Scurrying like cockroaches when the light is turned on.

Yes, it’s the Town Hall time of year.

Well, not exactly. More like it’s Avoid Town Hall time of year.

For some, it’s even Run From Town Hall time of year.

Here’s Nebraska’s Sen. Deb Fischer scurrying away from her constituents who are yelling Hey Deb! Meet With Us!

Not to be undone, here’s Rep Dave Young as a constituent pours him a glass of dirty water.

Well hey, at least Dave showed up, unlike Rep. Paul Cook, who is so conspicuously absent from constituent view, his face finally showed up plastered on milk cartons.


And here’s Senator Tom Cotton as a constituent asks him, “What insurance do YOU have?”

Honestly, I actually felt sorry for Tom Cotton. He looked like a sad puppy at that town hall. I really kind of want to hug him. I mean this.

See what I mean?

And then there’s Der Leader Mitch… can we forget that Chinless Old Man who is using the halls of Congress as a free Retirement Home like so many others?

Mitch said protesters don’t scare him at all. Then he entered via a back door.

Pay no nevermind to the snipers on the roof….


Finally, Senator Pat Toomey was a No-Show at his Town Hall.

So they held it without him and put an appropriately empty suit on display in his place.


There are many more. Let’s put them in the comments as we find them!

Oh and one more thing: Sean Spicer hasn’t found one of those buses he keeps talking about. I guess he’ll have to bus the buses in…..

And yet another One More Thing.  There are cartoons flying by Twitter. Here’s one of them.c5uhge2ucaahko3


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  1. I added Toomey’s town hall, he didn’t show up. So they used an empty suit….

  2. Love the “Nice hat, ya uninsured chump, you!”

  3. Upps, you rock! Thanks so much for the new post. I loved the youtubes. Laker almost blew my eardrums out laughing with his loud voice. He sends his love.

  4. That crowd at Tom Cotton’s killed it. I wonder if all this anger will give these cretins pause before they take away our safety net. Also love the sniper and empty suit pix.

  5. Constituent catches up with wimpy wuss “I’ll put up a fight and then vote the way you tell me” Marco Rubio.

  6. Great post. Last night on PBS news, it caught my attention when a Rep. from Texas said yes, he’d be having town halls by telephone. LOL

  7. I like the woman handing her Rep a glass of dirty water. Dirty water is so 21st century. I do wonder how all the economically anxious Trump voters feel about the so-called infrastructure plan being postponed till next year. Suckers.

  8. Yeah, Gohmert is a snake. He’ll never be half the woman Gabby is.

    Thom Tillis wouldn’t show either. He’s gonna love the billboard that’s going up on I-77. 😉

  10. Marco says that townhall people are rude and stupid. Hey, just like Trump.

  11. Rebel, I personally think they should have tackled that guy and made him drink the water.

  12. Former school teacher asks Cockroach Jason Chaffetz, “What is your line in the sand?” for Trump’s acts.

  13. Socal, if they think this is bad, wait till they threaten Medicare. You do not want to fuck with old people, let me tell you.

    Glad muh guy Laker liked the post!!!

  14. One of the most amazing and pathetic things is that the Republicans have been able to get away with pretending to be the voice of the average American, while the Democrats represent elites. They’ve done this for decades. Many deluded working people actually think that Republicans will help them economically.

    The truth of course is that the Republicans have basic disinterest and contempt for them. Republicans are only about the 1%, and finding ways to enrich themselves even further on the backs of the middle class and poor. And people MIGHT be starting to figure this out?? I’ve said before, every utterance from Repubilicans can easily be decoded as, “This will help us wealthy people and our bilionaire patrons in their quest to destroy the environment, the safety net, and anything else impeding us in our rapacious goal of getting even richer.”

    In the 1930’s, most working people understood this. It was the working class against the “economic royalists,” and our side won. Ovet the decades, the Republicans capitalized on every issue, often made up, to obscure their real goals. Fighting Communism. Hating hippies and peaceniks. Law and Order. Cultural issues, religiosity vs. humanism. They pull them all out. They tell people that they are taking away all of their protections for their own good, and a bunch of people believe them. Hillary was the enemy, because she had a private email server, and she gave a couple of speeches to Wall Street. Trump was the perfect ruse, a would-be billionaire who lived in gilt-edged splendor, and who conveniently wore a cap when telling his clueless supporters that he was for them, the people, and against the elites. The Republicans hate the people. They will do anything to avoid contact with them. They are not only soulless, evil people, they are complete elitist phonies. The ability to unlock this truth, and somehow get people to see it, not just for this snapshot, but consistently, is the key to changing the electoral makeup of this country. Can people still learn from what they see right in front of them? Democrats need a populist hero or heroine, but it has to be a real one, a sincere and caring one, and not a demagogue phony like Sanders, or a well-meaning but hopelessly marginal one like Warren. Interestingly, the great populist Democratic hero was Franklin D. Roosevelt, who was born into wealth and privilege, but who had a real humanistic concern for the average working person. You can give speeches to Wall Street and still have great human empathy and caring. Or you can dress up in a cap or overalls and jeans for a photo-op, and still be a misanthropic plutocrat who runs away from people who try to question or challenge your hypocrisy.

  15. Wow, great post and comments.
    Don’t waste your pity on Cotton, Upps; he is a traitor after all.
    Cotton’s letter to Iran’s Supreme Leader should have had him clapped in irons.

  16. Great subject post Upps.

    It´s time for us to get some laughs and enjoy how the deplorables get their a$$es chewed up….

  17. oops! did not finish the sentence…
    Keep the videos coming…

  18. Anita Finlay, how great to see you!!
    Please tell me-if it’s not an imposition to ask-how are you coping with The Catastrophe?
    I’m not; not very well.
    Lots of day drinking and Gene Kelly movies, but I’ll have to return to the real world at some point.

  19. William, before he entered politics, FDR worked in a Wall St. law firm. Imagine what would have been done to him if he lived in the age of social media. No New Deal. No steady leadership during WWII. We used to be really lucky.

  20. New post – great! Loved those videos of scurrying ReThugs.

    Of course NC’s are going to be MIA – what Rethugs here have gotten away with so far probably has them thinking they’re national role models, no constituent input needed. Although the new governor and AG did just hand them a taste of their own medicine: they pulled the Supreme Court appeal of the circuit court ruling that invalided the glaringly racist voting rights violations.

    One small step.

  21. Upps @ 11:32, haha! I notice the cockroach first deflects the question by asking “how many teachers are in the room” and then wastes more time thanking them, then gives the namby-pamby answer of “the law”.

    Hillary never broke the law, but he couldn’t waste enough time going after her.

  22. Earlynerd @ 2:55, yay!

  23. Annie @ 3:22 Amazing, innit? Some Dems have a spine and they’re not afraid to show it.

    This is coming up, though:

    Republicans work to thwart investigation of Donald Trump’s Russia ties and conflicts of interest

    Preventing Democrats from holding vote on House floor would effectively kill attempts to look into the President’s alleged corruption

    There -has- to be some way of stopping this, some point of leverage to stop the ongoing law breaking.

  24. Hey,Ups..many thanks for the new thread and LOVE the colors and font on the new header. Very classy,really brings out the colors in Bill’s eyes.. 🙂
    Did you all hear Hillary’s video message to the DNC? Didn’t back any one candidate,but our girl is signaling that she’s on her way back.Sounds to me as if she’s about to travel country wide to help Dems win everywhere.Why not,people always love her when she isn’t running for president..that woman has no quit in her and had things gone the way they should’ve she’d be running in 2020 anyway.
    ( Sorry,I just felt compelled to put in that last’s the weekend after all)
    And there was Anita Finlay ,first to there’s a positive omen;welcome back Anita.

  25. Msdsal, yes, I saw Hill’s comments, and very glad to see it. I’m not counting on her running in 2020 though. Would love to see her as the grand stateswoman of the party though. But who knows, whatever path she chooses is fine with me. I will always respect and love her.

    Agree that the new header is fabulous. Very art-y.

  26. Msdsal, Bill says he appreciates your comment on his magnificent self. You very likely got a free “Get Out Of Spam” card for that.

  27. Hahaha Rebel, FDR probably WAS Wall Street. This was a verrrrrrrry rich family.

  28. Ani, I’m sorry that I did not notice your post on top. We had fun writing some separate essays back in ’08, although obviously they didn’t achieve the intended result. And then now again, when I really thought that it would not happen twice. But if Hillary, ever resilient, can cope in some way, we must be able to as well.

    Sue, I empathize. (I never really look for Gene Kelly movies, but I did like Cyd Charisse 🙂 ). My escape movies usually tend to be film noirs, or I will watch Inspector Morse episodes; but I haven’t even felt like watching any of these lately. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and feel very worried and depressed about what we are facing; aat other times I feel a bit more optimistic at the pushback we are seeing. Much damage will be done, of course; we must hope it is not fatal. I still want Hillary to run in 2020, though I know that she almost certainly won’t, if for no other reason than that the media and the Left would scream at her in fury. But seriously, what other person is likely to have a good chance to beat Trump or Pence? And I always had an affinity for romantic and swashbuckling stories, where the rightful heir unseats the evil usurper, and redeems the kingdom. Such stories leave one with a feeling of satisfaction and moral rightness that one yearns to see replicated in reality. I never thought that Hillary would just retire to a quiet life, and abandon the terrain to others. She just cares too much about the country, and the people who supported her. She will likely not run, but she gives millions of people hope and encouragement by her presence and engagement.

  29. Brassy Rebel, as of course you know, the party bosses pcked the candidates back then. FDR probably could have won under the current system, too, but it helped that he did not have to waste his time arguing with some angry Socialist about his liberal bona fides. The country was very fortunate to have him be there at a desperate time. I thought that Hillary was really the closest thing to FDR, not in terms of galvanizing persuasive power, perhaps, but in terms of liberal credentials and sweeping plans. Maybe voters were smarter then, but of course they had the Republican-caused Depression to encourage them to be. And of course the South always voted Democratic back then, which helped, even if for bad reasons.

    The other day, I saw a filmed theatrical performance of the musical “Newsies,” which is a somewhat romanticized version of the newsboy strike of 1899. The songs were heartening, all about the working class, and the need to stick together and fight for fair wages and treatment. I was touched at the evocation of a time when people joined together to form a labor movement, even with all the stress and suffering which it took over the succeeding decades to finally win major labor rights under the FDR administration.

  30. Hey, seems as though not all of congress are hiding out! Why just today my daughter received an email from our congressman Robert Pittenger inviting her to join in on his interactive telephone town hall. He wanted to make sure he would hear from as many of his constituents as possible, and he hopes she will call in. The town hall starts at 6:30 pm. Yesterday.

  31. Yes, the teal really brings out the chartreuse of Bill’s beautiful eyes.
    William, my friends tell me that Gene is partnered by a woman in the Broadway Melody (“Singin’ In The Rain) jazz dance but I’m so dazzled by Kelly’s footwork and-ahem-behind-that I’ve never noticed.
    Cyd, who? 🙂
    You want romance and swashbuckling? I’m off to watch Gene in “The Three Musketeers”-not a musical.

  32. Hillary’s video today:

  33. Thank you Voting for the video.
    We love you Hillary!

  34. OK, this was genius:

  35. Cheer up,William,we may have another Republican caused depression to recover from soon.
    My go to movies for depression are Camelot ( mostly because I can sing along ) and Bette Midler’s Divine Madness movie..also because I can sing along.Amazing how singing along can lift your spirits..gets you out of your sad self for awhile,too.Moves that sad right out of you.

    Thanks for the “Get out of spam free” card,Ups…I never had one before.
    Did you all catch Rachel tonight? Looks like somebody/ies in the White House asked some intelligence officers ,Senator Burr and a house congressman ( both of whom are Repub heads of the Intelligence Committees for their respective branches,those who are SUPPOSED to be investigating the connection between trump &Russia) to call reporters and tell them that there’s “no there,there”,re: the T/Russia connection.Man that rotten smell isn’t just coming from Denmark anymore.If trump keeps this up,there are going to be so many Repubs tainted by all of this the Dems may be the only congress critters left. OK by me.

    It’s true what they say, no one ever expects the Spanish Inquisition.
    Spring training baseball game tomorrow..sweet,sweet distraction.

    Night all,it’s going to be a good dream night..

  36. Abraham Lincoln was another “corporate shill” who would have had a hard time in today’s “purity” politics. He became wealthy (by the standards of the day) working for the railroads which were as hated then as banks are today. His campaign dealt with this by emphasizing his early years as a rail splitter and his humble “log cabin” origins. With no mass communications to speak of in the 19th century, just partisan newspapers, candidates could virtually manufacture their image. But the opposition was often vitriolic even then. Talk about fake news! Lincoln’s railroad ties (pardon the pun) escaped scrutiny, but he was mocked as an uncouth “ape”.

  37. Msdsal, I used to love singing “Camelot” songs in the shower, along with other musicals such as “Kismet” and “Man of La Mancha.” I can still sing, and still take showers, but I don’t have much of an illusion at this point of being a musical comedy star, so am less inclined to do so. Maybe if I had been less stage shy back then and actually tried out for a few; ah, well.

    I saw Camelot, as a boy, and of course cried unobtrusively at the last scene, where the little boy wants to fight along with King Arthur, but the king tells him to instead go home, be safe, and live to tell the story “that once there was a place called Camelot.”

    And, yes, I am much afraid that an economic Depression is inevitable, probably caused by the precipitous fall of the dollar, and rampant inflation. I must not put off any longer an effort to see if I can put my money in Australian banks or something similarly based on a relatively strong economy. Virtually every Republican administration has crashed the economy, and this one has no idea of what it is doing, outside of stealing everything they can before it does crash.

  38. I wouldn’t bother, William, because the next “depression” is going to be global…or just another day as most Russians would call it.

  39. And William,you’ll remember that the young boy who’s saved at the end of the movie,was the old man telling the story at the beginning.That’s where some of us are now…we’re here to tell the stories.we may not, any longer,have the strength or energy to fight on the battle field..but we can tell the stories and help inspire those who are able to it doesn’t end up being “one brief shining moment.”
    Can’t tell you how many times in my working years I’d find myself whistling..”What do the simple folk do?” Also Yellow Submarine for reasons I could never figure out.

    So Perez it is..let’s see if the Bernie folk have learned how to play well w/others yet.Of course Bernie isn’t a particularly good role model for that..since he’s already lectured Perez about not doing the “same old same old.” Sanders is a wrinkled,old,useless putz.We still need to take him down w/some decent vetting..since that never happened during the primaries.

  40. Well I spent a long time tonight bashing the shit out of Bernie to his face today. Fended off Bernoids so well I actually drove a few off.

    But the prize tonight is this hilarious video on how to Make Your Face Great Again. Trump makeup tips.

  41. Voting, re:Russian flag at CPAC. Those dolts would wave a turd on a stick if it had trump’s name painted on it.

  42. Uppity, Make Your Face Great Again is hilarious! Oh my gosh, I don’t know how the young lady kept from cracking up.

  43. Uppity @ 8:15pm

    That was hysterical! Brave woman, to take a great looking face and make it so tRumperian – and on world-wide TeeVee, too.

    P.S. – I’d love to see the Bernout smackdown, but the twitter address I had bookmarked for you is members only now. If you post a tweet, I can follow that, or maybe I just had the address wrong? Not a twitterer myself, so can’t do that high-tech “following” thing.

  44. I think this can’t be repeated often enough:

    Thank you whoever put this together…— Cassidy Richey (@RicheyCassidy) February 24, 2017


  45. Those dolts would wave a turd on a stick if it had trump’s name painted on it.

    Those dolts would EAT a turd on a stick if Cheetolini, or any Elephascist, told them it was fine chocolate.

    And then they would turn around and blame us for the fact that their breath smelled like turds. 😛

  46. Nerd I privatized for the night so I wouldn’t have to clean up a bunch of Bernoid shit in the AM. I know how they roll.

  47. I’m surprised Trump didn’t sue her for making that video.

  48. Uppity, in 3, 2, 1…

  49. The BernedBrainers are still yammering about rigged primaries and the wonders of Wikileaks. Oh, and the criminality of Hillary, just like the Rethugs that they really are. They love them some alt-facts.

  50. Perez appears to be smart and a class act.
    I approve.

  51. Bernouts can have their alt-reality, this is mine:

    Especially loved the “Anthony Weiner switches to rotary phone” article, complete with miffed photo.

  52. In honor of Oscar weekend, I would like to nominate Bernie Sanders for whitesplainer and mansplainer of the year, the only two categories in which he truly excels.

  53. Hah! “Clinton boldly invites press into White House”
    And lolsob. What we could have had.

  54. The WaPo story reporting on the site says that it drives tRumpanzees nuts. Just knowing that makes me feel better, hard as it is to be reminded of what we lost.

  55. Its well past time for an Independent Investigation. I’ll be contacting all my Reps, even local ones.

  56. Anyone remember the movie Red Dawn?
    I don’t want to wake up one day with parachutes dropping from the sky.
    Tanks rolling down the streets.
    California and a couple of other state will become the sanctuary cities.

  57. Weiner belongs locked up. He’s a pervert and a predator and he’s never going to stop. Guys like him should have their balls cut off. That would work.

    One day, we will read something really awful he’s done that supercedes even his previous disgusting behaviors.

  58. Weiner seems to have no shame. Kinda like Trump.

  59. Love that hillarybeattrump site!

  60. Absolutely agree about Weiner.

    I just hate it that honest, competent, effective women so often have that kind of Achilles heel (and heels they most certainly are) for media and the right wing to use against them if they start gaining any power at all.

  61. Neetabug, thanks for the reminder – just put a library hold on Red Dawn.

    Sadly, I think one of my family’s favorite movies from years ago, The Russians Are Coming, The Russians Are Coming, wouldn’t be at all appropriate now.

  62. RE Uppity comment yesterday about bashing Bernie. There were at least two threads today on DU doing the same. One was pnwmom Sun Feb 26, 2017, 07:57 PM with a focus on his not sharing his contact list. They other thread was about his stupid comment about not being “impressed” with the DNC election process at Sun Feb 26, 2017, 06:22 PM.
    I rarely see that much Bernie bashing on that site. He still has his full out supporters but not as many as in past.
    I guess everyone is watching the Oscars tonight. Or sleeping due to working tomorrow.

    Some day you will get to be up all hours of the night when you retire. Working is better!

    How do those actresses walk up and down stairs on those high heels? I just saw Meryl Streep walk up stairs and across stage in what looked like 4 inch heels. Certainly 3 at least. Wow.

  63. Orthopedists love those heels.

    Frankly, I don’t wear any shoes I can’t also run in safely for a block, if I had to. Also life is too short for foot pain.

  64. Fun, no-nonsense read, although they should have used spell-check before they hit ‘publish.’

    Hey Bernie Supporters — Stop Forcing Democrats to Agree to the Lie that the Primary Was Rigged. It Wasn’t.

    …Did the DNC leadership prefer Hillary Clinton? Of course! Why wouldn’t they? What if you worked at a high school for 30 years in administration, taking part in fundraising, bake sales, stepping up wherever needed, always pitching in to help out — and you decided to apply for the position of principal. Then suddenly one of the substitute teachers pranced into the gym complaining because all top teachers favored the more loyal employee that everyone had known for decades? Why would administrators be expected to ditch the experienced person who had proven herself reliable in favor of an interloper who did nothing but badmouth and sneer at the everyone on the school board?

    The DNC owed Bernie nothing. Having a preference for a stronger individual isn’t rigging. Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are not equals. She has immensely more experience in politics and has devoted over three decades of her life to the Democratic party. At this point we should recognize that sexism and misogyny prevents a lot of people from admitting these thruths.

  65. Very good article, Luna. Not just reading the holdouts the riot act, but making it clear why it’s still needed – and in grownup language, too.

    Another example:

    Maybe the far left expects to turn politics inside out like the Tea Party did. But guess what? The right got there first and they intend to tear down everything about America that we liberals cherish. The devastation now being wrought will extend as far back as FDR’s New Deal. So good luck patching this shattered country back together with socialist duct tape after a handful of billionaires are done looting it.

    Either getting rid of or getting completely on board all the former BS supporter are the only choices. The media may be appalled at tRump right now, especially since he was so profoundly stupid as to antagonize them, but they’ve done their best as well to completely erase Hillary, except for the occasional mention that still blames her (falsely) for losing the election.

    Even the supposedly liberal international media outlets are doing this, with the Globe and Mail, that had been a relief from the increasingly rightward Canadian Broadcasting Corp., moving that way as well. In fact, the Globe and Mail has an article up now giving Sanders’ viewpoint, without opposition, on what’s wrong with the Democratic party. It’s a reprint of Reuters, which had been anti-Hillary all along, but still – it’s carried by the G&M. Articles like the one you posted are needed more than ever to counteract this.

  66. Luna, agree with you about shoes, I rarely wear uncomfortable shoes anymore, and love the quote you posted. Great analogy.

    Upps, love the funny vid with the cute young girl making her face “great again”! Hilarious!

  67. @Early, it’s amazing how many journalists don’t see the craziness of someone outside the Democratic Party lecturing and finger-pointing on what the Dems should do.

    Sanders has a long and unimpressive record as a 30-yr Senator — then he yells about “the Establishment”! But logic doesn’t seem to work with his fans. I pointed out to one of his followers at the caucus that Bernie couldn’t even influence his own state to raise the minimum wage. The ‘bot said “Oh, that’s just a state.” Then she went on to talk about him being active in the civil rights movement. Uuuuuhuuuhh.

    No point in talking with them, I think, it’s like trying to discuss something with Republicans. Yeah, the far left reaches to the far right.

  68. The Bernouts keep threatening to leave, but they never go. They still insist Bernie would have won. Then why did Russ Feingold whom Bernie embraced and campaigned for underperform Hillary by almost 2% in Wisconsin? Why did Zephyr Teachout (is that her real name?) lose and underperform HRC in NY? Hillary would say they live in an evidence-free zone just like Trump supporters.

    What really fries my grits is their constant criticisms of Hillary raising money from big donors. You cannot raise enough money legally from small donors to win a presidential campaign. It’s impossible. And unlike all the male candidates since Obama, Hillary knows the media would never allow her to raise money illegally online by taking in small amounts and going over the legal limit for individuals or accepting donations that can’t be traced and might be foreign. She knew that kind of taking advantage of a toothless FEC would not be tolerated from her.

  69. Oscar screw up will be thoroughly investigated unlike Russia meddling in our election.

  70. I stayed up till the bitter end of the Oscars..not sure why…but my view is the mix-up at the end is a one paragraph story. I was sick of hearing about it 5 minutes after it happened. A human mistake was made. It was almost immediately corrected. Now go on to real important things. Sad for the La La people but, I think even they were surprised to be announced as winners, initially. The crowd clearly was for Moonlight. I have seen neither. I preferred Hidden Figures to be the best pic.

  71. The bernouts can just go. I’m really tired of them screaming how the primary was rigged because they don’t understand how primaries work. They are more trouble than they are worth always demanding like spoiled children that everything has to be their way.

  72. Luna, thanks for the article to the Bernie supporters, I tweeted it. I agree with y’all. Why in the world is Bernie getting press as if he is a Democrat. He isn’t and we don’t want him.

  73. Great new post. I find all things GOP vile but I’m also ambivalent about the democratic party these days. Guess it’s easy in hindsight (though many of us felt strongly about this even before election results) but welcoming Sanders into the democratic infrastructure was a massive mistake. And the party is still kissing his ass to some extent by taking any of his clueless pontificating and complaints seriously. An Ellis win over Perez for DNC chair would definitely have been the last straw. As much as I want all things Trump to disappear I feel equally as strong about all things Sanders and his whiny disciples!

  74. Brassy, that would be funny but it’s so true.

  75. Bernie’s unwillingness to share his donor list tells you everything you want to know about this guy. His attempt at a coup in the DNC went South.He knows,unlike his followers,that he’s nowhere w/out the DNC. He can’t generate or access the massive resources and contacts available to the DNC. If Perez makes it a point to co-opt some of the local races w/dollars and personnel and comes down on the side of those BS’s who learn to play nicely w/in the confines of the party..they’ll eventually get the picture and either play along,fade away or form their own useless distraction of a party like the Greens and the Libertarians.

    This will take some time .but he will become increasingly irrelevant; a state he should be used to by now.And if he continues to try to take over the democratic party..well there’s an awful lot of oppo research available on the man and people who know how to use it.

  76. Hahaha! Love this:

  77. As I’ve mentioned here in years past, my husbands current job was actually created by Bill Clinton (or his admin) in the late 90s as part of his push to improve schools. It almost doubled his wages and changed our lives for the better.

  78. I am so ready for Bernie to be totally exposed, i.e. show his tax returns and more. Here is a link to an interesting article about Russian meddling from, I think, a Canadian publication.

  79. created by Bill Clinton (or his admin)

    But probably Hillary’s idea 🙂

  80. Brassy Rebel @ 8:46:

    The Bernouts keep threatening to leave, but they never go

    I keep saying, like the Modern Major General to the policemen “Yes, but you *don’t* go”.

    Waiting for the day when I can rejoin the Dems and join in the chorus singing “At last they go! At last they go, at last they go, at last they go!”

  81. I think Senators would say that until they get a majority Dem Senate, they need to hang on to Bernie’s vote. They have what, 48 votes, counting his? I hate it but they are stuck with him unless enough real Dems get out and vote in ’18 for a Democrat, not some off-brand ‘progressive’ indie.
    Not that they should bow to his ongoing insults to the Party.

  82. Earlynerd, they are like guests you have invited into your home who trash the place, eat all your food, refuse to leave, and then complain about the accommodations.

  83. Brassy Rebel, exactly like that.

    Sort of off-cockroach topic, but I just learned the wonderful Interagency Senior Access passes for the national recreational areas such as the Parks, Forests and BLM lands are going to increase sharply soon.

    I heard someone on NPR about a year and a half ago griping about how seniors got this further undeserved burdensome break and how he wished *he* was 62 or older, and thought well, there’s going to be pressure to take even that away now. They haven’t (yet) done what I feared most and taken it away entirely or (yet) increased use fees for seniors, so –

    If you love getting outdoors on public lands *and* you’re over 62, I’d suggest paying the minimal current fee and just tucking that pass away somewhere until you’re ready to use it. It’s good for a lifetime (for now) and makes outdoor activities much more affordable, even on a fixed income. They can be picked up in person at National Park offices and National Forest Services offices, the latter usually having a branch somewhere close to or in most towns or cities.

    My PSA for the day – now returning you to regularly scheduled posting.

  84. lucyk, sorry you land in spam. WordPress is kind of low IQ and it takes them some time to figure out who is okay and who isn’t. Please forgive. It will iron out eventually.

  85. Socal I was never as wealthy as I was during Clinton’s admin. My portfolio still misses him.

  86. WLM, I swear if I were close enough to Bernie, I am not sure I could stop myself from slapping him hard.

  87. Watching Rachel. Looks like 45 now has two cab picks that are scandal prone: Pruitt in EPA and now Wilbur Ross in commerce, plus Ross has links to Russia. How long do we have to wait for an independent, 911 type investigation?

  88. Gray, agree with you — Hidden Figures should have won Best!

  89. In follow-up, thought you might want to see Bao Bao Panda’s arrival in China. She will be in quarantine for a bit, but here she is in China.

  90. I, too, think Hidden Figures should have won.

  91. Luv the panda vid.

  92. Uppity, are you sure I ended up in spam? I can see my comment. But maybe no one else can!

  93. Earlynerd @ 5:34, Good one!

    Bao Bao is too cute for words. I hope she adjusts to her new home soon. Her quarantine cage is kinda dismal.

  94. Catscatscats, on February 27, 2017 at 9:28 PM

    Looks like 45 now has two cab picks that are scandal prone: Pruitt in EPA

    Just saw this. It will come as a surprise to exactly no one here, but this article confirms just how lawless, partisan and thuggish all of that manufactured email “scandal” was. Those same Benghazi and email inquisitors confirmed this guy without hesitation:

    AP and other news organizations reported last week that 7,500 pages of emails released following a lawsuit filed by a left-leaning advocacy group showed Pruitt and his staff in Oklahoma co-ordinated closely on legal strategy with fossil-fuel companies and special interest groups working to undermine federal efforts to curb planet-warming carbon emissions.

    The emails were released after an Oklahoma judge ruled that Pruitt had been illegally withholding his correspondence, which is public record under state law, for the last two years. Pruitt’s Republican successor, new Oklahoma Attorney General Mike Hunter, has appealed that ruling and is fighting to keep hundreds more withheld emails from public view.

    Aaaand it was a private server.

  95. Uppity, are you sure I ended up in spam? I can see my comment. But maybe no one else can!

    I fished you out of moderation before I wrote that.

  96. Ohhh, thank you, Uppity!

  97. It’s muh job.

    *Empties waste can and leaves*

  98. Early, one of the points Rachel made about all these cabinet picks with the questionable records and experience is that, if and when the scandals break, both 45 and the Senators that confirmed them own the resulting mess. They all let it happen without a smidgen of due diligence. It will be interesting to see if a majority of the voters care that not only is the hen house overrun with foxes, but it is exactly what they intended.

  99. cats:
    Good reporting on a good point….
    What “we the voters” need to do is, to stay very vigilant for the deplorables actions and raise the HELL out their mess.

  100. Hope Bao Bao enjoys his (her) new home. Pandas are such fun to watch.

  101. Hmmm,have been noticing many congress critters dressed in Suffragette white. Wonder where Hillary is today? Might the People’s President show up @ tonight’s speech as an invited guest? Wouldn’t that put a twist in trump’s knickers?
    Would be a nice payback for having Bill’s accusers in the audience @ the last debate. 🙂 Paybacks are a you know.

  102. Click my tweet and nod.

  103. There are so many cabinet picks that are incompetent for their job and have multiple conflicts of interest, not limited to Russia. I recently heard that there is still a group of “generals” speaking against 45’s proposals.

    I may be overly paranoid but the thought has flitted thru my mind that if the Senate does not act on 45’s anti-constitutional crimes that maybe “the generals” are getting poised to take over. He won’t see it coming as his talk about “my generals” is just nuts. He must think he owns the country now and any government employees are “his.” Though today, he seemed to separate himself from ‘the general’ who “lost Ryan” or whoever the military serviceman was who died in that botched raid. Just insane.

  104. Should have found this first. This is what 45 said on Fox & Friends, according ot motherjones. Quote:

    “This was a mission that was started before I got here. This was something they wanted to do,” he said. “They came to me, they explained what they wanted to do—the generals—who are very respected, my generals are the most respected that we’ve had in many decades, I believe. And they lost Ryan.”

  105. Gray, I don’t think Trump has ever taken responsibility for anything in his life. What a douche bag. Someone needs to remind him that the buck stops with him.

  106. Happy to see Hillary enjoying her family life and friends.

    Clintons Make a Monday Stop in Hudson

    February 28, 2017 by still4hill

  107. Cats @ 2:47

    It will be interesting to see if a majority of the voters care that not only is the hen house overrun with foxes, but it is exactly what they intended.

    Scary thought, but all too plausible.

    Gray, another scary thought: I never thought I’d say this, but generals at this point would almost be preferable (especially given that the GOP Senators are just rubber-stamping every thing 45 does, without question)

  108. Uppity @ 4:45:

    I clicked and yelled “GO GET ‘EM, UPPITY!”. That okay?

  109. I clicked and retweeted.

  110. For your general amusement:

  111. Imagine the outrage from Josh Barro and Matt Yglesias if Hillary or Chelsea ever sat like that in the Oval Office. Conway is 12 going on 13.

  112. Last night proved that pundits don”t give a shit what Trump says or does to people. They just want him to pretend that he cares about anybody other than himself. After trashing Hillary so badly, they are emotionally invested in Trump, no matter how he treats the media.

  113. Brassy: I hope Maddow and O’Donnell aren’t in agreement with those pundits. Will watch them tonight with your comment in mind.

  114. Van Jones was more respectful/admiring of Trump in one night than he was of Hillary in the entire time she was running. I hope he runs into that African American woman in Frank Luntz’s focus group. 😁

  115. Brassy Rebel has hit the jackpot in perceptive insights, something I never quite saw in that way. The media is emotionally/psychologically invested in Trump. They basically let him win and mocked and microcriticized Hillary. Now, if they can convince themselves that Trump is actually pretty good, it validates them and removes any trace s of guilt for what they did.

    And then of course, the simpler analysis: that the media is owned by right-wing corporatists, who want nothing more than to be left alone to make tax-free profits and pile up the billions; getting their viewers to buy all the advertisers’ products. A dispirited or angry populace doesn’t help them., they urgently need people to be calmed and cheerful and go back to buying things.The horrifying thing is that some of the actual “pundits” are so stupid and so pathetic, that they can only focus on “optics,” which of course means nothing to people deprived of civil rights, jobs, and clean air and water. “Trump said in a reasonably calm voice that he is for clean air and water, so that is really good (even though he is gutting the EPA)” If there is a history written, it will say that Trump’s fascism could never have taken hold, were it not for a subservient and vapid media giving him cover since the day he announced his candidacy. There are still people like Cilizza, Barro, and others, who spend their time warning HIllary not to run again, not to tweet anything. It’s all second-grade spite and jealousy for them, while rational people suffer. They don’t, which is all that matters to them. I will say that the focus on tone of speeches was pumped up to an absurd level under Obama, and that apparently has become far more important than actual policies and deeds. Hillary never quite mastered the superficial part; she was brilliant on policy, but the media has convinced too many people that the sizzle is much more nourishing than the steak.

  116. The media is emotionally/psychologically invested in any man who has to run against Hillary. That’s why they liked Bernie better than her during the primary, Trump during the GE, and why they were in the tank for Obama. They were still in the tank for Obama even after the primary and he was facing a white male republican, because O had had to face Hillary, but McCain didn’t, and, of course, because of 8 years of W.

  117. A gift for you.

  118. A site for sore eyes and aching hearts:

  119. He didn’t scratch his balls, for the same reason he didn’t scratch his boobs. 😈

  120. Ha ha ha to both Uppity and Ivory Bill!! So true for both. It was only a split second for me to figure out the boobs thing but don’t overweight men often have small boobs? It would still be equivalent! Or more boobs than balls.

  121. Brassy Rebel @ 8:46 AM:

    It doesn’t show in that tweet, but her profound disrespect shown to the leaders of the historically black colleges that fill up the remainder of that picture (other than that smirking orange thing in the middle) is shocking and disgusting.

    Her whole body language is saying “Nothing important going on here, folks, we can all just let our hair down and relax.”

  122. Agree, Earlynerd. A bunch of jerks all around. Meaning 45 and his in-house staff.

  123. This is a larger picture of that tweet, from Dak over at Skydancing:

  124. Chris Cilizza can suck it. Even the Bernie Bros are now catching onto him and that says something. WTF do they care if Hillary tweets or not. I guess it’s because she’s a woman and must be controlled. I’m wondering what they are going to do to Gillibrand if she runs. They act like they like E Warren but I bet the minute she threw her hat in the ring they’d start sounding like they wanted to gang rape her too.

  125. In the tiresome liberal tradition of truth and fairness:

    It seems that she was asked to take a picture from a particular angle that made the sofa the best place to be and the picture a somewhat more reasonable one of someone checking a just-taken photo. Still, the article does (truthfully) refer to the “gaffe-prone Ms. Conway”.

    Weirdly, it seems that both KC and the Independent both believe the outrage is against the disrespect shown the orange blob in the center. That’s the sole thing in the whole picture her apparent behavior matches.

  126. Two big stories tonight. The first one is that Obama spread the Russian intel far and wide across the government so that the GOP could not suppress that information and it would come out in an investigation. Story number 2 is that Jeff Sessions had contact with the Russians while part of the Trump campaign, was asked flat out during his confirmation hearings if he had had any contact with the Russians and lied outright about it.

  127. Sure wish Obama would have spread some of that Russian intel far and wide to the American people.

  128. Goddess in Heaven, here our prayers and make Hillary the independent prosecutor! 🙂

  129. HEAR, not “here”. Dammit.

  130. Because it’s a mainstream media outlet, there are no quotes around any use of “mistaken” nor any questioning of Russia’s account of this:

    Guess Putin’s decided he’s got all the green light he needs from the U.S.

  131. And then there’s this:

    FBI made deal with ex-spy Christopher Steele for Trump dossier— The Last Word (@TheLastWord) March 1, 2017


    My apologies if -this one time- the tweet and the graphic posts. With my twitter-fu, I just bet it will.

  132. The most important thing you will read today. Barack Obama made SURE the intel on the Russian attack on our country couldn’t be covered up by Trump.

  133. Uppity, yes. Correct. It is important like you say ‘cuz now we know that Trump is not going to be able to squash this Russian story.

  134. It is a good thing that the Obama administration closed the barn door before anymore horses escaped. I still wish they had tried to close it before the first one got away. And Obama’s ambassador to Russia in his first term, Michael McFaul, agrees with me. He re-iterated this opinion last night on MSNBC. (Btw, if the honchos at MSNBC are smart, they’ll make covering the Russian election interference a TOP priority. This story has legs like Watergate back in the day, and people are extremely interested. No evidence they’re smart, however.) In any case, the reason given for not telling us before the election in a def con 1 mode–that Obama was afraid he would look like he was interfering in the election if he made a big deal of Russia interfering makes zero sense to me. It’s like saying foreign governments can hijack American elections and US presidents can’t tell the American people about it.

  135. The Sessions news means that along with an independent commission, we also need a special prosecutor. Sessions’ talk of recusing himself is just to take the heat off. We can’t have anyone in the Justice dept. in charge of investigating the boss. And the bonus with a special prosecutor is that it would also remove Crooked Comey from the investigation. With a sp, FBI agents on the investigation would report to the prosecutor not FBI Director. An absolute necessity as far as I’m concerned.

  136. Final thought then I have to get to work. The Republicans have tried to manufacture scandal around the Clintons for years. For all their effort they got a sex scandal involving him not her. Republicans, on the other hand, bring us real scandals. Watergate, Iran-Contra, savings and loan, Iraq and WMD. Now THIS. Dems should really point this out in next year’s Congressional elections.

  137. early, WTF? about the “accidentally.” That incident was yesterday and I haven’t heard anything more about it. tRump must be trying to put out fires all around him. Heh. Putin must have some really juicy stuff on him, but then again we know he’s on the hook for enormous sums.

  138. I am not sure who gets to appoint the independent prosecutor, or whatever they eventually come up with, but I assume that the Republicans will have control of the process. That is, a show investigation which ends up finding nothing, or gives some murky statement like “although there were troubling aspects, we find that no laws were broken, and we find no evidence of (Trump’s) involvement. Maybe they’ll fire some minor go-between to look good. It’s clear that the Republicans’ only interest is in protecting their power and agenda. So to get the real story will be a very difficult task, though possible.

    A Russian effort to affect the election is a national crisis, and President Obama needed to alert the Ameerican people. Looking partisan is far less significant than protecting against what actually did happen. But that was always Obama’s great concern, not appearing partisan. The Republicans have had no such coincern for many years, and pay no price at all for it. Now we have a completely partisan administration and Congress bidding to destroy democracy. History has always shown that you have to fight the evil at the outset, not let it go so as to not be attacked for fighting it.

  139. Luna, about the juicy stuff – the media have already shown they don’t give a cr*p about anything sexual when the perp’s a Republican – look at them falling all over themselves to dismiss as merely “salacious” the (alleged, always alleged) Russian prostitutes peeing in a bed the Obamas slept in, all for 45’s gratification.

    Whereas a Dem president, they brought to impeachment over a far less “salacious” act with no ties to anything else, that could, moreover, be used to humiliate a wife whose uppity behavior they loathed.

    They’re working the shovels 24/7 to bury anything non-sexual, as well, but they’ve already broadcast that -nothing- 45 does to or with a woman is going to be covered as a serious issue.

  140. So another domino begins to wobble. This whole thing would be like a fascinating TV series;if it wasn’t so damned crucial and essential to the survival of our country.
    I feel like I’m on a boat passing by the Titanic just after it ran into the iceberg. Can’t help much,can’t turn away.

  141. Msdsal, add another one:

    US Senate calls on British spy Christopher Steele to give evidence on explosive Trump-Russia dossier

    And from the last paragraph of the article:

    [Steele] came to believe there was a cover-up, that a cabal within the bureau blocked a thorough inquiry into Mr Trump, focusing instead on the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails. The MI6 officer’s passing of information to the FBI ceased in December last year

  142. And another, though probably most here know this by now:

    Jeff Sessions steps aside from investigation into Russia’s interference in US election

    The next deputy attorney general will lead the probe

  143. Like an Agatha Christie story. The criminals misdirected everyone to the fable they made up about Hillary’s emails, while they were pulling off the greatest act of treason ever. The emails were the classic red herring. It would not have worked, but the media willingly or stupidly went for the fake, and ignored what was going on under their noses. And of course the FBI, or at least a significant part of it, was in on it.

    I cannot forget how in 2015, when I was so excited about HIllary running, I kept seeing this email stuff; and I didn’t understand what could possibly be so important about this. Was I missing something serious? I almost thought I was; not that Hillary had done something deliberately wrong, but that maybe she had had a lapse of judgment or discretion. But no, she never did. It was all just invented by the Right and perhaps the Russians as well. It was simply a massive psychological misdirection, and millions of people were played for dupes and suckers. A moviemaker could not construct a story of a con as poisonous and successful ast this one. Of course, all the pieces–the puritan Left, the ratings-obsessed corporate media, the social media ripe for fake news, the corrupt wikileaks which the Left adored, the Hillary-hating groups including the FBI–were all in place for them to use.

  144. William @ 11:46, “I cannot forget how in 2015, when I was so excited about HIllary running, I kept seeing this email stuff; and I didn’t understand what could possibly be so important about this.”

    That’s exactly how I felt. Love your whole comment.

  145. It -is- like a Christie story. But hopefully, the one it will turn out to resemble most is “And Then There Were None”.

  146. Recently I saw that one of the unidentified men at the dinner table in Moscow in December 2015 was Julian Assange’s father. Seriously. So the entire anti-Hillary team was there at Vlad’s table that night. From Putin himself to Flynn representing Trump to Stein representing the deplorable left to Assange’s father (representing JA who, of course, couldn’t be there and wiki-leaks). I am always skeptical of conspiracy theories, but I can’t get the image of all those conspirators sitting around a table in Moscow out of my head.

  147. Turns out the ubiquitous Russian ambassador (also top spy master in US) was on the House floor Tuesday night before Trump speech. This guy is like “Where’s Waldo?”.

  148. Have you heard that the WSJ is reporting that when Jeff Sessions met with Kisylak up in Cleveland, in his capacity as a Senator (so he says) and not as a representative of the Trump campaign, he used Trump campaign funds to pay for the trip.

  149. Here’s your daily dose.

  150. When all this is over and done there’s going to be a book written and it’s going to be a doozy. One of those stories where no one could have imagined that this kind of thing could happen in America but it has happened. What is going on is way worse than Watergate ever was ’cause even Nixon didn’t sell the country out to a foreign interest. He at least used Americans to do his dirty work.

  151. Uppity Woman, on March 3, 2017 at 10:54 AM

    You are SO good with your tweeter weapon, needless to say “gifted” mind.

  152. William, on March 2, 2017 at 11:46 PM:
    Very good post, thank you.

  153. Annie, I always appreciate your comments. I have always liked a clever mystery story.An enjoyable movie is “The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes,” I think based on a play by William Gillette, where Moriarity comes up with a n esoteric puzzle to occupy Holmes’ attention, while he is meanwhile trying to pull off the biggest theft of all time, stealing the Crown Jewels. And I love good stories about con men, perhaps with a gambling aspect as well. A really interesting book is “The Big Con,” written in the 1940’s or so, by a man who I think was a sociology professor, who somehow got to know a few con men, who let him into their world. The book is non-fiction, about the various tricks and devices they used to bilk people out of money. Sometimes they managed to bilk the same person multiple times, which is rather amazing. The book seemed to form much of the research for the great movie “The Sting.’ It’s a fun read.

    Of course, what we are focusing on here is not at all fun or charming. I think it is more in the nature of an espionage-type con, where misdirection is essential. Do you remember “Tinker, Tailor,” the John Le Carre story? That was based on a major spy scandal in England. The novel shows how the Russians protected their spy asset by misdirecting MI5 into purging the honest people, Control and Smiley, by getting one of their agents killed, all blamed on them. In the Trump/Russia situation, which may not have been planned out as cleverly as the fictional one, but still had the same effect, the story was right under the noses of everybody, but they were all induced to look the other way.

    And the email “story” was of course a phantasm. But the anti-Hillary elements salivated over it. Carl Bernstein kept saying on TV that “it is bigger than Watergate,” which was of course born of his Hillary hatred, and his yearning for his days of past glory. But this was pretty typical of the press corps, which just knew that there must be something ibig there, else why was it getting so many of their headlines? And there was zero there. One of the most memorable moments for me was actually watching some of a Trump campaign rally, where he said, “And those emails, what Hillary did with those emails. That was just terrible. She should be in jail for that,” or something like that. There was nothing, he had nothing, was saying nonsense phrases; but the people running his campaign had found that they had so conditioned the public to react to the word “emails,’ that it didn’t matter. Comey writing a letter about Weiner’s computer, which had no real import at all, was devastating to Hillary’s campaign, because of the brainwashing and imisdirection. His later letter, where he said that there was nothing there, was also very damaging. All the Russian clues and information were essenially ignored, as if the media and much of the populace could only keep one thing in its mind at a time. And that of course is the theory behind the misdirection.

  154. Hilariously revealing clip. He tongue got caught in front of his eye tooth and he couldn’t see what he was saying.

  155. My friend used to tell me that people get their payback but I found it hard to believe. So many baddies just keep rolling along with money and no payback. I do hope, however, that the media who salivated over ‘the emails’ have a few 3 am awakenings with twinges of guilt. They seem, however, to be excited about the new events as their meat, regardless of which way it goes. I notice they spend little time on Hillary and hope that is due to whatever guilt they manage to have.

    I do think that both Andrea Mitchell and Pelosi are getting really dotty and have trouble stringing sentences together more and more. Both trying to hang on to their power.
    And I wonder how long those old men can hang on in Congress. I think of Uppity when I see them on TV! Her retirement home comments.
    Keep going, truth seekers and conservers of our nation’s founding principles!

  156. I think the Russia story is going to start rolling out faster now. So far at least the Russia connections have held up a lot of the odious Trump agenda at least.

  157. Ga6thDem, I agree. Rachel is rolling out a lot each night. Putting together the pieces. Helped, of course by NYT, wapo, and the long New Yorker article which I have not seen. Rachel had a follow-up on the Russian ‘fertilizer king’ who apparently flew at least 3 different places where tr…p was last year and recently at Maralago. So many connections it can not be ‘right.’ Among him and his staff, and now his Cabinet.

    Our government has gone Putin-silent, with Cabinet members not even doing any of the usual expected appearances.

    And now Lawrence is going at it. Those guys on his show say an independent commission is not the way to go because ‘talking to Russians’ is not a crime. They say if there is no crime then 45 is exonerated. Which would be worse because the ‘not-crimes’ still are bad for our country.

  158. Gray, I don’t know all the relevant statutes, but surely some of this has to be criminal:

    Taking campaign money from a foreign government during a presidential election campaign.

    Being aware that a foreign government was engaged in hacking of the election in various ways. Colluding with that government during the process, and working together on campaign strategy.

    Urging the foreign government on television to hack the emails of the opposition candidate.

    Colluding with a criminal who through his wikieleaks, was colluding with Russia to release hacked and sometimes doctored emails designed to damage the opposing candidate.

    Participating and coordinating with Russia in the purveying of fake news stories all over the internet.

    Makkng deals with the foreign government prior to the election, to profit from the policies you will put in place after being elected. E.g: You will lift sanctions on Russia, they will drill for oil in the Arctic, you will get some percentage of the profits, either directly, or by writing off loans made to you by Russians connected to their government.

    Making various deals and arrangements with Russia in various secret meeting with Russian officials. Having your campaign largely funded by Russia, which of course expects remuneration for this.

    Changing the Republican Party platform to benefit Russia, a day after your officials met with the Russian Ambassador. Meeting with said Ambassador in secret, the day before the wikileaks drip began?

    Surely there are certain Acts which prohibit and greatly punish such treason. If the treason laws do not apply to this kind of thing, then what do they ever apply to? Has there ever been greater treason perpetrated against this country by an American citizen? And that can implicate plelnty of more people as well, even if the treasonous Republicans try to protect them.

  159. Gray, do they mean the way Hillary was “exonerated” when it was determined that she committed no crime?

  160. click on this tweet to see full pics, HRC in Boston today:

  161. He’s unraveling on twitter. He knows the train is moving.

  162. Seriously, you need to see this. It’s riveting.

  163. A little comforting message to Donald.

  164. Gray @8:56 PM, I missed Lawrence last night but I believe that argument is against a special prosecutor whose investigation narrowly looks at whether a specific crime has been committed and is pursued by lawyers under DOJ (?). It happened with Gerald Ford on campaign funds (Rachel last night). Generally, what I have been hearing is that an independent commission like they had with 9/11 is the way to go, less partisan, broader scope, more investigative latitude and subpoena power. Any lawyers out there who can help explain the difference?

  165. I just hope that the culmination of this 3 ring shit show isn’t that creepy Mike Pence becomes POTUS. He’s straight out of “A Handmaid’s Tale”. Same for Ryan who’s straight out of “Atlas Shrugged”. GOP should not be rewarded for protecting Trump. Founders goofed by failing to provide for a do-over of illegitimate election.

  166. Pence. Beware of a man who calls his wife ‘Mother’.

  167. You are SO good with your tweeter weapon, needless to say “gifted” mind.

    But the devil made me do it~

  168. Go Uppity! You are the best.

  169. The whole line of succession is scary, all the way down to Tillerson. And I suspect they are all colluding.

  170. Yep, that is what has me worried. How are we going to get rid of the Putin influence unless we just flat have another election? I just don’t see how it is done with so many Republicans tied to Putin.

  171. The only way to a new election is to prove without doubt that the whole election was rigged and the outcome is due to Russia interference. You would have to bring down 45, Pence, and Comey to avoid getting Pence as pres. At least I think so! Hard to prove intent on people like Comey unless they have recordings on him too–not likely.

    No one in public ever brings up the possibility of a new election. I suspect because the law is tricky without hard facts that are self-evident. Recordings, video, enough legit witnesses. Unrecorded meetings can only bring speculation, not evidence.
    I am not sure even seeing his taxes would matter. He has paid his tax attorneys, I presume. And they know how to hide stuff.

    They will all skate. I think 45’s reach is far and deep. Nothing says he can’t even get Russia to act for him. Those Senators are so scared they are limp all over.
    It is not normal for him not to be acting out about all the negative press and demonstrations. I think he is biding his time.
    Yeah, I know I am nuts! I would love to eat my words though, in about 6 months.

  172. OK, this is just too danged funny. I don’t know how to do anything but just copy/paste.

    Ana Navarro‏ (twitter) @ananavarro 13 hours ago

    7 deranged tweets in 3 hours. President Loco escaped asylum. Palm Beach, be on lookout for a man w/taped red tie, claiming to be President.

  173. “Founders goofed by failing to provide for a do-over of illegitimate election”

    Good point! Wish we could get an amendment, but getting this country to ever agree on anything again looks hopeless.

  174. Upps, love the butterfly video. We keep meaning to go up to Pismo Beach to see the Monarch Butterfly grove, but keep missing it. Hopefully this year. There are so many interesting things on our coast, I still haven’t seen them all.

  175. Annie and Gray, < sotto voce so’s Uppity won’t shoot it down too fast >,

    NC just this last year had a real time, full on, special election do-over ordered by the 4th circuit court of appeals due to election illegalities. It was in the works, up for scheduling and everything, till the reThugs here filed (what else?) a lawsuit to stop it.

    For that reason only, It’s been on hold by the Supremes since February for consideration later this year. NC would otherwise, and may still, have a perfectly legal do-over of the election for most statewide candidates.

    What’s to stop the Feds from using NC as a role model? Especially since the national reThugs have been using their NC counterparts that way for a while now.

  176. Oh, fsckety fsck fsck. The not unexpected but still shocking, painful cuts to NOAA:

    The biggest single cut proposed by the passback document comes from NOAA’s satellite division, known as the National Environmental Satellite, Data and Information Service, which includes a key repository of climate and environmental information, the National Centers for Environmental Information. Researchers there were behind a study suggesting that there has been no recent slowdown in the rate of climate change — research that drew the ire of Republicans in Congress.

    Payback from this petty dictator for all those loudmouth climate change scientists. Whatever happens to remove him and the entire reThug horror show, may it happen soon.

  177. President Obama gained nothing by not being more pro-active before the election. Trumpists are now calling for an investigation of Obama interference that NEVER occurred. The new chant is “Lock HIM up!”

    They are all in a panic in Trump World. It’s very telling that Trump had an Oval Office meltdown over Sessions recusal. Clearly, he regarded Sessions as head of DOJ as his last line of defense–a line that’s no longer there. Thus an escalation of the craziness.

  178. Nixon dirty trickster, Roger Stone, attacked Ana Navarro in a deeply misogynistic tweetstorm this am, and, in the process, acknowledged that he had a “back channel” to Wikileaks before the election.

  179. @Brassy, that was Caroline O. So much has been happening it’s hard to keep track!

  180. Apparently, Stone went after both of them then deleted the tweets after lots of people captured them.

    Roger Stone in early October before Wikileaks began releasing Podesta emails: “The mother lode is coming.” And come it did.

  181. Yep, that is what has me worried. How are we going to get rid of the Putin influence unless we just flat have another election?

    What’s to stop Putin from hacking THAT election?

    No, the answer lies in becoming more advanced with our cyber knowledge and ability to thwart them. We are way behind the times. Right now, Trump is going to put billions into the military to buy things that are no longer “Today”. Cyber is where the real war is now. He needs to spend on our systems and our security and hire REAL security experts not people he owes a favor to. NOT Rudy.Rudy hasn’t got a clue. His security business was a joke and who the hell with any brains pimps LifeLock, a company whose own CEO got hacked 13 times. He’s small time, he just ACTs big. In any event, that’s where the real change is needed. Fact is, they can probably thwart our radar systems at this point. We are BEHIND in how wars will be fought in the near future. Our grids are unsafe. Systems are getting hacked at the drop of the hat. Half of us on this board have better system security than our Pentagon, State, etc departments do. MORONS use AOL, hotmail, yahoo or ANY commercial email system for sensitive information. Even WE know that. Might as well keep their doors and windows open and put a ROB ME sign up. MORONS.

    As for another election, I can be proven wrong, but till then I will say, NOT GONNA HAPPEN.

  182. I saw those Roger Stone tweets last night on twitter. What a maniac. I don’t think there’s a single trumpite that’s sane at this point. Anyway, the women on twitter made Stone look really, really bad, like a foaming-at-the-mouth rage monster, and that was cool.

    Earlynerd, I hope the Supremes vote for the recount. There needs to be some kind of precedent for crooked elections.

    Upps, agree with you about the whole cyber theft issue. Its out of control. Do we need a new cabinet for cyber-security?

    I’m sick about what they’re doing to NOAA.

  183. You would think that there would be some Republican officeholders worried about climate change, since they have to live on the planet, and they must in some sense realize that it is getting hotter each year. Is it that important for them to insure more fossil fuel company profits, over actually existing?

    In the excellent movie “Interstellar,” the early scenes showed a land so poisoned and parched, that only corn, the hardiest crop, would grow. And that was predicted to die, too, in a decade or so. So the basis for the story was that the only hope of humankind was to leave the planet, if they could somehow find another one. Since locating a wormhole to travel through is relatively unlikely any time soon, every effort any humans can make toward stopping Trump and his allies, must be done now. The most legal and lawful thing I can think of, is to stop buying anything but necessities, for a couple of years, as if it were rationing in wartime. This is a kind of war. If the economy crashes, it will be unpleasant, but it will get these people out of office, because even many Red Staters will vote their pocketbook..

  184. Well, what I’m really talking about is the fact that so many people are tainted by Russia how do we get rid of them all? You’ve got Trump, Pence, assorted campaign staff, Bannon, Republicans like Ryan who received Russian intelligence and used it to cheat last November. I know we’re not going to get another election or it is very, very unlikely. My issue is we’ve got all these Russian stooges all over the government and short of having another election and getting rid of them in one fell swoop we are basically stuck with them for two years.

  185. we are basically stuck with them for two years

    Or for the foreseeable future. Like Uppity said, what’s to stop them from hacking the next election? It won’t matter whether it’s a do-over or a regularly scheduled one.

  186. Ga6thDem, I hope that didn’t come across as snarky. I just meant that I agreed with Uppity, that the problems with cyber security must be fixed or they’ll arise again.

    That any do-over might be hacked as well had occurred to me, also the great probability that the media, especially the NYT, would revert immediately to it’s foaming-at-the-mouth CDS. Still would like to see one happen, when the glare from the current spotlight on the reThugs trickery might still leave a glimmer to illuminate it.

  187. While 45 is behaving insanely with his federal cabinet, the Repub governors are wreaking havoc at the state level with insane laws. Having scanned the ‘net’ for an hour or so, we are in deep s__t. Really deep. One guest on TV last night actually said we are in “deep doodoo.” So true.

    As an aside, someone should poke daily needles in 45 by creating a Count UP clock and show how much it is costing us for his weekend Mar a lago trips and the Trump Tower abode for wife and 1 kid. Plus guards for the 3 adult kids to go all over the world.
    We need this but I don’t know who could do it.

  188. Gray, that’s a good idea for the running meter. Maybe fluffpo would put it on their homepage, or we could post it on twitter everyday. I can’t imagine how to create one though. And it would have to be updated everyday.

  189. What’s to stop them from hacking a do-over? Probably nothing, although Vlad is reportedly feeling buyer’s remorse and might not be so eager to pick our president the next time. In any case, if we had an actual national special election, one might hope that the media and voters would be more sophisticated and would react differently to propaganda and disinformation. Well, we can always hope. But it’s not gonna happen so no worries.

  190. I think the voters would be wiser given a second chance, but can’t say I have much hope for the media.

    As soon as anything in the news come even close to exonerating Hillary for her imaginary crimes, the media seems to swing right back into “anyone but her” mode. But as you say, ain’t gonna happen anyway, so she and everyone else are spared at least that.

  191. In any case, if we had an actual national special election, one might hope that the media and voters would be more sophisticated and would react differently to propaganda and disinformation.

    Are we talking about the same media?

    They will do whatever gets the best ratings.

  192. Sherrod is going after 45….one of his business deals may involve money laundering for the Iranian revolutionary guard.

  193. Sherrooood!
    Oh! Sherroood!

  194. I was so waiting for this…

    The Eerie Similarities Between Alleged Trump Scandals and ‘All the President’s Men’
    By John Walters On 3/5/17 at 8:20 AM

  195. Cats, where did you see that? All I could find was that Sherrod wants the stupid little gnome to resign from being AG, and this:

  196. off to check out Belle’s link…

  197. A couple of observations:
    1) I wonder if Roger Stone’s “back channel” to Wikileaks was the real road the hacked e-mails took…then Assange would’ve been telling the truth by saying he didn’t get the info from the Russians. Would also constitute collusion,oh and maybe treason.
    2) Also wondering if Bannon ginned up this whole wiretapping thing to distract Donnie from being mad @ Bannon because of Sessions.Dang ,this whole thing is starting to resemble 5th grade mean girls.

    Rachel Maddow did her usual connecting the dots ;explaining ,yet again, why we all should be chanting..” Lock HIM up!!” The bill always,eventually comes due,Donald and the karma courts can’t be as easily dissuaded.

  198. Karma needs to hurry the hell up.

  199. Socal, here’s my memory dump for what it is worth: Rachel referred to another New Yorker article coming out. This one addresses a trump tower built in Baku Azerbaijan ( small country between Iran and Russia). I think she said the trumps bailed on the project a month after the election. His business partner for this tower was the transportation minister who, following the Russian model, has material wealth far in excess of his income. Allegedly he launders money for the revolutionary guard who then uses the legit money to fund terrorists all over the world. Having such a business partner could be a violation of a finance law. sherrod is on a finance or banking committee and he wants to investigate further. I’ll see if there is clip on their website.

  200. Socal, the clip is up on for Rachel’s show. I don’t know how to embed the video.

  201. If the things going on weren’t so awful, this saga would be fascinating to follow. I will guess that Trump has been made aware, or strongly suspects, that there is hard evidence showing deals he made with Russia, and his being aware that they were behind the hacks, maybe even working with them on it. This then would be his attempt to turn defense into offense, as he often does. Accuse everyone else of acting illegally, rile his base against Obama.

    As was mentioned here yesterday, it seems to have done Obama and the country no good at all, that he was so concerned about appearing partisan. Now he is accused of an illegal act by the person that he wanted Hillary to concede to very quickly in order to have an orderly transfer of power. The democracy cannot stand this kind of thing; either Trump will win and we will have a fascist state, or the evidence will come out, and he will be evicted. So far, he has virulently attacked the media, the CIA, the FBI, various Congresspeople, and the former President. No one has ever done that, not even Nixon, who had seven years in office. I wonder if Trump and particularly Bannon, want an actual civil war, their forces arming themselves and shooting at everyone else. The question would then be, what side would the military be on?

  202. It would not surprise me if Trump were funding terroristst, even indirectly. I doubt that there is any scruple whatsoever about anything, as long as it makes him money. And I think that if the real Russian story ever comes out, it will show him having completely sold out the United States for his own gain.


    This is, I guess better late than never, but the media is still responsible for this presidency to ever exit.

    and I can’t believe I’m posting this, but watch in entirety

  204. sorry, “exist”, not “exit”…although I think that might have been a Freudian slip rather than typo.

  205. Another gift to the insurance companies:
    “he bill also contains a big new financial treat for health insurance companies.

    The Republican plan calls for allowing insurers to write off as a business expense the entire amount of their executives’ salaries on their taxes, and not just the first $500,000, as is the case now under the Affordable Care Act.

    Big insurers Aetna and Cigna paid their respective CEOs Mark Bertolini and David Cordani each more than $17 million in salary last year.

    Chaffetz appeared Tuesday morning on CNN, where a reporter pointed out that the “access” to health care that Republicans have touted in their bill does not “equal coverage” for customers.

    “We’re getting rid of the individual mandate, we’re getting rid of these things that people said they don’t want,” said Chaffetz, referring to the Obamacare requirement that most Americans have health coverage or pay a fine.

    “And, you know what? Americans have choices, and they’ve got to make a choice, so maybe rather than getting that new iPhone that they just love, and they want to spend hundreds of dollars on, maybe they should invest in their own health care,” Chaffetz said.

    “They’ve got to make those decisions themselves,” added Chaffetz, who is chairman of the House Committee on Government Oversight and Reform.

    Chaffetz also said, “Yes, I think that’s fair,” when asked if it is possible that fewer Americans would end up with insurance coverage under the Republican replacement plan for Obamacare.”

    more at:

  206. Now health care is an “investment” instead of a necessity which should make it a right. If they don’t like being called deplorable, they should stop being deplorable. The good news is that even some Republicans don’t like this garbage.

  207. Without the individual mandate, there can be no coverage for people with pre-existing conditions. It’s getting younger healthy people in the insurance pool that pays for older, sicker folks. Because that’s how insurance works. DUH! Someday we’ll all be old and sick.

  208. It is possible that the comments today by Chaffetz and Pence and other Republicans, might wake some people up as to their true nature. They sounded like the smug and sanctimonious people of Dickensian London, intoning that if people were poor and sick, it was due to their own moral failings, and foolish choices. Imagine, choosing an iphone over health insurance. Of course comments like that are born of their own stupidity, greed, and contempt for people who are not bought off by corporations like they are.

    It used to be that people knew that the Republicans were, the enemy of workng people of the middle class and poor. But decades of hate-filled talk radio braniwashed them into thinking that the Democrats were their enemies, taking away their freedoms. Perhaps, if a smart and concerted effort is made by Democrats to highlight all of this, they might realize that under Republicans, they will have no jobs, no health insurance, no safety net, no housing. It is a sure thing that the Republicans want to starve out Medicare and Social Security, leading to a dystopian social nightmare. There is now a possibility for a massive change in the makeup of Congress, but only if Democrats have the message honed just right. And we’ll see if the media tells the true story, or does their usual cowardly false equivalence routine.

  209. Chaffetz more and more reminds me of Saddam Hussein. He is every bit as cold blooded.

  210. Nothing about preventive care or bringing down drug costs. One of the problems in this country, is that Republicans believe health care is a privilege and not a right. Until that changes, health care is going to stink and many millions of people will not be able to afford it.

  211. Well, Voting, then you will like the tweet I sent Chaffetz, that cockroach. He made a crack about how people will just have to choose between their iphone and meds/healthcare. So….I sent him this.

    And I didn’t leave Paul Ryan looking left out either.

    And another..

  212. This plan literally leaves the sick, the elderly and the poor dead. I haven’t seen the part about risk pools but i KNOW it’s in there, because he talked about it. When you are a lousy driver, you land in a risk pool and it costs you a LOT of money. Often, it’s your own damned fault. WHen you get sick with a pre-existing condition (and the insurer DEFINES what that means, so you could have psoriasis and get dropped into a risk pool), this is a death sentence. It will contain limits and restrictions and once again, an insurance company will decide if you deserve a procedure or leave you hanging. There will probably be Caps too. Like those people who used to get caps on their chemotherapy, so they couldn’t finish the round. A risk pool punishes the sick in the same way a bad driver gets punished: as if it’s your fault. Oddly, the one thought they didn’t have is: Eventually EVERYBODY will be in a risk pool because everybody gets sick sooner or later. But then, the House doesn’t need to worry about that for themselves, since this is not their plan. Their plan is awesome and costs them little personally. And everybody else pays for it. So, free healthcare for me, not thee.

    Someone who’s 60 will never get insured because the insurer has a right to reject people, and who wants a 60 year old.

    They will save a LOT of money for the rich people to get ‘tax relief’. and people WILL die.

    Those show you how sleazy they really are, the axe doesn’t really fall till 2020. No doubt, the date will be AFTER elections.

  213. Ok so there are a couple of other skanky issues in question.

    1. Putin sold 19.5% if his State Owned (Putin owned) Oil Giant company Rosneft to an individual or individuals–and nobody seems to be able to find out who these people are.

    2. The UK dossier on Trump that Trump defies as a total lie actually mentions that Putin offered 19% (off by .5) of the company to Carter Page. We might assume that he was offering it to certain people through Carter Page because the dossier says that Putin wanted Sanctions removed in exchange for the offer. Now, that stock is worth billions so Sanctions must mean an awful lot to him.

    3.The dossier says that the above offer was made in July 2016 if Trump would remove the sanctions if he were elected.

    4.In December, 2016, post election, the transaction occurred.

    Reuters coverage

    Some interesting details here

    Another comment will follow, regarding Tillerson.

  214. Onto the next issue.

    1. It seems that those 2011 sanctions on Russia created a bit of a problem for a guy named Tillerson and his friends.To the tune of $500 Billion.

    2. So the lifting of those sanctions seems pretty important to him and EXXON.

    3.The ties between Tillerson and Putin are much deeper than known. He didn’t get Putin’s Atta Boy Award for nothing. It seems that EXXON stands to gain much in resuming deals that can’t go forward with the sanctions in place. It’s all explained here…and more.

  215. I have one more odd issue. Let me know if you want me to continue.

  216. Voting, I got through one and a half of the videos with Sara Huckabee Sanders, daughter of Mike Huckabee. I could not abide anymore of her lies. Uppity, it just gets in my craw that the reps in the House and Senate have their wonderful health plans. And with ObamaCare the republicans yelled about the death panels. What do they think is going to happen to the folks who can’t afford their healthcare under their plan? That equals death to many folks. The rich should not be the only folks who can have good health care. What a complete mess!

  217. Luna, thanks for posting the Caroline O thread.

  218. Uppity, Please continue. I have been following the Russian ties quite closely. Rachel Maddow has been doing great investigative reporting and has spoken about the above mentioned information. In addition, the new Commerce secretary has ties to Russia through a Cyprus bank that does money laundering for the oligarchs in Russia.

    Also, last night, she discussed a Trump hotel deal in Azebejan (sp) that the Trumps pulled out of, after the election. The guy that they were involved with, is known as the “Corelone” of Azerbejan (sp) and is know for laundering money for the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, so they can terrorist activity. The whole story is published in the New Yorker magazine.

    The entire Republican knows about this and has access to more information than we do. They are responsible for the all the horrible things happening in this country and all they care about is power, and more power. They are deregulating EVERYTHING. Unbelievable that this is happening to our country.

  219. So, all the shouting about the wall to Mexico, deportations and Muslim countries’ travel ban is a distraction of a Russian take over of our country with greedy- traitors American puppet-whores?

  220. Next issue, Upss?

  221. To bring a bit of light back into your hearts:

  222. Good summary of Trumpcare:

  223. Lady Liberty has gone on strike as of midnight:

  224. Wow, that person’s Twitter account no longer available..wonder if it was someone working at the Statue of Liberty? If so, good on her’him.

    Here’s another view:

  225. One last thing to remember:

  226. 1. tRump makes wild claim he was illegally bugged during the campaign by then President Obama. Few take this claim seriously.

    2. A few days later, Wikileaks release massive amount of stolen documents from tRump target, CIA, showing in detail just how a government agency might have done exactly that.

    Am I the only idiot that thinks these two are connected? That maybe someone needs to look at tRump admin’s *current* ties to Wikileaks?

  227. Earlynerd, they must be connected, and connected to the same puppet master, Putin.

    Upps, loved your breakdown of all the Russian scandals. Do please continue. It helps my poor brain to comprehend it all.

    Love that about the Statue of Liberty!

  228. Cats, thanks to you also for explaining!

  229. Great links, Up. Keep ’em coming.

    Yes, yesterday’s Wikileaks dump is one more suspicious “coincidence”.

  230. Voting, thanks for posting Hillary’s speech, summary of Trumpcare, Statue of Liberty, and Nevertheless she persisted. You have been busy!

  231. Thank you Voting for the video of Hillary on Girls Inc.
    Makes me feel good to see her in charge of her life…

  232. Okay, what did I miss? MSNBC Just said poll shows 45 viewed MORE favorably than Hillary, his poll numbers are going up. I am literally nauseated. WTF is happening out there?

  233. For your general amusement…or maybe not:

  234. Cats:
    I just read in the WaPo voter’s polls showing quite a different picture that what you are saying about MSNBC…

    Can someone bring some light to this?

  235. Oh, Belle I hope I misread the chyron and the WaPo numbers are accurate. Over at Widdershins, DYB reported that both WaPo and Vox had hit pieces on Hillary today.

  236. I couldn’t see anything on Hillary in the WaPo front page.

  237. LOL, there’s this:

    On nearly every issue, more Americans oppose Trump’s agenda than support it/

  238. Watched a TV Hillary ad from the election over @ RD today;found myself in tears,It still surprises me how raw and close to the surface my feelings about the loss are.
    Fortunately I was treated to Hillary’s Girl’s Inc speech over here @ Uppity’s..dang I’ve missed seeing Hillary and hearing her voice.Today she reminded me of a Grande Dame..seen it all,heard it all ;got right down in there and fought the good fight. Now she’s ready to teach and bring along the younger ones; IF they’re smart enough to learn from her.
    Happy Women’s Day- Resist,Persist and Party On!! ( Because why shouldn’t we be creative and have a good time while we’re fighting for our lives and the lives of our families.?)

  239. Seeing Red on International Women’s Day
    Posted on March 8, 2017 by riverdaughter

  240. Regardless of your opinion of Maddow’s reporting during the campaign (and you all know mine), she has been the one reporter NOT distracted from Trump’s Russia ties. This is long and the breaks in this are due to ad breaks not shown live-stream, but it needs to be watched.

  241. Since Hillary will never run for office again, there’s no reason to poll her UNLESS she really is an existential threat to the patriarchy. My personal take is that Hillary is now free to be an advocate for causes she cares deeply about, and that’s what she’s going to do. She no longer has to try to persuade idjits and misogynists who will hate her no matter what to vote for her. There are millions of us who love and admire her. And we will follow her. This gives her incredible power she wouldn’t have running for office. I’m sure there are those who find that scary.

  242. I do watch Maddow when I can. I thought her analysis last night of how Trump is destroying the State Dept. on Putin’s behalf was excellent. Apparently, Vlad fears American values, as represented by the foreign service and development experts at State, more than he fears American military might. Trump works for Putin, not us.

  243. Maddow has been doing a GREAT job. I don’t think she did a great job soon enough, though.

  244. Nigel Farage, or as my good UK friend calls him, Nigel Fromage, was photographed leaving the Ecuador Embassy after meeting with none other than Julian Assange.

    Just another coincidence I am sure, as is this…

    All the info came from Smokinggun so we know they are very good at this, whether anyone likes it or not.
    Not the shot of Stone and Guccifer a few tweets down. Also I had no idea Stone was nabbed for a sex ring, you’ll see a copy of the newspaper article in that thread as well. what a skeeve. No matter he and Donnie are such good friends. Two pervs.

  245. And finally, Trump has assigned a Women In The Workplace task force.

    Led by two men.

  246. I would love to click on that Smoking Gun link, but I don’t dare. I tried this morning on Twitter and got a Facebook pop-up that hijacked my phone for an hour. I absolutely loathe Facebook.

  247. I do remember Stone’s sex scandal from the nineties. He’s a real winner.

  248. Maddow has been doing true investigative journalism. The link I posted above shows all the various links in the extended web of Trump’s ties to Russia.

  249. China gives green light for Trump branded Massage parlors, bars and “concierge” (read Escort) services.

    No conflict of interest here. Nope. But that aside, in addition to being a Malignant Narcissist, he’s a fucking pervert. Honestly, with his sick personality, his paranoia, and the daily and GROWING revelations of his connectionss to Russia, what do the people who believe in this guy need short of a telephone poll on their heads to get it?

  250. Yes, the dots are forming lines but so far I keep hearing it’s mostly uncorroborated. We are sitting on a massive amount of circumstantial evidence and with each passing day our govrernment is being gutted and infiltrated by known enemies. My Repub friends couldn’t care less, still convinced Hillary would have been far worse, and I suspect they are not alone. The recent wiki dump really concerns me since we are already seeing just how vulnerable and how far behind we are with cyber security, surveillance and warfare. The fact that Hillary is still a punching bag also concerns me. Putin really sees her as an existential threat and we know how he handles his opposition. I was surprised to see Steele resurface, something is afoot there.

  251. Ups, yes he is a fucking pervert but my Repub friends consider Bill (Clinton not your highly regarded feline) to be worse.

    I wonder if that women’s task force will be looking at dress codes (no pant suits, ever), physical attributes, particularly bust size, age and level of intelligence, the lower the better. I am not surprised that it is headed by two men, I guess the other option would have been Melania and ivanka but there just aren’t enough hours in the day for those two inspirational icons of femininity, so no. I am so bitter.

  252. Of course he’s worse. He’s a Democrat and they MUST have an identified D enemy at ALL times to cover for the shitbags they have in their party. You hand these people a bowl of shit and tell them it’s ice cream and they yell YUM!

    And here is today’s tweet to Paul Ryan. Just a question.

  253. Neera Tanden says no wonder GOP bill is so bad. They have no idea what insurance is. Ryan’s no boy genius after all.

  254. Even the insurance companies are against the bill.

  255. The Pervert’s unwillingness to criticize Julian speaks volumes and volumes and volumes.

  256. Uppity @ 12:50 PM:

    If I still talked to any of the fundie tRump supporters here, I’d ask them how they liked their boy openly running Trump-branded prostitute services.

    Just to watch them squirm a little, before they came up with the usual excuses for anything and everything their side does.

  257. Nerd, they’d probably say Jesus approves.

    Or pull that Pizzagate bullshit again.

  258. Incidentally, why isn’t -that- on the news 24/7?

    The President of the U.S of A., put there by Republicans, a party so sure of its direct link to God that it legislates women’s deaths in the name of the “sanctity of all human life”, has just been granted licenses by a foreign country, a *freakin COMMUNIST country* to put his name on prostitute services and houses of prostitution.

    Why is not one part of this of any concern to Republicans? Or even of much concern to the media?

  259. Thanks, Upps, you answered the question while I was typing it. Of course they would say that.

    Nothing he does, even this latest, bothers them one bit.

  260. Sources: FBI investigation continues into ‘odd’ computer link between Russian bank and Trump Organization

  261. No Sympathy Here, Andrea. Sorry!

    March 9, 2017 by still4hill

  262. About that climate-denying EPA chief:

  263. You know it’s getting bad when even Fox News is reporting this. Trump administration is just a never-ending shit storm.

  264. Voting: do you know how Fox News viewers are responding to smith’s reporting. i don’t think this is the first time he has broken away from the herd. Thanks for posting that. I had no idea Fox was airing this type of info.

  265. Voting:
    Thank you sooo much for the link to Fox news video.
    I’d never learn about this since I do not watch Fox ever.

  266. About the Flynn cockroach: LOCK HIM UP!

  267. I don’t have the cable news stations, but I pick up info on Twitter & I searched this at YouTube to see what folks were discussing re: Smith went nuts on Flynn.

  268. Uppity Woman, on March 9, 2017 at 12:50 PM said:

    Hey, Upps, maybe Trump thought POTUS stood for Pimp of the United States.

  269. Voting, too funny!

  270. Hahaha I told Pruitt to Get Fracked.

  271. This gives us yet another nickname for the illegitimate prez:

    Pimp Daddy Trump! 😈

  272. A tweet for you all.

    Mike Pence is so slippery it’s a wonder he doesn’t leave a slug trail wherever he goes. And……..

  273. Uppity @ 5:51 pm Hahahaha! The mental image is terrifying and satisfying at the same time.

    Re: Flynn and his infectious case of amnesia – it’s amazing how many in tRump’s administration can’t remember anyone they met with. Even the Onion noticed:

  274. Just finished watching AMJOY and I think that ,maybe,in some ways,we’ve been missing the forest for the trees. No matter what the “investigations” reveal,I think we now have ample evidence that Trump is out to destroy our government and, by extension,our democracy.
    His cabinet includes people whose sole purpose is to destroy their departments or ability to regulate. ( Education,EPA, Labor,Commerce,Energy).
    He’s gutted both the State department and now the justice department..preventing them from doing their jobs.He’s doing his level best to discredit our intelligence agencies.
    And he’s doing this w/an assist from Russia,Wikileaks,right wing media and the morally defunct/cowardly Republicans.
    And,sorry Repubs, your claim to being for law and order? Not gonna fly,YOUR president has been in violation of the Constitution since day one. Not a whiff of investigating any of THAT,but you’d still love to go after Hillary,or Obama ,any one or anything to distract from YOUR agenda.
    And how you can talk about love of country,love of family and christian values while you’re in the process of removing millions from health insurance? Your hypocrisy has a special stink to the rest of us are beginning to recognize
    It isn’t just the survival of an ideology or a program we need to worry about now,people, it’s the survival of the whole country.

    Thus endeth today’s sermon.Sorry for the rant..but I feel better now.

  275. Msdsal, you are not alone in your thinking. Every night, Rachel Maddow has been revealing more and more of the plot to destroy our country. It was so disheartening to hear Nance and the CIA guy talk about the CIA dump on am joy, how it revealed the tools we use to surveil our enemies like isis and al qaeda and how we may have to go back to human sources for our intel. Party before country has truly become treason and with one party rule, a corporately owned media drowning out what’s left of investigative journalism, and half the country asleep at the wheel, our constitution has become meaningless and our republic a mockery of what the founding fathers intended. Putin has brilliantly outplayed us all.

  276. Msdsal, righteous sermon, totally agree!

  277. The thread you want to read to connect some dots. Read the entire thread, don’t let your jaw drop too far. Not being very good at conspiracies, I thought, what if Trump, who wanted to keep Bharara now need to get rid of him and fire all 46 so Bharara didn’t look like a target. And then all this behind the scenes information rolled out.


  278. Uppity at 8:12pm. That is what it looks like.

  279. Funny. Berned brainers whining that they were infiltrated by Russian trollbots and so many of them believed the propaganda. Heh, if your critical thinking skills are so bad you thought Sanders was a good candidate, no wonder you guys fell for it.

    Smollon had a hard time convincing other Bernie supporters that they were being played. “No one cared,” Smollon said. “At that point, you were a Hillary shill. It was like an echo chamber of anger.”

    Even when pointing out that something like was a fake site ― the real site is ― he drew criticism. He was eventually removed as a moderator from one of the pro-Sanders Facebook groups. …

    [Another Bernie supporter said] “It’s wildly distressing that we were played,” Mattes said.

  280. Screw bernie people. I want nothing to do with them. I block them like cockroaches. And that writer still managed to get some shots in. Screw him and screw that old communist and his professional skimmer wife. They are is laughing all the way to the bank because morons gave them their pizza money and bought their book. The same dog that ate Trump’s tax returns ate his too.

  281. I still see bernie bumper stickers around here, and I give them all a heartfelt F-You and Go To Hell salutation.

  282. Uppity and Luna, never change.

  283. Uppity @ 8:12 Also on the site that, thankfully, does cover Bharara’s firing, there was this:

    After porno-burger king (“I like beautiful women eating burgers in bikinis”) Puzder was successfully blocked as Labor Secretary, tRump’s next choice is Alexander Acosta, the former U.S. Attorney who oversaw the tap on the wrist given to tRump buddy Epstein for raping children.

    Epstein, now 64, pleaded guilty in 2008 to Florida charges of soliciting prostitution and was sentenced to 18 months in prison, of which he served 13 months. Epstein was also required to register as a sex offender and pay millions of dollars in restitution to as many as 40 victims who were between the ages of 13 and 17 when the crimes occurred.
    Well-known Miami defense lawyer Joel DeFabio, who has represented numerous defendants in sex cases, said he had never heard of such an agreement before Epstein’s came to light.

    There seems to be literally no one associated with tRump who isn’t filthy in some way.

  284. Apologies for the double link – not sure what happened there.

  285. For your general amusement. Best skit from last night’s SNL:

    And second best:

  286. TY WLM. You know how I am allergic to conspiracy theories but this just seemed to stick out like a turd in a punchbowl once I saw the letter that was sent to Bharara and the piece on how he was also investigating FOX and that pervert who runs it.

    Luna, those morons not only belived the links coming from Russia and Macedonia, they worked REALLY hard to spread it. I will repeat, I don’t give a shit if they all fall off the face of the earth. I am a Democrat (albeit unregistered now, lol) NOT a Socialist, Marxist, Communist or Bro-cialst. Fuck the whole lot of them and the old Castro wannabe they pretend is worth spit.

  287. Well, Nerd, you probably didn’t read the memo. Rape is cool now. Child trafficking is cool. Grabbing pussies is cool. We need only see what happened to that POS who WITNESSES saw rape a woman, and his daddy and mommy said he couldn’t go to prison because he wouldn’t do well there. As his father said, he shouldn’t go to prison for just “Twenty minutes of action”. Not hard to see where that little piece of shit got his morals from, is it? So they put him in the county jail for about five minutes. and now he’s on the internet praising Jesus and loving Donald J Trump.

    The R’s love their guns. I have a gun. I don’t love it. But I’m glad I have it, because I want to be able to protect myself against THEM. I tell you true, as soon as a few women shoot the balls off of these guys on the scene, walk away to let them bleed out, they won’t get the message that we aren’t going to take this shit. I will always have a big dog. If someone tries to break into my home when I am alone, he’s going down the front steps backwards. I simply cannot BELIEVE that ANY woman with a SPECK of self-respect in this country continues to turn a blind eye to the obvious. They can all go ahead and get raped, beaten up, dissed and discriminated against. I am having none of it. They are just as disgusting for looking the other way as the men who perpetuate these travesties are. Fuck them too.

    I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if Donald followers his mentor Putin’s new rule: Domestic violence is no longer a crime.

    As for the Trump voters who are too fucking dumb to know that “Obamacare” is the same as the ACA, who are trolling toward losing their health care net, I hope they all enjoy their early deaths. They EARNED it. I only regret that they will take smarter people with them. I do not benefit ONE bit from the ACA. I want to go on record about that. But I DO recognize a plan for genocide of the elderly, disabled when I see it. Let them all land in their state risk pool to die. Yes the ACA has some real warts. They could be fixed. They won’t be fixed taking the money away from it and giving it to Donald J Trump and other greedy bastards like him. A country that abandones it’s sick, disabled, and elderly is a country that is Morally Bankrupt. No moral compass whatsoever. Brought to you by rich white men who are getting free golden healthcare that your tax money pays for. Does anything more even NEED to be said about that?

    I am so glad things are unraveling for these morally bankrupt, grifters, skimmers, pilferers and demons hanging around America’s White House. I keep wondering which one of them is going to sing. Because one of them will to save his own sorry ass.

  288. Well, Nerd, you probably didn’t read the memo. Rape is cool now. Child trafficking is cool. Grabbing pussies is cool. We need only see what happened to that POS who WITNESSES saw rape a woman, and his daddy and mommy said he couldn’t go to prison because he wouldn’t do well there. So they put him in the county jail for about five minutes. and now he’s on the internet praising Jesus and loving Donald J Trump.

    The R’s love their guns. I have a gun. I don’t love it. But I’m glad I have it, because I want to be able to protect myself against THEM. I tell you true, as soon as a few women shoot the balls off of these guys on the scene, walk away to let them bleed out, they won’t get the message that we aren’t going to take this shit. I will always have a big dog. If someone tries to break into my home when I am alone, he’s going down the front steps backwards.

    I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if Donald followers his mentor Putin’s new rule: Domestic violence is no longer a crime.

    I am so glad things are unraveling for these morally bankrupt, grifters, skimmers, pilferers and demons hanging around America’s White House. I keep wondering which one of them is going to sing. Because one of them will to save his own sorry ass.

  289. Uppity, that’s one solution – may be the only one left in a country where law enforcement just doesn’t seem to think harm to girls and women in really a crime.

    BTW, this is another “holy sh*t!” article on the magnitude of the Russian crime Bharara was in the midst of prosecuting (courtesy Doktor Zoom at Wonkette). Being a New Yorker, though, you may already know all this.

  290. Yep Nerd, he’s turning Russian laundering upside down. Or he was.

    He charged 3 Russian spies living in NY with espionage just before he got fired. I suppose now that Trump is appointing Roger Ailes’ lawyer to that slot, that case will be dropped along with the case involving FOX news.

    Nothing to see here…

  291. From The Daily Banter:

    Wikileaks Jumps The Shark, by Justin Rosario.

    The question is no longer “Is Wikileaks in bed with Putin?”, it’s “Does Wikileaks have to translate all of their posts from the original Russian?”


    In the spirit of the upcoming holiday, may Assange’s shillelagh turn green and his blarney stones fall off. 😈

  292. Opinion: Trump just created a formidable enemy
    After firing Preet Bharara, President Trump beware
    Paul Callan

    By Paul Callan

    Updated 5:52 PM ET, Sat March 11, 2017
    Bharara: I did not resign — I was fired

  293. Bharara didn’t just start a twitter account for nothing.

    Trump had best buckle his seatbelt. Bharara is very well liked and has a boatload of charisma. He is also highly respected in and out of the beltway. And he also knows Comey well.

  294. The trouble has always been that old-style (pre-Sanders) Dems don’t break the law. Repubs since Nixon do, shamelessly, over and over and over again. May they finally break one too many, after taking on the worst nemesis possible.

    Meanwhile, in the alternative universe I share with Spicer & Conway:

  295. Trump voters have ruined this country, possibly forever. And Bernie Sanders keeps holding town halls for them. Here’s an idea: why doesn’t he hold a town hall for non-white, working class Hillary voters? Or, better yet, just get lost.

  296. That Huff Po headline made the Bernouts sound like innocent victims because they credulously repeated all of the Russian propaganda and disinformation against Hillary. In other words, Hillary was the target of a smear campaign, but let’s all feel sorry for Bernouts! SHEESH!

  297. Btw, you won’t hear THIS from msm, but Hillary actually won people who make less than $50,000 per year and those who make less than $30,000 per year because she won everyone but whites. Only white people matter apparently.

  298. The Bernie “deplorables” upset me a lot more than Trump’s because I think they should know better. When the fog clears I think Bernie and his followers will go down in our electoral history as another Nader running a vanity campaign. When the Nader people eventually saw what damage they had done (maybe they never did!), I wonder how they could have lived with themselves. But I don’t believe Nader’s ego ever let him own up to anything. I think the same will be for Bernie alas.

  299. Did any of you all catch Madame Secretary last night? Where Tea Leoni took on the narcissistic ,wacko “President of the Phillipines” ,who got a bit too handsy and ended up w/a broken nose? Then Tea had to wrestle w/how to deal w/the international fallout..but found some leverage due to Chinese bribes? Thinly veiled reality.
    Sometimes fiction can tell the greater truths.
    Now back to our regularly scheduled Alt-Reality Show.

  300. I can’t understand how/why we have a Congress full of Republicans who are, for the most part, grinning maniacally about capping money for the disabled, sick, and poor. Were they all raised to care so little about their fellow humans? I know this is a question that can’t be answered but it floors me that about half the people in our country are as barbarian as the terrorists in certain mid-eastern and certain African countries.

    Maybe you have to be from the South for this but Ryan grins like a possum– all the time. It drives me nuts. And when he stands beside McConnell, well you know what he looks like with his grin. These two are as evil as Bannon and 45 and the 45’s kids.
    They are supposed to be looking out for ALL Americans, not just their cash cow buddies. I know, that is crazy talk. And I don’t think we can get rid of them. My soapbox for the day.

  301. Looks like President Bannon has deduced that Ryan’s horrid plans could hurt the popularity of his figurehead President with the yahoos — and stunt his ability to wreck the country. So…….breitbart to the rescue with an audio of Ryan badmouthing Trump. Now Trump can tell him to shove it. Ryan will push on because Gerrymandering does that to horrible people. But I wouldn’t be surprised if Trump emerged ‘fighting for the”People” because they had better do just that. The truth emerges that the majority of people who will be devastated by Ryan’s TrumpCare™ are Trump voters and, if those town halls weren’t a hint, I just don’t know what was. Issa nearly got bludgeoned a few days ago. Imagine charging a 60 yr old FIVE TIMES the premium. Imagine people who make 30k paying 10k or more for insurance, plus copays because the medicade help is gone. Imagine every time a person is dying and it gets publicized. That bill is a PR nightmare waiting to happen.

    And I’m sure you saw Rachael point out that there is NO law that keeps Insurers from crossing state lines NOW. But i have a different view of why there are always so few “Choices”. It’s because of the ANTI-TRUST LAW WAIVER health insurers have. They have territories in which they care monopolies. A couple of insurers make a stake and then they FIX prices. If you don’t believe me, you have never been a Single Pay insuree. You look at those choices, of which only 2 are decent, you will pay four figures a month for the pleasure and the two prices are remarkably similar.

    The uprising in this country continues.

  302. Anyone take a look at the Executive Order that was signed yesterday that “deconstructs the administrative state.” Or more aptly, destroys the various federal departments? Another confirmation of why the people that were chosen to head these departments are out to destroy them.

  303. Birdgal. aside from the havoc that will ensue when they gut the departments and remove the regulations that at least attempt to protect us little folk and the world we live in, what about the thousands of government employees that will now be unemployed? They too will lose their insurance which I assume they currently get through fed gov’t pools. More unemployed, more uninsured and they are just beginning.

  304. That Senate committee had better stop jerking around and Comey too. THey need to get a real investigation of these cockroaches going NOW. Does Hillary have to write an email for them to get off their asses?

  305. It will concentrate more power in the executive branch and lead to more privatization of services, which equals more money for the billionaires.

  306. Funny you should say that about Hillary and an e-mail,Upps. Apparently Assange accused Hillary of plotting a “Pence” takeover of the White House today.That should stop that from ever happening;so I’m thinking either a Putin or Bannon plant. They must really miss having Hillary around to bash.Awww,poor things and I mean things.

  307. Yeah I saw the Assange thing. Boy that guy what crapping his jeans in fear of a Hillary Presidency. She would have gotten his ass dragged her for an espionage trial and he knew it.

    Now about Don The Con’s old 1040. It was stamped “Client Copy”. It came from him as a decoy. Who gives a fuck about his 2005 return? We want the ones starting in 2008 when the Junior Dolt declared that a disproportionate amount of their money was coming in from Russia. We want 2008 thru 2016, which he will file now so it’s certainly not under audit yet.

    Comey is testifying tomorrow, Donnie’s decoy was a dusty old tax return. Just the 1040, though. Copied from…………his copy. I’ll bet John Miller and John Barron arranged it.

    Also, Spicer commented on it before it was even released. And then had the nerve to call it illegally published. Which of course it isn’t. It wasn’t stolen or even solicited. It was put in the mail. and Donald mailed it.

  308. Bottom of page 2: “CLIENT COPY”

  309. Bottom of page 2: “CLIENT COPY”

  310. Yeah, I thought Maddow really over-hyped that “Breaking News”. And everyone keeps calling it his “tax returns”. It’s just a summary, people! We need the complete returns for the last ten years with all the sources of income. David Caye Johnson did point out that Trump doesn’t even have the lame excuse that he’s being audited for this year’s returns. But I thought it came from Trump people, and it was pretty obvious they’re trying to manipulate and spin the media. Again!

  311. Trump is still cribbing off Bernie who also tried to pass off his 1040 for one year as his tax returns.

  312. The same dog ate Bernie and Donald’s tax returns. And for the same reasons, but more dollar signs after Trump’s name. But make no mistake. I had the link to Bernie’s investments and he is not only a de facto millionaire, he buries shit in his wife’s name and he invests in all the things he purports to despise.

  313. You might be missing the message Rebel. Rachael knew exactly what she was doing. She knew Trump would be watching because of the full-throttle announcement and so would many of his followers. So she methodically mapped out the identified connects between Russia and Trump people. It was deliberate

  314. You mean the opening segment where she reviewed all the circumstantial evidence she has compiled that Trump is laundering money for very unsavory characters and entities? I agree. And I’m not saying the 1040 story didn’t have merit. But I thought there was almost an implication before she got to the 1040 that it would provide a smoking gun (or at least a warm gun) on the money laundering. I disagree with those who are arguing this discredits her completely. It doesn’t. And all the misogynists telling her to STFU on Twitter are no surprise.

  315. I so wish some credible news source would “out” Bernie’s tax returns and financial information before he completely destroys the Democratic party.

  316. Bernie is a toad. He’s just having fun. Nothing he says will happen. All he ever does is bark orders and repeat the same shit over and over. The party would stuff a rag in his mouth but for his voters, but personally, I think he should register in the place he really wants to be: CPUSA. And he should take those assholes with him.

  317. Yes she did imply that before the show. She wanted that viewership to hear her laundry list. And hear it, they did, whether they wanted to or not.

    The 1040 was really kind of incidental.

  318. A lot of people are missing how deliberate Rachel was last night. It was brilliant. She laid out everything she has been talking about for the past several weeks. She is the only person on television doing investigative journalism. There are some print publications i.e. The New Yorker that are doing good work.

  319. File under the heading of “Careful What You Vote For Because You Will Surely Get It.” You voted “build the wall”, well you got it, TX.

  320. Last night Maddow talked about something I saw yesterday on Twitter. 2005 is the year Trump married Melania. It’s their first joint return. Melania became a US citizen in 2006 which means she needed her 2005 tax return to be legit. That may be why for this one year at least Trump played by the rules. It also may explain why someone close to Trump may have released this particular year.

  321. Given Dutch election: maybe Trump product not of unstoppable populist wave but of media hype over email pseudo-scandal and FBI malfeasance— Paul Krugman (@paulkrugman) March 16, 2017


  322. Bernie is going to be done in 2018. He’s going to endorse some candidates like he did in 2016 and they are either going to get wiped out in the primary or the general. I can’t believe anyone gives that crank the time of day considering the fact that his “way” has only gotten one person elected and that is himself. Even the Liberty Union party in Vermont he managed to kill off. None of them followed him into the mayoralty in Burlington and he couldn’t pull a Democrat into the governor’s office in Vermont last year. The truth is to get any normality back into our politics in this country the Bernie Bros and the Tea Party have to be completely marginalized.

  323. I was so glad that Tim Canola Oil lost. Another die hard castro wannabe. Between the Alt Right and the Alt Left, it’s like fighting off despots of the past. I’m not too fond of picking between Fascism and Marxism.

    It does seem true that Bernie endorsements are the kiss of death.

  324. Canova lost to DWS in the primary and is still trashing her and the party on Twitter. Still claiming the presidential primary was rigged. These dudes are as allergic to facts and evidence as Trump and his cult. Voters are considered an obstacle on their path to power.

  325. If our founding fathers and mothers could know about it, I am sure they would be in utter shock over the U.S. president being more unstable than the “leader” in North Korea. Now, we can’t be sure which one will hit the nuclear button first but both are threatening it. What possesses all the “oh so smart and competent” CEOs now in the cabinet to be pussy cats to 45’s demands. Tillerson threatening war on N Korea!!!!!
    I know 45 wants a war but is there no sanity anywhere to stop him?

  326. Rachel was finally connecting the dots about Russia’s successful hacking of the Democratic downstate elections, exploiting the rift in the Democratic party. We know what that means. Again Bernie and his followers, the useful idiots, were most accommodating. Although I might give Bernie a pass and say he was unwitting. But I am not sure about his media strategist Tad Devine who worked in 2006 and 2012 for that Ukrainian, Putin puppet, trying to get him re-elected.

  327. Attacking Chelsea seems to be a thing now for Dude Bros. Guess that spinach pancakes recipe last week really offended them.

  328. I love when she heard they weren’t going to bother interviewing Steel, the guy who wrote the dossier that seems to be coming true………Rachel said, “I guess we’ll just have to do this ourselves”.

  329. Ireland’s Prime Minister did such a great job handing Trump his ass:

  330. BTW, Trump was being a real dick to keep mentioning Northern Ireland on St. Patrick’s Day as it is only celebrated by Catholics, not the Protestant Unionists of NI.

    On that note & now that another St. Patrick’s Day is over, I really need to vent this. A 4-leaf clover IS NOT representative of the day. It is the 3-leaf SHAMROCK that is. St. Patrick used the shamrock to explain the Holy Trinity (Father/Son/Holy Spirit) as being one God.

    The reason I bring this up is because it’s so disrespectful to Irish-Catholic & this used-to-be Holy Day. But, for what it’s worth, I also had to point this out to Jimmy Fallon who used the “lucky” 4-leaf clover on tonight’s show..and that moron IS IRISH.

    I think this is why we have so many problems in the world. We don’t take time to learn the actual history. It’s like Sikhs that get called Muslims even though they wear their turban which identifies them as Sikh.

    OK, done with my rant. My apologies to non-religious, but this just irks me so bad every year.

  331. Okay Uppityites! What hilarious blogger that we all know and love has a tweet featured in People Magazine!?! Scroll down this article to find out:

  332. Hey, I didn’t know that! Cute.

  333. Uppity! Congratulations!
    May RBG be with us for many years.

  334. I had this weird dream last week. In it Hillary was teaching a class of women who were getting ready to run for office.She asked them to write a letter to themselves about what their dreams and goals were. Being ever helpful,I collected the letters. 🙂

    Hillary then said,now you need to think one goal/dream beyond what you wrote can you push yourself just one step further? Is Hillary doing teachings in the dreamtime now? Out of the woods and into people’s dreams? I guess that’s one way to avoid the “fake media.” 🙂 Would trump voters consider them nightmares? Maybe not now that trump’s threatening their health care and food supply.

    I’m exhausted just trying to follow all of this stuff,but I guess that was the point all along.Thank God things have been slowed down enough so that people can evaluate and expose the lack of truthiness.

  335. Voting thanks for the video; PM Kenny was masterful in his address of immigrants’ contributions to our country, the Irish in particular, but every word spoken by 45 is cringe worthy. He mechanically speaks the words that someone else wrote and then looks up and throws out one of his empty, one-size-fits-all statements.

    Did he actually plug his golf course in his remarks like he plugged Mar-a-lago (“southern WH that everybody loves”) when he talked about his ill-fated conference on the VA? Does he ever stop pushing his brand to self-enrich and will anyone ever call him on it? I guess if he doesn’t mention his brand by name its okay, wink wink.

    I bet if someone quizzed him on that speech, he wouldn’t get any of the answers right. He is a national embarrassment. Don’t understand why both Merkel and Kenny said they had “very good” and “great” meetings with 45. If he opened his mouth, how can that be?

  336. Upps, you’ll never guess how I found out about it. I haven’t read People Magazine in about 30 years. Laker got an email (?) from Twitter saying that your tweet was featured in a People Magazine article and it linked to it. Laker is rarely on twitter. He must have his settings to get all kinds of notifications, and mine must be set to none, cuz I never get any emails from them unless its a Direct Message. Anyway, isn’t that weird? Laker showed it to me in the middle of the night!

    I’m glad they had the good class to use your tweet! 🙂

  337. How come Laker got an email about my tweet? I didn’t. LOLOL

  338. Laugh your ass off, White House Morons, and I suspect there are many of them, used a satire article written by a humorist as a complimentary piece on their Nightmare Budget. Obviously, the idjits only read the title. These are the people who are running America.

    The title, “Trump’s budget makes perfect sense and will fix America, and I will tell you why.”

    That’s as far as the mental defective went and up the article went on their “daily newsletter”. lolol.

    And Here’s the article

  339. Upps @ 5:55pm, I know! So bizarre! LOL!

    Upps @ 7:54pm, I saw your tweet on that and retweeted it. Holy crap, this admin is so stupid, they make W’s look good by comparison.

  340. Off topic: I don’t think any one human can be said to have invented rock-‘n-roll music alone, but we just lost the man who would come closest to that honor. 😦

    Chuck Berry dies at 90

  341. One of his many, many classics.

  342. Ivory Bill, agree with you 100%. Another legend we grew up with is gone. RIP Mr. Berry. Thank you for changing music and giving us rock and roll.

  343. Socal I’m scratching my head here. Laker got an email from twitter saying Laker’s tweet was in people magazine…….or did he get an email saying uppitywoman’s tweet was in people mag?

  344. For your general amusement:

  345. My heart is a good bit lighter tonight because of the following two reasons:

    1. Because I actually and finally got a follow from our brilliant ANITA FINLAY tonight!

    2. Because Hillary gave this amazing speech:

  346. He got an email that Uppitywoman’s tweet was in People Mag. Sorry, did I say he got one of his own? My poor brain, its getting old. Although I’ve always been somewhat dyslexic. I will look for it and post it if I can. It was quite bizarre actually.

  347. Love that Kellyanne tweet! Hilarious!

    Voting, thanks for posting that!

  348. Laker got this in his email box:

    Tweets making headlines

    @UppityWomanBlog’s Tweet was featured in

    ‘Prosecco and Cupcakes with the Chambers Crew’: Inside the Notorious RBG’s 84th Birthday Celebration

    Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, aka the Notorious RBG, is celebrating her 84th birthday Wednesday

  349. Anyway, regarding Lakers email, I’m glad one of us got it, or else we wouldn’t have known about it. When news articles publish someone’s tweet, they should send them a tweet and tell them.

  350. No you didn’t. I just wasn’t clear on what happened, socal. That WAS strange. Maybe they sent it to my followers who had their settings open? That’s all I could think of. I didn’t get one myself because I don’t have any Notifications checked.. lol. What a dopey place Twitter HQ is.

  351. Upps, yes, I’m sure that must be it.

  352. Upps, hubs was just saying how strange it was, that with your thousands of followers, all of your blog friends, the one person that finds out about it is Laker, who rarely looks at Twitter. Too freaking funny!

  353. I knoW, socal, hahahaha. Yayyyyyyyy Laker Dude!

    Tell him to keep me posted next time it happens. ahahahaha.

  354. Re: Conway. SOmebody tweeted me on that remark she made and said it’s the bleach and Meth combo.

  355. VotingHillary, thank you so much for your kind note. I had no idea that I wasn’t following you already!

    Please, if there are any other wonderful Uppity Woman peeps out there that I am missing, please tweet to me @AnitaFinlay and do let me know

  356. Anita, it is fine. I use a different name on Twitter. Plus, I am thrilled that I “earned” my follow all by myself. (No disrespect to you, dear Upps)

    That follow is a badge of honor for me! 🙂

  357. My husband always says that Kellyanne keeps a portrait in the attic and it’s looking younger by the minute.
    He calls KAC “Nairod,” now.

  358. Those of us old enough to remember Watergate never thought we’d see anything like it again in our lifetimes, let alone something much worse. But here it is! This morning’s hearing proved that it really did take a fucking village to steal this election. I think Flynn and Stone will be the first to go down. Unfortunately, there’s not a damn thing we can do about Comey who kept talking about emails while Trump and his buddies were under active investigation for possible treason. It’s maddening.

  359. I am thrilled that I “earned” my follow all by myself

    Of course you did!!!!

  360. Are you all watching Comey’s hearing!!!??


  361. Upps, this hearing is making me nuts. Comey said no Russian hacking of “actual” vote, but attempts on voter registration. Obvious follow-up question would have been “In what manner was the voter registration hacked?” Was this question asked…hell no.

    Hacking of voter registration absolutely affects the “actual vote.”

  362. Upps, I am watching.

  363. Well, this is interesting…Twitter has suspended the “official” Twitter feed of POTUS45.

    Trump’s personal feed is also pretty quiet.

  364. Nevermind, it’s back up again….and Trump is spinning this hearing big-time.

    Meanwhile back at the ranch, Senate is having SCOTUS hearing at the same time.

    Quite the pick you poison day for our Congress.

  365. At work and trying to check in with Twitter often. I’d be glued to my tv if I could.

    This election can never be made right. It’s a colossal injustice. But from what I’m seeing on Twitter, this provides some small measure of vindication of Hillary, her campaign, and all of us with enough sense to vote for her despite the shit ton of garbage dumped on her.

  366. How convenient…both the House hearing w/ Comey & the Senate hearing for SCOTUS nominee ENDED AT THE SAME TIME.

  367. Whoa!

    Twitter has suspended the “official” Twitter feed of POTUS45.

  368. Yeah no kidding. They buried the SCOTUS hearings, the fuckers. We’ll find the video

  369. Well right now, according to Gallup, his approval rating is 37%.

  370. Voting, the only consolation I can get is that Comey will forever be remembered as attempting to help Putin win an election. His reputation will be garbage and frankly he probably needs to be removed as FBI director. The only reason he’s even there is because Trump would put someone worse on the job.

  371. Are you serious?

  372. Potus45 is not his account. It’s @potus.

    And @RealDonaldTrump for 3 AM.

  373. Voting, I’m so with you on Comey.
    Today I was screaming at the TV: “you’re the reason we have President Trump!”
    Where was all his caution and rectitude when it came to Anthony Weiner’s laptop and its sinister implications about Hillary’s emails?

  374. Here’s what confuses me..both Comey and Rodgers said there was no evidence that Russia messed with the vote..but then they both went on to say they’d never looked.
    WHAT ??!!! NEVER LOOKED? How can they say Russia didn’t mess w/the vote if they never looked to see? And WHY ISN’T somebody looking? Ditto looking into the voter registration issue..there were HUGE numbers of people that were denied their votes and especially in those rust belt states.
    Jeeze Pete..are these guys mostly there for decorative purposes? Do none of them EVER ask the next .logical question? Let’s hope the media gets up off their collective butts, off their i-phones and stop primping long enough to ask some of these questions.

    Schiff did a good job,though but most of the rest,tripping over their tongues and twisting logic beyond recognition.And Gowdy..that guy..he gets points for creativity and the greatest danger to our democracy.

    My head does my heart for that matter.

  375. RevVet’s tRump=Nixon take is looking more prescient all the time.

    After the recent weird rally in Nashville,TN., will Fritters, AL be next on his agenda?

  376. Someone should have asked about Jill Stein, Vlad’s fan girl.

  377. I said the same thing. I hope they are investigating Stein.

  378. And here is your Uppity tweet for the day.

  379. Trump’s ex aide Paul Manafort ‘hid’ $750,000payment

  380. Why am I not surprised. Huffington Post – “Trump’s Team Said It Didn’t Ask For Military Vehicles At Inauguration. Emails Show It Did.”

  381. NEW POST UP.

  382. Upps @ 3:04, fell for it. Hey, at least I own my mistakes.

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