Wanted: A Better Health Care Assessment Committee

Yesterday this photo appeared on Twitter of Mike “I didn’t know” Pence’s own personal Health Care Committee. They were working busily to “Fix” “Obamacare by culling the herd. Do I see Dr. Death Price there? The guy who basically said that if you have cancer, it’s so horrible, you’re really better off dead and, well, it costs less too?

Thank goodness these are all “Christians” else we would never be able to cull the herd fast enough! Let’s just call that dead plan The Kill The Poor, Disabled, Sick and Elderly For Jesus Program.

You can already guess the way in which Tweeters responded to this photo. It was a meeting of a bunch of Old White Men who probably have their suits permanently tattooed to their bodies.

These are the same silly old white men who enjoy discussing over lunch what they would like to do to those goddamned women next.

So, a Tweeter “fixed” the photo for them.

Having already enjoyed watching Eddie Munster Ryan and The Donald be dealt a #Fail blow, nobody really gave a crap about this, save for the reality that anybody who isn’t a white male in the USA right now is a target.

So that’s when the real fun hit. Not to be outdone…this photo appeared under the tweet entitled….

Then this happened, a reminder that when there’s nothing left to do but laugh, we laughed– at the whole lot of those cockroaches and their convoluted beliefs.

First the Poodles showed up wanting to be on the Committee.

And then, of course, I couldn’t resist, partially out of fear of pissing off MKBill by saying Nothing.

Then an obviously male dog piped in and…

And then a cat named Bitches started to Bitch.

And of course, Tosca, having long ago given up, piped in:

There was much more and it seems the thread is still alive. So go take a look…….and join in if your spirit moves you. Click on the tweet:


21 Responses

  1. Oh my gosh! This is too funny. Pence will never get what is wrong with his committee. I am headed to Twitter to see the thread.

  2. Does it cover felines without papers???

  3. All cats are Merikan.

  4. Upps:
    You are tops! Great post.
    And certainly agree: “all cats are Merikans”.

  5. Yeah that picture said it all didn’t it?

  6. Loved that thread!

    The expression on those poodles’ faces is priceless. They should be part of -every- health committee from here on out, just sitting there LOOKING at the congress critters.

  7. Does it cover felines without papers???

    Feline Amnesty Program. After all, some of them are 15th generation, or more if the feline proliferation season was extended due to a warm fall. Merika!

    Persians and Burmese have Green Cards.

  8. What about Bengals? They are often mistaken for middle eastern felines.

  9. Bengals originated here. We just pretend it’s a small Bengal Tiger, although I don’t know why, because they have spots not stripes, but nevermind. They’re a cross breed with the Asian Leopard cat. They are Made In Merika! They’re Merikan!

  10. Russian Blues?

  11. Today’s Tweet.

  12. Russian Blues?

    *Hiding Joe*

  13. More for your general amusement:

  14. That piece of hot steaming shit Alex Jones apologizes for making up the Pizzagate Hoax. I hope he gets hit by a bus and becomes ROAD PIZZA-GATE.

  15. Being threatened with a lawsuit will make even the rottenest scum apologize. Should apologize to Hillary and Podesta too. But they’re not suing.

  16. Upps, you know his lawyers told him to do that. Bet discovery has been filed against him.

  17. Being Merikan doesn’t mean we can’t tell them to go home! That just makes it more fun you know.

  18. I checked my Russian Blue over and he has no bugs.

  19. Flynn talking to FBI would explain the Enquirer going ballistic on him with screaming headlines previously only reserved for Hillary.

  20. NEW POST UP.

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