If a dead tree falls on a Dolt’s head in the forest….

If a dead tree in the forest falls on a dolt’s head and there’s nobody there, is he still a dolt?

Hint: That is not Henry David Thoreau.

I maintain that Ivanka has her mother’s brains and her father’s Sleazy “Trust me Sucker” personality.

The Dolt Brothers, on the other hand, have their father’s brains and Sleazy personality. Well, Donnie Jr does, Eric is too dumb to even have a personality. It’s a damned good thing grandpa left daddy rich or they would both be skimming charge cards at a gas station.

You can just see in the above photo op that Donnie Jr. is asking a question while sitting on a stump in the woods under a dying tree. The poetic symbolism is astounding. And also, he is fortunate that the endangered species he will be sneaking up on to kill hasn’t found him first. So far.

So what’s the question Donnie Jr. is asking, you ask? You are asking that, right?

Which brings me to the answer. The answer is,

“No Donnie, you just aren’t hot enough for Daddy. Ivanka is his favorite and always will be. Live with it, Donnie. She’s FLOTUS now and you are relegated to hiring a thousand  H-2A people to pick your grapes. Which is okay, because Daddy made a point not to include them in his Executive Order so as not to disturb you and Mar-A-Lago staff. Atta boy, Donnie. Hire American! Merika! Because we’re sure you will make a killing providing all the White House wine at a snappy price.

And stop worrying about the obvious fact that you are nothing to your father compared to Ivanka. You’ll always have Pepe The Frog to love you. And after all, you ARE still a member of the our own Romanov family.

**Next, we will discuss the rumor that Eric could possibly be Gary Busey’s biological son.


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  1. Which one’s the dead wood?

  2. Hahahaha Julie! Score!

  3. Okay everybody. Today’s my birthday. Where’s my present?

  4. Happy Birthday, Uppity! I have to rush off, but I’ll try to think of a present.

  5. Happy Birthday, Upps! May you have as many more as your heart desires. Not one more…and not one LESS! 🙂

  6. Happy Birthday Upps! I hope you have many more ahead of you. Rogue POTUS staff on twitter FWIW says Ivanka really detests her dad but just hangs around because of what she can get from him.

  7. Happy Birthday, Upps! Hope your feisty self is in for many more good ones…

  8. Happy Birthday Uppity!! We’re so blessed to have you’re humor and insight around. Stay strong and tell MK Bill to leave your credit cards alone! 😉

  9. Hey thanks everybody! I gave custody of my birthdays to Mr. Uppity because all he ever does is get a little more gray!

    Goofs, I’m still paying off Bill’s last Meowie Wowie Catnip binge. He got it from an undocumented Kitty from Venezuela!

  10. Ga, I gave Princess Ivanka Romanov a little twitter love tap this AM.

  11. OK Ups..multiple birthday presents for you: 1) A nice long walk w/Tosca.2) Breath in your lungs,joy in your heart and many,many more days of the same.3) The never ending gratitude of your Uppiyites for providing safe space,humor,song and hope.3) A handwritten note from Hillary thanking you for number three.

    Onward through the fog,Ups. Resist,persist and party on!

  12. Thanks MSDSAL, I needed that. I just found out I share my birthday with Melania.

    *Bursts into tears*

  13. Happy Birthday Uppity! Have fun!

  14. Happy Birthday, Uppity! We are so grateful you are still here with this blog, and here on the earth plane. Wishing you a wonderful day, and many blessed birthdays ahead.

    The more I see and read about the older Trump boys, Ivanka, and Jared, the less I like. Family plan: Oligarchy, kleptocracy, family dynasty in the making, it seems.

  15. Happy birthday!

  16. Happy Birthday, Ups! I’m a little late with it, but you still have a couple of hours left for your big day.

  17. Geeze. You all really like cranky irascible me.

  18. Yeah Liberty, they’re our own Merikan Romanov family.

  19. Yes, Ups. We do like you!

  20. Well I like yas back.

  21. Happy b’day Upps. Check your email.

  22. Happy birth…day
    my beloved Upps.
    and many more…

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  25. Fredster, you always remember my birthday! You are soooooo thoughtful. Thank you for being who you are. xo.

  26. Late to the party but a sincere Happy Birthday wish, Uppity, and many happy returns of the day.

  27. Dammit!

    I missed the “official” celebration. Well, what’s a few hours betwixt old (ahem) friends.

    Happy Birthday, Glorious Uppity!

    And many more. I mean that. I have no desire to occupy a world without an Upps in it, so you damn well better outlive me. (And I ain’t planning on leaving anytime soon)


    Now, what’s an appropriate gift for the woman who has everything? Hmm. Let’s see. I, um, I’m, uh, I meant, uh, my brain is scrambled here…

    Im ment

    Yes that’s it!

    But, let’s put a big ripe juicy birthday peach in there, too.


    That will be the bestest (belated) gift of all.

    As ever, my dear Upps, thank you for, well…for you.

  28. Late to the party, as usual, I am. Belated Happy Birthday well wishes to you, Ups! May you live a long, happy life with those you love, both bipedal and quadripedal. Oh, and some icing for RevWarVet’s “peach,” jail time and inglorious ignominy for the crime family of the century!

    Persist, resist, insist and enlist as only you can, dear Uppity. We LOVE you!

  29. Happy belated birthday to Uppity. Why not keep celebrating. And thank you for “persisting” with this great blog that is keeping so many of us sane.

  30. Happy Birthday Uppity. Yes, we like you. We really like you. (can’t take credit for that (Sally Field). But mean it all the same.

  31. Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday Upps!

    Apologies for just now getting back on the blog. Lost our internet access and only got that reset late last night. (Why doesn’t the US have nice reasonably priced public internet access like some other countries? Now that would be a good use for some of our taxes.)

    Don’t worry about Melania, she’s just gate-crashing like a Trump, and probably put the wrong date on her paperwork anyhow, just like her college degree—ooops, lack of degree, wasn’t it?

  32. *Hugging and snuggling with Rev Vet*

    Luna, broadband/cable, whatever……will NEVER be reasonable because of deregulation. A couple of companies have already swallowed others up. It’s an official regional monopoly at this point.

    LilDoggie, yep, I rememeber

  33. Throwback Thursday: Cat’s Cradle – A Tangled Web Hillary Tried to Warn Us About #WatchThisSpace

    April 27, 2017 by still4hill


  34. Oh gosh, I’m so late!!! But Happy Birthday wishes anyway Upps! From me, the Dude, and Hubs! xoxoxo

  35. Upps, you should keep celebrating throughout the weekend!

  36. Socal,
    1 mariachi and 2 hula dancers. Now that’s diversity.

    I would have bet that video was Clapton.

  37. both bipedal and quadripedal.


  38. Happy belated birthday, Up! And here is your present–karma is coming for Bernie and Jane. Hillary rises. Again!

  39. Well, Laker & I were looking for birthday songs, and the one by the Beatles has probably been put up here dozens of times over the years, and the cute monkeys cracked us up. But it was very late, and we’d just taken a new herbal sleeping thing, so maybe it made us extra loopy. As a matter of fact, earlier this month, hubs did find a youtube vid of Clapton that he really liked and told me to put it up, but I forgot! I will ask him about when he gets home. He’s retired from the school district and working in the private sector.

  40. Brassy, yes love all the bad news about Bernie & Jane. Honestly, what will it take for him to retire?

  41. Happy, Happy belated Birthday Upps.

  42. Gasp! Neeta is late.

    There will be Punishments!

    Did I mention I had to share my birthday with Melania?

    I must punish someone for that.

  43. Upps,please don’t punish anyone for having to share your birthday w/Melania…I’d check Melania’s paperwork first. She may not actually have been born on your birthday..maybe she was really born in Kenya on someone else’s birthday. 🙂

    I just finished reading Susan Bordo’s book on the”Destruction of Hillary.”
    I kept thinking about a story I remember reading back in the 90’s. A Grandfather is walking w/his granddaughter; they notice a small rivulet of water and a bunch of ants trying to get across what is,for the ants, a raging river. One by one ants walk into the water and are washed away..but eventually they manage to form a small bridge w/their bodies and the other ants go streaming across. I kind of feel like Hillary was the last ant over that was washed away,just before the other ants streamed across.
    How many times has she sacrificed herself to further the advancement of women and children? She braved health care and was squashed in the 90’s but was able to stay involved so that,eventually, she was able to vote for ACA. She ran for president twice,each time getting us closer and closer to having a woman president. And now, her loss has helped to awaken a new generation of activists and young women. People are woke and I think it’s fair to say that she has sacrificed herself repeatedly to insure our future..NOT the outcome we wanted .but will definitely shape our future for better things.
    One of Joy Reid’s guests on AM JOY today referred to Hillary as the Mother of a new movement ( Which is largely female..no surprise,women are the backbones of so many of our communities and organizations,especially those where people are expected to volunteer their time). So maybe I’m being overly dramatic..but I think it would be great if we could find a way to honor Hillary on Mother’s Day.

    Any thoughts Uppiyites?

  44. Upps, you can punish me on mine. My birthday is next Sunday May 7th.
    What great person was born on my birthday?
    Upps maybe Trump will slip up and sign a bill that would send Melania back to wherever she came from.

  45. Msdsal, Yay, so Bordo’s book is available?
    I can’t wait to read it; read it and weep.

  46. Sweet Sue,I downloaded on my Kindle.Prepare to be furious all over again;along w/ the tears.The number of things that had to come together for Hillary to lose was beyond belief. And forget about a special place in Hell for women who don’t support women..there’s an even hotter place for James Comey. May he be haunted for eternity w/ his bad judgement;or at least be placed next to Trump in Hell.

  47. I wish there were a Hell, but I don’t imagine that there is. And I guess that even in medieval days, when people supposedly believed in Hell, they, at least those in power, were still able to rationalize all their evil actions; burning people and torturing them because they thought they posed a threat, or they wanted their assets; killing Jewish people for sport; setting up a system where most were forever relegated to being serfs, with lives “nasty, brutish, and short.” So I don’t imagine that any of these horrible people who cheated and lied and hacked and stole the election, feel a bit a of guilt over it.

    Apparently there was a “Trump rally” yesterday. This of course is very much like what the Nazis did; Hitler speeches in front of saluting and goose-stepping mobs in Germany. Even more chilling than Trump going around and giving his typical speech, with a bunch of people mindlessly chanting, “Lock Her Up,” is the fact that the cable networks covered all of it. I can only imagine that the Orewellian “Two Minutes of Hate” will become a required TV staple. By what reasonable journalistic metric does a “rally” conducted by a President, deserve ccoverage? I remember when if a President wanted to give a policy speech to the nation, the networks would sometimes refuse to air it, on the grounds that it was too political. If you want to toss some more people into Hell, I vote for the ones who own the news networks, who appear to have sold whatever soul they had to the demons of wealth, power, and access. It may well be time to follow the exhortations of Howard Beale, and turn all of it off; get our information from a few decent sources. But of course the masses will still be brainwashed by the propaganda, just like the Germans were. And that is how it can and indeed does happen here. Evil all around, and a so-called media which propagates it.

  48. On Comey, someone wrote something the other day which I thought may have captured the essential reality. The idea that Comey was always more concerned about angering the Right, than whether he upset people of our side. We know with what zealotry and mercilessness the elected officials of the Right go after their enemies; we saw the carnage of “Whitewater,” and all the rest of it. So the thought was that Comey was much more concerned with making sure that the Right would not go after him, whereas upsetting the Hillary people was not a worry, nothing would happen to him for doing that. He could not prosecute Hillary, because there was no crime, but he at least wanted to make sure that the Right knew that he tried his best; and then he spent half an hour blasting her, the best he could do for the Republicans. And with regard to his letter to Congress, he was worried that if he didn’t write it, the rogue NY FBI people would leak the nothing story about Weiner’s laptop, and then the Right would hound him for the rest of his days. Nothing at all happened to him from Hillary, it never would.

    I’m sure there is more to it; several people have said that Comey had aTrump sign on his lawn. But I do think that it is an absolute truth that the rabid armies of the RIght are much more frightening than the gentle clucking which comes from Democrats. And thus purposefully or not, the Right gets its way by threatening people who don’t accede to them. I do not suggest that our side acts like they do; but on the other hand, if we lose all the key battles, we are going to have to do something different. I am pretty sure that if somehow the Democrats had been the ones who had colluded with the Russians to swing the election, and it came out, there would be calls by various Democrats to hold new elections. Republicans would never do that; they arel just stonewalling and obscuring and lying.. The only way to ever win anything against Republicans is do vote them out of office. And in North Carolina, we saw that even doing that was not enough. The Democrats are going to have to play more hardball. But of course the media has always gone after them on the few times that they have done so. As I suggested before, the media casts the Republicans in the role of the take-no-prisoners, hard-charging warriors who are determined to “win,” while the Democrats are the saps who spend most of their days debating the rights and wrongs of things, and who feel guilty about everything. I guarantee you that if the Supreme Court had mandated a Florida recount in 2000, and Gore had won, he would have made half his Cabinet Republicans. Cheney told Bush to govern like he had gotten 65% of the vote. Trump governs like he got 80% of it, and the rest have forfeited their citizenship by voting against him. And the media admires him for it.

  49. Happy Birthday, Upps! Don’t feel so bad about having to share your birthday with Melania – with 8 bilion people in the world and only 365 days in a year, we’re all bound to share our b-days with lots and lots of both good and bad folks. I share my b-day with….Caroline Kennedy (and a few million others).

  50. William,you may want to watch the movie Miss Sloane;it demonstrates what might be required of the Dems to get their agenda passed in this Trumpian Nightmare.Good movie,good acting;strong,though disturbing message.
    On a more positive note ;it’s beginning to look like Trump’s about to lose his biggest TV mouthpiece..FOX. The network is having a pretty significant “come to Jesus” event..losing Ailes and O’Reilly..perpetual bad press..not clear if they clean up their act that they’ll be able to maintain their fan base. Awwwwww…..SAD!! What a rich irony that women started the take down and the network’s racial bias is rebounding to bite the network’s collective butts. 🙂 Maybe there is a just god after all.
    Karma, you have to love that woman.

  51. This morning on AM Joy they commented on how “brilliant” it was for 45 to be seen with his adoring WC peeps vs attending the WHCD. They said the juxtaposition of pix of both events demonstrated how “fractured” we are as a country. Personally, I don’t identify with either the elites or whatever that other group is, so the power of that juxtaposition was lost on me. I consider myself somewhere on a wide spectrum between the two, along with most Americans. I just saw a con man selling snake oil to a room full of gullible people on one hand and a room full of snobs who, for the most part, have an overinflated opinion of themselves and the work they DON’T do. Samantha Bee was the best option of the three that night.

    There was one commenter on Joy’s show, an actress (Erika Alexander?) and she said two things worth hearing: Hillary was the “Mother of the Movement” that is producing much of the activism we are now seeing, especially among women. The other: when they go low, bury them.

  52. William @ 1:20pm, I’ve been thinking along those same lines. I don’t want the Democratic party to turn into mobsters, but geeze, what would it hurt if they got tougher. I’ve been wondering why Hillary, now that her political career is over, doesn’t start suing the crap out of every lowlife that slanders and libels her. I know she thinks she always has to take the high road, like Obama, but having your day in court is everyone’s right, its not the low road. If she had some success in taking down some of these lowlife’s, maybe their nutty followers would finally understand that they’ve been following liars & criminals. Anyway, I think it would be a good idea to go on the offense. Start suing everyone who deserves it. Release any and all dirt on these people. Keep encouraging the troops to get out and protest, but make sure to remind people who attend to be sure and film any violence committed by dumps dirtbags. Press charges, sue for damages. I’m sure there’s a lot more things that could be done in the nature of offense.

    The method they’re following now…the “unity tour” (barf), trying to “win back” the wwc, is utterly lame. A waste of time and money. The rethugs have devolved into the ruthless, insane, Nazi party. They must be crushed. We’re not going to win them over with flowers and singalongs.

  53. This is beautiful. I’ve watched it several times:

  54. You’re right Branjor. I also share my birthday with Carol Burnett, Marie De Medici, John James Audubon, Marcus Aurelius and William Shakespeare. I just wonder how the hell Melania sneaked in there.

  55. Neeta, born on May 7:
    Johannes Brahms, Eva Peron, Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky. And just to mix it up: Susan Atkins.

  56. Today, I got to see Charlie Chaplin’s “The Great Dictator” on the big screen, a special showing. It was only the second time I had seen it, as I really only started watching Chaplin’s films in the last ten years;. My loss; as he is incredible, the person who I think was the greatest film talent ever. I wish that everyone in this country were required to see this movie, right now. It took great bravery to make a film mocking Hitler in 1940, when many Americans did not want us to fight Germany. Chaplin did it with an amazing combination of humanity and pinpoint sature. How can anyone see Chaplin’s version of Hitler,and not think of Trump? The Jewish barber’s speech at the end is very moving, and should be so for anyone who has a heart and soul.

  57. Annie, I am starting to like Ted Lieu, Congressman from CA, who appears not to be williing to give an ounce of quarter to Republicans on their treason. Looking him up, I find that he is a USAF vet. I don’t want to fall for cliches, but maybe we need more of those; Jason Kanders, people nobody can question as to patriotism, who aren’t inclined to softpedal anything. Obviously, there are women like that as well, including Maxine Waters, Jennifer Granholm, Tammy Duckworth. I don’t wtant to see any more compromising with Republicans, any more trying to work things out, or trying to believe that they are decent people at heart. They are not. They bear no reseemblance to the Republicans of say, the ’70’s, who were certainly not good, but were mostly not Nazis in belief and approach, who are trying to destroy all opposition by any means possible.

    Call these people out for what they are; use words like “fascist” and “Nazi,” and “tyranny.” Try to wake more people up, let them know what is at stake. I know that the media is mostly our enemy in this effort, so we have to find ways to circumvent them and still get our message out. I never really understood why the Democratic Party does not put out a few well-timed ads now, instead of waiting for election years. “Trump and the Republicans are trying to take away your healthcare.” The Republicans want to give the super-rich a two trillion dollar tac cut, and pay for it by cutting your healhcare and Social Security.” It’s true. But too many people don’t put it together, so you have to keep pounding away at it. The cultists won’t care, but there are still some who will listen.

  58. Socalannie,I have,for awhile now wished mightily for a kind of “Hillary Unplugged” show. Maybe Joy Reid or Rachel Maddow just giving Hillary a forum to talk about how she,Hillary, has really felt about things all these years.Whitewater,Ken Starr,’08,Benghazi, the e-mail server,Republicans,Bernie,etc. A nice cathartic spewing..a clearing of the air. If she really isn’t going to run for public office she might as well let loose. I for sure,would cheer her on.

  59. Cats, I saw that discussion on AM Joy. That and having Glenn Thrush on was a rare lapse on her part. She and Maddow are the only cable shows worth my time.

    Someone should have pointed out that neither the WHCD nor Trump supporters represent real, non-elite America. That honor goes to Hillary supporters. During that segment they kept showing the tape of Trump’s rally. The people behind him were overwhelmingly white. And it was pretty appalling to see some had brought young children. Teach your children well.

  60. Has anyone noticed that with Fox crashing and burning, MSNBC is turning into Fox? They just hired Hugh Hewitt, for Gawd’s sake!

  61. She doesn’t want to do that. If she did she would have done it. Sh e doesn’t roll that way anyways and she is not a factor in gvt right now and she is not invited to the table. And franky, I don’t think she wants to be at this table. Who would? Things will have to get much worse for her to stick herself in anyone’s face.

  62. MSNBC: I gave up CNN completely as they are a total joke.

    I gave up MSNBC except for Joy and Rachael, and sometimes Laurence.

    I prefer Reuters and AP for news now. No talking heads. I also find that UK covers things that USA won’t touch and sometimes forces USA press to cover it.

    It has become increasingly apparent that Cable news networks have help to create and perpetuate the two extremes that are ruining this country. They have provided places for these extremes to ‘confirm’ their insanity and forge ahead even more rabidly. I am glad FOX is on the ropes because they created this nutcase the R party has morphed into. And MSNBC created the bernie nutcases. Neither of them are worth spit, and CNN is no longer anything other than talking head entertainment, Zucker admitted it on the air and added that “Sometimes it includes news”. What’s that tell you? These networks have killed Moderation and that is why we can’t ever get anything done anymore. It’s just an endless loop of doing something, only to have it undone when the ‘other’ takes charge.

    As for MSNBC becoming FOX, who knows what they are up to, but there are two people left I do want to watch. When that changes I’ll know. And Greta is a fish on a bicycle there.

  63. I cannot remember if someone posted this link about an article by Nate Silvers saying that the “Media is Responsible for Costing Clinton The Election”. http://www.politicususa.com/2017/04/23/nate-silver-calls-medias-judgement-factor-hillary-clintons-loss.html

    I did not follow all the WHCD. i gave up hoping that they would actually acknowledge their aiding and abetting and apologize to Hillary and the country and the world. I do not know why I thought they would do this. Silly me.

  64. Upps, been meaning to say that I love the title of this post!

  65. lucyk, that is a good article and should get a lot more press. But sigh.

    Samantha Bee’s parody not-the-WHCD was much better. I watched a short section of the WHCD and whomever the speaker was narrating a list of all the shit Trump’s done, and I was expecting him to then say “And you enabled him!” But no, he went off on how the poor media has been chastised by Trump. I switched him off. If the damn media had done their jobs and reported neutrally we wouldn’t be stuck with Trump now.

  66. Luna @ 1:12pm, agree with you 100%

  67. lucyk, thanks for posting that!

  68. Uppity @ 10:11AM, well said. I can’t tolerate cnn anymore. Occasionally msnbc has something good on, but apparently the head honcho, Andrew Lack, is moving it in a more right-wing direction!?!?

  69. Msdsal @ 2:23, that’s a good idea. She did give this great interview with Amanpour:

  70. Socalannie,thanks for posting the interview.I watched it on MSNBC.Hillary was pretty feisty,self-deprecating and her usual competent..policy oriented,solutions driven self.Sigh.
    I cheered her on and indulged in a bit of wistfulness and “if only”.
    Her voice is still needed in this land,for the DNC for the whole country and especially for those who mistakenly voted for trump thinking he was the one who could solve their problems.

    I hope she keeps speaking out in this way..her passion for justice was evident.Just watching her in action again gave me hope.Time, I guess,for her to be an elder of the party.

    Of course MSNBC had to go and squash the “vibe” by having the authors of “Shattered” on within minutes of Hillary completing her interview..JUST to be sure that Hillary didn’t have anything positive said about her and to insure she had no positive press whatsoever.The beatings will continue until moral improves, 🙂

    Still a joy to see and hear her again..much more fun than watching or listening to Bernie(which I don’t do out of respect for my blood pressure).

  71. For your general amusement:

  72. Msdsal, I know what you mean. While watching it, I was elated at how amazing she was, and then depressed that the presidency was stolen from her.

    Also, our network and cable, and most of the print media just plain suck. I wish the nastiest karma on every one of detractors, that helped bring her down.

  73. Voting, I just retweeted that! Awesome, wicked burn! 🙂

  74. The media is shameless. This continual bashing of Hillary after every good thing she does. Did someone call this displaced guilt to divert from their own odious behavior which gave us Trump. I was happy to see that Shattered was not on Sunday’s NY Times best seller list. Is it too much to hope that people are getting tired of the Hillary bashing. Probably not.

    And thank you so much for the appreciation re posting that article about the media. i love sharing with all of you.

  75. The Sanders Left is so stupid and spiteful, that they would prefer to believe that everything that happened in this election was Hillary’s fault, and that Russia had nothing to do with it, even though such a position removes the entire rationale for the investigations. A million fake news Facebook stories planted viia collaboration between Russia and the Trump campaign, using hacked voter information. All those thousands of Russian trolls disseminating lies about Hillary on Twitter and in the newspapers. What was almost certainly daily communciation between Moscow and Trump and his campaign adivsots. According to the Berners, this either never happened, or maybe it did, but it didn’t matter a bit, it was all Hillary’s fault that she lost.

    Therefore, the Berners are essentially saying that there should be no more Trump/Russia investigations. Nina Turner said this specifically. Treason, not important; Russia taking over the U.S.A, not important, trying to get rid of Trump and his cabal not really important–not unless Bernie can do it. These are not people interested in making America better, they are childish partisans who think this is a sports or video game. They are the same as the Trump partisans in that regard, the ones who will actually root agaInst their own medical care, as long as they think their side won. Anybody who thinks that the Berners are going to help the Democrats in 2020, is making a big mistake. They’ll demand either Bernie or Warren, will get neither, and then let Trump win again. They and the media are birds of a feather; they never take responsibility for anything, and desperately need to shift the blame to Hillary, so that they can feel cheerful as the country teeters on the precipice of dictatorship.

  76. Why does Jake Tapper hate Hilary Clinton and how can we fuck him up?

  77. Oh Sweet Sue we should make a list of people who hate Hillary that need to be fucked up. I would like to add Comey and josh Barro to that list. There are of course many, many more…

  78. Sue. we can all buy Hillary’s book, and try to help make it #1. That would infuriate these people. We can’t ruin their careers, they are too entrenched, but we can keep encouraging Hillary to remain front and center, despite their best efforts.

    If people tweet to them, there is no reason to try to logically argue with them, so some “Hillary4Ever” and “You elected Trump” comments should anger them. They are very strange people who truly seem to not have gotten past a seventh grade perspective. Tapper seriously cannot understand how Hillary saying that she takes responsibility for her “defeat,” and yet pointing out that she would have won had it not been for Russian interference, Comey’s letter, and the media’s poor coverage, is contradictory. It’s long past time for us liberals to start attacking the media. It’s not like they can make their coverage worse; they’ve already cost us the Gore, Kerry, and Hillary elections, and maybe even Dukakis. (“You just don’t get it, do you Governor?” Ted Koppel interviewing Dukakis, after Dukakis had accepted his invitation to go on his show for 90 minutes; GHW Bush refusing to go on; Koppel’s remark being the single rudest thing I have ever seen said to a major party candidate for President).

    Signs like “CNN is Trump’s progaganda network,” “Hillary-hating media misogynists,” would bother them as well. The best thing would be if somebody would start a truly liberal cable network to take away viewers from the other ones. It’s not impossible.

  79. William, as soon as I can, I will preorder three of HRC’s books.
    Of course, we all know that the Tappers of the world insist that Hillary take all the blame for her electoral loss because if she doesn’t, the Media Morons may have to answer for putting Trump into the White House.


    ‘Hillary Clinton Emerges From Woods To Break Foot Up In Donald Trump’s Ass’

    ‘She addressed why she “lost,” and in the process managed to throw approximately one metric lady fuckton of shade at Trump, without ever once saying his name.’

  81. Why does Jake Tapper hate Hilary Clinton and how can we fuck him up?

    You fuck him up by NEVER watching him.

  82. Who gives a shit what Nina Turner thinks or wants. Save for her loud mouth, which is similar to a tree falling in the forest when nobody’s around, she has about as much pull as a rubberband.

  83. Sue, I don’t think anyone in the media, and especially CNN , gets paid unless they trash Hillary every time she is in the news for anything. I think it’s a contractual obligation.

    Media morons: The way HRC talks, you would think that the FBI Director and the whole Russian government interfered in the 2016 election. She’s delusional!

    Me thinks they do protest too much.

  84. That “Wonkette” piece. PRICELESS.

    “Give her a morning show.” Now there’s an idea!

  85. I agree completely, Brassy, they will never cop to what they did.
    As for Tapper, sometimes he start out as reasonable and then-wham-he ‘s the oh so smug leader of “the he-man’s woman hating club.”
    Well, I’ve learned my lesson.

  86. Most of the Wonkette commentators are hilarious.

  87. Comey ‘Mildly Nauseous’ Over Idea He Swayed the Election

    Big a$$hole…

  88. I’ve been severely nauseous since November 8th because this dickwad did sway the election. Mainlining Dramamine here.

  89. “Mildly nauseous” while the rest of us are vomiting.

  90. Have I mentioned lately how much I love my Senator, Al Franken? He actually defended Hillary against another Senator who misrepresented what she said yesterday. Too little of this from elected Democrats lately. They should follow Al’s lead. Stop being cowards!

  91. These people in the media make me barf but yes, their attacks on Hillary and attempts to take all the blame are their way of assuaging their guilty consciences. They are never going to admit what they did but you know we can push back on them all the time about their crap and not watch them.

  92. I don’t think they’re cowards Rebel. I think the ingrates have kicked Hillary to the curb.

  93. Al Franken is my brother’s ideal candidate for Democratic nominee. I like Franken a lot, but I don’t think he will run; and it would be difficult for him to find the niche from where to stand out from enough other contenders.

    There was an aritcle the other day about Eric Garcetti, Mayor o fLos Angeles. It said that he had money support to actually run for President, though some suggest he will run for Governor in 2018. Actually, if he ran, he would be my top choice, even though I admit I do not know that much detail about his positions, since he is a mayor. But he’s very bright, articulate, committed, good-looking (not an issue for me, but it can’t hurt overall) and, just seems to have the decency and charm to do very well. He describes his ethnicity as a combination of Italian, Latino, and Jewish, for what it’s worth.

    Other names mentioned in the article as legitimately contemplating a run are: Biden (sigh), Sanders, Warren, Booker, Gillibrand, Klobuchar. I think O’Malley will also try. I got a policy/donation letter from Warren today, which I did not open. I am not happy that she got my address, probably from DNC. Looking ahead, one can easily see the battle between the Left’s candidate (likely Warren), who will continue the Left’s string of caucus wins; versus the Black candidate (Booker) who will dominate all the Southern Primaries, where Blacks make up 30-40% of the Democratic electorate. It could well be a two-person race for simply that reason, though I hope not, for a number of reasons. Of course I want Hillary to run, but as she likely won’t, at this point, I’d support Garcetti, with perhaps Gillibrand next. I like Kander of MO, but he has no position to run from. I like Klobuchar, but I don’t know how she’d do in campaigning. I know it’s very early, but it’s so important, we must win. I could well see the Warren vs. Booker scenario playing out, if only because the Democratic nominating process is so unfairly skewed. Warren could never be elected, she would ruin the Democratic Party even further. I’d support Booker against her, if it came to that, though I don’t have too much confidence that he would win, either. Actually, the only person I’d support Warren against, is Biden. (“Paul Ryan is one of the good guys”).

  94. Some of the writers who still strongly defend Hillary, include Peter Daou, Eric Boehlert, Melissa McEwan, Tom Watson. None of them like Sanders much, either. Joan Walsh is pretty good about it as well.

    As for Congress, it seems to usually be the way that the candidate who loses pretty much gets ignored or distanced from. Politicians are politicins, and they mostly look out for themelves. It is rather callouis, particularly as Hillary won, was the victim of horrible treatment by the media, plus of course interference by Russia and treason by Trump’s cabal. Democrats are not the most loyal bunch around. I forgot to mention Kamala Harris as also listed in the above article as someone who wants to run. I believe it, since she has always acted as if her goal was President. So just per that article, that is six Democratic Senators who are contemplating a run for President. And I bet some of them are trying to avoid upsetting either the Hillary supporters or the Sanders anti-Hillary supporters of this last election. That’s not the best way to go after treason, though.

  95. So I made the mistake of watching the NBC Nightly News tonight – ugh. According to their coverage of Comey’s testimony he has no regrets about his letter to Chaffetz on further investigating Hillary’s emails 11 days prior to the election. It said Huma Abedin sent 40,000 (wow!) of Hillary’s emails to Anthony Weiner in order for him to print them and that 12 of them were classified. What do they mean by that? Were they identified as classified in the headers or did they just have the (c) in the body of the letters denoting confidential? Comey also said he would not prosecute Abedin as she had “no idea about breaking the law (or something similar).” What ever happened to ignorance of the law being no excuse? I tend to think that if he is not prosecuting Abedin it is because she didn’t break the law, not because she had “no idea about breaking the law.” Anyway, the coverage was awful and seemed slanted to make it seem as if Hillary and Huma Abedin had done wrong, even if unintentionally. Am I right? Do others get that impression?

  96. Well, the headlines everywhere are talking about Comey saying that helping Trump made him nauseous. I didn’t watch NBC news so I can’t comment on that.

  97. Comey said he was nauseous that his letter might have influenced the election, but that he did not regret his decision and would do it again.

  98. Ugh I didn’t see that part but the self righteous sanctimony just reeks from that statement. I’m glad Schneiderman is going up against Trump because I sure don’t trust Comey to do the right thing.

  99. NBC Nightly News is the worst, imho, and that’s saying something since they’re all horrendous. But I did catch the first segment of Lawrence O’Donnell on MSNBC. He just eviscerated Comey’s explanation for writing that letter 11 days before the election. Comey kept saying his choice was to “speak or to conceal”. Of course, “conceal” is a very loaded word, especially in this context. As O’Donnell pointed out his actual choice was to speak or not speak. And both DOJ and FBI rules are clear–that close to an election you don’t speak. You know, like he did with the Trump investigation ongoing since last July. He pointed out that Comey made a political decision thinking Hillary would win and FBI would be damaged if they withheld info before people voted. Ironically, that’s exactly what happened when Trump was elected, and we found out HE was under FBI investigation.

  100. Thanks, Brassy Rebel. Yes, the “speak or conceal” thing was disingenuous. He also had the choice to “speak or conceal” on the Trump-Russia investigation and we know what he did with that. I didn’t know NBC Nightly News was the worst, though I did know that all of the media is awful, which is why I haven’t watched any of it in a long time. Will try to find the O’Donnell piece on MSNBC.

  101. Ga, he said it made him “MILDLY” nauseous.

  102. Correct.

  103. Here’s a link to the votes on the rThuglican Death Panel bill that just passed:


    All Dem.s against it (good for them!) and 20 rThugs, including one “Freedom Caucus”er, Andy Biggs of Arizona.

    Most rThugs, including the pompous “pro-life” whiter-than-white p.o.s. Mark Meadows in N.C.’s 11th, switched their votes and passed this thing because the previous version wouldn’t have killed enough people. rThugs gerrymandered an ultru-safe right-wing-nut-job seat into this liberal district in 2011, Meadows got in in 2012 and has had free, perfect, healthcare from his highly paid government job ever since.

  104. That is the worst bill I have ever seen come out of the house and that’s saying something. They are going to pay big time for voting for this stinker. They literally take it out on families with children who have issues.

    Some good news though. Hillary is going to start funding the resistance!

  105. I would like to thank (read “slap upside their heads”) the IDIOT Dems that did this today. It’s a ready-made ad for the GOP.

    Democrats, once again snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. Stupid..just so damn stupid.

  106. One of my state’s Rethugs voted Yes. The other two voted No, and all the rest of my state’s Reps are Dems.

    Thankful to live in a blue state, but my heart sinks at the impact of this callous, cruel bill.

  107. @Voting, I liked the “Good-by” singing. May as well have some fun while you’re reminding the Rethugs that 85+% of Americans want to keep the ban on insurance-company extortion for preexisting conditions.

    The GOP bill also scaled back Obamacare’s guarantee for those with preexisting conditions — a portion of the Affordable Care Act law that 87 percent of Americans say they like, according to a CNN poll.


  108. God, please grant our nation’s voters functioning brains in 2018:

  109. Keep talking, Hillary, KEEP TALKING PLEASE!

  110. My newly elected idiot Congressman voted for this atrocity even though Trump only carried this district by a point. Then there he was at the WH “celebration” standing right behind Trump. Someone on Twitter said that they must be pretty sure that next year’s elections won”t be free and fair. Gerrymandering, voter suppression, and Vlad has their backs.

  111. Did anyone see Maddow’s interview with Adam Schiff last night? He told a story of a conversation he had with a constituent who opposed the ACA right after it passed. Schiff told the man that now more people would have coverage to which the man said, “You think that’s a good thing?” Startled, Schiff replied, “Well, yes. Don’t you?” And the guy said, “No. If they can’t afford it, they shouldn’t have it.” !!!!! This is the mindset of these people whom we are supposed to pander to and never call deplorable.

  112. Voting, I didn’t like the singing either, but I’m old enough to remember that Republicans sang the exact song to Democrats when they passed Bill Clinton’s budget bill without a single GOP vote.
    And, indeed, the following year the Republicans took over the House.
    I don’t remember the pundits lining up to “tsk, tsk” at them the way they did at the Democrats, yesterday.

  113. We have got to accept and deal with the fact that the media is completely on the side of the Republicans, and has been for decades, though it has gotten worse. The media has chided and criticized Democrats for everything, as if they are the child who is never right, always has to improve and be better; while the Republicans are the child which gets away with everything, including bullying the other one. It never stops, it will never stop.

    Every Democrat in the House voted against the bill, and they got rolled over once again by House Republicans who win because of obscene gerrymandering, plus Koch billions, plus the help of this very same media. After seeing this truly evil bill pass, it would be hard to not want to sing something in contempt of those people who passed it. If the media had decency at all, their only focus would be on what this bill will do to people. But they don’t, so it’s all about “a big win for Trump!,” and, “Oh, those Democrats don’t look good here, singing to tell the Republcians that they are going to lose their seats.” Totally eff the media, they are the Pravda of the totalitarian state. If people listen to the media, tthey will all end up like the cowed and vacuous populace of “1984.” I partly wish that they hadn’t sung, but I don’t blame them. They all stood up for decency and health rights; it would take a lot of singing to dissipate that. The Republicans paSsed a bill which about 15% of the country wanted, and then held a beer bust to celebrate the sickness and death which they doled out. Try focusing on that, media.

  114. Belated Happy Birthday to Her Uppityness! May the Ascended Madoka bless you! :mrgreen:

    And Happy Cinco de Mayo to all from The Cheeto Bandido! 😈

  115. Yesterday morning I watched as the Republicans passed a bill that kicked 24 million people off their health care and made the lives of the elderly,poor,those w/pre-existing conditions and disabilities infinitely worse.

    In the afternoon, I spent time w/two elementary school teachers who were using their precious time to figure out how to save the excess caterpillars that they’d purchased for a science experiment.

    “What a world,what a world.”- Wicked Witch of the West.

    Some days I get really confused;but I am very clear about who I’d rather align myself with. 🙂

  116. Website that will send your ashes to the Congress person or Senator of your choice should TrumpCare become law –and it hastens your death.

  117. Here’s an interesting blog post I saw linked to by janicen on Sky Dancing. It is called “Comey is Guilty” and says that the investigation into Hillary’s emails was completed in March or April, but the FBI said nothing, apparently preferring to allow Trump to claim that Hillary was going to jail all the way to the election. Also that Comey only made the announcement in July due to BC’s having talked to Loretta Lynch. It also says nothing was found in the investiagation of the emails on Anthony Weiner’s laptop done in October just before the election. I have two questions about that – one, as janicen said, if there was no problem with BC speaking to Lynch as the investigation was already closed, why did Lynch feel the need to recuse herself? Second, I am wondering how the blog’s saying nothing was found squares with NBC Nightly News’ claim of a few nights ago that 12 classifed emails were found on Weiner’s laptop? It’s all very confusing, all the claims and counter claims, and I am mixed up about it. I wish someone could clarify for me. Here’s the blog post:


  118. Branjor:
    Good reporting and thanks for the link.
    The issue on Comey is how and who can legally charge him of abuse of power and interference on the election.
    There is a vaccum in our government.
    The more I see what is been going on, it will take a grand jury initiated by outside government participation (independent prosecutors) to take this mess to a court of law.

  119. Thanks, bellecat. Trump and the republicans certainly do constitute a vacuum in our government. There is nothing there (a vacuum) when it comes to doing what needs to be done (prosecute Comey), but a tremendous “vacuuming up” as it were of the lives of the poor, disabled, women and minorities as seen in the horrendous “healthcare” bill passed by the House. If it will take a grand jury initiated by independent prosecutors to take the mess to court, where will they come from? Who will appoint them?

  120. Branjor:

    Other issues that seemed to be highly ignored.
    The three states that combined gave 70,000 more votes to Trump and the pass to the electoral college crap.
    Those un-recounted votes are a meager number compared to the millions casted votes.

    Rep(tilians) and their courts denied and blocked the recount of those very questionable results; and nobody is looking into what really happened.
    Again, the big vaccum in our government, latent or obvious keeps growing…

  121. Yes, I am aware of those things. And also the voter suppression in key states by Operation Crosscheck, the gerrymandering, the rotten media behavior, to say nothing of the Russian influence. It is so depressing. If the next election doesn’t result in the defeat of most of these reptilians as you call them (good word!) I don’t know what can be done short of a citizen uprising against this corrupt government.

  122. Branjor, that blog’s author does admit he is speculating. It’s going to be a long time, I fear, before it’s all clear to us.

  123. Interesting to note that the French are so much smarter than Americans.

  124. Great shade by HRC:

  125. I wonder how many media minions were, and are, taking Russian money. 😡

  126. Ivory Bill, good question. Love all of your comments! I liked that wapo article and going to check out wonkette. I haven’t been able to tolerate Jake Tapper for a long time. He always has a weird, sour expression on his face and a weird voice for a broadcaster. He comes on, I click. I can’t imagine how he keeps his job.

  127. Voting, that tweet by Hillary about France’s election is really something, isn’t it? She gives awesome shade.

  128. I definitely don’t want my ashes in the hands of a rethug. He probably pee on them.

  129. Of course, France had the benefit of seeing what happened in our election. Also, they have a media which at least is somewhat responsible, as opposed ot ours, which incessantly read emails hacked by Russia and given to wikileaks to dole out in the most damaging fashion possible. The fact that they were stolen by a foreign government which wanted to affect the election, did not matter to the media here. In France, it did. And the other French candidates basically united behind Macron, for the good of the country. Not here, obviously. Finally, while it is is unsettling that about 40% of French voted for an absolute fascist, France does not have as many of the utterly uneducated and unknowledgeable people as we do, and certainly not the Evangelicals.

  130. William, well said. How sad for us that our media and the Bernie class worked so hard against Hillary and sanity.

    Speaking of which, in the wapo article linked upthread (dump has a disability), there was this comment which I though was pretty clever:

    4:54 PM PDT

    “Now I get It. His base didn’t want a man of the people. They wanted someone just like themselves. Proudly ignorant.”

  131. Brexit and Trump served as a horrible warning to France.

  132. Uppity – and the Dutch! I think I remember every vote was hand counted there after the fiasco in the U.S.

    Ah, well, if the U.S. is good for nothing else anymore, at least we make a good bad example.

  133. “…at least we make a good bad example.” Ha, ha, Nerd!

    I finally figured out the big mistake the media wants Hillary to confess. I read that the French still expect their presidents to be smart and know more than them. And they were impressed that Macron had mastered all the issues. Clearly, Hillary’s worst mistake was running for president of the wrong country.

  134. It’s going to be a long time, I fear, before it’s all clear to us.

    Sigh. Well, Luna, then I guess it’s as “clear” to me as it is to anybody. It is so confusing I was just hoping someone could help clarify things for me.

  135. Once again the NY Times made their usual patronizing criticism of Hillary in the Sunday op ed page. They think she is not helping the nation “heal” by still dwelling on Russian meddling etc. Oh please.

    Here is a link to PoliticusUSA about the corporate press still not taking responsibility for their damaging role in Hillary’s “loss”. Wish this would go viral. Ah well. All so irritating.

  136. I see that MSNBC has hired George Will, to go with their recent hirings of Hugh Hewitt and Nicole Wallace.

    The person running MSNBC hirings, Andrew Lack, is a right-winger who has been trying to move his station into Fox territory, but apparently is being hampered by high ratings for the few liberal voices left there. The station is owned by Comcast, far Corporate Right. I guess we are going to have to deal with the reality that all media is going to be from the Right, since the Right has all the money, and thus can buy the media “reporting” which insures them even more money and power. A circular system whch supports itself.

    This may well be the biggest systemic problem we face. If the populace is misinformed and misled by the far Right media at every turn, how do we ever get the country back? The most effective thing the radical Right ever did was to keep hammering at the media as liberal, which preempted any media critcism from the liberals. I think we need a lot of such criticism now, and a massive turning off of the cable stations, which are poisoning our discourse. I don’t know what kind of media the French have, but I am sure that they do not have the incessant drumbeat of right-wing talking points and lies which is spewed on American media. With a halfway decent and fair media, Hillary wins in a landslide.

  137. Hillary is not helping the nation “heal?” I’m sure the 24 million or more who are going to lose their health insurance, have “national healing” foremost on their minds. Let’s get with the Trump program, says the NYT! Massive tax cuts for billionaires, paid for by the middle class and poor who lose all their social services. And let’s just forget the Russian unprecedented interference in the election, let’s just get behind Trump, like compliant serfs. Why would anyone on the liberal side still subscribe to the NYT at this point? NYT’s biggest shareholder is multibillonaire Carlos Slim,Trump;s new buddy.

  138. nyt is just despicable. I wish the few sane people there, like Krugman would just bail on it and let it become fully known as the right wing rag it actually is. The super rich have taken over everything.

  139. Also, I am NOT interested in the nyt’s “healing”. I want justice and the truth about this phony election to come out for the world to see.

  140. Clearly, Hillary’s worst mistake was running for president of the wrong country

    That was funny, Rebel! -And- something else for which the media will undoubtedly be issuing demands for abject apology.

  141. William, the information about Carlos Slim is very interesting. I’ve been unable to find out much about who owns NYT now. This helps to explain their obvious biases, particularly during the election.

    I agree with Socalannie – the Krug should find a better home.

  142. Speaking of Carlos Slim, guess who wrote all about his deal with the NY Times, back in 2010

    The Times got a Moody’s Junk Bond rating, they were sinking like the Titanic. Slim bailed them out. Bigly. William’s right. You can learn the details as I wrote them real-time when it happened.

  143. Yeah Bernie’s helping the nation heal then. Or Trump. LOL To both.

    It’s not hillary’s job to heal the nation. In fact she doesn’t have to do shit if she is not so disposed. It’s her job – as a PRIVATE Citizen who is the MOST FAMOUS AND ADMIRED WOMEN IN THE WORLD -to speak out on any fucking thing she wants to speak out on. And it’s too fucking bad if someone doesn’t like it. The press is just going to have to live with it. It’s not their business what she chooses to do or not do any longer. Their opinion means NOTHING.

  144. Finally, while it is is unsettling that about 40% of French voted for an absolute fascist, France does not have as many of the utterly uneducated and unknowledgeable people as we do, and certainly not the Evangelicals.

    Speaking of the Evangelicals… 😈

  145. Ups,thanks for the refresher on Carlos Slim. Makes since why the NYT is a conservative rag.

  146. Thanks for the link, Uppity. I believe I was blissfully off line for most of 2010. I will definitely read it as soon as this rerun of the hearing with Yates and Clapper ends.

    Franken’s cutting to the chase right now, saying outright that Dump did nothing about Flynn because Dump knew how compromised his whole show was. Get ’em, Al!

  147. Okay, have to say Franken made that a hypothetical – can’t be too careful when it comes to Democrats being misquoted.

    (Yates’ reaction to the hypothetical was priceless.)

  148. As usual, Uppity nailed it. Hillary has ZERO fucks to give at this point. Even though they continue to harass and scold her, the media knows they’ve lost whatever power they had over her. Millions of people believe in her. She’s gonna go with that and ignore the rest. She continues to have a lot to contribute to the nation she loves which doesn’t always love her back.

  149. You nailed it,too,Brassy Rebel.Seriously,if Hillary gets out there and promotes the policies she had during the election ( that were never reported on because of e-mails and trump drama) millions will get on board.What she does after that is,well,up to her.
    I’m just loving the Hillary unplugged thing and I’m guessing many others will,too.Just because a bunch of east coast pundits w/their panties in a twist don’t like Hillary doesn’t mean the rest of the country feels the same way..the coastal folk always make that same mistake..assuming the way they feel is the way everyone feels..or should feel.
    Let the media whine..Hillary will keep speaking up and sooner or later those that pay attention and aren’t infected w/CDS will begin to say,”You know,she has some really good ideas.”
    Plus,how sweet is this “adopt a district” thing where Dems are going into Repub districts to explain the health care vote when the Repub congress critters won’t do town halls.Now that’s a strategy that’ll turn voters’ minds.Pretty Grassrooty.

  150. HOLY SHIT! Trump just fired Comey.

  151. Voting Hillary, Holy Crap, indeed! I read an earlier article from the post that pointed out the discrepancy in his testimony, and now this:

  152. I know!!! Can you believe this?!? He’s like Nixon, firing everyone who is investigating him. First Preet Bharaha, then Sally Yates, now Comey. Now I admit I can’t stand Comey, but I think dump is just firing everyone investigating him and his crooked cronies. We are living in a seriously fucked up country now, friends. Yowza.

  153. Something to chew on…

    Trump fires FBI’s Comey; officials say he mishandled Clinton email probe


  154. Ok, let the FBI Director bets begin….Rudy, Christie or Trey Gowdy?

  155. Time for the new FBI Director pool: Rudy, Christie or Trey “Howdy Doodey” Gowdy? Or is this why Chaffetz suddenly resigned?

  156. Independent commission, NOW.

  157. What a day is all I can say.

  158. You know if lying under oath is a reason for Trump to fire Comey then Sessions needs to be fired too because he lied under oath about meeting with the Russians.

  159. And, the other shoe drops:

  160. Voting, that is a fabulous cartoon! And grand juries! Yasssss!

  161. OH.DEAR.GOD.

  162. If Trump even thinks about replacing Comey with that mf’er Giuliani, Dems should scream loud enough to be heard at Trump Tower. Giuliani may be under investigation himself for being the conduit to Fox for his buddies in the NY Field Office.

    I never saw any way Comey could be fired unless Hillary won, and Obama did it during transition. That was always a problem with the guy–along with his animus toward Hillary. Both he and Trump have strong authoritarian tendencies. But one was FBI Director, very powerful but not as powerful as Trump. So the less bad choice was to leave him there to finish this investigation and hope the next president is someone who can be trusted to replace him. Now the investigation is in danger. Republicans will fall in line like they always do which, of course, is Trump’s objective. The idea that Comey was fired for abuse of power in the email investigation is hot garbage. I mean what was all that “Lock her up!” chanting during the campaign? They loved Comey then. And Trump fired Comey a lot faster than he fired Flynn.

  163. I feel like I’m waiting to see if my country survives major surgery.There seem to be some small signs that at least a few Repubs are fed up.Enough to save the country..remains to be seen.

  164. WH deputy press sec., Sarah Huckabee Sanders (who someone on Twitter called a cross between Sarah Palin, Mike Huckabee, and Bernie Sanders), explained that Comey committed “atrocities”. Kneecapping Hillary to help elect Trump certainly qualifies as an atrocity. Somehow I doubt that’s what she had in mind.

  165. Did you hear Sarah Huckabee Sanders (btw, has anybody ever seen SHS and Kim Davis in the same room?) say, “Thank God, Hillary didn’t win the election.”
    Has there ever been a more classless bunch than Trump and his trumpenfuhrers?

  166. We are seeing every bulwark of our democracy get overrun. It was predictable. Trump will replace the FBI Director with a political stooge, thus rendering the FBI a police arm of the dictatorship. Similarly with the CIA..Congress and the Courts were supposed to be a last defense, but Congress is filled with soulless and cowardly Republicans. Most of the courts, certainly the Supreme Court have been permeated as well. The media has abrogated its responsibility to inform the people, and appears happy with its new role as state-sponsored propaganda machine.

    The Founders set up a good system which had serious flaws, including the Electoral College. The flaws were exposed in the last couple of decades, leading to a minority party gaining control of every branch of government, and now in a position to prevent free and fair elections, thus insuring their permanent rule. We are virtually the only country in the world where the winnier of the popular vote does not win the election; and we are the only democracy which allows for major voter suppression. Which leads to the inevitable conclusion that wer are very close to not being a democracy any longer.

    Is there any chance to save the republic? If the Congress stood up, but it’s doubtful that they will. If there were a massive wave vote in 2018 and 2020, but will enough people be allowed to vote? To me, it looks like things are now so dire, that Democrats cannot do their fabian thing of patiently waiting, they have to do everything in their power to shut down the processes of government. Refuse to approve any FBI Director nominee. Hold townhalls all over the country. Run ads now, using the words fascist and dictator. A general strike, an urging of people not to buy discretionary items, might be warranted. Whatever economic and political weapons people on our side have, must be used now, or we are facing the equivalent of Nazi Germany. Democrats must get IDs for every voter, and try to wake them up to the absolute urgency of voting in every election.

  167. I agree with William – the situation is that dire. However, I have a question – if democrats refuse to approve Trump’s FBI director nominee, could the rethuglicans do the same as they did with his SCOTUS nominee and approve the person anyway?

  168. Brassy, I love this:
    “(who someone on Twitter called a cross between Sarah Palin, Mike Huckabee, and Bernie Sanders),”

    So funny!

  169. Sweet Sue @ 5:55, LOL! Who is this woman?

    William, well said. I like all your ideas. I’m going to contribute to Jon Ossoff tonight.

  170. She’s Mike Huckabee’s daughter who subbed for “Spicey,” today.

  171. Another Bernie emdorsee bites the dust. Heath Mello lost the Omaha mayoral contest on Tuesday according to my Daily Kos Elections Digest email. Has anyone endorsed by BS ever won anything? Yet, they keep insisting, “Bernie woulda won!”

  172. Brassy Rebel, it is a very good question. I am pretty sure that the blowing up of the filibutster on Gorsuch by McConnell did not end the filibuster altogether, not for bills. As to appointees, I am not sure, though I think it only applied to Supreme Court nominees. However, there may well be the mechanism in the rules to indeed get rid of the filibuster for all nominees. The question is whether McConnell would do that; because, unless the Democrats were abysmally pathetic and restored it, it would mean that Republicans could never filibuster any Democratic nominee. Pragmatically, Democrats can probably stop the most abhorrent choices for FBI Director, such as Giuliani or Christie; but probably not a more superfiicially acceptable but still biased and political choice. But they should do everything they can to slow this down, because it would result in the complete politicization of the FBI into the tool of the President to go after his enemies.

    Joan Walsh wrote today that Schumer was threatening to shut down the entire Senate (sounded like a good idea!), but that his caucus did not want to go that far; Tim Kaine saying that there was important business that they needed to conduct while all this was going on. I can somewhat see that argument, in that the Russian-Trump probe still goes on there. But the bid to turn the FBI into the thug arm of the Executive, is worth doing everything possible to stop, even causing a constitutional crisis to try to do so.

    And it is amazing that the President and his henchmen are so contemptuous of the intelligence of the public, that they actually try to contend that Comey was fired because he was unfair to Hillary! Is the American populace that incapable of logical thought, that they would buy this ludicrous statement? As much as I despair about the state of our national political intelligence quotient, I don’t think that they are that stupid, at least most of them. But then maybe Trump doesn’t care; it’s the equivalent of the mafia don shooting people in broad daylight, and then saying that they were criminals who had to be eliminated, and that everyone should go home and forget about it.

  173. William, I think 45 is panicking and that that panic will bring out the absolute worst in him. He is a runaway train at his point. His staff/advisors/idolators can either jump or go off the rails with him. I think most, if not all, are going to jump like fleas off a dying dog, especially if they are knowingly breaking the law. If his admin collapses in on itself, will constitutional remedies save the republic? In my mind, only a strong leader and public servant can help put us back together. Now, who might that be? (I can see Ups shaking her head at me again.)

  174. Hmmmm…..

  175. Cats, it is a great problem that the Constitution does not have sufficient provision for such a situation. How could a presidential candidate and his entire party, engage in illegal and likely treasonous actions, involving hacking and money laundering from a foreigh country, and yeet still be able to keep the executive branch? The Founders basically considered illness or violence as requiring a successor, but not this kind of thing. How by any rational coherence, should Pence get to take over? Or Ryan? Or as some suggest, Hatch? Cheat and steal and lie and corrupt, and you get to keep power, anyway? Republicans only want to win, they don’t care by what means, or how they keep their power. There of course should be another election; in England they would have one, and in most European countries. Not this one, because “the Constitution does not provide for it.”

    We do this a lot, but in this case it is mind-boggling to consider what would be the situation if somehow it were found that the Democrats had cheated and used a foreign country’s money and hacking skills to win the election. My best guess is that the media would as one demand that the Democrats relinquish all power, let the Republicans take over, even without an election. Radical Right people would be marching on the Capitol with assault weapons and hand grenades. But since it is the other way, the media will tell us that we are lucky that the Constitution provides for a line of succession, even albeit that the only way the Republicans won the presidency and kept the Sehate, was through illegal means. “It’s not ideal, but the country must heal, and we all must get behind the (third or fourth or fifth in succession) Republican President. And HIllary must not say anything at all.”

  176. If 45 goes, gorsuch should go with him. He is fruit of a poisonous tree ( may not be the proper use of the term but you know what I mean).

  177. From William at 12:30 pm: “And it is amazing that the President and his henchmen are so contemptuous of the intelligence of the public,…”
    I think you should clarify that about half of the public is smart enough to see how insane our government is now. The other half, obviously, in states rich in electoral college votes are still dumb as rocks about 45 and pence and mcconnell and ryan. And, unless Dems vote in huge numbers, we will have to live with this for 4 full years.

    Personality disorder people don’t go stark raving bonkers, as a general rule. They just make others want to go screaming down the street. But, we also have House and Senate majorities who are OK with him destroying the tenets and Constitution of our nation. If they have found nothing to get worked up about thus far, what could do it? Not war, not the destruction of: our environment, our education, our human rights, women’s rights and independence of thought, equality of humans—name any one of a dozen other things we thought our nation agreed on to some degree and he is stomping on them with all his might.

    Are you convinced that there are enough people, of any persuasion, who really, really want to vote in enough Democrats in 2018 to be the ‘check’ 45 needs? I am not convinced because we even have some stupid Democrats (see Bernie and Jill Stein). The Democratic “leaders” are still letting Bernie run all over them. Do they have a party death wish?
    I have never seen such helpless & hopeless people in our government and I have lived many, many years.

  178. Gray, I have mentioned here a couple of times that my mother always said to me that the Democratic Party had a death wish. And she had the memory of various campaigns which I could only read about in books. It would be a very interesting book, if someone wrote it, about why the Democrats, which are unquestionably the better party with the more humane ideas, manage to lose so many elections. Well, money is an obvious reason; the corporate media which relentlessly spins stories against the Democrats; the dark money which fudns the far Right. And of course the ignorance of many people who really don’t even know where the canddiates stand on the issues, and seem always surprised by what they do when elected.

    But to oversimplify for relative brevity, much of it has to do with the fact that the Democrats are too ideologically combative for their own electoral good. Republicans at this point basically agree on all the issues: they want to give al the money to the .1%; they want to cut government programs, etc. It is grimly funny to watch Republican debates, because they are never about issues, just personalities. There are no issue differences. But Democrats, who are brighter and who actually care about the country, are always fighting battles on issues. And the ideological Left is simply intransigent most of the time, and will willingly or inadvertently sacrifice the very good in their quixotic search for the perfect. And this time, the Russians managed to dupe them with lies and false news about Hillary and about the DNC, and most of them still believe it. We all saw the absolutely frustrating unwillingness of these people to get behind Hillary; they were always yelling about fraclking, or vague guesses about who would do what in foreign relations; about how much they disdained reasonable incremental change. And, as in 2000, they got no positive change at all, just dreadful rollbacks of rights and democratic institutions.

    But they’ll be back at it again, with their purity tests. In the abstract, such arguments about policies can be good and stimulating. But too many Democrats won’t leave it alone. If we nominate Sanders or Warren, we will lose. They think that because their favorite candidates tell them things they like, that this means they will win, but it doesn’t. You would think that everyone would realize by now that any Democrat is better than any Republican, particularly the devolved, zombie-like Republican Party of today. But, no, they just can’t wait to get behind Bernie or Liz. A bunch of them voted for Jesse Jackson in the primaries of ’88. They loved Dean for some reason, hated Kerry. They hated Hillary, loved Bernie. There are just enough of these people to cost us every election, not enough of them to ever win a national election, unless you count Obama, who was actually to the RIght of Hillary on most issues, but they didn’t see it. Republicans always value winning over anything else, and go about it with single-minded fervor. Democrats too often are stuck at the level of philosophical debates, which are great for opinion pieces and symposia, but not so good for winning elections. And while I’d like to think otherwise, I’m not at all sure that most of the Millennials care much about political realities and history. If Bernie or Liz were to be nominated and lose, they’d call it progress, when it would be utter disaster.

  179. William!
    That was perfectly said.

  180. Good. I am glad Bernie lost another one.

  181. William, I voted for Jesse Jackson in the 1988 primary.

    However, I did not think Dukakis was some kind of monster, and I voted for him that November.

  182. I agree with what you said, William. We (well, many of us but not here) are somewhat like the regular Repubs in that they vote on the abortion issue but many Dems each have their own pet ‘abortion’ issue and vote on it. Whether fracking or ‘wall street’ or whatever.

    I lurk on democraticunderground but don’t respond. Tonight one fool asked who should be Bernie’s running mate in 2020. For a change, not one responder supported his premise re bernie. They all were ‘done’ with him. But there are still bots running around.

    I wonder if Perez will take note of Bernie’s candidate losses every where he has gone since he became such a partner with Perez. I kind of doubt it. But he should put a stop to Bernie on the trail.

    Finally, Lawrence (Laurence?) Tribe tonight on Lawrence said he is a member of a group of attorneys who are tracking all of 45’s decisions and actions and making comments on each. Don’t recall the details but it gave me hope that some good people are paying attention. Tribe said 45 has already met the criteria for legal action on him. (admitting he fired Comey to shorten the Russia investigations).

    Thanks for your comments, William. Very logical.

  183. Enjoyed your comments William (5/11). Very well said.

  184. Dems each have their own pet ‘abortion’ issue and vote on it. Whether fracking or ‘wall street’ or whatever.

    The major difference here is that only one of the above dictates what a woman is ‘allowed’ to do with her own body, most inexcusably, what she is ‘allowed’ to do and ‘told’ to do if she is raped by a psycho to ensure her life is ruined mentally and financially. Only one of these issues endangers a woman’s life and only one of these issues is legislated by primarily men who, even at this very moment not only want to force a raped woman to have a psycho’s child, but expects her to figure out how to pay for maternity care and birth without insurance coverage she will no longer be able to afford. As for the rapist, well he doesn’t have to pay for it either. In fact, the pattern is a few months in jail — because prison might ‘ruin his life’ –and off he goes to do it again if he is so moved. This is not a pet issue, it’s a matter of life and death and survival of one, and only one gender, lorded over by guys who have nothing to lose. Only one of these pet issues allows everyone else to vote on what happens someone else’s life, coincidentally impacting only one gender’s life — without impact upon their own. And only one of these issues allows others to decide whether a woman whose life is in danger can live or die. Just saying.

  185. To be honest, I thought there was something wrong with Dukakis. He just seemed weird to me. And that was before he rode in the tank. I am no longer sure, but I think I stayed home for that one.

  186. I do hate to keep bringing up the Grifter, Bernie, but he refuses to SHUT UP. His latest pearl of wisdom? He said (on CNN, I think) that Dems should stop “politicizing” the Trump-Russia investigation. After all, “Maybe there is no collusion.” First of all, how are they “politicizing” an investigation by demanding it be independent? It’s the Republicans blocking an independent inquiry to protect Trump and their own power.

    This made me start seriously wondering about Bernie, Mrs. Grifter, and their buddy, Devine. The Russians helped Bernie too, let us never forget. Was his campaign colluding or coordinating with them? What else would explain his saying that the Dems need to knock off the investigation which he has shown no interest in anyway. It may be that he just doesn’t like the narrative that Hillary didn’t lose. It was stolen from her. That destroys HIS narrative that he would have won. On the other hand, he may fear being “unmasked” himself. Funny how much like Trump he sounds. And fishy that like Trump he won’t release his taxes.

  187. Bernie does love him his tyrants. Always has. In fact, he’s a tyrant himself. he just doesn’t own a country to fuck up.

  188. Excellent points,Brassy.How sweet would it be if this trump/Russia investigation took down Bernie,too? Maybe that’s been the Perez long game all along..they know it’s coming so they parade Bernie around so the alt-left can’t accuse the DNC of rigging things against Bernie.The DNC can be “SHOCKED,SHOCKED” that Bernie’s campaign was partially funded by the Russians. Of course,the DNC has to be careful here because they probably paid off Bernie’s debt to the FEC.
    Might also be that teaspoon of sugar that helps the Repubs swallow their medicine if Bernie was a bad boy,too.

    Hillary has to be loving all of this.Of course there’s still that pesky issue of the country being destroyed in the process.I keep trying to view most of it as entertainment..when I’m not terrified or throwing up.

  189. Msdsal, listen to Aunt Uppity. We will get through this. The country will Endure. We are the USA. We Endure and rise above. It’s what we do.

    History bears this out. History will not be kind to these people in the end. But…….the wheels of the gods grind slowly, but they grind exceedingly fine.

  190. Upps, thanks for reminding us about that. it helps us to get through these emotionally charged days.

  191. Thank you ,Aunt Uppity.From your lips to God’s ears. ( Of course I’m already assuming a strong connection there.) 🙂

  192. After the election I shared with all of you my feelings as a non-christian of finally understanding the word “crucifixion” because that was what I felt best and most painfully described what had happened to Hillary. Now the phrase “Christ died for our sins” has meaning for me in that I feel that Hiliary’s “crucifixion” has exposed the “sins” meaning rot and true low life behavior of the Repugs for all the country to see. Will this be ultimately our “salvation” as a country? I do not think most Americans like what they are seeing. As Upps has reminded us this is not USA acceptable behavior or as Hillary would say, “this is not who we are”.

  193. I think you’re onto something there,Lucyk.While searching for some glimmer of a silver lining after the “election”,I wondered much the same thing..that maybe this was the lancing of a boil that exposed the infection underneath.I think,also,there can be no argument ( except by those suffering from the most rabid forms of Clinton Derangement Syndrome ..CDS) that Hillary has repeatedly and often sacrificed herself,her time,energy,health..to benefit the American people..many of whom have done their level best to punish her for that.

    There are few women in this world who have no understanding of that kind of personal sacrifice…we do it every day for our families and communities..with little acknowledgement or gratitude. ( And,yes,I know men do this as well).I would’ve thought more women would’ve voted Hillary,having understood her sacrifice and willingness to continue working on their behalf. Now I’m wondering if that 52% of white women who didn’t vote for her did so due to a form of Stockholm Syndrome. They were so used to depending on the white male for “leadership” economically and spiritually that they feared for their personal well being should a woman become our president.May be a bit over my skis here,or too psycho babblely;but it’s clear fear played a major role in the results last fall and this may be one of the sources.Pretty clear trump and his allies played heavily in the realm of fears..racial and gender.

    Ooops,sorry to ramble on..thinking out loud on-line;rarely a good idea.Don’t you wish trump understood that? Of course,then we’d have less of an idea of how his little pea brain works.

  194. I heard “make America great again” as code for make America white again, and white male at that .As you say, maybe those women wanted their traditional “protectors” back. Lots of luck with that. Oy.

  195. Just have to say, in all of Spicer’s well-deserved flak on Twitter for scurrying away from the tame media, I thought this was best I’ve seen:

    found this photo of sean spicer hiding between the bushes pic.twitter.com/YZOMCOvHZC— David Mack (@davidmackau) May 10, 2017


  196. P.S. Is there a magic secret to posting an embedded tweet -with- pictures? I can do it on my own website, and I’ve noticed others are able to here, but WordPress seems to be carrying on its personal vendetta against me.

  197. Ohboyohboyohboy – *please* let this be true:

    Less than a week after former FBI Director James Comey was fired by President Donald Trump, Comey is reportedly ready to testify before the Senate Intelligence Committee, but he has one important condition that must be met if he is to testify: The hearing needs to be held in public.


    Looks like Comey is seeing ole ‘lying Dump and raising him all to heck.

    Much as I dislike that poster boy of Hubris (kept seeing Comey in the background while listening to Goulet’s C’est Moi!), I have to applaud this.

  198. Earlynerd, I remember that song! I really don’t know what to make of Comey, but of course he will have been better than the stooge that Trump puts in there and the Senate hastily confirms. The question is whether a Gowdy or Cornyn will completely end the FBI investigation. Today Bill Nelson, whom I have always liked, demanded that an independent prosecutor be named before an FBI Director is approved. But of course such words from Democrats get scoffed at by the media, and completely ignored by Republican zombies whose only goals are to keep Trump protected, transfer all the nation’s remaining wealth to the .1%, and find enough ways to suppress the votes to insure their permanent rule.

    Comey went out of his way to tarnish Hillary in his June comments. I do believe he was later trying to get to the bottom of the Trump-Russia collusion, which is why he was fired, and is now being conveniently slandered by the Trump cabal. If he had properly never investigated Hillary in the first place (there was never a feasible crminal case there; did anyone ever say that Colin Powell should have been investigated, or all of the Trump people who are using private servers?), she would have won, and she would not have fired, him, and he could have maintained for years. But the fascist won, the one who wants to purge the FBI in Hitlerian fashion, and Comey was no longer useful to him. I hope that Comey still has the standing and ability to testify in such a way as to help stop Trump. However, we are now in a situation where raw power seems to trump every legality, every truth, and the will of the people. 78% or so want an independent prosecutor, but I doubt that we will get one; or perhaps we will get someone who is called that, but is just a set-up. If things weren’t so dire, it would be an interesting philosophical question as to whether there is anything at all which would move even 10% of the Congressional Republicans to finally do something to investigate the treason at the center of our government. Apparently not, they are soulless zombies to whom it is fruitless to appeal. Somehow we are going to have to do it without them, and without the mainstream media.

  199. “But wheeere in the world is theeere in the world, a man so untouched and pure?” – overheard on the way to the Senate committee room.

    Comey is another on the growing pile of bodies with legitimate grudges that Dump is building. Sooner or later, one of them will provide the ammunition to take him down. But like you, William, I’m worried that it may be too much later.

  200. William I hadn’t thought of that, but yes, Hillary would have let him keep his job. He really screwed himself! Karma! Ah well, I hope he does testify in public. That should be quite a show.

    Earlynerd, yes, one of them to take down Dump. Hopefully sooner.

  201. At this point, it doesn’t really matter whether we like Comey or not. What matters is why he was fired. He was admittedly fired to slam the door on the Russia investigation. That is not only Chilling, but it is a sign of a coup and it is paramount that Trump’s attempts to obstruct justice ares stopped dead. What Trump did that day was create a situation that can no longer be ignored, with or without his stepfordized Senate and House people. It must be stopped at whatever cost. And the cost will be his.

    One thing I would bet money on is, Trump can put Count Dracula in as head of FBI and promise him everyone’s blood and the investigation WILL continue. You don’t fuck with the intelligence community the way he just did. That will be his Undoing.

    Meanwhile, Frum makes an excellent argument why a Special Prosecutor is NOT the way to go and an Independent Commission Is.
    Read it here. It changed my mind, how about yours? Please don’t answer unless you fully read the piece first.

    If you haven’t seen the latest Quinnipiac poll, here it is. Virtually EVERY demographic is opposing him now. Included his suckered white males without education. Even die-hard Republican Scott Rasmussen can’t fudge these numbers.

    In the latest survey, 61 percent of voters expressed the sentiment that Trump is dishonest, while 59 percent said they thought he didn’t care about the average American and 66 percent thought he wasn’t level-headed.

    36 percent of voters approve of the job Trump is doing, while 58 percent disapprove. That’s a “near-record” negative rating

    Forty-seven percent of white voters with no college degree approved of Trump’s job performance, while 46 percent disapproved, the survey found. That’s a steep drop in support from last month, when 57 percent approved of Trump, and compare that to exit polls in November that found 67 percent of non-college-educated whites voted for Trump,

    Just 48 percent of white men approved of Trump’s job performance, while 46 percent disapproved

    Just 29 percent (of Independents) approved of the president in Quinnipiac’s latest poll, down from 38 percent last month

  202. Hope all the Mamas and substitute Mamas had a great day yesterday!

    I notice on social media and website comments that some Hillary supporters are now big fans of Comey because Trump fired him. He’s no hero. It’s possible to distrust him and still believe that Trump was trying to obstruct justice by firing him.Trump admitted it in the Lester Holt interview when he threw all his flaks with their manufactured spin under the bus. As for Comey, I will never trust him. I believe he was trying to kneecap Hillary and help Trump. To me, the evidence is pretty overwhelming. I have seen in several pieces now that the FBI knew there was never a criminal case against Hillary just as William said. The whole email thing was hot garbage from the get-go. But Comey & Company dragged it out by wasting months pouring over every email looking for pay dirt. In the end, Hillary was right that none of them were classified by DOS at the time because none had the proper headings and markers. So Comey just goes out and lies that some were classified, and Hillary was “extremely careless”. Susan Bordo’s book is great on the email “scandal”.

    But at some point, Comey realized that Trump is a disaster looking for a place to happen. Maybe it was the dinner at the WH which never should have happened. Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton anybody? This dinner was worse than that. Anyway Comey jumps off the Trump train to save himself and goes all in on the Trump-Russia investigation. In the end, Comey ended up doing the right thing re Trump which is why he was fired. But what he did to Hillary last summer was both unforgettable and unforgivable. Not a hero.

  203. Uppity, that was a very informative essay by Frum. And after reading it, I agree with him. I have continued to have qualms about an “Independent Prosecutor,” but I had not analyzed it as thoroughly as Frum has. He is right that an IP could deliberately or just cautiously drag his feet for years. Of course Starr had nothing, but he investigated Whitewater for five years, plus everything else that the Republicans handed to him.

    The big problem is that the alternative suggestions that Frum made do not seem very likely to ever occur. We know that the Republican Congress is thoroughly corrupt, likely complicit. And any commission they would help set up, would be designed to stalemate or fail. We have the problem that Congress as presently constituted will never set up the mechanisms to fully investigate all of what has gone on. So maybe we are stuck with the remaining few decent person in the FBI, the IC, and the AG of New York. Trump figured that if he fired Comey and put in a stooge loyalist, he could stop the FBI investigation. You might be right that he cannot, but I don’t know how much power the Director has to completely stop investigations, cut off funding, and even fire anyone who does not do what he wants. Probably quite a lot of power. But Frum makes a very persuasive case that an IP is not the way to go. Democrats should read and consider that; and I do not know why their legal experts are not speaking out about the necessary way to proceed. Putting all the various investigations in the hands of one person is a very risky thing. Republicans will probably read Frum’s piece, and decide that maybe an IP would be okay, particularly if they havea large hand in picking him or her.

    And Frum makes a very interesting point about the potential difficulty of proving legal “crimes.” In a different time, those things which Trump has done would horrify the nation and the Congress, even if it were not easy to prove actual crimes in various instances. But now, they’d just let it all go; with an “oh, well, that’s politics, and we are winning, so let’s just ignore it all,,” attitude. It is possible that the drip of leaks and the obvious connections, while not sending Trump to jail, might get people to vote many of the Republicans out of office. He cannot be allowed to continue, but an IP might wrongly assuage people enough that all the stories would disappear for years, while the “investigation” dragged on.

  204. Upps, well said about Comey. Thanks for the links, going to read them now.

  205. Welp, that was supposed to show up as a tweet showing Trump gave highly classified information to the Russians.

  206. I have real hope now that Trump is on his way out.
    Not that Pence will be much better but he won’t start a nuclear was because some foreign leader insults the size of his hands.

  207. Trump must go as soon as possible.

  208. Sue, it really depends on what might get Trump out, and how far the FBI investigation is allowed to go. From what I’ve read, and it does get convoluted, Pence has lied about conversations between him and Flynn, because there are contradictions which cannot be explained by his story of trying to pretend that Flynn misled him. Also, there is an article somewhere saying that Pence and Trump combined to decide to fire Comey, which does seem like obstruction of justice. But all this might be passed by; certainly the Republicans to not want Flynn to be impeached or forced to resign as well.

    This new story, while obviously very upsetting, might actually give the Republicans the cover they want. They can say that this event is impeachable, and try to hide the collusion and the money laundering, and the things which have apparently been going on for years, involving many Republican officeholders. And this way they can get all the cabinet appointments to stand; “Trump did nothing wrong until lately, la, la.” What is really going on is far more insidious and far-reaching than this current story, and it has to be unearthed, and many people have to be arrested and thrown out of political life, and the entire Republican Party shown for the corrupt liars they are, before the country has some chance of being made safe and sane again.

  209. Have to say that Uppity’s twitter comment “To put a finer point on it, he’s crazier than a rat in a coffee can.” is excellent though I still have to put #1 as my friend’s statement that “He is crazier than a sprayed roach.”

    Both easily pictured and true. I bet he is raving all over the WH tonight and Melania is thankful to be in NYC.
    45, do you know where your kids are? Oh, yeah, hiding in the closet.

    We are in deep d…d….

  210. Couldn’t leave Jason out…

  211. OMG!OMG!OMG! Right as he’s about to leave for Israel we find out that they are the source of the confidential info Trump blabbed to the Russians! Israel is our most reliable source of middle east intel. They are not going to trust us with anything significant until the Orange Menace is out of the WH now. Talk about putting our country in danger?

  212. Remember when Hillary said that trump was” temperamentally unfit to be President”? Is the woman prescient or have the Repubs been right all along..maybe she really is a witch..a good one..like Glenda.

    These past few days have been like riding on a tilt-ta-whirl with those little spoons of Baskin Robbins ice cream in between rides…confusing,dizzying but also a tad delicious.I’m going to bed now;I’ll need my rest to get through this.Let’s hope it’s a good dream night.
    And good night to all from the west coast.

  213. “Is the woman prescient”

    Simply an intelligent stateswoman and an excellent judge of character. Also pays attention to history.

  214. For your information:

  215. Special counsel appointed to oversee probe of Russia, Trump


  216. “… House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy apparently said last June that he thought Putin pays Trump. At which point Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, who was also there, stopped the conversation and swore those who were present to secrecy. When the Post asked about the incident, spokesmen for both representatives denied the story on the record. When they were informed that the Post reporters had heard a tape of the exchange, they changed their tune – saying it was a joke…”
    — Dan Rather

  217. This past week has just been insane with the garbage that has been dumped on Trumps’ head. Hopefully said garbage takes him out before too long.

  218. I’m glad the NYT is publishing these kinds of articles on Dump & Co., GaGal. I was going to post this before you posted your comment, so please don’t think it’s directed at that. I just think a reminder of the Times CDS is also in order:

    So #TrumpRussia gets a #SpecialCounsel and the @nytimes splashes a photo of the Clintons across the front page. pic.twitter.com/agTB0hKUSW— Peter Daou (@peterdaou) May 18, 2017


  219. Oh, lord. One and potentially two faux pas in one comment. Sorry, Ga6thDem, I meant Ga6thDem.

    (Does this make me Presidential material?)

  220. I think this a good summary of today:

  221. I haven’t seen any cause of death for Roger Ailes yet. My money is on Toxic Masculinity.

  222. Death announced via Drudge Report. Very appropriate.

  223. Cue the genuine Murkan wingnuts–and the unemployable Lower Slobbovians whom Putin pays to masquerade as genuine Murkan wingnuts–to start accusing the Clintons of the death of Ailes in 5…4…3… 😛

  224. In the days of Watergate, Nixon was urged to resign by Republicans, most likely because they did not want impeachment hearings. Then Ford pardoned Nixon. Because of that, the real extent of the crimes against America were never revealed. In fact, there are still people who think that Democrats railroaded Nixon, and that he was not guilty of anything. This was a deplorable result, even if it got Nixon out of office.

    Now we seem to be confronted with even greater crimes and outrages. No one knows for sure, but trying to put it together, it seems that Russia essentially bought Trump, and that he has been following their orders for at least a year. Virtually every cabinet official has a connnection with Russia, or was put in to help Russia. Billions of dolalrs in Russian oligarch money were almost certainly funding Republican candidates. Wikileaks was a direct arm of Russian propaganda, and Facebook sold its soul for money ,and ran millions of fake news stories. The number of people who engaged in treasonous activities may be in the hundreds.

    So will we have hearings and get to the real bottom of this? Or will it go the way of Watergate, with Trump resigning, charges dropped or pardoned, and the public never learning the depth of the criminality engaged in not just by his people, but by most of the Republican Congress, plus the shadowy moneypeople like the Mercers? For there to be any real chance of redeeming the coutnry, all has to be revealed. But there are many forces, including the above, plus the collaborative news media, which will do their best to squelch or dilute most of the story.

  225. I found this pic a little while ago. 😈

    William, alas, makes a solid point. If the GOP can’t save Cheetolini, they’ll settle for putting 100% of the blame on him and his people so the GOP can survive–and Cheetolini is merely a severe symptom; the modern GOP, and the people of all income levels for whom it speaks, are the disease. 👿

  226. William at 12pm
    Excellent post, reminding us of past misdeeds.

  227. Hope they bury him face down so he gets to hell faster.

  228. The forthcoming cover of Time magazine is one of those those pictures worth a thousand words.

  229. And we thought we won the Cold War, Ivory Bill.

  230. William, I’ve been thinking a lot about charges and pardons. TRump, if still in office, can pardon everybody, including himself. A president cannot be prosecuted till he leaves office either, so if he gets wind he’s in deep poop, he will hang on like a dog with a rag. IMO nobody in his family should be prosecuted for any misdeeds until he’s gone from office. Or he will surely pardon them all and not give one small shit what anybody thinks about that. Let’s face it, they have been caught at some pretty skanky enrichment things, like the selling of visas to ‘investors’.

  231. Pence, who is chomping at the bit to get Trump’s job, will send him flying into the curb if it means he can be president. That guy leaves a slug trail when he moves. He’s also a baldfaced liar and he does it with that righteous indignant attitude (how dare you ask Honest Me, of all people, that?) and throws in a snide laugh in the mix. This is not a good man. You can tell he’s lying. And there’s a trail that shows he’s lying, yet he still does it. Just like Trump. Slick Mike is going to have to do some answering eventually. But always remember, he wants to be President and will effect that in any way he can. He also has started a 2020 committee that smells like a presidential feeler. He’d be the first to put the knife in Trump’s back if it worked for him.

  232. Uppity, as the article by Frum you posted suggested, the problem with the Special Prosecutor is that it gives the Republicans cover to stop doing anything. Today that jerk Graham stated that because of the SP, Comey may not testify before Congress. These people will act as if they cannot say anything, investigate anything, because it might interfere with Mueller. Meanwhile, they’ll probably make Uncle Joe LIeberman the head of the FBI, a position for which he has no qualifications, unless one counts being special counsel for the firm which represents Trump. That will neuter the FBI, which was the goal. So we need the SP, but this may go on for a long time.

    The Republicans will not do anything which does not directly benefit them. They hope that the SP appointment will assuage people, and then they will concentrate on their horrific health care gutting, and the massive tax cut to the wealthy. Trump and the Congress can basically destroy the country before anyone gets around to moving him out of office. I do think that Mueller will eventually make his position untenable. But of course Trump has spent his whole life suing and being sued, so he’s probably comfortable enough just delaying and lying and hiding things, as always. As to pardons, I just hope that NY AG Schneiderman can file suits against Trump for which he cannot pardon himself, since they are state cases.

    But we can be sure that whatever strength the Constitution has, will be severely tested by a president and congress which will take advantage of every flaw or lack of prescience in that document, to evade prosecution or punishment. No document written 230 years ago could possibly be sufficient to deal with a fascist takeover of the government, participated in by all branches, and with a compliant media. I really hope that some European IC simply leaks what is supposed to be absolutely incendiary material; although the Congress might ignore that, too. The only way to get Pence out of there is through that material, plus some determined investigation by Mueller. I am sure that Pence is severely compromised, he lied about virtually everything so far. Will the media protect him after finally going after Trump? Frum’s other concern was that no SP can really look into the treason part, since it is hard to prove the criminal aspects of that word. That is probably why Graham today said that “it has now turned into a criminal matter,” because they want to make sure that the real story is defused, and that Congress Intelligence Committees shut down.

  233. And Uppity’s:

  234. Brassy @ 10:39, LOL!

  235. William @ 12:00pm, sums it up nicely.

    Ivory Bill @ 1:46pm, Omg! Incredible!

  236. William @ 7:02pm, I’ve had the same thoughts. Will we have to wait until 2019 to get any kind of justice?

  237. Annie, I always appreciate your positive comments.

    I do think that we need to eliminate this horror by winning elections, and not counting on the other processes, even as we root for them. At this point, one Republican is about as evil as every other, so there are plenty more zombies to replace the ones we manage to defeat.. We need to take over at least one house of congress, and we absolutely have to win the presidency in 2020, even with gerrymndering, voter suppression, and everything else they’re doing. I’m glad you are contributing to Ossoff, as I think a win by him would really send a shot across the bow. We might well get rid of Trump sooner than later, but the rest of them are liable to get away with it, unless somehow Republicans agree to a joint Congressional investigative force to reveal the depth of the Russian influence, and treasonous behavior by various Americans. Having Trump forced to resign or even be impeached because he tried to obstruct justice, would be great, but it would hide what has really been going on for a year or more, and allow Republicans like Ryan to escape.

  238. While we’re speaking of former senators named Joe who won’t go away, I saw on Twitter that Biden is trashing Hillary again, saying he never thought she was the correct candidate. He thought HE was the “correct” candidate. That is some heavy duty white male entitlement right there. He didn’t run for president, but when it’s over he informs us that he was the correct candidate. And I thought the “Bernie woulda won” crowd was bad after he got 4 million fewer votes in the primary. Turns out you don’t even have to run to be better than Hillary. As long as you’re white and male.

  239. Not the ones who post here of course and certainly other exceptions. But in general: F..CK old white men and their god damn entitlement!

  240. My opinion of Joe Biden is no secret on this blog. Fuck him. I will never forget Anita Hill.

    As for Lieberman, Trump has an MO. I’m glad nobody fell for it. And secondly, I am with Paulette. Fuck these old white men. We are inundated with their useless shit. They never leave. THey hang around like shit stuck to your shoe and treat our government like a free nursing home.Eventually they drag them into the halls of congress and hold their feeble finger on the vote button. it’s sickening. The only thing left to do is dig up that fucking Strom Thurmond.

  241. And I am sick to death of Lindsay and McCain. These two guys have made a business of pretending to shake things up. They are both full of shit. Two more cadavers. Listening to them bleat is a lot like watching elephants mating. A lot of snorting and honking and hooting and kicking up dirt and then nothing happens for two years. They remind me of two golden retrievers. Focused until somebody throws a tennis ball in the other direction.

    The Graham and McCain Kabuki show. It wears thin.

  242. I’m glad the House and Senate lost a lot of responsibility for ‘investigating’. The Republicans have done a shitty job and a great job of helping Trump to obstruct progress. Now it will be over. Fuck them too. They have no objectivity whatsoever. They spent more time investigating emails than the entire JFK assassination commission. But suddently they can’t find their ass with both hands to investigate Trump. Worthless bastards who only care about killing off other people in a risk pool to give themselves and their sponsors a tax cut. Fuck them twice.

    I want to live to see somebody wipe that smirk off Paul Ryan’s face. Preferably in public. I see a Newt Gingrich tag tied around his neck one day, without the excess blubber. His own party will Newt him. As for McConnell…..see my comments on cadaverous old white men who hang out and use Congress as a nursing home. He’s going to do just that.

  243. I’m with Uppity. F Biden. He’s run for president twice and couldn’t get out of the primary. All he’s doing by running his mouth is making himself more and more likely to not make it through another primary. And I too have it with all these old guys lecturing women on what they need to do and how they need to run their lives.

  244. And, of course, the media never jumps all over Crazy Uncle Joe when he says stupid shit like “I was the best candidate” when he wasn’t even running like they mock Hillary when she states facts about FBI and Russian interference affecting the election.

  245. Btw, this theory that Biden was the “correct” candidate was field tested. I believe it was 2008. Hillary wiped him out.

  246. Biden was running at about 15% in Democratic polls, before he decided not to run. In fact, his advisors admitted that he had been running the numbers, and saw no feasible way to win. So he didn’t run. And even if Obama had supported him, he wouldn’t have won over Hillary, nor even Sanders. He is a poor candidate. He was a good VP; he may mean well, and speak with passion at times, but he does not draw votes. The Left won’t vote for him, and many women won’t vote for him, so he cannot win a Democratic primary; not last time, not next time. That is hardly a disgrace, but for him to go on and on criticizing Hillary, is disgraceful. And never forget that he said last summer that “Paul Ryan is one of the good guys,” that as part of a completely inappropriate criticism of Hillary for attacking Republicans. I’m very sorry that his son died. But Biden isn’t helping anything at this point, and of course Sanders is actively hurting things. I saw some of Biden’s rallies in support of Hillary. Most of the time, he would start by saying, “Now, I know that many of you are not that excited about Hillary, but….” Anyway, I’m pretty sure we’ll see Biden and Sanders both running in 2020, because they will never concede.

  247. Agree, Brassy, Uppity, and William. Just makes my blood boil!

  248. William, I hope they do run in ’20 and both get crushed. I hope I get to live to see both of these arrogant morons get their asses handed to them one last time.

  249. Senators: Comey to testify publicly before intelligence panel
    Anchor Muted Background

    By Jeremy Herb, CNN>/blockquote>

  250. Meanwhile, in Equestria:

    Twilight Sparkle was asked if she thought Biden would have been a stronger candidate than Hillary.

  251. Voting @ 12:49, LOL!

  252. I would rather see Trump in Saudi Arabia brokering a deal with its leaders for a beauty pageant. Just think what that might look like.

  253. And re Biden, has anyone ever heard of him apologizing to Anita Hill for his despicable treatment of her, and, moreover, apologizing to the rest of us for giving us Clarence Thomas.

    It infuriates me how these white males continue to want endlessly for Hillary to “apologize” for whatever. it is really a desire to constantly humiliate her, cut her down and put her in her place. Infuriating.

  254. lucyk, great comments. This tweet is a good explanation of why putin put dump in power:

  255. socal at 4:10am:
    Very good explanation and thank you for the tweet link.
    Make it viral and I would follow Dr. Bashir…

  256. No apology,luc, after all, it was just a broad.

    However, Clarence’s wife insisted publicly a few years ago that Anita should apologize to Clarence.

    Imagine the nerve.

  257. We thought this was hilarious:

  258. I’ve seen in various media that dump is already exhausted by his trip. So in addition to to being a dimwit that can’t read, no morals or scruples, no sense of compassion or goodness, and one of the world’s biggest egomaniacs/narcissicists, he is obviously is very bad shape and has no stamina. Can you imagine if Hillary was exhausted after the first day of one of her trips? My mom & stepdad traveled all over Europe, Asia and Africa on month long trips during their 50s, 60s, & 70s (& 80s for my stepdad who was 9 yrs older than mom), and were never tired. Dump is such a loser.

  259. socal:
    I hope that with the time change and different food, Dump’s digestive system gets out of whack and “farts” come out as a salutation to the dignitaries…
    That would make may day!

  260. Uppity do you remember how poor Clarence claimed he was a victim of a “high tech” lynching? Again, misplaced blame. It was truly Anita that could have rightfully claimed this.

  261. Bellecat, that would be great, but I have no doubt he’s embarrassing himself in many other ways!

    Great post by Anita. Thanks Voting.

  262. Trump. No stamina. I was trying to figure out what was so exhausting after just a couple of days. Maybe it was the sword dance. Not to mention all that fat he’s hauling around.

  263. But seriously, doesn’t this give the media an opening to start (belatedly) asking questions about Trump’s health? Who is the White House pbysician? Every president has a doctor on call 24/7. Reporters should start demanding answers since we didn’t get any during the campaign when the media was laser-focused on Hillary coughing. There must be a real doctor in the picture somewhere. Not the ridiculous refugee from Woodstock that was trotted out by the campaign last summer.

  264. I know I’m being silly wanting the media to do their job re Trump. But, damn it! Do your job! There is probably a physician travelling with Trump. Demand an update on POTUS’ s health.

  265. Brassy Rebel, of course you are right. What the media did and didn’t do during the campaign was not only beyond disgraceful, it destroyed standards which cannot be reinstituted any time soon. Every candidate was supposed to submit tax returns, but Sanders refused, and the media was so invested in raking Hillary over the coals, that they let it go, even while Chuck Todd was sayin that Hillary should provide transcripts of all of her private speeches.Trump also refused; and after a week or so, they let that go.. Trump submitted a ridiculous medcal report, and they let that go as well. Clearly, the media only goes after Democrats, and specifically Hillary; and is either intimidated by, or in the pocket of Republicans who ignore them.

    Among all the other horrors visited upon this country by Trump’s campaign and “election,” there now are no more standards to hold anyone to. Actually, that’s not quite true; the media has no more shame than Trump in reversing itself and demanding that some Democrat provide answers to every question they might have. Off the immediate subject; but if any Democrat ever revealed a source of key classified intellligence to Russia, and then confirmed again to the world at large in trying to deny it, there would be an absolute uproar. Had it been Hillary (not a chance), there would be immediate impeachment hearings, urged on by the media. We see no institution which stands for anything more than its own right-wing partisanship and moneygrabbing hypocrisy.

  266. I don’t want to go all false flag nutso, but I can’t shake the feeling that we’re being manipulated by the oil barons of the world.

  267. Sweet Sue:
    You are absolutely right.
    What a coincidence that the Dump’s first visit was with South Arabia…
    needles to say the Secretary of State, ex-CEO of Exxon…
    etc, etc.

  268. Putin didn’t just hate Hillary. The Steele dossier reported that he also feared her. Of course, he feared her defense of democratic values and the NATO alliance. Less well known is her plan to wean energy dependent nations in both western and eastern Europe off Russian oil. That would have been deadly for the finances of Putin and his oligarchs. And it would have made it possible for those countries to stand up to Putin. Oil is his weapon.

  269. I agree with all of you! As that facebook comment I posted upthread brings out, Putin put dump in power here so he can access his trillion $ oil lands. When you think about it, Hillary stands for everything Putin (& dump) hate and fear the most.

  270. All of this is right; but if only the American media were a tenth of what it was, say, fifty years ago, Trump could never have come close to being elected. A bunch of fourth-graders gleefully poring over fake documents, ganging up on a canddiate whom they were jealous of or just didn’t like; letting the school bully get away with everything, because they were afraid of him, or thought he was bad boy cool. Scarcely a grown-up jounralist in the whole lot of them. Entertainment masquerading as news.

    The Russians hacked and stole the election, and the ravening zombies of the far Right collaborated with them and protected them. But without the media giving them cover, egging them on, obsessed with making sure that every day would be :”Let’s Get Hillary” Day, they would not have succeeded. Now we’re seeing story after story about Russians duping the FBI, fake news stories all over Facebook, blatant voter suppression, and so much more. Scarcely a word about any of it during the campaign, when it would have most mattered. We’ll hear that “there is nothing in the Constitution about voiding an election,” but the Constitution was not designed to provide for everything, not 230 years ago. What would stop Russia from doing this in every election, since there are no consequences, and they get to control the policymaking of the coutnry whose election they invaded?

  271. @11:47 in re:

  272. No. words.

  273. So Comey was heavily influenced to break all DOJ rules and norms regarding a non-indictment by a document from Russian intelligence. About an election he already had reason to believe that Russian intelligence was trying to influence in Trump’s favor. You’re right, Luna. There are no words.

    Actually, there is a way to get Hillary in the WH which increasingly seems like the only fair and just outcome. It would be legal and constitutional. The Democrats have to win the House in 2018. When they convene in January 2019 they elect Hillary Speaker of the House. Anyone can be elected Speaker. They don’t even have to be a member of Congress. Then when they impeach and convict both Trump and Pence, Hillary succeeds to the presidency.

    Now before Uppity jumps in to bawl me out for raising false hopes, I know this will NEVER HAPPEN. Even if the Dems agreed to do this, the media would never allow it. And if we understand anything now it is that the media rules. I am just pointing out that however remote the possibility of Hillary taking her rightful place in the Oval Office, it is technically possible. As is a giant asteroid hitting earth tonight.

  274. Brassy, Comey deserves a long, long, long time in Purgatory for his “judgment” to break protocol. While he kept his mouth shut about the Russians working on behalf of Trump. Hard to escape the conclusion that Comey doesn’t think a strong intelligent woman belongs in the Oval Office.

  275. I keep using the zombie “metaphor,” not that I’ve ever seen a zombie movie, outside of about twenty minutes of Romero’s first one. But what I assume zombies are like as a portrayed, is what Republicans are now like. You have to get rid of them one by one, they will fight, claw, never stop advancing to destroy you.

    What other image is more appropriate now? Gianforte in Montana physically attacks a reporter, and all the Republican offiiicials say that maybe the reporter deserved it, or everyone makes mistakes. The sheriff of the town, who had donated to Gianforte’s campaign, charges him with a misdemeanor assault; what’s that, 30 days probation and $500 fine? Not one Republican has criticized Trump, or deviated one degree from the relentless talking points. Do any of them have anything resembling a soul? We’re pretty much looking at the Nazis. We’ll see more reporters physically tattacked, while the Nazis chant, “Lying press!” Comey is certainly not a Nazi, but he didn’t want Hillary to win, and he was going to bend over backward to make sure that nothing that could hurt Republicans would be revealed. Meanwhile, he wanted to show their leaders that he did everything he could to indict Hillary, even though she did nothing wrong at all. The end result in all respects was completely predictable; as if it had already been baked into the entire fabric of the country, which is almost certainly the case. “While the Obama Administration and the Democratic Party Slept,” to invert JFK’s book about England between the world wars.

  276. I keep using the “metaphor” of zombies to describe the Republican Party, even though I’ve never seen an actual zombie movie, except for 20 minutes or so of Romero’s first one. But I’m presuming that the way that zombies are portrayed, is very like the way the Republicans now act as a group. Gianforte attacks and slams to the ground a reporter who asked him something he didn’t like, and the Repulblicans say that maybe the reporter deserved it, or well, everyone makes mistakes. The sheriff of the zombie town, who has contributed to Gianforte’s campaign, charges him with misdemeanor assault; maybe a $500 fine; community service waived because he can do his zombie work in the House?

    Comey isn’t a zombie, but he wanted to do everything he could to make sure that Republicans would not have to deal with a damaging issue before the election. Meanwhle, he wanted to show them that he did everything he could to indict Hillary, who actually did nothitng wrong. The end result in all respects, was actualy ineviitable, as if it had already been baked into the fabric of this country.. Whilte the Obama Administration and most of the Democratic Party essentially slept for years, the Republican zombie Nazis built their numbers and began their relentless march. They’ve inculcated themselves into all areas of our government and society, and will be very difficult to dislodge.

  277. To continue that theme, and with regard to Brassy Rebel’s excellent but of course impossible suggestion, it is somewhat interesting to look at it from the perspectiveof the zombies. The Republicans are never going to cede any power, no matter what; no matter if it comes out that Putin is actually running the government. They’ll live with it. They want power and money above all.

    So Trump can never be impeached and convicted, not when it takes 67 Senate votes to convict. The only possible way they would, if if they got all their legislation–the AHCA, the massive corporate tax cuts, the economy-destroying budget–through, and if they were guaranteed that Pence would take over. There is no moral or patriotic appeal which would ever move them. The Democrats could win the House back in 2018 (still a major challenge), but we’re not getting 67 Senate seats any time soon. So the Republicans would prefer to just make excuses, and obfuscate and deflect for four more years, at which time they would try to slip a stealth zombie in there like Kasich or Rubio or Haley. But they have no intention of doing anything which might lessen their own power. The only way to get rid of Trump is for criminal indictments against him to come from New York,, where the Congress has no power, and Trump cannot pardon himself. But I am sure that the Republicans figure that they can delay and lie and deflect for years on all of this. Oh, and another technique is to let the Democrats try to impeach Trump, which would fail, and tthen they would say that “the people have spoken,” and now we must heal and go on. Voting them out, one by one, is the only possible way to win the country back; and they have put up many vote suppression and gerrymandering roadblocks designed to maintain permanent power. Gorsuch is the man who was carefully selected to validate them.

  278. He will never be a real president.
    Just look at this mental infant.

  279. Interesting take on that video is that the guy Trump shoves is the president of Macedonia, the newest member of NATO and a Putin target.

    Yes, William, the unlikelihood of Republicans convicting Trump and Pence in a Senate trial is another reason why it’s more likely we’ll be struck by an asteroid tonight than that this scenario would ever play out.

  280. The latest revelation about Comey swallowing Russian disinformation only confirms my belief that with all his blabbing about emails along with his silence on Russian meddling, Comey was trying to help Trump and kneecap the smart lady. This changed when he realized that Trump & Co. were too incompetent to trust. Like the Ultimate Bureaucrat he is, he set about saving himself. Trump obstructed justice by firing him, but Robert Mueller is now running the investigation. I believe he can be trusted. So if we want the truth, we’re better off now. He had a good relationship with Hillary when he was FBI Director and she was SOS.

  281. Correction: The man Trump assaulted is the president of Montenegro, not Macedonia. Everything else is correct. Sorry.

  282. Comey deserves a long, long, long time in Purgatory

    As for Vladimir Mother****ing Murdering Dictatorial Piece of $#!+ Putin, I hope the B!tch Goddess Karma has something special in mind for him.

    And by “special”, I mean “Classic Twilight Zone Ironic Retribution” special. 😈

  283. So today we got to watch Paul Ryan cite states rights as an excuse for seating ( assuming he wins) in the House of Representatives a man who throttles people when they ask a simple question. Sure hope if he’s elected,that no people from Montana have any questions about health care..imagine the carnage.

    Also,did you see the look on trump’s face after he pushed the Prime Minister of Montenegro out of THE MASTERS way? I’ve seen that look many times before,having worked around elementary schools for 30 years..that’s the kid that can never handle it if anyone else gets in the front of the line. What a shame that the “leader of the free world” hasn’t the social filters of a Kindergartner.

    The day after the election last year I told a friend of mine from Canada that I was ashamed of my country..I continue to feel that shame…even though I never voted for the guy and it becomes increasingly clear that the election was massively fraudulent.Especially when federal courts are ruling all over the place that the gerrymandering was blatantly racial..and I’d add, so were the voter registration and voter suppression campaigns.

    So many fronts to be challenging the Repub Billionaire Overlords;especially when they’ve hooked up w/ the Russian Oligarchs.Where’s Frodo when you need him?

    Man,I’m pooped and I know they’re counting on that.Think I’ll go watch a new episode of Grace and Frankie…that always cheers me up.Stay safe on your Memorial Day travels, Uppityites. We’d like to keep you all around for the continued resistance.

  284. NEW POST UP.

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