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We have here an AP Exclusive regarding that cockroach Paul Manafort.

AP Exclusive: Manafort had plan to benefit Putin government
57 minutes ago

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump’s former campaign chairman, Paul Manafort, secretly worked for a Russian billionaire to advance the interests of Russian President Vladimir Putin a decade ago and proposed an ambitious political strategy to undermine anti-Russian opposition across former Soviet republics, The Associated Press has learned. The work appears to contradict assertions by the Trump administration and Manafort himself that he never worked for Russian interests.

Read the rest here.

Among this Putin Operative’s travels, he is associated with Montenegro. It seems he “freed” Montenegro to ready it for some Putin pillaging.

I mention this because it was discovered that many of the false and sleazy smear links about Hillary, which were fed to the brain-addled Bernie people during the primary –came from…….Surprise! ….Montenegro.


I know nothing! Nothing I tell you!

Now, Sleazy Donald swears he didn’t really know a thing about Paul Manafort. No sir!  The man who says he’s got a superior brain knows nothing about anybody he hires. Ever. Not even Carter Page. Doesn’t know him either. Nope! ‘Believe me!’ I really don’t know him much! But today we will focus on Manafort. Carter Page is a post all by his own sleazy skeevy self.

So, back to Scumball Paul Manafort and his goal in life to help Vlad Putin conquer the world while working with the beholding dolt Donald J. Trump, member of the the Superior Aryan Race who hides his taxes so you can’t figure out what he’s really up to and who took ownership of his shorts since American banks got sick of being stiffed by him and told him to go fuck a duck.

Sean Spicer – who, after he is done with his current job, should try a shot at the Comedy Store considering how many people are laughing at him – said that Manafort had a basically minor role in the campaign…..in as much as Trump fired the maniacal Corey Lewandowski to make Manafort his Campaign manager

Now how did Paul Manafort become part of Trump’s Campaign staff, you ask. You are asking that, right? Welp, Donnie asked him to work for him while they were riding an elevator.

But Trump’s association with Manafort started before he tucked his buddy into The Tower. Yes, that’s right. Manafort was living in Trump Tower when Trump hired him in an elevator. A Trump Tower elevator.

The genesis of Donald Trump’s relationship with Paul Manafort begins with Roy Cohn. That Roy Cohn: Joe McCarthy’s heavy-lidded henchman, lawyer to the Genovese family. During the ’70s, Trump and his father hired Cohn as their lawyer to defend the family against a housing discrimination suit. (Cohn accused the Feds of using “Gestapo-like tactics.”) But Cohn and Trump became genuine pals, lunching at the Four Seasons and clubbing together at Studio 54. It was Roy Cohn who introduced Stone and Manafort to Trump.

Golly, Trump sure has great friends. Adds a whole new meaning to what your mother always said about, “Show me who your friends are and I will tell you what you are”.

But wait! I must digress! I can do that, it’s my blog!

“I’m fine!”

Did I see the name, Roger Stone? The guy who has a tattoo of Nixon on his back?

The guy who announced a Wiki email dump was arriving just before it happened?

The guy who provided a couple of thousand tweeters and the FBI with screen captures from his twitter account, where he chatted with Guccifer?

The guy who makes Alex Jones seem stable?

That Roger Stone?

Convenient amnesia that seems to riddle both of them aside, it is a known fact that Stone and Manafort worked together before. In fact, after Stone was freshly off from Nixon dirty tricks, he and Manafort were quite a team.

During those disco years, Stone and Manafort were tethered together.

Okay back to the subject at hand.

In summary, Donald Trump lied about his acquaintance with Paul Manafort.

Donald Trump lied.

Gee, that’s new, right?

While Manafort was supposedly ‘fired’ in August 2016 after the exposure of his scandal over a Ukraine cash payoff, he continued to help Donald with his cabinet picks as part of the Transition Team. Think Rex Tillerson and that $500 billion deal with Exxon and Vlad that is held up by those pesky sanctions. Really, no wonder Tillerson doesn’t allow the press to travel with him, and no wonder he would rather visit Russia than do the job of SOS and attend NATO. Oh wait, that’s right! Donald doesn’t like NATO, just like Putin. But that’s just a coincidence, you know? It probably has nothing to do with silly things like tax returns and or being owned by Russian Oligarch loans,  or anything important, right? I mean let’s give the guy the benefit of the doubt until he REALLY gets caught. I mean it’s not like he and his band of shady campaign people are being investigated by the FBI or anything!

“Russians make up a pretty disproportionate cross-section of a lot of our assets,” Trump’s son, Donald Jr., told a real estate conference in 2008, according to an account posted on the website of eTurboNews, a trade publication. “We see a lot of money pouring in from Russia.”

Oh my goodness. I must have pulled that quote out of my ass!

Okay, I’m going to digress again. You know the routine.

I think this might also a good time to expand the point that that Paul Manafort is definitely no stranger to the Republican Party. James Baker was literally his Mentor. When Baker ran for Texas AG, he tapped Manafort to work for him.  He was also tapped to run Ronnie Reagan’s southern operation.

He’s done it before, assisting Gerald Ford in stifling Ronald Reagan’s insurgency at the GOP’s summer classic of 1976. In the conventions that followed, the Republican Party often handed Manafort control of the program and instructed him to stage-manage the show. He produced the morning-in-America convention of 1984 and the Bob Dole nostalgia-thon of 1996.

…….And for all you assholed suckers reading this, this one’s for you and your newfound definition of “Patriotism,” which includes your perception that Putin is your cuddly benign BFF and there is no reason to give a rat’s ass that he continues to invade and annex countries in Eastern Europe for his very own:

Manafort had a special gift for changing how dictators are beheld by American eyes. He would recast them as noble heroes—venerated by Washington think tanks, deluged with money from Congress.

Okay, so let’s just cut to the quick here. Fast foward to 1:58 on the video below to see what is really going on with Trump and Russia–and watch Paul Manafort experience the worst case of Tongue-Tied you have ever seen. Why, it’s a good thing nobody asked him who bought that 19.5% of Rosneft Oil, which Putin offered in exchange for removal of Sanctions–as was mentioned in that “Untrue” UK Water Sports Dossier. Oh, no wait! That was Carter Page, not Paul Manafort!  I’ve gotta save that story for another time! — even though the transaction actually did happen –in early December 2016 -right after the election-quietly-and nobody can find out who got the shares……

Dang, I digressed again! So much Trump Campaign Sleaze, so little time!

Onto the Manafort video background: At 1:58, Paul Manafort is asked if Donald J Trump has any financial ties to Russian Oligarchs.


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  1. Speaking of Russia, Penzy’s Spices, whose CEO is a huge Hillary supporter, is giving away their newest spice blend “Tsardust Memories”. I really love this company: https://www.facebook.com/Penzeys/posts/10155248287152834:0

    So, actually on topic, thanks for this post. It is by turns frightening, fascinating, and infuriating to watch this all unfold. The big question is: now what?

  2. What now? Impeachment and then imprisonment and I hope it’s soon. Lock the whole damn treasonous Trump administration up!

  3. Luna – that would be ideal, but are there enough Republicans willing to turn on their own party to achieve an impeachment? Even if that happens it’s not an automatic removal from office.

  4. Joolz, not now, with so many of the Rs clutching party before country (and the kompromat Putin has on them). Given how slowly most things in DC work, it may not be until after the 2018 elections. But collusion with a hostile foreign state — if not outright treasonous — is a helluva lot worse than a blow job. I can only hope, march, and keep after my Senators and Rep. I’m fortunate to have good ones.

    And some of the Rs may be having enough, though we need many more:

  5. I hope…I pray (should I do a novena?)that the entire thing comes crashing down on their heads.

  6. Ups, thank you for piecing this Russian puzzle together. All of this damning evidence was always out there, but our media failed us.

  7. A couple of thoughts. First, why do I feel Rudy’s fingerprints all over that tidbit Nunes got. Rudy’s FBI goombahs in NY could have easily unmasked any incidental interception to muck things up. After all, he did it before. Also, do you remember Trump saying we would be seeing some interesting things come out about his accusation that Obama did “Tapp (sic) his wires?”

    Secondly, and more importantly, Nunes was on Trump’s Transition team. So he takes a look at that information he’s been handed and he freaks out because the names are unmasked. Then he starts thinking, maybe he could have been intercepted too. That would mean HIS name is on one of those reports. So he craps his pants and calls a press conference before he even cleans up. What was most concerning to him? That the names were Unmasked!

  8. Hokay, Fredster honey! You are assigned to Novena.

  9. Okay so the “Aluminum King” made a contract with Manafort in 2005 to influence elections and influence politicians, for which he would pay Manafort $10 million a year.

    Payments started in 2006.

    Well that’s the same year Manafort bought his apartment in Trump Tower – 2006.

  10. Uppity, I agreed with both of your thoughts. It was pretty bold for Nunes to go running to the White House. It does make Nunes look guilty of something.

  11. Uppity you’re not the only one that seems to think what Nunes did leads back to the NY FBI office. Then there is some talk that Flynn was paying a retired FBI agent to shop false information to the press about Hillary. The ex-NSA people who are twitter are saying that there are going be indictments on Trump’s associates and that Trump will be forced from office. This all seems to come in waves. It was quiet for a while and then boom something else happens.

    Nunes I think did what he did as an act of desperation and it seems that most people have seen through his act. He must already have been caught colluding with Russia the way he is acting. I mean his behavior just screams I’m going down so I need to do something to save myself. People who don’t need to save themselves do not act like Nunes did today.

  12. Sounds like Manafort has been involved in espionage for a very long time.

  13. I agree about Nunes. VERY nervous man. But it just could be that he is desperately thinking about who he may have spoken with while on the Transition Team and is he caught with his name masked on a report. And if so, he sees it can be Unmasked. He may not even deliberately be guilty of anything. But he’s worried. He was on that team and they look like sitting ducks right now.

    I still say one of them will throw Trump under the bus to save himself. My bets remain Stone or Flynn. I think Manafort is going to be indicted. The information on what he’s been up to for years is damning. But he’s too seasoned to give anyone up. He’s the kind who would bite the capsule first. Remember the story of his daughter’s emails being hacked. His daughter apparently hates his guts and one of her emails discussed how he “Kills people”. I think he’s hard as nails. His only worry is if Putin decides he’s better off without him walking around.

    I remember when Amtrak used to have murder mystery train rides up into the mountains. You had a great time trying to solve a murder on the train. I wish this story was one of those trips. It would be fun.

  14. Rachael is rocking tonight.

  15. The Honolulu Star Advertiser stated “Rep. Beth Fukumoto announced today that she is leaving the Republican Party, citing, in part, its failure to condemn elements of racism and sexism within its base. She will seek membership in the Democratic Party.”

  16. Upps@7:58: Allllrighty then. I’ll get my beads out. LOL

  17. I thought Anita Finlay has a very good take on J. Edgar Comey’s apparently contradictory actions in all this:


  18. Allllrighty then. I’ll get my beads out. LOL

    Don’t forget to move your lips. It isn’t serious if you don’t move your lips

  19. Good link Early. I agree with Anita that Comey has to be called to account for what he did. He knew Trump was colluding with the Russians and yet he did what he did putting our country at great risk and let’s not forget that Comey refused to sign onto Russian interference with the rest of the security establishment.

  20. Great post by Uppity! Terrific column by Anita Finlay! Hillary supporters are on fire these days.

    I think Comey is very frustrated that the Trump people are The Gang That Can’t Shoot Straight, and their sloppiness is causing the conspiracy to unravel. After he so generously handed them the WH! So he has no choice but to throw them under the bus and pretend he had nothing to do with stealing the election. I did see on Twitter that after leaving the Bush regime, Comey worked for a hedge fund named Bridgewater and made a shit ton of money in a short period of time.

    I will say again, no impeachment! Pence and Ryan are complicit at this point even if they weren’t to start with. So is the whole Republican party which is more like a criminal enterprise than a political party now. I don’t know what replaces impeachment. I just know it can’t be that.

  21. A small message to Dr Price.

  22. That column by Ani reminded me. California has the best damn Congress critters. I’m jealous they have both Adam Schiff AND Maxine Waters. California voters are very discerning. No wonder Hillary won it by 2 to 1.

  23. I don’t know what replaces impeachment. I just know it can’t be that.

    I wish the presidency would just default to the actual winner of the election, but that would be too good to be true. An emergency election maybe?

  24. Brassy, agree wholeheartedly about CA’s elected officials. A friend of mine attributed it to a law they passed prohibiting/counteracting gerrymandering. Arnold did a video on it that someone posted awhile back and I was very impressed at the time. Would be a worthwhile effort for indivisible groups to add to their agendas.

  25. About Nunes speaking outside the hearing. Isn’t it against the law to reveal workings of the FISA Court under the Republican’s Patriot Act? The Patriot Act was created by the Republican Party to fight terrorism which may include gathering of calls from US citizens although their names must be redacted from reports. Its against the law for The Intelligence Committee members to reveal that a FISA Warrant exists much less the findings of the intelligence reports prior to completion of the investigation. The Judges selected to grant FIS Warrants are chosen by The Chief Justice of The United States Supreme Court which now would be John Roberts and those Judges happen to be mostly Republican at this time. Nunes revealing information he has seen or read is a violation of the FISA Warrant as no person shal reveal the existence of such warrant much less any resulting information collected until the investigation has concluded.
    Nunes revelations result in the need for a Special Prosecutor since it now seems the Intelligence Committee has violated its role by revealing pertinent information.

  26. Brassy, We also have Jackie Spier, Barbara Lee, Swellel (sp), and some less visible, but nonetheless good guys., as well as some awful ones like Nunes, McCarthy, Issa, and some other dregs of the political world..

  27. Nunes is from a very red district in central CA, Fresno area. He has an interest in a winery in Rutherford CA (Napa Valley). The winery distributes wine and one of their customers is a Russian Oligarch. It was all over twitter last night. His net worth is only 50,000.00.

    where do the Russian connections end?

  28. Earlynerd:
    Thank you for the link to Ani’s blog.
    Excellent, she always right on the money.

  29. You would think that dunce Paul Ryan would have the good sense to block me but instead…….


    And oh, what the hell…

  30. Don’t forget to move your lips. It isn’t serious if you don’t move your lips

    Okay! Will do!!

  31. bird, can I have a link?

  32. I don’t want to pay f/ medical issues associated with testicles and penises. I demand a discount.

    I think this woman would agree with Uppity. 😈

  33. Uppity, Look on Twitter. Scott Dworkin had a great thread going on last night. I would send it to you, but you blocked me. 🙂

    Rep Devin Nunes owns part of a winery that has Russian Distributor-who’s close to Putin.

    The winery is in Rutherford (Napa Valley).

  34. I blocked you? Are you serious?

    What’s your screen name. I must have thought you were a Boris.

    I blocked a flurry of Boris’s yesterday and you obviously got caught in the net!

  35. Hahahahah Bill I sooooooo stole that.

  36. Here’s a start, Fredster.

  37. Serendipity

    March 23, 2017 by still4hill


  38. Uppity, I just joined Twitter a couple of weeks ago. I had some weird followers until I figured out to block them. I found you and sent out a few tweets. When I tried to find you again, I discovered I was blocked.

    My screen name is: Birdgal10

  39. @upps: LOL!!

  40. Fixed. I’m sorry. Looks like I thought you were a Boris.

  41. Brassy I’m with you on impeachment. There are so many Republicans compromised that we can’t even begin to get rid of them all. Personally I think that we need to rehold the election but I know that is not going to happen.

  42. Bellecat & Ga6thdem: I’m glad y’all found the link useful. Ani was right on the money, wasn’t she?

    Events are zinging back and forth in time and space so fast I’m getting whiplash just trying to keep up! Posts like Ani’s and Uppitty’s, and the links in the comments here, can only help.

  43. ((((((((FREDSTER))))))))

  44. Hey,Ups,thanks for the new thread. Man,doesn’t Trump look a lot like Jabba the Hut in that one photo?
    Early..I may start having to take meds for nausea w/all the twists and turns w/this administration.Am hoping TrumpCare goes down in flames tomorrow and that marks the beginning of the Repubs bailing on Trump. Hey, a girl can dream,can’t she?

    Anyone seen/heard from William lately? Haven’t seen him around.

  45. @upps: “I can play dominoes better than you cannnnn” (said in chant-like voice)

  46. Important TrumpCare thread: Read completely.

  47. Gave you a follow, birdgal. 🙂

  48. I have an urgent question for Chuck Schumer. Why is the guy you put in charge of outreach for Democrats a) not a Democrat, b) on tv every 10 minutes bashing actual Democrats, and c) operating a PAC which is endorsing Green party candidates? I’ll wait.

  49. Msdsal, too true – and that’s on top of the nausea caused by the things themselves.

  50. Birdgal, I am following you also.

  51. From Birdgal’s link at 9:23:

    In weeks after issuing the order, Trump said in speeches and in meetings, including one with manufacturing CEOs, that Keystone would be required to use U.S. steel. In a speech this week to a joint session of Congress, Trump softened that stance saying new pipelines would have to be made with it.

    This right here shows how the media got us into this mess. Trump didn’t “lie”, he didn’t “reverse himself”, he didn’t “flat out contradict what he told his supporters”. No – he “softened that stance”.

    Still fluffing the thing with the dangly bits.

  52. Is there ANYBODY associated with Tsar Trump who ISN’T a Russian asset?

  53. Thanks for the follows. I followed you back. 🙂

    Twitter has great threads and information.

  54. Uppity @ 10:08: Nyet.

  55. *Peels the beets”

  56. This is not my tweet of the day, it’s my tweet of the week. I’ll know if you clicked on it.

  57. Uppitty, that pic. of only white males deciding what rights U.S. women have to prenatal and pregnancy care (hint: none if it’s not for white men’s legally owned progeny) is an exact illustration of why they are also taking away any woman’s ability to refuse to create any man’s child.

    Using the U.S. government to take away birth control and abortion from women by force is the only way they’re going to insure they get their Donald, Jr.’s and Jared’s.

  58. arrgh – meant neo-natal care. Prenatal being pregnancy care, of course.

  59. Bill is going to be PO’d, Upps:

  60. BTW, Comey was at the White House today. Hmmmmmm.

  61. birdgal, I’ll have to DM you. I’ve had some weird follows too.

  62. OMFG. Flynn was in talks w/Turkish officials to KIDNAP Gülen & deliver him to Erdogan. While on Erdogan’s payroll.

  63. Hey, all! Resistance works! Victory!
    Timeout for partying, before back to the trenches and phone lines.

  64. VotingHillary, on March 24, 2017 at 2:16 pm

    LOLOL! But I see Tosca’s on the panel, so no worries.

  65. Bill already had words with them, Voting. He told that that medical services for a dog whose eyes have been scratched out is not covered. Non-Essential Services.

  66. Uppity Woman, on March 24, 2017 at 8:41 PM said:

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Too funny, Upps.

    BTW, Bernie was on All In With Chris on MSNBC again tonight. 2nd time this week. Last time he called Dems weak, tonight bragged about OUR victory.

    We are NEVER going to get our up-and-comers on air if Sanders doesn’t EXIT the frigging stage. If anyone should have been on, it should have been Schiff, the newest Kennedy or Pelosi since she is HOUSE Minority Whip.

  67. Voting, Of course Sanders will never exit on his own; he’s too full of his own self-importance. Hayes is a ‘bro. Would love to see more of Schiff or the others.

    Where was that recent Tweet saying “I’m crushing on Rep Schiff!”

  68. Ah yes, the Norwegian Blue Obamacare Repeal. What’s wrong with it?”

    “I’ll tell you what’s wrong with it, my lad; it’s DEAD, that’s what’s wrong with it.”

    “No, no; it’s just resting.”


  69. Unless and until Bernie’s FEC history,misuse of campaign funds and funding from Vladimir is fully exposed we’re going to have to worry about Bernie and his Bros becoming the new “Freedom Caucus” for the Dems.

    A fair journalist,a fair journalist ( or at least a hungry one) our kingdom for a fair journalist. ( And I don’t mean fair as a substitute for pretty and blonde..we have enough of those,male and female)

    Am slightly bummed that my UW women lost to Mississippi State tonight;but hey,on the other hand millions of people will be able to keep their health insurance..for now. That’s a fair trade,I’ll take it.

    Sleep well,rest this weekend and then Monday it’s back on guard duty.

  70. Msdsal, as far back as I can remember, FEC situations with candidates have never been publicized. The only publicity they receive is from individuals who get their hands on the letters. What happens after that is not public. Now I could be wrong, as I am going as far back as I can remember. Generally, this is presumably settled between FEC and the candidate. I do think I remember that Bernie had roughly $27 million in questionable donations and he did return roughly $180k at that time, but I have no idea what happened after that. I also remember he spent down his campaign pot faster than shit through a goose when he got the last warning letter, and I suspect he conned the Democrats into paying off his refunds in exchange for his”Support” for Hillary. As with everything else Bernie does, he sucker punched them because his “support” was more insults and luke warm appearances after having already given Trump all the fodder he used. But I am pretty sure we will never hear something from the FEC about his violations. They’re pretty much a paper tiger IMO anyways.

    I think it’s pretty obvious that I despise Bernie Sanders and that, if he died tomorrow, I would piss on his grave if I could get away with it. But so long as the Press invites him, he will continue to blow his Talk Talk Talk about everything and Do Do Do nothing about anything. Oddly, that Castro-Wannabe and his followers are the Alt-Left to the Alt-Right. They are a mirror image of them, caught in their own extremist irony. The Democratic party is too far left to suit me. I don’t like them myself, but the Alt-Right is off the rails. But make no mistake, if a guy like Bernie were in charge, we would ALL be broke and standing in lines for toilet paper and aspirin like Venezuelans are doing thanks to Bernie’s kind of “democracy”. So far as I can see, there ARE no choices left.

  71. Yes Voting, I saw what that bullshitter did on TV. And he also called the Democratic party “Feeble”. I tweeted to Schumer and asked how much longer he plans to take insults from this guy.

    I also tweeted what the piece of shit said and got no shitstorm from his followers (the nutty Alt-Left are already blocked and the rest HAVE no defense of him any longer,) but it sure got retweeted a lot. I was so mad I tweeted that I hoped the old bastard would stroke out. I got only one negative tweet back and that was someone who wrote “Simmer Down”. To which I responded, don’t ever tell me what to do. No response. Lucky for her because at that point, I would have ripped her guts out. As you know, I tend to have that reputation of not suffering fools quietly.

    I blame the press for putting this guy on camera. And I am reminded that Rachael wasn’t always a friend and she did appear to be a bernie fan during the primaries. So, there’s that.

    Either we are all really dumb or…….we have to conclude that all the exposes on trump didn’t just “happen” to occur after the election instead of before the election. It was deliberate. Get rid of Hillary first, then take care of Trump. Sorry, but if it looks like shit and it smells like shit, it must be shit. Just try not to step in it!

  72. Now about the ACA. Do not fool yourself into thinking it’s safe. Bear in mind that, just on the face of what Ryan is proposing, we now know for sure he doesn’t give a fuck who dies. In a risk pool of all places. When you are a shitty driver and you CAUSE accidents because you are a shitty driver, you land in a risk pool. Your insurance premiums quadruple and your coverage is piss poor. But you deserve it, because you are a LOUSY driver. WHen you pay for insurance for years and then get sick (and eventually we ALL get sick), if you land in a risk pool, it’s not your fault. You didn’t get sick on purpose. It’s just that insurers want the privilege of taking your premiums every month but they really will prefer that it is all profit. (Previous to ACA you could be dropped and not even get a risk pool). But the truth is, profit is what that’s all about. For insurers to be allowed to do that to someone with, say, cancer, it’s a death message. Risk pools are where a sick person would go to die. Limited cancer treatments, rejection of procedures based on whether you’re “Worth it” or not, and well golly, you’re 60, you’ve had a good life, K THX BAI.

    All that having been said, the ACA is in great danger. For starters, during week One, Trump directed the IRS to IGNORE the mandatory insurance clause. No fines, no nothing. This means, the income has dropped. Young people will not buy insurance as they do not understand the concept of insurance. You insure against when it’s YOUR turn. They don’t give a shit about that. They will be more than happy to hop into the ACA system the day they get into a car crash while texting. Then they will collect, if they live, after having contributed nothing. Judging from what I have learned about them, that’s just fine with them and fuck You.

    Mandatory insure for vehicles is there for a reason. It’s not socialism. It’s good sense! You insure your home against fire not because you expect a fire or damage, but because one day you may need it. That’s why it’s called insurance. Mandatory health insurance is the same way. I can only use myself as an example. I paid out six figures over a decade in health insurance and all i ever did was get a yearly checkup, which wasn’t even covered. I resented it but I knew that one day I will most likely need that insurance and it would be “My turn” to use the system. I can tell you without blinking an eye that when I had my surgeries and the devices that followed, I spent WAY more than I put into the system. That’s where everyone else kicks in. We all pay for each other. If you resent it, so did I. But your turn WILL come just like mine did. No it’s not socialism, it’s GOOD SENSE.

    So……the income from the program is dropping by the month. I am sure Trump will do much more in future to trash the ACA. This is why you heard Ryan say how “Concerned” he is that it will “Collapse”. It will collapse because he will help MAKE it collapse.

    And on that day it “collapses,” many gravely ill people will begin their death trip because you can BET they will do nothing until they cull the herd.

    And what they DO as a result, won’t be much better than that. They don’t just want to return to the way it was, they want it to be worse for people. I am sure they are investing in health insurance stocks, just like Price got caught doing. Price by the way had the audacity of saying you are better off dead if you have cancer anyway, and it’s cheaper besides.

    This is legal genocide war on the poor, disabled, sick and elderly. And they’ve just gotten started. THey want to do the same to Medicare.

    Have a good day! They’re numbered.

  73. Democrats are kidding themselves if they think because they had a good day yesterday they can afford to have Bernie Sanders continue to hang around trashing them one minute and taking credit for their victories the next. It should be clear by now that BS will hurt them far more than he can help them. Turn him loose from the Senate caucus and invite him to caucus alone or with Republicans, but they’re all done with him. The minute they do that he loses all his power over them. And they stop looking “weak” and “feeble” in the process. Call his bluff!

  74. Rebel, it wouldn’t stop Bernie from trashing the party even if he was told to go fuck a duck. He has been trashing the party for decades. Only now he has cameras to record it. They hate him in the Senate. I won’t get into the examples. You don’t discuss things with Bernie, you stand there for a lecture. He is an insufferable man who, history confirms, doesn’t do any work. He just barks orders and goes to lunch. It won’t matter what the Democrats do, he still has a mouth and there’s always a microphone. You could get seriously injured standing between Bernie Sanders and the path to a microphone.

    And he’s laughing all the way to the bank. He sold his book to the same suckers who gave him their pizza money so he could skim big bucks for Jane’s services out of the pot and later, go buy a summer home. The same dog that ate Trump’s taxes ate his. Jane has been a skimmer since his days as Mayor of Burlington. I have a link to that somewhere, where the people complained that he was cutting things out but this woman who had dubious duties was getting a payola check regularly. That was Jane before they got married. She’s an expert at it now. He has investments in all the things he purports to “fight,” including Fracking. You ain’t NEVER gonna see his taxes. And like the CULT45 people, his people don’t seem to notice.

    Bernie plans to remain on a roll until somebody exposes him or he drops dead. Frankly, I don’t care which. I’m not even sure being exposed (must less vetted for a change) would matter to his people either. Like CULT45, they are in love with the image of somebody who wants to just kick ass and take names no matter what else he destroys that is good.

    Mark my word, he will fuck up 2020 just for sport, even if they have to wheel his cadaverous ass around.

    The only thing I really enjoy about him is watching how everyone he endorses loses.

  75. Sure, he’d continue to trash the party, but the old grifter would have to find some other mark to finance him. That’s the real outrage here. He trashes the party that pays to fly him around to do “outreach” for them.

    And, btw, they should make clear to him that they won’t hesitate to dump the oppo research Hillary had on him but never used. It won’t shut him up but might tone him down. Marxist con man.

  76. He’s doing to the Dem party what he did to his neighbor when he wouldn’t get a job. He stole his neighbor’s electricity! Schumer really needs to get a clue and stop worrying about his cultish supporters. The party’s future is in the sunbelt and southwest, not the rust belt. Take the money from Sanders’ expense account and put it into voter registration and fighting votet suppression.

  77. Oooo I like the Ops research idea. I like it a lot.

  78. Or, as Roger Stone would call it, “the mother lode”!


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