And we’re off!

Hillary had a fabulous campaign roll-out in Iowa. Now that Hillary’s in it, the 2016 Presidential race is a real thing. She finally put out after all the teasing and being coy. (Wonder why no one’s calling Jeb, Christie, and the rest of the boyz coy teases.)


Having coffee with Hillary is an intimate thing.

All the attendees who spoke with Business Insider said coffee with Clinton was an extremely positive experience. Rosfjord described it as the ‘thrill of a lifetime’ and said there was ‘never a lull in the conversation.’

‘When we were sitting there, you know, you kind of lose yourself in the conversation, and you just feel like you’ve been sitting there talking to your best friend,” Rosfjord said. “Then you realize, you look over, and you’re like, ‘Wow, you used to be the secretary of state.’ It’s kind of surreal.’

She even made Jeb look like an asshole. Actually, Jeb made himself look like an asshole.

“I actually cook it at home. I don’t need to go to Chipotle,”

“Do I go there? Yeah, I go there. The one on US 1. Drive my own car, park my own car, get out of my own car,” he said. “Get Chipotle, take it home.” (Notably when Bush left the event tonight, he sat in the passenger’s seat of the black SUV that awaited him.)

In other news, Très Gaudi says he doesn’t have the authority to subpoena Hillary’s server. I thought people were subpoenaed  and you had to get a warrant for things. Anyone here a lawyer?

All I can say to that is:


And now it’s off to NH


It’s Official! Our Girl Is In!

First, I want  all you Uppityites to take one minute to bask. Hell, take an hour! Take your time, I’ll wait….

Specially Chosen Photo For Hillary Detractors

Specially Chosen Photo
For Hillary Detractors

Meanwhile, the rest of you can go ahead and take all the time you need to suck lemons.

Yes, Hillary has now formally announced her candidacy for President of The United States. And this time, we’re Ready. Not only are WE Ready, so are plenty of her 2008 detractors in the Democratic Party. Gee I wonder why?

This one's for you.

This one’s for you.

This is no longer a Race-Against-Gender race.  Nor is it a Gender-vs-Gender race. Instead, it’s a race where we have the most qualified candidate who just happens to know more about our government than…well pretty much anybody, more about foreign policy than just about anybody, the Woman who repaired plenty of relationships around the world that were fractured by GWB. The Woman who knows policy like nobody else knows policy, and no matter how many times they trot out the Hillary Nutcracker, these things will not change. That’s what scares the detractors.

You are going to see plenty of the same-old-same-old remarks. Bloo Dress Bloo Dress! But take heart, friends. After decades of the same tired cartoons and remarks, it’s become a de-sensitizing experience. Remember this: Hillary Clinton in 2008 received more primary votes than ANY candidate in ANY primary, EVER. And that was in spite of all the vitriol, all the invectives and all the Nutcrackers. She has suffered those invectives throughout decades from threatened patriarchal dipwads, and she has survived to remain the most popular woman in the WORLD.

Now, a word about the media, where we have frightened men whose wives secretly support Hillary and jealous women who secretly declare “Why isn’t it me instead?”. Thus the misogyny and sexism in the press has been rampant for many years. Well, it’s going to be a lot more difficult for them to sprinkle their code words around this time, don’t you think? Their pants are down and it’s not pretty. And so, the media slaughterers of women in general and Hillary in particular might just have some very bright lights shining upon them this time around. I for one shall enjoy watching.

Let the race begin! Because it wasn’t a race until Hillary announced. That alone should tell you something.

Let’s roll!

P.S. For those of you who are secretly reading this blog, and there are so many of you, who have that easily recognizable Derangement Syndrome, I urge you to read this post before ever trying to comment here. This is a Hillary blog, it was always a Hillary blog, and if you don’t like it, Eff Off! Thank you so much!

Oh! And this one’s for you.

Ready for the Weekend?

Calling all Uppityites!!!!

Calling all Uppityites!!!!

Could it be true? Could it finally be true???

A source with knowledge of Hillary Clinton’s plans has confirmed that she will officially announce her 2016 presidential bid on Saturday or Sunday. This will be imminently followed by campaign travel.

A spokesperson for Clinton’s campaign team did not immediately respond to a request for comment from Business Insider.

Sophie B’s ready. I’ve BEEN ready….ARE YOU READY?!

Barrels and Bottles and Peeps….Oh My!

Have I got a beer for Obama’s next summit! Just like Obama himself…it’s a beer of the people! I mean the Peep-le!! A Colorado craft brewery has created a special Easter Beer made with Peeps!!!

Walking the plank.....

Walking the plank…..

The head brewer at Barrels & Bottles Brewery, Collins made a test batch last spring, and decided it was worth trying again. The beer is an English-style bitter with an alcohol content by volume of about 6%.

“If I didn’t tell you there were Peeps in there, you might not notice,” Collins said Friday after the brewery tapped the first pints of the beer. She made only about 100 gallons, so when it’s gone, it’s gone.

Although I think many Uppityites prefer scotch or wine, some might still wonder whether the sweet, marshmallowy Peeps will ruin the beer!

The Peeps boost the beer’s alcohol level when the yeast devours the marshmallow sugar.

And although the Peeps are colored, the beer ends up a bright straw color with no hint of neon. It has a malty taste, accented by the sweet smell of the whole Peep that perches on the pint’s rim when served.

Here in Uppityville, like Christmas fruitcake, Easter Peeps have not always been on our favorite food list. But, we have had a sweet, soft spot for the little guys. And yes, we have viewed videos of Peeps being microwaved, and made into pop culture dioramas! And yes, there was that time when Angry Peeps Seized the Blog! [shutter] It was all just a big misunderstanding, I’m telling ya’!!!! But we never actually wish the Peeps harm! Not so for the Brewmistress Collins……

Collins said the Peeps beer will likely last only a few days, and she’ll make something else as spring moves into summer.

And she has an important message for all of those who hate Peeps: Ninety of their squishy foes got dumped into the brew kettle.

They were all severely harmed,” Collins said.

Ouch! Ms. Collins, you need to chill a little. Why not kick back with your favorite beverage and dream of……………
Peeps on Earth.

A Word From Your Sponsor

1db2bf528b5fd38bceec09bde03aab87Hello everybody!

It’s me, Uppity! (Blows dust off self, coughs)

It seems that the 2016 election narrative is heating up already. After all, the press bobble-heads are so very anxious, aren’t they? Why, it won’t be long before the Hillary Nutcracker goes on sale again!  And how about that bloo dress!

And what about those millions, I say millions of deleted emails from private servers! Oh wait! That was George Bush, Karl Rove and and Dick Cheney over at Wrong private server. Sorry!

And Hillary hasn’t even announced yet!

Calling Dr. Fine! Dr. Howard!.

Calling Dr. Fine! Dr. Howard!.

One quadruple bypass surgery, 3 transfusions from complete strangers, one dead kidney, two failed grafts, three hospitalizations and one stent later, I am still standing strong.  Just in time to fight for Hillary! Doesn’t that just fry my detractors’ ice?

These events in my life in a short period of six months have made me less apt to be patient with idiocy for some reason. I am impervious to threats these days as I have already cheated death once. I had my chest cracked open and put back together with stainless steel wires, and I walked out of the hospital in five days with no pain killers. I tell you this just so you know that any crap you can toss at me is nothing compared to what I’ve seen. So I figured I had best take the time to explain to newbees (or living fragments from 2008) who are passing through what this place is all about — you know, nip things in the bud. So excuse me if I am blunt as life is too short to placate rude blog-war-mongering fools. Recent visits from the CDS Zoo to this blog have convinced me that it is “Time” for this post.

MK Bill working.

MK Bill working.

For starters, this is a blog, not a democratic government. Blogs are not democracies. The rules of blogs are set by blog owners and moderators, the people who, you know, actually do the work. This blog is like our living room. Would you show up uninvited at someone’s home and do what you can to ruin the evening? Then why would you be so rude as to do that on a person’s blog? That is why Moderator Kitteh Bill is officially on board again to moderate your miserable butt!

So, newbees and leftovers from 2008, when you arrive here, you will find that this blog has two major purposes and you should bear that in mind:

1. This is a pro-Hillary blog. If you intend to come here to threaten us ala 2008 or to trash Hillary Clinton, please know that your ass will be kicked out of here before you ever make it to a published comment. Take it someplace else. Please also know that we are experienced. We can smell a Concern Troll at 100 paces. Dishonorable mention also goes out to those of you who pretend that “I was a Hillary supporter, but now [Fill in the blank]”. You have been warned.

2. This is a Second Wave Feminist, pro-women’s rights blog.  Some of us stood in the rain and snow so half the country wouldn’t have to spend their lives getting coffee for mediocre bosses whose only qualifications are penises. So we are pretty adept at standing up for our own. We don’t argue our rights doing flash mob dances to “9 To 5″ and shaking our asses. We do it with the figurative torches and pitchforks. We are not afraid to break a fingernail. We will give no free passes to sexism or misogyny regardless of which pathetic, hypocritical major political party or Cable channel it hails from. We will not be placed on the back burner. Nor will we water our time down supporting other causes that, in turn, never reciprocate on our behalf. On this blog, women’s rights are Numero Uno! We believe women have the same rights as men and that they shouldn’t be “decided upon and legislated” (See Republicans) or “doled out” (See Democrats) by men,  If that bothers you, hit the road now before we are inclined to help you hit the road. So take your “Radical Feminism” babble elsewhere. There is nothing “Radical” about demanding the same rights as less than half the country. If you have a problem with that, it’s your problem, not ours. So go deal with your problem,. You are not welcome here.

You know who you are. So why don’t you just hit the road now and avoid the rush?

I hope I have made things clear for you. If I haven’t, then please join DENSA. I’m sure you’ll pass the test with flying colors.

Thank you!
Love and kisses, Uppity (and the wonderful people who have kept this blog going out of sheer camaraderie).

As for my personal status, pick one from the following, and believe it, baby:


Feign shock – the media is still sexist


I’d like to be able to report that the media has changed since 2008. I cannot. MoDo at the NY Times still makes her living sniping at Hillary. The NY Times still collects clicks with near-libelous and sexist coverage of Hillary.

HRC Super Volunteers 2008 is a private Facebook group, consisting mostly of volunteers from Hillary’s 2008 campaign. A fellow member of the group, John West, sent the following email to a number of editors of periodicals.

Dear Editors:

I am one of an online Facebook community from all political bents who support Hillary Rodham Clinton for President: Republican, Independent and mostly Democratic voters. We number 150,000 and are growing daily. Many bonded in response to the blatant sexist & misogynistic coverage of Hillary Clinton during the 2007/8 primaries. We found refuge online as we individually encountered aggressive responses to our protests when commenting or posting online within conversation threads. We continue to experience vile and hateful responses anytime we speak out against sexist reporting, sexist comments, or post positive facts about Hillary Clinton and her record.

After years of interacting with this lovely community of fellow Americans, I know we will not tolerate any form of sexist news coverage of any woman who chooses to break through glass ceilings; whether as a CEO or running for President of these United States. Already we have seen the coded language of sexism and innuendo used by major news outlets and we are not happy.

Here are some examples (from MediaMatters and Peter Dhou):

The New York Times stated Hillary continued to “scramble in the dirt on the crabbed limbs of legal compliance.”
Washington Post comparing Hillary to a “stale, musty” old car.
The New Yorker prefers the derogatory term “petulant.”
USA Today refers to Hillary Clinton’s “reputation for secrecy.”
Washington Post: “[H]er judgment and penchant for secrecy.”
NBC News: “Folks, this is the Clinton Way. Secretive.”
TIME: “penchant for secrecy.”
New York Times: “[T]he imbroglio could grow into a problem with voters, including some women, if Mrs. Clinton comes to be seen as unduly secretive or imperious in the months ahead.”
Politico uses the same technique, opening an article by calling her “devious” then concluding it by asserting that “it’s hard to win if you’re constantly on the defensive.” See the trap? Attack her, then claim she’s on the defensive.
Similarly, the “inevitability” frame is an artificial perch that others place her on and then try to knock her off. When her behavior doesn’t conform to the media’s expectations, she is “defiant.”
You are on notice that we will be watching, reading, listening and protesting coded sexism this time around in words and phrases like polarizing, calculating, disingenuous, insincere, ambitious, will do anything to win, represents the past, out of touch, inevitable, entitled, over confident, defiant, inserting snide comments on her looks like tired, haggard, worn out….the list goes on but I trust you get my point.

We expect you to exercise restraint and take editorial responsibility. When you allow sexism into your lexicon, it does us all a disservice. We deserve better. We encourage you to report with integrity and respect.

Thank you
John West
1 of 18,000,000 cracks

He also sent the email directly to Amy Chozick’s after seeing a few of her tweets. (According to her Twitter profile (@amychozick), Amy is a: “Political reporter for The New York Times. Hillary Clinton chronicler.”)

She proceeded to Tweet:

As of this moment, if you Google “HRC Super Volunteers john west warn” (without the quotes), you get 562,000 hits. One of the better articles is this piece in the Washington Examiner, who took the time to interview John. Even Rush got in on the act. John’s email made Fox News.

At some point, someone else NOT in the group, created the @HRCSuperVols Twitter handle. So, if you see any tweets by them, they are NOT from the actual group.

For the record, the founder of the group is Kim Frederick. John West is “just” an incredibly active and enthusiastic Hillary supporter who wrote that email as himself, not a spokesperson for the group. Also for the record, HRC Super Volunteers 2008 is not a PAC and has nothing to do with the yet-to-be-announced campaign.

So how was your day?

First Day of Spring 2015

I don’t really have a topic, but the downstairs thread was getting too long. It doesn’t matter–no one here sticks to the topic anyway.

So, the obvious is that it snowed ion the first day of spring. Here’s our winter advisory:










Also, there are these 20 things you might not know about Peeps.

A Jury of My Peeps

A Jury of My Peeps