The Presidential Portrait has been completed!


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  1. What a privileged asshole…

  2. For those that may have Amazon Prime, watch “for free” the documentary “The Brainwashing of My Father”. It explains how HRC was correct in 1993 about the right-wing conspiracy & how the rise of right-wing media occurred.

    Sadly, the documentarian was luckier than me. At least her dad “recovered”. Mine never did…even up to two days before he died.

  3. The portrait! It’s so life-like!!

  4. Captures his orange essence perfectly!

  5. I wonder if Ivanka and her lawyers are aware that SCOTUS ruled that the 42nd POTUS could be sued while in office, and he was. It led to his impeachment. No higher government official than that. The Trumps are all alike in believing the rules shouldn’t apply to them.

  6. The artist nailed his likeness!

  7. Olympic level stupidity yesterday from Kellyann: Why the hell don’t those 90 year olds in nursing homes get up off their asses, take their walkers and go find jobs that cover their health care?

  8. I am a fan of the TV show “Twin Peaks,” though I imagine that most people here do not watch it. Last night was one of the strangest episodes ever seen on TV; but aside from the story implications, it was a very vivid and disturbing evocation of the rise of utterly malignant evil. In David Lynch’s world, there is horrifying evil; but there also is good which exists and which must battle the evil, as relentless as it is.

    Everything that is happening in our country could be seen developing over decades. The rise of evangelical christianity; the takeover of the economy by right-wing oligarchs; the media turning from the conveying of information, to becoming the propaganda arm of the Right Wing corporations. In the TP episode, some zombie-like backwoods figure apparently spawned by the Trinity nuclear test in 1945, kept repeating an ominous religious-sounding phrase which seemed to hypnotize his listeners to sleep,, while he committed his murderous takeover. It may not have been the intention of the episode, which was probably shot last year, but it was impossible for me not to viscerally feel the connection to Trump and the Far Right.

    Right now, this can seem like a futile battle which we will lose; but if people do not give up, do not let themselves be taken over by the authoritarians and religious fanatics, they can be stopped, at least nullified. It will take a lot of effort, and a lot of people voting who have somehow decided in the last few decades that it wasn’t worth their time, or that the candidates were not doctrinally pure enough for them, and that voting somehow sullied their desperately held illusion of personal superiority. When you are fighting pure evil, there is surely no time for that sort of destructive self-indulgence.n

  9. Love the dumpster fire. It is the perfect description of Trump and his administration.

  10. I had a tooth extraction on Friday and had to beg the dentist for a ten pill prescription for Hydrocodone-Acetaminophen. They got me through the weekend but this morning, I woke up with considerable pain at the wound and injection sites.
    I called the dentist and asked for one more, ten pill Rx. The assistant checked with the doctor and called me back to say no because pharmacies are cracking down on such scrips and suggested I take Advil. Advil?
    I said, “thanks for nothing, ” and hung up. I’m just grateful I controlled myself and didn’t say “Fuck you.”
    I’ve never felt so condescended to in my life. I’m sixty six years old and know my mouth and what level of pain I can tolerate and what I can’t. What did they think I would do with ten pills-get hooked; become a drug king pin??
    Every response to every problem is ass backward now. So, there’s a fentanyl problem in Ohio? So I can’t get adequate pain relief? Can you imagine how many people are going to suffer because of the big crackdown at CVS?
    Meanwhile, there’s nothing in Trumpcare to address the opioid problem and certainly nothing for rehab and drug development.
    As my sister says people don’t become addicted to pain relief, they become addicted to pain free lives.

  11. The portrait! It’s so life-like!!


  12. Sue, I am sorry you are in pain. I wonder why the pharmacist would be cracking down; I thought they were supposed to fill doctors’ prescriptions? Was this just an excuse by the doctor? Where is the empathy? Some pharmacist would fill it, if not the first one, if the presumably respected dentist wrote it. We have not enough regulations in most areas; too many regulations in some areas; and no empathy, just self-enrichment of self-protection.

  13. Ladies and Gentlemen,brought to you by the Republican Brethren ,their new Health Care bill AKA – Trickle Down Health Care!!!

    And we all know how well that theory worked for the economy.So many battles, so little time. Sigh.

  14. Ah, I finally managed to see the “potrait” picture (my computer is very slow to load pictures). It reminds me of the box in the brilliant and very unsettling movie “Kiss Me Deadly.”

  15. LOL @ Dump’s portrait! Whoever made that is very clever.

    Sweet Sue, hope your mouth heals quickly. If I were a pharmacist, I would prefer a law that says I must fill any Rx that a legal doctor orders, unless of course it would conflict with another Rx, and then the procedure would be to call the Dr and confirm. I don’t understand why pharmacists would want to play god and decide what a customer should or shouldn’t have. If I chose not to honor an Rx, and something bad happened to the patient, I would feel morally culpable; but if a licensed doctor orders it and something bad happens, I wouldn’t feel culpable. Hope that makes sense.

  16. I like reading this guys tweets:

  17. I hope Klein is right:

  18. I am now thinking that the bill will not pass, and may well not even get to a vote. That is good news, of course. It would, however, allow the Republicans to get away from the electoral disaster which might well occur to them if it passes. Even so, I could not root for the bill to pass, not with the destructive effects.

    I will say that watching what the Supreme Court is doing now that Gorsuch has taken his seat, tells me that unless somehow the Democrats can win the Senate in 2018 (exceedingly difficult with the number of D seats contested), we are going to end up with a Court that is so far Right, that they will never issue a decent opinion in the next 30 years, and may well find every single bill which a future Democratic administration passes, unconstitutional; as the “Nine Old Men” kept throwing out FDR’s economic bills, until the threat of packing the Court and the public outcry against them finally got some of them to retire. These right-wing zealots do not care about such things. So in that sense, stopping the bill might actually be the worse political outcome. But I could still not hope for it to pass, because we Democrats do not think like that, we actually care about people.

  19. William and Annie, thank you for your good wishes-much appreciated.
    More than anyone, I think it’s Kasich and the Republican house that are putting pressure on doctors and dentists. There is-I guess-an “opioid emergency” in my adopted state; at least that’s what the Media keeps reporting. What that has to do with an old woman who wanted ten more pills until her mouth healed is anybody’s guess. All I know is that the Republican party is determined to make innocent people suffer as much as possible.

  20. The most succinct way I’ve seen Bernie & co. described in the current crisis:

    The BernieBros are willing to let you to die under the AHCA because they think single payer will rise from your ashes.— Ragnarok Lobster (@eclecticbrotha) June 26, 2017


    LOVE the true to life picture, Uppity. Donnie! It’s you!

  21. Sue, it doesn’t take much to get hooked on hydrocodone. I knew a few people who were in some temporary real pain who had trouble giving it up. I was so scared when I had my open heart surgery, I refused any pain killers when I went home from the hospital. Plus, one shot of morphine on the day of my surgery and the hallucinations that followed was enough to refuse anymore of that shit. When I got home it was a real bitch without the painkillers. But I saw what happened to others and I was just too afraid to take that stuff. I don’t understand why we can find ways to save people’s lives and we can walk on the moon but we can’t develop a real pain killer that doesn’t hook people.I don’t know if it’s individually systemic or not, but I used to take Codeine for headaches. I took it for years off an on , but had no problem not taking it when I didn’t need it. Not sure how it compares to hydrocodone though.

    It’s all ‘solved’ for me now. Due to my kidney issues I am forbidden to take pain killers, even over the counter pain killers, flu meds, pretty much anything processed by the kidneys, which is pretty much all pain killers with or without a script. Except for Tylenol — and we both know how useless Tylenol can be.

    At any rate, I hope by the time you read this you are feeling a whole lot less pain.

  22. I don’t understand why we can find ways to save people’s lives and we can walk on the moon but we can’t develop a real pain killer that doesn’t hook people

    Exactly. As for Advil, the receptionist might as well have told me to think “beautiful thoughts.”
    Alcohol was always and still is my temptation.
    Pills, I just want until the pain stops.
    I know that there is a real problem but am afraid that many people will suffer needlessly because of the opioid hysteria.

  23. Sweet Sue, sorry for your pain. Did you go back to the dentist? You might have what they call a dry socket. You should not be in so much pain.

  24. Thanks, Neeta. It’s starting to ease off.
    The whole episode was not my shining hour but I did not appreciate getting medical advice from the receptionist.

  25. I’ve been prescribed those kind of pain pills enough times, but I can’t tolerate them, they give me terrible headaches and nausea (sometimes vomiting). I had shingles about 10 years ago, which was the worst pain I ever had and I tried the pain pills they gave me (Vicodin?) but they didn’t work and made me feel awful. I went through a large bottle of Advil (the liquid type) in 3 days and that helped. I don’t need painkillers every day, but when I do I get by on Advil and Excedrin. My brother was addicted to OxyContin for awhile, poor guy, after he had a bad head injury trying to save some kids from some asshole that was tormenting them. My bro was in the hospital for two weeks.

  26. What we could have had………sigh.

  27. Annie, I’m sorry that you had shingles; many people have described it as the worst pain imaginable.
    Since I did have chicken pox as a child, I got the shingles vaccination when I turned sixty and urge everyone who’s vulnerable to do the same.
    It’s not supposed to work this way but ever since I was vaccinated, I’ve had far, far fewer cold sores that used to plague me.
    I tolerate Vicodin and Hydrocodon well. My fear is that pain medication will not be available when needed because of the opioid panic.
    And I just want to add how much I hate the Republican party whose members have, apparently, taken a pledge (to Satan?) to cause as much misery, pain and suffering as possible.

  28. Worst pain I ever had were kidney stones. Hell. Hell I tell ya. Took plenty of Demerol.

  29. This interesting article about Jane Sanders from 2008 was posted on Widdershins:

    It says this about Jane’s leadership:

    “…the Student Government Association (SGA) began meeting with students, faculty and staff about what they described as a “toxic and disruptive environment” on campus, which they blame on Burlington College President Jane O’Meara Sanders.

    Seventy-four of the college’s 170 students and 11 faculty and staff signed a petition calling for the emergency meeting and expressing the view that there’s a “crisis in leadership” at the school.

    “Over the past four years, there have been more than two dozen faculty and staff who have left [Burlington College],” said SGA President Joshua Lambert in an interview last week. “A lot of those, we’re concerned, have to do with the administrative practices of Jane Sanders and her administration.””

    Notice the “toxic and disruptive environment” Jane created at the college. I think that’s a perfect description of what her husband has done for the democratic party. And this was long before the ’16 election, so the writers had no ax to grind about that.

  30. Socal, I read that article a couple of days ago. Vermont is such a small state it’s like a small town where everyone knows everybody else. And everyone certainly knows Bernie which means people defer to Jane because of him and his position. It probably means that even without overt pressure coming from Bernie’s office, the bank was never going to turn down that loan application no matter how shady it was.

    This article proves that Jane never should have been given such a position of power and authority. That it took so long to get rid of her, no doubt, once again goes back to Bernie. And the generous severance package is probably because of him too. Without Jane and Bernie, Burlington College probably would have survived. Since his only real achievements seem to be tanking things, Democrats better learn the lesson and stand up to Bernie.

  31. It’s Morning Mika’s turn in the barrel. No woman is safe from Trump’s misogyny. Not even those who have enabled him in the past. Revealing that Trump’s issue is with Morning Joke but he goes after the woman. And his obsession with women “bleeding” is profoundly creepy.

  32. As to the pharmacy and problems with pain medicine. The legislature in my state of Florida has placed a limit on the amount of pain medicines that contain any type of narcotic such as codeine and morphine. So each pharmacy has a limit on what it can dispense. Imagine you have a one time prescription for an opoid narcotic. Now try to find a pharmacy that will fill it. Its damn near impossible unless you regularly fill opoids with them and have a recurring prescription. You are treated as a criminal. Most opoids available to the addicted are on the street. Where they come from I can’t imagine but there used to be pill mills that have long been shut down. If you’re a cancer patient or someone with chronic pain good luck in finding a pharmacy that will dependably fill your prescription. One week they might, the next they might not.

  33. Brassy, I had the same thought about dump’s creepy obsession with women bleeding. (And apparently urinating if the Steele dossier is true, which I think it is,) I think dump has so many pysch issues, he’s like a modern day hitler, god help us all.

  34. lildoggy, that’s really sad. I can understand wanting to keep young people from getting hooked on them, but if someone is dying of cancer or has unbearable pain, they should be able to have the opoids.

  35. trump’s creepy behavior toward women reminds me of a high school quarterback whose team isn’t doing so well lately..he sees any criticism as a negative reflection on his manhood.Rather than self-reflect he goes after the nearest female to prove how “manly” he is and to deflect from his failures. Then ,of course,there are the self-defeating cheerleaders ( ala Huckabee-Sanders/Stockholm Syndrome) who’ll cheer him on no matter what he says or does.
    Seriously,so high school.
    Meanwhile heaven knows what kind of mean spirited,nefarious stuff the Repubs and their “sterling” cabinet minions are up to behind closed doors. ( Apologies to the real,yellow Minions,who I like)
    Lord there’s going to be a huge mess to clean up once this guy is out of office..may it be sooner rather than later. Though I guess we should be grateful for his level of incompetence.

    Meanwhile—“keep swimming,keep swimming”- Dory

  36. A retrospective on Time’s malicious Hillary covers:

    Interesting walk through history & TIME's negative depictions of HRC, an accomplished woman. A small window into what she had to deal with.— T. R. Ramachandran (@yottapoint) June 29, 2017


    Every time I see accolades for Time’s demand that the Dump take down his fake covers, I keep being reminded of these. One of the woman, child and baby hating right-to-lifists here kept leaving that vicious “Can Anyone Stop Hillary” issue around various places until I threw it out a few months ago.

  37. Trump’s so-called commission on voter fraud is demanding detailed voter data on every single voter from every state. Apparently, that’s more efficient than just having Russia hack all of it. This needs to be totally RESISTED! Call your state’s Secretary of State’s office. Tell them to refuse. Some already have.

  38. Put yet another potential crime on the pile with the attempted blackmail/extortion of the Morning Joke hosts. They’re mounting up!

  39. “Apparently, that’s more efficient than just having Russia hack all of it.”

    LOL! Good one, Brassy!

    I think at least 24 states have resisted today.

  40. Me, world class thread killer!

  41. Rachel M. brought up something Friday that has been bothering me for months..I think I even commented on it back last winter. Seemed to me that every time some agency testified that there was no evidence that voting machines, or vote tallies had been tampered with;the presenter would also,when asked,have to answer that it “wasn’t within their purview” to look. SO everyone is going around saying there’s no evidence of tampering,but no one’s bothered to actually look!! In addition, the House has just voted to zero out the funding for the one government entity that could look.

    And this “request” for voter data.why should our states do the work for Cambridge Analytica ( Sp?) or the Cross Check guys? This stuff gets deeper and deeper..and creepier. I may have to start showering at least twice a day to keep the slime off me. Yuck.

  42. Great to hear from you, Sophie! I follow your very active Twitter account but don’t be a stranger here. We miss you.

  43. Sophie! I’ve missed you.

  44. Hi Brassy and Sweet Sue!

    140 characters or fewer of toxic anger is all I’ve had in me for several months now…

  45. Some funny comments here.

  46. Might as well go happy.

  47. Sue, LOL!

  48. Msdsal, agree with you about the vote hacking. I think there was a lot of manipulating of the votes in the red states. And I think there should be a major, national overhaul of how we vote, and that every state should have to abide by it. They should all be hack-proof and easy to do recounts. I don’t think states should be able to set up their voting apparatus however they want because then these red states will cheat and then they get more electoral college delegates than they deserve. If they want to demand their “states rights” and do their own thing, then the electoral college should GO. It’s so unfair, the way its set up. I hope this makes sense.

  49. I have Sophie chained in the basement so she wouldn’t hurt anybody.

  50. socal, Trump is obsessed with at least two of women’s bodily functions.

  51. We’ve got a country where one of the only two viable parties has lost whatever moorings it once had, and will now do anything at all in the service of “winning.” Cheat, lie, subvert the Constitution. I’m sure that if they found a way to break into ballot boxes, or hack votes, they gleefully did it. No one in that party has any compunction about anything, or the slightest ethical misgivings. It is very difficult for the other party, which is not perfect, but which does try to help people, and worries about the consequences of policy, to effectively stop the party which has no constraints at all.

    There were so many votes suppressed in key states due to illegal Crosscheck and similar tactics which our government was unwilling or unable to stop, that I am certain that if all legal voters had at least been able to vote if they chose, Hillary would certainly have won. The Republicans begged Russia to help them cheat. They have over time lost any interest in a workable government. They are power-mad fascists and theocrats who are as awful as the people running the society of the movie “Soylent Green.” Actually, I do not think that the country can reasonably survive unless somehow the Republicans are utterly demonized to a point where most people cannot imagine ever voting for any of them. Efforts to look for “moderate Republicans,” or “reasonable compromise,” are foolish and futile. And trying to curry the media to occasionally say a positive word about Democrats, is also futile. If you’re going to lose the country, at least lose it after calling fascist dictatorship and social darwinism by its true name.

  52. The woman who voters were brainwashed into thinking wasn’t trustworthy was the only one telling the truth. She was right about everything and predicted it all. It was the populists on the left and the right who lied and told people only what they wanted to hear. We can only hope history will straighten this all out. The current media never will.

  53. I have Sophie chained in the basement so she wouldn’t hurt anybody.

    But the WiFi is good and she gives me all the Hot Pockets I can eat.

  54. SophieCT, on July 3, 2017 at 10:29 AM said:

    OMG, that made me laugh so hard.

    Friends, I am not a fan of the “superhero” movies, but my sister & I went to see “Wonder Woman” today. It was awesome. If you need a movie to help you vent your frustrations..this one is tailor-made for you…and probably every other HRC supporter. It’s 2 1/2 hrs. long but didn’t feel like it. Well paced, well-written and just what I needed right now.

  55. Sweet Sue, on July 2, 2017 at 5:49 PM said:
    Might as well go happy.


  56. Hillary goes to another theater production (Oslo)…and Hillary receives another standing ovation.

  57. I have lost all faith in populism, both the left-wing and the right-wing varieties.

    I guess that means that I have lost all faith in “The People”–my fellow non-elite White Murkans, anyway. (I cling to a nebulous hope that maybe La Raza will ultimately save the Republic.)

    The grim fact is that when you add the Orange Covfefe’s voters to the citizens who were not prevented from voting by Russian/Republican dirty tricks, but just couldn’t be bothered to get off their sorry lazy @$$es because “BOTH SIDES ARE EQUALLY CORRUPT! WHAT ABOUT HER E-MAILS?!?!”, you get a majority of citizens who are not fit for the demanding task of self-government. (Also the minor candidates’ voters, but there would still be a majority of inadequates even if the minor candidates’ voters had all voted for HRC instead.)

    How can democracy work if a majority, or at least a critical mass, of citizens are stupid, vicious, or both?

    Poor Mike Judge must have worn a smooth place in his desk by now, beating his head against it. “I meant Idiocracy to be a comedy, and maybe a cautionary tale, but not a Madoka-damned INSTRUCTION MANUAL!”

    Happy Fourth! 😦

  58. I look at my own people–non-elite white USAmericans–in particular, and I feel like Bythia in The Ten Commandments, watching the soldiers of her foolish nephew drown. Or like a dismayed Israelite, watching his fellows bowing to the Baals. Or an old Roman, watching the Republic give way to the Empire. Or an anti-Nazi German, watching his people adoring a monster… 😦

  59. To borrow, slightly paraphrased, a comment from Crooks and Liars:

    Even if we overcome the nitwits and vote a responsible Democrat into the Oval Office next time, the rest of the world will know that a critical mass of USAmericans are stupid enough to elect another Covfefe the next election after that one.

    How can the rest of humanity ever trust us again?

  60. Ivory Bill Woodpecker, on July 4, 2017 at 9:55 AM said:

    I have lost all faith in populism

    Same here. The mob mentality has shown its ugliness up close.

  61. Sophie and Ivory Bill, I’ve felt that way for many years, the sense that we were only one short step away from a nightmarish regime. GW Bush and Cheney were bad enough. Since I knew that the Republicans were inevitably going to win around half of the presidential elections; and since we could see how far Right the party had gone, it was like we were desperately trying to keep the zombies out of the gates. And while Trump is perhaps the worst of the fears, I am not sure that a Pence or Cruz or Rubio presidency would have been any better. Maybe not as weirdly erratic, but just as bad in terms of destruction of the middle class, ignoring of climate change, removal of the safety net, institution of a n oligarchical theocracy. All of this was coming, if any of that Murderers Row which makes up the Republican Party ever got elected.

    And we are seeing how quickly all the good work of previous administrations can be undone. So that even if we win an election or two, they can just tear it down again. I truly think that we must utterly demonize Republicans, which of course may not work, but has to be tried. The media, for whatever reasons, is determined to act as if the parties are relatively equal in reasonableness and stature, which of course hasn’t been true in any sense for many decades. People have to be given at least a chance to understand what is at stake. I would call them “The Party of Death,” specifically referring to their health care bill, but also generally to their social darwinism. I would run ads over and over saying that the Republicans actualy have utter contempt for the lives of working people.I would call them authoritarians and fascists. I don’t care if the media clucks about it. I would at least give people something to stick in their minds about why they do not want to vote for any Republicans. Because otherwise we have at worst a compelte dictatorship of Republicans; or, what we have been seeing for 40 years, where our side tries to compromise and be fair, and their side tries to destroy us; with the result being that we keep getting pushed further down the field by fits and starts, now being about on our own one-yard line.

  62. I never HAD faith in populism. History shows us very clearly that Populist leaders and their plans never end well.

  63. But the WiFi is good and she gives me all the Hot Pockets I can eat.

    If you would behave yourself and stop making a mess down there and complaining and shit, I’d spring for some KFC extra crispy.

  64. Voting I decided to send that Hillary standing ovation to Tom Perez with a little message. It’s a wonder none of these dickheads block me.

  65. 👏👏👏👏👏👏 for Uppity! I can’t believe what’s going on with the Bernie ass kissing from the Democratic party. It really is obscene.

  66. 👏👏👏👏👏👏 for Uppity! I can’t believe what’s going on with the Bernie ass kissing from the Democratic party. It really is obscene.

  67. I love when HRC gets in her “Don’t even go there” mode. Awesome bitch=slap to the GOP:

  68. Voting @5:05 PM: HRC will always be my Wonder Woman; now if she could just move like Gal Gadot and get her hands on that Lasso of Truth…

  69. The more I read pieces from various Bernie acolytes, the more I think that Hillary should actually run in 2020, if for no other reason than to save the Democratic Party from oblivion. I know all the arguments against her running. But the Democrats now seem to be rudderless. Perez is proving to be a dreadful DNC Chairman. Without strong leadership, we see Berners lashing around, trying to get rid of Pelosi for no good reason; condemning Booker and anyone else who does not meet their purity test. They will surely destroy the Democratic Party. Can you imagine Sanders campaigning against the Party he is pretending to be part of? Imagine a general election with Sanders as the nominee, and the Republicans taking the gloves off, and telling everyone how he supported Castro over JFK. And if Sanders does not get the nomination, we know that his supporters will be so outraged, that they will make sure the Democrats lose again, just for the sake of spitefulness.

    Hillary has a base; no other Democrat has a comparable one, though Booker would of course get AA support. Gillibrand isn’t running. Harris will get support, but she is too far Left to win; and frankly a Far Left female candidate of mixed minority ancestry is not a great idea, particularly with such little experience. If the Democrats are only planning to run to make a social statement, they can run Sanders or Warren or Harris. If they would like to actually win, they had better pick someone who has the credentials and mainstream support to win. Oh, I know that Hillary won’t run, but she may still actually be our last best chance to save the country. Assuming she does not run, long-time Democrats had better find someone palatable and capable to coalesce around ( Chris Murphy? Sherrod Brown? Eric Garcetti?), or the Left will call the shots, and one way or the other, tear the Party apart. The Sanders people have an incredibly deluded overrating of their own electoral power, and most of the media is content to accept it. But then the media always wants the Republicans to win, so Sanders unleashed would be an easy way to accomplish it again.

  70. I hope Hillary keeps putting her policy papers out there;they were excellent and well researched ( imagine that!!).Schumer said on one of the talk shows that Dems were coming up w/their own set of plans and policies. Note to Schumer: You don’t have to reinvent the wheel..Hillary had it right last year.
    Also…after watching Rachel tonight I’m beginning to think that the Koch brothers/Mercers and Putin are attempting to take over the world w/their right wing oligarchs and the orthodox catholics and evangelicals are going along for the ride.That Poland take over is scary.

    Plus I keep getting this sneaking suspicion that this whole N. Korea thing is an attempt to distract us or get us into war in N.Korea so Russia can take back the Ukraine and whatever other Eastern European states they’d like.The armed forces in Europe aren’t up to doing any damage to Russia w/out our help..and if we’re too busy trying to save the 150,000 US citizens living in S. Korea..well dang..somebody left the back door open. Might as well be an invitation.

    I DO NOT understand why we’re all standing by and allowing a few madmen and their hench people to destroy everything we believe in.Not saying I know what to do about it either..just incredibly frustrated.

  71. Rebel we are seeing less and less of Bernie. I think Perez cut him loose after that one co-interview where they both disagreed bigly. Secondly, his Skimmer wife is in deep shit and so is he with that bank deal where she lied about assets and he strongarmed them to give her the school loan. They have hired TWO lawyers. That turtle has pulled back toward his shell. On Twitter, finding his die-hards is like finding a Unicorn now. Most of them have dispersed to suck lemons because “Not Me. Us” meme really always meant “Not Us. Me”. Guess they’ll all have to get off their asses and take some responsibility for their own lives because the We Want To Be Cuba deal fell through. And their punishment is Donald J. Trump. You’ve got to wonder about the brain power of ideologues in either direction. There’s something wrong with a brain that thinks 100% of Nothing is better than 75% of Something. Their spite behaviors hurt themselves more than anybody. I just tell them not to worry, because Jill is going to take care of everything. lol.

  72. Uppity, what was that old song, ‘We’ll Have Pie in the Sky By and By”? I think that what we might call The Left has always been filled with people who yearn for a “Workers’ Paradise,” and think that the Democrats keep stopping it from happening by refusing to be “pure” and doctrinaire. The fact that no Socialist can ever win in this country is lost upon them; they chalk it up to “fixing the primaries,” or “selling out the voters.” Various incarnations of the Left have spent the last hundred years decrying America, cheering for people like Castro, Assange, and Sanders. The somewhat less radical members of the Left still feel that somehow the Democrats sold out by nominating Bill Clinton; they preferred to lose every time with a McGovern or Jesse Jackson. At least they were “heightening the differences.”

    As to Uppity’s well-taken comment about preferring 100% of nothing to 75% of something, they take the 75% benefits, while attacking the people who provided them. I’n not at all sure that the country as a whole is not more conservative than it was in 1972, when McGovern’s quixotic ideas were ridiculed and soundly defeated. I thought Hillary’s platform and policies were quite liberal, but the Left loves to rail about some made-up term, “Neoliberalism,” and actually believes that Hillary lost because the country really wanted Sanders-type Socialism. Yes, that is why Feingold ran well behind Hillary in Wisconsin, why Grayson was trounced in Florida, and why not one person Sanders endorsed won his or her election. But realities never meant anything to the Left, it is ll about the sanctimonious sense of purity they cannot live without. And the most ridiculous thing of all is that Sanders acts like (I can’t believe he is stupid enough to actually believe it) there is some coalition of Leftist White People, primarily males, which can win elections for Democrats, while the ethnic minority people are ignored.

  73. I wonder how many of the Sandernistas on the Web were actually Putin’s bots, or his hired punks at Lower Slobbovian Internet cafes? That would explain the startling gap between their flooding presence on Da Intertoobz–if you went by that alone, they would seem like a majority–and their scanty presence at the polls.

  74. In “Macbeth,” Macduff’s soldiers each held up a tree branch as they advanced, to make it look like the army was much bigger than it was. And yes, I am sure that the millions of Russian bots made it look as if there was much more Sanders support. So in the general election, when all the Sanders bots would go on Twitter and attack Hillary, it helped convince some actual Sanders humans to not vote. If the democracy ends up being lost, the corruption of the technology of the internet by evil forces, will be a primary reason. All the internet did was to make it easier for propagandists and corrupt liars to reach more gullible people than ever before, through sophisticated methods which they would never discern.

  75. Apology in advance…..but FUCKING Sarsour’s at it again:

  76. Linda Sarsour is garbage. The right wing can go after her all they want and they’ll get no defense of her from me.

  77. Ga6thDem, on July 7, 2017 at 11:41 AM said:
    Linda Sarsour is garbage. The right wing can go after her all they want and they’ll get no defense of her from me.


    That’s the problem, though. The GOP paint her as a Democrat when she isn’t.

  78. Well, we need to push back on that fact and she’s a bernie bro.

  79. I wouldn’t spit on SourSour if she were on fire. Poster Girl for Clinton Derangement. Remember when she let women know if they brought a hillary* sign to ‘her’ women’s march, they would be ostracized. Fuck her. I don’t care who takes her down, I will step over her.

    *And while she was warning everyone, she was distributing fliers with Hillary’s “Women’s Rights Are Human Rights”. Without attributing it to Hillary.

    Let em chew her up and spit her out, they will do us a favor.

  80. Uppity I take heart from your comments about Bernie fading. I often wonder how Nader people, once they saw the damage they did, could live with themselves. I actually met one from Florida, no less, about nine months after the 2000 election, and she was still fervently defending her vote as one that would teach the Democratic party a lesson. Oh dear.

  81. lucyk, the Nader people will never admit that they screwed us. In fact, they blamed someone else. Susan Sarandon and Michael Moore are Nader people who blame Hillary for her Iraq vote. They never consider that there would not have been a 9/11 or Iraq vote with Gore.

  82. How do we take our Party back? Obviously, I don’t mean from minorities. I mean from the purity crowd that’s killing our chances at the polls. Of course, gerrymandering and voter suppression are the biggest problems.

  83. I think the Iraq vote was about 75-22 with a few abstentions. Hillary could have voted against it ten times, and it still would have passed enormously. Kerry voted for it, so did Edwards, Biden. Anyone who hoped to have any political future voted for it. The drumbeat was loud, and there was Powell telling the UN about clear evidence that Hussein was building WMDs. Anyone who voted against it would have lived in infamy had Powell been telling the truth. And again, the bill passed in a landslide. But the puritans literally get more pleasure out of hating Hillary for the vote, than actually trying to help the American people survive incipient fascism.

  84. Sue, this is a very significant matter. Fighting the fascism and the awful programs and policies of the other side are of course the paramount goal. But to do that, we have to win elections. And yes, along with the sinister vote suppression and mafia style tactics employed by the Republicans, the cultish puritanism practiced by the Democratic Left, is a major impediment. One can actually skip over everything else in the last two decades, and realize that the Far Left has given us GW Bush and Cheney, and now Trump and Pence. If the Left does not glory in trying to show how morally superior they are to Gore, they do not vote for Nader. If they do not willingly fall prey to Russian propaganda designed to convince them against all real evidence that somehow the DNC fixed the primaries against Sanders, and that Hillary was an enemy to some kind of deluded vision they had of a socialist paradise, they don’t vote for Stein or Johnson, or sit home and feel glorified in doing so.

    They are not going away. They are determined to get Sanders nominated, or at least Warren. No one else is good enough for them. These people have no connection to political reality. The best thing to do, I think, is for people like us to find a candidate who, while obviously not perfect, is good on most of the issues, and actually has the ability to win, by connecting to a wide group of voters. I thought that Hillary would make a great President, but the Left didn’t. What we need is a massive turnout of the Hillary base, which is going to have to include People of Color, some of whom apparently did not vote this time because there was no ethnic minority on the ballot. People are going to have to awaken and realize that there are only two winnable options: a reasonable Democrat, or the triumph of fascism. And if it doesn’t matter to Moore or Sarandon, it matters to hundreds of millions of other people.

    The Left cannot win an election, it can only allow Republicans to win. We need a candidate whom we can get behind early in the process; because if there are ten or so candidates, the Far Left can win with 25-30% of the vote. If both Sanders and Warren run, they could get 40% or so, enough to make deals to win the nomination. If caucuses are still present, it is even worse. Since a homination of either of those two is a virtually certain defeat in the general, we need to get out in front of this, and find the best candidate to get behind. Who is that? I don’t even know who is running; but if Sherrod Brown runs, I would likely support him. If Eric Garcetti runs, I probably like him even better. Chris Murphy is fine. But we need to pick one of these types,, because the moderate-to-liberal vote cannot be split five ways. If Sanders is allowed to call the play, he will fracture and destroy the Democratic Party, which he describes as toxic. Warren would just lead it to a classier defeat than Sanders would. Democrats like us need to organize now, and to try to coalesce around someone sooner rather than later. In 1989, I predicted that Bill Clinton would win the nomination in 1992, because it just felt like he was the one person who could win over some of those Reagan Democrats. This time, the South is lost, and there is no one like Bill Clinton. But we do need someone who can keep the Party from fracturing along ethnic or gender lines. As to the Far Left, nothing will assuage them other than proudly losing in a bonfire of glory. They won’t go away, but maybe some of them will mature ehough to choose progress over self-immolation.

  85. RE: VH’s pic–Damn shame Diana isn’t real.

    Although Kara seems to know more about popular culture. 😛

  86. Oh, and this.

  87. Also this. 😈

  88. For fellow Asimov geeks out there:

    Putin is the First Speaker of the Second Foundation.

  89. I think we should be more worried about 2018 than 2020. Dems should be fighting tooth and nail against voter suppression which on top of gerrymandering is what Republicans are counting on to keep Congress. And that’s without Russian interference. Who knows what they’re planning? Trump regime clearly won’t stop them.

  90. Wonder if anyone else here wasted 2 hours on that pathetic History channel program which supposedly definitively answered the question of what happened to Amelia Earhart. Really, a network that calls itself The History Channel ought to be more rigorous when it investigates historical mysteries. They just asserted and assumed things without much evidence, beginning with that silly photo which supposedly shows Earhart and Noonan sitting on a dock in the Marshall Islands. There is scant evidence it is them, much less real proof. It’s emblematic of what is wrong in this country today. Facts and evidence are massaged to fit a preconceived narrative rather than being used to prove anything. There were people with solid reputations on this program who just bought into all the nonsensical “facts” being tossed around. Shows just how far we’ve sunk.

  91. Meanwhile, back at Chez Clinton:

  92. oops!

  93. What only Trump understands: Hillary Clinton won the election

  94. let me try again

  95. Caret left
    Caret right


    Caret left
    forward slash
    Caret right

  96. Fearing “TheTrial” was too mundane, Franz Kafka pulls out all the stops in “The Election”.

    Kris Kobach has sent a letter to Kris Kobach to keep Kris Kobach from sending data to Kris Kobach because Kris Kobach is being sued— Dan Hamamura (@DanHamamura) July 10, 2017


  97. Stopped by to say Hi to Bernie. So did a lot of others.

  98. President Covfefe wants to form a cyber-security initiative with Tsar Putin (though his advisers may have talked Covfefe into walking that back by now–I hope they have). About that:

  99. I’ve read that this quote is a bit dubious, but if Steinbeck did say this, he understood the majority of non-elite USAmericans better than Bernie does:

    Of course, for every plucky and lucky non-elite individual who does rise to riches, a huge number of equally plucky non-elite individuals do not. (Pluck is worthless without luck.)

    This same poor ability of the average human to calculate and comprehend odds is what keeps casinos in business.

  100. We now have proof of collusion by Trump campaign with Russia. And allegations against Jane Sanders are being investigated by a grand jury. Justice may be slow in coming, but it will come.

    Btw, Jeff Weaver is saying this bank fraud investigation is being driven by Trumpists who are afraid Bernie will run in 2020 because he’s so “popular”. There are a few things wrong with that defense, beginning with the popularity argument. But also, the investigation began in January of 2016 when Obama was president. And Trump still hasn’t gotten around to replacing fired US Attorneys so career officials are running the show now. Apparently, Jane has no case against the allegations, and they’re not going to defend on substance. It sounds like they expect an indictment which is fairly likely given the fact there’s grand jury involvement. So much Karma this morning. Hope Hillary has broken out the Chardonnay!

  101. William, do you like Adam Schiff? I do but I’m a very poor judge of who people will find shiny and new enough to get off their asses and head for the polls.
    Is he perhaps too Adlai Stevenson-ish? I wish that my senator, Sherrod Brown was ten years younger.

  102. The rightful President posted a pic on her Twitter account. The T-shirts are being sold for Samantha Bee & Planned Parenthood.

  103. Site to buy shirts.

  104. Sue, I do like Schiff, though I actually haven’t seen him that much, to assess how he might project in a campaign. He certainly is a good man, and a pursuer of justice. I’d have no problem with him, but my sense is that Garcetti has the charisma, intelligence, and general good nature to be a formidable candidate. But maybe it is not a good idea to have a candidate from CA, since much of the country resents CA, and of course there is no electoral advantage to running someone from here. But it is a very big state, with some excellent elected officials, so I would hate to have to comb around for Democrats from purple or red states, or smallish NE states. Actually, the person who would be perfect for this next election would be Jerry Brown, but he would be 80 or so. I wonder if he would actually run, it’s not impossible.

  105. My parents loved Adlai Stevenson, strongly supported him to somehow get nominated again in 1960, the first convention which I watched some of. Then later on, I very much liked Eugene McCarthy. I appreciate a highly intelligent candidate who can quote some history and literature. But of course there is a strong anti-intellectual streak which has always run through America, and such people almost never win. Americans like folksy types whom they’d like to have a beer with, or combative types who do not back down, even if wrong. Democrats are often cast by the media and the other side as the agonizing intellectuals; John Wayne or Gary Cooper preferred to Leslie Howard. It’s ridiculous and wrong, but we have to win elections with the populace we have. My sense is that we need someone, whoever it might be, who can flip the general narrative, and who can get confused voters to realize that the Republicans are not just wrong, but evil and treasonous; while Democrats are the Party which wants to protect the country; and to keep saying it over and over. Right now, there are a number of voters who have been brainwashed into thinking that “libruls” have somehow ruined the country, and thus are worth voting against at every opportunity.

  106. What ruined McCarthy was his followers. Crazy bastards on TV all the time looking to burn and kill if they could get away with it. It scared voters off. Big Time. Kind of like the Bernouts now, but actually worse, if possible. That convention was a horrible show.

    McGovern suffered even worse with his followers.

    I mean when you’re beloved by creatures like Bill Ayers, Bernadine Dohrn and the Weather Underground while they are blowing things up, you might have a problem winning. People just don’t go for that shit. It’s how Nixon won again. Fear of the animals following the leader. I had Democratic relatives who voted for Nixon out of fear.

  107. Per Schiff. I don’t think House members make a winning team. They are district people and the rest of the country has no idea who they are. Unless, if course, they get noticed nationally. REALLY noticed. House members tend to think with the brains of their district, they see through the eyes of their district, they bring a narrow view to the rest of the country and it’s not a good mix.

    Ryan ran with Mittens and look how well that worked out. He was pimping the ideas of his district that got him elected. Including the desire to convert America into a theocracy.

  108. So, yesterday I watched “Morning Joe” for the first time and was pleased to see them go after the Trump Crime Family, although I’m fully aware of how much free air time the insufferable Scarborough Unfair and his mistress gave to the Orangutan.
    Well, today, they were all back to bashing Hillary as the “least effectual and worst candidate in modern history. Yeah, so ineffectual that she won the popular vote by three million ballots. And what is asshole Mike Barnicle’s problem?
    So, no more intern killer for me. When will I ever learn?

  109. Scarborough is an opportunist. He’s trying to get the Trump stink off. He owes the nation, and especially Hillary, an abject apology. Don’t hold your breath. He continues bashing her because he and other members of The He-Man’s Woman Haters Club still perceive her as a threat to the rule of white dudes. He’s an arrogant jerk who doesn’t deserve another chance. And his fiancee is a pathetic wimp. He demeans her and dominates her on the show if she dares to disagree. That’s the way he treats her in public. Imagine this dynamic in private.

  110. Well said, Brassy, and I agree with every word and sentiment. They’re all hoping that we won’t remember or notice the blood of the nation on their hands and, now, I recall that Barnacle said that Hillary reminded “everybody” of their first wives because, of course, we’ve all had first wives.
    Assholes, everyone, and I’ll never be lulled into thinking anything else again.

  111. Barnicle is someone who has hated the Clintons for decades. It is a srrange mental illness that some of these people have; they dedicate their lives and journalistic careers to savagely derogating every single Clinton, including Chelsea. I have no idea what any of the Clintons ever did to any of them, given that Bill Clinton’s presidency gave us peace and prosperity, and that he left office with about a 67% favorable rating. And Hillary, who was a very [popular Senator from NY, and a popular Secretary of State, while she was in that position, certainly couldn’t have affected Barnicle much, but he hates her just the same.

    Hillary got 3 million more popular votes, even after massive voter suppression by Crosscheck knocked about 1.1 million voters off the rolls in PA, WI and MI; and other voter suppression efforts kicked off perhaps a million or more in FL and NC. And after an absolutely unprecedented campaign of Russian active measures undertook massive hacking, and then worked with Trump to target tens of millions of voters per their data profiles, by using millions of fake news stories and ads on Facebook and other sites. And with the media doing everything it could to give Trump free air time, showing every single one of his rallies from start to finish. Oh, and with the VRA essentiallly gone for the first time since 1964. Put the VRA back, put the illegally removed voters back; stop the Russian collusion, and Hillary probably wins by 8-10 million votes, winning the biggest Democratic victory since 1964. With their hatred for Hillary, Scarborough and Barnicle, et al, could never admit that. That’s their problem, but their own personal animosity ultimately minmizes all of the rest of it, and makes it more likely that it will happen again next time. That makes them collaborators with evil, in my view.

    And I neglected to even mention above the FBI’s role in this election, which Nate Silver and others have estimated cost Hillary 2-3% in total votes simply due to Comey’s second letter to Congress a few days before the election.. It certainly was her fault, though–for using a private server, the same as Colin Powell any many others had done. The truth is that Hillary was one of the most effectual candidates. But do you think that any of these people actually listened to her policy speeches? “I don’t want Sally to be second grade president, I just don’t like her! Nyah, Nyah, Nyah, I’m holding my hands over my ears, and not listening to anything she is saying! And I don’t want anyone else to listen to it, either!”

  112. Yep, Putin played a brilliant game, but it would never have worked if not for our country’s dismally abundant population of Stupid White Folks–mostly reactionaries, but Bat-Guano Left Purity Ponies played a small but key role.

    But cheer up, Purity Ponies. The contradictions have never been higher! The Stupid White Reactionaries will throw off their false consciousness any minute now, and fall in behind you as you lead them into our Glorious People’s Revolutionary Future!

    Yep, any minute now…any day now…any year now… 😛

  113. Oh, I neglected to add after “…small but key role”, as they did in 2000. 😡

  114. Thanks to commenters here, I’ve added The Last Word to CSPAN as the only TV news I watch.

    Tonight, Laurence O’Donnell had a segment on the lawyer in that meeting with Dolt Jr. – she was among those representing the Russian mob defendants in the money-laundering case Preet Bharara was in the midst of prosecuting when Dump abruptly fired him without cause.

    Today, Democratic members of the House Judiciary Committee sent a letter to Sessions asking why this was settled.

    This article quotes only people saying the government got a good deal but O’Donnell and his guest for this segment said the case was settled for far too little, essentially pocket change for the amounts alleged to be laundered.

    The letter’s authors think so too:

    Nevertheless, two days before the trial was set to begin, the Department agreed to settle this $230 million case for less than $6 million and no admission of wrongdoing. Ms. Veselnitskaya told one Russian news outlet that the penalty was so light that it seemed
    “almost an apology from the government”.
    (link from a tweet by Amy Siskind)

    I’m very glad to see actual Dems (unlike non-Dems mouthing off on the sidelines) connecting the dots, standing fast and raising hell on this.

  115. Has there ever been a real accounting of all of Bernie’s hundreds of pages of FEC violations? He was cited for taking “contributions” from foreign sources. And then is it possible that Republicans might have beefed them up. The contributions enabled him to keep going much longer than he should have. Just wondering.

  116. Oops! Looks like Li’l Donny missed a shot! (gif)

  117. Anyone remember the Garbage Pail Kids?

    “Downloaded DONALD”:

  118. lucyk, I’ve wondered the same thing. He’ll probably get away with it.

  119. I watched Maddow tonight and she had this crazy story about dump’s demented attorney. Dump and his circle are dangerous and ruthless. We should never underestimate them.

  120. Upps, I can’t stand the soursour woman either. Who the hell does she think she is, telling people what they can carry at a protest?

  121. Let me see. Hmm…I’m guessing tax cuts. Just a stab in the dark.

  122. Oh, I think that Ryan and McConnell are utterly immoral people who were aware of all of this collusion, and actually took money from Russian sources, and used the targeted hacking and fake news stories to defeat Democrats in Congressional campaigns. So “patriotism” as they define it in their twisted consciousnesses, is loyalty to their own agenda and self interest. There is nothing beyond that. In a just world, they would be sent to prison for a long time. They sold out the United States of America to a foreign adversarial power. We always knew that these people were evil, but even we did not comprehend that there was no bottom to it. They were told by the IC and the FBI that the Russians were interfering with the election, and McConnell threatened the President that if he released this information, he would attack the President for doing the thing that the Russians were actually doing. Ryan knew, with his cohort McCarthy, that the Russians had bought Trump, and they joked about it, and made sure to keep it “in the family.” I can only hope that the whole story becomes clear, and is not short-circuited by the media which hopes it will all go away when Trump leaves.

  123. CNN now reporting 8!!! people at Junior’s confab with Russians. Haven’t identified the other three. Maybe Larry, Moe, and Curly. But nothing to see here! Move along now.

  124. What a cluster covfefe.

  125. Up to 8 people?!? I’m sure this is the tip of the iceberg.

    Sweet Sue, LOL!

  126. Navarro rips the Trump Family who have been cheating and lying all of their lives. I wish she was on MSNBC. I really cannot stand CNN.
    “I think you can collude and be stupid at the same time”.

  127. No One Cares About Russia in the World Breitbart Made

  128. WRT the recent cringe-worthy meeting with Macron, Reebok schools Dump:

    In case you were wondering when it IS appropriate to say, "You're in such good shape…beautiful,"… THIS:— Reebok (@Reebok) July 14, 2017


  129. With all due respect, Laurence Tribe, we can do both–focus on how election was stolen from Hillary AND how our sovereignty was stolen.

  130. Because both are true.

  131. The ever-changing story about Trump Jr.’s meeting — what we know

  132. Not quite, Mr. Tribe.

    P stole the election from H on behalf of P’s puppet T, because that was a necessary precondition for P to usurp the sovereignty of the USA.

  133. U.S.
    Trump’s Approval Ratings After Six Months Are the Worst of Any President
    By Tom Porter On 7/16/17 at 8:58 AM

  134. Junior has got more stories than Aesop’s Fables.

  135. After reading in the NY Times about all the questionable money Manafort received from the corrupt Ukrainian Yanukovych and his then political party, I am wondering why we are not receiving the same information about Tad Devine who worked for Yanukovych in, I believe, 2006 and 2012. And the last time it was with Manafort. Maybe his fees were not has HUUUGE. Nevertheless, what was he doing working for someone who was stealing millions of dollars from his own people. Is that what Bernie admired about him when he hired him as his media strategist???

  136. We will get no help from elected Republicans. The implication that we can get our country back, and all work together on behalf of America, seems very unrealistic. We are seeing the ultimate progression of the moral decay which has rotted the Republican Party for decades. Now they are at a point where they virtually admit that Russia interfered on their behalf, and that it is okay, and that they hope that it happens again, and that they will try to help it to happen again. Winning on their terms is the only metric. Getting rid of Trump won’t fix this; winning some Congressional seats will not make things okay.

    This was not a one-off, and it did not just pop up from nowhere. The Republicans have been cheating in various ways for decades; this is just a natural step for them. The media lets them get away wih it. The only reason the media is covering some of it now, is because it does not help Hilary. if Kasich pops up in 2020, they’ll try to sell him, too. Getting rid of Trump does not guarantee getting the country back. Bush and Cheney and DeLay and Armey might only look better by default.. The Republican Party is an entity of evil, at this stage.

  137. lucy, excellent points you raise. I would love to know those answers. I wonder if the media doesn’t follow it because it would implicate their dear bernoid.

    William, my son & his friends refer to the rethugs as “The Empire” (evil guys in Star Wars), I agree with you that they are evil, and I don’t know how they’re going to be beaten at this point.

    This is a really interesting thread:

  138. The drafters of the Constitution were very concerned about the rise of political parties which they called “factions”. That’s why it’s so strange that they didn’t anticipate a faction in Congress refusing to rein in a corrupt POTUS from the same faction. The checks and balances in the system depend upon good faith actors to enforce them.

  139. Annie, I think that it would take a political landslide which not only put the Democrats back in control of government, but which might force the Republicans to change their agenda. Had Hillary won on paper, and had the Democrats won the Senate, this would have given us the Supreme Court, and would have perhaps marginalized even those evil and dangerous 40% or so in our country. Of course, the various factors which prevented it are part and parcel of why the situation is so dire,, with their control of the media, billionaires pouring in money so as to be rewarded with more billions. This was the election of all elections, and so the Republicans pulled out every evil method available,, and somehow they were allowed to get away wth it. A major Democratic landslide is imperative, since “divided government” translates into the Republicans blocking everything if a fairly large minority,. and stomping on Democrats if even a bare majority.

  140. Brassy Rebel, I can only imagine that the Founders, even with all their intelligence, could not really imagine a world two hundred years beyond theirs. They tried to limit the vote, which sounds awful, and is in many ways, but which also intended to only have educated people vote. They imagined that while there would be fierce debates, there would be a general following of Age of Enlightenment principles, where empiricism and reason took precedence.

    They did everything reasonable to keep religion out of government; but the inevitable rise of populism, and then the growth of a vast cohort of actual voters who adhered to religious fundamentalism and its hatred of intellectual learning and scientific facts,has been a major cause of blind dogma fighting with and now possibly defeating the forces of Enlightenment. Australians liked to chaff Americans, saying “We might have gotten the convicts, but you got the Puritans.” The strain of religiouis intolerance and unwillingness to consider empirical facts, has turned what the Founders always imagined would be vigorous but reasonable debate into instransigent tribalism on the part of half the country. That, and of course those people who hate that any but rich male WASPs get to vote or make decisions. Thus democratic populism contains both the country’s salvation and its potential demise.

  141. William @ 7:10, yes, there’s no way the Founders could have predicted what life in the 2000’s would be like. For myself, I am discouraged and disappointed in the voting system they set up, one that allowed the loser of the popular vote to win twice in 16 years.

  142. socalannie, you’re right. We’re truly living under taxation without representation.

  143. Now the Republicans want to repeal the ACA without replacing it. Of course, that will throw the entire American health care system into total chaos. Gee, they have so many great ideas!

  144. Trump, Putin met for nearly an hour in second G20 meeting

  145. Ha,Upps. The Jim Jones reference is so right on.This maybe a good time to invest in koolaid stocks.

  146. can you die from hate-laughing?— Kelly Wallace (@kellyawallace) July 17, 2017


  147. From Neal Gabler:

    What Trump’s Putin Love Says About Conservatives

  148. Ivory Bill, that is as usual an insightful article by Gabler, who is the best at weaving his points into a social and historical context.

    I thoroughly agree that all the red-baiting of the ’50 and ’60’s and beyond was simply a technique by which Republicans could wn elections by acting patriotic, and painting the Democrats as enemies of democracy, “soft on Communism.” Of course, big business did always hate socialism, communism, labor moviements, anything which questioned their right to make unfettered profits. That was Hearst’s major concern. And then the Right loved to go after intellectuals, professors, Hollywood liberals. For many decades, the common perception was that the Republicans were on the side of morality, a strong America, saluting the flag, playing patriotic hymns at sports events; while the Democrats were not.

    The Republicans can’t play those cards any more, but they always find different ones. The thing which is amusing and horrifying is how easily their mouthpieces and their voters abandon anti-Russian rhetoric, when their side “wins” because of Russian interference. For the Republicans, it was always a game of “our side versus theirs,” and now their media has convinced about 40% of the country that they win vicariously if the liberals lose. The only rights they seem to cherish are having many guns, not having to pay taxes, or read books with facts in them. For a bit of optimism, we can consider that Republicans are ultimately going to look very unconvincing when uttering their pious platitudes about America. Democrats can become the party of patriotism and honor; people like Schiff, Duckworth, Kander and Lieu the representatives of courage and love of country.

  149. Woodypecker:
    Excellent article from Gabler.
    Thank you.

  150. Must read above article…

  151. If you sent this piece of shit money after I warned you not to, you are fucking stupid. Period.

  152. Says a known associate of Vlad the Bad. I’m too lazy to look up the pix of Jill Stein at Vlad’s shindigs, but I’ve seen at least one of them.

    Oh, she also has been known to play footsie with anti-vaxxers.

    I especially recommend the section called “Vladimir Putin’s Fan Club”.

  153. Bellecat @ 10:13, omigosh! Who would’ve expected that in Texas? I hope they go on to win!

    God I can’t stand that evil witch Stein. On to read the wapo article.

  154. Ok, he is not going quietly into that good night:

  155. Here you go, Ivory Bill:

  156. Thanx. 🙂

    “Dr. Jill Stein”

    Descendant of Dr. Frank N. Stein (from the old comic-book Mad magazine)? 😛

  157. I found this out tonight when looking up something else on HRC’s campaign website.

    DNC is erasing her. Click the “shop” link after going to the site. HRC is non-existent just like the DNC wants Hillary.

  158. So helpful when our so-called leaders give aid and comfort to the enemy. Trump wasted no time this am tweeting out Schumer’ s hot garbage from yesterday about blaming ourselves, not Russia. Many people want more than two political parties in this country. Right now, I’d settle for two. Because we really only have one, and it’s destroying everything while incompetent boobs like Schumer, Biden, and Sanders help while pretending to oppose them. This is so demoralizing. It’s like Dem “leaders” want us all to stay home next year.

  159. Schumer’s invitation to the next RT dinner in Moscow is in the mail. Head table with Vlad!

  160. I’m just a nobody out here in the Minnesota cornfields with a bachelor’s degree in Poli Sci and History. And if I can see that what Schumer said yesterday about Democrats (meaning Hillary) is very damaging to Democrats, why can’t he? It’s bad enough that this has been Bernie’s shtick since election day, but now we have the party leader in the Senate doing it. I can’t even anymore!

  161. Don’t even get me started on fucking Chris Cuomo. Someone else will have to rip him a new one. Let’s just say he has proven beyond all doubt that most of the media has NO FUCKING IDEA what Hillary’s campaign was about. ZERO.

  162. Chuck Schumer is a classless, ungrateful shmuck. I hope that Bill called him and said, “Chuck, two words-Blow Me.”

  163. The great “What We Stand For” they rolled out this morning is…wait for it…Hillary’s policies! I am so done with these assholes.

  164. And why the hell are they doing this today? Should be talking health care! The Senate Dem leader is so incompetent he should be working for Trump. Or maybe he is…

  165. Schumer says the problem was that the voters didn’t know what Hillary stood for.
    Hey, Chuckles, maybe that’s because the news never covered her speeches but aired Trump’s rallies (or tantrums, or whatever they were) from first to last. Every goddamn day.

  166. Isn’t Schumer the sleeze who wanted someone to take Hillary out with a 2 by 4 because she didn’t fold for O in the 2008 primaries? He makes my skin crawl. Just another poor excuse for a Dem leader who never wanted her to win.

    Voting: I need a fix, have you seen any Hillary speeches lately?

  167. Sue, I’m sure you know that is mendacious bull 💩. At what point will we expect voters to take responsibility for their vote? Is Hillary supposed to visit their homes and explain it all in detail because the media won’t? There were many ways for voters to gain information to make an informed choice. The ones who voted for Trump knew very well what Hillary stood for–and it wasn’t white male supremacy so they weren’t buying. Hence, Trump. Not her failure that the voters who were allowed to vote chose a five alarm dumpster fire. And, no, Schumer has yet to broach the topic of voter suppression which ought to be featured front and center every time he opens his pie hole.

  168. Sorry, Cats, but HRC has been quiet since graduation season. She does have that book to finish b/c release is in September.

  169. Brassy, Schumer is useless, utterly useless.

  170. Sorry,fell off a cliff while entertaining too much company.Three days to get ready,four to endure,three to recover.
    Yep,looks like,as usual,Hillary does all the work and someone else gets the credit.I suppose we should be glad that they’re at least proposing something that might actually help people.But they can’t be serious about rolling something like this out on a summer afternoon when the news is all Jared all the time.
    Jen Palmeri had a nice comment re: the Schumer Snark. Something along the lines of remembering that Hillary won the primaries w/60% of the vote and 3million more votes in the general.Felt like,to me, that the Dems took another bite of the Repub apple by buying into their “It’s the WWC,stupid.” rationale for the Repubs winning.Please DO NOT look @ Russia ,the Koch Brothers,Cross Check,voter suppression,the Mercers,
    Worthwhile article in Time this week about how Obama Admin, tried to help states w/voter security.AGAIN, while it’s possible to say that there’s no evidence of voter tally or machine tampering..NO ONE has actually looked.Not a good recommendation for things devolving to the states.
    Also worth re-viewing the movie case you or someone you know needs a refresher course on why we still need the Voter Rights Act.

  171. Y’all forgot to include a picture of Schumer. 😈

  172. Don’t drink the… 😛

  173. We are stuck with that snobby asshole as Senator because he was in the right place at the right time. We needed to get rid of the nearly national embarrassment named Al D’Amato. A cute puppy could have beaten D’Amato that year. Schumer didn’t even have to leave home to beat him. And he’s been a freaking absentee senator ever since. I have to hold my nose to vote for that POS because the Republicans never fail to put up a true flying asshole, loaded for bear to hobble women, every single time. If you have ever tried to contact Schumer, you’d know just how disinterested he is in lowly You. You will never get an answer. He is truly an Absentee Senator.

    I tweeted him today and said, Oh! A Slogan! Whoopie!

  174. The Democrats should win in 2020, but are doing so many things wrong, that they may well manage to lose again, even though they have almost all the issues on their side. It is too depressing to consider the idiocy that comes out of the mouths of various so-called leaders of this party, so I try to focus on finding one or two potential candidatse whom I could support. At this point, the self-aggrandizing blowhards we keep hearing from, risk turning off millions of Democratic women. Brassy Rebel is right that we have one totally evil party, and then another party which seems to be fragmented into a dozen parts.

    I don’t know who, if anyone, pulls this together. I usually don’t like outsiders, but I’d go for one, just to shut up the clique of ineffective male Senators who want to tell us that they would have done better than Hillary, which is completely wrong. Maybe Jason Kander or Adam Schiff, or even Jerry Brown. Or any woman who is not Warren or Harris. I’d almost be in favor of a Women’s Party, but Republicans would win any three-Party race. However, any Democrat who minimizes or derogares Hillary Clinton will get no support from me. And if Hillary were actually to endorse someone (unlikely), I would likely support that person, because she has a much better idea of what Democrats need to do to win and govern, than the Democratic Senators who are regularly rolled over by Republicans, and then blame it on her.

  175. Just posting this here because where else? Don’t think it’ll make any difference, but what the hey. This is Canada but not for lack of trying, I live here.

    Old men “marrying” multiple female children – OK if it’s religion, right?

    So almost sayeth U.S. law, they’re just about there. But if any woman has more than one sexual partner, or is not in a life-long contract with one, it’s not only / sin, it’s also against the law in states like Arizona (where men committing bigamy and adultery are not prosecuted).

    But where is the religion that says God said old women are allowed to “marry” young boys, and if any young boys want sex with anyone other than old women, or with more than one woman, they’re to be punished both in that religion and by U.S. law?


    Grosses you out? And rightly so. Spelled out, it’s inhuman. But if it’s men doing it, it’s A-OK, in U.S. law and culture.

    That’s why “freedom of religion” has been used so successfully against women. There are no religions with divine revelations that say God is female, and women are allowed to exploit men for all the days of their lives. Women do not do these things.

    But there are the Catholic, Islamic, Mormon, Southern Baptist – inter alia – that say the opposite. Only Mormons among all these claim multiple wives as a divine right, but the rest is true for all of them.

    Can anyone here imagine the legal contortions that would result from a female supremacist religion claiming the highest U.S. legal protection? There wouldn’t be enough popcorn in the world for awaiting the outcome. (although it would probably look a lot like US v. Morrison)

  176. Sorry, add Islam to that list. What was I thinking?

    Moslem men may have multiple “wives” but for women, sex with any man other than her one allowed male partner, as husband, is punishable by death in Muslim-ruled countries. Countries that explicitly, without any effective resistance from any Islamic authority, claim Islam as the justification for these laws that kill women.

  177. Ivory Bill, that is an excellent likeness of Schumer! Thanx for the visual aid!

  178. I just hope someone on Trump’s staff has enough sense not to let him anywhere near a gathering of Girl Scouts.

  179. You win the comment section, Brassy.

  180. How many days, or more likely hours, until Bernie Sanders jumps in to capitalize on the moment, and lead a futile 2020 Democratic charge over the cliff of single payer for all? Put that on the platform, with the attendant higher taxes, and the Republicans can win again, even though a majority of the country hates them. But watch single payer become the Left’s litmust test for every candidate. Hillary had the most feasible idea: fix the glitches in the ACA. It was pretty obvious that electing Trump and Republicans in the Senate would kill the ACA; even though the fight against that was strong enough that it did look to me for a while that they would defeat the MTP.

    BTW, our friend SophieCT stood up with a withering riposte against Chris Hayes, pointing out that if he hadn’t kept covering and interviewing “the gasbag” up until the election, that election and its consequent results may well have turned out differently.

  181. Good for SophieCT.

  182. The media’s rapturous, glowing coverage of John McCain continues even after he disgraced and beclowned himself yesterday by leaving his own sick bed to vote to deny health coverage for millions of Americans just as sick or more so than him. And it continues even after he gave what is probably the most hypocritical floor speech in the entire history of the Senate. Imagine Hillary being this brazenly phony and hypocritical. The media would take one of their giant dumps all over her. This right here is the double standard in action. Of course, Hillary would never behave so shamelessly. She would never be so cruel and inhuman–even without brain cancer. But to the media, SHE is the problem, and the monster, McCain, is a hero.

    McCain proved yesterday that being diagnosed with a serious, probably fatal, disease does not make someone a better person. Once a dirtbag and a sleaze, always a dirtbag and a sleaze. And the Dems fawning all over him after what he did are a disgrace.

  183. Also noteworthy in discussion of double standard is the fact that Mazie Hirono of Hawaii has stage 4 renal cancer and just had her second surgery. She voted against MTP. Crickets from MSM.

  184. This article, from a tweet by Eric Garland, seems more than anything I have read to make sense of what happened last year and is happening this year.

    Bill Broder is apparently scheduled to testify before the Senate today. From the Atlantic, this is the full text of his written statement for that testimony. It lays bare, with credibility and horror, who Putin in and why he has done what he has to this country.

  185. Sorry, the name is Browder. Lot going on locally.

  186. We know that the Republicans are going to pass something. Every one of them who voted for the MTP already gave his or her consent to passing something. We will likely get “skinny repeal,” which pretends to continue the ACA, but removes the mandate, so that the entire system will collapse, but they can blame Obama and the Democrats for it. Or possibly we will get some awful bill which is one step to the left of their original dreadful bill, but will give the faux moderates cover to say that they voted for an improved version. In either case, rates will skyrocket, and millions will lose insurance.

    There was never any popular mandate for any of this, not even in the endlessly analyzed Trump counties. Republicans in office do it for only two reasons: to be able to trample on Democratic legislation; and to free up money for the massive tax cut to the .01%. There has never been a greater disconnect between average Americans and the people whom they elect to Congress, who do not represent them at all, but only represent themselves and their billionaire owners. The entire concept of representative democracy has collapsed People might as well be voting for the French Ancien Regime aristocrats. Fake populism, trumpeted by a media which is owned by those same billionaires, and/or which sees it all as a great entertainment spectacle with consequences which they don’t have to deal with.

  187. A year ago today….now if you’ll excuse me, I am going to go cry some more for our country.

  188. Some unnamed Senator or Senators imposed a two-hour rule on the Senate Intel Committee and Browder’s now scheduled to testify tomorrow, in the hearing beginning at 9:00 am.

    All us night owls give humble thanks for the virtual world of CSPAN – it should be available at any later time on their website. (plus one can skip over repugnant objects grandstanding away – like Ryan today)

  189. Arrrgh – that’s the -Judiciary- Committee, not Intel. Guess it’s late even for night owls.

  190. Thanx for the link and all the info on Bill Browder and the Magnitsky Act, Earlynerd. It is worth noting that there is more fake news on social media asserting that Hillary opposed the Magnitsky Act because Bill was giving a paid speech in Russia. This is all nonsense. The Obama Administration originally had some concerns about early drafts of the legislation which Hillary, then SOS, shared with the Foreign Relations Committee. They worked on the bill until these concerns were addressed. This is not unusual with complex issues, especially ones involving foreign policy. However, as the Atlantic article notes, President Obama signed the bill into law with the full support of his SOS, HRC, in 2012.

  191. Voting, thanks for the video. No enthusiasm or strong messaging there, right? Sniffle.

    Brassy, thanks for the info/ammo on the Magnitsky Act, I’m sure someone will throw the latest fake news about Hillary and Obama in my face and this will help me fight back.

    Early, thanks for the Browder statement, that is the most detailed account I have seen of the atrocities committed by Putin against Magnitsky.

  192. Yesterday I watched a MSNBC program featuring two professors-one a right wing Trump supporter and the other a liberal.
    The right wing professor said that Republicans love Trump because finally-finally someone was fighting fire with fire and responding to all those horrible Democrats who have been saying the most horrible things about Republicans for decades.
    The other professor hemmed and hawed. I had a flashback to the Hannity/ Colmes joke of a show on Fox.
    How difficult would it be for the liberal professor to say, “So, I gather you’ve never listened to talk radio or watched Fox News?”
    I’m so old I remember when G. Gordon Liddy had a radio talk (hate) show on which Liddy shared that he had Bill and Hillary cutouts for target practice.

  193. Brassyrebel, thanks for that additional information. It constantly amazes me how much detailed actual knowledge Hillary supporters have of politics and the world in general. Far more than I do – I learn something every day.

    Cats, I’m glad you found the article useful. The cruel and absolute, but almost casual abuse of state power was beyond anything I knew Putin had done – it’s in line with North Korea today and certainly the Soviet Union at its worst. And -this- is tRump’s and now the Republicans’ hero?

  194. Sweetsue, hard to believe anyone buys that right wing faux-victim shtick, isn’t it? But I guess there’s one born every minute.

    -I’m- so old I remember that traitor Oliver North having a cable show called War Stories. I think I saw the listing just last night.

  195. Sue, in general, as you know, liberals, particularly liberal academicians, are nice, and judicious in speech. Right-wing people are not. That is one advantage the right-wing has, particularly in a country which distrusts and even mocks intellectualism. Liberals write carefully modulated position papers, while right-wingers get on radio and deliver rants against liberals. Vastly too many Americans identify with the latter, to a large extent because they are not able to effectively comprehend the arguments about policy and social values. They are purely reactive,and can be easily persuaded by simple slogans and hate of the other. Plus, of course, the media carefully selects the Colmes types for their panels. Outside of Paul Begala, who is mostly reflective, not angry, I scarcely recall one bona fide Hillary supporter on any panel for the entire campaign.

  196. Earlynerd, thanks for the Atlantic piece. Terryifying. I’m going to tweet it.

    Sweet Sue @ 1:47pm, God, how frustrating. The lib media never learns apparently. These are really black days for genuine liberals.

  197. Remember when Hillary would make a campaign speech which would as always mention healthcare, and the ffact that she wanted to work with the ACA and make it better, while the Republicans wanted to take healthcare choices away from millions of Americans? And the media would always cut away from the speech to show Trump, or simply to go to another subject; and would often toss in a few snide remarks about “Hillary has a trust issue,” or “Hillary’s emails problmes”? And the Left would scorn her because she wasn’t for all-out single payer? And the media would never question Trump when he would say that he was going to give people a better health plan, without ever mentioning one detail of it?

    And when people who very much need health insurance voted for Republicans for Senate, without understanding that if you vote for one Republican, you essentially vote for them all? And do any of these people make any connection between any of this and the corkscrew carny show now going on in the Senate, where Republicans are about to destroy the healthcare system, while a few of them try to act like they really don’t want to do this, but they will, because Paul Ryan might promise them that he will take the bill to conference, where he will come up with an even more awful one? Any connection among any of these things? Any rational person would never vote for any Republican for anything, after this mockery of a legislative process. But rationality is obviously in very short supply among the populace; and the media has a different agenda.

  198. Apparently, we’re now governed by the Sopranos.

  199. Sue, you said it.

  200. Thank you Senators Collins, Murkowski…and “The Maverick” McCain.

  201. Guarantee you all, the news tomorrow will be all about McCain’s one vote rather than the women that held the line…the TWO votes of Collins and Murkowski.

    Bank on it.

  202. Voting, you said it! It’s ludicrous that John McCain keeps this maverick, influential, full-of-character senator moniker with the gullible, lazy press in light of these facts: (1) He narrowly escaped jail for his involvement in the S&L scandal in 1989. (2) He cheated on and eventually dumped his sick first wife for richer, trophy wife Cindy. (3) He fecklessly nominated a totally unqualified person to be vice president in his pick of Sarah Palin. (4) The only substantial piece of legislation his name is on is McCain-Feingold campaign finance reform, and we know that ultimately this law has been ineffective and virtually ignored. I concede his valor for his military service and wish him well in his latest battle with cancer. But you get the feeling that without this recent diagnosis he might not even have cast this final vote to kill GOP healthcare bill. Republicans seem only able to show empathy and relate to problems of voters if they are personally impacted.

  203. VotingHillary, well, you were right.

  204. Voting nailed it, of course. Schumer’s praise of McCain was nauseating. Then I heard one of the female commentators say the male Repubs were hurling insults that they could not repeat on the air at Collins and Murkowski who stood their ground for their constituents. Nice.

  205. Yep Paulette. McCain had his epiphany. Near-death does that to people.

  206. …a country which distrusts and even mocks intellectualism.

    Yeah, whatever happened to pride in our country’s scientific and technical achievements? We put the first men on the Moon, for Madoka’s sake!

    The late Frank Zappa had something to say about anti-intellectualism:

  207. I wonder how the fundagelicals feel about Tony the Potty Mouth being the spokesweasel for their equally vulgar Preznit?

  208. Oh, and Sue’s right, we’re governed by organized crime now. Just like the wingnuts’ new favorite foreign country, Mommie Dearest Russia. 😡

    Dear Purity Ponies and Voluntary Non-Voters: Please line up in single file to kiss my @$$.

  209. One year ago today:

  210. Upps, love the tweets, as always! Especially the one with badass Maxine!

    Ivory Bill, fundagelicals (love that!) are flaming hypocrites. They probably tell each other that its a good thing that their dear, beleaguered president has such a tough guy to stand up for him. Great comment @ 6:36pm.

    Voting, if I watch that I’ll cry. I thought that convention was magical.

  211. Uppity’s tweet about Maxine:

  212. Votinghillary, that still hurts. At no time since somewhere in my mid-thirties can I remember crying for a week solid, almost as soon as I woke up.

    But along with the slow but exceedingly fine grinding hearings, the victories due to an amazingly unified Democratic party, an equally amazing unified citizenry, and a late realization of just how much intelligence, experience and above all, adulthood, is required to be an effective member of congress, it is somewhat mitigated by now.

    I feel as though Putin surveilled the U.S. as effectively as if he were using remote sensing, found out all the faults of our unique democratic system (chief among which is sexism – it was only a woman he hated and feared, it is only a woman, the principle victim, who’s being erased), ordered his ground team to pump all the little capillaries and all the major veins full of water, ordered the freeze and then just sat back and watched us break apart.

  213. socalannie, on July 29, 2017 at 12:01 AM said

    Socal & Uppity, thank you! That is how it’s done.

  214. The Senators who are being largely ignored are the 48 Democrats who all stood in solidarity against the horrible Republican bills. Every one of the House Democrats did the same. Plaudits must go to Pelosi and Schumer in this regard. This also emphasizes the fact that for Democrats to ever gain and hold power, we need as many of them elected as possible, even some of the conservative ones from Red states. I am no great fan of Heitkamp and Manchin, but would we be better off if the Bernie purists had managed to get them out, to be replaced by Republicans? Of course not.

    It is rather sad that a very few Republicans, courageous as they were, get the praise, whereas Democrats are essentially taken for granted. It is certain that if the Democrats do not win at least one house of Congress in 2018, the Republicans will pass the most draconian health bill imaginable, plus a lot of other awful things. In fact, they may take a shot at another health bill sooner than that, as they are relentless. People need to vote for Democrats. Democrats need to win. Democrats are almost always better than the Republicans they face. There are Red states where liberals cannot win right now, and so we need moderates, even conservative Democrats in such cases, for a majority. Finally, I am so glad that people did not lose their health care for now (though Trump has vowed to destroy the ACA and force the Democrats to accede to him): and also, that all the citizen efforts were rewarded. Many people are trying very hard, and they desperately needed some positive reiinforcement for all of it.

  215. William, I agree with you, but I don’t know how to let Dem. Senators how much I appreciate what they’ve done. Or Pelosi, with her superb leadership in the healthcare fight and her current position in the alt-left’s crosshairs.

    Most members of Congress only read, answer or count input from their consituents and I’m unfortunately 0 for 3 in NC – 2 rThug Senators and one permanently gerrymandered Rep.

    I did buy 51 stamped postcards (at 38 cents each, I can at least afford that!) and will address them to home offices over the weekend. Still debating whether to send that 51st one to Pelosi or to (Not You) Sanders.

  216. Hey, f***ers!

    Do you f***ing suppose I could f***ing be as f***ing cool as Anthony F***ing Scaramucci if I f***ing said f*** every other f***ing word the f***ing way he f***ing does?

    F*** all y’all! 😛 😈

    Seriously, the official White House spokesperson should show greater dignity. :/

  217. What am I saying? How can I expect the White House spokesperson to show dignity when the President shows none?

    Thanks a f***ing heap, Trump Chumps, Purity Voters and voluntary non-voters! Putin must look at all three of you groups and feel like Sheriff Bart in Blazing Saddles:

    “Oh baby, you are so good–and they are SO DUMB!”

  218. Ivory Bill, LOL!

  219. I was shocked when the news this weekend was obsessed with Priebus being fired and very little was said about that fascist speech Trump gave to law enforcement on Long Island on Friday. A POTUS telling police officers to “rough up” suspects is a frightening new low even for Trump. I thought it deserved much more attention than it’s received. But then, so many outrageous, scary things are happening at once it’s like drinking from a firehouse to keep up. Still, we have to try. Even Joy Reid was much more interested in the Chief of Staff story (unless she had a segment on her second hour Saturday morning while I was having coffee with a friend). I hope she covered it fully.

  220. I’m with you, Paulette, on McCain. Lazy media has narratives about political figures which they never change or update regardless of new facts or evidence.

    Even his vote early Friday morning is being misinterpreted as saving health care for millions. In fact, he put out a statement afterward saying the amendment he voted against doesn’t go far enough in repealing “Obamacare”. In other words, it doesn’t throw enough people off their health insurance. As Melissa McEwan said, there’s a horrible bill out there that McCain WILL vote for. That’s why this is far from over.

  221. I am very much looking forward to Hillary’s book, but I do wish she had named it “Reclaiming My Time”.

  222. “The Mooch” is gone and Twitter is its usual funny self:

  223. Although it is hard to see an upside to Trump&Co, but it is fascinating to see what his behavior has exposed, i.e. the Republicans really had no plan to replace Obamacare.

    And did you all notice that only two senators voted against strengthening sanctions on Russia, Rand Paul and Bernie. So what in the world could have been Bernie’s “principled” rationale for voting no? Please tell me.

  224. As my husband said today, “The Mooch screwed the pooch.”

  225. This @$$ministration screws the whole kennel of pooches, in positions which would baffle Dr. Ruth. 😛

  226. *sigh* I find it difficult sometimes to keep track of what Imgur function does what on what blog. I only meant to make a link.

  227. “So this is how democracy dies–to the tune of Yakety Sax.” 😛

    Borrowed from another commenter at Wonkette.

  228. Re: That fuckface Bernie’s explanation for his vote was his standard bullshit explanation that he uses when he has other motives he doesn’t wish to share. “It didn’t go far enough”. As if 100% of Nothing is better than 75% of Something. And since he is continuously and oddly silent about Putin,well you decide.

  229. Re: Skeevamoochie:

  230. “So this is how democracy dies–to the tune of Yakety Sax.” 😛
    IBW, you’re reminding me of “V For Vendetta.”

  231. Brassy, agree with you about that horrible police speech. The media should have discussed it more. Horribly fascist. I did see several various police organizations reject dump’s comments.

    Also, a funny comment on Widders this morning by Contrask:

    Hillary 2020. Her slogan: Reclaiming My Time!

  232. Another perspective on the Bill Browder/Magnitsky Act testimony that occurred at exactly the same time as Dump’s unenforceable military transgender ban (quelle surprise). When the Browder hearing was rescheduled for the next day, Dump’s new spokesthing has a media meltdown. Almost no media coverage of the hearing. How…odd.

    In showing how the Magnitsky Act could effectively paralyse Putin’s vast fortune -and- discourage continued cooperation from other corrupt politicians in Russia, Browder provides in spades the classic third leg of proving a crime: motive. Puitin and Dump are showing more every day how much they had means and opportunity.

  233. Bernie also voted against the Magnitsky Act. I sense a pattern here.

  234. He did didn’t he?

    What is wrong with the Democratic Party? Why do they keep courting this grifting traitor?

  235. That is shocking to me about Bernie. What a slime.

    Rachel recently talked about how Manafort was funded by laundered Russian(Putin?) money to help Yanukovich win the election in Ukraine. What and who funded Tad Devine, and how much was he paid to do the same thing for Yanukovich? One year he actually worked with Manafort. Why isn’t any journalist asking such an obvious question.

  236. lucyk, agree – and why aren’t the Democratic party leaders asking that same question?

    I just don’t get this whole DNC “let’s go after the obnoxious losers” schtick. Bernie and the bros did, after all, loose by millions of votes in the primary and his mirror image rThugs lost by millions in the general.

    Weird how the bros were so quick with that “54% of whiiite womeen voted for Trump” – never ever noting that 69% of their own selves did.

    Or that the vaunted 54% were a subset of the women without any chance of earning a middle class living other than marriage to, dependence on, and identification with those white men, those who, like their husbands, had only a high school education.

    White men in that position could still find a middle class income, whereas white women, after 2+ decades of non-enforcement of sex-discrimination laws, could not. The majority of white women with a college degree or higher voted for Hillary.

  237. “The majority of white women and men with a functioning brain voted for Hillary.”

    FIFY. 😈

  238. Of course they did, IBW!

  239. Trump is at 33% favorable rating in the latest poll. Maybe he’ll go up by vowing to ban all non-White immigrants, or close to it. But he probably has a ceiling of 40% at best. If he is able to run again, any reasonable Democrat can beat him, but Sanders could easily lose, and would certainly lose to someone else, like Kasich or Haley, or Martinez of NM The reason for this is that the American people are not going to vote for Sanders’ positions. Single payer, which I am for in theory, is not going to be supported by the middle class, when it becomes obvious that their taxes will go up substantially to pay for it. Nor will they pay taxes for completely free college education for Millennials. The Sanders people will scream loudly for it, but they are a much smaller cohort than they imagine. I wonder how many Republicans and Libertarians padded Sanders’ votes in primaries. And if you take away caucuses which are always dominated by the young and the unemployed, Sanders would have won hardly anything.

    So the message here, to any Democratic leader who wants the party to win the crucial elections upcoming, is to disavow Sanders, or at least ignore him. Sanders’ supposed popularity is a fantasy, puffed up by the Russians and the Republicans. And as it is unlikely that Trump will be able to run, the Democrats cannot just use Trump’s unpopularity to slide into victory. They need their base to turn out. There are plenty of people who will still vote for a Republican if it is not Trump. Republicans have won the White vote ever since Bill Clinton left office. Sanders is surely not going to get it back, that concept is laughable. White people were just waiting for a Socialist who will vastly raise their taxes, to go back to voting Democrat? What percentage of the White vote did McGovern, Mondale and Dukakis get? Democrats can win by having an enthusiastic turnout from women, minorities, and liberal White men. And by fighting against voter suppression. The path to victory is obvious; the question is whether the majority of the party is so intimidated by the threats and screaming coming from the Sanders cultists, that they let them wreck things again. b

  240. It’s obvious that Trump is trying to play to the base. And even though congressional Republicans are not currently on board with limiting legal immigration to skilled English-speaking whites, there is a long term plan to stem and eventually reverse the demographic trend of the U.S. becoming a majority minority country.

    William, the need to disavow Sanders and send him and his cult packing should be obvious to Democratic party leadership. Instead, they’re doing the opposite by letting Sanders drive the bus. I cannot fathom what they are thinking. Sanders is engineering a hostile takeover of the Democratic party and current leaders are aiding and abetting. The actual base of the party is becoming more alienated by the day.

  241. Maybe Sanders, consciously or not, is another tool of Putin? Maybe Tsar Vlad wants both major parties? 👿

    puffed up by the Russians and the Republicans.

    But you repeat yourself. 😉

  242. I just heard that one of the media panelists on “Hardball’s” Tell Me Something I Don’t Know segment last night said that Hillary goes NUCLEAR on Bernie in her new book. If true, this is the best news since Novembrr 8th!

  243. There is no question in my mind that Bernie has been playing the role of “useful idiot” as well as Jill Stein.

  244. Second thoughts, Vlad?

    Oh, but here’s the best part, Vladdykins!

    More than any other one human being on the planet, YOU put that moron in charge of my country’s nuclear arsenal!

    And guess where most of my country’s nukes are still aimed?

    C’mon, guess! 😈

  245. Starting to feel like this guy, Vlad?

  246. Maybe Hillary will solve the Bernie problem for us and expose him for the fraud he is.

  247. There is no "Bernie wing" in the Democratic Party because there is no Bernie in the Democratic Party.— Hillary Warned Us (@HillaryWarnedUs) July 31, 2017


  248. Another good reminder of how the news media portray Hillary, and how they helped give us Trump.— Peter Daou (@peterdaou) August 5, 2017


  249. The press keeps attacking Hillary as if it will somehow absolve them of their own guilt. It won’t. Better for them to own up to what they have done and move on.

  250. The media never feels guilty about anything. They think they did a great job covering the election. If the election were redone next month, they’d do it again. Of course, with Sessions now threatening the media with arrest for whatever, it may hit closer to home for them. Somewhere back there, the media was castrated by the Republicans who kept condemning them as liberal, even as they knew that the vast majority of media owners were hard Corporate Right.

    Covering Trump is not much fun for them now. Their entire profession has been virtually destroyed by the Nazis who run the Republican Party, and their cries of “fake news” every time they don’t like a story. It will be interesting to see if they jump at the opportunity to moliify the Nazis by unleashing their pent-up venom at Hillary’s new book. Because as we all know, nothing that she says in that book will be satisfactory. The book will smile too much, or not enough. There will be no humor, or too much humor. She will not grovel, she will not take absolute responsibility for her data being hacked and used to target swing voters, or for the milions of lying Facebook ads. The book will be too contentious, or too boring. Too long or too short, or both. They will tell her, again to go away, if she is not going to blame herself for everything currently wrong and frightening in the country. They’ll put together those news panels with three absolute Hillary haters, one indifferent person who wants to “move on,” and one inarticulate person who says she supported Hillary, but now is focused on Kamala Harris or Warren or somebody else. However, I and many millions of other people will buy the book and appreciate it, as coming from the person with the best grasp of economic and social issues in the country, the person who would have been the best president since FDR.

  251. She just looks so lovely.

  252. GA6th @8pm, Yes! They might be able to regain a little respect if they would do so.

    William @10:41pm: Sadly, must agree with your forecast of the media’s reaction to Hillary’s book. They’re so predictable. What do you think about Trump TV? And the Dodgers?!?! 🙂

  253. Voting, love that!

  254. Ivory Bill, LOLOL!

  255. Well, William they can surely just stuff it. They failed to be tough on Trump and enabled the worst president in the history of the country. This isn’t the first time they have done this as we all well know. They never questioned the Village Idiot named Bush either.

  256. Love your rant, William!

    There is only one saving grace to the November election. Hillary is now free to do whatever she pleases–even attend a wedding on Wall St.!

  257. Love that Bill’s yarmulke matches Hill’s outfit!

  258. Very glad to see Hill & Bill out & about, looking relaxed and enjoying life.

    It would be soooo nice to see even one non-snarky item, mention, whatever, like this even on MSNBC, but even that station’s trying to induce amnesia wrt Hillary and what they did to her and her campaign.

  259. THIS. 👿

  260. Ivory Bill @ 9:09pm: Spot on!

  261. I know the gay community overwhelmingly supported Hillary. Still, it helps to have a reminder of what she and Bill did, what could have been, and what could still be, if we can get all ourselves organized and throw the rThugs out on their asses:

  262. When Trump and the Republicans get done slashing the Federal budget, the Clinton Foundation will probably take over responsibility for a lot of social programs previously handled by the government. They are also very active in various programs fighting the opioid crisis and are providing the antidote for overdoses to schools all over the United States.

  263. This is just to annoy Nina Turner who accused the DNC of offering her donuts to “seduce” her.


    (Never thought I’d get a chance to use that emoji!)

  264. Annie, I have not had the desire to read much about Trump TV, but from what I gather, it is something akin to state-run 24-hour propaganda, which is a frightening thought in all aspects. Meanwhile, and not surprisingly, there are real problems with the DNC, as the Democratic core base is very angry about the coddling of Bernie and his Bros, plus the trial balloons about maybe supporting some not pro choice candidates. And as for the Bros, they hate the DNC, they hate their made-up term “neoliberals,” they won’t spend a cent for someeone who is not Bernie or Bernie-approved. The end result may be that even though we should have a great chance to wrest the country from the Republicans, the Democrats are now so split and contentious, that the Republicans could roll over them once again. Hopefully, somebody will do something to move things in the right direction. Most ironically (actually, logical, not ironic), is that two of the only people who actually know what the Democrats need to do to win and still protect their ideals, are Hillary and Bill Clinton. Perhaps this is why Bernie and his minions keep trying to marginalize her. And Biden always does, too.

    I really think there has to be pressure on Perez to step down, he looks totally inept; and I do not think Ellison is any better. Keep trying to indulge the Bernies, and you will destroy the party. And we absolutely cannot let the Republicans win anything in ’18 and ’20, or we will be looking at a fascist theocracy. If the Bernites had any grasp of history, they might realze this; but I do not think they studied or analyzed any of it, while waiting for their free tuition to materialize with a wave of Bernie’s arms, and not requiring Congresional votes.

    Ah, the Dodgers. A definite bright spot, a very enjoyable season. However, I really think they gambled by not trading more prospects in order to solidify the bullpen. I have this feeling that the Cubs or Nationals are going to beat them in the late innings of some key playoff games, because the Dodgers do not have enough reliable arms in the bullpen. But it’s certainly been a great ride so far. The playoffs are different than the regular season, though, more so than with any other sport.

  265. Brassy Rebel, I did not know that they had an emoji for donuts! Maybe they should have put those in what was apparently a wretched emoji-themed movie. Or put a Nina Turner emoji in the movie! Nina has found that being angry at everyone gets her lots of airtime. Republicans always like to feature someone like this, trying to destroy the Democratic Party. My understanding is that Turner was a state senator in Ohio once, and then lost. I do not comprehend why this qualifies her to tell everyone else what to do, including dropping the Russian investigation. How dumb does the DNC have to be to keep courting “Our Revolution,” when that organization would apparently be pleased with having 500 Republicans and 35 Berncrats in Congress, seeiing that as “progress” I know it’s not something she would do, but it would be great if Hillary stood up and told the country what the Democratic Party should and should not stand for. There is room for diversity, of course, but not puritanical self-immolation, a la France’s Reign of Terror, which simply gave that country Emperor Napoleon.

  266. William, apparently losing your race is a qualification for telling Democrats what to do. I read a ridiculous piece today declaring that Jason Kander, Jon Ossof, and Tom Pirello, all of whom lost last year or this year, are seen as showing the way forward for the party. On the other hand, as we all know, Hillary got 3 million more votes but is the biggest loser ever and must shut up and disappear. Of course, the three candidates seen as great are all white males. Turner, I suppose, is an authority on winning elections because she is a Bernie cultist. And Bernie, who lost the primary by 4 million votes or so, is the greatest authority ever on winning elections. Go figure.

    There is an emoji for EVERYTHING! Apparently, Turner’s claim of being dissed by the DNC when she showed up with the petition is a load of 💩. See what I mean about emojis?

  267. And of course, on Twitter it’s already morphed into “bronut”.

  268. The Washington Monthly wrote a great article on Nina Turner basically calling her inept because she supposedly went to talk about the “people’s agenda” with the DNC but basically ended up making it about nonsense and nobody is talking about issues. So she blew up her issues.

    As far as Ossoff goes, Bernie caused him to lose because of his nutty supporter shooting Scalise. That should be lesson number one about Bernie and the bros.

  269. That’s right, Ga.! If you deliver a petition, and afterwards no one on social media is talking about the issues raised in the petition–instead everyone is doing donut jokes, you’re a pretty lousy politician.

  270. ‘Nuff said. 😡

  271. That’s right, IBW, and don’t forget to put your hands over your eyes so you won’t go blind!
    As for Nina Turner, it’s my fervent wish that Ariana Grande licked every one of those donuts before they were passed around.

  272. Every single time I see coverage of trump I hear Hillary’s voice saying that he is “temperamentally unfit” to serve as president.How does Hillary stop herself from going on TV and saying repeatedly..” Told you so..told you so.” ?

    I’m wondering if the DNC might have a road into the states we “lost” last time by focusing on the opiod epidemic? You know drawing a connection between trump care and his laughable “drugs not good:” approach to the problem.Seems like those sates that voted for him have the biggest problems…hmmm.
    I’d love,also,to have the Dems change their “better deal” to “Stand and Deliver..this is what we stand for and this is what we’ll deliver. The low info voters love that simplistic stuff. ( Sorry,didn’t mean to channel my inner mean girl.)

    Heat finally moderating out here and most of the smoke from the BC fires has cleared out..can almost see the mountains again.54 days w/out rain..but,hey,not to worry,no climate change. Sigh.

  273. I like Stand and Deliver.

  274. I think Nina Turner sees herself in this heroic stance:

  275. Maybe our new slogan should be “Locked and Loaded.” It’s catchy.


  277. Christ, the killer is from Ohio.

  278. U.S.
    Hillary Clinton Condemns White Supremacist Groups For Inciting Violence, Trumps Says It’s Coming From ‘Many Sides’

  279. If you voted for Trump, you’re responsible for this
    Posted on August 12, 2017 by riverdaughter

  280. When I think of things that might “seduce” me, donuts do not come to mind.

    Nina has an exaggerated sense of her own value and importance in this world. She’s probably mentally ill just like Sarandon and a host of other Bernie dreamers.

  281. Woo-hoo-over three hundred comments. May I humbly suggest it’s time for a new post-even if it’s only “Hello, suckers.” 🙂

  282. Our first Prez is not happy.

  283. Well, I’m stinking sick about Nazis marching. It should be obvious to everybody what the GOP is.

  284. Yes, we could all anticipate this. These people were around, but they were pretty much limited; law enforcement had done a good job ferreting out these hate groups. But the internet gave them a means to congregate, and Trump gave them a hero and a voice. And yes, once
    again, the media did virtually nothing during the campaign to bring it to major attention, probably because they worried that they would get threats or clicks from that quarter. This “Alt-Right” term sounds as if it is a philosophical difference, when it is simply a cover for overt Nazis, fascists, virulent anti-semites, racists, insane misogynists, homophobes. They know Trump is on their side, he makes it clear every time he refuses to comment on their murderous violence, or then grudgingly says something about “all sides.” And if Trump continues in office, they will grow, and become even more dangerous.

    I do wonder what would have happened had Hillary won “on paper.” Of course we would be far better off. But I think that we would have seen a bunch of people try to kill her, kill other liberals, blow up things like in Oklahoma City two decades ago. But of course Hillary’s DOJ would have made it a priority to go after them. Trump’s DOJ virtually encourages them.

    I like the slogans here better than the ridiculous “A Better Deal.” That sounds like you are saying, “Well, they are offering you a good deal, but ours is somewhat better.” Who comes up with this inanity? How about. “The Fight Against Fascism”? Some would say “too emotional or dramatic,” but I think we need that. (And we need something to put a different coloration on the “Make America Great” stuff, and it tells people what is at stake). Or “Democracy OverTryanny.””An America For Everyone.” “The 21st Century, Not the 19th Century.” Okay, those are not actually catchphrases like “The New Deal,” “The New Frontier,” The New American Compact.” But trying to replicate those by coming up with this Better Deal phrase is both silly and pathetic. If our candidate actually runs on that phrase, it will be almost embarrassing.

  285. Party slogans are a joke. I remember when they came up with the D with the circle. I mean they make up the supidist slogans that really connect with nobody because after they think they up, they do nothing else. I saw Perez on Tee Vee today and wanted to smash the screen. What a loser.

  286. This is the fscking Justice Department! Supposedly, the government of everyone, not just Dump and Friends.

    DOJ is asking for 1.3 million IP addresses, contact info, email content & photos of visitors to a website involved in inaugural protests…👀— Caroline O. (@RVAwonk) August 15, 2017


    Rather than have a woman as leader of this country, the media and Bernie’s boys chose this.

  287. The only thing surprising about all of this is that these tiki torch Nazis think they’re “the master race”. To me, they all look like Alfred E. Newman from Mad magazine.

    Once again, the media missed the point. That seems to be the only thing they’re good at. What leaders say at a moment of crisis like this is important. But what they do is even more important. And it doesn’t matter what the GOP say about white supremacy if they continue to suppress the votes of POC and act like white people are the ones discriminated against. The words are belied by the agenda, making them hypocrites.

  288. And the media also needs to stop calling these creeps “white nationalists” and call them WHITE SUPREMACISTS. Hillary made this point in her August 25, 2016 speech on the Alt-Right in Reno. You know, the one the media attacked her for, accusing her of going negative by going “in the gutter”. They had a lot of help, but when you get down to it, the media built Trump’s presidency.

  289. To me, they all look like Alfred E. Newman from Mad magazine.

    I was thinking more along the lines of the love child of Sandra Bernhard and Billy Bob Thornton: 😛

  290. Social media gets a large share of the blame for this mess.

    Opus has an idea on who really started social media…

  291. Elaine Chao looked like a complete moron standing next to Chump.

  292. Just have to post this. It’s absolutely how we got here:

    I said for years that the left tolerated the racism of Jesse Helms because his sexism was so useful.

    There are too many other examples to list, but until all men, including men of color, rank denial of rights on account of sex as equivalent to denial of rights on any other basis, the disease of bigotry will keep finding a social vector in sexism.

  293. Earlynerd,

    Excellent article and thanks for sharing it.

    We’ve heard so much about racism (as we should) but we NEVER hear about the rampant sexism which still exists with barely a whimper of protest, particularly when it’s against Hillary. She gets the bulk of the raging sexism because she definitely frightens the patriarchy who simply cannot tolerate a woman who will not sit down and shut up (just ask Elizabeth Warren!) It is such a disappointment that sexism is still tolerated as if it is not as bad as racism. Women of all colors make up over half the population, so one would think that it would carry at least the same weight in being called out and condemned in the same way racism now is.

    Why are women still viewed by the majority of our society as not worth standing up for when they are being horribly attacked with nothing more than sexist prejudice disguised as rational debate? Hillary has had to withstand this inexplicable hatred for decades. Sexism and the hatred of women (particularly when they want to be considered equals to men in powerful positions) is a symptom of the same hate spewed by the Nazi/KKK/White supremacists n Charlottesville and around the country. It just gets lost in the forest of all the other hatred and is treated as if it doesn’t exist. Men and women continue to look the other way while we see a rising up a righteous indignation to what happened in Charlottesville (which we absolutely should), but sexism which is part of that hatred is ignored. Isn’t that shameful behavior too?

    We lost a lot when Hillary was taken down in the election by that bias and we got trump as a result. Yes, prejudice has dire consequences and we just witnessed it during this 2016 presidential election when trump and sanders were not vetted and given a free pass, while the media, the repugs, alt right, the Russians attacked her daily and mercilessly and they were aided and abetted every step of the way by those who should have stood up and denounced it, the democratic party and our newly awakened media.

    Hillary warned us about trump and the “alt right” and she was attacked for it and called “negative” and then forced to apologize for talking about the “basket of deplorables”, which has all come to pass, just as she predicted. Again, silence by the media in pointing out that we were warned by Hillary. The hatred for her goes on and the silence is deafening.

  294. Wonderful comment wynne,05. I agree with every word.

    I’m watching Angela Rye on CNN insisting that there is no difference between George Washington and Robert E. Lee. She is not a helpful spokesperson/ally. This is one reason why we Democrats keep losing.
    Sometimes, I have to believe that some of these “progressives” are on Putin’s payroll, whether or not they even know it.

  295. In general, the Right votes as a bloc, even if their only motivation is to “stick it to liberals.” Pure factionalism, some even call it tribalism. I don’t know how to change that, it is ingrained in most of these people, and hardened by Fox News and their counterparts. On “out side” (however one might define that,) we seem to fight endless battles among various groups. Some call it “identity politics” and decry it; the problem is that those people are almost all White Males on the Left. And even apart from the racism and sexism involved, that White Male Far Left cohort can never win electoral majorities. It is not the 1930’s and ’40’s, where Democrats were bound together as “working class vs. big buiiness.” So what is to be done about this; how do the Democrats form a consistent winning coalition?

    The scars of the last campaign are deep. We know that apart from everything else–the Russian interference, the FBI tipping the scales, the rampant media bias–Hillary would certainly have won had only the Sanders people voted for her in significant numbers. Instead, many of them did not vote, or voted for Stein or Johnson, or made enough complaints that they encouraged other people not to vote for her. And the Black cohort did vote for Hillary in high percentages, but in numbers less than they voted for Obama. And Latinos didn’t vote in expected numbers, either. All people had to do was to say or think, “Hillary may not be my ideal candidate, but she will carry us on a progressive path, and she is extremely competent.” (We here of course thought and still think that she was an ideal candidate and would have made a great President). But too many of them preferred to look for purity, or didn’t like her because she was a female, or not a Black person, etc.

    I personally think that the major reason that people keep comimg up with Kamala Harris as a candidate, is that she is a woman of mixed ancestry, sort of checking off two boxes and two cohorts. This is not how candidates should be picked. Republicans ultimately vote en masse for any Republican, not so much because of “issues” any more, but mostly because of tribalism. Democrats now face increasing difficulties in at least mollifying various cohorts, so as to get them to accept their tickets. And unless Democrats, and specifically ethnic minorities, decide that it is crucial to actually consitentlly vote in midterms, rathetr than not votes and then complain about everything, we will be stymied. And it doesn’t look like the “Placating Sanders Supporters Unity Ticket” in the DNC leadership, is capable of solving this. Hopefully, there will be so much desperation in attempting to stop the fascist Nazi takeover, that people will somehow vote in immense numbers. But will that just be a one-time thing? And how do Perez and Ellison plan to stop the vote suppression efforts by Republicans?

  296. I love how the White Nationalists, Nazis, White Supremists, –whatever they call themselves–, decry “Identity Politics” while using Identity Politics for themselves

  297. William,

    As always, very good, thought provoking posts However, I am not convinced that Kamala Harris will get any further than Hillary did based on her being multi. Also, it’s a dangerous precedent that the democratic party should choose to run women who are multi-racial in order to appeal to a wider electorate and have a better chance of winning. She will say or do something that will be used against her, just like Hillary. Anyone running for elected office, especially for the most powerful office in the world, should be based on their qualifications, experience, character, intelligence, judgment and Hillary had all of these qualities and was still attacked over NOTHING.

    It is my belief that until those who truly believe women are equal to men and should be treated as such by society, must first begin standing up to sexism/misogyny in all its forms and calling it out and not backing down no matter what they throw at you, women will not get the one thing that will be the game changer in achieving that equality — R-E-S-P-E-C-T. Aretha got that right! When women start respecting each other as men have respected each other since the beginning of time and stop expecting perfection of every woman and stop bending to the patriarchy’s attacks and belittling of any woman who dares challenge them, that will begin the sea change necessary to bring about this equality. Men certainly don’t expect perfection of themselves AND they still respect each other, even mediocre men! Hillary was anything but mediocre. She was extraordinary in every sense of the world but a too large number of men of all colors were afraid of her and women were too afraid to stand up for her. Let’s face it, the patriarchy just can’t envision a woman being the most powerful person in the world! They can’t because they don’t respect women. Frankly, I love the idea and believe our world would be a much better place if more women were in positions of “real” power.

    Unless and until women start respecting each other and stop accepting being treated like second class citizens, no matter how multi-faceted a woman is will not make a bit of difference. Moreover, how can we expect men to respect us as equals if women don’t respect themselves and are not willing to speak out against sexism without fear or hesitation? It was the Al Sharptons and the Jesse Jacksons of the civil rights movement who NEVER backed down speaking out against racism, even when they were wrong! Remember Al Sharpton and the Tawana Brawley Hoax in 1987? She claimed she had been raped repeatedly in a wooded area by three white men, at least one of whom, she claimed, was a police officer. I was living in New York City when that happened. If Al had been a woman, we would never have heard from her again! But that didn’t stop Al and look where he is today and he is RESPECTED.

    It will be through simple respect that women who are qualified to run for office will be able to win on their merits without having to hope that a “different” kind of woman (other than Hillary) will have a chance to break that last glass ceiling. I would think that a person’s qualifications should be paramount in whether they are chosen to lead, if they want power over others. I suspect when people are elected because they are qualified and not because they can give a good speech and tell you what you want to hear, women will be elected in droves. Even be President of the United States! I hope we get there before it’s too late because the exclusion of women has been the source of the many problems we are facing to day.

  298. Wynn05, great comment!

    Too bad the idea of blind auditions for government positions is not feasible. They’ve resulted in higher selection rates for women in music and in programming (github).

    Instead, the U.S. now has this insanely dangerous bigot-in-chief as leader and a majority of bigots in Congress – thanks in large part to a media that stoked and affirmed sexism among its viewers and readers, and carried on a constant campaign against the woman candidate.

  299. Earlynerd,

    Thanks. Your point is well taken.

    Let’s not forget that the majority of America did vote for Hillary in both the 2008 and 2016 presidential elections. The men who “won” had to get in via the electoral college, which I have grave doubts is a truly democratic process. So, the men had to win by a “technicality” and Hillary won the hearts of the American people. As usual, it is the people who have more wisdom than those in the media and those who hold power over us.

    We should all remind ourselves of what is said in the Declaration of Independence that as stewards of our government (note I added women to the text!):

    “We hold these Truths to be self-evident, that all Men (and Women) are … endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights…. That to secure these Rights, Governments are instituted among Men (and Women)….whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness…”

    Unfortunately, we have relinquished that stewardship and left it up to those in power to “tell us what to do.” We, the people, have been slowly but surely “endoctrinated” by the propaganda spewed daily by media and our government to make us believe that we work for them, rather than the other way around and that we are powerless to change things as they are.

    I hope the outrage being expressed over Charlettesville and trumps’ support of the Nazis, etc., will not end. I pray that we will not fall back into complacency and believe that we have done our bit to preserve freedom and equality for all. That we follow Hillary’s lead, one of our few wise leaders, and “RESIST, INSIST, PERSIST, ENLIST.”

    “An educated citizenry is a vital requisite for our survival as a free people”.

  300. Uppityites: Please enjoy a delicious serving of Tina Fey! Because tears of laughter Trump the hell outta the alternative…

  301. Bannon is out. Hope the Gorkas and Miller follow. Bannon may prove to be 45’s worst nightmare. Supposedly, he will be going back to Breitbart to spin his evil webs.

  302. Just wait for all the media hot takes about how now Trump can “pivot” and become presidential at last. Bannon was not the problem, just a disgusting symptom. Trump is the problem and the one that must go.

  303. It is great to see Bannon “fired,” but I am always dubious with this group. Manafort got fired during the campaign, and was still advising Trump. Lewandowski pretty much the same. Most of this simply is for show, to maybe try to fool the media, as Brassy Rebel suggested. Gorka is an actual Nazi, and why isn’t he being fired? Miller is a pure fascist, and Trump apparently loves him. We’ve seen a bunch of people fired in this administration, with no sign of any policy shifts as a result. So it’s just shuffling the deck and pulling out the same types of cards over and over. If Bannon turned, that would be something, but he won’t.

    Wynne05, I quite agree that the Electoral College is a real problem. Of course, the only way to change it is through a constitutional amendment requiring 38 state legislatures to vote that way, and that certainly is not happening. The EC was a very bad idea whose danger is just now being realized. Democrats are forced to somehow overcome it, as well as the unproportionate representation which has Wyoming, NY, Alaska and CA, all having the same amount of senators. And note that NY and CA have a total of three women senators, while the Red states have altogether a couple at most. The Blue states would elect a woman president. Actually, the only difference between Hillary’s vote percentage and Obama’s was due to the absence of enforcement of the VRA, combined with massive illegal vote suppression due to Crosscheck. That doesn’t even factor in Russians pervading the social media with fake news. I could see Tammy Baldwin as a good candidate, but I don’t think she would run; and yes there is another barrier for her to overcome, that being the fact that she is gay. Amy Klobuchar is another possibility. But no Democrat is going to win if the votes are suppressed. The tragedy is that Hillary was a better potential President than any of those, or anyone who is going to be in the primaries in 2020.

  304. AP shows its true colors:

    What in blazes is this headline, AP?! Democrats "risk culture war" for *objecting* to white supremacy?! Oh hell no.— Melissa McEwan (@Shakestweetz) August 18, 2017


    As racist as they are sexist. Quelle suprise.

  305. Trump is so despised by the arts community that he does not DARE show his face at the Kennedy Center Honors!!!!!!!

  306. William,

    Voter suppression isn’t the reason Hillary lost, she WON the popular vote and she did it twice. So, whatever disgusting voter suppression tactics that still remain in place, she managed to beat that obstacle too. The electoral college is the reason she lost

    Common Cause had an article explaining what could be done to change the electoral college without amending the Constitution.

    Following is a section of it in part:

    “Here’s how to do it: states can decide how they award their electoral vote, so if enough require their electors to vote for the winner of the nationwide popular vote (instead of who won in that state,) it would fix the problems of the Electoral College without needing to amend the Constitution.

    This National Popular Vote compact wouldn’t take effect until enough states joined in, but we’re closer to that than you might think — ten states (California, Hawaii, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, Vermont, Washington) and the District of Columbia have already signed on, totaling 165 electoral votes of the needed 270.”

    Here is the link:

    If the American people want to have a say in choosing the president (which is one of our most important rights) and prevent another Donald Trump, they should get behind those states who are leading the way to reforming the electoral college.

  307. William,

    Voter suppression isn’t the reason Hillary lost, she WON the popular vote and she did it twice. So, whatever disgusting voter suppression tactics that still remain in place, she managed to beat that obstacle too. The electoral college is the reason she lost

    Common Cause had an article explaining what could be done to change the electoral college without amending the Constitution. Following is a section of it in part:

    “Here’s how to do it: states can decide how they award their electoral vote, so if enough require their electors to vote for the winner of the nationwide popular vote (instead of who won in that state,) it would fix the problems of the Electoral College without needing to amend the Constitution.

    This National Popular Vote compact wouldn’t take effect until enough states joined in, but we’re closer to that than you might think — ten states (California, Hawaii, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, Vermont, Washington) and the District of Columbia have already signed on, totaling 165 electoral votes of the needed 270.”

    Here is the link:

    If the American people want to have a say in choosing the president (which is one of our most important rights) and prevent another Donald Trump, they should get behind those states who are leading the way to reforming the electoral college.

  308. wynne05, if I may jump in:

    The fact that elections in the U.S., as they exist now, aren’t decided on the popular vote is something the Repubs keep taking advantage of over and over and over again. The numbers show voter suppression by rThug-majority state legislatures was a deciding factor in that very narrow Electoral College victory.

    As with the Dem. caucases (cauci?), the EC is an undemocratic process that can too easily produce an undemocratic result, especially if the steps leading up to it are tampered with. That can happen either within the law, as the successful voter suppression shows, or outside the law, as the Russian campaign funding and collusion, the hacking of states’ voter databases, the hacking of the Democratic party’s databases and campaign staff emails, the Russian-backed social media influence in this election, and the bros’ tactics in the caucses in both 2008 and 2016 show. As the successful use of Sanders and the selection of tRump have shown, those steps are far too easy to “fix” as they exist now.

    Definitely, the EC needs to go! (and take those *#$@ caucases with it!) The National Popular Vote Compact looks like a feasible way to rid the country of the Electoral College and make U.S. elections actually democratic.

  309. Looks like I misspelled “caucuses”. I just thought those red lines were Spellcheck’s editorial comments on the concept.

    Pffft. Hopefully, soon, it won’t matter how the word is spelled – the concept will be obsolete.

  310. We don’t grade on speeeling.

  311. Earlynerd,

    I agree and great points.

    It did take a combination of many factors to bring Hillary down, with the final blow being the electoral college usurping the will of the people. I also believe that there was hacking of the votes in the 3 states, Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, which were tantamount to giving trump the ever so slight edge he needed putting him over the top in order to win the electoral college. Coincidence? We will never know because when machines count our votes, there is no way to be sure that they were counted as cast. This is why the German people and their high court banned voting machines because it interfered with the citizen’s right to “see” their votes counted. Oh the irony!

    I think the solution offered in the article from Common Cause deserves a close look because it would be almost impossible to get the people in power to amend the Constitution in order to get rid of the electoral college.

    In fact, I am convinced that the electoral college is no longer being used for it’s original intent by the founders, but now is being used by those in power to control who gets in the WH. The power elite do NOT want the people to choose a president. Too big of a risk that they might get someone who truly will serve the people. No, they want to make certain that the person they anoint gets in to ensure that their best interests are always taken care of and the people be damned.

    I always believed that Hillary was the best choice because she offered policies which would have made a huge positive differences in the lives of the American people. It is because of that, the media and the power elite were dead set against her and why they were willing to just about anything, with the help of the media, to bring her down.

  312. wynne05, I think the problem with the National Popular Vote Compact is the same as amending the Constitution. Red states will never agree to it. Note that the 10 states that have signed on are all blue states. Republicans in state governments in red states are well aware that they have disproportionate power at the Federal level. They’re not about to give it up. And blue states alone won’t get you to 270. I wish it weren’t so.

  313. Brassy Rebel,

    Then it will has to be up to the people to build a critical mass in protest against the electoral college and its undemocratic processes.

    Hopefully, the recent events in Charlottesville and the glorious response in Boston by those who will not stand for racism will be the impetus to continue to resist and push forward the truth that we are ALL Americans FIRST and a member of party a very distant second. When being a member of a political party divides us to the point of self-destruction, then it’s time to change. Otherwise, we are not living in a democratic republic but a benign dictatorship, if we aren’t there already.

    We can only hope that when staying the same is more painful than change, that this critical mass of Americans coming together in protest against being a dictatorship will happen. I just hope we get there before the world is blown up because of 2 narcissistic blow hards. (ours and North Koreas).

  314. t appears that this Compact is another example of decent people being taken advantage of by the Republicans who are determined to win every election. All the states listed are Blue states! What they are doing, is helping Republicans win the Presidency, by agreeing that if a Republican wins the national popular vote, they will give him/her their state’s electoral votes, even if he/she lost their state! Meanwhile, the Red states will never do this. So now they have two chances to win: lose the popular vote, but win the electoral vote because of disproportionate power to the small and mostly Red states; or win the popular vote, and thereby get all these Blue states to cede their own electoral votes to the Republicans!

    For years, the Republicans have been trying to dupe the people of Pennsylvania and Michigan into splitting their electoral votes by district. Those states are usually Blue and will be so again, if we can stop voter suppression. But now the Blue states are being duped in this new way: agreeing to a policy which the other side will not join. It is an absolute set in stone truth: the Republicans will never do anything which does not benefit them. They are not interested in fairness, or popular will, or anything noble; they are interested in winning. If and when Democrats actually understand this, and do not make concessions to people who will never requite them, but will simply use them to their own advantage, then we might be able to win at electoral politics.

  315. We don’t grade on speeeling.

    O gud, that’s a releeef! Now I kin tawk freewy wifout wurryin’! I wunned lotsa speeling beests wen I wuz witttlle, and got callt a “speeling notsie”! (soe muchh fer godwintz lawww)
    Ennyway, wut kin I say? Hookt on fonix werkt fer me!

    (P.S. All in good fun, I’m a devoted reader of this blog. Hope you’re not mad.)

  316. I’m sorry about the above.
    I hope that National Popular Vote Compact is not binding on those states which have already signed it if it doesn’t reach 270 electoral votes.

  317. NEW POST UP.

  318. (P.S. All in good fun, I’m a devoted reader of this blog. Hope you’re not mad.)

    Silly goose.

  319. Thanks William for breaking it down and explaining how the dems would only be giving the repugs the chance to take advantage of them again in how they win elections despite the dems’ efforts to make the electoral college actually honor the will of the people, instead of the party elites..

    The behavior exhibited between the two parties appears to be by design! Otherwise, one would think by now, if the dems were truly concerned about serving the people that they would realize that their game plan in playing fair with the repugs isn’t working and hasn’t been for a long time. The ONLY representative that has stepped outside this box lately has been Auntie Maxine Waters!

    What we are witnessing with our so-called government is not representation but “kabuki theatre” set up to keep the people occupied while the two parties act as the producers and directors in destroying a government of, for and by the people and giving the staring role to the corporations with us playing the supporting role of corporate toadies.

  320. William, National Popular Vote can’t go into effect until all states agree to it and so far that is not happening. So far just some states are agreeing to do it but right now it’s nonbinding.

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