The Losers’ Museum

So many statues, so few options!

What to do? What to do!! What to do with all those statues of the Founders of the Misfits Society that later morphed into the varying versions of the KKK, Neo-Nazis, White Nationalists/Supremacists, and other assorted borderline-humans under the partially Euphemistic name of the “Alt Right,” guys who can’t get dates with women who have all their teeth. There is that ongoing inbreeding problem too, but we’ll save that for another day. For example: Think of that joke about West Virginia. 2 million people, 6 last names.

ImTinyGirls never liked them. And everybody knew why. Except them. So all that built up testosterone created angst. They had to blame somebody. They needed something to convince themselves of their own superiority. If only their ancestors, also known as participants in treason, had won that war, they’d have somebody to pick on regularly in order to validate themselves!  I know! Let’s pretend we’re still fighting it! That way we could have big-assed guns, because nothing says “I’m fat and disgusting and my penis is tiny” like a really big gun.

They’re mad. Really mad! Like crazier-than-a-rat-in-a-coffee-can mad!  Just ask one of their leaders, Christopher Cantwell.

He’s a really tough character. Man, I wouldn’t want to fuck with him, you know? I mean he carries firearms in every available body slot, except up his own ass. Well, maybe he did have one up his ass and just didn’t want to bend over and show everybody what a complete asshole he is. But this guy has guns up the ying-yang! See?

This adds a whole new meaning to having a License To Carry. And Carry. And Carry.

Incidentally, that clip didn’t include his remark of how sick it makes him to see that Kushner Jew walking with that beautiful girl that Trump gave to him.

Anyways…..Tough guy! Well……at least he SEEMED tough — until he found out there was a warrant for his arrest. Then he cried like a baby.

Okayyyyyyy. You see what I mean? Nobody loves this guy because he’s not lovable. And he wants love. Any volunteers?

I didn’t think so.

But……but…….He did everything he could to “Keep it peaceful”.  Like nighttime torch marches ala 1930s Berlin and like barring a minister and her church members from leaving the church while terrorizing them. And there was that little matter of one of his crackpots driving his car into a crowd and killing someone. How could we possibly find this sweet man and his Neo Nazi companions offensive? The nerve of us!

Now back to the statues. I digressed from the Statues. I can do that, it’s my blog. So now, back to our post title.

“Beautiful” Robert E Lee

There are all these statues! Or as Donald J. Trump, “The least racist person on earth” put it, “All those beautiful statues”. Because we all know there is something really “beautiful” about guys on horses who were willing to kill and let their troops die for the right to keep and sell slaves. What a guy! Now I could be off-base here, but I find it difficult to see anything “beautiful” about a guy who did that. But hey, that’s just me!

So what DO we do with all those statues of Racism and Treason in bronze? Recently, someone on Tee Vee mentioned the possibility of putting all these Statues of Losers In War and Love into a museum. I LOVE this idea!

We could call it the Museum of White Men Who Went to War to Defend Their Right to Keep and Sell Black People As Slaves.

I’m thinking they could add some realism to the displays. For example:

They could depict General Robert E. Lee getting his ass royally jacked by General Ulysses S. Grant.

…….Or how about showing Stonewall Jackson getting shot by his own dumb-as-a-brick sentinels?

And, what the hell, there’s plenty of room for assholes who think they should eliminate everybody who isn’t an asshole like they are, so they could also throw in General Custer  and depict him getting blown away while attempting to eliminate the people who were here in the USA first. There could be a quote from Sitting Bull saying “We Are Sick Of This Shit”.

“Father Of Gynecology”

They could even include that statue of the Father Of Gynecology, Dr. James Marion Sims. There are statues of him in Columbia SC and New York, New York. The problem with the Father of Gynecology is he performed painful experiments on black women slaves – without an anesthetic- To add realism to this display, I suggest they display the Sims statue along with a statue of a black woman slave cutting his balls off without an anesthetic. Seems fair.

Yes, by all means, do let us gather up all these statues, and I also respectfully suggest we drill a hole in all of their asses and firmly implant Confederate Flags on appropriate-sized poles–right up their ‘superior’ asses. That way we will indeed not erase history.

Post Script: Check out the full episode of Charlottesville and Cantwell’s “Peaceful as possible” neo-nazi goombahs.











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  1. Jeez, Cantwell makes “Pajama Boy” look like Vin Diesel.
    Great post, Upps. I’ll need to digest it all.
    I just had to say “atta, girl!”

  2. Where the hell did the “like” button on posts go?

    Okay since it’s not here I like your post!

  3. Fredster – Uppity had to get rid of the like buttons because of the trolls. They’ve been gone for months.

    As one of the tribe, seeing actual Nazis silly through Charlottesville has really messed with my head.

  4. I just heard that horrific story about the “Father of Gynecology” for the first time last week. Strange how much is left out of our history courses.

  5. Great post, Uppity!

    A friend asked the other day what will they do with all these statues? I was like, seriously? That’s your main concern? I, for one, DO NOT CARE.

  6. Okay since it’s not here I like your post!

    …….And I like you!

    Ah, that personal touch~

  7. As one of the tribe, seeing actual Nazis silly through Charlottesville has really messed with my head.

    *Fixes Joolz’ head*

    Fuck em, Joolz. Bunch of misfits with no redeeming social qualities whatsover.

  8. I’m hoping this becomes a regular thing. A Donald Trump Troll Band would be nice too.

  9. Ups, thanks for posting the Vice link. Gave me chills.

  10. Well, I’m glad I at least provided the impetus for a new post.
    What the cretins rallying in Charlottesville and other places don’t know is that even Robert E. Lee did not agree with them, opposed confederate monuments and thought they should all just move on from the war.

    And yes, J. Marion Sims, the “father of gynecology” was an absolute horror. I first read about him thirty years ago in Mary Daly’s book, Gyn/Ecology. He began his life’s work “humbly”, performing dangerous sexual surgery on black female slaves in a small building in his back yard. Then moving up the professional ladder he became the “moving spirit” behind the founding of the Woman’s Hospital in New York, which provided him with bodies for his brutal experimental operations and a theater where he performed his operations upon indigent women used as guinea pigs before an audience of men. Mary Smith, an Irish indigent, suffered thirty of his operations, the same number as the black slave Anarcha a decade before. He then charged enormous fees to the rich in his private practice, using the knowledge he gained through the pain and mutilation inflicted on the poor patients at the Woman’s Hospital. Sims also did clitoridectomies on women and girls to “cure” masturbation.

    The above is paraphrased from Gyn/Ecology. There is more on Sims and his colleagues.

  11. But you need to put your like button back on there. Seriously upps.

  12. The tuba guy is hysterical. I saw something about that over at Charles Pierce’s column on Esquire. Too funny!

  13. Off topic:

    Guess who looked at the eclipse without protection.

    I just hope the boy had enough sense to emulate his mom rather than his dad.

  14. U.S.
    Will Trump Resign? Odds of Trump Quitting Before Impeachment Reach New High
    By Jason Le Miere On 8/21/17 at 11:07 AM

  15. But Fredster, honey…….I already KNOW who likes me.

  16. Yeah WLM, it was a real horror show. Hard to imagine we have so many barn animals in this country.

  17. But, but…(sigh) okay.

  18. Fredster, a tuba following him around playing Looney Tunes songs followed by Wagner clips would drive Trump over the edge.

    I’m in favor of a whole band playing Scheming Weasel in an endless loop.

  19. But, but…(sigh) okay.


  20. I think an Oompa Band would be perfect for the clown.

    Last night’s big speech wasn’t about Afghanistan. It was really Wag the Dog.

  21. When I saw on Twitter, “Trump looks directly at the sun.” I figured it was a joke. Even he couldn’t be that stupid. Oh, wait…

  22. I am not at all sure that Trump would ever resign. But if he were to, we would just get Pence. I am virtually positive that Pence was a party to the collusion with Russia, but they probably can’t definitively prove it, not to the Republican Congresspeople who will never give up power. The Democrats need to win 40-50 House seats in 2018. If the Republicans still hold all branches after that election, we here might want to start looking around for other countries who might take us, not that there are many. People had damn well better get out and vote in this country; and if the Republicans keep putting up all these ID roadblocks, they had better find a way to get the IDs, turn the statehouses, and then get the laws changed. Republicans are betting that they won’t do it for midterms, but they have to be proven wrong, if democracy is to survive.

    A frightening new poll shows that 8$% of Virginia Republicans do not think that White Supremacists were responsible for the murder in Charlottesville. The Republican Party is The Party of White Supremacy and Fascism. And Democrats should run against them as just that.

    Uppity, very good post.

  23. William: Did the poll say who if anyone they thought WAS responsible for Heather’s death? Please don’t say Hillary or we libtards! Isn’t Obama supposed to be working on voter suppression and gerrymandering for his beloved party? I suspect Hillary is already on it. She still is, and always will, be Republican Enemy #1. Sigh.

  24. A few weeks ago I started to read an article about how all the demeaning Hillary put downs from the left and right had an insidious effect of silencing her millions of supporters. It was too true and personal for me. i know I have been a coward, but I do not like confrontation. Nor do I like proselytizing when it is done to me.
    it was interesting for me to read recently that Roxanne Gaye also admitted to being intimidated.

    I think Hillary and the Hillary people and the good Dems are continually being blindsided by their common decency.

  25. Lucyk: Couldn’t agree more. I feel so guilty not being up to the challenge of standing my ground, esp when Hillary is maligned or something is just plain wrong, immoral, unfair or unkind. I have one rabid Repub friend who voted for trump because he was going to “bring it all down.” He belittles anyone who doesn’t think as he does which of course is Dems, liberals, the “liberal” media and anyone who doesn’t know the difference between an automatic and semi automatic gun. Hillary makes him apoplectic. This is a very smart, successful man. When I meekly challenge any of his unhinged comments, he gets so angry he scares me into a fight or flight response. Yesterday, he literally channeled 45 and said taking down confederate memorials is changing history and culture and Washington and Jefferson would be next because they were slaveowners. He also said we would be burning books like “Gone with the Wind” if this crazy position prevails. If he isn’t scaring me, he leaves me so gobsmacked, I don’t have a clue as to how to reply. He says anything I say to counter him is a lie.

    Also, what really pains and angers me, is that no matter how bad 45 gets, a huge number of people would still say Hillary would have been worse. How can any rational human being come to that conclusion?

  26. Catscatscats,

    Because she’s a woman!

  27. wynne05: not a virulent alien parasite then. Drat!

  28. Catscatscats, Drop him. Who needs that toxicity?

  29. That’s the one great thing about being old; I love confrontation.

    Maybe that one of the reasons men hate and fear old women; that and our unfuckability, of course. Freedom! Winning!

  30. Cats, I didn’t read the entire poll, but I am sure that the results were inane. These people are so brainwashed and reflexively tribal, that they cannot even grasp reality, nor do they care to. They are right, the other side is always wrong, that is their faith. If anyone wondered how Hitler came to control Germany, this is a modern analogue.

    Your “friend” sounds like a full-of-himself blowhard. “Bring it all down” means what? Anarchy? Mad Max terrain? He wouldn’t like it at all, but it makes him feel important to say it. It might be fun to argue with him, but he has barricaded himself with this dogma, and it is useless. I hate ignorant people who think that being bellicose somehow makes them more impressive.

    I will say that I would have preferred that this pulling down monuments had waited for a more propitious time. Oh, I understand what an affront they are to Black people. But it is so easy for the Right to assume the role of victims, and tell credulous people that this will indeed mean that Washington and Jefferson will be taken out of schoolbooks. This does not mean that “our side” must always be timorous, and afraid of how our issues are perceived. But this is such a dangerous time for democraccy, and we must win the next elections. This kind of issue becoming a current cause celebre, is why I often fear that we win the small skirmishes, only to lose the popular war.

  31. Sweet Sue, I hear you. Dropping him (and all my Repub friends) is the same advice Ups has given me. He is the husband of the wildlife rehabber I have been volunteering with for eight years now. Since she rehabs in her home, I can’t avoid him and dropping him means dropping her and the work she does. I have the age thing down, but like lucyk, I don’t like confrontation and to be honest I am a slow thinker and not quick on my feet like so many of you. I have some pretty good comebacks in the car on the way home but that’s about it. Screen doors on a sub as Ups would say. That’s why I come here, looking for courage and weapons to confront the bullies, the hard heads and the cold hearted in my sphere. Someday I hope the warrior on the inside sees the light of day.

    William, great analysis as usual. It’s that programming and tribalism that both baffles and terrifies me. It is so dark, malevolent and ugly.

    Sounds like 45 blew up again in AZ and excerpts from Hillary’s book are out. The criticism begins. I hope she makes a bundle. They still don’t get it. She is who she is (f***ing awesome in my book). She has a lioness heart.

  32. Catscatscats,

    As long as Hillary punishes herself throughout the book and takes all of the responsibility for the loss and does not point at those factors she could not control, which also contributed in a major way to her loss – media, repugs, alt right, Bernie bros, sexism and ignorance, then they will not attack her and diminish the book. I’m sure when they read the parts where she points out these very legitimate reasons for her loss, they will do everything to put her back in her place.

    The media and those who still inexplicable hate her want her a mea culpa from her. Women can never defend themselves or blame anyone or anything but themselves for a loss – men can and with impunity (I wonder what that feels like!) and they will be supported and defended by everyone for doing so.

    She won despite being ham strung to the extent that I have no doubt no man in the same situation would ever have been able to overcome and win the popular vote. Bernie is a prime example. When he lost (and by huge margins) all he did was complain and blame everyone and anything and he got away with it and had to be placated by the Hillary campaign AND the media.

    What amazes me is that men who know they have this unfair advantage can still crow about a victory no matter how they achieved (cheating, stealing, illegal means or by any means necessary) – Trump is a prime example of this unfair advantage. Is this their definition of “superiority?”

    Hillary won fair and square and she has to apologize.

  33. Catscatscats, Of course, I shouldn’t have said that about dropping a friend. I have no place giving you advice; I just wanted to protect you.
    You and your friend are doing God’s work.

  34. Sweet Sue, all advice is welcome! If I could just stand my ground and go toe to toe with him I would be happy. I day dream about tag teaming one of you tigresses (or tigers) in when he deliberately provokes me!

    Wynne05, the excerpts this morning were in an audio addressing her feelings of intimidation, frustration, confusion and anger when yam was stalking her at the debate and the other about her fear of letting her supporters down if she failed. As you so aptly state, she “lost” but she didn’t fail us. The men were actually rather tame in their comments. Later Stephanie Ruhle got her sassy on saying she should have lashed out at him because being “unplugged” is what got him elected. I had to turn it off. Like stooping to his level would have brought the rabid to her side. More likely, it would have gotten her shot.

  35. Ruhle is a real idiot if she thinks, as a woman, Hillary had the emotional range options any man running for president has. In the excerpt, Hillary explains what was going through her head. She really wanted to freeze frame and ask, See what he’s doing here? Had she turned on him with “Back off, you creep!”, the pundits would have savaged her, saying she can’t handle such men and can’t withstand the kind of pressure that comes with being president. Rest assured the very same pundits criticizing her for not confronting Trump would have been the first to denounce her had she done so. It’s called the Double Bind, and all women are subject to it. But this was before millions of people.

    It’s also important to remember that Trump decimated his Republican opposition in primaries by provoking such confrontations. No doubt, that was his objective with Hillary too. He tries to pull everyone down to his level which is pre-school.

  36. The twitter above: 12% of Sanders voters voted for Trump (oso)

    WI: 9% of Sanders voters voted for Trump.
    MI: 8% of Sanders voters voted for Trump.
    PA: 16% of Sanders voters voted for Trump.

  37. Authoritarianism and the American Political Divide
    By Jonathan Weiler and Marc J. Hetherington

    Oldie but goodie…

  38. If you own an e-reader (Nook or Amazon) you can pre-order Hillary’s book, “What Happened.” If you don’t, you can pre-order a hard copy at Amazon.
    Of course not everybody can afford to do this but I’d love to see it become a big, best seller.

  39. Catscatscats,

    I just wish Hillary had turned around and very politely asked trump “can I help you?” No anger, maintaining her cool demeaner but putting him in his place.

    I bet the audience would have cheered!

  40. Oh, wynne05, I love that!

  41. I personally would have been thrilled if she kneed him in the balls.

  42. Bellecat, those Sanders numbers are interesting. As much as I do not like the Berners, I think that most of those who idealized Sanders and somehow could not understand that Hillary and Sanders had almost all the same positions, voted for Stein or even Johnson, not Trump. Actually, I think these numbers show that many of the people voting for Sanders in those primaries, were actually LIbertarians or even Trump supporters, even if registered Democrats, who wanted to damage Hillary. The media never wanted to note that in the open primaries (MI and WI, not PA), many of Sanders’ votes were coming from Trump partisans. That would have defeated the media’s narrative.

    Without those Republican and LIbertarian crossover votes in Michigan, Sanders could not have won that primary the one which gave him the most phony relevance, and his argument for staying in the race another five months. We also know that Russia and Trump’s campaign collaborated via the use of the hacked voter data from DNC, plus algorithms developed by Mercer’s organization, to microtarget Sanders voters in those key states, planting millions of fake news stories and propaganda against Hillary. We also know that Sanders refused to give Hillary’s campaign his donor list, which otherwise she could have reached with mailings.

    And once again, it should always be remembered that in one example, 200,000 voters were purged from the WI rolls, almost surely illegally, in a state Trump “won” by 22,000 votes. At least 80% of those 200,000 would have gone to Hillary. Where was Lynch and the DOJ with regard to Crosscheck? Where was the DNC, with Brazile put in charge? Where was Mook, for that matter? How did anybody think tht the Democrats could afford to have 200,000 voters in Wisconsin and 300,000 in Pennsylvania not allowed to vote? Not only did this cost Hillary the election, it cost us Senate seats in WI and PA. Even putting aside all the awful things which happened in this campaign: Russia, the FBI, etc, the stark fact is that without the voter suppression, Hillary would have won the election. Once again, we don’t hear this from the media, it doesn’t fit their preferred narrative. This was the most rigged election in recent American history, all the rigging was aga inst Hillary. It was so crooked as to make one not ever want to think about it, but of course that is what the crooks most want.

  43. And Ups hits it out of the park. I believe she would need to stand on a chair to knee those shriveled nads, but what an empowering visual that would have been. I’m sure Hillary would also have had Melania’s eternal gratitude…

  44. It was so crooked as to make one not ever want to think about it, but of course that is what the crooks most want.

    You hit the nail on the head, William. It is so painful but we must never forget.

  45. Catscatscats..don’t be so hard on yourself.It ain’t easy standing up to blowhards..ask Hillary.But I think you already described your best bet for dealing w/toxic don’t have to say anything. Just listen to him,keep saying “Umhmm,Umhmmm”,occasionally nod and when he winds down.pat him on the arm and say” You just keep thinking that,big boy.” Turn around and walk away.He won’t know what the hell is going on and it’ll drive him nuts. ( What does she mean by that?)
    I was raised w/brothers and worked for the public schools so I have lots of experience dealing w/bullies, adolescent males and blowhards. You can’t really engage them in conversation… can keep them guessing,worried or distracted.You can mostly do that by not doing what they expect you to do.Actually,you can really have a lot of fun w/this..given enough lead time.
    My wish for the way Hillary could’ve dealt w/ trump’s stalking? Call it what it was. Say,” Excuse me a minute,” ( turn to trump) “Geeze Donald,based on recent reports I would’ve guessed you’d had enough practice stalking..why don’t you give it a rest for a minute or two? Now where was I ?” Don’t we all have our histories of ” I should’ve said/done?

    Also,I have now decided to refer to teleprompter trump and tantrum I have a better idea of who I really listening to. .

    Wasn’t it great hearing Hillary’s voice again? Sigh.

  46. Brave new post! Thank you, Uppity!

    What a soothing subject to come back to from successful eclipse viewing. (Favorite moment, aside from the eclipse itself? Four dudes chilling in hammocks with that oldie “Why does the sun go on shining” playing on their iphones.)

    It’s amazing how differently tRump’s supporters view their looozers vs. anyone else’s, isn’t it? A losing general, also mistakenly shot up by his own sentries, is a real hero, yes he is! And it’s clear the irony never has and never will occur to them.

    Much as I think Hillary had the best response to the lurking loon, because to me it demonstrated quiet command, the ability to ignore irrelevance and focus on the matter at hand, and complete self control in a situation that had my stomach churning, I would also have loved to have seen (and replayed over and over) your own take on the shoulda’s – Wynne05’s and Msdsal’s being far more civilized than that dreck deserved.

  47. Msdsal: thanks for the new tactic in dealing with my bully; easy to do and proven effective. Hard to beat that!

  48. I did not see Trump’s “rally” in Phoenix; I have not watched him for one minute since the election. I think it is obscene that a President holds rallies, and I think it is worse that the media slavishly shows them. Remember when presidents ( I specifically recall this happening to Bill Clinton) were denied prime air time by the networks when they wanted to address the nation, because the networks deemd the proposed statement to be political? Here we have the cable media giving Trump prime time to spew his propaganda. The other side, the Democrats, have no way to respond before a comparable audiience. Another way that our nation slips closer to totalitarianism, which of couurse the media would describe as “just doing our business, which is ratings.”

    Charles Pierce of Esquire wrote a harrowing piece about this rally, directly comparing it to those of Hitler. Trump gave that rally for only two reasons: because he craves adulation, and because he knows that the media will give him that forrum to try to brainwash the nation with his mixture of lies and hate.

  49. Upps, awesome post! Hubs & I just watched the HBO video, which was very interesting. We especially love your idea for improving the statue of the evil Dr. Sims.

  50. Brassy, agree with you about Wag the Dog. Also I think dump has been dying to have a war of his own.

  51. William @ 11:16pm: Right on! and well said! Same with your comment right above. It makes me crazy that this creep, 6 months into his presidency, is flying around the country on taxpayer dime having fucking rallies like fucking Hitler. And the media is always there like good little lapdogs.

    Regarding the debate, I was furious that the moderators didn’t call him out for hovering, in a threatening manner, behind her. Despicable.

  52. The media operatives, of course, want to keep their bosses happy, and the bosses, of course, want to keep the media-owning McDucks, and the other McDucks who own the companies which advertise on the media, happy.

    The ultimate problem is the McDucks, who wanted the Trumpanzee in the White House and the GOP in control of Congress so they could get their tax cuts. The McDucks sincerely believe that the two greatest injustices in human history are:

    (1) They have to pay any taxes at all.

    (2) They have to pay their workers anything at all.

    We need high taxes on the rich–even if the government has enough money without such taxes (which ours does not, as the deficit indicates)–in order to keep them from having enough money to buy all the governments and media outlets.

  53. It’s not just our McDucks, though.

    The Madoka-damned Russians are also trying to turn our country into a fascist state. 😡

  54. The Shakesville article is really good, about dump’s and bernoid’s connections to Russia.

  55. Ivory Bill, yes, Russia has infiltrated all through our country. They’re not just in the rethug party, now they’re worming their way into the Democratic Party, thanks to Bernie slanders and his horrible contingent of idiot young turks and nina’s and nomi’s. The idiot zogby started another angy progressive/liberal clash on twitter with an obnoxious tweet stating we MUST debate nomi’s “tough questions”. Who the hell are these freaks…who cost us the election and ruined the country, think they are telling us what we MUST debate?

  56. Perez is an idiot to keep indulging these Russian ratfuckers.

  57. I never heard of Nomiki Konst (which sounds like one of the 31st-Century real names of the members of the Legion of Super-Heroes or one of their adversaries) until Annie mentioned her, but I went briefly to her Gooney Bird, er, Twitter, page, and I have already formed an opinion of her, expressed by an old Hollywood icon:

  58. A part of my mind would like to just shut down the social media platforms altogether.

    I never thought, in my 54 solar orbits, I would ever catch myself doubting the wisdom of democracy as a system.

    However, it only works if a majority of the general public is well-informed and wise. The glut of misinformation and disinformation over the airwaves and on the Web is making me doubt the fitness of many of my fellow Amurkans, my fellow non-elite white Amurkans in particular, to govern themselves.

    I have spent most of the politically conscious portion of my life as a First Amendment absolutist, but now I am catching myself wondering if error should have the same rights as truth. I haven’t convinced myself of the opposite proposition, either, but even debating it internally at all is new to me.

    Jefferson thought if both truth and error were merely allowed to be spoken, truth would win out. I wonder if old Tom was whistling past the graveyard. Again, I never thought I would catch myself thinking this way.

    Much of our problem goes back to slavery, and the attitudes, “morality”, and ideology constructed to defend it. As much as I love the mild winters of my Arkanshire, I must admit that in some ways, my Southland, the USA in general, and even the world in general, would be much better off if, as in the North, it was just too damned cold for plantation crops–especially that poisoned gift of Mommie Dearest Nature, the cotton plant–down “heah”.

    Sorry if I rambled.

  59. HA! Bernie Bros. are not gonna be happy w this.

  60. Ivory Bill, good points (especially about nomi!). I think a huge part of problem is that we don’t really have democracy, thanks to the bizarre institution of the electoral college, which has brought us the tyranny of the few (the dumb, racist few). We should have one person-one vote, but I can’t see how it will ever happen here.

  61. Voting, that’s good news, but the tweeter is a maga guy. (I’m glad to hear it though)

  62. Yeah, what Annie said. A big part of the problem is that the growth patterns of our society have worked to concentrate the more sophisticated members of the populace in a handful of states.

    Meanwhile, the other states are disproportionately well-represented in the EC and the Senate, due to the 2 Senators Per State No Matter How Few People Live In It rule–while the ignorant are over-represented in the House thanks to gerrymandering and voter suppression.

    Maybe I should not say “ignorant”–because the problem is not so much the mere absence of true knowledge (the simplest meaning of “ignorant”), but rather, the malignant presence of false knowledge, or to use the five-cent term, “lies”.

  63. The pardoning of Arpaio may be obscured by the hurricane news (think that anyone will mention global warming as a cause?), but it is really a terrible action. Basically, Trump has told his Nazi hordes that they can do anything they want, and he’ll pardon them. Now, he may not do it every time, but they think he will. A more political pardon by a President has not been seen in at least 150 years. It is a stunning affront to the rule of law, even from the lawless Trump. Arpaio did and allowed all sorts of horrible things, and he was convicted of contempt of court, and now pardoned by Trump, just because. I would love to know what the Republican members of Congress think about this. I would love to see the media ask him to elaborate on his rationale for it. Apart from anything else, Trump is saying to America that there are two rules of law, one for people on his side, and one for everybody else.

  64. Ascended Madoka forgive me, but I hope Vladimir Putin suffers the fate of Mussolini in this life–not just shot dead, but his f**king corpse desecrated–and then I hope his judge in the next life is Rod Serling.

    Anyone familiar with the classic Twilight Zone knows what a curse I just wished on Vlad. 😈

  65. Ok I find 100 year olds fun. Here’s a woman by the name of Bea Wain who died last week at age 100. She was a famous singer in the late 1930s and beyond. First to sing Deep Purple, which seems to be in a state of remake every few decades or so. See Nino Tempo and April Stevens.
    She recorded other songs such as Our Love Is Here to Stay

    Welp, here’s Deep Purple when she didn’t look 100

    And,welp, all those decades later, there were Nino and April. So Bea wuz da furst.

  66. Voting, I have that tweeter blocked, he’s a nutcase. Had to look at him again, feel like I need a shower now.

    However,anyone with grey matter knew that case was Nothingness. Only people who believe in that kind of shit are delusional ideologues. As for Bernie, I imagine he’s more worried about keeping his Professional Skimmer wife out of prison. I honestly hope they spend every dime of Pizza Money they stole from the campaign on her bank fraud case.

  67. 😈

  68. That is quite a picture of Ms. Bea Wayne, and a fine voice to go with it. I thought that Helen Forrest singing with Artie Shaw’s orchestra was the definitive performance of this lovely and haunting song, but Bea’s is just as good. They don’t make songs like that any more, obviously.

  69. Yes, that picture of Bea is gorgeous, and I like her version better than the pop version below.

  70. Love this pic:

  71. Bea was the Original version.

  72. Bit of trivia about April Stevens and Nino Tempo. THey were brother and sister and Nino was dumb as a brick. He couldn’t find his ass with both hands without his sister.

  73. Socal liked this tweet so much, I figured you might like it too.

  74. Is everyone aware of the ongoing efforts by Our Revolution, and the Democratic “Unity and Reform” Commission, to require all states to have caucuses rather than primaries? If they can’t achieve this, they’ll go for all “open primaries.” Their only goal is to fix the terrain so that Sanders can be nominated. They are anti-democratic in all respects. If they get their way, they will allow Republicans to win every national election for decades, because the Democratic base will bolt or sit out. These people are no different than the Far Right, they are authoritarians who will rig the system to win.

    The DNC sent me their second “survey” in a couple of weeks. The first one I ignored.. On this one, I sent nothing, but wrote on the top of it: “1. Disband the URC, which is trying to fix the system so that Sanders can win. 2. No caucuses. All primaries, preferably closed. 3. Stop allowing Sanders to destroy the Democratic Party. Do all of these, and I’ll contribute.”

    We’ve got a lot of other things to be concerned with, of course. But as we could all have expected. Sanders and his cult are a scorpion released into the Democratic Party, bent on destroying it. Since Repubicans winning again would probably be the end of our democracy, we all have to do what we can to stop Sanders and Our Revolution and the URC right now.

  75. It’s amazing how Sanders cultists follow the Trump playbook. They continue to accuse the DNC of rigging the 2016 primaries for Hillary even while they are working hard to rig the 2020 primaries (or caucuses) for the ancient Marxist. They were against a “coronation” in 2016 but are fine with coronating Bernie. Like Trump, you can bet whatever they accuse others of doing they are busy doing on Sanders behalf.

  76. I suspect Arpaio invented that abortion story, narcissist that he is. SOB is 85 years old so any abortion would have been illegal. It would have been a very rare doctor who would have advised an illegal abortion in the early thirties. Still, he walked right into that classic tweet from Uppity.

  77. They want all caucuses, no primaries? Disgusting and dishonest. They should be asked what’s wrong with one person, one vote?

  78. Well, should we start flooding the DNC with calls and emails? This Unity and Reform thing is crap. I’m so depressed, there is nothing but horrible news on every front. Also, did you hear that dump signed something (undoing an order previously made by Obama), that will let police depts. around the country have M O R E high tech military weapons and other things like grenade launchers, for chrissakes?!? Our cops here are terrifying enough. dump is trying to arm his conservative base–well, even more than they’re already armed. Everything dump does reminds me more and more of Germany in the ’30s. It’s frightening.

  79. Annie, I think we should be. We are a majority in the Democratic Party, and the DNC needs money; unless Russia gives it to them, they’ll go broke without support from the Democratic base. They may be stupid enough to think that the Bernie cult is this vast group that needs to be mollified, and that the base will still be loyal. Letters and calls to the contrary might get through to them.

    If Democrats can pour out for the ’18 midterms in large numbers, unlike in most midterms, we can take the House back, and some state legislatures. That would be a start. The Republicans could never get a bill passed. I do have some confidence in Mueller’s team, and there is increasing evidence of collusion with Russia, even enough for some of the msm to notice, although apparently not the NYT. I agree that Trump’s template is Nazi Germany, and he wants to be another Hitler or Erdogan. But we still have the vote, for now, and I think that the ’18 elections are going to be pivotal, for better or worse. No one can afford to sit it out, or use “I can’t get an ID” as a give-up stance. And tearing down a few monuments, or getting “Gone With the Wind” closed down at a theatre, or not standing for the national anthem at a football game, are going to be hollow “victories” indeed, if all they do is inflame the right-wing nuts, while the protesters can’t manage or bother to vote any of them out.

  80. This is too cool. Anyone with geo-coding skills want to help? (Mine are in the Jurrasic age by now, being > 7 years old)

    Help us help the rescuers:Map:— Michele Hansen (@mjwhansen) August 28, 2017


    (redirected from a tweet by Adam Parkhomenko)

  81. Okay, thanks William. I just called them and they were very nice. She said they were getting lots of angry calls from us.

  82. Sorry, Uppity & mod, could you please just delete the comment in moderation? It’s an embedded link about a twitter/geo app that helps locate people who need rescuing. It has three embedded links of its own, so ran afoul of spammy.

    May not be of much use by now, but here’s the URL:

    (From a retweet by Adam Parkhomenko)

  83. Too weird. When I follow the twitter protocol, it never embeds the whole thing, but the URL does?? And with all three links???

    Who can fathom the Ways of WordPress?

  84. They may be stupid enough to think that the Bernie cult is this vast group that needs to be mollified…

    Again, I suspect that many of the Bernouts on Da Intertoobz are trolls or bots from the GOP or Russia (but I repeat myself). That would explain the huge gap between the flooding presence of Bernouts on the Web and their anemic performance at the polls.

  85. The thing is those people on the Unity Committee are too stupid to realize that it is the states that decide whether there is a caucus or a closed primary etc. Nevertheless those Bernouts need to get a swift kick in the rear and be taken out of the DNC. I always love to remind them that GA has an open primary and Bernie lost here by 50 points in the primary.

  86. Ga6thDem, I would have thought that, but I read something about the URC trying to get the DNC to declare that any state which holds a closed primary mus thent hold a caucus to determine the actual delegates awarded to each candidate. I suppose the DNC has the power to allot the delegate votes? They did it in ’08, when they invalidated the Michigan and Florida primaries, and then gave a bunch of Hillary’s Michigan delegates to Obama. Rigged, indeed.


    1984 and Idiocracy had a baby, and they called it 21st-Century White America. 🙄

  88. After the caucuses last year, Minnesota quickly moved to abolish them and replace them with a presidential primary. Too late to help Hillary but better late than never.

    The reason was that the turn out overwhelmed the caucus system which depends on low turn out to function as intended. The argument that the DNC can make the caucuses more fair and inclusive doesn’t hold water. You can’t fit thousands of people in a high school gym or cafeteria. I saw this first hand at my caucus location where people had to be turned away or left on their own. Fortunately, the party and state officials saw that disenfranchisement was massive and scrapped caucuses quickly–hopefully for good. Primaries cannot be closed, however, because you don’t declare party affiliation when registering to vote.

  89. GA, the Bernouts are just looking for a way to make a loser win a primary. An 80 year old loser at that. Those children are peeing the bed all over the place. None of this shit will happen. And to be honest, Bernie could be dead of old age by the time they stop fucking around and grow up into adults. Hopefully by then they will move out of Mom’s basement and get a realistic job instead of waiting for some CEO to tap them to be Lord of The Company.

  90. Upps, I’m just so sick of them. Perez needs to kick them to the curb. And I’m sick of Bernie. All any of them are doing is ticking off the people in the party that do show up to vote.

  91. If you ask me, Perez needs to be kicked to the curb too.

  92. Brassy, that’s great news about MN getting rid of caucuses.

  93. Also FED UP with Perez. He needs to go.

  94. Go Schiff:

  95. Now some dudes want to remake “Lord of the Flies” with an all female cast which means they totally missed the point of the original book. Or they didn’t miss the point, and they’re just trying to muddy the waters of patriarchy.

  96. It’s like Perez was a secret bro all along.

  97. Now some dudes want to remake “Lord of the Flies” with an all female cast

    Ah, Brassy, I guess they’ve never seen “The Real Housewives Of You Name It.”

  98. Brassy @ 9:33am: yeah, it does feel that way. I called the Dems to complain and the phone was answered by a real person, who was very polite and said they were getting lots of complaints.

    Here is #: 202/863-8000

  99. With Hillary’s new book I am dreading the re-emergence of snarky Hillary put downs, contempt, belittling, particularly from the people who should know better. I used to be a big fan of the faux Stephen Colbert, and then he revealed his true self as one of the above. I will never forgive him and Jon Stewart the night of the election doing a little skit where a little girl in the front row was crying because she did not like either candidate. They both encouraged her to hold her nose, so to speak, and vote for Hillary nevertheless. Despicable.

    They should be feeling deep shame by now. Hillary is owed many apologies from them and innumerable others and, of course, the deplorable Bernies. Too much to hope for, I guess.

  100. lucyk, Jake Tapper, Chuck Todd and Chris Cillizza are the worst of the relatively new breed. They can’t say Hillary without curling their lips.
    Who’s going to be the first to tell Cillizza that he’s wearing woman glasses–not that there’s anything wrong with that!!!!

  101. lucyk & Sweet Sue, agree with both of you. I watched Colbert for years, haven’t since the election when all he would say was “vote wisely”. wtf does that even mean? Since he wouldn’t say Hillary’s name, I bet a lot of “progressives” took that as encouragement to vote for Bernie Jill or other idiot.

  102. And tapper, todd & cillizza. . .ugh!

  103. So, today is my birthday and these are my wishes:

    1. We don’t get into a nuclear war with N. Korea.
    2. No more rain in Texas for a while.
    3. Drumpf’s Twitter finger gives out.
    4. Bernie Bots all spontaneously combust.
    5. “I really do want world peace.” (Name that movie.)

  104. Joolz2u,

    I hope all of your birthday wishes come true! My b-day is on the 5th and my list is similar to yours. I would 2 more — 1) that trump is either impeached or convicted under state or federal law of the crime of money laundering or tax evasion or both and 2) that the media finally acknowledges that Hillary warned us about trump during the campaign and that she was harassed by them throughout the campaign over those damn insignificant e-mails and that they were wrong (I know that’s asking a lot, but I can never let them off the hook for enabling trump, for not vetting him and giving him pass after pass after pass throughout the campaign and are responsible in large part for putting him in the WH.)

    The movie with the quote “I really do want world piece” is “Miss Congeniality”!

  105. If “all” we had to battle were Trump, and the Russian hacking, and the right-wing media, it would be bad enough. But we’ve got to battle our own Democratic party, at least the part of it overrun by the Bernie cult. What we probably need is a political debacle similar to 1972, but obviously we can’t possibly afford that kind of thing; it caused fully enough damage back then. But these Berners, and those people in the DNC like Perez, have a deluded sense of how many they are, and that they somehow could win an election. They can’t.

    If I were 20 and in college, I would love the idea of all my student debt disappearing. But I wouldn’t be foolish enough to think that the majority of Americans are willing to have their taxes go up to pay for that. Just because you want something, doesn’t mean that if you support someone who demagogues about it, you will somehow get it. The “Left candidate” has lost every national election’ primary or national; unless one counts Obama, who of course was not Left at all, even though they wanted to believe he was because he was not Hillary. I don’t know if Kamala Harris is the Left, but I think so, even though the Bernites don’t like her because she is not a White male. I can see her getting nominated, and she will lose, just like Sanders or Warren would. The Democrats seem headed for an internecine war, leading to the nomination of an unwinnable candidate. And then I’ve got to go through more of Biden’s pontificating as “the alternative?”

  106. William,

    Sadly, you are right about the democratic party and it’s inexplicable miscalculation of who would be the best candidate. Kamala Harris would be an excellent candidate, but the dems have allowed the bernouts to have too great of an influence on the party leaders. It just boggles the mind why they have given sanders and his followers so much influence.

    BTW, I did call the number given by Socalannie and was fortunate to speak with a real person too. I complained to the rooftops about perez and his bro buddy Bernie and I also told them that the millions who voted for Hillary are fed up with the lack of respect by the democratic party for Hillary while they continue to coddle a guy who has done NOTHING for the democratic party. I reminded them that it was SHE who won by 4 million votes against sanders and 3 million against trump and that she should be defended against the constant jabs at her by the media and her fellow dems. Why were they letting sanders lecture us? I also said what they were doing is sexist to the nth degree. There are just no white males in the party that have shown themselves to be comparable to Harris and Gillibrand and it’s time for our progressive brothers to stop the underground sexism that will keep that glass ceiling to the WH intact.

    If I live to be a 100 years old, I will never understand why the dems treated Hillary so badly, despite all she has done for them. One thing is for sure, if I do live to be 100, I will continue to complain to them about their treatment of her and to give her the due respect and honor from the dem party that she so rightfully deserves.

  107. William, according to The Cult of Bernie, Kamala Harris is a neo-liberal, corporatist shill who supports the prison industrial complex and slavery. In other words, she is just like Hillary which is good enough for me.

  108. Happy Birthday, Jools2u.

  109. Thanks Wynne and SweetSue! And Wynne you got the movie quote right. I love that film.

  110. Happy Birthday, Jools! May the Ascended Madoka bless you!

    Click here.

  111. Happy Birthday Jools! And Happy Birthday in advance to Wynne! My bday was last week! Gosh, we have a lot of Virgo’s here!

    I like Kamala a lot, not sure if she’s ready for the White House though; but of course, anyone whose a liberal politician is more ready than dump.

  112. Socal, it was unfortunately Obama who opened the door for Trump by convincing people in 2008 that actual governing experience is a liability rather than an asset in a presidential candidate. He established a precedent, and, no, I’m not comparing President Obama to Trump. It’s just that before Obama, a basic resume was considered necessary. Then there is Bernie who convinced some people that if you spend 30 years in Congress but have no accomplishments to show for it, you are anti-establishment. I assume these are the rules that will be operative in 2020. If so, Harris will hit the experience sweet spot. Good experience at the state level in largest state but not in DC long enough to be considered Washington “establishment”. Her biggest problem will be her gender and her race. White resentment has exploded in last few years.

  113. socalannie,

    Kamala is every bit ready for the WH as Obama or Rubio were!

    I think it’s high time to hold the women to the same standard we hold men to because I have no doubt Kamala would do better than either of those two. Her only problem is that she doesn’t have a penis and that is the measurement upon which candidates are considered to be qualified for the presidency. Experience is just a word they use to throw at women back in the day when their only job options were teacher, nurse, librarian, cook to discourage them from ever thinking of running.

    Hillary was the most experienced person in 2008 and 2016 but the men changed the rules, making experience no longer significant because they couldn’t compete with her. See how it works?

  114. Thanks for the birthday wishes y’all,

  115. They will crucify her. Do you not understand America’s dirty little secret about women, yet?

  116. Sorry I missed your birthday Joolz!!!

  117. Belated birthday wishes from me too Joolz!

    Just saw that the Obama wing of the party may be pushing Deval Patrick in 2020. IIRC, Both Obama and Patrick were Axelrod products.

  118. Brassy Rebel, absolutely did Obama, at least the supporting of him, pave the way for Trump. Experience used to matter, at least for Democratic candidates. Obama had a few terms as a member of IL state senate, most notable for voting “present” instead of yes or no on bills. Then a year and a half as senator who never attended his commiteee meetings, and then off to run for President. Now we’ve got people like Kanye West, Dwayne ‘The Rock” Johnson, and Mark Zuckerberg considering it.

    I want us to win, we have to win. I would support any reasonably competent Democrat who could win. I don’t think Harris would win, but maybe we’ll get to see if she can. I’d prefer someone who is not so obvious a target, like Chris Murphy, who is somewhat self-aggrandizing, but is certainly a respected senator. Or Sherrod Brown, though his gravelly voice may not play well in this media age. I certainly would support a woman; I did everything I could for Hillary; but she towers above Harris and even Warren. There are Demoratic women who could win, maybe soon, but I doubt this next time. Hillary did win. But could Harris even hold Hillary’s base? And I figure the Republicans, always about winning, will run a faux moderate ticket of someone like Kasich and Haley, something like that.

    It’s becoming pretty obvious that the Democrats are fractured into various wings, not really political theory wings exept in a pretend sense. Yes, Patrick is more of the Obama wing; Warren is in another wing; Sanders is his own wing; Biden is the old-time Democrat wing, etc. Nothing necessarily wrong with many candidates, but some ethnic or gender group is going to become upset at how it turns out. Frankly, and as unlikely as it sounds, I think we’d do better with Jerry Brown, who is very smart and very good at governance. At least he would make some credible sense as a choice on merit, which might help unite the party. You just know that the Russians and the Republicans are eager to tear about the Democratic Party on racial and gender lines.

  119. “tear apart”

  120. “You just know that the Russians and the Republicans (but I repeat myself) are eager to tear apart the Democratic Party on racial and gender lines.”

    FIFY. 😉

  121. Off topic:

  122. Patrick is another piece of work. Party is abandoning black people now anyways. They’re destined to lose for the rest of all of our lifetimes.

  123. Upps, what kind of cat is that? (piano video) Is it a Bengal?

  124. Regarding the convo about who is ready to be prez, I agree with all of you! Honestly!

  125. Socal, the cat appears to me to be Feline Domesticus Americana ….:)
    It’s a mackerel tabby. Did you know that all cats are tabbies underneath? Every single one of them has diluted tabby markings, whether you see it on them or not. Mack and Classic tabby are just plain The Original Cats. Other breeds have appeared by crossing various unique mack and classic tabbies until the new breed is stable. Bengals were bred like that. Spotted tabbies interbred until we have that wild look after we toss in a bit of the Egyptian Mau or (so claimed), the Asian Leopard Cat. The Asian cat is wild, but after 3 or 4 generations of breeding, they are all spotted tabbies again at heart. But in truth, you can pay $1500 for a Generation 3 Bengal or just find yourself a spotted tabby for free and brag that it’s a Bengal. Heh.

    There are actually five kinds of “Tabbies”.

    Dog and cat genetics fascinates me. Take my Collie Tosca. She derives from the Scottish Collie that looked more like a Border Collie in size and appearance. So the Queen got interested in Collies because of their temperament and smarts. But she wanted a bigger dog with more grace. So the story says that she imported Borzoi dogs for interbreeding. Four generations later, there was a bigger, sleeker, more graceful Collie with a foot-long Borz. snout. And Poof! We have Tosca.

    So it goes with cats.

  126. As far as 2020 goes, I have to say who knows? The only thing I have to say is first of all I hope the also rans like Biden and Bernie if they run are out QUICK. Frankly I hope someone talks some sense into both of them and tells them to give it up. Nobody wants to hear from either of them. Both of them would be easy to knock out with a little oppo dump. We don’t have any governors to run so it’s going to be someone from the senate I would imagine. As far as experience goes, after zero experience idiot I think voters might decide that maybe experience does matter. And also boring might become awfully appealing to voters.

  127. I beware of that Rep.Tim Ryan. He’s a power-hungry snake in the grass. The guy who wants to snatch Nancy’s job for no useful reason other than his own impression of himself. Everything about him brings on a visceral reaction in me.

    If our candidate isn’t a white male, there will be 2.5 strikes against that candidate right out of the shoot. Remember America’s badly kept secret about Women. And black people.

  128. Why are sanders and biden even talking about running again? Biden lost twice and sanders will never get past the primaries again, unless they get rid of primaries and only have caucuses.

    Another question…why aren’t the media telling them to shut up and go away like they’ve been telling Hillary who did better than either of them ever did running for president?

    Oh, I forgot…penis….the patriarchy will destroy this country first before they let a women be the most powerful person in the world. And they say women are delusional.

  129. A gift for Socal. They love music.

  130. Thanks Uppity and catscatscats and a birthday shoutout to Wynne.

    Have you all checked out Veritt yet? So far I love it and I find all he hostility about its existence rather amusing, actually.

  131. Thanks Uppity for the birthday wish. If it weren’t for your site, I’d go nuts! Love your humor and your love of animals.

  132. Cheer up Wynne. I already am nuts.
    And I couldn’t live without animals.

  133. Upps @ 8:55am, very interesting! I love animal facts! Also love the the adorable kitteh mesmerized by the song. Thanks so much!

  134. This is funny:

  135. Also, did you guys see this page from Hillary’s book? Can’t wait to read it!

  136. Bernie has been on his own book tour since the election. And then there was the so-called Unity Tour. In both cases, he trashed the Democratic party while sucking up to Trump voters, assuring everyone that most of them are neither racist nor sexist. It’s just that Democrats (meaning Hillary) did not have a message for these economically anxious folks. Since Charlottesville, we know that’s all hot garbage. Actually, we knew before from the data on how people voted. Nevertheless, not a word of criticism was uttered about Sanders by anyone in media or the party. It’s like there’s an 11th commandment–thou shalt not criticize Bernie. But Hillary’s accurate comments about Bernie from the book appear on Twitter, and the reaction is outrage. “She is being so divisive!” And I’m tired of people talking about “the Bernie wing” of the party. He is NOT a Democrat. He doesn’t get a wing!

  137. Well at least Perez dumped him off the “unity” tour. But that was only because Bernie embarrassed him on National TV.

  138. Love that little blue eyed music lover. Want.

  139. He IS a cutie. Melts you. Looks like he’s bonded to the uke singer.

  140. Socal, wanna see us gut some Bernoids? Check out the other thread too.

  141. He IS a cutie. Melts you. Looks like he’s bonded to the uke singer.

    I thought he was going to flick a Bic and start waving it around.

  142. Awww, that kitten listening to the singer and ukulele accompaniment is the cutest!

  143. Unlike many of you i live in a part of a world inhabited by old lefties who think they have been anointed by God and continually shock me when I find out they are bernouts. Also a young man, who I thought of as a close friend, turns out to be a Bernie Bros of the worst kind. Not that he harasses people on line but he spouts the same hostile to Hillary garbage narrative.

    As I said before i am not a confrontational person, and I like and value decent, respectful behavior no matter the views of the person. I think Hillary people tend to be like me. Hillary has always set the example. Even when I went to phone bank for her and started complaining about Bernie, the people there reminded me that love and kindness was the culture of the campaign.

    I guess the downside, which I personally struggle with, is the silencing of Hillary people, particularly women. But deep down I know that us millions are furious, and maybe this will finally surface in a corrective fashion.i.e. women in large, large numbers running for office, like what happened with Anita Hill but on a much, much larger scale. If only…..

    Sorry for this wimpy post. But at least I feel this is a safe place to share my angst with all of you. Thanks for being there.

  144. lucyk, All I can say is that I’m done going high when they go low.

  145. Sweet Sue – Good advice. And as I said before and I am sorry to say this but I think Hillary and her campaign’s basic decency made her and them more vulnerable to the deplorables on both sides. I would like to think that “love and kindness” will eventually triumph. Maybe only in fiction.

  146. I hope Hillary excoriates all of them, enough to make sure that none of them (Sanders, Biden,, anyone else of that ilk) has a chance to win the nomination.

    Lucyk, I know just what you mean about “old lefties.” The kind who have literally hated every single Democrat candidate since McGovern, until they got Obama, whom they soon hated as well. The kind who are happy to lose and lose, as long as their candidate says the right catchphrases about “labor vs. capital,” and “the people’s revolution.” The ones who allowed Bush to beat Gore because they just had to vote for the “pure” Nader, and then did the same thing again with Stein. The ones who could have elected people who would try to deal with climate change,, would run an effective State Department, would help the working class, but who refused to do it out of spite, hatred, and yes, a delusion that they are smarter than everyone else. What they really are is stupid dupes who allow the Far Right to dominate the country, while they are waiting for lefty, as the Odets play has it.

  147. lucyk, Sweet Sue, when they go low, I’m going for the jugular. If they got truly fooled by (or accepted) Sanders’ ploys, they’re probably members of the He-Man Women-Haters Club anyway.

  148. If I read Cat right, I think that little kittie was mesmerized by her music and her. Bonded. What he wanted was to crawl onto her lap and sleep while she played. You may have noticed he tried twice to hop up but he’s too small and not yet strong enough. If he could have hooked his claws onto something, he might have pulled it off.

    My guess, he ended up in her lap after she was done with the song.

    Do I get an “A” for cat-read?

  149. lucyk,

    In a perfect world “love and kindness” would always win the day. Unfortunately, in the world of politics, the norm now is to be self-centered’, selfish, lie with impunity and tell people exactly what they want to hear even though they have no intention of following through. Who does that better than trump? I doubt love and kindness will have an effect on him or his supporters, even with the Bernie bros for that matter. It seems almost cult-like in their intensity and their black and white reasoning on everything. The world is filled with shades of gray and always has been. Love and kindness cannot survive in a black and white way of thinking because love and kindness does not demand their own way or are intolerant of others.

    Part of the problem is that people don’t connect with each other anymore. Instead, they text and tweet to avoid having to listen to another person’s opinion which is different from their own because they simply don’t understand the art of “give and take”, much less understanding one another. For them, it’s all take and we’re right and you’re wrong. To amplify and solidify this mentality, they hang out on sites where everyone thinks, acts and believes as they do. There is no such thing as a healthy debate of ideas which has always been the best and only way to run a democratic republic like ours. Our country is diverse and there has to be room for tolerance for opposing opinions, otherwise, you get an authoritarian like trump put into power by those who fooled themselves into believing that trump actually cared about them. Same thing with the sanders’ crowd. Hitler would be pleased with where America is now.

    Hillary didn’t fit that mold and so they had to destroy her, as most cults do when someone is not part of the cult. If we want to stop this behavior, the ONLY way is to stand up and speak out without hesitation against the lies and the failures of those politicians, like Ryan, McConnell, of course, trump and his band of thieves and all who follow them like a bunch of lemmings with no moral compass at all to guide them in their decisionmaking. They threw that away with their lust for power at all costs. They have left us no choice but to fight back with everything we have, if we don’t want to be dragged down the hell hole they are marching towards.

    Like Elizabeth Warren says in the name of her book, “This fight is our fight” and it truly is. Standing up for what is fair, right and good is never a lost cause or waste of time. Nor does it mean that we have to be hateful or mean-spirited in that cause, just resolute and uncompromising. We must always stand up for leaders like Hillary, Kamala Harris, Kirsten Gillibrand, Maxine Waters, Sherrod Brown, Al Franken who are not afraid to speak truth to power no matter how mean-spirited and hateful those who oppose them may be. It is only when we commit ourselves to putting more people like these women and men into power will we be able to return to the “love and kindness” you speak about when engaging in political discourse and the governing of the people.

  150. Uppity, I think you get an “A+” in cat-reading!

  151. Well said, Wynne05

  152. Luna, you’re my heroine.

  153. Haha! Great twitter threads, Upps! Is the “unity” tour over?

  154. Facebook’s role in Trump’s win is clear. No matter what Mark Zuckerberg says.


  155. Four American women in the US Open 2017 semifinals.
    Power to them!
    An American woman will be the winner…

  156. The Fake Americans Russia Created to Influence the Election

    By SCOTT SHANESEPT. 7, 2017

  157. Buy, hey, it’s all Hillary’s fault, right? 🤔

  158. Warner: Facebook’s Russia disclosure ‘tip of the iceberg’
    Jeremy Herb

    By Jeremy Herb, CNN

  159. And no one is supposed to write or read books during Trump’s presidency or how will we ever defeat him!? Multi-tasking is so hard!

  160. Of course it’s all Hillary’s fault, even with Facebook breaking the law (not “may have been”: according to Rachael Maddow yesterday evening, it -was- illegal).

    The media, especially the NYT, but also the Post and numerous others, is doing what men have always done to keep women in their subordinate and dependent place.

    Their constant second-guessing, Monday-morning quarterbacking and victim-blaming reminds of what I’ve heard from them in most cases of “domestic violence”, including murder, every case of rape and other sexual assault, every instance of women standing up to the egregious, illegal hostility to their presence that is the norm in high-status, high-earning jobs.

    It’s the same damn thing, over and over and over: it doesn’t matter that a man beats up a woman who is financially dependent on him, for years; when he finally decides to kill her, the media has actually said “We don’t know what caused it”, describes it as a “tragedy”, wonders why she didn’t “just” leave (as if proximity to a murderer is somehow an affirmative defence to murder), publishes as fact their opinion that it was a “contentious relationship” (both-siderism, IOW).

    Same thing when a man attacks a woman sexually: all the excuses the media give for the male perpetrator come down to the same thing – what is legal and acceptable behavior for a man is denied to woman, and the media joins in a chorus of exonerating the male enforcer of these illegal norms by citing perfectly legal behavior to excuse the man’s violent and illegal acts.

    Same thing for women working in any but the low status, comparatively lower paid “woman’s” fields. They’re denied credit for their work, credibility for their opinions, hired at lower wages, hired into lower positions than their experience and skills warrant, denied the tools they need, kept from advancing and subjected to different standards on the job. The media cites, the few times it deigns to even notice the rare woman who stands up to this, how “unlikeable” and “contentious” the men she worked with and for thought her.

    Same damn thing with Hillary Clinton. Ignore the impact of everything that would have taken any man down and say, as they’ve always said “She should have [succeeded, remained unharmed, stayed alive] even with all this, She’s a woman, those are the rules”. Only now it’s happening, undeniably, on a national level and more publicly than any could have imagined. I just hope finally, this time, maybe, for once, women get it that these will always be the rules until they stand up for themselves first.

  161. Earlynerd,

    Excellent post and you’re absolutely right on all points. Particularly, when it comes to women finally coming to terms with what the rules are and be willing to stand up for themselves! It would be even better if women would stop expecting women who run for political office (especially the presidency) to be perfect and to hold men to the same standard as they hold women. I bet no man could stand up to those standards, and then they would finally get a glimpse of just how unfair and judgmental they have been towards “uppity women” who dare not stay in their place and do as they are expected to do, particularly Hillary.

    The millions of women (and the men who love them) who marched the day after trump was inaugurated was proof that women can and do stand together as a group when they witness such insanity as trump’s CURIOUS AND TOTALLY UNBELIEVEABLE win! Well, if that isn’t a strong enough reason to keep us together, what ever will? Until women can maintain a solidarity on a regular basis, and take head on all of the vitriol that men who oppose equality will throw at us for daring to stand together in opposition to what amounts to as oppression, NOTHING will change.

  162. Hillary is going to be on Rachel Maddow’s show next Thursday. Would love to see her blow out the competition with that interview!

  163. Cats, that’s great news!

    I am loving the gleeful dishing Maddow’s been doing of Donnie’s dirt. All the more delicious because it’s true. She cites laws, names, places, dates. (and has some gorgeous AGs on the show to boot. I had no idea Eric Scheiderman was such a cutie!) And it’s not CNN!!!

  164. Wynne05, thank you.

    I’ve been trying to get a handle on why I’ve been getting so much of a feeling of deja vue, so much “Here we go again”.

    The women’s march was proof both that wrongs to women matter to a lot of people, and that any fight against those wrongs is easily coopted.

    It was a magnificent effort. But a completely male identified woman, sellout Soursour, succeeded in erasing the one person who could have been the spark to effectively ignite all that anger and put it to immediate use, and now it seems to have largely dissipated.

  165. Oops – “deja vu”.

    My spelling’s getting downright Republican.

  166. Agree, Early. Rachel has been doing a fantastic job connecting dots since that fateful day in November. And, yes, Scheiderman is impressive: handsome, composed and deadly (in a good way!), plus he is really putting it to 45 with that state AG coalition re the Muslim ban and DACA. I particularly like Barbara McQuade (sp?), too. She has such a sharp legal mind, laser focus, concise, articulate and best of all: understandable to boobs like me!

  167. Cats,

    From a purely spectator point of view, that little verbal ballet Rachel was doing with Scheiderman, that completely choreographed series of questions and answers about The Investigation, was pure catnip 🙂

    Is Barbara McQuade in on The Investigation too? If so, great! Just did a quick lookup and yes, she’s very impressive.

  168. Scheiderman is a real bear. I love that guy. He’d be a hell of a lot better governor and primpo Andy. Andrew Cuomo is there because of who his father was, but I can tell you he’s not even a slight shadow of his father.

  169. Yes, Socal, the unity tour ended at a fateful interview where Bernie did what he does best, embarrass people with his dictatorial bullshit. He showed just how much of a Democrat he wasn’t.

  170. Early, to my knowledge McQuade is not working with Mueller but is being used to provide insight on process and legal questions. She is amazing. I think Rachel is a gem, even if she doesn’t love Hillary like I do. Over at Widdershins, someone posted the latest Time issue cover on “Firsts, women who are changing the World.” Hillary has a cover, not sure if each honoree does too but Rachel is listed as well. You are not alone in your admiration of Maddow!

  171. That’s how unifying Bernie is. He literally blew up the Unity Tour! But, of course, Hillary is the divisive one.

  172. Rachel would be more impressive if she had been fair with HIllary and not such a Bernie advocate. She never questioned him, much less vetted him. She hung on to the e-mails for dear life just like chuck, barnacle, joe and the boys. Where was that razor sharp investigative talent during the 2016 presidential election?

    My hope when Hillary does that interview, that somehow Rachel will come to terms with how badly she treated Hillary and for all the wrong reasons. I think it’s brilliant of Hillary to do the first interview with Rachel since she was and is such a sanders supporter. Keep your friends close but your enemies closer. Maybe Hillary will put in a plug for the media platform which is pro-Hillary, “Verrit”.

    Earlynerd, I hear ya. It does seem that after the march the power shown by these millions of women sort of dissipated in the winds. I think it’s because we expected the media to keep tabs on how many of the women are enlisting, persisting and resisting in other ways. Women have always been under covered by the media and overly covered the men for the least little thing. The key is for women not to be discouraged but to be energized by the indifference and to push even harder by doing what Hillary asked us to do. Don’t forget Verrit as it will be an excellent source for us to keep in touch with actions being taken by groups around the country and to keep the “resistance” alive and growing.

  173. Wynne, agree with your assessment of Rachel’s political proclivities but I still think she has impressive critical thinking skills, great historical references and an ability to ask probing questions without provoking a hostile response. I don’t think I have ever heard her start talking over someone she doesn’t agree with. If she ever gets to the point of admitting the election was stolen from Hillary, by thieves foreign and domestic, she will get an A+ from me. (Would like to note that her redundancy drives me nuts but I understand it is an effective way to teach.)

  174. Sanders people are up in arms because Hillary apparently referred to Bernie’s advocacy of single payer as “promising free ponies.” She is right, but they won’t hear it. The Democratic Left always thrills to the candidate who tells them what they want to hear. and who seems to promise a treasure trove of liberal fantasies that of course t they can’t deliver.

    I am for single payer, but it would not pass. Hillary fought for it long before Sanders did. It is a worthy goal at some point, but this purity test of making single payer support a litmus, is completely idiotiic, as it will just help the Republicans win more elections. The Bernie flock is so stupid that they think that demanding something is akin to getting it. I’d like to get all the guns off the streets, but I do not htink that it is helpful to run on such a platform. Bernie is the absolute emobidment of the Left: a bunch of people who endlessly advocate for things which the American people would not support or pay for, nor would the Republican legislators whom the Left keeps helping elect by refusing to vote or support decent Democrats. They have no sense of how the government works; they somehow imagine that their little efforts will elect a whole horde of people who support all of their positions, but it never happens that way. And then they get even angrier about it, and make sure that even more far Right people win. And then they blame Bill and Hillary for all of it. Wouldn’t we all love to have Hillary or Bill or even both of them (which we could have had) running the country? Not the Left; they would do everything they could to get them out of there, so that their purity candidate could get routed. But I guarantee that Hillary is going to be lambasted for having said that Sanders was promising free ponies. The Left lives on that fantasy!

  175. Uppity @ 5:49 am,

    It seems to take a rare combination of talent and charisma to be a gummit attorney in New York. Y’all had Preet Bharara too, until Dump got his grubby little mitts on him.

  176. Cats, thanks for the clarification on Barbara McQuade.

    I hope she gets some TV time, too. It’s always refreshing to hear people who actually know something. explain it to the rest of us in depth.

    That’s why I was so charmed by that “I know that you know that I know” little duet: both Maddow and Schneiderman knew the rules and neither of them were going to be caught out, but they managed to get some trustworthy information out anyway.

  177. Wynn05 @ 11:19 am,

    I’ve never forgotten how Rachael Maddow turned on Hillary in the 2008 election. It seemed that she weighed who the winner might be at one point and not only completely dropped her support of Hillary, but started posting very negatively about her.

    I avoided cable TV during 2016, except for the Hillary events, and am disappointed but not surprised to find that she wasn’t much different that the rest of the pack in going after Hillary. But as far as intelligent (but too long winded, I say it as who shouldn’t!) coverage of the Dump disaster, she’s one of the few I can stand to watch now.

  178. Earlynerd,

    I agree, Maddow is doing excellent work investigating dump. If she had been a little less diligent in going after Hillary over nothing and maybe had pointed out sanders’ issues (being an avoid socialist would not go over well in a general election no matter how much you like him), the very questionable campaign contributions which flooded in from ????Russian???? and the FEC called him on it but nothing was ever reported about it, not to mention his total lack of accomplishments after 30 years in Congress nor why he was not able to explain how he was going to get Congress to go along with all this “free stuff” during the campaign, and engaged in that childish temper tantrum during the Convention, many of his supporters would not have been so dead set against voting for Hillary and voted for dump. As Forest Gump says, “stupid is as stupid does”.

    Maddow is the best in the investigative work being done at MSNBC, as well as does a great job explaining what it all means, but I do enjoy Laurence O’Donnell’s opening statement on his show right after Maddow, which is always unfiltered in explaining the latest dump scandal or BS tweet. I love that he holds nothing back.

    However, no one does it better than Auntie Maxine Waters when speaking truth to power! We just don’t get enough of her!!!

  179. Voting, you used the European date format, and it really threw me for a minute. 😕🤔

  180. Or Robyn on Twitter did. I’m easily confused! 🤗

  181. Maybe Hillary will put in a plug for the media platform which is pro-Hillary, “Verrit”.

    She did, and all hell broke loose on Twitter as the progbros lost their minds. Verrit was swarmed by bots, and the founders Leela and Peter Daou got zillions of hateful tweets. Also had 10s of thousands of new joiners. All goes to show how powerful Hillary is, how much we love her, and how much she scares the little boys.

  182. I really meant to post this. (not that the Nat’l Museum of Women in the Arts isn’t good too).

  183. I hope the link works, A must watch…

  184. Bellecat, that was hysterically funny!

    If we can’t have Justin, I’ll take Vincente over the Dump any day.

  185. Voting, thanks for the list of Hillary appearances.

    (Brassy, don’t feel bad…was also confused about the dates for a few seconds.)

    Bellecat, thanks for the hysterical Vicente Fox video. My son especially loved the goat.

  186. I like Hillary’s new haircut. She looks great.

  187. Is there any one on TeeVee not making snarky put downs of Hillary? They seem to be coming once again from the white male splainers.

  188. Voting, you and Hillary never disappoint! I hope you can post all her interviews this week. She still seems angry and deeply hurt, not in her words, which are optimistic and inspiring, but in her eyes and facial expressions. She is weary, but she is unbroken.

  189. Wow! Maybe all our calls complaining about bernoid did some good after all.

  190. Well, giving it a second thought . . .what exactly do they mean by “leading figure”?!?

  191. Sanders can lead to way to shut the fck up, IMO.

  192. Just a reminder of how far back New York Times’ sexist hatred of Hillary Clinton goes:

    From a tweet by PostOrwellian on Tom Watson’s twitter page.

  193. Luna @ 11:01pm, Amen.

  194. Favorite new word – “Democraty”.

    From Logodaedalist Of The Day, Joy Reid:

    Registered Democrats, including people so Democraty they WORKED FOR THE DNC didn't like it and shocker – PREFERRED THAT THE DEMOCRAT WIN.— Joy Reid (@JoyAnnReid) September 9, 2017


  195. No wishing bad and harm to anyone -life threatening and loss due to the natural disasters occurred and still happening in certain parts of the country.

    Yet, since hurricane Harvey developed, I couldn’t help to notice how strongly was targeting Texas, and impacting Louisiana as well.
    No any different to hurricane Irma on Florida, with the potential harm to Alabama and Georgia as well.
    Now, hurricane Jose apparently moving towards the Carolina’s and Virginia.

    Can not help to notice all to be: Confederate and red states.
    Texas was the key “Big Oil” state, that gave Trump the upper-hand to lead and win in all other white supremacist states and all those that deny climate change due to human activity.

    The economic impact on these red states will be “Huge”. Let’s see whom is going to come to their financial rescue. Your thoughts…

    I personally will not give a penny to Texas where I’ve lived -in Austin, for 40 years. Currently in exile since May.

    Texas has given us Trump, Rex Tillerson, Rick Perry and the abominable Stephen Bannon. Besides, Texas has a rainy day Fund of $10.3 billion dollars which is unwilling to spend on Harvey damages, see:

    No intent to offend anybody and start an unwelcome rant.

    Just my personal observation how our planet and the universe expresses itself…

    It may be only “coincidence”…

  196. Voting, this week of interviews is going to be brutal. She is still hurting and everyone will be sliding in the knives. I’m glad she said the “deplorable” comment wasn’t determinative; I thought her metaphor was apt. They had to show the “extremely careless” Comey quote which was not only damaging but inappropriate and misleading. Not surprised she will never be a candidate again, she has suffered enough. I can’t believe her favorability rating is lower than trumputin’s.

    Bellecat, I too think something is up. This year has been bizarre. We have wildfires, hurricanes, earthquakes, a solar eclipse, aurora borealis off Cape Cod and the year isn’t over yet. I think we have pushed Mother Nature too damn far and the good will be punished along with the bad.

  197. A couple of hours ago I saw a reporter out in the storm on MSNBC nearly taken out by a large tree branch. If we needed further proof that these cable channels will do ANYTHING for ratings, it seems like endangering their employees like this provides all the proof we need. They are disgusting!

  198. Cats, there is a limit to how much abuse any human being can be expected to endure. Hillary surpassed that limit long ago, and I don’t blame her for deciding she’s had enough. She can do “all the good she can” in other ways. I, for one, as much as I wanted her to be POTUS, would not want her to be a candidate again. I know many agree with that.

  199. Totally agree Brassy. Seeing her tear up ever so slightly with Pauley was heartbreaking. She deserves better.

  200. Tremendous relief when HRC said definitively that she’ll never run for office again.
    Do we need her? Yes, but she owes the Democratic Party, Feminism, Liberalism, the Methodist Church, the USA and her husband-absolutely nothing. We all owe her.

  201. Sweet Sue, I agree, we have to let her know that. She keeps saying she let us down, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. I wish those that support her could give her a huge hug.

  202. Blaming and attacking Hillary is the way that the people who elected a madman try to absolve themselves of the responsiblity which lies direcely on their shoulders. Trump cultists, Bernites, media, nonvoters, all of them.

    I don’t think that most people even think about, or perhaps even care about, what qualities make a good President, or how positive change can actually be created. They either are too vacuous to understand any of it; or some of them simply see it like a football or video game where the only object is to “win,” without respect to the consequences. The tipoff is that all these people repeat as a kind of mindless incantation, that “Hillary did not talk about issues, she did not give us a reason to vote for her.” Hillary talked more about specific issues than any candidate I have seen, and she had carefully crated policies to deal with these problems. But they didn’t want to see it, they didn’t even watch.

    How many times did Hillary talk about solar energy, and getting away from the fossil fuel reliance? Nobody else did. Trump wanted more fossil fuels, no EPA, no regulations. Sanders talked about the environment, but only in his usual undirected ranting way. Now we are seeing the major effects of global warming, the thing that Hillary, and Gore before her, wanted to allocate major resources to combat; except that both of them were cheated out of election while the media gleefully mocked them all the way. Maybe facts, and “wonkishness,” and meticulous polcies actually matter? Maybe the entertainment value of a pathological liar or a handwaving demagogue is not quite so much fun as it seemed several months ago? They’ll never perceive it that way, though, none of them.

  203. If it weren’t for Republicans illegally purging two million or more voters from key states; if iyweren’t for the DOJ doing virtually nothing to stop it; if it weren’t for Facebook allowing Russans to run several million fake news stories on their site, and ads specifically targeting swing voters with lies, Hillary would have won the popular vote by about 7 million, and have gotten around 330 electoral votes. A comination of pure inhuman evil from the Republican side, sociopathic greed from Facebook and similar entities, and limp acquiescence from various Democrats, kept this from happening. The media’s hate, Comey’s partisanship, the rest of it, wouldn’t even have made a difference, as contemptible as those were. This is the story which should be told, even if many refuse to listen.

  204. William, she called it a “perfect storm.” An entirely man made one at that.

  205. Thought this was pretty funny…and damn accurate.

  206. Interesting that Jane Pauley left this as a web “extra” and not part of the program. Think the media isn’t in Bernie’s corner?

  207. William, love your rants @ 9:27 & 9:57. Right on!

    Voting @ 12:47, LOL! perfect pie chart!

  208. Hillary was amazing in that interview. And she looks fabulous.

  209. Late night chuckle:

  210. Socalannie @ 4:24 am

    Hillary did look great, and so composed, even when being given the same old tired BS (pun intended). She’s such an inspiration.

  211. Bernoid and his bros can just STFU. If he and his over inflated ego decide to run again first of all I hope the party tells him no. Secondly nobody is interested in a decrepit old socialist outside of his band of Our Revolution idiots. There are going to be be plenty of people to choose from and I think Biden and Bernie are going to be on the bottom should they run.

  212. I just saw a Trump/Pence TV ad extolling the accomplishments of the Orange One and ending with (in YUGE letters)’ “Let Trump do his job.” WTF!!!!!

  213. She’ll get plenty of grief for it, but Hillary is sounding the alarm about Bernie and his cult. Finally, someone is standing up to Bernie’s attempt at a hostile takeover of the Democratic party. And how can it be considered controversial to tell him to join the party or go elsewhere? If they let him jump in and out of the party just to run for president, the party becomes a joke and will never win.

    The person who should step up and put an end to this Bernie madness is former President Obama. But that might involve him in conflict when he is conflict averse. So, once again, Hillary shows leadership and takes all the flak.

  214. I thought part of the “agreement” in 2016 is that he was going to join the party but apparently either he broke the agreement or there never was an agreement. Either way I agree that he can’t just use the party for his own personal ego trip.

  215. RE: William’s last comment.

    Indeed. The “election” of Cheeto Mussolini was not merely a Black Swan Event, it was a Perfect Storm of Black Swan Events.

    Above even Vladimir Satanovich Putin, I blame the huge mass of voluntary non-voters (I use “voluntary” to exclude the victims of voter suppression tactics and plain misfortunes) who just couldn’t be bothered because Both Sides K’rupt Duopoly But Her E-Mails Yadda Yadda Yadda.

    Our country has degenerated into the unholy bastard child of Network and Idiocracy. 😡

  216. Half our problem is that not enough people vote, but, paradoxically, the other half of the problem is that too many stupid people vote.

  217. @Ga6thDem, I remember reading that he did agree to stay Dem, and after the convention, or was it the election, his spokesperson said he’d stay Dem. Didn’t last very long.

    @Brassy, I wish Obama would step up and do what an elder statesman is supposed to do: mediate disputes. And in this case it’s a non-Dem attacking the person who won the popular vote last November. How much more clear can it get? Agree that no-drama Obama won’t do a thing.

    Cats, WTH is Drumpf doing running ads? Or maybe it’s one of his PACs. He hasn’t done a damn thing except sign worthless executive orders and undo whatever Obama did.

  218. Luna, at first I thought the ad was from last year but it wasn’t so it may be a PAC, but why now? It showed military aircraft ( because we are stronger), happy workers (because more jobs), mentioned soaring stock market so I guess he fixed the economy; as promised he is making America great again. Yay! He also seems to be getting high marks for his handling of the hurricanes. Tonight the governor of the U.S. Virgin Islands was singing his praises to Rachel. What did he do? I thought he was blowing up the government and doing a damn good job of that. I was gobsmacked. Am I in an alternate reality? Am I the only one who saw the ad this AM?

  219. Does anyone know what’s happening to the money Hillary gets from her book tour gatherings? I spent $ 150 for a not so good seat for her Dec. 11 visit to Seattle.I sure would feel a lot better if I knew some of that money was going to her PAC or the Clinton Foundation.
    Good news is I went on-line less than two hours after the presale started and I could only get a single seat.
    I have preset my VCR to record all of her interviews this week and next.
    Dang but it’s great to see and hear her again.Sanity,solutions,compassion and complete sentences. What a treat!!

  220. @Cats, you’re definitely not in alternate reality.

    He’s throwing trans troops out of the military, as if we can afford to lose trained troops who have volunteered to serve our country — unlike Mr. Heel Spurs — hiring foreign workers for Mar-a-Lago — because he can pay them less — and nixing even Scrooge-like raises for federal workers. And let’s not forget, undoing Obama’s protective regulations which would have decreased damage during hurricanes, and authorizing rape-the-environment moves which encourage more environmental catastrophes.

    That gov from the US Virgin Islands was probably flattering Drumpf in hopes of getting aid. Oregon’s governor (D) asked Drumpf for wildfire aid and was rejected. Hmmm.

    They keep trying to gaslight us.

  221. Rachel Maddow said she likes receiving “leads” from her viewers. So here is what I emailed her this weekend, for whatever good it might do.

    Dear Rachel –
    I have become a recent fan of yours because of your great ability to connect the dots. And speaking of dots I have had this question.
    Several weeks ago you devoted a show to Manafort receiving laundered Russian money as payment for working for Putin’s puppet, the former Ukrainian President Yanukovich. Tad Devine, Bernie’s media strategist, also worked with Manafort on Yanukovich’s campaign in 2010 and on Yanukovich’s 2009 and 2006 campaigns.
    What was Tad Devine, who was the one who encouraged Bernie to run as a Democrat, doing working for such Russian supported scum? I know that you and many of your MSNBC colleagues have been favorably disposed to Bernie and henceforth perhaps never did the vetting you might have done otherwise.
    I will be honest, as more and more is coming out about Russia’s meddling in our election on both the right and the left, that I regard Bernie and Jill Stein as what Lenin would call “useful idiots.” At first I would have said that Bernie is an unwitting “useful idiot”. But I am not sure about Tad Devine. And, since finding out that Bernie voted against the Magnitsky bill and more recently the additional sanctions on Russia, I also have my questions about him.
    Furthermore, I read Bernie’s campaign was cited by the FEC for six hundred plus pages of improper donations including foreign payments. And then there was a mysterious $10 million anonymous donation. Also, why was he, like Trump, reluctant to release his tax returns? He just released the two cover pages for 2014, and Trump, who liked cribbing from him during the campaign, as you well know followed his example with his release of two pages.
    Your ace research team can, I am sure, check all the above. Maybe there are on the level answers to all of the above. But I really think you would be doing this country a great favor by doing some digging in this area.

  222. Lucyk : love it! Anxious to see if your recommendation becomes the basis for a future segment on her show. I know she clearly preferred Bernie to Hillary, so this Thursday ‘S interview will be very interesting.

  223. Catscatscats – Thanks so much for the encouragement and support. It is really the people on this blog that have given me the courage to do something like this.

  224. Lucyk: I think you earned your Uppity Woman badge, I’m still working on mine!

  225. lucyk,

    Wonderful letter to Rachel and I loved it! You hit all the marks and I agree – where was her ace investigative team during the election when it came to vetting trump AND sanders?

    It will be very interesting how she handles her interview with HIllary, considering that sanders has all but told Hillary to shut up and get over losing the election – he should talk! All I can say is she better not attack Hillary’s book and what she said about sanders and her being convinced that the trump campaign did collude with the Russians.

    If she doesn’t show the respect to Hillary that she so richly deserves, even though it’s late in coming, I suggest we all write letters to Rachel expressing our outrage. It’s time Hillary supporters stop hiding in the shadows because we are mercilessly attacked when we stand up and defend Hillary and point out the much worse faults of her opponents.

    Thanks for sharing your letter, it made my day!

  226. Voting: what a powerful interview. She is brilliant. No one, male or female, holds a candle to her, not Obama, Sanders, trump or warren. Her vision and insight are remarkable, the way she assimilates info and models that info into a proposal that can benefit millions is phenomenal. She would have been a force to be reckoned with as Prez and head of the Dem party. I am so thankful she wrote her latest book and is now doing these interviews. This country needs to be shaken until our teeth rattle if the republic is to survive. Thanks, Voting. Everyone who cares about this country should watch this. When people say she isn’t inspiring it’s because they never took the time to put their biases aside and just LISTEN to her.

  227. So,Hillary’s book…please read it.I’m only 1/3 of the way through it and have cried four times and laughed out loud once.All women should read this book and loan it to their friends and give it to their daughters and nieces.I’ve never read anything ( and I’ve been reading for 60 years) that comes so close to describing what life is like being a woman in this country.And men,you,too,should read this book if you want to have even the slightest idea of what the women in your life deal with on a daily basis.
    This book needed to be written…yes,to review what happened in the election,partially as a cathartic exercise for us,individually and a s a nation…but more importantly as a heads up to the coming generation of young women.THIS is what a leader looks like,this is what she can expect to endure and this is why we need you.
    This advertisement is brought to you your cranky old next door neighbor. Now back to the book.

  228. The Dems had a great opportunity for Medicare for all. It was 2008 when they had both the houses, and, if they had gotten behind Hillary instead of the “ingenue”, it might have happened. She had an excellent working relationship with the Senate. She would have understood how to make it happen and promote properly. Instead Obama settled for the Heritage Fo. proposal with a big sell out to the health insurance companies. Well, all of you know this. Just venting.

  229. Off-topic–OTOH, this show is certainly a museum piece by now, and it lasted only two seasons, so you COULD call it a “loser”…

    It’s been 18 years, but I still miss the Moon… 😉

  230. Great Anderson Cooper interview with Hillary Clinton.
    The moment that moldy piece of shit, Carl Bernstein opened his mouth, it was time for me to go. Why does CNN need to have a talking heads coda to such a wonderful piece? Yes, I know, because they will never admit to how hard they worked to pave the way for Donald Trump.
    Day after day, breathless coverage of Trump’s rallies from before his private jet landed to the last reluctant handshake.
    Hillary! Nothing except the emails.
    Bernstein said that Hillary won’t admit it’s her fault that Trump is in the White House?? Hell, no, Carl, it’s your fault, it’s CNN’s fault, it’s MSNBC’s fault, it’s WikiLeaks fault, it’s Putin’s fault and it is Comey’s fault. But most of all, it’s the Media’s fault and they just can’t bear to look at that.

  231. Where is everybody? Did I miss the boat-wouldn’t be surprised.

  232. I for one would just -hate- to be seen as posting an unwelcome rant.

    So in the face of the news of the 1000+ murder of a woman this year by the man who thought he owned her, I’m not saying anything.

  233. Reference here:

    (Rant: a sustained monologue on the rights of women, as opposed to anything else.)

  234. Sweet Sue @ 9:54, Righteous rant!

    Earlynerd, feel free to rant away! God, that story was heartbreaking. Like all of the news lately, I guess.

    Voting, thanks for posting all the Hillterviews! She’s been killing it!

  235. Hillary looks great, btw. Love her new haircut!

  236. SweetSue, I think, too, all us women have to know how to find courage again. I don’t know that I have that, but I sure as hell do have anger.

    (warning! rant! [1])

    When I was very much younger and had a helluva lot more faith in human beings and circumstance, also when the laws were much more on my side as a female citizen of this country, I went to bat in the Pacific Northwest for abortion, in the face of the newly mounted Catholic priests’ murderous “right-to-life” campaign.

    In one Planned Parenthood rally in a downtown Portland hall, there were lines of anti-womanists literally three deep, chanting and yelling. As I went through those lines, alone, I heard one say “There’s one! Let’s get her!”

    I made it into the hall, but on leaving, saw the windows of cars with Planned Parenthood or pro-choice stickers broken out.

    There followed the murders of women and pro-women men by the “right-to-life” brigade, still supported by the Catholic Church and ignored by the American government. I sat in clinics on January 22nd as a human shield each year, when the media supported the murderers’ night of terror. In my days of escorting, I converted many bystanders who saw the “god blessed” hatred we endured and who said our opponents could not possibly be right.

    I only dropped risking my life for women’s rights, supposedly guaranteed by U.S. law, when two things happened: the finace of a long-time friend (I was best-woman at his wedding) told me “Oh, I thought I was pregnant, I thought I would have to call you!”, she having having lifted a finger for abortion rights. The other was my sister, whose two unpicketed, unopposed abortions in the late 70’s gave her access to a law career and marriage to a mysandrist when it proved convenient, and who told me to hush sometime in the 2000′, when I remarked that religion in Eugene sure had something to say on justice when it wasn’t abortion.

    I know my biology, and have never needed an abortion, but also know that unlike my friend’s fiance, and unlike my sister, there are a hellava lot of other women who, no matter what their level of access to knowledge (aka healthcare), still need abortion.

    The current “dialogue” on women’s rights to the one piece of real estate women unequivocally own, our own bodies, our own physical beings, would not be possible without the cowardice of women.

    U.S. law prevents men from becoming unwilling parents even when absolutely no atom of a man’s current being is involved. U.S. law also supports conscripting women into using their bodies to support the life services of another against a women’s will (contrary to every other American ruling – thanks again, Obama!)

    For all you male spectators, this is not some nine month vacation followed by a breathless miracle, this is your fkn body taken over by something that takes precedence for most of a year, even if it kills us or leaves us blind or disabled.

    It’s to women’s credit that this miracle leaves us by and large unscathed. But our modern survival depends once again on men’s permission. The U.S. is at the bottom of “1st world” countries in maternal deaths.

    Women need to face the bleakness of the landscape that is ours, and do something about it.

    ([1] Rant: a sustained monologue on the rights of women, as opposed to anything else.)

  237. Ach – two corrections: my friend’s fiancee “never having lifted a finger” for women’s rights, ditto my -misogynist- sister. Doubt she would ever have known a misandrist in her life.

  238. Sue, @ 9:54 pm: Carl Bernstein is what we used to call a sexist pig back in the day. Just ask Nora Ephron who was inspired to write “Heartburn” by the swine.

  239. Unbelievable that I wasn’t even aware of the Plano massacre and I have the News on all day. Amazing detail that Meredith’s husband murdered more people than did the Manson gang but this story does not merit national attention?
    Is it because women’s lives are so cheap? Is it because there’s a tacit agreement that men own “their” women. Is it because to acknowledge the run rampant misogyny would be a downer-a real cock block?
    I don’t know but I do know that after twenty little kids were slaughtered in Newtown and nothing was done about weapons of mass destruction available to every lunatic and loser, nothing ever will be done.

  240. Finally listened to all of VOX interview. Hillary is magnificent. What a loss for this country. And now we need her “voice” more than ever. Her opponents should be feeling deep shame.

  241. You are so right, Lucyk. The Dems (I am looking at you DNC) screwed the pooch back in 2008. They need to listen to her now, before it is too late, but I doubt they will. And where is Mr. Cool and Inspirational while the country goes up in flames? That Constitutional Convention power grab should scare everyone, Repubs and Dems alike.

    I liked that Vox interview because, for me, it was the real Hillary, the one with the mind like a steel trap, not the one I saw with the View crew or Matt Lauer. She is not good at dumbing herself down so the TV audience will like her. Rachel’s up tonight, can’t wait!

  242. There’s “shade” & then there’s Hillary “shade”:

  243. Voting, thanks again! I saw it on tv tonight, but missed the first 10 minutes. You make it easy to catch up!

    She was magnificent tonight wasn’t she? So on top of her game, so poised, so brilliant, so kick-ass, and looked great while doing it.

  244. I broke my self-imposed rule about not watching cable news, just to see Hillary on Maddow. Yes, she was brilliant; she is just smarter and more knowledgeable than anyone else in the political world. If this were a novel or drama, the election would be nullified, and she would be rnnning the country. I am sure that most Americans do not ever realize what a difference it makes to have someone experienced, smart, and on the right side of things, in charge. Image and “feel-good,” and “excitement,” or “you never know what he’ll do,” or “social statement,” are not what one should be looking for in a president. But people will vote that way again and again. And if Hillary had won, we wouldn’t be legitimately worrying that we will never win another election because our votes will be suppressed. This election will end up as an object lesson for many decades, but the price was too high. Wait until we get to see Sanders and Biden and Harris and Warren and O’Malley squabbling about various issues in Iowa and beyond, and it will feel even more depressing. And yet we know that we can’t stop voting or caring, or the barbarians will control our lives.

  245. What does everyone think about the cooperation between Pelosi/Schumer and Trump, at least on a few things? I know that the Democrats actually care about helping people, but this can cause them to be used by the Republicans for their own purposes. My visceral reaction was that they shouldn’t make any deals whatsoever with Trump, who only agrees to things for his own purposes. Let the Republicans bury themselves so deep, that we can toss many of them out of office in 2018 and perhaps save the country and planet. All this cooperation does is help nomalize Trump. But again, I do understand that there are always lives at stake. Democrats would rather act as the loyal opposition, while Republicans prefer a scorched earth policy where they alwasy get their way, in our out of power. I think that Democrats have to draw their lines and not cross them.

  246. Did you notice at the end of the interview, Hillary thanked Rachel for all she was doing? I think Rachel was a little surprised by that and at how well informed and current Hillary is.

  247. Today I received a letter from Hillary; well, not exactly a personal one, of course. It’s the first one I have gotten since one right after the election. This one is a fundraising appeal for “Onward Together,” which is the new organization Hillary mentioned on the Maddow show last

    Apparently this will be Hillary’s organization, with some help from Howard Dean, whom she described as a long time-friend (couldn’t he have helped more during the ’08 campaign, when Brazile, who presumably worked for him, took away her deletgates in FL and MI?). Anyway, she said on TV that it would help to raise money for certain candidates, and to help fight voter suppression. It probably is a worthwhile organization to support, better than the DNC or the DCCC and the rest, though we have to see how viable it is. Like many other people, I spent quite a bit in donations to the last campaign, and am not anxious to do more donating right now–except that I am afraid that if we don’t do it, we’ll get submerged by all the horrible right-wing money which will pour in. So I just mention this to at least take note of.

  248. Sorry, folks. I forgot to post this one. I took heart when she said she didn’t absolve those who didn’t vote.

  249. William @12:21PM: agree with you. I was wondering if they did it to stick it to the other rethugs, but now it looks like dump is taking it all back, so I don’t think it worked out for them the way they thought it would. Hope that makes sense.

  250. Thanks again Voting! I haven’t seen that one yet!

  251. Cats, I did notice that. Hillary is so classy.

  252. One last interview for the week. I post w/o comment except to say Hillary handled this brilliantly.

  253. Does Judy Woodruff normally look like she is sucking lemons?

  254. Cats!

    Great observation! I was fascinated with Woodruff’s face throughout the interview and you described it perfectly — sucking lemons!

    She was overly harsh, I thought, with the questions and her tone (and the face!). There always seems to be an underlying effort by all who interview Hillary to try and trip her up to get her to say something that they can use to attack her later. It’s almost like a badge they have to get, like in girl scouts. They show respect for trump, even when asking a loaded questions regarding his reprehensible behavior but Hillary gets the “sucking lemons” face and a mean-spirited tone.

    trump is a clear and present danger to our country and they manage to treat him with more respect than a woman who has done more to help our country and its people (not to mention people around the world) than any other politician in D.C. today. It’s mind boggling.

    I knew our country hated women but I am finally coming to terms its depth and breath and how it’s destroying our country from the inside out..

  255. The ONLY person who interviewed Hillary that didn’t have that “lemon sucking” face was Rachel.

  256. Wynne, Ups has been telling us for ages about our country’s rampant sexism/misogyny. I believe she calls it “America’s dirty little secret.”

    I didn’t think Ezra Klein or Anderson Cooper looked lemon-y, they were more intent (interested?) in what she had to say and asked good questions which she knocked out of the park. (Maybe men suck the lemons better than womenfolk…) She pretty much aced every interview I saw (thanks again Voting!). No one bested her this week.

    Yes, 45 and his minions (the un-cute ones) ARE a clear and present danger to us and the world and Hillary has the beach ball sized lady nuts to say it loudly and without equivocation. He needs to be perp walked down a very long set of stairs…

    Glad you agreed with me about Judy. Sheesh. The questions about Comey, Lynch and Bill were just plain nasty.

    What did you think about 45’s golf swing GIF this AM? I hope Mueller finds proof of conspiracy with the Russians to rig (successfully) the election, not just “interfere”.

    I also hope Comey gets a severe reprimand for his actions in 2016, especially if he bowed to political pressure as Hillary suggests. He egregiously violated protocol and disgraced the FBI, the self-righteous ass. If he can’t be pilloried in the public square and pelted with rotten fruit, he should lose his pension.

  257. I couldn’t believe she sat there and interviewed with that piece of shit Matt Lauer after what he did in that forum to her. Every question to Trump translated to “Tell me how Hillary sucks”. I honestly don’t know how she keeps her cool.

    I’m so glad that slime ball went bald. I know this was a huge blow to his ego, since the girls no longer swoon over his little boy “cuteness”. He didn’t age well. How wonderful. Fuck him.

  258. Thinking of that fat nazi fuck Sebastian v. Gorka declaring The Alpha Male is Back. Wonder what he’s doing now because he ain’t NEVER coming back.

  259. Cats,

    As always, you make good points, particularly about Anderson. I guess I’ve become overly sensitive to how any of these guys react to Hillary when they are interviewing her and I have come to expect some sort of underlying misogyny to raise its ugly head, even though she says she is never running for office again. I have no doubt they would be their usual vicious selves if she had indicated she might run again. Of course, burnout can do and say anything he wants and he gets a pass. I guess no one ever thinks he has a snowballs chance in hell of ever getting the nomination, so they just let him rattle on. Unfortunately, by their doing so, people think they are taking him seriously! I wish the FBI would disclose what was going on with his questionable campaign donations from the Russians and expose him for the fraud he truly is.

    As for Dump’s golf swing showing him hitting Hillary, what else is new? It is just another example of Hillary being right on target when she referred to him as the most misogynistic person to be president ever. In fact, she’s put into perspective all of the issues which she was wrongly and unfairly attacked for by the media during the campaign and the media knows it. I’ve seen articles indicating that Anderson lobbed her softball questions. They just want to distract from the fact that they were complicit in putting trump in the WH by their misogynistic bias towards her throughout the campaign. My question is how can the media allow the president of the U.S. to act in such an infantile, sociopathic way and not eviscerate him? All Hillary needed to do to be racked over the coals was to be viewed as not smiling enough!

    I pray that Mueller will ultimaly expose the collusion, obstruction of justice and money laundering that has gone on between trump and his administration with the Russian government before, during and after the campaign. If Mueller can time the release of his investigation’s findings for right after the 2018 mid-terms (and God willing the dems win back the House and the Senate), then they can impeach trump and put a dem (which should have been Hillary based on the will of the people) in the WH and keep Pence and Ryan from the presidency and maybe our country will have a chance!

  260. Here’s how I rank the interviews I saw: The View and GMA: junior high; PBS: High School; CNN/Cooper: college; Maddow and Klein: post grad. Hillary had to navigate the hazards of both the interviewer and his or her audience to make her points. 45’s reaction to Hillary’s interviews: kindergarten, post nap and snack. (He did seem to manage to successfully cut and paste.)

    P.S. Loved Up’s assessment of Matt Lauer, she always nails it!

    Wynne’s last para: May it come to pass…

  261. Congrats to Kate McKinnon on her Emmy win tonight…and for also acknowledging who made it possible.

  262. "The current model of the Democratic party is not working… we need to reach out to Independents," @SenSanders @NeoNader says on #MTP— Meet the Press (@MeetThePress) September 17, 2017


    Fixed it. (I hope)

  263. Cats 3 , perfect interview ranking!

  264. Woodruff’s assertion that Comey was in charge because Lynch recused herself shows how ignorant these media people are. The FBI Director is not next in line after the Attorney General, as Hillary pointed out. And he’s not even second or third in line. That was really dumb.

    And yeah, she did look like Susy Sourpuss.

  265. Aww, I’m glad Kate McK thanked Hillary. That was nice.

    Cats, agree with your rankings, altho I hate the View & GMA and didn’t finish watching them.

  266. Brassy: I thought the Comey line of questioning made woodruff look like an ass. Hillary schooled her with ease.

  267. Just a reminder…HRC is on Colbert’s Late Show tonight.

  268. Hey everyone!
    Hope all is well.
    I saw Colbert last night. Did you see the picture of the naked men. On their butts was written I am with her.
    I do miss Hillary.
    I am hoping she decides to run in 2020. Who else do we have.

  269. I am hoping she decides to run in 2020.

    How much more do we expect this woman to bleed?

  270. Who else do we have.

    Preet Bharara? If I can’t make it to Canada, gonna try for the Republic of New York.

    (h/t Peter Daou)

  271. (wrt last comment, posts sticker on forehead: CLOSE TAGS!)

    One more reason to hold out for Canada:

  272. If we hit 300 comments, can we have a new thread, Bill?

  273. If I can’t make it to Canada, gonna try for the Republic of New York.

    In NY, you can bet that no insurer is going to pull that pre-existing condition shit on people. You’ll also enjoy the highest tax burden in the country. NY taxes or levies fees on anything that isn’t nailed down.

    Interesting how so many red states have such a low tax burden and simply HATE government in their lives, but when they are in trouble they squeal like piggies for government help. But God forbid a blue state that helps to pay for their “Help” needs help, they squawk. Case in point. Slimy Ted Cruz voted against helping NJ after Sandy. After Harvey, he was asked why he did that and how that looks (now that Texas needs the help) he answered that “This is no time for partisan bickering”. And that’s the way it is with that red “No government” people. Government when THEY need it: Good. When someone else needs it: Bad.

  274. Hillary run in 2020? Please, Goddess, NO!

    Ted Cruz is so oily. Now there’s an unlikeable politician, but, of course, no one ever says that about HIM.

  275. After Harvey, he was asked why he did that and how that looks (now that Texas needs the help) he answered that “This is no time for partisan bickering”.

    Amazing how much Slimy Ted sounds just like a sanctimonious RoseBro – “Sure we threw the election to a madman out of spite and sexism, but that’s not important now. How -can- you be so divisive as to bring it up?”

  276. Hillary will be on AM Joy tomorrow.

  277. Facebook’s Belated Awakening


  278. If you missed it, here’s HRC on AM Joy:

  279. She was once again her amazing self.

  280. Yeah Zuckerberg is sorry he got caught. He’s a dirtbag and would do anything to make money and not pay taxes.

  281. VotingHillary, thank you so much from all us night-owls. This is the one interview I wanted to see but knew I was going to have to miss.

    Uppity, isn’t it neat techies knew too much about Facebook to have every agreed to their theft-of-privacy EULA? Now maybe the rest of the country will wise up.

    For the non-fans of J. Edgar Comey here, I love it that Howard University students gave him the royal raspberry:

  282. Make that “to have -ever- agreed”, please.

  283. My sympathies to Earlynerd. TurdPress needs an edit feature for commenters. 😦

  284. Off topic: The Aki sisters welcome you to autumn. :mrgreen:

  285. IBW@8:55 am:

    That’s for sure.

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