Who Run the World?

A comment by moononpluto in our previous thread got me thinking:

Women rule…

PM Cameron to resign tomorrow, on Wednesday, Theresa May will be United Kingdom PM by 5pm TOMORROW.

A woman running the UK, another one in scotland and another woman running Northern Ireland/

So, I googled, “Current women heads of state” and found a webpage with this handy-dandy chart:

We are currently living under a record-high number of simultaneous female world leaders.
For several years now, the stable status quo has been around 20 female world leaders at any given time. For much of 2014, the number was 22 — a record high.

Screen shot 2016-07-11 at 9.16.42 AMCURRENT TOTAL: 22

I loved this chart because I could easily screen shot it and insert it into the post. Anyone who has worked with WordPress will understand why this is a plus. The only problem with it was there was no date of publication or any updates listed. So I cross-referenced it with this site, Current Women Leaders.

The second link, Current Women Leaders, (updated 7/7/16) lists 24 leaders because it includes two monarchs, Queen Elizabeth II of the UK, and  Queen Margrethe II of Denmark. (As moononpluto’s comment suggests, the author of, Current Women Leaders, will have to do some updating tomorrow, when Theresa May becomes the Prime Minister of the UK.) When looking up this data, it is easy to get bogged down in the different titles and positions of President, Prime Minister, and Monarch. So rather than quibble about that, and fuss about the numbers, let’s look at one piece of data that is indisputable. Of all of the countries around the world who have embraced female leadership, there’s one glaring omission. Yes, our country, The United States of America. We are a world super power and beacon of democracy. The USA, the country that boasts liberty and justice for all, has not been able to break that final glass ceiling.

What’s that cracking sound?? Tomorrow, Bernie Sanders, a stubborn, self appointed, “Keeper of the Patriarchy”, will finally admit that he’s lost.

Screen shot 2016-07-11 at 10.16.44 AM

Being “Keeper of the Patriarchy” is hard work. Look at Bernie, (far left, literally) he’s so worn out he can’t even tuck in his shirt anymore!

Supposedly, and I say that because you never know with Bernie, he will be joining the woman who beat him, (and yes, I do love repeating that) in New Hampshire for a rally of unity. BTW she didn’t just beat him, but she beat him handily, by ALL measures. I mean she SMASHED him. Hopefully, he can muster up some strength to tidy himself up a bit.

Hillary Clinton  will have no worries at all.

Screen shot 2016-07-11 at 10.26.29 AM

Did someone call for a BADASS woman?

We have one more misogynist to conquer in November before we can officially tell the patriarchy, “I ain’t your mama!”






Hillary Masters Twitter

Twitter, Donald Trump’s favorite platform to spew his insults and pump up his….ego. There’s a new sheriff in town now. Hillary demolishes Trump in the most succinct tweet imaginable.


New Thread

Just a quickie in case Uppity has something else planned……

Hillary Clinton’s interview today with Chris Cuomo:



Looks like CNN is protecting its content and needs you to go there and look at its ads.

Part 1: http://www.cnn.com/videos/politics/2016/05/19/hillary-clinton-full-interview-part-1-cuomo.cnn

Part 2: http://www.cnn.com/videos/politics/2016/05/19/hillary-clinton-full-interview-part-2-cuomo.cnn

Protected content below.

Winner of NV Caucus Wins at Convention – Bros Have a Tantrum

Remember the screaming at little kids and tearing up signs at Hillary’s rally in East Los Angeles? You’d think the bad PR from that would have given Bernie Brats pause. No, not Bernie Bros, they just double down on their hate.

Tensions were high at the Democratic convention in Nevada Saturday, with Bernie Sanders supporters demanding delegate recounts, booing Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) and causing other disruptions, according to local media reports.

Note the bearded bro yelling at the end of video: “Who gives a shit, bitch”, at Senator Barbara Boxer. Bernie Bros being….well…Bernie Bros. I think the DNC should consider revoking the credentials of these losers for the national convention in Philly, or at least, putting the animals in cages.

Hillary Wins Guam – Sorry Tim Robbins!


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