He’s stolen everything ELSE, but he can’t steal my HOPE!

Take a little trip with me down memory lane…..

Yes, that’s right.  Sophie and UW got me reliving the past on the last thread.  Not *remembering* it, because none of us has forgotten.  But *reliving* it.

…. and the backstabbers….

….and the rampant, well-docmented caucus fraud….. We Will not Be Silenced 1-4

…. and MORE thugs……

…. and the teachers contributing to the delinquency of youth…..

…. and the attempts to fight back by the creative among us….

……..and our love and respect expressed in song….

….and last BUT NOT LEAST, the inimitable Sophie B. Hawkins!

….. and a new video…. a dentist from Chicago who has the right idea!

The stock market plunged today to lose all the gains it had made in 2011, and they ALL seem to want to get rid of social security.  I understand that today, in speech# 5 millionth, The Leader from Behind says that now that the darn Tea Party made him vote for this republican bill that he wanted to vote for anyway, he’s now going to work on jobs.  He’s been “working on jobs” since he was “elected”.  PLEASE – STOP “working” on it! 

So he’s stolen so many things.  But, yes, I still have hope.  Now, I know there’s very, very, very little chance that Hillary will run again, challenge a sitting president.  But here’s my hope – I hope that 2-3 other people step up to the plate to challenge him.  That’s a fair “hope” to have, right?  Not “too” out there…..

And THEN Hillary can jump into the race!!!!!!