Worried About A Subpoena, Lying Sack of Shit Alex Jones Apologizes For Fake Pizzagate

So here’s what this fat psycho pig has to say about his Pizzagate Hoax while he craps his jeans:

Alex Jones, a prominent conspiracy theorist and the host of a popular right-wing radio show, has apologized for helping to spread and promote the hoax known as Pizzagate.


The Pizzagate theory, which posited with no evidence that top Democratic officials were involved with a satanic child pornography ring centered around Comet Ping Pong, a pizza restaurant in Washington, D.C., grew in online forums before making its way to more visible venues, including Mr. Jones’s show.

We’re still waiting for him to admit his bullshit about Sandy Hook.

Well, that’s what he had to say about Pizzagate. And here’s what I have to say to him and all the people I once respected who helped to spread this disgusting demented SHIT. At long last, have you NO shame?

I hope this Skeevy bastard gets prosecuted for his part in attempting to impact the election with bogus news…..and gets put in charge of the soap in the shower. If not, I hope he gets his ass sued right down to his shorts. Actually, I hope he suffers both things.

Most likely, Comet Ping Pong is suing him, and they will make that wish come true. They’ve had to hire guards since Fat Alex pimped his junk, the death threats have been horrendous. Eat it, Fat Alex. You’re done.

In any event, I hope whatever Alex Jones is afraid of –enough to make his demented self apologize– is really really horrible.

I wish him everything he deserves, just so long as it’s not good. And that’s mild compared to what I wish for Trump and all his Russian Assets who are about to throw him onto the tracks for a deal.


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  1. Dems are smelling the blood in the water:

  2. Trump & Fox are now colluding to get Ryan canned as House Speaker. Note Trump’s tweet was at 10:41 this morning. Judge Dip-Shit is saying she didn’t tell Trump what her show was tonight. BULLSHIT!

  3. Dare I hope a GOP civil war is brewing?

    Maybe the faction opposed to Disgustus Caesar will leak proof of his Russian ties? 😈

    Where’d I put that popcorn popper? 😉

  4. This entire thing can’t fall apart fast enough.

  5. Bill for the right deal, they will all throw his orange ass onto the tracks.

  6. Voting, I can’t stand Eddie Munster Ryan and I don’t care what they do to him. And Trump is going to get his turn anyways.

    And Donnie isn’t going to like that bill that was presented one bit.

  7. From The Daily Banter:

    The Tea Party chickens are coming home to roost. 😈

  8. Daily Banter?

  9. @upps: De rats, dey is leavin’. Hahahaaaa!

  10. Uppity Woman, on March 25, 2017 at 11:45 PM said:

    I can’t stand Ryan either but if it helps blow up the GOP, I’m all in w/ this.

    Especially since that Judge Jeanine is a joke. Maybe Trump promised her a SC nomination if Gorsuch goes down.

  11. @votinghillary, Charles Pierce had a good idea yesterday for Ryan in case tRump was warming up the bus:

    were I Paul Ryan, and I thought the White House was going to try and pin the failure of the healthcare bill on my zombie-eyed, granny-starving behind, I might drop word that I was planning to take the Intelligence Committee away from Nunes and hand it to some Republican not necessarily loyal to the administration. Since I don’t think Ryan’s politician enough to come out of the rain at this point, I doubt this will happen, but it would be fun

  12. Bahahahaha Fredster.

    The Gang That Couldn’t Shoot Straight.
    Papa Baccala is going down.

  13. Great post! Jeannie P. deserves a similar post. She is beyond obnoxious and horrible and has some “wonderful ” karma coming her way. When she’s spoke tonight, it sounded like Bannon. They are gunning for Ryan, because they want a loyalist in Ryan’s position. They want someone who won’t bring up impeachment hearings. What a den of vipers. Trump is using Fox as his state run media.

  14. Upps, they can’t blow themselves up fast enough. They are so despicable they may just choke on their own bile. That suits me fine.

  15. Oh well, have to get documents together so I can work on taxes. Fun, fun!

  16. Urgh, taxes. Still have to do, and I can’t seem to find any Russian investments or bankruptcies to get me any tax breaks. Waaaaa!

    It’s a damn good thing that the Trumpanzee and his zoo are as incompetent as they are. Bannon ordering those FreedomFries Party Caucus members to obey — he really had no idea that would backfire? Ah, the Rethugs are stumbling all over trying to hogtie each other. And more Rumpkin voters are sucking lemons. Such a satisfying sight.

  17. Ivory Bill, that was a fun read!

  18. For your general amusement:

  19. Flynn paid ex-fbi agent in Clinton email scandal for lobbying work



    Information presently public and available confirms that Erik Prince, Rudy Giuliani, and Donald Trump conspired to intimidate FBI Director James Comey into interfering in, and thus directly affecting, the 2016 presidential election. This conspiracy was made possible with the assistance of officers in the New York Police Department and agents within the New York field office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

  20. The Borgias had nothing on these people!

  21. Ups, I just tweeted the Prince article.

  22. Yeah I did too.

  23. The Borgias had nothing on these people!

    No kidding! If you wrote this book they would demand that you call it fiction. This shit is absolutely convoluted.

    One thing is for sure, if it’s true that they threatened him to release the Hillary email ‘scandal’ if he didn’t, Comey has got to be not in any mood to give these guys a break. He’s going to fine-tooth-comb this.Dot all the i’s and cross all the t’s.

    Scumbags. Trump is the scum of the earth, not that this wasn’t already known about him.

    Whomever writes this book and I think that old fart Woodward is trolling for it, will have a best seller for sure. There should be a new publisher’s category: Stranger Than Fiction.

  24. I expect bodies floating in the Potomac any day now.

  25. It really is something we would see in a James Bond movie. Crazy.

  26. This made me laugh out loud. More SNL/Spicer fodder!

    And can be very blunty and ill-informedy. https://t.co/AlUJvUodkp— David Corn (@DavidCornDC) March 26, 2017


  27. I do so wish some serious journalist would start exploring the “coincidences” relating to Manafort,Tad Devine, and Yanakovych. Devine did work for this corrupt Ukrainian leader in 2006 and 2010. And I believe those were the years and more that Manafort was involved. Devine certainly did a good job in helping Bernie undermine Hillary’s candidacy. Can’t help by wonder.

  28. I expect bodies floating in the Potomac any day now.


    If I were Flynn, I’d get a food taster. Those generals know how to cover their asses. Stone is just a blithering fool. Page is living in a parallel universe. Boris Badenov is just a typical KGB asset. Rudy is so full of himself, he’ll tell on himself. Manafort is so slippery, we should be seeing a slug trail behind him at this point. Putin might be regarding him as one of these “loose ends”. But Flynn……………

    Flynn made sure he had what he needed Just In Case He Got Caught. Documents. Records. Maybe even a tape or two………

    Flynn Knows a lot, that’s why Donald took the trouble to have his friend who owns the Enquirer write that “Trump uncovered THE White House Spy”story.

    Flynn is what keeps Donald up at night lately.

  29. Your tweet for today.

  30. Did you tweet the NYT too? Haberman’s panties were in a bunch yesterday.


    — Casey Clemmons (@Casey_Clemmons) March 23, 2017

  32. oops! I hope this time the link works.

  33. A must watch video link above.

    She knew exactly what has been going on with tDump, Russia and FBI; and -of course, the coup to our country.
    Hillary spoke the truth and warned us all.

    Make this video clip viral…

  34. Yes I did, I retweeted it to NY Times and so did quite a few others. Maggie got a few of those herself.

  35. Without Daddy Haberman, Maggie couldn’t get hired at a small town newspaper in the Midwest. She was twisting herself in knots so she wouldn’t have to admit the epic fail of media, especially the NYT, during the 2016 election. Hillary was a “flawed” candidate, but don’t you dare point out the very real flaws of the media.

  36. I retweeted. Thanks for posting.

  37. That vid has been making the rounds. Apparently a lot of us remember that.

  38. Some good news, even though three years is still too long:

    Another breakthrough!! Still we have to keep pushing. https://t.co/RhWEIcuBDB— Mr. Weeks (@MrDane1982) March 28, 2017


  39. And this is the news item to which the tweet refers:

    BREAKING: Court agreement reached to replace 18,000 water lines in lead-contaminated Flint by 2020.— The Associated Press (@AP) March 27, 2017


    (wish there were some way to embed the whole tweet in WP, so as to not leave out the person who posted the original heads-up)

  40. Upps, agree with every single word of this post. Also, really enjoyed the last one with all the adorable dogs and cats (especially Tosca).

    I hope Comet Ping Pong wins a massive lawsuit against that vile troll Alex Jones and puts him out of business. I don’t see why he can’t be charged with a crime as well. Someone could have died because of his bullshit.

    Fredster @ 1:35am, that would be great! Please let all of these lying, traitorous crooks start eating each other alive. We’ve all been through so much, we deserve a delightfully vicious end to this farce of a presidency.

  41. Maggie Haberman. Blech.

    Brassy, love your comment about the Borgias!

  42. This really cracked me up! Look at these poor little kids faces:

  43. The blonde boy in the bow tie. That’s me every day since the election.

  44. The current chapter of the spy novel we’re all living in is entitled, “The Son-in-Law Also Rises”.

  45. socal it would be truly delicious to see Infowars, Breibart and a few others start walking with two feet in one shoe next time they want to print bullshit. They deserve to be Gawkered.

  46. socal:
    That twit and the photo is priceless.
    Thank you.

  47. Sandernistas are going to try & screw up 2018.

    “In December, Uygur, Kyle Kulinski, a Young Turks network colleague who hosts “Secular Talk,” and a pair of top Bernie Sanders campaign staffers launched Justice Democrats, a political action committee that aims to recruit and fund a slate of primary challengers under an anti-corporate, progressive banner. Justice Democrats boasts 200,000 members and has raised more than $1.5 million. In March, it formally joined forces with another branch of the Sanders diaspora, Brand New Congress, which has vowed to run more than 400 progressive House and Senate candidates in 2018.”


  48. This whole Russian thing has just exploded. CNN is reporting that Kushner is going to testify in private and plead the 5th to every question.

  49. Meanwhile, back at the Democrat “ranch:
    “Earlier this month, Perez held a meeting to discuss the issue with Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and Sanders, both of whom supported Ellison in the DNC chair race, along with Ellison, Sanders aides Jeff Weaver and Larry Cohen, and others.

    Schumer, pointing to Ellison and Sanders, told Perez, “If he’s happy, and if he’s happy, then I’m happy,” according to two sources.”


  50. Voting @ 5:56pm: Schumer sucks. I’m so disgusted with the Dem party. You know what Schumer? I don’t give a shit if you’re happy, and I’m staying indie until you incompetent old men are no longer in charge.

  51. socal, did you read the whole thing….Perez is basically going to cow-tow to whatever Bernie wants. Explains the whole Ellison “deputy VP” appointment.

  52. Socal, that picture with the kids says it all. Voting, thanks for the info regarding Perez, Sanders, etc. I just sent a twitter to Perez. I’ll look at the Hillary video in full tomorrow.

  53. Bernie is going to screw us out of a lot of seats in 2018. He needs to screw himself out of a seat in Vermont. His “justice democrats’ are nothing short of Putin stooges.

  54. Well now, Green Partiers, how’re those protest votes working out for you now?


    If only there were some island those responsible for this needless damage could be exiled to, with only its own rising sea level, only its own unbearable heat, only its own diminishing water, only its own heat borne diseases – and the rest of us could just keep on working to save our only planet.

  55. Did I mention I really love Samantha Bee:

  56. I would donate to any dem that primaries Bernie.

  57. Me too!

  58. So it’s official..Donald Trump is the boil on the butt of this country.It hurts like the dickens and you know when it bursts you’ll feel so much better..but then it’ll make you subject to other possible infections.I wish this Russia stuff would break already.

    As to Bernie and his ilk..it is WAY past time to roll out that Oppo research.Now’s the time to educate the lefties so maybe they’ll be over it all by 2018.Wake up Chuckie..Bernie’s Putin w/glasses.

    To sleep,perchance to dream.

  59. Ga6thDem, on March 28, 2017 at 5:42 PM said:

    Here’s why..these folks have Trump ties.


  60. @socal, lucyk, oh yes, I’ll be right behind you!

  61. Here’s HRC’s speech prior to the Q&A above:

  62. Unless they cancel it.

    The Senate Intelligence Committee leaders just scheduled a press conference on their Trump / Russia investigation Tomorrow!!RETWEET! pic.twitter.com/UJR3CJL4NP— Impeach Donald Trump (@Impeach_D_Trump) March 28, 2017


  63. Sorry, should have included the date and time. It’s less than an hour from now, 2:30 EDT, today, March 29th.

  64. Oh well.

    layoffs begin at plant Trump spotlighted for saving https://t.co/lWYHiLW6K6 via @ArthurDelaneyHP— Sam Stein (@samsteinhp) March 29, 2017


    And it’s in Pence country, too. Poor, poor things.

  65. Here’s the link for the press conference – it’s been recorded and can be viewed any time.


    1st hearing scheduled tomorrow, Thursday. Sounds like no live person’s going to be up before them, though, but only what Burr’s & co. consider appropriate background on the technical aspects of what Russia is capable of.

  66. Since when, Democrats?

  67. Yup. Old BS cut his own throat yesterday. Best thing about it–it’s on tape! Anybody who gets primaried by so-called “Justice Democrats” just has to run that tape on a continuous loop as an ad.

    This is an occupational hazard of trying to run a party you know NOTHING about.

  68. The problem is not if democrats accepting non-pro-choice members, is that with non-pro-choice people, abortion is the limiting factor. Democrats accept people with different belief systems, but abortion foes do not accept those with different beliefs.

  69. I have come to the conclusion that Trump is a mobster. Just looking at all his supposed ties to Russia mafia says it all. The Trump crime family.

  70. Bird gal @ 11:47 am: absolutely, and it’s time he gets caught, charged, convicted and incarcerated.

  71. birdgal and Cats:
    I’ve always considered tDump a cabaret mobster and nothing else.

    What surprised me is all those people that supported and voted for him to make him president; while “knowingly” the kind of a$$hole he’s always been.
    Added to the image tDump has brought to our country with his -so call- agenda and all the troglodytes in his cabinet.
    I don’t know which one is the worse, but the one that conveys that: “carbon is not a pollutant” may be leading the pack…

  72. Now that the Senate Intelligence hearings have started again, is Sally Yates rescheduled to testify?

  73. Sally was scheduled with the house before the compromised cow farmer/newly stamped Intel expert pulled the plug on the entire committee. You see, Sally was scheduled for a PUBLIC testimony which would have been very damaging to Prince Romanov. She was not scheduled by the Senate. I am sure she will be eventually, but for now they are staying as far away from Devin Nunes as humanly possible. He really should be charged with obstruction of justice, but that’s saved for another time.

    As for the House ‘investigation,’ fergettabowtit. It now has the credibility of Putin himself. Which means None. If Trump tries to hijack that investigation in the Senate, which is exactly what he did to the House, he will be begging for an independent counsel. This train is going to keep moving whether he likes it or not, one way or another. And let us not forget, there’s the FBI final report as well.

    These bums think they are the mafia. If I were Flynn, I’d hire a food tester. The senate says No Immunity Deals. Which I think is a mistake because Flynn would sing loudly to protect himself and Trump is very worried about him as well…..which is why his goombah at the Enquirer printed that bullshit “Trump uncovered the spy” story to get the jump on what is going to happen.

    Donald Trump is a very very VERY sleazy man.

    You could tell something was up with Nunes when Comey held that vaulted meeting with Warner, Burr and Schiff. Nunes was not invited. FBI doesn’t trust Nunes. For all we know he’s under investigation himself and suspects it, which would explain his odd behaviors. I kind of felt he was afraid his own name was on some report. As it stands, we still don’t even know if he saw something out of the ordinary as nobody knows what he saw. For all we know it could be bullshit. But one thing’s for sure. Whatever he did say he got, that he won’t say he got, he got it from Trump. It’s the same diversionary shit Trump has been doing to stop progress on the investigation. You can see Nunes was trying to switch the investigation to Trump’s “Tapp”. His speeeeelling not mine. It’s just how he rolls. Deflect, divert, throw a shiny object out there for everybody to run after. Personally, I think the senate guys are onto him. As for being watched at the tower where the million dollar a day Rapunzel lives, if he was, there was a warrant from the FBI, which would be quite legal. I suspect there were plenty of FISAs going on since July and damned well they should be.

  74. As for the Leaks, funny how Trump LOVED wikileaks. In fact that was what he said I LOVE WIKILEAKS. Now when the leaks are about him, well that’s baaaaaad!

    In any event, those leaks can be investigated, but they are a SEPARATE issue and should not be allowed to muck up the purpose of the CURRENT investigation, which is about HIM and his campaign staff. Looks like that’s the way the senate is looking at it.

    I know I’ve said it before, but the Senate is always meant to be the most deliberate of bodies, more sober than the House. Remember, the Senate is comprised of two senators from each ENTIRE state. This is a serious body intended to correct the more clownish and rabble-rousing house, which is comprised by many more people from smaller territories….districts.

    So I am not surprised the Senate is taking this more seriously. I just hope Burr stays straight.


    Flynn has offered to testify in exchange for immunity.

    (Food tester wanted lol).

  76. Guilty as sin:


    WASHINGTON—Mike Flynn, President Donald Trump’s former national security adviser, has told the Federal Bureau of Investigation and congressional officials investigating the Trump campaign’s potential ties to Russia that he is willing to be interviewed in exchange for a grant of immunity from prosecution, according to officials with knowledge of the matter.

    I read the article on FB and so far, there have been “no takers.” I smell blood in the water.

  77. You see, Sally was scheduled for a PUBLIC testimony which would have been very damaging to Prince Romanov. She was not scheduled by the Senate. I am sure she will be eventually, but for now they are staying as far away from Devin Nunes as humanly possible. He really should be charged with obstruction of justice, but that’s saved for another time.

    Thanks, Upps, for clarifying this. It gets so intricate and involved. Would I have loved to hear that PUBLIC testimony. Hope we hear it when she is scheduled to testify before the Senate.

  78. Uppity, you are right about a food tester. Flynn better watch himself. Voting, thanks for posting Hillary’s speech. I miss her.

  79. If there are no takers of Flynn’s offer, it’s probably because they don’t need him to tell them things they already know and can prove. If that’s the case, he’s toast.

    Someone on twitter mentioned that maybe he knows Trump would pardon him so he’s ‘willing’ to take a fall for him. I replied that if he knew he was going to be pardoned, he wouldn’t be worrying about immunity at all. So………..

    To use his own expression:


  80. I don’t know who said this on Twitter, but it”s genius. “Guy who was supposed to investigate collusion colluded with the WH; guy who chanted ‘Lock her up’ is afraid he’s going to be locked up.”

    Karma, boys. Karma.

  81. That POS Biden is whitemansplaining Hillary’s “loss” again, echoing Sanders about not talking about and to the middle class. The facts show that she spoke the most about jobs and middle class. Data from the election shows she won ALL voters whose main issue was the economy, including WWC voters. It was racists and sexists in areas targeted by Russia who sank her by only 80, 000 votes.

    Someone should put Biden and Sanders on a ship and send them out to sea never to return. I do not want to hear this crap ever again, especially in light of what we know now about Russia, FBI, etc.. It’s like certain men can’t stand the thought that HRC will be vindicated.

  82. And, oh yeah, let’s never forget she was forced to defend herself over the crime bill Biden wrote and Sanders voted for.

  83. Gee, I hope that Joe Biden runs for President in 2020.
    Said no one, ever.

  84. Biden thinks he now has the “cool factor” since he was Obama’s VP and all those memes on Twitter. What he forgets is he was the petty buffoon to Obama’s adult cool in those memes.

    And, of course, HRC is considered too old to run in 2020, but Biden & Sanders both older than her, are just fine.

    RIP, Dems.

  85. Upps, I’m seeing you tweeting alot and thank you. My brain is becoming fried following all the circus. Its time to lock this down with a Special Prosecuter. The Congress has become useless. Don’t they realize its the Patriot Act that gave the NSA power to tap us all?

  86. Upps, love reading your take on this crazy bullshit. I am mindblown at far this is going. I think Dump & his cohorts crimes are going to make Watergate look like a parking ticket by comparison.

  87. Here’s an interesting article about Kushner. It’s a gossip site, but they hate Dump:


  88. Love all your comments and agree with all of you!

  89. Yeah lildoggie, when I saw that slovenly POS Spicer today pimping that bullshit story about uranium, flames came out of my ears, so I did that thread that seems to be very active. Also, Newsweek gigged them on it and others will follow. It’s as raw a pile of BULLSHIT as Pizzagate. Enough is enough with these assholes. Time to fight back hard and dirty.

    Also, their gig is up with the sucker Nunes. Just as I said……Trump flagged Nunes as a future useful idiot so he stroked him, made make believe friends with him, put him on the Transition team, so later he could use his dumb ass. And that is just what happened. Dumb fuck needs to go back to pulling on cow teats. The guy is a mental hick.

  90. Just reading through the posts here. Never forget that Biden wanted to chastise Hillary for criticizing Republicans, and he took it upon himself to say that “Paul Ryan is one of the good guys.” Yes, indeed.

    The Russian story is almost beyond normal comprehension at this point. It reads like the most complex and frightening spy thriller ever written. It appears more than obvious that the Trump campaign colluded with Russia, and that Russia hacked every Democratic site or Facebook page it could, and then worked with Trump’s people to microtarget voters based on Trump’s voter roll lists. People got specifically targeted messages on their Facebook pages designed to turn them against Hillary. It seems that Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin voters were the key targets. It also seems that Trump suddenly went to those states to attempt to cover the real reason why those states were already fixed to go his way. I would say that it was very likely that the actual results were tampered with; seals broken on ballot boxes, etc. This was an absolute coup conducted by Russia against the United States, using the corrupt and soulless Trump and his inner circle as the lever. Nothing like this has ever been seen in modern history.

    And as a non-fan of computer technology, I deplore the fact that this was only accomplished because the technology was used by evil people for evil purposes, and too many other people were so susceptible to it. It looks like Facebook is the entity deserving of the most blame for how this coup was planned and carried out. Zuckerberg indeed was the arrogant misanthrope portrayed in “The Social Network,’ He at least knew about these targeted ads, and let them go on, and took the money. My guess is that without the Russian bots, the Russian trolls, the fake news ads, the collaboration between Putin and Trump, Hillary would have won by about 5-8%. Had Obama informed the public about what they knew about Russian interference, she would have won by 3-5%, and won the Electoral vote.

    The question of course is what is going to happen in this investigation. If Trump is removed and Pence gets to be President, it is a travesty; you cheat and commit treason with a foreign power to win an election; you are removed from office because of it, but your running mate gets to run the country? That cannot possibly be acccepted.

    Finally, I would never put my faith wholly with one analyst or person on Twitter, but I would strongly recommend that everyone at least take a look at the work that Louise Mensch is doing, with the help of some other people who seem very tuned into all the intricacies of this truly incredible and insidious plot. Each revelation seems to fit into the emerging puzzle. Cambridge Analytics, Alfa Bank, all of the Trump people, most of the Republican Congress, all working in concert to betray this country for partisan and avaricious ends.

  91. And as far as Sanders goes, I do not hink he was in collusion with Russia, but I think that at least Devine knew that a good portion of the massive donations were not $27, but were coming from shadowy sources. The Sanders campaign stole Hillary’s data, a foreshadowing of what came later. Sanders had to know that Wikileaks was a Russian controlled organization. I would be certain that at least some of any money raised by this new Sanders group is coming from the far Right, if not Russia, with the goal of course being to knock out Democrats in primaries who might actually win general elections; or at least tar them the way that Sanders, Devine and cohorts tried to damage Hillary. At some point, I think that we are all going to have to try to use what spare money we have, to contribute to mainstream Democrats whom we think can win against Republicans and thus take over the Congress.

  92. If we ever do get our country back, then we should do everything we can, short of actual shooting war, to shatter Russia into a hundred little pieces that all the Czar’s horses and all the Czar’s men will never put back together again.

    48″ x 48″ oil painting by artist Michael D’Antuono:

    The Elephant in the Room 😈

  93. Biden was (is) such a laughingstock. He kept sticking his foot in his mouth. I was really surprised that Obama picked him as VP. Biden did keep his mouth shut pretty well when he was VP. Now he’s blathering on again saying stupid things, and unfortunately some people have forgotten his habit of saying inane things.

  94. I will NEVER forget what Biden did to Anita Hill. Never.
    I will NEVER forget how he got that bankruptcy bill submitted and passed to help out his Credit Card buddies in his state.
    I cannot STAND a man who simply CAN’T keep his hands off of women and girls.

    But more importantly, I have a pretty firm rule that I have formed of late and that is….


  95. Uppity @ 11:55. That’s some righteous preaching,Ups.Couldn’t agree more.
    And welcome back to the Monkey House,William..you haven’t lost your touch.

    Sure has been good watching Hillary turn up and hearing he voice again.It’s almost as if a bit of sanity crept in when we weren’t looking.May that sanity eventually prevail.

    And a good night to you all from the Left Coast ( but not too left,not Bernie left)

  96. William, I think you’ve nailed it on the Russian conspiracy. All of your points make perfect sense.

    Luna, I was also amazed that he picked Biden. I sat up all night laughing with other bloggers about Biden’s stupidity.

    And Upps @ 11:55pm, I’m with you!

  97. So, tonight, Bill Maher basically said Hillary needs to go back to the woods. Radio silence on both Bernie & Biden (that sexist “hero” of the Clarence Thomas hearings).

    Does this sound like folks want her “back in the woods”?

  98. Our Jackass-in-Chief leaves Executive Order signing without actually signing.

    God help us.

  99. Biden is a misogynist who tries hard to hide it. Sanders is a misogynist who often forgets to hide it. Maher is a misogynist who doesn’t bother to hide it.

    That was a great tweetstorm yesterday, Up. Everyone was retweeting it. And your rule of no more old, white guys should be the motto of the Dem party. Unfortunately, it won’t. Sanders is still travelling the country trashing Dems in the guise of party recruitment.

    William in the house!

  100. Thanks to the Democratic Party’s nomination shenanigans in 2008, we got a Chamberlain when we needed a Churchill.

    Cheeto Mussolini, however, is not Hitler, or even Actual Mussolini, because he’s not smart enough. Cheetolini is merely a puppet for the real villain.

  101. (I must post twice because Spammy rejects multiple links in one post.)

    I just thought of something–was Putin meddling in the Democratic nomination process of 2008? Obama was almost as unlikely as Cheetolini. Maybe Pooty-Poot feared Hillary even then?

    According to Bob Cesca, the Russian cyber-aggression against our country has not ended, either.

  102. Now that I think about it, Putin probably would have feared the old Cold War hawk McCain more than Obama, too–though given the thorough exposure of the incompetence of the Chimperial Cheney Administration, and the GOP in general, by then, Obama probably didn’t need help in the general election, and so Putin wouldn’t have risked “leaving fingerprints”.

    It would be a huge, if ironic, compliment to Our Hillary if Putin feared her so much that he interfered twice to keep her out of the Oval Office.


    The only cold comfort I can draw from this debacle is the faint hope that maybe finally, finally, FINALLY enough passive non-deplorables will wake the %$&# up and start making the effort to vote for imperfect but preferable candidates–and in the off-year elections as well as the presidential election years!!!

  103. If you get a chance, I highly recommend everyone head over to Shakesville where both Melissa McEwan and Aphra Behn have been digging through all the garbage so we don’t have to in multiple posts for days now. Here’s just a hint: Melissa McEwan believes that skunk Tad Devine had to know that Russians were planting disinformation and propaganda in Sanders social media sites during the primary. And her take on Joe Biden is PRICELESS.

  104. I love that painting, Ivory Bill! The Elephant in the Room, indeed.

  105. When the President Is Ignorant of His Own Ignorance
    [Thomas B. Edsall]

  106. Turns out it really does help to have a few people in government who know what they’re doing. Maybe after this debacle of an administration we’re not ever going to have to hear again how much better business people could run government..okay.I know that’s a fantasy..but a girl can dream,can’t she?

  107. Voting, thanks so much for posting Hillary’s Georgetown speech. She is beyond presidential. Broke my heart and uplifted my spirit at the same time.

    I am thoroughly convinced that the reason so many hate her is because movers and shakers on both sides of the aisle are scared shitless of her and will move heaven and earth (i.e., lie, distort, fabricate, impugn, insinuate and lie some more) to make sure she never holds the reins of our government. I truly believe however that she can and will change the world before she leaves us in spite of those who relentlessly try to bring her down.

  108. Shorter media: “We didn’t go to all that trouble to install Trump, just to have Hillary sneak back in once we’ve decided to oust him!”

  109. There is simply no way, under our system, to do justice for Hillary.

    If we had “votes of no confidence”, and resulting do-over elections, as exist in parliamentary systems, it would become possible, but that would require amending the Constitution, and we all know how difficult that is.

    No, the best we can hope for is the metaphorical defenestration of the Orange Usurper, and then that Queen B!tch Goddess Karma has something realllly special–I mean “Classic Twilight Zone Ironic Justice” special–in mind for his master, Tsar Putin. 😈

  110. Something like this.

  111. One only has to look at Tad Devine’s client list to see he had some Putinesque connections.

  112. Have a smile. Watch the whole thing because there’s a hilarious escalation.

  113. LOL…
    Upps: you should got me laughing…
    So cute.

  114. oops! coffee has not work yet…

    you “sure” got me laughing…

  115. Yes, Hillary is unique in her knowledge and abilities, and she has always posed a great threat to the people who run this country, as well as Russia and its oligarchs. All the evil forces combined in ways we are just learning about. And even then, she probably won the Electoral
    vote, and she certainly won the popular vote.

    The most upsetting aspect is that we really do not have anyone capable of taking up that mantle. Some of the more shallow people who love to call themselves Progressives, think that anyone can do it, but it is not true. Witness Obama and all the seats we lost under his administration. Does anyone think that Elizabeth Warren could carry a national election? Not I. Some might say Booker, but I don’t think so. And we know Sanders is going to try to run, he sees a void. Sanders would lose, and probably destroy the DemocraticParty in the process. Democrats are like UCLA hiring football and basketball coaches in that way; they think that anyone would do, and then they usually find out that they were wrong. I don’t see anyone out there who is remotely close to Hillary in talent and background. Republicans aren’t going away, and the billionaire far Right is certainly not. We’ve got wholly evil Republicans, and too many vacuous Democrats. With all the horrifying corruption and collaboration in this election, Hillay would still have won, had it not been for too many Bernie types disdaining her in a ludicrous show of would-be purity, while they were being brainwashed by Russian fake news targeted to them and their faux sanctimony.

  116. omg, love that bird video! Reminded me of my youth!

    William, do you really think Bernoid will run again? Also, I was hoping that someone will primary him, but I’ve been wondering if the Dems have promised him not to, so as to not upset his spoiled brat followers.

  117. As usual you speak so eloquently for me. Thank you, William!

  118. William, to piggy-back on your comments;we have as many Bernie supporters as trump supporters who need to admit that they’ve been had. All of us have been victims of this Russian fake news operation.

    If we.as a nation, can’t find a way to root out this Russian manipulation;we’re done for as a democracy.I believe that only the person who was the ultimate victim of this operation has the credibility and gravitas to combat it. Now that Hillary is increasingly vindicated as to what happened and that trump is not “temperamentally fit” to be president..I think she may be the only person who can lead us out of this morass. IF she comes up w/ a viable plan,deals w/Bernie and makes her voice heard.
    I know it’s way too much to ask of her..but she’s never shied away from an essential fight in her life.Will she continue to alienate a third of the country..yes.. but moderate Repubs, independents and all of the Dems are becoming increasingly frustrated.

    The Congress isn’t going to lead us out of all of this..they’re too busy trying to score political points and get reelected.But these guys aren’t just the gang that can’t shoot straight..these are the guys who can’t legislate.
    Plus so much of the “administration” are tainted by the dual and ancient traps of money and sex..makes Hillary’s Wall Street speeches and Bill’s indiscretions pale by comparison.

    Whoever has a viable plan to get us out of this mess will win the day.
    People are DONE w/this crap and four more years of it is not sustainable.

  119. Ups, that bird U Tube is hilarious! Loved it.

  120. Thank you, LucyK for the nice compliment. Annie, I do think Sanders will run again. He is a doctrinaire person who think that he is always right. He is sure he would have beaten Trump. He loved the adulation from the Berniebots. He sees the vacuum in the Democratic Party, which is so big that he might actually win the nomination by default, the way that McGovern did, when the base was so divided and dispirited by 1968 and by Nixon, that McGovern’s band of young people had all the energy,and dominated in organizing.

    I don’t think that there is any way to beat Sanders in a primary in his own state, where he beat Hillary something like 75-25%. Vermont is a strange state, and they love him there. The key is for us to find a strong and credibile candidate to go against him. I know all the arguments against Hillary running, and she probably will not, but I wish she would, because she is the best we have. If she does not, then possibly Chris Murphy, who is somewhat self-aggrandizing, but seems smart and committed. Adam Schiff is impressive, but it is hard for a CA Congressperson to suddenly vault to a nomination. Gillibrand? Maybe. We need someone, or Sanders and his band of loyalists will sort of steal the nomination/ And we know that the far Right and the Russians would love to have him nominated by the Democrats.

  121. Bernie had better not run again. I’m going to work against him so hard if he does! I think a number of his followers woke up late in or after the general. OTOH Putin can buy more bots, and there is always a crop of gullible sexist voters who’d fall for him. But no way he’d win the South or California.

    Schiff looks interesting, though I don’t know much more about him other than what’s he’s done recently.

  122. THey shot their foot off in 2016. They will shoot the other one off in 2020.

  123. I just wish that the media would not give Bernie an audience.

  124. You all need to read the first excerpt from Susan Barso’s new book. article is on the Guardian UK website

  125. Dems should just tell Bernie that if he wants to run for president in 2020 he’s not doing it as a Dem. Period. And they should run an actual Democrat in Vermont next year. At least make him work for it a little bit. The coddling of Bernie must stop! He’s forcing them to fight a war on two fronts. And that never works.

    That new book sounds VERY interesting. Looking forward to reading it.

  126. Brassy @ 9:16, agree. Lately I’ve been wondering though if the Dems have promised him that they won’t primary him, which would be really sad. Would love to see someone publish all the dirt the rethugs supposedly have on him. I am so sick of that crazy old bastard.

  127. William @ 8:33pm, good points.

  128. Sanders is largely reponsible for Gorsuch getting on the Supreme Court, there to allow every bit of state gerrymandering, voter suppression, and favoring of the wealthy over everyone else. The Bernie zealots who refused to vote for Hillary, voted for Stein or Johnson, or just didn’t vote for President, are directly responsible. None of their ridiculous rationalizations, cogniitive dissonances, self-righteous defenses of their stupidty and spitefulness, will do a thing to help or protect against what the right-wing Supreme Court will do to this country and to individual rights. They were played for the fools they are, by Trump ahd his cohorts, and the Russians. Most of them will never admit it to themselves, much less anyone else. And given the chance, they would and will do it all again. Lack of knowledge of governance, and of history; and some kind of adolescent visceral hatred of Hillary Clinton; plus allowing themselves to be deluded by the posturings of Sanders, rendered them incapable of understanding what was at stake, and what they needed to do to prevent it. I have complete contempt for all of them who caused this.

  129. And then there is President Obama, who did not fight for Garland, did not appoint him during a recess, and then force the Republicans to trryto overturn it. His failure to do anything might actually have marked the end of our democracy, in that one party was allowed to overturn two centuries of rules about Supreme Court appointments, and to turn the Court into simply another partisan branch of government where the Republicans get to make all the appointments. Yes, it would have taken daring and the willingness to take on the vicious attacks the Republicans would have mounted. But you either fight at the beginning, or it may be too late to fight thereafter. I know that both Clintons would have fought determinedly for their own Supreme Court appointments, and not essentially thrown up their hands so as not to get them muddied.

  130. William, I so agree. I’m sick and heartbroken about the whole thing, as I’m sure all of you are. Obama should have appointed Garland; really, what did he have to lose? It was his right, and he should have taken it. He caved.

  131. Yet again you speak for me, William. Thank you.

  132. Very good point, Annie – both faces of Mr. Two-face right there.

    If the Ds need any more encouragement, just use this:

    Seen on Facebook recently: “Dammit, Trump should not be allowed to appoint a justice his last year in office.”

    from http://blog.wataugawatch.net

  133. I’m going to so steal that quote, Nerd.

  134. Glad you liked it, Uppity – steal away!

  135. Annie, Obama was not the only person to fail to realize how truly evil and fascistic the Republicans had become. But of course he was the person who had the most power to deal with them, and he did not use it. Democrats in general, most glaringly in the Congress and some of the more liberal media people, simply refused to admit and realize that Republicans were going to play everything like a board game where the only goal was to win by whatever means. As we all know, when 25 years go, Hillary talked about a “vast right-wing conspiracy,” she was roundly mocked by the media, but of course she courageously spoke the truth. And Obama wanted to tell everyone that “we don’t want to refight the battles of the ’90,” and that there were no red states, no blue states.

    Well, there is no great point in continually going over all of this. Except that one has to think and look ahead, and realize what might happen if one continually fails to underestimate the dangers of the relentless Republican takeover of the country. Obama did not ever seem too interested in campaigning for downballot candidates. Did he notice that the Republicans kept picking up seats in Congress and state governments? What did he think that was due to, and did he have plans to fix it? At the least, he should have done everything he could have to have gotten Garland appointed as some buffer against the Republicans. Another thing he could have done is to have alerted the populace that the Russians were attempting to fix the election. The more we read about the incredibly insidious ways in which Trump and his associates collaborated with the Russians to let them take over the government, the more one realizes that one could never have risked the roll of the dice that Hillary would win despite this plot and how it was implemented by pervasive amorality and corruption.

    Right now, it looks like Trump will be removed one way or the other. But Pence will probably slide by, and of course the Republicans will still control all the branches, plus have a horrible and arrogant social darwinist to tip the balance of the Court for the next 30 years. Quite a price to pay. At least I am heartened by the efforts of some very smart and caring people to unearth the depths of this plot against America. I always sensed that the social media presented major dangers in terms of takeover by malign forces, and brainwashing through lies and fabricated stories.

  136. If there’s a fight Obama will run from it. In a lot of ways Obama was temperamentally 100% wrong for the times we are in. He would have been fine back when Republicans and Democrats did work together to find solutions for the country but he was completely clueless as to the current state of the GOP. And it will ever be to his shame that he never came out and made an announcement about the Russians interfering in the election.

  137. Brassy Rebel, I agree. And of course part of what Obama sold himself as, and was sold as, was the “non-Hillary,” someone who would not battle with Republicans, but would try to find common ground. I never have forgotten that interview he did with the Las Vegas paper before the primaries, where he said that the Republicans have had most of the best ideas of the last twenty years. He probably did not mean it the way it came out, but he was all too willing to give Republicans credit. When they basically extorted deals from him by threatening not to raise the debt ceiling, he tried to be nice and credit them with working with him. This tactic does not work, it just emboldens them, to the point where they were so arrogant that they would not give a hearing to his Supreme Court nominee.

    The Beltway media has long tried to urge the Democrats to be civil and compromising, while they do not expect that out of Republicans. That has gotten us nowhere. I mentioned the other day how Biden thought it was a good idea to chastise Hillary for criticizing Republicans; his message was, “that is not the way we do it, that is not a good approach to take.” Well, it is the only approach, unless you want to get steamrolled by the Republicans. For years I have wanted Democrats to demonize Republicans, call them evil, fascists, social darwinists, whatever might awaken people. Now everyone seems surprised that Trump and Ryan have no concern whatsoever for anyone but billionaires. How could they be surprised? Because Democrats rarely told them, and when they did, the media criticized them for it. And yes, Obama indeed would have been fine in the 1950’s, or maybe the ’70’s. But boy, did the media and most of the Left try to tell everyone that Obama was the person to fix everything, bring everyone together, heal the divisions. It was a nice thought, but we would have been so much better off, in my view, with Hillary winning in 2008. A view that I am sure everyone here shares as well. I noticed the other day that Joy Reid wrote that despite all the problems today, she is still encouraged by the great Presidents like JFK, LBJ, Obama. Conspicuously absent was Bill Clinton. She recently said that communication skills are important for a leader; that Obama was wonderful at it, and that Clinton “had a rogue’s charm.” Clearly, she has no regard for him, and she didnt have much appreciation for Hillary, either. Too many people made the wrong choice in 2008, and will never realize it.

  138. Ga6thDem, my apologies, as that was your excellent point to which I was referring!

  139. Pence is almost as dirty as Trump and he lied about Flynn. I would not expect Pence to make it long should Trump be removed from office. Hell, we can spend 4 years getting rid of every Putin stooge in the Trump Administration. It’s gonna be a full time job.

  140. While this incredible treason story is being revealed; while the Democrats are now valiantly filibustering Gorsuch; while Trump is onnsidering revising his health plan to make it even more awful….Bernie Sanders (and Elizabeth Warren and Keith Ellision) have unveiled their free college tuition plan! It is Hillary’s plan from last summer. The plan has absolutely zero chance of passing this Congress. But that is not Sanders’ goal or concern. Sanders has turned into a dangerous egomaniac who cares more about being nominated in 2020, than in the welfare of the country. “His” plan is a distraction, a foolishness, completely untimely and impossible. With all the things to worry about, free college tuition is what he wants to focus on, because everything is about his increasing need for attention and self-aggrandizement. He will run for President, and he has to be stopped, or he will destroy the Democratic Party, and allow the Republicans to ravage the country, while he is ranting and pointing his fingers like a modern day King Lear.

  141. William: what if 45 implodes and Sanders is running against Pence or Ryan, i.e., both candidates are horrible? I agree that Sanders is positioning for 2020, maybe a Sanders/Warren ticket.

    HIllary may be the last presidential candidate I vote for in my life time.

  142. Catscatscats, it could come to that. I would be compelled to vote for the Democrat, at least to impede global warming. I would not follow the campaigns, though, or anything related, just cast my vote, as i did for Obama and even Carter.

    I don’t think that Sanders can win against any Republican. The opposition research on Sanders, which Hillary never used, is said to be pretty devastating. The people who fixed this election would do everything they could to get Sanders nominated. I am hoping that there is some credible moderate candidate whom the non-Sanders folk can get behind. If there are still caucuses, it is a problem for us. Someone credible must emerge, assuming Hillary will not run. There are a number of Democrats like us who do not like Sanders at all, but we need a credible and winnable candidate to get behind. In 1972, once Nixon’s dirty tricks got Muskie out, the moderates had no candidate, which made it rather easy for the McGovernites to take over the party for that one year, before they were routed, and fled, leaving the field open for the conservative and unappealing Carter in 1976.. If Sanders somehow were elected, he has no capacity for governing, and one way or the other, the Democrats would be ruined for decades in national elections. And we know that Sanders never helps any Democrat to win; the ones he supports are subject to his puritanical tests, and those that pass are not electable.

  143. In 2020, Sanders will be pushing 80, and Warren will be 71. I thought the Republicans were the Grand OLD Party. I don’t think it’s ageism to point out that this would be a crazy ticket for a party trying to appeal to younger voters. And both of them are up for re-election in 2018. Warren, at least, may have challenges with that. She has had some squishy poll numbers in Massachusetts.

  144. At this point it isn’t just the trump administration that has colluded w/ the Russian take over of our country. I think you can make a credible case that the entire Republican party is colluding..given their willingness to run w/whatever glitter ball trump’s throwing out on any given day and their attempts to sabotage any investigation into the election meddling.

    As to Bernie, if time itself doesn’t solve him as a problem;then the Dems need to take him down shortly after mid-terms.Slowly roll out that oppo research. Maybe by then the Senate won’t need his vote or the House will be in Dem hands and we can proceed w/saving the country.It’s a long time to wait and it’s like we’re having to live in a “fun” house w/ all the mirrors distorting things and the random,but frequent,
    “surprises” in the meantime..and I do mean mean.

    It’s a crap shoot as to who lasts long enough to sweep up the pieces.

    Resist,persist and party on!

  145. I don’t see Sanders getting anywhere near the nomination in 2020 even if he runs. There’s that 2 foot thick file on him that I’m willing to bet the GOP uses in 2018 to attempt to take him out in Vermont and if not then it certainly would be used should he try to run again in 2020 and yes, Warren has some tough numbers in MA. She really needs to be worrying about reelection and not running around with Bernie.

    Castro in an interview with Wolf Blitzer said he was sure there were going to be Trump people going to jail and he’s seen the info. We just need more patience on the GOP blowing up. Frankly it amazes me that the GOP will continue to cling to someone that has a 35% approval rating. I know they’re not up for election until over 18 months from now but do you think their opponent is going to let them forget the fact that they voted with Trump time and again?

  146. Ga6th: you make excellent points but what concerns me is all the fluffing and air time the media and the Dems are giving Sanders, while taking shots at Hillary when the opportunity presents itself. I don’t have much confidence in the Dem party doing the right thing or the smart thing. They never should have gifted the nom to Obama in 2008 or let Sanders run as a Dem in 2016. Past performance is a good indicator of future performance. Like so many others here, I changed my party registration in November. They will need to work very hard to win me back.

  147. Well,looks like Ups was right again..lots of those young trump voters are going to be on their way to Syria. I live close to the Whidbey Island Air Force Base. If there’s going to be some increased bombing somewhere in the world we have an increase in fly overs and huge cargo planes landing in the middle of the night.That’s happening,people. Prepare yourselves ..sometime in the next couple of weeks hell fire’s going to rain down somewhere. US people don’t like to mess w/ a president when we’re at war..it’s the ultimate distraction from the whole Russian thing. Plus w/ the window dressing move re: Bannon today..I think they’re moving to try and isolate trump from his Russia problem and set up the necessary scapegoats.Anyone else smell rat?

    Oh and re: the nuclear option..when you engage in pissing contests, the prevailing winds will always eventually change and if you don’t change your stance accordingly..at a minimum you’ll end up w/yellow shoes.


  148. Watch for troop increase in South Korea as well.

  149. Um, HRC needs to go away & Bernie is the future? Apparently not the near future.

  150. For your general amusement:

  151. Msdsal, re: those contests: beautifully put! I’m so happy Dems are showing a spine and a near-as-make-no-difference unified front on Gorsuch. Just sent a big thank you! note to Sen. Merkley.

    In response to all the finger-wagging at the Dems from the media, esp. the NYT, I just use the minus option on all news searches now, and they’re all but gone.

  152. The media has done this foir decades. The Republicans are cast as the exciting bad boys who play political hardball and do it so well. The Democrats are cast as the hard-trying losers who get outmaneuvered by the Republicans almost every time, and “are in disarray,” or, “need to change the narrative.” The media always chastises the Democrats for fighting the Republicans, they are supposed to humbly siubmit to their trouncings.

    Most of the time, the Democrats seem to accept the role the media has assigned them, as if somehow the media will admire them for it, which of course they don’t, they view them with contempt. Someone once wrote that Al Gore ran his 2000 campaign from start to finish, as if his goal was to please the editorial page of the New York Times. At some point, the Democrats MIGHT actually realize that the media criticizing them for not being the usual saps and fall guys is preferable to the medai treating them with disdain and dismissiveness. If and when the media figures out that the Democrats are not going to listen to their recipes for being perennial good losers, they will either start respecting them, or become frustrated at being ignored. The Democrats are always afraid of things getting worse if the media really turns against.them. At this point, at least for a while, they may feel like Dylan is telling them that “if they ain’t got nothing, they got nothing tto lose.” And if the media thinks it is good that at least 80% of the country is now run by the Russians allied with people-hating oligarchs and corrupt and evil theocrats, then that is what they will continue to enable. The Democrats need to fight against the enemies with every weapon at their disposal. The other way has gotten us to this awful situation. If the media is another enemy to deal with, so be it.

  153. Meet the Billionaires Who Run Trump’s Government


  154. Don’t Read Too Much Into Steve Bannon Losing His NSC Seat
    By Matthew Cooper On 4/5/17 at 3:07 PM


  155. Absolutely agree, William. I fervently hope that what I think I’m seeing is true – this crop of Dems, especially with their eyes opened by what the media did to HRC and their own downticket races, are finally over placating the media.

    Ironic that Dump called them an enemy, when they, especially the NYT and cable media (including you, CNN), have been his and the Republicans’ best friends when it counts.

  156. BTW, Nikki Haley spoke yesterday…wasn’t a good day for her.

  157. DYB at Widdershins has a good hashtag up for following the Gorsuch fight: https://twitter.com/DSenFloor. One of the more interesting tweets was this from question from Shumer:

    Sen. Schumer asked the Parliamentarian to confirm this fact. The Secretary of the Senate, confirms this. pic.twitter.com/pYPLT1DUt2— Senate D Floor Watch (@DSenFloor) April 6, 2017


  158. Wyden’s on fire! Thank you, Oregon!

    Boxing in McCain without personally condemning him, letting him know that a vote for Gorsuch goes directly against McCain’s opposition to torture. Calling out Supreme Court judges’ worst decisions in the past, invoking originalism to condemn them. Naming those groups of citizens wronged by originalist decisions.

    One of the best speeches – it -must- make a difference.

  159. Voting: Nikki is no Hillary. I just caught the end of Hillary’s interview at today’s Summit and when she spoke, especially about Syria, she was soooo Presidential, so knowledgeable, measured and rational. For a minute there, her passion made me think she might run again. She was asked the question about running again and she has “no plans” other than to advocate for women and girls and Dems to take back Congress (progressives take note). Tina Brown asked her to stay active because we need leadership, particularly her brand of leadership, now more than ever. Amen to that!

  160. For you, cats:

  161. Today I took the next door neighbor kids for a ride North to visit and play w/some friends of theirs. On the way Jayden, who is 7 said,” I don’t like Donald Trump,he’s a bad man. He only does things for rich people. I wish Hillary had won,she does things for all the people.”
    This from a seven year old.
    Maybe he was parroting what he heard from his Mom but at least he had an opinion. Maybe there’s some hope after all..of course he won’t be old enough to vote in 2020..but still.. clarity from a 7 year old.

  162. Voting: THANK YOU!

  163. OK, Hillary spoke about establishing a no fly zone over Syria and taking out the airfield to preclude gas attacks on civilians. NOW 45 has launched 50 tomahawks to take out the airfield. Stole her answers just like Obama and Sanders.

  164. For those that don’t want to watch the whole speech, here is HRC’s specific comments from early today:

  165. Sorry, should have said her specific SYRIAN comments.

    Also, will be interesting to hear what GOP is going to say since they voted no on Obama’s request to do the same, but Trump decided screw Congress & went all “Dr. Strangeglove” on Syria.

  166. Knew this would happen:

    The NYT and an O’fluffer from 08 are blaming Hillary Clinton for Trump’s actions. Knew it as soon as I watched that video, then read the news.

    Won’t link to either, but old-time O’fluffer Jeralyn has a headline at her criminal-defence lawyer blog, Talkleft: “Hillary Says Strike Syria, Trump Does It”, then follows an NYT quote “Mrs. Clinton grew particularly forceful in condemning Syria’s recent chemical attack and called for a strong military response to confront President Bashar al-Assad and ‘take out his airfields.’ ” with “Hours later, Trump announced air strikes on Syria”.

    Amazing that that eeeeeeevil witch Hillary has so much power she controls tRump with her mind and starts wars with some comments at a woman-focused convention, but so little she couldn’t get over little things like formerly unimaginable FBI and Russian interference in the election and the impenetrable wall of hatred the media had for her.

    Hating effective powerful women are all that’s left to these sexists now they’ve inflicted the consequences of that sexism on all of us. I expect to see them go at it every time Hillary raises her head above the horizon.

  167. I’m sorry, Uppity. Could someone delete my comment @12:54 pm?
    I’d forgotten about your rule against maligning other blogs.

    (oh, and this one too, please?)

  168. Caught Blitzer’s panel talking about Hillary’s statements at recent event. Flawed candidate bullshit. Criticizing her for what she should be doing now. She owes nothing to the country that turned on her. She especially can tell Blitzer to fuck off. I’ll never forget the big Email headline splashed across his screens as we were early voting in Florida. Fuck CNN. Usually don’t watch it but it was on at work.

  169. TO: Trump Chumps

    FROM: The Deep State

    RE: Oh, you thought Cheeto Mussolini would be a dove?

    Laughing my shiny metal @$$ off. 😛

  170. The media does what it does because its members are primarily very stupid; and because of their own desperate cognitive dissonance; their minds cannot accept the thought that maybe they did something very wrong. So Hillary lost because she was very flawed, they say; rather than that the media swiftboatted her for its own amusement and ratings. They did it to Gore and Kerry, too, but what they did to Hillary was far worse and undeserved. I would respect the media more if some of them said, “Yes, we wanted Trump to win; we never liked Hillary because she is too smart and seems bossy and reminds us of our mothers or aunts or women managers; and we also thought that covering Trump would be more fun. And the corporations which own us told us to support and favor Trump.” But they can’t admit that to themselves, so they find reasons to blame their negative coverage of Hillary on Hillary. Sort of the, “I wouldn’t have killed you if you hadn’t made me do it” argument of insane murderers. The murderers go to jail, though; the media does it all the same way every time. And I bet that most of the murderers have more moments of self-reflection and remorse, as few as they might be.

  171. Hillary in Houston, TX today…good smackdown of Trump re: Syria “babies”:

  172. Odd how men don’t seem to be “flawed candidates.”

    Show me one single person on this whole planet Earth who is unflawed.

  173. William @ 8:00 pm, re: the current murderer-in-chief the media’s in love with:

    I can’t help but remember Sally Quinn’s* infamous quote:
    “He came in here and he trashed the place, and it’s not his place” in her infamous Clinton trashing piece:

    Not a peep out of her or any of them on the so much more than trash, so embarrassingly incompetent, parvenu, arriviste and just plain stupid and dangerous Trump and clan.

    Apparently the only thing that made Washington class for them was money, even if it was only one ancestor removed.

    *Quinn was one of the very few women of that era who really did sleep her way to the top, in an adulterous liaison with her married editor Bill Bradlee. She afterwards married him and he gave her her microphone on his newspaper.

  174. Here’s the roll call on installing yet another Repub failure to the Supreme Court:


    I’m going to send each and every one (yes, even BS) of those Nays a thank-you note.

  175. *Quinn was one of the very few women of that era who really did sleep her way to the top, in an adulterous liaison with her married editor Bill Bradlee. She afterwards married him and he gave her her microphone on his newspaper.

    IIRC, Gene Lyons has written that Quinn was a Monica Lewinsky who succeeded. 😈

  176. I just read through all the threads on this piece catching up since I usually have time just read current comments.
    Just want to throw in that when Obama was elected in 2008 (a tragedy), I remember he consolidated the Democratic Party from State based to one entity based out of Chicago. He was gonna run the issues and goals from now on. That was his biggest mistake and thats when we began to lose the perspective of each states individual representatives and issues important to the different areas of the country. He also seized power from local candidates and their voters deciding who to endorse and support financially. Thats when we began to bleed good Democratic candidates across the board. We began to lose every election from local races to the top. I remember trying to find out how to support some candidates here in Florida who weren’t receiving any money from the National Democratic Party and had a hard time getting any information on them and who was running. Here’s an old article but its all been swept under the rug now since he was the “perfect”,no-flawed President. But he battered the party. http://www.rollcall.com/news/-202011-1.html

  177. Voting: another sensational speech by Hillary! She is is on fire. This is what a true leader looks like. Please keep posting these gems for us.

  178. lildoggy, very interesting point. I never thought of that, thanks for explaining that.

  179. lildoggy, yes, very good point. That might explain some of the frustration I had getting in touch with non-BS Dems here.

  180. Show me one single person on this whole planet Earth who is unflawed.

    You………you mean……(gulp)…….Bernie isn’t perfect?????? *Bursts into tears*

  181. Oooh! A new header. I don’t remember seeing that one before.

  182. Upps @ 10:38
    Hah! Nice try, Upps, I can tell you’re not a Berniebot. The give-away? You can admit he’s not perfect!

  183. Upps, love the new header. The Seattle Times has a contest every year for creative Peeps scenarios. Some of them are hilarious..none of them render the Peeps edible..not that they are to begin with.
    I’m personally hoping to spend part of the Congressional recess taking a break from political gamesmenship and the horror of the current presidency. Not saying any Peeps will be involved,but ,possibly, a chocolate bunny or two.

    Then the Resurrection!!

  184. I didn’t like peeps when I was a little kid, either did my sibs. I remember my bro & I asking our mom to leave them out of our easter baskets and put in more chocolate. (we never believed in bunny or santa)

    Actually, we got waaay too much candy, cuz we celebrated regular Easter and Greek Easter. We got the baskets for regular, and on Greek Easter, my Dad gave us those giant See’s Chocolate Easter eggs which came with walnut fudge or rocky road filling. Yum. It would take us at least a week to eat those things.

  185. This is a good burn:

  186. BTW, was anyone in FIRST CLASS asked to leave?

  187. You know, I thought of that too, Voting!

    They know who is in every seat and how much they paid for their tickets. I’ll bet they targeted the passengers who were SMART enough to pay less. That way, they would only have to refund the lesser price rather than the full price the suckers paid.

  188. Yep Msdsal, I posted some of those Peeps theme contest pics here for several years. Funny as hell.

  189. Hahaha NWLuna. I out-snottied a Bernoid who thought who the hell he was with his thread. Took his words about Hillary and responded with the same words using Bernie’s name.

    I shamed him so badly, he deleted some of his tweets. Arrogant pissant. Thought he was going to wag his finger under our noses and threaten us to get in line or else. He looked like he started shaving last week. He was really brave and all-knowing with his friends cheering him on, till a couple of us showed up.

  190. Upps @ 9:30pm: hahaha! What a great idea.

  191. I liked that article from the la Times talking about the bernouts getting reamed at the polls. All the media fluffing of Bernie seems to be no help to anybody even to Bernie himself. No matter what the media says it seems the voters want none of what bernouts are offering.

  192. Presented w/o comment:

  193. I tweeted to Tom Perez to keep his “roadshow” with Bernie the hell out of PA. We need Bob Casey & Bernie will make an RNC-ready commercial tying Casey to Bernie.

    BTW, Perez is getting hell for this “tour” on Twitter.

  194. Upps @ 9:30, Good on you! Those poor widdle Bernedbrainers; they have such poor cognitive skills and get flustered so easily when they try to work something out.

    I’ve recently sent off a few “Get Sanders the hell away from our party — he cost us the election” tweets and surprisingly haven’t been inundated by ‘bros. So far. I’m more fed up with their asinine claims than ever.

  195. @Voting, Hahaha! I’m one of those giving Perez hell too.

  196. Uppity Woman, on April 10, 2017 at 9:30 PM said:

    Upps, have to ask….was it William Legate? I went off his ass big-time last night & he deleted that tweet.

    BTW, look him up. He is some Silicon Valley “whiz-kid” who knows only about programming.

  197. For those on Twitter, you have to check out this trending hashtag #NewUnitedAirlinesMottos. I have been laughing for a good 20 minutes now.

  198. Congrats to Malala:

  199. Voting, agree about #UnitedAirlinesMottos. So freaking funny. This is also funny…and true!

  200. Yes it WAS Legate! He ended up deleting the thread. I got the first tweet but wish I had copied some others so I could torture him with the screenshots. What a little shit.

    He said that ‘at least” Bernie would get some trump voters (LOL) and the Hillary people would have voted for him. So I retweeted it with the question, would you have voted for Bernie. You know how that went.

    So some people said this is no way to bring people together and he said

    “Hillary Clinton needs to be entirely taken out of everyone’s vocabulary before that can happen”

    So I answered him with

    “Echo: Bernie Sanders needs to be entirely taken out of everyone’s vocabulary before that can happen”.

    Then retweeted his remark with my answer too and it was grist for for the mill for everybody who is sick of Bernie. I kept doing that to him. Plus others were pushing back on him and I do think he may have learned something about being so snotty and arrogant. Hopefully. I never even heard of him till that thread was retweeted to me. He looked like he just started shaving last week. lol.

    Lots of young narcissists with an exaggerated sense of their power over others tend to gravitate toward the old man. They keep shooting themselves in the foot. They voted for Jill and now they get the consequences. People like me aren’t affected at all by anything Trump does, other than he pisses me off. But these young people are getting skewered. Especially the socialists, which in itself is a ridiculous thing to imagine ever happening in the USA.

  201. If I ran the DNC, or whatever entity has access to Democratic Party funds, I’d be running ads all over tying Trump to the United Airlines outrage. “This is Trump’s America, where authoritarianism rules.” “United Airlines is taking its cues from Trump. Only corporations matter, people are abused and trampled upon.” Things like that.

    Is Trump responsible forr UA? Of course not, not directly. But it’s a good symbolic tie-in. And it is not far-fetched, either. Trump and his band are authoritarians, just like the UA people who dragged the passengers off the plane. Trump only cares about corporations, not people. People who are not rich will have no rights in this administration. This is all true. So make the dramatic connection,and maybe a few more people will wake up and realize that this is about them, not some vague coastal elites whose discomfort they can mock. It is their health care which will disappear, their Social Security deliberately bankrupted. People have to be dramatically shown this. And of course the right-wing media will blast Democrats for it. But we all should realize by now that the media is no friend of the Democrats; that following the rules laid down by the corporate media is a sure ticket to permanent minority status, the Washington Generals of governance, the lovable losers in a fixed game. Want to change that?Then drsw dramatic distinctions which even uninformed people might relate to and understand.

  202. Hey did you all see this article on Trump pathology?

    I learned some pretty interesting things about previous presidents too.

  203. So much for Donald’s brag about his ‘terrific’ relationship with China after a weekend in Mar A Lago.

  204. Hey, folks. Remember Rep. Joe Wilson, the guy who yelled “You lie.” at Obama during his SOTU? He had a town hall last night and well……karma is such a bitch!

  205. I SO stole that video for tweeting.

  206. Because I couldn’t make this crap up if I tried.

  207. Sorry, but one last tweet re: United Airlines:

  208. Bully for him Voting. I wrote real-time radar, sonar and infra-red tracking software. So I am not impressed. But if you ask him, I am old and dumb.

    Yeah I wrote for war toys, but if nobody did that we’d all be speaking Chinese now. After Trump is done, we might be speaking Chinese anyways. But FYI, that software was adapted after a fashion….for Good instead of just war. When you get an ultrasound with doppler, you are watching it help diagnose you.

    Typical Bernoid. Full of himself, snotty, and exaggerated sense of his own importance.

  209. NW Luna, on April 11, 2017 at 5:53 AM said:

    Well, I guess Spencer got Trump the spotlight back.

  210. What did the Nazi do now?

  211. Well, “Spicey” just apologized for his Hitler comments today. Interesting that the apology arrived just in time for the nightly evening news.

  212. Yes, Voting, as soon as I heard Spicer say that even Hitler didn’t use chemical weapons, I said “well, if you don’t count Zyklon B.

    What an assclown.

  213. I don’t know what kind of “apology” Spicer gave, but there is none. Unfathomable stupidity and ignorance is not an excuse for anything. And the truth is that this administration is so filled with anti-semites, Nazi sympathizers, Holocaust deniers, that the Hitler reference came easily to Spicer’s lips, just like it did to Trump’s son who made comments about gas chambers some months ago. They are but a step away from attempting to normalize the most evil human being who ever lived. None of it is mere coincidence, even if Spicer is more abysmally stupid than some of the others in Trump’s circle who do it. Trump’s head of counterintelligence proudly wore Nazi medals. The man who is essentially running his administration is a blatant hater of Jewish people. Trump just skipped the Passover Seder at the White House, and Jewish people were purposefully not mentioned on Holocaust Remembrance Day

  214. Upps, thanks for taking on that twitter creep!

    Re: Spicer. Who could imagine that this administration could be so impossibly stupid? I’m flabbergasted by them every day.

    Voting, thanks for the UA tweet–screamed with laughter! There are a lot of really clever people on twitter.

  215. Fire the bastard….

  216. William, Socalannie, and all you others in the Sane State of California:

    Yet another reason not to give a hoot about what’s the matter with Kansas (and Kentucky and all those other red states):

    California sun produces so much power that electricity prices turn negative


    Although the article did go on to say the average customer doesn’t see as much gain from this as might be expected…still – looking at y’all from Duke-infested NC, I can’t help but be jealous.

  217. Is Boris still wearing his Nazi pin?

    Hey did you see where a FISA warrant was leaked re: Carter Page? Recruited Russian asset. They referred to him as an “Idiot”. If you saw him in that interview awhile ago that’s exactly what you thought too.

    Hope the Senate questions him before Vlad turns him into a strawberry barrel. I’m pretty sure FBI has already questioned him at length.

  218. All that Trump military action on Syria is nothing but a diversion/distraction to his ties with Russia. Cynical, shameless and criminal behavior.

    At the NYT:

    Trump’s Rapid Shift on Russia Leaves Heads Spinning

  219. A very good shout down that well I’ve been screaming into for over a decade:

    We know #KarenElaineSmith's name b/c she was killed at her job.Who are today's other #domesticviolence casualties? pic.twitter.com/7C50CVIopv— Victoria Brownworth (@VABVOX) April 11, 2017


    Victoria Brownworth‏ @VABVOX Apr 10
    Replying to @VABVOX

    4,000 women are killed each year in America by #domesticviolence.
    Like #KarenElaineSmith, 75% are murdered when they leave their abuser.

    It won’t make any difference, but it’s nice to know at least some people out there seem to be alarmed about this.

  220. 4,000 women are killed each year in America by #domesticviolence.

    Ever find yourself hoping that Jesus takes a day off, and the abusers face this substitute judge in the afterlife?

    And then the Ascended Madoka decides she needs a break, too, and says:

    “Would you be a dear and fill in for me, Mr. Serling?” 😈

  221. All that Trump military action on Syria is nothing but a diversion/distraction to his ties with Russia. Cynical, shameless and criminal behavior.

    Control of the Oval Office would be the greatest prize in the world to Tsar Vladimir. If Putin decides he has to throw his flunky Assad under the T-34 to allow Cheetolini to appear independent of Putin, so as to improve the chances that Cheetolini can hang on to his illegitimate presidency, Putin won’t hesitate to do that.

  222. bellecat, I totally agree with you. How stupid do they think we are?

  223. HRC today at NY signing of free college tuition bill. She speaks after Cuomo:

  224. I wonder what that’s going to cost me.

  225. From one of my favorite one-hit wonders*, right up there with Catch22:

    “From there we went to the Doges’ Palace. Graziella instructed us to note the development, as thereby exemplified, from the Gothic to the Renaissance style, and gave us a little lecture on the Venetian constitution. She spoke of it tenderly; it had been, it seems, a splendid constitution, full of senates and committees and checks and balances and other things delightful to the political theorist.

    ‘If it was that fine,’ said Stanford [the quintessential male American], ‘why didn’t it last?’

    ‘It lasted six hundred years, signor’, said Graziella. ‘And when it was quite worn out and would not work at all any more, it was exported, of course, to the United States of America.”
    © Sarah Caudwell 1981

    *She also had the most graceful exit, after realizing the sequels weren’t going to work: The Sybil In Her Grave.

  226. Sorry, should have said that was “Thus Was Adonis Murdered”. Enough to make me forgive any lawyer for the next ten years.

  227. Uppity, it does seem as though the blue states have to lead the rest in logic.

    How much will impoverished workers having to bleed funds from “charity” programs cost you (not to mention the hits they take to their dignity)? How much will their “mooching” off of food stamps? How many of the soon to be gutted LEAP to keep their lights on and their houses heated? How much will those working 2nd and 3rd shifts, in addition to their first shifts cost you?

    From my vantage point in NC, I can tell you that employers will use workers to the exact degree that the law allows, and that scarcity is the only thing that checks them. Post secondary degrees of any sort will provide that check.

    But hey, if the 3rd world conditions that prevail here in NC become true for the rest of the U.S. (and our history has regetably proven to be yours) at least New York workers will be first in line to other countries as refugees.

  228. I hope they do a formal autopsy because something about this just doesn’t add up as a “natural causes” death:


  229. I am always late on topics … but… I also tweeted Tom Perez to “take a real Democrat on his road trip” and stuff about letting an Indie lead a party he does not even agree with. My “tweet” was up for a day or two, linked to his road trip tweet, and then disappeared.
    Can anyone tell me how to get twitter to use a handle and not my real name? I have changed my ‘name’ preference on twitter and facebook a couple of times and both keep using my real name when I reply to others. Facebook 3 or 4 times. I can’t find a ‘use this name to publish’ or equivalent. Thanks and sorry to ask for Tech help here. Don’t know anyone else to ask.

  230. I tweeted Perez a couple of days ago when he said he was taking his “Friend” Bernie with him somewhere. I told him, He Is Not Your Friend. He called you Feeble last week.

  231. Whoever made this quip wins 10,000 Internetz. :mrgreen:

    Click here.

  232. Bellecat, the proverbial tortoise would circled the track ten times before the media would have gotten halfway to the first turn. It is beyond ludicrous, miles beyond bitterly ironic, that after they chased Hillary chimeras all year, turning nonexistent stories into portentous hints of

    immense scandal, they are just now, a very few of them, coming to the point that even Inspector Clouseau could have told them months ago.

    There are so many Russian connections to Trump and his cabal, that it would be harder to find someone who is not connected. It would be like someone in “Night of the Living Dead” saying halfway through, ‘I am starting to suspect that zombies may be trying to get us, but we don’t want to rush to any conclusions just yet.”

    The story which I am being seen pieced together dwarfs Watergate. It is essentially the Russian takeover of the United States, done through cyberwarfare, with the eager help of corrupt and in many cases sexually skewed and blackmail vulnerable U.S. businessmen, plus agents like Assange and Snowden, whom the blindered Left adulated, and of course thoroughly treasonous leading members of Congress. ust wonder if this story will ever be allowed to be revealed in totality, or whether the media will even accord its proper weight, or play their pathetic “both sides” game .Apparently most of the Intellligence staffs in Europeere well aware of this over a year ago, but somehow our media had not a clue, and our President deigned not to do anything to thwart it in time to change the election.

  233. Posted w/o comment:

  234. I think this every day:

  235. I tweeted Perez a couple of times saying I’d show up to hear him, but no way w/Sanders & get rid of him. Oddly I didn’t get deluged with Berdbrainers tweeting about how un-hot I am. Yet.

    @Voting, every damn day too.

  236. …sexually skewed and blackmail-vulnerable U.S. businessmen…

    Maybe Assange fits that category as well. Maybe Putin has proof that Assange did rape the two women who accused him, and maybe other women as well.

  237. You ever just sit there and think, “man, once upon a time people genuinely hated a woman enough to bring on the Apocalypse”

    Click here.

  238. Upps, I hope you’ve been keeping up with the twitter rumors about Giuliani attempting to cut a deal and Comey telling him to forget about it. I would love to see your face if Giuliani goes down with the rest of them!

  239. Funny how the margin in several states that went red was so similar.

  240. Yeah Ga, I have been laughing at Rudy more than once this week. That demented megalo bastard isn’t quiet for nothing. I love Karma.

  241. Luna, odd you should mention it, but a few of us on twitter have stepped up our insults about and to Bernie and nobody is saying Boo to us. I noticed it.

    You can’t defend the indefensible

  242. Everyone please check out image of Bernie hectoring or is it lecturing from a Ben and Jerry podium of a pint of ice cream on Huff Post. Don’t know how to link on my IPad. But I am sure you can find it. Best laugh of the day and Twitter is already having a field day.

  243. Here’s one example for you, lucyk.

  244. Love it. This is as good as it gets. Thanks Voting Hillary!

  245. Happy Easter as the sun sets in the Great NW and,yes,we could actually see the sun today.Looks like Bill’s Easter was a bit dicey;his face says he just woke up in the middle of a bad peep dream. Or maybe he was just thinking..more for me.

    One more day we haven’t started a new war..it’s a good dream night.

  246. Upps, I’ve noticed they’re quieter. Though I did have another creep start following me when I replied to Sophie’s reply about one of his inane alt-right woman-bashing tweets. Blocked him, of course. Maybe the reality of a demented toddler in command of nuclear weapons is sinking into their brains, finally.

  247. Just got back from Cali. Returned to the same old, same old. I have begun to think of Trump and Sanders as a team. They appear to be working together and neither will release their complete tax returns. And Sanders refused to give the DNC his email list. Meanwhile, Hillary turned over her list of new voters, estimated to be worth $3.5 million. So Tom Perez takes Sanders on a tour with him and doesn’t bother to defend Hillary from continued attacks. But don’t ever suggest that sexism and outright misogyny remain rampant in American politics.

  248. Maybe the reality of a demented toddler in command of nuclear weapons is sinking into their brains, finally.

    Sort of like an old Twilight Zone episode called “It’s a Good Life”. It was about the terror of living with a little boy who had the power to kill people and send them to the cornfield whenever he felt like it just by thinking about it.

  249. Branjor, I remember reading that Ray Bradbury story when I was younger. It was terrifying. I started to reread it the other day and felt so disquieted I decided not to finish. Reality is ominous enough since November.

  250. Actually, Jerome Bixby wrote the original story.

  251. IBW, ooops, Bixby! That’s right. Thanks for correcting me!

  252. Branjor and Luna, I remember that Twilight Zone episode too. It was a classic – very scary and eerily like tRump’s current rule.

    A Bradbury story that also seems all too apropos is “There Will Come Soft Rains”. It was actually anthologized in my high school textbook, a welcome change for all us early SF fans.

    For those who lived through or had relatives in and around Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the reminders must be real and constant. Bradbury spelled it out for the rest of the world in that story.

  253. This is an *attack*?

    Don’t go throwing any more real Dems in that briar patch, BernieBros!

    Whoa, dig this right wing attack on Jon Ossoff! Wait….we're getting new details….oh, the attack comes from a Bernie supporter. #GA06 pic.twitter.com/XH3SXpSeTZ— Tom Watson (@tomwatson) April 13, 2017


    (fingers crossed, 6thDems!)

  254. New “book” about campaign (which only ended a few months ago, and, therefore, cannot possibly be accurate, complete, or contain important context since a book like that would take at least a year to write) confidently declares Hillary the worst candidate ever, running the worst campaign ever. No, that would be Trump and his campaign. So, if Trump won after the shit show he put on for almost two years, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out the responsibility for our current predicament lies with the deplorable who voted for him, not his opponent who warned us ceaselessly about the danger he posed. Not to mention the role of the media in normalizing all this while resolutely refusing to cover policy at all. And, no, I won’t plug the shitty “book” by naming it.

  255. Anyone see Joy Reid’s interview with Tom Perez last night? He couldn’t answer basic questions about his “unity tour” with Bernie. Like why a Democratic unity tour with someone who isn’t a Democrat and won’t turn over his email list. The fact he can’t answer these questions proves he shouldn’t be on a tour with Sanders at all. WTF is wrong with these people who are still kissing the old griffter’s ass?

  256. Wish some Dems would bring “Release your tax returns, Bernie!” signs to this “unity” tour.

  257. Brassy: I saw a snippet of an interview of a VEEP actor (plays a politician on TV?) and the message was the young progressives are really social democrats. He mentioned $15 min wage and I am sure free college and legalized Mary Jane weren’t far behind but I had bailed before those words came out. Apparently, this is why the geezer has so much appeal with them. Out with the Boomers and in with the wiser, more worldly, socially (un?)conscious young uns. Sounds like a recipe for electoral disaster to me, but hey I am old. They shouldn’t be excluding any demographic IMO.

  258. It is like an ancient ritual being enacted. The purging of guilt and blame, through the sacrifice of Hillary Clinton. It wasn’t the Republicans’ fault. It wasn’t the media’s fault. Nor the Russians, nor the far Left, which was used by and collaborated with the Republicans and the Russians. Not the voter suppression, about 1.5 million voters purged by Operation Crosscheck. Not the FIBI Director. Not Facebook which allowed millions of absolutely fake “news stories” to permeate its accounts. No, it was all Hillary. Burn Hillary and all the guilt is gone..

    Worst candidate ever; anyone else would have beaten the Republicans, the Russians, the cheating, the radical Left, the hacking, the FBI, the media which hated her. Four candidates, and she got 65 million votes, the second or third largest amount ever. She won the popular vote by 2.8 million. No VRA in place, first time since 1964. I wonder how many of those iraces we would have won in that period without the VRA helping to protect the vote. All Hillary’s fault, all of it. Not the media’s, which showed every Trump speech from beginning to end, while cutting Hillary’s down to about ten minutes most of the time. The media which never asked one question about climate change during the entire campaign. Which wrote millions of words about the red herring story of all time, emails, either because they are the stupidest media in history, or the most corrupt. Hillary caused all of it, not them. If Hillary had been Obama, whom they loved, she would have won. Her fault for not being Obama, not being GW Bush, whom they also elected by mockng Gore and Kerry. In medieval times, penitents would run through the streets flagellating themselves. The media and the Left don’t even have the shame and self-knowledge to do that, they just pick the person they hated all along, and project their guilt onto her.

  259. In my opinion, if the Democrats do not control at least one house of Congress and the Presidency by the election of 2020, there is probably very little hope that this democracy can survive. It is doable, but the continuing love affair with Sanders will make it less so. To the extent that Sanders and even Warren are the face of the party, the Democrats will put themselves in a marginal corner, just like they did in 1972, one which they never got out of until Bill Clinton ran in 1992.

    Whereas Hillary is always trying to help the party and the country (the bitter irony, or maybe ithe answer is found in Freudian psychology, is that somehow she is the one calumniated for everything), Sanders is about himself, both in terms of personal gain, and in trying to pound his ideology into everybody’s head. The Democrats will not win with an ideologue holdng sway, even in terms of dictating the terms of the debate. The Democrats are so afraid of losing the Bernievoters, that they let Sanders intimidate them and set terms. What the Democrats should do, is to find some other spokespeople, those who might appeal to moderate voters. as well as the core Democratic base. Rest assured that while the Berniers can be enthusiastic, and perhaps help in a few small races, when it comes down to the presidential nomination, they will attempt to torch everry single candidate who is not Bernie or Warren, just like the Jacobins did in Reign or Terror France. It would probably take a McGovern-like defeat of one of their heroes to either wake them up or make them go away. But we annot possibly afford that result now.

    The problem is that there is virtually no one in the party with the stature and influence to marginalize Sanders. The ceaseless attacks on Hillary are at least partly intended to make sure that she cannot do it. Obama has absented hmself. Biden is not helpful. Perez is doing it absolutely the wrong way. Pelosi doesn’t have the influence to do it, Schumer seems happy to help Sanders. Who stands up and stops him? Sanders will never stop of his own volition. Among everything else, it occurred to me the other day that Sanders refusing to release his taxes helped Trump to get away with doing it. Sanders sure wanted those transcripts of the innocuous Hillary speeches to Goldman Sachs, though. The media never saw the hypocrisy in this, of course.

  260. They literally want Hillary to grovel for them–after getting 3 million more votes! Not enough that when she called Obama early on the morning of November 9th the first words she uttered were, “I’m sorry, Mr. President.” Remember William Jennings Bryant’s Cross of Gold speech? The media wants Hillary to be crucified on a cross of emails.

  261. Sorry I didn’t run into you in L.A. last week, William. Or maybe I did and just didn’t know it. It’s a crowded place!

  262. Brassy, is the new book by that piece of shit, Mark Halperin and his only marginally less shitty writing partner?
    Chris Cizzila -however he spells his stupid name; I won’t bother to look it up-has a piece on CNN today stating that Hillary has only herself to blame for the election loss.
    The media will never, never accept responsibility for what they did to her and to our country. Never.

  263. No, Sue, we have the Halperin book to look forward to still. This one is by Allen and Parness who actually did a balanced book about Hillary’s tenure as SOS. But that didn’t sell that well. So they knew how to rectify that. I guess the book is bad enough, but the NYT review is worse. Of course it is–it’s the NYT where CDS apparently is contagious.

  264. If there’s a silver lining today, it’s the comments on Twitter. Many people (and not just women!) are furious that the media continue to attack a dedicated public servant. It’s sick. And pathological because there is no fucking reason for it at this point–except to absolve themselves of all blame.

  265. Good to hear, Brassy.
    I don’t do Facebook or Twitter but I hope that all who do give them hell.

  266. I heard that Bernie was cheered and Perez booed in Portland. Someone should tell Perez that no real Dems are going to show up if Bernie is there. Only the Bernouts will show up to poison the Democratic well, just like their leader did.

  267. Brassy Rebel, had I known that you were coming to L.A., I would definitely have wanted to have lunch, or shown you around a bit. I trust you had a nice time. Let me know if you ever make it out here again.

    “Cross of Emails,” very good, and would make a great title if you decided to write a book about the election!

  268. You are always the gracious gentleman, William! I didn’t want to intrude on either you or socal. I know you both have busy lives, but I would have loved to meet both of you. Actually, I was there for my nephew’s wedding so I was pretty busy myself. Other family members have been there more often and showed me the sights. I would love to live there someday but could never afford it. And the traffic is a nightmare! Minnesota is more my speed. Thank you for the invite in the future!

  269. Cross of Emails is my alternate title. Right now I’m leaning towards “It Took A Village–to stop HRC”.

    Perez is learning the hard way what a stupid idea this “unity tour” is.

  270. Well…finally some good news. Jason Chaffetz isn’t running for re-election in 2018.

  271. The press is attacking Hillary as a deflection of their part in electing Trump. They are never going to take responsibility for allowing the rise of fascism in America. That Cilizza guy is the one that did the bitch beer commercial about Hillary. Completely ignore anything that comes from that SOB and it’s to CNN’s shame that they hired the loser.

    Now the good news is we got 48% here in GA for Ossoff. We are going to have a run off but were hoping that he would get enough votes to outright win. His opponent is Karen Handel who is trying to tie Ossoff to Bernie. She doesn’t mention Hillary. So these stupid pundits can opine forever but what is going on on the ground is completely different than what they think they know.

  272. Chaffetz isn’t running & it’s now official, Bill O’Reilley is out at Fox. This is a good day.

  273. Ga6th, what was the deal w/ the “rare problem” that happened w/ the machines?

  274. Voting, I understand some voting machines were stolen but I’m not sure of any “rare problem”.

  275. @Voting, this has some info on what happened besides the stolen machines:

  276. Voting:
    A good day indeed.
    That Chaffetz creep is the creme of the rat $hit brulle.
    A good wine celebration coming…

  277. My,my,my,O’Reilly AND Chaffetz all in one day!! That Old Bitch Karma is on a roll!! And you just have to believe that Hillary has a big ol’ grin on her face…along of millions of the rest of us across the country.

    Hmm, wonder if those bad ol’ Russians hacked Jason C.and found out he’s not the fine upstanding gentlemen he purports to be;though we could’ve guessed that just from watching him and his committee go after Hillary.When all is said and done there are going to be a lot of “Lock her up” chanters behind their own set of bars.

    Sleeping better tonight;the drips keep dripping and the shoes keep falling.

  278. Anyone else think Maxine Waters is looking in the mirror tonight and muttering ” How you like my hair NOW, Bill O’Reilly?” Karma is such a bitch.

  279. How to look like a jackass in under 2 minutes…well done, Tom Perez…not.

  280. Today’s winner for Tweet of the Day:

  281. The only good thing to come out of the “unity tour” is that Bernie is showing his assholery to the world. Only the most obtuse cultists refuse to see it at this point. And he’s even going to campaign for the guy who sponsored Nebraska’s forced ultra-sound bill. Very “progressive”.

  282. Sanders also wanted to tell people that he wasn’t sure if Osoff in GA was a “progressive.” To anyone who actually is a Democrat, or cares about the Democratic Party in its fight with the wholly evil Rrepublican Party, Osoff would be a great addition, far better than his opponent, or the Gingriches who had held that seat. But for the spitefully puritanical Sanders, he is to be disdained. If people do not now comprehend that Sanders is poison to the Democratic Party, they are hopeless. One should never forget that the Communist Party in America during the ’30’s hated FDR, because they thought that what he was doing was just sops to the working class, and would lessen the chance of the revolution they wanted. Sanders’ motivations are probably less pure even than the CP; he simply wants everything to be about him, the king or kingmaker whom everyone pays obeisance to. Perez is making a fool of himself. The Russians are either paying Sanders, or laughing at him..

  283. I didn’t think I could possibly loathe Slanders any more than I did after the election, but yeah…now I hate him more. We’re not the only ones, my twitter tl has been chock full of rants against Bernie and his dupe Tom Perez. This so-called “Unity Tour” is an embarrassment.

  284. This was a good thread on twitter a couple of days ago:

  285. My response:

  286. I remember that funny header. Poor MKB looks like he’s on acid and having a bad peeps trip.

  287. This may be posted already upthread and I just missed it, but did you guys see that Alex Jones’ wife is suing him for divorce and using his unhinged rants as the reason why he should be denied joint custody of their kids? LOL! His atty says that the rants are nothing more than “performance art”!!!

  288. Annie, yes, I think many are turning against Sanders, but of course he still has his group of supporters. Perez is absolutely on the wrong track, he is enabling Sanders. And it will cost the Democrats in support and donations, because many people don’t want to have anything to do with a Democratic Party where Sanders is a major influence. I thought Perez was better than Ellison for DNC Chair, but Ellision is of course Vice-Chair; and Perez looks ridiculous. I guess they should have picked Dear again, at least he has some idea of how to win elections for Democrats. Osoff is the kind of candidate which Democrats need in some of those Red States; he is not “perfect” on the issues, but seems like a decent person who cares. Democrats are never going to get any majorities if they subject candidates to the Sanders Purity Test. I can only hope that Sanders’ disdain for Osoff actually helps him in his runoff.

  289. “I can only hope that Sanders’ disdain for Osoff actually helps him in his runoff.” Good point! That cheered me up!

    Oh, wapo is saying on twitter that Chaffetz is stepping down tomorrow. Putin must have a lot on him.

  290. From Jim Wright at Stonekettle Station:

    The Hubris of Ignorance

    Too many of us USAmericans cherish the dangerous myth that amateurs are superior to professionals. This is not the only thing that put Cheetolini in office, but it’s one of the big ones. 😡

  291. So the smug Clinton haters are back at it..must be a slow fake news week.Isn’t there anyone out there that can write and doesn’t hate Hillary? So I guess the rule about being “fair” when reporting the news doesn’t include being able to say one kind thing about Hillary.

    I guess this bothers me so much because I’ve been a witness all my life to women sacrificing their lives,careers,personal happiness to insure the well being of their families ( and before someone calls me on it,I know men do this too,I’ve just seen more women do it.),their churches and their country.Tired of watching all that energy and heart used to shore up only those w/ the correct genitalia and ideology.

    I wish Hillary would go on air and engage in a good healthy rant about the way she was treated..but,alas, she remains a good,well brought up Midwestern girl. Hey,wait a minute,so am I and I get pissed on a regular basis..like right now.

    As I have said endlessly..the DNC needs to take down Bernie w/the oppo research they have on him..sooner rather than later ,or it’ll be McGovern all over again in 2020.I thought Perez was smarter.I think the listening tour was good idea,just not w/Bernie up on stage making it all about Bernie.

  292. Perez is a huge disappointment to me. I know he is not a Bernoid. What he IS……..is a coward.

  293. Good to hear from you Upps and agree on Perez…

    What is he afraid of?

  294. I guess he’s been convinced that he needs the Bernie Babies to win future elections, so he’s afraid of alienating them.

    Also, Lance Mannion eviscerates the hip new blame-Hillary book.

  295. I, too, am highly disappointed with Perez. It started when he put Ellison as deputy. Sanders is having a blast at our expense. I just don’t get it.

  296. Tax day came and went and the Dump got away with his farting a$$ on American taxpayers, and the demands for turning in his tax returns.

  297. I am,of course ,hoping that Osoff wins in June,but if he should fall short he’s the sort of person Perez should be with on his tour. I really like this Osoff guy he seems to have a real handle on the issues,is well spoken and isn’t all “Kill the man.” THAT’s the kind of energy and future the DNC needs. Wish there was a comparable young woman,but I haven’t encountered any so far. ( Any suggestions fellow Uppityites?) Speak up ladies,don’t let the Susan Saradons of the world intimidate you or take over the party for that matter.

  298. Upps, agree with you about Perez. And WLM, well said.

    Ivory Bill, yes, he’s out on this stupid tour to convince the deplorables to change everything in their stupid brains and vote blue, and for some crazy reason, thinks Bernoid is the magic element that will convince them.

    As Msdsal points out, he should have been directing all possible resources to helping the current candidates win their elections.

    God, I am sooooo sick of f’ing Bernie!

  299. The future of the Dem party is the sun belt, not the rust belt which is bleeding population anyway. Everyone is acting like Dems not winning white males was a demographic disaster. But the Dem nominee for POTUS hasn’t won the white vote since LBJ in ’64. A coincidence, I’m sure, that just happened to be the year the Civil Rights Act was passed.

    I liked Jehmu Greene for DNC chair since she actually is an African American woman and represents the true base of the party.

    A unity tour with Maxine Waters, Adam Schiff, both Minnesota Senators, Kamala Harris, and Kirsten Gillibrand would be an awesome thing. You know, actual Democrats. John Lewis too!

  300. Ivory Bill, your links are the best! Thank you!

  301. Is there a rule about linking to other websites? I found this story interesting in explaining the Republican leadership and their followers. Hope its ok to link. http://tinyurl.com/kwvhpjf

  302. Bellecat: did you catch Rachel last night? She discussed the unaccounted for $107 million “donated” for the 45 inauguration ($50 mill was donated and spent for the Obama inaugural festivities). She said one of the donors, a Venezuelan bizman got a private visit with the NSC to pitch his proposal to raise the sanctions against his country. The words “scandal” and “pay for play” were spoken, but don’t raise an eyebrow because they are not used in the same sentence with “Clinton.” She said in days of yore these shenanigans would be front page news, but in the Trump Era, meh.

  303. thank God you’re all still here. I’ve just come from doing battle on the Facebook page for local Democrats on ways we can fight at the local and national level to bring Democrats into power. These idiotic women are still fawning over Bernie despite the fact that he’s not a Democrat and they’re even supporting his statement that being pro-choice is not necessary for Democratic candidate. They think it’s just fine to give up on that fight in order to get more people with a D next to their name in office. I asked if we should give up on LGBTQ rights as well, and was told that it’s better to support someone who is fighting for economic justice for all even if it means losing a few fights along the way. I asked how far the Democratic Party has to bend until it breaks and these women, and it was all women, have no problem distorting the basic values of the Democratic Party in order to win. I’m at a loss.

  304. I would be skeptical that they were really women. And given what we know now that they were even all Americans. Russian trolls and bots are still very active in social media from what I hear.

    And few people are making the distinction between being pro-life and letting women make their own health care decisions and the position of this Heath Mello guy who sponsored legislation forcing women seeking abortions to undergo unnecessary, intrusive, and expensive medical procedures in order to punish and shame them. That’s not just “pro-life”. It’s straight out of “A Handmaid’s Tale”. That’s what they’re saying is no big deal and negotiable. Nope.

  305. unfortunately, they are actually women and they are actually American. I just gave up and left the group. I’ve been kind of uncomfortable there for a while now. I have felt that for a group that was an offshoot of Pantsuit Nation it was too Bernie-friendly for me. And there were a few minor things that left me feeling uneasy. For example, during the height of the anti-Muslim hysteria that followed the election there were several outreach events organized by this group with the local Islamic association. But when our JCC and Jewish day school received bomb threats on two separate occasions… nothing.

    Anyway, thanks everyone for still being here and still being sane.

  306. Joolz2u,not so sure about the sane part,but we are still here.You just described why it is so essential to do in Bernie w/the oppo research before Bernie does in the Dems. I wish someone w/the skill set would research where HIS money came from,check out what happened w/ the 23 mill he owed the FEC and do a little background check on Tad Devine while they’re at it. These Bernie worshipers have to wake up before 2018 and before they’ve consumed the koolaid yet again.

    And Brassy;I really liked Jehmu Green,too.I love your idea of a “Best of” tour.If you get enough real Dems on the stage,it’ll back seat Bernie and lessen his impact…PLUS show off the real players in the party..some of whom have actually passed legislation! ( I realize legislating is no longer a requirement for service in our government,but just in case it might ever happen again. 🙂 )

    Beautiful day here in the NW..there was a bright light on the sky all day long. Oh, and I hear there are to be meteors in the sky tonight.Good omens from the gods?

  307. I don’t know if we have any real Democrats in leadership or Congress today. We know the Repubs are outdated but one could wonder if Dems got lost among the Bernie fantasies. Perez is pathetic. But my, granted, not broad, perusal of twitter is that it is the same smallish group of people who are tweeting multiple times against Bernie. Need more people after Perez & Bernie. When I saw Perez sit like a wet noodle when B told Chris Hayes that he was an Independent… that felt like doom to the party. Here is the chair of the DNC on a road trip with a non-Party senator. What the hell? Are there no other party members in the Senate? Even Warren would be better then him since she is in the party. What about Al Franken? others? The real Bernies will never vote Democratic.
    Perez is setting Bernie up for another run in 2020. He should be fired from DNC.
    I read that Perez was booed in one of the northwestern states as they were all there for Bernie. Don’t know if that is true. I wanted Howard Dean.

  308. Because I know you all need a dose of this:

  309. I also like the idea of a “Best of Dems” tour! Msdsal love your comment: ( I realize legislating is no longer a requirement for service in our government,but just in case it might ever happen again.) We had a gorgeous Spring day down south as well, and the socal fam spent it at the beach. When we drove through the Canyons, it was so beautiful, tons of wildflowers.

    Hillary looks great in that video. Thanks for that Voting!

  310. I agree that those women who are saying that it is okay if some Democrats are not pro-choice, are being ridiculous. The irony which is lost on them, is that Sanders and his coterie have all sorts of litmus tests. If one is not decrying Wall Street, they purge him. If someone does not think that breaking up big banks is the most important issue, out they go. The egotistic sanctimony of Sanders and the so-called Left, is infuriating. They gave us Bush and now Trump, and yet they are completely comfortable with their doctrinaire ideology.

    Democrats have to be elected, unless they are closet Republicans. We need wins in the South and other regions; the candidates in those states are not like in Vermont. These Sanders people are so ignorant of political realities, that they think they can elect hundreds of people like them. But they can’t, and never have. All they do, is purge some decent Democrats, and make it impossible for Democrats to have power. They do not seem to care much about this, they just like feeling pure. I actually agree with many of their positions, at least in theory. I’d love for the banking and pharmaceutical and other monopolies to be broken up, but it’s just not going to happen in the next twenty years, so I can certainly live with some corporate power, if we can fix other inequalities. Of course Hillary was perfect for that, she understood the constraints. Sanders would prefer to propound his semi-Marxist dialogue, and his worshippers think that because it is what they believe, it is worthwhile; but it is not, not for winning elections. Eugene Debs was a far better person than Sanders, and I would never have voted for him, because he could not win, meaning the Republicans would win. Keep purging or belittling decent Democrats, and all you create is a frnge party which lives on sanctimony and fantasies, and has no power.

    I agree with Brassy Rebel that the Sun Belt is a potentially important ground for Democrats. The real fear now is the relentless voter suppression undertaken by Republicans, in their quest for a permanent dictatorship. They are now doing this in Ga-06, and all around the country. It is likely that the now right-wing stacked Supreme Court will validate some awful state voter suppression bill, and thus validate all of them. That was always the radical Right’s blueprint for total control. Sanders seems to have no interest in any of this, he is too much in love with his 50-year-old Marxist diatribes. If Democrats can get people to be able to vote, they will win. If not, all may be lost, since there would be a self-perpetuatiing right-wing power structure whcih wins all the elections, and writes all the laws. I think Democrts should pour money into organizations which will fight for the right to vote. But that Gorsuch appointment might thwart even that. Another reason why Garland had to be put on the Court, and why the Left had to go all-out for Hillary, which of course they couldn’t be bothered to do. But then frankly, I don’t think that much of the Left actually wants to win, they just enjoy the fruitless quest for purity, and scorning anyone who does not see things their way.

  311. Supposedly the tour with Bernie was supposed to shine a spotlight on what an idiot Bernie is so that people would realize this and when Bernie is kicked to the curb he won’t be able to play the woe is me I’m the victim schtick he always plays. We shall see how that works out. I too am ready for Bernie to be kicked to the curb. He’s not helping and the GOP is using him as propaganda because his followers create violence and disruption wherever they go.

    Yes, the sunbelt is where the future lies for the party. Another reason to get rid of Bernie because he’s poison down here.

  312. Oh, the Horseshoe Left wants to win, William. They just still believe in “heightening the contradictions”.


    After all, that strategy worked so well for the German Communists of the early 1930s…


    “Nach Drumpf, uns!” 😛

  313. William @ 4:20pm: righteous rant!

  314. Just in case anyone was thinking of Canada as a refuge from sexism, it looks like they’re trying the California approach of decriminalizing violence against women to “unclog” their courts for more important cases.

    Something judges in this country have been pushing, with some success, for decades, their two most important victories being the Supreme Court decisions that removed any deterrent effect from the Violence Against Women Act in 2000 and the one in 2005 that said women had no constitutional right to police protection (as opposed to men).


    (That the writer appears to approve of this and uses a defence attorney’s arguments for justification is another example of CBC’s rightward lurch ever since their funding was cut years ago)

  315. Earlynerd, that’s terrible. I expected better of Canada, for some reason. And did you hear that Le Pen made it to the runoff election in France?

  316. Kick ass post. Reminds me of Uppity:

    View story at Medium.com

  317. Socalannie, I did see that about LePen. France has been through a horrific couple of years with the terrorist attacks, which makes it fertile ground for Putin’s brand of infiltration through fear and jingoism. Very discouraging, but I hope Macron pulls through.

    Canada is still, I think, is better than the U.S. on many issues of justice and equality, but they do have a dismal history of following the U.S. down some wrong paths about ten to twenty years after we go there.

    The link you posted looks like a great antidote to the self serving blame-the-victim trash published by a guilty media just now. Off to read it now – thanks for posting!

  318. Socalannie:
    Thank you so much for the posting.
    Someone to follow up: Sasha Stone.

  319. Annie, that was a very good piece by Ms. Stone. The best point, I thought, was that elections have turned into some kind of reality show where you vote for the person who promises you impossible things, and who you think is fun. Actually, very few people ever attacked Hillary on issues, because she is vritually impregnable there. People are so brainwashed, deluded ad stupid, that they vote agaInst the person who would do most of what they want a president to do. That has gone on for decades here, but it’s worse now. It’s all just a carnival show where you walk out afterwards with your pockets empty,. At least a carnival is a one-time thing;; our country is stuck with the results of this debacle for four years.

    I don’t follow French politics, but one would think that off today’s voting totals, Macron would win a runoff, with most of the other candidates supporting him. Of course, Russian hacking could chnge that. And I’m sure that the Sarandons of France will support the racist and anti-Semite Le Pen because it would be exciting, and hasten the revolution. Looking at the election results emphasizes the fact that Hillary did win our election, by 2.8 million votes. Only in our system, which is set up and manipulated like a weird board game, does a win by 2.1% somehow become a loss. Without the voter suppression. and Comey,she probably wins by 5 million votes or so. Even with all of it, she got almost 3 million more votes, and is blasted by some as being the worst candidate in history for doing so.

  320. I think that the French learned some lessons from our shitshow. All but one candidate eliminated in first round immediately endorsed Macron. One even said that while Macron is too conservative for him he’s supporting him because “he’s not a fascist.” On the other hand, we had spoilers like Stein, Johnson, and, yes, Sanders. Following that example, all the other candidates should be denouncing Macron as an establishment, neo-liberal, corporatist shill.

    Nate Silver spent the weekend trying to reason with unreasonable media types who keep insisting it is solely Hillary’s fault that she lost. He told them the data is clear. If election were held the day before the Comey letter, Hillary would have won comfortably.

  321. The French election will be a shot heard round the world at this point. Will be interesting to see. Personally, I would consider it the best of all worlds if the moderate won.

    Our own history in the past two decades is one of two extremes taking chances apiece fucking up our country and pretty, much getting nothing useful done. Most time is spent with one side reversing what the other side did. Both sides did all they could to kill off moderates in government – successfully. And that is when the Nothingness of results began to really take hold.It has become something horrible, instead of good vs bad, it’s been bad vs bad. Choices between the terrible and the horrible.

  322. Silver also made clear it wasn’t just Comey’ s letter but the media’s hyperbolic coverage of it which they still refuse to own. He was tough on MSM.

  323. As awful as the election campaign and result were, these revisionist histories are almost as upsetting. I’ve folllowed many campaigns and even worked in some. Hillary was in no way a “very flawed candidate,” as Greg Sargent, who I think mostly meant well in his recent article, wants to propose for “balance.” Even putting aside that she was the most qualified candidate in many decades, and the best potential president since perhaps FDR, her campaign itself was better than those of Carter, Mondale, Dukakis, Gore, Kerry. The latter three of course were subject to the same media bias agaiinst them, but at a much lower level. As far the “genius campaign” that Obama was said to have run, he was running against a very unpopular GOP regime (Bush at about 29%), and then the housing market and the economy collapsed in Septermber, or Obama may well have lost even so. No one wants to point that out, though.

    Democrats were hammered in the ’10 and ’14 midterms, with the Republicans having taking over most offices. The VRA was gutted. And then of course the media, which is far, far worse than the media of even 30-50 years ago, made it virtually impossible for Hillary to shine through, except when she was unfiltered, as in acceptance speech and debates. Dana Houle, who has prepped Democrats for Presidential debates, said that Hillary’s debate performances were the best she has ever seen. The rest of the time, the media ignored her policies and issues talks, and solely focused on the inane issue of emails, and then used their own spin to assert that she had a “trust issue,’ a “likeability issue.” The media surely beat Gore and Kerry; what they did to Hillary was exponentially increased in unfairness. They did it on purpose, and not only will they never admit it, they will do it again and again. The media is really the enemy. The fact that they spend their time now gleefully talking about a bad book (there will be dozens more written about the campaign, some good, but the media will not talk about them), is simply a cotinuation of it.

    If someone wants to say, “Well, we must now look forward, and take lessons from all this,” I will vehemently contend that the “Hillary lost because of her mistakes” narrative is absolutely the wrong one. The demographics are not at all on Democrats’ side, not with voter suppression. Had DOJ stopped the Crosscheck, Hillary would have won; now it is too late, with the Republicans in charge of DOJ. Russian hacking permeates America and Europe. Trillions of dark money pours into campaigns, even to the Gorsuch nomination. If the Democrats think that the answer is to go more Left, as in Warren, they will marginalize themselves. Hillary was more liberal than any Democratic candidate since Dukakis, but the media and the Sanders zealots missed it. I read some Sanders idiot saying that he wanted the Clintons to go away, after they had wrecked the Democratic Party The truth is that the Democrats were lost in the wilderness in the ’80’s, looking like a permanent minority party, until Bill Clinton came along with a moderate but populist oriented approach. It’s bad enough to have to go through bad political times, it’s worse to see people who forget so quickly, or who never bothered to learn about them. Hillary would have ushered in a great era, although of course the fanatic far Right and the media would have hammered at and undercut her at every turn, while the Left would have groused about everything and never would have stood behind her in any political crisis.

  324. William, I was just thinking yesterday about how Hillary’s numbers went up whenever she wasn’t being filtered by a relentlessly hostile media. If anything destroys the “flawed” candidate narrative it is this simple fact. I swear that the media will make this the first line of her obituary–a very flawed candidate.

    I ordered the Susan Bordo book this morning. Feel better already!

  325. Heh.

    Republican Court of Appeals Justice Doug McCullough just retired from the Court today (weeks ahead of his mandatory forced retirement) so that Governor Roy Cooper could appoint his replacement today, ahead of the Republican majority in the General Assembly’s overriding Cooper’s veto of a law which takes away Cooper’s ability to appoint replacements to the Court of Appeals. ….

    Cooper appointed John Arrowood, who is openly gay, to replace McCullough.


  326. Perhaps people already know this, but maybe not. There is a journalist who covers Trump for the Huffington Post, Christina Wilkie. She uncoverered some discrepancies in the reporting by Trump and staff on the donations to the inauguration, wiich totaled about $100 million, twice as much as Obama received, even though his crowd was much larger. So she invited others to help with a spreadsheet of all reported donors, and some technical wizards researched about 500 pages worth of names.

    What was found was that there were people listed as large donors who do not exist with that name. Addresses had no one living there. A 98-year old woman who was one of the heroes of “Hidden Figures” was listed, with an address at NASA. On and on. Obviously very dark money; mob money, Russian money, other foreign money, all hidden or laundered under phony names. Today, the Washington Post even wrote something about this, and said that the Trump officials admitted that there were some “errors” in the reporting. These were hardly errors, they were deliberate attempts to get illegal money into their coffers, and probably to continue the Russian money laundering. This should be an immense scandal, but won’t be. How any responsible news organization could accept “errors” as an explanation for this criminal activity, is mind-boggling.

    If Hillary had done one thing llike this (she never did), it would have gotten three weeks of wall-to-wall coverage, and calls for prison. The country cannot exist with this kind of media double standard, the unwillingness to follow these things to their source; and the complete steonewalling of all of it by the Republican Party. Eitther you have donation rules and verifications, or you do not. Of course Trump and friends have no use for the FEC, or for any other watchdog group. This is going to make the Harding Administration look like choirboys. And at least those folks went to jail or were disgraced. Sanders never replied to the 400 or so pages of FEC demands for explanations about various listed donations. Probably foreign money involved there as well. Once things become this lawless, it is very difficult to rein them in, in the future. Norms are being shattered everywhere, except by the person onto whom all this has conveniently displaced for decades.

  327. William: is this the $107 mil donated for his inaugural festivities that Rachel addressed the other day? She said one of the big donors, a Venezuelan biz man got a meeting with the NSC to discuss a proposal to lift sanctions on his country. She made the same point you did about the silence rather than than an well founded outcry using words like “scandal” and “pay for play.” She didn’t mention Hillary but the hypocrisy was obvious.

  328. William @ 8:04PM, Oh My God!!! I’m beginning to hate this country…or at least the black fucking hole that it’s become.

  329. Anyone else have a sneaking suspicion that the Russians are using e-mails they hacked from the RNC to blackmail the higher up Republicans so they won’t investigate?
    Almost makes a person wonder if Jason Chaffetz was looking so relieved today because he already knew he was done for and was going to make sure the Donald and his merry white men exited w/him.

    Maybe after Chritina Wilkie is done looking @ the Inaugural donations..if she’s not too leftie..she’ll take a look @ Bernie’s donations.Someone should..we need to educate people as to who he really is and you cannot tell me that the Russians w/all their billions didn’t finance good portions of Bernie and Jill’s campaigns..too many Russian connections ( Devine;RT). And they also did lots and lots of damage to Hillary’s campaign;which was Russia’s stated goal.

    This is one big,smelly onion to peel.

  330. Cats, yes, I am sure it is the same story. I haven’t watched cable news since the election, but I am glad that Maddow seems to be doing a strong job on these issues. And I know that MSNBC’s ratings are up.

    Annie, I do so empathize with your feelings. I will say that it is heartening when I see some decent ordinary people doing so much to help investigate these things The problem, of course, is that the stories mostly are ignored by the MSM; and there seems to be no institution which is prepared to do anything about them. Depending on the FBI is obviously not the best bet, but we may have to. The IC , particularly in England, is helping, but of course classified information cannot be used in open court to convict. Congress is not going to do anything, although people like Adam Schiff, Ted Lieu, and Maxine Waters, all from CA, are not holding back. During the Watergate era, the Republicans in Congress, although not particularly admirable, were at least not the corrupt crooks that they are now, and they mostly believed in the rule of law. Clearly, the goal of Trump and cohorts is to pretend that a few bad apples like Flynn and Page were acting on their own, and that it does not go higher. This is obviously ridiculous, but if the MSM keeps supporting it, who is going to break through the obstruction? It may be that Scneiderman, the AG of New York, could file against Trump on some of the financial dealings, as he is not stonewalled as on the federal level. How the MSM can continue to normalize all this is just astounding. And apparently the hardcore Trump people now think that everything they don’t want to hear is “fake news,” to be completely ignored.

  331. Haven’t you heard, William? It’s not Trump and his co-conspirators who are destroying this country. It’s actually Chelsea Clinton, her children’s book, and Twitter account that will bring us down. She must be stopped–from everything!

    If this bizarre obsession with Chelsea, a private citizen, were not so alarming, it would be funny. But there’s no misogyny in the American political media. We’re just imagining things.

  332. No post up.

  333. I mean NEW post up.

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