Monsanto threatens to sue states for GM labeling; The real reason Senate rejected GM Label bill

SophieCT: h/t to you for some powerful links. Please accept my sympathy for what your legislators did when Monsanto threatened them.


Frankenfood: So safe they don’t want you to know you are eating it. In fact,  Monsanto will threaten law suits, bully, or provide pay-offs to make sure you never know you are ingesting their mutant food and chemicals.

While we are fighting over which detached elitist Presidential candidate who doesn’t give a shit about us is going to take us to hell at the slowest rate, and while we are focused on what to do about controlling women and gay people, Big Agra and Monsanto are stuffing our bodies with ammonia, antibiotics, scraps previously only approved for dog food, and Genetically modified produce that is so riddled with chemicals you now have to scrub them as if you are prepping them for surgery. And they are getting away with it.

Nowhere in our DC government is there even a thought to these travesties. Not at the White House, where a FOIA form requesting emails between the President and Monsanto goes unanswered for months. Not in Congress, where their “Trust Funds” are “Blind” and where the campaign contributions and lobbyists with fists full of money swarm our Senate and House, ensuring we will never be protected. When you can afford beef from Japan from cows that are massaged daily, and you can afford fresh water lobster from Maine, I guess you don’t really have to give a rat’s ass what the suckers you are bilking ingest, especially if your “Blind Trust” is invested in feeding us poison and Frankenfood.

They all know this is wrong. They just don’t care. They also know that we know they know and they just don’t care. They also know we would reject this disgusting impersonation of healthy food if we knew where it was before we purchased it. They are truly despicable.

Recently Connecticut and Vermont  passed GM labeling bills. The result? Monsanto scared the crap out of  Connecticut lawmakers to kill their laws.

That problem could have been fixed in Congress, by passage of a GM Labeling amendment in the Farm Bill. The amendment would have made it legally possible for any state to demand GM food be labeled for the consumer–without fear of Monsanto thugs. Last week, the Senate rejected that amendment. How many things can you find wrong with this picture?  My God, my own two Democratic Senators voted against this amendment. Schumer doesn’t surprise me as I have always found him to be greasy, but Gillibrand’s vote simply breaks my heart and shatters all the things I believed about her.

Thanks to the Senate, you are still not allowed to know if what you are buying in your supermarket contains GMOs. If this shit is so safe, how come Monsanto pays so much and threatens people so often to keep your food from being labeled.

If you don’t buy your meat, poultry and produce locally, Monsanto has already guaranteed you will ingest their GMOs. They have a “patent” on corn, for Chrissakes. As if corn was never grown before Monsanto got its greedy Frankenstein, chemical-soaked hands on it and defiled nature. If corn has been around for thousands of years, how is it Monsanto has a patent on corn? Well, because their corn is different. Yet our government ‘watchdogs’ will say, there is no difference, so why label it.  You get the picture.

Monsanto and Big Agra now officially control what you ingest— and here is one more result the MSM isn’t all that concerned about: Recently, cows at a farm in Texas died from eating Genetically Modified grass. Chemical that killed them? Cyanide. Roundup Ready crops are Roundup Ready for a reason. They are genetically modified so they can be sprayed with Monsanto’s Roundup. Everything around them dies when the spray hits, but they don’t die. Does this give you a good feeling?  Is your body Roundup Ready? I hope so……because Monsanto has infiltrated our government with Presidential appointees, including in the USDA, where labeling of GM products is considered “Unnecessary”.

I once used one container of Roundup at the base of a long row of gnarly bushes. It not only killed them quickly at the roots,  but it killed the area beneath them such that I couldn’t even grow grass there. This is how Powerful Roundup is. Roundup could kill 50-year-old bushes in a flash but it can’t kill your corn on the cob. You have to ask yourself Why, don’t you? Monsanto doesn’t want you to have that answer or even think about that question.

At this moment, 270,000 organic farmers are suing Monsanto for your right to have food that is not GMO defiled. They will probably lose, that’s how powerful Monsanto is. Meanwhile, every day, another farm is defiled by Monsanto seed brought to them by nature and a downwind –and Monsanto, like a thief in the night, tests the farmer’s crops to see if it has been contaminated with their seed. After that, the farmer either signs on with Monsanto or goes out of business.

You know it: Each day, the produce at your market tastes less and less like you Remember it tasting when you were a kid. Take a look at a tomato, with its green, bitter, slimy, gelatinous insides and thick, inedible skin. How come tomatoes aren’t sweet and delectable any longer? Because they are a shadow of their former selves, that’s why.

….And now,  for the real reason I believe the Senate-For-Sale rejected the GM Labeling amendment in the Farm Bill.


Good to see Senate working on important things. Like naming a National Mammal

No kidding. You can’t make this shit up.  Move over, majestic, graceful, INDEPENDENT and FREE eagle!

The economy is in the crapper, millions are unemployed.  People are losing their homes. People are dying without health insurance. Nobody can afford gas for their vehicles.  What better time to work on an extremely critical issue like  the selection of a National Mammal?

AP) BILLINGS, Mont. – Western lawmakers want to elevate the Plains bison to a status similar to that of the iconic bald eagle with legislation to declare the burly beasts America’s “national mammal.”

Now here’s a good idea.

Bison advocates launched a “vote bison” public relations campaign Friday to coincide with the bill.

I am just so happy to know our Senate is working on important things and I know you are too. Perhaps we should all write-in ‘Bison’ in November. We might get a higher quality Senate that way.

I suppose we should be grateful they aren’t sticking their noses in everybody’s body parts and bedrooms (Republicans) or our kitchens (Democrats) right now. To think it cost another million dollars to run Congress this week…

Someone save us from these dull normals, please.

I was thinking that maybe we need a Congressional Mascot. But I’m having a difficult time choosing the appropriate creature. Help me out and take this poll.