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Yeah. Whatever.

The President says he’s going to lay out a plan to cut the deficit. Apparently, Congress didn’t already do that for him and won’t be doing it for him again with this year’s budget. Considering he has made it rather clear that he can’t find his ass with both hands, I’m sure whatever he comes up with will change so he doesn’t have to argue with anybody and can golf with a clear head.

He’s going to speak to you about his plan on Wednesday right there on your Tee Vee. I know I’ll be watching and you will too if pigs fly. I am sure the plan does not include cutting out all those white house renovations and/or world travel, nor will it cut White House or Congressional staff,  but it will include killing off as many old people as possible by cutting more Medicare. As it stands, seniors are getting letters now from doctors stating they can no longer accept Medicare payments as final fees. However, this does make sense to a guy like him. The more seniors who die, the cheaper Medicare will become.

I kind of figure that by 2012, every senior in this country will be at the polls as soon as they open. It will be good to have their help booting him, providing the Republicans can actually come up with a normal person to run for President. So far, they’ve failed miserably to inspire anyone.


Once again, Nicholas Sarkozy has the cojones which are suspiciously absent in the White House and Congress. The French ban on full face veils, including burqas, goes into effect today.

Sarkozy has pushed for this law for a long time, regarding veils as not only a security risk, but demeaning to women. Gee, ya think?

Anyone found wearing full-face veils in public could face a fine of $215 or a citizenship course, or both.

Anyone forcing a woman to cover her face could be fined as much as $41,000 and spend a year in prison.

That should put a chink in the caveman’s routine. I’m sure Carla played a part in this, unlike Michelle, who doesn’t seem to notice.


No preconditions!

Libya’s GaDaffy Duck has accepted a cease-fire agreement in Libya. At least that’s what this guy says:

South African President Jacob Zuma, leading a delegation of African leaders to the Libyan capital, says leader Moammar Gadhafi has accepted their roadmap for a cease-fire with anti-government rebels.

The terms of the agreement are “Unclear”. Why does that make me feel uncomfortable?

As a side note, the rebels are not happy with us.

Rebels had been growing critical of NATO, which accidentally hit opposition fighters in deadly airstrikes twice this month. They have complained that the alliance was too slow and imprecise, but Hassy, the rebel commander, said it is getting better.

Sorry guys!  We’ve got a lot of nerve spending a billion bucks on you and not being able to see every single person down there from the sky. We weren’t aware that we owe you something, expecially considering we don’t even know what your intentions are and if they might be even worse than  GaDaffy Duck. Maybe we should just leave your asses there by yourselves. See how well that works out for you. Oh and one more thing, how about reinbursing the billions we are spending to fight your battles for you — with oil? I mean, what are we, the Libyan department of social services?


Egypt’s former leader Hosni Mubarak, who apparently is no longer in a life-threatening coma, denies any abuse of power– as his rather dubious and unidentifiable opposition calls for his trial. He may or may not end up in a coma again, depending on whether or not there is going to be a trial. Here’s a video for you.


Patch. Delta Victim.

Delta Airlines wins a most deserved award. They are America’s most complained about airline. Apparently somebody must have talked to those owners of dogs and cats that mysteriously disappeared flying Delta–or arrived dead.

They also share the “Most likely to overcharge for bags” award with USAIR and Continental–as well as sharing the honor of being one of the 18 worse companies in America. Way to do Delta! Our pets shiver when they hear your name.

Delta isn’t the “Meanest” airline though. American Airlines wins that prize.

The airline industry is indeed the poster child for what can go wrong with customer service and protections when an industry is completely deregulated. They are also living proof of the understanding that, left to their own honor,  corporations have no honor. Still, they have a long way to go to catch up to Wall Street and banks, but they’re working on it.


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