their wives all sorts of ideas).

  50. Uppity, thanks for your words of wisdom and hope you are feeling better soon. Very true that one always has to read and verify info for sure and I don’t have much time for that right now.

  51. On the “National Day” declared by Cheeto, I’m all for it if it means a day off work. Start the week with MLK day on Monday and end the week with Patriotic Devotation Day on Friday… 3 day work week, yay! Unfortunately, it probably isn’t a day off work as Obama did the same thing in 2009. Trump is just renaming the day Obama declared a “National Day of Renewal and Reconciliation.”

  52. Cats,yeh,that was weird,saw that footnote thing on Lawrance O show. Weird,huh? At least the media is trying to figure out some way to clarify when the facts show that he’s lying. Do still think that they might bolster their reporting by highlighting their sources,when possible.
    Voting,so glad to know you’re still out there somewhere;hope you’re enjoying your break.
    Ups, don’t mess around w/this year’s flu,it’s a nasty one.I’ve known many people really laid low for a long time w/it..even some who had the shot.You’ve been an official national treasure for the past eight years and we need to keep you well and strong.

    Also,re: that article about Putin and the “chess game”. Some of what was in that article goes along with things that Malcolm Nance has been saying and that guy has some solid contacts as he’s ex-CIA intelligence ( Not sure I have his title right). He’s been hinting the past few days that the FBI is looking @ people re: espionage..or spies.

    Curiouser and curiouser.

  53. Right now the Dems in Senate could stop confirmation votes from even taking place. Only one Senator has to put a hold on a nominee, and there is no vote until the “hold” is lifted. I was trying to figure out why they’re not doing this to force Trump to release his tax returns and divest all his businesses.

    Then it came to me. The Dems in the Senate will have to defend a lot of seats in 2018 in states Trump won. And it’s an off-year election when, typically, Dems struggle anyway. So they’re already playing defense by not putting holds on all Trump nominees. All this talk of resistance rings hollow when they don’t use the leverage they already have.

  54. Not only are they allowing confirmation votes to take place. They are actually voting FOR confirmation of some nominees, apparently on the theory that some are less horrible than others. Our new “leader”, Bernie, has actually voted to confirm two nominees. If this is what “resistance” looks like, we’re in deeper trouble than I thought.

    I think Senate Dems need to figure out a coherent strategy. Are they going to resist Trump or pander to his wack job supporters?

  55. lvoter, on January 23, 2017 at 10:51 PM said:

    Based on all the white people that voted for Trump I think that white people need to pass a literacy test at the polls before they get to vote. Cuz damn … we got Trump because of these a$$wipes.

    You are so right.
    Don’t forget racist.
    Now some are out there marching.
    Don’t get me started on the women who voted for him.
    Give me a break.
    Of all the women who marched, they should have asked how many voted for the idiot.

  56. Well that’s how the donkey and elephant came to be. I remember when I was a kid and my city was controlled by a big democratic machine. I mean they let a republican they controlled be mayor once in awhile just to keep people from becoming suspicious. Seriously. Anyways, the story told that for decades the Big Guy’s lackys would stand in front of all the voting places handing out fliers with a picture of a donkey on it. Nothing more. This is because plenty of people could not read, but they voted. They voted because they or someone they cared about were beholding to someone for a job or other help. So scrap the literacy test idea. Besides being unconstitutional, it would vastly reduce the voting population.

    Honestly, I know nobody really thinks all Trump voters are illiterate hicks from the town of Bumfuck. They aren’t all illiterate. Many of them are just mean. Others just believe that what’s theirs is theirs and what’s yours is yours and that’s that. Frankly, I’ve felt that way a few times myself. But then I live in NY, where one day I am sure the tax squad will come to everyone’s door and raid their homes for coins, gold and other valuables and call it a tax. Other voters just plain hate women with every fiber of their beings. A woman left them and everyone knows why. Except them. And then there are the people who actually think FOX is a news network that tells them the truth. And then there are the ones who can’t stand people of color. Any color. Except White. Now none of them will admit any of these things but they will reveal it in things they say, things they write, and things they do, daily. But nowhere do any of these people indicate that they are illiterate.

  57. Then it came to me. The Dems in the Senate will have to defend a lot of seats in 2018 in states Trump won.

    You have a point, except the Republicans blocked everything under the sun for 8 years, INCLUDING a SCOTUS appointment, and they won anyways. That’s because the districts that have to be defended are gerrymandered. They’re going to win in those districts no matter what they do. THey could all run down the street chasing a naked boy and still win. It’s rigged. I mean really rigged. If the democrats had any spine, which I am convinced they do not, they would have put a stop to gerrymandering one way or another. But nope. THey are, as Trump would say, pussies to grab. All they ever worry about is their own seats. They are cowards. If the Democrats tried to gerrymander, the republicans would have been all over them like white on rice. But nope, they just complained and watched. Maybe if they grew a set and did EXACTLY what the Rs did for 8 years, they would actually look awake.

    You do recall, we took the house once. We took it because people were fed up with the Rs blocking everything. So what did our House do? Cave in on the ACA, watered it down so it’s still expensive, make private deals with drug companies to keep drugs high, make it illegal to buy the same drugs in Canada, approved ridiculously high deductables, and pretty much give us a shell of a plan that could have been single pay. Yes, they did fix a few discrimination things, but overall, the plan just isn’t all that great. Same shit, different party. And we were the majority. Remember Obama saying not to bring him a plan that doesn’t have a public option? Cave in, cave in. But, I just want to point out that the Rs resolved that little glitch when we took the house –by gerrymandering some more districts for themselves. And wusses like Chuck Schumer, whose only goal is to be senator till he dies, will play Go Along To Get Along. And I saw Nancy do the same thing a fair number of times.

    Also, we can bet that Bernie will be putting a bunch of Castro Wannabes up for house and senate seats. And if you expect me to vote for them, don’t put any money on it, because I wont. Bernie will fuck up the midterms just like he fucked up the primary. Bernie wants to fuck things up so we can be Cuba. Bernie wants the Democratic party for himself and CPUSA. I am not voting for these people. I’d almost rather have Trump.

  58. Uppity, thanks for your words of wisdom and hope you are feeling better soon. Very true that one always has to read and verify info for sure and I don’t have much time for that right now.

    Thank you for taking my comment in the spirit which is was intended.

    I can’t take any over the counter meds. This is a real dilemma when you have a cold and cough that keeps you up all night and all day. I am open to holistic remedies. I took one last night with honey, apple cider vinegar, fresh ginger and cayenne pepper. Blew my head off but didn’t fix anything. It did test my gag reflex though. Good to go.

  59. Uppity, thanks for your words of wisdom and hope you are feeling better soon. Very true that one always has to read and verify info for sure and I don’t have much time for that right now.

    Thank you for taking my comment in the spirit which is was intended.

    I can’t take any over the counter meds. This is a real dilemma when you have a cold and cough that keeps you up all night and all day. I am open to holistic remedies. I took one last night with honey, apple cider vinegar, fresh ginger and cayenne pepper. Blew my head off but didn’t fix anything. It did test my gag reflex though. Good to go.

  60. That’s my point! Democrats are always too worried about the next election to develop a long term coherent strategy. They definitely don’t have one now. GOP obstructed for 8 years and never suffered any negative consequences. So Dems lose seats in both Houses in 2018–which they probably will do anyway–how does that make things any worse than now? They should tell Trump no votes on any nominees until he releases taxes and he divests. Anyone see the story yesterday of GOP Senator who blocked vote on an Obama nominee (just because she was Obama nominee) until the woman died? Yet, here are the Dems holding votes on Trump nominees instead of using them as leverage to get his taxes out and conflicts of interest eliminated.

    I saw that only Gillibrand has voted “no” on all nominees so far. She would probably put holds on nominees if leadership didn’t have a policy against it.

  61. Uppity, can you drink alcohol?
    When I’m in the grippe of a cold (get it?) I love a hot toddy before bedtime.
    A mug of honey sweetened herbal tea (I like black cherry),with a good shot of bourbon, whiskey, brandy or rye and a squeeze of lemon juice soothes my throat, clears my sinuses and puts me to sleep.

  62. Yes I can drink alcohol very moderately. Tried the brandy thing. It did put me to sleep but I still woke up in the night coughing. Actually, I don’t have trouble falling asleep. I have trouble STAYING asleep because of the cough. Maybe i could put that brandy in an IV drip….lol

  63. Frankly, I think they hold Gillibrand down. Amy Klobuchar too. I would far prefer they speak for women’s issues, not Chuckie, who could give a fast fuck about women in reality. Our real problem is we have very mediocre leadership in the house and senate, their history alone tells us we’re in trouble. The other problem is, Bernie is fucking up the DNC appointment on cue. His alternatives are NOT acceptable, note that hasn’t been decided yet, because these people are wimps and won’t just tell bernie to fuck a duck.

  64. flvoter, on January 23, 2017 at 10:32 PM said:

    The women’s march was not about Bernie Sanders or the alt left. It was about Hillary Clinton and the open misogyny that permeated this election season. It was about one brave woman who fought against racism, sexism, xenophobia, homophobia and bigotry.

    Thank you.
    Like millions of others, I share your beliefs of what this huge movement IS all about.

  65. Lest you have any thoughts that you are imagining things about women in this fucking country, Amy Klobuchar took an inaug selfie with John McCain and that POS Bernie Sanders in his $700 “regular guy” jacket…..and SFGate identified the photo as TWO SENATORS AND A WOMAN.

  66. Ok maybe white voters need to take an empathy and humanity test before being able to vote. Still Donald Trump brought to you by the racist sexist homophobic xenophobic white closeted bigot I am an immigrant and me and my peeps voted for Hillary legally.

  67. Uppity,right up there w/ Former President Clinton and his wife. ( Even I know that protocol is that you address a person with their highest ranking title,which in Hillary’s case,sadly,is Former Secretary of State)

    Read In the Seattle Times on Sunday ( from the People’s Pharmacy ) that making a tea from thyme ( the leaf stuff,not the powder) has helped many w/ the whole coughing thing. I used to drink it back in Texas when suffering from “cedar fever” a misnomer as it is caused not by cedar and people rarely have a fever w/it. I remember it helped w/my sinuses;don’t remember about the coughing,though.Anyway,it’s cheap and worth a try.Not sure if there are any side effects that might impact you meds,but I’m sure you could Goggle that.

    Mickey Mantle used to say that if you don’t treat a cold it lasts about a week,if you do treat a cold;it’ll last seven days. At least I think it was Mickey Mantle,could’ve been one of those other damn Yankees. Speaking of which baseball just a few weeks away..Spring Training. That’ll be a nice distraction and break for some of us.

  68. Hey,flvoter; in my opinion, stupid is color blind. I am of the caucasian variety and I voted for Hillary every chance I got..including in ’08.
    Plus I remember when POC had to take tests prior to voting and pay a poll tax. I had a lengthy argument w/my history teacher in SW Virginia back in 1963 when he tried to maintain that it was OK to have the tax because if you were too poor to pay the poll tax,you were probably too stupid to vote. I disagreed then and now.I was eleven years old.
    Also, speaking as a former school psychologist;very hard to measure empathy..which is often situational.
    Please,though,I GET your frustration. I have family members who either didn’t vote or voted for Michigan where,apparently, the votes really count..when they’re actually counted.So,yeah,some shame by association for me. At least my sister voted Hillary and maybe one of my nieces,who’s a nurse that works w/AIDS patients and gets it.
    Never ending education involved and needed.

  69. For a cold, I drink Knudsen’s Morning Blend juice… like a 32-oz bottle at a time… and try to drink it as often as I feel it is needed, usually one in the morning and one towards evening. I drink the same for the flu, but it won’t whack the flu like it does a cold (for me anyway). If you drink it when you first start feeling like something is coming on, then it seems to work best (and yes, it has to be the Morning Blend… it’s the vitamins in that particular kind).

    If it’s the flu, then Knudsen’s Pure Concord Grape is best, I’m told. But only the serving size it says and wait awhile before drinking more. It seems to flush the system and you don’t want that to happen all at once. I’m not sure it really helps that much, unfortunately.

  70. I’m sure you have your own things you like to eat when not feeling well, but I like home-made soup… either potato soup made with lots of onions or chicken noodle soup. Actually, chicken noodle soup is on the menu for tonight. If I wasn’t several states away, would take you some.

  71. Never heard of Knudsen’s. Must be regional. But I did look it up. Looks really tasty but has a boatload of potassium and an OD of Vita C in it, which isn’t a good idea for a kidney patient. As you can see, it’s not an easy one for me.

    Too much potassium can stop your heart. Did you know that? Beware of salt substitutes, they are all potassium, use judiciously, everyone. But drinking that 32 oz of juice is major potassium intake.

  72. Yup Potter, I have a whole vat of chicken broth for the soup. I’m just sick of it at this point.

  73. Msdsal, holy shit on that story about taxing POC.

    You’re the second person to tell me about thyme. Guess I need to try it. Don’t have any fresh but do have dried leaves from thyme i grew myself.

  74. flvoter, I’d settle for a sanity test. If not for all the voters, at least for all the candidates.

  75. YIKES, sorry Uppity. Glad you are watchful. No I didn’t know potassium could stop your heart. Yep, it is bad for your kidneys if they can’t flush it. So… just ignore me. I have no dietary restrictions.

    Hope you are feeling better soon.

  76. As a brown person I don’t buy the economic anxiety crap. As an immigrant and a minority in this country I guarantee that my family ‘suffers” more economic anxiety than most Trump voters. And still I manage to give a sh!t about people less fortunate than myself. I resent the whole millions of people voted illegally crap. That’s aimed at people like me. So this load of crap isn’t acceptable.

    Once upon a time the United States welcomed immigrants but not anymore in trumps America. I fully expect to have to carry my naturalization paperwork with me before trumps term is up just to prove my immigration status. What’s sad is that Trump voters don’t see anything wrong with that.

  77. Uppity – is the cough in your chest or is it from post nasal drip? If it’s in your chest the thyme will help especially if you can get it fresh. If it’s a head cold that is causing it, find your way to an Asian market and get some kim chee. Mix it in with hot chicken soup (not all of it, just add as much as you can take without it killing you) and it will really help clear you out, which will help with your cough. If you can’t do kim chee, several friends swear by Vick’s vap-o-rub, but not the traditional way. They apply it liberally to the soles of their feet and put on cotton socks before going to bed and it helps them sleep through the night.

  78. May be a silly question, but isn’t the EPA media blackout he ordered bordering on unconstitutional?

  79. ipotter:
    Like if Trump cares about the Constitution.
    Everything about Trump IS unconstitutional….

  80. The REPos just crowned “Satan” alias Trump.

  81. As far as these cabinet picks go at this point I could care less who votes for or against them except the most egregious ones like Sessions and DeVos. Tillerson was an awful pick but I have no idea who voted for or against. The truth is the GOP is going to put all these jokers in regardless of what we do.

    yeah, Bernie should have his nuts kicked in at this point. He is nothing but a big drag and now he’s falling once again prostrate in front of Trump because of the TPP. I have to wonder if falling down and giving trump a blow job is going to hurt Bernie back in the woods of Vermont or not. Hopefully the people who decide the DNC chair will not put that putz Ellison in. Perez is better along with the other people. Anybody is better than Ellison.

  82. Flvoter, I couldn’t get my back hairs up about white folks having to take a literacy test, even though I am one. In fact, I laughed out loud when I got what I think you meant to be the irony of it (if I’m mistaken, please just ignore this).

    Literacy tests were used by while males in the segregated south to keep non-white people from voting. Their justification was apparently that anyone not white was just too dumb to make a smart choice about who should govern.

    Well, who seems to have had the greatest trouble understanding plain English? All those “gee, I didn’t know Obamacare was Affordable Care” and “Trump won’t mess with my Medicare, he’ll just get the gummit out of it” whites, mostly males, and their economically dependent wives, who voted in the majority for tRump (the majority of white women with college degrees voted for Hillary). It certainly wasn’t Latina or African-American women: they voted overwhelming for Hillary. Seems like it’s the very ones who wanted to use literacy tests to disenfranchise other people are the ones who most needed to take them.

  83. If the Democrats do not ostentatiously kick Sanders to the side, they will regret it. Sanders has lost his mind, in a giddy egomaniacal fantasy. Every day he opens his mouth about something. He gave Trump credit for stopping TPP, when the truth was that it was never going to pass. But he can’t shut up. He just handed Trump an ad for the next election. Sanders thinks that he is the person who should decide for everyone else when Trump is to be criticized or congratulated. Except for his band of cult followers who hang on his every utterance, no one cares what Sanders thinks or says. There are 48 Democratic Senators, and Sanders makes twice as many comments as the other 47 combined. Following Sanders will guarantee that Trump will be re-elected, and the country will be lost forever. Please let him take his followers and start his own party. Even if it hurts the Democrats, it is possible that the Democratic Party would look better in contrast to the Sanders Party, and thus start to gain more votes. Sanders is not only incredibly irritating, his view of politics and elections is completely wrong. And his followers are fools who have no idea about governance or even policy. He is blackmailing the Democrati Party through his implied threat to bolt with his band. Call the bluff, pick Perez as DNC head, vote against any of his other choices, and let him bluster and bellow.

  84. I got this thing in the mail from Donna “there will be blood” Brazille. It’s a survey on the direction I think the Democratic party should take. Sadly for her, she included a postage paid envelope.

    I’m already going to include several pages of well-tuned rants, as well as some of the pics of tRump I saved from Newsweek that were going to be backup TP in the little houses along the trails I walk most days.

    Aside from her and Tovarisch Bernski taking long walks off short piers, do y’all have any other suggestions I could send?

  85. William and Ga6thDem: Perez will definitely be in there. (I hadn’t read your comments before I posted mine)

  86. Uppity….
    “Popping zinc within 24 hours of the start of symptoms helps shorten your sniffle, according to a 2013 Cochrane review. The authors say significant effects were seen at doses of at least 75 mg (the equivalent of three or four lozenges) per day, taken as long as your cold lasts.Feb 19, 2015”

    It is not early for you but zinc lozenges have a fair amount of science support so if you can send someone out for ‘real’ zinc in zinc lozenges. Look for a dose on the package vs any fake stuff.

    Plus whatever other home remedies work. Honey, lemon juice, and whatever toddy you like with it. Thyme, whatever.

  87. EarlyNerd. You hit my point. LOL

  88. @ William 9:58pm, well said, although isn’t Perez in the “we’re done with the Clinton’s” gang?

  89. Flvoter, thought I might’ve 🙂

  90. Laker does like 3 spoons of apple cider vinegar, 1 spoon of honey (he bought himself that expensive Manuka kind that’s supposed to be like antibiotics) and adds hot water. He doesn’t add the peppery stuff. Anyway, he thinks its great. He also does these drops that he gets at the health food store: Immuno Well Rx.

    In Europe they throw some thyme in a pot of boiling water and inhale for a few minutes using a towel as a tent. I’m not sure Upps should use the thyme though because in Europe they also do thyme baths but they caution to keep your heart above the water in the tub, so I don’t think anyone with heart issues should use it that way. I did a few thyme baths in my late 30s to early 40s and they did seem to shorten a flu.

    I take some type of Echinacea and I like the following herb teas: Throat Coat, Breathe Easy & Herbatussin. I woke up with a scratchy throat today myself and going back to work on Thursday for 3 or 4 weeks. 😦

  91. William, well said! I like your strategy and based on what I heard him say in his interview with Rachel tonight, Perez has the ideas and the energy to revitalize the party. I’d dearly love to dislodge Brazile as well as Sanders. I’ll never forgive her for her maneuvers before and during 2008 to bring us Obama instead of Hillary.

  92. From our friends in the Netherlands…a “warm” greeting to Trump”

  93. Voting, that is hilarious!

  94. Voting, that is “fantastic”! Btw, if you get a chance, please listen to Gov Brown’s Cali speech yesterday. Full of forewarning and resistance, ending with a year jerking verse from This Land is Your Land. I was at a series of meetings for my civil service job that supports the vulnerable among us. Needless to say, planning is nearly impossible in this environment. I think we are proceeding with a combination of stubborn denial and resistance, coupled with sadness and fear.

  95. “Tear jerking” (I phone)

  96. Guess I’m alone in this, but I think who heads the DNC is the least of our worries. Just a bureaucratic functionary who should be a competent communicator. Not the head of the party at all. Doesn’t have a role in making policy.

    I’m more concerned about what Trump is doing and not doing. Democrats are not even trying to hold him accountable.

  97. Ok one more time with feeling. I don’t don’t need help with sniffles, or throat or anything except that it’s settle in my chest. Please read again: Chest. I also Can NOT take ANYTHING over ANY counter that is excreted by the kidneys. That means I need TOTALLY holistic recipes, NOT vitamins, NOT minerals and NOT compounds of dubious content.

    There will be a comprehension test later.

    By the way Gray, this was not meant specifically for you, i just tend to hit REPLY at random as I’m reason multiple comments from the admin panel

    but, Zinc is OUT of the question.

  98. Annie, I was not aware of Perez having said anything like that, but if he did, then it is certainly disappointing. Not that I was ever a big fan of Perez, but I figured him to be better than Ellison; and I don’t want any Sanders people directing the party.

    Brassy Rebel, I certainly agree that DNC Chair is an overrated position. But someone somwhere has to be able to get Democrats able to, and out to, vote. If we do not have the right to vote and exercise it, we cannot ever win, despite marches or protests or anything else. I would have actually preferred Dean, who did have a 50-state strategy, and did support Hillary.

    Sadly, I don’t think that much can be done to stop Trump without a majority in at least one branch of the Congress. And as was suggested here yesterday, it appears that most Democrats in office are more concerned about keeping their individual fiefdoms, than in actually going all out to fight against tyranny.

    Lililam, I will read that Btown speech. I know that the threat to the environment is very worrisome. We will have air like China, poisoned water, no EPA to protect against any threats, and a paper FDA which will not keep the food and water and drugs safe. No one voted for this; they either voted for Hillary, or believed Trump’s nonsense about jobs, or believed the fake news. But they didn’t vote to destroy the environment, nor did the stupid media ever bring it up in debates or discussion. To me, this is where the most intense fight should take place; because the damage done will be difficult if not impossible to reverse.

  99. @ William 9:58pm, well said, although isn’t Perez in the “we’re done with the Clinton’s” gang?

    I have to be honest with you all. I can tell you in no uncertain terms, there are NO friends in politics. Friends are friends so long as you are a winner and can do things for them. WHen you lose, there’s an echo in the room. That’s just the way it is. Everybody will have to admit sooner or later that they finally brought Hillary down. One way or another. She is not going to rise from the ashes, and frankly, I don’t think she wants to. There comes a time when enough is enough.

    I’m sorry but after decades, evil finally won in this case. Took a lot of work on their part, but win they did.

  100. as far as I could find Perez seems to be a Clinton ally.

    Brassy don’t fall into the trap the GOP is setting where Democrats are to blame for Trump. The GOP controls all the branches of government and the people that are failing to hold Trump accountable are Republicans.

  101. You know what? It may sound ridiculous, as he would be 82, but maybe Jerry Brown would be our best candidate for President in 2020. He’s very smart, he’s combative, and he knows how government works. Who else would be better? Hillary, of course, if she wants to run. Apparently she did an interview with “People Magazine,” and said that the marches were great, we need to keep the momentum. Maybe she will indeed make her presence felt going forward, even though we know that the Sanders people and the media snarks will mock it. There really aren’t many people out there who are equipped to fight the Republicans at this point, and she is one of them, as is Brown. The Sanders people are just inveterate complainers with no political ability or workable and electable plans.

  102. Great video, Voting. lol

  103. Dems in Senate are not holding up confirmation votes until Trump releases taxes and divests businesses, Ga. That’s not holding him accountable. Republicans will never do so because now they can pass their extreme agenda. There are things Dems can do in the Senate because that body does not operate on strict majority rule. I expect them to hold him accountable, not look the other way because Republicans do. This morning, some of them, including Elizabeth Warren, voted to confirm Ben Carson, who admits to being wholly unqualified for the job, to be HUD Secretary. This is inexplicable. And insane. I expect better. Maybe I’m the crazy one. But that’s just where I am right now.

  104. 82. Jesus. you mean to tell me we can’t find a candidate without one foot in the grave? We used to me fun of Republicans for all the cadavers they dragged around. Now we are they.

  105. Brassy, as I understand it McConnell got rid of the ability to do that kind of thing in the last few years. The only thing that can be stopped is a supreme court nominee.

  106. I agree that there’s no excuse for Warren for voting for Ben Carson though.


    Thinking somebody might get thrown under the bus at some point, but not the Cheeto, of course.

  108. Well, one of McConnell’s own put a hold on an Obama nominee (Not SCOTUS) until she died last May. They held up a lot of nominees while Obama was POTUS. In any case, why are they voting for them? If they must vote, they should vote NO on most, if not all.

    Warren, btw, is less popular in Massachusetts than the Republican governor. And only 44% think she deserves re-election. Hillary won 60% of the vote in Massachusetts. But, hey! Bernie would have won!

  109. Yeah, Brassy but I think all those were judges. I guess I should have been more clear and said it apparently only still holds for the judiciary. Dems can hold up all Trump’s judiciary nominees.

    Bernie would have lost in 49 state landslide. No question about it and until people start facing that fact things are not going to get better for the party. Honestly there are days where I wish he was the nominee so that he could have lost and we would not be hearing from him.

  110. Hey,remember when all the Tea Partiers were all worried about “jack booted thugs”? Well,looks like they may have been right and Chicago may be ground zero if they don’t stop killing each other.trump has promised to “send in the feds”. Of course it won’t be Tea Partiers that get their heads bashed in but I’m sure they’ll be fine with those who do since they’ll probably be of a certain color and/or political bent.
    Add to this his raids on the undocumented and growing plans to restrict voting;destroy our environment and we’re on our way to our own Reich or oligarchy.
    Buckle up!
    On another note…how can Trump lead at all,domestically ,let alone world wide when he’s become such a joke? He’s really become a laughing stock. Though I guess it doesn’t matter as long as the alt-right get their legislation signed. These are definitely the times that try men’s souls.This is where we really need to hang on and power through.They may have the legislative power,but the People have thousands of ways to sabotage,divert,mess up their intentions. The People will take what power they can and the smallest delay,confusion,etc.can help us get to ’18 where we hope the folk will stay woke.

  111. ipotter @ 2:08, shame on the media for digging that up now and painting a target on yet another woman’s face for the neo-nazis.

    It looks like that all took place back in October. It must be getting dug up again to distract from the fact that the worst, most egregious Hatch Act violater in history has just been reconfirmed in his position of authority, by the very person his illegal acts put into office.

  112. RIP Mary Tyler Moore.

  113. For 2020, what about Booker or Franken? Franken’s former “celebrity” status may actually work in our favor! And for the ladies, Gillibrand or Klobuchar?

  114. Well, if Warren is on her way to losing her Senate seat, we are really in trouble. We could well end up with Republicans holding a filibustet-proof majority. Is the country that anxious to elect a Republican permanent majority? I suppose that there are specific issues with Warren in MA, but they have a Republican governor there. The only states where we seem able to elect a Democratic governor are CA and NY, and maybe a few other coastal states. Republicans seem to be able (with the aid of corporate billions) to delude voters into thinking they stand for them, when they do not at all. Somehow Democrats are going to have to figure out how to win local elections. Obama was no help. Hillary would have been, but we were only able to gain 2 senate seats (with many more R’s up than D’s) and maybe 8 congressional seats. People are going to have to get off their couches and actually care enough to vote, and even get the IDs, no matter how onerous it is.

    One complex issue that I have been thinking about for quite a while: Are the “liberals,” the “Left,” winning cultural wars at the expense of losing everything else? When the Academy Awards nominations came out yesterday, we saw that 7 of the 20 acting nominations went to Black actors. Undoubtedlly, this was the result of the Academy adding 300 or so Blacks to their ranks, after last year’s complaints of racism because no Black actors got nominations. So they caved in. And someone who calls herself April Reign, and heads some organization called “Oscars so White,” said that this new nomination list showed improvement, but “there is more work to do.” She is looking for 50% of nominees Black? 90%? She also said that the “life experience of Latinos and of LGBTQ people must also be more represented.” So are we talking about quotas? Are we going to turn the art of moviemaking and of the Academy Awards into a cultural battle?

    Of course we want all groups represented, and good work honored. But do we have to count the ethnicities and sexual orientations of everyone? Amy Adams is a very good actor. She was in “Arrival,” which I did not see, but which was highly recommended to me. She was acclaimed for that performance, and won honors. But, though the movie garnered 9 Oscar nominations, she was omitted. And that of course is because of the implicit quotas and perhaps bloc voting which took her spot. Now, I realize that these are difficult issues which can be debated. But it does seem to me that for a number of undeplorable middle class White Americans, this kind of thing turns them against the Democratic Party. There is no way to really fix any of it, but are some of the artistic “victories” for vocal people like Ms. Reign actually costing us electorally? Should we get rid of all awards shows, since they are turning into cultural statements pitting one group against another in terms of whose life experience is being represented? Is the Democratic Party going to be “stronger together,” as Hillary said, or is it going to turn into a fragmented bunch of people who squabble about identity and representation, while the minority group of White Republicans roll over them? I try not to care about awards shows, but people like to watch the Oscars and enjoy the clips and the awards, without having to be subjected to accusations of racism when White people win.

  115. “Are the “liberals,” the “Left,” winning cultural wars at the expense of losing everything else?”


  116. William, your comment at 4:26 is very insightful. We need to win elections first.

    btw, I don’t remember why I wondered about Perez being part of the “goodbye Clintons” crowd. Maybe because he was on Maher’s show when Maher said that? I saw that, but was so shocked at Maher saying that, I didn’t notice the reaction of his guests. I will have to go back and look. Anyway, would certainly rather have Perez than someone like Ellison or Gabbard. I know Perez did support Hillary during the election.

  117. fwiw, I think we need a Dem leader who will focus on Democratic principles and at least try to bring all the splinter groups together to work on elections that will enable us to get back to ‘serving the people’ instead of serving Congress. If a Bernie person gets it, we will continue to be split in two. We need the plans of hrc but, it pains me to say, another person touting them.
    There also needs to be a non-Democratic party leader to help. Obama is too wimpy. Hillary is ideal but only for the smart voters. Who is there who can fill the role who is not on the farthest left but not center right either? (And I never thought Hillary was center right.)
    that guy out west (?) seems pretty smart but I prefer Perez for his experience. the other guy has a role to play though.

    There are various groups who want to focus on either ACA, taxes, women’s rights, and so on. All are important but a leader needs to create an umbrella movement that includes them all. I am not sure anyone can do that.

  118. Gray @ 6:07, well said.

    I don’t think Jerry Brown could win the presidency. He’s been great for California, but a lot of the country loathes California, and also, I do think he would be too old.

    Cats idea of Franken, Booker, Gillibrand or Klobuchar sounds good. I would love it if the Dems take Congress back in ’18, win the prez in ’20 and appoint Hillary to the Supremes as a final FU to all the creeps who have maligned her all these years. I imagine she’s retiring though and certainly deserves it. Maybe she’ll become a columnist somewhere and be influential.

  119. Just a reminder that Perez was on the short list for VP candidates before Hillary settled on I would guess they must’ve seen him as pro-Hillary. Of course Obama was pushing him for who knows where Perez’s loyalties lay.
    On MSNBC last night (forget which show) they were speculating that the Mayor of South Bend ,Indiana might be the fall back candidate if the split between Hillary/Obama folk ( Perez) and Bernie folk( Ellison) tends to alienate one group or the other.His first name is Pete,last name starts w/ a B but is one of those names I wouldn’t even pretend to know how to won’t. Having listened to several of the candidates ( though not all) I think that Perez seems to have the clearest understanding of what really needs to happen on the ground.Ellison talks a good game,but tends to have the same fairy dust belief system of most Bernie supporters.That’s my occasionally humble opinion,for what it’s worth.

    Bottom line,if we don’t get organized on the grass roots level to do something about voting rights..the ball game will already be over. Especially since Trump is going to use his “investigation” into massive voting fraud as an excuse to stop even more Dem leaning people from voting.If we don’t got the vote..we don’t got or get squat.

  120. Msdsal, hear, hear! Especially voting rights!

  121. That was him. Pete Buttigieg, Mayor of South Bend. I heard/saw him on msnbc and he had the patter right. My age is showing but I just want more experience. Maybe he could keep Perez going in the right direction.
    Re Perez being a Hillary supporter. We are the majority, aren’t we? It isn’t as if we are a faction. We are the true Democrats. In majority numbers compared to bernie people. I would bet if someone polled on the two of them, HRC would still be way ahead.
    Perez could get panels going around the country on each of the key areas: ACA, voting rights/laws, women’s rights, health care/meds costs, etc. Then have the chairs be on Perez’s executive counsel of advisors.
    Of course, I am sure he will hear me and do exactly as I suggest! Or whoever gets chair.

  122. Panels to strategize how to win on that issue, I meant to clarify.

  123. Perez came out today urging Dems to filibuster any hard-right Supreme noms. Sounds good.

  124. Honestly this is absurd. There should not be a split with the Bernie folks cuz they are not democrats. Also the Bernie people are a bunch of racist sexist bigoted xenophobes. They showed us who they were during the primary. They don’t give a rats ass about immigrants women African Americans or Hispanics. You know otherwise known as the base of the Democratic Party. Hard to give a sh!t about what the Bernie folks or the wwc Trump voters want when they don’t give a sh!t about people like me. Yes I am resentful that this conversation is being had in the party. Since the party if the Bernie folks win will sacrifice people like me in favor of the wwc.

  125. This is s prime example of why I am pissed of today. So people that look like me are suspected of vote fraud based on ethnicity

  126. flvoter, I can certainly understand why you’re pissed. Guess we’ll know in a few weeks whether or not the DNC gets taken over by the Bernie Bots. If Ellison is elected,we’ll know. I have my fingers crossed for Perez..he seems most competent and checks a few other boxes that could bring about the largest coalition of groups..or not.Also heartening to hear about the DNC war room..good for them.

    Do you all find it interesting that more and more folk are questioning trump’s sanity? I heard that Carl Bernstein said on CNN tonight ,that many Repubs were beginning to question whether or not trump is delusional… Wow,that didn’t take long,we’re not even a week into his presidency.. 🙂 Of course we,here @Uppity’s,were way ahead of them,we diagnosed him long ago. But people w/money don’t get put away;people just put up with them.The guy is so loco and such an international joke there may no longer be a way for him to lead.Ball’s in the Repubs court,trump’s presidency may be so fragile that they may not even be able to ram much of their agenda through before the whole thing comes tumbling down. Awww.

    I am really,really smiling right now.

  127. For your general amusement:

  128. William, on January 25, 2017 at 4:26 PM said:

    One complex issue that I have been thinking about for quite a while: Are the “liberals,” the “Left,” winning cultural wars at the expense of losing everything else? When the Academy Awards nominations came out yesterday, we saw that 7 of the 20 acting nominations went to Black actors. Undoubtedlly, this was the result of the Academy adding 300 or so Blacks to their ranks, after last year’s complaints of racism because no Black actors got nominations. So they caved in. And someone who calls herself April Reign, and heads some organization called “Oscars so White,” said that this new nomination list showed improvement, but “there is more work to do.” She is looking for 50% of nominees Black? 90%? She also said that the “life experience of Latinos and of LGBTQ people must also be more represented.” So are we talking about quotas? Are we going to turn the art of moviemaking and of the Academy Awards into a cultural battle?


    William, one advantage to what now appears to be my semi-sabbatical is that I have actually gone to the movies in the last few weeks. I saw LaLa Land, Hidden Figures & “Florence Forster Jenkins” (that one on PPV).

    Having seen those, I can tell you neither Meryl or Emma Stone (especially Stone who I actually love in most of her work.) should have had a nod over Taraji P. Henson, the lead in Hidden Figures. She was perfection in the role and that movie held me all the way to the end. Best movie I have seen in a long time.

    Also, if any of you have seen LaLa Land, please explain why this movie is getting so many nominations. It was ok, but frankly, I nodded off a bit (hence why I go with my sister who nudges me back awake). It totally dragged in the middle.

    I think LaLa Land is destined to go the way of “Chicago” of the most over-rated movies to win an Oscar.

    BTW, my sister agreed with me that LaLa Land is over-rated & loved “Hidden Figures”. This was a true bi-partisan decision. LOL! 🙂

  129. One more for your general amusement:

  130. I have a friend who goes to the movies a lot. So she is a tough audience and rarely has.much good to say about what she sees. She would make a great movie critic. Well, she couldn’t stop raving about “Hidden Figures”. I was shocked then when it didn’t totally dominate the Oscar nominations. I think Hollywood really does have a problem with diversity.

    People who are only now realizing what a sick bastard Trump is must be dumber than a box of rocks. Where the hell were they for the year and a half he was campaigning?

  131. The wapo article per Uppity is good. But if anyone can read this one today and still think trump is sane then I have to question that person’s sanity too.
    The President of the United States. Is this real? Are we all in a nightmare and just can’t wake up? Are we doomed to get Pence who will be even worse?

  132. VotingHillary, on January 26, 2017 at 4:57 AM

    Thank you for the WaPo article link.

  133. HE the trump IS INSANE!

  134. William, absolutely! It is complex, as you say. And I don’t see it getting better. I tend to boil it down to something that offends almost everyone, but I truly believe the human race is almost gone. The vast majority populating the planet are nothing more than sub-humans racing to extinction. Until we are able to be color blind, every single one of us regardless of color, stop feeling some deserve more than others because of sex or race, then things will not get better. Racism is not a white, brown, or black problem, it is a sub-human problem, imo. My neighbor told me to boil it down further and turn it into a bumper sticker, but I don’t want my car vandalized. Neither here nor there, but watched “Requiem for the American Dream” on Netflix awhile back. Didn’t agree with everything in it, but thought it was quite good. Especially liked the end and seeing T-shirts that simply said EVOLVE! That hit home as I have been quietly ranting and chanting that for years.

  135. Ipotter, it is hard to disagree. Dreams of a League of Nations, a United Nations, are torn apart by interracial, inter-nation, ideological, religious wars of all kinds. The white nationalism which has risen in Europe and America resembles that of the fascist years of 80 years ago. Nothing is learned. This country is almost unrecognizable, although one might say that it was there, we just didn’t have the internet to have it become so visible.

    The people in this country, in politics and in media, who willfully engender hate, do not understand or care that they can’t control it. More billions in their pockets, the irrational joy of defeatimg the hated liberals, will mean very little. Those on the Left and Right who think that out of anarchy and chaos will come nirvana, are fools. Yeats’ oft-noted poem about the best lacking all conviction, the center not holding, things falling apart, was of course visionary. He believed in a kind of recurring cycle of history, the orderly being supplanted by the dangerous and irrational, and then possibly back again at some point. But I don’t know who would be able to stop the rising tide of hatred and greed and amorality which sweeps the globe. Every member of the State Department staff quit today.The Trump supporters cheer, “we are draining the swamp!” No, there was no swamp, but there will be now. And is there enough rationality and will left to reverse all of this? Hate won, evil won, stupidity won, or cheated its way in. How do we get them out in enough time? For better or for worse, the people need a champion, someone who can rally the best in them to action and victory. Who is that person? And I am certain that people are going to have to put aside their personal or group grievances for the better good, or we will assuredly hang separately.

  136. I saw Hidden Figures and it was a really good movie. Well acted, good story, everything. LaLa Land to me was slow until the end. Without the ending the movie to me wouldn’t have been that good. I also saw Queen of Katwe and really liked that movie also. This year for me at least, these movies were better all around than a lot of the “traditional” movies up for awards.

  137. If you need a distraction, I add my superstar accolades to Hidden Figures. A real movie with a real story and real dialogue. Another one, don’t laugh, for escapism, is Sing. Yes, it is a cartoon. No, it is not believable. But, it is a fantastic movie and it has a story too!! Go see it.
    I will go see Manchester by the Sea alone so I can cry in peace, as I know I will. My friends want to see La La Land but I had already fallen out of like with it before seeing the earlier comments. They just underscore my disinterest in it.

  138. I wonder how long the American people and even the Repubs will be willing to fund trump’s Fantasyland? 12 billion for a wall many of the border states don’t want or feel will work. How many millions to look into voter fraud that doesn’t exist? Millions for an inaugural w/very low turn out. Farmers who will no longer have markets for their crops in Mexico and Asia.Billions for infrastructure and the PRIVATE corporations that will help build those projects. I’ve noticed over the years that the Repubs tend to only be fiscally conservative when Democrats are in office.

    Also, that ABC interview..I’m speaking professionally now,( though I’m not legally able to make a clinical diagnosis,I do have 26 years of experience as a psychologist) Trump’s continued obsession with crowd size and the popular vote is clinical and requires intervention. Might I suggest Hillary taking his place while trump is receiving treatment? Of course there is the question of who’ll convene the intervention..I bet Hillary’d help and about 68million others.

  139. BTW, here is the transcript from Trump’s interview last night. Seeing the words in print truly shows that:

    1. He has the vocabulary of a 5th-grader.
    2. Even he can’t keep his story straight.
    3. He has no business being POTUS.

  140. Oh and one other fantasy trump wants the American people to fund..the reopening of overseas black sites where we can torture massive numbers of non-existent captured terrorists.So millions for the building,torture equipment,personnel and legal fees for lawyers to defend the staff for breaking the law.Clearly trump has really and thoroughly thought this through. SAD!

  141. Also,you know who really needs to shut up,Steve Bannon? Your boss,NOT the media.
    Man,Bannon looks like a barely functioning alcoholic to me..has the temperament that goes along w/that condition,too.

  142. I got about half way through the transcript, can’t believe anyone sat through the whole thing when it aired, esp his supporters. Sounds like after his investigation into “illegals” voting, we will have cross check in all 50 states. Also, clearly, Fox is the only network that reports on him accurately so they will be his propaganda outlet when everyone else is disappeared for libel, slander and treason. Good times.

  143. There is a buzz going around, that there is an executive order floating around to lift sanctions on Russia. Apparently, Trump has a phone call planned with Putin this weekend. I feel like I am in the twilight zone.

  144. Does anyone wonder what the other crazy leaders around the world are doing now? What they are planning while the U.S. is in disarray? How our friends are maybe thinking hard on how to save themselves, never mind us?

    Nightmare stuff. And every day is filled with a hundred new crazy things.

  145. Does anyone wonder what the other crazy leaders around the world are doing now? What they are planning while the U.S. is in disarray? How our friends are maybe thinking hard on how to save themselves, never mind us?

    My husband and I were discussing this very thing last night. Is absolutely terrifying. We have no ambassadors overseas right now so there’s no avenue for diplomacy, and all these upper-level state department foreign service professionals have resigned so there’s no qualified people to train any of the yahoos that Trump is going to appoint as ambassadors.

    We appear crazy to our allies and weak to our enemies. Nobody’s minding the farm and I’m just waiting for something to happen.

  146. Trump is counting on something happening so he can exploit it to expand his power. And it”s probably the only way he can boost his approval numbers which are in the sub-basement even though he’s only been in office a week. We are so screwed.

  147. Editorial
    Trump’s Mexico Tantrum
    A tax on Mexican imports would be paid by Americans who buy those goods.

    Isn’t Cheetolini brilliant…NOT?

  148. Oops!
    that is in today’s NYT front page…

  149. Well, I refuse to worry about anything regarding Cheeto. It may be stupid and I may not be seeing thing correctly. However, isn’t this a business strategy? Basically assert yourself as the one who has the upper hand and then state something outrageous that is sure to make the other party angry, fearful, etc. Leave the table. Then the next meeting, reach a compromise. Incite negative emotions and use them to your advantage.

  150. I believe taxing imports are a way to get people to buy American and a way to stop American companies from shipping jobs to Mexico. Please correct me if I am wrong. Am not a Cheetos fan and never will be, but taxing Mexican goods is absolutely fine by me. Imo, it could result in the produce section of the store getting slim at certain times and price increases due to supply/demand, which nobody likes to see. But I avoid Mexican produce anyway. If prices increase, would just have to cut back on some healthy foods.

    Believe many other things we import from Mexico used to be produced here in the US until the companies decided they could ship the jobs to other countries for cheap wages and avoid paying benefits. That is what happened in my town and many, many others. However, this could simply be a bargaining strategy and nothing actually come of it.

  151. I continue to maintain that “we” do have economic power, even if we have almost no political power at this time. I think that it might be beneficial in the long term if the economy suffered from an economic downturn. Right now, the blue states essentially support the red states economically. It is a fact that most of those red states take in more federal money than they pay out in taxes. They sit there with the money of blue state residents, and they elect representatives who hate the blue states, and try to take away everybody’s civil rights, voting rights, destroy the environment, return us to the Gilded Age, when the super-rich liked to buy million dollar Faberge Eggs, while the myriads of the poor lived ten to a room in tenement slums, and were forced to work 18 hours day for pennies, or die on the street from cold or starvation. That is really the goal of Ryan Republicans.

    I think that if all those people who marched decided to use their economic power to not support interstate corporations, particularly those with right-wing billiionaire owners, it would help. If people did not use any more oil or gas than was absolutely necessary, at least for a year or two. If they did not buy anything more than necessary items, at least from non-family owned local businesses. I realize that in an economic downturn, people might suffer financially. But the alternative, just acting like good little consumers and stuffing the pockets of the oligarchs, is worse. Most people ultimately end up voting their pocketbooks; and if there is a recession, even the ignorant will likely vote these Republicans out. It seems to be the best legal means to perhaps reverse things. Right now, the stock market is being propped up by Wall Streetets who are glorying in the fact that all the environmental business restrictions will be lifted, that corporate taxes will be slashed, that worker wages will go down. That’s great news to corporatists, and the Wall Street leeches who yelled “Lock her up,” when they saw Hillary’s concession speech on TV. I say, ruin them all. Desperate times call for drastic measures. I’m not recommending anything ilegal at all, but we do not have to willingly participate in the attempted economic coup of the billionaires.

  152. Ipotter, if the U.S. imposes tariffs on another country’s goods, then they will impose a tariff on our goods. The Republicans of the early 20th century were always for high tariffs, with the goal of making more profits for American corporations, which they of course did not share with their employees. Finally, though, even Republiicans figured out that high tariffs and trade wars did not benefit the American economy. But now Bernie and his intransigent “all trade deals are bad” rants, combined with the xenophobia of the Trump supporters, are going to take us to economic ruination by opting out of the global economy.

    I don’t buy Mexican produce, either. But many do, mostly because it is cheaper. If, say, the price of melons produced in Mexico goes up from 50 cents a pound to 60 cents, some people will not be able to afford it. That is a shame for them; plus some of those Mexican growers will go out of business. Ultimately, the cost of melons produced in America will go from $1 a pound to $2 a pound. Every single economic proposal which comes out of the mouths of Republicans can easily be revealed as simply another of their endless plans to take money out of the hands of the working class, and give it to the super-rich. Drivng the small American farmer out of business by making it only economicaly feasible for the big agra farms with their toxic chemicals and “frankenfoods,” will be another result of stifling competition, which is the end result of all Republican pro-corporate policies.

  153. I just read over at Sky Dancing that Mexico is the second largest IMPORTER of US goods.

  154. True William and Sweet Sue. There is no simple fix for economic woes of the US, or the world, as it is today. And agreed, times have changed and it is now a global economy. Ultimately, those who win with policies such as these are indeed the wealthy as they will exploit the middle class and poor at every turn… but nothing will change that, imo, and they will always come up with a way to make our money their own. But I don’t think NAFTA was a great thing. I have heard Bill Clinton himself say there were some unforeseen problems with it, but it seemed good at the time. And that it, as with most policies, needed to be revisited and changed periodically. What NAFTA did in my town is essentially move all good paying manufacturing jobs out of the country to Mexico. It really hit hard. This happened throughout the Midwest. Now we IMPORT those same goods we used to actually produce here.

  155. Oh, and yes, we export to Mexico also. But in 2015 our goods trade deficit with Mexico was $58 billion, up from the previous year. We did have a services trade surplus of $9.2 billion, but that was a decrease from the previous year. I am not up on this stuff and could be wrong, but it is my understanding that we export USED vehicles to Mexico. Have also been told we export oil, and then turn around and import oil from the same country in order to keep oil prices high and line the pockets of the appropriate people. But, I don’t expect things like that to ever change.

  156. There are a few small farmers here, but it has been the “big agra farms and their toxic chemicals” for at least a few decades. They started forcing the small farmers out of business quite some time ago. The few that remain tend to sell locally. I honestly don’t see how they make it. But the groceries do sell local produce and meat, to a certain extent. And there are both winter and summer farmer’s markets which draw quite a crowd. Also, there are a few who sell “shares.” You pay a certain amount each year and are provided with a set amount of what they produce at predetermined intervals. It is sad what has happened to those who supply our food. As I’ve said before, my grandfather was a farmer. We used to be turned lose to roam the fields and pastures and told just to be in by dark. It was great for a kid. Suppose that is why some put up with the struggles–it definitely has its benefits. But the big agra farms and the frankenfoods they produce are good for what they do also… making money selling cheaper foods which cause illnesses so other parts of the same company can make even more money on the drugs for those illnesses they have caused, imo. I’ll be quiet now. These are only my opinions and I don’t expect others to agree.

  157. ipotter: I was saddened to hear how NAFTA impacted your community and I have always lamented the loss of our infrastructure in manufacturing, textiles, farming and steel production but they are gone now and I don’t see how they will ever be brought back as much as we would like to see them return. It’s my understanding that the first NAFTA treaty was signed by Reagan and the second by Bush I. He tried to fast track the implementing bill before he left office but it landed on Clinton’s desk in his first term. He made some revisions in the area of labor and environmental protections to give us some parity but the rest is history as they say. Also read that Hillary urged Bill NOT to sign it. My memory is not as good as it used to be so please fact check me, but it seems to me that NAFTA is another Repub strategy to help the rich at the expense of the rest of us. Trump never thinks anything through, never goes below the surface, always looking for the quick buck and thunderous sound byte. My guess is that all his campaign promises brought to fruition are going to bring us to our knees and some people are going to get obscenely rich(er). I believe Hillary advocated fair over free trade, but I don’t know how that differs.

  158. Ipotter, I agree with most of what you have said, except for the tariffs. You were very lucky to have lived on a farm, and enjoyed the beauty of nature and of fresh foods. What has happened to our food supply is essentially the doing of soulless billionaires, for whom the only thing that matters is money. They make eight billion a year, they must have nine billion. They have no capacity to see anything in the world except in terms of money and power. A whole political party has grown up around them; funded by them, controlled by them, ready to do all of their bidding. I never forget the scene in “Chinatown,” where Noah Cross, ultra-wealty and completely corrupt , invites the detective Jake Gittes to lunch, for his own purposes. Gittes says to him at one point, “How much are you worth? More than ten million?” And Cross says, “Oh, my, yes.” And Gittes looks at him incredulously and asks, “How much money do you need?” Cross says something about, “The future, Mr. Gittes,” but it is a hollow and even deranged answer.

    I guess the billionaires think that they can have their own multimansions with their own gardens and their own water supply; and they can peer down from their aeries at the tens of millions of people who suffer from impure water, contaminated foods, polluted air. But Poe in his story “The Masque of the Red Death,” essentially said that no one can escape from pestilence. These are issues which should have been very important in the campaign, and people should have based their votes on the answers; but the media had no interest in them, nor did Sanders’ ridiculous revolution highlight them, as opposed to “Wall Street rigged casino” and “bad trade deals costing jobs.” There is no price or salary or job which is more important than a healthy environment to live in.

  159. Sweet Sue, on January 27, 2017 at 1:50 PM said:

    …Mexico is the second largest IMPORTER of US goods.

    Thank you for bringing some light to the issue…
    The import-export between the two countries is highly unbalanced, to which a retaliation form Mexico’s import bottom dollar against high dollar of US exports would be most damaging.
    There other countries that can provide similar o better trade of goods to Mexico; Germany, China, Japan to name few.

  160. Cats, I don’t doubt that NAFTA was initially a Republican creation signed by a Democratic President. And what happened because of it may very well be irreversible, as you say. But only part of the reason jobs were shipped to Mexico is so companies could save money by paying lower wages, etc. Another reason is so they could pollute without the EPA cracking down on them. I’m not under any illusion that jobs will come back. It would be nice if they do, but it probably won’t happen. What I really think is going on is that Cheeto threw out that 20% number as a bargaining strategy to get a very small tax increase on imports and will eventually “call it” payment for the wall. And yes, Mexico would match with a tax increase of their own on our exports, but in the end nothing will change… except prices will go up a bit, and they are always going up for one reason or another.

    I don’t mean to fault Bill Clinton for NAFTA. I love Bill and voted for him both times. And the promise to change it and other policies that need changed is part of the reason I voted for Hillary both times. They have been there, done that, and learned from it. Also, I think it worth noting that policies take a very long time to implement and years to notice the impact. It isn’t always fair to blame one party or the other, imo. Recently I was taking to a Repub who was blaming Clinton for the decline in our educational system… Damn… I truly believe that started with Reagan and I told her that and why. And then we had the “no child left behind” with Bush. But Clinton was getting the blame. Finally she just came out with it and said she just couldn’t vote for Hillary because she didn’t like her attitude on Benghazi…sigh. I told her I blame Obama for that and then she said, “well I just don’t like her.: Just another women who wanted to fault another woman for no good reason. My sister is that way too.

  161. Ipotter: totally agree. Sorry if I sounded like I was blaming repubs for everything bad, NAFTA is a pet peeve of mine. My experience has been like yours, blame everything on the Dems (I am surrounded by repubs), esp the Clintons, but don’t say anything bad about Ronnie or Barack. Would like both parties to fight for US, the people, for a change not the corporations (including the media) and the less than 1 %-ers behind them. Partisanship is out of control. And for heaven’s sake have mercy on the middle class! Grow it, don’t destroy it!

  162. ipotter, the prolbem is not NAFTA. The problem is the cheap labor model that these companies use. They would have moved to Mexico and were moving to Mexico way before NAFTA came on the scene. I don’t know how to make companies quit moving to places where labor is cheaper. At least Mexico is buying our goods and with Trump I guess they will stop that too. Also trade agreements are really more about the supply chain than anything else. Our factories here in the US get a lot of raw materials from other countries. And unfortunately the really big problem is automation. If all those factories came back tomorrow they would only hire at most 20% of the people they hired before. We’re going through a tough time right now much like we have other times in our country. At one time there were people who had jobs directing mules on the Erie Canal. That is no longer. We just have to figure out what the next thing is going to be.

  163. Ga6thDem, at 8:58 PM said:

    And unfortunately the really big problem is automation. If all those factories came back tomorrow they would only hire at most 20% of the people they hired before. We’re going through a tough time right now much like we have other times in our country. At one time there were people who had jobs directing mules on the Erie Canal. That is no longer. We just have to figure out what the next thing is going to be.

    Excellent point not only applicable to the US but world wide…not any different with the social networks, digital media, the actual controlling and driving news (fake?), elections (interference?) and behavior (despicable?) unlike we have experienced before…
    a whole new ball game…
    and for many, un-charter waters.


    Certainly the effects of NAFTA can be interpreted differently. Guess I tend to go with the link above which basically says it was NAFTA that gave US companies permission to use a “cheap labor model.”

  165. They were already using the cheap labor model. I grew up in textile country in upstate SC and the cut and sew operations were moving for cheaper labor starting in the 70’s. And even before then those same textile companies shut down in New England and moved to the south for cheaper labor. So this has been going on decades before NAFTA came on the scene. Even without NAFTA we would be dealing with these problems but focusing on NAFTA just makes a convenient scapegoat for the realities of what has been going on for a long time.

  166. Ga6thDem, at 10:11 AM:
    Good comments and a reality check.
    Easy to blame…
    At the turn of this century, I personally experienced in my profession the “outsourcing” trend of younger Americans to have production work done in India and China…why?, cheaper labor.
    And this was not only big corporations, it was the “economic trend”.

  167. Well Joolz2u, another really, really unpopular idea is “spay and neuter for a better future” (it’s mine and can’t see it ever becoming a movement, but a bumper sticker… well probably, lol). I think it should be considered specifically because of things like that. Unfortunately, people like that would never submit and they are the ones who need it most. We have only one planet. Responsible reproduction is very important, imo.

  168. Joolz2u, I agree.

  169. Oh, forgot to mention. Bill Clinton’s comments/promises about changing NAFTA and other policies were made here locally by him in person in 2008 and I was there. Not sure it is on the record anywhere and it could have just been campaign rhetoric, but hey, I like the guy and believed his words as sincere.

  170. Joolz that has been my experience with these evangelicals. This is why I constantly tell the Bernie Bros they are incredibly stupid if they think these people can be reasoned with. They have to be defeated time and again at the polls to the point where they realize that politics is not something they need to participate in. In a lot of ways we are in a culture war and the culture war is basically us against a bunch of nuts who want us to return to the 19th Century. What they ignore is their beloved “free markets” have already decided that we are not going back to the past. Can you imagine if whole swaths of people quit buying from companies that supported the ideas of re-segregating the schools or repealing women’s rights?

  171. I never met an Evangelical I trusted where it didn’t turn out to be a mistake.

  172. The year or so before the election I was gradually losing my fear and dislike towards most of the conservative Christian females that surround me in this apartment complex. At least two of them talked openly about “end times”, but I thought, poor things, they don’t know any better and their lives really have been very hard.

    After this election, where the ignorance of these “poor things” has likely stolen from me even the minimum needed to stay alive, when they have endangered the lives of so many others in this country who have the wrong skin color, love the wrong person, worship a different way or not at all, when they have endangered the very future of this planet, I haven’t spoken to a single one of them. I can’t even look at them.

    Their weekly gossip circles – oh, sorry, Bible Study classes – have probably already defined me as crazy and dangerous. Much better all round, since now we know where we stand.

  173. Earlynerd,the sooner you get out here to Washington state,the better.I have an extra bed and bathroom if you need a place to crash for a while.
    Ups,glad to see you commenting again..was beginning to worry that maybe that cold had taken the upper hand.
    I keep hoping these past few months have been the darkest before the dawn we’ve always heard about.Good news is that lots of folks are stepping up.Will be interesting to see what brings the Repubs to the critical mass required to take action against trump. How crazy,destructive will he have to become before they say,”Enough”. We can be pretty sure it will either be related to their chances of keeping their jobs and/or their donors losing too much money or inconvenienced by losing too many of those special foreigners who are brought here to be paid less. ( Yes,I’m looking at you ,Microsoft.)

    And the hits keep coming.

  174. Msdsal, thank you for understanding and for the kind offer. I realized after that last comment I should stop posting until I can leave this untenable situation. WordPress ate the email address associated with my name here, so I’m not sure how to get in touch, but it probably won’t be an issue for some time.

    My little Yaris, I found out unfortunately -after- I’d bought it in the last year of my professional employment here, can’t tow even the smallest trailer. With the open sport the all-male car dealerships, car repair shops and used car salesmen make of women without male “protection” here, I can’t chance trading it for a used vehicle that can tow anything. So I’ve been quite mired, but recently saw a light at the end of the tunnel (literally!): it’s going to be an odd way to move cross country, but I think I can do it via the train within two months. I have to decide in three days to give up what is otherwise a nice reasonably-priced apartment in a complex with a long waiting list, for an uncertain future until one of the ones in Oregon or California comes through, but have just about decided to chance it.

    Getting out every day for hiking will help keep me sane till then, even if pistol-packin’ rednecks have shown up on the trails since Nov. 8th. Also starting on Hannah Arendt. Maybe not the best to keep one’s spirits up, but I think it will help me understand what’s coming, how it happened and how to keep vigilant. Also writing, calling and cajoling congresscritters – at least them as can be cajoled.

  175. America just said to the world tonight: Trump may be President, but we’re still here.

  176. THX, Msdsal, it’s been touch and go, got sent to emergency room. Am on house arrest.

  177. That sleazy skeevy Ralph Reed is applauding the banning of everybody except Christians. Can the Inquisitions be far behind? Imagine if this were done to crackpot Evangelical Christians, they’d all be squealing like the stuck pigs that they are. The Right Wing Evangelicals are a cancer upon America. They are so………UnChrist-Like.

  178. And the evangelicals are one of the groups Hillary was criticized for not courting.

  179. Earlynerd, I hope it is OK to put this message here just for you. I have no idea if you are in the Asheville or Hendersonville area but if you can get to Asheville, I know a car tire place that I am pretty sure also does other car checks and repairs. I got the name from long time locals and I can guarantee they are honest and do not try to upsell you. My tires were just before needing replacement and they said they were OK for a while longer and put free air in all around and pulled a screw out of one tire, all no charge. They are honest. All tires are expensive now but theirs are within reasonable limits on that scale. I see no difference in their approach to women vs men. It is near the top of Merrimon if that makes sense to you.

    Uppity could share my email with you if you want. Obviously, you may also be way up in Boone or elsewhere but, just in case.

  180. Well my kid is protesting DeVos today in DC. I was surprised that the crowd wasn’t bigger, then I remembered that everyone is protesting at the airport. So while we are all busy paying attention to this Muslim ban they’re going to quietly approve DeVos as the worst Department of Education leader we’ve ever had.

  181. Fascism=Nazism in America has happened.
    Bannon in the NSC will be the gestapo.

  182. Joolz, thank your kid for me. It would be awful if that crazy spoiled bitch gets in. I told hubs he needs to hurry the hell up and retire already before the rethugs take away his job or his pension or something.

    Bellecat, yes, Bannon reminds me of Himmler. I keep praying something will happen to get rid of these horrible freaks. I saw that Anonymous left a tweet this weekend that simply said, “We’re coming.” I wanted to retweet it and comment, “We’re waiting” but I’m too afraid of pissing them off.

    Upps, I hope you’re on the mend. Yes, stay home and take care of yourself.

  183. Upps,glad you’re on the mend;don’t forget to continue to take care of yourself.Also,if you know some safe way to share my e-mail address w/EarlyNerd,I’d appreciate it.I’d like to help her out.

    Socalannie,if Anonymous says they’re coming for us,then I say,”We’re ready.”

    A part of me feels that the reason things are coming so fast and furious is a bit because that was the plan all along but also,I think Bannon knows that trump won’t have long in office and he’s trying to inflict as much damage as possible.And Bannon knows trump won’t have long because he knows what the Russians have on trump and he also knows that the congress is going to “discover” the info before long.
    This recent Muslim ban added to trump taking the CIA and pentagon out of the NSC and adding Bannon may be the issues that start the tip toward critical mass for both the Repubs and the country,of dumping trump.So,hey,anonymous,who’s coming for who?May take another week or two,but even trump will get the message and get out while the getting’s thing we know for sure,he’ll be more invested in saving his own ass than anyone else’s.

  184. Uppity, I’m very sorry to hear you had to go to the hospital again. Please do take as much collie and kitty and blog free time as you can. Having this blog to read, along with all the informed astute commenters, has helped me get through the past months, but of course (duh!) your health is much more important.

    Gray and Msdsal, thank you so much. I can’t tell you after everything I’ve been through here how much your kindness means. (It’s been worse than anything I’ve posted, but that part’s over, thankfully – at least unless tRump revokes Social Security). I’m sorry to have sounded so panicked – now that I see a way to leave, it’s been an enormous relief and I can just concentrate on getting it done.

    If you would still like to email, just use my handle plus hushmail dot com. Can’t use it for the blog comments b/c WordPress!, but it does work otherwise. Off to catch the last of the daylight before the rain/snow/dark sets in!

  185. Ups, hoping you are feeling much, much better.

  186. Upps:
    Take good care of yourself…my thoughts are with you.

  187. Please feel better soon, Uppity.

  188. Sorry, that Prince Charles is a parody account. I should know to look first.

  189. That’s okay. Prince Charles himself is a parody. Meanwhile, thought you all might like this

  190. And this. I have just about had it.


  191. Thank you all for the good thoughts. I am on pretty much medical house arrest till this bizarre flu and noro virus season slows down. The flu has impacted my kidney numbers. I have stage 3 kidney disease and am fine long as I do what I am supposed to do. But the flu made it difficult and threw my creatinine off. Going to stage 4 is End Stage and i would rather be dead than on dialysis for life. I mean this. So I am taking this VERY seriously. And my Cardio monitoring suggests that my heart can’t take the flu that well. My cousin’s sister in law recently died from the flu at the age of 57 and she had a minor issue compared to mine. So I don’t need to tell you I am on pins and needles here. I am on an oxygen concentrator as I speak to you. So yeah, I’ll be around and not around, but I already KNOW this place runs JUST FINE without me and that’s important to me. So just carry on and, by the way, I am one tough fucker, so any of my detractors reading this, FUCK YOU. I’m not going anywhere. Eat shit.

  192. MSDSAL, I can send Nerd your email address and will do so soon as you approve. She can then contact you. How’s that?

  193. Nerd, please check your emails.

  194. Be well, Up.

    Haven’t heard anything from Bernie on Trump’s Nazification project either.

  195. Ups, I am a praying person. So, you will now be in my prayers. Take care.

  196. Ups, also I so agree with you about “where are the Democrats.”

  197. About that trade war with Mexico and Trump’s 20% import tax proposal. I wonder if the flyover states realize where their fruits and vegetables come from during the Winter and if they’re ready to pay $2 for a cucumber?
    But for a real eye opener, the middle America corn belt, etc better pay close attention to the fact that our exports of agricultural products to Mexico far outweigh the imports. Trump’s base is exactly who will get nailed if a trade war begins with Mexico.
    Here are the facts:
    Mexico is the United States’ third-largest agricultural export market. U.S. sales of food and farm products to Mexico totaled a record $19.5 billion in fiscal year 2014, accounting for nearly 13 percent of all U.S. agricultural exports. Top products included corn, soybeans, dairy, pork, poultry and beef.

    Under the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), Mexico and the United States have eliminated all tariffs and quantitative restrictions on agricultural goods and have strengthened scientific ties to eradicate diseases and pests, conduct research and enhance conservation.

  198. Uppity, so glad you are resting and taking care of yourself.

    The last day in Denver, I was in my hotel room watching Hillary give her speech on TV. It was then that my sister called and said she had spent the last 5 days in intensive care because her kidney’s failed and her creatinine level went to 9. Today her levels are just very slightly above normal, as they have been for several years now. She had several months of rest and was careful in order to come back from it.

    She did have an edge in that all was perfectly good with her health in the first place, but the doctors weren’t expecting her to recover. Her problem was caused by an imaging agent used for a colonoscopy during a routine physical. It shut down her kidneys. They ignored her complaints of feeling sick after her physical because all the tests she had had came back fine. They didn’t run any new ones. But her friend recognized the symptoms and took her to the emergency room in the nick of time.

    Just sayin, rest can do wonders… and she still swears by an apple-a-day… for her anyway. You know what is best for you.

  199. Hey Upps, feel better. I am thinking of you.

    I am so sick of the Dems. What is wrong with them. Are they still in shock?

  200. Yes ipotter. Contrast dye. The enemy of the kidneys. The deadly enemy. My nephrologist will not allow that dye in me without admission the night before with constant hydration and a bad tasting med you have to mix with cola taken starting the day before. Beware that dye. They’ll pump it into you left and right.

    I’m glad your sister survived that horrid assault by medical people.

    Problem here is I have one kidney dead and in the fetal position. Never coming back to life. The other got caught in time and operates at 55%. I’m fine so long as I do what has to be done to keep me at grade 3. I have had no problem doing that, but getting sick is NOT helpful.

  201. WLM, xxoo.

    Rebel, whenever I don’t hear Bernie bleating about ANYTHING, I am a happy person.

  202. Uppity, I very much hope that you feel and get better very soon.

    There are a few hopes, though they may be wishful. One is that the one percenters will not like the damage to the economy from the immigration restrictions and the tariffs. Other countries will put tariffs on our exports. Perhaps much of the world will, as a statement, if nothing else. This is not what the one percenters wanted, although they love the tax cuts and the removal of business restrictions. Some love the removal of the environmental resttictions, but they are not all Kochs. And I wonder how Sheldon Adelson likes the conspicuous removal by Preibus of any language mentioning the horrors against the Jewish people as being central to the Holocaust. The Nazis are in charge, that is why that language was taken out.

    Then there is always the CIA and military, I cannot believe that they support Trump. As for the Democrats in office, there are some speaking out, others doing their normal toe dance. If they do anything but completely block any Supreme Court nomination, then they are contemptible. I still have some hope that, even with no actual political power in the Congress, they will show some courage and resist. And it is imperative that every effort be made to have an immense voting turnout in 2018 and win back the House. Now, if none of this happens, and people keep voting Republican, or the votes are suppressed and there is no sea change, then the country may well be lost for good. But the outpouring this weekend, the strong comments by SAG award winners, does provide some small optimism, I think.

  203. Cucumbers here are $2 in the winter here anyway. So, don’t buy cucumbers in the winter. Perhaps delusional, but don’t think small farmers around here rely on trade with Mexico. It is big agra, and I couldn’t care less about them.

  204. lildoggy4u, I have been paying $2 for cukes and $2 for a single red bell pepper for about 3 years now. Sometimes the peppers are $2.50. I rarely buy cukes but like the red bells for red veggie nutrients.

    Elected Democrats: They are the most pathetic bunch of sapsuckers I have ever seen. When asked what they plan to do, over the past couple days, their ‘plans’ are just pathetically useless. Including Tim Kaine over the weekend. Their proposals are like spitting in the wind. The repubs are equally pathetic. We need a new Congress all around. But where the hell do you find anyone with true courage of their convictions? Certainly not as many as needed.
    This handwringing over “the President has the power” is just unbelievable. [long string of cuss words ensues]

  205. Wow ipotter and Gray, I guess I’m a little spoiled in that I live in South Florida and am able to grow alot of my vegetables year round. Plus, many of the imports come directly into our port here so we might be avoiding transportation costs.
    Uppity, feel better and please take care of yourself. Thank you for sharing your most personal health issues. I think everybody here sends you positive vibes and understand when we’re not hearing from you. I don’t care how old the posts are because I can always count on catching up even if comments grow to the 400s. I’ll be here.

  206. Please take it easy UW, recover and feel better soon. Unfortunately, with Trump as President, the USA will still be a sh!t hole for some time to come.

    Yup, the Republican party is a hate group. Anyone surprised by what Trump is doing is being disingenuous including the MSM. Racism, sexistm, bigotry, homophobia, xenophobia is a feature not a bug. Oh yeah, don’t forget, Make America White Again.

  207. Absolutely STUNNING fascist move:

  208. Video is important, also going on the friendlier cable shows. And most important, Scott saying it on the floor of the House,and others saying it on the floor of the Senate. And making it the biggest story of the day. And shutting down Congressional business until this is dealt with.

    That does raise the question of, who is going to fix it? That is always the problem with a fascist state. But there are still courts, and the Supreme Court may actually be on our side in this. That open vacancy cannot be filled in this term, that would be appalling. Every legal tool available must be used to fight this, and to let the populace know what is happening to the country.

  209. Uppity, glad to hear that you stared that ole flu down. You’re such a strong and fighting presence it’s sometimes hard to remember how much you’ve been through and are still dealing with. Kellyanne, with her ridiculous whining, couldn’t even dream of that much stamina.

    Thank you for helping me get in touch with folks here. I should mention that the email address I’d been using lately goes to a deactivated account – not for any nefarious purpose, but after I used my original one to create that WordPress account, WordPress forced me to log in and made it very difficult to log out, every time I commented using it. So I haven’t been able to retrieve anything sent to the recent address I’d been using. This one is sent under the original address, and should work for emails sent to it. (Bring it, WordPress. I’m ready)

  210. Another WP thang – it takes so long to run all its hoops, comments get leapfrogged.

    That video is appalling. Thank goodness for cell phones and internet – there’s nowhere these fascists can hide now. Two days held for no crime at all, for not even any kind of legal infringement, without access to anyone, without access to legal help, just in the wrong place at the wrong time when a lunatic wanted to make a political statement. Unfortunately, the most powerful lunatic in the world.

  211. Geeze,Ups,had no idea the level of health issues you’re dealing with.Thank god you’re a tough old broad and thanks for letting us all know how things stand for you.If goodwill was a cure all,you’d be running marathons tomorrow.
    Also thanks for making a connection w/EarlyNerd ( haven’t checked my e-mail today but will do so). As the old Beatles song goes,we ..”get by with a little help from our friends.” I’ve not been in the habit of making friends via technology but,hey,sometimes you can teach an old dog new tricks.

    Will send good thoughts,prayers and energy your direction.Don’t know where you live so will have to include general good will.

    Oh,speaking of Dems, I saw Jehmu Greene on MSNBC yesterday.She’s running for head of the DNC;has been involved in Rock the Vote. She sure talked like she has a clear understanding of the grassroots aspect and how to get and maintain peoples’ interest.Young enough for the millenials,AA and female.Course I’m always supportive of those who understand how to capture minds and hearts w/pizza. 🙂


  212. Hey Thx, MSDSAL. I’d want to know if Jehmu was a Bernoid because we have enough of a struggle without adding blatant socialism to the list.

    Hey gang, though you could use this…

  213. William (January 27, 2017 at 1:15 PM), I think you are absolutely correct in we do have economic power. Money (or not spending money) does speak and often in the only language that seems to be understood. I spend on necessities (food, vet, car repairs, home repairs, utilities, taxes, insurance) but that is about it. Actually, not much left over to spend anyway, Okay, I just realized “economic power” may not apply to me… lol. But I do agree it is a great idea!

  214. Nice one, Uppity! LOL

  215. I would add Sean Spicer to the list, Uppity.

  216. Stay home and stay safe, Upps.

  217. Thought you’d like that one, ipotter. lol.

    I see Trump is working on changing the subject from the Muslim disaster by appointing some very white Religious Zealot who hates woman, POC and gay people. We must not let him throw around glitter balls to detour people. Trust me, that appointment is going to take awhile, even if the Democrats wimp out and lose the courage to do to the republicans what they did to Obama for a year. In reality, they stole a Democrat’s right to appoint a SCOTUS judge. If I were on the congress, I would eat a broom sideways before i allowed this to happen, i would sling their shit right back at them. Fuckers. They have no souls, no sense of fairness, integrity or honesty. Nasty pieces of shit.

  218. Democrats must never approve anyone Trump appoints to the Supreme Court. Uppity is right in that the Republicans essentially mandated that no Democrat can appoint another Supreme Court Justice, at least the swing seat Justice. They had already gone on record as saying they would block any Hillary appointment to the Court. Democrats can never give in on this. It is far from just a matter of principle or tit for tat. It is ceding the entire government to the far Right. Get a far Right Supreme Court in there, and civil rights are gone. One just hopes that all the moderate to liberal Justices can hold out for four years.

    And it is actually more important than even all that. The Republicans have made it clear that they will use any means to insure their absolute power. They have destroyed the meaning of the Constitution, they have destroyed the entire governing process, which absolutely depends on reasonable bargaining, and respect for the rule of law and the Constitution. Obama had a complete right to appoint a Justice, and they would not allow him simply because they controlled the Senate. That principle, played out, means that a party (just theirs, of course, because that is their dogma), has a right to shut down the entire system at any time, if it forces the other side to give in. Shut down the government, don’t raise the debt ceiling, that’s what they do or threaten or extort. Obama made a dreadful mistake in allowing them to do this, setting an irrevocable precedent. At this point, all the Democrats can do is to use whatever power they have to stop being relentlessly rolled over by a party which believes only in attaining goals through any means available; cheating, lying, suppressing votes, collaborating with a foreign power, to do it.

  219. I have been so moved by the protests and marches I deluded myself into thinking that we were finally going to shift some trump voters from the dark side into the light. How can they now not see and hear what we see and hear? How can they not now understand the threat that is engulfing us? I’m not so sure any more. It seems like those with shit for brains and/or rocks for hearts are loving these EOs. They gloat and revel along with Giuliani, Bannon and Conway and believe trump is doing great things (finally) for them, or worse, like my Repub friends, act like nothing out of the ordinary is happening at all.

    After watching that video, it seems that laws don’t matter, morals don’t matter, ethics don’t matter; compassion and rational thought are for libtard, PC, bleeding heart “losers” like us. These soulless hypocrites, regardless of income, have the power now. Good people play fair and try to do what is right believing others will do the same; evil people do whatever they want, using fear, hatred, self interest and violence to roll over dissenters and swell their ranks. Our institutions have failed us, I have no confidence in any branch of government at this point. I don’t think words and reasonable arguments or clever tweets and GIFs are going to win this one even if we outnumber them. I sure hope I am wrong.

    Ups: My money is always on you, even with one dead kidney. Medical house arrest is a bitch but I bet your fur kids are helping you heal. Hope your balance is restored soon with engines back on full thrust and photon torpedoes ready for launch!

  220. Cats, I’ve seen Trump voters on twitter saying they regret their votes. Some of them are FOLLOWING me. They increase daily. I have all I can do not to say Fuck You, you gave us this piece of shit, but I try not to.

    I’m marginally better every day now. I feel a difference in my energy and my breathing is improving again. I’ll have to get a nuclear stress test early thanks to the flu and so long as my breathing is getting somewhat better, I am not as worried. I transmitted my heart data via my ICD (have a special device whereby I put an antenna pad over the ICD and it dumps all the data of what’s going on with my heart since the last transmission. They then call me to give me a report. I’m a wireless body!). The report says I am correcting slightly more than usual but there have been no notably ‘important’ issues. So that’s good. I was worried that maybe one of my grafts went down because when the first two went down i had an episode of congestive heart failure whereby I couldn’t breathe hardly at all, because I felt like I was breathing in a bucket of water and drowning. So I got worried, but it never reached that level, so it’s all not so bad at least based on what we know so far. I think I’m going to be ok with the heart thing and am focusing on the kidney numbers right now. Have appoint with nephrologist in two weeks, she wanted blood work next week and the extra week is to wait a bit for the residual effects of the flu wear off for sure. So I’m well monitored at this point. Going nowhere near danger for now. I’m eating like a peasant to help things along. I mean I had a bowl of bok choy, water chestnuts and snap peas tonight for dinner. A rabbit’s dream.

    Congratulations, everyone, you know more about me now than anyone on the internet has ever learned about me in all the years I have been on the web. And it’s a long time, I go back to when we had to pay by the minute and knew just about everybody else who was there. lol. But I figured this was better than being that big mystery who disappears and comes back all the time. It is what it is. That’s what I always say.

  221. The Right Wing Evangelicals are a cancer upon America. They are so………UnChrist-Like.

    Hammer. Nail. Bang!

    Right-wing Evangelical Christianity has as much to do with the actual teachings of Jesus Christ as McDonald’s has to do with gourmet cooking.

    May the Ascended Madoka grant Uppity a speedy recovery.

    (Actually, I’m a Methodist; I just use Madoka to avoid breaking that “in vain” Commandment.) 😉

  222. Upps. please take good care of yourself..know how beloved you are by us.

    Apparently, Trump’s got an anti-LGBTQ EO coming up next. I am so afraid I am going to punch my younger sister dead in the face for voting this piece of shit next time I see her.

  223. Since Uppity mentioned Trump Chumps who regret their votes:

  224. Also, this site:

    Right now, the top entry says that White House insiders say that Cheetolini is “demoralized” that no one thinks he’s a real Prez.

    Lemme check–where’d I put the World’s Tiniest Violin? 😆

  225. Ups, thanks for the encouraging news, at least some trump voters are waking up! WOW, you are a medical marvel and a fighter! Keep swinging!

  226. Here’s something interesting and exasperating to note. A few years ago, the Houston Astros had a great computer analytics system to evaluate the value of young players to draft.. They charged that one of their people who had gone over to the St. Louis Cardinals to work, had helped to hack their system to gather data to help the Cardinals analyze prospects. Finally, this person was found guilty of hacking, and sentenced to 46 months in prison, and also banned permanently from baseball. St. Louis had to pay Houston $32 million, and also give them their first two draft picks for next year. Meanwhile, nothing happens to any of the people who hacked the DNC, John Podesta, and everyone else. Of course, many of them may be Russians, but the Republicans clearly knew about it, including Trump. And Roger Stone knew that Podesta’s emails were hacked and were going out on wikileaks, days before this happened. 46 months in prison for hacking another baseball team’s scouting analytics on computer. But baseball is obviously run with fairer rules and more just outcomes than our political system.

  227. A few thoughts:
    1) Turns out business people in government ARE more efficient. These guys have screwed things up at a record pace.
    2) Trump’s people are for extreme vetting for everyone,apparently, just not his cabinet picks.
    ( Feel free to quote or steal the above)
    Also,check out Still4Hill.She may have a point about watching more closely what Putin’s up to in the Artic.If he’s really putting more troops there;what better time to add the Artic to his empire than while the US is distracted by a bunch of EO’s? Maybe that’s what that hour long phone call was really about.

    Hillary,if you can hear us and have the strength and will…we could use your voice right now.You’ve never been and never will be,a loser in our book.

  228. Upps:
    I know about your health since they broke your ribs for the heart surgery.
    And I’ve also been very concerned how your heart was handling all this travesty on Hillary and the rise of the fake Fuhrer…
    I know your a strong cat, but play it safely…

  229. Rachel: Trump just fired acting AG. Spicer tweet claims she betrayed her office by refusing to enforce immigration EO.

  230. Mama raised her little girl right. Go get ‘en, Chelsea.

  231. Upps, your secrets are safe with us, we won’t tell a soul. Thanks for letting us know it really wasn’t this rowdy herd of cats keeping you away.

  232. Chelsea 2020?

  233. Msdsal and Gray, I seem to have really and truly screwed up the WordPress/email interface. Nothing’s come through to my working email address, so I hope it’s okay if I just say that it’s my handle
    (nom de net, pseudonym, name I’m known by here, rhymes with
    SurlyBird) along with hushmail dot com. It’s my last disposable account, so if it gets trolled, no big deal, I’ll just let it go inactive. But I’m afraid the one I -was- using, that -is- inactive is inextricably lodged in WordPress’s psyche here.

  234. Cats:
    That would be awesome…let’s see if she can match or upstage her wonderful Mom…

  235. Msdsal @ 8:44: Ha! definitely gonna steal that first one if I need a handy protest sign.

  236. Off with their heads! Just fired head of ICE!

  237. Uppity, on twitter, and Lawrence O’Donnell both said tonight that the dissenting judges re the immigration order can’t be fired because they have lifetime appointments. What you wanna bet that turnipp finds a way to get rid of one of them at least?
    It was also said tonight that both Dems and Republicans are scared to death of turnipp destroying them personally.
    His supporters are still enthralled. That only leaves citizens who, regardless of their crowds, have no authority to change his direction. We are headed downhill on a fast track. I can’t believe I am hoping for anything, even the Supreme Court or even corporations or any entity (friendly countries) to find a way to put a halt.
    And the still4hill site that Uppity referred us to only underscores the moves Putin is making while we are in a tornado. He knows that Anarctica is critical geography.

  238. Gray, I believe you meant the Arctic, it’s way closer to Russia than Antarctica. We may need intergalactic intervention via Gort (remember the Day the Earth Stood Still?).

  239. Gray no he can’t fire judges. He not only can’t fire them but he must obey them else he IS impeached. The fact that all four of them are woman must really shrivel his balls. And yes, I am sure he’s searching their closets for skeletons as we speak, and probably snatched some of their underwear for himself too.

    Russia has a sudden Bigly interest in land in Miami.

    Perhaps Trump should bring in Sarah Palin. After all she can see Russia from her house, so she could monitor what’s going on there and report back.

  240. Yes cats, he’s firing everybody who doesn’t suck up. And he’s building a great case against himself and his own stability. He’s behaving like Mini Nixon.

  241. Upps love your snarky tweets. I hope you get to feeling better soon. Take care of that ticker.

    Yes, #mondaynightmassacre is trending on twitter. 10 days and it feels like 100 already.

  242. Nerd, not sure if I am misunderstanding, but in case I’m not, wordpress has nothing to do with what happens with your emails regardless of what’s going on here. They are completely separate entities in all ways.

    Maybe your emails are in spam folder?

  243. Hahah Nerd, yup my secrets have been read by a couple of thousand of my best friends.

  244. Well, in the days of Nixon, the Democrats controlled both Houses of Congress. And there were at least a few decent Republicans. Now, neither is the case. How far can Trump go breaking laws and constitutional precedents, before Republicans stand up? Very far, I am afraid. They vote in lockstep, they do what their corporate masters demand, and most of them are actually crazy on their own merits. Nixon would never have been threatened with impeachment by this group, nor will Trump. You need 67 votes in the Senate to convict? There aren’t five Republicans, much less 19, who would ever vote to convict him of anything.

    I have thought of friendly alien intervention, too, but it is not too likely. Thus it seems that our major hopes are an absolutely massive turnout in 2018, and takeover of the House and various statehouses; or a military coup against Trump; or a collapse of the U.S. economy such that even idiots would vote against the Republicans, and the corporate billionaires might be frightened, too. This last thing actually did happen in the Depression, and FDR not only won, but had very little resistance from the corporate class, at least for a while. It’s not something to look forward to, but it probably beats the current alternatives.

  245. no. no. no. no more clintons. It will always be a crucifixion. Enough is enough.

  246. Lemme check–where’d I put the World’s Tiniest Violin? 😆

  247. @11:38 PM: I don’t know Ups, after this shitstorm, “they” owe us bigly and should STFU on this one! When those trump voters express their regret, do they still hate Hillary? Does the brainwash sink that deep?

  248. Uppity @ 11:38:

    no. no. no. no more clintons. It will always be a crucifixion. Enough is enough.

    It certainly would be, unfortunately.

    Another aspect of the media’s vendetta against Hillary occurred to me in connection with William’s posts earlier about Dem. cowardice: I believe the Dems aren’t so much afraid of the Republicans or their voters, as they are of the media.

    They’ve just seen the media, capriciously and without any consequences other than having their preferred candidate inexplicably turn on them, be a deciding factor in destroying a superb candidate. Democrats have seen this in every election and administration in which a Clinton’s been involved. The savagery against Hillary Clinton has eclipsed the brutality of the media against Bill Clinton, but I remember that as well, especially things like their excusing and covering up the Rethugs doing to Clinton the exact same thing they just did to Obama, blocking reasonable court appointments for years. Then they would turn around and accuse the Democrats of “partisanship” for not appointing right wing judges who would have sailed past the Rethugs.

    Thankfully, Bill had FDR’s “bring it on, mfers” attitude, fought the Rethugs and got a lot of his appointments through after years. But I believe the unchecked power of the media, combined with their complete lack of control and professionalism, is what most of the Dems are really afraid of – that they’ll be crucified too, for standing up to the Rethugs.

  249. Uppity, one last word on the email saga – spam may be the answer, although the posts themselves have been appearing. I’ve been doing the verboten thing of switching between email addresses for commenting, hoping the good one gets through, and something, either WP or spam, seems to be dinging me for that.

    But something got through in at least one instance, so it’s all good.

  250. Cats that’s not the way things work. This is politics. Nobody owes anybody a thing once the person can’t do anything for them. But ok let’s look at this in cold analysis. Several things come to mind.

    1. We are supposed to be a Republic (If you can keep it), not a dynasty. Try a lesson learned by the watered down Bush known as Jeb.

    2. Chelsea has not earned a single stripe that would qualify her to be president. Now surely you won’t argue that neither has Trump. Well it sure shows, doesn’t it? Well, you say, Bill and Hill will help! You mean like Jared, Incest Barbi and the dolt brothers? Isn’t there something about the law and family in positions in the WH?

    3. See 1 and 2. Do you see the problems here?

    Now the Republicans fell for Trump, but falling for weird characters is nothing new to them. I remember when they wanted that Col. what’s his name who testified at Contra hearings because he had a cute voice that cracked. TUrned out to be a nutcase on radio. This R habit goes as far back as when Lee Iacocca fucked America into bailing his shitty auto company out and made cute ads on Tee Vee. Lee for Pressy! Lee, in gratitude made cute commercials that duped Americans into buying some of the worst cars ever manufactured to pay off his loans. I guess enough Republicans bought one of those K cars because he sank like a rock after that. They came in Chrysler, Plymouth, Dodge, etc models, but they were the same shitty cars. Sold like hot cakes. Fucked by hot cakes. So Trump is nothing new for these easily impressionable flock-goats waiting to be slaughtered by the shepherd.

    Hey Republicans, Lee’s got a **car for you, suckholes. “If you can find a better car, buy it!”. You dumb fucks.

    Yay, Lee for President!*

    *Lee did develop the mustang, but that’s where it all went to his head. He also developed the car that gave Ralph Nader silent strokes during the days when he was useful to America. The Pinto. You know, the car best known to catch fire. With you in it. So enter, Lee Iacocca. To save Chrysler by selling K Cars to dumb Americans. Presidential material. Just saying.

  251. The Pinto. The $11 dollar production cost per car of correcting a known fatal hazard.

    Welp, that’s bizness for you. Can’t blame them – no ethics in supply and demand and profit, economics is value neutral. Just the moral code you’d want for someone in charge of the whole country.

  252. Uppity, yeah, you’re right. He’s supposed to obey the judges but if he doesn’t we’re going to have to rely on the GOP to do something about him not obeying judges and I’m not hopeful on that account.

  253. Nerd I just don’t understand why whichever email address shows up when you comment matters. But you have my email address now, so send me an email from the address you want to use and i’ll see if I can help. But it doesn’t MATTER to the actual email address if it shows up in a wordpress post or another one shows up. The email address will still be an email address. If it’s inactive, that’s by choice.

  254. Chelsea is not going to run for president. And IMHO, neither party will nominate another woman for a very long time. I think for all the denials about gender having anything to do with the abusive treatment of Hillary, everyone got the message loud and clear. The presidency remains an exclusive club for the boys. No girls allowed. Ever. Most pollsters base their conclusions about gender being a non-factor on asking people directly. But people are no more likely to admit to misogyny than they are to racism. And a lot of the culture’s misogyny is buried so deep it would take a huge excavator to unearth it.

  255. Brassy, Dems might nominate a woman if the progs are hell-bent on proving their “just not this woman” lie. But they will pick a woman who couldn’t possibly win the general and then say, we already tried that

  256. Alternately, the GOP will nominate a woman who is not a monster and could win. Think Christy Whitman without the anti-Hillary rhetoric. Possibly a Nikki Haley.

  257. Ups and Brassy: I doubt that Chelsea would ever want to run, esp as a young mother, but she impressed the hell out of me on many occasions esp when she stood in for her Mom at town halls. She is the perfect blend of her parents. It always amuses me when people talk of dynasties when the clintons are involved but a lot of people are okay with a Bush or an Obama succession (see Obama, Michelle). Dynasty or not, Hillary and Chelsea, in time, have so much to offer. I know it was a pipe dream to throw her name out there and that the rules are always different for a Clinton, but I am getting quite sick of the criteria the media, the parties and the voters use to pick our country’s leaders. As long as they are anatomically correct and they make our nethers or lizard brains tingle when they speak, let’s make them Prez! How could she be worse? At least she has a brain like a buzz saw and a good heart, reminds me of a lot of folks around here!

  258. I don’t see it, Sophie. Especially with GOP in full Nazi mode.

    Speaking of women, it seems the Queen is not at all pleased British PM–also a woman–invited Trump for a state visit because that would require the Queen to entertain him, and she would rather eat a plate of not nails. This could get interesting.

  259. I most certainly DID mention the Bush Dynasty attempt. The Kennedy domination should have permanently died off with Tedward Kennedy. But again they tried to stick that MORON Caroline Kennedy in what is now Gillibrand’s slot. Thank God the gov fought back. I am sorry but enough is enough. Caroline Kennedy fell off too many horses. She’s got no brainpower at all. Can’t even put two words together with a string. Another dynasty family that went too far. Our country is not a Royal country even though an awful lot of our elected officials are using the Royal We these days.

  260. I don’t see it, Sophie. Especially with GOP in full Nazi mode.

    No, not in Nazi mode. I was assuming a return to normalcy.

  261. Sophie the Rs will never let a woman have that slot unless they absolutely had to. If they did have to run a woman, it will be a Nasty or a Dingbat. This is an old corporate trick so the mediocre men can say, “See??? A woman can’t handle this job!”. Probably Sarah Palin so that she can watch Russia from her house.

  262. The nutroots that call themselves Progressive, but really are Castro-Socialists, would want Saint Liz, who couldn’t possibly win because of her fractious My Way Or The Highway nature. She’s Bernie only younger. But unlike Bernie, she is good at what she does. If I owned a hotel, I would want Warren to be my bouncer, but in no way would I want her to run the whole place.

    Warren is excellent as a shit shamer. And goodness knows we have a lot of assholes who deserve her wrath. I love when she shames people. Nobody showed Fearlessness against trump like Warren. She really rattled him. I think the D’s should assign her to the full time task of shit shaming Donald J Trump.

  263. Uppity, one last word on the email saga – spam may be the answer, although the posts themselves have been appearing.

    I meant your SPAM file in your EMAIL account, not wordpress. If emails aren’t reaching you they are OFTEn in spam.

  264. Rebal, the UK added 500k signatures to a million-signature petition to parliament to ban Trump’s visit. They despise him there. The petition is probably past 2 million today.

    Unlike the USA, the UK gov is required to answer any petition with 100k or more signatures.

  265. Rs will never let a woman have that slot unless they absolutely had to.

    I’m thinking they might feel like they had to–to beat the Dems out of our “moral superiority.” 53% of White Women voted for Trump. So, maybe not a Whitman or a Haley–maybe someone who only looks like them on the outside but isn’t like that. Like maybe a new version of Elizabeth Dole (who used the word “ambition” as a pejorative against Hillary, but went to law school a generation before her). Liddy on the outside, Fiorina on the inside. All she has to have is the appearance of reasonableness and if the Dems run a Sanders or McGovern, she wins.

  266. One more thing. Senator Leahy would be shown the lobby and given a gold watch by now in the real world. Congress is just too old. It’s like a retirement home, and I am sad to say the Democrats are dominating that habit this time. These people need to get the fuck out and to play shuffleboard. Now I am sure Leahy has been a fine Senator but his expiration date has passed. Happens to everybody, congress is not assisted living. Congressional jobs were not meant to be lifetime positions. Congress is a dinosaur.

  267. Hahaha Liz Dole. Wasn’t she the head honcho of United Way when they got nailed for all kinds of sleazy, fraudy business? Ambitious, indeed.

    Agree, even if sanders weren’t decomposing before our very eyes, he’s a loser in the general election. I saw a tweet one time I couldn’t even dignify with an answer, but since it was clearly a young moron, I let it go. He said Sanders was too gentle on Hillary and didn’t really vet her.

    Think about that one. If Sanders ever got vetted, he would be a pile of ashes. His history is VERy Anti American. All the way. But he only cares about two goals. Destroying and hijacking the Democratic Party and making big bucks off of the stupidity of young suckers.

  268. “I was assuming a return to normalcy.”

    From your lips to God’s ears, Sophie! But they weren’t particularly normal even before Trump. In fact, they kinda paved the way for him.

  269. Republicans are whittlers. They infiltrate things in small drips because they understand lack of vigilance. They are very clever in their sinister attacks on the freedoms of others.

  270. I honestly don’t know what the Democrats should do in terms of trying to win the country back. The Democrats do not show much of a spine now, and certainly nothing was done in the last eight years to stop the far Right takeover of states and the Congress. We know all that; how the Democrats want to play fair, and the Republicans just want to win by whatever evil means. But what do we do about it now, with the country and world at stake?

    It may be that we will never win another election, but we have to at least try. As to whom to noiminate, it will never be someone with half of Hillary’s talents. Oh, and please never forget that she won the popular vote, that she came within 76,000 very questionable votes of winning the electoral vote, that she would have won handily had it not been for Comey and the FBI and the Weiner laptop. That is with all of the hatred and misogyny, she still would have won. It is not as if this election showed that people would not vote for a woman for president, 66 million did, and it would have been more if about 3 milion voters had not been suppressed. She had this thing won, and the FBI stole it, not to mention the Russians. Obama could not have won in this situation, and not with the VRA gutted. The lesson that, “oh, we need to nominate a man to win,” is simply wrong on the numbers.

    Back to whom to nominate, assuming Hillary will not run, though I think she should, as she is better than everyone else; and also she looks better and better each day. There really are very few good possibilities; and remember that this is not like sports, where new players can suddenly emerge. It would seem to me that there is a limited field. Booker, Warren, Gillebrand, Chris Murphy. Sanders will surely run, but not win. Warren is a sure loser, Uppity pegged her well, so there is no need for me to add to that. Booker has some merits, but the Left now hates him for the pharma ties, and he is not all that great on policy at all. Some might suggest a surprise candidate, like Trump was, but Democrats don’t do that, they value actual experience. And as we know, the ranks are very thin now, since Obama didn’t do anything to help Democrats win midterms, or show the country why Republicans are thoroughly evil.

    We are in dire straits; we have a media which EarlyNerd accurately described as a pernicious influence. Fox is a propaganda machine. CNN Is getting to that point. Owned by billionaires, run for the benefit of billionaires, the cable TV and talk radio spew out an endless series of lies and scare tactics to convince people that Democrats, liberals, are the enemy. It is hard to compete with endless lies financed by a money machine. In “1984,” it was the propaganda, the lies told every second, which so deluded the populace, that they had no idea what the truth was. How do we fight that? There is no liberal network now. I guess we need some charismatic candidate who can win on image and charisma, if nothing else. Of course, Obama was that, and yet the party declined during the eight years. And then we’ve got the Left which prefers fantasy purity to winning or building a party. Difficult times to face. The people who actually cared about the party all the way through, were the Clintons. I hope that at least they play a part in helping those who have the same goals, and ability to win.

    The Republicans are basically a united front of horrible people who lie and cheat and game their way into increased power. The Constitutional checks and balances are steamrolled over; they used the filibuster endlessly when out of power, now want to get rid of it when it power; they blocked Obama’s Court appointee on no other grounds than that they could. That moment was perhaps the end of the constitutional system, even though the Democrats pretend otherwise. That is why Obama should have just appointed Garland, not in essence agreed that the Republicans had the power to stop any Democratic nominee from even having a hearing. Of course, the media is never there to tell the people the truth, they are there to cover for the Right wing and normalize them by using false equivalences. It may turn out that Obama, despite his general decency, was the person who presided over the destruction of constitutional norms, because he would not fight the Republicans. And here we are, where Republcans use brute power, and ignore all the rulings they don’t like, and where they somehow elected a dictator who will ignore all the laws; vs. the Democrats who still try to preserve a veneer of political comity and fair dealing, when it is clear that there is none left.

  271. I don’t think Hillary “lost” because she’s a woman, William. I think all the crap you listed was done to her because she is a woman. And any woman can expect the same unless it’s a pliable woman that the patriarchy knows it can control–see Sophie’s mention of Nikki Haley. Neither party is going to take that chance again for a long while. And among those 76, 000 or so in the swing states that threw the EC to Trump, there were plenty of men AND women who would not vote for Hillary because she is a woman who cannot be controlled.

    No man ever had to navigate the things that were used to derail Hillary. That was not an accident.

  272. The constant repetition that Hillary was “a flawed candidate”? What do you suppose that horrible flaw was? Hint: the horrific Trump apparently didn”t have it.

  273. No Penis. Flaw.

  274. And I’m very happy that former President Obama and former AG Lynch are standing up for Sally Yates. She is a hero and deserves it. I only wish they had done the same for Hillary who is also a hero and deserves it. And maybe we could have avoided the on-going current disaster.

  275. I appreciate the macro approach most of you take but I seem to focus on the itty bitty details that drive me nuts, as well as the big picture which I am not so good at articulating. Details, in my view, that eat away at public perceptions week after week, and year after year. Like they did for Hillary when media did not question her “flawed candidacy” statements, including from Democrats, for the whole campaign. What the hell were the flaws?

    1. At the press conferences, few reporters challenge Spicer’s pronouncements. His focus on “only 109” being “inconvenienced by the immigration order. No reporter pointed out the thousands in foreign countries who have green cards and could not board planes to come back to their own country. Maybe not for 90 days, who knows. What held them silent about that fact?

    2. No one challenging Ryan, et al when they say “the Democrats are obstructing ‘due process or whatever,’ but the American people have spoken.” Are not Democrats also American people? It appears that reporters must not think so since they never challenge such stupid statements. I am so sick of reporters letting repubs get away with pejorative statements about Democrats.

    This is how a few have become the vocal majority and the real majority in government and how we are in danger of having a totalitarian takeover.

  276. Brassy Rebel said:

    The presidency remains an exclusive club for the boys. No girls allowed. Ever.

    Well, if that’s the case – then the female womb should be an exclusive club for girls. No boys allowed to be born. Ever.
    Except maybe a few for future reproductive services. Anyway, women should band together and refuse to recognize the legitimacy of the male presidency.

  277. Okay, maybe the Repubs don’t run a woman. But if they really wanted to stick it to the Dems, that would be the thing to do.

  278. What did you all think of Frum’s article? It really is a must read. If you don’t have that much time, just read the 2nd to the last paragraph for what to do.

  279. I started it but didn’t have time to get all the way through, Sophie. Think I’ll bookmark it for later. I WILL read it. I promise!

  280. I am so sick of hear that meme Hillary Clinton was a flawed candidate. The only “flaw” she had was not having a penis. Trump is a lunatic. Talk about flaws, he has no good points whatsoever. Our country is quickly descending into a Neo nazi shit hole.

    You want to talk flawed candidates, Kerry was a flawed candidate, Gore was a flawed candidate, Carter was a flawed candidate. But not Hillary Clinton. She was not flawed.

  281. I also want to read the links in Hillary’s tweet.

  282. Gorsuch for supreme court. Anti-women, anti-gay etc. I hope Bernie and his twits are happy.

  283. Thanx, Uppity, for the violin gif. :mrgreen:

    The non-deplorable Trump Chumps don’t hate women and minorities; they just threw women and minorities under the bus because the NDTCs hope to benefit somehow from the policies of the Cheetolini Administration.

    The difference between the deplorables and the NDTCs is the difference between hatred and depraved indifference–or (Areinnye take Godwin’s Law), the difference between Nazis and “Good Germans”.

    Another metaphor: Satan had to buy the souls of the NDTCs, whereas the deplorables gave him their souls freely, because they love Satan and his works, even while they claim to love God. 👿

  284. Democrats simply must filibuster the Supreme Court nominee. And tell the country what he and his policies stand for. And yes, the Republicans could end the filibuster by getting rid of the filibuster; and if that happens, then the Democrats must tell the nation how the Republicans used the filibuster against Clinton and Obama far more than it had ever been used in the entire last century of all the presidents combined. And if that still happens, then there is no more filibuster, ever. It is gone. And maybe someday, maybe not, the Democrats will have a majority in the Senate, and then everything gets through. The filibuster, like every other obstruction and anti-democratic device, was only for use by Republicans, anyway. It’s like playing in a poker game where only the cards held by the other players can provide a straight or a flush; if you have them, they don’t count. So let them get rid of it, but tell the story. It is the only thing the Democrats have left, to tell the story, tell it loudly, and hope enough people might be listening. Otherwise, the Republicans win every single time, in what is, all misdirection aside, the actual rigged game going on in our country.

  285. This is where voting Purity Progressive gets you, every single damn time:

    Sanders voted for Kelly, who's now leading a court-defiant DHS, hoping he'd be a "moderating" voice in Trump's admin— Charlotte Silver (@CharESilver) January 30, 2017


  286. Uppity, just wanted to note that the email issues appear to be resolved.

    However, I will henceforth hate WordPress with that white-hot intensity formerly reserved only for Google and Duke Energy.

  287. Upps, I’m praying for your quick recovery. I was scared reading down this long thread. I’ve been working a lot lately and not able to keep up everyday. Anyway, pleeease get well soon. You have many fans pulling for you!

  288. Regarding the state of the country, I am just horrified. How bad can things get? I heard on the news that Russia is attacking Ukraine. I bet that’s part of why they installed Trump, so they could roll over whatever other countries they want. Not holding my breath waiting for Anonymous to save the day by exposing everything.

  289. IBW, you wrote yesterday:

    “The non-deplorable Trump Chumps don’t hate women and minorities; they just threw women and minorities under the bus because the NDTCs hope to benefit somehow from the policies of the Cheetolini Administration.

    The difference between the deplorables and the NDTCs is the difference between hatred and depraved indifference–or (Areinnye take Godwin’s Law), the difference between Nazis and “Good Germans”.

    Another metaphor: Satan had to buy the souls of the NDTCs, whereas the deplorables gave him their souls freely, because they love Satan and his works, even while they claim to love God. ”

    This definition of NDTCs has been bothering me. Let me explain why. As an immigrant, minority and woman, to me there is no such thing as a “Good German.” The results are the same whether you jump on board willingly or sell your soul for some perceived gain. Are we really going to even give these people a break based on their degree of racism, sexism, bigotry, homophobia and xenophobia? Whatever their reason for voting Trump is unacceptable. They are pariahs and need to be treated like pariahs. So what, that they didn’t jump up and down at the lynching, but they were the ones that sold the rope and looked the other way (from that really great video that was posted here after the election). The normalization begins when we start stating that there are NDTCs. I am one of the groups that Trump has in his crosshairs so this is personal. You are either part of the problem or part of the solution. “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men (people) to do nothing.” (Edmund Burke).

    In Cuba there were tanks in the streets when Castro took over. Here in the USA we peacefully handed over the government to an authoritarian who has begun to systematically destroy everything this country was founded on. I refuse to normalize any Trump voter. I refuse to normalize Trump. So no, there are no “Good German,” there are no NDTCs.

  290. FL: I can’t even imagine what you are going through (again), but I so appreciate your perspective. Seeing this insanity through your eyes makes it that much more real. IIRC, Hillary didn’t call them non deplorable, she described them as the other half who were afraid and angry with their government for forgetting about them. She hoped to win those people over but she didn’t. Almost everyone of my friends are Republicans who either voted for him, voted third party or not at all. Not one of them has even mentioned the election since Nov 8th and I am in a quandary: they are long time friends, people I had previously considered good and caring, but now I can’t look at them the same way. They can’t be reasoned with (I tried before the election), they are Fox zombies and inveterate Hillary haters. It’s a horrible thing to lose faith in, and have such serious doubts about, those you care about. Any way, I applaud your courage. I hope we don’t let you down after all you have done to be free and live in peace.

  291. Cats,

    I never imagined that anyone in this country could have to experience this. Unfortunately, I truly believe that this is just the beginning. It is hard to think that there are so many people in this country that think that it is OK to vote for Trump. That it is OK to ban immigrants and refugees. That it is OK to be a racist, sexist, homophobe, bigot and xenophobe. The Republican Party have crossed the line to a hate group. There is no rationalizing or normalizing what is going on. This is not a matter of different political philosophies. This is a matter of humanity.

    That is what makes this different than any other election we have had. Trump, his voters and Republicans are on board with the dehumanization of certain people. Once you dehumanize people, you are free to commit all kinds of atrocities.

    If Trump gets away with this, he will push for even harsher restrictions. At some point it will reach legal immigrants here in the USA. Will my citizenship be taken away for some made up reason? I was a refugee from Cuba. I wear my ethnicity on my face everyday. I never returned to Cuba for a visit since Castro did not have an obligation to recognize my US Citizenship. If detained in Cuba, I doubted that the US Government would do anything to get me released since afterall, I was born in Cuba.

    I cannot imagine all those people who are trying to escape war and famine being turned back after thinking that they reached safety. Just horrific.

  292. “The U.S. is worth about $65 billion to India’s tech industry. Indian media warned of a major setback ahead.

    It is a fact that these categories of workers are in short supply in the U.S.,” Restricting H-1B visas would “have implications for both Indian companies and American corporations as well.

    The former U.S. ambassador to India, Richard Verma, estimated last year that 70% of the 85,000 H-1B visas issued annually go to Indian workers. The visas, which are currently allocated by a lottery system, are hugely oversubscribed — demand for them in 2016 was three times more than the number available.”

    I’m sorry, but there some practices that need to stop and this is one of them. Do realize I am in the minority here, but I have seen it upclose and personal for the past 35 years. It may look wonderful on the surface, but it is truly ugly. I know of one of the people who obtained these visas on behalf of US companies. He used them to enslave those he brought to the US. He treated them poorly, housed them all together in a small apartment, would not let them learn English or socialize essentially holding them prisoner. He would take them to and from work, and he also took their paychecks. This is human trafficking, imo. This goes on more than we like to think. But it is fine as long as American companies save a buck at the expense of some “immigrants” and the jobs that could go to American workers. And you know what? Our government is indeed aware this goes on, but has never seemed to care.

  293. You’re right about the Frum article, Sophie. And everyone should read it. Modern authoritarianism is much more subtle than in the past. Democracy disappears not with a bang but a whimper.

  294. Your problem with the H-1B Visa program could be resolved with better oversight of the program from start to finish, including an expedited process to report abuse against the foreign worker. The foreign worker is not the enemy. Isolationism is not a panacea for US workers. Lastly, Condescension is not appreciated.

  295. If the Demos are angry for the “lost seat” in the Supreme court, they one to blame is Obama…

  296. So flvoter thinks human slavery is perfectly fine. Whatever.

  297. flvoter, when you say “there are no “Good Germans”” you’re speaking figuratively, right? Because of course there was a multitude of Germans that hated Hitler and the Nazi regime, and worked in the extensive German underground, and also many Germans were spies for the Allies, and when those people were caught, they were shot, often along with their families. They did what they could, and many made the ultimate sacrifice. I would definitely say there were good Germans in WW2.

    Regarding the H1B visa program, I think its a good idea that has been exploited to a ridiculous extent by the corporations. I keep reading on our liberal based news sites that the H1B’s are necessary, because we “don’t have the talent” here to do these jobs. That may be true with some of them, but not always. A LOT of employees have literally had to train their H1B replacements for months before getting laid off. One of my favorite neighbors was one. He worked for a computer company, and dozens of them had to train their replacements for almost a year; also the replacements would spend their nights taking tech and often English classes to catch up for their new jobs. Then my neighbor was laid off, had to move to a much cheaper area and have multiple roommates, and ended up finally getting a job in a supermarket. His replacement from India took his job for 1/4 of my neighbors salary and without the pension and other benefits. Its all about profit for these soulless corporations. Another neighbor of mine went through the same thing, but she worked for Amgen, a big drug company, and she worked in their IT. She had to move to Texas and move in with her brother and his family. Nice, huh?

    My sis-in-law is another example, she’s a computer programmer, been one for years and years, & always paid less than the men. She feels she can’t complain because she’s one of the few in her company that hasn’t been replaced by an HB1, although she figures it will happen eventually. When it does, she will have to sell her little duplex, and will be lucky to get another job. Her daughter got screwed by another lovely American job scam: the internship. She went to school to become a recording engineer. Afterwards, she got an internship with some no talent idiots called the Jonas Brothers. She worked for them for free for almost a year before the scumsuckers finally “hired” her and started paying her. For one month. Then they laid her off and “hired” another intern.

    Those are a just a few of the people I know affected by H1B. I could write about this all afternoon. The job situation in the US is dire nowadays. What a shame that people were too stupid to read about Hillary’s plans to create new and better jobs.

  298. All Fox people voted for him. They never change channels to see how Fox only covers what they want them to see. I hear they didn’t cover a minute of the Woman’s March and we are talking about millions of people. Fox is Infowars now.

  299. Ipotter,

    That’s just a load of crap you are spewing or is that Alternative Facts now? I am not okay with the enslavement of anyone and you know it. I resent you lying about it. I am not okay with getting rid of the program because some bad employers. I specifcally stated that the program needs more oversight from start to finish and a way for the abused foreign worker to report abuses.

    I am not okay with you wanting to close the H-B1 program to keep foreign workers “safe.” You are not being alturistic. Just disingenuous as to motive.

    This is how it starts. The foreigner worker or immigrant or refugee is not the enemy. We are intelligent people. We are not responsible for anyone in this country losing their job.


    Blame the corporations that abuse it, not the foreign worker. As stated before, there is more oversight needed from start to finish, but it is a mistake to get rid of this program. It is a mistake to blame the foreign worker.

    This country cannot survive on a diet of isolationism. Blaming immigrants, foreign workers, refugees for something that employers that hire them are responsible for is absolutely ridiculous.

  300. Brassy, I agree Frum article is a good read. What is to unfold is yet to be. Cheeto is going about things in a dangerous way. And all will be the same in 4 years, no significant difference. Please correct me if I interpreted it wrong. Have a bad habit of skimming. A lot of people have been inconvenienced while they try to “figure things out.” That is certain. In the instance I briefly described where the man was using H1B for many years as a human trafficking mechanism for his own wealth, and sufficiently passing dollars into the hands of all those who enabled him to do it, in the end he was barred entry back into this country after he left briefly on business… and only after his wife reported him as threatening to kill her and her children… get this… because he could get more money if he had a wife who had better earning potential. Always thought barring reentry was done as to not draw attention to what was actually going on as I’m certain he isn’t the only one who makes a living in this way. I find it truly remarkable and believe it speaks for how deep the problem goes.

  301. Socal,

    Anyone that voted for Trump is not a Good German. There is no such thing as a Good German. They know who Trump was and voted for him anyway. They knew what his plans were and voted for him anyway. They are still supporting him. So no, there is no such thing as a Good German in Trump land. They don’t give a shit about me, or anyone like me.

    The Good German analogy doesn’t work with Trump, his supporters or Republicans in general since they back Trump 100%.

  302. Flvoter, I have to feel sorry for you if you don’t get it. That you feel a need to attack is rather deplorable, imo. If you are indeed a “voter,” then I would assume you are an American Citizen. I really, truly don’t care where you were born. If you are an American Citizen, one would think you would care more about the job situation and injustices done just so the corporations can make more money.

  303. SophieCT, on January 31, 2017 at 12:01 PM said:
    Must read:
    (Yes, I am pushing a David Frum piece.)


    Reposting because this should be required reading for everyone here.

    Test is coming over the weekend. 🙂

  304. FLVoter,

    Blame the corporations that abuse it, not the foreign worker”

    Jesus Christ, I did no such thing. I was TRYING–in a nice way– to get you to see that it has FUCKED OVER a lot of honest, decent people trying to work and support their families. Many of whom are nice liberal Democrats who are not anti-immigration. Destroyed their lives, their families, their children, their dreams. Took them from middle class to poor.

    “Blaming immigrants, foreign workers, refugees for something that employers that hire them are responsible for is absolutely ridiculous.”

    NO ONE HERE DID THAT. Obviously it is the fault of the government and the corporations.

    Re: your comments @ 5:15pm? W h a t are you even talking about? If “Good German” is supposed to be some type of analogy for rethuglican Dump voters, then its a terrible one. The real life Good Germans didn’t vote for Hitler and weren’t members of the Nazi party unless they were spies. Not everyone in actual Germany during WW2 was a Nazi.

    I’ve always liked you and enjoyed your comments and your post about escaping Cuba, but you are being really contentious today, and yes, condescending, which I believe you say upthread, is not welcome. Honestly, I have never gotten an anti-immigrant vibe here. We all have immigrant blood, to one degree or another.

    Ipotter & FLVoter, I hope we can all agree now that we are done being snotty with each other today. We are going to have different takes on things, due to our own life experiences, but we’re all liberals, we’re all on the same side.


  305. Socal, agreed. Peace.

    But may I draw attention to something having to do with Germany?

  306. God, the fake news thing is out of control. The world is going insane.

  307. Yes, going, going, gone.

  308. *sigh*

    FLvoter: I did NOT mean I considered the non-hating Trump Chumps less culpable or despicable because they voted for Trump out of perceived self-interest (emphasis on “perceived”, since their false messiah will cheat the majority of them), rather than out of hatred. I merely wanted to point out the difference in motivations between the two main groups of Trump Chumps.

    Annie: “Good German”, with “Good” capitalized, is an ironic reference to the Germans who did not join the Nazi Party, but were just fine with the Nazis until they started losing the war. I used it to refer to the Trump voters who are not fascist-minded themselves, but will be just fine with our Russian Stealth Occupation Government until it starts screwing up and inconveniencing, or worse than inconveniencing, them.

    *sigh again* Maybe I should stick to The Confluence.

  309. Ivory Bill, any misunderstanding was not your fault. I enjoy your posts here, so please continue them.

  310. Okay, thanks for explaining Bill. I admit I didn’t get the “Good German” thing.

  311. I’ve had a hideous day, actually, am not usually sharp. I woke up with a monstrous headache and both eyes swollen shut. Had to call in sick and hang around with ice packs on head and eyes all day. If I offended anyone, I apologize.

  312. I think that most of us are now wearing our deepest heart fears more openly now and each of us has a unique list of those fears.
    No system is perfect but that is why we strive for “a more perfect union” or at least many of us do.

    I think spats among friends happens. The hope is that we can agree to disagree on some things but still maintain a community of mostly like-minded folks.

    Somewhere to escape from the droning voices of the fascist administration and the media that feels compelled to give voice to it all.
    My nitpick of the day: Judy Woodruff interviewed Pence and I could only stand 2 minutes but during that time P used the term “Democrat senators” (or it may have been “Democrat members”) and Judy allowed the vp to get away with this. T and P only see themselves as Pres and VP of their base. To hell with the rest of the country.

    Finally, read Roger Simons “a majority of one walks away from his keyboard” and then down in the comments a Bernie person excoriates all Democrats (term used properly).

    Every person has their list, and we have to grow the numbers that have a list similar enough to Hillary’s to survive this storm.

  313. Sorry, Roger Simons on, way down the front page.

  314. I’m out of here. Wow just wow. Even questioning my being a “voter”. Yes, this is how it starts. You just don’t get it and I’m tired of explaining it. Yes life is very different for immigrants, refugees and other unwanted minorities in this country and some of you refuse see how certain attitudes expressed right here in these comments make it all the more difficult for people like me. I have nothing to prove. Good luck to all of you.

    Welcome to Trump land where your isolationists dreams can come true and remember to make America white again.

  315. So…looks like trump is a having a relatively good day;Sessions and Price move on to Senate vote,Tillerson gets sworn in.Looks like DeVos might be in trouble..they needed at least one sacrificial lamb they could hold up and given the no penis rule,Betsy’s the one.Of course it NEVER pays to mess w/the teacher’s unions.
    Meanwhile the Repubs are so giddy they’re spending all their time high fiving and kissing each other’s asses..completely missing our slow walk toward war.They sent Flynn out there today to “warn” Iran;guess Mike must’ve been feeling a bit left out lately and they threw him a bone and allowed him to go thump his chest a bit.

    Lord help us all..and the ignorance of these people. Come on,seriously,you have no idea who Fredrick Douglass is? Donny? Sean? Neither of you? I repeat,Lord help us all or I’ll go for any deity that’s willing to help.

  316. Yes, on Trump’s relatively good day, he threatened Iran, Mexico, and Australia.

  317. Uppity, I got locked out of Twitter!
    It said I exhibited automated behavior.
    it wants me to provide my phone number so it can call me. But it really wants my cell number so it can text me. I don’t want to give it.

  318. I think a bunch of Bernie bitches did that

  319. I do make an effort not to be nasty because I love and respect Uppity. If I was nasty, then I apologize. Though honestly, it doesn’t take much reading to see that changes proposed to the H-1B program will have little impact and seem to be for limiting exploitation. Sometimes there is absolutely no need to turn molehills into mountains, imo.

  320. Maybe we should just stipulate that we all view this world through our own lenses and experiences.Doesn’t make any of us bad or wrong.Multiple truths can exist about the same issue at the same time. I used to attend some Courage and Renewal retreats and they always suggested that when someone was pretty hot and bothered about something,rather than argue or condemn just say to yourself.. “I wonder why that person thinks that way?” other words default position being wonder.Maybe everyone just has their piece of the elephant in hand.I don’t know,it helped me stay focused and a bit more compassionate w/furious parents in awful situations.
    Don’t know about you all,but my emotions are running pretty high these days.Too much input,too much to sort through,too painful and feeling threatened on multiple levels. Makes my patience level non-existent. For Pete’s sake,I found myself swearing at a phone answering system today..seriously,sometimes I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO SAY so they know where to direct my call!! Seriously.

    OK, I’m going to go veg out.Peace out.

  321. For Pete’s sake,I found myself swearing at a phone answering system today.

    Thanks for my laugh-out-loud moment today. Been there, done that.

  322. Thanks Msdsal, a wise reminder for us all. Hopefully FLVoter will come back. She didn’t seem like herself today.

    Sophie, that is really weird. Since twitter has our email addresses, why can’t they just email you?

  323. In other schadenfreude news:

    THE anti-Hillary network gets its just desserts. Couldn’t happen to a better set of spox.


  324. ipotter, on February 1, 2017 at 11:42 PM said:
    I do make an effort not to be nasty because I love and respect Uppity. If I was nasty, then I apologize. Though honestly, it doesn’t take much reading to see that changes proposed to the H-1B program will have little impact and seem to be for limiting exploitation. Sometimes there is absolutely no need to turn molehills into mountains, imo.

    This is a great example of a non-apology apology. Maybe you should run for office, ipotter.

    flvoter, I got your point in its entirety. Blaming immigrants for the lax policies that allow abuse of HB1 visas is the real issues.

    Wonder how many surgeries were cancelled for “real” Americans because doctors like the one from Cleveland Clinic got deported?

  325. SophieCT, on February 1, 2017 at 11:26 PM said:
    Uppity, I got locked out of Twitter!
    It said I exhibited automated behavior.
    it wants me to provide my phone number so it can call me. But it really wants my cell number so it can text me. I don’t want to give it.

    That sucks, Sophie. Although, I have a feeling Twitter is feeling the heat from our Temper Tantrum-in-Chief. I think many if not all HRC folks may wind up in your situation.

  326. Msdsal, good advice. Nice to know others curse at the phone answering systems too. lol

  327. Voting, sorry my apology isn’t up to your standards. Really, doctors were deported?

  328. FYI, Sophie, I just put out on my timeline what Twitter is doing to you. Hope it helps.

    Upps, do the same on yours.

  329. ipotter, on February 2, 2017 at 1:41 AM said:
    Voting, sorry

    Probably should have stopped right there.

  330. Holy Shit! I’m reading this shit storm you all created for each other on this otherwise peaceful blog and I am HORRIFIED at ALL of you who slung shit at anybody you could hit. This is unbelievable.

    You all BROKE it, I expect you all to FIX it. And I do mean ALL of you! I am impressed that some of you tried to fix this shitstorm, but the truth is, those who slung shit are all responsible for acting like adults and cleaning off the walls. And no reasonable person should expect any less. So figure this out, learn to respect each OTHER……….Or I will send you all packing and I am not shitting you! Kiss and make up or find yourselves looking for another place to hang out and see how far this kind of behavior will get you.

    You’ve turned on each other like junk yard dogs! I can barely read this shit! Clean up your mess!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Everybody take a deep breath. Every one of you is wrong just based on your responses to each other.

    I’ll be counting heads.

  331. Sophie!

    Can you post for me the message you got from Twitter. Don’t panic I have had it happen to me in the past. If I could just see your twitter message, email etc it would help me decipher what happened and how to fix it.

    The “Automated Behavior” sounds like you got caught in their algorithm, and I know you know what that means. You *probably* posted too many tweets too quickly. What I need to know is, is it a “Time Out” thing or a dump. I once even got caught in their algorithm because I typed the word ISIS too many times. In that case, ISIS was a cat! I did contact them, although it took me about an hour to figure out how, and assured them it was a cat. They then apologized and Freed Willy. Sounds like you have to convince them you are NOT a bot. But first, I would want to make sure it’s not a hack of some sort trying to get your phone number.

    What I would do is GO HERE

    And explain that you are indeed not automated. I would NOT give out a phone number. If the lockout is real they will apologize to you and free you. If they didn’t do it, they will tell you it’s a hack and give you instructions from there.

  332. A doctor who hailed freshly from Cleveland Clinic saved my life. I have three cardiologists, each with a specialty: two of them were not born in America. One is Iranian, the other is Asian. My Vascular doctor is Latino and has won so many patient awards, including being named one of the top 100 patient choice doctors in America–several years in a ROW– they barely fit on his office walls. My brilliant Nephrologist, who saved my kidney function and watches over me like a mother hen……is Russian. Boy does that doctor have some interesting things to say about Vlad. And Donald.

    My GP is a woman who has so many patients, she hasn’t taken a new patient in nearly a decade. If it weren’t for her magnificent perception, I’d be face down right now. Remember, I had no symptoms of anything brewing. Yet, she suspected something and didn’t stop till she found out what that something was.

    I wouldn’t trade any of these doctors for anything.

    This country had best get its collective head out of its ass.

  333. I explained in an email. Unfortunately Twitter IS automated.

  334. Ok, did you try the link I posted here?

    I don’t see an email from you. Not in spam either.

    Yes twitter is automated, but I have dealt with them before and this WILL be straightened out WITH an apology from them once you use the correct link, which I gave you in my previous comment. You are NOT obligated to give them your real name, nor are you obligated to give out your phone number. Just explain that you aren’t automated.

    This kind of shit is NOT unusual. I’ve been put in Twitter jail several times just because I type too fast, which smells of Bot.

  335. I did the link you posted yesterday.

    I explained that I wasn’t automated.

    I got an automated reply back.

  336. I see where a first year medical resident was deported as he was an H-1B for “specialty occupations”. I did not see that one yesterday. The link I posted said doctors were “detained and released.” I am not anti immigrant, if that is what was interpreted, it certainly was not intended. I am anti slavery and anti human trafficking… you know, pro human rights for everyone, regardless of color. If my posts were interpreted differently, then I didn’t word them well and I am sorry for that. I just thought the intent was obvious. As everyone knows, the Cleveland Clinic is one of the best there is. But maybe not everyone knows that the Cleveland area has a big problem with human trafficking. And I’m just stating a fact, not insinuating the Cleveland Clinic or doctors or anyone other than the relative of a person I work with is involved in any wrongdoing. That relative of the person I work with is who I was talking about… and it actually happened in the Cleveland area.

    You know, I am the minority at work and have been the only white for over 20 years. I know what it is to be treated badly because of my color as it happens almost daily. It is never my intent to treat others badly . I have had my retirement taken, my vacation taken, worked like a slave and told if I didn’t like it they would find somebody else. At different times I have been told I need to give them the roof over my head “give” not sell, and even told I need to give them my social security when I am able to draw it. Told I’m “not bred for intelligence” therefore I didn’t deserve educational opportunities, etc. That is and has been my life. I get to work until I drop dead! yay!

    So, no, I’m not a fan of continuing on the path of lessened job opportunities, poor treatment, and little to no benefits for American workers. Suppose I stupidly expect that ALL Americans, regardless of color, should feel the same because it affects each and every one of us in one way or another. I don’t feel that makes me a Trumpoid or a racist or anti immigrant. And I don’t feel we need to import workers for many jobs without better safeguards in place for American workers. And it is impossible to safeguard foreign workers from exploitation with legislation. Yet as they are, our policies invite abuse for many immigrants who think they are coming here for a better life but instead are enslaved. That medical resident who was detained is clearly entitled to be here. It is too bad he was caught up in it and will undoubtedly be given the go ahead to return, if it hasn’t happened already. The whole thing was not done appropriately. But I do believe if some people were saved, then the inconvenience to others was worth it.

    Sorry to have caused trouble. I used to post at Murphy’s place when it was around. I remember standing alongside a wonderful Latina woman in Denver, I remember Riverdaughter being there, but never spoke to her. I remember a lovely woman with long dark hair who didn’t look old enough to have a grown child, a wonderful African American women, a woman who brought her two lovely grandchildren, a couple of lovely women who seemed very much in love, Mama Murphy, and a few others. Everyone there was wonderful. But I spent the most time with Uppity because she let me tag along. But I seriously don’t mind being cast out.

    Everyone is allowed their own opinion. Mine may be unpopular, but nonetheless I stand by my beliefs. If that means I am banned, I really don’t mind. Doubt I’d post much anyway. Love you Ups!

  337. Tiptoeing in! I want to know why no group of sane people (if we have any) have not had come forward to deal with our country being run by a group of insane men and one insane woman? Are all the Senators OK with trump berating and hanging up on the prime minister of Australia??? Why has no group of Senators gone to his office and told him to speak to them before he calls any head of state, and to let one of them sit in on his phone calls instead of nazi Bannon?

    I now think McConnell and Ryan are also insane, thinking only of themselves and not the country.
    I can’t believe I am even hoping that some of the billionaires, that aren’t in the Cabinet, will find a way to stop him, Bannon, and Pence. The latter name is wishful thinking, I know but folks, we are being taken over and while I don’t have much time left, age being a reality, I don’t want my life to end in a totalitarian country.

    Uppity, you are a very fortunate woman, thankfully, to have all those good docs, and, I hope, a few professional nurses here and there. I am glad, to say the very least.

  338. Of al the countries I thought Trump might go to war with, somehow Australia never made the list. Clearly, I need to be more imaginative.

  339. Apparently, I started all of this foofaraw, however accidentally, with one post in which I did not express myself carefully enough, so I apologize for that.

  340. Uppity, your medical team is the United Nations! lol

  341. Yes, it does appear that way, WLM. LOL! It’s the truth, nonetheless. There are only two cardiologists I fired so far. Both of them were snotty, arrogant Americans. Fuck that shit.

    Truth is, I should be dead. So considering that I am nowhere NEAR dead, I don’t give a shit WHERE these doctors were born.

  342. Sophie they will get back to you.

  343. Love you back ipotter, but you still have to fix this along with everyone else involved.

    I hate to tell you this, but I wasn’t in Denver. So re: whomever declared that she was me, I’m glad she was a hit. lol.

  344. Oh yes on the great nurses, Gray. If it weren’t for one emergency room nurse, I probably wouldn’t be writing this. She stalled till the next ER resident came on duty because the current one insisted she didn’t know what she was talking about, I was fine and should go home. The shift changed and I was admitted.

    I hunted that nurse down to thank her.

  345. Yeah, Up. Nurses save lives all the time, often over the objections of doctors. And they frequently catch doctors’ errors.

    I tried to avoid the shit storm here last night. Had a feeling Uppity would not be pleased. So I hope I’m in the clear. 😦

  346. Of al the countries I thought Trump might go to war with, somehow Australia never made the list. Clearly, I need to be more imaginative.

    O Canada, you’re next.

  347. At the National Prayer breakfast this am, he advised us not to worry about his “tough” phone calls. We need to get “tough” because everyone is taking advantage of us. He said “tough” about eight times. That’s his foreign policy, folks. Tough. On everybody, including longtime stalwart allies. This can’t possibly end well.

  348. We’re going to be real nice to Russia though. We’re going to be so nice to Russia! You won’t believe how nice we’ll be to Russia!

  349. Apparently, he green-lighted the Yemen raid with insufficient intelligence after Obama rejected it once. Got a Navy Seal and an 8 year old killed. But, you know, tough as fuck.

  350. Yea, Brassy. Cause you know Hillary’s emails were a lot worse.

  351. Really Uppity? I thought you were the nice blogger who took me to the Donna Brazil speech, got a bunch of us into that luncheon which was where Hillary and Chelsea were (and the cookie was presented) took me into to the high rise past the security guards on the ground floor telling me something like “look like you know where you are going.” It was raining where we greeted by kind souls and allowed to dry out, offered snacks, drinks, bathroom. Those people seemed to be maybe a bit higher in the battle seemed to be a bit higher up in the battle… if memory serves, seemed they were very knowledgeable about delegates and such… not you? Gee, I do wonder who it was then. Really nice petite and opinionated lady whom I thought said she was from New York who most definitely said “come with me” when I complained about not particularly liking to just stand around doing nothing. When the reporter at the Donna Brazil speech asked for an opinion, thought I remembered Uppity Woman. But obviously I remembered wrong then. I tend not to remember names very well though. I’ll have to see if I can dig out my photos from Denver at some point. I really liked that woman alot… AND I LOVE YOU TO just for being you. Back then I probably said I wanted to be a veterinarian because that was my dream a very long time long ago and I enrolled in pre-vet but really couldn’t afford college so dropped out because my mom complained so much about how much it was going to cost. I did not tell anyone at Denver of my work situation… but it is what it is. Oh, and Russian is a language I have taken classes in and once wasn’t too bad with it, but learned it later in life so forgot most of it. Only took the classes because a person at work was maintaining Americans are stupid because they don’t know a language. Said I know French, but then was told it didn’t count because the alphabet wasn’t different. So I took Russian just because the alphabet was different. It isn’t really that hard and it shut up my coworker. I’ve got nothing against Russians, Iranians, Syrians, Africans (have worked for Africans), etc. Brilliant minds know no particular nationality, imo.


    FLVoter, I apologize to you. No offense was intended. I was talking about how the program is exploited to enslave. Your response was:

    “Your problem with the H-1B Visa program could be resolved with better oversight of the program from start to finish, including an expedited process to report abuse against the foreign worker. The foreign worker is not the enemy. Isolationism is not a panacea for US workers. Lastly, Condescension is not appreciated.”

    Calling the foreign worker the enemy was in no way my intent nor was condescension. I was talking about abuse of the program. I should have explained it better. Any misunderstanding is completely my fault and I apologize.

    I apologize to VotingHillary as well. I tried to elaborate and did it badly. There are links to proposed changes in the program which I did not post. The changes really do not change the program significantly. I should have explained better.

    To SoCal and Ivory Bill, it was all totally my fault and neither of you should feel responsible in any way.

    To Msdal, thank you for stepping up and being so sensible.

    To anyone and everyone, thank you for being you.

  352. FLvoter:
    I sincerely hope you come back…
    your opinions are just as valid as anybody’s else…

  353. Upps, I tried make peace yesterday because I didn’t want you to deal with this when you’re not well, and then issued a general apology, and stated that I hope she comes back. I have read thru this part of the thread numerous times and I have no idea where FLVoter is coming from, or why she kept saying we were “Blaming immigrants…absolutely ridiculous,” etc., and still have no idea why she was responding so angrily to me. They were talking about HB1 visas and I told what had happened to a couple of my former neighbors with it. I hope she comes back and clears the air; in other words, either tells me where I accused immigrants of anything or apologizes to me for doing so, and accepts my own apology. But if she wants to come back and say nothing, that’s fine too. Anyway, I have a looong day & night at work I have to get ready for, and I am very grumpy that my pleasant coffee & half hour of reading before work has been spent on this nonsense again after I spent 2-3 hours here yesterday, in horrible pain, trying figure out what the heck was going on. And honestly, I still don’t know. Have a nice day, everyone.

  354. ipotter:
    You did apologize and should’ve been taking at face value…

    Thank you Msdsal for bringing up good sense when needed.

  355. Yes, FLoter, come on back. I want to take time off. You were here first anyway.

    I’m not a Trumpoid, but I’m finding that none of what is happening is really alarming to me as it seems to be with many. Not advocating it, just asking myself a lot of “why” questions and then trying to answer them. It is a solitary activity which I very much enjoy. May come back at some point, but certainly not to harass. These are your friends and you are valued here. Please don’t think you are not.

    Uppity… lots of love and many, many thanks for the miracle that is you.

  356. I apologize to VotingHillary as well. I tried to elaborate and did it badly. There are links to proposed changes in the program which I did not post. The changes really do not change the program significantly. I should have explained better.


    Accepted and I extend one as well.

    flvoter, I do hope you come back as this place won’t be the same w/o you.

    Sophie, any luck getting back on Twitter?

  357. Socal, non apology, better not to apologize. Hokay? One thing I learned from my former migraine days: Never argue with a migraine. lol

    ipotter, fixing things is not running off.

    Hey I was really cool in Denver. Thanks!

  358. No. Twitter, who accused me of being an automation, has only responded with bots.

  359. MMmmmmmmmk sophie, I see that the mesg you got is the real twitter, so it’s not a hack. In any event, if you want to solve this quickly, they will send you a text mesg with a code to unlock twitter for you. Yeah, it requires a phone now.

    To unlock the account:

    Log in to your account.
    Look for the message letting you know Your account has been locked.
    Click or tap Unlock my account.
    Enter your phone number. …
    We will send you a text message with a confirmation code. …
    Once you’ve received it, enter the Verification code to unlock your account.

  360. Uppity, when I got that screen asking for my phone number, I entered my land line. Again and again. Turns out I used up all my chances to do that too. I got this message:
    “You’ve exceeded the number of attempts. Please try again later.”

    Well, that was last night and it’s not later enough for the bots at Twitter. I got that ONE automated response, giving the instructions that I already followed (that you then repeated above).

    What if you don’t have a cell phone? Are you not allowed to have Twitter?

    It doesn’t matter at this point. I am locked out of my account and locked out of the unlocking appeal screen.

  361. Hahaha Sophie, Twitter is run by children. They can’t possibly grasp the concept of no cell phone since they are all already hunchbacked themselves. They wouldn’t even THINK that way. It would be like telling them you don’t have ears. Cell phone is considered a body part now.

  362. The circularity of it is a bitch! This is making me enormously frustrated and angry and I need my Twitter so I can vent my anger!

  363. Apparently, “rage donating” is a thing.

  364. Throwback Thursday Part II: The Russians, the Memos, the Sanctions – The Art of the Steal

    February 2, 2017 by still4hill

  365. See there,all it took was a “reminder” from Uppity Mom for us all to play nice. 🙂
    jpotter,your second apology was right on the money.
    I was always taught that if you append an apology with why you were still right;it’s not really an apology.My Dad taught me that,not by explaining it to me,by doing it.

    Glad to see peace return to Uppityville;now if flvoter comes back,all well be well.Ah,it’ll be OK whatever happens and whoever shows up.
    Reassuring to note that after a good day for trump,he went back to royally screwing things up.All very amusing if we could look at it as entertainment,but too many people stand to have their lives irrevocably altered to find much of this funny.

    “Tomorrow is another day.”- Scarlett O’Hara

  366. I was always taught that if you append an apology with why you were still right;it’s not really an apology.

    AKA a Non-Apology.

    I’m sorry you are offended that I am right.
    I’m sorry you took it the wrong way.

    Ok your turn.

  367. YES! Hit ’em where it hurts…their businesses. Congrats to #GrabYouWallet

  368. You’ve all done your best. I am proud of you.

    Don’t ever let this happen again.

  369. Sophie, we are having dt’s up there in our twitter spot.

  370. Uppity, my comment to you this morning was not meant to be construed as an apology. What I was doing today was giving you a recap. I already apologized t w I c e yesterday to FLVoter in particular and everyone else in general. I have feelings too, and I was shocked and offended by her comments to me. I felt like I was being accused of being anti-immigrant, even racist, when all I was trying to do was diffuse the tension by telling a true story about the H1B’s, which is what they were talking about. I will never jump into the middle of a disagreement here or anywhere else again, I can promise you that.

  371. Socal, you have been with me for so long, I should be moving into your home.

  372. Hey gang, Nordstrom ditched Trump’s lover Ivanka. You can shop there again.

  373. Uppity @ 1:03:

    That’s great! Now all we’ll need is a gofundme effort to pay for it.

  374. I decided today that this is what Democrats should be doing. They should start calling the Republicans fascists and collaborators with fascists. Over and over. Call them Nazis, also. Call them traitors, when it fits. I do not care how much they and their collaborator media howl and scream about this. The only way that Democrats might possibly get through to the masses of people who vote Republican without even knowing what the issues or positions are, is to demonze them. And it legitimate, after all, it is true. Republicans say anything, change their positions every minute, as it suits them. and no one calls them on it. They called Bill Clinton and Hillary and Obama every name in the book, and it didn’t hurt them. I think some misguided voters admire them for being that way. So we should do it, too.

    We are not going to win enough elections by talking about the nuances of economic plans. I was just thinking how the poor, gallant Hillary was so honest and so concerned with doing the right thing, that she figured out a way to give many people free college tuition, by working out the ecnomics of it. Sanders just promised free tuition like a huckster. Hillary and her economists provided an actual feasible plan. And no one cared, no one listened. The Republicans promised a great replacement for ACA, and of course had none. They use every ad word they can, those whom their Madision Avenue people say will push the right buttions. “Great,” “strong,” “patriotic,” “fair.” They mean nothing, they are just empty words which try to sell things.

    I am totally sick of this. Democrats should ask people if they want to live in a dictatorship, or not, and tell them that Republicans do. Tell them that Republicans have alienated all our allies, and that we are now hated in the workd, where once we were admired. Tell them that every other economy now will boycott our goods because they fear and do not trust us. All this is actually true, but even if it were 80% true, that’s fine. Keep saying it. You can’t convince people who don’t know the first thing about economics or history or governance, that your party will do a better job. But you can possibly get through to people who consider themselves patrotic and freedom-loving individuals, if you paint the Republicans as unpatriotic, traitorous, trying to destroy the middle class, as enemies of liberty. That might win. The way we are doing it in most cases, should win, but does not. And we desperately need to win. This is the way to do it, I think. And we have to play it this way, so I hope that those who agree, will do wjat they can to get this message through to the party leaders. Keep playing the same way we have been, and we will have a one-party system for many decades. People have to be rewired so that they might be able to rationalize to themselves why they will vote for Democrats rather than Republicans, and it can’t only be every 20 years or so when the economy is totally wrecked by the Republicans. It has to be the same way as when FDR would call the Republicans malefactors of great wealth, and plutocrats. The Republicans hated him, but he beat them every time.Now the theme has to be about how the Republicans are selling out American values, and are fascists, supporters of dictatorships, and traitors.

  375. Hey everybody,

    Just wanted to pop my head up to say hello. It’s been a while, but I’ve been here all along, reading and seething, every day since the election. It still all seems so surreal. But here we are…fascism has taken control of our republic.

    As a quick aside to Upps – so very glad to hear that you are feeling better again. Well enough to run in from the other room and lay down the law when your kids get out of hand!

    We are good children, Aunt Uppity. We can get testy every now and again, but we really do respect each other. And we certainly adore you – so we promise to play nice from now on.


    Now, when it comes to “playing nice” with the current regime, I agree with others, and William above, in taking the approach of NO SURRENDER. No appeasing, no deals, no giving an inch.

    Obstruct. Delay. Fight Everything.

    I have already written to my Senators (Schumer and Gillibrand) to inform them that if they do not obstruct everything, then they will lose my support, and future vote. Happily, Kirsten has been tough all along, and Chuck is starting to see the light, and stiffen his spine.

    Fascists. Traitors. Evil. Un-American.

    That is what they are, and that is what they must be called. Every day, and everywhere. And I would add another dirty word that is not only appropriate, but just may ring the right bells:


    This name was all over the news when Trump fired the AG on Monday (good for her, by the way, for standing up to the man-child bully) but it has receded again lately. It must be brought back and shouted from every mountaintop.

    Let’s face it, the typical Trump voter and supporter is a dumb human being. There is just no other “kind” way to say it, so why should I try to soften it by saying “under-educated” or “naive” or whatever.

    These are stupid people. Period. They know nothing about our country, about its history, about its government, about its constitution – they simply don’t know and they just don’t care.

    But, one thing that almost everyone knows is the name of Richard Nixon. He is the great shame of the Republican party (until Trump) and his name is synonymous with criminal, corruption, resignation (and certain impeachment if he had not quit). So, from here forward…

    Nixon is Trump. Trump is Nixon. Tricky Dick is Donny J.


    For, even the dumbest of the dumb know that Nixon was a crook. And a disgrace. And he had to go. So, the more we can equate Trump with Nixon (and the truth is, Trump is certainly even worse than Dick) the better chance we have of it actually resonating in the hearts and minds of the ignorant. And, make no mistake, that name still scares all Republican politicians.

    Fascists. Traitors. Dangerous. Corrupt. NIXON!


    We will survive these dark days somehow, Uppities. We simply cannot not let Dr. Franklin down and fail “to keep it”. We must hold tight to our convictions and each other, or, as Ben warned…

    “We must, indeed, all hang together or, most assuredly, we shall all hang separately.”

  376. Nixon was a crook but I don’t agree we should equate the two. Trump is destroying our Constitution and the very nature of our country. Nixon was a glitch. Trump is turning our system upside down. Even though people rightly shy away from using the Hitler name, it is more equivalent. But, in my mind, Trump stands alone as a singular evil.

    The Democrats are children too. They are in elementary school now, up from kindergarten. I have heard several over the past couple months saying that the media needs to report their actions which they say are real. They must not expect media to support them like they do the Republicans.
    They must do what is right, even if no one sees it. If we are to survive, that is. they have to be stronger than they have ever been in our history. Standing on the steps of the Capitol is not action. It is silly.
    I do not know what they should do but they should resist with every fiber, the exec orders and the Ryan/McConnell agendas. At the same time, proposing real solutions.

    It is good that the DNC is starting now to work to win in ’18 but we have two years of destruction ahead of us that must be managed in the meantime.

  377. Upps, are you familiar with Stein Mart ? They are selling Ivanka’s clothes. I am going to call and start boycotting their store.

  378. FLVoter, I miss you.

  379. Neetabug, I have a Stein Mart close to where I live. Hope they stop selling Ivanka products, ’cause I like to shop there every now and then.

  380. The casualties that result when people shoot at each other on an otherwise peaceful blog, WLM.

  381. WLM, Amazon sells her shit too. People are brutal about it there with the reviews. The pressure is on them. I think eventually, they will drop her. The thing is, Amazon functions with a lot of independent sellers

  382. I am ok with some boycotts but, I tend to think that we should spend our time in other ways. Not speaking of Ivanka but some small companies, very small, have been put out of business and lost everything due to boycotts. I don’t believe in doing that to people, even trumpers. Don’t buy Ivanka’s clothes but why make it a national thing where everyone is pushed to put a company out of business.
    Again, generic company, not Ivanka per se.

    I am an outlier here but to me Ivanka is the least evil of the kids. She was good friends with Chelsea and there must be something decent in her. I am, however, concerned that she seems not to have enough influence to get thru Bannon to control some of t’s worst actions. Unless she agrees with him, which I am not convinced she does.

    No danger of me buying form SteinMart but then I never did! They (in my area) don’t buy for overweight women who don’t want to wear a blouse cut below their boobs or only “going to a party wearing neon colors” clothing. I have a number of thin friends who do buy there, however, and like their prices.

  383. I agree with Gray that Trump is worse than Nixon and the stakes are more dangerous and at the heart of our country
    An economic boycott on Ivanka would be significant of our distaste of the Trump brand but would do nothing where the real manipulation is happening from; Texas whores hands are all over: Bannon number one, Tillerson and Perry with their agendas and of course Russia.

    Must read and please visit:
    I posted above the Art of the Steal a very good report of what and how things are happening.

    Of course we have to fight this; though every possible way can be helpful, a hawkish approach is almost required at this point.

  384. I looked at Ivanka dresses on amazon. I do not wear dresses, since the ’70s, but they look kinda cute to me for young folks. Though do people wear mid-thigh dresses now? Maybe, as I am way retired and don’t dress up.

    There are lots of negative comments about the quality but I do not see the “verified purchase” notice that is on many amazon comments. So I can’t judge that.
    Still, a boycott, as always, is putting a lot of people out of work and will not impact the lifestyle of Ivanka.

    OK, I won’t speak of this any more. Got work to do anyway.

  385. Well I can assure you it won’t put any Americans out of work. And it has impacted her, she is at this very moment attempting to separate herself from her own business. Like how the Grifter family is no longer using “TRUMP” as their brand. They are transitioning to SCION. You can run but you can’t hide.

    And yes, a lot of the reviews are not verified and you miss the point of doing it by about ten miles. The ratings are intended to irritate and they have been quite embarrassing for the ‘brand’. Incidentally, I am known to review things I didn’t purchase from Amazon but I still own. I regard it as a public service. So that’s quite allowed by Amazon and therefore the boycott us using it to advantage to remind Amazon who they are harboring and how we all hate her. Conversely there are Trumpers who do reviews who haven’t purchased either. The problem is, they’re outnumbered. Grabyourwallet is doing a great job with these boycotts.They are working. I am all for hunting Ivanka down wherever she goes. She’s her father’s daughter. All the way. But she has her mother’s brains, unlike her two dolt brothers.

  386. I am ok with some boycotts but, I tend to think that we should spend our time in other ways.

    I think people should spend their resistance time in ways that make them most comfortable. One size doesn’t fit all. When a business sticks its nose in politics, they understand the risk they are taking, at least if they are smart enough. They run a risk of boycott no matter which side they show up on. It is patently stupid for a business to get involved in partisan politics.

    I never boycotted Hobby Lobby. That’s because they don’t sell a single thing I would ever buy to begin with. In fact, they sell some things I wouldn’t take for free. So I just pretended I boycotted them. Now Nordstom’s a different story. I buy things there. And Macy’s and Amazon.

  387. I agree that Trump has the potential to be a far greater threat to America than Nixon ever was. The difference is, Nixon was in the WH in the days when Republicans were reasonable moderates with souls. They saw a pile of shit among their ranks and they shoveled it up.

    Today, they stick their fingers in their ears and hum. They are soul-less. Oddly, they attach themselves to God while plotting some of the most vile of acts upon humanity.

  388. I think sometimes we forget that senators and congress people are humans,too.They were thrown into shock after the election and,as most of them are elderly;are slow to adjust to the way things are now.In truth,nobody knows how things are now because of the trump hurry up offense. ( Sorry for the sports analogy,but it seems apt). Thing about hurry up offense is to keep the defenders off balance long enough for the offense to advance.It is exhausting to keep reshuffling and it is a strategy that can’t be sustained for long periods of time.BY either offense or defense.
    We and they ( the DNC,congress critters) will find our way to fight back.In times like these it’s often best not to look at things as “either/or”; black and white.We have to have enough of a spine to stand and defend our principles;but flexible enough to adjust to all the new issues coming down the pike.Truth is we haven’t enough “data” from how trump will govern to draw many conclusions…few discernible patterns,yet.
    This is why we need so many coalitions;so we have the numbers,the multi-faceted perceptions and the flexibility.We’re just learning how to do this and this is also why it’s so important to be combining our “institutional memory” ( we elders) with creativity and energy ( them there younger folk).
    My,I seem to be in a philosophical mind frame today.I’ll spare you all any further ruminations for the promises about tomorrow.

  389. Msdsal: “I think sometimes we forget that senators and congress people are humans,too.They were thrown into shock after the election and,as most of them are elderly;are slow to adjust to the way things are now.”

    I agree. All non-trumpers had a great shock, not just us Hillary people. And it will take time for those in shock to adjust and turn this ship around. It won’t happen on a dime. As Uppity has said, many of those Congress critters are way past retirement age. Let us just hope the ship turns and not too late to matter.

  390. Hahaha MsdSal, if this is shock, then plenty of those congress creatures have been in shock for years.

  391. Rev Vet!!! There you are!

    As always, I adore you.

  392. Talking about senators, 3 or 4 days ago I received an email from Al Franken: “we’re going to fight”. A fund raising in support of the DSCC.

    I like Franken and I contributed.

    Maybe some think of joining Al to start searching and line up some young blood into the Senate.

    I know they would be Demos, but let’s be hopeful…

  393. By the by, I would never be over the travesty to the true winner our Hillary.
    Let’s don’t forget that rump is a cheating President or i legit…

  394. Uppity @ 3 pm:

    I never boycotted Hobby Lobby. That’s because they don’t sell a single thing I would ever buy to begin with. In fact, they sell some things I wouldn’t take for free. So I just pretended I boycotted them. Now Nordstom’s a different story.

    A Hobby Lobby opened a few months ago near here. I’ve been pretending to boycott them ever since 🙂

    Can’t afford Nordy’s anymore, but when I was first in the market for business clothes, they were just starting out in their current niche.

    Unlike the competing chain in the Pacific NW, at Nordstrom’s I could get a suit of equal quality and in as conservative and stuffy a style as those they sold for men. The other chain sold only froufrou dresses and sexy suits that looked more like things you’d wear to a frat party in its women’s business section. And this was the deal breaker for me – unlike the other chain, Nordstroms did hemming and alterations for free, just as they did for men. The other chain charged women but not men; somehow that small fee was the final insult.

    Nordstroms has expanded all across the U.S. since then. The other chain went out of business long ago. Seems like sexism didn’t sell in the long run.

  395. If Obama couldn't get a hearing on his #SCOTUS nominee because he was in the last year of his presidency then neither should Trump. @Slate— Matthew Gilbertson (@MattRGilbertson) February 1, 2017


  396. Sorry I missed tonight, folks. I was attending a therapy session.

    You see, I survived the Bowling Green Massacre. 😉

  397. Don’t let the Libtard Media tell you the Bowling Green Massacre didn’t happen! George Soros bribed the Libtard Media to say it didn’t, because Soros is a Double Seekrit Closet Moozlim, just like Obama! I know it’s true ‘coz I heard it on Alex Jones’s show! 😛

  398. I am pretty sure that Gorsuch is going to get confirmed, meaning that the Right will control the Court for another 40 years (he is 49), unless some amazing things happen. And I will always blame Obama for this. Of course the Republicans are the ones who did it, but they are thoroughly evil and have no regard for any kind of constitutional norms. Obama was ostensibly elected to combat them, but he did not often do so, and certainly not in this case. Since it was obvious what was going to happen if the Republicans won the White House, Obama should have fought to the utmost for Garland (he is 61 or so, so not a good choice in terms of longevity on the Court, as far as that goes). And when Hillary actually “lost” the election, then he absolutely know what would happen, and (since he is presumably a Constitutional Law scholar), that the Trump nominee would absolutely destroy the Voting Rights Act, and make it virtually impossible for millions of Democrats to vote. And he still did nothing, just essentially waved his hands in resignation.

    He should have put Garland in during the recess, and let the Republicans yell and fight about it. I have said before, that if such a case came through the courts, I think that it would be found that “advise and consent” mandates some affirmative action by the Senate, not just avoiding even considering the nominee. But Obama didn’t want to even try. Bill and Hillary would have, Truman and FDR and JFK and LBJ would have. Any Republican would have, though the Democrats would never have refused to hold hearings; they actually voted Thomas on the Court when Bush’s term had about four months left. So once again, the Republicans gamed the system, rolled over the Democrats; and the Democratic President Obama let them do it. To me, that is simply unacceptable, but no one really criticizes him for it, because he is essentially unassailable among Democrats. No wonder the country is in such awful shape now, when one side will do anything to win, and the other side shrugs and says, “oh, that is not good,” but lets them do it. Obama hardly even complained about it, which is incredible. His virtually preternatural disinclination to fight the Republicans is one of the biggest reasons why they grew more and more powerful and lawless. No one says it, though.

  399. No one says it, though

    Oh, but they did, William. In 2012 and 2014, voters said it loud and clear. The “lesser of two evils” didn’t cut it anymore.

  400. William @ 12:39, I so agree.

    I started shopping at Nordstroms when I lived in Washington for 3 years in the mid 80s. I was thrilled when they came to So Cal in the 90s and used to shop there a lot. I have rarely shopped there in recent years, because I just don’t shop much anymore. My old clothes are better made and suit me fine. I do have a friend that works at one and she said the corp sent them all emails in Nov that they were getting angry boycott emails from customers that wanted them to stop selling trump crap and ditto from repub customers that wanted them to keep it. So they had decided to play it “neutral” and just carry what sold well. Anyway, I was at Nordstroms to have lunch with my friend yesterday and a woman was telling the store mgr that she was giving them up–her favorite store–til they stopped selling trump crap and I heard the mgr tell her that they were dropping the line. So, Yay Nordstroms! Viva La Boycott!

    Earlynerd, what’s the competing chain in the NW? The old Bon Marche?

    I’ve never seen a Hobby Lobby. The only period when I had a need to purchase things at a craft store was during Lakers Shakespeare years and I made his costumes. Every few years I break out the crochet hooks and crochet something but I buy homespun yarn from an old friend that spins her own, or buy silk yarn online.

    Nice to see you Rev Vet!

  401. Annie, the other chain was Meier & Frank. I just did some quick checking to make sure they really were defunct, and they are. They were sold in 2006 to May’s and later became Macy’s. That must have happened just before one of my last visits out there – I thought it was much earlier.

    Didn’t realize they had been around since 1857, though – seems kind of sad now, in spite of how frustrating their refusal to take women seriously as professionals was at the time. They did have nice more casual clothes and their annual sales were uniquely Portland funky – fun and hectic, in spirit as far from Walmart as could be.

  402. Yep, Upps, I’m still here. You can’t get rid of me. Ever. 🙂

    Thanks, socal, it’s good to be seen!

    Now, if I may, I want to clarify my previous post regarding the Nixon thing. I think I failed to make my point clearly…

    I fully agree that comparing Trump to Nixon is, in many ways, apples and oranges. Different times, different crimes. But, what I was suggesting is the effort in finding a word, a phrase, something SIMPLE, that all people can fully understand.

    I was dovetailing off what William posted yesterday, wherein he basically suggested that it’s high time to face off against the Republicans on THEIR terms. Remember, we won. Hillary Clinton WON in every way that any candidate could possibly win:

    She won on smarts.
    She won on facts.
    She won on experience.
    She won every debate.
    She won every endorsement.
    She won more actual votes.

    And yet…here we are with a monster in the Oval Office.


    Well, in my opinion, it’s because we were trying to win-over, trying to convince with reason and intelligence, a large percentage of the American electorate that is terrifyingly ignorant. They are almost literally – illiterate. So, the question is – how does won win future elections, and/or stop Trump now, in a time when actual facts (not “alternative facts”) are almost worthless to millions of Americans?

    You win by doing what we in this resistance are now doing: obstruct, delay, boycott, march, protest, etc. I am in a favor of any measure that will help people to see the light. But, the thing is, there already are MILLIONS of us who do see the light. We KNOW we are on the right side of the facts, and history, and the Constitution.

    But what about Mr. and Mrs. Red America?

    What about those millions of ignorant fools who will never understand the dangers that this nation is facing? They watch our protests and marches and think that WE are the crazy fools. They think: We don’t care what you say, Trump won, get over it.

    You cannot fight that kind of malicious ignorance with just the facts, or intelligence. You need something else, to go along with your facts and intelligence. And my suggestion (just a suggestion, mind you) is using one simple word – so simple that even Red America knows what it means – to try to make them see the light.

    And – NIXON – could be such a word.

    Every American, smart or dumb, knows what the name Nixon represents: criminal behavior, corruption, and disgrace. It matters not if they know anything about the man himself of the times he lived in (as we here all do). It only matters that once they hear that name – Nixon – it means bad things.

    Look, I know that I’m preaching to the choir here on this blog. You ALL know this. You are all smart, sane, perfectly reasonable Americans. But, as I see it, it behooves us to find a way, a simple way, to buttress our rational arguments with a simple message – one that THEY will all comprehend.

    Remember, for over a year, the Republicans used ONE WORD to tar Hillary Clinton.


    That was it. One fucking word. One baseless, meaningless, word. But that, along with Comey, and the Russians, and the media, and everything else, worked to set a monster loose on our nation, and the world.

    So, moving forward, every time that Trump commits another “high crime or misdemeanor” (and there will be many) it could be a wise strategy to keep comparing him to Nixon. Red America will understand what that comparison means.

    Trump is not just Nixon – he’s even worse. Nixon was a criminal, and so is Trump. Nixon defied the Constitution, and so is Trump. Nixon was corrupt, and so is Trump.

    Trump is just like Nixon – but even worse.

    Now, I know that this suggestion may seem silly and pedantic to many here. Like, okay, Rev War Vet, we get it. But, it’s just a word. One word isn’t going to make a difference.

    Well, maybe. But that one word “EMAILS” certainly did its part in 2016. We are in desperate, dangerous times, Uppities. Any and all measures must be employed to try and save our Republic. All forms of resistance, whether simple or complex, must be utilized.

    Let us fight lies with the truth. Let us combat ignorance with knowledge. Let us protest, and resist. But, let us also try and reach those unreachable masses with one clear and undeniable FACT…

    Once upon a time, Richard Nixon was a REPUBLICAN (not a Democrat) president who engaged in criminal behavior in the White House, subverted the US Constitution, and was forced to resign in disgrace.

    Donald Trump is a REPUBLICAN (not a Democrat) president who is the 21st century reincarnation of Richard Nixon. And he’s even worse.

    It’s a simple message for simple people, I agree. But, it just may be an effective one, too. And, as a nice bonus, it just happens to be 100% true.

    (Okay, stepping down from my soapbox now. Back to lurking)


  403. You are Right, Rev Vet. EVERYBODY knows who Nixon was, and everyone knows the reason why everyone knows who Nixon was..even all those milennials who either skipped History class or were never taught history at all in an effort to further dumb them down. It’s what it’s all about today, it seems. One quick catchy phrase or word. It’s all people with short attention spans and dull senses can relate to. Nixon. And you are also right that Trump is much worse. Nixon fed off of his extreme paranoia. Thus the break-in. Trump feeds off of his insatiable greed, and greed alone makes any person with access to public funds and contracts dangerous. Trump is about pilfering and plundering, kickbacks and deals, but mostly deals for himself. You can easily see this in the laws he is trying to reverse and the people he is placing in cabinet positions. It’s all about profiting off of the power of the presidency. Nixon was child’s play next to Trump. Yet, NIXON is KNOWN and his name conjures up thievery and dishonesty. So in that sense, Trump is Nixon.

    Only problem is people weren’t in love with Dick and willing to support him to the end no matter what he did. They didn’t look the other way. But I’m not so sure that matters. Because just tying him to Nixon makes a huge statement. And all his blind followers are soon to understand that they are going to pay the piper and Trump is the piper. Already his decisions will have financial impact on the people in a tragic way. Just giving wall street the chance to Do It To Me One More Time by loosening regulations creates danger for future retirees, especially with the intent of privatizing social security looming. Wall Street is rubbing its hands together. Salivating, really. Then there’s loss of health insurance looming ahead. And the biggest thing of all, the increase in jobs. Overseas. Eating Sand. Because this guy wants a war more than anything. War is profitable for bums like him. So when you add these hardships upon him, his beloved followers are going to thin out at an alarming rate. That will make the NIXON label even more heavily used, because it covers a multitude of horrors just to say his name.

  404. As for Ivanka and Chelsea being very good friends, if she’s losing business, you can bet Ivanka is losing friends in the New York liberal community where she and Kushner used to hang out. The WH is now leaking (probably deliberately) that Ivanka and hubby stopped the anti-LGBT EO. There are no accidents in politics.

    Kushner has a bigger problem. He helped egg on Trump to go ahead with the Yemeni raid. Just imagine if Hillary has consulted her son in law about a covert counterterrorism operation. Infinite investigations. This time, just crickets from GOP.

  405. Nerd, the mention of charging women but not men for alterations opens an ongoing wound for me. I am talking about dry cleaners, here. Dry cleaners will charge much more for a woman’s pair of pants or a shirt than they charge men. They have been doing it for years. When I bothered with dry cleaners (and I’m glad they are needed less and less these days), I devised a way to circumvent their blatant discrimination: I pretended things were “boys” clothing. I could bring a “boy’s” shirt or jeans in and pay the lower price. Still, I had to pay the shot for business suits and pay far more than male counterparts. I REALLY resented it.

    I have no idea what dry cleaners are up to these days, I rarely get things dry cleaned except for things like winter coats that require dry cleaning. So I had a pea coat dry cleaned this year and declared it a boy’s coat just to be sure. In any event,if dry cleaners are up to the same trick, I still think the law should come down on them for sticking it to women.

  406. I don’t know if Von Mauer’s is nationwide or regional, but they are here in Minnesota. Alterations are free for anything bought in store or from them on-line. Just got out-fitted by them for my nephew’s wedding. Not a penny paid for alterations. 🖒

  407. The Bowling Green Massacre now has its own historical marker. 😛

  408. Dry cleaners charging me more because I am a woman has always stuck in my craw. I rarely use them now. When I buy new clothing, I always make sure I do not have to have it dry cleaned.

  409. William, on February 4, 2017 at 12:39 AM said:

    I will always blame Obama for this.

    I do too, so many others…even if a some don’t want to say it.

  410. Revolutionary War Vet, on February 4, 2017 at 5:40 AM said:

    …to convince with reason and intelligence, a large percentage of the American electorate that is terrifyingly ignorant. They are almost literally – illiterate.

    Excellent point.

    In overseas developed countries while analyzing the outcome of this election, the focus has been the degree of ignorance, under educated and yes illiterate people -subsequently fearful- for a country that is the number one economic power and prides on its system.

  411. Uppity, I know there’s a new post up. This gives me a chance to post a last comment on a less weighty topic than the current vandal-in-chiefs antics.

    Good for you, Uppitiy, for finding a way around that dry-cleaning surcharge for being female . The whole thing made me so mad, especially when working as a consultant, where spiffyness was a de facto job requirement, that I looked into legal action. I can’t remember now how I found out pre-internet that a challenge had been filed and failed, but it had. The ruling almost certainly used the same pretzel logic used to legally separate women’s rights out from those of every single other group of citizens in the U.S., from the right to vote, to the right to police protection from violence, (the two decisions that gutted the Violence Against Women act specifically gave police the right to abandon women to male violence, whereas the on-going violence of police against black citizens is not legally permitted, but denied as actual fact), the 1991 Civil Rights “Restoration” Act specifically granting non-white males much greater employment protections that the Act specifically denied women; Mrs. O’Conner’s anti-women opinions in two abortion rights cases that judicially created a still lower level of rights for women than the already existing “intermediate scrutiny” for women vs. “strict scrutiny” for non-white men; the list goes on and on.

    H’mm, maybe not so trivial.

  412. No Nerd, not so trivial at all. They take your rights way one whittle-chip at a time, till you wake up one day and……….

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