Video of the creatures we helped to ‘free’ Libya–having some good clean fun

No women were raped or Christians killed during this outing. That’s scheduled for the next outing. Ah smell that Arab Spring!

Guess they need the cemetary space for the future dead women.

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President Hillary Clinton speaks to America while the lame Figurehead In Chief plays at Martha’s Vineyard

How many things can you find wrong with this picture. As a matter of fact, how many things can you find RIGHT with this picture.

“New Democratic Party”……you blew it. You should all be run out of the real Democratic Party on a rail. We will try to help make that happen in 2012. We haven’t gone away, we Hillary supporters. We were right and you know it. What’s more, we don’t forgive you. We don’t forgive your lies. We don’t forget your threats. We don’t forget your misogyny. And we don’t forget the FILTH you hurled at us.

Oh, and one more thing: Donna, you said you didn’t need us in 2008. We don’t need you either. We’re all still here and we are as pissed off as ever at you Regressives. Some of us might “Stay Home” as you suggested in 2008 at worst, but none of us will be helping you out. To understand why, see the video below. And start realizing that it’s time to replace the cowardly, wimpish, immature, petulant mess we have in the White House with a better candidate in every way, shape and form. Or……you can just give it up to the Republicans. Your choice.

Ladies and Gentleman: The President of the United States. Perhaps she can whip up a plan for America while that pansy eats ice cream:

Hillary arranges to bring endangered Libyan gang-rape victim to safety in the USA

You know how it works over in Goatf*ckistan. They rape a woman and then she gets blamed and gets to fear for her own life.  The USA works very hard to pin blame on rape victims as well, except here they can’t kill them, at least not legally.  Instead, they just degrade and humiliate them. A most recent example of this is the 11 year-old girl who was forced into a bathroom and gang raped by 18 or so men and boys. In the interest of the poor, poor boy rapists who were despondent and couldn’t play on the school team, the rape-friendly NY Times and the town involved did all they could to convince the world  and themselves that the girl simply asked for it, therefore releasing those poor poor boys and young men from some of their pain, poor babies. The girl made them do it. She looked older. They are such good boys and she is such a bad girl!

…..But, you see, in the Middle East,there is one added problem for raped women: They are often executed for adultery or prostitution, or some other trumped-up “Honor” reason, while the pig who did this to her gets a much lighter sentence and is free to do it again. It’s how it is among savages. One such case involves a Libyan woman who was gang raped by Libyan troops.

After the hysterical woman reported the rape, of course, Libyan cavemen determined she was a thief and a prostitute. Consider that a kind of seasoning before the killing.

The woman subsequently hid in Qatar, but the Qatar authorities unceremoniously expelled her so that she could meet her fate. She had nowhere to go where it was safe for her. In short, she was doomed.

Not this time, Goatf*ckers. This time your victim is coming to the USA.

BENGHAZI, Libya (AP) — A Libyan woman who claimed she was raped by Gadhafi troops has left Libya on her way to the United States, her sister said Sunday.

Marwa al-Obeidi said her sister Iman was flown out of Benghazi early Sunday morning. It was not immediately known where she was going in the U.S.

Wearing gray pajamas and sitting with her mother in a cramped hotel room in Benghazi, Marwa al-Obeidi said she had spent the day crying because it was hard to see her sister leave, but knew this trip was best for her.

“We just want a chance for her to be treated psychologically and to rest. My sister has just been through so much,” Marwa told The Associated Press.

Now, let’s see. What powerful person in the US of A would have the heart and the leadership ability to notice what was happening and arrange such a thing as a trip to safety in the USA?

I know!  It must have been Barack Obama! He’s What a Feminist Looks Like!  Surely, Barack is saving this poor woman!

Scrap that idea. He couldn’t care less. After all, he already explained her rights. She has the right to wear a hijab.

Why it must have been Michelle! Yes that’s right! She surely has the power to save a woman. This is true. But, she must have been too busy buying shoes, eating lobster,  picking on overweight kids and checking out vacay spots. Maybe next time.

So…..let’s quess again.

I know! It must have been John Boehner and Harry Reid teaming up with Nancy Pelosi on behalf of women!

You jest.

In that case, it surely must have been all those Republican candidates for President.  One of them must have put themselves on the line and spoken up, ensuring the situation got noticed, thereby saving  this woman’s life! After all, two of the candidates are women!  They are the New and Improved Feminists! Yes, yes, that’s what happened! The Candidates spoke up and saved her!

You jest again.

Then surely, it must have been Vice President Joe “Women Are Like That” Biden!

Uh, no.

Then it must have been the We Want A Democracy Libyan Rebels, pleading for her life and demanding justice and Human Rights,  just like they do in “democracies”. Yes, yes, that’s it! Barack’s beloved Brotherhood saved her! They are going to do such a fine job implementing “democracy” in Libya!


Okay, so, who could possibly be left who would do such a thing as Take Notice, Do Something About This and save this woman’s life, PC be damned?

Marwa al-Obeidi told The Associated Press that a human rights group aided by U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton arranged for Iman and their father to travel in a private plane to Washington, D.C. by way of Malta and Austria.

The State Department expressed concern for al-Obeidi’s safety after she was deported from Qatar. A U.N. human rights body called the deportation a violation of international law, because she was a recognized refugee.

I rest my case. ladies.

Now, I would like to ask you all something. Which  Libyan  would you think should be allowed to immigrate to the USA:  This woman? Or this freak who sexually assaulted six women, including a 12 year-old girl, while he was On Scholarship at a university?

I rest my case again.


**Interesting additional tidbit: “The Associated Press identifies only rape victims who volunteer their names.”.


Libya, the day after and countdown to when all of Libya blames the USA for something–and burns our flag.

UPDATE: 10:30 AM: The Arab League is a no show. They are not only a no-show, but they are now criticizing the very No Fly Zone they encouraged and vowed to join. Who Knew!!!? (Hand on surprised face…).

GodAwful Vows to fight the “foreign devils” who attacked poor poor him.

The attack by what Gaddafi called “imperial” aggressors will provoke a “worldwide, popular revolution”, he said. “Even women,” he exclaimed, “will go out and fight”. He said he has opened the nation’s arsenals to the population, so they can defend themselves against foreign assaults.

Maybe they will use the arsenal on him. This guy is truly a member of DENSA.

Gaddafi: “Naked Aggression”

Canada has now joined the No Fly Zone efforts.

One either believes in freedom or one just says one believes in freedom. The Libyan people have shown by their sacrifice that they believe in it. Assisting them is a moral obligation upon those of us who profess this great ideal.”

….Which begs the How Come None Of Us Helped Iran question…

….and of course, now Bahrain wants one too..

I note with some irony the hosannas greeting the UN Security Council resolution establishing a no-fly zone over Libya.

The rationale for this resolution is that the dictator Moammar

Gadhafi is shooting his own people and refusing democratic reforms. Granted, he is.But so is Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa, the emir of Bahrain. The emir, who like Napoleon crowned himself “king,” has just imported Saudi troops. They have brutally put down the popular uprising there in an invasion that resembles the Soviet suppression of the Hungarian uprising of 1956, or the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in 1979. Each invasion was at the invitation of the government of the day.

Oh. Saudi is there. Nevermind.

Will update as things unfold. If you have any important links, please post them and I or mods will add them to this post.

Gaddafi: I will die a martyr. Well, I’m sure the Libyans can help him with that.

This guy is crazier than a rat in a coffee can. Here he is telling his ‘people’ he’s still in Libya. He says he wants to be with his people but Allah made it rain, or something.

Nice hat, psycho!

Live from his bunker.

While I still can’t find a video, here’s a shot of the nutball during his speech telling Libyans in his usually …um… well-organized way:

– “From tomorrow police and the army will restore security and will hunt the cockroaches who are destroying this country.”

– “The west and the US arab nations have drugged our youth who are now not understanding what they are doing.”

– “I will cannot leave my country –  I will die a martyr”

– “Do you [Libyans] want to turn into Afghanistan, do you want the Americans to come here and take over?”

“I cannot resign I am not an elected leader I am the leader of the revolution and I am only armed with a gun.”

“We will not surrender to global superpowers.”

“Demonstrators are against their families, you [parents] you need to re-teach them and tell them to become engineers or join the police and serve their country.”

“Those who are protesting are young people they are ignorant of history.”

“This is a young generation they are taking hallucination drugs.”

“Peaceful demonstrate is one thing but armed rebellion is something else.”

“Nobody can allow our country to become a laughing stock.”

Nah. He’s not crazy at all. The only laughing stock in your country, dipwad, is you.