Hey! I found the perfect song for Bernie’s next Sandernista Ad !


Unicorn Poop.

I’m sure most of  Bernie’s followers in All-White Fraternity Dude Nation know about and “Love That Rascal Puff” – as well as his bloc of 14 year-olds on Twitter. And they all LOVE LOVE LOVE the thought of living in the late 60s-Early 70s. Why, one of them tweeted that they are going to make Congress do whatever Bernie says by marching on DC  and campuses just like in the 60s. They’re gonna get them their free unicorn that craps gold nuggets or else!

Selfishly, the girls on campuses would catch a break if they did go on a massive march somewhere, as the campus rape rate will go way down. Otherwise, the girls, whom they respect as equals of course,  can come along and make the sandwiches.

Of course, nobody told my Sandernista tweeters who long for those Old Days about those National Guard people who showed up and ruined all the fun in the 60s with those big guns and powerful water hoses, but nevermind.  I did mention Kent State at one point, but I got this strange silence, the equivalent of a blank stare, I guess.

I did mention that our government has three branches for Checks and Balances, but they seem to think that’s no problem either, Bernie is just going to go around them.

All Righty then.


Unicorn Selfie

If this isn’t the Twinkles Up OWS crowd that raped girls in their free LL Bean tents in between tossing paper airplanes at Wall Street, and who packed up and left their camp site the minute it wasn’t summertime any longer, then I’m Cleopatra.

If these aren’t the same lazy-assed OWS  freeloaders who complained when those Homeless freeloaders showed  up to eat their freeloaded food, then I can grow pineapples in New York. My only regret is not betting money that, when they said they would be back in the Spring, they wouldn’t.

The Revolution will begin again as soon as the weather is warm. As soon as my smart phone gets cracked, I’m Outta Here.

Ok then. Onto Bernie’s next ad model:

Hillary and the Jewish People

An Essay By Member William

This essay is not about Hillary Clinton’s consistently supportive positions on Israel, or about her strong support among Jewish voters. It is about scapegoating, something that they are both victims of; even though her history of being relentlessly scapegoated is of course a much smaller portion of time, and has had far less horrific effects.

I am not HIllary Clinton. I am not a woman. I do not really know what it feels like to be her, or of her gender; though I think that reasonable and intelligent people can empathize with other people who are not the same; and can to a meaningful degree understand the nature of someone else’s identity. Some might argue otherwise, but if it were impossible, then each of us would be an unfathomable island of one. In any case, I am Jewish, so I can at least presume to understand much of the essence of Jewish identity and history. And anyone who knows a little of it. will realize that the Jewish people have historically served as a convenient scapegoat for despots, demagogues, unhappy and bitter people of all races, and in all eras.

Ever since the earliest Christians, including of course the people who wrote the so-called Gospels about 90 years after the described events happened, were determined to proselytize people to join their new religion, and hence felt that they needed to demonize the Jews, this has gone on. In the Dark Ages, Jews were persecuted on the charge of having killed Jesus. In the Middle Ages, when the Bubonic Plague killed half the population of Europe, the Jewish people who were much less affected, almost certainly because of dietary laws, were said to be in league with Satan.

The Catholic Church hated the Jews, and Martin Luther hated the Jews; both for having a different religion, and for actually trying to think about philosophical matters, and not just be told what to think. In the 19th Century, the period of Nationalism, the Jews were accused of being unpatriotic; or as in the case of the wholly innocent Colonel Dreyfus, a traitor to their country. After WWI, the Jews were variously accused by Europeans of having been responsible for the war, or for any bad outcomes associated with it. After Hitler and his minions killed six million Jewish people in the worst event in the history of humanity, the world felt a little sorry for the Jews, so they let them have the state of Israel. But it didn’t take too long before Israel, which of course was an easy substitute for “the Jews,” was being blamed and demonized for trying to survive amid a few hundred millions Arabs who have vowed to destroy it ever since its inception. And of course the fashionable Left Wing of Europe, and even of this country, keeps declaring that it is not Jews that they hate and blame, it is “Zionists.”

What does this have to do with Hillary Clinton? Nothing, specifically. But scapegoating, which of course has its literal antecedents in so-called primitive times, is one of the most desperately held needs of humankind. Don’t blame yourself; don’t blame the complexity of the world; or your own biases; or what Freud called displacement, or reaction formation; blame someone else for your own unhappiness or failure. If you can get other people to join you in this, you can form your own self-sustaining company of scapegoaters. People are at their worst in this regard, when they can feel that they are part of such a group.

We have all heard the term “Clinton Derangement Sydrome.” It was first applied during the 1992 presidential election, and then the Clinton Administration. The hatred of Bill Clinton and his wife Hillary exceeded anything I had ever seen in politics, though I have read that the hatred of FDR was pretty virulent among certain people. It was not enough for people to blame Bill Clinton for economic views that one disagreed with, or his foreigh policy. He was described as the most awful and evil person in America by some of the right-wing devotees; a person who with his wife, ran cocaine up the border from Mexico; who killed seven or so people in Arkansas; who murdered his advisor Vince Foster, after which Hillary hid the body. As we all well recall, these were stories which got a lot of press, and which to this day, many people still believe.

And after Bill left politics, this has of course continued with Hillary Clinton. The hatred of Hillary has its own singular nature. Some of it of course has to do with her being a woman; but I believe it is more complex than that. It is part of the Clinton Derangement Syndrome. though it has a different coloration as applied to her. As with all scapegoating, it has no rational basis; it is a form of insanity. But of course masses of people can devotedly believe insane things, as history has too often shown us.

To say that Hillary is held to a double standard among political figures, is a major understatement. I have never seen anyone treated in this way by the media. Some would say “it is because she is the frontrunner,” as if this were somehow a viable rationale; as if the media’s goal is to make the race exciting for us folks, like a talent show. But I don’t think that is the reason. They really hate Hillary. I could not tell you why. I suppose for each of them it is a somewhat different reason. I know that their employers, the right-wing corporate media, doesn’t want Hillary to win, because they are inimical to her views. But the individual newspeople or interview show hosts seem to look for ways to spin every story in a way unfavorable to her, as if it is programmed in their brains, or some kind of weird religious ritual.

Isn’t it amazing that four years after the event, right before primary season, we see a host of ads for a movie all about Benghazi? “These men had the courage to do what was right,” the ad says. The implication is clearly that Hillary did not do what was right. Now, I have never seen a U.S. Secretary of State held responsible for an act of terror on foreign soil, but Hillary is. Despite the FBI investigation clearing her; despite ten or so hearings of the bogus Benghazi Commitee which found nothing, she is scapegoated for the tragedy.

Every utterance she has made in the last thirty years is pored over, to see if there are any inconsistencies. Every other candidate gets a pass on these; or if one is very rarely brought up, the candidate’s ignoring the question or passing it off, is seen as a fine answer. The unending pursuit of Hillary has taken on the aspect of a witch hunt, or another form of irrational superstition.

You know that if she is elected, the first day the stock market goes down, it is going to be blamed on her. Any negative occurrence, or even ambiguous one, is going to be her fault. It is going to be so bad, that I am just waiting for the faux-concerned article in Salon or Harper’s about how “maybe we shouldn’t elect Hillary, because she is just so polarizing that we cannot move ahead. It is a shame, but that’s how it is.” In sucn ways, Jewish people were kept out of fraternities, sororities, social organizations, because, “Well, it could cause a lot of tension, and some won’t like him/her, so maybe we should just not create the problem, and say no.” That is what the haters and fanatics want, of course. They create the polarization which is then used to rationalize exclusion or voting against.

The Jewish people have survived for many thousands of years, but they are of course still under siege. Hillary has survived. She is voted the most popular woman in the country, every year. But we need her to become President. And she’s got the Republican politicians against her; the billionaire owners of corporations; a great majority of the media, even the ones on the far Left. She’s got a cottage industry of people writing books full of lies about her, and desperately making movies to try to sway the public to turn against her. And it will without question get worse.

And does she gets accolades for standing up against all of this? Since everything she does is cast in a negative light, her standing brave is portrayed as “haughty,” or “indifferent,” or “stubborn.” Do you remember how in 2008, the Obama campaign and the DNC which was strongly on his side, kept urging Hillary to get out of the race; go away; give up; kneel at Sir Obama’s feet? She may have actually had more legitimate delegates then, but they weren’t going to let her have them. This time, if she is winning, do you think you will see any people urge Sanders to leave the race? The media will beg him to stay in, to run as a third party candidate.

The media hates Hillary so much, that they woluld rather see Trump, who scorns freedom of the press, win, and destroy the country, than see Hillary win. It is a madness, not that dissimilar in nature to the madness of anti-semitism which has infected the world for thousands of years. Looking for some shred of rationality behind it, is to give the insane and hate-filled far too much credit

Dem Debate #4

This is the last debate before the Iowa Caucuses on February 1. We still have the gang of three because O’Malley’s 4.5 or 4.7 or 4.8 all round up to the 5.0% admission price.

If you want to watch on regular television, it’s NBC at 9 PM (Eastern).

If you want to watch the live stream, that’s here:

We’re using Twitter and Facebook hashtags #ImWithHer and #DemDebate. If you Tweet, please use #ImWithHer excessively because there are a ton of sockpuppets using #FeelTheYouKnowWhat.

The BS got his “plan” in  (and yes it does raise taxes) and switched his opinion about guns just in time.

Hillary rocked the SC Fish Fry last night, so there’s that.

I don’t have a drink word or phrase yet, so if you have some ideas, feel free to share. (Please, nothing that will have me inebriated within the first 15 minutes, so stay away from oligarchy and things like that.)

Bernie, We Hardly Know Ye. But What We Know is Horrible

Bear with me. I simply have to store all the links I am collecting on who Bernie Sanders is. It’s not pretty. Not pretty at all.

CYk3X8uUAAEUzhGFirst, guess who’s coming to dinner with Bernie? Why, why, it’s the Communist Party and the Marxists. They’re just pleased as punch that Bernie has reached the level of running for President.

No kidding. I’m not making this shit up.

And for dessert, here we are at In defense of Marxism site.


It gets better.  In 1985, Bernie thought the Sandinista leadership was “Impressive”.  But that’s nothing. He believed that Fidel Castro “Transformed Cuba”.

Sigh......Our Hero....

Sigh……Our Hero….

Bernie adored Fidel Castro for a LONG time. In fact, Bernie was so in love with Fidel Castro that, when JFK made his Cuban Crises speech, Bernie said, “It made him sick”.

After Bernie presumably puked over JFK, he went on to discuss how much he despised the Democratic Party.

As we know, neither the Republicans nor the Democrats in Congress can take much of Bernie’s screaming. Indeed, if you have ever seen him doing a tirade from the chambers on CSPAN, you would have noted that the room is empty.

Added to his role models is Daniel Ortega, whom he called “Impressive” .

Bernie made visits to, among other places I am sure, Nicaragua, Cuba, Venezuela and Russia. Bernie loves touring places ruled by Despots.

His visit to Nicaragua was planned so that he could join in on the……are you ready……?  The “Seventh Anniversary of the Revolution.”

Gosh, wouldn’t it be just wonderful to put Bernie in charge of the Democratic Party? I know we all would love to give him 90% of our earnings for distribution at his discretion. And for  his bank account.

One thing I have noticed about all these socialist societies is, the only people living there who don’t die dirt poor are The Despot and his Friends.

I don’t understand Bernie. Venezuela is sinking – so they could use a new Chavez to go in there and straighten those people out about how wonderful Socialism is. He’s the perfect candidate!

While we worry about Hillary being trashed, is it not extremely disturbing that the party we call Ours is infected with enough Nutroots to actually make Bernie Sanders a viable option?

I was thinking of what would be the biggest USA export under Bernie Sanders. I settled on EXPATRIATES as the answer.

There is more about Bernie here, including discussion of his essay declaring that all women fantasize being raped by 3 men. You would think all those frat boys’ girlfriends who love his rallies would be bothered by this. But nope. After all, Bernie “Recanted” it. So I guess that settles it. Right?

Oh and one more thing: Bernie believes that cervical cancer is caused by lack of orgasms.

No kidding.


Ted Cruz: Constitution Carved In Stone For Thee, But Not For Me

When Toilet Mouth Trump brought up the question as to whether Ted Cruz is qualified to run for President based on his birth circumstances, he seemingly inadvertently opened a deeper can of worms that needs to be addressed. Bear with me here, because there is an under-taste to this issue that applies to many if not all of us in one way or another.

Ratface caught in his own irony.

Ratface caught in his own irony.

Cruz has often declared himself a Constitutional Originalist or Purist. Why is this important to all of us? Well, it’s important because, taken purely, the Constitution does not support things like gay rights or women’s rights. These things are simply not mentioned in the Constitution, nor were there laws that interpreted things like women’s or gay rights as they applied at the time the Constitution was written. With guys like Cruz in charge, woman would have never gotten the right to vote. Ever.

You may also recall that embarrassment to my ethnic group, Antonin Scalia, declaring that

Women Don’t Have Constitutional Protection Against Discrimination

….And of course, my so-called Woman’s Party, the Democrats, just never got around to passing the ERA  – Or the Paycheck Fairness Act promised to women every election year. But let’s give them more time. It’s only been about 40 years…..

But the real point here is: This is how an Originalist thinks. If it’s not mentioned in the Constitution or if it was not relevant at the time the Constitution was written, it’s not protected. Even if it lives and breathes, amazingly without a penis or without the desire to have the opposite sex for a mate.

Ted Cruz has made it very clear that he is committed to appointing Originalists to the several slots that will open up on SCOTUS in the near future. Need I say more?

Well, of course I have more to say….

I saw an interesting segment on Anderson Cooper the other day. He featured Harvard Professor Laurence Tribe. Tribe is considered an absolute authority on the Constitution. Tribe also happens to be Cruz’ former Law professor. Small world for sure.

Tribe began by saying that Cruz “Aced” the class even though he and Cruz had distinctly different ideas about the constitution’s flexibility or inflexibility. His concern about Cruz was: He appears to be a Purist unless it applies to him personally. As a Purist (or “Originalist,” as Constitutional scholars call it), he would have never run for President, recognizing immediately that he is not qualified by the nature of his birth circumstances. However, now that it affects him, the Constitution is suddenly far more flexible. Tribe discusses this in detail in a piece in the Boston Globe entitled “Constitutional Cruz Control”.

People are entitled to their own opinions about what the definition ought to be. But the kind of judge Cruz says he admires and would appoint to the Supreme Court is an “originalist,” one who claims to be bound by the narrowly historical meaning of the Constitution’s terms at the time of their adoption. To his kind of judge, Cruz ironically wouldn’t be eligible, because the legal principles that prevailed in the 1780s and ’90s required that someone actually be born on US soil to be a “natural born” citizen. Even having two US parents wouldn’t suffice. And having just an American mother, as Cruz did, would have been insufficient at a time that made patrilineal descent decisive.

In other words:

1. Ted is currently caught in his own irony and
2. Ted is a hypocrite.

27-ted-cruz.w529.h529.2xNow why would I dare to call a man who thinks “The body of Christ” should “Rise Up” to support him a hypocrite? Well, Tribe answers that question for you too–as it applies to Ted’s Constitutional Purity.

This narrow definition reflected 18th-century fears of a tyrannical takeover of our nation by someone loyal to a foreign power — fears that no longer make sense. But the same could be said of fears that a tyrannical federal army might overrun our state militias. Yet that doesn’t lead Cruz — or, more importantly, the conservative jurists he admires — to discard the Second Amendment’s “right to bear arms” as a historical relic, or to limit that right to arms-bearing by members of today’s “state militias,” the national guard.

On the other hand, the kind of judge I admire and Cruz abhors is a “living constitutionalist,” one who believes that the Constitution’s meaning evolves with the perceived needs of the time and longstanding practice. To that kind of judge, Cruz would be eligible to serve because it no longer makes sense to be bound by the narrow historical definition that would disqualify him.

So…..you women have no right to choice. Actually, you have no right to much of anything. And you gays and lesbians, well don’t even ask. And you Gun Control pests haven’t got a chance in hell. But Ted? Why Ted is absolutely qualified to run for President of the United States.

Personally, I would LOVE to see Ted Cruz be the candidate. The minute anybody plays his Body of Christ remark alone, he’s toast. He is so full of himself, he doesn’t even realize that it is offensive to believe that Jesus Himself is going to show up just for him and smite anyone who dares not to vote for him.

As for his interpretation of the Constitution. One way for You, another way for Him.

I rest my case thanks to Laurence Tribe. And now you understand why, the next time you see Ted Cruz or hear any other person who wants to be in charge of your life say he is an Originalist, you should run away like your hair is on fire.

No wonder his college room mate said

“I would rather have anybody else be the president of the United States. Anyone. I would rather pick somebody from the phone book.”


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