Dedicated To Bros Working On The Bernie Math

First, we should really clear up why it is that the book of faces took down a number of Bernie Bro accounts. If you are into unicorns, you will believe the story that a bunch of Hillary people ‘flooded’ their accounts with porn. Oh, and not just any porn. Kiddie Porn of course. It’s just that, well…….


Well, that takes care of that. I’m not as angry about this as I am that nobody got a gif of Rachael Maddow’s face last night.

CggGHcuUAAEiUtnBut, really, someone needs to add another phase to the Stages Of Grief for the Bernie people. Because losers aren’t usually winners, unless it’s Bernie. Or something.

Down at Bernie Central we have those Bros certain that Bernie is going to go to that convention and force his entire platform (the platform that lost) upon Hillary (the actual winning candidate). And Hillary had better do it, because Penis!  Also, other things can happen to make Bernie the candidate anyways. From their wish list, submitted by the emotionally mature and wisely named, FartMcPoopyPants:


Kind of warms your heart towards them, doesn’t it?

They are also heavily into that Bernie Math again. Because it was never about winning, it was about  (Fill in that stage of grief here).

Primary Day and Here’s Your Booster Shot

Primary Day on my birthday. Sweet.

Just do me a favor, close your eyes and listen through this entire video, and focus on the increasing “unenthusiastic” audience reactions. And she didn’t even have to bus them in.

Ah, it’s that old “lack of enthusiasm,”  you know?

Let’s hope for more of this lack of enthusiasm tonight!

Oh, and I hear there was a Bernie rally last night. Here’s some video of it

Reasons Bernie Sanders is Not Winning – Pie Chart Format


NY Primary 2016, [updated] Victory!

Since the downstairs thread is looooooong, here’s some fresh space.

Follow here for live election results:


Hillary is hosting her primary night party in Times Square (at the Sheraton) tonight.

Here’s a link to the live CAM of Times Square:


Another NY NY, different scenes in retro B&W.

It’s Up To Youuuuuu, New York, New York.

If you can make it there, you’ll make it anywhere…


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