**Update**Shhhhh. Don’t wake them. While they are sleeping, the GIVE Act will be passed

***UPDATE: I just heard on FOX that the word “Mandatory” has been removed from this bill. At least For Now.

tomorrowbelongstomeWhile everybody was bumping into walls screaming about AIG and Tim Geithner, your House of No Representatives passed the GIVE act, AKA You Vill Volunteer Und Like It Act.

At this very moment, your No-Senator is being told he or she has to vote on this realllllllly fast. This includes an interesting Amendmentby Ms. Mikulski.  While everybody is still asleep.

Soon, all of your children, ages 18-25 will be forced to “volunteer” and serve the state and their President. Do you hear that, Comrades? Ok back to sleep now. It’s not like it’s a draft or anything.

Is it?

What’s in this bill? Do you know? Do you understand that your children will be forced to volunteer? Did anybody ask you or your son or daughter what they think? Have you heard ANY debate on this anywhere? Are you being deliberately distracted? Nah. That can’t be so.

Look here. Don’t look there.

Whatever you do, don’t contact your Senator and tell him what you think of this Involuntary Servitude Act or anything. You might disturb him!  Are there any Republicans complaining loudly about this Indentured Servant Act? Funny, I don’t hear a thing.

It’s not like we are North Korea or anything.

Are we?

It’s not like the thing Stalin or Hitler or the Chairman did or anything.

Is it?

It doesn’t really smack of Orwell or anything.

Does it?

Is this okay with you?

Okay,  back to sleep now. Tomorrow you might wake up and find your son humming Tomorrow Belongs To Me.

UPDATE: I just heard on FOX that the word  “Mandatory” has been removed from this bill. At least For Now.

Cinie: Ding Dong! Obot Calling!

village-of-the-damned-kids1Cinie does her thing like nobody else does it. She has provided her own Review of how the President’s  Project Canvass  is coming along so far–and discusses her own “Get The Hell Off My Porch” Counter Program.

But before we get to her hilarious post, tell me, have you been visited by the Children of The Village pressuring taking names asking for your signature and undying loyalty to the Incandescent One yet?

I haven’t, but then I didn’t go to the supermarket this weekend. Perhaps I shall try it today. I haven’t seen them in my neighborhood either, but my dog did offer up some guttural growls yesterday afternoon at the front entrance. Unfortunately, I was busy at the time so I didn’t take a moment to peek out there. Besides, I kind of figured that a mouth-frothing dog baring his teeth in warm greeting would be cause for pause if an uninvited, unknown soul was considering ringing the old Ding Dong at our house to extract signatures under duress.

large_hairAs an additonal  side note, I see that one of the canvassers quoted in Cinie’s piece was heard humming “Age of Aquarius” from the 60s Broadway hit, Hair. I would like to interject here and now that I am really glad he never actually  lived the Time or saw the original production, or he might have gotten naked at some point during his canvassing experience. I mean if you are going to hallucinate that you are living in the 60s and are an active cast-member of Hair, you might at least understand the Requirements. Well, that and, if he’s really interested, I have a vintage pair of  very faded 12-inch bell bottoms of the hip-hugger variety — and several tapestry fringe belts he might be interested in. I can personally attest that they all had an interesting life.

Now onto Cinie’s Review.  I had to put her indented quotes from other sources in blue, as WP does not allow me to quote a quote from a quote, so to speak.  Note that she has a poll at the end of her post, so if you want to vote, you should hop over to her place. Try to get your vote in as soon as possible, for we can never be sure exactly when she will be discovered and hunted down.

Cross-posted from Cinie’s Place.


Ding Dong! Obot Calling!

Have you had the thrill of an Obamaniac, clipboard in hand, goofy, KoolAid addled, Hoover vac salesman smile plastered across their too-eager, hopey-changey face, happily dingdonging your doorbell like a days-gone-by Avon Lady or modern-day teenage religious missionary, earnestly selling rainbows and half-price Unity pony rides?  No?  Me neither.  Luckily for the Obots, I’m sure my name is number one atop the Don’t Even Bother Do Not Call list.  Unlike millions of my fellow Americans, determined to remain huddled behind furniture with their families, cowering in fear as they shush the children and wait for the crazed ObArmy members in their neighborhood charged with getting in their faces to collect signatures for their Dear Leader, Just Barely President Baracus Hubris Maximus (Hail! Ceasar!) to get tired and leave, I would welcome the opportunity to put my own counter-program to their Operation Pledge Project Canvass, Operation Get The Hell Off My Porch, in effect.

If you have a life and haven’t heard of the latest wrinkle in the Spokesmodel-in-Chief’s Perpetual Campaign, the gist is that ordinary citizens, besotted with the Obamessiah, are supposed to bug ordinary citizens who aren’t until the unbesotted give up their signatures and email addresses, anything, to make the Obot just please shut up already and go away:

The Pledge Project Canvass is an unprecedented effort by a president to reach beyond Congress and tap grassroots supporters for help. Volunteers recruited online by Obama’s Organizing for America, a post-election group, will ask citizens to sign a pledge in support of the president’s policies on energy, health care and education.

Those who pledge will be asked for their e-mail addresses so the Obama-ites can keep in touch.

Oh, happy, happy, joy, joy.  Can’t think of a better way to waste part of my life that I’ll never get back.  I’m sure that after watching the following videos of the Stepford President’s Children of the Damned preparing to assault the unsuspecting citizenry, you too will be motivated to action.  Never mind that the pledge you’ll be asked to sign if you let the Obaidiot who knocks at your door actually start talking before you start cussing them out, has no specifics, pish tosh, who needs details when you’ve got hope and a clipboard?

“I’m asking you to head outside this Saturday to knock on some doors, talk to some neighbors, and let them know how important this budget is to our future,” Obama said in a video message to supporters.

“There was a lot of excitement during the campaign and we were talking about the importance of bringing about change,” Obama said Thursday at a town-hall event in Los Angeles. “We are moving systematically to bring about change, but change is hard. Change doesn’t happen overnight.”

The president urged patience even as Organizing for America, as the re-election-campaign-in-waiting is called, published an Internet-based tool to help voters find their representatives in Congress. He urged supporters to make phone calls to Capitol Hill, regardless of political party.

The president also directed volunteers to return to the streets this weekend, as they did during the campaign.

Well, I’m sure the Teflon TelePrompTer Reader will be pleased to know that teenagers in Salt Lake City, activists in Minnesota, and the usual suspects across the country have already spent Day One annoying his constituents with varying degrees of success.  Seems the usual suspects have the edge, knowing as they do to limit their exhortations to the already committed:

In the Washington area, David McCracken, a retired teacher, said he was surprised at how readily people signed pledge cards outside a Herndon supermarket. Within 15 minutes, four people had signed, and he was soon on his way to make more copies, humming a line from the ’60s musical “Hair.”

“This is the dawning of the age of Aquarius; that’s about this whole process,” McCracken said. “I feel like we’re finally getting somewhere.”

Not every volunteer had the same success. In Reston, one voter paused to tell public school teacher Pat Hynes that Obama is “way out of his league” and that the canvassing project was “a waste of our time and our attention spans.”

Obama is presiding over “the largest con game I have ever seen or heard of in my life,” said the man, a retired federal agent who declined to give his name. “There’s a difference between campaigning and governing. . . . We’re looking for leadership. That’s not leadership.

Okay, I’m willing to step up as Leader.  Who will join me, Cinie the Cynical, in opposing the very idea of organizing for a Plastic President and his vague plans to make plans for “change?”  First order of business is to choose a name for our counter-offensive, so please vote and keep checking this space for further instructions.  Or, just adjust your tinfoil hats 45 degrees while you run your empty microwave oven on high for 20:09 minutes while humming One Nation Under A Groove.

Nan noo nan noo, over and out

What shall we call our maiden counter-offensive to Organizing for America’s Pledge Project Canvass?

o Operation Kiss My Alinsky
0 Organize THIS, Obot!
o Operation Bitter Clinger
o Project You Sure You Wanna Get In My Face?
o Project PUMA Prey

Uppity Note: As I mentioned above, you can vote in Cinie’s Counter-Offensive poll  and help name that Counter-Offense by going here.

Cinie has also offered up these videos as proof that this frighteningly absurd Bolshevick idea is For Real.

……….And I thought I might add this one for our Pretend-Hippy Canvasser so that he might gain some fashion ideas and change his mind about wanting to live in the 60s without the ability to text anyone.

Glorious Comrades! You will continue to serve, yes?

Good Morning Comrade Obama Volunteers!

Such a glorious day for you!

Your Comrade Obama is most pleased with volunteer work from such fine little comrades and comradesses! Comrade is most pleased you signed up for life for the Glorious Cause! Many opportunities await your loyalty and hard work! Opportunities to finger recommend fellow comrades and reap glorious rewards in the People’s Republic of Amerika!

Much fun awaits you when Summoned to intimidate formally elected officials who mistakenly disagree with The Comrade! Many work farms for disobedient officials mistakenly selected by misguided future comrades and comradesses! Such joy you will share in their conversion to The Cause!

Comradess Uppity took entitled liberty to shamelessly steal share Comradess RBO’s labor of pen while she toils  for The Cause at Work Camp! Many rocks to be moved to make place for Glorious Statue of The Comrade!

Obama’s Amerikkka Corps Revisited

If you signed up to become a “volunteer” for the Obama campaign, it was actually a lifetime enlistment in Obama’s Amerikkka Corps.

Remember RBO’s November 11, 2008, rant about the Obama database? Do you recall the WaPo article in which Shailagh Murray and Matthew Mosk marveled that Obamatrons would be able to put to good use the email database of 10 million people that was compiled during the 21-month political campaign and that at least “3.1 million people on the list donated money to Obama”?

It didn’t take long, as McClatchy Newspaper’s Frank Greve reports, before those 3.1 million “campaign volunteers” received “re-enlistment notices”.

Murray and Mosk were a bit misguided in their belief that the call to arms would wait until after the inauguration when they wrote:

Once Obama is sworn in, those backers may be summoned to push reluctant members of Congress to support legislation, to offer feedback on initiatives and to enlist in administration-supported causes in local communities. Obama would also be positioned to ask his supporters to back his favored candidates with fundraising and turnout support in the 2010 midterm elections.

On November 19, 2008, Obama campaign manager David Plouffe sent out a mass email to former workers asking them “how much time they can spare for four missions integral to Obama’s effort to transform his victory into a broader political movement.”

We here at RBO are just grinning like the proverbial Cheshire cat that we called this one right on the money. Here’s what we wrote in our rant:

So, here we have the deal: You sign up to help get The One elected. You volunteer. You contribute. You constantly harangue your family, your friends, your neighbors, and your co-workers; you have your children harrass your parents (their grandparents) about the wonder of O. You shell out contribution after contribution (perhaps exceeding the max but who’ll notice if you slip in some extra hundreds here and there from the family dog, XYZ?). You make phone calls, you go door-to-door, you write letters to the editor, you hold signs at the shopping mall and at polling places; you put out yard signs and you plaster campaign posters everywhere there are not already posters. Your guy gets elected.

What’s next? He gets inaugurated. That’s what you’ve been working for. He’s Da’ Man in the White House. He’s there to get’er done. Mission accomplished!

Some truly believe that their troubles are over. No more worrying about the economy, jobs, rent, mortgages, etc. Life is going to be Owonderlicious.

But, we have a little problem. Now you find out you didn’t just sign on for this campaign. It’s now a lifetime commitment — or least for the next four long years. You are going to serve, serve, serve at the will of the Obamessiah and continue to do his bidding. It’s going to be 24/7 of incoming phone calls, text messages, emails, and political junk mail.

It’s Groundhog Day without the groundhog. And that’s if everything is going along swimmingly. What happens when the action doesn’t match the promises? What happens when you no longer find yourself in agreement?

To this we can add “What happens when the change doesn’t happen?”

Plouffe’s email does provide some choices should you decide not to revolt and bolt and become a draft dodger seeking asylum in Canada:

Translation? You, too, can “transform” the political landscape in the “progressive” “grassroots” “movement” … and become an Olinskybot.

But. Wait. There’s. More.

[Plouffe’s] four-page questionnaire also asks respondents to name their top-priority issues out of 27 listed. The options included environment and global warming, civil rights and voting rights, war in Iraq, jobs and trade, or divisive politics and partisanship.


Plouffe also invited volunteers to identify their proudest campaign accomplishment and, separately, to name a fellow volunteer or field organizer who inspired them.

And “separately, to name a fellow volunteer or field organizer” … why? To make sure that no volunteer (or his/her checking account) is left behind?

Oh, yes, indeedy. Time to stock up on Jiffy Pop!

Rahm’s “Mandatory Civil Service Plan”

I copped this horrific audio from RBO. This is an August 2008 interview with Rahm Emanuel on his plan for “Compulsory” Civil Service and what it will entail. Notice, how Rahm thinks the interviewer’s questions are funny and how cavalier he is about his intentions for America’s youth.

I wonder what the uniform will look like, don’t you?

NQ: Beware The Power of the Mob

I have held off covering this story because….well….it just freaked me out.

There was another man in another time and place who took over a country in just this very way. He entranced the children and then he dispatched them to instill fear into those around them, including their own parents if necessary. All for Their Leader. All for Him.

I’m also reminded of that late chapter in Orwell’s book, 1984,  when Winston awaits his fate in a holding cell with a man whose son turned him in.

How often we have referred to 1984 and “Big Brother” whenever a President did something that frightened us or made us feel as though our rights in a Democracy were threatened. I remember thinking of the book when FISA was implemented. And the Patriot Act. But never have I ever actually envisioned an actual chapter of the book. Until now.

Who would have imagined an American President would model himself after that experience? Us. That’s who.

This is a cross post from No Quarter, written by Rob Warrior. I couldn’t have written it better without shivering. Oddly, I somehow imagine that if I cross post this story instead of writing it myself, I will escape punishment for publishing it.  What an odd feeling.


Don’t think for a moment that just because the election is over, that President-elect Obama’s Kool-Aid drunk hordes of internet volunteer/bots/thugs are going to fade away and go back to playing Doom, Sims, Dungeons and Dragons or trolling for dates on Facebook.

In fact, one of the netroots’ great gurus, none other than Joe Trippi believes the Community Organizer in Chief will harness the power of his millions of devoted on-line minions to create one of the most powerful lobbying forces ever. Frank Greve of the McClatchy newspapers writes about that here.

Oppose the President at your own peril.

Joe Trippi, the Internet politics guru whose computer geeks made Howard Dean a contender in 2004 and who went on to design Obama’s socially networked campaign machine, offers a provocative and educated guess.

Trippi predicted that Obama would use his forces, first and foremost, to intimidate congressional foes of his agenda, rally his allies and forge “one of the most powerful presidencies in American history.”

Certainly, Obama reaches the White House with the biggest, best organized, fastest-acting grass-roots army in the history of presidential campaigning.

Moreover, because his Internet operation was miles ahead of Republican John McCain’s, Obama’s liberal-to-libertarian electronic activists are in a position to dominate the new political medium much as conservative Republicans dominate talk radio.

As for political utility, many thousands of volunteers such as Hood will be deployable within hours, with great precision and at almost no cost, thanks to the campaign’s state-of-the-art information-management systems.

The president-elect’s political operatives know, for example, the ZIP codes and hence the congressional districts of each of Obama’s million most active campaigners, those who volunteered via his Web site mybarackobama.com. It’s a social network that the campaign set up to communicate needs, events and assignments to volunteers.

We have already witnessed the power of his online intimidation network. Pro-Hillary websites shut down after thousands of false spam reports from Obots, personal e-mails of bloggers reported for spam and turned off as well and of course those lovely trolls who invade every site to hijack any discussion that deviates from the Obama party line.

Several media outlets were bombarded with harassing phone calls, e-mails and protestors minutes after the devoted received “Obama action alerts” letting them know that opposition voices were soon to appear on certain programs.

Those who read here are already well aware that the candidate who promised a new kind of politics also approves of a new kind of political dissent. That is of course, no dissent at all.

It really is scary to think of how he might use that power to pursue his agenda. All the more reason that we at No Quarter must begin to organize ourselves and grow our ranks. It will be the only way to combat the power of the mob.


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