Nixon = Trump = Fascists = Traitors = Republicans

Bringing Revolutionary War Vet‘s comments up from downstairs because they merit a discussion on their own.

Part I

Hey everybody,

Just wanted to pop my head up to say hello. It’s been a while, but I’ve been here all along, reading and seething, every day since the election. It still all seems so surreal. But here we are…fascism has taken control of our republic.

As a quick aside to Upps – so very glad to hear that you are feeling better again. Well enough to run in from the other room and lay down the law when your kids get out of hand!

We are good children, Aunt Uppity. We can get testy every now and again, but we really do respect each other. And we certainly adore you – so we promise to play nice from now on.


Now, when it comes to “playing nice” with the current regime, I agree with others, and William above, in taking the approach of NO SURRENDER. No appeasing, no deals, no giving an inch.

Obstruct. Delay. Fight Everything.

I have already written to my Senators (Schumer and Gillibrand) to inform them that if they do not obstruct everything, then they will lose my support, and future vote. Happily, Kirsten has been tough all along, and Chuck is starting to see the light, and stiffen his spine.

Fascists. Traitors. Evil. Un-American.

That is what they are, and that is what they must be called. Every day, and everywhere. And I would add another dirty word that is not only appropriate, but just may ring the right bells:


This name was all over the news when Trump fired the AG on Monday (good for her, by the way, for standing up to the man-child bully) but it has receded again lately. It must be brought back and shouted from every mountaintop.

Let’s face it, the typical Trump voter and supporter is a dumb human being. There is just no other “kind” way to say it, so why should I try to soften it by saying “under-educated” or “naive” or whatever.

These are stupid people. Period. They know nothing about our country, about its history, about its government, about its constitution – they simply don’t know and they just don’t care.

But, one thing that almost everyone knows is the name of Richard Nixon. He is the great shame of the Republican party (until Trump) and his name is synonymous with criminal, corruption, resignation (and certain impeachment if he had not quit). So, from here forward…

Nixon is Trump. Trump is Nixon. Tricky Dick is Donny J.


For, even the dumbest of the dumb know that Nixon was a crook. And a disgrace. And he had to go. So, the more we can equate Trump with Nixon (and the truth is, Trump is certainly even worse than Dick) the better chance we have of it actually resonating in the hearts and minds of the ignorant. And, make no mistake, that name still scares all Republican politicians.

Fascists. Traitors. Dangerous. Corrupt. NIXON!


We will survive these dark days somehow, Uppities. We simply cannot not let Dr. Franklin down and fail “to keep it”. We must hold tight to our convictions and each other, or, as Ben warned…

“We must, indeed, all hang together or, most assuredly, we shall all hang separately.”


Part II

Now, if I may, I want to clarify my previous post regarding the Nixon thing. I think I failed to make my point clearly…

I fully agree that comparing Trump to Nixon is, in many ways, apples and oranges. Different times, different crimes. But, what I was suggesting is the effort in finding a word, a phrase, something SIMPLE, that all people can fully understand.

I was dovetailing off what William posted yesterday, wherein he basically suggested that it’s high time to face off against the Republicans on THEIR terms. Remember, we won. Hillary Clinton WON in every way that any candidate could possibly win:

She won on smarts.
She won on facts.
She won on experience.
She won every debate.
She won every endorsement.
She won more actual votes.

And yet…here we are with a monster in the Oval Office.


Well, in my opinion, it’s because we were trying to win-over, trying to convince with reason and intelligence, a large percentage of the American electorate that is terrifyingly ignorant. They are almost literally – illiterate. So, the question is – how does won win future elections, and/or stop Trump now, in a time when actual facts (not “alternative facts”) are almost worthless to millions of Americans?

You win by doing what we in this resistance are now doing: obstruct, delay, boycott, march, protest, etc. I am in a favor of any measure that will help people to see the light. But, the thing is, there already are MILLIONS of us who do see the light. We KNOW we are on the right side of the facts, and history, and the Constitution.

But what about Mr. and Mrs. Red America?

What about those millions of ignorant fools who will never understand the dangers that this nation is facing? They watch our protests and marches and think that WE are the crazy fools. They think: We don’t care what you say, Trump won, get over it.

You cannot fight that kind of malicious ignorance with just the facts, or intelligence. You need something else, to go along with your facts and intelligence. And my suggestion (just a suggestion, mind you) is using one simple word – so simple that even Red America knows what it means – to try to make them see the light.

And – NIXON – could be such a word.

Every American, smart or dumb, knows what the name Nixon represents: criminal behavior, corruption, and disgrace. It matters not if they know anything about the man himself of the times he lived in (as we here all do). It only matters that once they hear that name – Nixon – it means bad things.

Look, I know that I’m preaching to the choir here on this blog. You ALL know this. You are all smart, sane, perfectly reasonable Americans. But, as I see it, it behooves us to find a way, a simple way, to buttress our rational arguments with a simple message – one that THEY will all comprehend.

Remember, for over a year, the Republicans used ONE WORD to tar Hillary Clinton.


That was it. One fucking word. One baseless, meaningless, word. But that, along with Comey, and the Russians, and the media, and everything else, worked to set a monster loose on our nation, and the world.

So, moving forward, every time that Trump commits another “high crime or misdemeanor” (and there will be many) it could be a wise strategy to keep comparing him to Nixon. Red America will understand what that comparison means.

Trump is not just Nixon – he’s even worse. Nixon was a criminal, and so is Trump. Nixon defied the Constitution, and so is Trump. Nixon was corrupt, and so is Trump.

Trump is just like Nixon – but even worse.

Now, I know that this suggestion may seem silly and pedantic to many here. Like, okay, Rev War Vet, we get it. But, it’s just a word. One word isn’t going to make a difference.

Well, maybe. But that one word “EMAILS” certainly did its part in 2016. We are in desperate, dangerous times, Uppities. Any and all measures must be employed to try and save our Republic. All forms of resistance, whether simple or complex, must be utilized.

Let us fight lies with the truth. Let us combat ignorance with knowledge. Let us protest, and resist. But, let us also try and reach those unreachable masses with one clear and undeniable FACT…

Once upon a time, Richard Nixon was a REPUBLICAN (not a Democrat) president who engaged in criminal behavior in the White House, subverted the US Constitution, and was forced to resign in disgrace.

Donald Trump is a REPUBLICAN (not a Democrat) president who is the 21st century reincarnation of Richard Nixon. And he’s even worse.

It’s a simple message for simple people, I agree. But, it just may be an effective one, too. And, as a nice bonus, it just happens to be 100% true.


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  1. Sophie, thank you for the new post! Great idea!

  2. I got this from Widdershins, its mind blowing:

  3. Rev Vet;while I agree w/your analysis and your approach..I’m just not sure that Nixon means the same to the younger folk.
    Also,it’s so difficult to capture in a word the commonality between issues. Maybe we need a word wall?
    We know people will respond when their lives are threatened or their finances.Sometimes they’ll get all hot and bothered if we pick on small least if they’re of a certain color.
    Certainly an excellent question to ponder. What common word would motivate people across the political spectrum? Hmmmm..thinking,thinking.

    Oh and Sophie,thanks yet again for the new post.You’re always so helpful in that and so many other articles,links and so on.

  4. Do you think there are enough of the stupid who know, remember or care anything about Nixon?
    The email word had an effect because it was backed up by constant daily renforcement from media and federal voices-authorities. Without that kind of organized voice calling the rump of the country Nixon is just empty name-calling like calling him Hitler.

    It seems to me the stupid only learn by experience-being hit where it hurts. They will wake up after enough disappointments, but it will take time. Meanwhile there are enough not so stupid already rising up who will bring about the reversal. All revolts, all progress, all advances in any civilization, all battles against regression are always fought and ultimately won by the not so stupid, who day by day relentlessly fight and drag the dullards along on the “upward” climb toward a better tomorrow. Hit the ball, drag jack.

    In other words trying to wake the dullards seems to me a waste of energy — we need to accentuate the positive to eliminate the negative (hoho, that sure dates me!)

    Did you all read eliz warrens speech today? See huff post.

  5. What the argument about terminology is not taking into account, in the open, is that the Trump people are willing to accept a totalitarian/authoritarian regime if it saves them from becoming a small minority and out of power. Most Trump white people see the whole Middle East and many African nations being destroyed. The ‘regular’ people in those countries have only one solution in mind: flee to America or Europe. Many of them are not ‘white’ per se and many are not Protestants/Catholics/Jews.

    Trump voters may be stupid about our Constitution but they are smart enough to see they are going to be outnumbered, likely within 50 years. They don’t care that needy and suffering people are begging for help because they see their needs as equally urgent. In their minds, they see the US soon being teeming with people like India or China.

    They feel betrayed by the economy (never mind whose fault it is). Our education system does not prepare them to compete with many of the incoming from other countries (fact). It is likely the fittest and smartest that get here, after all, given what it takes to run the gauntlet. They also, as ipotter noted, work for less and, from me, are satisfied with fewer material goods than many in the US.

    Every decision has consequences, many of which are unintended. Even good intentions and altruistic acts can hurt some people. The hurt is from each person’s own perspective; I am not judging if it is valid for me but it is valid for them.

    My question is whether your message to Trumpers or the uninvolved can include a real carrot as well as the Trump=whatever bad guy? Can we provide good jobs and security and health care for our current citizens? And Trumpers are citizens, even if we do not agree with them.
    What is their advantage to give up an authoritarian who is protecting “us” from “them?” I know enough of these folks in my own family, friends, and acquaintances that I am fairly confident in my assessment.
    I will take the consequences of this post.

  6. I think that this is definitely worth discussing further. My thought was that we have to give some people who are now automatically voting Republican, a possible reason to vote Democratic. We have seen a horrifying increase in the number of states which have turned Red, and appear to be competely lost electorally. We remember when Bill Clinton won Arkansas, Tennessee, West Virginia. We haven’t won any of those since. We lose by around 65-35 or 70-30. What happened to people who voted Democratic as recently as 1996?

    Well, there are all sort of cultural and demographic reasons, state by state. But the trend is very bad. I think a lot has to do with a steady diet of brainwashing from the talk radio which is all far Right conservative, all the time. And the mainstream TV media doesn’t help. And every single issue is framed against the Democrats, the ‘lib’ruls,” who are demonized in the strangest way. These people think that we are out to destroy America, even though Democratic presidents usually bring strong economic times, jobs, good foreign relations. They absolutely hate us, even so.

    Some of this simply cannot be fixed; it is due to prejudice, racism, misogyny, stupidity. But before we totally give up here, I had thought that Democrats need catchphrases, buzzwords, easy to digest bites which might possibly reorient some voters’ minds, and give them at least a plausible reason to shun Republicans. Maybe nothing willl help, But yes, calling Republicans traitors (for colluding with Russia, for being willing to forfeit our democracy just to win), might help. Most people react negatively to the term fascist, so we should use that to label Republicans. The idea is that many mostly ignorant people hold on to an idea of “America the free.” So tell them that we are not free, because of Republicans. We are being run by a tyrant. Give them something to vote against here. All the economic discussions in the world fly right by them. Policy is worthless as an argument for them.

    Fighting tyranny might be a cause they would support. Make signs and slogans like, ‘We fought fascism in Europe in the 1940’s, now we have to fight it in Amerca.” “America was born out of a fight against tyranny, and true Americans must rebel against tyranny once again.” There likely are shorter and cleverer ones. But the idea is that the Right has been using all sorts of catchwords for decades, trying to brainwash people that they are the ones fighting tyranny and they are the patriots. No, they are the tyrants, and we are the patriots. And somehow that must be the line of attack. People who know nothing about how the economy works, people who somehow vote the Republicans in eight years after their economic policies crashed the economy, are impervious to logic or depth of argument. But maybe they are susceptible to fighting words, metaphorical calls to arms, to fight for liberty and freedom–if they somehow realize which is the party taking that away from them. If not, then we have Nazi America, with no democratic foreign power available to liberate us as we once liberated Europe from the original Nazis. The ongoing hope is that America has a history of freedom and rebellion against authoritarianism which most of Europe never had. On the other hand, we now have a less educated and informed and engaged populace than they have had. And as the Australians liked to joke in earnest, “Well, we may have gotten the convicts, but you got the Puritans.” And their influence has been pernicious here throughout the centuries.

  7. Great idea to feature Rev Vet’s comment. Yaaassssss. Hey Rev Vet! Here’s a tweet you can sink your teeth into…

  8. And I think that the slogans and banners should say, “Trump=Hitler.” And I don’t care how much the media condemns us for saying it. It is not only an accurate comparison, it is even more palpable given Trump’s father’s Nazi-supporting past; his son’s repeated channeling of Nazi phrases like ‘ovens,” and “put a bullet in him,” the support Trump gets from neo-Nazi groups. I don’t think most people want to think of themselves as Nazis, but they are supporting a Nazi. And no one can even try to whitewash Hitler, not even the Republican media which tried to do that with Nixon. “If you opposed Hitler, you must oppose Trump.” “Trump is the American Hitler, a century later.”

  9. I do like the Trump=Nixon meme. I’m all for doing anything on any front that might have a chance of shifting this current mess. Plus, I think it will resonate with the older Trump voters and might even give some of them cover to sneak away from their votes now, unlike the Trump/Hitler comparison. After all, so many good Republicans were fooled by Nixon (or so they claimed after the fact).

  10. William, I think Fascism works better than either Nixon or Nazi as the latter is too laden with emotions.
    Trump=Hitler would be interesting to try out, perhaps as a pilot study, speaking research lingo. In the media, people who use the Hitler analogy are chastised but trump may actually be appropriate use of it.

    It is alarming about the changing party ‘color’ in our nation. We have to offer something the red party members want and that their party is not offering. The problem is, my particular relatives, as I have noted in the past, are one-issue people–getting rid of abortion.
    How do you fight that? They are willing to be poor as church mice and go without health care if they can get rid of abortions.
    Perhaps that group can be ignored and focus on the moderates or near-moderates. But we need to find a big carrot. Fear alone does not work. Example: telling diabetics they are at risk of losing their vision, legs, kidneys was tried for years. It never worked.
    Focusing on the benefits of health and ‘feeling energized’ has been more effective. Just one example but there are others.

    Jobs, skill training, a real living wage. In shorthand language.
    Thank you.

  11. Whelp, Neiman-Marcus is joining Nordstrom’s in dumping Ivanka’s brand:

  12. Yayyyyyyyy Neiman!

  13. Sophie suggested I transfer this comment/response to Rev Vet from the previous thread so here it goes:

    You are Right, Rev Vet. EVERYBODY knows who Nixon was, and everyone knows the reason why everyone knows who Nixon was..even all those milennials who either skipped History class or were never taught history at all in an effort to further dumb them down. It’s what it’s all about today, it seems. One quick catchy phrase or word. It’s all people with short attention spans and dull senses can relate to. Nixon. And you are also right that Trump is much worse. Nixon fed off of his extreme paranoia. Thus the break-in. Trump feeds off of his insatiable greed, and greed alone makes any person with access to public funds and contracts dangerous. Trump is about pilfering and plundering, kickbacks and deals, but mostly deals for himself. You can easily see this in the laws he is trying to reverse and the people he is placing in cabinet positions. It’s all about profiting off of the power of the presidency. Nixon was child’s play next to Trump. Yet, NIXON is KNOWN and his name conjures up thievery and dishonesty. So in that sense, Trump is Nixon.

    Only problem is people weren’t in love with Dick and willing to support him to the end no matter what he did. They didn’t look the other way. But I’m not so sure that matters. Because just tying him to Nixon makes a huge statement. And all his blind followers are soon to understand that they are going to pay the piper and Trump is the piper. Already his decisions will have financial impact on the people in a tragic way. Just giving wall street the chance to Do It To Me One More Time by loosening regulations creates danger for future retirees, especially with the intent of privatizing social security looming. Wall Street is rubbing its hands together. Salivating, really. Then there’s loss of health insurance looming ahead. And the biggest thing of all, the increase in jobs. Overseas. Eating Sand. Because this guy wants a war more than anything. War is profitable for bums like him. So when you add these hardships upon him, his beloved followers are going to thin out at an alarming rate. That will make the NIXON label even more heavily used, because it covers a multitude of horrors just to say his name.

  14. I like them all. Trump=Hitler, Trump=Nixon, Trump=Fascism. They’re all true, in one way or another.

    Gray, I think your assesment of Trump supporters is startlingly perceptive. It accurately describes the ones I had some sympathy with, as well as the AR15 and confederate flag waving ones I never could have. But I think most want something that is either gone, like unskilled jobs that provided a middle class or better life for a family with only one wage recipient, or untenable, such as automatic higher status for white men among other men and their wives among other women or a return to de facto government sponsorship of their religion (that last has already happened with regard to women’s rights, but is being increasingly blocked when it harms the rights of others).

    Hillary Clinton addressed the issues of these men’s former jobs, wages and living standards with factual, real-world, feasible solutions. The one thing she did not do in this respect, and it is what captured so many Sanders as well as Trump supporters, is promise something no one could deliver. She also alienated many of these people by actively supporting the rights of those whose equality you so accurately described as threatening to them, whereas Sanders avoided this by ignoring the whole question and Trump turned their fears to his advantage by overt racism.

    The question is what sort of carrot can Democrats and liberals create that won’t compromise their own integrity or the rights of the others?

    My own perspective is that standing firm on women’s rights, including the right of a woman to compete equally as a candidate and the rights of women over religion, *any* religion, would have made a vast difference to the Democratic party. The women for whom abortion was the only issue on the right were not cancelled out this time by those on the left, who had had the previous eight years as an example of just how negotiable their rights were.

  15. Much thanks, Sophie, for putting my posts up. I’m not sure if its deserved, but I welcome the informed debate as we all try to determine the best way(s) to proceed in these dark times.

    The word, Nixon, I know is not THE answer to our problems alone. But it may be one approach.

    Some say Nixon’s crimes are too distant for many Americans to appreciate. True, many may not know the particulars of his crimes, but most know the name and its stain. And even a quick google search of Nixon by the millennial kiddos would result in the basics: Republican President, crimes, Watergate, cover-up, lies, tapes, resignation.

    Really, that’s all people need to know, isn’t it?

    And, I agree that it’s not usually the best policy to “stoop to conquer”. In my personal life, I seldom lower myself or my standards just to “win”. It can be very unseemly. But, these are very unusual times, and I maintain that we should use ALL the tools at our disposal. We should take the high ground whenever possible. We should use our rational arguments to make our case. But, if we need to “drag” the ignorant along by using a more “simple” word or phrase, then so be it.

    Whatever works.

    Bill Clinton, as an example, was one of the most intelligent men to ever run for the presidency. Whatever his personal faults (and a part of me hates him for that shit he did) nobody can deny that the Big Dawg has a brilliant mind. And he used his brilliance in 1992 to talk circles around anyone. But he (and Carville) also used…

    “It’s the economy, stupid”.

    Perfect. Short, to the point, easy to digest. So, the smart folks among us could listen to his detailed policy points and support him, and, the not-so-smart ones could hear just those four words and say, Hell Yeah! and support him.

    Both ways helped him to win.

    And going back to our Founders (as a Rev War Vet, I must of course reference our Glorious Founding whenever possible) we see that they themselves used both roads. Both high and low, if you will. The women and men who founded our Republic were children of the Enlightenment. They were nearly geniuses, all of them. And they wrote and spoke their arguments in the kind of heightened language that still inspires us, and the world, 240 years later. And yet…

    “Give me Liberty, or Give Me Death”
    “Leave Free, or Die”
    “No taxation without Representation”


    Now, as far as using “Nazi” or “fascist” or “Hitler” or others, as William suggests, well, I’m all for it. In fact, in historical fact, these words are even truer than “Nixon”. I just fear that many will see these words as silly hyperbole (they are not hyperbolic at all) and dismiss them. Like, oh come now, he is not Hitler, for chrissakes! they might say.

    Well, yes, he is! (And so it goes, back and forth)

    Hitler and Nazi Germany were “foreign” menaces only, they might say. That would never happen here. Whereas, Nixon was one of us. An American, and a REPUBLICAN, and a paranoid criminal. So that kind of thing, yes, could happen here – because it already did – to a lesser degree in terms of carnage, of course.

    Hell, it’s all semantics. Hitler, Nixon, Fascist, Treason, Criminal, Corrupt – take your pick. They all fit. Let’s use them all, and every wrench in our toolbox.

    Lastly, two feelings: one good, one bad.

    Both of these feelings I have come from a few of Uppity’s tweets (yes, I read your twitter too, Upps, even though I don’t tweet myself). 🙂

    Good feeling: These protests! They are wonderful, and do remind one of the Anti-War (and thus Anti-Nixon) protests of our youth. So, in some ways, an “Anti-Nixon” type of vibe is already taking hold. May it grow!

    Bad feeling: I fear (like Upps) that an ATTACK is coming. It would be just the thing now, wouldn’t it? Just when the protests and pressure are amping up – BOOM – then Trump can play the tough guy, declare martial law, suspend habeas corpus, shut down the courts, and all the rest. A true nightmare.

    And the perfect mechanism to employ such a despicable tactic? The Russians. We know that Putin loves his little Trumpy puppet, and wants to keep him dancing for as long as possible. I can see a fairly major attack on home soil (or on American interests abroad) which would be orchestrated by PUTIN, but BLAMED on “Islamic Terrorists”.

    And there’s the “war” that we know Republicans are pining for. Scary, but very feasible. Because, this is in fact exactly what most experts believe Putin did to gain power in Russia. He killed his own people – innocent Russian citizens.

    The 1999 Apartment Buildings Bombings.

    There was a good Frontline program about this recently. But the story has been well covered. Here are a few quick links for those interested:

    Very scary shit, but it worked. It gave Putin the power he now has. So, one could easily see them using the same page out of the same playbook to help their little American puppet consolidate his authoritarian grip.

    I hope I’m wrong, of course. But, it feels like something is coming. And if it does, then our Republic will be in even greater danger than right now. Then…

    “Live Free, or Die” – will not be just a slogan.

  16. I have been having the very same thought/fear.

  17. Can’t think of a response right now to Rev. Vet’s comment (“Yay, Founding Parents! And all who fought for them!” doesn’t seem worthy).

    I did want to say that I’m enjoying a righteous smack-down of a leftist protest voter over at Historiann’s, though I’m not sure she’d appreciate the reference on that basis alone. Also, one commentor makes the point Gray made here about the non-negotiability of abortion, and another backs it up.

  18. SNL is kick ass tonight! Melissa McCarthy is Sean Spicer.

    Sorry, no YouTube yet–you have to go here and watch it. Well worth it.

  19. Rev Vet, you are most welcome.

  20. Here’s a sneek-peek of Melissa as Spicer discussing the radical “moose lambs.”

  21. I did learn one thing tonight from SNL, Sophie. If I ever get a craving for Tostino’s Pizza Rolls, maybe it’s just an indicator I need a cold shower instead. 🙂

  22. HaHahahaha, votinghillary!! I thought the TV had switched to a porn movie for a while there! Your comment is priceless, as they say.

  23. Sophie:
    Good post and overall very hands on comments.
    charge on keep the fight going…

  24. I had no idea Totinos were going to be so good.

  25. For those that missed SNL last night…and want to watch something other than the Super Bowl:

    and the soon to be infamous Totino’s “ad”…btw, the Super Bowl/Totino’s ad has been a running skit for several years.

  26. BTW, note the “flag” lapel pin Baldwin is wearing…it’s a Russian flag. ROFL. 🙂

  27. Gray’s point about abortion goes to the root of the problem with reaching these people. They believe an 8 week old embryo has rights but a child already born, not to mention a grown woman, does not. Case in point. Once purple Arkansas just passed a law allowing a rapist to sue his victim if she tries to get an abortion. I mean, MY GOD! IMHO, they’re not reachable, no matter what we do or say. They think WE are evil and support ISIS.

  28. Decades of right wing media and fake news have turned their brains to total mush. I’ve written them off and think we need to concentrate on fighting voter suppression and reaching the younger ones.

  29. Reaching the Younger Ones means you have to promise they will never have to lift their asses and you will give them everything they want and need, free, paid for by you until you are drained. Because it will never be enough. These are indoctrinated snowflakes who think they are entitled to simply everything, without reservation. They will tell you they want to work, but what they mean is they want to start as close to the Top as possible. They are sure they are smart and everybody else is dumb and, ala Mr. Rogers, they are all Special. None of them is rooted in reality and overall, they are a truly socialist lot without any real knowledge of the awful things that means. They understand the consolations of socialism but not the consequences and how easily socialism can slip into Communism. This is why Bernie is so attractive to him. Grandeur promises of everything of your dreams becoming yours with little or no effort. There really isn’t a whole lot of difference between Trump and Sanders. Both abrasive, both with grand promises they can never keep, both drunk on worship. See Castro.

  30. Or maybe Nixon + Kissinger = Trump

  31. Hey, Voting! I wonder if Totino’s new stuffed nachos count because I can’t get enough of those babies. And I’m pretty sure I’m straight. I think….

  32. I nearly jumped the guy giving out free samples at the supermarket yesterday.

  33. The funny thing is that, right now, I’d get on my knees and beseech God to reanimate the desiccated corpse of Tricky Dick and make him our President once more.
    Never thought I’d say that.

  34. Sweet Sue, he did give us the EPA and Roe v.Wade was decided on his watch…

  35. That’s true, Sophie.
    I think calling Trump “Nixon” is an unwarranted compliment.

  36. You all have GOT to read this thread!

  37. {{{ Voting: }}}

    Thank you soooo much for the SNL videos.
    The whole show rocked…

  38. Budweiser is courageous for making that ad, and it’s totally predictable that they’re being attacked for it. I just wish they brewed better beer so I could buy some in solidarity.

  39. Well I enjoyed getting my shots in the faces of those ignorant assholes. As if their ancestors came here on the Mayflower lol.

  40. It’s True, Nixon did some good things. But what he is known for is needed as a comparison today.

    “The evil that men do lives after them, the good is oft interred with their bones”.

  41. I nearly jumped the guy giving out free samples at the supermarket yesterday.


    Check the deadly sodium content and you might move slower next time.
    —Love, Killroy

    Nutrition Information.

  42. I know. I know. But they are sooo good. Everyone needs a guilty pleasure! I only eat totally healthy food otherwise, she lied.

  43. It must be the worst snack ever (I think the “cheese” is petroleum based, but that Velveeta/ Rotel dip is freaking delicious.
    I look forward to that and the halftime show, every year.

  44. I only eat totally healthy food otherwise, she lied.


  45. Petroleum based. ROFL.

    You guys are killing me.

  46. From The Daily Banter:

    People Will Die Because of Trump

    While all this was going on, incidentally, at the exact time that our SEALs were fighting for their lives in Yemen, Donald Trump wasn’t in the Situation Room. He was in the White House residence — trolling The New York Times on Twitter. Really. Imagine for a moment that it was a Democratic president who did something like that. Can you already picture the Articles of Impeachment in your mind?

  47. Socal, your post with the white women supporting Trump reminds me of the Stepford wives. Voting, thanks for the SNL posts. Got some good laughs.

  48. Alex Jones derps out yet again. 😛

  49. Ivory Bill Woodpecker, on February 5, 2017 at 8:51 PM said:

    Well, as far as satanic rituals go, I rather enjoyed Gaga’s half-time show. Although, I confess, I could listen to Gaga sing ballads 24/7 and never be bored. She has such emotion in ballad singing.

  50. Ha! HRC agrees with me:

  51. Voting:
    Is there a video of lady Gaga’s on the sup bowl?

  52. I read that Bernie called Trump a fraud of all things. Well,as we used to say as kids, it takes one to know one. FusionTV had some hilarious debates of Trump vs Bernie by two brilliant comics. Clearly they were two sides of the same coin. I guess it is obvious I am still furious at Bernie for poisoning the well. He is up there with Comey as far as I am concerned.

  53. Here you go, bellecat:

  54. Voting:
    Your are just marvelous…

  55. {{{{{{{{{{ LOVE YOU HILLARY }}}}}}}}}}}

  56. Good read…

    The White House: Live from the Improv

    February 6, 2017 by still4hill

  57. Lady Gaga’s performance and most of the ads were the creatives giving Trump a big, fat middle finger and I loved it.
    If only Atlanta had won, it would have been the best Super Bowl ever.

  58. Sue, I was disappointed too that Atlanta did not win, for the same reasons, plus the very small amount that I bet on Atlanta in a game which I really thought was close to a toss-up, and turned out to be, literally, given the coin toss which essentially decided the overtime. And Atlanta would have won had they not suddenly turned the ball over at their own 30 with a 16 point lead and eight minutes to go, and had they not let themselves get sacked out of field goal range with four minutes to go, where if they had just run the ball three times and kicked the FG, they would have been up 31-20. But that is the NFL, and I handicapped it for many years, and actually saw more than a few games suddently turn like that one.

    But as far as Trump is concerned, Atlanta winning obviously wouldn’t have helped the cause much. No President is supposed to root for sports teams based on the political leanings of the owner, coach and player. None of them do, though Nixon and the very conservative coach George Allen were friends, and Nixon suggested a play for him to run..But they were both from Whittier, I think. Trump crosses every social and political line, he acts not as a president, but as a tinpot dictator who sees everyone as either a follower or an enemy. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him hand out bonus checks to the players who support him, of which there are not many besides Brady. Anyway, most NFL fans hate the Patriots, for cheating on various occasions, so having them win did not endear Trump to very many people, even the NE fans, who are mostly from Massachusetts. But yes, it would have been enjoyable to have seen the Falcons hammer them, as they were doing for three quarters.

  59. Conway has now been caught hyping her imaginary Bowling Green Massacre three times. Clearly, she is not misspeaking. This is how authoritarian regimes spread propaganda.

  60. And today at CENTCOMM, Trump told the troops that the media is not covering terrorist attacks. That dovetails perfectly with Bowling Green mythology. It’s a deliberate strategy. Bowling Green is a feature not a bug.

  61. Je suis Bowling Green! 😛

    I laugh, but y’all are probably correct–the knuckle-walkers of the Right are probably going to start believing that a terrorist attack really happened in Bowling Green. 🙄

  62. ‘A day without a woman’ — Women’s March organizers plan general strike

    that’s something to look forward…

  63. Canadian newspaper The Globe And Mail has an encouraging set of articles and editorials on taking sexual violence against women seriously. This is a recent editorial:

  64. This is the original investigative report for the Globe And Mail’s series:

    It’s the kind of fact based article that is desperately needed in America – as opposed to the useless entirely opinion-based articles that appear in many left leaning media outlets when it comes to women’s rights.

    I should note that this story starts with details that are necessary to the article overall – i.e. not salacious or voyeuristic – but which can be difficult to read for so many of us who have experience sexual assault in one form or another.

  65. Hmmm.

    If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, talks like a duck…

    We just may be on to something here.

  66. You want to know how sexual violence/rape can be taken seriously by these dickheads? When women start arming themselves and blowing these fuckers’ heads off right on the spot. THEN it will get attention.

    Or shoot their dicks off, leaving them there concurrently cured and writhing in pain. Count to 1000 before notifying authorities so they can arrive right after he bleeds out.

  67. Uppity Woman, on February 6, 2017 at 10:15 PM said:
    Or shoot their dicks off, leaving them there concurrently cured and writhing in pain.

    AKA, “The Dolly Parton” method..turn them from a rooster to a hen with one shot. 🙂

  68. Upps, I would be happier with that ad if not for their executive board…not one woman.

  69. Ah, Uppity, if only the courts and law enforcement would allow women that option!

  70. Thanks for the links Earlynerd. In a similar vein, something appalling from Mother Russia:

  71. To start your day out right…HRC finally speaks & it’s a good one!

  72. Former President Obama was vacationing with billionaire, Richard Branson, last week. Hillary is the only “progressive” not permitted to hob-nob with the 1%.

    While it’s commendable that Dems are finally trying to stop one of Trump’s s Cabinet picks, it’s no surprise it’s one of the few women–Betsy Devos. Sure, she’s wildly unqualified to be Secretary of Education and just wants to privatize public schools for profit. But most of the men were also unqualified and bent on destroying the departments they were supposed to lead. So someone needs to explain to me how this woman became the line in the sand.

  73. Fuck Progressives. I hate them as much as I hate Trump.

  74. It’s called “Self Defense” Nerd. Don’t need permission.

  75. Wondering the same thing Brassy. Of all the noms, she generated the most protests among constituents.

  76. Joolz, I’d read about that but hadn’t seen the link. Thank you for putting it up.

    I’m afraid that’s yet another horrific road tRump will follow his idol down if he can. In the U.S. the laws that women fought so hard for are at least still on the books, even if the Supreme Court in 2005 gave police in this country explicit permission to ignore them and put the U.S. in violation of international law for that reason. I’m sure tRump would like to see the laws revoked entirely, especially given his own history.

  77. I posted a comment, where did it go?

  78. I think that some rural state people didn’t like Devos, maybe because they couldn’t afford private school for their children. There were a couple of Republican votes against her, not enough. The rest of them will all get through, because Republicans vote like zombies. If an avowed Nazi were appointed, they’d approve him, too. I think they would approve OJ Simpson or Charles Manson, though they probably wouldn’t be appointed. They have metamorphosed into a so-called party which has no principles whatsoever, it is only about the power to implement their radicat agenda. They have destroyed the entire political system in this country, which is supposed to depend on a reasonable give and take, compromise, and adherence to some basic principles. The Republicans have no pinciples whatsoever, they just say whatever helps them win.

    There is a piece from yesterday by Brian Beutler at the New Republic, someone who supported Hillary and who always writes well. He noted that while “Benghazi” was inflamed and utilized for five years by Republicans to slander Hillary, the fact that the Yemen raid las week was botched, and someone died, is never even mentioned by them as the fault of anyone. Utter, contemptible hypocrisy, which has become so much their way, that one almost doesn’t bother to remark it. And of course we could go on and on with the hypocrisy of Republicans, who excuse or ignore acts which are a hundred times worse than anything they virulently attack any Democrat, usually Hillary, for. We all imagine, what if a Democrat had said anything close to what Trump or his aides say; what if one of them had any of those conflicts of interest; there would be a national furor, egged on by the media, which is actually a propaganda arm of hte Republican Party. And it will now always be that way, unless somehow millions of otherwise duped or misguilded Americans wake up to this massive con perpetrated by one party, and totally supported by the media, which makes “wrong and right” simply meaningless catchphrases intended for a certain effect. Trump and his people carry this further than we have ever seen in this country, but it is really just a further extension of what the Republicans have been doing for about the last fifty years. And one could make a good case that in this way, the Republican Party, their lawmakers, their right-wing talk shows, all created the Trump monstrosity, out of their complete devaluation of language, meaning, basic fairness and rationality.

  79. I believe the goal of this administration is to burn down or destroy our government. This Bannon’s philosophy and the awful cabinet picks support this statement. A Republican congressman submitted a bill today to destroy the Department of Education by 2018. The EPA pick wants to destroy the EPA, so they want to destroy everything for the middle class and the environment. Also, some board overseeing elections was also eliminated.

  80. Thinking further about what I wrote above, this is not simply a Republican Party which has become thoroughly evil and corrupt. It is that the parties’ memberships are essentially self-selected. I feel like writing a book about this, or I hope somebody would, because it is the crux of the entire situation.The people who accept that some things are ambiguous, who have the capaicty to digest information and change opinions, who can apoligize on occasion, who want to compromise, almost all end up in the Democratic Party. The people who are instransigent, who are authoritarian types, who because of a perverted religiosity, think that might makes right, and do not ever recognize the concept of hypocrisy, end up in the Republican Party. So it’s not “the party,” as such, it is simply the psychological makeup of the people who ineluctably gravitate toward it. It is like asking a tyrannical bully to become more reasonable, but now multiplied millions of times over.

    This means that we can never hope to change most of the people on the other side, no matter how badly the Republicans wreck the country. Because their psychological makeup cannot admit that they were wrong, or that there is another way of looking at things. Now, I think that there are still more of our kind of people than theirs–although getting rid of education standards will cause more people to devolve toward the other side. But the problems are: 1) People like us are mostly concentrated in a few states, like California and New York, where Hillary got 6 million more votes than did Trump. 2) The Electoral College system is undemocratic, giving more electoral power to people who live in smaller states. 3) The Repulbicans, being the party of the very wealthy, have more money to spend, thus they can blanket the airwaves with misleading ads and stories. Also, many more of their type like to listen to talk radio; most liberals do not need a 24 hour sermon-like diet of manichean “your side is evil, ours is holy” propaganda. 4) Some who should be on our side are part of the Left, which, like some figure in a Greek tragedy, is so doctriinaire, so sanctimoniously pretend-pure, that they consistently end up enabling the other side to win. Of course, one may argue that the Left is as authoritarian, as unyielding, as unquestioningly devout, as the Right. Whatever the psychological truth, the Left is virtuallly as much an enemy of the reasonable liberal-moderate people as is the Right, and does their work for them, purposefully or ignorantly.

    So we may have an absolutely unbridgeable chasm at the heart of our country. We got 3 million more votes than the other side, but because of the warped electoral system, they not only won, but are of course acting as if they won by 90%, and have an absolute mandate to destroy everything that the majority values, just because they can. An economic calamity is not going to change the basic makeup. The Republican minority can permanently hold on to the power n the states composed of their zealots, and thus control the reins of power, obstructing when they need to, and then inveighing against obstruction when the situation is reversed. Their constituents will never fault them for it, or even understand the hypocrisy. So either there is no hope, which is very possible; or the one hope that there are tens of millions of people out there who are more on our side than the other, but who are either too lazy, uninterested, fed up, to vote. If they vote like they never have before, we might be able to win. But of course the other side is doing everything it can to make sure that they not only will not vote, but cannot vote. And that in sum is the frighteningly dificult, though not completely insurmountable terrain ahead.

  81. William, we also have so many Quislings on our side, too.
    I caught a few minutes of Chris Matthews last night and what event of the last two weeks has offended him?
    He’s outraged at the anti Trump slant of the Super Bowl ads!
    I said to my husband, ” With ‘liberals’ like Matthews, we’re sunk.”

  82. Upps, love your tweet at 7:32! Also, loved Lady Gaga and the commercials that I saw. I hope they made a lot of dump voters feel uncomfortable.

    birdgal @ 3:47, as scary as that sounds, I bet you’re right.

    So what will poor little Betsy do if the Dept of Ed is axed next year, or is that part of her plan also?

  83. Sue @ 5:36, Spot on, sister! Spot freaking on!

  84. I like the idea of equating Trump to something evil, but are there any suggestions? People have been calling dump “Twitler” on twitter for a while.

  85. William,back in the early nineties Starhawk wrote a book called Truth or Dare,,in it she spoke about the various kinds of power. Power over,power with and power within.I’ve ,since then,always found this a helpful framework for viewing various people’s use of power. trump and the Repubs are definitely power over. Dems are more power with or within.
    Seems to me the population at large goes back and forth between wanting one form or the other.Right now a crucial block of population is frightened and wants the usual predictability of the power over guys. Trouble is,trump’s not into predictable so my guess and hope is we’ll very quickly move back to wanting the power with that will end up,ultimately,being the more predictable.
    I expect we’ll be losing some battles along the way (DeVos,Sessions,so on). But the wheel does turn and we may be spending a great deal of time awaiting the courts defending the Constitution.

    Wasn’t it great to see Hillary again.Dang,I really miss her voice of reason.

  86. I guess my postings are as exciting…
    but most of them are thankful and some apropos…
    do not ditch them Upps….grrrr!

  87. Don’t see you in spam, Belle.

  88. You can think up 100 pejorative words for trump but as far as his actions, I see him as an anti-constitutionalist. Oxford dictionary:
    Violating a political constitution: ‘anti-constitutional activity’

    He is presiding as a president who has no regard for the law or due process, and does not recognize two of our three branches of government. And is actively demonizing the media (not that they don’t deserve it) though they are protected by the constitution for freedom of speech.

    He has nominated, and is getting, the most incompetent Cabinet in our entire history.

    He has employed a political operative/white supremacist to sit on the National Security Council. Our national security!

    And yet, Nancy Pelosi said he has not met criteria for impeachment. How is it that a dumb as a rock president who has mocked everything this country stands for, including ignoring our very constitution, is not eligible for impeachment?

    Does he have to have an affair and quibble about it to be impeached? Is there anyone who does not believe he has a string of prostitutes on call? Even if he can’t perform, due to Propecia, he still gets a thrill from just touching whatever with his tiny hands. (Is that too gross for here?)

    How many of our systems must fail before anyone in the other two branches of government take notice?

  89. Hope you are all watching Rachel Maddow, a lot going on tonight! Warren being told to shut up for impugning sessions by reading from Coretta King’s letter when he was being considered as a federal court judge, more on that SC property where trump bailed his son out (hazardous waste clean up , trump vs SC taxpayers), USDA drops access to inspection reports to identify animal abusers and more!!!!

  90. Regarding Devos, public school teachers were definitely against her.

  91. Warren just said that she will not be allowed to speak again on the Sessions nomination. At all. McConnell throwing that bombshell at her. She is blackballed from the Senate floor.

  92. Wait….WHAT!?

  93. All Dem Senators should boycott the proceedings, refuse to provide a quorum until McConnel lifts gag order on Warren.

  94. Brassy, they’ll just change the rules for the vote like they did to get Price out of committee.

  95. For your general amusement because we just can’t let the Republicans beat our spirits down:

  96. McConnell is using Senate decorum rules to prevent Senators from pointing out that one of their fellow Senators who has been nominated to be AG of the United States is, in fact, a racist.

  97. Here’s Coretta Scott King’s full letter. Email the link to your Senators

  98. Just appalling, but hardly surprising. The terms “fascist state,” “tyrants,” “Star Chamber,” “medieval theocracy,” “an assault on the Constitution,” should all be used, and often, before they pass a bunch of Sedition Laws, which will be upheld by the newly packed Supreme Court, and enforced by the racist whom the Republicans are anxious to make the Attorney General.

    What we’ve seen so far are just the first steps. No Republican is interested in stopping any of it. They might pass a law that says protesters are to be shot on sight, and get the Supreme Court to uphold it. We are only as strong as our institutions protect us to be. If they are all taken over by people who have the hearts of despots and Nazis, they can vanish easily enough. I do hope that all the Sanders people who wanted to cast a protest vote, and teach the DNC a lesson, the ones who left the topline blank in Michigan and cast proud votes for Stein and Johnson, are happy about what they’ve done. Actually, they might well be, until it actually starts affecting them, which it will. Is there an alternative universe where this evil and idiocy exists in at least smaller amounts? Actually, for the most part, such a world did exist in the America of 1932-1946. I wonder what Philip K. Dick, who wrote “The Man in the High Castle,” would think, if he returned to see this America.

  99. voting @ 12:17:

    Thank you for posting that link.

    I’m writing to my two Senators and enclosing the letter – may not get there in time, but am also emailing them. Also doing the same, and faxing the letter to McConnell, because I’m just certain he’s reconsidered by now and would really love to know what it said 🙂

  100. Here’s the thing: Jeff Merkley was allowed to read the Coretta Scott King letter after Warren wasn’t. But don’t accuse them of waging a war on women.

  101. That is beyond outrageous. This group of reThugs is showing more and more what they’re really made of.

    As someone here noted, I think, they always overreach – it looks like this time it will be sooner rather than later.

  102. Good to know I can still come here and see others keeping up the good fight. This past Saturday, I spent a few hours at a Women’s March-sponsored event in South Florida with some strong HRC backers writing letters of protest to Trump and other sundry GOP clowns. I still can barely stomach the Democrats as well for obvious reasons. I think grass roots rabble rousing is going to be the way to go and it’s how I plan to keep my hand in.

  103. Good to hear from you, Paulette! I think Hillary is proud that we’re all staying engaged in the fight.

    This am, Trump attacked Nordstrom for being “so unfair” to Ivanka. And “she is such a great person. Always pushing me to do the right thing.” I am glad that someone is pushing him to do the right thing, but it’s obviously not working.

    I will not link to a Trump tweet.

  104. Uh, 45: not running for president and not ruining the country would have been the RIGHT things to do.

  105. Gray February 7, 2017 at 8:49 PM

    …Nancy Pelosi said he has not met criteria for impeachment….

    And what exactly are the grounds for impeachment?
    I can think of many violations from rump to be kicked out…

  106. He hasn’t met the grounds for impeachment because not one repug in the house would vote for it. It’s that simple

  107. You’re right. They won’t vote for impeachment, but not because they don’t know he’s batshit crazy. Because they are scared SHITLESS of him.

  108. Well Mr. No Chin has been on the receiving end of a few of my tweets today…

  109. Got Bernie too.

  110. He stepped over the line today with Nordstrom. There are legal issues here.

    Also TJ Maxx responded to what he did to Nordstrom’s and instructed all stores to discard Ivanka signs in the garbage.

  111. Ups, you’re riding the boys hard today! I can hear the whip cracking. Do they ever respond? I think not….

  112. No they don’t respond, cats, but I am hoping to get a feather in my cap when one of them blocks me. So far, no luck. If I can get blocked, I have a few people lined up who will just retweet my shit to them.

  113. Ups, And the Republicans are following the pied piper.

  114. Bernie now blames the Democratic establishment for its loss. Infuriating!

  115. Uppity Woman, on February 8, 2017 at 5:37 PM said:
    You’re right. They won’t vote for impeachment, but not because they don’t know he’s batshit crazy. Because they are scared SHITLESS of him.

    No, they are scared SHITLESS of Trump’s supporters because THEY are batshit crazy and own private arsenals.

  116. I should add there is a lot to blame the Democratic party for, starting with the nomination of a totally inexperienced candidate in 2008 and the subsequent loss of the House and Senate and numerous governorships and state legislatures. But that is not what Bernie is saying. As usual he blames the Clintons etal. The same question we ask of Trump supporters is the same question I would ask of Bernie supporters. When will they see through their demagoguery?

  117. Fair point Voting but there was also that recent request for the state senator’s name so he could “destroy their career.” Wasn’t financial, reputation or career ruin also the fear of some of the women he molested who remained silent about it at the time? He is a vindictive SOB after all who can wield money and position like a club.

  118. Voting and Upps:
    Why are they scare “shitless” of the rump?
    Would you elaborate?
    Because…rump can fire them?

  119. Voting and Upps:
    Why are they scared shitless of the rump?
    Would please elaborate?
    Because…rump can fire them or wtf?

  120. Now this is scary. from huffpost today. More argument for Bannon running the show and heading us into a huuuge war. And spells out why they want to withdraw social support systems.
    I think this “fourth turning” stuff has been mentioned on here before but this article explains it better, for me, than anything I have seen so far.

    I heard on Stephanie Miller radio this morning that they are only referring to him as 45 now, and not by name. Sounds ok to me.

    Finally, I don’t think he has as much money as people think. He can’t do much retribution if people ignore him, but his supporters, as Voting points out, are as crazy and unpredictable as he is and some of them are insane enough to act.

  121. Upps:
    I just wrote 2 similar posts and don’t show….????

  122. Fished you and Lucyk out.

  123. They are scared of him because he will attack them if they don’t go along with him. And he’s brutal and personal.Look what he did to Rubio. He would do that to them. THey KNOW he’s raw evil. And he is.

  124. Republicans may be scared of Trump in this or that way, but I think it is a very weak excuse, and I think that much more of the reason for how they are, is that they are authoritarians who crave power for its own sake, and because some of them are phony religious zealots who think that they are doing something pious by destroying everyone who does not agree with them. Religious types have been doing this in our country since the first people reached the shore. And so they will attempt to grind their opponents into the dust, not because they think Trump will do something to them, but because they revel in it. Trump didn’t force them to censor Warren for simply trying to read Ms. King’s letter, they wanted to show everybody who was in charge, and what happens to those who cross them. They are like the Church officials in the Middle Ages. If they could draw and quarter or burn their enemies, they would.

    This has been growing for a number of years, and once again I must comment that President Obama did virtually nothing to counteract it, call it out, or warn the people what the Republicans were trying to do. Boehner is not an evil person, but he said, probably accurately, that Obama gave him 98% of what he wanted in the budget showdown. And that was with the Democrats holding the Senate and the Presidency. And so the Republicans are emboldened, and the Democrats mostly keep acting as if they are reasonable people, so we should mostly let them get their way. And when a brave Democrat has called them out over the years, the Republicans shriek and condemn; and their buddies in the media try to shame the Democrats for being partisan. When the Republicans did not hold power, they simply obstructed everything; when they hold power, they make sure that there is no dissent. They will not stop, they will not become more principled, they are a dreadful group of people. I don’t even know how our country can survive as a democracy, with people like that making up one major political party. They are good for absolutely nothing, they are wrong on every issue, and they are stupid and they don’t believe in science, and they hate everyone who is not exactly like them. More and more, I begin to think that California should try to secede from the country, because I don’t see how most of the rest of it is salvageable. It took the Republicans two weeks to pass a bill to get rid of the organization which is the only defense against a hacked election. And be certain that if the Republicans can hack all the votes, they will do so. They have not one scintilla of principle left. 49 of them voted to censor Warren for simply reading the statement of a venerated American. If they could have locked her up, they would have,

    And while I applaud Warren for her stand, and those who support her, I must say that I really do not want her to be the nominee, because she will lose. It will probably make the Bernbots happy, though, to lose by a lot with a candidate they can cheer for. Evil on the Right, and utter vacuous stupidity on the Left; and then many good people in the middle who search for a way to get the country back on a reasonable track. But I don’t know how we do that, with the pure soulless evil masquerading as a political party. Are that many Americans that ignorant that they do not realize that the Republicans have obstructed the last two Democratic presidents on everything, and now are screaming that the Democratic minority is breaking norms by obstructing them in some fashion? Of course, the media just calls it even, as always, so the Republicans have perfect protection from their insane base, and from their media shills.

  125. I am sick of Bernie and I don’t want Warren to lead either. I hope Perez will get the DNC even though I am not convinced he is the best one to enthusiastically lead.
    Warren is in the right place and should stay there. But she clearly wants to be President.
    I want Pelosi to go home and stay there.
    I want a public role for Hillary but I dare not ask her to walk to her own crucifixion again. I want to hug her and I am not a hugger.

  126. William, as this presidency slouches toward Armageddon, do you think it possible that the centrists, even for just one election, could band together in sufficient numbers behind an independent candidate to beat both the hard line Repubs and hard line Dems? Partisanship has become so entrenched it is destroying our republic. I have lost confidence in both parties (not Hillary, she still shines for me).

  127. Watching the Warren saga yesterday reminded me of back in ’92 when I had a conversation w/ one of my little old aunts about the upcoming presidential election.This aunt was elderly,a dyed in the wool Republican all her life, a Michigander,Dutch Reformed,bullied by her husband,pro-life and the list goes on and on.I asked her who she was voting for and she told me,to my never ending surprise,Bill Clinton.
    I asked her why and she said that she figured the republicans had been in there long enough and we needed a change. Seems to me her approach reflects that of a good portion of the white women we lost this time around.

    I felt a stirring in “The White Woman Force” today.I really think “she was warned,she received an explanation and she persisted.” are marching orders that will go down in history.Those women who marched for the first time at the Women’s March? My little old lady aunts ,were they still alive..they would’ve heard and understood those words. Find a way to direct the power of these women and persistence is going to be the least of the Repubs problems.And little Donnie… It’s the corner and time out for you!!

  128. This story has a picture of one of the terrorists Dump’s ban would have kept us safe from, if those awful judges hadn’t endangered us all by letting them in.

    (would have posted that very scary photo here, but haven’t yet figured out how to make images less than gigantic)

  129. Cats, I have thought of Michael Bloomberg. I know that Uppity is not much of a fan, and it is not that I am championing him, but I think he might be a decent choice. He is great on gun control and on smoking restrictions, and I think he cares about the environment. I guess he would be over 70, but he is a real billionaire, and might get some votes from the middle of the road voters. It is not that he is an ideal choice at all, but we may need someone to break through the partisanship and possibly bring in some votes we might not ordinarily get. Maybe there are better Independent choices, but I think your idea is a good one. Bloomberg absolutely hates Trump, and knows all sorts of things about him and his dealings. Maybe a centrist with good views on important issues like the environment, and presumably good on individual civil rights, might turn the country back in a workable direction. I can virtually guarantee that Warren would never be elected, and we obviously cannot afford that kind of quixotic effort. Bloomberg would of course have to run as a Democrat, because a third party candidate would not win.

    The truth is that the Democrats have very, very few feasible candidates. I don’t think Booker would win. Who else have we got? We scarcely have a governor, and have very few senators, though I do think that Chris Murphy is someone to look at, though he is somewhat self-aggrandizing, but I guess that comes with it. I like Jerry Brown, but he would be 82. Gillibrand, maybe; but it’s just that Hillary was superior in knowledge and background to all those other women. I don’t think a liberal woman senator from NY is likely to win, not with all the vote suppression we are going to face. There are various people whom one or another of us might like, but I don’t see them winning; people like Klobuchar or Franken. We don’t have one major state governor, except for Brown and then Cuomo, who would never win. I am afraid that Sanders is going to run, and of course Warren. Maybe Warren will make a Sanders run unfeasible.. Warren does not have the affect or acceptablilty to moderates, to win very many states. But it very well could be Warren and Booker who run, since Booker would capture the Southern primaries, and Warren would win the caucuses and “progressive states” which hold primaries.. I am hoping that someone else can preempt that scenario in a good way, because I think either one of them would lose. If it came to that, I’d take Franken or Gillibrand over either of those, but I don’t see a win there, either. And very obviously, we desperately need to win next time, somehow. A lot of people are going to realize how absolutely gifted Hillary was, how she knew every issue backwards and forwards, in a way that none of those others does. I still hold out a little hope that she would run again, but of course all the Left would complain and tell her to go away, so they could have their fun and lose in a landslide with Warren.

  130. Oh, the Republicans would impeach Trump in a second. Most of them hate him nearly as much as we do. They will do it when it’s absolutely necessary or convenient for them. For now, why should they?

    He is doing their bidding. They are getting all the policies and legislation they want, while HE takes most of the heat. But if/when he ever crosses a line, they will dump him happily.

    Meanwhile, they all just go along – knowing full well (and not caring) that our Republic is hemorrhaging its foundational ideals and values.

    If 2017 is teaching us anything, it’s this: Never again. Never again can the Democratic Party seek common ground with the GOP.

    If we ever gain national power again, there must be no bi-partisanship, no cooperation, no reaching across the aisle, no deals with the devil.

    Right now, all we can do is resist, and remember. And, I know on this blog at least, we WILL remember…

    Let all the names (and ranks) of the quislings and cowards of this Vichy GOP be duly noted and shamed for posterity.

  131. So far they haven’t really submitted any important legislation to him at all. They are too busy bumping into each other over ACA.

    The true test is when Ryan starts up with medicare and social security.

  132. Bloomberg can never win a Republican primary, he’s far too moderate.

    My major complaint about him is, as mayor, he was a Do As I Say Not As I Do guy. Tell people what soda they can drink but tank his helicopter on the roof of his apt building and smog everybody into choking, without regard to the toxic stink.

  133. Pretty much agree with your assessment of everybody gray. But…….and I’ll duck and run after this one……Hillary has left the building.

    Also, mark my words here……Nikki Haley wants to be president.

  134. If 2016 proved anything, it proved that almost half the country will vote Republican even if the candidate is an ourangatang. And, with a bit of help from outside forces, the other half can be fractured into pieces. So I don’t think some “moderate” running as an independent would help anyone but the Republicans. Stein and Johnson showed how easy it is to distract Democrats with shiny objects. Republicans ignored the Libertarian, Johnson, who was supposed to be a problem for Trump but became Hillary’s problem because foolish milennials wanted weed. Please! No more third parties!

  135. So, the conventional wisdom is that McConnell gagging Warren backfired on him. Uh, no. Sure, it fired up the Dem base, but it fired up the right even more. That was the point. They need a woman to hate, and Warren inherits that title from Hillary. The GOP would love to make Warren such a hero to the left that they do nominate her for president in 2020. That is why unknown male Senators were permitted to read Coretta Scott King”s letter while Warren was stopped. The whole thing was planned to single out Warren. As for pissing off African Americans, Republicans don’t worry about alienating people they intend to prevent from voting. Democrats totally lost the plot line on this one. And Sessions was easily confirmed with not a single Republican voting “no”.

  136. Here is what I think.

    I think the GOP has calculated, and possibly rightly, that if they are In Our Face racist, misogynist and homophobic that they have enough White Nationalists in the country who will carry them through elections. If they toss in a Jill Stein, they do even better in a Presidential race. They at this moment have what appears to be a solid support of around 45 percent. And they are right. I don’t think they gave a shit about what they did, for example, to Warren. It ‘rallied’ their ‘base’. I think they figured out that Trump is a huge help with this. Trump signed an EO on abortion with a bunch of grinning men around him, so he has sent his message to women as well. He ignored the largest march in the history of the country too. Because he has his base. Take his base, also the base GOP is courting now, toss in a 3rd party and poof! Constant power.

    The ONLY thing I can see that will save the rest of us is if they cross a line that harms their base. ACA might be that line. Social Security and medicare too. Possibly Medicaid in those red states who pretend they aren’t the biggest users. Or a war where he ends up drafting his base or his base’s kids. These are the only things I can think of that would break the lock.

  137. This is probably the biggest issue not getting any attention as we’re so distracted by Trump’s tweets. 
    House Republicans Just Voted to Eliminate the Only Federal Agency That Makes Sure Voting Machines Can’t Be Hacked
    I can remember when it was demonstrated to our county clerk how easily it was to hack the election machine without touching it but nothing changed. I still believe those specific counties that gave Trump the win (there were three) were strategically targeted.

  138. Remember when Trump was calling Warren “Pocahantas”? Civilized people were appalled. But it was a dog whistle to the Alt-Right, racist and sexist at the same time. And Warren”s previous claims of Native-American heritage will continue to resonate with white supremacists not only because of the questions about it but because it plays to white resentment. The original investigation during her initial Senate run alleged that she may have claimed NA heritage to gain minority status and help her get hired by Harvard Law. Something tells me we haven’t heard the last of this, but once again, the left is losing the plot line.

  139. I agree that Republicans would love to see the Democrats nominate Warren. That is why I think that even if we philosophically do not like the idea of a moderate running, it might be the only way to wrest the country back. That’s why I was thinking of Bloomberg running as a Democrat. One of the typical Democrats probably would not win a national election, unless of course the country turns against the Republicans. Right now the stock market keeps going up, mostly because Obama’s administration solidified the economy, and then because the Wall Streeters are salivating about the lack of business restrictions. And they try to help the Republicans, as well. A market downturn would make some headlines, and worry people.

    Yes, the removal of the organization which guards against election hacking, is very concerning. It may be that the Republicans can now fix every election, so that we already have a permanent dictatorship. All they have to do is rig a few states, since they have no risk in Red states. The only way out of that is to take back state governorships and legislatures, which could then provide their own voting safeguards. Back to Warren, I have nothing against her at all in terms of economic philosophy. But she and her positions are so easy to caricature on a national level. Bill Clinton’s were not, which is why he was so effective in 1992, after 24 years of virtual Republican dominance. if Democrats do not figure that out, that Warren or anyone like her, is never going to win, it would at least provide some hope. The Left always vastly overrates its political appeal. Or maybe it is that they don’t care, they are fine with losing, as long as they get the thrill of having their views front and center for a few months before their candidate is crushed. How can one forget “1984,” where there was this supposed resistance leader who may not have even existed, but was invented by the tyrants to give the masses someone to hate, to focus their anger and unhappiness upon. Warren provides that for the far Right, and she is the sucker candidate whom the Republicans very much want to run against.

  140. doggy, that article says they transferred the responsiblity to the FEC.

  141. If we don’t get trump out asap (and hopefully the Nazis with him) and if we don’t get a double record Dem turnout for midterms, this country is gone. Period.
    There is no one visible today who I would want as dogcatcher let alone president for the 2020 elections.
    In the coming 2 years, all worker and voter and environmental and health and social rights will be gone.

    Yes Nikki Haley wants it. So does Warren and a bunch of other Dems. None are right for the country.
    I am just not sure the passion can be sustained. It will have to truly hit everyone in their own personal life.

  142. Court spanked Trump. No re-instatement of ban.

    Put your shit deflectors on, he’s going to go ballistic.

  143. I LOVE HRC’s tweet re: Court upholding the ban:

  144. Voting: LOL!
    Such a sharp woman…
    very simple and very effective…outsmarting the crass rump a$$, as usual.

  145. Please check it out.

    Hillary Clinton to be Honored by The Center

    February 9, 2017 by still4hill

  146. On Trump Train, Evangelicals Are Higher Power
    How the White House is building an unlikely alliance with the Christian right.

    This ‘Swamp’ Has No Drain!

  147. U.S. Tax Payers to Front Initial Cost on Trump’s Wall, Now Projected to Cost $21.6 Billion

    Do you tax payer want to pay for this $hity idea?

  148. OK,Ups. I agree with you that Hillary has left the building..but due to some recent tweets,I’m wondering if she’s just left for a vacation.
    Did you notice how she tweeted right after Warren was “silenced”? Then again after trump’s court loss?Maybe she’s just being private citizen tweeter weighing in; but I really don’t think she’s done yet.That woman has something up her sleeve;she always does..just remains to be seen what and when.

    Whatever it is,she still has my support.

  149. Chaffetz is getting his ass handed to him at his town hall.

  150. Eek! BB over at Skydancing says there’s a major snowstorm hitting the coast.

    Please stay safe, Uppity (I know you will, just had to say it). Tosca, enjoy! (but stay close to Mom)

  151. Nerd, we’re good here. Nothing we can’t handle. Tosca had a blast all day. I went out there with her for a bit, she knocked me on my ass in a bank of snow twice. She looked like the abominable snowman, covered with snow. She loves that shit. She’s a herding dog and in her mind,she was up on a mountain with the sheep. lol.

  152. Speaking of Chaffetz, stand by for my tweets to that weasel.

  153. In order:

    This reporter covered the entire event.See a series of photos and vid clips that will knock your socks off. A thousand people couldn’t get in and were out there yelling BRING HIM OUT HERE!. They despise him, demand he investigate trump, it was brutal. I loved it.

  154. Also couldn’t resist.

  155. And for your laughing pleasure. Must see.

  156. Uppity, looks like you were both having too much fun – Tosca outside and you on Twitter. Bet Chaffetz wishes he had a snowbank to hid in right about now.

    Loved that kitty’s legal reasoning, too.

  157. Speaking of twitter:

    THIS.— Peter Daou (@peterdaou) February 10, 2017


  158. doggy, that article says they transferred the responsiblity to the FEC

    The same FEC that ignored Bernie’s fundraising misappropriations?

  159. Hanging with people you enjoy virtually and in person is an anecdote to what this country just did. I’m starting to feel that awful as it is … he’s not going to have carte blanche to destroy us without a fight. DeVos and Sessions confirmations depressed me. But courts hanging tough on travel ban ban is sweet. Loved HRC’s mic drop tweet 3-0! I love no more f..cks to give Hillary. Hope she keeps dishing it out mega… Oh what might have been. An HRC administration would not be stirring all of this BS controversy, but getting down to the business of solving problems and improving lives. Did you all see where Hillary used her leftover campaign funds to make sure her campaign staff had health insurance through the end of the year even after their jobs ended? Caring and classy. Oh what might have been..

  160. You’re going to love this lady at Chaffetz Town Hall.

  161. Did you all see where Hillary used her leftover campaign funds to make sure her campaign staff had health insurance through the end of the year even after their jobs ended? Caring and classy. Oh what might have been..

    Bernie, on the other hand, bought a summer home.

  162. On NPR this am on way to work, one of the attendees at Chaffetz town hall was doing his best Claude Raines impersonation. He was shocked! Shocked! Never seen such division; people are just yelling at each other. How will anything get done? Let me guess. Trump-Chaffetz supporter.

  163. Despite Denials, Russians Were in Contact with Trump Campaign
    By Ryan Goodman On 2/10/17 at 1:40 PM

  164. My take is that legal efforts should be focus on treason to get the rump’s a$$ in jail and his minions…

  165. Your Friday funny:

  166. Voting, that’s priceless!

  167. Not to be repetitive ( but I’m going to be)
    To all those Trump/Johnson/Stein voters and those who didn’t even bother to vote:
    You were warned,you received multiple explanations and you persisted.
    As Dr.Phil used to say,”How’s that working out for you?”

    Also appears that the Russian sweater is beginning to unravel.Should prove fascinating to watch..soon expose’!!I’m pretty sure Trump isn’t going to look as good as Vlad with that sweater off.

    Won some and lost some this week..but we’ve survived one more week of the trump reign.
    Persist,resist and party on!

  168. Rachel Maddow started with the Orville Dam and then into Russian collusion with the trump campaign to get him elected.

  169. Well Trump met w/ Japanese Prime Minister Abe today….and once again made a fool out of himself. Watch Abe’s reaction at the end.

    I think we can safely assume a China/Japan alliance after this. Also, our FLOTUS wasn’t there to greet or show Abe’s wife around while her husband & Trump had their “talks”. Nice….that level of disrespect does not play w/ the Japanese.

  170. Voting, that’s rich. One of the most protocol sensitive nations on earth. Of course the jumped up real estate broker blew it.

    Good for Melania for knowing when something was – how did Obama put it? – above her pay grade. She is, after all, a former pornography model whose pictures in the nude are still flitting around the world. I sincerely applaud her for knowing her limitations.

  171. Uppity @ 10:46:

    Finally send off my postage paid response to the DNC’s survey about what, oh, what could they do better? The substance of your comment was included in that 60 page + reply, along with a number of tweet storms, comment fests, and a cover page:



    Get a clue!

    Until you wipe out woman haters like Donna “there will be blood” Brazille and Bernard “Russia funded my campaign and provided my trolls, that’s why I didn’t release my tax returns” Sanders
    you will keep losing and losing and losing. I know that’s OK with all y’all who get to keep your paid positions (see Brazille, traitor Sanders (summer home from campaign funds) above) but women are the majority of voters in this country, we were the majority of citizens before we could vote – 70 fucking years after the last man in this country was allowed to – and we are the majority of human beings on this planet.

    You are either with us or against us. Until the Democratic party proves otherwise, you are against us.”

  172. To all those Trump/Johnson/Stein voters and those who didn’t even bother to vote:
    You were warned,you received multiple explanations and you persisted.
    As Dr.Phil used to say,”How’s that working out for you?”

    The group I find most irritating are the non-voters.

    I do not mean the people who were prevented from voting by GOP dirty tricks (made possible by the 2013 gutting of the Voting Rights Act), or by other circumstances beyond their control.

    I mean the people who were perfectly free to register and to vote, but just couldn’t be bothered because they thought there wasn’t enough difference between Hillary and Cheetolini to make them turn off the Madoka-damned “reality TV” and get off their sorry lazy @$$es and go vote to keep the Madoka-damned fascist out of the White House. 😡

    I actually feel less contempt for the sincere Trump Chumps than I do for the lazy non-voters.

    Going back to the gutting of the VRA, Hillary might well have won the electoral vote (as well as the popular vote) if not for precisely crafted voter suppression–oh, excuse me, “voter integrity”–laws crafted by Elephascist state legislatures. (“Elephascist” is my nickname for the GOP, from their mascot animal.) The gutting of the VRA, in turn, would not have been possible without the Elephascist majority on the Supreme Court in 2013, which would not have been possible without Dubya’s “victory” in 2000. Hence, the stolen election of 2000 enabled the stealing of the 2016 election. 😡

    The GOP has not won a clear, indisputable victory in a Presidential election since Bush Senior won it in 1988.

  173. I wonder how many of the voluntary non-voters, and the Stein and Johnson voters, and the Hillary-bashing media weasels–and even how many of the Trump Chumps–all thought they could safely indulge themselves in non-voting, or protest voting, or chasing ratings, because they were sure Hillary was going to win it, anyway?

  174. Sorry for the afterthoughts, Uppity. If I could edit former posts, I would.

    Rumors persist that Cheetolini himself did not expect to win, that he and Steve Goebbels–er, Bannon–were simply maneuvering to build a large base audience for a new right-wing media network which would compete with Fox News in the lucrative wingnut propaganda market. If true, that would explain much of his dramatic lack of preparedness.

  175. Famous last words from you Bill. Often.

  176. No one on 45’s campaign thought he would win. But they still were able to call on a dozen billionaires to join their cabal and to horsewhip Republicans into supporting those anti-democratic government & anti-constitutionalists cabinet members. The R’s in Congress know exactly what they are doing. And still buckling under.

    We are outnumbered. Period. Check the January gallup poll on party numbers. Even worse than the numbers since the D party has a bunch of Bernie people who have no party loyalty. And Indies. Someone on radio recently said that there were more people voting who hated Hillary more than they loved their country. True. The R’s are showing that they are not constitutionalists, after all. If they were, they would declare 45 insane and then not vote for Pence. But the cabinet would vote for his sanity, even knowing he isn’t.

    The ’45’ advocates on TV keep saying that he was elected for security reasons. So far, no one is asking if that includes actions specifically not supported by our constitution.

    How can a minority save the constituion?

  177. Lunch. Selling leftovers.

  178. Gray @ 1:11PM. I still don’t know why so many people hate Hillary without question. The hatred just isn’t rationally based, especially in view of what was on the line in 2016. The false narrative against her has always angered me but how can a sane, reasoning, caring person pick that lump of pus, or the nutters Johnson and Stein over her??? Why has the Right demonized her for so long and so hard to the exclusion of anyone else? Shit, they essentially prefer Putin to her! PUTIN! I know the media found her boring but why weren’t they at least fair in their coverage so they could let the viewers decide? False equivalency be damned, it was just an excuse to chase ratings which makes them both dangerous and traitorous. Is half this nation that cold, that narrow-minded, that incurious, that mis- and uninformed? I know I am naive and that there are a host of “reasons” why Hillary is the convenient viIlainess of the century, but I truly fear for this country’s future when the voters’ eyes, ears and their gut instincts should have told them Hillary was the right choice, the safe choice for most of us, at least this time around.

    And to conclude my idiot rant, I wish someone could sue the hell out of Fox news for all the harm they have caused. Would the re-establishment of the fairness doctrine shut them down?

    Ups @ 1:17PM: DID YOU MAKE THAT? If so, you have mad skills in the kitchen! And I suspect there will be no leftovers to sell.

  179. Hmmm, Ups. Looks delicious!

  180. Amazing, Upps. I put together something that looked exactly like that yesterday. Only mine was probably a lot more unhealthy – but probably just as delicious, if I do say so myself.

    No leftovers, though. I’ve learned to divide everything in half and freeze one half, thus preventing death-by-pizza from eating the whole thing at once.

  181. So, immigration has been arresting people in Charlotte this week. Kids showing up at school freaked out because their friends are gone. Others showing up at school freaked out because they are afraid that when they get home their parents will be gone. One principal sent out an email telling parents that school counselors will be available for students who are upset. Welcome to Trumpistan.

  182. cats, they hate Hillary for the same reason that thousands of women were burned at the stake.
    Misogyny is the original sin.

  183. This is an interesting take on Cheney 2.0 – it seems Bannon is right there with the worst of the extreme Catholic hardliners:

  184. And a very frightening follow up.

    This is an article from as recently as January, 2015, on Bannon’s hero in the Catholic Church, Cardinal Burke. Burke’s open hatred of women and girls now has a direct conduit to the Presidency via Bannon. That’s in addition to the recent majority of right-wing Catholic males on the supreme court, and the four still remaining.

  185. That’s funny, because I thought that the KKK hated Catholics and Jews almost as much as African-Americans.
    Does the “Alt-Right” view Catholics as useful idiots?

  186. Sweet Sue @ 7:29 pm: I get that, I really do, but what I don’t get is why it is so self destructive? Would these people vote for Hitler, Idi Amin,Vlad the impaler, or the other Vlad we know and hate, rather than vote for Hillary? Why does a candidate’s possession of a penis outweigh one’s own well being and security as well as that of one’s children or those they love? How can they rationalize away all that 45 is, has done and will do? Also, why is misogyny so entrenched here when so many other countries have no qualms about giving power to a woman?

  187. Sweet Sue at 8:10pm:

    I think it’s more that the Catholic leader of the “alt-right”, Bannon, has no problem embracing other organizations that hate people based on the body they were born into. There never has been any moral justification for the Catholic Church’s exclusion of women from any representation in their own government and indeed, from any human status other than that of breeding stock.

    The Catholic Church’s morality has for a long time been split by its wearing its anti-racism on its sleeve, while being the foremost champion worldwide of an equally vicious form of prejudice, sexism.
    Given the increasing power of the Church in this country, that chasm is widening to engulf every bigoted definition of human beings, as it must.

  188. Looking at some of the stuff that’s been “leaked” lately,I’m beginning to wonder about some three dimensional chess moves.(No,seriously;OK,maybe not so much,but something’s going on). Is it at all possible that those investigating the trump/Russia connections decided they had to let things play out to 1) get enough evidence to prosecute the major players by luring the trump folk and putin into thinking they’d won and had a free pathway to their oligarchy. And 2) let trump play out his agenda for just long enough to convince the American people that he was incompetent,unbalanced and traitorous.
    For this whole thing to come crashing down without also destroying the country the majority of the population would have to agree that trump could not continue as prez.
    And,no,I haven’t gotten into a bunch of magic mushrooms.I just think something’s up.
    What say you? Any other takers for the tin foil hat?

  189. Msdsal: I like it, makes sense to me! I think that is why Flynn still has his clearance.

  190. “Feminized Church”? When did that happen? Never. The reason for “all the church’s problems” is the opposite of it’s feminized. It’s called toxic masculinity. And it leads to things like molesting altar boys. The Rx is more women with power and authority in the church, not fewer.

  191. Earlynerd, you said a mouthful.

  192. Sue, that’s a good thing, I hope?

    Rebel, I totally agree. If the Jewish religion, an institution even older than the Catholic Church, can change its doctrines and admit women as equals, then the Church can too.

  193. Msdsal, that sounds as reasonable as anything else in this crazy landscape. Can’t wait to see which of those two loathsome critters goes down over that, Flynn or Pence. With luck, both.

  194. SNL at it again:

    And well…the did warn at the opening about the People’s Court!

  195. I am literally grabbing these as SNL is uploading them. I didn’t want you to be w/o KellyAnne!

  196. February 12, 1809.

    Happy Birthday, Mr. Lincoln.

    It’s your Party, Abe, and you can cry if you want to.


  197. Voting, thanks for posting the SNL clips. Got a good laugh before i left for church this morning.

  198. Yes, Voting, thank you! Loved the Ivanka bangle and shoes…Can’t wait for Rosie to make an appearance.

  199. Msdal, Feb 11, 10:07 PM: Did you catch Maxine Waters on AM Joy this morning? She flat out said there are connections among the Ukraine, 45 and Putin. She also said there was collusion between 45 and Putin during the campaign and repubs like Gramm and McCain are out to get 45. This conspiracy may run so wide and deep that it will take awhile to nail it down. That tin foil is looking mighty good on you!

  200. Birdgal:
    Thank you for the link to Business Insider.

    Very good article of what is been going since the general election campaign; a series of events that need to be tied to FBI Comey’s deliberate Interference on the election process.

    Get the rump for treason…
    Rump’s tax returns should be summoned and investigated…

  201. Saw this on twitter just now. I don’t know how to place the link properly so just copied/pasted the content:

    George Takei ‏@GeorgeTakei 8h8 hours ago
    Overheard this new title for Trump: SCROTUS. The “So-Called Ruler of the United States.”

  202. Or maybe SCROTUM: “So-Called Ruler of the United Meme”…?

  203. Thanks,Cats,I did catch Maxine on Joy Reid today. Maxine was preaching up a storm.Not many things more powerful than a woman speaking truth to power.She was really feeling her oats,which only further reinforces my belief that good folk are about to have a major victory.Maxine knows things and people that you and I don’t and she was feisty..something’s making her very happy.Plus she was confident that the Repubs were about to get on board.BIG smile on my face and you know,I may just go looking for a feather for my tin foil hat. :)Want to keep lookin’ good.

    Some things are starting to make sense and I never thought I’d be saying that anytime soon.Going to be VERY interesting to see how much in the loop Pence was w/all of this..his presidency is on the line.Ryan may remain “clean” but I don’t see how the Repubs could govern having let the viper into their nest.What would all of that mean for whoever would be trusted to take over the Presidency..early elections? All those primaries all over again? All that Bernie crap again?Let Hillary run it for a year or so w/early elections? Constitutional CRISIS here we come!!

    Have some new heroes these days,too. Judge Robart,Bob Ferguson,the intelligence folk..Maxine is absolutely on the list;Adam Schiff.John Lewis,Elijah Cummings..more and more liking Chris Murphy and Corey Booker.Joy Reid,Rachel Maddow,Chris O’Donnell ..those @ MSNBC who have been speaking up and out.Plus all the millions of people who’ve become politically active because this man and his minions CANNOT STAND!!

    One thing about revolutions is that when you burn things down,a lot of people get hurt and hurt people get fierce when they’re cornered.

  204. The icing on the cake would be if a large percentage of trump supporters finally saw their emperor for what he is (eye bleach recommended). Can you imagine if the Repubs left standing would start listening to their constituents after all these years of obstruction? It still bothers me that so many are still in 45’s thrall and worshippers at the feet of Fox News. It is a form of brainwashing, so how to reverse it? Even two years under an unfettered Hillary would be so worth the agonizing wait.

  205. My happy thought for the night: how much is Trump going to hate being photographed next to Justin Trudeau?
    Talk about Beauty and the Beast.

  206. Thanks for the heads up regarding Maxine’s interview. I’ll google it and watch.

  207. Sue: wouldn’t it be great if Justin has a vise-like grip and enough physical training to resist that appalling yank? 45 would go bonkers!

  208. Maxine Waters today w/ Joy Reid:

  209. Grey, I don’t think we’re outnumbered, though it could get to that. Hillary did win by 3 million votes, and we lost around a million more due to Crosscheck and other voter suppression. I think that 91% of Republicans voted for Trump, so whatever Gallup is showing, it must be that there are many people, recent Democrats, who now register as Independent. I have always been for people staying with the Democratic Party, in that there are only two parties which have any chance to win; and leaving the Democrats, no matter their flaws, means that one has less influence in state elections, or any state with a closed primary. Plus it just looks bad on paper to have Republicans outnumber Democrats in registration.

    The greatest worry electorally right now is the massive voter suppression which is going to be instituted by Republicans. I don’t know how to stop this, if Republicans control all branches of government. E. J. Dionne and Greg Sargent at the WAPO have been writing about this. The goal of the Republican Party is to make it impossible for Democrats to ever win nationally; a self-perpetuating permanent dictatorship which cannot be broken, because not enough non-Republicans can vote. It will take every effort to try to stop this; and it will be the crucial test of whether we have a democracy, or simply a pretense of one, with Republicans having an unbreakable grip on the levers of power. It is a real shame that the Sanders people had not thought of this before proudly casting votes for Stein or Johnson, or sitting the election out entirely. Demonstrations only take one so far, if they are not accompanied by voting power. And spitefully making it possible for Trump to win, and turn the Supreme Court hard Right, was a virtually unbelievable exercise of stupidity.

  210. Love all the comments, wish I had the energy to respond to them.

    “Persist,resist and party on!” Like that! Reminds me of my youth.

    Upps, your pizza looks fabulous.

  211. SweetSue @ 9:20:

    Sue, you are so mean! 🙂

  212. VotingHillary, I loved that Maxine Waters/Joy Reid interview. Thank you for posting it.

    Also the SNL skits. They were hilarious! I tried to watch the actual show but after that great opening Spicer skit, couldn’t make it through the long tribute to the host. Thanks to you, I got to watch the best parts anyway.

  213. Hillary is not going to be president for two years or less or more. That’s not how this works. When the shit finally hits the fan, (and this I do believe: If Congress won’t expose him raw, someone else will. ACLU didn’t collect nearly 30 million in donations for nothing)…….so when the shit hits the fan, the president will be Mike Pence, that creepy guy who really does look like he has a secret. If Pence were to go down with him, the president will be Paul Ryan. Now there’s a comforting thought….

    That’s the way this works. You don’t install the opponent who won but lost. You may want to, but that’s not the way this works.

    Hillary is done being the punching bag. To expect any more from her is just plain cruel and inhumane. Or at least very Selfish. And she will be 74 next time. And besides, if that shitbum Bernie is still alive, then there is no God. Because if he’s still alive, he will deliberately fuck up 2020 for the Democrats again and continue to spend his life repeating the same contrived Do Nothing tweets until he Is No More. His useful idiots this year will be older and wiser and scream “What Was I Thinking!” by then, after four years of an extremely political SCOTUS rips their deserving guts out, but he will just get the next new batch of little dumb fucks to fall for his schtick and disrupt everything and everyone.

    Warren will run. Nikki will run. There will be primaries and it will be Ground Hog Day Again. I was just looking over the 2018 House races. There are only two Toss Ups that will probably go Democratic. But there are a lot more of them that will go Republican. Unless there is Divine Providence, the R’s will still hang onto the House. Now that could change because they are so pissing off their constituents, but some of them are in gerrymandered districts and don’t ever have to listen to anybody, since they win no matter what you do. There will be more voter purges in swing states and, pretty much, our Republic is rotting from the inside out. Which, of course, is the goal of people with Fascist thoughts.

    When I saw that Stephen Miller on TV, his looks and demeanor and his WORDs convinced me that we aren’t going to be a Democratic Republic very long if there isn’t an intervention soon. Discrediting the other branches of government and creating lies as facts and treating facts as lies in a constant barrage are both signs of people whose goal it is to create One and only One level of Oligarch government through well known and rather successful propaganda techniques of the past, used by a very dangerous man.

    At this point, even Trump’s most mean and ardent ‘believers’ should be feeling uncomfortable. The fact that Flynn is still standing should scare the fucking shit out of ANYONE with a brain. It’s not funny anymore.

    It has occurred to me that Donald J Trump and his brazen Waffen-SS can’t really hurt me personally. I will do fine. But I just don’t see why I should strain myself for the people he can hurt when they are too stupid or complacent to realize what’s going on. They eventually Will. And I must have a slight sadistic streak, because every time I see a tweet where one of them says Hey! This isn’t what I voted for!….I can’t resist tweeting to them that I hope they enjoy their early death, because they earned it. Soon, they or their kids will be eating sand in the middle east, making Unemployment VERY low. Donald wants war and he will find it. Fascists always start with war. It’s good for the economy, his BFFs and Grifters like himself.

  214. Ups: you make (hard, cold) sense, as usual and I understand constitutional succession but my dream is based on it being proven that the election was rigged in his favor and therefore illegitimate. If that were ever to happen, I assume it would go to the SC and it would be 2000 all over again, and probably go to Ryan anyway. And I do agree that Hillary has suffered enough for this country, but in my heart I will always want her to be our President.

    Also, Gingrich has already stated in a speech to the Heritage Foundation that the party goals are first dismantling FDR’s New Deal and second insuring Repub rule in perpetuity. That leaves us with emigration or revolution 1776 style and I don’t think we have the balls for that. Maybe Cali will survive, they are kicking ass.

    Lastly, when I saw Stephen Miller and heard him speak I literally wanted to vomit. It is so easy to picture so many of these trump surrogates and cab nominees in SS uniforms. Chilling.

  215. Uppity gave us so much to think about that I think I’ll just leave it there. But, yes, there is no Constitutional provision to void a fraudulent election and have a do-over. Hillary is not going to be President no matter how much we want it. And, at this point, I’m not sure I do want it anymore. Trying to fix this mess might kill her. So, no.

  216. Cats, I was hoping the same thing for several weeks, but sadly, justice is not going to be done here. I do believe the election was rigged, and still am shocked and depressed that it happened. I think there must be a lot of crooked rethug voting officials in the rethug and swing states. I hope the Dems will take the Senate in ’18, and if Pence (or dump if he’s still around), does try to go after the safety net, wouldn’t even the nitwits that vote red flip and vote their crooks out? Who would want to risk losing social security and medicare? Hopefully, the Dems won’t screw up their platform too badly with their “new” leadership nonsense and I hope Ellison and Bernie don’t get to dictate it. God, I am so sick of fucking Bernie. I will donate to whomever primaries him.

  217. I guess you’ve all seen that Blackwater is back in business (may have been there all along, I don’t know). Also didn’t know was that Eric Prince, the founder of Blackwater is the brother of Sec. of Education, Betsy DeVos.
    They say “Follow the Money”.

  218. William and Uppity, I say we are outnumbered because so many states, and districts within states are “owned” by Republicans. If you look at some of the maps that reflect this, rather than physical state locations, you will see that the country is very dominantly red when it comes to the final vote. Wapo has one of the maps and so do a couple of other places. If I can find them again, will post.

    Those maps are scary. Plus, we can’t get enough Dems elected as Uppity notes, by 2018 to stop the fool. I don’t trust McCain or Graham and am not sure why Waters does.
    Flynn should be out by now. Why isn’t he? Because all the lowlifes in our government are scared shi..less by 45. If Congress and the Supreme Court care so much about our nation, why is Russia being invited into our government, by gov inaction?

  219. Upps, missed your comment to mine, 2/9 doggy, that article says they transferred the responsiblity to the FEC.

  220. In the New York Post:

    Clinton reminds us why we’re lucky she lost the election

    By Michael Goodwin

    To all the Twitter queens, get this a$$hole and put him in his $hit dump place.

    Do not want to link the paper trash.

  221. 1. Democrats absolutely have to demonize the entire Republican Party. They must stop this decades-long, “Well, most of the Republicans are decent people, we want to work with them” idiocy. None other than Biden thought he would chastise Hillary for saying “Deplorables,” by telling us that “Paul Ryan is one of the good guys.” You think so? The beady-eyed calm-voiced killer? All of the Republicans in office are evil at this point. They care about nothing but power and how to enrich themselves. It is not, ‘Oh, Trump is bad, but the party has good people in it.” No, it doesn’t. People must be urged and warned and pushed into voting against all of the Republicans. Again, the words “fascist,” “authoritarian,” “enemies of working people,” “destroyers of the environment,” must be used. If the country is to be lost, why not go down fighting as hard as one can? Half measures will not do it. Tell the voters how horrible the Republicans are; if they do not want to accept it, and vote for them anyway, so be it. But we’ll never win the Congress back, or the Presidency, by trying to soft-pedal it, and gently urge people to vote for this or that Democrat. Stop coddling Republicans, stop making excuses for them; stop hoping or believing that this or that Republican is going to step up and cede their power and agenda, because “it is the right thing.” It is delusion. They are all lockstep zombies, and must be treated as such, and described as such. And I am very serious.

    2. The far Left has to be told, in clear terms, to either support reasonable Democrats, or leave the party and start their own. What is the fear? That we will lose more elections? We scarcely have any seats left, as it is, and those are an unfeasible minority which has no power at all. The Left lost the election of 2000 and gave us Bush; now they got Trump elected. Their program and dogma cannot win, but they will never see it; oh, maybe if they run Warren in 2020 and she gets 38% of the vote, they might be chastised, as in 1972 with McGovern, but by such a point, we would be ruined. There is room in the Democratic Party for differences of opinion, but not for a doctrinaaire group of sanctimonious puritans who will simply not help or participate unless they get their way. Let them leave now, and do what they will. The Left has done the work of the far Right for decades; this last time, they did the work of the Russians. And they are too foolish, too proudly spiteful to ever see it.

    3. There has to be an immense effort to protect voting rights. It may be that the only way to do it, is to get those IDs for people, no matter how onerous or unfair it is. Get all the accreditation necessary to cast one’s vote. The alternative is to grouse and rightly say how undemocratic it is–and lose, in perpetuity. So for heaven’s sake, do what must be done to get people eligible to vote. And again, make sure that the people are told that one Republcan is the same as every other one, and that these lying phonies like Toomey or McCain just go right down the line and vote like every other one. Voters fall for this every time; “our Republican is a moderate, who will call them as he/she sees them.” No, they will vote like all the other ones; for Sessions, for Devos, for Gorsuch, for repealing ACA and Medicare and Social Security. When do people actually wake up to this? Maybe never, but it shouldn’t be for lack of Democrats pounding them over the head with this truth. Again, if we’re going to lose, let’s do it not the foolish Obama way, “No blue states, no red states, let’s all compromise together,” but by making it clear that the Republican Party is evil, has been evil long before Trump got nominated; will obstruct ever Democrat, until they have the power to destroy the country and the democracy. They cannot be worked with, this was shown for the last 30 years at least. They must be marginalized, or they will destroy the country, one way or the other. That’s the choice at the voting booth; people can make it as they choose; but Democrats have got to stop being the forgiving, “let’s start working together and make amends” fools who get punched in the teeth over and over and over. And if the country cannot function in that kind of political war, then it still is better than one side rolling over the other in every possible manner. What did O’Brien say to Winston in “1984,” picture a boot stamping on a face, over and over”? Something like that. That is what is bidding to happen here, unless people realize it clearly and do everything they can to stop it.

  222. William, you and Uppity should send your comments on this segment to whoever will be the new DNC chair. See if it works! And several others who articulate so well on here, the same.

  223. Great post William.
    What the deplorable s want is Power=Money and themselves alike.

    You’ve been saying it over and over and we the non-fascists are going to have Civil War II, if we want to prevail on keeping our democracy.

    Yet, another political party needs to develop in order to keep a balance.

  224. Hillary is done being the punching bag. To expect any more from her is just plain cruel and inhumane. Or at least very Selfish

    Here is a fine piece in line with Uppity’s post at 7:52 am, created by Melissa McEwan at Shakesville and reposted over at Still4Hill’s:

  225. Trump took the phone call about North Korea’s missile test (a highly sensitive security issue) IN THE PUBLIC DINING ROOM at Mar-A-Lago–in full view of hundreds of guests, many of whom took photos. Some of his aides used flashlights on their phones to illuminate classified documents, thus making hacking easier by creating beacons. One guest took a photo with the military aide who carries the nuclear codes then posted it on Facebook! He is turning the presidency into a reality tv show in which anyone can participate if they can afford the price of admission to his country club.

    But, boy, at least we dodged a bullet by passing on the lady with the private email server which she used mostly to find out the times of tv programs and how to operate a secure fax. After this latest security breach from team Trump, Republicans remain radio silent. They and the media should be deeply ashamed.

  226. Wow,everyone seems to have the ol’ gray cells functioning @ top performance today. Ups,William,Gray et al.All excellent though sometimes painful to hear ,ideas and assessments.
    William;I love your idea about getting everyone who needs one their voter ID,may be the quickest way to get Dem voters to the polls. Won’t stop Repubs from providing the “right” districts w/fewer machines and/or voting times,but definitely a step in the right direction.It would also help for there to be perpetual and on-going lawsuits to challenge the legality of all their little tricks,registration purges,distribution of resources and so on and so on.

    I’ve also been pondering how to get around the instant and fact-less defense trump voters have for their furher..I am reminded of a saying from Emily Dickenson..” Tell the truth,but tell it slant.” I think SNL does a GREAT job of doing this..comedy has a long and rich tradition of speaking truth to power in a way they can’t come back against.Trump can be instructive to us in how to approach the low information folk;they’re expecting a certain set of talking points from we distract w/an off the wall question.trump supporter,” Trump’s going to make America great again because he’s a billionaire.”
    Us..”So where do you get your insurance from?” Then we begin educating around how THEY and their families will be negatively impacted by the trump regime. This could be done w/any subject.

    As to Stephen Miller..UFF DA. Can you spell Goebells? ( Not sure I can,but you get the picture.)

  227. 45 is totally unfit to serve as president. It is just that simple. Somehow Congress is a pile of worms. The problem with the notion of “save yourself” as some of us may want to do, is that there is no way individuals can survive in another few years if this keeps up. Just watching him and Trudeau today was totally humiliating for this country. the comparison.

  228. lildoggy. I had no idea that DeVos’ brother was involved with Blackwater. Thanks for that tidbit.

  229. Ignore Goodwin bellecat. All sane people know he’s a Bernie nutcase. his delusional articles during the primary campaign were bordering on hilarious. He was Bernie’s male version of Linda SourSour.

  230. Gray, I believe it’s wiser to focus on taking the Senate back in 2018. It’s a less daunting task and a more powerful one where it counts. And it will guarantee keeping that crazy bastard in check.

  231. Mexico ready to retaliate by hurting American corn farmers
    by Patrick Gillespie @CNNMoney February 13, 2017: 12:06 PM ET

    That’s the way to go…

    Many have commented doing the same here in the US. Economic Boycotts on red states.

  232. Burlington dropped Ivanka’s line at their online site. Have a feeling they didn’t announce their stores because they are liquidating what stock is left at “brick and mortar” locations.

    Good for them.

  233. Burlington, Nordstroms, KMart, Sears – they’re really just looking out for 45. Since he won’t divest and avoid a constitutional crisis, they’re doing it for him.

  234. CNN reporting Gen. Mike Flynn has “resigned”.

  235. Good riddance to Flynn!! Hopefully, this is the beginning of the story coming out.

  236. The obvious question which any reasonable detective would ask, is how did Flynn get into Trump’s ambit in the first place? Isn’t it obvious that Flynn was handed to Trump by the Russians? I am afraid that this is a question which the media will nevef ask, but maybe some who have Twitter power could bring it up. Flynn was not there by accident; there is no credible way to pretend that what he did was just some rogue action by an employee.’

    Brassy Rebel, yes, it is appalling, isn’t it? A year and millions of print and spoken words spent on a completely fabricated email issue. And then something infinitely worse, almost a deliberate mockery, the crooked dealer showing the losers the fixed deck. I have read that most of the media is passing off this restaurant compromising of national security, which makes their prior behavior even worse, if it could have been.

  237. Flynn is out. Let’s hope he is only the first domino to fall. During Watergate, Deep Throat said – “Follow the money”. Well, I say…

    Follow the Russians.

    It’s our best chance to nip this budding fascist regime. It’s the one issue where these cowardly Republicans WILL break with Trump and throw him overboard, if needs be. Guys like McCain, powerful senators, are willing to put up with Trump’s insanity as long as they’re own personal agendas, policies and upcoming legislation, are served.

    But, when we’re talking about possible treason, they will choose America over Russia, and let Mike Pence take over the ship of state. That scenario might not be much better for us, but it will be more stable, at least. For even this quisling Vichy GOP (whom everyone here knows I despise) has its breaking point. And that breaking point, in my opinion, is…

    Russia. Follow the Russians.

    His taxes, the “peepee” tape, his advisors former and present, etc. – will all demonstrate Trump’s deep collusion with Putin’s corrupt and dangerous oligarchs. It’s there. It just has to be dug out. I’m confident that there are some damn good journalists (at the Washington Post especially) who are right now doing the kind of background work that Woodward and Bernstein did – which ultimately brought down a corrupt and dangerous president.

    Trump is Nixon – but much worse. He must be toppled.

    And if/when he is toppled, I hereby propose that the first hero – check that – the first HEROINE of this whole affair has a name, and that name should be proclaimed and celebrated henceforth. That name?

    SALLY YATES. Sally Yates is an American hero.

    As Acting Attorney General she stood up and refused to follow what she saw was an unconstitutional Executive Order – and she has now been VINDICATED by a Federal Court.

    As Acting Attorney General (we now know) that she told the White House (and Trump) that Flynn was a risk and open to bribery because of his Russian dealings, and with Flynn’s resignation she has been again VINDICATED.

    And what did Sally Yates get in return for her heroic actions?

    She was fired. Fired for doing her job in trying to protect our Republic and Constitution. Many people may not know, or ever remember, her name.

    But, personally, I will never forget her.

  238. Re Michael Flynn: Lock Him UP, Lock Him UP, Lock Him UP!!!!

  239. While we are doing the “Follow Russia” meme…can we add Bernie & Tulsi Gabbard.

    Bernie caught hacking DNC on 12/19/2016, Gabbard leaves DNC to support Bernie on 2/28/16.

    Gabbard is first “Dem” to meet with Trump on 11/21/16. She makes her stealth visit to Syria on 1/18/17…hope is no one will notice.

    Now let’s look at who FUNDED her trip and showed her around & what they want from Russian:

    SSNP is pro-Russia.

    I really hate the fact that so many of our military are involved in the BS that was election 2016. So dishonors the honorable.

    But the good news, I get to bust Trump’s ass reminding him that Obama FIRED Flynn’s ass.

  240. HRC doing her dignified back-hand bitch slap to Trump/Flynn:

  241. VotingHillary, on February 14, 2017 at 2:12 AM said:
    While we are doing the “Follow Russia” meme…can we add Bernie & Tulsi Gabbard.
    Bernie caught hacking DNC on 12/19/2016, Gabbard leaves DNC to support Bernie on 2/28/16.


    Sorry, that obviously should have been 12/19/15.

  242. I have not been able to come on here for a while since I’ve been busy with my studies but it’s lovely reading some engaged and informed conversations.

    I was saddened to hear about Ruline Steininger’s passing . She really was inspirational and I think of women like her, or my grandmother, who starved herself until her family would permit her to go to school, as inspirations while we struggle through the years ahead.

    Good news about Flynn’s departure! Can’t wait for Trump to get dumped as well, though I don’t think pro-conversion therapy Pence will be too much better.

    Hope you guys have a great February and that spring arrives soon

  243. I think they just threw Flynn under the bus in hopes that it will make the whole Russian connection story go away. And with our media, it might. Interesting that Flynn had to go because he could be blackmailed. Hello! What about the Trump dossier from the British intelligence agent? He warned about the Russians blackmailing Trump. Are we all supposed to forget that now?

    The Tulsi Gabbard story is interesting because I read that a Russian was bragging about having a mole in the DNC. Some mornings feel more like living in a John Le Carre novel than others. This is one.

  244. Now comes the really scary part. Like all fascists, the Trump/Bannon administration is going to try to purge every decent member of the Intelligence Community, and replace them with stooge loyalists. The Breitbart headline today about Priebus leaks using sleeper agents from the Obama administration, is a clear signal of this. The Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee says that there will be no investigation into the Flynn/Trump/Russian connection, but there will be an investigation into the leaks. The odious Paul Ryan says that Trump asked for Flynn’s resignation, which is palpably contradicted by what Conway and others had said in the last few days.

    There is no bottom to the corruption and contempt for democracy shown by Republicans. There is no breaking point, though a few Senators have muttered things about a further investigation. Try to imagine if Howard Baker had run the Watergate hearings, and not Sam Ervin, but it’s far worse than that. They apparently have no interest in learning any more about what screams out as a long-term collaboration among Putin, Trump, Bannon, much of Republican leadership, Wikileaks (they pathetically condemned the leaks as some kind of traitorous attack on Russia and Trump), maybe indeed Gabbard and other people in the Sanders campaign. No telling how deep this goes. But the Republicans want to stop it, pretend that it doesn’t exist, purge all the Intelligence community, set up an impregnable fascist wall which hides the truth from the citizens. It is clearly the greatest threat this country has ever faced. The person who probably has the greatest overall comprehension of its intricacies and connections, is Hillary. But she is not in the position to say too much about it. There is going to be a massive effort to squelch and quell every dissenting voice, from Democrats in Congress, to a few brave media figures. The Nazis consolidated power until there was no dissent. Will the American Fascist Party be able to do that? Apparently, Fox News, the propaganda media arm of the Fascist Party, along with Breitbart, completely ignored the Flynn story yesterday. Fox used to be just sickeningly awful and biased; now they have devolved into a Nazi-like propagandist distortion of reality organization, slavishly watched by tens of millions of brainwashed citizens. Would they be in charge of installing the telescreens into everyone’s house?

  245. Voting @ 2:36: there are also those implausible and unanswered myriad $27 donations from the same source + the unattributed & illegal foreign donations + the over-limit donations in the still unanswered FEC violations letters.

    Looks like the federal FEC is as corrupt as its NC reThuglican equivalents. They’ve let the whole issue go, but given BS’s spoiler role in the election, plus his other similarities to Dump, he and his cronies must be investigated as possible Russian stooges as well.

  246. Early: I seem to recall such “anomalies” in Obama’s campaign donations in ’08, so many small donors. At one point, I remember the FEC wouldn’t do an audit because the total raked in was so high. In the end, I read they recouped a chunk in fines but I never heard there was an investigation into who may actually have donated illegally, e.g., foreign donors. And then of course there were the allegations of fraud and bad actors during the caucuses that also went nowhere.

  247. And let us not forget Jill Stein who sat at the head table with Putin and Flynn at the Russia Today dinner in Moscow in December, 2015. It’s beginning to look more and more like it took a village to stop Hillz.

  248. Pleeeze Twitter Queens:
    Bomb blast that Oklahoma $hit a$$hole Justin Humphrey, with your most vicious and venomous attacks ever.
    Who in the Fk is this rat snake?

  249. You guys are too damned impatient. The mills of the gods grind slowly, but they grind exceedingly fine.

    THere will be more leaks. MANY more leaks, because my money says they are all coming from intel agencies, all 17 of them that the dumb fuck Trump insulted when he called them liars that Russia was interceding with the election. Let me tell you, you can FEEL how pissed off they all are. And if he thinks he can fight off the big boys, he’s sadly mistaken. Trump is in for a world of shit. I find that quite delicious, myself, but I also know this isn’t a 2 hour movie or LA Law special victims episode. This shit takes time. And that’s the way it is. Do you really think they didn’t see Jill Stein in that photo with Flynn and Putin? Like, reallllllllllly?

    Bernie is not Russia, Bernie is more Cuba. he’s too fucking useless with his canned tweets ID’ing problems he never did shit about. He’s just a loudmouthed idiot. And the FEC DID go after him. We just don’t know the outcome. For all we know, he made the dumb fucks at the DNC pay off his fines in exchange for lying that he would act like a human and STFU. You will never know. They are not obligated to tell you.

    Back to the real problem, AKA Donald J Russia, give this time, for fuck’s sake. He’s toast to our intelligence agencies. He will NEVER stop the leaks. In fact, they are moving past ‘leaks’ right into ‘whistleblowing’. He can throw all the glitter balls out for the dogs to chase he wants, he’s not going to stop the well deserved revenge-train. Sending out what Waffen-SS wannabe steve Miller isn’t going to help Donald Trump, it only solidifies his Fascist wet dream. And that pisses of our intel even more.

  250. Russia deployed a cruise missile, it’s a treaty violation. Watch Trump say nothing. Maybe he’ll send Vlad a congratulations card. Putin knows Trump is a fucking idiot who melts over compliments on how great he is. he knows he’s a fucking malignant narcissist and he goes to bed every night laughing at him.

  251. Hello! Just read this and had to share with someone. Who better than all of you special someones?
    Didn’t work. It was an Elizabeth Warren post on her Facebook page concerning Flynn. Sorry

  252. I’ll see if I can fetch it, Virginia.

  253. This one?

  254. Ooops, I went to twitter.

    I ditched Facebook long ago so can’t help there. Sorry

  255. Bookmakers carrying odds on how long before Flynn is found dead before he sings.

  256. And polonium is such a give-away these days.

  257. Hope he’s got a food taster.

  258. Did you ever know a small town kid who was a “bad boy” and kinda crazy and did bad things all the time but no one would turn him in because he was, well, “our” bad boy? I wonder if Congress sees 45 that way. All the wealthy ones have known him for years, and he has donated to them. They know he is crazy and a scuzzball but he is, after all, “our” bad boy and we can’t bring ourselves to put him behind bars where he belongs. And, as Upps and others keep pointing out, they are safe so far and have good jobs and well, the country can survive this one 4-year period. And, we the Congress get all the anti-poor laws we have dreamed about for years. What is not to like?
    And yes, I can agree or understand the notion that the wheels will turn, per Upps, but probably not before our coyuntry and citizens are damaged for at least one lifetime.

    Somehow, it is hard to take a deep breath and wait. Like, on Gene Weingarten’s chat today, people wrote in to say how their psychologists are overrun with anxiety-ridden people pouring in for help. In fact, Gene said he is going to weekly chats instead of monthly because of all the emails he is getting from frightened people. This is not part of a normal cycle. this is an extreme blip. I hope a short blip in time.

    Just my usual random crazy thoughts.

  259. Points well taken, sad but true, Gray.

    But the mills of the gods grind slowly……

  260. So the first domino tumbles..attza one..more to follow,but in slow motion as Ups cautions us.
    A couple of interesting tidbits I gleaned from my TV viewing these past couple of days.
    1) There is a law that would allow a senate committee to request,review and decide what part of trump’s income taxes to release to the public. Repubs are saying “No” right now ( Do they know any other words?) But you can see the sweat starting to appear on the Repub foreheads.They’re also beginning to look a little scared.
    2) Apparently now that Flynn is no longer in the administration ,he is subject to subpoena to congressional committees in a way he wasn’t while connected to national security.Ha, the plot thickens.

    Years ago we had a special education director who talked about how it took a long time to turn a ship.One of my colleagues put up a picture of the Titanic on the entrance to that department, Scandal, but very amusing. 🙂 All of this would be excellent entertainment if so many people’s lives weren’t at risk.

    I think we’ll survive this..just not clear what kind of shape we’ll be in.

    Happy Valentines Day,everyone. I got to help 23 kids celebrate w/cards,candy and sundaes. Still coming down from a secondary sugar high. Party on!

  261. Well, Ups, Putin seems to have a lot of folks poisoned if they get in his way.

  262. Oh boy. just out. there were repeated contacts with Russian intelligence by 45 campaign people during the campaign. Paul Manafort being one. I missed the other names. Probably online somewhere by now. “Repeated contacts with Russian intelligence.” hmmmmm. during time they were hacking Dems, if I heard that latter part right on Rachel.

  263. Shit. Meet Fan. And this is just the start.

  264. Gray, I also heard Carter Page and Roger Stone named. Rachel tore into this tonight.

  265. Malcolm Nance: FISA warrant allows full collection of info, access to all sources including our allies. Malcolm said this is serious stuff and 45 & Co should line up lawyers now! I luv Malcolm.

  266. I hope FISA goes after all those emails Pence had sealed from while he was governor. Something fishy about that.

  267. If this were a parliamentary system like England, a new election would be called at some point, and Hillary would be the Prime Minister, or whatever one calls it.

    There is no precedent for this. The Constitution is insufficient. If it is shown that the entire Trump campaign, including Pence, was complicit in working and taking directions from a foreign power in the middle of an election, how does that legitimately translate into, “Oh, well, Paul Ryan, the Ayn Rand Republican, gets to be President”? It would be worse than a travesty of legitimacy.

    I think that the cry, “New Elections!!” should resound throughout the country. Yes, I know that the Republicans, who play everything like a board game where the only goal is to come out on top; who if they were a football team, and coaching their staff poisoned the other players who started collapsing on the field, would run for ten touchdowns and do a victory dance, saying, ‘We didn’t poison them, and the game must go on, and we scored ten TDs legitimately,” will tell everyone solemnly that the Speaker is next in line, and that’s how it goes. However, this is not because of death or illness, it is because of a vast and traitorous conspiracy which caused the election results to be perverted. How in any fair universe, does that result in the traitorous group being considered the winners of the election? I would shout, ‘New Election!” every day and on every network. And assuming that did not do anything, I would call the Republicans “The Party of Treachery,” and say that every day. This is not about some kind of cathartic but futile satisfaction in chanting slogans; it is about not letting the system be so corrupted and perverted that the side which lies and cheats and sells out the country gets to say, “We still won! We just have a different right-wing leader, let’s all get behind him now!”

  268. Where is everybody?
    So quiet…

  269. Thank you William for your thoughts…

    We must “fight and see the light” in our republic against these traitors…

    Hope they all end up in jail…

  270. I’m sure the GOP would consider getting rid of Trump with all his messes but keeping either Pence or Ryan a win-win for them. Justice would not be served, but since nothing in the Constitution foresees this scenario, we are screwed. Again.

  271. William, I am not convinced a new election would get us Hillary. 45’s approval rating with Repubs is high (I think I heard low 90s) so I could see them coming out against our girl in droves this time for whatever dick they wanted to put on the ballot and the dems would still be struggling with voter suppression, gerrymandering and the EC. Maybe if we garnered a larger percentage of women voters in each state we would have a shot, but otherwise, I have my doubts that we would win. If there is no legal or constitutional way to default to the 2016 “runner up,” I fear a one-party republic is already upon us. Last night on Rachel, an historian pointed out that the longest democratic experiment (Rome) topped out at 300 years. How do you like our chances of beating that number?

  272. All good points from cats and Rebel.

    Remember, during the campaign Dump kept saying that the election (and polls) was rigged. It sure was rigged, on his favor.

    These are old news, he is a fraud elected president and has bullied the system through and through.

    Don’t forget that the three states that supposedly gave him the electoral win by less the 70,000 votes, were not allowed a recount regardless the 1% rule that triggers an automatic recount.

    Dump should be charged for treason; along with all his minions and hold the GOP accountable for letting this fraud happen on our political system.
    We can not keep quiet about the fact of what Republicans are all about.

    In any way we have to fight and resist…

  273. Anyone think Stein was a Russian asset during the election? Designed to cause chaos and disruption to suppress and take votes away from Hillary?

  274. Birdgal: covering all the bases, makes sense. I would put Stein in the “useful idiot” category. Would love to know who else was seated at Putin’a table in that RT event photo.

    Even though Sanders is more of a castro fanboy, I could see him as an easily manipulated tool as well.

    What does it say about a man like Putin being so afraid of a woman like Hillary?

  275. Pudzer is out as Sec. of Labor…thank God.

  276. oops, Puzder…my bad.

  277. WARNING!!! Sarandon scheduled to be on “All In” with Chris Hayes tonight.

  278. FYI. Puzder is surname for 90 people in U.S. in 2014. Most prevalent in Hungary and Slovakia. I know you wondered!

  279. Cats, Birdgal and Uppity waaaay up there:

    I would put Sanders in the useful fool category as well, more fool than Stein, but every bit as useful. I think he’s fractured the Democratic party so badly, I don’t see it coming together for the 2020 elections, much less the 2018. That’s a long term gift to reThugs.

    I don’t think he was an active participant in Russia’s meddling, like 45 appears to have been, but more wilfully ignorant, as in not questioning or caring to know where the large amounts of overseas and improbably myriad small domestic donations were coming from, (or his online bot army, for that matter).

    As Uppity and Cats said, he is more Castro than present day Russia. Especially, I think, given that Cuba is one of the few remaining old-style Communist countries, and Russia seems to be pure end-stage capitalism at this point. Heck, even Russia’s famous official atheism is gone, with Putin’s convenient conversion to the Russian Orthodox religion.

    I did do some late night checking and found on the FEC website that there is only one public document about sanctions or penalties against Sanders, a minor thing brought by a private party about a Facebook page, and dismissed.

    Given that Sanders pulled off that trick of stalling on his financial disclosure until after the election, at which time Jane infamously said “It’s over, so go away” and the gov’t meekly did, I was worried that he could pull the same thing with the campaign contributions. So I called the FEC today, and talked to a very helpful person who told me that any campaign’s violations would not be resolved until all campaign money was accounted for and the balance on hand was zeroed out.

    From what I make of Sanders’ finance page, he still has about five and a half million to account for and/or return, so it will be some time. That fascinating page has a link to individual refunds so far, something a data geek could spend many happy hours with, and other interesting campaign finance facts as well, like the huge percentage of unitemized contributions. From here, after typing last name in the box and choosing Presidential campaign:

    Just for grins, I also took a look at Hillary’s page. Wow, did folks ever like her: almost a million and a half pages of itemized contributions (nostalgic sniffling here).

    Apologies for the long comment, Uppity – on your site, I’ll cease and desist calling for a full Congressional investigation of Sanders, with nationwide post-investigation celebration and party to follow, but will continue to follow Dump & Co.’s vicissitudes with acute interest.

  280. Early Nerd;that’s some mighty fine sleuthing.Maybe you should e-mail it on to David Farenthold @ WP or Kurt Eickenwald @ Newsweek. ( I might be misspelling their last names). Shoot,e-mail it to Jason Chafettz ;he’ll do anything @ this point to avoid investigating trump. And that man does love himself some investigating.
    Adam Schiff keeps saying they’ll follow wherever the evidence leads them…if they’re really following the money some of it has to have gone to Bernie and Jill..after all the goal was to weaken Hillary and those two worked real hard at that.
    Brassy R.;thanks for the Sarandon warning..that’s what the FF button is for on my remote..will record and selectively edit. 🙂

    Still out here in the great NW resisting and persisting. I partied on yesterday w/ the 3rd graders. Man,those kids know how to acquire a sugar high!!Most impressive.

  281. Never I had posted such a long piece; instead I link them.
    However, I deem this to be not only interesting but of great importance to read through considering its author.

    Ohio Republican says it’s time to impeach President Trump
    Mark P. Painter , KUSA 8:53 AM. CST February 15, 2017

    This piece, written by Mark P. Painter, was posted on Tuesday. Painter is a lifelong Cincinnatian, and served as a judge for 30 years.

    As Charles P. Pierce said in Esquire last week, “I swear, it’s like we elected the Clampetts, if the Clampetts were grifters.”

    A president of the United States, on the official POTUS Twitter feed, assails a department store for dropping his daughter’s merchandise. On the same day, the Pentagon is looking to rent space in the Trump Tower. Trump’s son travels to Uganda to make a Trump business deal. And, of course, foreign diplomats will stay at the Trump Hotel. The cash comes marching in.

    The phony legalisms Trump has said he used to “separate” himself from his businesses – though he still owns them and his sons are running them – will be cited to make this all acceptable. Horsefeathers. No ethical expert could say with a straight face that this is not a classic conflict of interest.
    In any time except our post-factual era, no office holder, much less the president, could get away with any one of the dozens of dazzlingly illegal things Trump has already done. They would forfeit office immediately.

    The leader of the band of Mad Hatters occupying the White House has already insulted allied world leaders, issued illegal and badly written orders, impugned a “so-called” judge appointed by his own party, and appointed the least-qualified cabinet ever. The first secretary of state was Thomas Jefferson. Trump appointed a big-oil executive with close ties to Russia. The first treasury secretary was Alexander Hamilton. Trump appointed a former Goldman Sachs exec who got rich foreclosing on homeowners. The national security advisor lasted 24 days.

    And all that’s just at the time I write this. Who knows what happens next. Each new day is a new nightmare. We are still trying to digest one breathtaking assault on America when another is signed, issued, or Tweeted. All this amid constant lies. Constant. Lies.

    I am a lifelong Republican. I voted for every Republican presidential candidate from 1968 to 2004. But I have watched what once was a sane, center-right party go off the rails, first to the extreme right, then to wherever Trump is, which is in another universe.

    It’s tough, but we must end this dangerous presidency. Trump must be impeached and removed with all haste. But only Congress can initiate the process.

    Our congressman, Steve Chabot, has been busy defending Trump from the media, which is simply reporting Trump’s machinations. It’s time for him to man-up and start drafting the articles of impeachment. As I remember, he did it for Clinton for far less than Trump has already done.

    After the election, many hoped that Trump would “grow up” into the job – that he couldn’t possibly be as bad as some thought. Well, it’s gone the other way. The bully has become a more entitled bully. Anyone disagreeing is attacked. Policy is announced in illiterate tweets.

    Basic American values – free speech, the rule of law, separation of powers, even common decency – are unknown in this White House. We now have a president who has no concept of separation of powers, or why we have three branches of government. If he knew anything about the Constitution, he would know the framers envisioned just the situation we have now – a would-be dictator. They provided checks and balances – such as an independent judiciary to protect us from presidential tyranny.

    Enabling a bully is always a mistake. As soon as the Tweet on Nordstrom’s came out, I said that the Republicans would defend the indefensible, and their talking point would be “a father supporting his daughter.” It wasn’t an hour later that Rep Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, told CNN it “didn’t bother him.” But even Chaffetz had to choke when Kellyanne Conway urged people to buy Ivanka Trump’s shoes.

    All the above bothers me and should appall all Americans. We must admit we have elected a president who has immediately proved himself to be a grifter, a pathological liar, a mean-spirited bully and dangerous to American values. This not-ready-for-prime-time show is too dangerous to continue. America is at stake.

    If you need help drafting those articles of impeachment, Steve, I am available.


  282. Thank you Bellecat. That letter was spot-on and it was nice to hear it from a long-time Republican. Everyday is a horror show and I keep hoping that I will wake up from this nightmare. Our country is in big trouble.

  283. Msdsal @ 8:15pm:

    Retirees. It’s what we do.

    I won’t say it’s better than Furniture Making 101 and Yurt Building Basics (those classes were full), but Introduction to French (what, again?) and Beginning Watercolor? Hellz, yeah.

    Still out here in the great NW resisting and persisting. I partied on yesterday w/ the 3rd graders. Man,those kids know how to acquire a sugar high!!Most impressive.

    Sounds like too much fun – but I bet there’s a lot of parents giving you the stink-eye at drop off the next day 🙂

  284. Bellecat: WOW, just WOW. A center right Repub, hope there are many, many more. Kudos to Mr. Painter!

  285. Bellecat, what an effective truth telling letter. Thank you for posting it.

    For me, this was particularly wrenching:

    The first secretary of state was Thomas Jefferson. Trump appointed a big-oil executive with close ties to Russia. The first treasury secretary was Alexander Hamilton. Trump appointed a former Goldman Sachs exec who got rich foreclosing on homeowners.

    I was a left leaning student in the 1970’s but I never knew how American I really was until I saw my flag flying above the consulate in another country after I’d been there six months. Part of me was deeply proud of and instantly at home, seeing that.

    Trump and the Republican party are shaming the overwhelming number of Americans who are still proud of our country, no matter how much we see its faults and no matter how much we fight to make it better.

  286. Because laughter keeps us sane and our humanity intact, may I offer the following for your general amusement:

  287. Say what you want about Sanders, but he is NOT a fool.

    He is an opportunist. He has made a cottage industry out of complaining about everything loudly and DOING nothing about anything. At this point, he’s laughing all the way to the bank.

  288. Susan Sarandon getting her ass handed to her all over Twitter this morning. SWEET!

  289. Chris Hayes shoud be ashamed of himself for putting Sarandon on. She is a millionaire who indulges herself by attacking reasonable bulwarks of democracy, in search of who knows what? Of all the things we need now, it is certainly not Sarandon tripling down on her hatred of Hillary Clinton and moderate Democrats. Giving her more of a forum is vastly counterproductive. She tirelessly advocated for Nader, and she said that Trump would be better than Hillary. And yet some of the Left zealots follow her. If someone told me that she was paid by the Far Right, I would not be surprised, as she keeps doing their work. But the reality is more likely that she is just a stupid person who thinks that she is smart. Why Hayes would validate her is depressing, but of course he was Sanders’ biggest supporter on that network, and I think he had Gabbard on as well, certainly Nita Turner over and over, and Michael Moore. He is clearly intelligent, but I do not comprehend how he thinks that some far Left crusade is going to yield any worthwhile results. Of course, he makes a million dollars a year, so maybe he has room for that kind of intellectual indulgence.

  290. I wonder why no one ever asks 45 why he thinks it is OK to only attend to right wing Republicans as his constituency as president vs the whole citizenry? Not that he is my pres but he is the first president ever to continue trashing “the Democrats” at every turn.

    I know that is minor but I am victim to the whole world crashing down and no one is even trying to stop it. I mean those in some position of potential power. the citizens, I hope, will continue to demonstrate and bring out voters in ’18.

    But, in the meantime, insane people will now be able to buy guns, the health care system will be gutted.

    And, no one is asking him why he does not consider talking about sanctions with Russia before he was president more important than leaks about it.

  291. Ups: In terms of opportunism, who would you put your money on to triumph: Sanders or Putin? If nothing else, Putin has more resources and cunning. I don’t see Sanders as a long game player. I think for that reason alone, he could easily be manipulated and out played.

  292. Early Nerd,another plus about being a retiree is that you don’t have to be there the next morning to get the stink eye from the parents.You can just load them up on sugar and send them home. 🙂 This is a time honored approach that also applies to grandparents.

    I wasn’t able to watch Susan S. on Chris Hayes last night..I fast forwarded..but even w/that it was clear that things turned contentious fast.Seemed like Chris was pushing back on the left wing nut he may have actually helped the cause by exposing how off the rails and counter productive the extreme left is.Myth busting is a gift;so I’m OK w/them having these folks on if they help shine a light on the foolishness.

    Anyone actually able to stomach watching the whole thing?

  293. I understand Sarandon is so far off the rails that now she’s praising Tulsi Gabbard who is pretty much persona non grata since her trip to Syria to kiss Assad’s ass. Stein, Sarandon, and Gabbard are an embarrassment to our gender.

    I didn’t watch her last night, but it sounds like she continued lecturing POC on how they don’t know how to vote their own interests. In the grand Bernie tradition.

  294. Still remember her getting in Delores Huerta’s face during the Iowa caucuses. Nauseating spectacle.

  295. Caught parts of that “press conference” today. Just when you think Trump can’t get any more bizarre, he does. Just when you think you’ve seen it all, you haven’t. What he will say or do next is anyone’s guess. We need an intervention–and I don’t mean by Russia, although I’m sure they’d be happy to oblige.

  296. Are the mainstream media going to make it clear to their viewers that Hillary never sold any uranium to Russia? This Alt-Right slander was going around, and the Sanders Left picked it up, too. Hillary is not in a position to get on TV and do a news conference correcting all the slanders and misrepresentations. She remains as the perennial scapegoat used to misdirect the public away from the actual crimes committed by Republicans. And it is just appalling. Hopefully, someone refuted this baseless allegation.

  297. Dumb and his minions are going to keep distorting-distracting and destroying any fact- truth to his(their) convenience.

    It’s working very well since half of the ignoramus buys it; the media (the culprits), the rest of us and the world -as Brassy pointed out, do not know how to put together an “intervention” to stop this very well orchestrated madness. to destroy our democracy.

    That’s what dumb is been doing since day one:

    “The election is rigged”…
    “Lost the popular vote because voters fraud…
    “He inherited a mess”…
    “Criminal Action against Flynn…

    Turning the table 180 degrees to blame the others…
    Never his fault…
    Always in denial…
    And always in an emotional outburst

    I’m starting to think that Dumb is not so unstable and mentally ill.
    He’s using this (his) strategy to confuse, threat, create chaos and fear to establish his power. A typical BULLY; he’s been bullying the system through and through.

    He needs to be bullied out.

  298. Has anyone else noticed an increase in the number and frequency of former Hillary staff on the talk shows the past couple of days? Hmmm,wonder what that’s all about.
    My personal lie about Hillary that I’m sick of hearing about is the “Someone gave her all the questions to the debates”. Trump pulled out that worn out lie during the “press” today.
    If my memory serves ( and it does sometimes) Hillary was given a heads up by Donna B. ,prior to a town hall,,that a woman w/a rash might be asking her a question about something or other.Like Hillary wasn’t bright enough to have figured out what questions she was likely to get in a town hall in Flint. Unlike the trump critters,Hillary’s staff did their homework and so did Hillary.
    I’ve come to feel that Hillary is waiting to see who gets elected head of the DNC and then she’ll start speaking out in public more.She’ll have a better idea of who and how to fight after that.

    Any takers on that theory?

  299. NPR today tweeted that Hillary was not given the questions to the debate. I’d find it but my feed is too much of a torrent! And I’m still new to twitter.

    Trump could have been given the questions ahead of time, but it wouldn’t do him any good. He’d still just jabber word salad and insult Hillary.

  300. I believe that Megyn Kelly wrote in her book that Trump was given some questions in advance.

    The ludicrous part, the thing which no one in the media will bring up, is that Hillary would never need or want questions in advance. She knows everything. Anyone who has seen her debate, whether against Obama or Sanders, knows that she is the best debater in modern times, at least as far as knowing every detail of every issue. And it is not like the questions are, “Name seven rivers in Europe,” or ‘Tell us your opinions on the first twenty pages of ‘The Federalist Papers.” They are typical questions, which Hillary had answered numerous times. Of course, the average person,,particularly a Republican ,is so dumb, that they think that everyone is as dumb as they are, and needs to cheat to answer questions.

    Past that, we have the very depressing truth that a torrent of utter lies can find its way into the public sensibility, so that most people just assume they are true. Hillary got answers to debate questions from Donna Brazile (that lie intended to damage Hillary, the DNC; and inflame Sanders supporters), Hillary sold uranium to Russia at a large profit, etc. Say anything enough times, and many will believe it. If we are now where much of the country, and even the world, cannot discern fact from fiction, cannot use their logical faculties to figure out which is credible, then we might as well be back in the Dark Ages, where virtually no one was literate, and everyone was told that the Pope’s statements were not subject to question. Neal Gabler the other day wrote a story, which I have not read, but which questioned whether the entire Enlightment was now in danger of disappearing. That was the name given to the period in which Reason was elevated, and the need for empirical proof became important. Saying that every story you don’t like is fake news; projecting every one of your corrupt actions onto your enemy, is very close to simply saying that whatever you say is the truth, no one can question it, and that those who do, will be burned, like in the Spanish Inquisition. Galileo was going to be burned, until he recanted his statements about the earth going around the sun. One may shake one’s head at that kind of tyrannical ignorance, but how far are we from that now?

  301. Luna, I think this is it:

    God, Brazile. What has that nut touched that she has not tarnished, trashed, tried to ruin? Except of course for “There Will Be Blood” Barry.

  302. That period was known as “the Enlightenment,” which I do know how to spell, but not necessarily to type accurately!

  303. Here you go NWLuna:

  304. In addition to that foaming-at-the-mouth presser given by 45, among other rThugs outrages, there was also this:

    several members of the Hispanic Caucus were kicked out of a meeting with a top immigration official by staffers of Speaker Paul Ryan.

    There’s also the breaking news I saw over at Dak’s place about J. Edgar Comey’s outfit declining to prosecute Flynn.

    Thanks again, New York Times, WaPo and all you other national media. For all your hand-wringing now, you are the main reason we are where we are today.

  305. Aren’t we all surprised…not:

  306. Hillary is spending less time in the woods and more going to Broadway!

  307. Msdsal @ 11:59: It’s nice to think Hillary’s got some long range plan, but I hope all she’s doing right now is more naps, Broadway shows, New York dining out (total envy), and those long walks in the woods. That should tide her over nicely till the Dem. party gets its act together.

  308. It is like we’re returning to the Dark Ages. Before the election, I had a neighbor pull that “Hillary received the debate questions” crap on me. This was my introduction to fake news, and it did not go well for the neighbor who was told that it only SEEMS like Hillary knows the questions in advance because she’s so damn good at answering them.

    Here’s my idea for an intervention. When she’s ready, Hillary shows up at the White House and marches into the West Wing straight for the Oval Office. The guards won’t stop her. They’ll be overjoyed to see her. She announces (Al Haig style), “I’m in charge here.” And she receives the thanks of a grateful nation–and world.

    Well, I can dream! Trump can’t stop that.

  309. I wish someone would tweet something nasty related to this: Until you have had 30 years of press exaggerations like HRC, shut up and stop your whining.
    I don’t know who could do that with better words but….(smile) I can think of one or two tweeters.

  310. Please Miss ( or Sir,as the case may be) might we have a new thread? For this thread grows long and unmanageable;which is tiresome, as we await the computer’s download. Ample time for a nap but also a facilitation of unneeded stress. Or maybe I should just go get a life.

  311. Spot on Earlynerd:

    “Thanks again, New York Times, WaPo and all you other national media. For all your hand-wringing now, you are the main reason we are where we are today.”

  312. I thought I saw a note and link about a new post but could not find it.

    Thom Hartman (not my fav but) said 45 did exactly what Bannon told him to do yesterday. And somehow that makes sense to me. I don’t know how real the note somewhere online that the National Guard may be called out to deport all undocumented immigrants in about 8 states. That would fit Bannon’s orders. He said that laughing about 45 is exactly what people did about Hitler, and a million people marched against him too.

  313. William, can you believe this freaking storm?

  314. Fox host Shepard Smith slams president, Trump supporters call for his head
    William Cummings, USA TODAY , KVUE 7:54 AM. CST February 17, 2017

    Good that they are getting at each other throats. Looking forward to see more of this and they kill each other.

  315. Annie, my power has been out for hours! They said 12-24 hours before it comes back. I love the rain, but this has ben quite some storm, though it has,mostly stopped for now. I got drenched trying to walk ten feet out of my car to buy five Powerball tickets, slogging through water up to my knees. But I am tired of losing at Powerball, it’s time to start winning! Then maybe I can buy Trump out and get Hillary in!

  316. The media were like voyeuristic addicts who could not tear themselves away from the rush of being able to look through emails; Hillary’s, Podesta’s. Like ten-year-olds furtively peeking at someone’s school notebook. And it was like a contest; who can get Hillary? And they thought Trump was sort of fun. Had they actually read any books in college, or learned any history, they might have realized what could happen. And now Trump and Bannon, like Hitler before them, are going to try to shut them all up. They deserve it, but we don’t. They weren’t fit to tie Murrow’s or Cronkite’s shoelaces. They cavalierly passed by the biggest story of the century, the attempted takeover of the American government by Russia, through the installation of a puppet President, because emails were more of a turn-on for them. They completely failed their profession and their country, though most o them are psychologically incapable of admitting it.

  317. You don’t know “Storm”.

  318. I sure hope you Californians get the weather straightened out before April when I come to LA for my nephew’s wedding. It was beautiful here in Minnesota yesterday–bright sunshine and 62 degrees. First time I ever had to open the windows in February!

    But seriously, Annie and William, stay safe. I would much rather be caught in a snowstorm than a flash flood. Those gulley washers are scary, especially when driving. And losing power is no fun after a few hours.

  319. To all our CA Uppities, please take care and know you have my best wishes for your safety and no long-term ill-effects from it.

  320. “it” = the storm

  321. I would much rather be caught in a snowstorm than a flash flood.

    Even if your power has been off and it’s -15 degrees and you’re frozen to death at your kitchen table? Point is, wherever we live, it seems as if our weather rears its ugly head and tries to kill us.

    I was wondering, has Trump responded with help and funds for this horrid event. It IS a state of Emergency and so is that dam with the hole in its channel up North Cali. And he is such a horribly vindictive beast who remembers he got crushed in California. Do you guys have adequate federal help? The aftermath is going to be horrific, especially as Voting mentioned, the potential for illness from the swamp left behind.

  322. Click here for the Neal Gabler article to which William referred.

  323. Hi, folks. I’ve had a busy week, and probably a busy weekend, and another busy week to come, so don’t be surprised if I don’t drop by often.

    Dear Kentuckians: What in Areinnye were you people thinking in re-electing this Elephascist oligarch?

  324. The motto of this blog? 😈

  325. Meanwhile, down here in the central Arkanshire, we’ve had exactly one day so far (Jan. 6) where we had enough frozen precipitation to close the schools.

    [wingnut] But, of course, global warming is just a Chinese hoax to try to fool us into crippling our economy by going off fossil fuels. [/wingnut] 🙄

    Meanwhile, a more benign look at winter, courtesy of the manga and anime Non Non Biyori. 🙂

  326. I would rather be caught DRIVING in a snowstorm than a flash flood. I have been caught in both. Six inches of snow is a pain in the ass, and if you get stranded, someone can help. Six inches of moving water can lift a car or small truck and carry it away. No one can help even if they want to. It’s terrifying. I was never carried away by a flash flood but came close. Not an experience I want to repeat.

  327. William, I will be leaving for Redondo Beach CA in Mar. How close will I be to this dam?

  328. That dam needs to be fixed STAT. This is Federal aid issue. 200k people weren’t evacuated for nothing. This is Code Red. I feel very sorry for the people who are trying to resolve it, they must be horrified. But speed is of the essence. THe Corps of Engineers should be there with them.

  329. Rebel, six inches isn’t a storm here. It’s snow. A real storm is when you can’t even MOVE your car. Six inches, shit I drive in that all the time. That’s just winter.

    One difference would be that a foot or more of snow doesn’t happen suddenly. You see it happening before it gets to that point. A flash flood, no such luck.

  330. You got 62 degrees in Minnesota? Wow. I could go for that.

  331. Don’t post often but will because of the Oroville Dam. Here it is I lived there right under it for 20 + years and the flooding in Oroville happens at least every 5 to 7 years. Also the DWR has been crying out to Sacramento for many a year that repairs needed to be made each time these things happened and it fell on deaf ears. I had to evacuate three times because of the Feather River going over it’s banks ! They say this is the worst ever for rain ha ! They say it has never been opened that much before again I say HA ! Last two years I lived there the spillway was opened up to 150 CFS and my garage ended up wrapped around a tree in Marysville. The folks downstream not only were flooded out but our homes garages and tons of crap helped to take out their places in Marysville, Yuba City and Olivehurst. Yes the emergency spillway had never been used but that is because they dumped it down the main one. Every El Nino year it is the same shit rinse and repeat. They know and have known. Water comes in from three tributaries and they try to do a hurry up wait and see thing rather then proceed with a dump from the get go. Upps this is the river I lived on and where I told you that Salmon and Steel head are trash fish to me and still think so if you see how they are handled and what I have seen lol. My children were born in Oroville and raised there. Each time this happened and the first time was in 68 when the dam was filled to full capacity in one season when they said it would take several years to fill. It is normal in that neck of the woods and has been since it was built. each time the cry for help went out and funds were diverted for other projects . Each time the river took homes out and wiped out property there was little to no help from the state. Folks who live there were loggers and the many were on welfare when these floods hit due to wanting to retain all the water and then seeing they were in trouble. Folks up in the Northern part of the state have been trying for decades to split from the state. Why ? Because they are not represented, forgotten to the larger populous of Los Angeles etc. They do not have these incomes because it is farmlands and logging and lumber mills there. They have to pay insurance at the rate the big cities do etc because these cities rule and further my folks lived in the Los Angeles area and paid far far less for water then I did. I and other up there were angry because we felt we were paying the cost of shipping water south . We had no lack of water yet at any given time my water bill was 10 times higher then friends and family in Los Angeles. I still have many friends and some family there and trust me they are damned angry but not at the Fed but at Moonbeam and the others that spent the money needed and earmarked for this dam on other things. Everyone I know there knew this was bound to happen and it was said 12 years ago the spillway would erode and needed repairs. It is sad. It is sad that the most economically strapped have to live like this and lose what little they have due to gross mismanagement of funds allocated to do this type of repair and then pay the price every 5 to seven years. I have tons of photos of this place underwater and photos of my place gone. I lived it and know what I am talking about ! The news does not tell the truth about this situation. Now I read highway 1 is closed due to a bridge footing in danger of collapse. Ok so Calif is land of fire, flood and earthquake and for decades folks have been crying out for repairs to these things and get nothing. The state I loved and lived in for 40+ years is a failure as far as money handling. It is a failure to its own citizens because it would rather invite more and more illegals in and believe me I lived it too. I am not at all against immigration because that is how we all got here but border hoppers are not immigrants it is a big difference ! Saving a damned minnow is causing the destruction of the most fertile growing land in this country and I was devastated to go back 6 years ago and look at the Valley. It is awful. The forests up north are ruined with bug kill because the lack of logging. Folks that need to save everything are in fact ruining it. Logging was not destroying the forests up there . They thinned them out for better growth, taking dead trees and insect infested ones so healthy ones could flourish but yea it was ruining resources lol. It is always easier to play arm chair critic until you are affected by the critics choices . As one who was several times living there raising my family there I am and always will be angry at the things Sacramento passed in favor of the voters in the three cities that own California.

  332. “The state I loved and lived in for 40+ years is a failure as far as money handling. It is a failure to its own citizens because it would rather invite more and more illegals in and believe me I lived it too. I am not at all against immigration because that is how we all got here but border hoppers are not immigrants it is a big difference !”


    Are we starting to bash immigrants and “illegals” again for our problems? I can’t help but feel disappointed that such sentiments are being expressed again on this blog by some. FK that! (I know most on this blog don’t share those sentiments.) As a POC, I feel as if I have a target on my back–and I’m a citizen and have lived here in CA all my life.

    As I recall, we’ve had many Republican governors–Reagon, Dukemajian, Wilson, Shwarzenegger– before Brown (and Davis, for that matter). I think there’s plenty of blame to spread around when it comes to neglect of state infrastructure, etc, so in my view, Brown is being unfairly scapegoated for those woes. For the past few years we’ve been in a severe drought (and accompanying fires) with no end in sight, so that’s been the state’s focus and concern. Although I don’t agree with all of Brown’s policies, he’s actually brought some financial order to the state. And now we’re faced with a tyrant in the WH who is threatening to withhold Federal funds from us, and the consequences of such action could impact the state severely, especially when it comes to infrastructure.

    I know how awful it is to be flooded out, since I’ve experienced it twice in my lifetime when I lived in the San Joaquin Valley. (My niece and her family who live there now are currently under flood warning!) If the Sacramento River levees break close to town, my house will be under 12-16 ft of water. And if the Orville Dam breaks we will feel the consequences in Sacramento County too.

    I know many are living in fear and anger–not just in California. These are not hopeful times. But pointing fingers and scapegoating is not only divisive, but unproductive. Time to get my passport in order, since with each passing day I feel less welcome in the country I was born and raised in.

  333. Looks like spamy ate my post.

  334. I guess we could continue to live in a whole variety of silos. In silo A you can talk about this but not that. In silo B you can talk about that but not this, and so on through the alphabet.

    I am not taking a side but just asking if each defined group of people must agree with one another and have the same viewpoint on every facet of life’s social issues? I have progressive, moderate, and right wing friends. I detest how the right wingers believe and totally disagree with them but they are still human and have some good in them. Not much, but some! The moderates I can be more comfortable with because we are in the same range of agreement, more or less.

    OK, I know the rules here so will stop but had to say this.

    I hope the people under either snow or rain are all OK. And that was useful info from Daisy on the Oroville dam.

    Finally, can you believe those red jump suits and purple shirts the Lawrence Well young guy singers wore way back then? I have to change the channel.

  335. Posters can talk about whatever they want on this or any blog, but I can have an opinion and/or disagree, especially when such comments concern people in my cultural or social group. I’m surrounded by people with whom I disagree politically–family, people in my social group, my closest friends from high school who are avid trumpsters–but in this climate it’s actually dangerous to let things slide. Scapegoating is never a good thing, especially during such abnormal and violent times. Immigration (like abortion & the death penalty) is a hot button issue, and I also know there are a range of opinions on the matter. That’s not the issue. What is objectionable is framing the issue via blame. That’s the point I was trying to convey in my comments above. So I’ll just leave it at that.

  336. So here’s my read . It doesn’t matter where you live,the color of your skin,your education,your financial status if you feel you and your family are in danger,you’re going to kind of freak out.You’re going to do or say whatever you feel you need to protect them.Doesn’t matter if the threat is a faulty dam or some racist after your job; it’s terrifying.
    Right now we’re all in danger,not all for the same reasons…but we’re up a crick w/out a paddle. We need to save the boat..later we can come back, point fingers and assign blame.

    And the next time I hear a trump person say to ” Give him a chance”… I’m going to say the following:

    I’ll give him a chance to explain his ties to Russia.
    I’ll give him a chance to release his tax returns.
    I’ll give him a chance to divest himself of his holdings.

    Until he does those things,he doesn’t have the moral authority to claim the law and order excuse for harassing people who are just trying to feed clothe,house and educate their families.

    Thus endeth today’s sermon. 🙂

  337. The spillway on that dam has or was designed to run at a norm of 35 to 50 CFS. But each time they go through this drought stuff and yes it normally goes for 5 years then all Hell breaks loose with the rain and it tends to dump boat loads of snow in the high country around Bucks Lake and upwards. Then as it goes into late January and closer to Spring the rains hit the high country dumping tons of rain thus melting off the snow that normally melts off all Spring into Summer. But as it did this year they hold off dumping the water until they need to dump at epic proportions meaning 90 to 150 CFS. If you stood up there underneath the emergency spillway in that parking lot that once was there you could see the spillway vibrating under the heavier dumps of 90 CFS. It has been pointed out by tourists, citizens of that area and engineers but has it ever been addressed ? Disaster to the spillway was inevitable to me anyway. Now is the dam in danger ? No it would take one Hell of an earthquake and I mean it would level everything in the area of that quake to break that dam. It is insane how wide it is. It would take a darn huge bomb to break it . The only thing that could maybe jeopardize it other then what I said above could would be for that entire hillside east of the spillway to wash out and that is unlikely. If the emergency overflow were to give way then 30 feet of the lake will wash down and yes it will take out Oroville Gridley, Biggs, Live Oak richvale Marysville , Yuba City and Live Oak for sure. If the dam were to give way according to the rangers that run it up there it will tear everything out and reach most likely to Bakersfield although they would just see a bit of water. That is if Lake Oroville is at capacity. Now in that area ones there need also to fear Shasta Dam which is much older and in need of maintenance as well. Sorry if I pissed folks off but dog gone it I lived there and saw the crap. I also saw where Oroville and surrounding towns had begged for help and were shined on in favor of projects benefiting larger cities like Los Angeles etc. I also lived out in the Owens Valley and saw what DWP did to Owens lake . Drained it dry to go to Los Angeles and to heck with the folks who lived out in that desert and had ranches there and lost them due to no water. Was quite pleased with residents there got the Fed involved and won and DWP has to completely replace the wildlife and habitat in Owens Lake and refill it. Multi Billion dollar project but yes happy to see it. I remember the residents of Bishop sueing DWP to keep their hands off Collins lake as well. I ask why California has not produced the desalination plants they were to have many years ago ? I lived in the Los Angeles are 20 years too and I was never afraid to allow a hose to run and why ? Because we felt we were California. I know I did. I knew many others there that did too . Pretty much Southern Californians feel that without them the state is dead and mayhap that is true but when I lived other places in the state and saw the wreckage being done to these area in favor of water to the south it made me sad and frankly ill. I see it happening in Las Vegas NV too. The cities maybe should not grow to epic proportions if they do not have the water to sustain that amount of growth . Just a thought. Water is for all and it is life but in that statement do any of us have the right to destroy one area to feed another with water ?

  338. Trixta I was not being racist. I have three half hispanic grand children and two half black great grands. I am not racist or homophobic but what I have seen and disagree with is open borders and just allowing anyone to come here undocumented and remain here. There are laws and they need to be followed IMO. I can not go into Canada, Mexico or any other country like that why should we just accept it ? I will never change my opinion on that and feeling that way does not a racist make. I love the hispanic people and grew up with many many of them in Los Angeles. Sometimes folks are a bit too quick to judge and scream racism.

  339. Thank you for more background information on the Orville Dam situation . I live in the Bay Area, so I don’t have first hand experience with the area. Looking at the videos and pictures, it doesn’t take an engineer to realize that the emergency spillway should have been lined with concrete. Apparently, 12 years ago, 3 environmental organizations said the spillways needed repairs, but the Metropolitan Water District in Los Angeles didn’t want to pay for it through raising their water rates and Sacramento didn’t do anything. Most of the water from that dam, goes for agricultural and to Southern California. There is enough blame to go around for everyone . I get tired of our water rates going up and being asked to conserve water by not flushing the toilet as much, shorter showers , letting lawns go brown, putting in drought resistant plants, etc., while Southern California has lower water rates than we do, and they have full swimming pools, green lawns and golf courses. It doesn’t help that humans always build in flood plains and always seem so shocked, when they get flooded out. Before the dams, Sacramento was usually flooded in the winter. The only thing that keeps it from being flooded are the dams and levees. All those cities below the dam are built on flood plains, as well as Sacramento. If the actual dam actually broke, Sacramento would probably be under several feet of water. Today, cities along Highway 5 are getting flooded from all the rain that we are receiving and more is on the way.

    I just hope everything holds during the rains and snowmelt that we have coming.

  340. Daisy, Thank you for adding the human and first hand experience of the area. I have done a lot of white-water rafting and have some knowledge of cfs. I would add about 3 zeros to your cfs values. 90-150 cfs is minimal flow, but 90,000-150,000 cfs is massive and I think that is what you were trying to express. What is being released now, may be less, because of the damaged spillway.

  341. Yes sorry it was thousands lol. I am old so some times lol I have my mind running faster than my decrepit fingers lol. But as I said it was never really meant to run that many thousands of CFPS and for that long. It is because they want to hold back the water to ship it south for several years before the next El Nino year. La Nina years are 5 to 7 years. So although I understand the need for water I do not understand the reason to allow large populations to inhabit an area that is without the water to sustain it or the means to have it brought in without hurting or destroying other areas. I don’t know about now in the Los Angeles area because I fled it in 2011 vowing to never return but back then and many years prior freeways had the hillsides being watered freely with broken sprinkler heads and water racing down the roads. It was still lush and green down there with yards being watered daily and in the neighborhood I lived in any time you wanted to water. Green was everywhere while the least populated areas that had the rivers and water were paying crazy out of range prices and being told to cut back. Put some goofy device on the toilet to allow a trickle of water not sufficient to flush down the contents left in the bowl. Shower heads that did not allow you to rinse your hair so yea I thought it absurd. Heck I did not water and allowed a beautiful yard to die when I lived up North due to not caring to shell out over $100.00 a month to keep it up and that was back in 1990. My mothers water bill in 1990 in Los Angeles was $ 40.00 if that and that was unrestricted usage.

  342. Back to the political landscape for a moment. The thing is that the USA is in danger of becoming just as untenable to live in as the Mideast countries at war or Central or South America. Another 5 years and this country is not going to look like such a great place to live. And, if you think a Republican congress is going to impeach 45, I have a bridge I would like to sell you. They may force him privately to step down, after they get all their draconian laws in place, but then we will have Pence who is as bad or worse.

    If ‘they’ get their way, soon your health care insurance will be unaffordable (private ins/HSAs) and your pay will rise even less, and any minor law infraction will land you in jail. I would be looking for, if I weren’t too old to survive another 5 years, another country for myself.

    Talking heads say that the Republicans will take action if 45 breaks the law. Who says the Republicans care about the law for him or themselves? Since Reagan, Congressional members have been in a “me first” mode more and more.

    I am a realist, not a pessimist. I can hear what Repubs are saying and I can interpret their real meaning.
    If we do get a bunch of progressives, preferably real Democrats, to run for office in 2018, it still will take a generation to begin to just begin a recovery.

    Clue to our direction: see how many states activate the national guard to round up undocumented people. That will tell you the depth of the 45 effect. (I agree with Daisy mostly but want a deal/stay for those here 10 years+ with a good citizen record, including those who ‘created’ SS numbers to work). Count the countries with half their population trying to find another country to live in. How many decent countries are left to handle all of those numbers of people? I could be wrong on the latter, I need to research it.

  343. Msdsal, on February 19, 2017 at 12:27 AM:
    And thank you for your comments.

  344. Anyone who lives within 100 miles of a national border and a coastline need to watch this video. Normally I don’t agree much with John Stossell, but his report on the number of growing check points throughout the US is of great concern. The people being searched and harassed are American citizens, and the pretext is border security.

    Indeed, first they came for “illegals”….


  345. Some hope for reason…

    Graham: 2017 year of kicking Russia in the ass

  346. Trixta: did this start under Obama or 45? Do they consider this enforcement of an existing law? This is frightening and abusive. Seems to me those BP personnel were enjoying their “power” way too much.

  347. Cats, I’m not sure when this border patrol expansion took place. It’s very bad all around! I was actually shocked to see this video–and, as I said, Stossell isn’t my favorite pundit, but I’m glad he featured this on his show (or 20/20?). I was just thinking that Trumpzilla only has to expand the BP force and not have to bother with federalizing the National Guard as he has recently wanted to.

    I guess any road-trip plans I’ve had to the South West are now just a fond memory….

  348. If that map was accurate, the entire 100 mi wide perimeter of the lower 48 is within the BP’s purview!

  349. A more valetudinarian article than anything:

    This will not happen again. Not only are the men in the largely Catholic Chicago police forces more polarized than over 40 years ago, U.S. laws since that time have focused with increasing precision on preventing women from ownership of their own physical beings.

    Women who lacked the integrity and courage to fight first for their own rights in the face of the men of their caste who used the rights of any group that included men in order to shut them up, are going to be dangling over this precipice, this time without any rope, without any net, without anything.

  350. H’mm – spellcheck and I disagree. That should have been “valedictory”.

  351. Well, my power was out for a day and a half. I didn’t think the storm was all that ferocious, but DWP told me that it the worst in years, and that many power lines were down. And there was a sinkhole! I had never heard of one of these here, but the woman who fell into it while driving was very fortunate that the Fire Department was able to rescue her about twenty minutes before a driverless car whose driver had stopped just shot and gotten out, plunged in as well. I loved the rain, but there was certainly damage.

    Ivory Bill, thanks for posting that Gabler article. I have not read it yet; putting it off because I have a high opinion of his intelligence and social/historical perspective, so he is probably right that we are risking four hundred years of civiiizations’s intellectual progress. In the Dark Ages, virtually everyone was illiterate, and just believed what the Catholic Church told them. It is wryly amusing that the other day here, I was writing about how Galileo was forced to recant his scientific discoveries that the earth circled the sun; and now, just yesterday, it appears that Kyrie Irving, a star in the NBA, someone who apparently attended Duke for two years, said in an interview that he believed that the earth was flat; that because it did not seem round to him; and because he cannot imagine that the pictures from the moon on the first landing could possibly be that clear, so it seems that he is thinking that the moon landing was pretense, at least the pictures. Now, a few people said that he was just putting people on, but i think the consensus is that he meant it. So 500 years of scientific discoveries, from exploration to astronomy to mathematical computations and just plain observation, do not impress Irving, who wants to show everyone that he is a free thinker, not bound by the common assumptions.

    Now, who cares what this guy thinks; but we are supposed to have a general grounding in scientific and mathematical and analytical facts, that is what civiilztion is based upon. Right now, we are sinking into a morass of ignorance, superstition, authoritarianism, with a populace which believes anything it is told, as long as the teller is “on their political side.” So Trump lies about everything, and they believe it. Everything that is critical they call “fake news” or “a hoax.” Someone wrote the other day that to get re-elected, Trump doesn’t have to create jobs, he just has to get peple to believe that he created jobs. The internet, which has value in some ways, has become the place where the insidiously conniving and the dumb and ignorant get together to purvey and spread their untruths, which they then dare anyone to gainsay.

    Now, if I were a media person, I would have been a lot more worried about the disappeance of knowledge and logic and historical referents, than about seeing how much fun I could have trying to “gotcha” Hillary on an email. But of course their bosses love the ratings, and Trump is pure mindless entertainment to many. Maybe it’s time for me to read that book Sue recommended and which i did buy. “Amusing Ourselves to Death.” Western Civilization has been built upon the progress of the Renaissance, and then the Enlightenment, where science was valued, where findings meattered, empricial proof was demanded. Now, we’re sitting here with the planet getting hotter each year, with all the attendant consequences, and a bunch of sick Republicans don’t care, because they want their masters’ oil company profits to funnel to them; and vast numbers of people either believe them, or don’t have any interest. Not one question was asked about global warming during all four debates. Hillary’s emails got millions of words of verbal and written coverage. Everyone pursues profits or partisan gratification at the cost of knowledge and insight. There is no common purpose, there are mostly just the corrupt and the foolish enjoying themselves along the path to the new Dark Ages. If anyone wants to read a really great but challenging novel, read “Riddley Walker,” by Russell Hoban. You’ll neve forget it.

  352. Well I’m glad this blog didn’t completely go to hell and recovered from some disagreements. You all get a B.

    But since, the topic came up, I might as well weigh in about the border problems. And there ARE problems. First of all, this unfettered open border thang started wayyyyyy back. At least as far back as Reagan, possibly even earlier. Since then, millions have found ways to enter our country illegally. But in doing so, the government was complicit. It was complicit because rich and greedy profiteers wanted cheap nannies, gardeners and third shift workers they could treat like shit. A good example are the tent cities for migrant workers. An even better example is when Walmart locked their third shift warehouse employees in a warehouse with plate glass doors and windows, left them there to die when a fire broke out and they couldn’t get out. Yes, my friends, our government has been LURING Mexicans here for decades for cheap labor.

    So, the government literally HELPED all these people to hop the border illegally. I do not think harassing and rounding them up scared shitless is a proper way to treat people. I think it’s immoral and downright MEAN. This is not supposed to be who we are. I believe that, due to OBVIOUS complicity, they should be allowed to stay. With one VERY real exception. People who commit a crime or have committed crimes should definitely be deported. That’s the way it always was with LEGAL immigration. Plenty of immigrants of our grand parents’ era were deported for crimes. That is NOT cruel. That is a message that says, come here and harm us and we will kick your fucking ass out of here. If they kill they should suffer the exact same punishment of anyone else. You can stay, but get straight or get the hell out. I do not think that is an unfair expectation.

    We still have to deal with the continuing entry of people illegally. This absolutely should be stopped. But you don’t build a fucking WALL for Chrissakes. That’s so goddamned insane I don’t even know what the hell else to say about it. It’s crazy. Build a fucking wall of China around an entire country that purports to be a democracy. These people should have their heads examined. Seriously! This is downright clinically insane!

    What we SHOULD do is remember that we are a country of laws. Entering this country illegally is,,……..well…….illegal. Once we stop CONDONING it and ASKING for it, the blame rests with the entrants. But not a moment sooner. What we need to do is have our border patrol and Immigration people do what they are SUPPOSED to do but have been told NOT to do for decades. That is, stop entry on the spot. Now, I realize that we are talking about vast desert areas, but they are the same deserts that have ALWAYs existed. Yeah we might miss a few, but not MILLIONs. Instead of harassing citizens, they need to hang out where they belong. The border. Give them the equipment and staff they need to make it happen, just like we did before this Turn A Blind Eye insanity began. And we don’t shoot them, unless they shoot first. We just stop them from entering. Period. Don’t tell me this can’t be done. All it takes is commitment and Permission to do their jobs. DOn’t let Trucks show up crossing the border with a bunch of unfortunates crammed underneath a tarp. If we are going to do checkpoints, check THAT, not people two hundred miles from the border minding their own goddamned business. This would certainly also go a long way in intercepting entry of drugs into the country as well.

    Once we conclude that the existing people who came here illegally came here because they COULD, we can focus on stopping it from further happening–instead of hunting for the people who are already living and working here! And just maybe Mexico’s government will get off their asses and work on the reasons why people can’t wait to get the fuck out of there. If I were them, I’d be embarrassed.

    I do not assume that all of this is simple. But I do assume that only simple-minded people can’t solve it without harassing the entire country and building a fucking idiotic wall.

  353. Nice of Trump to want the states to do his job for him and pay for it too. That’s what “Let’s call the National Guard” means. His own Waffen-SS, free of charge.

  354. Thought you might appreciate my morning hug to Donald.

  355. Uppity, dang it all. What makes you so able to articulate the most sensible response to most any dilemma? I can’t bring myself to disagree with anything you said about the border thing. But I realize that I am not in the shoes of those coming in illegally.
    I thought last night, why is life so cruel to so many? I don’t know. I just know that life can be outrageously cruel to some and spare others. I have always felt fortunate to be born in this country, with all its ills. Life is a mystery.
    Thank you.

  356. I unsubscribed to all the Democratic postings about DNC chair and other of their emails. Reason given: I do not approve of Bernie Sanders being allowed to ty to dictate to a Party to which he does not belong. In my view that includes pushing for Ellison as dnc chair. I don’t object to him as a person, just don’t want the Dem party to split further into progressive and moderate. Why doesn’t Bernie work for his own party? Just weird.

  357. Why doesn’t Bernie work for his own party?

    He is. His party is and always was his hearthtrob, the CPUSA. The thing is, they can’t be successful. THey just don’t have enough members. They are and always were Fringe. Bernie’s job is to drag our party to the Communist left and hijack it for himself and his heartthrob party.

    Uppity, dang it all. What makes you so able to articulate the most sensible response to most any dilemma?

    I’d say that pretty much depends on how you feel about what I’m saying. I’m sure at least one person read what I wrote and mumbled, “What An Asshole”.

  358. Yes, but think how amazing it is if it was only one!! Or even a few! And that is why I added the caveat about not being at risk, so far, and walking only in my own shoes, not those who did cross the border. Tho we all could be at risk if 45 continues to require full agreement with his views.

  359. Uppity Woman, on February 20, 2017 at 12:07 AM
    Kudos Uppity, great post and you are in top form.

    …the government was complicit. It was complicit because rich and greedy profiteers wanted cheap nannies, gardeners and third shift workers they could treat like shit.

    I have known first hand from participants, that the US Defense Department and Industry have benefited for a very long time from illegal Mexican cheap labor.

  360. blockquote>America’s extremist battle: antifa v alt-right

  361. America’s extremist battle: antifa v alt-right

    Just checking my highlights…

  362. IMO one of the problems we face is the Alt-Left. They are just as odious as the Alt_right. To me, the ongoing underground feud is the Alts against one another. It’s been going on for far too long. The Socialists vs The Fascists. They have taken chances apiece ruining the country while in power. They both purged the parties of Moderates. You know how I always say that Extremism is the path to Destruction. We are now at Critical Mass with these two extremes. The entry of Bernie Sanders into the picture is a huge indicator of just how much trouble our Republic is in regardless of which way we turn. It’s why I got fed up and registered No Affiliation. I refuse to be in the Socialist Party as vehemently as I refuse to join the Fascist Party.

    We’re in deep shit.

  363. Yes, Ups, we are in deep shit and half the country knows it while the other half is having an orgasm. We may need extraterrestrial intervention if the planet is to survive….

  364. Cats, we certainly could use extraterrestrial intervention,but they may not be able to get here because of trump’s new travel ban.Let’s hope their machines are better than ours and that they’re more benevolent rulers than trump.Maybe they’ll allow us the tiniest bit of democracy..or at least the illusion..of course that may be what we already have.

  365. LOL!
    Msdsal we sure need some humor…

  366. Please tell the martians to bring some moderate thinking beings…
    earthlings have gone extreme wacko …

  367. On the matter of the border question and why the constant flow of migration from Mexico to the US:

    Many decades ago I participated in a summer graduate exchange program in Mexico city, and one of the courses I took dealt with US-Mex relations and the border. The professor, a national expert and scholar on the subject, shed light on how the border is and has always been a porous boundary at the behest and whims of the US government. That without a functioning border policy between both countries, the US-Mex border would remain a contentious issue. As he pointed out, the prime mover in all of this–economics–is a changing thing, thus border policy needs to be revisited and negotiated constantly by both sides. Moreover, the US has been known to dictate a good deal of the Mexican economy via unfettered US corporate takeovers, profiteering, trade policy, and manipulation of the peso–all of which have decimated Mexico’s middle and poorer classes time and again. Such economic circumstances and conditions are the main causes of immigration to the US. Currently, Mexico is experiencing high oil prices, which is having a devastating impact on the cost of living. The other related causes, of course, are politicians who sellout the Mexican people for profit or political gain, and whose actions prevent the country from economic recovery.

    As an example of how our economic policies affect Mexico, let’s consider NAFTA. This trade agreement relocated US-owned factories at the border, keeping wages to pennies on the dollar and with no worker protections in site. Great for the factory owners but very bad for the workers. As a result, many who came from the cities to work in such factories abandoned those jobs, preferring to take their chances across the border. In the southern region of Chiapas, this trade agreement also devastated indigenous communities by ensuring more corporate takeovers of land and resources and the implementation of draconian labor conditions. The 1994 Zapatista uprising was in direct response to NAFTA, an uprising which not only had massive support across Mexico but the world over. It was the first rebellion to be initiated and conducted over the internet by guerrilla leaders hidden deep within the Mayan jungles. As a result, some concessions were made to the indigenous communities, fortunately preventing the revolt from metastasizing into a full-blown war. In the end, multitudes of Mayans fled persecution from para-military squads or died fighting to keep their lands and communities intact. Many managed to escape to the US.

    From the 1980s to the present, the drug cartel issue has prompted increasing immigrant flows to the US. Mexicans mainly in rural areas have been living in terror, losing businesses and lives at the hands of drug lords. Sadly, reports of mass graves and mutilated bodies in the streets is part of daily life. Many flee these areas for a safer existence across the border. Since the late Gary Webb’s ground-breaking reporting on the ugly truth about the US’s involvement in drug trafficking, we as a nation must face the reality of our role in this regard and the consequences it is having on immigration.

    On our side of the border, the picture is a bit rosier. Obviously, cheap labor is the prized commodity that benefits our agri-businesses, domestic services, and other labor-intensive industries by keeping wages and prices low and US consumers happy. But the inflow of workers here also helps keep Mexico a stable country by avoiding another bloody revolution like the one which occurred in 1910. Back then, millions migrated across the border to avoid the violence and destruction of that war, but many returned home when things settled down. An unstable neighbor on our southern borders would not be good for this country not only because of the possibility of mass migration, but because the US economy would take a big hit. Mexico is our biggest trading partner, I believe.

    Again, I just thought I’d contribute some thoughts on the complicated nature concerning the US-Mex border and why many migrate to this country. My main point, however, is that whatever is decided on this side of the border has consequences on the other side–which in turn has consequence here. When Mexico’s economy does well immigration decreases, and vice versa. The irony is that Mexico has its own border and immigrant issues with Central American countries lying just south of its national boundaries. In past decades, many of those immigrants cross over into Mexico but do not remain. Instead they head toward this country. They are not Mexican nationals.

  368. Per Rachel, sessions is the architect of the DHS memos being finalized for mass deportations. Hmmmm. She also showed campaign pix where 45 was introducing Sessions: Sessions’ hat was WHITE and 45’s hat was of course RED. Coincidence? I think not!


    That said, I think this would be a fitting end to this one:

  370. And if a salute to the People’s President won’t do it, how about too much cute?

    Canada Fears Photo of Prime Minister with Pandas Could Worsen American Refugee Crisis via @BorowitzReport— ParisConstantinople (@smartflexin) February 20, 2017


  371. Who would have thought that Miss Manners would lay out such a cogent analysis of the changes we are experiencing in the President’s office (meaning the person in the office, not his staff!). I found this in the comments for Dear Amy.

  372. Has anyone else noticed some voters still have their Hillary signs out?

  373. Voting at 2:39 am.
    I second that motion…
    with the happy president’s day to the legitimate winner: our Hillary.

    Make it so…

  374. Hillary tweet. Bring tissues.

  375. Oh my gosh, Ups! This is beautiful. I had chills the entire time. What a wonderful gift to Hillary.

  376. A stark contrast to what comes out of 45’s mouth to incite his supporters. Those whom HIllary inspires wiil always outshine those whom 45 infects. The shell-shocked faces of the young women and girls on the evening of Nov 8th will always haunt me. This video is proof that they may have bent low for a moment, but they did not break.
    Thanks, Ups.

  377. Upps:
    I just cried out loud.
    So touching and beautiful..
    I will be with her forever…

    Make it viral…

  378. Doing my best, Belle xo

  379. National Zoo’s Panda Bao Bao is on her way to China. They have an agreement that all Pandas born here must be sent to China before the age of 4. But then we would never see a Panda if we weren’t part of a breeding program. But still………Waaaaaaaaaaaa!

    But the fun thing is, Fed Ex has a Panda Express. A plane specifically for transporting Pandas from her to China. Here is is.

  380. And now about the dark side of our species:

    Resistance Report: More than 1 million sign White House petition for Trump’s tax returns, breaking record
    Garance Franke-Ruta 7 hours ago

  381. Bao Bao’s first snow blizzard.

  382. Bao Bao’s final meal before leaving. The Chinese keepers come here and they had a week-long bash celebrating the Panda. Special ice cake made for Bao Bao. The Chinese cook Chinese food for the Keepers. And they escort the panda home.

    This is part of a conservation program to breed Pandas and increase their numbers for posterity. The breeding adults were given to Smithsonian national zoo to do the impossible. Breed in captivity. It was a success!

  383. 9 President’s Day Tributes Honoring Hillary Clinton, The “People’s President”

  384. Maxine Waters, on Chris Hayes, came with a written list of Russian gang members and she read the whole thing plus their connections to 45. Including Sater. a long list.

    45 is Chaos personified. It seems to me he is fighting on 3 fronts to keep people’s heads swiveling: immigration (he really wants all out), Roe v Wade, and the travel ban. All while, according to Waters, Tillotson is there only to lift sanctions on Russia so their gang can get the oil and gas in Alaska.
    Although, according to Chris Hayes, a lot of people at town halls are asking about the Russians.

    45 may not care about how much he gets done re removing undocumented people or removing Roe v Wade. But he has Tillotson working for Russia and oil and gas and that is what he really wants. The latter statement is mine but a logical conclusion. I think there is one more big front but I am blocking on it. There are so many. Not to mention the rise in anti-Jewish actions or what Betsy will do to public education.

    I think the Indivisible approach may eventually have an impact on some of this. I hope.

  385. Some good news on Rachel’s show: the Dems are being inundated with candidates to challenge Repubs in districts Hillary won. She mentioned VA and GA specifically but it sounds like it is happening in both red and blue states all over the country. Looks like the people have finally shaken the party into action. Also, congresscritters everywhere are getting an earful from their constituents during the recess. Over 7000 indivisible groups nationwide!

  386. Uppity at 6:07 & 6:17 Awwwwwwww

    Also loved that Panda Plane at 6:02.

  387. The Russian ambassador to the U.N. may be another Putin poisoning victim. The Medical Examiner who did the autopsy apparently couldn”t find evidence of a natural cause of death and says further testing is required–meaning a toxicology screening. Wonder if he had been “sharing” what he knew with American Intelligence.

  388. Thank you for the Hillary song, Up! I am bookmarking and sharing it. It gives me real hope for our future.

  389. Go get ’em, Hillary!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!

  390. Poor Donald, he can’t help it. He was born with a silver foot in his mouth AND a skewed brain. …
    apologies to Ann Richards (in memory).

  391. My new heroine is Susan Collins..looks like she’s gone over to the Dem side on the Senate Intelligence Committee ,tilting the votes to 8 Dem,7 Repub..maybe we’ll get to the Russian truth after all.Do you think we should send her flowers,or will a thank you tweet do?

    Also, have all the new thread makers gone on vacation or run away?

  392. Collins is one of those rare unicorns called “Moderates”. The Dumbassed right and Dumbassed left got rid of the rest of them for ‘purity,” and purity is bullshit.

  393. Rebel, what got me about that song video was the sad look on the girls’ on the faces in the orchestra.

  394. I know! And the melody is a dirge.

  395. @ Upps and Brassy, Yes. (sniff)

  396. OK, I am watching the Dem Chairman “debate” on CNN…and I have two questions.:

    1. SINCE WHEN is internal party determination been decided by PUBLIC debate? Do you think the RNC will subject themselves to the same?

    2. Can we just kiss our Dem asses good-bye for being suckered into this?

  397. It’s just ridiculous, Voting. When are they actually going to pick a chairman? Before next year’s Congressional elections would help. Democrats act like the DNC chair sets the ideological direction for the party. No. The chair is a bureaucrat, a functionary, selected by other bureaucrats. Their job is to work with state parties to raise money and organize. This time the ideological arguments are heightened because of the pernicious influence of BS and his loud-mouthed supporters. I have paid zero attention to the craziness, but I have noticed they’re holding forums and debates as if they are picking the next presidential nominee.

  398. This time the ideological arguments are heightened because of the pernicious influence of BS and his loud-mouthed supporters.

    I have paid zero attention to the craziness, but I have noticed they’re holding forums and debates as if they are picking the next presidential nominee.

    Don’t. Say. That.

  399. “The Dumbassed Right and The Dumbassed Left.” I like this Uppity.

  400. For decades, Susan Collins has been a mirage, someone who occasionally hinted at breaking ranks with conservative Republicans, but virtually never has. Maybe this time she will actually do something couragous and right, or maybe not.

    The DNC chair contest has always been a proxy fight, but never has it been so ridiculously contentious as this time. And of course it is because of the Berniecrats, who just HAVE TO WIN, because their Bernie was so CHEATED by the DNC, and SURELY WOULD HAVE WON THE NOMINATION, IF THE DNC HADN’T FIXED ALL OF THE PRIMARIES, or at least the ones that Bernie lost, which was most of them. They will never concede a thing, never compromise. Their wing of the party will never win a national election, unless one counts Obama, who of course was an Eisenhower Republican economically, and never fought the modern Republicans. I just want someone as DNC chair who has a 50-state electoral strategy, and will do everything possible to fight voter suppression, which is the crucial battleground. And if he gets rid of caucuses, that would be great, too. Perez seems fine, but the Berniecrats simply WON’T HAVE HIM. So we may get someone else. Since I know that following the Bernie Way is a sure guarantee of Republicans winning every election and destroying the country, I hope that the Berniecrats leave the party now, if they really think that it is okay for Republicans to take all their rights away. Those who actually care about the whole country, I hope will stay.

  401. When we get a new post, could you please add the Isolde Fair video to it? Thanks

  402. William @ 3:28, well said. I’d rather have Perez than Bernie’s choice, Mr. Ellison, who is probably a decent man, but not mainstream enough for me. Am so sick of Bernie and his obnoxious supporters, who are still arguing with us Hillary supporters on twitter! Assholes! The country is facing its biggest catastrophe ever, but all they care about is getting us to admit that Bernie would’ve beat trumputin. Never.

    WLM @ 3:54, good idea!

    Dearest Beautiful and Gracious ones Sophie and Uppity, can we please have a new post? I hate to bug you, but maybe you could just put up the Isolde Fair video? xoxo

  403. Upps, love the pandas!

  404. Ok. UNCLE.

    New Post Up.

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