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  1. Maybe Computers should go under Fix It!

  2. Yeah I thought about that. Let’s see if I can move it.

  3. Oh I love this! I love that list!

    Uppity, you are the warmest, kindest thing in the web!

    I means it.

  4. hey uppity i dont have a website but if anyone has questions about freshwater aquariums or fish i breed african cichlids as a hobby and i am considered advanced by some as i have 1800 gallons of tanks in my house or if you ask my wife i am certifiable and should be in a rubber room.hope your work is going well,hang in there. best reguards don,carolyn,sarah,erin and andrew tufts and the felines [7]

  5. Oh Good Don. I’m glad you stopped by to tell us that. Now we know who to harass. :)

    I almost went for an aquarium and gave it up because it all looked like so much work. I bought a book to learn because I’m anal retentive that way. lol.

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