Let’s Play A Game.


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  1. Oh, but if her 3 million votes could have been counted we all know there would be as many law suits as possible.
    Can’t the election be ever thrown out? What does the constitution say about that.
    Terrific lay out of your “new” game.

  2. Ding, ding, ding, ding! The smart lady sipping coffee, of course. Hope there are prizes!

    Seriously, Jared better hope the Feds lock him up before the state of New York. With that baby face, he’d be in for it in state prison.

  3. Bernie was a bust in Montana Special Election. Again.

  4. Love it, Uppity! Yes, Brassy Rebel, I agree it’s the smart lady sipping the coffee, and I hope we both win prizes. If you were to repost this line up later this summer, how many other faces may show up? How far would we have to scroll down to see them all? The smart lady would still be the correct answer.

    But the main face I’d like to see implicated is His Orangeness Highness himself…

  5. Sharon, I wonder how the election could be invalidated, too. Or what kind of provision could be developed for the future, even through a law or amendment, to allow it to be throw out in the case if treasonous collusion with a foreign government.

    What if such laws were passed at the state level? They are the ones with the Electoral College electors? It’s a civics lesson and challenge, indeed.

  6. This is brilliant, Uppity! Today’s laugh or is it cry.

  7. Comments not posting. 😕🤔

  8. Ok. That one did. 🙁

  9. I just saw some of Hillary’s commencement speech at her alma mater, Wellesley College. She brightened our day! She made a great, implicit comparison of her first speech in 1969, during the Nixon Administration, to today, without mentioning tRump’s name. Hope to find a link to her speech to share.

  10. Here’s link to outstanding HRC Wellesley speech. You’ll laugh, cry and lament all over again.

  11. For those who missed HRC’s Wellesley speech:

  12. All I want to see is and hear is LOCK THEM UP. TRUMP, FLYNN AND THE REST OF THE CROOKS.

  13. Yes, the Trump campaign’s Russian colllusion was the cup where the ball was hidden; all the nonsense and utter lies against Hillary were the misdirection designed to lure the people’s attention and take their country away from them. The old shell game works even better in an era where you can con millions of people via mass media, as opposed to one at a time on a street corner.. We will hope that the FBI and SP Mueller will at least effect some justice, albeit conveniently too late to get Hillary inaugurated. Plenty of small-time crooks have known that if you yell very loudly and point,, ‘Hey, there’s something going on over there!,” most people will turn and run to that spot, making it easy for the criminal to get away.

  14. Yes, there absolutely should be a do-over, but of course there won’t be. And the Republicans will never. change the EC, because it benefits them, which is their only yardstick for anything. The EC is not only ridiculous, it is disproportionate; CA should get 270 EVs to WY’s 3, to reflect the population ratio. But the only way to change it is to have a Constitutional Amendment, which three quarters of the states ratify; or a Constituional Convention, which probably would end up takng away the good Amendments in the process. We are all victims of an arcane and improper election system, and have to somehow work around it. Democrats have to do what Republicans excel at: finding ways to do: game the system, turn it to cold political advantage, and not worry about fairness. Just Win, Baby. It’s a great shame it has to come to this, but so much is at stake, that it must now be seen that way.

  15. Re-posting from near-end of last thread:

    The GOP: Vengeful Alpha Wannabes and Sore Winners

    It’s not enough for them to have more tangible and intangible goodies than they know what to do with. They want the rest of us to have nothing. 👿

  16. I understand that John King on CNN said that Hillary viciously attacked Trump personally in the Wellesley commencement speech. And Amy Walter said she should have been more humble. WTF is wrong with these assholes? Hillary called out Trump and his regime as the flaming, putrid pile of garbage that they are and told the graduates to never sit down and shut up when told to. The patriarchal media will never understand the mortal danger Trump poses to us and to America. And that was key to getting us here.

  17. The real problem of the USA is not Trump (and his imitators, such as Gianforte). The problem is the legions of dimwits who adore them, because they can’t tell the difference between strength and courage, on the one hand, and douchebaggery on the other hand. 👿

  18. The dimwits, psychologically, never outgrew the adolescent equation of douchebaggery with strength.

  19. Speak plainly, and you get called vicious and not humble enough by those who have stakes in keeping you down. Screw ’em!

  20. I hope Hillary and Chelsea completely ignore the media from now on.Trump insulted virtually every European leader; they may stop giving us vital Intelligence; and the media is excited for another chance to hammer away at Hillary for doing things, not doing things, something or other. They are like children; they are afraid of Trump and not of Hillary, so they revert to bullying her, it is more fun for them. Hillary being humble or not is utterly irrelevant to the problems facing this country, but it’s terrain the media is most comfortable on.. I didn’t see the speech, but what I read said that she never mentioned Trump by name. John King and others had better worry more about Trump Republicans physically attacking or killing them, not Hillary’s comments.

  21. Luna, that was a kick ass speech by an “Uppity” woman to “Uppity” women stoked on reason, truth, critical thinking and service to others, women about to be let loose on the world that gave us trump. Those who belittle her are afraid and they should be.

    Paulette and Voting, thank you so much for the video. Gods, does she give me hope.

  22. John King should be worried about being body slammed by some Neanderthal Republican.

  23. Cats, agree, we’ve got to speak up, and speak plainly. Call BS when we see it. A “so what?” when they call us ugly, or uppity, or mouthy or whatever other term they use to try shaming independent, smart, strong women.

  24. Yes, the idiots in the press are so stupid. Right now I’m hearing breaking news about Jared Kushner setting up secret channels with the Russians. The press completely ignored the biggest story in 1/2 a century to ask Hillary why nobody likes her.

  25. Turned on my TV to find Hillary speaking this morning;what a breath of fresh air.Reasoned,funny,kind,relevant.Then ,of course, for the rest of the day all the pundits had to say something nasty about her..just in case she rose up.They don’t want to have to cover her again because they’ve already run out of nasty adjectives and fictitious blame games. Brassy,you just described why I stopped watching CNN.
    MSNBC was also petty,but less so.

    Hillary looked like the Village Elder who was enjoying irritating the Village Idiot’s thin skin.

    Whenever I’ve heard her speak, since the second day that shall live in infamy..she’s reminded me that we may yet have hope to live in a country that stands for truth,justice,compassion and inclusion. Oh,and some fun,too. remember fun?

    Stay safe this weekend,Uppityites;we continue to need your voices,energy and ideas.

  26. Voters in Montana literally told reporters that they didn”t vote for Quiet because Bernie campaigned with him. Not a single know-it-all dude told BS to sit down and shut up because he’s hurting Democrats. Hillary gives a terrific Commencement speech at her own Alma Mater and a great interview to Rebecca Traister of New York magazine. Once again the dudes are out in force saying she needs to go away because she lost. And the funny part is–she probably didn’t!

  27. Voters in Montana literally told reporters that they didn”t vote for Quist because Bernie campaigned with him. Not a single know-it-all dude told BS to sit down and shut up because he’s hurting Democrats. Hillary gives a terrific Commencement speech at her own Alma Mater and a great interview to Rebecca Traister of New York magazine. Once again the dudes are out in force saying she needs to go away because she lost. And the funny part is–she probably didn’t!

  28. Let’s hope Dana Bash-es John King in the nutz.

  29. VotingHillary, on May 26, 2017 at 8:45 PM said:

    Traister’s doing Olympic level both-sides splits. Repeating Hillary smears without any analysis, then finally after many quoted and unchallenged paragraphs by media heavy hitters, she gives a bit of weak pop-psych support (Wuh? Sexism in 2017? Who knew?)

    No courage whatsoever.

  30. Love the image!

  31. Head of the NSA Admiral Mike Rogers says Trump approached him to try to get him to discredit Comey and the FBI and that there is damning evidence of Trump’s collusion with Russia.

    Rogers then added that such SIGINT exists, and it is damning. He stated, “There is no question that we [meaning NSA] have evidence of election involvement and questionable contacts with the Russians.” Although Rogers did not cite the specific intelligence he was referring to, agency officials with direct knowledge have informed me that DIRNSA was obviously referring to a series of SIGINT reports from 2016 based on intercepts of communications between known Russian intelligence officials and key members of Trump’s campaign, in which they discussed methods of damaging Hillary Clinton.


  32. Betty Cracker knocks it out of the park. :mrgreen:

    Peak Dude Bro

  33. What is wrong with the New York Times? We know about their dreadful election coverage, running with the bogus “FBI finds no clear links between Trump campaign and Russia,” and all the Hillary attacks. Now, they run a ludicrous statement about the Kushner efforts to establish a backchannel to Russia; they say that “A backchannel was proposed to discuss Syria, but it never was put in place.”

    This “story” is simply Trump/Kushner spin. It makes no conceivable sense. Why would a backchannel be needed to discuss Syria? The backchannel was specifically proposed by Kushner, and the Russians were apparently surprised. Syria could be discussed on the telephone, or in person. Further, this was two months before Trump was installed in office. Obviously, this backchannel, which was to completely bypass the Defense Department and the military, was to either discuss Russians sending billions of dollars to Kushner and Trump in exchange for lifting sanctions, or something even worse than that, such as allowing U.S. soldiers to be killed in order to achieve some Russian political goal. The NYT “story” isn’t even bad journalism, it is Trump propaganda, as if the NYT is now the Trump State News. How did a writer and an editor allow this to be published? Even Fox News probably wouldn’t go this far.

  34. I understand that John King on CNN said that Hillary viciously attacked Trump personally in the Wellesley commencement speech.

    Aw she hurt a white man’s fee fees. Boo Fucking Hoo. She was viciously attacked by Trump daily for a fucking year. So eat it, John. This is why I NEVER watch CNN.

  35. I see a lot of comments landed in Trash. Beats me. I fished you out.

  36. G7 leaders took a stroll in Sicily and “The Healthiest President, Ever” AKA LARDASS used a golf cart. Imagine if that were Hillary. But that’s okay, I hope he eats lots of KFC every single day. As often as possible. And hot buttered biscuits. A lot of them…

  37. Spammy is being cranky over at Riverdaughter’s blog, too.

    May Gregg Allman rest in peace in Raspberry Heaven.

  38. Loved Hillary’s Wellesley speech. Brought many smiles to my face, along with sadness of what could have been with her as our President.

  39. Agree, WLM, she was defiant, wise and hopeful. She truly “blooms where she is planted.”

  40. Ivory Bill, enjoyed the Betty Cracker post!

    Its been years since I’ve watched cnn. It sounds insane from all of your comments. You’re brave souls to wade thru that dreck to see what the enemy is up to!

    Upps, thanks for the new thread! Cute puzzle!

  41. Ah, that’s a sweet header for this weekend!

  42. I have been having trouble posting so I guess it’s my turn “in the barrel” as Roger Stone would say.

    I don’t watch CNN either. Not ever. But John King being an asshole was reported on Twitter which is where I get my news these days.

  43. Trump riding a golf cart while other G7 leaders go for a stroll once again raises serious questions about his health. But the NYT is too busy spinning for the Borgias, I guess.

  44. Wishing all uppity women and the men who love them a peaceful Memorial Day.

  45. Given his diet and his obesity, add in a demand for a cart, and it would be a pretty good bet to assume he has peripheral artery disease (PAD) and finds walking painful enough to need to stop and start. This guy is a mess. WOuldn’t be surprised if his carotid arteries have blockages eitehr.

    Did you all see this clip of him?

  46. Could be arthritis or poor bladder control.

  47. Hmmm,my last three posts haven’t surfaced here.Ah,well,karma. Today on AMJOY she had a segment where ,apparently, some of the male persuasion are PO’d that the next Star Trek series has a female/Asian Captain and a female /black second in command. They’re complaining that it constitutes white genocide.
    Wow, these wienies are so weak they can’t even handle having fictitious female women of color in charge.And these sensitive snowflakes want to run the country? PITIFUL!! Let us hope these past few months constitute their death throes and final hurrah.

  48. Upps @ 7:30pm, I saw that. I believe he has dementia. My Dad would do that in the early stage.

    Sweet Sue @ 6:59, What a nice thing to say. We wish the same to you!

    Earlynerd, thanks for that link!

    Msdsal @ 10:00pm, God that’s so pathetic. Trumpoids for sure.

  49. He had that faraway look.

  50. Exactly.

  51. This fucker better not die before we can impeach his fat ass.

  52. It is an interesting question: trying to frame it optimistically, would we (people on our side; the nation in general) be better off if Trump died soon of natural causes? Or if we waited for the slow drip of information which might at some point lead to impeachment (remember, it takes 67 Senate votes to actually remove from office via conviction)? Do we absolutely need a purge and catharsis via complete revelations about the scope of Republican corruption? Woudl we ever get that in any case? (we didn’t with Nixon, it was set up so we would not). Is there some way to cast a wide enough net to also get rid of Pence? Are we better off with Pence than Trump? (My feeling now is, yes, if only because Pence is not losing his mind, and because he has no charisma and would perhaps lead to lesser right-wing vote turnout). Not that we have any control over any of this, but it is an interesting
    thing to mull over: What is the most reasonably possible result of all of this which would give us the best reasonable outcome? I think it is a given that Republicans will fight tooth and nail to avoid disclosure and keep power. The odds of us getting what we really need as a country are not very high, because the Republicans are the omnipresent monkey wrench in the mechanism of democratic government, and they have the power to thwart virtually any discovery of the truth. Or so it seems at this moment in history.

  53. Annie, that article on Sanders was very good. He is like some officer in the Civil War who continues to take his troops on self-indulgent sorties which end up costing lives and seriously damaging the major army’s goals.

    There were voters in MT who stated after the election that they did not vote for Quist because he campaigned with Sanders. Sanders and his acolytes do not help any Democratic canddiate enough to make up for the votes cost by deliberately running against the DNC and the Democratic moderates. And yet those destructively foolish people would probably be happier losing race after race,and more national elections to horrifying Republicans, than with supporting mainstream Democrats who would do good things, and could actually put the party back in power. Sanders is the Pied Piper who actually led his followers off the cliff, and he will do it again, out of arrogance, dogmatism, and spitefulness.

  54. Hillary went the length of the Chappaqua Memorial Day parade without a golf cart. How did we end up with such a low stamina POTUS? Oh, yeah. The Trump campaign deliberately projected Trump’s health problems onto Hillary, just as they did with all his other problems. Media never called them out. Sad.

  55. This is amazing:

    🇫🇷 Avec #Poutine à ses côtés, #Macron qualifie d'organes de propagande @sputnik_fr et @RTenfrancais, médias financés par le Kremlin pic.twitter.com/6RiMDYjYU8— B3infos (@B3infos) May 29, 2017


    Completely unfair that other countries not only get hotties when they do choose men as leaders, they get intelligent, gutsy hotties.

    (WRT the video caption, though…poutine libelz!)

  56. This is the Peter Daou tweet that started me on the search for the video:

    Not something any GOP "leader" would do. https://t.co/wKBkPM2h1B— Peter Daou (@peterdaou) May 29, 2017


    Bradd Jaffy’s site referenced here also has an English translation of Macron’s remarks – just had to post the original because the speech is so controlled and adult, but still forceful and unapologetic – and because “Poutine’s” face is so priceless.

  57. I dunno, Rebel, did Dump ever start coughing on that trip? I bet the media would’ve been right. on. that. /s

  58. Nerd is that comment in spam really you? The hodgepodge of foreign tweets that nobody can understand? Gee, it’s to hard to understand how it landed in spam…….um..

  59. Sorry, Mme. Upps. Won’t happen again!

    (just had to get that “Poutine” out there – bet that becomes Putins new nom de net now!)

  60. Here’s the Bradd Jaffy tweet that has English coverage of Macron’s standing up to Putin -to his face-. I committed the faux pas of posting the French original because Macron is so controlled and adult, but still forceful and unapologetic (and because “Poutine’s” face is so priceless).

    Macron said this today while standing literally right next to Putin. Damn. https://t.co/4G6SoaMYGh pic.twitter.com/1246Od0bRS— Bradd Jaffy (@BraddJaffy) May 29, 2017


    It’s completely unfair that other countries not only get hotties when they do choose men as leaders, they get intelligent, gutsy hotties.

    (WRT the video caption, though… poutine libelz!)

  61. It’s completely unfair that other countries not only get hotties when they do choose men as leaders, they get intelligent, gutsy hotties.

    And, they speak French!!

  62. I was always taught that wishing for the death of someone was very bad for your karma…HOWEVER..it’s apparently OK to pray that someone go somewhere else where they’ll be much happier.
    Watching trump’s behavior @ the Arlington ceremony today;when he was singing, shouted out dementia or mental illness to me.You can’t tell me that someone who attended military school doesn’t have ,deeply engraved,the knowledge of the seriousness of such a solemn occasion.
    Maybe what Jared wants to tell the FBI is that trump is mentally compromised…for whatever reason.And Ivanka met w/her dad’s lawyer to see if they can get him out of trouble by pleading mental incompetence.I know a few doctors who’d be willing to sign onto that just to get the guy out of office.A lovely rest home for a millionaire;that’s the ticket.Can’t think of a better way to honor those who sacrificed for their country than returning the country to competent hands.Not that pence is much better,but at least he knows how to ,mostly,behave in public.

  63. William, completely agree with this:

    “He is like some officer in the Civil War who continues to take his troops on self-indulgent sorties which end up costing lives and seriously damaging the major army’s goals.”

    Sounds just like Slanders and his horrible crew.

  64. Hahaha Nerd, WP thought you were a foreign spammer.

  65. God, Uppity, I only wish – at least until the Orange Menace & co. are removed.

    Sorry about the repetition in the posts – I assumed WP was going to continue go all francophobe on me and did want to get those digs in. So petty of me 🙂

    Sweet Sue, maybe we could add “speaks French” to the min quals for POTUS and see what happens???

  66. Trump did seem confused in that clip. Maybe that is why he wants his family involved in all his meetings, etc.

  67. Idiot-in-Chief acts like he’s at some ballgame. What a disgrace to our military.

  68. @ Voting, WTF? This is American’s POTUS?! What an ass.

    Haven’t been able to play videos for a few days on my laptop but it’s working now. Dolt acts like he’s in kindergarten. Hmmm, meaningful pause there by Mattis before he begins clapping.

  69. @Sue, yes, that is horribly unfair. (Sigh.)

  70. Trump’s Approval Ratings Are Even Plunging in Right-Leaning Poll Reports
    By Chris Riotta On 5/30/17 at 12:46 PM


  71. Another first for “The Donald”…first POTUS to drunk tweet:

  72. To start your day out right:

    “Hillary Clinton won the ‘Most Admired Woman’ for the 15th consecutive year and a record 21st time overall. Clinton has been at the top of the list since her husband’s first full year as president, 1993, and has stayed there every year besides 1995 and 1996, when Mother Teresa and Laura Bush won the honor.”


  73. Voting @ 1:07pm, Omg! He’s such a creep. And I still think he has dementia.

    Also, thanks for the link about Hillary!

  74. Twitter is going covfefe over covfefe. It even has its own hashtag. My phone keeps respelling it coffee. Apparently thinks I’m drunk.

  75. Enough is enough! I have had it with these covfefe snakes on this covfefe plane! 😛

    Take any quote, from real life or fiction, and substitute “covfefe” where the Spirit of Covfefetude moves you.

    And let its creator be “Preznit Covfefe” henceforth. 😈

  76. [dudebro]

    Hillary would have made more and bigger Twitter goofs! And e-mailed them! While sacrificing Libyan orphans to Cthulhu to remove her cankles! Berniwoodawunnit! WAAAHHHHHH!!!1!

    [/dudebro] 😈

  77. My covfefe experience.

  78. Hahahahaha! Priceless covfefe!

    Let’s make it past perfect, plural, SOON.

  79. Liberal media my ass! Kathy Griffin will spend the rest of her life paying for a stupid, tasteless photo shoot. Trump hasn’t paid a thing for suggesting that “2nd Amendment people” should shoot Hillary. Ted Nugent hasn’t paid a thing for advocating that both Obama and Hillary be assassinated. And a newly elected congressman was actually rewarded for body slamming a reporter, something that could have killed him or paralyzed him for life.

    This double standard is brutal and unrelenting. Yet the MSM is still viewed as “liberal” even by itself.

  80. How about this cockroach saying Hillary should be executed by a firing squad

  81. Hillary appeared at the Code Conference today and talks about why she lost. Its excellent of course, but media scum still trashing her for “not accepting responsibility”!!! Anyway, she is great and you can see it here:


  82. That covfefe thing was hilarious on twitter last night.

  83. MACA!

  84. Priceless covfefe!

    I keep wanting to read that as “Princess Covfefe”.

    Maybe that could be Ivanka’s new name? 😛

  85. Great HRC Unplugged! She’s so smart and passionate here. Again, oh what a tragedy she’s not in the White House. But it’s forward looking and a blueprint for what we can do and what she’s going to be doing in the future.


  86. The ‘Manchurian’ President?
    [Ross Douthat]

    Ross Douthat MAY 31, 2017

  87. BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! 🙂

  88. Perfect, IBW. “Princess covfefe” she will be to me forevermore.

  89. Dang,Hillary really laid it all out in her interview today;she called out a lot of people and organizations that needed calling out.
    God grant that one of these days this country starts listening to what she says:
    She was right about health care all those years ago.
    She was right about the Right Wing Conspiracy
    She was right about trump being temperamentally unfit to be President.
    And she’ll be proven right about why and how she lost the election.

    Maybe now that she’s not running for office people will listen..hers is the only voice of reason that the press feels obligated to cover..so we need her more than ever now. And they can’t keep saying..E-mails,e-mails,Benghazi,Benghazi.

    Plus.Yippee..looks like Sessions is going down!!Third lie and you’re out..Jefferson Beauregard.If the fate of the world wasn’t at stake…this would be kind of fun.

  90. VotingHillary, on June 1, 2017 at 12:36 AM said:

    Thanks so much for that link. I loved hearing Clinton saying everything, all of the everything, we’ve been saying for a year and a half.

    But that female moderator! She’s the epitome of every cowardly woman coworker who’s taken a giant step backward when I’ve stood up to management. The video was worth watching to hear Hillary being her intelligent analytical self, but due to that female minus quantity, not quite the geek catnip I’d hoped for.

  91. Msdsal, Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III on the way out?

    Do tell! Please!

  92. Paulette, I saw your earlier link just now to Hillary’s video. The later one caught my eye because of the in line video. A more careful reread of comments would have caught it – thank you very much for posting it.

  93. And socalannie, on May 31, 2017 at 5:28 PM – again with the Hillary link!

    Dayum, it pays to read carefully. And too right about those $%@@ media scum.

  94. You’re sweet Earlynerd! No problem at all. The only thing that matters is that we all get to see it! 🙂

  95. Well, that didn’t take long… 😛

  96. Nerd, it appears that Beauregard ‘forgot’ about yet another Russia meeting.

  97. Not to create any false equivalence or imply one thing is worse than the other, but I was struck by what LeBron James said after the racist vandalization of his house. I think it has some relevance to how Hillary is treated.To paraphrase:

    “No matter how much money you have, no matter how famous you are, no matter how many people admire you, being a woman in America is tough.”

  98. Trump said that he fell asleep while tweeting. I have never taken any drugs, but I don’t think that someone would fall alseep while typing on a computer or phone, unless one were under the influence of heavy medication, sleeping pills, or something else. I can’t conceive of typing some characters, then falling asleep in the middle of it, hitting the wrong keys before losing consciousness. Is anyone else speculating about this? It is not “a typo.” He is the President; this should alarm everyone who is not already alarmed.

  99. This “HIllary must take responsibility for her loss” is just a phony attack on her. I don’t recall anyone demanding that McCain or Romney t”take responsibility” for losing an election. If Hillary somehow got up and said, “Yes, it is all my fault. I am a terrible candidate, I have no good ideas; Comey had no effect, Russian hacking had no influence, massive voter suppression in key states, didn’t do a thing, it was all me,” what would that get from the media? “:Well, at least Hillary Clinton admitted that she is solelyr esponsible for all of this. Thanks, Hillary for admitting the truth, now go away forever.. You are the cause of all the misery we face.” You don’t think that the media would actually say, “Okay, now let’s support Hillary for President in 2020”? No, they tortured her, misrepresented her, scorned her, consistently refused to discuss her plans, her ideas, how she would change the country if elected. Now they just want her signed onfession, before they ostracize her to beyond the city walls, with all their suppressed guilt assuaged.

    This CDS is like some fanatic religion which requires admissions of guilt and repentenance fbefore the burning at the stake. It should be obvious to all of us that nothing Hillary ever does or says is enough for the media. Not how she talks, or smiles, or laughs; not her wardrobe, her hairstyle. What she actually says about issues, or how she would be as pressident, is not of any interest to the media. Hillary is the media’s perpetual scapegoat, and they reltentlessly try to get their audience to join in the ritual. The truth is that had the media done even 25% of their journalistic job, HIllary woudl have won in a landslide. And had anyone in Obama’s administration, done something about the purging of 2 million voters in Ohio since 2011, and the fact hat Wisconsin did not provide the IDs mandated by court decision, and all the Crosscheck denial of voting rights; and had the media made this any kind of story, not only would Hillary have won, but the nation’s political system would not be overrrun by Republican soulless zombies. The media doesn’t know what to do with any of that, though, and in general they prefer Republicans to win, so they just ignore all of it and pound away at Hillary.

  100. William, excellent comments! Thank you! Now Old Joe Imbiben is tweeting up a storm, trying to position himself for 2020, and advertising his superpac. I think Hillary’s pac is about helping other democrats win, I think Imbiben’s is about himself becoming prez. His tweets made me nauseous, they say stupid slogans, like “we’re better than this,” which I took as another slam against Hillary. If he runs, I hope she doesn’t help him.

    And falling asleep while tweeting?!? And then he hit the tweet button while sleeping? Every week I’m more convinced he has dementia. If he makes it to 2020, he’ll be in terrible shape.

  101. Thanks, Uppity, for that almost inconceivable news /s.

    William & Socalannie, it’s becoming more and more obvious that (as Molly Ivins would have said) our only president is seriously impaired in some way.

    And the media CDS that helped install him continues full force, with no reflection or responsibility on their part. I’m so glad to see Hillary refuse to play their blame games – may the resulting outrage give them all apoplexy!

  102. “I’m so glad to see Hillary refuse to play their blame games – may the resulting outrage give them all apoplexy!”


  103. Annie, the worst primary scenatio would be Warren on the Left and Biden on the other side. I am now thinking that Sanders won’t run, not if Warren does, there is not enough room for two of them. But there are enough puritanical Left people who are determined to get their way, that their candidate, probably Warren, would get a good deal of support. Warren ccannot win a general election; she is not an effective candidate, she has basically one issue, and she is simply too far Left for most voters.

    What we need to do is to find a solid moderate-to-liberal canddate to oppose Warren. Biden would be a ridiculous choice, most of his speeches, as you say, consist of platitudes and impassioned calls to honor. He is also a poor campaigner, as witnessed by his results when he did run. I don’t know who the alternative to Warren would be, but I know that Warrren cannot be allowed to get the nomination, because we can’t afford to lose another presidential race for decades. Booker is hated by the Left already. Chris Murphy might be feasible; maybe someone like Adam Schiff or Eric Garcetti? Gillibrand? None of these are nearly as good as Hillary, but we certainly cannot let Warren, or Biden take control of the Party. Too bad that many of the exttreme Left didn’t consider the problems in coming up with a new and winnable canddiate, but of course they are used to losing;;what matters to them is their self-styled purity. Among my many concerns is that we will end up with a McGovern-like candidate who suffers the same political fate. Or, if Warren is defeated in the priimaries, witll the Left carp and sit out again? Someone has to bridge that gap. Or are we going to now get a series of Trump-like outsiders, business people, actors, running?

  104. And had anyone in Obama’s administration, done something about…

    We needed Churchill, we got Chamberlain.

    That’s why Wall Street wanted him in 2008; they figured Hillary would make them take at least a shallow bath, while the comparatively naive Obama would let them off the hook–though he did show enough savvy to remind them that he was the only thing standing between them and the pitchforks.

  105. Which brings up the question of why the Democratic Party had to sell a portion of its soul to Wall Street to begin with: They needed the money for campaigning and messaging, to try to compensate for the millions of non-elite Stupid White Folks who–BEFORE the jobs were shipped off to the various Dictatorstans and BEFORE the borders were thrown open–deserted the Democratic Party because they just couldn’t stand those uppity women and uppity Negroes and uppity hippies and uppity non-(pseudo-)Christians and uppity erotic non-conformists and anyone in general who wasn’t just like them.

    The Stupid White Folks of Real Murka wanted to punish the Others, and so they bit on the GOP’s “Southern Strategy” hook, line, and sinker, and they are still flopping in the GOP’s boat.

    Not that the SWFs are, or were, confined to the former slave states. Lest we forget, George Wallace won the 1972 Democratic primary in that kudzu-strangled cradle of the Confederacy, the state of Wisconsin. As the late, great Hunter S. Thompson said, that proved that there were just as many mean, stupid bigots in the North as in the South.

    As Thompson’s earlier colleague Mencken said,

    Democracy is the theory that the people know what they want, and deserve to get it good and hard.

    The Stupid White Folks of Real Murka now will get the government, society, economy, and ecology they so richly deserve.

    The problem with that, of course, is that those of us who deserve something better will also get what the Stupid White Folks deserve.


  106. Oh, I forgot uppity eggheads. Real Murkans really, really hate themselves some uppity eggheads.

  107. William & Ivory Bill, enjoyed your comments. William, I agree, don’t want Warren or Biden either. I’m hopeful someone good will rise from the pack and distinguish her or himself. We have a lot of good politicians on our side.

  108. Early Nerd ,looks like Uppity answered your question about Session’s possible exit.Of course that assumes that laws matter anymore.

    As per usual,Hillary understands that we have to build up the DNC,not through the traditional party apparatus ;which is stagnant,has ALL the problems she pointed out yesterday and is still chained to that pillar of virtue and purity,Bernie.

    My guess is that through her PAC she’ll be getting the grassroots moving by investments in the right places and organizations. The Clinton Foundation has a stellar record of funding groups that are efficient,effectual and cost effective.That’s why I sent her some money right off the bat.Unlike the DNC,I trust her to identify and fund those groups that’ll do the most to get us back in the game.

    Progressive AND Practical..persisting,resisting,insisting AND enlisting.

    Whenever any branch of the Democratic Party calls me for money,I tell them I’ll send them money once they cut loose that guy from another party who wants to run the show.Usually we don’t get that far into the conversation though,for those times when I forget and answer the phone.Usually I’ve hung up two sentences into the conversation.

  109. ‘Whenever any branch of the Democratic Party calls me for money,I tell them I’ll send them money once they cut loose that guy from another party who wants to run the show.”

    Msdsal, love it!

  110. Voting, great article!

  111. Msdsal, love your response to the current “Dems” – they deserve all that and more.

    I thought this can’t be repeated enough:

    Between Al Gore’s “loss” and Trump’s win, Greens helped cause the 2 most detrimental setbacks to U.S. climate policy.— Marc Love (@marcslove) May 31, 2017


    From a Peter Daou tweet (can’t embed his w/o hiding the above)

  112. Hillary was also right about the Republicans being the enemy. Right after she said that old Joe Biden had to say something to the effect that that statement by Hillary was untrue and counter productive. We have a bankruptcy law courtesy of old Joe that is a love song to the credit card companies. We also have Clarence Thomas on the bench thanks to him as a Senate Judiciary chair at the time.

  113. I love that Charles Pierce column. Hillary bitter? I don’t think so, but who has a better right to be bitter than she does? Many of these pundits are not just trying to normalize Trump. They need to normalize the whole election to absolve themselves of all blame. So they become unhinged whenever Hillary speaks.

    Someone asked me what evidence I have that the media was mean to Hillary because of misogyny. Just look at how differently they treat both Melania and Ivanka. Especially Ivanka! They fawn, gush, and drool over her as if she wasn’t a worthless phony who is running a massive pay-to-play operation right out of the White House. But she’s superficially glamorous and SILENT. The silence is especially important. She never speaks truth to power, although her media fans keep telling us that’s her job in her father’s regime. Anyone who still doubts media misogyny is a thing need look no further than Ivanka Trump.

  114. I’ll bet that totally incongruous jazz band at yesterday’s announcement was Ivanka’s idea. That’s the kind of empty optics she’s there for.

  115. Sometimes I just cannot resist..

  116. Saw this on yahoo. So true.

    George Takei

    Donald asks “At what point does America get demeaned? At what point do they start laughing at us?”

    Literally, the moment you were elected.

    4:33 PM – 1 Jun 2017

  117. Here are some simple things the DNC might say they stand for:
    1) Truth- you know like real facts,not fake news,not without scientific data.
    2) Justice- for all..not based on your skin color,your income or country of origin.
    3) Compassion- for those in need,the sick,poor elderly and disabled
    ( physically,mentally or due to addiction) ..not endless,self-righteous judging and shaming.
    4) Inclusion- that means everyone..not based on your religion,ideology,country of origin,income or sexual orientation.

    So,truth,justice,compassion and inclusion.That’s a vision/mission statement I think most of us could get behind.Sounds simplistic but it seems to me that this stuff needs defining and clarification because trump has attempted to redefine the meaning of these concepts and folks are a bit confused about who we are and what we believe in ( at least most of us) in this country.

    Just sayin’
    Oh and thanks, Early and Socal for your kind comments.

  118. Even if sanity can be restored in 2018 and 2020, how can the other nations of the world be certain that Snoop Pooty Poot won’t be able to engineer more of his stooges into the White House and Congress, in the next elections after those?

    Snoop Pooty Poot has shown that he can play our country’s vast population of Stupid White Folks like a Stradivarius, and they’re not going anywhere. 😡

    And bravo Mr. Takei! :mrgreen:

    However, his best line about Preznit Covfefe is still:
    “Tinkle, tinkle, little czar. Putin put you where you are.” 😈

    Live long and prosper, y’all.

  119. So Bill Maher, long known by many of us to be a misogynist, said the n-word on his show last night. Sexism and racism usually go together, and this underscores that point. A Bernie supporter during the primary, Maher has been a loud voice ordering Hillary “back to the woods”. I suppose his defense will be that he too marched with Dr. King.

    We’ll see if this white male comedian gets the full Kathy Griffin treatment.

  120. Thank you Voting for the link to a very good article.
    I’m angry myself that even Al Franken is saying Hillary has to: “move on” about her loss. She WON bastards…crooked REPtilians took power of our democracy.

  121. Not quite, Bellecat.

    Even the Reptilians, even Fauxlord Covfefe himself, are just high-ranking stooges.

    A HOSTILE FOREIGN POWER took over our country, and the people who love to strut around and boast about how they love themselves some Amurka so much more than the rest of us do don’t give a flying duck about it, or even approve of it (“At least the Russkies are white”). 😡

  122. Voting, thanks AGAIN for posting a Hill event video. She never ceases to impress; listening to, and watching her, always makes my heart ache to think what might have been if she was our 45 in these troubling times.

  123. Democrats need to stop “moving on” and start fighting back. It’s the Democrats following rules and norms even as Republicans trash all the rules and norms that has helped land us in this nightmare in the first place. And it isn’t as if all this playing nice has earned them any points from the “liberal media” where “both siderism” is supreme. That is when they’re not actually blaming Democrats for some Republican outrage. In this political climate, “moving on” is for losers.

  124. Brassy @ 2:09am: “Democrats need to stop “moving on” and start fighting back.”

    YES!!! Right on, Brassy!

  125. For you general amusement:

  126. Thanks so much for posting the speech,Voting.That’s the most uplifting 59 minutes I’ve spent in a while. What did the media,the right and left come away with from this wonderfully open and honest discussion…get over it. Brassy is absolutely right..NOT GETTING OVER IT UNTIL IT’S OVER!! And it ain’t over until the fat guy’s out of office. ( Meaning no disrespect to my fellow large people;just a play on words from the traditional fat lady)

    Would be spending today popping my popcorn for Thursday,but popcorn doesn’t age well..so will wait.Here’s hoping the walls start tumbling down this week.
    Plus,doesn’t Mike Pence remind you of that holier than thou jerk from high school?The word smarmy comes to mind.

    Onward through the fog,Uppityites!! The resistance will prevail..eventually.God willing we’ll all last that long;may we all be witnesses.

  127. Besides the blatant insult to Hillary, the thing which really infuriates me about these “Hillary should move on” comments, is that Hillary is actually trying to tell America something crucial!’ If nothing is done about things like Russia’s pervasive hacking of our entire governmental system, they will do it again, even worse, next time. Republican voter suppression efforts are increasing every day. Gerrrymandering is getting even worse. And the media is increasingly being taken over by the Far Right; as the despicable Sinclair has bought the Tribune Company, which includes the Los Angeles Times and the Chicago Tribune, meaning those two respected papers are now ruined as journalistic entities. And the New York Times seems to be disintegrating as a respected newspaper before our eyes.

    Although the same media refuses to see it; and even people who should be right behind her, like Franken, are taking the wrong tack, Hillary is pointing out very serious things which Democrats have to perceive and fight, or we will never win another election. The forces which want to act like it was Hillary ‘s fault; that Sanders or Biden would have won; that someone else will win next time, are either inadvertently or purposely trying to obscure the statk realties of what we are facing. What CNN despicably ran as “Hillary’s Excuses Tour Continues” (I will never watch CNN again, and have not since the election), is Hillary answering questinos she is asked, and Hillary trying to tell America what malevolent forces there are trying to destroy our democracy. Once again, she is trying to save America; and once again, the usual suspects want to hide and deflect that, to make it all about her, just like they ignored or subsumed all her policy positions during the campaign, in favor of the superficial and trivial personal criticisms of her.

  128. Shit’s going to hit the fan now. We have subs stationed in Bahrain & multiple military/educational facilities in Quatar.

  129. To me, it looks like her detractors can’t get over that they can’t erase her. It pisses them off. As if they believe they get to decide who can and can’t talk, only to find out they don’t have that kind of power at all. I find it kind of delicious. She gets under their skin every time she opens her mouth. I hope she does more of it just for spite.

    It’s pretty obvious that she doesn’t give even a small fuck what they think. The fun is that it makes them angry that she doesn’t.

  130. The Democrats are starting to piss me off even more than the usual suspects. They should stand with her, not run from her like she’s radioactive. When I came home early Sunday morning and saw that my own Senator has joined the Amen chorus trying to get rid of her, I just lost it and had to comment. It’s like they’ve all bought into the “Bernie woulda won” BS and now they’re all going to chase the WWC. Good luck winning elections with a demographic Dems haven’t won in decades and without Hillary voters–especially the base of women of color. This is EXACTLY what the Republicans want! OMFG! Dems are stupid losers. Deal me out!

  131. From 2010-2015, Democrats lost 87 House seats, 9 Senate seats, and a massive amount of state elections. Hillary certainly had nothing to do with that. Blame Obama, blame DNC, DCCC, poor messaging; incessant right-wing news on TV and radio, dumbed down citizenry, any or all of that. Anyone who thinks that Democrats were somehow doing well because Obama won two elections, one of which occurred while the country was suffering an economic collapse, is deluded.

    Democrats are the only hope, since Republicans are presently the worst political group this country has ever seen. But Democrats seem hopelessly fragmented, between the puritanical Left currently represented by Sanders and Warren, and the White Male Middle, represented now by Biden. Neither of these groups can win. Obama and Hillary won the popular vote by appealing to women and minorities. If Democrats stupidly focus on WWC voters in the Rust Belt, they will lose because many of those are beyond their reach, and because minority voters will not turn out. If Democrats nominate someone from the Left, they will lose millions of moderate voters.

    Hillary appeals to a large base of women, moderate-to-liberal men, and many ethnic minorities. She actually was a very good candidate, undoubtedly better than the next one we will get. Any move to alienate this essential base, is immensely stupid. But Sanders and Biden are arrogant people who think they know best for everyone, and are going to grab the rudder and sink the ship for good. It is imperative that the Democrats nominate someone who can pull together a winning coalition. Biden has never won any election outside of Delaware, and Sanders was crushed in every single major state primary outside of Michigan. Pretending that the DNC somehow fixed the primaries, is not only insulting to intelligence, but is an effort to obscure the reality that if Sanders were nominated, he’d win about ten states nationally, and destroy the Democratic Party. Warren the same.

    Trying to push Hillary aside, apart from being utterly presumptuous, spiteful, and misogynistic, is incredibly stupid, as it will lose the next election in advance. Now, I don’t think that it is a bunch of Democrats are asking Hillary to step aside; I think that it comes from Biden, and from the Sanders wing, which wants to make sure that she doesn’t run, and that Sanders will have his egotistic moment, which would result in destroying the Democratic Party forever, worse than the McGovern people destroyed the Democrats for 20 years. The right-wing media and the few left-wing types both have a vested interest in exiling Hillary, and it would work out to the same exact political result.

  132. What you said,William,Brassy and Uppity!! I just want Hillary to keep talking..whenever she can and where ever she can.Hers is the only public voice we have right now who has a series of workable policies and ideas.Eventually,when they get desperate enough for an adult voice;people will start to listen..even if it’s Hillary saying what needs to be said.
    One thing we know about our Hillary..she may occasionally need a walk in the woods..but she’ll never just sit down and shut up.Come to think of it,neither will we. 🙂

  133. …incessant right-wing news on TV and radio, dumbed down citizenry…

    Mainly those two, IMHO.


  134. Oh, and Snoop Pooty Poot. I hope I live to see that SOB meet the B!tch Goddess Karma.

  135. Speaking of BS:

    Bernie Sanders made more than $1 million last year—comfortably putting him in the 1 percent https://t.co/MdKyTxR0cZ pic.twitter.com/DKupNM3TeQ— Newsweek (@Newsweek) June 5, 2017


    The thread that follows is a stellar example of Bernouts’ double standards and excuse-making. Can’t stand those touchy self-righteous hypocrites, but it’s a treat seeing them line up to be called out and shot down (in the well-known argumentative sense of the word, of course) in such numbers.

    Peter Daou had the original tweeted link, but his said “Posted without comment or judgement”. I’m nowhere near that nice.

  136. ECYP speech: Wow she goes after 45 and his enablers and supporters every chance she gets. I love it!

  137. Please feel free to check my math on this, but if these numbers are true, they should be proof Obama would not have won 2016 either (BS’s consistently losing numbers are their own conclusive proof, of course). If Hillary only had 60K less than Obama for his last election, but needed 70K, he would have lost by 10,000.

    5/ And yet… that pesky little factoid lingers: 65.8 million votes for HRC, just ~60k less than Obama in ’12 w/ .2% less turnout nationally.— Charles Clymer (@cmclymer) June 2, 2017


  138. Me, I’m just waiting for the Hillary “I told You So” speech..heck,why not make it a whole tour?
    There was a guy on MSNBC today;formerly w/the FBI cyber unit..he kind of snuck this in toward the tail end of his comments,but he basically said that the voting machines were very vulnerable to hacking and we don’t really know if the Russians impacted the tallies.( May be my interpretation ;but he seemed to imply they haven’t really looked)

    After I picked up the pieces of my head and took a shower..well,I’m not quite sure where to go w/that info. Am hoping the Reality leaking was a set up for a real investigation..maybe revelation during Rodgers or Comey testifying.And,yes,my head hurts.

  139. 5/ And yet… that pesky little factoid lingers: 65.8 million votes for HRC, just ~60k less than Obama in ’12 w/ .2% less turnout nationally.— Charles Clymer (@cmclymer) June 2, 2017

    B-b-b-but that’s not possible! Nobody likes her! She has cooties and rides a broomstick through the air to sacrifice Libyan orphans to Cthulhu! Berniwoodawunnit! Illogical! Illogical! You are human! Please explain! Only humans can explain your behavior! Please explain!

    [Me]I am not programmed to respond in that area…[/Me]

    100 Internets to whoever gets that reference. :mrgreen:

  140. When it comes to Russians screwing with vote tally, I have had the impression this whole time that the powers that be in both parties as well as national security bureaucracy DO NOT want to go there. It’s a can of worms they don’t want to open so there’s a ton of stuff that’s classified which they’ll never share with the American people. As if we were children who, in the immortal words of Jack Nicholson, “can’t handle the truth”.

  141. Just too many weird coincidences in numbers out of Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania.

  142. Msdsal and Brassy, totally agree. If memory serves, they were adamant that individual machines weren’t hacked but stayed away from addressing the tallies. To me, hacking the tallies would have been the smart play if you wanted to put your finger on the scales. Being the classic paranoid, I think we will never know what “they” know. It’s a political chess game and the American people are the pawns. The truth is probably the last thing they want us to hear.

  143. I checked the polls about ten times a day in the weeks before the elecction. And polls are polls, but they get more accurate as the election approaches. And some state polls are highly respected. I do not remember one poll in the week before the election where Hillary did not lead by at least 4 points in Wisconsin. I think there might have been
    one in Pennsylvania which was only 3 ponts but the rest were 4 to 6. The polls in Michigan had gotten close, I saw a few one-point leads. It is hard to imagine the WI polls being that far off, particularly the Loras Poll, which is supposed to be very accurate. It’s possible that the delibeate and grossly illegal failure of WI state officials to provide the voter IDs to 200,000 voters which the WI court had mandated, accounted for some of the error., but not all of it. I’m pretty certain that there was enough tampering with votes to have accounted for these polls to have been so far off. Interestingly, in less competitvie states, the polls were not off, why was that? No reason to tamper with those?

    We keep reading that “there is no provision in the Constitution to redo an election.” Why would there be? They didn’t anticipate everything, certainly not computers and hackers. So we are just stuck with a system where cheating is encouraged becauase there is absolutely no penalty, and you get to keep the office your party won by cheating? I do not know the answer, but the answer is not to just ignore it and say, “Oh, well, the Republicans and Russians cheated, Democrats lose again, and Republicans get to enact their agenda.” That is simply unacceptable. I say again, that if it had somehow been the other way, the far Right would be marching on Washington with their assault weapons. Liberals don’t do that, but this information has to come out, and cannot be hidden; and if it shows tampering, then a case should be filed and there should be hearings before the Supreme Court. A good Court might indeed throw out the vote, if clear fraud were shown. This Court will not. But they did throw out the NC gerrymandering, and apparently may end up with new elections in NC. There has to be some remedy; otherwise cheating is perennially rewarded.

  144. William, re your comment about “hearings before the SC,” shouldn’t Gorsuch recuse himself from those hearings by virtue of his appointment by the allegedly illegitimate president? I agree wholeheartedly that the Constitution doesn’t (how could it) address what occurred before the election but that shouldn’t mean that this astounding and unprecedented crime against the American people can’t be rectified somehow within existing law.

  145. Hard to believe we went from so much joy & pride at what could be to this much sorrow & embarrassment over what has happened to this nation.

  146. IBW, at 4:31 pm:

    The Internet wins the internets! A quick ixqiuck located the 1967 Startrek episode, complete with transcript.

    William, it would make up for and heal so much of what’s gone wrong if such a positive outcome happened under law. Part of the ongoing distress I feel from day to day is from knowing that the law, whether it was broken or only insufficient, could not protect this country at the most fundamental levels.

    Women and minority men have experience with being abandoned by the law and it not making much difference to anyone else, but this involves the whole country, and on the current course, the rest of the world. Long as the odds are, a binding, transparent and just Supreme Court decision would be the best possible outcome.

  147. I have always believed in this country, it’s values and institutions. However, this election has shaken me to the core. And the ongoing, rampant misogyny has enraged me. I would think that “the elites”, both elected officials and the media, would show some concern for citizens like me who were not at all cynical before but are deeply disillusioned now. Instead, we have pretty much business as usual from both political parties and the media as an illegitimate president trashes what is left of our national honor and pride. Really, it’s like no one cares. Everyone thought Trump’s inauguration speech referred to the condition of the country before he took office. Now we know. Trump brought “American carnage”.

  148. Brassy we care, and so does Hillary and I bet millions of others do too. I am rapidly losing all hope and faith in the republic and a huge portion of its people but we are not on empty yet.

    Well said Brassy @ 9:20 AM, I’m right there with you!

  149. Thread with important legal points on continuing refusal by those in tRump’s administration to assist in investigation:

    (THREAD) All four men now testifying before Congress—the FBI Director, Deputy AG, NSA head, and DNI—should be found in Contempt of Congress. pic.twitter.com/tGgV0M9CBn— Seth Abramson (@SethAbramson) June 7, 2017


    Lined from a tweet by Elliot Lustzig.

  150. H’mm, can’t even blame spellcheck. Should have been “linked” from a tweet. Here’s it is:

    I was out today. People tell me these guys were super forthcoming and really leveled with the American people? Bravo, patriots. https://t.co/ldVUqBV1bP— Elliott Lusztig (@ezlusztig) June 7, 2017


  151. “Here’s it is?” Okay, that’s it. I’m going hiking & chase some too-early-blooming Catawba Rhodies up some mountains.

  152. Cats, if there were such a case before the Supreme Court, Gorsuch should recuse himself, but I doubt he would. Recusal is not automatic in very many cases, though if there is a direct conflict of interest, a Justice usually does. But no one could force Gorsuch.

    A very forward-thinking Court like the Warren Court maight hear such a case; but the obvious argument would be made that if the election were thrown out, then every election could be contested by charging fraud or illegal voting. However, it is clear that in this matter, there was collusion between the Republican Party (and not just Trump) and a foreign ountry with a vested interest in the outcome; and that a deal was made between the two wherein Russia hacked the election, and Trump was to remove sanctions and allow Russia to drill everywhere, and for the U.S., to pull out of the Paris Accords, in order to keep the demand for Russian oil high. If there is no remedy (and “we must be more careful next time{” is no remedy at all), then we are giving a blank check to cheat, as the rewards are high and the cost very low. Throwing up our country’s hands and saying, “Well, there’s nothing to do about it, the election is over,” is both contradictory and ridiiculous But as Brassy Rebel suggests above, there is probably a wealth of evidence which will never come out., because if iit did, there would be a furor–except from the Right which always cheats, and the Left, which is glad Hillary lost, and thinks that “talking about Russia’ is a distraction from their ranting about this or that.

  153. Phew,that was tense.Weird to be sitting in my living room,in my bathrobe ( time difference out here people!!)watching the rule of law shredded by two of the people charged w/”protecting” the country.If what was said to them isn’t cleared up after Comey’s testimony tomorrow..contempt of congress absolutely on the table. Hey,guys,no matter how important and protected you think you are..you DO NOT want to piss off a group of senators or challenge their “powers”.

    Rachel, who is sounding better every day..did an interesting piece about how intel folks wanted to fire Mike Rogers during the last Administration and he slipped in the back door of Trump Tower looking for a promotion. Angus King did a grand job of handing these guys their asses..no sling provided..but we’ll see.

    Fasten your seat belts Uppityites;it’s going to be a bumpy ride!!

  154. Those Rhodies were no match for -me-. Caught them halfway up Craggy Dome, and they continued all the way to the top. Add a sunset with luminescent orange silver-edged clouds over the blue mountain ranges off the Parkway, and humanity looks at least a little tolerable again. Even given that a good many of the other visitors undoubtedly voted for the jackass that is trying to destroy this beauty.

    William, didn’t that one-off decision in Bush v. Gore, where the Supreme Court majority essentially appointed its own successors, open the door to future one-off decisions? IOW, didn’t this unprecedented non-precedential presidential ruling change the law to allow these?

    I know one of the chief purposes of the Supremes is to set precedent and this decision shows the rot started at least as early as 2000, but aren’t there enough rag-tag ends of law left to cover the current horrible unique situation?

    This site sums up what I based my very amateur opinion on:

  155. Upps! Just saw the new header – ace Rhodie wrangling!

  156. HILLARY OWNED SLAVES! This is a real thing on Twitter. Started by some sketchy site, it refers to the passage in “It Takes A Village” in which she talks about the prisoners from state prisons who worked as trustees in the Governor’s Mansion when she was FLOTUS of Arkansas. Best response to this bilge? Slaves were not convicted murderers. They are really two different things, you know. And exactly what was she supposed to do anyway? Help them escape?

  157. And exactly what was she supposed to do anyway? Help them escape?

    And of course, if she had done that, and somehow gotten away with it, both the Right and the Horseshoe Left would be denouncing her for that.

    The attack on Bill Clinton was probably the best-funded and best-coordinated propaganda campaign in U. S. history. It failed to prevent him from winning the presidency, or to remove him from it–but it did manage to convince just enough gullible Real Murkans of the alleged depravity of Bill and all of his associates, to keep both his veep and his wife from winning it in their turns. 😡

  158. If the Clintons (and Gore, and the Democrats in general, for that matter) were, and are, really the puppets of Wall Street which the Horseshoe Left claims they are, why do so many rich people spend so much money to keep them out of office?

    If the Democrats are really the same as the GOP on economic matters, would not the fat cats be better served by the Democrats, who are, at least, sane?

  159. Fact: 13th amendment abolishing slavery makes explicit exemption for individuals convicted of a felony following due process.

    There is probably a strong case to be made for a debate about what is just compensation for prison labor. But that’s not what this is about. This is just hatin’ on Hills. She, by the way, had a comprehensive plan for major criminal justice and prison reform.

    So damn sick of this shit!

  160. The fact that they are accusing her of ANYTHING at this point, and they have no shame so slaves wouldn’t be off-limits, tells me she still bothers them. So fuck em.

  161. LOL Nerd, glad you like the header, he’ll be at your house sometime this afternoon.

  162. John McCain sounded like a doddering old fool amid dementia when questioning Comey! What an embarrassment — his still wanting to damn HRC.

  163. McCain is just getting hammered on Twitter..and rightly so. It is as if he thinks the investigation of her server is the same as the DNC getting hacked by Russia.

    Seriously, I am pretty sure he’s a “few fries short of a Happy Meal” at this point.

  164. For anyone who missed McCain’s questioning of Comey…well, good luck with this.

  165. Well, let’s see where we are (at least in my opinion). It is abundantly clear that the Republicans in Congress are never going to impeach and convict Trump, never. If it weren’t so deadly serious, it would be very funny to look at their desperate efforts to defend Trump, deflect, lie, hide.. On Comey’s testimony we have so far heard: “Comey lied, Trump never suggested he drop the Flynn investigation.” “Trump isn’t familiar with the protocols” (Ryan) “Comey should have explained to Trump that what he was suggesting was wrong.” “He should have stormed out of the room or resigned.” “That’s just the way they talk in New York.” (Christie’s contribution). “Comey leaked (his own, unclassifed) memo.” “Comey committed a felony.” “Comey should have pursued Hillary.” It gets to a point at which they have dug themselves in so deep that no fact would cause them to reverse position; well, no fact other than some clear showing that they would lose their precious seats.

    So the House and Senate investigations are basically shams, meant to end up with ambiguous reports which will change nothing. It is indeed possible that there is now an ongoing FBI investigation of Trump, but Trump will pick another FBI Director, and likely quash that. Mueller is a much more positive possibility, he has wide powers, and is presumably investigating collusion among other things, not just Russian interference, which is all the Congress is pretending to investigate. There are also the possibility of more leaks, perhaps coming from the Intelligence groups of our European would-be allies. I have no doubt that there is a long trail of corruption, collusion, laundering of Russian money, maybe even worse things, to be followed–if it is done. Republicans, besides being soulless zombies, figure that they will just keep batting away shots on goal, making up false stories, obfuscating, clouding, attacking the character of anyone who follows the trail, until it all just collapses out of inertia, or Trump gets at least his four years, and they get to destroy the country in the process. They know they have Fox on their side, and probably CNN, plus all the right-wing radio talk hosts, to push their lies, to make them sound equivalent to the truth coming from the other side.

    The ballot box is ultimately our only real opportunity to change this awful course. These people will never go away by their own volition. No matter how many impediments are put in the path of voters, they must doggedly get those IDs, go out to vote, stand in line for a day, if they have to. And we need a strong narrative, which is out there in front of us, if a few self-aggrandizing Democrats would stop preaching some kind of sanctimonious purity. The people who got put in office over the last couple of decades are never going to cede their own power, they think that they are appointed by their deity to gain and hold their positions. It is going to be up to voters, as ignorant as many of them are. If Democrats could win the House in 2018, there will be many more investigations and revelations. For now, Trump is planning to hold out in his bunker, with the right-wing Congress lined up to protect him.

  166. they think that they are appointed by their deity to gain and hold their positions.

    Right-wingers who are religious believers believe this, whether what they want is money, political power, and/or anything else.

    Non-believing right-wingers simply substitute “superior Darwinian evolutionary fitness” for “appointed by divine will”.

    The right-wing believers (mostly Christian of one kind or another, in this country) conveniently ignore all those things which Jesus Christ [that dirty hippie ;)] said about the hollowness of earthly wealth and power, and indeed that those things could (not necessarily would) interfere with genuine communion with God.

    IMHO, the god most right-wing Christians worship is actually Mammon, as in “You cannot serve both God and…”

  167. It gets to a point at which they have dug themselves in so deep that no fact would cause them to reverse position; well, no fact other than some clear showing that they would lose their precious seats.

    The Dilemma of the Repugnants: Even the ones who are not, themselves, demented must answer to funders and voters who, beneath a facade of sanity, are stark raving mad.

    Cheeto Mussolini’s two strengths are the Repugnant base, and Putin. Alas, neither one is going anywhere soon, though I would enjoy being mistaken about that.

  168. A bit of sanity after having to watch that Senate shit-show this morning:

  169. Uppity @ 11:47 am

    I’ll be here with garden trowel at the ready!

  170. Paulette, I have no idea why you always land in spam!

  171. John McCain needs top pick up his fucking gold watch and go play checkers somewhere before he becomes the next Strom Thurmond.

  172. I don’t have Twitter. There are a few occasions when I wish I did, just to write about a thousand tweets about something which really bothers me. This is one of those times. I am heartily sick of these goddamn Bernie people saying “Bernie woulda won” over and over again. Last night’s UK result has caused another eruption of this. Attacks on Joan Walsh, Joy Reid, anyone who has the termerity to try to point out the realities which the Bernie diehards simply refuse to look at. So I can’t tweet about it, but I can perhaps rant about it a bit here.

    First, of course, the Bernie narrative must find a way to get around the fact that he lost primaries by about 4 million votes. Actually, he mostly won caucuses, which are utterly undemocratic rituals. Putting that aside, they keep yelling that “the primary was fixed!,” and that, “the DNC rigged it.” Of course, primaries are run by states, the DNC has nothing to do with them. But they cannot admit that Bernie just lost badly in votes, it must have been fixed. Certainly, the Russian propaganda duped them, but they wanted to be duped. The DNC people didn’t like Sanders much, so this somehow meant that they rigged everything, and Sanders would have gotten more votes had they not. Utter nonsense, but they will not stop saying it.

    Now, in some sense it does not matter what they say; I could just choose to ignore it. But there is a real danger here, which is that the Left once again is determined to attack any moderate-to-liberal Democrat as impure. This of course plays right into the Republicans’ hands. I appreciate the fervor of being young politically. My generation got all excited about McGovern, whom I never liked much, and who of course got destroyed in the election. My mother’s first vote was for Henry Wallace in 1948, because she and many young liberals were very upset at Truman moving away from FDR’s economic policies. She was always rather rueful at her mistake, but I could understand it. These Bernites do not seem to have any knowledge of American political history. The truth is that American is much more politically conservative than the UK or France. It just is. Socialists are not going to win elections in America. Every generation seems to think that it will be different for their generation, but it is not. McGovern got routed; Dukakis, whom I liked, was handily beaten. Sanders or Warren will never win a national election; and if the Republicans win another one, this country is cooked, literally and figuratively. But the Bernies don’t see it; and they will try to drive the Democratic Party to permanent marginal status with their smug purity.

    And one more thing: All these people who keep insisting tht Bernie woulda won, what are they really saying? That a bunch of them refused to vote for Hillary out of spite and stupidity? Because how would it be that Bernie would have won and Hillary not–unless it was because Bernites who would have voted for Bernie, refued to vote for Hillary? They aren’t suggesting that Bernie would have won Trump voters? Maybe they are, maybe they are that stupid. Sanders is a mirage, an illusion which the Left always chases after. They thought it was Jesse; then they thought it was Dean (who really is rather conservative); then Obama; now Sanders; next Warren or Alan Grayson, or maybe they’ll try to bring back Feingold, whom Hillary outperformed in WI, despite Bernie’s stronger support for him than for her. Or maybe Kamala Harris, whom I don’t much like, and who is pretty clearly self-aggrandizing. It is obvious that Democrats cannot afford to lose another election, but the Left is all too ready for it to happen, if they don’t get their way. Don’t think that if Bernie and Liz are denied the nomination via votes, that the “Bernie woulda won” crowd will be ready to support someone else. Part of being active in politics is having to accept some losing; and one ordinarily gets behind the Democratic nominee, even if one isn’t thrilled with him–like with Gore or Obama for many of us here. But the difference is that we see the greater good, while the doctrinaire Left does not. Hillary ran on the most progressive platform ever for a major party candidate, and yet they don’t even want to see it, they keep calling her “neoliberal,” or “a centrist,” or say that she never talked about policy, when that’s all she did, every day.

    I do hope that anyone here who agrees and who does like using Twitter, might put out a similar message, even though I don’t think any of the brainwashed Bernites are going to even consider an alternative viewpoint. At some point, I wil completely stop trying to convince any of them, because I think they are mostly now beyond reasoning with. Those of us who, as I do, care about improving the country, and winning elections for our side, are going to have to outvote them. I think that ethnic minorities might help; and hopefully a lot of women who do not have the narrow moral certitude of the Bernie Bros.

  173. Yesterday felt,to me,originally,like a parade ;only w/fewer clowns than usual.But as I thought about it over the past 24 hours..it has come to resemble a well orchestrated dance. I think Comey set a good portion of this up to entrap trump and some of his merry men.He revealed just enough information to not expose classified information but to hint that there is a good deal of “there,there”. This puts Sessions,Coates and Rogers on more of a hot seat than they were before. Then he threw Loretta Lynch under the bus just to be “fair and balanced”..just like FOX news and possibly w/the same motives as FOX news.Fascinating peeling the onion on this one..not the way I’d planned on spending my retirement..but,hey,fascinating none the less..

    So re: Comey,grudging admiration w/a healthy dose of nausea re: his self-righteous bent. And,seriously,who says “Lordy” anymore? It’ll really piss me off,on a certain level,if he ends up a hero in all of this.Maybe he’s just trying to do penance for letting trump get in there in the first place.

    Going to run away for awhile tonight and maybe even part of tomorrow.Need a break from all of this..very few places left to hide,but I am determined.

  174. William, if the Bernie Bros can’t get it in their head after all their candidates losing I don’t know what to say to them. They are as bad as the Trumpers. They are using this Corbyn thing now but Corbyn LOST. All Corbyn did is LOSE BY LESS than was expected. Labour needs to give Corbyn the boot if they are going to return to power. One of them pointed out something about Corbyn proving that we need to follow his example. I said no, the facts do not bear you out. I said if you want to follow a model you follow the one of Macron in France not Corbyn. Corbyn lost and Macron won.

  175. Comey reminds me of Kenneth Starr-so convinced of his unimpeachable rectitude.
    “Lordy.” What grown man says something so stupid?
    However, if he can be an instrument to bring Trump down, then Lordy, Lordy, Hallelujah.
    William is right as usual. Can we imagine how many African-Americans would have stayed at home in November if Bernie (who’s now a million-air) had been our candidate?

  176. Corbyn lost narrowly and is supposedly a model to follow. Hillary lost the anti-democratic EC and must sit down and never speak again.

    So-called People’s Summit in Chicago this weekend. Some on Twitter calling it the People’s Temple given its cult-like followers.

  177. In other news in white mansplaining, Biden is still on HIS Joe woulda won tour. My dream for 2020 is that both Biden and Sanders run and knock each other out with their know-it-all old white dude schtick.

  178. The Corporate Media and the Horseshoe Left are obliged to blame Hillary’s defeat on Hillary (and maybe her staff as well), because if they admitted that the election was stolen from Hillary, they might then be further obliged to admit their roles as “useful idiots”, in unwitting service to the thieves. 😡

  179. And that unwitting quality of their service to the thieves–which means their service to foreign despot Vladimir Satanovich Putin–is the only thing which makes them idiots instead of traitors. 😡 😡

  180. The GOP serves its wealthy masters–the Koch Brothers, Adelson, Mercer, and their ilk. Just as in WW2, many of these fat cats are traitors, who want the other side to win, because they think they can pick up the pieces, and become absolute owners and rulers of the defeated USA which remains. 😡

  181. You paint a dark picture Ivory Bill, but I agree with every word.

  182. Off-topic: Turn off the Bat-Signal. 😦

    Adam West dies at 88

  183. Comey Testimony: What He Didn’t Say on Russia Probe Should Worry Trump Most
    By Jeff Stein On 6/10/17 at 11:51 AM


  184. It’s too bad that slob animal abuser Robin didn’t go first.

  185. Hahah Comey was the kid in grammar school who took names down of kids who talked when the teacher left the room.

  186. Comey was the kid in grammar school who took names down of kids who talked when the teacher left the room.
    And, then, expected to be popular.

  187. Upps @ 8:50pm LOLOL! You nailed it!

    Also, Sweet Sue, “and then expected to be popular.” Priceless!

  188. William, enjoyed your rant upthread. I can assure you there is a huge multitude of Hillary supporters on twitter that are always taking on the Bernie-bots and any other “alt-left” loonies. I see them everyday, and their arguments are similar to yours, and once in a while you will see a bot back down after being out-argued in every way. The Hillary force is strong on twitter.

  189. Annie, that is good to know. Hillary supporters need to stay strong and not be intimidated by the media people who somehow want to spend all their time attacking her. It’s crossed the line from spiteful stupdity to literal insanity. As to Sanders, he is doing Trump’s work for him, attacking the Democratic Party in increasingly virulent ways. Today, Trump basically just echoed what Sanders said.. We have to thoroughly discredit hm, or otherwise he will once again alienate enough Left voters to make sure the Republicans win. He is providing immense propaganda against the Democratic Party, through his own delusions of grandeur. He has now turned into some monstrous kind of revolutionary demagogue who is bent on destroying every policy value he claims to care about, as a sacrifice to the demands of his own maniacal egomania.

  190. Bernie bots are like unicorns on Twitter these days. Mostly I see people going directly to Bernie and telling him to go fuck himself. He’s lost his punch. So we keep punching him because he has it coming. An Ossoff win will be a direct blow to him. I haven’t seen him on TV or read anything about him. His candidates lose. I myself tweeted him to him that Ossoff will win so long as Bernie doesn’t hold a rally for him. lol.

  191. I hope you are right Uppity and Ossoff will be a blow to Bernie. I thought Quist losing in Montana would be enough but the goal posts got moved to “Montana isn’t a good test case” for Bernie.

  192. Also Emmanuel Macron in France not only won the presidency as a centrist. His party is headed for big gains in parliamentary elections. For some reason, the bros are not touting these facts to support their “Bernie woulda won” fixation. Oh, I forgot. Macron is a neoliberal, corporatist shill. And he is literally a banker. He doesn’t just give speeches to them.

  193. The Bernie Bros are always telling me that Bernie’s candidates win despite all evidence to the contrary. I’m glad to hear that people are telling Bernie to suck it. Ossoff has had NOTHING to do with Bernie THANK GOD.

  194. Hillary supporters need to stay strong and not be intimidated by the media people who somehow want to spend all their time attacking her.

    Again, the media must now double down on the Official Reality Propaganda Trope that Hillary’s loss is all the fault of Hillary and her people, because to admit that the election was stolen would be tantamount to admitting their role, however unwitting, in enabling the thieves.

    I have lost the respect I held for Senator Sanders as recently as 2015. The man has fallen in love with the sound of his own voice.

    I must be a slow learner. It took me until 2016 to recognize how little difference there was between the Hard Right and the Hard Left in the USA. They believe many of the same conspiracy theories, and hate, or at least oppose, many of the same people.

  195. I read a review of Bernie’s summit. This group does not seem interested at all in the Russian interference. And I do not remember Bernie ever expressing any outrage, although to be fair I find it impossible to listen to him. What’s wrong with these people. He and his followers seem deeply immature, to say the least.

  196. This is just…..(smacking my head).

  197. @VH: It probably sounded better in the original Korean. 😉

  198. IBW, watching Trump’s cabinet fawn over him was like watching the politburo flatter Brezhnev.
    Where the hell are we?

  199. Uppity @ 7:10am, love your comment about Ossoff & Bernie! So true! LOL

  200. Voting & Sweet Sue, I know, seeing that made me want to hurl. Did you guys see the one where Schumer and his staff mock Dump & his half wit cabinet? I’ll see if I can find it.

  201. socalannie, I did see Schumer’s parody-funny.

  202. Well, Ralph Northam (D) Lt Gov of VA just won the primary tonight against Tom Perrilo who was backed by Warren and Sanders. Not one candidate they have supported has gone anywhere. They have no coattails. This should be a signal to the DNC. Their support is marginal at best.

  203. Eurogirl70, the VA primary was fixed by the DNC. The way we know that, is that the Sanders canddiate lost. In primaries where Sanders or the Sanders candidate wins, it is proof that the Sanders approach is the way Democrats need to go. If they lose, it’s more indication that the DNC has fixed everything.

    On a more serious note, it appears that most of the Sanders people refuse to understand or learn what any of us who follows and cares about politics knows: 1) Democrats are far better than Republicans. This is infinitely true in this era. 2) For Democrats to be able to gain majorities in statehouses and in Congress, they have to be an inclusive party. VA and GA are not MA or VT. We need moderate candidates in some of the states, because the purity progressives are not going to win there, no matter how much they yell and complain. We can have a liberal agenda as a party, but it has to be electable. And there are not enough people who are inclined to vote for someone on the outskirts of the Left. Many people are now mentioning Kamala Harris because she is making an impression at the IC Hearings. But I doubt that she could win a national election, unless the economy completely collapses, at which point any Democrat could win. I am as liberal as most, but we need to win state and national elections with solid candidates, some of whom are moderate, and a few who may even be conservative by our standards, but still are far better than any Republican is now. If you keep throwing away most of your cards in an effort to make a royal flush, you will lose many thousands of dollars before you actually hit one, by which time you may not have any money left at all.

  204. William I am incomplete agreement. Winning state and local elections is imperative. I am tired of Sanders and his ilk. Northam is a very good candidate for Gov.

  205. Well, I guess we now know the trump administration’s strategy for dealing w/ the whole “Russia thing”. The development of this new layer of proactive executive privilege or “I don’t feel it’s appropriate to speak” will drag the whole process out into private congressional sessions,grand juries and courts. They’re just stalling for time.
    I suppose we should be grateful for that due to trump’s highly efficient level of incompetence..the only thing that’s saving this nation from the repub ghouls.
    Still,hard to watch;painfully frustrating..amnesia followed by lack of recall.lies,distractions and red herrings.
    On a positive note,I didn’t hear anyone blame Hillary today.That’s progress. 🙂
    This is like the longest trip to the dentist EVER!!!

  206. Maybe now we’ll get some gun control.

  207. Doubtful that we’ll get gun control behind the shooting targeting GOP congressional members. More likely that the line will be “more security and better/bigger weapons for security detail and capitol police.” More in keeping with conservative America line. Rep. Mo Brooks from Alabama, who was on scene, is already spewing this kind of rhetoric. And we didn’t get much of a move for gun control after Gabby Giffords was shot and almost killed … Did we? I do hope that if it pans out that the shooter was a rabid Bernie backer we can get some prominent democratic voices to speak out against the danger of letting this wing gain even more traction in the democratic party. This way lays madness. An added excuse for Trump’s America to crack down on even peaceful protests.

  208. Turns out that this gunman was a big Bernie Sanders supporter. Another example of how another angry old man who feels he isn’t getting the attention or accolades that his “gender” and or race is deserving of (whether he be on the left or on the right) is the biggest danger to this country.

  209. I wonder if Putin’s henchmen might not have cultivated this numbskull, in much the same fashion that the FBI has been known to cultivate young numbskulls of Middle Eastern ethnicity to become jihadis, then busting them once they’ve done enough to be busted for, but before they can actually carry out any attacks.

    Since the Grody Old Perverts are now either witting or unwitting servants of Putin, he would want their opponents discredited. The wingnuts have been pushing the trope for some time now that the Left is actually more violent than they–never mind that if the shooter was a Leftist, he would be the first Leftist terrorist in this country since the Unabomber, who in turn was the first one since the SLA, which I am just old enough to remember. Meanwhile, right-wing terror has been simmering for years, especially from the anti-abortion wackos.

  210. Ivory Bill. I have no doubt that there is truth in what you say. All you have to do is take a look at Jill Stein (of the Russian Times Gala), Edward Snowden, and Julian Assange on the left as examples. Also take into account that with this shooting today no one is talking about Russia or Jeff Sessions.

  211. So where was Bernie’s outrage when his BernieBros-BrownShirts were spreading their bile over the internet all during 2016?? Like Trump he created the same hate filled culture which can make crazies like this present shooter feel validated and motivated.

  212. I think Bernie might be more responsible for this last atrocity although I am always happy to blame Putin for anything.

  213. The media is giving the impression that the hot mess of a human being who did the shooting is a Democrat. All they say is that he was a Sanders supporter who hated Republicans and Trump. They neglect to mention that he also hated Hillary and voted in the GE for Jill Stein. So we’re all being tarred with this thanks to Bernie who is shocked, shocked! that one of his supporters could be violent because, geez, none of them have been violent before. Sanders attracts creeps, losers, and the violently unstable then plays innocent when one of them goes off. He’s not as bad as Trump, but he’s not blameless either. There is a dark side to populism on both left and right.

  214. Brassy Rebel, I was thinking the same thing. It is not that Sanders caused this person to carry out violent acts, but his angry and virtually nihilistic campaign appealed to some of these unhinged people looking for targets to blame and hate. Trump’s campaign drew far more of them, but Sanders had many as well, and the fringes have gotten worse of late. I think that Hillary’s supporters are the most non-violent, polite people out there. Hillary had a positive and inclusive message. Sanders and Trump had angry demagogic messages that the system was broken, corrupt, rigged. Trump engendered hate, and capitalized on it. Sanders drew in people who detested Hillary for some reason, who gravitated to his message that everything is fixed against them, because of some shadowy global or financial forces.

    I am much afraid that we are going to see major violence against Democrats. Many of the insane Right see this is some kind of football game, or the Hatfields and the McCoys. I have read that three different Democratic candidates have recently withdrawn from races because of death threats against them and their family. If Democrats are afraid to run, we have a one-party state. The media, bad at the best of times, is doing a dreadful thing if they describe this shooter as a Democrat, when he was a mentally ill, hate-filled person who ended up in the Sanders camp because of its inflammatory, “all in” rhetoric. And it does occur to me that triggering an unbalanced person to shoot at Republicans would be a classically authoritarian way to make them martyrs, while inciting massive violence against Democrats.

  215. Scalia’s life was saved by a black lesbian cop. Media ignoring this too. Because it’s just too deliciously ironic, I guess.

    And the Bros have started in on Kamala Harris who is “corrupt” and as a former prosecutor “believes in slavery”. They have annointed their next Hillary!

  216. That’s Scalise, not Scalia. If he had been saved by a black lesbian, that would have been even better!

  217. This is good:

  218. This is the tweet she was responding to:

  219. Brassy @ 2:04pm, spot on, to both your comments. (Black lesbian cop & Kamala)

  220. William @ 11:57am, excellent comment, love the Hatfields & McCoys illustration. I think Fox has been fomenting this for years.

  221. I don’t know why she’s surprised that this guy is finally saying ,”Enough”: Republicans tend to only respond when their own asses are on the line..other people..not so much. Children? Meh. Inner city kids? Culling the herd. ( OK, that may have gone too far;but seriously, as the woman said..this is their breaking point?) Not the least bit surprised.Actually,I’ll only be surprised of this ever becomes some kind of legislation that isn’t funded by the NRA.
    Good thing these guys made it easier for the mentally ill to get weapons because..2nd amendment.Missile launchers will be approved next.
    I’ve been arguing about gun control since 1968.I’m tired..where’s that next generation? Are they still pouting about Bernie?

  222. Republicans want civility now?
    Until they curb their Media attack dogs-especially on the radio-they can talk to the hand.
    Anybody else old enough to remember when G. Gordon Liddy-he of Watergate infamy-said on his radio show that he used cut outs of Bill and Hillary Clinton for target practice?

  223. Part cute break, part clever pleading for urgent action to oppose tRump’s & McTurtle’s attempt to steath-pass ACHA:

    Say it with puppies!

    (from a retweet by Peter Daou)

  224. Where did everybody go?

  225. Satiation,Sweet Sue! Everyone needs a trump break and I’m sure somewhere the sun is shining..not here in the great NW,though there’s rumored to be some coming tomorrow.
    The heart and brain can only tolerate so much input.Time to hit the pause button. Not to worry,SS;we’ll all be back once we can breath again.
    But,hey,thanks for noticing and asking. 🙂

  226. Mike Pence’s Private Email Account is Costing Indiana $100,000 in Lawyers’ Fees
    By Graham Lanktree On 6/18/17 at 6:54 AM


  227. Thanks for answering, Msdsal. I thought that there was something wrong with my computer.
    It’s not really on my radar, so I forgot that this was Father’s Day weekend. Happy Father’s Day to all.

  228. I have this sense that the election in Georgia 6th District tomorrow is going to to have a lot of psychological effect. Our side needs to win something. The special elections have been in red districts; D’s have come reasonably close in KA and MT, but close is not enough. This is one I thiought we’d win. But we see that shadowy PACs are running horrendous ads against Ossoff, claiming that “the unhinged Left is applauding the killing of Republicans.” That is of course the general gameplan; use their billions in Koch and Mercer money to despicably lie about Democrats; flood Twitter with bots repeating the lies; convince just enough people to believe them, to win more victories and elect people who will fill the coffers of the oligarchs. Democrats spent $24 million on htis race from contributions. How many times can they do that? The oligarchs have set up a system where they obtain an endless supply of funds. A Democratic loss here, while certainly in a red district, is going to dishearten people. A win will help encourage them. I thought we would win; we still might, but we have seen this before. And of course GA has no paper ballots at all, and very questionable machines.

    Obviously, our side needs not to lose heart, and must keep trying. I wish I had more confidence in the DNC to raise the money necessry to win, and get it to the right candidates. And if there are any Democratic billionaires, they need to pour it in, too. On another subject, the stock market keeps going up, for some reason. I have read that only about 10% of trades are done now by single investors; the rest are all done by machines, based on various algorithms. It is like a game of machines, there is very little economic data behind it, except for the fact that Wall Street loves no regulations, and lower corporate taxes. But I am virtually certain that if Ryan and McConnell get their way, and pass the AHCA and the corporate tax cut, the American ecomomy will collapse, just like the economes of Kansas and Oklahoma under far Right governors. Crush the middle class economically, and you wreck the economy. However, this does not mean that there couldn’t be a sort of “Soylent Green” situation, where a few very wealthy people control everything, and everyone else lives in abandoned cars in the streets, and eats crackers. In Oklahoma, they are down to four school days a week, as they have no money to support the public school system. If Republicans can get this society back to the 1880’s and the tenement slums, and no child labor laws, they will be thrilled.

  229. As long as I am in a writing mood, I will add that at least 40% of the country has been brainwashed by right-wing media and their own innate ignorance, into thinking that this is all a sports event, where the only goal is to win, no matter how. There are millions of people who would rather lose their safety net, watch global warming get worse, if they can just see those “libtards” lose,and to have minorities get trampled on. And the totalitarian government of course tells them that things are going well, the economy is booming–just like it did in “1984.” People who cannot tell truth from fiction, and who desperately need to feel that they are on “the winning side,” as Fox always assures them, are destroying the fabric of the country. I do not think that there is anything which will wrench them from their rigid positions. Maybe if there were some all-liberal networks to give them another perspective, but that’s not happening.

    I used to write sports predictions for a living, and I know a lot about the sports fan mentality, particularly in the South, SEC country. Most of those programs cheat in recruiting, pay players, fix grades. Their fans don’t care. Watching a big SEC football game, with the packed stadium and rabid fans cheering wildly, can be exciting–until one cannot escape the reality that it is basically all those people have. And that they see everything in the same way, their side against some hated other. If Handel in GA 6, who said that she does not support a liveable wage, who is against every socially and economically progressive program, wins, they will be inanely exultant. Maybe a few of them will ultimately figure out that they have been led along and expoited, but they haven’t so far.

  230. The Republicans in the Senate are determined to pass this shit show of a “health care” bill. Anyone who thought the Senate would improve upon the House version and remove the worst features has been proven wrong. Since no one has seen it, it’s hard to know, but word is it’s actually WORSE than the House bill.

    The GOP has to believe that there will be zero political consequences for passing something this wretched. Even Trump called it “mean”! So now the question becomes what do Republicans know about next year’s Congressional elections that the rest of us don’t? Have we already ceased to have free and fair elections in this country? I don’t think 2016 was an abberation; I think it may have been the beginning of the end for American democracy.

  231. Brassy Rebel, yes, I immediately had the sense that Hillary winning the popular vote and then maybe losing the three key states by about 80,000 votes total was not a sign of better things to come, but possibly the last high-water mark for Democrats in elections.

    This may not be the case; the fact that at least some of what happened has come out, might help a bit. This recent incredible “leak” of data on 200 million voters by a Republican firm, shows the horrifying extent to which elections have now been turned into mass brainwashing (they would eupemistically call it “targeted marketing”) of the entire populace. Collect individualized data on every voter; get their Facebook and Twitter pages; specifically target fake and lying ads toward them, telling them exactly what the analysts compute as what they need to hear to change their vote to the Republican candidate. It is a science fiction nightmare turned into reality. Most people cannot discern or withstand this targeted brainwashing. Put that together with the bots flooding the sites, and the fake or insane Leftist people attacking the Democrat, and it’s amazing that Hillary got the votes she did.

    I’m sure that the sophistication of this will increase, and that the Russians will do it again and again. Democrats simply have to wake up (that is you, Tom Perez, who have done virtually nothing right so far), and conduct a massive media campaign calling this for what it is, totalitarianism. Republicans must be called “the party which wants to take away your right to think and choose,’ ‘fascists who are trying to run this country like Nazi Germany or Stalinist Russia.” Democrats always shrink from such demonization (Republicans do it all the time), and of course the media is always right there to act aghast at the Demorcrats for not being the bewildered losers that the media wants them to be. Just hoping that this will go away; or falling for the dangerous and wrong narrative that “It was just Hillary, anybody else would have won, we will surely win next time with this or that candidate,” would play right into the malevolent brainwashers’ hands. And we have not even talked about the possible fragmentation of the Democratic Party, without Hillary to bring out a tremendous women’s vote, plus gain the support of all minority ethnic groups.

  232. In Huxley’s Brave New World, all the grim and brutal deeds which had led to the establishment of the, well, Brave New World Order had happened long ago. Once it was established and running, with its psychological conditioning from (artificial) womb to crematorium, brutality was no longer needed, and discarded as inefficient.

    If William’s scenario continues to materialize, Huxley will have proven to have gotten closer to the truth about the future than Orwell.

  233. OK you guys,cut it out. Even if your doom and gloom is accurate my preference is to at least have a few good days before the Apocalypse.Denial may be more than a river in Egypt, but it can also be a useful tool for getting through the day..or at least the next year or so.
    Lawrence O had a theory ( which I am pleased to report occurred to me yesterday) that McConnell is trying to rush this health care bill through so his peeps can claim to have voted for the repeal of Obama care..knowing full well that there’s no way the bill can be reconciled w/the House version..thus giving both the House and Senate some cover. Hey,I don’t really care where the damn thing dies..I just want it dead.
    We knew this was going to be a long road;that we’d have good and bad days..even strings of each. There’s still a lot of shit to shovel and they’re generating it faster than we can shovel but,hey,we ain’t dead yet..the arch of justice and all that.So homework assignment..try like hell to think of a few things that just might work to keep us all afloat..have a drink,eat something,distract yourself w/ a movie or music.We need you all back out here tomorrow with your brains,hearts and humor.
    Thus endth today’s sermon.Or cheerleading,depending on your point of view.

  234. Msdsal, can I at least put a “Just Say NO to sex with Republicans” bumper sticker on my car? In honor of their current attempt to criminalize and punish women for all things sexual (even pregnancy and birth now, ffs!).

    Then I promise to forget all about the creeps for a few days – okay, I’m nagging my two rethug senators tomorrow again, but after that.

  235. Off topic:

    Run for your lives! THE KILLER BEECATS ARE COMING!!!1! 😮

    Well, one, anyway. 😛

  236. Well, shozbot. I don’t know why that link didn’t work. I’ll try one more time, then give up if it doesn’t work.

    Click here.

  237. Hey,Early Nerd..not meaning to censor and I heartily endorse your bumper sticker.Personally suffering some last Nov. PTSD today after yesterday’s losses;irritability being the current most prominent symptom.
    Mama said there’d be days like this. Sigh.

  238. Msdsal, I don’t seem to do irony so good 😦

    Not censuring you for censoring -at all-, just trying to be funny about getting a last dig in at the reThugs before taking a much needed sanity break. I thought your suggestion was pretty reasonable, in fact.

    RE: Ossoff, I think this article has a very good perspective:

    This might be the worst Democratic freak-out ever https://t.co/1EhYSc6ywy pic.twitter.com/5pYlRAfMg0— Jonathan Chait (@jonathanchait) June 21, 2017


    Ossoff was a long shot initially, then came amazing close. The usual suspects (sleazy Cillizza, inter alia) are in forefront with the faux hand-wringing, but that’s their job : demoralizing Dems.

    As the Chiat article notes:

    But the reason the party has lost all four special elections is glaringly simple. It is not some deep and fatal malady afflicting its messaging, platform, consultants, or ad spending allocation methods. Republicans have won the special elections because they’ve all been held in heavily Republican districts.

    The special elections exist because Donald Trump appointed Republicans in Congress to his administration, carefully selecting ones whose vacancy would not give Democrats a potential opening. It feels like Democrats somehow can’t win, but that is entirely because every contest has been held on heavily Republican turf.

  239. IBW, the second link worked. Cute!

  240. Oh, and William and IBW, I’m not saying y’all are in the Cillizza et al class either – there’s a big difference between genuine concern and manufactured panic.

  241. Earlynerd,you do irony just fine..I’m just a sucker for the bon mot.I didn’t really think you were trying to censor me;I was trying to not accuse myself of censorship..at least that’s the way I remember it. It’s all good;though the ol’ grey cells just ain’t what they used to be. 🙂

  242. Wow. Mitch McConnell contracted polio when he was two. His mother took him to FDR’s rehab center in Warm Springs, Georgia where government paid for his care. This is why he’s not in a wheelchair today. Kinda makes yesterday’s abuse of disabled people in wheelchairs even more disturbing. Just wow.

  243. Wow. Mitch McConnell contracted polio when he was two. His mother took him to FDR’s rehab center in Warm Springs, Georgia where government paid for his care. This is why he’s not in a wheelchair today. Kinda makes yesterday’s abuse of disabled people in wheelchairs even more disturbing. Just wow.

    Let me echo that – WOW. It shows how republicans only care about important issues of life, health and well-being when it affects them personally. He got his, the hell with the rest of us. Well, when McConnell gets post polio syndrome (as they almost all do) how is he going to feel when he has to pay for a large chunk of his care out of his own pocket? Oh, I forgot – members of Congress have voted to exempt their health care from the horrendous changes they are inflicting on our health care.

    Speaking of government paid health care – it reminds me of Stephen Hawking in England. That man has been living with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis since the 60s, thanks to the NHS. I am amazed that anyone with that diagnosis is still alive after all those years.

  244. Branjor that’s not entirely true. He did go to FDR’s facility but there was no such thing as Medicare or Medicaid in those days. FDR created the March of Dimes to solicit money for the spa. So Mitch was taken care of on March of Dimes money.

  245. Uppity – You’re right, how could I not have realized that immediately? But at any rate, government money or March of Dimes money, his care was paid for by other than his own family.

  246. Yes! I saw later in the day that it was the March of Dimes as opposed to the government which was cited in earlier reports. But then I had this thought: if FDR was soliciting donations for a charity while POTUS, how do we know the donors weren’t actually buying influence with FDR? Was he being harrassed to make donors public? And were his political opponents accusing him of corruption because he ran a charity? Maybe this is just something people worry about when the potential president is named Hillary. Certainly, no one worries about Trump family “charities” which are proven to be family slush funds.


  248. Wow. Mitch McConnell contracted polio when he was two

    Of the brain or of the heart?

  249. Yes Branjor,and apparently Charity, that begins in the home, skipped his home, for he has none.

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