Michigan Wimminz Lawmakers Brown & Byrum silenced for saying “vagina” and attempting to regulate vasectomies.

(Update below)

Do you remember when Florida State Rep Scott Randolph (D-Uterus) said the obscene word “Uterus” in front of all of Florida’s God and Vagina-Fearing Republicans, and all hell broke lose when the leadership declared that this was an inappropriate and obscene word to say on the floor in front of young pages and visiting children? If you don’t remember that, then read That filthy, disgusting and obscene U-word.

Hell, that was nothing. Now women (you know, those creatures that own the vaginas all these legislators want to regulate) dare not mutter the word, “Vagina” on the same legislative floors where men try to regulate vaginas.

Yes that’s right folks. This is happening right here in the USA.

We have Congress and State legislators  and other jerkoffs discussing  and probing our vaginas practically day and night. We have to listen to them discussing our menstrual periods as well (See Arizona regarding a woman being considered pregnant on the first day of her period, even if she hasn’t had any sex and doesn’t plan to; Just in case!). We’ve watched that dickhead Daryl Issa  conduct panel discussions on what to do with women’s reproductive organs while declaring that women are not qualified to testify;  And we’ve put up with about all we can take from the Vatican and their obsession with making as many babies as possible to keep women in that kitchen, in between increasing the flock–whether they want to or not. All of this is happening without input from the actual owners of the vaginas being regulated . This doesn’t seem to appear out of place at all to these  women-hobbling psychos straight out of a Monty Python skit with actors on steroids.

However, don’t one of you wimminz DARE say Vagina yourselves, you hear? Men will decide what to do with your vagina, ovaries and womb and don’t you dare mention it. Your personal parts and processes belong to your government now. Furthermore don’t you dare discuss  Boyz’ body parts or try to make any legislation that regulates them. Regulations are for you subordinate wimminz not those boyz.

Mistakenly assumed her vagina is hers.

Well, Michigan House Rep  and obviously Uppity Bitch Lisa Brown got that all wrong. These damned bitches just are so hard to train, who let them in the chambers, dammit.

It seems that Brown…..sputter… referred to her ewwwwwy vagina on the floor and completely forgot that her vagina is not her own. To make matters worse, her co-conspirator, Rep. Barb Byrum, indirectly referred to men’s parts with Brown’s blessings, which is a definite bad thing because men’s body parts belong to men and women’s body parts belong to men. That was two strikes against this obviously audacious and aggressive woman.

As punishment for speaking out of turn and not submitting to their superiors, Reps Brown and Byrum were barred from speaking on the floor on any issue.

A Michigan lawmaker was blocked from speaking on the state House floor as punishment for referencing her private parts in an earlier speech.

In a Wednesday speech on a controversial bill that would further regulate abortions, Rep. Lisa Brown concluded, “Finally Mr. Speaker, I’m flattered that you’re all so interested in my vagina, but ‘no’ means ‘no,’” according to The Detroit News. A day later, House Republicans refused to allow Brown, a Democrat, to weigh in on a school employee retirement bill.

Uppity Woman dared to regulate the Sacrament of Vasectomy

This gets better.

Here you can see how Rep Brown created her own third strike against herself  by supporting  Byrum’s attempt at regulating the Sacrament of Vasectomy, which incidentally, has to do with men’s reproductive parts and therefore is neither wimminz’ business nor government business in the same way that vaginas are. So she and Rep Barb Byrum were barred from speaking, a punishment akin to Go Stand In The Corner because you displeased the Principal. (And just wait till your father gets home, bad girl! Now fetch me a beer!).

A spokesman for Michigan Speaker James Bolger released a statement explaining that Brown and fellow Democratic Rep. Barb Byrum “will not be recognized to speak on the House floor today after being gaveled down for their comments and actions yesterday that failed to maintain the decorum of the House of Representatives.” (Byrum had tried to introduce an amendment to ban vasectomies except when one’s required to save a man’s life.)

The obviously insubordinate and fractious Reps. Brown and Byrum got pretty sick and tired of this crap, so they had the audacity to hold a press conference of their own. It also appears that some other citizens showed up to support them. But, coincidentally, unless I missed something in this video, none of the Michigan Legislative boyz are very supportive of the concept that vaginas belong to women and men have no right to Regulate them. I don’t see what appears to be one  male State House Democrat in this video. Or maybe they just all had a “prior commitment’ and couldn’t make it to this press conference:

Imagine the nerve of these two broads, fighting back against regulation of their bodies!


I recommend the witch burnings proceed immediately. I suggest they tie bricks on these two wimminz feet, throw them in the river and check to see if they float. But first, let us preview a Committee On What To Do About Women In Our Chambers, led by Michigan House Speaker James Bolger.


Update: Silly me! Now we know the real reason these two little wimminz were barred from speaking. It was a “Temper Tantrum” they had.

Ari Adler, a spokesman for House Majority Leader Jase Bolger (R-Marshall), said the lawmakers were banned from speaking because of their behavior, not because of their word choice. “They behaved in a way that disrupted the decorum of the House,” Adler said. “For Brown, it was not the words she used, but the way she used them that resulted in her being gaveled down.” In Byrum’s case, Adler said, “I hate to put it this way, but she essentially had a temper tantrum on the House floor.”

Sure you “hate to put it that way,” pig. That about sums it up for these pigs. I’m surprised they didn’t say, “Calm down. You wimmins are too emotional and that’s why you shouldn’t be in these jobs”. Because when they lose their temper they are being ‘passionate’. When those little wimminz do it, it’s a  “temper tantrum”.


Be careful what you wear when those around you are celebrating

Imagine a moment from your past, a time when you felt incredible joy and elation, a feeling of powerful hopefulness that right now was the beginning of your future, a future which was going to be incredibly brighter.  Perhaps it was the day you won an important award at school, or got a great new job.  Maybe it was the day you got married, or the day your daughter gave birth to your first grandchild.  It could have been the day you first left home to live on your own as an adult. 

Remember that wonderful feeling?  An uplifting, expansive feeling that all was right with the world, that things were just going to get better and better, and it was just so wonderful to be alive?  I want you to close your eyes and try to recapture that moment, and pay attention to the positive feelings you reexperience.  And now I have just one question.

At that moment, did it occur to you to rape someone?

NO, you say?  You’re really sure?  Well, as we know, that’s what a horde of Egyptian men did to Lara Logan.  This crowd of primarily men, thousands and thousands of them, was gathered to express joy in unison at the end of the Mubarak dictatorship.  Imagine how that must have filled these people with joy, how it must have seemed to them that now that world would be set right-side-up again, that their lives would be better, that their future would now be brighter.   

So their response is to gang rape a woman who, through her job, is showing the world their joy….?  I know it’s really hard to make sense of that, but don’t worry – last week a man stepped forward to enlighten us.

His name is Dan Rottenberg (yes, something is definitely rotten in his burg), and he writes for the Broad Streeet Review, which is a Philadelphia website which reviews local arts.  I learned about this sage editor-in-chief from “The Frisky”, a website which wouldn’t link to him – I won’t, either.  So Dan the Man explains:

” … having stumbled across a CBS publicity photo for Lara Logan, I can’t (help) thinking that women also need to take sensible precautions before they’re victimized. … Yes, yes, I know: Each of us wears many personas. A woman journalist like Lara Logan should be able to celebrate herself as both a journalist and a woman, even a sexy woman. But the operative word in that sentence— should— is the sticky point.”

You got that?  He saw a publicity photo and realized that because Lara Logan had cleavage in the studio, savages attacked her in Egypt.  The victim is to blame.  Why, oh why, did it take thousands of years for someone to come up with THAT idea?  We know that only a tiny percentage of women who are raped actually report the crime, but even that tiny percentage led to too many innocent men being persecuted for something that was the WOMAN’S fault!  So, now we know why a huge group of men who were celebrating, reacted by gang raping a woman.  It was because she was there, and she was a she.  She was Present While Female.

Here is the “60 Minutes” video of Lara Logan explaining what happened that night.  I believe it may be the only time she has spoken about the event.  

In the video, Lara remarks that she has since found out that Egypt has a HUGE incidence of rape and other sexual harassment of women.  The men don’t have the slightest thought that there is anything wrong with what they’re doing; it’s just culturally acceptable.  But wait – Dan the Man says women bring it on themselves because of how they choose to appear.  Gosh, the women in Egypt must have incredible eyes – because that’s all that shows through the full burka, and those women are having to deal with sexual harassment on a daily basis!  Oh, and remember UW’s recent post?  It turns out that even 77-year-old women are too sexy for men to control themselves.  Oh, Dan, wherever I look, there’s just more and more empirical evidence for  your well-thought-out, original theory!

Dan the Man goes on to explain that women cause men to SO totally not be able to control themselves, that he has some more specific rules for us:

“Don’t trust your male friends. Don’t go to a man’s home at night unless you’re prepared to have sex with him. Don’t disrobe in front of a male masseur. If you take a job as a masseuse, don’t be shocked if your male customers think you’re a prostitute. And if you want to be taken seriously as a journalist, don’t pose for pictures that emphasize your cleavage.”

Ok, so Dan’s rules for women are (1) blame the victim, and (2) the women should change THEIR behavior and thoughts, it’s not men who should change theirs.  Wow.  This guy is SHARP!  He’s come up with TWO brand new insights about how to view women.  Yes, Dan is the MAN.  His IQ must be as high as Obama’s.

(I’ll leave it to your imagination what I hope happens to Dan the  Man.  Maybe you’ll share your own ideas about it with us 🙂   If you feel you want to share your thoughts directly with Dan the Man himself, you may write to him and his goat – this comment box will reach his cave.)

Marlo Thomas (“That Girl” for those of us of a certain age!) recently wrote a piece in which she praised “the union hotel workers — all women — protesting outside the Manhattan Criminal Court last week, as Strauss-Kahn and his wife made their exit following his arraignment hearing”.  As I did above, she also points out that most women do not report their rape.  The negative societal reaction and stigma tend to cause a second trauma for the woman. 

Marlo observes that this brave hotel maid speaking out and making sure that her attacker is held accountable for his crime, and her fellow service workers standing up on her behalf, are sounding “a siren that has inspired women worldwide. And it will empower every maid who ever hears the lock snap on a hotel room door”.  Although Marlo’s article was limited to the one particular sexual assault, I’ll bet that she also feels the same way about Lara Logan speaking out on national TV.  Marlo also feels encouraged that the most recent high-profile wives humiliated by their cheating husbands (Maria, Huma) did not stand by their man while he publicly confessed his sins to save his own hide. 

Marlo concludes by saying, “We are seeing the end of a tradition and the beginning of a revolution”.  I hope she is right.  That would certainly be worthy of a celebration.  And somehow I don’t think that the celebrating women will be raping anyone and blaming it on what they are wearing.