Congressional workplace sexting – your tax dollars HARD at work

Well, as we have all heard, Anthony Weiner has been picked on his whole life because of his last name.  Even now, as an adult, people are hacking into his social media accounts and sending lewd photos of – well, a Weiner he doesn’t recognize.  Here is Weiner so convincingly disavowing any knowledge of these terrible acts, although he is aware that these bad things go on in the world of social media.  And gosh, now they got HIM.  Probably because of his last name.

He is INNOCENT!  Until yesterday.  Yesterday, Weiner took a closer look at that package, and realized it was his.  Or rather, people started coming out of the woodwork claiming that they, too, had been getting inappropriate photos, emails, and phone calls – from this committed democratic politician and deeply devoted virtual-newlywed who is a staunch advocate for women’s issues.  But not to worry – all these women were adults.  Everyone knows that perfect strangers never lie about their age on the internet!  By the way, I’m 29, if you’re wondering.

How incredibly poor judgment.  These guys never think they’ll get caught!  What idiots!  And how can someone present himself as an advocate for women, and then turn around and virtually cheat on his wife, open her up to humiliation, and treat other women as objects for his sexual needs?  He is claiming that he never had a physical relationship with any of these women.  Well, maybe he just got caught before his feelings of invincibility got that large.   And isn’t it nice to know that attractiveness isn’t a prerequisite for narcissism?!!

Who knows, maybe his “advocacy for women” was a subterfuge, or some kind of private penance.  We’ve already got a congress full of politicians who don’t care much for the “special interest” of women’s issues.  Nice to know that even the ones who are “on our side” don’t have a lot of respect for us, either.  They’re all obsessed with the bedroom – we’re “screwed” either way.  Some of them want to regulate what we do in our own bedrooms, and the rest of them want to send their crotch shots into our bedrooms! 

And I hope it didn’t escape anyone’s attention that some of those photos were taken in Weiner’s congressional offices.  Photos of nice, trusting, smiling family members in the background.  Wanna bet the emails and phone calls happened during work hours, as well?  No wonder we always see lone representatives speaking to empty chambers!  Now we know that really means that our tax dollars are hard at work!

Seriously, I want a refund.  I hope they investigate the times and dates of his social media fun’n’games, add up the hours and taxpayer dollars he wasted, and send us back our money!

I’m so fed up with these “representatives”.  They’re either crazy, or not evolved, or lying bastards, or controlling, or just in it for the money and perks.  And these sexual freaks are always men.  We need more politicians who have only one head!  I agree with UW’s excellent idea – from now on, whenever a male politician has a – well, a “special interest”, a “male problem” – they must resign, and their wife will take their place.  We’ll have our 52% representation in no time!

All I know is, Hillary would never have done anything like this.

(and if The Fraud is doing anything like this, I do NOT want to see the evidence!!!!  lol)