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Here’s your Christmas present, Uppityites–something nice to read for a change:

The photos you haven’t seen of Hillary Clinton on the campaign trail

hill_in_carIn the two years I was on the trail documenting Hillary Clinton’s bid to become the first female president of the United States, I tried each day to resist falling into the visual malaise of documenting the photo op version of a presidential candidate. I reminded myself to always work to reveal the character of the woman and to scrutinize my shoots for any hint of caricature. My instincts always lead me to explore the reasons, emotions and actions — Hillary Clinton embracing a moment late in the campaign, refusing to leave a Florida rally in the driving rain so she could meet more voters. Talking to her staff, stone-faced and intent, aboard her campaign plane on the day that FBI Director James B. Comey announced that the FBI would reopen its investigation of Clinton’s use of a private email server. Throwing her head back and letting out her patented, wall-rumbling laugh while putting on a Halloween mask. Each day, as she negotiated the line of “electability,” struggling to show her humanity without losing her credibility as a candidate, I witnessed Hillary Clinton earning every line on her endlessly expressive face.


Election Day 2016



(Unless you have early voting and you already voted. In that case, lots of this post will not be literal for you.)

I know that most of you, like me, have been waiting a long, long time for this day. Like nine years. Today is the day we get to vote for Hillary Clinton for President of the United States. We didn’t give up and we didn’t give in. We didn’t quit. We got back up. And here we are.

Under our belts, we now have two election cycles where we were ignored and minimized by the main stream press and bullied by the Dude Bros. We listened to pundits tell us she had no enthusiasm WHILE she was WINNING. We endured a media who let every monumental lie told by her opponents slide by and fact-checked her on the must minuscule infractions. Why, even this: On the night before Election Day, the chyron on the NBC Nightly News was: CLINTON AVOIDS EMAIL ISSUE ON FINAL DAY. The media did not have their thumb on the scales for her opponents; they had their entire fat asses on it.

While I admire and applaud the Obamas and Clintons for their example of going high when others go low, I am proud to say, when they went low, I got in the mud with them and kicked them in the nuts. Hard. Repeatedly. Someone had to do it.

Today, we get even. Today we vote. We vote like we’ve been waiting 8 years to do this. We vote like we might not ever get the chance again. Even if we live in a safe blue state or a hopeless red state, we vote anyway to run up the margins and own a piece of this history. No way the Orange Buffoon is stealing this from us.

And if anyone even looks like they’re thinking about harassing you while you’re trying to vote, call the Feds.
In case of voter intimidation call the U.S. Department of Justice at 800-253-3931 or report it to the non-partisan Election Protection coalition at 866-OUR-VOTE.


Tonight, while we’re here drinking Uppity Drinks, our friends will be partying down in NYC at the Javits Center. Hope they wore hard hats, because this is the ceiling.



The crowd is wild!

And because it’s good luck, we sing our Fight Song.

2016 Presidential Debate #3 at U of Nevada

unlv-logo-and-tagline-legacy Tonight is the third and last presidential debate, airing at 9 PM Eastern on nearly every channel, including NBC.  Evergreen advice: CSPAN, PBS, or online streaming. No networks or cable stations and their rotten pundits.

This debate is an actual debate and will be “moderated” by Chris Wallace of Fox News who is on record as admitting he will be nothing more than a timekeeper or perhaps a potted plant. Fact-checking is sooooo hard, which is why Joy Reid can do it in real time without knowing the content in advance. (His Twitter handle is @FoxNewsSunday.)

Wired said they are fact-checking it live but didn’t say if it would be at their website or Twitter.

I heard that Roger Ailes and Trump broke up, each claiming the other lacked focus. So, now that his “shackles are off” and he doesn’t have a responsible guide like Roger around, how will he maintain his legendary composure?

Once again, the pundits are pushing their advice on Hillary and raising the bar—hers. She’s gotta do this, she needs to do that, and if she can’t do this other thing…

Hillary, ignore their advice. All you need to do is keep doing what you’ve been doing: Winning.

The media really loves Donald’s reality show format, even those who don’t particularly like Donald. Usually, when you have two normal candidates, they compete against each other in a debate. The media has decided they’d rather have a different game, wherein each candidate needs to beat their personal bests. She must exceed Debate 1 & 2 Hillary whereas he can’t do worse than Debate 1 & 2 Donald. Backwards and in high heels.

I heard one of Donald’s guests will be Obama’s half-brother from Kenya. I have no idea what he has to do with anything.

I am grateful that this is the last time she has to be on the same stage as that disgusting animal.

On the other hand, maybe he won’t show up.

Anyway, for good luck:


2016 Presidential Debate #2 at Washington U


washu-2016-debate-circleTonight is the second presidential debate, airing at 9 PM Eastern on nearly every channel (except NBC which has football).  My advice still stands: CSPAN, PBS, or online streaming. No networks or cable stations because their pundits are insufferable.

It’s not really a debate but rather a town hall meeting format According to the Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD), “half of the questions in the second debate will be posed directly by citizen participants and the other half will be based on topics of broad public interest as reflected in social media and other sources.” Our hosts are Martha Raddatz (ABC – @MarthaRaddatz ) and Anderson Cooper (CNN – @andersoncooper).

Since the Magic Bus hot mic “gaffe,” I’m expecting the questions to be mostly of a graphic nature and I am expecting that Donald will not show the “courage” he did during the first debate and will indeed “go there.” There being Bill.

If he does, I hope she calls him out on his sexism, reminding him that SHE is running, not Bill, that she has been married exactly once, to one man, for 41 years and has never cheated on him and all of her children have the same father.  That she’d love to roll in the sewer with him but, the fact is, she’s not of his ilk. If he pulls the “enabler/you were mean to them” crap, I wish she could say, “I suppose I could have stayed home and baked them cookies.”

Oh, before I forget, here is a running tally of Republicans who have unendorsed Trump since Trump threw himself under the bus.


The bright side of this debate is that very few pundits are giving their unsolicited advice about “what Hillary needs to do.” After last time, I hope they got over their delusions that she doesn’t know exactly what she’s doing.

I also hope the commission does a complete mic check.

Again, the Keepin’ It 1600 crew is doing a pre-game “thing” on Facebook, beginning at 8:30 PM EDT. It was pretty good last time.

Twitter hashtags:

And because it’s good luck:

And because it’s good:

2016 Presidential Debate #1 at Hofstra


Tonight’s 2016 Presidential debate is being moderated by NBC Nightly News anchor Lester Holt at Hofstra University in Hempstead, New York. It’s scheduled to begin at 9 p.m. ET (6 p.m. PT) and will feature six 15-minute segments over the course of 90 minutes with no commercial breaks. (One of the many reasons to drink Scotch instead of beer.)

Here are all the ways to watch it. I recommend CSPAN not because their commentators are better than anyone else’s (they aren’t) but because their commentators don’t get to commentate during actual events. They play the whole thing raw, start to finish. That being said, the moment it is over, shut them off. Do not listen to any callers. (I warned you.)

No matter how it gets spun or even how it looks, the fact is, Hillary already won this debate. She is the only legitimate candidate. There is only one professional. Only one competent nominee. Only one presidential candidate. She beat the purity trolls of the far left, she’s beating the racists, sexists, and xenophobics of the right, and she’s beating the gawd-awful media (who decided they were in this race back when she was still doing her book tour).

Today there is more advice swirling around the Interwebs about what Hillary needs to do to win. She needs to smile. She needs to show she’s likable. She needs to tell us what she plans to do. (Because, if you’re in the media in 2016, you have NO idea what she plans to do and no way of finding out. It’s just not possible. You are literally forced to speculate.) What Hillary needs to do is tell these people to STFU. I was going to link to some of them, but they’re stupid.

This is not a normal year. Donald is not a normal person, much less candidate. The fact is, he blew away 16 of the GOP’s best and brightest by playing Political Apprentice while they were following The Establishment Book of Rules & Norms. If she follows the book too (likely), Mom and Pop won’t get freaked out but the Pundit Class will say she’s risk-averse, boring, wonky, (you know the rest—sing along with me). If she does something unexpected (perchance bold), the media Kewl Kidz will make fun of her, like they did with Naeing on Ellen, Pokemon Go Vote, and even this Kinney selfie pic. Because Hillary is not allowed to have any fun with this. None. Maybe her best bet is to play it straight, just up to the edge of baiting-with-plausible-deniability, and then let him Lazio himself. That kind of thing polls well.

Frankly, I don’t know what to tell her about debating a buffoon. I did this Tweet storm, but it has no answers. Just one request.


If you do Facebook, you can enjoy some pre-game discussion with Jon Favreau and Friends. (Yes, I have made my peace with Favreau because he wrote this. No, it’s never going to happen with Axelrod; he can rot in hell.) In fact, Favreau and friends have a really decent bi-weekly podcast going. No matter what you do, do not watch any pre-game commentary on cable news channels. Unless you feel like getting pissed–then go for it. I look forward to your Tweets!

After it’s over, we will be treated to clips that favor him, focus groups where people claim to have converted to him, and all other kinds of bullshit. We’ll have to wait until later in the week to see what SamBee does to get a real assessment. But know this: Hillary already won this debate.

Out of solidarity with the people traveling with Hillary’s campaign, spend from now until it begins listening to this on a loop.