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Computer Cleanup (More coming)

Why should I clear my computer cache and how do I do it?

5 ways to speed up your PC

CCleaner Optimization Tool. It’s Free and it removes crap!

Other important shi*t (more coming)

What the ferstunk is Disk Defragmentation and how come I have to do it?



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  1. WP is lagging worse than usual tonight. Maybe you’d have better luck after all the anti-barfy blogging has wrapped up on the internet for the night 😀

  2. This is what my “computer” page looks like. The link is near the top.

    Kind of ironic. I guess we won’t be doing “blog help” too soon.

  3. LOL> I will fiddle with it tomorrow.

  4. night

  5. Nite Friend.

  6. Oooooooo. What goodies are planned for this tab????

  7. Uppity, delurking to advise I think this is a terrific idea. I’m relatively computer saavy (more than some techs), however there are times when I read your responses to others and think OMG I forgot that.
    E.G. when you responded to a regular who was infected but didn’t know what to do, and gave her detailed information of what to do, where to go and what files to get, I had totally forgotten about CCleaner. Thanks for the reminder.
    The very first computer I owned was a commodore 64, although I had access to one (name I can not remember) several years before.
    I started training my kids to be computer saavy from the moment they were old enough to type, however, puberty washed away any sense they had – Virus protection? What’s that? As a result, I’ve fought more viruses than you can shake a stick at, and I’m sick to death of it – in one case, four solid days of trying to isolate the beggar – nice little program, kept jumping to other programs when it felt threatened – got the sonofa-man finally.
    Anyway, this is a terrific idea. I’ve been here since you started this site (lurker, but here), and I recognize all of your regulars, so I trust anything posted here. Thank you for doing this! It will save me megahours next time one of my enfants terribles has an infected computer!

  8. You’re welcome HT! And I hope you will check out this tab now and then and help out your fellow boardies who need help!

  9. Ohboy! Ohboy! Ohboy!

    Your fabulous, Uppity.

    Great Articles and comments all around these days, too.
    xo for this Tab. May get feeling back in my left arm after all. Rx here.

    Look, I didn’t even mention those old, moldy guys I loathe with a passion. Not even Andrea’s skank. 🙂 Not once.
    So far.

    This Tab is gonna rock. Thank you!! Another segment to my. “Delightful” Sunday paper.


    Sewing for Beginners.(with a little music from C S and N) – I think this thing in that box, still, hooks up a to pc/ laptop. LOL. ..

  10. I didn’t see toss computer out car window while doing 100 on the interstate at the speed up your computer link.

  11. Papoose I can teach you to sew without the Crosby boys.

  12. Cool Dead. It even embroiders, I read. Love Songs for Beginners. And, SuperTramp, especially, in the Spring for some reason. I think I want to start with a cool carry-all.

    Bought Symantrics/ Norton. Got 4ervice to clean top to bottom. Need Some megabite RAM to actually download Symantrec packlage. Check. HP delivered a stick via Fed X.. Great! Can. Not. Get. Teeny screws. Unscrewed. And. currently, incapacitated – and breaking MD’s orders.

    Look, still not being bitter.

    Laffin’ that.

  13. Glad you guys like this. I plan to add many helpful links when I get time.

  14. #13 Deadenders!!

    ROFLMAO. Hyuk hyuk!

    I gotta stop. Laffing!!

    Btw, Hope yas are still really enjoying your special anniversary, not to be OT or anything……

    That would us!

    And we did not put that smiley face up there either. ??

  15. Papoose I’ve done some laptop screen replacements and had to make custom screwdrivers to get the unbelievably small screws out.

  16. Hi Uppity!

    Being glad, too.

  17. Papoose I’m trying to decipher your message. Thanks for you good wishes and yes we are. Is it your 13th anniversary?

  18. Haha dead. No decipher. CS and N’s ‘ Songs For Beginners’ is one of my absolute faves. If that the mystery? .. Way up there with the Mamas and the Papas.

    13th? Don’t get it. I guess I’ll have to subtract.

    Can’t thumb anymore. Will think and catch up.

    This tab is fab. A life saver, perhaps. Times are telling, these days. As in “only Time will tell”. A PSA with care.

    Peaceful night, friends.

  19. DE,

    Long handled jeweler’s screwdrivers are extrememly handy for LCDs

  20. Thought C S and N was Crosby Stills and Nash.
    What did #13deadenders mean?

  21. Crosby Stills and Nash is a favorite of Papoose Patti’s whebever Spring arrives.

    And #13 only meant 13th comment said by Deadenders on this thread. Shorthand for crippled and just a reference.

    2nd anniversary from losing Hank, my lifetime BeLoved. And since I was diarying here, 10 months since I lost my Best Friend on a Sunday night last summer in the midst of spewing and learning here. 13 years ago, Baby was smearing pasta and gravy on or in every other hair and visible orifice. Seven months since I left my Humans and most of all my belongings behind. (Iron balls where I come) .No message to decipher, I hope.

    -Zoe is your tag and I relate. And we’re All being duped (not) as a Body of People. Enrages me, that.

    DE, Wrong Bat Time. Wrong Bat Channel. I’ll catch up.
    – Smiling, CSNandY, too.

    On to the laptop! Charge!!!

  22. Reading a good book;

    The Shack. Wm. Paul Young.

    Gives me the feeling I can fix my laptop. Or anything for that matter.

  23. You can fix anything Papoose.

  24. You’re such a good soul, DE.

  25. hey this was fab!

    thank you!

  26. this is grassroots action!


  27. xo Valentine.

  28. Papoose,
    “You’re such a good soul, DE.”

    Amen and amen!

  29. UW,

    Could you check the code on the blog? It’s been coming up funny on Opera (blue text instead of black) for a few days, maybe around the time the donation kitteh pic went up.

  30. Not sure what’s up P4. I just checked in IE and FIrefox and it looks fine. I’ll see if I can find anything over in the support area about Opera and any complaints. Is this recent? Just today?

  31. The only comment on opera I could find was

    Opera is a little “iffy” with wordpress.com

    LOL that’s a big help eh?Try a cache clear. I get the same problem over at no quarter all the time and can’t figure it out.

  32. 2-3 days. It’s nothing too critical. It’s happened before and it’ll go away after a while.

  33. Still, it’s odd.

  34. Is this a good place to brag about the 1 Terabyte* hard drive I bought today?

    *930GB formatted, dammit!

  35. p4p…that is something to brag about!

  36. “*930GB formatted, dammit!”
    The fun of owning a mac P4 your disk isn’t a big as you would like it to be.

    But very cool what did that set you back, $50 at the best buy going out of biz sale?

  37. More than that. Wal-mart is becoming the best price for storage.

  38. Hey, anyone try Windows 7 yet? I got a copy of it, but I need to set up a sacrifical system to load it on.

  39. Yeah p4 but it had a different name OS9.

  40. DE,

    1. Is Best Buy is going out of business? I sure hope not.

    2. I’m really tired of Windows but was advised by a Geek Squad member not to switch to Mac because it would be too hard. It’s an undertatement to say I’m not the brightest bulb in the computer chandelier. Still, enough Windows. Any adivce? (I’m not at all into graphics; just want a gold-standard computer.) Thanks.

  41. “Geek Squad member not to switch to Mac because it would be too hard.”
    Because that purchase would eliminate their necessity.

  42. DE,

    Bingo! The learning curve on a Mac is pretty small. Just make sure it can do what you want it to do. Microsoft Office is available for Macs, but not the newest one.

    Mary, find out where your nearest Apple store is and tell them what you’re looking for. You will pay more for the computer, but something like a mac mini allows you to use your current monitor and keyboard. And you’ll make back the cost by not having to see Geek Squad again.

  43. Uppity,

    It looks like most of your computer sub-tabs didn’t quite make it. But they’re probably not necessary anymore.

  44. The beauty of the new intel macs is you can run every windows program on them too at full speed.

  45. P, they all seem to be working for me. Did I miss any? You click on the links and the sub tab should come up.

  46. DE,

    what about all the Windows viruses?

  47. “How Do I…” and “Macs” seem to go to Not Found.

  48. P4 Windows runs on its own partition on the HD or a separate HD so it can’t screw up the mac drive or programs or OS. But it’s business as usual for the windows drive.

  49. Not for nothing, but then it’s just a dual boot system than can run MacOS. It might be cheaper to buy a PC and a mac mini.

  50. Dual boot at the same time with file sharing. Just a way to use the windows crap you own until you can upgrade to the mac versions.

  51. That’s more of a Mac-head thing. I don’t see where it would be a benefit for someone who wants a computer that just works. I’m a PC guy because I’m familiar with DOS, I like the flexibility of adding hardware, there’s plenty of shareware, it’s cheap and I know how to fix the bugs.

    I think the Mac is a better high-end computer. I think the hardware and software is much more stable and it is my personal opinion that people who aren’t into computers should get a mac instead of shopping for the bargain e-Machines at Wal-Mart.

    The hybrids are nice, but I don’t see the advantage for a user below a certain technical skill level.

  52. The advantage is for the person that has a modest amount of windows software that is having second thoughts of moving to a different platform. You can use what you already own. The new macs are basically just really nice PCs. You can build a Hackintosh yourself for about $500 these days that’s as fast as Apples MacPro models if your techie. I think within a few years Apple will let their OS into the wild and let it run on anything.

  53. P, you’re right. I like to tinker over my PCs. I actually enjoy thwarting things like IE7, IE8 and worms and crap. But I watch the average person stand on the train tracks until the choo choo comes and kills their machine, even though you have warned them. To me, you have to tune your PC and most people glaze over until it’s too late. This is the stuff the profits for those mediocre Geek Squad people are made of. Everything they do can be done for free by anybody, but like you said, PCs are not for the low level computer person unless they don’t mind buying a new one a lot sooner than they have to.

  54. You are right, Uppity. Anyone can keep their PC running just fine and dandy if they put a little effort into it, but I find most people are too lazy to bother. They’d rather pay the Geek Squad (or a real tech) a few hundred dollars to clean up their mess than take the time and energy to avoid the mess in the first place. It’s like driving a car without every changing the oil or rotating the tires. You can do it, but it costs you more money sooner than it should.

    And DE the big problem with MACs is that when they have problems, they are pretty close to unfixable. There is roughly 1 qualified MAC tech for every 1,000 qualified PC techs out there and they charge a lot more per hour!

  55. Grail I’ve been using macs since 89 and have never had an issue that was unfixable, but then again I’m quite handy. A computer is just a tool.

  56. Yes, back in the day, but as time goes on everything is being built less sturdy – Macs included. I’ve heard more horror stories about Macs in the last year than ever before. Apparently the new ones aren’t as solid as yours.

  57. Grail the rest of my comment didn’t post. A computer is a tool and their all made in the same rubber dog shit factory in China.

  58. LOL DE – soooooo true!

  59. that ain’t rubber!

  60. My Dell was made in Malaysia. I had a shitbox Gateway that was made in Taiwan by a ten year old in a garage or something. What a piece of shit. Had nothing but trouble with it AND their customer disservice. Got so pissed off that I wrote to the CEO and told him where the bear craps in the buckwheat. I never asked for a refund, I just told him why his stock was in the crapper and to fire the VP in charge of customer service. Anyways, I must have struck a nerve because right after he got the letter, I got a call and they gave me my money back for a 14 month old computer. That machine was THAT bad.

  61. I’ve had computer trouble also.

  62. UW,

    Nice header. And now my text is back to black instead of blue.

  63. To all who use Firefox and like to capture screenshots but can’t edit them easily:
    link on Fireshot
    pretty easy and FREE

    Unlike other extensions, this plugin provides a set of editing and annotation tools, which let users quickly modify web captures and insert text annotations and graphical annotations. Such functionality will be especially useful for web designers, testers and content reviewers.

    The captures can be:

    – uploaded to FREE public screenshot hosting
    – saved to disk (PNG, GIF, JPEG, BMP)
    – printed
    – copied to clipboard
    – e-mailed
    – sent to configurable external editor for further processing.

  64. I like good old CTRL+PrintScreen

  65. ok p4p…I like the edit capability on a screenshot. I am not fast on these things and I really like the idea of marking them up in big, bright highlighter. Can you tell that I don’t get enough coloring book time?

  66. Don’t mind me. I’m kind of set in my ways.

  67. UW said “P4. I told you Newt is a snake out to get Sarah.”

    UW that FOX story is linked to Fing HUFF & PUFF hatchet job. They are making BS up. Go to C4P and get the scoop. It has nothing to do with Newt Stool

    Even more
    Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich’s camp said Monday allegations that Alaska GOP Gov. Sarah Palin plagiarized a column Gingrich co-authored four years ago are “just silly.”

  68. DE I don’t trust Newt as far as I can throw him. I have watched him snort at her on more than one occasion, so if Huffy took advantage of it, he has nobody to blame but himself. I don’t read Huffy, so i had no idea. If you read that Vanity Fair piece cats posted, they nailed what Huffy is perfectly.

  69. If Newt wanted to take Sarah Palin down, she would be in the ground right now. He took down a 4 decade Democratic Congressional stronghold and neutered Bill Clinton.

  70. ……….and went down in shame, losing seats in the process. Mostly due to his arrogance and inability to lead without it going to his head. Well, him and Dick Armey.

    Make no mistake. Newt wants to be president. he will bury anybody who gets in his way and his arrogance will step up. He will keep all newcomers from ever getting a change. You can’t take the arrogance out of Newt. It’s just not possible.

  71. OMG! Thanks for this site and all your help
    and advice, Uppity.

    NOW, not later, I start to work on a book,
    dedicated to UW titled “Most Fixes Begin
    with the START Button.”

    Just this morning, I was fretting over an
    online nightmare that had lasted for several
    months and my attempts to improve the
    situation only made it worse.

    I was about to throw in the towel and give
    serious change to the Geek Squaders
    when Uppity advised me “START, then
    click CONNECTIONS, then click on your

    Huh? It can’t be that simple! You mean CONNECTIONS is in there, too? Whoaa!!!!

    You see, Hal wasn’t paying close attention
    when aunt Uppity told the rest of the class
    how most everything could be fixed beginning
    with the sequence START, blank, blank.

    Uppity comes over and slaps Hal upside
    the head for being lost in daydreams.

    “Wha? Oh hi, Upps! I was paying attention,
    really I was!!”

    THWACK!! (Uppity bonks Hal again
    for lying.)

    Um, put it on my massive bill, Uppity. Have
    you EVER had a worse student? Did you
    know I have a penchant for transforming
    simple solutions into insanely complex
    ones? You do?

    It’s like this: When Uppity speaks computers,
    she’s EF Hutton: PEOPLE LISTEN!
    (All but a certain troublesome bloke.)

    Thank You Uppity

  72. OK so fix wizards do any of you happen to run Linux? I have an annoying problem with my computer, when it goes to sleep the sound stops working. Usually I can just reboot and the sound resumes, but not always. I have been without sound for three damn days now. Any suggestions?

    Do NOT hit your F1 key. If you have a compulsion to try it, STILL DO NOT HIT THE F1 key. There is a vulnerability and a new way shitbags are trying to attack your machine. So if you get a message that says HIT THE F1 KEY FOR HELP, DO NOT DO IT.

    This affects XP users or lower. Does not affect Vista or Windows 7.

    Here is Microsoft page on it.

  74. Lorac, if you never run any maintenance programs on your computer, it will just get slower and slower and slower. Please go to the top of this page to the post and click on 5 ways to speed up your PC. Run all of these utilities. You have probably not defragged your drive and you should know that when you delete something to clear up space, you don’t really get to use that space again until you run disk defragmenter.Think of your computer as a huge filing cabinet. If you open a drawer and remove a bunch of folders from the bulging drawer, you’ve created some space, but you can’t see that space very well till you push all the folders left together. You have to do that for your computer and Disk defragmenter is the way. Once you run it, that “free space” is really free for use again. the computer has to put free space in it’s proper place before you can use it.

    When you are done with the “5 ways” click on the CCleaner optimization link and download CCleaner. It’s free. Just ignore the charge cards on the page and go to the “Download CCleaner” link. The charge cards are for donations. Save that program to your desktop and run it regularly. It will free up tons of space.

    You should also clear your cache often. As you move around the net, it drops all kinds of things in your cache. If you don’t clear it, you will never free up that space again, and your web experience will get slower and slower. You will also have the problem like the one you had with videos. Gotta clean the house now and then, lorac!

    After you have run the utilities in the links above, you will find your computer is running much better. Come back and report, and then we will talk about getting rid of any spyware and malware that is stuck in your computer slowing you down even more. One step at a time and we will get that old ‘puter purring and zooming again like MKBill.

  75. For those of you who have laptops, I recommend you download the free SPEEDFAN. It monitors the temperature of your motherboard and drive. It’s very simple to understand. You just click on the “READINGS” tab when you run it and it will tell you the temperatures and whether your laptop is getting too hot. This is done with green and red alert arrows.


    Clock on DOWNLOAD tab.

  76. I’ve got a little program like that UW I can control all 3 fans individually. One of them bugs the hell out of me so I run the other two more.

  77. Yes speedfan does that too DE, but I didn’t mention it because I was focusing on the overheating we can all have happen on lappies. I figured that could come later when they get comfy with speedfan.

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